Loves Awakening RevealedII AU,CC,ADULT COMPLETE P.7, 19 Nov

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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Pt 20 p.10 - 1 Jan

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jan 01, 2005 1:50 pm

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! :D

Yes, I'm back on time to post on Saturday like normal. I have a long part with more holiday fun to enjoy. I'm glad you all seemed to enjoy that last part. Sorry, there wasn't a part for me to post last time. My Christmas wasn't so hot, but oh well. It's a new year now so I'm hoping for better things to come. Because of that I was too upset to write anything, until I could figure out how to deal. I did and I'm back with a new part for you all to read and hopefully enjoy. I just have to say that reading the feedback each week has really helped and encouraged me to continue. Thank you for your feedback, it means the world to me. Okay, enough chitter chatter on with my feed back comments, and the the new part. :wink:

roswellluver- :D You liked my Christmas scene... I'm not done with it yet. I hope you will like this week's part. Happy New Year to you! Thanks for reading and posting your feed back. You're the best!

roswellian504- Aww Gees Thanks! I'm glad my part made your Roswellian Christmas. There's a bit more to come though... I hope you'll like that part too. Thanks for your very kind comments. You Rock!

AJK001- I hope your Christmas and New Year's were great. I'm happy you enjoyed that last part. It was my little gift to all of you great readers of mine that continue to read and leave me your comments. Thanks for your always kind and encouraging words that inspire me to keep writing. Thank you! Happy New Year!

LoveIsForever- Hi! First of all I'm so sorry to hear about your ill family member that is tough to deal with. I hope things are settling for you in your home. Hugs!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. If you need to talk you can pm me, okay. Don't let it get to you, okay. Do as I say not as I do. LOL! As I just mentioned to another reader that the last post was sort of my gift to all of you. Your feed back is always a gift to me and I love reading it. I'm glad you enjoyed the last part. Well, consider this one gift #2 :D I hope you'll enjoy this one too and make you laugh and smile. Take care and Happy New Year's!

DreamerHeart- Hi :D Welcome! It's always great to hear from a new reader or new to posting feed back. Thank you! I'm thrilled to hear from you. I'm tickled to hear that you've been reading my story from the start. I'm very flattered and honored that you decided to post feedback. Thank you! Feel free to post again if you like. I love to read peoples comments. Everyone here is the best so you're in great company. Again Welcome and thanks for your comments. Happy New Year's!

sylvia37- Hi! How are you doing? It's really great to hear from you. I'm amazed to see great writers like you read my story. I'm flattered. I love your stuff. I'm behind on your story I have to confess. Only because I don't let myself read any fan fic until I've written, proofread and posted mine. So count on me reading yours and leaving my usual feed back. :wink: Yeah poor Kyle. Something tell's me he'll be calling first no matter what before he pops in on his Dad and Amy again. LOL!!! I hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Year's. Thanks for your comments... Take care :wink:

Now on with this week's new part.....

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 20

Our couples awaken Christmas morning……

“Max, wake up. Honey, wake up…Its Christmas morning, time to wake up and open presents,” Liz chirps cheerfully.

“Liz…. I just need a little more sleep. I already have the only present I’ll ever want to open,” Max says as he reaches for her.

“Fine, Max. You stay in bed and get your beauty sleep. I’ll go open all the presents. More for me that way,” Liz smiles while dashing out the bedroom and down the stairs.

“Hey! At least some of them are mine. Wait for me Liz!” Max shouts in the distance. He gets up at a dead run in hot pursuit of saving his presents from Liz.

“Come on, Max. I want to open the one from your mom that she gave us last night. The one gift she made us both promise not to open until this morning.”

“Whatever the lady wants, she gets,” Max smiles.

“Really, well that does give me some ideas for after opening presents. Oh and save me a red bow, okay Max.”

“Oh great, how am I supposed to concentrate on opening presents after you say something like that,” Max teases.

Liz opens the special gift from Diane and Phillip. She smiles after seeing the mistletoe. She then removes the neatly folded note and unfolds it to read the beautiful heart felt message. “Oh Max, that’s so beautiful. We have to call and thank them for the gift and the note,” Liz tearfully smiles.

“Do we have to do that right, right now? I mean we have perfectly good mistletoe here that we should use. It would be wrong to not try out their gift, right Liz?”

“You do have a compelling argument Max. I’ll make you a deal. We try out the mistletoe and then we call your parents and thank them,” Liz winks.

“Now there’s a deal I can’t refuse. You’re on, Liz.”

Much later, after properly using their mistletoe, Max and Liz emerge to get something to eat and to call his mom and dad as promised. Max and Liz return to lounge in bed leisurely munching their toast. Then they hear pounding at their front and back doors.

“I can understand someone knocking on the front door. I don’t understand why both doors are being pounded on so persistently. Should we be worried, or unconcerned that it’s probably just our family goofing around to bug us,” Max comments.

“Well, don’t look at me, Babe. Let’s get dressed and go see who it is?” Liz says.

“Hey, you said we should get dressed… why are you staring at me, Liz?”

“Aww Honey. I was just appreciating the view, sorry. I’ll get dressed, I promise, Max.”

“Good, it’s about time. My turn to watch and appreciate the view,” Max’s smile fades and becomes one of longing.

“Max, don’t look at me that way. We have some people very anxious to get our attention and answer the doors. So, you’ll just have to hold that thought for later, okay Babe. Max, I said later that’s not forever. Just later after we get rid of whoever is down stairs banging on the doors like a maniac. Who do we know that could be that irritating, annoying, and persistent,” Liz speculates….

“Michael and Kyle,” Liz and Max say in unison.

“This had better be good. They keep interrupting our time like this we might have to implement a two warning, then blast rule. Sound good to you Liz?” Max asks only halfway kidding.

“Okay, but only if the first one is a low level warning blast then we aim higher after that. Only to warn not to maim, then I’m okay with that.”

“Let’s see what our terrible twosome wants this morning. You take the front door and I’ll take the back door, Liz.” Liz nods, and answers the front door.

“Good morning Michael and Kyle. What brings you here to interrupt us…? Did you sense we were experiencing new levels of untold bliss and ecstasy and hurried over to interrupt us? Before you answer that, we think you should know we’ve made an executive decision, haven’t we Max?” Liz smiles.

“Yes, as leaders we hereby order that there will be two warnings then we aim blasts fired at those who interrupt us just for the heck of it. So, this had better be good. Why are you risking us blasting you standing here on our front and back doorstep? You had better talk fast, I feel a little like blasting something this morning,” Max states.

“We…Uh wanted to beat Alex and Iz over here. Maria and Mystic are parking the car. We wanted to be the first and we’d like to think the best uncles to bring over the presents for Christmas morning. Kyle, will you do the honors?” Kyle disappears for a few curious long moments then reappears with an appliance dolly that is loaded up with several large presents wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper stacked one on top of each other. There are so many gifts that all you can see of Kyle is his arms and legs straining to get momentum to help move this heavy and awkward load.

“Why did I have to be the one to bring this in to the house? Liz, I think you should fire a warning blast at Michael. He’s not helping me,” Kyle says innocently then turns to stick his tongue out at Michael.

“Okay now boys, don’t make me blast either of you. After all, this is Christmas morning. Come on in… Is one of those big ones for me, huh? Pretty please, you can tell me,” Liz dances around like an excited kid ready to tear into Christmas presents.

Michael and Kyle exchange a worried look. “Umm… Liz, don’t be mad but none of these are for you. We brought over gifts for the twins,” Michael and Kyle beam proudly. “See we are really the best uncles,” Michael smiles. “Oh, Maria and Mystic are bringing in the gifts for you and Max,” Michael adds.

“And we deliver,” quips Kyle. Kyle hears what must be presumably Alex’s car pulling up outside. Kyle looks at Michael and says, “Yes! We beat them here, nice driving Michael. High five, buddy!” Liz and Max look at each other puzzled by what these two are up to, but they are about to find out.

“Hey, how did you guys beat us here? You took that one short cut and used your powers to change the traffic light in town, didn’t you?” Alex asks glaring at Michael and Kyle who both are looking anywhere but at Alex.

“Us use our powers to change the traffic lights? I didn’t do that, did you Michael?” Kyle asks innocently playing dumb and passing the buck to Michael.

“Michael, did you?” Alex asks.

“Hey, it doesn’t matter now. Besides it’s the holidays and we have to be nice to family. Here let me help you with getting the presents inside,” Michael evasively answers and comments.

“Are you going to fess up and tell us or not, brother dear?” Isabel asks ominously.

“Umm…Isabel you look great is that new dress. Red is your color. Come on let’s go inside and see what Santa brought everyone,” Michael sheepishly grins.

“Maria, do you claim knowing Michael right now?” Isabel asks.

“I seem to remember something about him being my bonded mate; but other than that, no. How about you, do you recognize him? Oh I know, he’s been abducted by Roswell aliens and they probed his mind and left quickly,” jokes Maria.

“Yeah, he probably scared them off. No wonder they never came back,” Isabel teases.

“Hey! Now just for that, Santa’s putting coal in both of your stockings, ladies. I have it on good authority that Santa doesn’t like it when sisters and bonded mates gang up on yours truly,” Michael replies.

“See what happens, Isabel? You let him wear a Santa suit once and it goes to his alien brain,” Maria laughs.

“Okay everybody stop it. Do not make Max and me referee,” Liz adds.

“See what you did now. You upset Liz,” Alex growls.

“Ah, cool it Nerd Boy,” says Michael.

“Cool it, or no hot cocoa with whipped cream for you guys,” Max warns.

“There’s hot cocoa? Nobody told me there’d be hot cocoa. Out of my way, man on a mission here,” states Alex making his way past Michael and Kyle.

Isabel announces, “I brought homemade Christmas Cookies. I had Mrs. Parker help me. She’s so great in the kitchen. Liz, your mom’s recipe is the best. I’m even proud to admit I made them. And they are edible incase your wondering.”

Michael comments, “Hot cocoa and Christmas cookies sound great. I could really use something more substantial. I’ll make us something to eat, if that’s okay. I brought all the fixings. Kyle can you help me get them out of the car please.”

Kyle replies, “Sure, I’m glad to help. Please save me some hot cocoa and cookies okay, Liz.”

“Yes of course. I’ll save some for both of you since you are going to bring us food and cook for us,” Liz answers.

Alex and Isabel make a few trips out to the car to bring in all of the presents they have for everyone. “Isabel, Honey I think we brought more than enough gifts for everyone. Why so many gifts Princess? This isn’t by chance your way of doing Christmas in a big way and out doing Michael and Kyle is it?” Alex asks patiently waiting for her reply.

Isabel takes Alex aside and answers him in whispers, “Alex! I’m surprised you’d say that. Yes, of course I’m going to be an Aunt and it’s up to me to make sure the twins get proper Christmas presents. Besides, we can’t let Michael and Kyle show us up in the spoiling the twins category and as favorite Aunt and Uncle Status, right Sweetie!” Isabel smiles innocently.

“That’s my girl! Now let’s go show Michael and Kyle how spoiling our unborn niece and nephew is done right,” Alex says with Isabel’s nod of approval.

“Okay, which one of you robbed Toys R Us,” Liz laughs eyeing all of her family suspiciously.

“What? How did you know? You haven’t even unwrapped any of them yet?” Michael says nervously.

“What Liz means is uh, guys the twins aren’t even close to being born yet and you already have all these presents for them. You do realize they will be babies, right? In case you didn’t know, newborns don’t really need all this many toys. But hey, if you want to practice spoiling our babies before you start having yours, it’s fine by us…right Liz?”

“Right! Then it will be payback on the spoiling of each others babies okay,” Liz smiles.

Liz, Max, and the rest of the gang settle around their Christmas tree and begin sorting the presents. Liz and Max quickly notice a mountain of presents all for the twins. “Liz, I think we’re going to have to see about adding on a room just for all these presents. Guys, this is really great but it’s a bit much don’t you think,” Max says. He takes Liz’s hand in his and places it on her stomach to feel their babies. The twins obliged with movement that resembles a wave under Liz’s shirt that still exposes her partially bare midriff.

“Wow! That was cool. I’ve never seen anything like that,” says Isabel all teary eyed at this revelation.

Liz looks down at her stomach and replies, “Oh that. They do that all the time now don’t they, Max?”

“Yes they do. They even manage to keep us up sometimes…for a change,” Max jokes.

“Hey! Not in front of my niece and nephew please,” says Alex.

“Too late, they know all ready,” says Max with a smile.

Liz anxious to open the presents says, “Okay I’m ready to open presents. I don’t want to wait anymore. I think I’ll expedite my opening a bit if you don’t mind.” Liz raises her hand and uses her powers to remove all the wrapping paper from her and the twin’s presents.

“Show off,” says Maria sticking her tongue out at Liz.

“Go ahead. I won’t tell if you use your powers Maria, go for it. It’s just us here. Its okay,” Liz encourages.
“Michael, that’s so sweet a hockey stick, mask, puck and gear. Mmm… isn’t it a little early for newborns to get involved in hockey, don’t you think?” Liz smiles thoughtfully.

“Girlfriend, you know I’d of stopped him but he showed me the little tiny hockey uniform and I couldn’t resist. It was too cute. I didn’t know they made them that tiny.” says Maria.

“They don’t. I sort of altered it for the twins. Hey, gotta start them out right. Nothing wrong with a good tough honest noble sport like hockey,” Michael defends with a misty look in his eyes looking at the adorable mini hockey uniforms.

Liz leans over and whispers to Max. “I bet they’ll be the next to marry and start a family.”

Max looks over at Maria staring dreamily at Michael’s gift to the twins. “I think you’re right on that. Something tells me sooner rather than later,” Max smiles taking in Michael and Maria’s reaction.

Alex and Isabel’s gifts are the next to get opened. Alex gives them a type of toy computer marketed for preschoolers, and Isabel gives the twins each dolls immaculately groomed with the perfect wardrobe. One boy doll and one girl doll.

Isabel states, “The dolls are baby safe so as not to pose any chocking hazards. I…uh made them myself,” blushes Isabel.

“They’re beautiful, thank you Iz and Alex. I see you want to get the children involved in computers early. That’s great Alex, but I think we should let them get on to solid food first though, okay. Oh come here girlfriends, group hug.” Liz hugs Isabel, Alex, and Maria in appreciation of there heartfelt gifts.

