Loves Awakening RevealedII AU,CC,ADULT COMPLETE P.7, 19 Nov

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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT NEW P.38p.9 21, May

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat May 21, 2005 4:37 pm

Hi Everyone! :D

I'm back with another part. This one is a long one I'll have to post it in two parts due to length. I hope you all enjoy it. I'm always grateful for those of you that do read my story it really means a lot to me. Feel free to post your feed back or pm me your comments. I think all writers love to read comments from people reading their stories. I know I try to always leave some kind of commentar. In fact, I'm kind of known for it :lol: . All are welcome here and your time reading and/or commenting on my story is indeed very much appreciated. Thank you :wink:

Now on with posted feed back replies...

roswellian504- Hi, yeah I thought it would be especially nice to do a part about Mother's Day. It turned out to be longer than I anticipated, but I think it was fun to write and I hope you'll enjoy it. It has lots of fun elements to it. Enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on it. :wink: I always look forward to your comments.

AJK001- Hi and thanks for your comments. Yeah, I thought covering Mother's Day was a must under the circumstances. Thanks, I always strive to keep learning and getting better at writing as I go along. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey with our beloved gang.

LoveIsForever- Hi, I'm sorry to hear you might be away for a couple of weekends. I do hope you have a good time while your gone. No worries, you can catch up when you get back. :wink: Sometimes thats kind of cool to read a bigger chunk of the story at one sitting. I sometimes do that when I'm reading other fics. I feel bad about falling behind, but when I do get time to sit down to read it's great more time with my favorite characters. Take care and thanks for last weeks comments. I really appreciate and enjoy reading them very much. I'll be here when you get back, no worries. :wink:

Cherie- Hi girlfriend. :wink: I'm so tickled you enjoyed last weeks part. I wanted to do something special for the characters with Mother's Day. I hope you'll enjoy this part as it concludes the Mother's Day part. BTW I have added your work by author page to my favorites lists so I'll be reading them. When I do I'll have to pm you my comments. Oh boy, you're writing a new one and will be posting soon. I can't wait. I already want to read it. :D I'm still thinking happy thoughts about those D-War pictures of our Jason. Phew!!! His hotness is certainly enduring no problem there. LOL!!!

sylvia37- Hi! How are you? I'm totally addicted to your story and boy can you write the hot scenes. I'm in awe. I really love "Everything To You" its a standout masterpiece and is sheer perfection. I love it... I hope you'll continue to write more wonderful Roswell stuff. You can count on me to be here reading it and posting lots of feed back for it. :wink: I really am anxious to read your epilogue but at the same time dread that it will be the end. That makes it a bittersweet thing for me. I'll always love that story and remember it fondly. Oh the sexy fluff fic too. Phew! talk about your hot flashes...LOL!!! You're a great writer Sylvia please continue to write and share your gifts and talents with us here. Take care :wink: :D

Part 38

Last week we left off with this…

The next morning as scheduled Liz received her phone call from Isabel and Maria. “Hey Chica, we’re formulating a plan and we were hoping for your help. What do you say Chica?” asks Isabel and Maria.

“What plan are you talking about?” asks Liz curious.

“We were talking last night and thought it would be cool to get everyone’s moms together and have a special mom’s day celebration. The catch is the moms can’t know about it, it’s sort of a surprise. Cool, eh? So do you want to help?” asks Maria.

“Yes, definitely count me in! That’s way better than the traditional greeting card or phone call. I love the plan so far. What can I do to help?” asks Liz beaming with enthusiasm feeling a little guilty for being out of touch with her parents lately. Maria and Isabel quickly fill her in on the plans Liz needs to know about.

“Max, Honey that was Izzy and Maria. They called to tell me about a plan they came up with to have a special gathering at your parent’s house for the moms for Mother’s Day. I should call my dad and talk to him about this. Doesn’t it sound like such a great way to celebrate Mothers Day?” smiles Liz.

“Yeah, Babe it does. I have a better idea. Don’t call your dad. We’ll just go over there for brunch,” Max says looking over his shoulder looking at the alarm clock. “I’m sure your dad would much rather see you in person and we can talk to him about it there. Your mom usually isn’t working out in the diner, so that should still work with keeping the secret from her,” suggests Max.

“Oh Honey, that’s a great idea. I love the way your mind works. You know I’m really hungry after last night. Let’s go take a nice shower and go over to the Crash Down,” says Liz.

“Anything for you Liz,” says Max leaning in and kissing her.

“Really, well keep that up and we’ll never make to the Crash Down for brunch,” giggles Liz.

The bell above the door at the Crash Down chimes announcing another patron has arrived. “Liz it looks like we came at the perfect time. This looks like the post breakfast pre lunch crowd so we can talk to your dad without him being too busy,” Max says helping Liz to their favorite booth.

Jeff looks up from talking to the cook. “Hey kids, what brings you to the Crash Down? It’s been a while since the two of you have come in,” adds Jeff Parker.

“Liz, Honey, how are you feeling?” Jeff comments taking in her appearance.

“I’m fine Dad. Max is taking very good care of me plus he has lots of helpers willing to pitch in.”

“Mr. Parker…”

“Max, we’re family now, call me Jeff.”

“Okay, Jeff. We wanted to talk to you about something and Liz was hungry for Crash Down food, so here we are,” Max says.

“Oh what did you want to talk to me about kids?” asks Jeff now curious.

“Well, this has to stay a secret from Mom. All of us are planning a special Mother’s Day celebration at the Evan’s house this Sunday. None of the moms know about it. We want it to be a surprise. Maria’s getting Amy and Jim to come, then there’s Diane, Alex says his dad can help, and we want Mom to go. What do you think Dad?”

“I think your mom would love it. Honey, that’s a great idea! Is there anything I can bring from the Crash Down? I’m assuming that there will be food there, right?” jokes Jeff.

“Oh yeah infact Kyle and Alex will be handling that since it’s a subject that’s near and dear to their hearts. They’ll probably be contacting you about bringing some food. We’re hoping to steer them towards bringing some foods that are favorites of all the moms plus some other crowd pleasing favorites. I’m sure Phillip will beg Michael to cook or bake something special for the occasion. Maybe even do a BBQ,” adds Max.

Jeff replies, “It sounds like you guys have things pretty much covered. Yes, I’ll bring whatever you want me to, plus your mother,” teases Jeff.

“Thanks Dad,” Liz replies standing up to kiss her fathers cheek.

“Now, what can I get you for brunch?” Jeff asks standing and taking out his order pad.

“I’d like the cheese omelets, side of hash browns, toast, and a piece of Men in blackberry pie…Ala mode. Oh and two bottles of Tabasco sauce, and orange juice please,” Liz says unaware she just ordered a ton of food.

“Liz you forgot something, didn’t you?” scolds Max.

Liz bites her lip nervously, “Oh and a large glass of milk too.”

“That’s my girl. I’d like the same thing just to make it easy for you,” Max says.

“Okay. Liz, are you able to eat all of that food? Liz, you never eat that much food. But then again you are pregnant with twins,” beams Jeff.

“Um…yeah. I told Max when we got up this morning I was really hungry all of the sudden. It kind of comes and goes,” blushes Liz.

“No problem Liz, I’m just glad to see that you’re feeling like eating. There for a while you were forgetting to eat and having fainting spells. I’m glad to see Max is making sure you’re drinking milk. I’ve been reading up on pregnancy and it says that calcium is really important to both mother and the babies. I’ll just put your orders in and be back with your drinks,” Jeff says excusing himself.

Liz shakes her head and giggles, “Why are all the men in my life always watching over me; not that it isn’t cute and really sweet.”

Max replies, “That’s easy to answer, because we all care and love you.”

Liz blushes, “I know that but it can get a little embarrassing from time to time.”

“Honey, don’t be embarrassed, just enjoy all the attention and pampering,” Max comments.

Jeff overhears Max and adds, “I couldn’t agree more. Have I told you how much I like my new son-in-law. You chose well Liz?”

“Thanks, Mr… I mean Jeff,” replies Max.

“Well, of course I have excellent taste in men. Mom taught me how to pick ‘em right,” Liz says.
Both Max and Jeff blush at Liz’s words.

“I see she’s learned how to butter men up from her mother, and wrap us around her little finger. You do realize what you’re in for now Max,” Jeff teases.

Max laughs, “Yeah, I know I get to pick up spoiling her where you left off.”

Jeff teases, “That’s right Max.”

Jeff hears the cook call out that the order is up, and Jeff returns to Max and Liz’s booth with their meal. The chimes go off. “It looks like my lunch crowd has begun to arrive, see ya later kids. Max put away your money, it’s no good here.”
“Thanks Jeff,” Max says watching Jeff wave and walk over to another table to take an order.

“You know I can’t believe your Dad is so cool. I used to be terrified of him. He can be pretty intimidating when he wants to be,” Max admits.

“See, now you know, Daddy’s just a big softy on the inside. He really likes you Max. You have nothing to worry about with my Dad,” Liz assures Max.

“Oh sure, now you tell me,” jokes Max.

“Max, we should probably call Isabel now and tell her that my dad is on board. I also was thinking about everyone working on a group project or something for our moms. You know, something special and memorable, hmm. Maybe that’s too personal for a group project. We’ll have to discuss it with the gang. I sort of was thinking of a collage from photographs and favorite moments with our moms. We might even have some group photos from your dad’s BBQ or something like that. All of the moms have really been great to all of us and we consider each other family so it makes sense to celebrate it in our own special way with all of them,” Liz says as they leave the Crash Down.

Max suggests that they drive over to Isabel and Alex’s apartment to talk to her about the collage idea or something collaborative and special for their moms. Liz informs Isabel of her idea. “So what do you think Iz?”

“I really like it. It’s personal and unique and shows that we care. I think they’ll really love that. Great idea Liz,” compliments Isabel.

“I was kind of thinking along that same line and thought of writing a poem. We don’t have to do it. I was just trying to think of ideas,” adds Isabel.

“That’s a good idea to Iz. Let’s see what we can come up with on the collage and poem ideas. We might even use both of them, who knows,” suggests Max.

“Okay, so we need pictures of our moms’ favorite moments and maybe pictures of them with all of us would be a good place to start. Do you have any pictures of all of us together with our moms? I wonder if Maria or Mystic would have any,” Liz says deep in thought. They begin to look through recent developed photo envelopes and photo albums.

“Hey Liz and Max are here. Hi guys,” greets Maria and Mystic.

“Maria and I just went to the store. Isabel sent us on one of her errands. Isabel had a feeling you two would come over,” smiles Mystic.

“Okay, so did you come up with any ideas for Sunday?” asks Maria.

“Yeah they did,” says Isabel explaining what Liz and Max thought of with the photo collage and poem idea.

“That’s a great idea. I think I might have some photos in a album. I’ll go get it and be back in a flash,” Maria says over her shoulder walking toward the front door. She’s anxious to see if she has anything that would work.

Maria returns holding a couple of photo albums and a stack of photo’s smiling victoriously at Isabel and Liz. “Hey guys, I think I found some pictures we can use.”

“Great. Can you hand me that acid free poster boards. We’ll have to figure out how we want the over-all lay out of the collages to look. We’ll need to ask the guys and dads if they know of any pictures that would work. I was thinking earlier that we should make each mom a collage. That way each mom can have her own to hang or display,” suggests Isabel in her glory organizing and brainstorming plans.

Mystics comments, “Wow, Isabel you’re really good at organizing and planning. I didn’t realize you were crafty and could make collages that are personal and memorable. Oh, just one thing. What if there aren’t enough pictures to go around for all three moms?”

Isabel smiles, “Mystic I’m truly disappointed in you girlfriend. We can always use our powers to make some copies or take new pictures. We just need to gather everything we’ll need, glue sticks frames etc… It’ll be great you’ll see.”

“Now Liz mentioned a poem, who’s working on that?” asks Kyle checking in with Mystic and the girls to see if they need any help.

“I think it would be nice if maybe the guys could work on writing the poem or at least get started on it,” Liz suggests.

Kyle sighs and rolls his eyes, “Okay, I’ll see what we can come up with. We’ll most likely need some help, so be ready.”

“Hi Kyle, what was that all about?” asks Max just returning from getting something Liz asked for through their connection.

“We’ve been recruited to write a poem for Sunday’s Mothers Day party,” Explains Kyle.

“Oh no, did I just hear you right,” asks Michael. Alex is smart enough not to comment and just shrugs his shoulders.

“Where have you two been?” asks Maria eyeing Alex and Michael suspiciously.

“Nothing, we just had to take care of something for Amy. She called and asked us to take something for her to the post office. Amy said it was a special order that she had forgotten to post when she was here recently. So, we did our good deed for the day for your mom,” smiles Michael.

“Trying to get in good with the future mother-in-law is always a good move man,” teases Kyle.

“Who said I was doing that, Kyle,” glares Michael.

“Okay, cool it. There’s far too much testosterone in the room so turn it down a few notches. No offense Max. I was directing the comments at Kyle and Michael,” Maria says sending the guilty parties a dirty look.

“Now how are my favorite future uncles to our babies doing today?” asks Liz trying to calm the ruffled feathers.

“We’re good Liz. How are you? Shouldn’t you be sitting down or something?” asks Kyle, Alex, and Michael all hovering over her.

“I’m fine guys, really. Max is taking very good care of me and us,” beams Liz looking at Max and gently rubs her stomach.

“Okay, I’m not going to ask about the glowing looks you two are exchanging right now. Something tells me it involves a bed and I don’t want to know,” smirks Michael as he walks past Liz and Max and into the kitchen to check the fridge.

“Max, you didn’t tell them did you?” blushes Liz.

“I…No, I didn’t but I think you sort of did,” Max replies blushing.

“Oh really,” Maria says with a wicked smile and a raised eye brow. Max holds his breath and secretly hopes Maria won’t push for more details on their latest bed frame’s demise.

‘Max, Honey, play along with whatever I say in a second okay,’ Liz says.

‘Sure Babe,’ Max says through their connection.

“Max, I’m really tired and my back aches. Could you take me home so I can rest?” asks Liz.

“Sorry, guys we’d better go. I have to take Liz home and make sure she’s gets her rest. She’s been so tired lately. See ya guys later. Bye,” says Max. They manage to almost avoid any further badgering by Maria.

“Oh this conversation isn’t anywhere near done. You’re just getting a pass for now, but I still want the details girlfriends,” winks Maria.

“I don’t know what you mean,” says Liz innocently.

“Uh huh, sure Chica, get some rest. Max let her rest. You two are always going at it. Give her a break,” says Maria further embarrassing them.

“Maria!” exclaim Liz and Max.

“Michael, you really need to do something about her,” teases Liz.

“I’ve tried, she’s hopeless,” jokes Michael.

“Oh is that so. I’m too much for you to handle. Is that the case Spaceboy?” Maria says in a flirty tone tempting him to do something drastic.

“Please tell me they aren’t turning into the next Max and Liz. One brother out of control over his bonded mate is enough, but two is too much,” says Isabel raising one hand and rolling her eyes.

“Hey never mind me and Blondie, you just worry about your own business sis,” says Michael.

“Alex, silence your woman,” Michael says trying to keep a straight face. Kyle hears this and looks at Isabel and the furious look on her face. He covers his eyes with his hand then peaks through.

“Okay, no alien on alien autopsies in the apartment please,” says Kyle.

Isabel and Michael both turn to look at Kyle and start cracking up in fits of laughter at his comment. “Leave it to Kyle to make us laugh so it’s impossible to be mad at anyone,” says Isabel.

“Family, go figure,” Kyle smirks.

“Truce okay, now the rest of you with the exception of Max and Liz either help with the collages or work on the poem. I have ways of making you do it,” says Isabel in a mock German accent.

“She knows about the whole organizing/shopping Nazi thing. Yikes, man your stations men. Oops, I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry Princess,” says Alex giving Isabel his best puppy dog eyes.

“Nice try Sweetie, we’ll talk later about your terms of surrender and how you can make it up to me,” winks Isabel.

Alex and Kyle decided they’d better work on the poem or be in big trouble with Isabel and Mystic. Alex and Kyle worked hard and came up with a title and a line for the poem.

“For Our Mom’s near and far.”
You can always read our moods, and know when to guide us with your gentle wisdom
and to feed us good food.

“Hey that sounds good. Look at us we’re poets and we didn’t know it,” quips Alex.

“Okay it definitely sounds like a line you and Kyle worked on,” laughs Isabel.

“Hey you said we could come up the poem, and that’s just what we’re doing. No stifling our creative process Iz. We are artists,” Kyle says smugly.

“I’ll leave you artists to work on it and I’ll get Michael over here to help you,” says Maria.

“Oh like that’s going to improve on our poetry writing skills,” scoffs Kyle.

“Kyle, Honey, just zip it and work on the poem,” says Mystic.

“Yes dear. I hate when they make a point of putting you in your place,” whispers Kyle to the guys.

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Michael and Alex say together in sequence. The guys look at each other and begin laughing.

Later, many bags of potato chips, numerous other munchies, orange soda, and cherry cokes laced with Tabasco sauce were consumed. The poem was completed and approved on by the girls and the guys. They decided to tell Max and Liz later not wanting to disturb them out of concern for Liz being so tired and needing her rest. The gang spent the rest of Saturday working on the collage and contributing pictures. They remember and tell stories of what happened leading up to the pictures they are reminiscing about.

Max and Liz called to see how it was going on the various projects and decided to join in the fun. Liz and Max brought some of their pictures to contribute to the project. They brought some pictures of the group of kids and some of the moms enjoying each others company.

“Wow, guys these collages are really coming together. There’s only a little bit left to finish up and I love all of them, they’re really great,” says Liz.

“Yes, they look great. I’m glad we found some pictures to add to the cause,” smiles Max.

“So what happened with the poem, or did that idea get cut from the plan. These collages look like they have taken a lot of time,” comments Liz.

“No, we wrote the poem. Well I, Kyle, and Alex wrote it,” says Michael sheepishly embarrassed to work on something so sharing his feelings and memories that inspired what he contributed in the poem. Everyone laughs at Michaels pride at mentioning he worked on it. It’s so unlike Michael to share his thoughts of a personal nature, but he did it this time for the moms.

“What? I can be deep too, you know,” says Michael defensively.

“Yes, be nice to my Spaceboy he worked hard on this and it’s beautiful. I’m proud of you Michael,” says Maria giving him a kiss.

“Now there’s a Kodak moment, if ever there was one. It’s okay buddy, we’re your witnesses that Maria said something nice to you,” jokes Kyle.

“This is really amazing you guys. The moms will love it. Let’s just finish up on the collages and then we can have some fun. What do you say?” asks Mystic.

The gang finishes all the projects they want for their Mother’s Day celebration; and Isabel discusses the plans for the food and preparations for the big day tomorrow. Once all the business is taken care of, the girls decide it’s time for some fun by playing music and dancing with the guys. They relax the rest of the evening.

Liz and Maria decide to put on their favorite song they had from a couple of years ago and did their dance routine. The girls dance very seductively and move their hips and thrusting doing different sequenced dance moves. Maria and Liz look at their guys and see them drooling and get an idea. Liz and Maria continue to dance. For the big finish they each stand in front of their guy and run a hand down their guy’s chest. They let their hands stop at the waist. They then sit on their guys laps.

“Michael, I take it you really liked our dance, or are you just really happy to see me,” teases Maria.

“Max, I was going to ask if you liked our little dance, but I think I know the answer to that pressing question,” Liz says feeling the evidence of the answer poking her.

“Oh God, did you two have to do that to my brothers with me here,” exclaims Isabel.

“Iz, you’re just upset that you didn’t get to do a dance for Alex. Come on we’ll teach you some of our moves and then we can do another dance for the guys,” offers Maria.

“Well, since you put it that way, sure that sounds like fun. Do you want to get in on this too Mystic?” asks Isabel. Now all the guys are suddenly very interested in watching their girls dance for them. No stripping of course, no way.

Posting in two parts due to length. Be right back with the rest.
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT NEW P.38p.9 21 May

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat May 21, 2005 4:39 pm

Part 38 Continued.......

Kyle decides this beats the hell out of ESPN but excuses himself to go to the kitchen to get himself something to drink. He wants to be a good host and see if any of the guys want something cold to drink. Kyle remembers that one night he gave Max the tiniest amount of alcohol and how drunk he got, he smiles. “Oh heck why not, now where’s that little bottle of Rum that I got from flying that one time? The one I snuck off the flight attendants cart when she wasn’t looking. Oh here it is. Yep, this ought to liven up our Saturday Night. I wonder now that since all of us are a little green around the gills, if it affects me and Alex the same way it did Max that one time. Yep, something tells me that Max, Mister Always in Control, is going to be anything but,” grins Kyle. Kyle adds a small amount to each of the guys’ cups and mixes it with Cherry Cola and Tabasco for all but Alex. Alex has his Orange soda with Tabasco sauce and little added kick of rum.

“Here you go guys. I thought we might want something cold to drink while watching the girls dance,” comments Kyle. The guys all gratefully take the cups offered from Kyle and drink.

“Kyle, this tastes different than usual,” comments Max.

“It does. Oh, I had some different brand cherry cola than what you’re used to getting. Its fine, don’t worry,” says Kyle hiding his smile behind his cup before he takes a sip himself.

Max and Michael dismiss the different taste after Kyle tells them that. The girls dance and notice the guys are suddenly laughing and acting goofy. Infact, Max just grabbed Liz and started doing their own ode to dirty dancing right there. Michael had to break that up before they forgot about the others being here and start taking off clothes. Everyone heads outside and Kyle dares Michael and Max to see who can beat the other running to the end of the street and back. Kyle joins in the race too.

“Maria, remember when I told you about what happened on that stupid blind date thing you signed me up for. You know when Kyle got Max drunk and how silly he acted, well this is Max drunk. I think Kyle spiked their drinks just for fun,” speculates Liz.

“Let’s see what he gave them then,” Maria says. Liz, Isabel and Mystic follow Maria into the kitchen. On the counter they find a very small airline size bottle of rum on the counter, empty.

“Kyle you are so going to get it,” shouts Mystic.

The girls run outside to see the guys racing down the street and now challenging each other to climb the telephone poll. Liz yells for Max, but he can’t hear her.

Liz opens her connection to him, “Max, Kyle spiked your drink and now all of you are drunk. Please get back here before someone calls the police on you, please Babe,” says Liz hoping she can sweet talk him into returning to her. “Max, I need you,” Liz says sending him a sexy image of her in a red slinky lace teddy he loves to see her in. Max stops, and walks back to her.

“I’m drunk, huh. I’m not too drunk because theres some things I definitely feel up to doing with you. Let’s go now,” says Max scooping Liz up in his arms and running to the jeep.

