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Part 41

“There’s no point in trying to communicate to him.” The stranger that was standing in front of Liz spoke quietly.

“Why not?” She asked. “How do you know that I was trying to communicate with him?” She was curious.

“Let’s just say I know and leave it at that. So… what do you call yourself? Cheryl? Shiri? Surely not Charisse.” There was a slight edge to his voice but nothing that alerted Liz to be nervous about.

“No, I do not go by Charisse. My name is Liz. Liz Parker.” She took a step closer to the man standing in front of her. He backed up a step to maintain the distance that had already been established. “How long have you been here?” She asked him.

“I’ve been here too long already and if you give me what I want I’ll be leaving.” He said. He still hadn’t raised his voice and Liz still didn’t feel threatened.
“What are you after?” She asked.

“I need your orb.” He said. Liz had to admit that he was direct and to the point. There was no mixing of words.

“The others will be coming up after me if I’m not back down shortly.” She had no idea why she was warning him about the others but something was compelling her to tell him everything and anything he wanted or needed. He looked vaguely familiar. “I’m assuming you don’t want them to know that you are here. Right?” She knew he was going to leave after she gave him the orb and for some reason she didn’t want to let him leave.

“I know. That’s why you have to give me the orb now. Just hand it over to me and I will leave.” He told her once again. It was as simple as that. All she had to do was give him the orb and he would leave.

“It was you that destroyed the house in Clovis. Are you planning on destroying this one as well?” There was the Liz that we all knew. Asking her questions finding out the answers that everyone would need. “There are good people here and I can’t allow you to harm them.”

She could see a fleeting look of hurt sweep across his face as her question registered. “Do you think I would harm innocent people?”

“Well, no. But…” He interrupted her with his next statement.

“You’re not what I expected. You’re nothing like her but in a way you are everything like her.” Liz didn’t know whether to take his statement as a compliment or as an insult. He was so hard to read.

“You remember her?” Liz felt a pang go out to the man that was standing in front of her. The kind of life she had versus the kind of life he had lived. Was it really fair for her to die and yet order Kevin to make sure that he survived?

“Give me the orb.” He demanded a little bit more firmly.

“I can’t do that just yet. I’m not going to let you walk away from me just yet. Take me with you.” Liz was just as shocked, as the stranger was that she made the suggestion.

“What? Are you crazy? I can’t take you with me. It’s not safe for you.” He couldn’t believe that she wanted to go with him. Did she not have any clue what was going on up there far, far away?

“Can you honestly say that we will be safe here if we stay?” Just as she asked her question there were heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, the stranger panicked and looked for a way out. The only way for him to escape was to leave the way he had entered. He turned and ran down the hallway. Liz quickly followed and the door to the front room was thrown open. “Liz!” Michael yelled. He saw her disappear around the corner so he followed.

She was crawling through the window when Michael stopped in the doorway. “Liz! What are you doing?” She took one last look at her brother and then held her hand out to force the door to be slammed in his face and she followed the stranger. She could hear her brother pounding on her bedroom door. “Liz let me in! Liz!”

Crawling over the wall she tried to keep up with the man that was leaving. “Wait!” She yelled. She saw him turn and look at her. She was so excited that he had stopped, that she fumbled with the book in her hands and missed a rung on the ladder and lost her grip with her one and only free hand. She fell from it and was on her way down. Expecting to feel the impact of the ground beneath her, she closed her eyes. Nothing came. She opened them and looked up. She was safely on the ground and the stranger was looming above her.

“I don’t have time for you to slow me down.” He growled. “Give me the orb so I can do what I have to do. If you don’t give it to me I will do whatever I have to do to take it from you.”

Liz ignored his demands. She was shocked to say the least. “You saved me.” Liz made her way up and while getting to her feet she felt a little dizzy. He was instantly there to offer her assistance.

“Just like you saved me.” He said. The two stared at each other and were interrupted by the sound of voices coming around the corner. Lots of voices and Liz turned to see her friends heading their way to her. Michael, Kevin and Max all had their hands up ready to blast. Liz did the only thing that she could think of. She swept the stranger behind her and held up her shield.

“Liz!” Everyone screamed as they first saw a tall, dark stranger standing behind her.

When her shield was projected everyone stopped. “What are you doing?” Max asked. He had tried to connect to her and speak to her through her thoughts but he was hit instantly by a block. “Liz, what are you doing?” He asked again. “Why are you protecting this stranger?” Max went to shield and stopped mere inches away from it. The hair on his arms was standing on end from all the power that was being emitted from it.

“Don’t come any closer.” She warned.

Kevin walked up behind Max and gently laid a hand on his shoulder. The action caused Max to turn and look at the older man. “What is she doing?” He asked him.

“She’s doing what comes natural to a mother.” Kevin said with a smile on his face.

“What?” Max couldn’t believe his ears; he turned to look at Liz and asked questioningly with his eyes if that was true.

She gave a small smile back to the only other person that would feel the same way about the stranger standing behind her as she would. “Liz… drop the shield. We won’t harm him. Please.” Max pleaded with her to drop her shield again. She couldn’t deny him from coming any closer, so she did as he asked.

Max made slow steps and as he closed the distance a blast of power whizzed passed him. A green shield just like his own was instantly brought up between Max and Liz and the shot was deflected to hit the side of the building. Max turned around and threw his shield up to surround everyone else. Just as he did that Michael sent a power blast towards the two men that were standing at the end of the alley. He was only able to hit one but the other one got away. When seeing the one that Michael had hit go up in a cloud of dusk he couldn’t help but say, “What the f***?”

“Max!” Maria screamed and pointed. The stranger had taken Liz and was running down the alley. Neither one of them was turning back to look to see what was going on.

Max dropped his shield and Michael was instantly running after the one that got away. Max tried to follow but was held back by Kevin. “Don’t even think about it. Michael will be back soon. Let’s just hope he can get to the one that got away before he makes contact with any others.” Just as Kevin finished his statement Michael rounded the corner with enemy in tow. Max was torn between staying and finding out who had attacked Liz and chasing after Liz. For some reason Max didn’t understand, he had a feeling that Liz was in no danger and decided to stay to find out what he could.

Michael shoved him up against the brick wall and held him in place with a forearm to the throat. “Don’t you even think about moving.” He said through clinched teeth as he applied pressure to the neck of the enemy.

“Who are you?” Max asked as he stepped up beside Michael and the unknown man.

“He’s a skin. He’s from your home planet.” Kevin supplied the appropriate information to the group. “By the looks of him I would have to say that he’s been here for some time.” Kevin reached the captive’s forehead and peeled a piece of dead skin off of it. “The question we should be asking is… What is he doing here?”

“Answer him!” Michael applied more force to him.

“I’m here looking for the Royal Four.” He could barely speak because of Michael’s tight grip on his throat.

“Who sent you?” Michael demanded.

“Khivar! Khivar sent me.” He said.

“Why did you fire on them?” Max demanded.

“You don’t know who that was?” He said, once again his voice was barely able to travel because Michael was putting so much force on his windpipe.

“That was my sister. You shot at my sister.” Michael looked at Max. “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted him.” Michael threw his head in Kevin’s direction. “Something was rubbing me the wrong way. We meet him earlier today and by nightfall our home is crawling with all these extra aliens.”

“That’s enough Michael. We can’t stand out here in the open and discuss this. Take him upstairs through the back and we’ll see what else he can tell us.” The group followed Michael and Max and walked in through the backdoor of the building. Everyone was quiet on the trip up the stairs. The only noise was the sound of seven sets of feet tromping up the stairs. Max opened the door and Michael pushed the captive in. “You don’t have to be so rough with him Michael.” Max said.

Michael looked at Max in confusion. “He shot at my sister, your girlfriend. He could have killed her. If it wasn’t for that stranger protecting her, she could have been dead. I’m not going to play nice with this traitor.” Michael grabbed the skin again and jerked him to the couch. “Sit here and don’t move if you know what’s good for you.”

Michael pulled the recliner that was sitting in front of the TV so that he now was sitting directly in front the enemy. “You better start talking and it better be fast. My sister is running from us and I don’t like it, not only that I don’t know who the hell she is traveling with.”

“Michael.” One word from Max and Michael shut. Max began to pace the width of the floor between the two men. Alex, Isabel and Maria were sitting at the kitchen table. There was no way that they were getting between the three of them. “What’s your name?”

“My name isn’t important to you.” Once the words were out of his mouth Michael flew from the recliner and had the man’s throat firmly pinched with his hand.

“You will tell us your name.” He said in a low rumble.

“Cajeth! My name is Cajeth.”

“See it’s all in the hands.” Michael stood up and smiled. “Anymore questions, Max?”

“Kevin. I think you’re more equipped to ask than I am.” Max turned the floor over to Kevin.

“Why are you here?” He asked first.

“I told you already. Khivar sent us to look for the Royal Four.”

“How were you able to find them?” Was his second question.

“We were following Patrik Pring.”

“Why were you following him?” Kevin asked his third question.

“Khivar was aware of him traveling here so he told us to watch him. Patrik has been a thorn in Khivar’s side from day one. He should have killed him when he had a chance but since Cundip was his grandfather Khivar wouldn’t take the chance of him mysteriously disappearing. So here we are.”

“Does Khivar know who he is?” Kevin was beginning to worry. He had hoped that Cundip and Jordan were able to keep Patrik’s true identity a secret but one never knew with Khivar. He was a tricky man.

“He’s Patrik… Jordan Pring’s son.” Cajeth looked disturbed.

“Do YOU have any idea who was with Patrik?” Michael asked.

“Yes, I have an idea who it is now. But we didn’t know when we walked up on the group of you. We were just after Patrik. No one else.” He said.

Michael jumped at the hostage one more time. “That was my sister you almost killed.” He was in his face.

“She should have stayed dead.” He said with a sneer. “And we wouldn’t be here in the first place.” Michael started beating on the man. Kevin and Max were instantly there.

“Michael, please.” Maria cried out for the first time. She had never seen him this violent before.

“Michael get off of him. He will do us no good if he’s dead.” Max was trying to pull Michael off the man sitting helplessly on the couch.

Michael flung himself back. He was nose to nose with Max. “He’s yanking our chain. The longer we keep him here the closer someone can be getting to her Max. I’m not going to sit around here all night yapping with this fool.” Michael tried to pull away but Max wouldn’t let go. Kevin went in to separate the two men and that’s when Cajeth saw the opportunity for escape.