Finally, just the couple’s gifts to each other remain to be opened. Isabel opens her gift from Alex to see that it’s a note requesting her company on New Years Eve to attend a romantic dinner for two in a private dinning room that’s been reserved for just them. Alex hired a band to play all of their favorite songs. “Alex! Sweetie! This is just so incredible. Thank you! I love you Alex,” Isabel is overjoyed and moved to happy tears.

“Nice gift, Nerd Boy. Now you’re making the rest of us look bad,” Michael says with a wink.

“Ignore Michael, he’s just being Michael. Your turn Sweetie, open my gift,” beams Isabel. She watches Alex carefully open the huge box that’s rather heavy. Inside he finds a collectible for any computer geek. Steve Jobs’, founder of Apple computers, very first computer that he made.

Isabel nervously tells Alex about his gift, “Look, Steve Jobs even autographed it. And it’s made with those rare computer chips you rave about that only the first personal computers were made with. I thought you’d like a piece of computer history of your very own. Do you like it, Sweetie? I found it on ebay. Isn’t it amazing what you can find on ebay? Merry Christmas, Sweetie.”

“Isabel, I love it! I’ve always wanted to have something like this. It’s really incredible. I own this part of modern history. Let me translate to Michael, Kyle, Max, and the girls. This is like owning Terry Bradshaw’s Super bowl ring,” Alex explains. The guys all dawn a look of recognition and nods of approval. “Or, like winning a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.” The girls beam with wide smiles.

“Oh I have just one more for you Alex. Here open this one. It’s much smaller but I think you’ll love it too,” smiles Isabel. Alex greedily opens this one to find the DVD boxed set of the Star Wars Trilogy in wide screen.

“Princess, thank you. I love everything, and I love you. Thank you. Can we sit up in bed and watch some of the trilogy later,” smiles Alex.

“We’ll see,” blushes Isabel.

“Alex and Iz that’s way too much information for me,” says Michael.

It is now Maria’s turn to open a present from Michael. “Well, it’s too small to be a new uncrimped Jetta bumper, so I’m not sure what it could be. Maybe a picture of a Jetta bumper polished to perfection. By the way Michael if it is, you are so dead and sleeping on the couch,” teases Maria. Maria carefully removes the ribbon and paper from her package revealing a box that is round. Maria’s puzzled as to what it could be. “Well, it looks like it’s not a Jetta bumper,” jokes Maria. She takes a deep breath, and opens it. Inside she finds a perfect emerald tennis bracelet with a note. The note is written on circular paper. “I always love to see the fire in your emerald green eyes. I thought this might be a safer way to do that. Sorry it’s not a Jetta bumper, but I think you’ll understand. I’ll just use my powers and fix the bumper. I promise. I hope you’re not disappointed. p.s. I love you Blondie, and you’re not done. There’s another box for you to open, Love Michael.” Maria’s eyes fill with unshed tears of happiness. She beams with a smile that is sure to melt Michael on the spot.

Maria says, “Spaceboy, look at what you made me do. I’m crying. You are so going to get it, come here you.” Maria wraps her arms around Michael and kisses him tenderly with a hint of later promises to be fulfilled. “Great, another box for me to open. Well, bring it on Spaceboy.” Michael hands her another box containing only a note. Maria notes the beautiful stationary and reads the note. “Maria, you know you’re the only one who understands me and puts up with me. I wanted to give you a perfect night. You are requested to dress formally and be ready for the limo to arrive taking us to my surprise romantic dinner for you. ps. Please say yes you’ll join me, and wear the bracelet, Love Spaceboy.”

“Wow! Look at that. Quick, get a camera somebody. It’s a Kodak moment. Maria’s speechless,” Kyle states with his sarcastic whit in full swing.

Maria hands Michael his gift, a large box. Michael being the patient person that he is, chose to use his powers like Liz to open it. Blondie, you got me that leather jacket I wanted. Oh and look it has black leather pants to wear with it. Maria! I’ll model them for you later. Thank you Blondie,” Michael says sealing his thanks with a searing kiss.

“Kyle you’re up next on the gift giving parade,” Maria urges him to begin giving his gift to Mystic.

Kyle nervously searches for his gift for Mystic and finds it holding it up triumphantly. “See I had a gift for her. Mystic, I hope you like this. It’s a two part gift. This first one is for New Year’s Eve, and the other for later in February.” Kyle hands her the gift after his nervous but sweet rambling. Mystic opens the unique wrapping paper of Santa in a football jersey, and she laughs.

Mystic says, “Kyle, what is with the notes today. I’m sensing a theme with the guys.” She opens the note that has her name written in calligraphy looking very elegant and formal. The note reads, “Mystic you are my everything. I asked God, Buddha, or whatever divine being out there to send me the perfect woman. I know he sent me you. I know I did ask that a number of times. I just didn’t know it would really happen or just how perfect you’d be. You challenge me, rival me, and support me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides how many guys can say the love of their life can make the earth move. I can. Now it’s my turn to move you. Will you allow me the honor of your presence New Years Eve for a special evening? I thought it would be nice if we dressed up formally. I want this to be a special night. You deserve the best Mystic, let me give you this night. ps. I know we both aren’t used to dressing up, but this needs to be a special dinner. We’ll have to save the undressing and getting comfy part for after dessert, just kidding, Love Kyle.”

“Kyle, I’ve never done anything like that before. I’ll have to get the girls to help me find a dress and stuff. Thank you, Kyle. You’ve managed to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you, Jock Boy,” Mystic smiles with happy tears glistening in her eyes. She kisses Kyle with enough force to nearly knock him off of his feet.

“Lucky for me I will get to experience that all over again. Here’s your other gift that I know you’ll like,” Kyle smirks confidently. He hands her the gift in question, this one in a larger box. Mystic looks puzzled as what Kyle could be giving her now. Mystic opens it carefully and finds inside, tickets dated for February 6, 2005 for Super Bowl XXXIX seating at the 35 yard line.

Plus a note from Cal, “Mystic and Kyle I wanted to help you out with transportation and overnight accommodations. My personal jet is at your disposal for that date, and I own a hotel there that I’ve taken the liberty of reserving a suite for you. The hotel is close to the venue. Enjoy, kids! Uncle Cal.”

“Kyle! I love you. Jock Boy is taking me to the show! Oh yeah, Super Bowl here we come!” shouts Mystic. “Kyle, do you think the Super Bowl’s ever been invaded by aliens before,” jokes Mystic. Everyone laughs at Mystics comments.

“Whoa Dude! The Super Bowl! Kyle I’ll go out with you if you take me to the Super Bowl, but no kiss good night,” says Michael getting the better of Kyle for once.

Mystic smiles and says, “Kyle, here’s a gift for you. It’s not Super Bowl tickets, so I hope you won’t be too disappointed.” She hands him the gift and watches Kyle unwrap it anxiously like a five year old. He tears the wrapping paper off revealing a box. Kyle jiggles the box and holds it to his ear and starts offering guesses as to what’s inside. Kyle opens it and sees tissue paper concealing his gift. He unfolds it and finds two front row seats and back stage passes to see his favorite band. “Mystic, Wow. I never expected anything like this. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to see “U2” in concert this is awesome. The tickets are for January 12, 2005 for the 2U- The U2 Tribute Tour at Crested Butte Resort in Colorado.”

Mystic informs Kyle, “Look under the tissue paper, there’s something else. Another note from Cal attached to….. “U2’s” new CD “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb,” I wanted that CD and you kept telling me to wait for the DVD, you’re so wicked. I love you Mystic. Thank you. Cal’s playing airlines again. We get to borrow his jet to go to the concert and he says he has a friend that owns that resort hotel that owes him a favor that he’s calling in for us. He made sure we got a suite with all the trimmings on the house. Wow! I really need to thank Cal for all his help with your gift and now mine. Whoo hoo! a Christmas that doesn’t suck!” Kyle beams at his gift excitedly. Okay let’s see what kind of gifts our resident married couple have to exchange. Come on Max, show me up, I dare ya buddy,” Kyle urges.

Max excuses himself to get his hidden present and bring it to Liz. “You are so terrible at letting me surprise you. I had to hide your present, just to make sure it stayed a surprise. I had help picking this out but I think you’ll like this,” Max says placing the gift in Liz’s hands. Liz notices that this box feels heavy and shoots him a puzzled expression.

“I wonder what is in here. My best guess is that it’s clothing or something. Never did I imagine a box that is this heavy that I’d have to open,” Liz says. She’s in deep concentration trying to solve the mystery before opening the box. Liz opens it and is stunned to see a rather large photo Album all decorated in white satin with the words ‘Max and Liz’ beautifully embroidered across the front. Liz tears up and lifts the photo album out of the box and begins looking through the pages of it. Liz’s eyes fill with happy tears seeing photos of the two of them even before they started dating. There were pictures of Max staring at Liz working in her uniform at the Crash Down and Liz oblivious to Max sneaking glances at her. There are pictures of Liz doing the same watching Max when he’s not looking at her. Liz finds more magic memories caught on film of their first date her father insisted on taking of them at the time. Plus others of them slow dancing at a school dance staring into each others eyes as if they were the only two people in the world. In a word simply captivated by love they find in each other. Finally, there are pics of Liz and Max’s wedding day at the courthouse with just a simple justice of the peace style wedding. Liz standing all in white in her dress and Max in his Tuxedo looking very much in love and joyous that now they can be together and no one can stop them. Both moms and Phillip looking on smiling through happy tears at watching Max and Liz marry. Liz touches the photos and smiles. “Oh Max, look at Michael and Maria. Don’t they look great? Michael in his Tuxedo as Best Man, Maria in her Bridesmaid dress, and of course the wedding party picture of all of us together laughing and smiling on our wedding day. Max, Honey, this is beautiful. Thank you!” Liz is moved to tears and to give Max a kiss and hug. Liz wait, there’s another one for you under the tree. The one with the big gold bow, that one I don’t mind if you open early,” Smiles Max. Liz hurries over to the gift with the gold bow and furiously opens this large box to find a beautiful red evening dress with delicate shimmering stones affixed to the front of the dress. Liz squeals, “Oh Max, this is gorgeous, thank you.” She lifts the dress out of the box. An envelope tucked inside the dress drops. Liz reads her name in Max’s handwriting across it. She looks up at him and smiles. “What did you do now, Max? Spoiling me more? Huh, good, I could get used to this you know,” Liz jokes.

Max replies, “Count on it Babe, I plan to spoil you for the rest of your life, so get used to it.”

Liz opens the envelope and holds up a note that’s inside. “Is it me or there a reoccurring theme here?” The note reads as follows; “My Liz, I wanted so much to give you a proper Honeymoon, but at the time we didn’t get the chance really. I’m giving it to you now. We leave Monday to fly to some place warm, beautiful and far from Roswell New Mexico. Cal hooked us up with everything we would need. He felt bad about whisking us off to the Colony. So when I asked Cal for suggestions he wanted to help. Before we leave for our 1 week honeymoon, I wanted to give you a nice romantic dinner out tomorrow night and I expect you to wear that dress. The dress is required at least for the dinner part, Love Max.”

“Max, you’re the best. I love you. This is so amazing. I can’t believe we are really going to do this. Oh what about school, we can’t just tell them sorry we have a honeymoon to attend, ours.”

Isabel speaks up, “Liz don’t worry. Maria and I have that part handled, Cal helped too. It will be okay. The school won’t be a problem. We’ll get the missed assignments for you, besides both of you are straight “A” students. I doubt you’d miss anything all that important. Plus Maria and I will expect the “G” rated details when you two return. Now, your assignment is to go have fun on your enviable perfect honeymoon.”

Liz asks, “But … But...”

Maria chimes in, “No buts about it except for yours and Max’s getting on the plane to go on your honeymoon. And no, Max didn’t tell us where you are going, so don’t even ask. You know Isabel, Mystic and I tried, but he won’t budge. Your husband is just as stubborn as you are and expects you to wait to find out because it’s a surprise. Now you know Iz, Mystic and I were hurt but he’s holding firm. We tried to wear him down, but no dice with the details. You might have better luck with him,” Maria winks.

Michael turns to Kyle and Alex and says, “I bet he caves and tells Liz everything within five minutes of being alone with Liz later tonight,” Michael boasts.

“No way Liz is getting him to cave. She didn’t even get him to give up what her presents were,” Kyle says confidently.

“Fine! You’re wrong Michael. Let’s bet on it. You want in on this too Alex?” Kyle asks.

To be continued in a Second....
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Pt 20 p.10 - 1 Jan

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jan 01, 2005 1:52 pm

Part 20 Continued....

“Definitely! Kyle. Let’s bet the loser takes the winner to the restaurant of his choosing and eat whatever is reasonably expensive on the menu. And no, McDonald’s doesn’t count as expensive, Kyle,” Alex replies.

Liz appears embarrassed about her gifts to Max. “My gift isn’t as spectacular as yours is. Are you sure you still want to open it. I could go find something else for you tomorrow at the mall with the day after Christmas sales?” Liz offers.

“Liz, I’ll love any gift you give me, no reason to worry on that count. Now where’s my gift,” Max insists,” rubbing his hand together itching to open his gifts from her.

“Well let me just say I had some help from Michael, Kyle, and Alex so I’m sure you’ll see the humor in it when you open the gift with the blue bow. I do have two additional personal gifts for you to open now. They are wrapped in a box with a white bow. The last gift with the green bow is for later, when we are alone,” Liz blushes.

“Damn, after that preface I want to open the last one first, but I’ll be good and wait… For a while,” Max smiles fervently.

“Okay that’s it! Flag on the play you two. I know where that’s going and this is family time so no X rated thoughts now please. I really don’t need to hear this or get the mental images you two seem to include the rest of us in on. Liz, let Max open ONLY the first two you mentioned. The last one not until we are all long gone out the door. Are we clear on this you two? Those are the rules. You may now open your presents but not the last one previous mentioned,” Michael states.

Max opens the gift with the blue bow. Inside he finds the complete series of the original “Star Trek” on DVD all three seasons. Max laughs. “Just what any resident alien hybrid leader needs, study material,” Max says in hysterical laughter. “Thanks guys, I do love that show. Liz and I can watch these together, it’ll be fun.”