“Hey Max, where are you going buddy?” asks Kyle, Michael and Alex.

“I’m going to go home and play with Liz,” bye, see ya tomorrow.

“Max, Honey, you can’t drive drunk. I’ll drive,” says Liz.

“No, I want to drive. You know that night of your blind date there was something I really wanted to do. I’ll let you drive if we can do that please Liz,” pleads Max with his amber eyes mesmerizing along with his killer smile.

Liz looks at him and swallows, “Okay so it’s too far to drive home tonight. What did you want to do that night long ago, and where did you want us to sleep tonight,” asks Liz. She knows he’s too damn sexy and adorable like this to be angry with him.

“I want us to drive out by the pod chamber and make love out in the dessert under the stars,” says Max. He gives Liz the keys and gently reaches for and kisses her. Deepening the kiss she opens her mouth to welcome his assault as his tongues strokes hers. Then Liz breaks off the kiss.

“Okay that was a very convincing argument there. Pod chamber here we come,” Liz says shaking her head trying to clear her thoughts after that. Max takes her free hand as she drives and behaves himself momentarily. Liz says, “I’m not sure if I should kill Kyle right now or thank him,” says Liz.

“What was that Babe?” asks Max as he blows in her ear and plays with her long silky brown hair.

“I think I’ll thank Kyle. I always wanted to know what would’ve happened if things worked out differently and I let you take me away that night. Now I’ll get to find out. Max, I’m trying to drive the jeep. Wait until we get there, then I’m all yours,” Liz says.

Liz drives to the pod chambers and parks. Max takes the blanket from the jeep and hands it to Liz as he scoops her up in his strong arms and carries her to a isolated spot behind the pod chamber entrance that’s on top but not visible from the dirt road. “Wow it’s so beautiful with all the stars tonight,” Liz says.

“Not as beautiful as you are to me Liz,” Max says as he spreads out the blanket for them to lie on.

“So this is what you wanted to do the night of blind date, huh? I’m surprised you’d be so daring and think of me in that way back then. I didn’t realize that you had those kinds of thoughts and desires where I was concerned,” says Liz.

“Liz, I’ve always loved and wanted you. But I’d never force anything that we weren’t ready for. Now everything is different. You’re mine in every way, and I’m yours in every way. Liz, join me on the blanket,” Max says kissing her hand and leading her down to the blanket with him. Max takes her in his arms and begins kissing her with kisses growing more urgent with each kiss and touch. Their clothes quickly get discarded. They make love under the stars until their bodies become overheated and breathless. Liz rests her head on Max’s chest and kisses him. Max uses his powers on their clothes to make another blanket to cover them and keep them warm from the cool dessert air. Holding each other they wake up the next morning to the sun rising slowly on the horizon.

“Good Morning, Max,” Liz says as she watches him wake up slowly and cherishes everything about him.

“Good Morning Beautiful,” says Max kissing his wife good morning.

“So, this is where you wanted to take me the night of the blind date out here and make love to me under the stars. Wow, if I only knew then what I know now, I’d have let you take me away that night,” admits Liz.

“Really?” smiles Max as he pulls her closer in his arms.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” smiles Liz looking up at him.

“Liz, I love you. I wanted to make this special for you I wanted to do this anyways, even before Kyle spiked my drink. I wanted this special day to be memorable and show you how much I love you. Happy Mother’s Day Babe,” Max says placing both of their hands on top of her stomach and kisses her.

Liz eyes fill with unshed tears of overwhelming joy and love. “Just when I think I can’t possibly love you more than I do, you do this. I love you Max. Wow, you do realize this will be the new tradition of how we’ll celebrate Mother’s day from now on, right?” Liz says blushing and grinning at him.

“Hey, who am I to mess with tradition,” says Max kissing her as they begin to greet the day their own way.


The next morning Isabel calls her dad and has him take Diane out for breakfast and to church, giving them enough time to get things ready for the celebrations. Isabel then calls Max and Liz, finding no answer. She tries their cell phone but just leaves a voice message. “All right I know that you two are somewhere in bed no doubt. This is just a reminder about Mother’s Day celebration today. We need everyone to meet at Mom and Dads in say an hour and a half,” says Isabel ending her voice message. Isabel decides she’d better make sure they know and opens her connection, ‘Max and Liz, don’t even tell me where you are or what you’re doing since you’re not at home. I can guess on what you’re doing. I just wanted to tell you guys to be at Mom and Dads in an hour and a half. We need your help setting things up, okay.’

‘Yeah were here. Good Morning to you too Iz, we’ll be there,’ Max telepaths back through their connection.

‘Hi Isabel, uh… We sort of spent the night elsewhere, see ya in a little while,’ says Liz.

“I just know Maria’s going to work on prying the details out of them about this one,” says Isabel shaking her head at Max and Liz.

“Everything is all done and now we’re ready for the party to begin once the moms get here,” says Alex.

“I’m sorry about getting drunk last night, but that wasn’t my fault, it was Kyle’s,” apologizes Alex.

“I know Sweetie. I’m not concerned about that. We had fun anyways after everyone left. It may take me awhile to find all of your buttons though. And I love the cop costume and your cute little dance you did for me after everyone left,” winks Isabel.

Kyle cringes as he and Mystic walk around putting up streamers and getting the BBQ ready for burgers and hot dogs. “Mystic are you upset with me about last night getting the guys drunk?” asks Kyle.

“Kyle, it’s all right. Just don’t do it again. But as for the rest of last night, I have no complaints except about the bed breaking of course,” beams Mystic.

Kyle puffs his chest out, “Yeah that was a personal best for us, wasn’t it?”

“There’s Maria and Michael returning from the store with some more goodies,” says Mystic.

“Hi Kyle, I just have one thing to say to you about your prank last night, getting my Spaceboy drunk…Thank you,” Maria says giving Kyle a sisterly kiss on the cheek.

“Wow, it’s my lucky day to dodge the bullet. It’s about damn time,” laughs Kyle.

A short time later all of the moms arrive. Diane is surprised to see Amy, Jim, Nancy and Jeff all parked in front of her house.

“Phillip, do you know what’s going on? I hope the kids are okay?” Diane says with concern.

“Trust me all the kids are fine, nothing to worry about,” assures Phillip.

“I guess we’d better go and invite our guests in and see what this is all about,” says Diane noting the mischief in her husband’s eye. She suspects he knows what’s going on.

“Hi let’s go in and find out what’s going on,” says Diane greeting everyone and taking there coats.

“I didn’t see Maria and Michael’s car. Michael had better be here. I have questions for him to answer,” says Amy.

“Phillip just keep the sharp and blunt instruments away from her, and hope Michael’s feet and shield won’t fail him,” jokes Jim.

Amy walks over to Diane and Nancy to ask them if they know anything about why they’ve all been summoned there.

All of the sudden the kids emerge from the kitchen. Using their powers they make a banner appear that says, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

The kids greet and request the moms to sit down on the couch while they present their gifts. Each of their mothers receives a collage of wonderful pictures denoting their kids and friends in special moments. The mothers are speechless. Amy is dumb founded that this is what it was all about. Then the guys get up to read their poem.

“We wrote a poem for all of you moms since we consider everyone here our family... Here goes nothing,” says Michael along with Max, Kyle, and Alex.

For Our Mom’s Near and Far

You can always read our moods, and know when to guide us with your gentle wisdom and to feed us good food

You taught us boundaries and righted our wrongs. You were there for us when we needed you to be strong

We are blessed to have great moms both near and far. Your patience often tried but your hearts & love always true like a guiding star

We thank you moms for all that you continue to do. Our thanks to the heavens above and Antar to

Thank you moms for giving your love that binds our families both near and far, we gather to say Happy Mother’s Day!


Diane, Nancy, and Amy are all in tears so touched by their special Mother’s Day gifts of the poem and collage. The kids all receive hugs from the moms. When its Amy’s turn to hug Michael she tells him, “You’re a great addition to the family, just don’t make me a grand mother for a little while longer okay,” says Amy pulling him into a hug.

“Hey this is supposed to be a happy occasion. We just wanted to do something special for our moms for dealing with all of this alien abyss stuff and being there supporting us inspite of it all. Now if you lovely ladies would follow me out here to the back yard we have a table for our guests of honor,” says Kyle offering his arm to Amy and Diane.

Jeff announces, “We kind of made this day a collaborative effort on the planning and food. We have all of your favorite foods. And to be sure you get to eat any of it, we want to serve you first. You know how the boys are,” jokes Jeff nodding his head toward Phillip and the boys.

All the moms sit, visit, and enjoy their meals amongst themselves. Max, Maria, Michael, Alex, Isabel, and Mystic present Liz with a special collage of the gang and parents. There are pictures of Max and Liz at her baby shower all framed and mounted in both pink and blue accents all around it. There’s an inscription on the bottom of the frame. It reads, “To an out of this world mom to be,” love your husband and family…

Liz is stunned. She didn’t plan on being one of the guests of honor. “Oh my, I don’t know what to say. I already received a beautiful memorable Mother’s Day gift, but I didn’t expect this one. Thank you and I love all of you too,” Liz says crying happy tears trying to control herself so she can speak. “Thank you again,” she says receiving rounds of hugs from her family. She finds Max and hugs and kisses him too.

“Okay now that we’ve all cried and gotten all weepy I think its time to eat,” says Liz receiving a hard kick from the twins. “And they agree, let’s eat.” Everyone settles in and enjoys the day visiting, laughing, and sharing as one big extended family. This has been one very special Mother’s Day.

*********************************To Be Continued**************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 39 pg.9 28 May

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat May 28, 2005 3:26 pm

Hi Everybody! :D

Welcome. It's nice to know that I have people who do take the time to read my story. It's really great of you all to take that time and read it. I'm grateful to all whether you leave posted feed back, pm me or, or just read it as a lurker. I'm thankful to all. :wink:

I hope all is well with you this week. I'm back with another part as I'm trying to move things along in the story a bit. I hope this weeks post will be alright. FYI I did post a one parter earlier this week that's a big departure from this story in mood and tone. I'm writing a sequel to that one since I've a a couple of requests to do so. Here's the link if you would like to check it out. Please do read the warning I have on that one. :wink: It's called "The End of My World"

Now I'll move on to Feed back.

roswellian504- Hi :D Thanks for your kind comments on this story and the other one. I working working on a sequel to "The End of My World" it won't be a lengthy one probably a few parts or so. I hope you have fun on your trip take care. :wink:

AJK001- Thanks for you comments. I always enjoy reading them. I keep plugging away at this writing thing. I hope to get good at it at some point. Thanks for being there and reading my stories. It's very much appreciated. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi thanks for the fun feedback you left me last time. It's so nice to see that you like the same parts that I had the most fun with writing. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem the guys came up with for Mother's Day. I thought it was cute and definitely sounded like them not at all like a Hallmark card. Thanks for reading... Have a great weekend :wink:

cherie- You liked that line huh, "I'm going to go home and play with Liz." I thought it was something that a drunk adorable Max would say to Liz considering they are married and everything. I wanted to write something that included Mother's Day and thought that was important especially with Liz. Then I wanted to make it special for all of their mom's for standing by them when the found out about the prophecy and their other worldly status and about the bonded mates thing. I also wanted to play with the idea of what Max would've said or done with a different take on blind date now that their married he can reveal that with him telling her and showing her where he wanted to take her when he asked her to runaway with him. Personally, If Max or Jason asked me I'd have taken him up on it. To hell with school and parents. I'm out of there. LOL!! But hey, that's me. :lol: Anyways, I had fun playing with last weeks part and weaving lots of goodies into it. I'm just happy to know you liked it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Take care :wink: p.s. Let me know when you post a new story I want to read it okay. :wink:

Part 39

There is approximately six weeks of school left and time seems to be going by fast. Our group of family and friends welcomes the end of the regular school year and surprisingly welcome the upcoming summer school classes they all will attend in order to graduate early.

Michael comments, “You know this summer school thing might actually be cool. It will pretty much be us and a handful of other kids. It’ll be like having the place to ourselves. I kind of like the idea of that. I mean if we have to be here going to school in the summer at least it will be more private.”

“Yeah, I agree Michael. The best part is less interference and competition for the eraser room,” teases Max.

“True Max, I was thinking about just that very thing. We might need to work out a schedule for that. In between classes of course,” adds Kyle thoughtfully.

“Men, it’s all they think about,” teases Mystic.

“Hey, that’s not true. We think about cars, motorcycles, and sports too,” Kyle says in defense of his fellow guys.

“Amen to that Kyle,” Michael adds slapping Kyle on the back in agreement.

“Just what are we going to do with you guys acting like this all summer,” Liz smirks.

“I have a few really good ideas Babe,” Max says whispering into her ear making her blush. Liz gives him a heated look. “Um guys, we uh hear the eraser room calling us. We’ll catch up with you later,” says Max putting one arm around Liz the other carries both of their books.

“Gees, marriage did nothing to curb their urges did it?” jokes Kyle.

“Kyle, watch it. You should be so lucky,” warns Mystic.

“Way to go Kyle, upsetting the little woman,” Alex says ribbing Kyle about his comments.

“Alex careful now, you do remember what my powers are right,” Mystic says in playful joking mood.

“Good going Kyle, you managed to encourage another Max fan by your comments,” Michael rolls his eyes.

“Hey, you know what the really great part is…we’ll officially be seniors,” Alex announces proudly.

“Well, when you say it like that it doesn’t sound so bad. In fact it sounds really awesome,” beams Maria.

“I’m looking forward to being a senior. It means there will be special privileges like first dibs on required classes, the prom, and let’s not forget senior skip day,” jokes Isabel.

“I hate to burst your bubble Iz, but we’ll most likely be done with school before next spring gets here to worry about the senior prom or even senior skip day,” remarks Mystic.

“Oh yeah right. Well, maybe we could ask the principal if we could come back to attend our senior prom. We could keep in touch with the school to find out the necessary details when the time comes for that,” suggests Maria.

“Great idea Maria thanks,” says Isabel.

“Come on guys, we’ll make this fun and we’ll rule the school,” says Kyle excited about being a senior.

Isabel changes the topic, “True, Kyle I agree, but still we need to be organized so we can stay focused on getting studying accomplished. I’ve been thinking about this. We should have group study sessions. Maybe have people lead individual study groups. You know like Liz could lead a science and chemistry study session. This way we can combine our strengths for the greater good and accomplish things faster. What do you think? Of course with all of that studying we’ll factor in fun distractions just to keep us all sane and semi-normal.”

“That’s a great idea Isabel. I know I could use help in a few subjects,” admits Kyle.

“Me, too. History is my downfall,” comments Mystic.

“I think we all have subjects that are our strengths and weaknesses. We’ll just combine our strengths to work on the weaknesses,” Michael states.

“Yeah cool, kind of like the Super Friends and the Hall of Justice League,” jokes Kyle.

They all laugh at Kyle’s hysterical outbursts. “Kyle, have your ever thought of a career as a comedian,” Alex teases.

“Really, you think that I could make it as a comedian?” asks Kyle.

“Kyle, Alex is just messing with you. We both know your talents lie else where such as in auto mechanics etc,” winks Mystic.

“Really? I mean yes, that’s true Mystic,” beams Kyle.

Mystic just rolls her eyes at Kyle’s typical macho guy response implying his prowess in the romance department. The other girls just laugh at Kyle’s silly mood.

“Ouch, I think my male ego is badly bruised after that laughing at my expense,” Kyle adds gesturing as if wounded by the previous comment.

“Aww Kyle, you know that we all love you,” the girls reply.

“See, things are looking up. It’s always been one of my fantasies to have a group of beautiful women say that to me. Yes, it’s good to be me. In fact just for fulfilling one of millions of fantasies I’ll forgive you lovely ladies for that ugly comment moments ago,” says Kyle magnanimously.

“That’s big of you Kyle,” replies Isabel.

“Well, thank you for noticing, Iz,” jokes Kyle.

“Kyle, that’s so not what I meant and you know it. Mystic you need to do something about him,” Isabel says in protest as the guys all stand back and laugh.

“I’m working on him Iz, rest assured of that,” replies Mystic.

Alex defends Isabel, “Kyle, you really need to know when you’ve taken it too far.”

“Look I’m sorry if I offended you Isabel. I didn’t mean to offend, just be funny my apologies,” Kyle offers sincerely.

“Apology accepted Kyle,” smiles Isabel.

“Okay now you two kids play nice. Don’t make me kick you out of the aliens’ only club house,” teases Maria.

“Oh, it’s time for class. I better go and make sure Liz makes it to her next class; you know how lengthy those alien close encounters can get in the eraser room. Let’s just hope they remembered to sound proof the room,” giggles Maria.

“Maria! I could’ve gone without hearing that comment about my brother and sister-in-law,” Isabel says horrified at the thought. Thankfully the group of friends makes it through the rest of Friday’s classes anxious to enjoy and not think about anything school related at least until Sunday arrives. Max, Liz, and the gang meet out in the parking lot after school discussing weekend plans.

“We should do something fun this weekend. I know, let’s all go camping out in Frasier woods,” suggests Alex.

“Oh Sweetie, that sounds like fun. We could do some star gazing and sit around the campfire just relaxing and be silly teenagers,” says Isabel excited about the idea.

“Okay who are you and what have you done with our sister. I can’t imagine our every hair in place, never leave the house without makeup Isabel, freely admitting and encouraging camping without being held at gunpoint. I think the sky is falling,” jokes Max.

“What? I think I’d enjoy camping this time with all of us being in a non stressful situation and no crisis’s to deal with. I think it would be fun. If you’re teasing me about my grooming habits, it’s no problem I can just use my powers,” smiles Isabel.

“Camping, huh? Well, I’m not much of a camping kind of girl, but it could be fun on one condition, couples get there own tent,” states Liz.

“Liz I’m surprised. I didn’t think you would be interested in something like this,” Max says searching her face to see if she’s serious about this.

“Oh come on Honey, it will be fun. I could bring all the fixings for smores,” Liz says in a seductive tone.

“You…You said smores, uh guys count us in,” Max says smiling at Liz and wiping the sweat from his brow. “You sure don’t play fair bringing up smores,” Max whispers in Liz’s ear.

“I thought you loved it when we make smores,” Liz winks at him. She turns to the rest of the group, “Max has a sweet tooth for chocolate,” Liz explains innocently and changes the focus of the conversation off of them.

Kyle eyes Max and Liz and coughs into his hand. “Bullshit,” says Kyle. Everyone’s eyes turn to him, “Oh sorry, I just had something in my throat. I’m fine now,” smiles Kyle innocently.

“So what do you guys think about camping at Frasier woods this weekend?” asks Michael.

“What about you Maria, I know camping isn’t your thing either, but this could be a fun couples relaxing kind of thing. Come on Chica what do you say?” pleads Liz giving her puppy dog eyes she’s used since childhood to get her way.

“Don’t you just hate when she does that,” states Maria.

“Yes,” replies Max, Michael, Alex, Isabel, Kyle, and Mystic unanimously.
Liz blushes, “So everybody’s on to that trick in my arsenal. Hey, don’t knock it. It’s working isn’t it?”

“Yes, of course it’s working Liz okay, count me and Spaceboy in on camping,” says Maria.

“One other thing…remember resistance is futile,” Liz laughs.

“Liz, can I talk to you for a minute,” Michael asks walking away from ear shot to talk to Liz privately.

“Does that whole making puppy dog eyes thing work on Maria? I’m just trying to find out what might work on her,” Michael says.

“Michael, I was just kidding back there. But yes it does work, for me at least. I know it works on friends, fathers, and a certain husband I know. Hey, maybe that’s an alien power too. Just kidding Michael, just be you. I’m sure you have charms Maria is very susceptible to,” reassures Liz.

“Okay, thanks Liz. Maria can be a handful at times ready to kill me one minute and ready to kiss me the next. I’m just a guy trying to find a way to win her over when she’s being disagreeable and stubborn,” confides Michael.

“I know Maria definitely has her moments, as we all do Michael. My best advice is, just love her through it all. Besides I’ve noticed how much you enjoy seeing her get angry at you. I think you do it on purpose sometimes as some weird kind of foreplay. Don’t say anything, I don’t even want to know, okay. You and Maria need to go home and get packed. You can meet us later at the cabin and we’ll all head out to Frasier wood from there okay,” smiles Liz.

“Thanks again Liz,” Michael says giving her a brotherly hug.

“Hey Bro, that’s enough hugging on my woman,” jokes Max.

“Hey guys. Let’s all meet at our cabin later, say a couple of hours. That’ll give everyone time to do some grocery shopping and pack okay,” says Liz.

“Grocery shopping?” Max says disappointed.

“Yes, well if you want to enjoy smores later we’ll need supplies. Maybe we could pick up some other private party essentials for later like, strawberries and whip cream,” Liz whispers seductively in Max’s ear.

“Oh well, and then yes by all means let’s hurry to the store. You know if we get shopping and packing done early, that might leave us an hour before the gang gets there,” Max grins.

“And just what would we be doing for that hour before the gang arrives,” Liz says with a raised eye brow and undeniable smile.

“Liz, think about it. Race ya to the jeep,” Max says grabbing her book bag and racing out to the parking lot.

“See ya later,” Liz yells over her shoulder as she takes off sprinting past everyone and takes a parallel path to the jeep they arrive at the jeep in a tie.

“I didn’t beat you again,” sighs Max slightly out of breath.

Liz looks at him and can’t help but smile, “Well arriving together and out of breath doesn’t have to always be a bad thing Max.”

“Liz!” Max says in response to her obvious hidden meaning.

“Max, Honey, drive us to the store and I’ll write out a grocery list on the way. This way we won’t waste time,” states Liz.

“I like the way you think Liz,” beams Max.

Max and Liz gather everything from her list and several bottles of Tabasco Sauce. They buy enough groceries to last until Sunday Morning ending their weekend couples camping extravaganza. “Liz I think we got enough for a small army,” muses Max.

“Well, you know how much the guys can eat. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t eat everything up leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves,” comments Liz.

“Honey, I’m sure they’ll be bringing their own food,” states Max puzzled that Liz would go overkill on the groceries since they wouldn’t need that much for just the two of them.

“Max you have met Michael, Alex, and Kyle and have witnessed the carnage they unleash on what we call a meal. It’s like they try to compete about it too. Plus I’m pregnant and don’t want them messing with getting into my special foods. So, I’m prepared with what I like to call decoy foods of their favorite snacks to throw them off from eating my stuff,” Liz states confidently.

“Okay, point taken Liz. You know the guys well. I’m not quite that bad am I?” Max asks hoping she doesn’t see him that way.