Jumping off the couch he headed for the door. Alex seeing the man’s actions tried to anticipate. Cajeth knocked Isabel out of the way and as he started past her, was grabbed by Alex and slammed into the kitchen counter. The force was so much that Cajeth instantly disintegrated into a cloud of dust. Alex looked up leery. “Ummm. Guess I didn’t know that my good o’l american muscles were that strong.” He flexed his arms up to show off his biceps.

“Great Whitman. Now how are we going to get any answers? He could have told us where Patrik was staying. Surely they know where he could be.” Michael threw his hands up into the air and began to pace. Alex turned around and helped Isabel up off the floor.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, thanks.” Isabel held onto Alex’s hand. The incident had startled her more than she thought it did. She was feeling a little queasy from it all.

“Liz will be ok.” Max said trying to calm Michael down.

“What!” Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Like I’m supposed to believe you. What do you know? You have a son out there and you have no idea what he is capable of doing. You don’t know if he hates the two of you for deserting him or not. I’m not calming down until we find Liz and I’m not going to trust anyone because the alien count in this town has just doubled in the last twenty-four hours.”

“I agree with Michael.” Isabel piped in. “Our world is suddenly getting bigger and we don’t know who we can trust and I say we get to the end of this fast. Who knows what Liz is going through? I’m not even sure she knows what she is doing. She looked like a completely different person earlier. The way she put that shield of hers up to keep us away. That wasn’t like her at all.” Max gave Isabel a look that silenced her.

“Right now we have to trust that Liz knows what she’s doing. I don’t like this any more than you do but we just have to trust her.” Max responded.

Looking at the group to see if they understood what he said he turned away muttering under his breath, “Trust her, but try to come up with some way to find her.”


Liz was turned in her seat and had adjusted the seatbelt to keep it from cutting into her neck. She had a general idea of where they were going. There was just something that kept her looking at him. The looks of him were astounding. “You are Patrik, aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’s the name that I go by.” He refused to look at her but it was difficult not too. He wasn’t lying when he told her that she was so much like his mother and yet so different. The way she had swept him behind her when the others approached was a weird experience for him. He was much older than the girl that sat beside him, yet she took charge instantly to protect him.

Liz was hoping that he would look at her. His eyes. Even though he didn’t look like she had expected him to look, his eyes were the same. Just like Max’s. His eyes spoke volumes to her. “What was it like growing up?” There were so many questions that she didn’t know where to start. “I mean…”

“You have lots of questions after seeing your replays.” He offered.

Liz let out a breath of frustration. “Yes. Thank you. I don’t know where to begin.”

“You had asked Max what kind of mother you were.” He glanced ever so slightly at the young woman that was sitting in the front seat of this alien vehicle.

Liz looked at him and her brows merged in the center of her forehead. “How… how did you know I asked him that?”

“I have my ways.” This was the first time that Liz had actually seen him smile. It warmed her heart just a little. It was comforting to know that he knew how to smile.

“Ok, so…” She was serious.

“He was right.” He began. He waited for her to say something to interrupt him but she didn’t. He would be forced to tell her what he thought of her. How he felt about a mother that was never there. “You were the kind of mother everyone on Antar wanted. How could I not want to have you as my mother?”

“But I wasn’t there. I went out to fight and ended up getting myself killed. What kind of mother leaves her son at home?” She waited for him to answer and seeing that he wasn’t going to she continued. “I’m not sure if I had to do it over again if I would do the same thing.”

“Your circumstances are completely different here on Earth. You have never been faced with a life or death situation, as you were every day on Antar. You fought not only for your own freedom but you fought for all of ours.”

“You can’t tell me that all the time that you were growing up that you didn’t hate me for leaving you. I know what it’s like to be abandoned. I lived that life here on Earth. I thought all this time that my parents left Michael and me because they didn’t want us. I hated them but the only thing that kept us going was that we had new parents that loved us and wanted us. There was nothing I wanted more than to be accepted by my real parents and then after awhile I just quit. I realized that they were never coming back for me. Never.” Liz looked out her window to get away from her own despair. This wasn’t about her this was about him. “Did Kevin and Ana choose well for you? I mean. Were Cundip and Jordan… did they treat you well?”

“What else was it like for you growing up here on Earth. Tell me about him. How was growing up together and what was it like when you discovered who you really were.” He didn’t want to talk about his life on Antar. He didn’t want her to know just yet. There was so much more that he wanted to learn about his family before he went back.

“Max? Growing up together?” He nodded his head. “Well… don’t laugh, because I know it sounds weird and all but I’m warning you now. Ok.” He nodded again. “I met him five days ago.” Patrik snapped his head around and looked at his mother in surprise.

“I don’t understand you were sent together. Why did you not grow up together?” He was wondering what could have happened to make the two sets of sibling’s go their separate ways.

“Well, we all have different stories. Max and Isabel don’t remember and I didn’t know that there were others beside Michael to begin with because I was the last to emerge from the pod and they were already gone.”

“Was it defective?” He asked. His eyes were still on the road; they were constantly on the lookout for danger.

“I think so at least that is what Michael said. Max, Isabel and Michael were the first to come out. Isabel was anxious to leave and Max couldn’t let her go alone and Michael wasn’t about to leave me alone so the two of them left. They were picked up and adopted by their parents. When I emerged we wondered for a few days until the authorities found us and placed us in an orphanage. Michael was so protective of me that they couldn’t even get tests done on either one of us. After a few weeks of waiting the Parker’s adopted us.”

“You were always sad.” He offered.

Liz looked up at him. “I don’t know if I was always sad. I just felt more alone than anything. We knew that we were different and we knew that we couldn’t let anyone know who we were. It was difficult to live a constant lie. I met Max by accident. I had called his house looking for his dad, there were questions that I wanted to ask him about the death of my parents.” She looked up to see if he were still paying attention. “Max’s dad wasn’t home, Max offered to show me Roswell and for some reason unknown to either of us we were drawn to each other from that first contact.” She smiled up at him. “I find myself thinking what it would have been like growing up with him. I mean in the same town. There would be no way that we would be able to stay away from each other. Just no possible way. The bond between us is strong.”

Liz was sent back in time trying to remember her childhood. Patrik had noticed what she was doing and made a sudden movement, which woke her from her past. “Hang on, I have something for you.” He threw his arm over the front seat of the car and felt around until he found what he was looking for. His arm came back over and he handed her an orb. “Here this is for you.”

“Is it Max’s?” She asked as she gently caressed the solid mass that looked so much like the one that she had.

“No, it’s mine.” He could see that she was confused. “I made it for you. It’s the memories of my childhood on Antar. Jordan made me start that when I was old enough, he said everyone needed a journal. After I was told who I really was, I knew he had made me do this for you.” Liz looked up at him and smiled.

“Thank you. Jordan must be a remarkable man.” She looked back down to the orb that she was handling and began to concentrate like she did earlier today. Patrik covered her hand.

“Don’t.” He realized that he was a little too harsh with her and added, “please. You can’t activate that until I’m gone. You will only give away your position to any others that are here on earth.”

“Why must you go back? Why can’t you just stay here?” She had to ask. If their home world was in such shambles why not just stay here and be happy being her family.

“It won’t be safe for any of us if I don’t go back. Khivar can’t leave you alive. I can end the war if I go back.”

“How do you plan on doing that?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just know that I will not stop until Khivar is defeated.” He pulled into the hotel parking lot and turned the car off. He got out and headed for the room. Liz didn’t know if she was to follow or not but she got out anyway. He had left the door open and she walked into the room and shut the door behind her. She watched as his body disappeared into the bathroom.

She looked around the small room. She was tempted to reach for the phone but she decided against it. She realized that this entire time that she had been in Patrik’s presence that Max was missing from her conscious. “Patrik? Are you still blocking Max from me?” She hollered in to him.

“It’s for the best. Once I’m gone the block will dissolve.” Patrik responded as he came out of the bathroom carrying a small bag.


“There is one way of finding them.” Kevin stated. All eyes in the room focused on the older man. Max stopped pacing. Isabel quit chewing on her fingernails. Maria quit sniffing her cedar oil. Alex quit drumming on the table and Michael walked in from the kitchen.

“How?” They all asked as if they were one being.


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Part 42

“Well its all relative. It all depends on if what I’m thinking is correct or not.” Kevin didn’t want to get the group’s hopes up with giving them false information.

Michael took a few steps closer to Kevin. “If you don’t quit this bullshit of beating around the bush I’m going to hurt you.” Michael had had enough of all his riddles. “Just come out and tell us what to do… We don’t care if you’re only guessing or not. It’s at least something.”

Maria had come up behind Michael and had put a gentle hand on his back. “Michael, you have to calm down. Arguing amongst ourselves isn’t going to help Liz at all. Kevin is all you have right now. Just put yourself in his shoes for a moment.”

“You’re right.” Michael admitted. Everyone’s jaw dropped at the way Michael switched gears. Maria smiled happily.

“That’s my space boy.” She said to him.

“I’m sorry Kevin. Go ahead and tell us what you had planned. We won’t get anywhere with me going off the deep end.” Michael walked over to the recliner and moved it back to its original position in front of the TV.

“Ok, well I was thinking that there could only be one reason for Patrik to be here on earth. Well there’s two but if I know him I think the real reason he is here is to get the Royal Seal.” Kevin looked at Max to see if he had any idea what he was talking about. Seeing that there were no questions he continued. “In order to obtain the Royal Seal it has to be passed down from generation to generation. Seeing that both of Patrik’s parents died when he was young the Royal Seal was divided into two portions and embedded into your orbs.”

Max’s head shot up. “The Royal Seal is in the orbs?”

“Yes, and I think he is the one that has your orb. If I’m correct then all we have to do is have you locate it.” It sounded simple but it would only work if Patrik were the one that had it.

“What if he doesn’t have it? Why don’t we just locate Liz’s orb because we all know she still has hers with her.” Isabel offered a different solution to the group. “That way we won’t be wasting our time searching for something that we don’t even know will help us.” Alex went over to Isabel and pulled her into his side. She smiled at him at the gesture and remained in his arms to wait to find out what Kevin had to say.

“As nice as that sounds Max won’t be able to do that. The orbs are genetically sealed. Only the originator or those genetically linked will be able to access the orb.” Kevin looked at Isabel and gave a small nod for at least trying to come up with a better plan.

“What about Michael. He’s her brother. They are genetically linked. Aren’t they?” Alex offered. He didn’t want Isabel’s idea to be shot down so quickly without actually thinking it through.