Liz replies, “I love Star Trek and I do have a thing for aliens with big ears. So I though it was perfect. Michael, Kyle, and Alex just thought it would be a funny thing to give you. Plus I think they want visiting rights to those DVD’s,” Liz laughs. Everyone laughs at Liz’s comments. After the laughter subsides, Max opens the gift with the white bow. Inside the box he finds two little trophies, each with a picture framed and displayed with engraving around the frame. The picture is of Liz and Max kissing. This frames engraving says, “To an out of This World Greatest Husband, and Greatest Dancer. I couldn’t ask for more.” The other has a picture of Max and Liz sharing a moment with the twins with Max’s hand on Liz’s stomach. That picture frame has engraved on it “Out of this World Greatest Father to be.”

“Oh Liz this is really great, Babe. Thank you,” Max says wiping his eyes moved by her gift. Everyone gets a bit misty eyed at the sentiment.

“Hey where’s ours? We are after all, the world’s greatest uncles to be,” Michael teases with nods of agreement from Kyle and Alex.
“I’m not going to disagree with that Michael. When you’re right, you are right!” says Kyle.

“Ditto what they said,” Alex laughs.

A few hours later all of our couples leave to go to their own homes. They each look forward to a quiet evening at home with the one they love on Christmas. Each couple enjoys the simplicity of turning off the household lights to marvel at the lights on the tree. All the couples savor the completeness of this moment basking in love, contentment, and feeling protected knowing this has been the best Christmas ever.

Every couple treasures there own private New Years celebration. Max and Liz enjoy cuddling up in bed with a bottle of chilled sparkling cider, and Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve watching the ball drop at midnight from Times Square in New York. They enjoy the tradition of the magical kiss at midnight. “Max, do you remember that time when Isabel told me you had no sense of rhythm and that she gave up on teaching you how to dance?” Liz asks in the comfort of his embrace.

“Yeah, I remember. That was at school shortly after our bonding ceremony, right Liz?” Max asks.

“Do you remember what I told her in your defense? I said you had plenty of rhythm. You just didn’t choose to show it on the dance floor,” Liz blushes. “Well… shut up and dance, Max.”

“Liz! Well, if milady wants to dance, then we dance, right into the New Year. Happy New Year! Liz.”

****************************Happy New Year! To Be Continued********************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT NEW 21 p.10 08-Jan

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jan 08, 2005 9:38 pm

Hi All~ I hope everyone's New Years went wonderfully. I'm back with a new part. I apologize for posting it a little later than I normally do on Saturday's. I didn't finish writing it until late last night and needed time to properly proofread it. The writing part I can fake my way through the grammar part I need help with, so I take a lot of time with the proofreading. My apologies. This is another long part though, I hope you don't mind. :D I hope you'll like this one. My deepest thanks to all who read my story and a hug to those that post and let me know what they think about my story. I thank you all! :D Take care and be well.

AJK001- Hi! You are always welcome. Oh about the posting issue last week. I can only post ten pages at a time. Last weeks part as well as this weeks is longer than ten pages so I have to divide into to separate posts done one right after the other. That's why I did it that way. I did say to be continued in the next post or something like that. I always mention that if it winds up being that long of a part. I hope that explains why I did that. I'm always happy to give you more of my favorite Roswellians. I hope you'll like this new part too! Take care and have a great weekend and upcoming week. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed last weeks Christmas Day/New Years post for the story. It was fun to write too. I think my muse came back in full force. LOL!! They guys and their competitive one ups manship with the twins is really funny, just wait until the twins get here. Oh boy! Aw, but we know them and love them inspite of it all. All my couples have their own great couples moments in here with the gift giving. Man, I want an uncle Cal like that is all I've got to say. Okay, well that and Jason Behr, but not necessarily in that order. I'll take Jason first of course. Thanks for your posted comments as always. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it as I had hoped. Take care.

roswellluver- Hi! I'm glad you thought so too. It was a fun part to write. This weeks part is another fun one as my muse has come back and ran away with me. I hope you like this one as well. Thanks for reading and posting your comments :wink:

cherie- Hey Girl! How are you? I hope your Christmas and New Year's went awesome. I wanted to give the gang and the couples a great christmas together and as couples. That was what I came up with to satisfy both. I'm thrilled to hear that you like my couples. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading and posting your comments. Take care and keep in touch about Film Festivals and Jason sightings, okay. :wink:

roswellian504- Awww Gees, thanks I'm deeply touched by that comment. Thank you so very much. It was my pleasure to write it for the gang. I'm happy you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Thanks for the compliment. :wink: I hope you'll like this part too! Thanks for reading and posting your comments. They really do mean the world to me and keep me at this writing fan fic addiction of mine, now. LOL!!! Take care! :wink:

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 21

A few days later after Christmas day and New Years day celebrations.…..

The alarm clock sounds it’s most unholy beeping sound guaranteed to wake even the dead just so they could hurl it across the room and make it stop.

“Liz, Honey, wake up. We have a big day today, remember?”

“Max, I don’t want to go to school today. “Please, I’ll do anything just don’t make me leave this comfy warm bed and you to go to school.” Liz pulls the covers over her face and reaches for Max to hold her.

“We aren’t going to school today. But we do have to make it to the airport to catch our flight, remember, Liz?” asks Max.

“What are you talking about? It’s Monday, right? No school for us, but we need to catch a plane? What? Oh wait a minute, I remember now. You’re making good on that promise of a fabulous one week honeymoon someplace warm and wonderful, right. Honey, you know I’d really like to know where we are going, pretty please. I mean after all, I’ll need to know what to pack.” Liz begins gently tracing her fingers down his chest causing Max to grab her hand to stop her from any further seductions or they’ll miss their plane.

“Sorry Babe, but I’m not telling you anything until we get there. Now get your gorgeous butt out of bed and get into the shower or we’ll be late.”

“But Max, you’re sure we don’t have time? You know we usually do in the morning. But since you say there’s no time you’ll just have to suffer. Oh and no fun and games in the shower either. Hey, two can play at this. You won’t tell me where we are going, fine. You’ll just have to wait until the honeymoon officially begins when we get there before any fun and games will commence.”

“You don’t play fair, Liz.”

“Max come on, we’d better get a move on and take our shower now. Then hurry to get dressed and pack. Come on, I’ll race ya!”

“God, this is going to kill me taking a shower with you and not making love.”

“Well, you said you weren’t going to tell me where we are going. You know I hate surprises that I don’t know about Max.” Liz smiles seductively appreciating Max in all his naked glory in the shower. “I guess we’ll both just have to suffer then, and hope the flight goes by fast to get to our destination wherever it maybe.

“We could arrive at a compromise. Care to join the mile high club, Honey?” Max washes her back and nibbles on Liz’s neck with her head arched back leaning against his chest.

“Max, you’re a tease, now stop it. Besides are you crazy? Have you ever been in one of those bathrooms they have on planes? It’s extremely cramped quarters not much room to maneuver in there, Babe. I don’t think it would work, but I might consider it.”

“Wait! Did you just say you’d consider joining the mile high club, really? What’s the catch?”

“There’s no catch Max, you just need to tell your loving wife where we are going that’s all.” Liz smiles and relents that he’ll tell her when they board the plane and not a moment before.

“See, I knew I’d get you to cave?” Liz enjoys her moment of victory by giving Max an I told you so cocky smile.

“Play nice Liz or the long flight might just kill us both with no mile high fun insight.”

“Now Max, you know I love you. But if you don’t think you’re up for the challenge on the plane then that’s fine. I’ll try and understand.” Liz turns away from him hiding her smile. Liz is making mental plans and thinks to herself he is so mine once we get on the plane and take off. Yep! I feel the need, the need to christen the planes bathroom. Top Gun’s got nothing on Max and me,” she laughs.

“Liz, what was that you just said about Top Gun and us?” Max tries to hide his smile. He heard what she said but is pretending he didn’t hear her.

“Oh, I was uh… just wondering if we’d get to watch a movie on the plane. You know something cool like Top Gun.”

“Liz, what did the doctors at the Colony think about you flying during your pregnancy? I mean this isn’t going to harm the twins is it?” Max asks full of concern.

“I did ask the doctors that and had them check me over and make sure I was okay to travel. They said with an alien pregnancy things progress very differently. A normal human pregnancy is 9 months long approximately. Now, for hybrids it’s longer 13 months. The doctors assured me that I’m in perfect health and the twins are doing wonderfully, and we are all cleared for take off. Cal was sure to double check that with the doctors too.”

“Boy, that’s a relief. I know we went there yesterday to talk to them. You mentioned you needed to talk with the doctors but I got side tracked with Cal making sure all was well with the Colonists before we leave. I made Michael in charge while we’re gone. I hope that decision doesn’t come back to haunt me,” Max jokes. “I also had to promise to keep the cell phone on and not to completely block our connection to the others. Especially Isabel and Michael, you know for an emergency only. I don’t anticipate any, but it’s always good to have a plan in place, right Babe?”

“Yes, well you know I always say you gotta have a plan. It’s just good strategy, Max.”

Max and Liz hurry to finish showering and pack their clothes and travel essentials. They hear a knock at the door.

“I wonder who could be here. Doesn’t our family know we are leaving shortly? Were you expecting someone, Max?”

“No, I wasn’t. Unless Cal sent someone to drive us to the airport; but he didn’t mention anything about that to me. I doubt that is who is at the door, Liz.”

Liz replies playfully, “Okay, Mr. Smarty pants, you go answer the door then and see just who it is.”

“Hi guys you didn’t think you’d get rid of us that easy, did you? Nope, we’re here to take you to the airport and see you off,” smiles Kyle bowing and greeting them. Behind Kyle stand’s Michael, Maria, Mystic, Isabel, and Alex. Then another car pulls up and its occupants join the group. It’s Max and Liz’s parents.

Maria says, “Face it were all here because we love you both and can’t get enough of you.”

Kyle adds, “Yes, its true were either family or groupies, take your pick.”

“Oh so now there’s a choice, Liz did you hear that we get to choose.” Max, Liz and the entire group begin to laugh.

Alex reminds everyone, “Come on all you beautiful people, its time to get our perpetual honeymooners to their plane on time so they can officially begin their official honeymoon.”

Max greets, “Mom and Dad, Nancy and Jeff, It’s so nice that you came to see us off at the airport. Why don’t you join us? The more the merrier. You do realize it’s going to look like we have our own entourage or something.”

“Gees, will you listen to him. Now that Max is the leader of our people and married to Liz he thinks he’s king of the world or something,” Isabel adds rolling her eyes.

“Well, I think that does qualify. After all Liz is one of my best friends and Max has shown he has great judgment in picking Liz; and he’s pretty great at the leader of the Destined Ones thing too,” Alex adds. Everyone turns and looks at Kyle.

“What? Did I say anything? Okay, you’re right I was just going to add that I agree with Alex on this one. Hey, it can happen,” Kyle smiles and shrugs.

“Mystic, don’t let those two sit next to each other in the car, okay. We’d like to actually get to the airport with out having to referee any family squabbles between now and the airport. So boys, play nice or I’ll blast you,” Liz warns.

The guys load up the cars with luggage for Max and Liz. The group takes two cars to the airport. One loaded with Max and Liz’s parents and the other with the gang. Their parents urge them to ride with their friends even though it’s a bit crowded. The parents marvel at how close this group of young people is and see them as extended family without even a moment’s hesitation. Not all the bonds of family are measured by blood, but by love and friendship that is unflappable. This is the way it is among this group of young people.

“Okay, we’re at the airport now Max. Are you going to tell me where we are going on our honeymoon now?” Liz whispers into his ear and discreetly blows in his ear and kisses it. Liz knows this is playing dirty, but she is relentless in her pursuit of getting Max to tell her before she gets on the plane. Liz pulls away from Max and innocently asks, “What? Is there something wrong, Honey?”

“No, nothings wrong…Nothing that I can’t handle myself later, after we get settled on the plane, Babe.” They both blush at that comment.

“Hey uh, guys you know we love you both and everything, but we really don’t need to be in ear shot of any foreplay promises or anything okay. Thanks for sharing, but it’s just not an image any of us really needs to carry around in our minds for a week while you two are gone doing all the things we can imagine and don’t want to,” Kyle comments.

“Ditto what he said,” echoes Michael adding his agreement to Kyle’s comments.

“So what airlines are you flying? Wait, what am I saying Cal’s probably has his private jet waiting for you, right? You two are so the celebrity couple with your faithful groupies to see you off at the airport to boot. There’s no denying it. I love you both and take care of each other. Oh and do remember to actually leave your room and go sight seeing and to eat. Remember, you have to keep up your strength for all that honeymooning,” Maria says hugging them both and saying her good byes.

“Wow, get a load of that plane, that’s a sweet ride. That’s Cal’s private jet.” Alex stares in appreciative awe.

The others say their good byes and well wishes and watch Max and Liz board Cal’s Gulf Stream jet as they turn and wave good bye for one last time. Max and Liz are greeted by the crew that Cal has on board his plane. Max and Liz take in the inside of this plane as absolutely gorgeous and luxurious style of flying. “And I thought flying first class was a big deal,” Liz says stunned by the opulence and first rate quality of the cabin of the jet.
“Yeah, I know what you mean, Liz. We’re definitely writing Cal a really great thank you note, and see if we can get our parents to send him a bottle of champagne on our behalf.”

Max and Liz are given a mini tour of the plane. They take their seats, buckle in for take off, and anticipate their clearance to approach the runway and the towers permission to take off. After a few short minutes they are cleared for take off and the sleek multimillion dollar plane streaks down the runway and lifts off.

“Max, isn’t there something you want to tell me? Hmm, like where are we going? You promised that you’d tell me once we were on the plane and in the air. Well, we are definitely no longer on terra firma so spill mister or no mile high club for you. You’re not going to talk huh? Fine Max I have my ways of making you cave and talk.”

“Liz, I want to surprise you, don’t ruin it.”

“Max, I want to know and you’d better tell me or you’ll be the only guy in history to not score on his honeymoon.”

“Liz? Honey, you don’t mean that. Please don’t be mad.” Max’s resolve seems to be holding for now but somehow I don’t think Liz will let him off that easy.

Liz gets up from her seat as soon as the pilot has indicated it’s safe to move around the cabin. She chooses a seat a few rows over sitting by herself flipping through a magazine ignoring Max’s hurt expression.

“Honey, don’t be this way. Please sit with me. Please,” Max pleads his voice full of concern.

“Fine, I’ll sit with you since you asked me nicely.” Liz thinks to herself, I’m concerned he didn’t cave by now. On to step 2 of Operation Make Max cave.