“No, you’re perfect of course,” grins Liz.

“Good answer Babe,” answers Liz.

“Max, we’ll reach the cabin in approximately five minutes time. We need to pack all our stuff, bring it down stairs, and put it infront of the door. Don’t forget sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, both large coolers, food and lots of ice. We’ll need to hide a third cooler. It might be a good idea to add security to that one. Maybe use a small shield to keep the guys out of it,” speculates Liz as she goes down her checklist of things to pack and bring.

“No problem I can take care of that,” Max says taking care of the necessary tasks for their camping trip.

“Okay, Max did everything get done? I was just upstairs packing our things for the trip,” Liz comments as she mentally checks off things on her to do list.

“Yes, it did. How about you Babe?” Max asks.

“Yes. Oops, I did for get one thing on my to do list Max… well there’s you,” giggles Liz running towards the stairs leading to their upstairs bedroom.

“You’re just never going to let me win a race are you? You know you’re in trouble. No way should you be running up a flight of stairs,” scolds Max out of concern for her safety and the twins.

“I’m sorry Max. I keep forgetting about that. I guess you’ll just have to carry me then,” Liz says stopping nearly a third of the way up the long stair case.

“Thank you Liz,” Max says breathing a sigh of relief.

“You just love carrying me up the stairs and to our bed, don’t you?” snickers Liz.

“Hey Kyle’s not the only one who likes to be indulged in his fantasies,” Max says with sizzling smile and look.

“Good answer Max,” beams Liz. There’s only one thing that might be a concern with the couples weekend…sound proofing the tents,” laughs Liz.

“Yeah, and we’ll need lots of sound proofing for ours,” Max says causing Liz to blush and teasingly hit him on his arm.

**********************************To Be Continued******************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT pt. 40 p.10 - 04 Jun

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jun 04, 2005 2:52 pm

Hi Everyone!

I'm back with another part. This one is a long one I'll have to post it in two parts due to length. I hope you all enjoy it. I'm always grateful for those of you that do read my story it really means a lot to me. Feel free to post your feed back or pm me your comments. I think all writers love to read comments from people reading their stories. I know I try to always leave some kind of commentar. In fact, I'm kind of known for it . All are welcome here and your time reading and/or commenting on my story is indeed very much appreciated. Thank you.

Here's another story I wrote that's a one parter. Now I'm working on a sequel to that one. Here's the link to that

Oh FYI WR fans and groupies I have been asked to spread the word. Next weekend WR will be back gracing these boards here with another new story that I'm sure will be brilliant and leave us begging for more. The name of his new story is "Red Shift" it might be posted on the CC forum. So, be on the look out for that one. I know I can't wait :D

Now on with posted feed back replies

LoveIsForever- Hey welcome back. I'm happy to hear you had a great weekend. Good for you. Yeah Michael was cute getting advice from Liz on how to get to Maria. Michael can always surprise you at times. Liz and Max wanted to be sure the others didn't tap out there food supply so the extra overkill on groceries was a strategic move on their part. You know how those guy can put away the food. LOL!!! Thanks for reading, and posting your comments. I hope you'll enjoy this weeks post as well. Take care :wink:

cherie- Yeah I have fun writing Kyle. After meeting Nick its easy to write Kyle. Nick is such a hoot. He was really fun to meet and is a really nice and funny guy. Oh Frazier woods is going to be fun and a surprise is in store. I hope you'll enjoy it... Thanks for reading and take care :D

tequathisy- Hi welcome :D It's always great to see I have a new reader. I think you might really enjoy a surprise in this camping trip and how it unfolds. It's going to be one fun camping trip for all concerned. Thanks for reading and I really enjoyed your comments. I love reading feed back from my readers. For writers the feedback is what helps us gauge our story and sometimes steer where the story goes. I'm grateful for your comments thanks for taking the time to read and share your comments with me. Welcome again :D and I hope you'll enjoy this weeks post. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi :wink: Thanks, I'm happy to know you enjoyed it. I'm still learning how to do this writing thing as I go. I'm just grateful for you sticking with me as I learn on this journey. It's been pretty fun so far. Thanks for indulging me... I hope you like this weeks post. Have a great weekend... :wink:

Part 40

“Max… Honey, I think the gang is here. Oh great and they’re early, damn it! We’d better get dressed fast before they guess we’ve been doing…well, what we’ve been doing,” blushes Liz.

“It must be Alex and Isabel. You know how they are about being prompt if not early. Don’t get me wrong I love my sister and Alex, but this getting here early has to stop with them. It’s not cute that they all seem to think its fun to interrupt our fun,” Max says in a huff.

“I know Honey, but it’ll be okay. Look on the bright side, we can interrupt them this weekend,” grins Liz mischievously.

“That’s my girl. I love it when you show me your wicked fun evil side as long as it’s not aimed at me,” smiles Max.

“Well, just be sure you stay on my good side then Babe,” smiles Liz.

“Okay, no time for showers we need to do the shower with powers thing on each other. You do that for me and I’ll do that to you, okay Max,” suggests Liz.

“Sure, I have no problem with that,” smiles Max.

“Behave Max; I know what you really are thinking. There’s no time to for that right now. Our family is at out our front door. Damn, they caught us again. Do I look okay?” Liz asks.

“I think you always look beautiful Liz,” Max says.

“Thanks, but I meant do I look liked you just ravaged me?” comments Liz.

“What, I love that look on you,” teases Max.

“Max would you be serious for a moment. Here, let me help you to look a little less ravaged too. Damn, I love that look on you. It’s sexy as hell, but no time for that right now. Rain check for later Babe,” Liz says.

“Definitely count on my redeeming that rain check later, after we sound proof our tent for tonight,” Max says with a sexy smile. Liz can’t resist that smile and kisses him senseless. They completely forget about Isabel and Alex at their door knocking again. The knocking is joined by the voices of Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Mystic.

“Let me guess, you’ve been here knocking on their door for a few minutes and no response right,” says Michael.

“Allow me. I’ll get them down here. All right you two quit setting indoor records for alien lovemaking and get down here and answer your door. Gees, save something for later at least,” says Maria.

Kyle, Alex, and Michael groan, “Eww! We could have gone without hearing that comment Maria.”

“Hey, I was just being supportive of Liz and Max’s wedded bliss and more than normal sex life,” says Maria.

“Aww come on guys, I think Max and Liz are cute like that always all over each other. They’re just happy and in love,” Mystic says in Max and Liz’s defense.

“Yeah, great. Now the rest of us guys have Max The Great to live up too. Gees, no pressure there,” Kyle teases raking his hand through his hair.

“Aww poor Kyle feeling a little like Max has raised the standard to which the rest of you men have to aspire to?” Mystic says with a slight raised brow in amusement.

“No, its just Max is way better at the romantic stuff than the rest of us guys. I know I totally suck at that meaningful thoughtful stuff,” says Kyle.

“I hear you on that one Kyle,” Michael says patting Kyle on the back. “Maria has brief moments of what I call delusions when she thinks I should do something romantic and thoughtful the way Max would for Liz. That’s usually when I tick her off. Then we have a fight followed by some seriously hot… Ouch! Blondie easy with the elbow to the ribs,” says Michael.

“Okay Michael I think that was a little more sharing than I think either Kyle or I wanted to hear about the hybrid mating habits of Michael Guerin and his bonded mate, Maria De Luca,” Alex says holding his head as if trying to make the visual images of that disappear with deep concentration.

“Alex what are you trying to do? See if your powers will work on erasing that image from your mind?” asks Isabel smirking in amusement at Alex and his cute antics.

“Hey is it me, or have you noticed how the little women here find this all so amusing poking fun at our lack of romantic abilities,” says Kyle eyeing each of the girls suspiciously.

“What? Why are you looking at us like that Kyle,” asks Isabel.

“I’m just wondering if this is an intergalactic alien thing or if it’s just a female thing?” asks Kyle weighing the girls’ reactions like a scientist eyeing his test subjects.
Isabel, Maria, and Mystic all open their connections to each other, “Well, in your case we’d have to vote for both,” jokes the girls.

“Did you see that? Again they go with the pack behavior backing each other up. Mark my words guys, women are just scary. Oh sure they look all soft, feminine, sexy, and even helpless…but then they move in and knock a guy on his ass in nothing flat,” warns Kyle shaking his finger at the girls.

“Kyle!” Mystic shouts growing angry with him. The ground Kyle is standing on begins to shake slightly.

“Kyle I strongly suggest you apologize to Mystic and the girls now before Mystic unleashes her full wrath on you. Trust me Kyle I have full knowledge of the scariness Maria and Isabel are capable of; and I know that you do not want to piss Mystic off or all three of them. It’s time to apologize and wave that white flag before parts of your anatomy find a new zip code dude,” warns Michael.

“Okay, calm down ladies. Quit looking at me like I’m the enemy. Last time I checked we were on team ‘Destined Ones’. We’re sort of a band of alien/hybrid/human super hero’s of sorts. Come on, the Super Friends didn’t take pot shots at each other. I’m sorry, okay,” says Kyle. He adds under his breath, “You girls can get pretty scary when you want to be.”

“Kyle, we heard that. Hey, we heard what you just thought too,” teases Mystic.

“I’m so screwed,” sighs Kyle.

The girls and guys laugh at Kyle.

Max and Liz finally make it down stairs to open their front door catching Michael in mid knock on their front door.

“Hey look, it’s them and here we were beginning to think you two were abducted by Guinness World Book of Records going for that alien lovemaking record,” teases Michael.

“Well, it’s a tough job but somebody has to step up and represent,” jokes Max with Liz blushing at his statement.

“You are so bad Max. I can’t believe you just said that,” says Liz laughing.

“Well Babe you know just how bad I can be,” Max winks at her.

“Oh God, make them stop. No more show and tell okay,” warns Michael.

“Okay fair enough. I could use some help loading up the jeep,” Max says.

Michael volunteers to help Max load up the jeep with their gear for camping. “Hey Bro, can I talk to you for a minute. I kind of need some advice about Maria. It’s been a while since Maria’s mentioned the ‘M’ word and I’ve been thinking maybe she’s right. I mean you and Liz are happy, right. So what I need is your help coaching me on what to do or say that would be romantic to ask her the question,” says Michael nervously cracking his knuckles and staring at his feet finding them interesting.

“I’m happy for you Michael, congrats! I’d suggest having flowers delivered somewhere when she least expects it. Find a unique setting and way to ask her to marry you. Just be sure that it reflects a lot of thought and care to consider her; and make things nice but it should reflect you. So in other words don’t try and do what I do for Liz. Put your own unique touch to it. Just be you Michael. It’s you that she loves. I guess in short, make sure whatever you do that it shows her how much you love her and how much she means to you. You can handle that, right Michael? Hey, call the florist I use in town and put it on my account. You can pay me back later, okay.” Max says giving his brother a pat on the back. Max and Michael resume loading up the jeep as the others stand away talking on the front porch.

“Thanks Max that helps. I think I know what I want to do and how I’m going to ask Maria. Can I borrow your phone?” Michael asks.

“Sure, here you go. I just need to grab the coolers and I’ll be back in a minute,” smiles Max giving Michael some privacy.

Liz notices from the subtle look in Max’s eyes that he knows a secret. Liz looks past Max and notices Michael standing behind the jeep talking on Max’s cell phone. Liz smiles to herself and tunes back into the conversation with the girls.

“So Maria what kinds of things are you bringing camping to keep things fun?” Liz asks.

“Well I thought it might be fun to have everyone sit around and play truth or dare, maybe later tonight. I think we should consider not allowing you and Max to do any dares. I’m bringing my twister game and plenty of munchies to keep the guys busy. You know what Spaceboy is bringing…He’s bringing the DVD version of Brave Heart and his Battleship board game,” Maria sighs.

“But how can he watch Brave Heart? I mean none of us has a cordless DVD portable player,” says Mystic.

“He’s going to use his powers or get one of us to do it for him. Well, camping with aliens is always an adventure especially with our very own Michael,” teases Isabel.

“We’ll that should be interesting seeing our men huddled around watching a DVD while camping, still trying to get the definitive body count from Brave Heart. I swear its Michael’s obsession and he’s going to drag the rest of the guys into it this weekend,” says Maria.

“We can all go on a hike. I remember someone mentioning there was a secret swimming hole out there somewhere. We could get the guys to go swimming and have some fun doing that,” suggests Liz.

“Liz, just so you know swimsuits are required okay Chica. We’ve seen enough of you and Max. No need for any further light shed on the subject okay,” says Isabel. Maria and Mystic join in on teasing Liz about her and Max.

“Okay fine, swimsuits required. That goes for the rest of you and your guys too. Please no revealing Kodak moments,” laughs Liz.

“So Iz, what did you and Alex bring?” asks Mystic.

“Well just the usual stuff. I did tell Alex he has to go topless though. You know what I mean, no lap top computer this weekend. I told him I was sure we could think of other things to occupy his interests,” blushes Isabel.

“Boy, you go Iz. Good luck with separating Alex from his computers. If anyone can it’s you, girlfriend,” winks Maria.

“Mystic, so dare we ask what you and Kyle are bringing?” asks Liz.

“I can say it’s the usual. Oh Kyle’s bringing a portable battery operated TV; there was a game we didn’t want to miss. Oh and I told him no alcohol whatsoever or he’ll be in serious trouble with me,” adds Mystic.

“Kyle’s bringing a TV? Oh great, good luck prying Michael and the guys away from that,” Maria says in exasperation.

“Oh hey did anyone think to pack emergency stuff like; a first aid kit, chocolate, Tabasco Sauce, toilet paper, cell phone charger for the car, etc…,” says Kyle.

“That’s a great idea, Kyle. We should maybe stop at the Stop-n-Go on our way out to Frasier Woods and pick up any last minute stuff there,” suggests Alex.

“That sounds like a plan. Our jeep’s all packed now. If everyone’s ready, let’s go,” says Max patting Michael on the shoulder as Michael hands Max back his phone.

“Thanks Max. I think I managed to make a few calls and get things situated,” whispers Michael.

“Good, this should be some weekend to remember, huh Bro,” smiles Max reassuringly.

“I hope this goes like it should, for Maria’s sake. I want it to be special for her considering it’s going to be me doing this,” says Michael nervously.

“Relax Bro, look at it this way. If Maria doesn’t like what you have planned, you can just go for the whole Alien abduction route and tell her resistance is futile and take her off somewhere,” jokes Max trying to lighten up Michael’s case of nerves.

“Right, got a space ship I could borrow? Hey a plan ‘B’ isn’t a bad thing to have in Maria’s case,” says Michael half serious and half joking as he watches Max wave him off.

“She doesn’t bite, Michael. It will be fine just have a little faith,” says Max as he and Liz pull away taking the lead on the way to the Stop-n-Go, before going on to Frasier Woods.

“The hell she doesn’t bite. I’ve had to heal plenty of bite marks,” says Michael causing Kyle and Mystic to laugh overhearing Michael’s comments. Kyle and Mystic walk over to his car to finish loading up some stuff Max and Liz asked them to carry for them.

“Whoa there Michael, you’d better take the first aid kit then, you might need this before the rest of us do,” comments Kyle handing Michael the first aid kit.

“Yeah thanks Kyle. Thanks a lot,” grumbles Michael.

“Hey Michael, you should watch out for her right hook,” warns Alex.

“Yeah thanks buddy,” smirks Michael.

“Okay Spaceboy what was all that about and why are you holding the first aid kit?” asks Maria.

“Oh, uh Kyle thought I should be the one to carry it,” says Michael helping Maria into the car.

“Michael, what the hell is wrong with you. Since when did you start opening doors for me? Oh God, you’re not one of those shape shifters or something. Wait, what was it Liz did to tell that it was Nasedo impersonating Max that one time. Oh that’s it. Kiss me Spaceboy,” rambles Maria.

“What?” Michael says lost in her ramblings.

“Just shut up and kiss me Spaceboy,” insists Maria. Michael obliges giving Maria a tender yet nervous kiss.

“Hmm. I’m not sure. I need a bigger sample, Spaceboy,” says Maria. Michael once again kisses her but this time with less nerves and more passion.

“Wow, now that’s my Spaceboy, or that Shape shifter is really good at impressions. You keep that up and I’ll tell you anything and even take you to my leader,” says Maria with a suggestive wink. Maria is rewarded with one of Michael’s smiles followed by his patented smirk. She smiles pleased by that simple gesture that she knows how to get to him.

“We’d better go before they all get to the store. You don’t want Liz and Isabel to beat you out of whatever Ben and Jerry’s flavor you want,” teases Michael.

“Ooh good idea, step on it Spaceboy,” says Maria. The caravan of teens all meet up at the store outside of town on the way to Frasier woods.

“Hey it’s about time you two get here. Stop off at any good make out spots on the way here,” teases Liz.

“What, No,” says Michael surprised by Liz’s teasing remark?

“Michael, are you feeling alright?” Liz asks concerned by Michael’s white knuckle grip on the Jetta’s steering wheel.

“I’m fine,” Michael says unconvincingly.

Liz opens her connection to Michael, “I hope you don’t mind Michael, but Max told me what’s going on. Trust me Maria will be on cloud nine. You have nothing to worry about,’ Liz reassures Michael calming his nerves somewhat.

“Thank Liz,” Michael says.

“Anytime, for my favorite brother-in-law,” winks Liz on her way into the store in hot pursuit of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Max, Kyle, Alex and the girls emerge five minutes later with the girls content that they found their cherished ice cream favorites and much needed chocolate fixes. “Okay, it’s safe to continue now. The girls have their ice cream and chocolate fixes on hand,” states Kyle.

“Kyle, its because of the girls and their ice cream addiction that we met before you even set foot on the Colony grounds, remember Jock boy,” winks Mystic.

“So you’re saying we owe our relationship to Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and our friends addiction to it,” states Kyle.

“Yes, be grateful to them for that Kyle. Besides, if you’re a good boy later I’ll even share some of my ice cream with you. Play your cards right and we could even finger paint with it and lick it off,” says Mystic trying to seduce and shock Kyle all with that one statement.

Kyle sputters, “Ice cream…fingerpaint… each other…later. Is it getting hot or is it just me,” says Kyle swallowing hard and looking at his watch.

“Drive Jock boy,” says Mystic.

“You expect me to drive after that comment,” smirks Kyle.

“Come on everyone is leaving, let’s go,” states Mystic.

After a short 20 minute drive to Frasier woods everyone arrives and they begin to walk around choosing their camping spots. After much debate their camping spots are selected and tents are set up and everyone’s vehicles are unpacked.

“Hey now that we’ve got camp set up and everything done, why don’t we go find that secret swimming hole, eh?” suggests Alex wiping his brow from the heat and exertion of helping set up he and Isabel’s tent.

“Oh that sounds great Alex. Hey would you guys like to find that swimming hole and take full advantage of it,” Isabel says. Everyone enthusiastically agrees and hurries to their tents to change into their swim suits and grab their towels.

“Hey Max isn’t that the Sheriff? I wonder what he’s doing out here?” asks Alex.

“What? Why would my dad be out here?” asks Kyle.

Max’s cell phone begins to ring. “Hello, okay. Thanks yes, I’ll send him right over, thanks for going to all this trouble Jim,” says Max. “Michael, the Sheriff wants to talk to you. He had to handle that matter earlier you called him about,” Max says cryptically with a knowing smile.

“Oh thanks, I see him. I’ll just go and talk to him,” says Michael nervously.

“Hey it’ll be okay Bro, just trust me on this one,” winks Max.

“Should we wait for you Michael,” asks Liz.

“Um…I don’t know,” Michael looks unsure of how to answer that. He looks to Max to guide him as how best to do this. Max nods yes for him to have the others go on ahead.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s nothing; and Michael can talk to Jim about it without all of us standing around and staring at him. If it were a Destined One’s official business visit he would’ve said so,” Max says addressing everyone’s unasked question. Max, Liz and the others go on ahead on the quest of finding the secret swimming hole.

“I wonder why Jim came all the way out here to talk to Michael. I’ll get to the bottom of that mystery Spaceboy, not to worry,” Maria says to herself aloud.

“What was that Maria?” asks Liz.

‘Max, I hope Michael gets over his case of nerves and just asks Maria,’ Liz says through her connection to Max.

Posted in two parts due to length.... be right back with the rest :wink:
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Pt.40 p.10 04 June

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jun 04, 2005 2:59 pm

Part 40 Continued in this post.......

.‘He will Babe, he just had Jim deliver him something special for Maria. The florist refused to deliver out here and thought it was a prank. So Michael had to call the Sheriff to get his help. Maria won’t be expecting anything like the surprise Michael has in store for her later,’ Max replies through their shared connection.

‘Max we might want to use a little extra sound proofing on their tent tonight, just to be safe,’ teases Liz. Max and Liz burst into laughter causing the others to look at them funny.

“Oh don’t mind us, we just shared a funny private joke,” adds Max calmly trying not to tip off Maria in any way.

“Probably discussing ways to play R rated versions of Twister no doubt,” comments Maria. Liz and Max both blush.

“Ooh I have a few ideas on that subject. What, can I help it if I’m competitive,” smirks Kyle.

“Kyle, do you really think any of us would want group participation in R rated version of Twister? Think again Valenti,” says Isabel.

“Kill joy, gees I’m guy. I spend endless hours thinking of just such scenarios,” replies Kyle.

“True, I have to agree with Kyle on that one,” says Alex.

“Liz, refresh my mind. What’s so great about men again?” asks Mystic. Liz, Maria and Mystic all laugh at that comment.

“You know it’s a good thing we did pack that extra tent just in case Kyle needs it. Although if Spaceboy doesn’t spill why Jim’s out here talking to him, he might be joining Kyle tonight in that extra tent,” says Maria.

“Oh hell no, I’m not cuddling up to Guerin tonight. He’s not my type,” says Kyle defiantly.

“Yeah, good luck with that one Kyle. Michael snore’s too. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard that alien snore,” teases Maria.

“Hey what are you talking about? I don’t snore Blondie and you know it,” defends Michael walking up to her and kissing her on the forehead.

“We were discussing that Liz packed an extra tent and we we’re thinking that its likely you and Kyle would wind up sharing that if you two pissed me and Mystic off like you usually do,” smirks Maria.

“Hell no! No way I’m sharing a tent with Valenti. Besides, something tells me you won’t be kicking me out of our tent or sleeping bag tonight,” says Michael with a smug look on his face.

Michael trudges past her and walks off in the direction of the swimming hole. Michael leaves a speechless sputtering Maria in his wake.

“Get back here Spaceboy. Just what the hell does that mean, huh? Feeling awfully sure of yourself today, huh,” says Maria suddenly aware he’s up to something and she’s fired up and determined to get to the bottom of whatever he’s keeping from her.