“Let me think about it for awhile and in the meantime let’s have Max start the process of finding his. That way we won’t be sitting here doing nothing.” Kevin looked over at Max. “I’ll need you to sit and get comfortable. If you can’t concentrate then this isn’t going to work. You will have to be able to focus on only the orb. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yeah, I have to.” Max sat down next to Kevin.

“Close your eyes and look inside yourself. Look for the part that was your past self.” Kevin was talking like a psychiatrist. His voice was soothing and the group found themselves doing what he said even though it was only directed towards Max. “I need you to remember what it was like to access Liz’s orb earlier today. Remember how it felt to be thrown back into her memories. Tell me when you have found that part of you.”

The room waited for some kind of sign from Max. “Ok, Kevin. I think I’ve found it.”

“Ok. I want you to search for that part of you inside this room. Do you feel it inside this room?” Kevin needed to train the young man on how to begin searching. “If you don’t feel it in this room I need you to widen your search. Reach for the pattern somewhere inside this building. If you still don’t find the same signature continue widening your pattern. I’m going to go work with Michael. Holler at me if you find anything, ok.” He didn’t wait for Max to answer. There was no telling how long he was going to be. Patrik and Liz could be farther away than they thought.

“Ok, Michael, your turn. It’s going to be a little bit more difficult because you haven’t experienced a replay yet and it’s not your orb you’re trying to locate. I’m not even sure if you’re going to be able to do it but like Alex said earlier anything is better than nothing. Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it because I’ve never been strong in the mental aspect of our powers. Liz always took care of that.” Michael was kicking himself for not trying to strengthen that side of him. He never thought that he would need to. Liz would always be there with him.

“You’re not the only male that isn’t strong that way. For some reason females are always stronger in the mental aspects of our powers.” Kevin explained to Michael.

“What if I help him?” Isabel offered. “I can connect to him and maybe together we could find what he needs to find and then I can leave him there.” She looked at Michael. “If that’s ok with you.” She couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on and it was even worse just standing around not doing anything. She couldn’t help wondering if Liz was actually safe or not. Patrik was an unknown. She didn’t know if he would have any animosity towards them or not but she wasn’t going to sit around and just wait for things to happen. This was her idea and if there was a way to make it work then she was going to give it her all.

“I don’t mind. You think it will work?” Michael appreciated Isabel’s offer to help. “I was just kicking myself for not working more on that side of my powers. I always thought Liz would be here to do it for me.”

“Ok, if he doesn’t have a problem then lets get the two of you situated somewhere comfortable.” Kevin looked back to Max. He was still concentrating.

Maria had followed Kevin’s gaze to where Max was sitting. “Is he ok? He looks like he’s asleep.”

“He’s deep, but he’s ok. Look at his eyes; you can see them moving behind his eyelids. He’s searching.” Kevin explained to Maria. Turning back to Michael and Isabel he said, “Come on. Let’s get moving. Hopefully with the two of you working together we can end up at the same place as Max.”

Michael got up out of the recliner and looked around the room. The love seat was on the other end of the apartment. He knew there was a reason why everything needed to be in front of the TV. How was he supposed to relax and concentrate without a hockey game? But no… Deluca had to have her way. He smiled for a brief moment remembering the other night. How it seemed like it had happened so long ago and in all actuality it was just last night. He plopped down on the sofa and waited for Isabel to sit down next to him. She did and they both waited for Kevin to tell them what they needed to do.

“The first thing you are going to have to do is make the connection to each other.” Kevin waited and the two on the sofa shifted so they were looking into each other’s eyes. Kevin thought it was strange but he didn’t want to interrupt them. Whatever worked, worked. “Once you have connected, Isabel you will need to guide Michael in helping him search for his past self. I don’t know if you will have any luck. You may have to practice on yourself first to see what it feels like.”

“No. I can do it. I think I have an idea.” After hearing Max and Liz talk about their past life on their home planet she had already been trying to do it on her own. She looked at Michael and he nodded. He was ready. They concentrated on forming the connection and it flared with great intensity. “Ok, Kevin. We’re in.” Their body rhythms began to fall into sync with one another.

“Ok, just like Max… Look inside for his past life. Once you have found it, expand the circumference of the area and continue trying to match the signature.” Kevin went to the kitchen and grabbed a chair. He picked it up and walked over so he would be in between the three. Alex and Maria followed suit.

“How long is this going to take?” Maria asked.

“It depends on how quickly they are expanding their area… and it also depends on how far away Liz and Patrik have gone.” Kevin said in a soft hushed voice so as not to disturb anyone.

“What do we do once they have found it?” Alex asked.

“It’s not so much as finding it as it is sensing it. They are going to be connected to the orb and will be able to feel its presence so they will always know its location.”

“Is there a way to disconnect, so to speak, on demand?” Alex was wondering. He couldn’t imagine what it would feel like being connected to it when the orb was no longer in the same solar system.

“There is.” Kevin hadn’t thought about it. His first concern was in finding Liz. He hadn’t thought what it would be for everyone involved when Patrik had to take the orb off world. “Don’t worry. Everyone will be ok.” It was the only way of comforting the two teens that sat beside him.

“Is there anything we can do?” Maria asked.

“Not right now. It probably wouldn’t hurt to make arrangements with all of your parents to let them know that you won’t be coming home tonight. I would hate for them to start looking for Max and Isabel and get in the middle of this. That goes the same for the two of you. If you don’t mind, can you two take care of that?”

“Yeah, I’ll do it.” Maria offered. She got up and headed for the door. The realization hit her when she began the descent down the steps. What the hell was she going to tell the Evans? She had no idea. She didn’t stop. She looked at her watch and noticed that it was almost eight. Liz had been gone for nearly a hour and a half. She just hoped that Max, Michael and Isabel would be able to locate at least one of the orbs and she hoped that it was the right one.


“Why is it necessary to block our connection? If you would just let me tell him what is going on they will be less apt to come looking for us. They will let us do what needs to be done.” She saw it in Max’s eyes when he realized whom she was protecting earlier. She wanted him here now.

“If what you said about the two of you and your connection he won’t want to stay away. He’ll want to be next to you to protect you. I’m more than certain that they are under surveillance now. The men that shot at us earlier were skins and where there is one there will be more.”

“Well, that’s even more reason for me to contact them to let them know that they aren’t safe anymore. Patrik, please.” She was looking and pleading to him silently. He had to realize how important that group of people was to her. “I’ve just found them. I can’t loose them.”

“You were willing to leave them behind just a little while ago. You were willing to return to Antar with me, you weren’t thinking about them. Why the sudden change?” He had to make her think of the consequences of her requests before she made them. He didn’t know what was going to happen to them once he returned home and defeated Khivar but for some reason he wanted to make sure that she would be able to survive.

Liz sat down at his question. “How do you do that? Turn my own words against me. I’m being torn between two very important people. My heart is telling me that both of you, Max and you, need me. I can’t be in two places at once. Just let me contact him.” Her head slumped down in defeat. She had lived her whole life without Max’s presence in her mind she didn’t know that she had been missing it. Ever since this morning when the connection was established she hadn’t realized how much it had comforted her. She wondered what Max was going through.

Patrik found it hard to stand so far from the young woman that looked so defeated. It wasn’t fair for her to choose. He had done it for her. The main reason for the block was because he didn’t know the other’s situation. They could be in enemy hands right now and if Nicholas had a hold of them he would be able to mind rape Max to find Liz’s location. He closed the distance between the two of them. His hands were beginning to shake. He didn’t know how to show his emotions. He had been raised not to use them. Emotions clouded perceptions and perceptions were sometimes the only thing that he had when trying to out think Khivar’s goons.

He squatted down in front of her. “I’m sorry. This was the last thing I wanted to do to you. I’ve never known a connection like what you and he share. I have my reasons.” Liz looked up into Patrik’s eyes. She could see that he was indeed troubled by the situation. “I just came to get my stuff. We can leave now and within the hour I will be gone. The block will be gone. Do you think that you can survive for another hour?”

“What aren’t you telling me?” She searched his eyes and then went over each step of today’s events. She couldn’t believe that she had forgotten about the one that shot at her and Patrik. “Who was that back in the alley. Who were the two men that were shooting at us? Are the others in danger?” She stood up and looked down at her son. The man in front of her stood up and Liz had to look up to read his expression. “That’s why you have the block in place. You don’t want me to worry about them. If they are in danger then we have to go back and help them.”

Liz grabbed Patrik’s hand and headed for the door. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to go anywhere with you when they are in trouble.”

“You don’t know that they are in trouble.” He told her.

“Well, there’s only one way of finding out if they are in trouble or not, now isn’t there.” She stopped and turned to face him.

“I’ll let you call them but you can’t open the connection.” There was no way he was going to let her be bombarded by Nicholas mind rape of Max if he could help it.

“Fine.” Liz walked passed him and went directly to the phone in the room. Then it dawned on her their home phone had yet to be activated. Thinking what she should do, she picked up the receiver and dialed information. “Roswell… The Crashdown Café, please.” Liz waited for the operator to recite the number opting for the option of pushing one and having the number automatically dialed she waited for someone to answer. She desperately needed to find out what was happening in Roswell.


The phone was ringing off the hook the minute Maria entered the dining area of the restaurant. “Where the hell is Agnes?” She asked one of the regulars.

“Where she always is.” The man sitting at the bar drinking a cup of coffee told her while pointing to the back of the cafe.

“That woman takes more smoking breaks than she works.” Maria continued to make her way to the phone as she mumbled. She so didn’t need to be doing this. She was on a mission and she needed to make sure she did her job. Making sure she smiled as she answered the phone. Her mother had told her no matter how upset a person was, if they were smiling it was hard for them to sound upset. “Hello, thank you for calling the Crashdown Café, this is Maria how may I help you?”

“Maria, thank god!” Liz practically yelled into the phone. “I didn’t think anyone was there. I was worried that something bad had happened.”

“Liz? Is that you?” She was going to kick herself if her imagination was playing a trick on her.

“Yes, what’s going on? Is Max and the others ok?”

“Where are you? Everyone is upstairs trying to locate you. We are all worried.” Maria covered her mouth so no one would be able to read her lips. “They’re worried that the Skins are after you.” She looked around the area to see if there were any suspicious beings that she didn’t recognize.

“You guys have to get out of there. Patrik says that it’s not safe for you there. There could be others coming.” Liz really didn’t know why she trusted Maria so much. She had just met her a few days ago but already thought of her as a good friend, she meant well but she could tell that she couldn’t handle things under pressure. Especially alien related pressure. “Is Max there, can I talk to him?”