Max picks up a copy of Sports Illustrated and flips through it. Liz snuggles into his side and rests her head on his shoulder with her hand resting comfortably on his chest. She sighs contentedly. Max smiles and relaxes. He’s so used to the feel of her always around him and smells her own unique vanilla scent of perfume she always wears. Liz sits up a little and begins her assault on his neck with playful kisses and then she nibbles on an ear lobe and blows in his ear. The magazine quickly fails to capture his interests at this point. He closes his eyes and just savors the feel of her lips touching his skin. Every part of him calls out to her for more. Max opens his eyes and takes note of where they are and composes himself.

“Babe, are you trying to give the flight crew a show, or just kill me making me sit here while you tease me until I’m ready to ravage you. You know you’re playing with fire here Liz.”

“Am I? Do you want me to stop?”

Liz reaches over and unbuttons Max’s first button on his shirt, and then the second one and places her petite hand inside his shirt to feel his bare warm skin underneath. Liz’s other hand begins to wander and traces down his side to his thigh. She brushes his thigh with her hand gently then gives his upper thigh a squeeze. Max just stares at her riveted by her actions. Liz looks up at his handsome face and returns his gaze with her love and desire shining clearly in her eyes and hungry smile. Liz never takes her eyes off of him while she unbuttons one more button on his shirt. Liz gently leans over allowing her hair to brush against his exposed chest and she bends her head down and places gentle teasing kisses there. Max takes a deep breath and closes his eyes and realizes he’s putty in her hands. Max’s own desire fills and permeates his every sense. He stops her before she is able to unbutton another button exposing more of his chest and abs. Max grabs her hand.

“Babe, I can’t take much more of this. You’d better stop before I grab you and whisk you off into the bathroom to join the mile high club.”

“What if I like playing with fire, Max? Go on, let that famous resolve of yours crumble and ignite and consume me with your fire.”

“What… What do you want me to tell you?” Max is well beyond keeping their destination a secret any longer.

Liz looks deeply into his amber eyes that are getting darker by the moment and she asks her question. “Where are we going for our honeymoon, Max? Tell me please. I can feel the ‘Mile High Club’ calling our names Max. Can you feel it too?”

“We’re going to Hawaii, okay. Liz, I need you now! Let’s go!”

Liz smiles, “I knew I’d make you cave, Max.”

“Hey! That’s no fair. You are so naughty. Well, my love, I think you need to be taught a lesson” Max looks at her again. “I think the lesson can wait for later. At the moment there are more pressing matters that need your immediate attention. Let’s go find the bathroom.”

Once safely inside the cramped bathroom on board the plane their consuming desire to be together takes over and the clothes are quickly discarded. Max backs Liz up against the wall in the bathroom and presses his body to hers while they are wrapped in a passionate kiss that seems to be never ending. Their mouths pull away from each others only to reclaim much needed air and then they resume kissing craving the feel and taste of the others lips on theirs. Liz wraps her legs around Max’s waist as he adjusts for her weight to balance. He switches positions so that he’s the one with his back against the door.

Liz interrupts briefly addressing her immediate concern. “Max, the door we’d better seal it to make sure it doesn’t pop open on us.” Max takes care of the door with the mere swipe of his hand. He resumes balancing Liz’s bottom on one hand while the other hand is otherwise occupied delivering tender but fiery touches. The kisses resume. Once Max is able to comfortably shift his weight for his legs to manage Liz’s petite frame, he looks deeply into Liz’s eyes. ‘I love you Liz, for now and always. I need you.’ Max telepaths.

Liz melts with one look into his incredible eyes that say volumes more than words could ever say. ‘I know. I love you too. Max enough talking, make love to me now.’ Max straightens his back shifting his weight so that he’s pressing his back against the wall. He keeps one hand on her butt helping support her weight. While the other urgently guides his manhood into Liz’s feminine opening and teases her at first then plunges in. They both moan each others name savoring their intimate reunion.

Max sets the pace wanting to make things last as long as possible not wanting to end this sweet ecstasy anytime in the immediate future. Max thanks his lucky stars at this moment while he decides to try using his powers to help hold up Liz. He places both of his hands on her hips while his shield creates a shelf to hold her more comfortably in place. Max’s pace resumes as he thrusts into his beloved. She meets each of his thrusts now with practiced ease. They move together effortlessly. Max loves every inch of Liz with loving devotion and expertise. Liz makes sure to pay homage to his wonderful body with her own brand of tender hot loving that makes Max crazy. They continue to utter each others names and pledges of love to one another. Max feels himself reaching that point of no return. “Liz, Baby, let go for me. I can’t hold on much longer.”

Liz kisses him passionately and says, “Bring it on, and let go. I will if you will,” she gasps. They both let go of holding back and allowing their welcomed release as they come undone in each others arms.
They fail to focus on anything but loving and pleasuring their beloved. Max and Liz’s ‘Mile High loving’ is anything but silent. Their moans of ecstasy and passion echo through the passengers seating part of the plane. The crew’s flight attendant giggles quietly

The flight attendant comments, “And this is their honeymoon. God, she’s lucky. I wonder if he’s got an older brother that’s single. Hmm. Maybe I’ll ask them later.” The flight attendant checks in with the pilot and co pilot to see if they need any coffee, soda, or snack. The flight attendant giggles to herself again as her thoughts return to the sounds of Max and Liz making their introductions into the ‘Mile High Club’.

The pilot asks, “Okay, what’s so funny Susan?”

Susan blushes, “Well, it’s just I went to check on our passengers and they were both gone. Then I heard them…in the bathroom.”

The pilot replies, “In the bathroom? ....OH! I think I understand. You mean the whole ‘Mile High Club’ thing?” Susan nods, turning every shade of red imaginable.

“Well this is their honeymoon. I can’t say I’d blame them on that count. Be especially nice to them. Mr. Langley says they are his nephew and niece in law. Mr. Langley says they are newlyweds and nice kids that didn’t get the chance to have proper honeymoon due to a family emergency that occurred. So, this is there chance to have a proper one. We are to return to Hawaii or Maui to be more specific in a week for their return flight back to New Mexico.
“Max, that was really amazing. I think we might have to make flying a habit,” Liz laughs quietly holding Max in her arms trying to catch her breath.

“I agree. We’ll have to talk to Cal about doing this again, or we could fly on a commercial jet, next time. Come on Liz, we need to get dressed and get back into our seats before anyone notices we were gone.”
The crew settles in for a long flight to Hawaii. Susan, the flight attendant gives an occasional look to the back of the plane waiting for the couple to emerge to see if they need anything to eat or drink. Max and Liz finally emerge an hour later. They both are glowing happily holding hands and talking quietly to each other after officially joining the ‘Mile High Club.’

“Hi, did you find the facilities okay?” asks Susan.

Max blushes and replies, “Yes, yes, we did. Thanks.”

Susan blushes unable to resist saying something to them. “I was looking for you both earlier, but obviously you were elsewhere. I heard some muffled screams and was concerned and came looking for you.”

Liz replies, “Oh that. I um… went to use the bathroom and screamed when I saw a spider in there. So Max came in to rescue me and be my hero.”

Susan asks, “I heard a quite a bit of muffled screams. You didn’t hurt yourself did you?”

Liz lamely explains, “No, um… It was a spider…A REAL Big one. It took a while to get him. Right, Honey?”

Max smiles, “Yeah, I guess you could say it was a really big one. It did take a while to get the job done, but between Liz and me we handled it no problem.”

Susan smiles and asks them, “Is there anything I can get you to drink or eat?” Susan further describes the array of choices they have. The blushing flight attendant returns with their beverages and food. Susan quickly returns to the flight crews section and laughs trying to hold it in. The pilot and co pilot ask her what she’s laughing at. Susan fills them in on what just happened. They laugh.

The pilot gently reminds Susan, “Just be sure you are very kind to them and don’t try to embarrass them…too much, okay. We wouldn’t want them or Mr. Langley to be upset.”

“I know I won’t try to embarrass them, but they are just so cute and so much in love it’s hard not to say a little something, but I’ll restrain myself.”


“This is the Captain. We are now on our descent into beautiful Maui Hawaii. The temperature is currently 85 degrees, sunny and warm. We may experience some turbulence on our descent which is normal. Please remain buckled in your seats on the descent, thank you.”

Max and Liz buckle into their seats and enjoy looking out the window seeing the beautiful island of Maui. Suddenly, they hit a pocket of really bad turbulence. Bad enough the oxygen masks deploy as the plane has a very rocky descent upon its approach to the airport’s runway.

“Max, I’m scared. I’ve never experienced turbulence this bad before.” Liz’s eyes fill with fear.

“Liz, it’s just some turbulence. This sort of thing happens all the time. There’s nothing to worry about, I’m sure.”

A warning buzzer sounds. The flight attendant looks worried as she leaves the cockpit in a hurry.

“Susan, what’s wrong?” Max asks.

A panicked Susan replies, “We are ready to land and the pilot just told me he can’t get the hydraulic landing gear to work, and the manual back up is jammed unable to work. We’re going to land without landing gear unless you have any suggestions.”

Max replies, “I might be able to help. Show me where the manual access to the landing gear is. At this point it’s worth a try, isn’t it?”

Susan replies, “Right this way I’ll have the co pilot show you.”

Max reassures Liz this will be fine. Max explains to Liz that he can use his powers to make the landing gear work. I’ll need you to distract the co-pilot and Susan while I do that, okay. I’ll let you know. Keep your link to me open, okay. Wait for my signal.” Liz agrees.

On Max’s signal Liz starts screaming and panicking. “Help us somebody. Please just tell me this plane will land safely. Help! What’s happening up there?” The flight attendant goes to Liz trying to calm her. Susan asks the co pilot to bring her something to calm Liz as the plane continues its descent. Max uses his powers to make the manual landing gear work.

The pilot tells Max, “I don’t know what you did there, but thanks.”

Max replies, “All I did was just hit it in a few places. It usually works with most things I’ve had good luck with fixing.”

Continuing this post in a second.....
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT NEW 21 p.10 08-Jan

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jan 08, 2005 9:40 pm

Part 21 Conclusion......

The plane with landing gear now ready, is able to land flawlessly with no worries. Everyone breathes a collective sigh, of relief. The flight crew thanks Max for his help. Max assures them it was nothing he tells them, “I just used my dad’s trick of hitting something on the side to see if that helps. Dad always says it works on the TV and the car,” Max shrugs. “I think you might want to have the ground crew take a look at that land gear situation,” Max suggests.

The pilot replies, “Yes, absolutely. It’s a top priority now that we are safely on the ground. I’ll make sure the landing gear gets checked out ASAP by the mechanics.” We’ll be back on the date that Cal discussed as your departure date and time. He said he gave you that information as well, is that correct?”

Max answers, “Yes, that’s the information we’ve been given as well.”

The pilot offers, “Here’s the flight crew’s service phone number. Call here and leave a message if there’s any change in your plans. We’ll make any necessary changes for you and be here when you need us, thanks again for your help earlier. Oh, and have fun on your honeymoon. There’s lots of great sight seeing to do here. The water is a big part of that. Enjoy and have fun. See ya in a week, take care.” The pilot and flight crew wave their good byes.

Max and Liz collect their luggage and go inside the airport to locate a cab. Max and Liz find someone holding a sign with their names on it. They look at each other, “Cal.”

“Yes, were Max and Liz Evans? Are you here to take us to our hotel?”

“Hi, I’m Tommy. It’s nice to meet you both. Yes, Cal sent me with explicit instructions to pick you up and take you to your accommodations. I’m certain that you will find them to your liking.”

Tommy escorts them to their limo and whisks them to their hotel. Liz and Max were both shocked to see that Cal has given them the Presidential suite at the Hyatt Regency Maui.

Liz squeals in delight, “Max, Oh My Goodness! This is a five star hotel. Cal did this for us, oh boy he’s getting a big hug and kiss from me, as well as some sort of cheesy touristy souvenir.”

The bell boy introduces himself. Hi my name is Mark. Mark shows them their suite and tells them about the amenities available during their stay. He promptly carries the luggage in and places it in the room as requested. He informs Max and Liz if they need anything to call on him. Max and Liz offer their thanks.

Max opens the door and calls to Mark’s departing figure. “Hey Mark, I do have one question. Do you happen to know what the square footage is of our suite?”

“Mr. Evans, That’s a good question. I’ve never been asked that before. I’m not sure. If I were to guess I’d say 2,500 to 3,000 square feet. It’s very luxurious and comfortable. Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Evans?”

“No, that’s all thanks Mark.”

“Did you hear that Liz, we have approximately 3000 square feet of luxury living to christen.”

“Well Max, you know what they say, there’s no time like the present.”

Max laughs, “So, what was that back on the plane about a real big spider. You know, I think the flight attendant Susan definitely knew what we’d been up to.”

“I know she knew. Did you see how she blushed every time she looked at us, Max?”

“Hey Mrs. Evans, you are way overdressed for this honeymoon. Liz, look there’s a Jacuzzi. It reminds me of home already. Let’s check it out, Babe.”

“Max, are you still dressed. Now look who’s overdressed for our honeymoon.”

“Hey you, get over here, woman.”

“No Max, if you want me you have to catch me.”

“We’re already married doesn’t that count as catching you?” teases Max.

“Okay, well then you can have me, but you’d better hurry up before I decide to make a run for it.”

Max says, “In that case I’d just better grab you now before you get away.” Max grabs Liz and throws her over his shoulder carrying her over to the Jacuzzi.

“Max, you are supposed warm those up hours before you use them remember.”

“I know that Babe. Remember the first time we used the Hot tub at the cabin it was just after our bonding. I showed you how to warm up the water with our powers. We can do that here too you know. Then that leaves plenty of time to warm up other things, too.”

“Max I love the way you think. It looks like we have some serious christening to do then take a break for a meal and then we’ll see what we can think up new and different to do after that. What do you say?”

“I love my wife’s beautiful mind and body.”

“Good answer, Honey. Now get your handsome self over here. I have plans for you.”

Well, Kyle’s not here so I have to say it. Anybody care to bet if they even make it out of the hotel suite for at least two days? LOL!!! That’s our Max and Liz.

**********************To Be Continued********************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 22 p.11 - 15 Jan

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jan 15, 2005 9:48 pm

Hi Everyone! :D

Sorry, I'm posting later than I'd like to today. But hey, it's still meets my normal Saturday posting date. I hope this week finds you all well and rested from the holidays. Okay, well try your best then, or fake it that's what I do. :lol:

roswellluver- Hi! Yeah, I think times like that I'd be damn happy to be alien if I were Max. There are definitely perks like cool powers. Thanks for reading and your comments. Both are very much appreciated. Thanks again, take care...