Liz being the voice of reason, “Maria calm down. Whatever it is I’m sure he’ll tell you about it in his own way, okay. Go easy on Michael, just remember he loves you,” Liz comments.

Maria, well, being Maria of course wouldn’t leave it at that and runs off after Michael under full steam upset he’s keeping something from her. “Michael Guerin you’d better stop right now and turn around and talk to me Mister. Pronto!” demands Maria in a no nonsense tone.

Michael smiles, enjoying her fiery temper and finding it quite a turn on for him. “What Blondie, what are you going on about now?” asks Michael setting her up for an unexpected proposal in his own unique way. “Oh so you want to know why Jim came out her to talk to me, huh? I’ll tell you only to shut you up, but on one condition Blondie. You have to close your eyes and hold out your hands,” states Michael.

“What the… are you up to Michael?” asks Maria with her temper simmering.

Michael motions for Max to come over with the flowers he made into a back pack to hide from her with a special little box inside. Michael takes the back pack from him and waves his hand over it returning to its true form and revealing the little box. Michael kneels on one knee mustering every bit of courage he can to ask this question.

Maria with her eyes closed and hands out stretched grows impatient, “Damn it Michael you’d better make with the explanation and fast,” says Maria sounding every bit impatient and ready to jump down his throat.

“Fine have it your way Blondie. Open your eyes now woman. Now for once just keep quiet and let me say this, then you can answer,” says Michael nervously. Maria takes a moment to focus after having her eyes closed. She sees Michael kneeling on one knee, the flowers in her hand and a little box Michael is holding and opening. Maria’s eyes fill with tears and her mouth opens in shock. Maria looks around at the faces of Liz and Max then everyone else’s faces as if to confirm she’s not imagining this moment. Maria finds smiles of love and encouragement for her and she looks down at Michael again seeing the love shining in his eyes even as his hands shake just a little. “Maria you know I love you and nobody can challenge me and piss me off more than you can, but you see that’s just what I need. I need someone special like you that will always be there to support me and kick my ass when I deserve it. You’re amazing to me Maria. You complete me in so many ways. Will you do me the honor of being my wife? You’re already my wife by Antarian customs and in my heart I’d like to make it official here, so everyone knows just what you mean to me. You’re my family Maria, you’re home to me. So, will ya marry me Blondie?” asks Michael stammering out the last of his heart felt words.

Maria’s tears silently cascade down from under her lashes as they flutter on to her cheeks. Maria smiles through the tears and she looks down at Michael. “I love you, you big Jerk. Yes, I’ll marry you,” says Maria beaming with the biggest smile of her entire life. Michael stands and kisses her as he puts his engagement ring on her ring finger.

Michael’s nerves get the better of him and his knees begin to buckle as he’s holding Maria. He pulls her down with him as he takes the fall with her on top of him. Michael just smiles and laughs. “I guess I was a little nervous proposing to you and my knees finally gave out when I stood up to hold and kiss you,” admits Michael.

“That’s okay. I like you on your knees,” teases Maria. Max and the guys laugh at Maria’s statement. Liz and the girls are all weepy eyed smiling joyously at Michael’s proposal to Maria.

“Hey can a step brother get hug from his sister on this. Congrats Maria and Michael,” says Kyle receiving a hug from Maria.

“I guess this means Michael won’t be bunking with you in the extra tent then,” teases Maria.

Kyle hugs her again, “Thank you for that. I owe you one, Sis,” winks Kyle.

Max and Liz offer their congratulations and hugs to both Michael and Maria. “I just have to ask you Max. Did you coach him on what to say?” asks Maria.

“Nope that was all Michael. He has it in him to be romantic. He just doesn’t like to reveal that side of himself. Hey he’s my brother so it’s in the mix in there somewhere,” teases Max.

“Alex you do realize what this means for you and I don’t you,” says Kyle.

“We’re so going to be next on the wedding band wagon. I can just see it now…Isabel and her Brides Magazine and seating arrangements. Mystic will be there deciding on florists. We might have to succumb to the pressure and just go for a double or triple wedding just to save our sanity,” comments Kyle.

“Oh I like it. It’s a counter attack strategy. I can handle the idea of being married to Isabel; it’s really not all that different than how we are now anyways. I do love the idea of her having my last name for the entire world to know Isabel is mine,” says Alex.

“Alex you’re scaring me buddy, because that makes sense. You know they will wear us down; we might as well surrender now and just go with the flow. Look at Maria and Michael have you ever seen them look happier. Then there’s Max and Liz. Those two positively glow around each other. Face it, dude were bagged and tagged,” says Kyle.

“Right, so we should figure out when we’re going to propose to our girls next, huh?” says Alex.

“Never fear, I have my cell phone. I’ll call my dad. Hey, he delivers,” smirks Kyle.

“We can corner Max and Michael to help us out. After all they set us up now, they need to help us,” says Alex.

“I’m with you buddy, let’s do this,” says Kyle.

“Maria, should we be worried? Kyle and Alex are talking back and forth so secretly like they are teaming up or something,” says Isabel.

“Nah, you have nothing to worry about unless they make a run for it, but I think we could flatten the tires with a well placed blast. Hey I was joking okay,” reassures Maria.

Max and Michael go over to Alex and Kyle and are ushered off somewhere to talk privately out of the girls’ ear shot.

“Oh boy, I sense a conspiracy brewing,” says Mystic.

“Never fear, we have spies in the enemy camp and I know just how to make mine talk,” smiles Liz with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I’ll get it out of Spaceboy, trust me. He’s in a really good mood today so he’ll spill tonight,” smiles Maria with a dreamy sigh.

“Okay now that was just more information than I wanted to know about how your going to find out what they’re up to over there with Kyle and Alex,” says Isabel.

“Hey who says interrogation with the one you love can’t be fun,” beams Liz.

“Ditto on that one girlfriend,” says Maria.

“Can we count on you two to remember your covert mission tonight?” Asks Isabel and Mystic

“Trust me, it’s a done deal,” winks Liz.

“Consider it done Chica’s,” says Maria.

“Hey guys, what about going for that swim now,” says Liz.

Everyone walks through the woods finding the secret swimming hole.

Michael picks up Maria in his arms and carries her part of the way. She just smiles up at him. “I love you Spaceboy.”

“I love you to Blondie.”

“Michael what are you doing? You wouldn’t dare,” giggles Maria.

Michael is the first to make it into the water. He’s still holding Maria with a glint in his eyes. “You know what Blondie, you look at little hot, let me cool you off,” Michael says dropping her into the water.

“Oh yeah Spaceboy you’re so going to pay for that one. Let the splash wars begin,” laughs Maria. She splashes after him and gets one arm around his waist, pulling him down with her.

Liz wraps her arms around Max as they look out at their family, “What do you think about you and I skinny dipping later tonight,” winks Liz.

Max gives her a sexy half smile of his, “You’re on, and it’s a date Mrs. Evans. I can’t wait until dark.”

Liz asks Max, “Did you remember to add an extra layer of sound proofing to the tent tonight?”

Max replies, “Yes, remember I told you I already took care of that for Michael and Maria.”

Liz adds, “Babe, I wasn’t talking about their tent. I meant ours,” smiles Liz seductively. She takes his hand and leads him into the refreshing cool waters of the swimming hole.

********************************To Be Continued*****************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 41 p.11 11, Jun

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jun 11, 2005 2:31 pm

Hi Everyone! :D

I'm glad to see everyone's enjoying the gang's camping trip so far and Michael's proposal to Maria. Who knew a camping trip could bring that out in Michael, eh? I'm a non camping type myself but I think I'd tell Maria to maybe consider more of these camping trips, they have such a unexpected effect on Michael. Okay so for Max and Liz the effect is predictable, but what a way to go. :lol: Damn that Liz, I'll have to ask if I can be her understudy :lol: Yes, I'm a Max/Jason worshiper, shocking I know. :lol: :lol: :wink:

To all the lurkers out there that read my story I just wanted to say thank you and hugs for your taking time to read it. I appreciate all of you that read my story. You guys are the best :D

Now on with feed back....

LoveIsForever- I'm glad to know you've been enjoying the last two parts. This camping trip has really been fun for the gang and it's not over yet. Aww Max and Liz are so cute and so much in love they can barely keep their hands off of eachother. Lucky them... I want to be Liz. :lol:
It seems Max does a great job of representing for the alien lovemaking record. LOL!!! It was cute that Michael asked Max for advice and even more shocking he listened. You Go Michael :wink: I think the other guys realize that they have nothing to fear from their girls and proposing to them. Look Michael did it and he's the least likely of the guys you'd have expected to cave. LOL!!! You know it's going to get interesting if Kyle and Alex team up and try to psyche each other up for this plus they are both turning to Max and Michael for advice. I think that's just too funny.
I'm glad you're enjoying this camping trip it's fun writing it even though it's not over yet... thanks as always for reading and taking the time to comment. I always love to read your comments. :D :wink:

Grace52373- Hi and Welcome :D Its always a pleasure to hear from a new reader or someone who has delurked to take a moment to share their comments. I'm very grateful and flattered you did so. Thank you! :wink: I'm glad you enjoyed Michael's proposal to Maria. I wanted it to be true to Michael and who we know him to be. Thanks for your compliments and taking the time to read and post your comments. Please feel free to do so again I won't bite, now Maria on the other hand is another story according to Michael. :lol:

AJK001- Hi! :D Yeah Michael decided to make an honest bonded mate out of Maria. Oh yeah, the other guys are definitely feeling the heat now but its' of their own doing not the girls. At least not yet. LOL!! Right now the girls are just so happy for Maria they haven't really thought about their own situations with their guys Alex and Kyle. That should be interesting when they do start thinking about it though. :lol:

I'm always glad to share the happy news that WR is back on the boards with his new story "Red Shift" on the CC boards. I know what you mean I was thinking of starting a WR anonymous for fan fic readers... Thank goodness he came back, I guess I'll shred the flyers then. LOL!!! That's a good story too. Enjoy your reading. Thanks again for reading and commenting. Have a great weekend. :wink:

cherie- Yeah I'm proud of Michael too. You know that took a lot of courage for him to ask her and he found a very romantic yet michale like way to do just that. I think Max's influence is rubbing off on him, finally. Yes, Alex and Kyle need to realize they are so going to joing the I'm marrying an alien club soon... Resistance is futile... :lol: :lol: Aww shucks, thanks cherie that's high praise after reading your story. I'm flattered. Thank you! Yeah WR is back on CC boards the name of his story is "Red Shift". I read it. I can't wait for more, but that is so like WR, isn't it. :wink: Take care Girlfriend and have a great weekend! :wink:

roswellian504- Thank you for the compliment :D I'm really happy to learn that you enjoyed that. Like Max said Michael's his brother he knew the romantic gene was hiding in there somewhere. Oh yeah like the guys said they are bagged and tagged now. This should be more fun from here on in with Kyle and Alex being coached by Max and Michael. I can't wait to start writing that part. It's going to be a blast, make that an alien blast. LOL!!! :lol: Thanks for reading and welcome back. I hope you had a great time on your trip. Take care :wink:

Part 41

Last week we left off with Michael’s proposing to Maria and ….

“Alex you do realize what this means for you and I don’t you,” says Kyle.

“We’re so going to be next on the wedding band wagon. I can just see it now…Isabel and her Brides Magazine and seating arrangements. Mystic will be there deciding on florists. We might have to succumb to the pressure and just go for a double or triple wedding just to save our sanity,” comments Kyle.

“Oh I like it. It’s a counter attack strategy. I can handle the idea of being married to Isabel; it’s really not all that different than how we are now anyways. I do love the idea of her having my last name for the entire world to know Isabel is mine,” says Alex.

“Alex you’re scaring me buddy, because that makes sense. You know they will wear us down; we might as well surrender now and just go with the flow. Look at Maria and Michael. Have you ever seen them look happier? Then there’s Max and Liz. Those two positively glow around each other. Face it, dude were bagged and tagged,” says Kyle.

“Right, so we should figure out when we’re going to propose to our girls next, huh?” says Alex.

“Never fear, I have my cell phone. I’ll call my dad. Hey, he delivers,” smirks Kyle.

“We can corner Max and Michael to help us out. After all they set us up now, they need to help us,” says Alex.

“I’m with you buddy, let’s do this,” says Kyle.

“Maria, should we be worried? Kyle and Alex are talking back and forth so secretly like they are teaming up or something,” says Isabel.

“Nah, you have nothing to worry about unless they make a run for it, but I think we could flatten the tires with a well placed blast. Hey I was joking okay,” reassures Maria.

Max and Michael go over to Alex and Kyle and are ushered off somewhere to talk privately out of the girls’ ear shot.

“Oh boy, I sense a conspiracy brewing,” says Mystic.

“Never fear, we have spies in the enemy camp and I know just how to make mine talk,” smiles Liz with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I’ll get it out of Spaceboy, trust me. He’s in a really good mood today so he’ll spill tonight,” smiles Maria with a dreamy sigh.

“Okay now that was just more information than I wanted to know about how your going to find out what they’re up to over there with Kyle and Alex,” says Isabel.

“Hey who says interrogation with the one you love can’t be fun,” beams Liz.

“Ditto on that one girlfriend,” says Maria.

“Can we count on you two to remember your covert mission tonight?” Asks Isabel and Mystic

“Trust me, it’s a done deal,” winks Liz.

“Consider it done Chicas,” says Maria.

“Hey guys, what about going for that swim now,” says Liz.

Everyone walks through the woods finding the secret swimming hole.

Michael picks up Maria in his arms and carries her part of the way. She just smiles up at him. “I love you Spaceboy.”

“I love you to Blondie.”

“Michael what are you doing? You wouldn’t dare,” giggles Maria.

Michael is the first to make it into the water. He’s still holding Maria with a glint in his eyes. “You know what Blondie, you look at little hot, let me cool you off,” Michael says dropping her into the water.

“Oh yeah Spaceboy you’re so going to pay for that one. Let the splash wars begin,” laughs Maria. She splashes after him and gets one arm around his waist, pulling him down with her.

Liz wraps her arms around Max as they look out at their family, “What do you think about you and I skinny dipping later tonight,” winks Liz.

Max gives her a sexy half smile of his, “You’re on, and it’s a date Mrs. Evans. I can’t wait until dark.”

Liz asks Max, “Did you remember to add an extra layer of sound proofing to the tent tonight?”

Max replies, “Yes, remember I told you I already took care of that for Michael and Maria.”

Liz adds, “Babe, I wasn’t talking about their tent. I meant ours,” smiles Liz seductively. She takes his hand and leads him into the refreshing cool waters of the swimming hole.


All the couples enjoy splashing around teasing each other. They swim around just letting off steam and enjoying the warm day at the cool refreshing swimming hole. It’s hard to imagine that this group of teens had the weight of the world and its very fate resting on their young shoulders. Yet they have battled through it all and came out the other side earning them the right to enjoy carefree light moments like other normal teens. These teens are much more than just a group of kids. They are more than just a group of friends. They are a family forged and brought together by trust, circumstance, and most of all by love.

Max holds his breath and goes under water hiding from Liz as he sneaks up on her. He grabs her in his strong arms submerging all but Liz’s head and shoulders.

“Max, don’t you dare, not here not now,” giggles Liz turning a circle in his arms.

“Liz, its okay, they’re all making their own fun. Nobody can see us” says Max playfully as he teases the strap of her bikini top from around her neck and pulls lightly at it.

“No, but we can sure as hell hear, and figure out what you two are up to girlfriend,” teases Maria.

“Damn it Maria. You have your own alien to play your own favorite water sports with, go play. Don’t you two have something to celebrate,” Liz fires back at Maria.

“Well yeah, but not now,” replies Maria.

“Michael, as your favorite sister-in-law, I’m begging you to piss off Maria and go somewhere else to play,” Liz blushes Liz.

“Liz it’s okay. I’ll behave…for now at least,” says Max taking her in his arms and kissing her.

“Damn, those killer kisses of yours always get you out of trouble. Not to mention one look from those sexy eyes of yours and God help me,” confesses Liz smiling up at him.

“Really, I’ll definitely remember that,” beams Max flattered by Liz’s admissions.

“Liz, don’t say those things to him. His head is big enough already. Trust me Liz he can be impossible when his ego is on overload,” comments Isabel.

“Hey now Iz, who invited you into this conversation,” Max says defensively.

“God Max, you’re so damn sexy and cute when you pout,” says Liz.

“I do not pout. I’m a guy and guys don’t pout,” says Max crossing his arms over his sculpted bare chest feigning hurt by her comment.

“Babe, I didn’t mean it like that. Please don’t be angry with me. I can think of how I can make it up to you,” Liz says staring at him casting her spell of seduction.

Michael and Maria are feeling a bit frisky and Maria decides to have a little fun with Michael first. She swims around him then ducks under the water. She opens her eyes adjusting to the water and finds her prey, Michael…

“Maria!!” shouts Michael loudly shocked by her behavior. He turns around grateful he’s in deep enough water no one can see his predicament. Maria swims to the other side by some large rocks. She gets out of the water and brings something with her. She decides to soak up some rays by laying on the rock.

“Damn it Woman, bring me back my trunks,” demands Michael feeling rather exposed even though his nakedness is concealed by the water.

“What was that Michael? Oh you mean these,” says Maria twirling Michaels swim trunks victoriously around her finger.

“No way, Maria pantsed you,” laughs Kyle.

“Careful Kyle, I could do the same to you,” Mystic grins evilly.

“Hey Maria, nice move Chica, that was classic,” laughs Isabel.

“You know what they say, great minds think alike,” says Mystic diving for Kyle in the water and manages to catch him off guard and out of his trunks in one good pull.

“Damn it Mystic bring those back,” says Kyle embarrassed and slightly pissed off. Mystic giggles and swims away toward Maria with Kyle’s swim trunks in her mouth.

“You know Max you really do have an amazing body. I know I never get tired of looking or touching you. I can’t wait to skinny dip with you later,” Liz says starring into his eyes and letting him see her intense love and desire for him. “Do you want me Max?” asks Liz mischievously adding a sexy smile just for him.

“You know the answer to that questions is always yes, Liz,” states Max with his eyes tracing her every feature of her body completely captivated in her seduction.

“Good answer Babe, I want you too. If you catch me you can have me,” says Liz ducking into the water and going deeper swimming away from him. Max follows her in hot pursuit, but can’t find her. Liz swims back toward him undetected. She stealthily approaches and yanks his swim trunks off of him. Liz then swims as fast as she can to the rock that Maria and Mystic are now sunbathing on each with their guys’ trophy swim trunks.

“Liz I can’t believe you did that to me. Okay you had your fun, now please bring me my swim trunks,” pleads Max.

“Nope I like you just like that,” giggles Liz.

“You know I can use my powers of seduction on you for evil too,” warns Max. He focuses on her bikini bottoms and uses his powers to untie one side then stops. “Liz come on we’ve both had our fun now enough is enough. Besides, if you want to play we can do it later when it’s just the two of us Babe,” says Max. Liz looks into his eyes and decides this is as far as she cares to play this game with everyone else here. Some games are better without the spectators around.

“Okay you win, but no fair using those eyes of yours. You know I can never say no to you when you look at me like that,” Liz confesses as she wades out into the water to him carrying his trunks to him.

“Liz you caved. I’m disappointed in you Chica,” says Maria.

“Hey he used his best weapon on me… those damn sexy eyes of his. How could I not cave,” says Liz shrugging her shoulders helplessly.

“Liz and Max are just no fun,” laughs Mystic.

“What can we say, we’re lovers not fighters,” Max replies in defense.

“Oh like that’s a revelation to the rest of us,” teases Alex. Isabel looks at Alex like she’s contemplating something. She raises an eyebrow and folds her arms across her chest. “Isabel why are you looking at me like that?” asks Alex nervously. Isabel remains in the cool water swimming around him and just smiles. She reaches out with her hand and uses her powers to get Alex’s swim trunks off of him. Once in her hands she swims away as fast as she can. Alex is left there feeling very awkward and stunned that his sweet princess would do that to him.

“Izzy, why did you do that to me?” Alex shouts with his face turning red in discomfort.

“Sweetie, remember I told you to go topless without a lap top all weekend. Well, I decided you should go bottomless too, at least for a little while. Alex just stay in the water for now and I’ll give them back to you in bit,” laughs Isabel.

“Max and Michael warned me about this side of you and I wouldn’t listen. I see this whole other side of you that enjoys playing practical jokes,” states Alex.

“Oh Alex, I’m sorry I got caught up in the fun. I didn’t mean to upset you. It was just a silly prank. I’m sorry,” says Isabel feeling bad to ever cause him a moment of pain or discomfort. She jumps down from the rock and swims to Alex and gives him back his swim shorts. “Forgive me Alex,” says Isabel looking like she’s about to cry.

“Princess I could never stay angry with you for long, you know that. I will enjoy your making this up to me. I love you Isabel and I always will,” says Alex offering her a soft tender kiss.

Max says, “All right guys let’s all kiss and makeup and then go back to camp and get something to eat.”

“Great idea Babe, I’m hungry,” says Liz.

“Maria… I’m still waiting,” says Michael impatiently. He’s still a little pissed at her, yet and at the same time admires her prank wishing he’s thought of it first. He smiles to himself. Michael and Maria complement each other in their own unique way. Maria surrenders Michael’s swim trunks to him deciding she didn’t want to push him too much. Mystic returns Kyle’s trunks, as well.

“Hey now that we all have our trunks back let’s go get something to eat. I’m hungry,” says Alex rubbing his stomach.

“What is with you Alex? How can anyone eat as much as you do and still be so thin,” Maria says with envy.

“Aw Maria, you just weren’t blessed with my metabolism. That’s okay, just hate me for that,” replies Alex.

The gang goes back to camp and begins to gather food for making a meal for the entire group. The guys grab a couple of bags of potato chips and begin munching before dinner is made.

“Hey guys don’t fill up on munchies,” warns Maria. They guys all roll their eyes at her and continue to munch away on their snacks.

The guys take a short walk away from the girls to resume Kyle and Alex’s previous discussion
about jumping on the wedding proposal band wagon. Kyle and Alex look to Max and now Michael that have braved this experience to offer advice to their friends.

“It looks like you two are out to make Kyle and I look bad,” says Alex. “I’ve been thinking about asking Isabel to marry me for a while now. I mean it feels right and makes sense even though people will think I’m insane to get married at this age, but I don’t see the point in waiting another minute to be with the right woman and letting the world know she’s mine,” states Alex.