“He’s upstairs in some kind of trance thingy to locate his orb and to hopefully locate you. You should see Michael he about took Kevin’s head off because he was talking in circles.” Maria continued to ramble. Liz was trying to keep up because the pace at which Maria spoke was so fast. She didn’t understand how Alex managed most of his life.

“Maria if everyone is upstairs why are you down in the restaurant?” Liz thought that Max and her had discussed right before she went up stairs that under NO circumstances was anyone to be walking around without someone accompanying them.

“I’m the only one that’s not doing anything. My job is to go tell the parents that none of us kids will be coming home tonight… Don’t even ask how I’m going to get that done but I’ll figure out something. I was just on my way to my house to get some citrus oil. Did you know that citrus oil energizes the senses and it really gives you the ability to think on your toes. That’s why I’m going to get some because I’m no good at thinking on my toes. I can’t even fathom why I offered to be the one to lie to all the parents. What am I supposed to say? Hi Mr. and Mrs. Evans I just called to let you know that Max and Isabel won’t be coming home because Max’s alien son from a planet far, far away kidnapped Liz and they are in some kind of alien voodoo trance to try and locate her? NO. I don’t think that will work.” Maria had forgotten the seriousness of the situation.

“Maria… Maria… I need you to go back upstairs and tell everyone to stop trying to activate the orbs. If they activate the orbs they will only be sending out a signal to every alien here on earth telling them where we are.” That was the last thing that Liz said that she heard. She could hear some faint conversation in the background but, since Jose had decided that now was as good as time as any to start clanging dishes in the background, she couldn’t make it out.

“Liz… Liz! Liz! What’s going on…” She was cut off. The phone was dead. Maria was standing with the phone in her hand. Her face was filled with terror for her friend. What had they done? What was she supposed to be doing? What did she need to do? She couldn’t think logically. She began to breathe in and out with deep breaths. The breaths began to become shorter and shorter and she felt like she wasn’t getting enough air with each and every breath. Oh God! I’m going to hyperventilate. Think Maria. Think. She sat down on one of the chairs that was close by and stuck her head between her knees.

The bell over the door rang and in walked Agnes. Maria’s head continued to stay between her knees. “Is that one of your meditating positions?” The old haggard woman asked as she walked in to the site of Maria with her head in her lap.

Maria ignored the old bat and continued to try and calm her breathing. “Kids these days. That one there is an overrated drama queen if I ever saw one.” Agnes’ voice was drifting farther and farther away. Maria had blocked her out. After having years of practice it was quite simple.
A few minutes later her breathing started to stabilize. Maria opened her eyes and saw a pair of black tennis shoes in site. She closed them again and then looked again. The shoes were still there. “No bueno, chica?” Jose began. “You really need to go home. Whatever has gotten you all upset is not good for you.” He leaned over to help Maria up.

“Thanks Jose. I’ll go home in a little while, but right now I need to go upstairs. I’m fine and if you tell my mom you are so dead. Ok.”

“Si. Si…” He followed her into the back to make sure that she made it to the stairs ok.

Maria took the stairs two at a time. It was quite a task but she had to tell them what she found out. She had hoped that she hadn’t taken too long. She didn’t know if her nerves could take much more of this. Good aliens, evil aliens, long lost sons that are older than the parents. She threw the door open and yelled “STOP!” All eyes were now looking at her as if she had a third eyeball or something.

“Maria! What the hell are you doing storming in here and breaking our concentration.” Max yelled as his head snapped around towards Maria. “I just made contact with my orb and was just about to access its location when I lost it. I lost it and with it I’ve lost Liz.” Max put his head in his hands and was really quiet.

Alex walked over to Maria. “I can’t believe you did that.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “You don’t understand. Liz just called downstairs. She’s ok. She’s ok.” Michael jumped up off the sofa and ran to Maria.

“What! Are you sure? What did she say? Where is she? Is she ok?” Alex was taken aback by Michael’s questioning. He was acting like Maria. He didn’t think it was possible but seeing it with his own two eyes confirmed it. Michael Parker was a perfect match to one Maria Deluca.

“Hold on there, space boy.” Maria began. “One question at a time. I don’t see how Liz puts up with you like this. Ok… I was on my way to my house to get some citrus oil… you know Alex so I could think up a reason why the Evans weren’t going to be going home. Well anyway, I was walking through the restaurant and heard the phone ringing and ringing and I wondered where Agnes was and you know what she was doing? She was taking a break, the restaurant was full of people and she….”

“Maria! Please.” Isabel had had enough… “Get to the point. What did Liz say?”

Maria looked at the blond bombshell. “Oh, yeah, right, sorry.” And then looked at everyone else. “Sorry. Liz is ok. She said not to try to activate the orbs because then every alien on earth will know where they are.” She turned to Kevin who had been silent. “Is that true? Because if Max has already made the connection…” She let her sentence drop as she covered her mouth. Tears started to form in her eyes and she began shaking her head no.

“Maria… Maria. What happened?” Michael had her by both shoulders and was beginning to shake her. “Maria what happened?”

“Liz…” She took a deep breath and wiped at the tears that were beginning to fall. “The phone went dead. I thought that she hung up. I didn’t know that Max had made the connection. What if we’re too late? What if…” She took in a jagged breath and turned her head into Alex’s shoulder. “I can’t take this anymore. What if I never get to see Liz again? God Alex… Me and my stupid ramblings. She tried to tell me but I just couldn’t stop.”

“Shh. Maria, it’s going to be ok. We’ll find her.” He looked up over the top of her head. His gaze falling on Isabel first. Her eyes were beginning to tear as well. Michael was running his hands through his hair, which only made it stand further up on end. Max sunk down to the floor, his head in his hands. Alex could hear him murmuring but it wasn’t understandable.

Kevin took the time to bring everyone together. “Come on let’s go. Max it doesn’t matter now. What’s done is done. We need to get to the orb now so it doesn’t fall into the Skins hands. We need to get the three of you to the Granolith. We leave tonight.”

All heads whip to look at the older man. “The Granolith?” Michael asked.

“We’re leaving?” Isabel asked.

“Liz…” Max sobbed. This was all his fault. He hadn’t been able to connect with her for over three hours and it was beginning to catch up with him. What had he done?


Liz was getting worried. What if they were too late? Just as the thought entered her mind she noticed a bright light fill the room. She looked down to where the light was originating from and then she looked at Patrik. “Patrik? Your orb is activated.” She said quietly. She looked back down to where she had placed the precious piece of rock. It was illuminating the entire room. Letting the receiver fall from her ear her mouth was wide open.

“Its too late Liz. Max has found our connection. We can run now, but we can’t hide. Hang up the phone. We have to get the hell out of here.” Patrik saw the young woman with the receiver still in her hand. The closer he got the more he could hear Maria on the other end yelling Liz’s name. When the distance between them was nothing he took the receiver from her hands and hung it up. “We have to go.” He said gently. “Like I said there’s no stopping him. He won’t stop until he’s found you and I can only hope that we will be able to outrun the Skins. You and me are no longer safe here. We leave tonight. I only hope that Jordan is ready for us.”

Liz was silent. She was in a state of confusion. What were they going to do now? What about Max? What had she done? This was all her fault. There was no going back now. She sat down on the bed and picked it up. Max was connecting with Patrik’s orb. Did he know what he was doing? Did he have any idea that she was with their son? If he knew would he still be so gung ho about locating her? There were so many questions and they were probably going to be left unanswered. The entire room faded from Liz’s observation. She stared blankly into the orb, thoughts of the past five days running through her head. The precious few hours that her and Max had been together was all she had now. The reality of the situation was hitting home. She was never going to see any of them again. There was no turning back now. She now understood what Patrik meant when he said that she needed to learn to think before she spoke. Here she was getting exactly what she asked for and now she wasn’t so sure that this is what she wanted.

Patrik picked up the odds and ends of his personal possessions and then reached for Liz. She was still sitting on the bed next to the phone. She was holding the orb as if it were her only lifeline. The light from the orb was beginning to fade. The connection had been broken. “Liz…we have to go.” His voice was quiet and filled with emotion that he wasn’t used to expressing. She continued to stare at his orb. “Liz.” He said a little bit more forceful. We have to go now if we are to stay ahead of the Skins.”

She looked up and he saw what she was actually doing. Tears were rolling down her cheek. He squatted down so that he would be eye level with her. “Don’t. Not now.” He wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up. “MOVE!” He said, taking the tone that knew would get her moving. Liz immediately stood up. Grabbing her stuff and taking it with her she made it to the door. The minute Patrik opened the door; an energy blast hit the side of the building.

“Get back!” He yelled as he pushed Liz back into the room. “Go to the bathroom and open up the window. There’s another car out back!” Liz didn’t wait for any further instructions. She reached for all of Patrik’s possessions and ran for the bathroom. The window was behind the stool. She shut the lid and stood on top of it so she would have the leverage to open it. Putting every ounce of strength she had she pulled up on the window. It slid back quickly. She took one more glance to the room outside when a blast hit the floor right in front of the bathroom door. The room was instantly engulfed in flames.



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Part 43

Liz sunk down to her knees. The room had been engulfed in flames and Patrik had yet to emerge safely. Not wanting to give up on him she got back to her feet, and standing tall, back stiff, she held her hand out so her golden force field was emitted. Walking into the blazing room she began to look for her missing son. “Patrik!” There was no answer. Scanning the room and beginning to move faster because the flames were growing Liz looked behind the bed to find him.

“Patrik!” She had to drop the shield in order to help him up. “You have to help me. You’re too big for me to do much more. Patrik!” He wasn’t moving. She rolled him over onto his back. He had a deep gash on his forehead and it was bleeding quite a bit. She covered her hand over it and a soft glow began. The connection was easily made and the effort to heal him was minimal. “Patrik? Can you hear me? We have to move out before they come in.”

She began to tug on him once more. He was slowly coming around. “Liz?” He couldn’t say anything else because the room was too filled with smoke and he began to cough. Liz realizing that they wouldn’t be able to continue if they weren’t protected encircled them with her shield. She threw his arm over her shoulder and tried to stand up.

“Patrik. You have to help me.” She pulled on him once more and he realized what she was doing. He stood up on shaky legs and together they made it to the bathroom. The flames had yet to enter that room. Closing the door behind them Liz dropped her shield. “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’ll be ok. Come on. We’ve wasted enough time already. They’ll have all exits covered by now, be careful.” He warned.