LoveIsForver- Thanks once again for your great feed back. I'm always thrilled to read your feedback. Aww your baby nephew sounds precious. They are awfully curious about things when they are little. Well, I hope this week went well for you. Plus I hope you'll like this new part too. Take care! :wink:

roswellian504- Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed last weeks part. There was some fun stuff in there. I couldn't resist my Max and Liz on a plane of course they'd join the 'Mile High Club' LOL!! This is after all my Max and Liz. :D :lol: Yeah, well you know the guys they can't resist betting on Max and Liz. I think it's there hobby. LOL!!! You asked about the formal dinner. Yes, it did happen before Max and Liz went for their official honeymoon. They didn't get a chance to discuss that yet as have the others with their formal dinners either. No time they had a plane to catch and a 'Mile High Club' to gain membership too. They won't get to talk about it in this weeks part, but next weeks for sure. Thanks for asking. :wink: I really loved reading your feed back. Thanks for reading and your great feed back. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi! Thanks for the compliment. :wink: This weeks part was a little shorter. I wasn't able to really write this one until last night and got so tired so I had to wrap it up. Hence my late posting today due to needing massive proofreading. The writing I can do it's the grammar that is a worry. So, that's why the later than usual Saturday post. I hope you'll find this new part to be a fun and pleasing one as well.

Cherie- Hi :wink: LOL!! You liked the Big spider too, LOL! Great honeymoon they had. Cal is a great guy in my fic. Yes, I heard about the festival. Sadly, I can't go. I just wish they'd get a west coast film festival preferrably in the later part of April or beyond. That I'd like to try and do and of course meet the amber eyed god. Oh Yeah!! :D Me bad? LOL!! I'm pleading the fifth on that one. I'm sure you can understand. :D :wink: Boy! Aren't you anxious packing already. LOL!! I have to confess I like to do that too. Take care Cherie... Thanks for reading and I enjoyed reading your feed back. Got love that Big spider, huh... :wink:

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 22

One week later Max and Liz get ready to leave for the airport and begin their journey back to New Mexico.

“Max, Honey, do you think we should’ve taken advantage of being in beautiful Maui and gone sight seeing? I mean we never made it out of the hotel. Actually, we never made it past the hotel pool. Not that I’m complaining.”

“Liz it is after all our honeymoon and we did enjoy it thoroughly. I mean, can it be helped that between being in a five star luxury hotel and being with you, I had all my needs and desires answered. I have to admit that no blessed interruption by our family was a nice change of pace for us. Not even a teleconference, thank goodness. Because if they would have tried to contact us they definitely would’ve been interrupting something, then we’d have to blast them when we return home.”

“Max quit laughing. That is such a mean thing to say, even though it makes me laugh.”

“Babe you know we have nothing to explain about what we did or saw on our honeymoon. We should just let them to fill in the blanks. No need to share any of our intimate exploits. That’s private and it would just make them envious.”

“My sweet husband is so humble too. I suppose you’re right Max. I can just imagine giving Kyle a case of performance anxiety. I’m sure that would make both Kyle and Mystic very cranky,” Liz laughs.

“What about Maria, Liz? Do you think she’ll let us off with not sharing any details about Maui or our honeymoon?”

“Max, Honey you do remember Maria don’t you, the original give me details girl. Max come on, no not a chance. She’ll bug us both at first. Then she’ll just concentrate on me trying to get me to crack. I think I know how to handle her. I’ll just tell her when she and Michael decide to get married by earth customs and have a honeymoon she can figure that out for herself. As for sight seeing in Maui, we’ll need to think of something to throw them off the track from teasing us too much.”

“One thing for sure, Isabel isn’t going to want to help her by dream walking us or reading our emotions and risk any kind of flashes. We’ll have to think of something…I know what we can do, Liz. We’ll call the concierge and ask for them to assemble a folder of visitor’s brochures and touristy stuff for people to see and do here. Then when we go to the airport we’ll just stop in one of the shops and buy some touristy little gifts for them. Well say we got that stuff from some of the places in the brochures. What do you think?”

“Max, have I ever told you I love you, not just for your body but your mind too. Oh and your butt’s not half bad either.” Liz eyes him possessively like a tigress about to bounce on her prey.

“Liz, I really need to call the hotel’s concierge and see what he can put together for us. No way are we letting the gang back home embarrass us and win any bets on us. Babe, you’d better stop looking at me like that or I’m not going to remember to call that guy and ask him….what was it I as going to ask him… Oh damn, Liz that’s not fair at all. You know I can’t resist you.”

“Max what are you doing now? Since when do you stop what you were doing to me to make an urgent phone call? I’m not sure if I should be hurt or rejected right now.”

“Honey, no I just called the flight crew’s number and told them to delay our departure for another couple of hours. I told them something urgent just came up that we needed to take care of before we leave and needed the extra two hours to wrap up things. I’d never hurt or reject you ever. Now, where were we?” Max flashes a hungry feral smile at Liz as if he’s about to devour her.

“Oh Max…Oh now that is much better. You’re forgiven now and then some.”


Max and Liz emerge two hours later from their hotel room. They appear freshly showered dressed, and looking very happy and blissfully contented. Max motions for the bell boy to come and take their luggage down to the lobby for them.

Liz smiles and points, “Max, look, the hotel has a gift shop. We should see what they have to get for the gang back home, and Cal is definitely owed a big thank you and a little something from Maui.”

“Liz I can honestly say that of all the things I love doing with you and to you, shopping isn’t one of them. But you’re right we’d better look and see what we can find that definitely says tourist gift, like a snow globe maybe.”

“Max a snow globe in Hawaii? I’m not sure that they even do that here. I mean it’s all about the sun and tropical setting, right?”

“Yeah, well even still Hawaii’s beauty pales in comparison to you. Hawaii’s charms didn’t get a chance to work on us. Our love is a power and a force of its own not to be reckoned with. Not even Maui could entice us to explore its natural beauty and wonders.”

Liz wraps her arms around Max’s waist and hugs him and says, “Well, I’d like to think we’re a pretty tough act to follow.”

“That we are my love, no doubt there Mrs. Evans.”

“Max, help me stay focused on finding some gifts for everyone and if you play your cards right there could be another meeting of the ‘Mile High Club’ in your very near future.”

Max and Liz decide to give the girls grass skirts and Lei’s and the guys t-shirts. Gathering their gifts they rush to their limo. They rush to the airport and board Cal’s private plane to depart for home.


Maria and the rest of the gang are excited to see her friends again and pick them up from the airport. Maria fidgets and paces. She says, “It’s been a whole week and I’m just dying to find out where they went and what sights they may have taken in.”

Isabel says, “Maria, calm down. Take deep breaths and stop pacing or you’ll wear a whole in the floor.”

“Come on Blondie talk to me. What’s bothering you? You weren’t this nervous taking them to the airport. So, what gives now?” Michael asks as he takes her in his arms to comfort her.

Maria replies, “I’m just nervous about them flying and… I just have my reasons okay, Michael.”

“Okay fine, I’ll let it go for now. I do expect you to talk to me about what is bothering you. Either way Blondie, this discussion isn’t over by a long shot. It’s just temporarily on hold,” Michael warns.

Isabel interrupts, “Come on Maria. I’m thirsty. Let’s go for a little walk and get some soda.”

Maria replies, “Sure Isabel. Yeah, I could use the walk thanks.”

“Okay, what is the deal? I hate to admit this, but I think Michael is right. If you repeat that to anyone I’ll flatly deny any such admission of Michael ever being right. Something is bothering you.” Isabel smiles hoping to evoke a smile from the high strung petite blonde.

“I’ll tell you but I need you to swear not to repeat this to Michael or anyone else for now.” Isabel nods her agreement to keep her word in not repeating what Maria is about to reveal. “I’ve been getting these weird dreams and they show me images of the future and of Michael. And…I think he’s going to ask me to marry him soon according to the dreams. I don’t want to let myself believe them because if I’m wrong and they are just dreams, I’ll get hurt letting my hopes down. I know I’d probably take it out on Michael and that would be very unfair to him. So, that’s why I’m so edgy. I just don’t know what do about this or allow myself to believe the dreams and what they show me. Does that make any sense or am I just being me again,” Maria offers with a broken smile and with a tear in her eyes.

Isabel takes in Maria’s concerns and anxious feelings. “Maria, don’t worry about the dreams. You’ll know soon enough if Michael is going to propose or not. Just wait and see what happens. Michael may or may not, it just depends on him. I know my brother and he’s completely 100 % in love with you. No doubt there, so I think he eventually will. Now come on, I think we can find a candy bar machine around here and get a chocolate fix. You’ll feel better. That always makes me feel better when I get a little edgy,” smiles Isabel.

“Thanks Isabel, you are speaking to the choir on the chocolate fix thing,” smiles Maria.

Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Mystic talk quietly about looking forward to seeing Max and Liz after a week without seeing them. The gang waits for Max and Liz’s plane to arrive at the Albuquerque airport.


Max and Liz’s plane lands safely and rolls to a stop where the private plane is directed to deplane. Max and Liz emerge a short time later with big smiles on their faces ready to greet their family.

“Liz, remember what we studied from the brochures on the plane about the sights in Maui. We’ll stick to that info and try not to let them corner us on anything too personal. You just know they placed some kind of bet on us. It’ll be fun to see them disappointed and losing their bet.”

“I remember, Max. This will be fun. Now it’s show time, Babe. Our family and betting audience awaits us. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they realize they lost the bet, or so we’ll make them think.”

Liz smiles and gives Max a kiss as they step down from the plane and make their way into the airport gates.

Max points, “Look there they are Liz, its show time.” Liz waves to their family. Maria is the first to spot them. Maria grabs Isabel and Mystic and they run to meet them. Isabel was the first of the girls to reach them. This was the first time she’s been separated from Max for any real length of time and missed seeing her brother and sister-in-law. Maria hugs Max and Liz in a big welcome home hug. Mystic greets them with her welcome back.

Kyle greets, “Hey there’s our own wayward lovebirds! Welcome back guys.” Kyle watches them carefully looking for anything he can shame them with and find proof that he was correct on his bet.

Michael says, “Hey good to have you two back Max and Liz. Maria’s been bugging me all week trying to get me to get in touch with my feminine side. Oh and I hate that traitor Dr. Phil. Maria’s been making me watch his show because you weren’t here. I’m happy you had a good time on your honeymoon, but don’t leave like that again unless we can travel with you two. I love Maria but I don’t think I could take much more of Dr. Phil or Oprah. I was contemplating blasting their broadcast signal; you know, just to save all mankind at least until you two got back here. I missed you guys. Please don’t ever do that again! Yes! I can take my life back, and the TV! Yes, I definitely missed you two.”

Alex says, “Hi guys. Welcome back. All of us really missed you two. I think Michael is about to cry tears of joy or start doing Max’s happy dance any second. It’s been a very long week for Michael and me keeping Maria company. It’s easier for me. I’m used to hanging out with Maria and Liz, but you were elsewhere. Michael is not a very good substitute for you Liz. No offense Michael.”

“That’s okay, none taken, Nerd Boy,” Michael replies.

Kyle comments, “But Michael and I did have fun shooting Dr. Phil with dart guns every time he started badgering some poor guy and taking his wife’s side against him. That part was fun. Then Maria and Mystic ruined our fun and took away our dart guns. It was hell. So, tell us about where you went. Please tell me Liz made you suffer too by watching Dr. Phil.” Max shakes his head no. “See, I told Maria and Mystic that Liz was nice and wouldn’t do that to Max. I knew it! We were a robbed man, that’s so unfair. Okay, like we aren’t used to the Max envy.”

Michael interrupts Kyle’s rant, “Shut up Kyle. Not to change the subject or anything. But I am curious just where did you two go for your honeymoon?”

Max and Liz take a moment to look at their family and shake their heads and laugh. “First of all we missed you guys all acting crazy. Secondly, we went to Maui Hawaii to answer your question Michael. Oh and no we didn’t watch any TV so definitely no Dr. Phil or Oprah. They weren’t invited and not on our list of things to see or do in Hawaii,” answers Max.

Liz blushes, “Yeah, right. No time for TV. We did find out about some great places to visit, didn’t we Honey.”

Max replies, “Yes, we sure did. Oh and we brought back gifts too.”

Kyle begins to suspect somebody’s not telling the truth and decides to test Max and Liz. Kyle asks, “Did you guys go on one of those cool helicopter rides and do some Island hopping?”

Max replies, “No, we stayed on Maui. No island hopping maybe next time.” Max winks at Liz.

“Wow, did you get to see the USS Arizona or Missouri war memorial then while you were there?” Kyle asks.

Max and Liz look at each other. Liz racks her brain and she knows she should know where the USS Arizona and Missouri are located but knows she didn’t read anything about it in her brochures they collected. “Oh the memorial, ah yeah we did visit it,” Liz answers biting her lower lip.

Kyle smiles and says, “That’s so cool.”

Michael notes Kyle’s confident cocky smile.

“Okay Valenti why that Cheshire cat smile?” Michael asks. Alex listens and smiles as if he gets this mysterious inside joke that escapes Michael for the moment.

Isabel smiles, “Max, you mentioned gifts? So what did you bring us?”

Liz finds the one extra suitcase she packed for gifts and souvenirs. “Here they are. Sorry, they aren’t wrapped up properly, but airport security wouldn’t allow for that. We brought the girls grass skirts. We found the guys these funny but appropriate T-shirts. They’re very touristy but fun,” says Liz trying to conceal her chuckle handing the T-shirts out to Michael, Alex, and Kyle. Liz and Max watch the guys and wait for their reaction to reading what’s on the T-shirts.

Alex says, “Hey I like this. Then he looks closer and reads it again. Liz! I can’t believe you and Max got these for us,” Alex blushes and laughs. Alex regains his composure and tries to say what it says.

Kyle takes his and reads his out loud, “It says, ‘I got lei’d in Maui.’”

Liz says, “Guys we were on our honeymoon so it’s probably safe to say that we did. We just thought the least we could do was get these shirts for you guys, realizing that you three were no doubt betting on our honeymoon activities. Am I right? I’m right aren’t I?” Liz and Max study the sudden blush in the guys’ faces and look to the girls and see that their faces are red as well.

“Gees, you mean you three girls got in on this bet too, shameful. My own sister too,” Max shakes his head.