“I know what you mean Alex. Mystic is it for me. There’s no one that can hold a candle to her. In my eyes she’s perfect. I just can’t figure out what the heck she’s doing with me as her bonded mate. I guess I shouldn’t question it and just thank all the stars in the heavens and Antar that we’ve found each other. Yeah, I suppose it’s about time I make an honest hybrid out of her,” jokes Kyle.

“So, Max and Michael tell us what to do and how to do it,” sighs Alex. He takes a deep breath and listens to his friends’ advice and experiences hoping for guidance to somehow direct him.

“Yeah we need your advice. God help me I’m asking Max and Michael for advice about how to propose,” says Kyle shaking his head at the irony of it all.

“Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Right Max,” says Michael receiving Max’s nod of agreement.

“Guys calm down. You’re already bonded mates to your girls. You know this isn’t a race. If it’s the right time for you to ask them, then do it. Don’t feel that because I’m already married to Liz and Michael just proposed to Maria that you two guys have to rush to join the club. However, you do realize the girls will be day dreaming about getting married and excited about Michael’s proposal to Maria. Even having said that it doesn’t mean that you guys have to propose and get married at the same time. I’d suggest leaving the planning up to the girls and of course Isabel,” smirks Max.

“I feel like I’m ready to ask Isabel,” states Alex straightening the hem of his shirt as if firming his resolve. I want to take Isabel for a walk later and do some star gazing out here in the woods like we did that one night, but this time I’ll take her in my arms and ask her to marry me,” says Alex smiling at the plan that has unfolded in his mind of the perfect proposal.

“I hate to remind you Alex…if you ask our sister to marry you, don’t you think you should have a ring at least,” reminds Max.

“Crap! I forgot about having everything in place. I just got caught up in the moment of asking her,” confesses Alex.

“Man, you’ve been around Max here too long. That romantic thoughtful stuff is rubbing off on you,” teases Kyle.

“Shut up Valenti. You’re in the same boat with Mystic. So, suck it up buddy,” counters Alex.

“Alex, I think I might have thought of a way I can help you out with at least the diamond part of the proposal. Did you guys bring any briquettes for the camp BBQ stove we brought?” asks Max.

“Yeah, I did. Why do you ask?” says Kyle.

“Just at little something I’ve wanted to try since I saw that Superman movie, but never had the opportunity to try,” shrugs Max.

“Okay, I don’t follow but I trust you Max,” says Alex.

Kyle scratches his brow and asks, “Do you think you could hook me up too, I know I should really do this now too. It’s been something I’ve thought a lot about. I have a feeling Arianna’s been nagging us in our dreams,” jokes Kyle.

“Yeah sure Kyle, just promise me you’ll pick your time and your own way to ask her and be sincere,” says Max.

“Of course. Hey, I’m an original. They broke the mold after they made Kyle Valenti,” quips Kyle.

“Yes, and we’re all thankful for that,” teases Alex causing all of the guys to burst into laughter.

“I think we’d better head back. The girls are staring at us suspiciously like they plan on getting the info out of us one way or another,” says Kyle running his hand through his hair.

“Yeah, Good luck Kyle and Alex. Isabel and Mystic will get it out of you one way or another,” laughs Max.

“Hey guys, dinner is ready. Help yourself. The burgers and hot dogs are over there on the picnic table, along with the rest of the stuff and potato and macaroni salads,” adds Liz. Alex and Kyle seem to eat with extra gusto realizing it must be their nerves.

After dinner and everyone’s stomach is content and settled. The girls get out the Twister game and suggest a game of Twister with the guys to set the tone for the rest of the evening. The girls plan to seduce the info out of their guys is now at hand.

“That sounds like fun. But no strip Twister you two,” says Michael pointing at Max and Liz accusingly.

“Hey we’re innocent. We didn’t mention a word about playing strip Twister. That’s a private two person version,” says Liz blushing remembering the last time she and Max tried that.

“Look, I don’t want to know so please don’t share any details,” says Isabel shacking her head at her shy brother and his wife. Time sure has changed for those two. Isabel looks at her friend Maria and see’s how Michael looks at her with such love cherishing her in all that he does inspite of his inability to always express himself with his words. ‘He’s so different from Max yet he still has his own way of expressing himself that’s special.’ A tear of happiness sheds from Isabel’s eyes feeling happy to see both of her brothers so happy and in love. She feels like it’s her turn to take her place in that kind of complete happiness that they already know and enjoy. Isabel looks at Alex and feels that kind of fierce love towards him and smiles happily.

Mystic looks at Kyle and takes in the scene before her of this makeshift family of hers and smiles feeling lucky. She sees something in Kyle’s eyes that tells her he needs to talk to her later when they’re alone. Yet she doesn’t feel any reason for concern. Mystic opens her connection to Kyle. ‘What’s up Jock Boy? You’ve either been gossiping or scheming with the guys earlier. Care to share what that was all about.’ says Mystic sending him the image of her kissing his earlobe and blowing in his ear. Kyle’s face suddenly flushes with red because of the images Mystic sent him.

Kyle looks up, his mind caught on the image Mystic just sent him. Kyle’s eyes meet hers with a spark of mischief in them. ‘So, trying to seduce me from way over there, huh? Well, it’s working, but hold that thought for later when we are alone,’ Kyle says to Mystic through their connection. Mystic winks and mouths the word ‘okay’ to him.

“Hey, whatever works Jock Boy? Play your cards right and you won’t need to sleep in that extra tent tonight,” smirks Mystic with a secret smile on her lips.

Kyle beams, “Oh I’ll be good, I promise.”

“Oh I know you will…be good,” says Mystic flirtatiously.

“Eww Girlfriend, did you have to say that part out loud,” sputters Maria smiling and teasing them.

“I swear Max and Liz are infectious, just look at everyone,” adds Isabel.

“In that case then we’ll all be getting in our aerobic fitness later,” comments Kyle.

“Hey, a guy can always hope, right?” laughs Michael.

“Good. I think it’s safe to say you won’t be needing hope this weekend, eh Spaceboy,” replies Maria looking down at her engagement ring and beaming.

After dinner everyone pitches into help with dishes and putting all their food away. Then a fun and spirited game of Twister happens. “Ouch, I don’t think I’m supposed to move that way,” says Kyle.

“Come on, you’re a jock and supposed to have a conditioned body,” teases Mystic.

“Well, it is conditioned for sports etc… Just not this contortionist type positions that Twister gets you into,” states Kyle.

“Okay no more comments about contortionists please, we just ate,” says Isabel rolling her eyes.

“I think that’s enough of that game for all of us for one night. Let’s just hope we won’t be in traction by morning,” laughs Michael.

The couples all go off their separate ways to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful evening out in the woods and admire how great the stars look at night. Alex and Isabel grab flashlights and go for a walk and to star gaze. Maria and Michael decided to just go for a walk and talk a little about picking out a wedding date.

“Jim told me that we have to tell Amy as soon as we get back. Jim said he didn’t like the idea of keeping anything like this from her. So, I promised him that we’d talk to her as soon as we get back from camping, okay,” says Michael hoping to get her agreement. He does.

“This is so great Michael. You made me feel so special and loved proposing the way that only you could. Thank you,” says Maria sealing her words with a tender kiss.

“Anything for my fiancé,” beams Michael.

“Good answer Spaceboy, remember that one okay,” teases Maria throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss in the moonlight.

“You know Max everyone’s gone off for a little while leaving just the two of us all by ourselves,” says Liz innocently.

“And…just what did you have in mind?” says Max wiggling his eye brows at her.

“Well, there was a mention earlier of us skinny dipping later tonight. It is later and I was just wondering if you wanted to do that,” says Liz grabbing Max by the front of his shirt and pulling him in for a passionate kiss.

Max looks around in the directions there friends left, “Since no one’s here we could…uh try out the tent or if you really want to go skinny dipping we could do that. Either way I’m all yours Liz,” says Max returning her kisses with equal passion and hunger.

“Well, since everyone’s out walking we should probably delay that skinny dipping until they are all back at camp and were alone out there for our skinny dipping plans,” suggests Liz.

“Damn, so we’ll wait. Hey, what about making some smores. You did promise me smores Babe, and we are all alone to enjoy them just the two of us,” reminds Max.

“I always keep my promises to you Max. Remember you still owe me on the skinny dipping later though,” says Liz whispering seductively in his ear.

“I always keep my promises to my beautiful temptress of a wife,” says Max.

“You’re so going to get lucky later,” giggles Liz quietly as she moves closer to give him a gentle tender kiss that hints at more to come.

“Oh really, is that a promise. That’s something I’m hoping to be the case,” says Max playfully.

Max and Liz gather some fire wood for their camp fire and light their lanterns casting a warm romantic glow on their camp. They get their smores supplies situated and have their own smores making contest. Max and Liz decide it was a draw since both love feeding the other the smores and licking off any mess left behind. When the others returned from their walk they found just the campfire and lanterns glow and some intermittent occasional voices coming from Max and Liz’s tent. Everyone blushed at that.

“It figures they are the first ones to go to bed. They’re probably back working on that alien lovemaking record in there,” jokes Kyle. “Hey don’t look at me like that. You’re all thinking the same thing,” adds Kyle.

“Well Spaceboy, you feeling up to the challenge,” says Maria seductively.

“Bring it on, Blondie,” states Michael totally captivated by Maria savoring the love and pure joy in her eyes tonight.

“On that note let the competition begin,” states Kyle taking Mystic by the hand and leading her to his tent.

“Good Night guys, sounds like my evening is set,” blushes Mystic.

“Yeah see ya in the morning guys. Good night,” greets Isabel and Alex.

Everyone decides to call it an early night taking Max and Liz’s lead for the rest of the evening. It’s a good thing the tents for the most part have been sound proof.

********************************To Be Continued************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 42 p.11 18, Jun

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jun 18, 2005 1:04 pm

Hi Everyone~ :D

I hope everyone is doing well this week. Oh and remember tomorrow is Father's Day at least here in the US. I hope that everyone remembers all those important guys in there life on Father's day. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been reading my story. I really love reading all the comments and seeing the thread count each week. So, Thank You, all. I hope you will like this new part and have a great weekend. :wink:

Grace52373-Well, we'll see the guys need to have their rings first and the courage to find the right moment to ask the girls the big question. Of course the guys will be bundle of nerves. I think they can feel confident in the answers they'll get. This is some camping trip to have one marriage proposal so far and two more in the wings. I'd say that makes Frasier woods one heck of a camping spot. :lol:

LoveIsForever- Oh boy, you had one of those weeks, eh. Well, I hope my story was able to take your mind off of all of that even just for a little while. I loved what you said about the pouting comment that is so true. They really look so damn adorable when they do that don't they. I thought it was fun to show Alex and Kyle suddenly finding themselves looking to Max and Michael for advice. Max we can all understand, but Michael that just makes me laugh. I had to write that in there. I'm glad you enjoyed part 41. I hope you'll find this week's part 42 equallyenjoyable and funny. Take care and I hope your week went easier. :wink:

roswellian504- Oh boy did you get that right. I'm sure all that noise will scare the wild animals away. This camping trip sure beats the heck out of the Father's and kids camping trip to Frasier woods in the show, eh? LOL and the best part it's Tess less. :D :lol: Ah, the camping trip isn't over yet, its sure been interesting so far. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you'll like this weeks part. Have a great weekend. :wink:

AJK001-Hi :D Your welcome :wink: The girls haven't even started thinking about any proposals from their guys yet. They're just enjoying the camping trip and happy for Maria and Michael. I'm sure Isabel and Mystic's thoughts will turn in that direction at some point. Right now, they're just so happy for Maria and talking to her about her plans they haven't really absorbed or anticipated anything yet from their guys.
Thank you for your kind words. I'm just happy that you're enjoying my story and took the time to comment. I really appreciate hearing your comments as the story unfolds, it's all part of the fun. Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope you have a great week. :wink:

Cherie- Hi :D Congrats on your nomination :D You definitely deserve it. Oh now would I forget to include Max and Liz skinny dipping? Never. It's coming you'll have to read this weeks post for that :wink: Yeah, Its great to see Michael and Maria so happy. I'm happy to spread the word about WR's new story. He's got me sucked in already. Have a great week and take care and Congrats again on your nomination :wink:

sylvia37- Hey Sylvia~ It's great to hear from you again. I did finish reading your story and left my own commentary. I loved that story so much and I cried that its over. That was a tremendous story and it truly was a masterpiece. I can't wait for your next story.... Of course Max and Liz would win... This is my Max and Liz. And well, can you blame Liz. I know I sure couldn't. I told her enjoy and make all woman kind proud or let me be her stand in. LOL!!! What? I'd make that sacrifice for art wouldn't you? LOL!!! :wink: :lol: Thanks for your comments and I hope you'll enjoy this next part too. Take care and keep in touch. :wink:

Part 42

Last time we left off with everyone deciding to call it a night and go to bed, not necessarily to sleep though. The girls have their previously discussed plans at hand to put into action to seduce the info out of their guys about what the guys are so secretive about. At least it’s a much more positive approach to interrogation and probably more productive as well.

Max and Liz doze off after making love. They later lie awake comfortably in each others arms. Liz raises her head from Max’s chest to look in his eyes. One of Max’s hands runs through Liz’s silky long tresses while his other hand caresses the smooth skin on her bare back. Liz sighs and asks, “Babe, so care to tell me what you guys were talking about earlier today?”

Max replies, “You know I can’t reveal that secret. You’ll know soon enough. Besides, it’s not my secret to tell.” Max comments raising his head to move closer in order to kiss her as she moves up his body to rest eye level with him.

Liz raises an eyebrow at his refusal to tell her. She formulates a plan. “Honey, let’s go for that midnight swim we talked about earlier. Oh and we should bring our towels and clothes even though we won’t need them once we’re in the water,” Liz says nonchalantly as she stands naked before him leaving him mesmerized. She grabs a towel and her swimming suit and opts to carry her swim suit and wraps the towel around her. “Come on Max, I’ll make it worth your while,” winks Liz suggestively. Max quickly stands, grabs his towel, and wraps it around his waist. He carries his swim trunks in his hand. “I’m definitely calling you on that offer right now. Let’s go,” grins Max.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen you move that fast to get out of bed before,” giggles Liz.

“Shush! We don’t want to wake everyone else up,” whispers Max gently pressing a finger to her lips. Liz looks into his warm eyes and kisses his finger pressed to her lips. “Come on, let’s go Liz.” Max guides her silently away from camp and towards the swimming hole. He wills himself to keep in check until they get to the swimming hole. Liz senses the reason for his silence walking all the way to their destination. She smiles secretly looking down letting her long hair to fall in her face draping her smile from him as they walk on. Liz revels in the idea that she has the power to make Max loose his famous control over his emotions. Anyone that knows him well enough knows that if you look into his eyes they always give away his feelings regardless of his body language. Liz is lost in her thoughts of Max and her plans for him that will soon be put into action; she steps on an uneven rock and sprains her ankle.

“Ouch! Damn, that hurts. I think I might have broken my ankle,” Liz says wiping the silent tears from her face.

Max sweeps her up in his arms and carries Liz a short distance finding a place to sit down with her still in his arms and now sitting on his lap. “Let me see how bad it is Liz,” Max states with his voice full of concern hating the idea of her being in the slightest bit of pain or discomfort.
Max uses his powers to check her ankle. “Liz you sprained your ankle. I can fix it.” He concentrates releasing a small burst of his healing energy to her ankle repairing the damage.

“Thanks Honey,” Liz says moving her ankle now freely without pain.

“Anything for you,” he says offering her a kiss.

“You want to know something,” giggles Liz. “I’ve never told you this before. When you heal me it makes me feel like what I think being drunk must feel like.”

“Oh really, so does that mean I have your permission to take advantage of you like this,” grins Max.

“You never need to ask about that. Max you’re so silly. Just know that you have my implicit consent always, and that I love your ears,” Liz giggles while being held in the safety of his arms.

“So that’s all that you love about me, huh, is my ears,” sighs Max pretending to be hurt. Liz leans in closer to him drinking in his intoxicating amber eyes and kisses his neck. She then decides to enjoy his ears a little bit and sucks on one of his earlobes and blows in his ear.

“See, that’s why I love your ears. Everything about you is sexy and I can’t help myself,” purrs Liz.

Max takes her face in his hands and looks at her. He then kisses her so passionately that when the kiss brakes off Liz comments, “Whoa, I think you made me see stars. God, I love you Max and those incredible kisses that you give me,” sighs Liz.

“Liz, let’s go skinny dipping and see if we can see the stars and the constellations. I’d like to check out a little cavern I discovered by the waterfall earlier,” Max says caressing her arms with the touch of his hand causing it to glow everywhere making her shiver with desire in its wake. Max stands and Liz decides to get off of his lap to stand on her own.

“I can walk on my own now Honey,” Liz says.

“I know that. I don’t want you leaving my arms for the rest of the night,” Max says as he scoops her up and precedes walking with his love to the swimming hole. Once there they find a place to put their clothes and towels while they go skinny dipping. They take in the brightness of the full moon’s light dancing and sparkling on the water creating a very romantic atmosphere for these two lovers. They splash around playfully and enjoy their privacy to be this free with each other. Max guides her over to the cavern by the waterfall he mentioned earlier. They embrace and lovingly kiss and cherish each others bodies making love in their quiet secluded haven. Max and Liz fall asleep spent in the others arms, the only home they’ll ever need. Liz awakens to the sound of birds chirping and dappled sunlight beginning to emerge on the horizon. She lifts her head from Max’s chest expecting to see him asleep only to see him looking down at her.

“Good morning beautiful,” he smiles.

“Good morning handsome,” replies Liz smiling up at him.

“I suppose we have to go and get our things. We should get back to camp before anyone realizes what we’ve been up to,” says Max.

“Max this is us okay, our family already guesses nine times out of ten that when we disappear somewhere together exactly what we’ve been up to. Face it, we’re busted no matter what,” laughs Liz.

“Oh yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still fun to sneak around so I can have my wicked way with you,” Max says with a goofy smile.

“Point taken,” grins Liz.

“So, no real hurry then to get back to camp just after sunrise then, huh?” asks Max.

“No. Besides we have our tradition of greeting the new day to uphold, no matter where we are,” Liz says as she begins blazing a trail of kisses down his chest. He closes his eyes in anticipation of her destination. He stops Liz’s movement and rolls her onto her back.

“I don’t think I properly greeted my wife this morning. Mind if I correct that over site right now” Max says rhetorically. Liz replies by arching herself into him melting into his form and rocking her hips. They make love and decide they should get back before Maria discovers they’re gone and has Jim out there searching for them.

Max and Liz walk hand in hand back into camp both carrying their swimsuits and securely wrapped up in their towels. Their eyes lock and no words are needed to see the love communicated between them. It’s then that Maria steps out of her tent to go brush her teeth.

“Good morning you two, sneaking back to camp I see. You’re so busted. What are you two, Roswell’s answer to the energizer bunnies,” teases Maria.

“Maria! Shush, don’t wake the others,” whispers Liz blushing at her comments. Max stands beside Liz holding her hand. He sheepishly grins and blushes while he scratches behind his ear nervously.

“Oh don’t even try to look innocent Girlfriend. You’re both busted,” giggles Maria on her way to the campground bathroom facilities.

Just then Isabel groans, “Tell me that you two didn’t just sneak off and do what Maria said.”

“Hey we’re married and we can do whatever we want wherever we want Iz. So deal with it. Should I be asking you and Alex the nature of your tent activities last night,” says Max turning the tables on his sister.
“Okay, point taken,” Isabel blushes.

The rest of the gang gets up hearing the talking and movements in their camp. Michael gets up and emerges from his and Maria’s tent.

“Hey Max and Liz, good morning,” greets Michael yawning and stretching then grimacing in pain.

“Michael what’s wrong,” Max says slightly amused guessing at what’s wrong with his brother.

“Max I think I could use some help. I think I strained my back last night. It must’ve been that I slept on it wrong or something,” Michael says making up an excuse that he thinks will work.

“Uh huh, a likely story. We just saw Maria looking particularly chipper and proud of herself. I think we know why now,” laughs Max.

“Hey, are you going to heal my back or what?” asks Michael. Liz listens to this exchange and excuses herself giggling in search of Maria.

“Hey Chica, gees put the hurt to poor Michael. He’s having Max heal his back right now. I’m not even going to ask what happened. I can guess well enough,” grins Liz. Liz loves being able to make Maria blush for a change and teasing her for a while.

“I have no idea of what you’re talking about,” Maria says trying not to get into this with Liz.

“Maria drop the act, this is me okay. What’s wrong? You can dish out the teasing to me and Max but you can’t take it when it’s served to you and Michael,” Liz says knowing Maria won’t be upset but will admit her defeat.

“Okay, you got me on that one Chica. We were a little enthusiastically celebrating our engagement last night,” grins Maria dreamily.

“Oh really, any details you’d care to share Chica?” teases Liz putting on her best Maria impersonation.

“Oh God, don’t encourage her Liz. I don’t want to hear any more of her exploits with Michael last night, anymore than I already heard,” Isabel adds and covers her mouth to stop from laughing at the look on Maria’s face.

“By the way what exactly is alien invasion I heard you shouting about last night,” asks Kyle walking up behind the girls to say hello.

“What? No, that wasn’t me,” Maria states stoically.

“Hmm, well who was it then?” asks Liz curiously.

Alex walks up beside Isabel and gives her a good morning kiss. Alex and Isabel listen to the girls ask about who was shouting something about alien invasion. Isabel and Alex look at each other with that deer in the headlights look.

“Um we forgot something in our tent. We’ll be back in a minute,” says Isabel blushing as is Alex. They quickly walk back to their tent looking suddenly very embarrassed and busted.

“Well, I think we know who the players were involved in that game,” says Maria with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re not going to pursue that, are you Maria?” asks Liz.

“Moi, have some fun teasing our Chica and Alex?” Maria says innocently.

“Right, what are you going to do?” asks Liz knowing her best friend all too well. “Maria, don’t tease them too much okay,” Liz adds.

“I want just a little bit of fun teasing them, just a teensy bit,” smiles Maria.

Once inside their tent Alex says, “Princess I know Maria and trust me she’s like a bloodhound. She’s already onto us and she’ll definitely tease us about this,” Alex says trying to prepare Isabel for whatever Maria says to embarrass them.

“I can handle Maria. We weren’t the only ones that got a little loud last night. Plus Michael hurt his back and asked Max to heal it for him. So, we can get her back,” Isabel says patting his hand reassuringly.

“Hey has anyone seen my Twister game?” asks Maria.