Liz heeded his warnings and peeked out the small bathroom window. “It’s clear.” She called back. Not wanting to waste any time she picked up the orbs and the book and was through the window and was hugging the wall as best as she could. Patrik followed shortly after. “Where’s the car?”

“Over here.” He took her hand as they traveled in the shadows. They weren’t moving too fast for they didn’t want to be spotted. When they reached the end of the building and rounded the corner they saw that the car was surrounded. Patrik pushed Liz back behind him. “Go back!” He hissed.

Liz turned and started to go the other way when she saw two men walking their way. “We can’t go back. We’re surrounded.” She whispered.

Patrik turned so he could confirm her statement. “I hope you feel like running.” He grabbed her hand and they took off running into the desert. The two men saw them and took off after them.

Not assuming that the coast was clear Liz pulled Patrik down into a patch of thorn bushes. “We’ll wait until they pass and then we’ll take them from behind.” She whispered into his ear. He nodded his head in acknowledgement.

The skins ran by them and the two of them jumped out and took the two by surprise. In less than a minute they had defeated them and they were once again on the run. “Where are we going?” Liz asked, as she gasped for air.

“We’re going to the Granolith. It’s our only way out of this now.” Patrik took a sideways glance at the woman that was running beside him. His legs were so much longer than hers that he could see that she wouldn’t be able to continue this pace for much longer. “Let’s stop here.”

“Patrik, I know you don’t want to drop the block but if you would just let me contact Max…” She pleaded with him.

“Are you willing to call him to you knowing what is out there? You will be bringing them to their enemies. Is that what you want to do?” He waited for her reply and seeing that she wasn’t going to answer his questions he continued. “I didn’t think so. We are on our own until we get to the chamber.”

She hated that he was right. Her body was calling to Max even though she knew that he would be unable to answer it. She got up off the rock that they were resting on and turned to him. “Let’s go. We’ve wasted enough time sitting here.” He looked up to see that her eyes were no longer shining. They were set in determination to do what was needed. He stood up and they began to jog to the only destination that would keep them safe.


They all stormed down the stairs and made it to the vehicles. Max, Isabel and Alex went in the jeep and Kevin, Michael and Maria went in Kevin’s Buick. The ride out of town was quiet. Even Maria hadn’t said a word since she had gotten into the car. The plan was for them to go to the Granolith Chamber and go home. Home. None of them even knew that home even existed until today.

Maria, not being able to keep quiet any longer, began to speak her mind. “So that’s it. You guys are splitting. What about us? Alex and I are mixed in with all of this too you know. You’re just going to leave us behind to fend for ourselves?” She crossed her arms over her chest and slumped back into the back seat. Silent tears began to flow down her cheeks. “Figures.”

“Maria. You can’t go back with us. It’s not safe for you there. They sent us here so we would be safe.”

“Sure. It’s not safe for us there and it’s not safe for us here. What the hell are we going to do? Never mind. Kevin, stop the damn car. I’m out of here.” Maria scooted over to the door and attempted to open it. It wouldn’t. “Open this god damn fucking door.” She screamed.

Kevin slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road. He turned around to face Maria. “We won’t let anything happen to you or to Alex but you have to come to the chamber with us so I can take care of it.”

Maria wrenched open the door and started to walk into the desert, Michael hot on her heels. “Maria, stop a minute. Listen to what Kevin has to say.”

“What are you going to do to protect us from the evil aliens? I know what they can do!! I saw Alien. How are you going to stop some monster from ripping its way out of my stomach? And I damn sure don’t want any slug thing riding on my back with some tentacles stuck in my brain. Or…or… if you go back to your home planet, how are you going to stop the body snatchers from taking over my mind and body? Huh???” Maria screamed at Michael.

Michael forcefully gathered her into his arms, trying to calm her down. “Ssh. It’s okay. Kevin said he would take care of you. He’ll make sure you’re safe. He’ll make sure you’re all safe.” Michael felt Maria relax a bit in his arms. Feeling that it was all right to let her go he relaxed his hold on her completely.

Maria pushed herself away from Michael, “How in the hell are you going to take care of it? It’s not like you have some way of turning back time and making us forget that we even know that they existed.” Maria whipped around, as she looked Kevin in the eyes. “You don’t, do you?” She was beginning to doubt herself by the silence that was hanging in the air. Maybe the aliens did have a way of turning back time. Would she remember Michael or would it be like it was before he walked into the restaurant five days ago.

“Trust me. All will be taken care of.” Maria nodded her head against her better judgement.

Michael reached out and gently turned her face back so she was looking into his eyes. “Unless I know that you will be perfectly safe, I’m not going anywhere. Okay?” Maria slowly nodded her head in agreement then turned as she heard a cars tire on gravel.

Max had pulled the jeep in behind the Buick on the side of the road. “What’s going on?” Isabel asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. Stay here.” Max climbed out of the jeep.

“It’s Maria. She’s freaking out.” Alex was leaning over Isabel’s seat as he said it. Max turned to look at them and silently asked if that is what they thought. Alex nodded his head up and down.

“How do you know?” Isabel asked as she looked over her left shoulder. He was so close and yet so far. She never told him how she felt about him and now she would never get that chance.

Alex saw the look of despair in her brown eyes. “If I were Maria I would be freaking out right about now. She’s been sitting in the backseat thinking about her life. She just found someone that makes her life interesting and she’s getting ready to lose him. She’s wondering how he can just leave her behind. She’s second-guessing herself. She’s wondering if maybe he doesn’t feel the same thing for her, because if he did he wouldn’t want to leave to go to some unknown planet. She wondering if she’s ever going to know anyone that will hold her heart like he did.” Even though he was talking about Maria everything he was saying was what was going through his mind.

Max had left Isabel and Alex in the jeep and he was about to walk up next to Kevin when he was hit with a flash. He grabbed hold of Kevin’s arm to steady himself. He closed his eyes and concentrated on steadying himself before he opened his eyes. He went to open them once again and he was hit instantly by another. The intensity of it was too much for him. He went down to the ground.

“Max!” Isabel was out of the jeep instantly. Seconds later everyone was gathered round looking down at him lying on the desert ground. “What’s happening to him?” She asked.

“I don’t know. Max. Max, can you hear me?” Kevin knelt down to touch him. When the skin of his hand touched the side of his face he was shocked. Kevin pulled his hand quickly away and looked at the others. “Don’t touch him.”


Fire everywhere. Smoke filling the room. “Patrik!” She screamed.

“I hope you are ready to run.” He said to her.

Max opened his eyes. “Liz… she’s running in the desert. She’s close. I can feel her.” He pulled himself up and was immediately helped by Michael.

“Are you sure?” He asked. His sister was in the desert running for her life.

“I saw them. They’re heading for the chamber too.” He looked at Kevin. “How far away are we from the chamber?”

“Its not too much farther now.” Kevin told them.

“Let’s go. Liz and Patrik are out there alone and she is so afraid.” Max didn’t know how he knew but he knew that Liz was calling to him. She needed him and it was strong, strong enough for him to be able to feel it.

Everyone got back in their vehicles. Once again they were travelling in silence. The only difference was Alex was now holding Isabel’s hand. Hearing that the chamber was close meant that it would soon be over and she would be leaving him. She looked into his eyes and she could see the turmoil that was there. She knew how he was feeling because she was feeling it too.

In the Buick that was leading the way. Michael and Maria were sitting in the back seat together. Even though neither one of them wanted to admit what the other meant to them they held onto each other as if they were their only hope.

Kevin looked in his review mirror to ensure that the jeep was the only thing following them. He pulled on the steering wheel causing the Buick to buck off the road. They were now driving on the desert floor heading for what was nothing.

“Are you sure this is the way?” Michael asked.

“You tell me. You should be remembering where you are anytime soon.” Kevin answered.

Michael looked around. It was true. Things were beginning to look familiar. “This is where we were found. This is where our pods are.”

Kevin smiled. It didn’t go unnoticed by either Michael or Maria.

“Where is he going?” Alex asked as he grabbed hold of the roll bar over head so he wouldn’t be tossed around.

Isabel looked at Max. “This is where mom and dad found us.”

“Yeah.” Max said as he pushed down on the accelerator.

“Max.” She didn’t finish her thought.

“Where are we going? Isabel… What’s wrong?” Alex could see the fear crossing the beautiful face of his angel.

She turned to face him. “You’re about to see where we came from.” She turned back around. She was distancing herself from him.

“Isabel…” She didn’t answer him. Knowing that he wasn’t going to get another chance to speak his mind he took a deep breath and continued. “It doesn’t matter where you came from. I don’t care that you came into this world differently then the rest of us. What ever has you so scared to even look at me it’s not going to affect the way I feel about you. It won’t.” There he had said it.

She turned around to look at him and practically threw herself to the back seat. She wrapped her arms around his neck and then she kissed him. “I don’t want to go back.” She whispered to him. “I don’t want to leave you. Don’t think that this is easy for me because it isn’t. Its not.” She kissed him again.

The Buick and the jeep stopped in front of the rock formation that had haunted Max’s dreams when he was a young boy. He knew now why they were calling to him. He had left her behind and she was calling to him to come back to him just like she was calling to him now. He climbed out and looked out over the horizon. The moon illuminated the desert floor but it wasn’t enough to see anything distinctively.

Kevin was already on his way up the path to the top before the others followed him. Michael and Maria, Isabel and Alex walked hand in hand right behind Kevin. Max was the last up the side of the hill. They all were facing the solid rock wall. “What do we do now?” Isabel asked.

Kevin waved his hand over the wall and a silver handprint was illuminated. He then pressed his hand onto the imprint and the wall slid back to create an opening large enough to walk through. “We go inside.”

Max hung back for awhile before entering. He was higher up than before and he couldn’t help but take one more glance back out across the desert. She was out there he knew it. He just hoped that she was ok. He hoped that their son would keep her safe.

He turned and walked in. The wall closing sealing the chamber from the outside world.


They had been running for over twenty minutes and Liz couldn’t go any further. After stumbling for the third time Patrik stopped so Liz could catch up. “You need to rest.” He said as he leaned over and began to regain his breath.

“If only I had longer legs I would be able to keep up with you but since they didn’t give me the DNA for that…” She let her gaze drift up to him. “I’m sorry for slowing you down.”

“Hey, you’re doing great. Better than I expected. We should be safe here for a little while.” He began looking around to see if he could find a vehicle of some sorts. She wouldn’t be able to make it to the chamber in time.