“I hate to let the cat out of the bag here, but you weren’t honest about going to see the war memorials for the USS Arizona and Missouri… The memorial is located on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, unless you did some Island hopping to make that happen,” Kyle grins with confidence.
“Yes! Score one for jock boy,” exclaims Kyle’s enthusiasm.

“No way… How did you figure that out Kyle?” Max asks.

Kyle replies, “You see my grandfather was in that war. He’s shown me pictures of that war memorial he visited years ago and I remembered that it was on the island of Oahu. You guys are so busted! You never left your hotel room did you?”

Liz protests, “That’s not true! We did make it down to the hotel pool once or twice. That does count you know!” The gang begins to laugh by Liz’s defensive and funny comments.”

Max is quick to move to rescue Liz from any further embarrassment, “You did catch us. I was going to say different, but you caught us. You guys always interrupt us. So you found us out on this one. I guess we’ll have to live with it.”

“Maria, I want details about your romantic dinner with Michael the other night. We were sort of in a rush when we left and I didn’t get to ask you about that. “Now who’s got a secret? You can tell me later Chica,” Liz says.

Liz asks, “What about you Isabel? Mystic what happened with your romantic dinner for two you and Kyle had planned, huh. Any other news we should know about now that we are back?”

Max adds, “It seems all of you guys have some details to spill about. Good, Liz and I didn’t get to watch the expression on the others faces when Kyle let the cat out of the bag so to speak.”

“Okay, you guys had better spill or we’ll make you play a round of truth or dare. You know Max and I would so kick butt on that against you guys. Right Honey,” Liz says looking for Max to add his own agreement.

“Yes, we would Liz and quite easily too.”

“Well that’s my queue to quit while I’m ahead,” Michael says.

“Truce guys, okay?” says Mystic.

“We can save the sordid details and embarrassing stories until we get back, to the cabin,” Liz says still blushing.

“LIZ! You promised you wouldn’t talk about that stuff,” Max says surprised.

Liz replies, “I know that Max, but I’m still not going to tell them anything okay. I’m fine with that Max. No problem,” says Liz.

“Right now I just really want to go home to our cabin and enjoy my hot bath and hot husband and relax. Let’s go home, Babe,” Liz states giving Max a heated smile.

“Anything for my beautiful bride,” Max smiles.

“Oh now there’s an offer I’m taking you up on right now. Okay, people let’s move it. Max and I have decided we were not done honeymooning. Take us to our cabin please, now.” Liz urges.

******************************To Be Continued**************************
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Loves Awakening RevealedII AU,CC, ADULT New 23 p.12 22-Jan

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:16 pm

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I'm a little late in my posting. I ran a bit late this week on getting this part wrote that's why I'm late, sorry! Plus it takes me a little longer to proof read my stuff. Well, I hope this week was good to all of you.

roswellluver- Hi! Oh Max and Liz wanting more honeymoon, ah...I couldn't tell them no. I mean Max begged me. What could I do? I have no defense to those amber eyes begging me. Huh? sure anything you want Max. See how those things happen. LOL!!

LoveIsForever- Hi! Awww you're little nephew sounds precious. I hope the snow eased up for you to get out some this week then. Thanks for all your really great funny comments on my story. I always enjoy reading them. You always make my day with your comments on the story... Thanks so much fore reading and your comments.

Cherie- Yeah, I gave Kyle his moment there at busting Max and Liz on their fib. Michael and Maria are quite the pair but we love them anyways. He just needs to do some reassuring and spoiling wouldn't hurt either to rid her of insecurities. About Austin, I wish I could be there too, but it wouldn't work with other plans. Although please keep me informed of any other film festivals that will be admitting 'Shooting Livien'. I'm a woman on a mission to see his movies and to meet the man himself. Then I can just faint, drool, and die happy but not necesarily in that order. LOL!!! I could so get into trouble there. LOL!!! But hey, you go to Austin and have a Wonderful time and come back with all the details and spill. Pics are always a big thumbs up as you know. :wink: Take care and keep in touch.

AJK001- Thanks for your thoughts on last weeks part. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm happy to have you along on the journey of my story as it unfolds. Sometimes it surprises me what I wind up writing. I don't know for absolute certain what exactly I'll write from week to week. It's been fun to write it that way so far. I'm Always happy to spot your name as one of those that posted feedback. Thanks so much! You Rock! :wink:

roswellian504- Oh Max and Liz did do some sight seeing. Just the sights they saw involved each other exclusively. What can I say? They're addicted to each other. It must be nice I'm guessing. LOL!! Yeah, well its not often somebody gets to bust Max and Liz but I thought Kyle deserved to get his moment at doing that. Kyle being kyle, loved it. This weeks part talks a little about the dinners. Mostly about Maria and Michael, though.

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 23

Max and Liz’s family drive them from the airport to their cabin. Max and Liz blissfully ride in the back seat befitting their status as leaders and honeymooners. Liz notices that Maria seems to have something to say, but just wont say it. Liz tries to engage her in conversation knowing that once Maria gets her mouth moving she’ll spill. She can’t help being Maria speaking her mind in front of her family like she always does.

“Maria, we never got to ask how your romantic dinner went with Michael. I’m afraid we all were kind of otherwise engaged with our own romantic dinner and didn’t get to ask everybody how their romantic dinners went before we left. So, we’re here now and we need to catch up, so spill Maria,” Liz smiles at her friend. Liz hopes that Maria opens up soon and gets whatever is bothering her off of her chest.

Maria replies, “Oh we went to a nice place. I was so surprised Michael found this nice little romantic place in Artesia near the Colony. Michael really surprised me. The place he took me to had table cloths and candle light. Needless to say he totally shocked and rendered me speechless. Not a word Michael,” Maria warns. Everyone laughs at Michael biting his tongue as if he was about to say something smart to tick her off, but stops himself.

Kyle speaks up, “Well if Michael can’t say it, I will. I’d loved to have seen Maria speechless. Alert the media. Hey, I couldn’t stop myself. It was a give me,” Kyle shrugs and ducks from Maria’s slap.

Isabel warns, “Don’t make me pull over this car Kyle. Trust me you don’t want to find out just what I can do. Does he Max?”

Max replies, “If I were you Kyle I’d fold on this one. Isabel is not someone you’d want to piss off. Michael and I should know. She’s our sister and we both have learned from previous experience and have the scars to prove it. Trust me Kyle, just don’t piss Iz off and you’ll be fine, okay.”

Mystic comments, “Listen to Max on this one. Plus it’s not a good idea to tick off Maria either. Remember she can blast you Kyle,” teases Mystic.

Kyle rolls his eyes and says, “Gees I’ve heard of your tough rooms, but a tough car? Boy, no sympathy for me. I know my good friend here Michael sees my point. Don’t you Michael?”

Michael hesitates to answer Kyle, “Hey, leave me out of your comments and criticisms of Isabel or Maria. I know when and with whom to pick my battles with. I’m not stupid, Kyle.”

“All right everybody, cool it! Why is everybody so cranky today?” Liz asks.

“Alex you’re the only one that hasn’t said anything. Is everything okay with you? You’re not sick or anything?” Liz asks with concern.

Alex replies, “No I’m not sick. Just smart enough to know to keep my head down and stay out of these family squabbles.”

Max adds, “Smart man Alex. You found a good one there Isabel.” Isabel smiles at Max’s comment.

Kyle wisely decides to heed Max’s advice and becomes quiet, no longer trying to stir up something. He knows when he’s beat and graciously has decided to wave the white flag. All eyes are on Kyle waiting for his response.

Kyle smirks, “What? Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’ll leave well enough alone…This time. I’m sorry if I upset anyone. Gees, women! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!” Kyle exchanges a looks of silent agreement between all of the guys. None of them dares to verbalize it though.

“Good boy Kyle. See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Mystic asks.

“You don’t actually expect me to answer that, do you? Don’t mind me. I’ll just sit here with my wounded male pride,” Kyle comments.

“Is my Jock boy, pouting? Kyle, you’re too macho for that so knock it off. You’re just trying to work it so that I feel sorry for you and start kissing you to stroke your fragile male ego,” Mystic accurately speculates.

Kyle replies, “Damn, you mean you know about that trick. I was hoping you didn’t notice that part.”

Liz continues to notice Maria’s now uncharacteristically quite mood and her continued fidgeting. Maria seems nervous even though she says nothing with her words her body language tells another story. Liz decides to be sure to talk to her when they get to the cabin. Liz knows Maria is just trying to keep whatever it is bottled up until she can talk to Liz about what’s bothering her. Liz being a long time best friend doesn’t want to let her continue to stew over whatever this is about.

“Hey girls, I need a brief all girls meeting once we get to the cabin. Note this is still our honeymoon and we are planning on making use of every single minute of it. But I’d like to briefly catch up before we shoo you all away so we can continue our honeymoon. If that’s okay,” Liz smiles. Maria, Isabel, and Mystic all smile at Liz’s suggestion.

“I think that’s a really great idea, Liz. We’ll keep it brief, right girls,” Isabel says receiving nods of agreement from the others.

“Good, I think Michael, Alex, Kyle can tell me what’s new and exciting has been happening in Roswell New Mexico while we were gone. I have a feeling that you guys might need some advice on something judging from the way the girls are acting. Some things never change. We’re definitely home Liz,” smiles Max.

“Okay, here’s the deal. You guys have 15 minutes to talk to each of us about whatever is on your mind that’s bothering you; then after that we’d like our privacy. Is that fair enough?” Liz asks.
The entire group sighs with relief. Apparently Max and Liz’s presence was missed as the ones who always sort out the mess with their family.

“Maria, spill why are you acting, well very un Maria like. It’s not like you to be quiet. What happened with your romantic dinner with Michael, and feel free to spare me any inappropriate details. I don’t need the images,” Liz blurts anxious to cut to the chase as to what’s the matter.

“Liz, I’ve been getting these dreams this last week. Actually, right before my romantic dinner with Michael, and to say the least I’m really not sure whether to believe them and allow myself to get hurt or trust what the dreams are showing me. Isabel told me not to worry. Me, not worry like that could ever happen. I just don’t want to be blindsided like my mom was with my dad. I don’t think I could take it if that were to happen with Michael,” Maria tearfully confesses her fears.

Liz calmly discusses the subject. “Maria, those dreams weren’t anything bad. So, you think based on what the dreams showed you that Michael will be proposing sometime in the very near future. You love Michael right and you’re already his bonded mate. I don’t understand what part has you worried Maria?”

Maria answers, “Liz I’m just afraid that things are going so well for me and Michael right now that I can’t help thinking that the other shoe is bound to drop. Does that make any sense?”

“Yes Maria, it does make sense. My best advice to you about these dreams is not to worry. Maybe they’ll turn out to be like my dreams I had about Max that were courtesy Arianna. We could try and contact her in a dream walk and ask her. Now in the meantime I want you to promise me to stop all this negative thinking. Michael loves you and you know that. He believes in you for better or worse. Face it, the two of you are meant for each other and stuck with each other so enjoy it. I know that speaking for myself I’m very happy to be stuck with Max and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Love is a crazy journey you can’t make happen. I think love and destiny aren’t things you can force or make happen; they simply happen as they should all on their own. All we have to do is just go along for the ride and not try to protest too much, that last part was my personal little bit of advice. In other words Maria shut up and enjoy. Maria, Isabel and I think you both should go get some ice cream and make the guys pick up some movies from the video store and enjoy a nice evening relaxing watching the movies. Please don’t make them sit through just chic flicks. You know how cranky they get when that happens. Let them pick one they like to see. Fair is fair, you get a chic flick and they get a nice action movie,” Liz smiles after soothing her friend’s worries. “Now, if you don’t mind…I see my husband is getting antsy for some quality alone time. The honeymoon is about to resume. Good bye, girls. Take my advice; it will all be as it should. I have to go, but we’ll have to catch up later. I don’t want to see Max get cranky and start firing warning blasts at Michael and Kyle,” teases Liz.

Max talks to Michael trying to find out what wrong and impart some helpful advice. Alex and Kyle are there too listening to Max’s comments and advice to Michael.

“Michael, this thing with Maria will be fine. Michael, talk to her about it. But don’t force her, you know how she gets. Do something special just for her. You know, send her flowers or something nice like that. Okay, Michael,” urges Max.

“I know you’re right Max, but I just always seem to put both feet in my mouth when I try to do something like that. I’m not like you Max. I’m just not good with that sort of thing,” sighs Michael.

“Well buddy, I suggest you get good at it fast. Maria looks really bothered and you don’t want to deal with Maria in a semi-worried pissed off state,” warns Alex.

The guys turn to Kyle waiting for his two cents on the subject. Kyle makes his comments, “Hey, you deal with hurricane Deluca. I wish you luck, and I hope you can duck and run at the right moment. Boy, as if she wasn’t bad enough before…when she gets pissed now she has some of your powers. Guerin you do love living dangerously don’t you.”

All the guys turn to Kyle. “Kyle shut up!”

Kyle replies, “Yikes!! So much for camaraderie there, guys.”

Michael looks over to see Mystic shooting some serious daggers. Michael can’t resist pointing this out, “Kyle judging from how Mystic is looking at you right now I think you might be the one who needs to duck and run.” The other guys all laugh at Kyle’s reaction to Mystic listening to his comments via their connection.

“I’ll try something radical and take your advice Max. Wish me luck. Here goes nothing,” sighs Michael under his breath walking towards Maria.

“You do realize that if Maria is upset about something to do with her relationship with Michael it might very well cause our girls to react. That depends on whatever it is all about,” Alex observes.

“Boy, I’m glad Michael and Kyle weren’t here to hear that. Don’t tell them that okay. I don’t need them gloating or stirring up any trouble me. Especially on my honeymoon with Liz,” Max sighs and shakes his head.

“Ditto on that one my friend,” Alex replies.

“Why would Maria’s issues with Michael be a problem for Liz and me?” Max asks.

“Because it might get them thinking about those things and how it relates to your relationship, that’s why. Look, I only mention this because I know Liz and Maria. I’d bet Michael has caught plenty of grief because you’re always so thoughtful and always giving Liz little gifts and surprises. Liz tells Maria. Then Maria complains to Michael that he doesn’t do any of that for her. Just as an example, see what I mean. In other words tread carefully Max,” states Alex.

“Thanks Alex. I appreciate the word of warning. I don’t think it will be a problem with Liz. I’ll just be careful about any comments I may make about Michael and Maria. That should keep me out of trouble plus it’s our honeymoon,” Max grins.