Mystic and Kyle look at each other and begin to look away, way too fast. Kyle decides to quickly change the focus of things. “Hey guys, what’s for breakfast, Michael?” asks Kyle looking from Max to Michael. “What? I’m really hungry,” says Kyle.

“Yeah, I think it’s safe to say we all are after last night,” Michael smirks.

“At least I’m not the one that hurt my back. I’ll tell Maria to go easy on you,” teases Kyle.

“Kyle, shut up,” says Michael. Max can’t help but enjoy this and laugh at them.

“Hey, I’m just glad it’s you guys and not me enduring the embarrassment,” states Max amused by all of this. Alex joins the guys discussing the menu for breakfast and good natured ribbing.

“Hey we need to talk about our plan,” whispers Alex looking off in the direction of the girls.

“Oh you mean yours and Kyle’s plan to pop the question and join the fun,” teases Max. Hey I did my part. I made you guys each diamonds for the girls rings,” says Max.

“Yes, we know. Thanks Max,” says Alex and Kyle. “Well, we can’t give them just a diamond,” says Kyle feeling suddenly unprepared.

“Hey don’t sweat it. Why don’t you give me some idea of the kind of setting you’d want the diamond in. I’ll see if there’s something here that could be used to make some nice settings,” suggests Max.

“Hey Bro you never offered to do this for me,” say Michael frowning at him.

“Well, these two need extra help Michael, they don’t share our DNA,” says Max.

“Okay, true. I’ll let you off the hook with that one,” says Michael with a smirk.

“So, what can Max and I do to help you two out?” asks Michael sincerely.

“Michael could you draw us the rings with the setting that Max asked about. Maybe Max could make the rings?” asks Kyle and Alex hopefully.

“Sure. We got your backs on this one, right Max,” says Michael.

“No problem, just describe the design and Michael will draw it and we’ll take it from there,” says Max. Kyle and Alex both sigh in relief.

Liz walks up to the guys who are whispering. She walks into Max’s embrace. “What can I do to help,” says Liz.

“You told her?” asks Kyle.

“She ruthlessly got the information out of me,” confesses a blushing Max giving Liz a kiss on the forehead pulling her closer to him.

“So, she seduced it out of you huh?” asks Alex.

“No comment,” says Max.

Michael closes his eyes and sighs, “Here comes Maria.”

“So Girlfriends what can Liz and I do to help you out with this?” asks Maria.

“You spilled too, huh?” asks Kyle.

“Um…Yeah, she got me to tell her,” says Michael looking down at the ground suddenly finding it interesting.

“Just how did you think Michael hurt his back anyways,” says Maria wiggling her eyebrows at Michael embarrassing him to no end.

“You both are so whipped,” says Kyle sighing in disgust.

“Hey, so are we,” says Alex defending his two friends.

“Yeah we are. You’re right,” sighs Kyle.

“Aww you love it and you know it,” says Maria looking at Kyle and Alex.

“Any suggestions on what kind of setting Isabel or Mystic might like for their engagement rings?” asks Kyle and Alex looking at Maria.

“What makes you think I would know that,” grins Maria giving Liz a wink.

“Uh, well I think Maria and I can help with that. What? We girls talk about things sometimes,” admits Liz.

Liz and Maria describe the two distinctly different designs to Michael as he draws them. Isabel’s ring design shows a marquis cut diamond with the symbol of a rose etched on each side along with the infinity symbol next to it with two starburst cut diamonds on each side. Mystic’s ring is a classic solitaire that has the symbol of interlocking rings delicately etched on each with the “V” formation on each side with channel set smaller diamonds.

“They’re really beautiful,” says Maria looking at the drawings Michael did based on her and Liz’s descriptions.

“Thanks. I like to draw a little too,” says Michael.

“You’re amazing Spaceboy,” says Maria looking at him lovingly.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Blondie,” says Michael handing the drawings to Max.

“What do you think Max? Do we have what we need here to make these; or do we need to make up an excuse to run into town with the drawings and diamonds and see if Roswell Jewelers can help us out?” asks Michael.

“Did any of us bring metal utensils?” asks Max.

“Yeah, here you go,” says Maria handing him a metal knife, fork, and spoon.

Max and Michael tell Maria and Liz to cover for them as they gather the drawings, the diamonds, and utensils as they go off into the woods for privacy to work on the rings as requested.

“Did you ever think we’d be making our friends engagement rings this weekend,” laughs Michael.

“No, that I definitely didn’t see coming, but I don’t mind helping out,” says Max.

Michael and Max use their powers. They each take a drawing, and a diamond and utensil and focus on the drawing then use their powers to make it form and take shape. Finally their efforts result successfully in the perfect replication of the drawing from paper to beautiful unique engagement rings.

“Hey we forgot to ask them about an inscription,” says Michael.

“We can leave something for them to add to it on their own,” says Max. I don’t think the girls will be complaining,” grins Max admiring their handy work.

“We do good work Bro, if I do say so myself,” says Michael.

Max and Michael walk back into camp where they are quickly greeted by Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle. All are anxious to see the final results of the rings.

“Those are really beautiful. Nice work Max and Michael,” agree Liz and Maria.

“Wow, thanks guys. This really means a lot to us,” says Alex amazed by his friends help and handy work.

“Hey, we’re just happy to help out, now the rest is up to the two of you,” Max says reassuringly handing each of the guys the correct ring for their girls.

“Good luck,” says Michael with a smile.

Max and Michael walk away with Liz and Maria talking quietly amongst themselves, “So when do you think they’ll pop the question to Isabel and Mystic,” asks Maria.

“I bet it will be tonight,” says Michael.

Max laughs, “So if we hear any especially loud screaming, we’ll know what it’s about.”

“You’re so bad, Babe,” laughs Liz.

“And don’t you ever forget just how bad I can be,” Max says kissing Liz tenderly infront of Michael and Maria.

“Don’t make me get the hose,” teases Maria.

“Hey we don’t mind getting wet,” grins Liz.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about our resident skinny dippers. I suppose you christened the swimming hole didn’t you?” asks Maria amused by Max and Liz’s expressions.

“You mean us? Did you mean just the swimming hole specifically or did you mean the general vicinity,” replies Liz leaving a stunned Michael and Maria in their wake. Max and Liz walk back towards their tent.

“You are so shameless Liz, why did you tell them that?” asks Max a little surprised by Liz’s comment.

“Well, she asked. That’ll teach her to ask us anything like that again,” laughs Liz.

“I don’t believe it; but I think you made Maria speechless. Well done, not even Michael is very lucky with doing that,” teases Max.

“You always leave me speechless and breathless,” confesses Liz.

“I try, and you do the same thing to me. Let’s hope we don’t kill each other,” says Max chasing after Liz as she giggles all the way to their tent.

“Max what are you doing?” says Liz watching him fuss with the entrance to their tent.

“I’m sealing it and sound proofing it,” says Max.

“Oh and why is that?” Liz says with teasing innocent smile.

“Well, I think I deserve a reward for my good deed today, and I think I’ve decided on just how I’d like that reward,” Max says seductively.

“In that case, far be it from me to deprive you of anything you want,” says Liz finding herself in Max’s arms and in the middle of a passionate kiss.

“Max maybe you and Michael should consider being jewelry designers,” Liz says breathlessly.

“Only if you can be my reward. I don’t think I’d get much work done though…too busy thoroughly enjoying my reward,” says Max as they lower themselves on to their sleeping bags.

They hear Maria turn on her boom box rather loudly. Liz says, ‘Thanks Chica,’ through her connection to her best friend.

‘Hey, great minds think alike,’ answers Maria.

Something tells me breakfast has been delayed. I’m thinking it looks more like a brunch sort of thing.

Kyle notices Max and Michael’s tents are both zipped shut. “Hey Alex, can you believe them,” teases Kyle.

Kyle thinks about it, “Hey, if you can’t beat them join’em. Mystic Honey,” calls Kyle.

“Yeah, I know what you mean…peer pressure. What can you do?” shrugs Alex. Alex looks around to see Mystic and Isabel talking. “Princess, there you are. I was just wondering…” Alex says before leaning in to whisper something in her ear. Isabel blushes and nods going with Alex back to their tent. She looks over her shoulder to say bye to Mystic but she see’s Kyle zipping up their tent.

“Oh well, this is some kind of morning. I wonder if Max and Liz really are infectious making us all just as bad as them,” Isabel thinks to herself then decides she doesn’t care. Some mysteries should just be left alone I guess.

*******************************To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 43 p.12 25, Jun

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jun 25, 2005 8:38 am

Hi Everyone :D

I hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend wherever you maybe. I'm hoping you're all having fun reading my story. This has been an interesting camping trip for the gang, huh? LOL!! Gees, I'm not much for camping myself too much of city girl I guess, but hey I suppose if I was going to share a tent with Max my lack of enthusiasm for camping would change too just like Liz. Hey, I'm a dreamer so what did you expect. Not that our stargazing and candy friends aren't included in their fun on this camping trip. Anyways, Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my story. I love reading the comments from those that choose to post them and seeing the thread count grow. My heart felt thanks to all that read my story, thank you.

LoveIsForever- Hi :D Thanks for the MIA note. I'll miss your usual great comments and quotes this weekend. I'm glad you enjoyed last week's post. There's more fun with the gang in this week's post. But I'll be here when you get back though. Have a great weekend. See ya later :wink:

cherie- Hey Girlfriend! I'm happy to hear that you liked last weeks post and the part about the rings and how Max and Michael made them. Hey what good are alien powers if you can't use them and have fun with them, right.

I'm thrilled for your nomination, Congrats again you certainly deserve it your a very gifted writer. :wink: Take care :wink:

roswellian504- Hi :D Oh gee, Thanks... Well I thought it would be fun to see the guys do something really sweet for their friends by making the rings. I agree, no animal would dare go near their campsite. I'm sure the sounds alone would be a deterrent for them no matter how much alien soundproofing of tents goes on. LOL!! Thanks again for your fun comments and for reading. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi :D Your very welcome. It's always nice to know that people are really reading the comments that you read and responding. I always try to make the effort to do that. It's the least I can do. You're reading and commenting it would be rude not to respond to your comments in kind. I love doing that part anyways, it's my pleasure. I thought that part was fun with the rings and it made them more special because they were made for the girls specifically. I always enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend okay. :wink: Take care :wink:

Part 43

About an hour later everyone emerges from their tents each with a bit of a blush and guilty look on their grinning faces. Kyle looks around unable to restrain himself from making a comment. “What? Okay, so were all busted. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ravenous. Let’s get breakfast going, okay?” suggests Kyle.

“Great idea, I’ll see what’s on the menu and get started on whipping something up for us to eat,” says Michael suddenly anxious to avoid any further scrutiny. Michael moves over to the coolers locked in their cars and begins to sort through what supplies he needs to make everyone a hearty breakfast.

“Hey Michael, wait up. I’ll help you carry some of that stuff,” offers Max. Max helps Michael carry the eggs, bell peppers, onion, and cheese along with bread and fruit.

“What exactly are you going to make for breakfast,” Max asks looking over the combination of groceries in his arms.

“I’m making Denver omelets. Oh hand me that ham, too please,” says Michael.

“Hmm. Yummy, do you think there’s enough here, everyone looks really hungry this morning,” adds Max.

“Yeah we have more than enough. I remembered to add extra, because of how much Kyle and Alex eat,” smirks Michael.

“Yeah, that’s what I meant,” laughs Max. Max finds himself acting as Michael’s soux chef helping cut up the peppers and onions. Maria and Liz come over to help Max and Michael in fixing breakfast for the gang.

“Hey guys, need any help?” asks Liz and Maria. Liz walks to Max and wraps her arms around his back hugging him. Maria can’t resist the urge to do the same to Michael and whisper a little something in his ear to make him blush slightly.

“Blondie, that’s not helping me fix breakfast. Hold that thought for later okay,” smiles Michael.

Liz nuzzles Max’s ear, “Liz, uh if you don’t stop that right now, I’ll be having more than just breakfast right here and now,” warns Max.

Liz giggles, “Hmm, promises, promises. I’ll be good for now and leave you to help Michael get breakfast. Just remember I’m really hungry after this morning.”

Maria and Liz leave their guys to make breakfast for the gang. Maria comments, “Girlfriend you are so bad practically attacking Max as he was chopping up stuff for Michael.”

“Oh and like you were keeping your distance from Michael, as if I didn’t notice you’re doing your best to distract him too,” teases Liz.

“Okay, we’re both guilty. Damn, who knew loving aliens could be so addictive. Hey, I wonder if that’s one of their powers,” jokes Maria.

“Well if it is, I’m certainly not saying a thing. I’m not stupid,” grins Liz.

“Yep, we got it so bad for our guys don’t we,” states Maria. Liz smiles and nods her agreement.

“Maria, when are you going to tell your mom about Michael’s proposal? Jim mentioned it had better be immediately because he didn’t want to keep it from Amy and deal with her temper about his keeping anything from her,” Liz states.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. I think we should tell her immediately once we get back to town. I don’t want Roswell’s famous gossip mill beating me to telling her. I think now that she’s been filled in about Michael and everything I think she’ll be okay with this news,” smiles Maria.

“Of course Michael’s won her over. She’ll be okay with it. You already told her the really big news. This is the easy kind of news to break to her,” reassures Liz.

“Thanks Liz for saying that,” Maria says hugging Liz.

“Anytime.” ‘Welcome to the I’m marrying an alien club,’ says Liz.

“If you want, Max and I could go with your for emotional support when you two tell your mom,” offers Liz.

“Thanks, but I think we’ll be okay,” sighs Maria.

Michael comments to Max, “So want to wager on when Kyle and Alex get around to popping the question to the girls?”

“I’m betting it will be tonight, our last night camping,” says Max.

“I bet only one of them gets the nerve to ask,” says Michael.

“No way, they’ll ask them tonight. I have a feeling,” Max says confidently.

Isabel watches Alex and Kyle stand away from the camp and talk quietly. “Mystic have you noticed Alex and Kyle seem to be doing a lot of that lately. Do you have any idea what that’s about?” asks Isabel.

“No, I don’t know what that’s about. They do seem to be glancing over at us every once in a while. Do you suppose it’s something to do with us?” speculates Mystic.

“I don’t know. It does concern me when those two start teaming up,” jokes Isabel.

“Maybe we should come up with our own little plan to make them tell us what’s going on,” suggests Mystic with glint in her eyes.

“What are you thinking about doing? And definitely count me in,” smiles Isabel.

“Let’s see if we can get Liz and Maria to help us on this one. After all, they know how to make their guys cave. Maybe they have a few pointers for us that could be helpful,” suggests Mystic.

“Okay, but I really don’t want to hear about any sexual exploits of them and my brothers’ okay,” states Isabel shaking such thoughts from her mind.

“Of course, none of those sorts of details,” nods Mystic.

After a huge and filling breakfast the gang decides to go hiking around Frasier woods. “Hey isn’t this the spot that we found that symbol that one time on the fathers and kids camping trip?” asks Alex.

“Yeah it is. We must be really close to the reservation from here. Remember River Dog showed up that night,” says Michael.

“I remember I wore those ridiculous boots camping and Liz had to pay me to come,” laughs Maria.

“I bet this path must lead to the reservation,” says Kyle.

“Yeah, let’s go say hi to River Dog and Eddie,” suggests Liz.

“Hey, I never liked the way Eddie looked at you Liz,” states Max with a hint of jealousy.

“Max, you have nothing to worry about. I never noticed anyone but you looking at me,” admits Liz.

“Right, not until Alex and I kept telling you that thousands of times. Right Alex,” Maria says receiving Alex’s agreement.

“Yeah, they were so cute, both of them in denial about the other staring at them. Now look at them. They can’t keep their hands off of each other,” laughs Alex.

“Honey, I think they just made fun of us,” says Liz.

“That’s okay, they’re just envious,” teases Max.

The couples walk along the path finding their way to the reservation and visiting with River Dog and Eddie. Max watched Eddie with guarded protective eyes where Liz was concerned.

“Max you didn’t need to give Eddie the evil eye and reminding him we’re married now,” teases Liz enjoying see the jealous side of Max surface if only a tiny bit.

“Aww look somebody needs a hug,” says Kyle making fun of Max.

“Bro, Liz only has eyes for you. As for Eddie…well, he can think whatever he wants. It isn’t going to happen. I noticed he looked over my Maria pretty well. He knows not to piss us off. We are aliens, and that’s a can of whoop ass he doesn’t open,” states Michael.

“Gees listen to you guys. Didn’t you notice River Dog took Eddie aside and told him he’d better stop it. He did. He knows not to cross River Dog or us,” states Isabel.

“Yeah, men what can you do with them,” states Mystic with a shrug.

“We’re going to take off for a while,” says Liz leading Max back to their camp.

“Please tell me you aren’t serious about being jealous of Eddie?” asks Liz.

“Well, I didn’t appreciate the way he looked at you Liz,” states Max trying to avoid her gaze.

“I think Kyle’s right. You do need a hug, but I have something better in mind for you,” Liz says with her eyes locked on his lips as they meet in a heated passionate kiss.

“Liz, I think I need more reassuring,” smiles Max.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” says Liz as she unbuttons his shirt in the privacy of their tent. Liz kisses her way down to his waist band pulling his shirt free.

“What about the others, they might hear us Liz,” says Max. Liz stops her actions letting her eyes meet his and then leaves the tent. “Liz…Honey, where’d you go?”

Liz returns with Maria’s boom box and selects her favorite radio station that happens to be playing Three Doors Down new CD. Liz enters the tent leaving the boom box just outside their tent. “There, problem solved,” Liz says turning up the volume. “Now where were we,” giggles Liz.
“I think I can help you out with that part,” Max says with a sexy smile.

“How much you want to bet their back in their tent going at it right now like bunnies,” jokes Maria.

Michael looks at Maria with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. “We gotta go, see ya later guys and good luck,” says Maria taking Michael by the hand and leading him off in the general direction of camp.

Isabel and Mystic look at each other and think about what Maria just said. “What did Maria mean by saying good luck looking at the two of you?” asks Isabel.

Mystic shouts to Maria, “What did you mean by wishing the guys good luck?” Maria turns around smiling.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Relax and have fun, it’s all good,” reassures Maria turning back to Michael continuing walking their way to camp.

“Okay, what was that all about? And you two had better talk or…or…we’ll use our powers on you,” says an anxious Mystic wanting to know what this is about.

“I think I could cheerfully strangle Maria right now for that,” says Kyle.

“I know what you mean,” says Alex.

“Mystic I think we need to go and take a walk by the swimming hole. I need to talk to you about something,” says Kyle nervously cracking his knuckles.

“On that note, I think Isabel and I should leave you two alone to have that talk. Come on Princess there’s something important I need to ask you about,” says Alex cryptically.

“Alex what’s this all about?” asks Isabel now beginning to wonder and worry about what Alex wants to ask her.

“I’ll tell you. Just give me a few minutes to collect my thoughts. Walk with me?” asks Alex holding out his hand to her. Isabel takes his hand. Alex brings her hand to his lips and delivers a soft kiss, showing how much he loves and cherishes her. Isabel sighs in relief realizing whatever it is he has to say he still loves her no matter what.

“Sure, Alex,” replies Isabel. She’s relieved by his simple words and actions. The sun is beginning to set as it is now dusk. They continue to walk in silence with hands intertwined with the others. Alex stops suddenly.

“Do you remember this spot Isabel? I always wanted to take you out here and look at the stars with you. It’s so peaceful and beautiful out here and it reminds me of you, my beautiful Princess,” Alex says with tears in his eyes.

“Alex?” Isabel asks not sure of what to make of all of this. He guides her over to a large rock for her to sit on and urges her to sit. “I have something to ask you and I can only hope you’ll give me the answer I’m hoping for,” says Alex his voice unsteady with emotion. Isabel nods that she’s listening as she squeezes his hand offering her support.

“Princess, you know that I love you and I’d do anything for you. But I need to ask if you could do something for me?” asks Alex.

“Yes, Alex I’d do anything for you. I love you remember,” smiles Isabel.

“Good answer, I like that one. Now for the big question,” Alex lets out a sigh and looks up at the stars that are becoming more visible as the sun sets. “Isabel, I realize that I’m just an average geeky guy that for some miraculous reason has been blessed with finding the love of his life in you. Would you do me the honor of marrying me?” asks Alex now before her on bended knee retrieving her ring from his pocket. Isabel pauses to play back in her mind what he just asked her. She’s in shock and looks at the ring as it dawns on her what he just asked her.

Isabel tackles Alex, “Yes!! Alex, Yes I’ll marry you,” shouts Isabel not caring who hears her. Isabel kisses Alex passionately completely forgetting she’s pinned him to the ground.

“Isabel, did you just say yes?” asks Alex also in shock by her answer.

Alex’s smile widens and he shouts, “Yes, she’s mine. She said yes.” He wraps his arms around her kissing her soundly.

“Let’s go back to camp and tell everyone our good news,” suggests Isabel.

“Sure, but first…could we spend some quality time just holding each other and gazing at the stars?” Ask Alex.

“Alex this ring is so beautiful. Did you have it made for me, because it’s absolutely perfect,” says a beaming Isabel.

“Yes, you could say it was custom made. Max and Michael helped me with out with it,” admits Alex sheepishly.

“Max and Michael helped you make my ring?” asks Isabel.

“Its so perfect how did you know this is exactly what I wanted,” asks Isabel.

“Well, it was sort of an inside job with Liz and Maria. They told me what you said when you saw Maria’s ring and told them what you’re ideal engagement ring would look like. Please don’t be angry with them for telling me. I got Michael to draw the ring and Max made them based on what the girls described from what you told them. I just wanted it to be special and perfect like you are,” says Alex hoping she’s not upset about any of this.

“No, I’m not upset. I’m amazed that they all were in on this. It’s very sweet of all of them to help and make something unique. I love it, I love you, and our whacky family,” says Isabel delivering tender kisses onto Alex’s lips. “I really want to go back to camp and tell everyone,” says Isabel

“I think it would be best if we wait a little while,” says Alex cryptically.

“Why? Wait! Is this why you and Kyle both have been talking secretively,” asks Isabel.

Alex nods, “Yes, and I have a feeling you’re not going to be the only one with news to share when we get back to camp. So, let’s just star gaze for a little while longer, then we’ll head back to camp,” suggests Alex.

Isabel smiles excitedly, “Wow, so Kyle is proposing to Mystic too. I guess there’s something to be said for the magic of Frasier woods huh,” grins Isabel as she snuggles into Alex’s loving embrace as they look at the stars and just enjoy the moment.