Liz kept her eyes on Patrik. “What are you looking for?” She asked, chest heaving as she tried to pull in much needed oxygen.

“Running isn’t going to work. We need a car or something.”

“Where… where... are... we ... going... to... get... one?" Liz panted out. She was standing hunched over dragging huge gulps of air into her lungs. “We’re in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night. There won’t be a car let alone a person for miles.” She sat down on a large rock cropping, swiped at the sweat that was pouring down her face and continued to gasp for air. As soon as she was in a comfortable position she continued to watch him as he turned around in a slow circle surveying the landscape.

Patrik was looking back the way they had came and saw no signs of pursuit. He surveyed their surroundings and noticed a dim light on the horizon. Looking back at Liz he knew she wouldn't be able to move for a few minutes at the earliest. "Liz, I think there's a house over there. Wait here and I'll go check it out."

"No, you'll never be able to find me out here. We are better off if we stick together." Liz said as she tried to straighten up. A pain shot through her side and she bent back over. "God, I should have kept in better shape. I never thought I’d be running from evil aliens. Give me a moment and I'll be ready to go."

In the light of the moon, Patrik knelt and watched Liz and as her breathing returned to some semblance of normal he stood up. Taking Liz's hand he helped her to her feet and led her towards the light.

It was farther than he thought. They had been walking around the same amount of time that they had been running. They traveled in silence until Liz decided to break it. “What are you going to do once we get to the chamber?”

“Hmmm. Oh, sorry I was just thinking. I will need to have the seal in order to operate the Granolith. Once it has been activated I will be able to travel back.”

“What’s going to happen to us here on earth?” There were too many unknowns and they had nothing else to talk about so she decided to get as many answers as she could.

“You should be able to return to your normal lives.” Nearing the source of light they discovered it was the neon sign proclaiming "Topless and Bottomless Dancers-Dusk to Dawn" The dark parking lot was full of vehicles of all types, from sports cars to tractor-trailers.

"So that's why Roswell is dead at night. Everybody's here." Patrik mumbled under his breath.

“Yeah, I guess it’s a must need to the average american male.” Liz spat out. “So seeing as we are now in the parking lot of the Prickly Pink Cactus which car shall we take?” She looked at Patrik and couldn’t help but laugh. She wondered if Max had ever come out here. She would have to ask… well maybe not… What if he didn’t know it was out here? She shook her head. She was being too silly. Maybe the lack of oxygen from earlier had done something to her brain.

Just as she had finished her comment a drunk male stumbled out of the building. The bouncer was escorting him out. Patrik grabbed Liz by the arm and they ducked down behind the closest vehicle. “Get in. We’re taking this one. It’s not safe to be seen by anyone.” Liz nodded her head and looke3d at Patrik’s choice of vehicle. It was an old pickup that hadn’t seen a car wash in years, hell, most of it hadn’t seen paint in years. She crept over to the passenger side and proceeded to get in. The door was locked so she placed her hand over the lock and waited for the clicking sound. A thought of a car alarm went through her mind. She peeked through the window and didn’t see the tell-tell sign of the blinking red light. The coast was clear.

She opened the door, surprised that it didn’t creak and crawled in. Patrik followed suit in the same amount of time. Sitting crouched down in the front seat the two of them waited for the bouncer to go back inside. “I can’t believe it. Out of all the cars in the parking lot we get the one with a nudey air freshener dangling from the review mirror and a topless hula dancer stuck to the dash. Classic.” Liz said sarcastically.

Patrik looked at her and smiled. “What did you expect?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve never been exposed to this type of environment before.” She was embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” He said as if he were reading her thoughts. Looking around he picked up the John Deere baseball cap that was sitting on the seat and threw it on the hula dancer. He looked over the edge of the door and saw the bouncer return inside. He covered the ignition and the car started without hesitation.

“How much farther?” Liz asked.

“You don’t know where the Granolith is?” He was surprised and it showed in his facial expression.

“No. Why would I know where it is? We haven’t had the need to know about it.” Liz looked at him to see if she could read his expression. The light from the topless bar was dimming and the inside of the car was getting too dark. Even the light from the instrument panel wasn’t helping.

“Liz, the Granolith is where your pods are at. You’ve never been back since you left?” Once again he was surprised. They should have had a pull to go back. So much had gone wrong. So much wasted time being apart.

“Oh, well. I don’t think either Michael or I ever felt the need to go back there. It was as if we ignored it then we were just normal.” Liz let her statement fade. She was embarrassed that they hadn’t accepted their true heritage.

“It’s ok. You never had the reason. You guys had a good life here.” He was slowly being pulled into her small talk and it was beginning to make him nervous. “We should be there in another ten or fifteen minutes.”

“Ok.” Liz could feel that he was uncomfortable talking to her. She guessed that living without a mother after all this time was the reason for him being uncomfortable with her.

The closer they got to their destination the stronger the feeling that Max was close became. “I think that Max and the others are at the chamber.” She looked at Patrik.

“Your connection is strong. If you feel him with the block in place I would hate to see what it was like between the two of you when there wasn’t one. Kevin must have taken them there. He knows what I am doing here.”

“What if he doesn’t know what you are doing here? I mean. What other reason would Kevin take the others to the chamber?” She knew from her past few days not to take anything for granted. Just because they assume that Kevin knew what was going to happen didn’t mean that it would.

Patrik looked at Liz a little amazed that she was beginning to think like she used to. “He may be running. He may be taking the others back for their protection.” He regretted saying it the minute it was out of his mouth.

“What aren’t you telling us? What’s out there that we need protection?” She turned in her seat and waited.

“The skins are out there and there are more of them than you realize. They’ve been here for almost fifty years. They’ve been searching for the Royal Four their entire life cycle here on earth.”

“Well, you said that we couldn’t go back with you because its not safe for us there. The way it sounds now is that it’s not safe for us here either. I’m assuming that you have a plan.” She was determined to get the information required.

“I do, but that’s not important. What’s important is that Kevin doesn’t activate the Granolith without me. If he activates it then I’m stuck here until it returns and when it returns it may not be empty.” Patrik pushed down on the accelerator in hopes that he wouldn’t be too late.

“Patrik, I wish you would quit being so adamant about my connection to Max. If you would just let the block down I will contact him and tell him not to let Kevin activate the Granolith.”

“I can’t release your block until I’m gone.” He said sternly.

“Why not?” She wasn’t going to let this drop.

He looked over and realized that it was no use. He had to tell her. “If I drop your block you will end up being connected to me. I can’t allow that because when I go back you will be forced to go back with me because the connection wouldn’t survive the distance.”

“I’ve lost my connection to Max?” She shook her head no. It was impossible. “I couldn’t have. I can feel him. He’s still there. You’re wrong.” She was getting upset. “You had no right to do that.”

“I had every right to do that.”


“When Zan died he gave you a bit of himself to you. When you died you gave me what he gave you as well as a piece of you. When they created the four of you they tried to duplicate the connection that you had with him. It’s not the real thing. What I have inside is the real thing and with me being in your presence the part of you that is inside is being drawn to the original part of Zan inside me. That connection is stronger, and that is why I placed the block. Not so that you would be taken away from Max but because I wanted you to be able to be with him.”

“Oh.” Was the only thing she could come up with. “Thanks. I’m sorry I’ve been pushing the issue with you. If you would have just told me this before I would have understood.”

“I’m sorry for keeping it from you. I just didn’t know how you would react.” He pulled off the road and began to drive on the desert floor.

“Just so you know. Even if I did lose the connection with Max I wouldn’t hate you for the connection that would be between us. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure Max would come with us but I would never regret being tied to you.” She gave a small smile and then focused ahead of the car. Patrik had turned off the lights to the truck and they were travelling in complete darkness.

The rock formation loomed ahead of them as well as Max’s jeep and Kevin’s Buick. She was right. They were already there. She just hoped that they hadn’t activated it just yet.


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Part 44

Getting out of the truck Liz met Patrik in front. She looked up at him and then to the rock formation. “Ready?” She asked. No matter what he said about the block being in place she was connected enough to him to know that he was having doubts. She took hold of his hand and gave it a squeeze hoping that the small human gesture would give him enough strength to do what needed to be done.

Patrik looked down at the small petite brunette that carried his mother’s soul. He couldn’t help but wish what could have been if he would have been sent with them or if they would have never died. Part of him yearned to have the family that he should have had. To be a complete unit filled with love and happiness. Jordan and his wife had tried to raise him as their son but there was always something missing in the relationship. He gave her a smile and a small squeeze back. She would be able to have that family only if he went back and defeated Khivar.

They walked the remaining distance to the Granolith Chamber hand in hand. When they came face to face with the solid rock wall Liz looked up at Patrik once more to see what they needed to do. He waved his hand over the wall and a silver handprint illuminated. Before he pressed his hand against it he raised his other hand so he could place his shield up before they entered.

The wall slowly opened and the soft green glow from inside came tumbling out into the dark desert where Liz and Patrik stood.


Maria’s jaw was wide open. The reality of the situation was just hitting home. Michael felt her pull away the minute she saw the pods. She wanted desperately to go over and touch it but she was hesitant. She looked around to see what everyone else was doing. Isabel and Alex were standing just inside the wall they had walked through and Kevin had gone into another part where he was unseen. She looked at Michael and he seemed to be staring at the pods. She walked closer to him and rested a gentle hand on his forearm.

“This place doesn’t bring you very happy memories does it?” She looked up at him and he could see her concern.

“No. It doesn’t really.” He said in a manner that was quite unlike him.

“Tell me about it. Which one is yours?” She rested her head on his shoulder and he looped his arm around her waist.

“That one.” He pointed with his free hand. “I was the first one to come out. I think that’s the way that they designed them to work… I was the warrior; I was the protector of them all. Max and Isabel,” he pointed to the one in the top left and the lower right, “were the next ones to come out. Liz was last.”

“What happened?” She could feel his pain of reliving the memory but she knew what it was like to keep things in.

“Isabel wanted to go see where we were. Max and I wanted to stay because of Liz. Isabel took Max’s hand and they left. I thought they would come back but they didn’t. They never did.”

“Oh.” She hugged him. “I’m sorry. I know it doesn’t mean that much, but I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, well don’t be.” He was letting her get to him. What was all this lovey dovey crap anyway? They had fallen into it so easily. He dropped his arm and began to walk around. “Kevin, what do we do now. Patrik evidently isn’t here. Has he already gone back or is he coming?”