“Oh no…Don’t look now but all of the girls are looking at us like they eavesdropped through our connection. What should we do?” Alex nervously flinches.

“I think the word RUN seems to come to mind in this situation,” Kyle says wiping his brow.

“Note to self, always be careful about what I say about any of the girls. They are like pack animals and they’ll circle and hunt us down and make us suffer. Oh crap! I did it again,” states Alex.

Michael yells, “Nice work Alex, now we’re all going to suffer, except for maybe Max. Since it’s their honeymoon, Liz might just show him some mercy. Good luck with that one Bro I think the rest of us are on our own on this one. You know what this means men. Yep! Time to beg for mercy and hope they’ll go for that. Why is it I get the feeling that I’ll be sleeping on the hard floor tonight. Oh great, just great! Dust bunnies here I come.”

They all turn to Max. Kyle asks Max for the only possible life saver, “Do you have that number for the florist?”

“Yeah, I have it on my speed dial” Max hands Kyle the phone. Kyle orders Mystic’s favorite flowers orchids.

Michael grabs the phone from Kyle. “My turn, now move aside, Valenti. Hello, I need to order some flowers and have them delivered today. Do you have cornflowers? My Maria likes the purple, blue kind, white kind. You do great. Okay, deliver them to Maria Deluca, yeah she’s Amy’s daughter. Since you know Amy you know the address that’s the right place. Okay great bill them to Michael Guerin, yes to the account I recently opened with you thanks.”

“Hey, don’t hang up I need to order some too. Yes, that’s right 1 dozen Silver roses to Isabel Evans. Yes, that’s the right address. Can you make sure those get delivered immediately? There’s a twenty dollar tip in it for you if you can. You can, excellent.” Alex feels like this will save him. Alex whispers into the phone, “and bill them to Michael Guerin’s account, as well”.

Michael glares and grumbles at Alex, “Give me that phone back. I have to call them back… Damn it Alex, you didn’t tell us you could have them express deliver for immediate delivery.” Michael didn’t hear the part about how Alex is paying for the flowers.

“Hey Guerin, don’t hog the phone I need to talk to them too,” Kyle persists.

“Max do you think you need to use the phone to order some flowers for Liz,” teases Michael who thinks he is getting the better of Max

“I already took care of all that stuff. I had Isabel bring them over and put them in the cabin for me. I called her before we left the hotel. So sorry to disappoint you guys, but I won’t need to order any more flowers right now,” smiles Max.

“Damn, he’s good! We should really wise up and take a page out of Max’s book, but then again that just wouldn’t be us would it guys?” Kyle shrugs.

“Nope, that wouldn’t be us at all. Married and hen pecked like my bro Max,” Michael teases.

Max replies defensively, “I’m not hen pecked. You guys know that. Liz is not that way.”

Maria uses her bonded couple connection to speak with Michael. ‘Michael Guerin, get your butt over here now. Leave Max alone, if you know what’s good for you. Don’t make me zap you. I’m plenty pissed off so be warned.’

Michael turns to talk with Alex, Kyle, and Max offering his parting comments and asking when it would be okay to call or come over to visit with the resident honeymooners.

Maria growing more irritated by the moment, “I said Now Michael!” Max doesn’t say a word, but tries valiantly to keep from laughing thinking, now whose hen pecked.

“Yes, dear. I’ll be right there,” Michael sighs.

“Alex, we need to leave now. Max and Liz gave us 15 minutes to talk with them. Our time limit is up. They need to be alone and enjoy the rest of their honeymoon. Thanks for letting us talk to you guys. Alex, we’re stopping at the store on the way home. I need some Chunky Monkey and Tabasco sauce. I’ve been craving ice cream and chocolate all day. If I don’t get some now I’ll hurt somebody, are we clear on that Sweetie,” Isabel flashes her supermodel smile at him.

“Yeah, I got it. Stop at the store get my Princess some Chunky Monkey and Tabasco sauce on the way home. I wonder if it would be a good idea to talk to Cal about investing in Tabasco sauce and in Ben and Jerry’s. They both seem to be necessary dietary staples to keep everyone semi-happy and sane,” Alex ponders.

“Alex, come on hurry. I think Maria heard me mention stopping at the store for some Chunky Monkey. We need to beat Michael and Maria there since she loves that one too. Oh bye Liz. Bye Max, call me when it’s okay for company,” Isabel says over her shoulder running to the car.

Max turns around to carry Liz in the house and she’s not behind him. ‘Liz where are you?’

“I’m upstairs Max, drawing a nice hot bubble bath for me and my nice hot husband. You’d better get up here soon or the water will be cold. We both know cold water is just not as much fun. But if you don’t get your cute hybrid butt up here you’ll never know how great that hot bath would be.”

Max takes the stairs two steps at time practically running up the stairs to find Liz looking over her shoulder at him. Liz is wearing only her red silk robe tied around her waist. Max stares at Liz feeling his own desire escalating by every second, she returns his feral hungry smile.

“Max, didn’t you want to unwrap your welcome home gift?”

“Yeah…Yeah… I most certainly do. Come here, my naughty Liz?”

“Me? naughty?” Liz giggles at that briefly. She then quiets her laughter to look into his eyes. Max takes two steps over to Liz. His eyes locked on hers. Max focuses shifting his stare to her lips. He moves in and kisses her. Max’s lips caress hers gently at first then become more urgent and intense. Max’s hands have other plans. He lets his hands roam to the front of her robe finding the tie, and with ease unties it. Max pushes the red silk robe off of her shoulders he’s completely mesmerized by her beauty, trust, and unconditional love for him. Her red silk robe billows into waves as it hits the floor. Max lifts Liz into his arms and carries her over to the bathtub. He lowers her carefully like she’s priceless china into the bathtub. He then steps in behind her and straddles her between his legs.

“Liz, you left the light on in here and forgot to light the candles.”

“Who says I forgot a thing, Max.” Liz uses her powers to light candles with the snap of her fingers and a clap of her hands to shut off the bathroom light. She looks at Max who is now laughing at her. “Just what is so funny, Max and think carefully before you answer that,” frowns Liz.

“I just thought it was funny that you clapped your hands to make the light turn off. My wife, the hybrid clapper,” Max laughs uncontrollably.

“Max this is not helping to create the right mood here. Stop laughing at me or you’ll be taking your honeymoon bath minus the bride.”

“Liz, Honey….I’m sorry, it just struck me as funny. I wasn’t laughing at you at all. I was laughing at what you said. I’m sorry if that in any way sounded like I was making fun of you, I wasn’t. Okay, Liz?”

“Okay. I’m glad you explained that one. Well, it is our honeymoon still and I really don’t feel much like fighting. So how do you feel about making it up to me, Max?”

“Just what did you have in mind my sweet bride?”

“Now that you mention it... How do you feel about vigorous water sports Max?” Liz gives him one of her heated stares as she begins to turn around to face him. Liz reaches out and touches him with one finger tracing down his chest, she stops at his waist. The rest of Max is submerged in the water with the bubbles acting as his only cover. She slowly raises her eye to scan appreciatively his physique that is above the water and bubbles. Liz proceeds to seduce him with just a look. Max unable to resist her he’s drawn to her by his own insatiable desire and need for her. The feeling of her touch on his bare skin is intoxicating. Max turns the tables on her. He slowly stands up in the tub and Liz moves to rest her head on the back of the tub. She stares at him, mesmerized at his physique. She thinks damn, ‘I’m so lucky. Who would’ve guessed under all those loose fitting close, that Max has the body of an Adonis? Yep, its official. It’s Very good to be me. Liz licks her lips and smiles at him. Her eyes locked on his as he lowers himself back into the tub, but facing Liz. Max makes himself comfortable on settling and balancing his weight. He kisses her like a man clinging to his last breath.

“You mean everything to me Liz… you and the babies of course.” Max places his hand on her stomach checking on the twins. Max’s hand glows as he scans his beloved’s womb to check on their precious cargo, the twins. They both smile, at this single loving gesture. He tells the twins good night and sends them images telepathically of him and Liz smiling laughing while on their honeymoon in Maui. Liz closes her eyes savoring his touch unable to suppress her own moan of pleasure that escapes her lips. “So about these vigorous water sports you mentioned. Does that include vigorous water dancing?”

“But of course Max is there any other kind?”

“Well consider your dance card filled for water sports or otherwise and we might have to take breaks to reheat the water. It could be a long night of vigorous water dancing that lies ahead for us, Liz.”

“Don’t ya just love sports, Max?” He answers her with his own groan.

“I’ll take that as a yes then,” giggles Liz.

“Oh it’s definitely a yes. Didn’t you feel my yes response?” Max asks.

“Yes, I certainly did. It was hard to ignore.”

Max and Liz spend the rest of the night embracing the joy of sports. Rather, the joy of water sports ala Max and Liz. Now, there’s a sport that could definitely be an Olympic event.

***********************************To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Pt 24 p.12 - 29 Jan

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jan 29, 2005 5:37 pm

Hi Everyone!

I've been struggling with the stupid flu. I hope this part won't disappoint anyone. So here goes another new part. I hope you'll like it. This one features another of our couples. Read on, enjoy, and let me know what you think. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi! I'm glad you did find my story. I did post it on Saturday, probably just missed seeing it posted after you checked last. I'm glad to hear that the snow has gone where you live. It's no fun to drive in that's for sure. I loved your feedback as usual. I hope you'll like this weeks part. Can't wait to see what you think about it. Take care and keep warm! :wink:

roswellian504- Hi :wink: Oh boy the guys definitely have themselves in trouble. But the question is will the flowers be seen as a sweet surprise gift to their perspective lady loves? Or will they flowers be seen as ruse or distraction to some other mischief the guys are guilty of? It'll be fun to see.

About Alex... Yeah, he's in BIG trouble with Michael. You'll see what I mean. LOL!!! Enjoy and take care.

AJKOO1- Hi~ Well I decided we needed to see some fireworks in regards to at least one of my couples this week. I hope you'lll enjoy the fireworks display. LOL!! Take care.

ayznshorti- Ah Kyle, he's lovable but he does have his moments you'd like to kick his butt. He's always the one with the witty sarcastic comments. Kyle does manage to make the gang laugh and sometimes it's at his own expense. If anyone can handle him it's Mystic.

Cherie- Ah well boys will be boys. They just aren't blessed with the Max romantic gene, like Max is. Which reminds me those scientists really should've made a few extras of Liz's Max. I know I'd sure like one :oops: :D . Yes Max and Liz are very much in tune with each other... Have I ever mentioned I have a raging case of Liz envy, :lol: Oh maybe I have once or twice before :lol:

Yes, definitely let me know about any and all Austin related stuff and pics. I keep hoping SL will be submitted and invited to be in a film festival on the west coast. That would be nice to see. Sorry, I can't make it there to be in Austin with everyone. We'll get to meet up at one of these things soon I hope. I really want to see SL and meet the amber eyed one himself, ( Nora drools and sighs just thinking about it) Hey, I'm a dreamer fan dreaming big what can I say.

roswellluver- Your very welcome. Ah yes, the virtue of water sports... Max and Liz seem to be big fans of that. Of course with them any excuse will do. LOL!!! I hope you like this weeks part.

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 24

Alex was all too happy to accommodate Isabel by leaving right away and racing Michael and Maria to the store. In fact he was delighted in putting much distance between him and Michael. Alex knows he’ll be in trouble once Michael finds out that Alex charged Isabel’s one dozen Silver roses to Michael’s account. Alex considers his odds of surviving Michael’s wrath. He could always outrun him. “Yeah let’s hurry, Princess. You don’t want Maria and Michael to beat us to the store, now do you?” Alex leaves with Isabel and even burns rubber leaving Max and Liz’s cabin.

Michael frowns, “I wonder what the heck is with Nerd Boy burning rubber like that.” Michael shrugs and helps Maria in the Jetta and takes her keys.

Maria glares at Michael, “Why should I give you my keys for the Jetta?”

“I won’t let you drive when you’re angry with me. You’re liable to get us both killed. Remember I’m the alien without healing powers so we’d both be screwed,” Michael replies staring at her letting her know this is a non negotiable thing. They drive towards Maria’s house.

“Yeah sure Liz gets the nice and romantic alien and I get you,” Maria fumes still angry. Her anger is her way of masking her fear. She fears that Michael will walk out of her life and desert her just like her father walked out on Amy and her when she was seven years old. Michael notices the thundering silence in the car. Maria says, “You know this is my entire fault, so don’t bother yourself about it. I should just know better than to open up and let anyone into my heart. It was my mistake Space Boy. Hey! That was our turn for my house. Why did you go straight? Michael we just passed the leaving Roswell City limits sign.”

Michael ignores her at first then decides to give her a vague answer. “Yeah, I know that Blondie.”

Maria’s temper ratchets up a few more notches and releases, “Damn it Michael Guerin this is my car. Alien or not, you’re not taking my car. What are you doing? Abducting me again?” She looks at him and he completely is unaffected by her raging temper. “You’re not going to tell me are you? Just what kind of game are you playing here Space Boy?” Michael remains stoic and focused on his driving. Michael reaches over and turns the volume up on her radio, finding a good heavy metal station to listen to as he drives on this sunny day.

“Uh hello, do you even acknowledge that I’m here?” Maria glares at him. She admonishes herself for thinking how handsome he is with his strong jaw and sandy blonde hair. Maria berates herself. ‘No I’m angry with him. I shouldn’t be sitting her making a mental note of his looks and attributes. Besides, I just have this feeling he’s going to dump me. I know what the dreams told me. But can I trust them or myself to believe in the dreams? Nope, I’ve seen how well it went with my mom and dad. I just don’t know what to make of this. I think my mind has boldly gone into the alien abyss never to see the light of day,’ ponders Maria silently to herself.

Michael continues driving away from Roswell. They pass the Bitter Lake sign. Maria stares at him. “Well, what are we doing here, Space Boy?”

“I think we need to talk. That’s why we’re out here. It’s the only place we can go that I can make you just nervous enough to get a word in edge wise,” Michael smirks.

“So, you’re taking me here to what? Abduct me? No, been there done that. What else is there Michael, except to dump me? Look, I know seeing Max and Liz leave for their official honeymoon and their return has probably made you think about us and realize that we aren’t that great of a match, right? I mean we are no Max and Liz, not by a long shot,” Maria’s eyes well up threatening to release tears at any moment.