“Kyle, what’s going on? Why did Maria say that stuff wishing you and Alex good luck? Don’t think Isabel and I haven’t noticed how the two of you have been awfully secretive since yesterday. You’d better tell me what this is all about Kyle Valenti, or I’ll make the earth move and not in the way you’d like it too,” warns Mystic with her hands firmly on her hips suggesting she’ll do just that and kick his ass.

“Gees, no need for the threats, I’ll talk I swear,” says Kyle holding his hands up in defeat.

“Good, so spill it Jock Boy,” says Mystic tapping her foot impatiently.

“God, I love a feisty woman,” says Kyle.

“Kyle, Damn it!!” says Mystic not the least bit amused by his comments with a slight rumbling as though thunder is threatening in the distance.

“Gees, Honey, calm down all right. Phew! Okay. There is something I did want to talk to you about. I wanted to ask you how you felt about us?” asks Kyle.

“Well, aside from being momentarily pissed by your evasiveness. I’m happy with you Kyle. You make me feel loved and special. I never had that before you and the others came to the Colony. Now, I feel like I’ve found everything that was missing in my life,” says Mystic searching his eyes for his reaction and reason for asking this.
Kyle smiles at her reply, “Phew! That’s a relief. I have something to ask you, so don’t be pissed at me just listen, okay. Okay, here goes… I love you and you’re the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Mystic, will you marry me?” asks Kyle now kneeling down on one knee and fishing something out of his pocket awkwardly. “There it is, Phew!” laughs Kyle nervously getting the ring out of his pocket.

Mystic stares at him in disbelief. She thought he was up to some prank with Alex or something. She didn’t expect this. “K- Kyle, oh my God, Y- yes, I’ll marry you Jock boy,” stammers Mystic now smiling and laughing. Kyle takes her in his arms and kisses her briefly at first, and then he deepens the kiss until they both break away from each other for air. They just look into each others eyes and smile. “Okay, so I guess this means you’re forgiven,” jokes Mystic.

“Now about you’re making the earth move in a way that I would like… was that an open ended offer or what?” asks Kyle in his usual joking manner.

“Oh it’s definitely an open ended offer. Fair is fair, you make the earth move for me and I’ll do the same for you, if you can handle it, my dear fiancé,” says Mystic sealing it with a kiss.

“Whoo hooo she said, YES!” shouts Kyle raising his fist in the air victoriously.

“Let’s go back to camp and share our happy news with everyone,” suggests Mystic.

“Anything milady wants, she gets,” says Kyle smiling from ear to ear.

“Really, I’ll remember that,” says Mystic whispering something she wishes in his ear.

“Wow, I think Max and Liz are contagious. Not that I’m complaining,” says Kyle blushing and smiling from what Mystic whispered in his ear.

“One thing is for certain Frasier woods will never be the same after this weekend,” says Mystic.

“Yeah good thing the trees and animals can’t talk, or we’d all be doing some serious blushing. Oh well, it’s not the first time aliens have invaded Frasier woods,” smiles Kyle. Both happy couples return to camp excited to share their joyous news only to discover the campfire was just recently built and Max and Liz’s tent is zipped shut as is Michael and Maria’s.

“Oh come on, give us a break here and come up for air and say hello,” says Kyle rather loudly making sure they heard him.

“You don’t think they’ve uh… you know this entire time since they left us like a couple of hours ago in the woods?” asks Alex.

“Well, to answer your question Alex, yes we have,” says Max enjoying embarrassing him by his unexpected reply.

“Hey that was a rhetorical question,” states Alex shuttering.

“So you guys are all smiles,” says Maria emerging from her tent with Michael following behind her.

“Maria, should we make Alex spill or what? Our Chica’s look like they’re about to burst with joy,” smiles Liz taking in the visible happiness of both couples faces.

“Talk, or Liz and I will hurt you?” says Maria in a joking manner.

“Trust me she knows how to make you hurt,” smirks Michael. He gets a dirty look from Maria. “What Blondie, I meant that in a good way,” smiles Michael loving that slight spark in her eyes.

“Cool it there Spaceboy or you’ll need Max to heal another part of your anatomy,” grins Maria.

“Okay you two enough with your foreplay,” teases Liz with Max giving her a high five for that one.

“That’s my girl,” says Max appreciatively.

“Now that Liz has rendered Maria and Michael speechless we’ll tell you,” says Alex holding Isabel’s hand and squeezing it for her reassurance which she does the same in reply. “I - -I mean we, Um….Isabel holds out her left hand to show her engagement ring sparing Alex finding the words.

“Congratulations you two, we’re so happy for you,” says Liz and Max rushing to hug the happy couple.

“Come here you two,” Maria says embracing both of her dear friends.

“Hey uh, can we join this party too,” asks Kyle with Mystic wrapped in his arms smiling at Alex and Isabel.

“Yeah, um Jock boy, asked me to marry him too. I said yes,” says Mystic smiling from ear to ear.

“Congratulations to all of you,” says Max and Michael.

“Too bad we can’t drink alcohol to toast,” says Max.

“Oh I wouldn’t say that. I’ll be right back,” says Liz walking to Maria’s car to retrieve something from the cooler.

Liz returns holding three bottles of chilled sparkling cider, “Will this do?” asks Liz.

“How did you know this would happen this weekend?” asks Isabel and Mystic.

“I got a flash about it. So, I made sure to have something with us to make a toast to the happy couples,” says Liz.

“You kept a secret from me Liz,” Max says in shock.

“Max, Honey, I didn’t exactly keep it a secret. You saw me get the sparkling cider at the store on the way out here; remember you asked me about it. I told you it was for a special occasion and you’d find out later,” defends Liz.

“You know what this means, I’ll just have to get any other information out of you later,” says Max wiggling his eyebrows.

“Promise,” Liz says with a wink.

“Okay, cool it you two,” says Kyle earning Liz sticking her tongue out at him.

“You guys we have to tell our parents when we get back tomorrow. Oh and can you imagine what the kids at school will say when they hear the news about this,” says Isabel.

“Don’t worry Princess, we’ll just tell the kids at school Max and Liz are infectious and they infected us, or we could say it was peer pressure,” grins Alex.

“Yeah, well what about the shameless grins on our faces?” asks Kyle.

“You’re so not blaming that on Max and me, that’s for sure. That’s all on you guys,” says Liz smiling happily at her family.

Isabel walks up to Max and hugs him and then Michael, “Thanks for making the rings, they are beautiful.”

“Hey Michael what about we help make a celebration dinner,” suggests Maria and Isabel.

“Uh, Isabel no offense but you have Mom’s cooking skill,” says Michael.

“Ouch, good thing you’re not marrying our sister for her culinary skills,” says Max.

“Max, be nice,” scolds Liz.

Maria can’t resist taking this opportunity, “So care to tell me what the game Alien Invasion is about, how do you score, and exactly who does the probing?” says Maria grinning proudly at her own boldness.

“Maria!” says Alex.

“Relax Girlfriend, I was just having some fun with you,” replies Maria.

“Go on I want to know how to play that game. Hey, we all have our own aliens to play with so make with the details,” says Kyle.

“Kyle, shut up,” replies everyone.

“Damn, that sounded really fun to play too,” says Kyle.

“Oh it is,” grins Liz with everyone turning to look at her and Max.

“Liz, shush, that’s our secret,” says Max.

“Oh sorry, Honey,” says Liz snuggling into Max’s embrace and giving him a kiss.

“No problem, we’ll play later,” says Max.

“Oh God, they are infectious,” says Kyle.

“Hey, don’t say we never gave you anything,” jokes Max. Everyone laughs at Max’s comments and enjoy the family atmosphere and celebrating with one of Michael’s gourmet quality dinners.

Max and Liz pour everyone a plastic champagne glass of sparkling cider. “We’d like to make a toast to friends, family, and love. May we always be rich in each. Congratulations to Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle and Mystic. Now don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. Cheers,” says Max and Liz.

*****************************To Be Continued**************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 44 p.13 7/02

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jul 02, 2005 3:27 pm

Hi Everyone :D

Yep! Here's another part for ya! I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to write. Happy 4th of July to those in the US! Have a great Holiday and to others Have a great Weekend, okay :wink: .

Now on with feedback:

Grace52373- Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm happy you're enjoying things so far. I know what you mean its been a fun journey with our gang so far and even I don't want it to end right away. Thanks for reading and your very much appreciated comments. :wink:

ayznshorti- Hey Welcome back :wink: ! Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, well they'll be getting into seeing how the families react to their news when they return from this interesting camping trip. You think there's something in the water or about the Frasier woods to have every couple with the exception of Max and Liz return engaged LOL!!!! Actually that part will be in next weeks post. It should be interesting to say the least. I hope this part won't disappoint you since them telling the parents isn't in this weeks post. Have a great weekend~ :wink:

roswellian504- Aww, that's great... That's what I was aiming for just enjoying them all being happy and having fun.

AJK001- Thanks :wink: I'm glad you enjoyed last weeks part. I always read everyone's posted comments and respond to them. I really do appreciate everyone reading my story and those that take the time to post their comments should be responded too and acknowledged. It's important to me to always do that. Your comments are important and I do read them every time. I hope you like this new part and have a great weekend wherever you are at... :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi :D You always make me smile with your quotes and fun comments to passages in my story. I can use all of the smiles I can get these days. So thank you so much for making me smile and laugh.
I'm glad you enjoyed the part that was waiting for you when you returned. This week will be the same thing with a new part waiting for you when you get back. I hope it will meet with your approval. :wink:
A jealous Max is fun to see and so cute. Well, and Kyle couldn't help but make a joke about losing the ring when he proposed to Mystic. He's always stirring up things. That's our Kyle though. :wink: Thanks again for your comments and I hope you have a great 4th of July. Take care :wink:

cherie- Wow, thanks so much for the compliment. That's really huge coming from you. Yeah, it was a romantic part but one that I thought was true for each character and their own personalities. Yep, now all three couples are engaged. A triple wedding looming on the horizon? Hmm... Haven't decided yet. Hey I wonder if that could be considered a threesome?LOL!!!! Just kidding. LOL!!! Sorrry, Kyle made me say that. :lol: Have a great 4th... See ya next week. :wink:

Part 44

The couples enjoy their last night of camping in Frasier Woods and spend the remainder of the evening talking and laughing with their makeshift family discussing future wedding plans.

“Uh guys, I hate to put a damper on this mood, but do you think everyone’s parents will be cool with our engagements?” asks Kyle now feeling a little bit nervous just thinking about it.

“Of course it will be fine. After all, Max and I broke the ice on all of that so it should be much easier going for the rest of you. Plus, the parents all know about the alien stuff and who we really are and the bonding so I don’t see this as a problem at all,” states Liz confidently smiling showing her support.

“She’s right you know, so stop worrying, Kyle. Besides Mystic’s father doesn’t even live in town. Oh that reminds me, the two of you might want to go to the Colony and visit Rasmus and tell your happy news. If you want we could come with you and be there for support, but that’s your call,” suggests Maria.

“Oh great thanks Maria, I forgot about telling Rasmus,” says Kyle now fidgeting like crazy.

“Kyle, chill out. Rasmus has already met you and knows about the two of you, so what’s the big deal?” asks Maria confused by his actions.

“Well, for starters he wasn’t all that crazy about me when we did meet. True, things did get worked out before we left the Colony but still. He’s an alien after all and he could do who knows what to me if he’s not happy with our news. Yeah, I think I’d like it if you guys came with us to tell her father. Safety in numbers, and besides who’s going to mess with me with all of the ‘Destined Ones’ on the premises,” Kyle sighs comforted by the thought of everyone being there.

“Kyle come on, since when has pissing off aliens ever stopped you before,” teases Michael.

“Oh, good one Michael,” says Alex high fiving one of his future brothers in law.

“Kyle, my father will be happy that I’m happy and he already knows and trusts you. You’re just being silly Kyle,” says Mystic as she gives his knee a squeeze under the picnic table they are all gathered around.

“Yes, Kyle quit being a wussie,” says Max grinning from ear to ear. “It’s not like her father keeps a loaded gun handy, like Jeff does,” jokes Max.

“What? Oh God, I didn’t even think about that. Mystic how about we elope then tell him,” suggests Kyle.

“Max you’re not helping at all with Kyle,” glares Liz.

“Kyle, I was just messing with you. Don’t worry about Rasmus, he’ll be fine with it. Liz’s dad really does keep a loaded shotgun handy. It’s a good thing they don’t exchange parenting tips,” teases Max. “Hey, I’m just teasing you Kyle. Seriously, if you want us there buddy, we’ll be there for you and Mystic,” reassures Max.

“What Max means is he’s sorry to have rattled you about that and he’s hoping I don’t make him sleep on the couch tonight,” Liz says looking at Max with a glare and a smile teasing him.

“I’m sorry okay, Kyle. It will be fine with Rasmus,” Max apologizes and looks at Liz with puppy dog amber eyes.

“Yes, you’re forgiven,” says Liz. “Damn, those sexy eyes get you out of so much trouble. That’s got to be one of your alien powers or something. You always use those on me and I’m powerless to be angry or say no to you,” admits Liz.

“Hey, Michael does that to me too, Chica. I think you’re right it’s an alien thing except, Michael has this sexy smirk that makes me either want to kick his ass or attack him and them kiss him senseless, depending on my mood of course,” Maria comments.

Michael now is blushing furiously. “Maria ! Damn, woman do you have to blurt out everything like that,” says Michael.

“See how cute he is when he’s half pissed off and half embarrassed,” says Maria standing behind him and gives his butt a little pinch.

“Maria!” Michael shouts.

“Oh come on Spaceboy, we’re amongst family here. No secrets here, right guys,” says Maria.

“Boy is that ever the truth. Welcome to my world Michael,” says Max patting his brother on the back.

“Isabel you’ve been quiet. What are you thinking about? You gotta know that Mom and Dad will be happy for you, same with Alex’s dad. Mom and Dad have accepted the whole alien bonding thing and they’ll be happy for you two. Alex’s dad thinks you can do no wrong; he’s like a second father to you, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Okay, Iz,” states Max trying to reassure his sister in her uncharacteristic silence at the moment.

Isabel finally voices her concerns after being deep in thought, “Actually I wasn’t worried about that. I was just thinking how weird this will seem to everyone at school. I mean with all of us either engaged or already married and still in high school.”

“Iz it doesn’t matter what those other people think. I’m sure it will raise a few eyebrows but we’re used to that by now. Hey, don’t you worry. You have all of us and we have your backs okay,” Liz says squeezing her sister-in-laws hand in support.

“Exactly, this is us and we always got each other’s backs no matter what. Besides, it’ll just make everyone more envious and curious about things, but I’m willing to live with their envy if you can,” grins Maria.

“Thanks for saying that. You guys really are the best family anyone could ask for,” says Isabel with happy tears forming in her eyes as she grabs both Liz and Maria into a hug.

“Maria, I was just thinking that your mom is going to want to ask me if you’re pregnant and if that’s why I proposed to you,” says Michael finally offering a comment of his own to the discussion.

Maria laughs, “I suppose you have visions of my mother running through the streets of Roswell with gardening shears in hand looking for your alien ass thinking you got me pregnant, huh?”

“Uh, well yeah that’s exactly the image running through my mind right now,” admits Michael scratching his head.

“First of all, my mom likes you Michael. You’ve won her over. Secondly, I’m not pregnant, but hey things can change,” Maria grins.

Michael smiles at that thought, “Really?”

Maria comments, “Like we’re going to let Max and Liz have all the fun with the baby making of the group. Come on Michael admit it, you’re going to want to be a daddy someday. I know how excited you are about being an uncle to Max and Liz’s twins. It’s almost like I have to remind you that they’re Max and Liz’s,” smiles Maria looking at the cute grin forming on Michael’s handsome face.

“Aww how cute, somebody wants to be a daddy sometime in the near future. I’d advise that for after the wedding though. Also, it might be a good idea to keep Amy clear of all gardening implements just to be safe,” laughs Kyle.

“Kyle, don’t push your luck or you could be the first newly engaged guy to be sleeping in that extra tent all alone,” warns Mystic.

“Sorry, Honey. Sorry Guys,” says Kyle first to Mystic then to his friends.

“Stop worrying about things. You guys are just over thinking this. We all know the parents involved and they know us. It’s not an issue so stop worrying about things that are not going to be an issue,” states Alex confidently.

“It’s nice to see you feeling so confident. Remember we’d need parental consent to get married just like Max and Liz did,” states Isabel.

“Okay, enough stressing over stuff that isn’t even going to be an issue for you guys. Now, we have some engagements to celebrate so let’s focus on that and be happy,” says Max raising his glass of sparkling cider toasting to that very thing.

“I’ll drink to that,” sighs Kyle in relief.

“Oh I second that,” chimes in Michael and Alex.

“Hey on a brighter note, there’s just two weeks until school is out for the summer. I know we have to start summer school but it’ll be fun and we won’t have to deal with the entire student body being there,” says Mystic.

“That’s true. You guys won’t have to deal with all of that. By the time school starts back up in September you’ll be old news and they’ll be over it,” adds Liz putting yet another positive spin on things.

“See, listen to my wife, she knows everything,” says Max supporting Liz’s comments and lightening up the mood.

“Boy, can you say whipped,” teases Kyle receiving an elbow to the ribs courtesy of Mystic.

“Ouch, Honey. Is that anyway to treat your fiancé?” asks Kyle rubbing his ribs.

“It is when he won’t quit picking on Max and Liz,” Mystic says with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Okay, I’m sorry. You know me. I can’t help it if my mouth engages before my brain can catch up to it,” says Kyle shrugging his shoulders.

“Liz and I forgive you Kyle. We know how you are,” grins Max knowing that’ll bug Kyle just thinking about that comment. Kyle looks up at Max and realizes Max was just messing with him and starts laughing.

“It’s nice to see you have it in you Evan’s,” smirks Kyle still laughing.

“Well, it’s your fault Kyle ever since you got me drunk both of those times,” says Max with smirk of mischief.

“Oh so this is pay back, huh Max?” asks Kyle.

“You said it Kyle, not me,” laughs Max. Alex and Michael both sit watching this exchange as if watching a tennis match with their eyes going back and forth.

“This should be interesting to watch,” says Michael whispering to Alex causing both of them to grin.

“Princess, do we have any potato chips?” asks Alex watching Max and Kyle as if watching a TV program he’s watching with fascination with Michael mimicking his movements.

“Yeah Blondie, could you get me a soda, please and some Tabasco sauce too…please?” asks Michael.

The girls are oblivious to what’s going on with the guys. The girls are talking about wedding plans so naturally they get all excited about that and tune out the guys. The guys feel brave because the girls appear to be ignoring them, or so they think.

Liz telepaths Max, ‘Babe, I know you’re just trying to rattle Kyle just for fun, be nice. He’s a nervous wreck worrying about everything. Now, if you want to get Kyle drunk and ferment his sparkling soda while the rest of you are sober, I’ll pretend I didn’t have a clue,’ Liz comments innocently.

Max surprised by her comment, ‘You are so bad and yet you look so innocent. Okay, but just a slight fermenting in his glass. I don’t recall what Kyle is like drunk since I was drunk at the time as well so this could be fun,’ grins Max.

Liz decides to go and sit by Max and whispers in his ear, “Only enough to make him relax okay,” Liz cautions.

“Of course Babe,” says Max leaning in to kiss her briefly and tuck a strand of her silky hair behind her ear. Liz looks at Max giving him one of her special smiles just for him.

Max turns to Michael and nods to him that he wants to talk. “Hey, what do you think about us fermenting Kyle’s glass of sparkling cider just a little as payback and have fun seeing him drunk?” asks Max mischievously.

“Definitely count me in on that Maxwell. That sounds like fun. Leave it to Kyle to provide tonight’s entertainment,” smirks Michael.

“We’ll have to be careful not to over do it. After all, we don’t want the girls pissed at us,” warns Max.

“Hey, I’ll take all the blame when Maria gets mad at me for this. We’ll have a hell of a night later making up,” grins Michael.

“I could’ve lived without hearing that bit of information. Great, now I need to scrub that image out of my brain permanently. Thanks a lot Bro,” replies Max.

“Oh like you and Liz haven’t given us all images we have been traumatized by,” jokes Michael.

“And what’s your point. You guys keep interrupting, so quit interrupting our alone time and you’ll be less likely to walk in on something you wish you hadn’t,” defends Max.

“I’ll ferment his champagne glass of sparkling cider and you cover me okay,” suggests Michael.

“Hey guys, what’s up and how can I help,” teases Alex. Michael quickly fills Alex in on their little pay back prank.

Little did the guys realize that Liz was working on a similar plan involving getting their guys drunk and have some fun with them. “Mystic, I think Michael or Max will be spiking Kyle’s sparkling cider after they pour it into his glass. Instead, I’ll just spike the entire bottle of sparkling cider and that way they’ll all get a little drunk and silly. Oh come on this will be fun. It’s just us out here in the woods. No one else is around and it’ll be very fun last night camping,” pleads Liz.

“You know I remember what Michael was like that last time Kyle managed to get all the guys drunk. He was one wild alien…count me in girlfriend,” Maria says smiling from ear to ear.

“Hey why do you think I suggested it,” jokes Liz.

“Eww. Okay, Alex was rather bold that night as I recall and adventurous, count me in too,” beams Isabel.

“Mystic where do you stand on this?” asks Liz.

“Are you kidding, Kyle without inhibitions…let’s just say it was all good,” grins Mystic.

“Great, it’s a plan. Okay I need someone to cover me while I use my powers to ferment the sparkling cider,” states Liz.

“You got it Chica,” says Maria.

“Hey could you guys do us a favor and bring some chips from the Jetta. Liz has a craving,” says Isabel. The girls all exchange a look and nod putting their plan into action as all of their guys dutifully hurry to the car to get the requested chips for Liz. Maria and Isabel stand blocking their view of Liz as she does her magic on the sparkling cider.

“You realize Liz, you have them all wrapped around your little finger with the guys so excited about being uncles. And Max of course as daddy to be is more than ready to take care of your every pregnancy induced whim,” says Mystic.

“Hey, so I’m enjoying this for all it’s worth, so sue me. When it’s your turn you can enjoy the same attention too,” Liz replies with a guilty smile.

“Hurry up Liz, they’re heading back to us now,” states Mystic.

“It’s okay, I’m done,” grins Liz. She reaches for and takes a drink from the bottled water on the same picnic table as the bottle of sparkling cider.

“Here you go Liz. Are these the right kind you wanted?” asks Max.

“Yeah, those will be fine thanks,” says Liz opening the bag of chips and taking a handful and enjoying the salty taste. She offers some to the rest of the group.

Liz and the girls watch their men drink their sparkling cider. Max and Michael start to feel the effects first then Kyle and Alex. Max looks up at Liz and sees her smiling at his now drunken state.