As soon as Michael finished his question Max walked in. “They’re coming.” He said.

All eyes went to Max as if he was insane. “How do you know?” Isabel asked.

“I feel Liz. She’s getting closer.” His facial expression was lax.

“Can you connect with her?” Michael asked.

“No, not yet.” Max turned to Kevin as he walked back into the main chamber and asked, “Why can’t we connect?”

“I would assume that Patrik is blocking the connection.” Kevin had an idea but wasn’t sure if he was right or not.

“Why would he do that? Is he dangerous? Is he harming Liz?” Maria spoke.

“No. It’s a very complicated Antarian thing. Max and Liz have a connection to each other. The problem is right before Charisse died she gave the part of her that Zan and her lived together. She actually gave a piece of their souls to him. Now that Max and Liz have awakened that connection it is always active. The problem that Patrik is facing is the part of Zan and Charisse that is inside of him is calling to the connection that Max and Liz share.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Michael asked. “He’s their son.”

“No, he’s Charisse and Zan’s son. The essence that he holds inside of him is pure. The essence that you have inside of you is manufacture. Liz and Max’s connection would want to go to Patrik because it is stronger.” Kevin could see the confused look on everyone’s face. “Patrik is blocking the connection in order to keep Max and Liz connected. If he were to lower the block while he was in proximity to either one of them their connection would cease to exist.” The lights over everyone’s head lit up. They understood and Kevin smiled at them all.

“Oh.” Maria said. “So what’s the game plan? If he hasn’t left then there might not be a reason for Max, Liz, Isabel and Michael to leave. Patrik would be able to take care of everything.

“You forget about the ones that turn to dust, Maria.” Alex reminded her. “If they are here then the skins will be here. They won’t be able to stay.” He looked at Isabel and squeezed her. She gave a small smile, one that Alex hadn’t seen her ever wear before. Isabel Evans looked scared.

Max was going to walk to be close to all of them when the hairs on the back of his neck began to rise. He turned to face the wall and waited for it to open. He didn’t think to tell the others that Liz was on the other side, he was too anxious to have her with him again.

The wall slowly opened up and all eyes turned to see who it was. Michael had his hand extended in preparation of it being someone that was unwanted. The minute he saw his sister he dropped his hand and waited for her to do something.

The minute the wall was completely open Max and Liz’s eyes locked. Max hesitated for just a brief moment not really realizing that what he was seeing was real. Liz seeing his hesitation closed the distance between them and launched herself into his opened arms.

She wrapped her legs around his waist because her hands were cupping his face. They were immediately kissing each other with their need. After the first long tender kiss they broke off into small kisses. Max was kissing her face everywhere. “Are you ok?” He asked in between a kiss. “I was so worried.” He kissed her closer to her ear. “I couldn’t connect with you.”

“I’m fine.” She kissed him on his cheek. “I was in good hands.” She smiled and kissed him on his neck. “Don’t worry. The connection will return once Patrik returns.” She tilted her head back to allow him better access to her neck.

Michael cleared his throat. “Um, guys. I think there are more important things to do than the two of you swapping spit.” Liz hid her face in Max’s neck and released her legs from around his waist. Max moved his hands from her face to her waist. Once her feet touched the ground she turned away from Max so she was facing her brother.

Michael stepped in front of Liz and grabbed her by the shoulders to get a closer look at her. She looked exhausted from her run through the desert and the short ride in the truck wasn’t enough to provide the rest she needed. “You look terrible. What happened to you? Where have you been?”

Liz looked at Michael with tired eyes, “Glad to see you too, Michael.” Michael responded by giving her a brief hug.

Once Liz was in Michael’s embrace Max walked over and stood in front of Patrik. He was unsure of what to do. His first thought was to hit him for taking Liz away from him and putting her life in danger but yet he wanted to hug him because he had kept her safe. Not really knowing what to do he began with the questions. “What happened? Why does she look like that?”

“We were attacked. I thought the Skins were tracking you and the others but it seems I was a target too. They caught us at my motel and I would have been killed if Liz hadn’t come back for me and saved me.” Patrik could see the uncertainty in the young man in front of him. He knew how he would react. Liz was his number one priority and it hurt a little for him not to acknowledge his existence like Liz had done.

“So, you led our enemies here, Patrik? How many are there? How do we fight them?” Max was trying to separate himself from the older man standing in front of him. He didn’t know how Patrik would react if he were to embrace him. Part of him wanted to and the other part of him still didn’t trust him. He didn’t know how he would react once he had done it himself.

“No, no. I don’t think we were followed. We escaped by running into the desert. Two of the Skins saw us and followed, but we took care of them. We continued running through the desert until Liz couldn’t run anymore.”

Patrik gesture to Liz. “That’s why she’s in that condition. We must have ran for miles, until we found a bar and stole a truck.” Patrik stumbled a bit as he walked over to sit besides Liz.

Max saw this and grabbed hold of his arm to assist him as he sat down beside Liz. “Are you all right? Is there anything we can do?”

“I’m just a little shaken up. I was hit by a partially deflected force beam and it knocked me out. I guess I’m not really over all of the effects yet.” Patrik told them. Liz placed a gentle reassuring hand on his arm and they looked at each other for just a brief moment. He covered her hand with his and then looked up at Max and asked, “Is there any water? I could really use a drink and I’m sure Liz could too.”

“I’ll go get it out of the Jeep Max.” Isabel offered. She was so wrapped up in the interaction between her brother and the older man that she didn’t even register that they had been wandering out in the desert without anything to drink.

“I’ll go with you.” Alex volunteered.

“Thanks Alex. Our parents make us carry it around. I never thought there would come a day that I would be thankful that they made us do it.” Isabel had started to explain as the two of them walked out of the chamber. Liz looked at Max and quirked one eyebrow up at him as if questioning what else she had missed.

He smiled at her and squatted down in front of her. Placing a hand on her knee. He couldn’t help it; he needed to touch her. He needed the little assurance that her touch brought to him.

Kevin was still standing a little ways back. Taking in the scene in front of him. They had been separated for so long but in the short time that they had been together was bonding them even closer than he would have thought was possible.

Alex and Isabel returned with the gallon of water and a few disposable glasses. After drinking what was required Patrik stood up. “It’s time that I leave. I’ve gotten everything that I need.”

“What? You can’t go. Not yet.” Liz stood up and looked at him. Begging him not to go.

“I’ve told you. I have to.” He took her by the shoulders and looked at her. He was memorizing everything about her. “I have to.” He whispered in her ear as he took her into a hug. “Believe me I would rather stay here but that would be selfish of me. Our people are waiting for me to return. I must return and defeat Khivar.” He pulled her away from him. Liz had tears running down the side of her face.

He turned to Kevin. “Do you think you can help them through the releasing of the seal? It would mean a lot to me if they were to give it to me rather than me taking it.” Patrik looked on to his protector.

“You know once the orbs are activated it won’t be safe.” Kevin stated.

“I know. I have a plan for that too.” Patrik smiled.

Michael heard what Kevin had said. “Wait, wait, wait. What’s going on? You have to activate the orbs. That’s how they found us. We can’t activate the orbs, it will lead them right to us.” Michael began to pace.

“Michael, calm down. Patrik has a plan and I think it will work. “ Liz grabbed her brother’s arms and looked into his brown eyes. “He has to go back. If he stays we will all be on the run. If he goes back there’s a chance that he will defeat Khivar and with it our enemies here on earth.”

Michael could see that his sister had changed over the last few days. The loss of their parents the forming of new friendships and the knowledge of her past life were all there for the world to see. She was no longer the frail girl that he felt he had to protect all of these years. She had become a leader. He shook his head. “Whatever you say.” She smiled up at him as a way of saying thanks.

“Ok. Lets do this.” Max clapped his hands together. He wasn’t so sure if this is what he really wanted to do but it was what Liz wanted to do and she was pretty confident that it was the right thing. “What’s going to happen?”

“We’ll need you and Liz to stand facing each other. Each one will be holding their corresponding orb in your right hands. You will then need to place your left hand on the other’s orb. This will form a complete circle. After that the seal will be activated and at that time Patrik will walk up and accept it.” Kevin explained the ceremony to everyone.

“Ok.” Max and Liz said in unison. They looked at Patrik and smiled at him. Patrik walked up and gave each of them their orb. Max looked down at his and then looked up at the man. “You had this?”

“Yeah, I was watching the Parker residence and saw your jeep. I had the police department run a trace on the tags and got your address. I was planning on doing this without you guys knowing about it but when I couldn’t get to Liz’s orb I had no choice.” He smiled shyly at the two young people when he didn’t see any anger, in his actions, from them.

Both Liz and Max did what Kevin had told them to do earlier. They smiled at each other the minute the circle was complete. The rest of the chamber ceased to exist for them. The Royal Seal reached up into the air. They looked to Patrik and waited for him to come forward and accept the seal. Max was beginning to have doubts. His son would be leaving him and he would not have had the time to get to know him.

Patrik saw the hesitation in Max’s eyes. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that I should be the one going back, not you.”

“I’ve been raised to do this my entire life. This is my life; it’s my destiny. It’s not yours. Your life is here with Liz. Your life is here among the humans and with the others. I understand where you are coming from. This is part of the reason that I wanted to do this without you knowing. You always had to do the right thing no matter the outcome. The time for the monarchy is passed. The people of Antar have been without their king for over fifty years. The people know me as a leader in the quest for democracy. If I’m also shown to be the rightful heir to the throne, it will be the last straw that will break Khivar’s control. I don’t think you would be as effective. You don’t belong there just like I don’t belong here. It would be too awkward. We are doing the right thing.” Patrik looked between his two parents and when he saw their acceptance of what he had to say he continued. “I will keep in touch. You will see me again. I promise.” Patrik smiled at them as he bowed and accepted the seal.

The light show was over in a matter of seconds. He raised up from his position and smiled. “I thought I would feel different somehow.” Liz gave Max her orb and embraced the older man.

“Promise me that we will see you again.” She whispered into his ear.

“I promise. I have to go. If I wait too much longer the Skins will locate you.” He pulled away from her and walked into the hidden chamber.

“It’s all ready your highness.” Kevin said as he bowed down to him.

“Thank you Kevin.” He said as he step up to the Granolith, placed his hand on the outside and was immediately transferred into the device.

“Kevin. You have to go with him. He will need your help.” Liz said as she followed into the other room.

“What about you?” Kevin asked.

“Your duties were to protect Patrik. They never included protecting me.” She closed the distance and pushed Kevin into the area that he needed to be to be transported back to Antar. “Besides, I have a feeling that we won’t need protecting once you get back.” She smiled at the other man. “Take care of him.” She whispered before stepping back to be with the rest of the group.

There was a bright flash of light and everyone was blinded from the take off of the Granolith. Everyone flew back and was unconscious. No one saw the two streams of light that went through Max and Liz.


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“Today is a day to take what we have learned and apply it to the real world. What is the real world, you may be asking?” I go on autopilot for the remainder of my speech; I’ve practiced a lot of times with Max. It’s your standard kind of speech, look at what you’ve accomplished and look forward to the future. I look out amongst the crowd and make eye contact with those that mean the most to me. They’re all here and my smile widens as a look down the row of my family.

I never thought I would be here graduating college let alone still on the planet. I had every intention of going back with Patrik that night. I remember it clearly getting to the Granolith chamber and meeting up with Max and the others. It was decided that Patrik and Kevin would return. We stood and watched and then it happened. Max and I were hit with it.

“What was that?” Maria asked as she started to get up from the ground. She was looking at me and I was just staring at Max. Our connection was back and we were lying there basking in all its warmth and security.

We were once again whole. One,yet separate. “Do you feel it?” Max asked with no audible words.

“Yes.” I replied smiling. I reached out my hand and took his and brought it up to my lips. “My love. Our love. His love. When the time is right we will be whole again. A family like we should have been so long ago.”

Max got up and crawled over to me. “Are you okay?” He said out loud for everyone to hear.

“I’m fine. How is everyone else?” We looked around and saw that everyone was already on their feet.

“Liz, what were those lights that went through you and Max?” Michael asked. I could see his concern for me. He always did worry too much now that I think about it.

I was standing before I answered him. “It’s a gift from Patrik. You can say we will always have a piece of him with us.” Max wrapped me up into his arms and kissed the top of my head.

“Okay. Anyone know what time it is?” I could see where Max was going almost immediately.

“Umm. It’s almost morning.” Michael supplied.

“Okay. We need to get everyone home. Our parents will be wondering where we are.” Max began as he took my hand and led us all out of the chamber. I looked over my shoulder and tried to remember what Patrik looked like. I wondered if I would ever see him again. “We have to be careful because the Skins could be on their way or they could even be here already.”

Michael took his position in the front. Ready for an attack the four of us surrounded Maria and Alex in case anything happened they would be protected. We left the chamber with caution, looking everywhere and anywhere the Skins would be hiding.

Max and I hopped into the truck that Patrik and I had stolen and the Jeep followed us. We parked the stolen truck just outside of town and squeezed into the back seat of the Jeep beside Michael and Maria. Isabel was driving and Alex was in the front passenger seat.

It was a good thing that we dumped the stolen truck because when we pulled up in front of the Crashdown there were cops everywhere. Amy Deluca was standing outside with the Evans’ and the Whitman’s and all three sets of parents were talking to the sheriff. “Great. Mom’s done it again. She’s got everybody going crazy.” Maria was the first to hop out of the Jeep. Amy ran to her daughter immediately. The Whitman’s and the Evans’ followed her lead. Michael and I got out of the Jeep and stood on the outside.

We didn’t really think of a cover story to tell everyone and before I realized it Maria was weaving this awesome story about going out in the desert to stargaze and having trouble with the jeep… Amy pulled her into another embrace and started kissing Maria all over her face. “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Do you mind if I talk to the two of you for a moment?” I look from the Deluca scene to look up into the eyes of the sheriff.

“Sure, sheriff. What can I do for you?” The whole time I was watching the other parents with their children I wasn’t even paying any attention to the officials. I looked over at Max and he immediately pulled away from his mother’s embrace. I told him I was okay and not to come over here because it would look suspicious. I felt Michael put his arm around me.

“Well, I understand that Phillip Evans is your guardian until you turn eighteen?” I nodded my head. I wasn’t about to give him information that he wasn’t asking for. “Do you understand that you are violating your curfew?”

“No sheriff. I wasn’t aware of any curfew.” I looked up at Michael and was thankful that he was being quiet for once.

“We were worried about you. All of you kids disappeared without telling any parents where you were. The minute Ms. Deluca called us about you; I checked your records and found out that your house in Clovis burnt down sometime yesterday. Did you kids know anything about that?”

“Our house? Burnt? How? We were just there yesterday picking up a few more things to bring here. We had car trouble and…”

“We believe there was a gas leak and you kids are all lucky that you left when you did. Mr. Evans is a nice man and he’s responsible for the two of you so keep it in mind when you’re off doing something that you shouldn’t be.” He tilted his hat and turned around to the rest of the men that were on the scene. “Let’s go men. There’s nothing more we can do here. Any word on the Thompson’s missing truck?” The sheriff and his men got in their cars and left.

As soon as the sheriff and his men left Max and Isabel and their mom and dad walked over to us. “Well I guess this is it. Roswell’s home for the two of you now.” Mr. Evans said to the two of us with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, in more ways than one.” I said as I looked at Max and realize that he was my home from here on out always and forever.

I start with my brother, the warrior, who has a soft spot for only one girl and she has the gift of gab. They are happily married and are awaiting the arrival of their first-born. It has been one roller coaster ride with those two. They definitely have that love-hate, love-love relationship. It works for them. I smile at them and Michael squeezes her tighter and smiles back at me. Maria has a protective hand draped over her bulging belly and a smile on her face. I smile because soon I will be an aunt. I just can’t wait.

I take in Maria’s figure and can’t help but say a silent thank you for loving my brother. It took them a while to actually admit it and they had fought their attraction tooth and nail until they couldn’t deny their love for each other. I really don’t know what happened, Michael and Maria won’t say, but shortly after we graduated from high school I was awoken at three in the morning and dragged along with Max, Isabel and Alex to Las Vegas, where they got married. (I have a feeling that Maria dared Michael to marry her, but I have no proof and they aren’t talking) Maria and Michael both survived the tornado that was Amy DeLuca when she found out she had missed her daughter’s wedding. She was convinced that Maria had to be pregnant and I’m positive that they waited this long to have their first child just to prove her wrong.

Maria looks up at me as we make eye contact and snuggles deeper into Michael’s side. I take one more glance at her and smile when she rubs her bulging belly. They are currently living in LA. Michael owns an art gallery that displays most of his ‘out of this world’ art and Maria has just put out her first CD. Did I tell you that they are happy? Well just in case I forgot, they are.

Sitting beside Maria is Alex. We went to his graduation last weekend. He and Isabel were happily married last year. He was patient as ever and waited until she was ready. I know it was hard on him but he never complained. Isabel had to make sure she liked who she was before she could have anyone else loving her for her. Complicated… Yeah. But you should see them when they think no one is watching. They’re just too cute. They too will be leaving Roswell. Alex has some computer job lined up that I don’t know too much about and Isabel has a partnership with a fashion consultant business for the rich and famous. She refuses to tell me who her partner is but I happened to catch her and Maria gabbing the other day during a barbecue.

I make eye contact with Max. He smiles the smile that I know is only for me. He holds my heart and my soul and I can feel him sending me comforting thoughts as I continue. We don’t try and compare ourselves to our past lives but try and build on what we have. We got married two years ago. We’ll be moving to Phoenix after our belated honeymoon. Max has a teaching position set up. He has the patience of a saint. We’ve been through a lot since we first met but I don’t think any of us are the worse for it. If anything it brought us all closer together.

I lined up a research job near where we’ll be living. It’s a small firm and was happy to hire the top graduate from UNM even though I’ll be needing an extended leave of absence soon.

Beside Max sits an older man that has become a reoccurring figure in our life. Patrik had changed our lives when we first saw him. We didn’t know how to take him and we definitely didn’t know how to act when he was gone. For a while after his leaving we were constantly looking over our shoulders and then one day when we thought that we could no longer make it Patrik did the unbelievable. We knew he had defeated Khivar because right out of the blue all of the Skins just disappeared. He told us how it had happened. Khivar had held their lives over their head for so long that when Patrik defeated him they willing came back to Antar.

Patrik comes back from time to time. This time though he has brought his wife as well as his two children. It’s kind of funny. His children are only a few years younger than us and we are their grandparents so to speak. But we have over come, as we will always do. It’s a happy time for us. To have our family here to celebrate this passing moment and to share this experience together is a blessing for us all.

I make eye contact with Patrik and he smiles at me. I’m so proud of him and hope he knows how much I love him. “I do, know.” Patrik sent to me. “So are you going to break the news to us when we get back to your house?” He asks. I can see the mischief in his eyes.

“Do you think Max knows?” I ask him.

“No, not yet but he will soon if you don’t tell him. I’m having a hard time keeping this to myself.”

I don’t reply to him but continue on with my speech. When I finish everyone applauds and I nod my head in thanks. I look back over my row of family. They are all standing and smiling. Maria is whooping all loud and stuff and Michael is turning red at the scene she is causing. I walk away from the podium and take my place. I have a huge smile on my face.

When the ceremony is over and I’ve tossed my hat up into the air with the rest of the graduating class we walk out to the front lawn and meet everyone. Max pulls me into a warm embrace and kisses me tenderly. I hear a throat clearing and we break away from each other. “What about me?” Patrik smiles as he leans down and hugs me too as we go around in circles.

“Thanks for coming.” I whisper into his ear.

“I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” He tells me back. When he sets me down Maria is crying on my shoulder. One minute she’s whooping and then the next she’s crying. I’m glad it hasn’t happened to me yet. I can’t imagine how Michael can handle her.

“Maria, why are you crying? There’s nothing to be sad about.” I wipe her hair away from her eyes and she pulls back from me to look me in the eyes and then she’s immediately hugging me again.

“I’m not sad. I’m so happy…” She leans in closer to me so she can whisper into my ear. “When were you going to tell?” She pulls back and the look on my face must have told her everything that she wanted to know for she starts crying even more. “Come on guys. Last one to Max and Liz’s is a rotten egg.” She turns and starts moving as fast as a pregnant woman of eight months can move and we all follow. Michael hurries after her.

Max wraps his arm around my waist as does Patrik and I can honestly say that this is perfect. I have everything that I could ever want right now. And a whole future ahead of me to be discovered and shared with the ones I love.


I would like to thank all of you that stuck by me through everything. You guys are the best. Thanks for all the great feedback that you gave so freely. It kept me going at times when I thought I couldn't go any farther.