“Liz, you didn’t… did you?” Max asks

“What moi?” asks Liz innocently.

“Okay, which one of you spiked the cider?” asks Michael.

“Well, it was sort of a joint effort Space boy,” replies Maria.

“So what was the plan? Get us drunk and have your way with your fiancé/husband as the case maybe?” asks Alex.

“Yeah, pretty much. Wouldn’t you agree, girls,” asks Liz glancing at the girls all looking quite proud of themselves high fiving each other.

“Okay, well who can be mad at them for that? They got us drunk and now they want to have their wicked way with us. Hey, what’s not to like about that plan,” says Kyle shrugging his shoulders and smiling at Mystic.

“Liz you know you don’t need to get me drunk for that. I’m always willing and able to accommodate you,” says Max.

“I know that but you’re so damn adorable drunk and so well… I’ll tell you later,” blushes Liz.

“And just what do you have to say for yourself Blondie?” glares Michael.
“Guilty as charged and ready for you to abduct me,” Maria says with a mixture of passion and daring in her eyes that move Michael to action.

“Let’s go Blondie,” says Michael taking her by the hand leading her away from camp to a more secluded spot they found on an earlier walk.

“Well Princess, I’m truly shocked that you’d be apart of some plan like this,” states Alex.

Isabel approaches Alex, “Well, I thought it might be fun to see if we couldn’t make each other see the stars… I mean, um go see the stars that are out tonight.”

“You want to…ah go look at the stars. I have no problem with that Princess,” beams Alex smiles at her as if worshiping all that she is to him. “Just be sure to pinch me every once in a while so I know I’m not dreaming,” blushes Alex. He squeezes Isabel’s hand as they walk off to go find a private spot to star gaze, presumably.

“Max everyone has left us all alone in camp. I have a feeling they’ll be gone for a while. Any ideas as to what we can do?” asks Liz in a breathy seductive tone that drives Max insane with a more than healthy dose of lust.

“Oh I think I can come up with something,” says Max swiftly grabbing her and taking her over his shoulder carrying her off to their tent.

Liz giggles, “You’re going Caveman on me? God I love it when you do that.”

“Well, I do know of a cave is nearby. Let’s start with our tent and go from there,” says Max lowering her onto their sleeping bag and kisses her deeply in one long passionate kiss. Max and Liz each whisper words of love and passion, making their last night in Frasier Woods especially memorable.

All of the other couples are making their similar vows. The magic of the woods and engagements and just plain passion fill the evening with memorable possibilities for all.

********************************To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Pt 45 p.13 09, July

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jul 09, 2005 2:14 am

Hi Everyone~ :D

Surprise! I'm posting early..... Is that allowed? :lol: I hope everybody had a great 4th of July. I just wanted to say thanks to all my readers and lurkers you all are the reason I keep writing, so thank you. It really means a lot.

On with the feedback...

Cherie- I know funny prospect huh, Kyle without inhibitions. I can picture it can't you. It would be funny as hell and definitely blackmail worthy to be sure LOL!!! Yeah, well Liz was in touch with her naughty side and decided it would be fun to get the guys drunk, she particularly loves the side effects it has on Max. At least this way it would relax the other guys so they could quit worrying about things. Plus, I'm sure the other girls didn't mind the affects on their guys either. I say, good one Liz!!! Damn, her, she's so lucky. LOL!! Ooops! Sorry, that's just my Liz envy showing again. Take care and have a great weekend :wink:

Grace52373- Hi :D Yeah well, why should Kyle be the one to get the guys drunk all the time. No one would suspect our Liz of such a thing? Liz was seriously channeling her naughty side when she came up with that plan. She had willing accomplises so a good time was had by all. Yes, well the reactions to the engagements will be in this new part. So, I can't say anything more than that. I do hope you'll enjoy it though. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading and commenting. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi :D It sounds like you had a good time watching the fireworks display minus the loudness of course. I didn't get to go and do that this year. I was at home alone with my dog. He didnt' like the loudness either. Thanks for your note. I'm just thrilled to have such a loyal reader and feedbacker like you. I really look forward to reading your comments to see what you thought. It really means a lot to me, thank you for staying the course with me. You Rock! Poor Kyle was really a bundle of nerves that's why he seemed so unlike himself. Liz sort of was making up for Kyle's lack of well... Kyleness in this part. Liz likes to do unpredictable things too sometimes just to shock everyone. I think she did well here. I hope you'll enjoy this weeks part. Have a great weekend :wink:

roswellian504- Yeah, the guys definitely didn't expect Liz's prank of spiking the sparkling cider. Hey, but who can blame her it was fun and it made the guys relax and best reason of all is the way it affects Max. I know I don't blame her in the least. Hey, a girl's gotta keep'em guessing you know. Why should Kyle always be the one to get the guys drunk anyways, huh... Liz's prank did lighten everyone's mood and all the couples had a very playfully silly and romantic night. It was a win win sort of thing and the other girls were more than happy to help Liz pull off her prank. Go Girl Power! I know what you mean about a everyone having a fun night but, you and Me! Double RATS!!! There goes my Liz envy again. Have a great weekend and I hope you'll enjoy this week's post. Thank for your comments. :wink:

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Part 45

“Kyle, I can’t believe what you did when you got drunk last night,” teases Mystic.

“Oh what did I do, and please tell me quietly as possible. Preferably using sign language,” Kyle grimaces with the world’s worst headache complete with head in hands.

“Kyle, you did take me for a walk just the two of us then you started stripping and running toward the swimming hole. Luckily there was enough light from the moon to follow your trail of clothes. It was easy to find you. Normally you’re quite a handful, but drunk you’re above and beyond. Thank goodness no one saw you,” giggles Mystic.

“Oh God, I thought that was just a bad dream,” moans Kyle.

“Nope, it was all real. I saw it all for myself, in the flesh so to speak,” teases Mystic.

“Please don’t say anything to the others, okay. It’s humiliating enough to find out that I did that and you know,” pleads Kyle.

“Okay, I promise. If you promise not to get drunk and go streaking anymore,” Mystic replies.

“Deal,” smiles Kyle wincing in pain holding his head.

“Let’s get things packed up. We leave shortly and then it’s off to see your dad and Amy,” says Mystic.

“Hey guys. How is everyone feeling this morning?” smiles Max.

“Damn hybrids must be immune to hangovers,” grumbles Kyle.

“Good Morning Max. Don’t mind Kyle, he’s just has a headache and is a little irritable,” whispers Mystic.

“Hey good morning guys. How about a nice big breakfast before we pack up the cars and leave,” asks Michael. Michael begins to gather things for making a nice big breakfast for the gang.

“Do you have any orange juice?” asks Kyle weakly.

“Yeah sure, I’ll get you some. Oh and I was just going to suggest maybe we should go together to talk to Amy and Jim. What do you think? We both have news to tell them engagement wise,” states Michael.

“Sure, that makes sense. It would be nice to have the extra morale support,” grins Kyle realizing Michael’s in the same boat as him.

“Okay, good then that’s the plan,” nods Michael handing Kyle his glass of orange juice. Maria approaches Michael and Kyle. She quietly walks yawning and stretching and listening to the ongoing conversation with Michael and Kyle.

“Safety in numbers, huh Michael,” teases Maria making her presence known.

“Hey it doesn’t hurt to cover your bases, right Michael,” prompts Kyle.

“Yeah, I’m with Kyle on this one,” agrees Michael.

“Mystic can you believe this. Men are such chickens about some things,” Maria says enjoying the nervous look in Kyle and Michael’s faces.

“Maria, would you quit terrifying them,” warns Liz walking over and joining the group.

“Thank you Liz, it’s nice that we can count on your understanding and support,” says Kyle sticking his tongue out at Mystic and Maria.

“You can count on my support to guys,” says Max giving his brother and friend a pat on the back.

“Hey what about me, I could use some support too. You do realize that your dad can be a pretty intimidating guy when he wants to be. I bet he’s very effective in the courtroom. Remind me never to get on his bad side,” rambles Alex nervously.

“Alex, first I think you need to stop and breathe. Second, my dad already likes you and he sees how happy you make Isabel. FYI, that’s no small feat my friend,” jokes Max instantly lightening the mood and causing everyone to laugh. Isabel just glares at her brother for a second then gives in and starts laughing as well.

“So, I’m not the easiest person to live with, but you love me anyways,” replies Isabel with a light hearted smirk. Isabel’s obviously in a good mood and not showing the least bit of nervousness that Alex is exhibiting. He’s probably nervous enough for both of them.

“We all love you Isabel, especially Alex. Now let’s help Michael get breakfast going. That should help calm Alex down a bit. He always thinks better on a full stomach,” giggles Liz. The gang busily pitches in to help make breakfast. After breakfast they finish packing up.

“Okay, so what’s the plan now that we have all of our stuff packed and loaded in our vehicles? Or did you want to drop stuff off at the apartments first then go over to the parents and share the news. Did you want Liz and me to come with any of you? You know, for morale support,” asks Max wanting to ease everyone’s nerves and make this go easier for them.

“Mmm. Can I get back to you on that,” teases Kyle raking a nervous hand through his sandy blonde hair and sighing. “I guess that I’ll have Michael and Mystic with us, so I think we’ll be okay, but definitely keep your cell phone on, okay. Just in case we need the cavalry,” adds Kyle with a nervous smile.

“Okay, will do. Stop being so nervous. I think everyone’s parents know this is going to happen. I mean they already know the score with all of us and the bonding etc… There’s really nothing to worry about okay,” assures Max.

“Yeah, sure Max the Great has already braved the fire of parents so he’s not worried at all. I just hope everything goes as well as you think it will,” Kyle replies.

“Hey you have nothing to worry about Kyle. I have to face Amy, and let me tell you aside from Maria and the women present she’s single handedly scares the crap out of me more than the rest of you combined, alien powers or no,” states Michael nervously cracking his knuckles.

Maria can’t resist being the one to make a funny smart remark, “You do know my mother can smell fear a mile away, right Michael? It only spurs her on so don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you my Space boy,” says Maria standing on tip toes to give him a tender kiss of support. Everyone laughs at Maria’s teasing Michael and then walk to their vehicles. Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Kyle and Mystic all get in their perspective vehicles to drive to the apartments and drop off their camping gear etc before driving on to their parents homes to share their news.

“Okay, we’re here Michael. Let’s go in. Come on, Kyle; the sooner we get this over with the better,” states Maria with a deep exhale.

“It’ll be fine. Besides the sooner we get this over with the sooner Kyle can buy us dinner,” quips Mystic.

“Sure.. What? Hey since when am I buying dinner for Maria and Michael? I don’t remember saying that,” protests Kyle.

“Kyle! Michael’s cooked how many meals you’ve happily consumed without a thought. I think it’s time you buy Michael dinner. I thought we’d spare Michael and Maria from your cooking since they are family and I’d like to keep family members among the living,” teases Mystic. Maria and Michael just start laughing at Mystic’s comments and Kyle’s scolded little boy expression on his face.

“Oh man she’s starting to sound like Maria. It’s nice to know you can feel my pain, dude. At least this way I can laugh about it looking at you,” smirks Michael.
“Yeah, we are both cursed with loving feisty strong women that can keep us in line,” says Kyle giving Michael a nod.

“Okay, it’s show time. Let’s do this then,” Michael says as if giving a motivational pep talk.

“Right behind you coach Guerin,” quips Kyle holding Mystic’s hand summoning her strength and support. Maria and Mystic exchange a nervous glance at Amy’s front door then look at their guys faces. The girls roll their eyes and nudge the guys toward the door to begin knocking.

“Okay, I knocked once…they’re not home. Let’s go eat. I’m starved,” says Michael.

“And to think here in Roswell New Mexico that aliens could be afraid of humans. It’s a down right disgrace to your home planet. Now suck it up Space Boy, and you too Kyle,” says Maria in a clipped impatient tone. “No offense Mystic,” adds Maria.

“None taken Maria,” smiles Mystic. Maria sighs in disgust looking at the guys and decides to knock on the door.

“Oh hey kids. Why don’t you all come in? It’s so great to see you,” greets Amy giving each of them a hug.

“Hi Mrs. Valenti,” says Michael.

“Michael you may call me Amy and the same goes for the rest of you except for Maria, of course,” replies Amy.

“Hey Dad,” greets Kyle.

“So, what’s up Kyle? Okay, this can’t be good you’re cracking your knuckles and looking at the front door. Whatever it is you can tell us,” says Jim Valenti with concern taking in the similar expression on the group of teens and notes a few of their group are missing. “Where’s Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex?” asks Jim.

“Oh, they had other plans for this evening and we had news that we wanted to share with you and Amy. It’s good news actually and we’re hoping you’ll feel that way too,” Kyle says wiping his brow and squeezing on to Mystic’s hand for dear life.

“I’ll go first. Jim, Amy, Maria and I wanted to share our news. I proposed to Maria and she said, yes. And before you even ask, no she’s not pregnant,” says Michael. He stands with Maria standing slightly infront of him providing a comfortably safe barrier between her and Amy.

“Maria is this true?” asks Amy.

“Yes, Mom it’s true,” replies Maria trying to gauge her mothers quiet reaction. The corner’s of Amy’s mouth begin to turn up and a twinkle in her eyes.
“Well, Michael it’s about damn time you make an honest woman of Maria. Welcome to the family. I’m going to cry, my baby girl is getting married,” says Amy torn between smiles and tears. Jim moves to stand beside Amy and puts his arm around her.

“Welcome to the family officially Michael,” Jim offers his congratulations and a handshake.

“Okay, now that you’re in a happy mood Dad, it’s my turn for happy news,” Kyle says taking a deep breath. “Wow, I’m really going to say this. I proposed to Mystic too and amazingly she said yes,” says Kyle smiling looking into his fiancés face and giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Congratulations son and welcome to the family Mystic,” says Jim giving her a fatherly celebratory hug as does Amy.

“Why is it I have a feeling there’s another set of parents getting some happy news too,” says Amy raising an eyebrow in amusement. She turns to Maria. “What, you think I didn’t notice the trend you and Michael started,” says Amy.

“Yes, I believe Alex is probably a nervous wreck about now at the Evan’s house making the same announcement to them regarding his proposal to Isabel. What can I say? There’s something in the water.” shrugs Kyle with a smirk.

“More likely something in the sparkling cider,” quips Maria.

“Maria!” exclaims Kyle ready to stare Maria down for even bringing this up infront of his father, the sheriff.

“All right you two don’t make me send you to stand in neutral corners,” shouts Amy.

“We’ll behave,” says Kyle raising his arms in surrender.

“So Jim and Amy you’re both cool with our news?” asks Michael.

“Yes, we kind of had a feeling things were headed this way with the entire bonding issue. It was a safe bet a wedding wasn’t far behind. Congrats kids. I know, let’s go out to dinner my treat,” offers Jim.

“Thanks Dad,” Kyle says then turns to the others sticking his tongue out at them and their smirks.

Meanwhile across town a very nervous Alex stands on the front porch of the Evan’s house holding Isabel’s hand as she encourages him to go ahead and knock on the door.

Diane Evans opens her front door to go and get an important file from the car for Phillip when she’s startled to find Alex and Isabel in mid knock on her front door step as she opens it. “Alex and Isabel, hello. Why are you knocking on the door? I know for a fact I gave you a key Alex. And Isabel since when do you need to knock on the door,” scolds Diane then greets them with hugs. Phillip hears voices and decides to find out who Diane is talking to.

“Diane who’s at the door?” asks Phillip.

“Alex and Isabel are here. Why don’t you come on in here. The kid’s say they have some news to share with us,” Diane says meeting her husbands eyes a moment later with concern.

Isabel tries to calm her parent’s unspoken questions. “Mom and Dad, Alex and I have some really great news to share with you, don’t we Sweetie,” says Isabel gently nudging forward as she straightens the hem of her shirt.

“Um Yeah we do actually. You both know how much Isabel means to me and about our bonding thing. Well, Isabel and I wanted to make it official. I asked her to marry me this weekend and she accepted. Mr. Evans I hope you won’t be angry with me for not asking you for her hand in marriage. I wasn’t trying to disrespect you or Mrs. Evans in any way. I just finally had the perfect opportunity to ask her and I didn’t want to wait, so I hope you’ll understand that. I think the world of you sir and Mrs. Evan’s,” Alex rambles nervously. Isabel is absolutely radiating joy and love as she shows off her engagement ring and explains how it was custom made by Max and Michael.

“Oh Honey, we’re so happy for you,” exclaims a joyous Diane embracing Isabel both with happy tears streaming down their faces. They look over and notice Phillip doing the same thing.

“Dad you’re crying,” says a stunned Isabel.

“I just didn’t think I’d be losing my little girl already,” says Phillip joining a happy yet tearful Diane and Isabel in their group hug.

“Hey, uh guys I’ll just go sit in the den,” says Alex feeling suddenly awkward.

“Alex get over here son, you’re going to be one of the family,” says Phillip offering his hand. “Just promise me you’ll take good care of her for us,” says Phillip taking the handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his eyes.

“Alex, look at you poor thing. Let’s order in some dinner or I could whip up something here,” offers Diane.

“No! uh, no Mom that’s fine. This is such short notice. No need to trouble yourself with cooking. We could all go out for dinner if you like,” says Isabel.

“Good Idea,” says Phillip.

“Well, I never say no to my husband when he wants to buy me dinner. Remember that one Isabel. This will gives us a chance to talk about wedding plans,” smiles Diane.
Max and Liz snuggle up on their couch together pretending to be watching TV, but keep staring nervously at their cell phones on the coffee table in front of them. “I’m getting nervous Max. We should’ve heard something by now from them, and yet nothing. They haven’t as much as text messaged us or called us at all. I want to check in on them, but I don’t want to intrude,” says Liz nervously biting her lip.

“I know. I’m getting worried too. Let’s call my parents and see how that went with Isabel and Alex,” suggests Max.

“Good, I was hoping you’d say that,” grins Liz.

Max uses his cell phone to call his parents house letting it ring twelve times. “There’s no answer, no ones there,” Max says scratching his ear. “Now I’m worried. Do you think we should go over there and see if everything is okay,” suggests Max.

“No, we should just wait. I know, let’s call Maria. You know that girl will never part with her cell phone. She’ll answer it I’m certain,” says Liz confidently picking up her own phone and calling Maria and is stunned to get Maria’s voice messaging. First of all major red flags are going off in my mind when Maria Deluca does not answer her cell phone; and second, since when did she figure out how to switch her phone over to voice messaging,” Liz says trying to puzzle together what’s going on.

“Liz don’t get upset. It’s not good for you or the babies okay. Now, why don’t I take my hot sexy wife out to dinner, then we can call everyone and find out what’s going on okay,” offers Max with a sexy smile Liz can’t refuse.

“Okay, you’re on. I want to go to Senior Chow’s though. We have a craving for Chinese food,” smiles Liz rubbing her slightly larger stomach.

Max and Liz arrive at the restaurant after calling ahead for a reservation. Max and Liz are so lost looking into each others eyes they don’t notice their family parking and getting out of their cars to have dinner there as well. Max and Liz are seated and reach across the table to hold hands as they read their menus. Liz gets Max’s attention. She slips her foot out of her sandal and rubs it against his thigh causing Max to jump and look up at her with lust filled eyes. He waves a finger at her in warning.

“Liz, don’t start anything here in public, or the patrons are likely to get a free dinner show they’ll never forget,” warns Max.

“Okay, well it’s the thought that counts. I just wanted to make our dinner tonight memorable,” says Liz in a breathy tone flirting shamelessly with her husband. Max coughs to clear his throat and gently removes her foot from his groin.

“Are you okay, Honey?” asks Liz innocently.

“Oh God, I know that look. Look who’s here,” Maria says directing Michael, Kyle and Mystic to where she’s looking at.

“Hey Max and Liz are here. Let’s go say hi,” says Alex.

“Alex, um they look kind of busy. Let’s not bother them. Hey there’s Maria and everyone else,” says Isabel.

“What? Why don’t you want to go say hi to Max and Liz?” asks Alex in confusion.

“Let’s just say I picked up on their vibe and trust me it’s not a “G” rated one,” replies Isabel.

“Since when is that going to stop me from stopping them creating a very public and educational scene,” Maria says with mischief in her voice. She grabs Michael’s hand and guides him over to Max and Liz’s table.

“Hey girlfriends, I can see your hands but something tells me someone’s feet has been doing some wandering under that table cloth, am I right Liz?” asks Maria enjoying the blushing faces of her friends. Just then Amy, Jim and the others join them to say hi to Max and Liz.

“Maria! Shut up. Go play with your own…guy okay,” smiles Liz.

“Judging from the grins on both your faces things went well. Looks like the same thing with Kyle and Mystic. That’s a relief we tried to call everyone but didn’t have any luck. Congratulations guys, we’re really happy everything went well for you,” smiles Max.

“Well, we’ll let you two married people enjoy your dinner and we’ll talk tomorrow,” says Maria and her group walks over to their own table.

“Isabel, why don’t you invite Max and Liz to join us?” suggests Diane.

“Um Mom, they are kind of having a romantic dinner and I don’t want to ruin their mood. It’s okay we’ll all get together another time and talk about everything okay Mom,” pleads Isabel trying desperately to not create a scene with Max and Liz.

“Oh you’re right Honey. I suppose I should get used to the fact our kids are grown up and having romantic dinners with their spouse and soon to be spouses,” adds Diane understand what Isabel was trying to tell her and turns her attention to the dinner menu.

The waiter takes Max and Liz’s order and brings them an egg roll to start on before bringing them their dinners. Liz notices the dinner crowd has died down and now only their family members are the only patrons left. Liz looks around calculating their visual line and degree of visibility from where everyone else is seated at. She clumsily drops her fork on the floor.

“Oops! I dropped my fork. I’ll get it,” Liz says. Max doesn’t think anything about her innocent comment at first then he gets a flash of a previous encounter with her doing that at the Crash Down that luckily was closed for their welcome home party from the Colony. His eyes go wide with the sudden realization.

“Uh, Babe, you shouldn’t do that. I’ll get it and ask the waiter for another fork. And I know what you were going to do. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but not here, too many family around,” states Max blushing all the way up to his ears.

“Party pooper,” Liz says with a playful pout.

“Oh I wouldn’t say that. We’ll just finish our dinner and contemplate the possibilities for dessert…at home, later when it’s just the two of us, forks or not,” smirks Max.

“I wish they’d hurry up with our dinners,” says Liz with a twinkle in her eyes.

“You’re trying to kill me right?” jokes Max.

************************************To Be Continued****************************
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