Michael is stunned by her words and mood. “What the heck are you talking about Blondie? Can’t a guy take his girlfriend for a drive to go and talk without you thinking like that?” Maria begins to rifle off more questions at him. Michael puts his hand over her mouth to silence her. Maria responds by biting his hand. “Damn it Maria! Why’d you bite me? You’re impossible sometimes you know that.”

“That’ll teach you to even think about silencing me ever again.”

“Oh like anyone could silence you.”

“That’s it!” Maria proceeds to punch him in the arm. Michael catches her second punch in mid air before she can land it.

Michael tries talking to her again. “Feel better now, Blondie. Now would you please stop being impossible for one minute so I can talk to you. That was the point of us going to Bitter Lake so we could talk without interruption.”

“You want to know why I’ve been in a weird mood since our fancy romantic dinner. It’s because ever since that night I’ve been dreaming these well…unlikely dreams and they scare me. I don’t know if I dare allow myself to believe them or just go back to being Teflon babe deflect any potential rejection or hurt which I know is inevitable,” Maria blurts out and sighs.

Michael mirrors a mixture of concern and fascination, “So what exactly were these dreams about? What makes you think that I’d ever reject you?”

Maria replies, “You’d like that wouldn’t you… You’d love it if I told you. God, why did you make men even the alien hybrids so impossible, huh?”

Michael sighs and tries again, “Yes, I‘d really love to know what the hell is your problem. You obviously have a problem with me or rather us in some way but refuse to tell me about it. So fine, you don’t want to tell me about it.” Michael pulls over and parks. He removes the keys from the ignition and puts them in his front pocket of his jeans. Michael promptly turns to look at her and shrugs. He climbs in the back seat.

“What the hell are you doing Michael?”

“You said you didn’t want to talk. I’m determined to wait until you change your mind and talk to me about whatever this is that’s causing this entire problem between us. So in the meantime, I plan to make myself comfortable. I’m ready to listen whenever you decide to talk.” Michael gets comfortable and closes his eyes for a nap. Maria turns to look at him in disbelief while still remaining in the passenger seat up front in the Jetta.

“I can’t believe you, Michael. You’re going to keep me here until I talk.”

“I know it’s a first for me, shocking isn’t it,” Michael smirks.

“Oh that’s right, make a smart remark. Oh now there’s a first,” Maria replies with a glare.

“What is the problem? I’ve seen you pmsing and this isn’t that, so spill already Maria.”

“What! Pmsing! I’m not pmsing. That’s just so typical, I’m upset and you blame it on pms.”

“If you’re not going to talk to me, then please be quiet. You’re interrupting my nap, Blondie.”

“No you don’t Michael Guerin.”

“Watch me, I’m closing my eyes and ready to sleep.”

Michael can sense her energy when she’s like this. The air is full of static all around her when she gets really pissed at him. Then her eyes sparkle like emeralds flashing with all her passion and fiery intensity. Michael can’t resist. He smiles and opens his eyes to find Maria’s face between the front and back seats glaring at him with those fiery emerald green eyes. He quickly reaches for her face and takes her lips to his. Maria falls silent to the power of his touch and kiss. After a long seemingly never ending kiss, they part for much needed air. Maria stares into Michaels warm brown eyes and melts a little. She then shakes her head as if waking herself up from a day dream.

“Damn it Michael! You did it again. You kissed me to shut me up. I hate how that always works on me. Damn if you weren’t such a great kisser, I’d be better at resisting you. Huh, I wonder if that’s an alien thing. I’ll ask Liz next time I see her,” Maria theorizes.

“Well if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I always say. Hey, a guy can use every possible power or ability to go up against the likes of my Blondie, whether he’s other worldly or not. It just so happens I am other worldly,” Michael sheepishly smiles. Michael realizes she hasn’t hit him again, so that’s a good sign. Maybe he’s wearing down her resistance to him over time. Michael tells himself, ‘Maria mellow over time, nah never going to happen. Besides, I like her feisty like this,’ Michael bites his lip to keep from smiling.

“Hello, earth to Michael. Great, you’re day dreaming!” Maria shrugs.

“Maria quit attacking me to divert you from telling what’s really going on here. Look Blondie, I can call out the big guns to get answers from you. . . I can call Liz, something tells me she knows.”

“Michael, put the cell phone down. Please leave Liz and Max out of this. This is about us. Besides, they’d probably want to strangle us both for interrupting their alone time ala honeymoon part two.”

“Nope, I’m not calling Max and Liz. I’m calling Jim Valenti letting him know where you and I are and that were safe. I know I don’t want your mom on the war path worrying about where you are. I know she’s at Jim’s when they’re commuting between Roswell and Albuquerque. It’s nice that we have the run of your mom’s house. But still, no need to have Amy worried about your whereabouts. It’s best to cover the bases,” states Michael.

“Hi Jim. I was just calling to let you know that Maria is with me. I didn’t want to give anyone reason to worry or think that something was wrong, especially not Amy. Maria’s being stubborn and won’t talk to me so I told her we’re going stay here until she talks to me. Here? Oh I mean at Bitter Lake. No, Bitter Lake has not frozen over. Okay, we’ll be fine. Say hi to Amy for us, Bye Jim.”

“You really want to know what the heck my problem is … I’ve been having dreams lately and they aren’t your typical dreams. These are very vivid and feel real. I don’t know if I should allow myself to believe the dreams. After my dad walked out of my life I made myself a promise that I would never allow myself to let any other guy get that close to my heart. I couldn’t bear that kind of heart break and rejection again. I know I was just a kid then, but I remember what my mother went through. She was deeply hurt and devastated by Dad up and leaving us like that. It’s taken my mom all this time to trust herself enough to love again in letting Jim Valenti into her life. I think this time around she picked a good man. My problem is this, Michael. The dreams that I keep having are about you and I. Do we have a future together or are we just kidding ourselves because of the bonding thing? I am just so confused right now. Please be patient with me. I’m still trying to understand why this is happening to me. I was fine before Max and Liz left for their honeymoon, but the entire time they’ve been gone these dreams keep replaying in my head,” Maria says reflecting on the images in her dreams.

“Okay, fair enough. Blondie can you give me the cliff notes version of the dreams and what you think they mean, please?” Michael asks.

“The images/dreams seem to want to hint at you and I getting married, like that would ever happen in a million years,” Maria laughs.

“Well, in that case I guess a million years is closer than you think,” Michael says. Michael takes her hand. “Come on Blondie; let’s stretch our legs a bit.” Maria takes his outstretched hand and lets herself be guided out of the car. Michael guides her to large tree stump where he promptly picks her up and sits her on it.

“Michael, this isn’t like you to do something like this. You’re mood seems so serious. Are you okay?” Maria asks now realizing she wasn’t paying much attention to Michael because she was caught up in her own issues momentarily. Instantly Maria feels guilty.

Michael kneels to her. He retrieves a small black box from his coat pocket. “Maria you’ve always been able to see into my soul and still manage to stand beside me inspite of how I can be sometimes. All I know is that you are meant for me and you’re a part of me. You’re the part of me I never want to be without, in any life time. Maria, will you due me the honor of being my wife?” Michael asks his voice thick with emotion. Michael’s face reflects the truth behind his words. He looks at her searching her face for some kind of indication that she heard him and is ready to answer his question. Maria stares at him in shock.

“I’m, I’m sorry Michael. What did you just ask me?” Maria says.

“I asked if you would do me the honor of becoming my wife,” Michael repeats regaining his famous stoic composure.

Maria’s still frozen expression begins to thaw as her eyes well up with unshed tears. The corners of her mouth begin to quivers to form a smile. “Y… Yeah…I mean Yes, I’ll marry you Michael.” Maria proceeds to jump into Michaels arms tackling him to the ground. “There is an actual ring in that little black box, right Michael?”

“Yes of course there’s a ring! I wouldn’t dare propose without one. I hope you like the ring. I designed it myself,” Michael says. He slowly opens the box and retrieves the ring. The ring is a dazzling marquis cut Emerald to match Maria’s eyes. Two smaller channel cut diamonds are on each side.

“Oh Space Boy, it’s beautiful. I take back all the mean things I said earlier.” Maria pellets his face with kisses.

Michael teases her, “I suppose you think you can have your way with me now, huh?”

“What makes you think I haven’t already had my way with you and just let you think it was the other way around,” replies Maria beaming with joy and mischief.

“I’m not sure but I think my male pride is offended by that comment Maria. So you’re answer is yes, then. He kisses her and smiles. About having my way with you, that does sound like a great plan right about now,” Michael suggests.

“Hold that thought Space Boy, but we need to let people know first. My mother is going to be so happy that we’re going to make this official. I mean she knows about us being bonded etc… but now it will be official and no one can keep us apart. I think I understand how important that was to Liz and Max. Give me your cell phone Michael. I have to call Iz and Mystic. I’ll check to see if Liz and Max have left open their group connection. That’s if I can fill them in. They may be otherwise engaged in jumping each others bones and trying like hell to break another bed. Aliens, go figure,” smiles Maria. It’s now Michael’s turn to stare in amazement at how she has become a dizzying whirlwind talking non stop excited about their news and anxious to share it with her family. He sighs and just smiles thinking, ‘That’s my Blondie, fiery and full of bubbly energy to spare.’

Maria tries to reach Isabel and Alex by cell phone and gives up. She then moves on to try Kyle and Mystic, with the same result. Maria tries to reach her mother but instead gets Jim. She informs him of Michael’s proposal and he is the first to offer his congratulations to Maria and Michael. Maria then decides to concentrate and see if she can sense if Max and Liz’s connection to the group is open, no dice. Maria calls Max and Liz she can’t help herself from being way too charged up and bursting with her own joyous happy news to share.


Alex and Isabel notice Michael and Maria aren’t behind them anymore following in the Jetta.

“Hey, we lost Michael and Maria. Good… I mean, well… then you shouldn’t have any problem getting your favorite ice cream fix of Chunky Monkey and Tabasco sauce,” Alex says.

“Alex why are you so anxious to get away from Michael and Maria?” Isabel says suspecting there’s more to it than just her getting dibs on her favorite ice cream.

“No, just trying to take care of my Princess and her chocolate cravings. Far be it from me to stand in my Princess’s way when it comes to her chocolate cravings. That’s just way too dangerous of a thing to do. Maria and Liz have taught me well. Never mess with a woman’s chocolate cravings. If you’re smart just heed them and all will be okay.”

“That reminds me Alex. I need to send Liz and Maria some flowers to thank them for teaching you properly how to treat a lady. They did good work on you,” beams Isabel.

“Ah Princess I wouldn’t go quite that far. You know what, let’s get two Chunky Monkey’s one for now one for later,” smiles Alex trying to distract Isabel.

Alex and Isabel drive to the apartments just in time to greet the delivery person delivering Isabel’s one dozen Silver Roses, her favorite.

“Oh Alex Sweetie, the roses are so beautiful. Thank you,” Isabel smiles. She excitedly smells her fragrant roses and rushes inside the apartment to find a vase to put the roses in.

Isabel reads the cards personal notation from Alex that says, “Every Princess deserves Roses, especially my Princess. Love Always, Alex.” Alex Whitman you are the sweetest guy I know. Come here you,” Isabel says motioning with her finger for him to come to her. She engulfs him in big hug and then a searing kiss. They completely forgot about shutting the front door of the apartment. Alex and Isabel are abruptly shaken from their pleasurable kiss by the sound of applause and wolf whistles. Alex and Isabel turn around to see Kyle and Mystic at their front door.

“Hi guys, I see you got some flowers today too Isabel,” smiles Mystic. Mystic proudly shows off her orchids that Kyle sent her.

“Hi Mystic. Wow, your orchids are gorgeous. Kyle sent those huh? I’m sensing a trend here. I was just going to put these flowers in some water. I wonder if the guys sent flowers as penance for something we just haven’t found out about yet. I know let’s call Maria’s house and see if she’s received flowers from Michael,” Isabel determined to discover the truth.

“Good idea. Let’s call and find out. We shouldn’t let the guys know anything until we have all the facts,” Mystic comments.

Isabel dials Maria’s phone number and its ringing… “Hi Amy, oh you were there to pick up a few things. I was just calling to talk to Maria. Oh Maria’s not there and neither is Michael. They’re probably off running an errand. I was wondering if Maria’s received any flower deliveries today. She has, really? All cornflowers in blue, purple and white…all her favorites. That’s nice. I hope she enjoys them. Do you know who they’re from? Michael… You already checked the card.” Isabel laughs, “No I won’t tell her you already read the card. It’ll be our secret, okay thanks Amy. I’ll call her later. Take care, bye…”

“Well Isabel, it sounds like our guys are up to something. Not that I’m complaining that Kyle sent me flowers. I’m not. He’s just never done that before. I have to admit I’m curious about why he, Alex, and Michael all sent flowers at the same time. Something is up with that,” speculates Mystic.

“I know, the question is did they do this just being sweet or were they trying to preemptively cover their butts before we find out what they are up to?” Isabel mischievously says.

“I wonder if Liz received any flowers today?” asks Mystic.

“Yes, she did. Max called me from Maui before he left their hotel and asked me to take care of that for him. He asked me to order one dozen long stem white roses and for me to personally deliver them to their cabin and just have the florist bill his account. He asked me to put the roses in a vase at the cabin so Liz would see them when she first walks in the door. Max is always doing sweet thoughtful romantic stuff like that for Liz,” Isabel shares with Mystic. “I suppose we should just cut the guys some slack. Maybe Max told them about that and they decided to send us flowers too. It could happen right?” Isabel asks.

“Yeah sure there’s a first time for everything. In the meantime let’s just enjoy the flowers. Later we’ll call Maria to see what she can find out from Michael about it. If there’s anything covert going on with the guys and he’s in on it, Maria can make him crack,” Smiles Isabel confidently.

“Yeah, never underestimate the power of sisterhood,” Smiles Mystic high fiving Isabel.

A few days later, a very pissed off Michael storms the halls of West Roswell High looking for one Alex Whitman.

“Isabel where’s your soon to be dead, better half?” Michael asks insistently.

“Alex, you mean? I think he’s working on something before class. He’s in the computer lab. Why do you want to kill him?” Michael storms off in the direction of the computer lab.

‘Alex, sweetie RUN! Michael’s on the warpath with you about something,’ Isabel telepaths to Alex. Alex’s eyes get wide with fear at the thought of what Michael might do to him. Alex bolts and leaves abruptly out the back entrance of the computer lab. He sees Max and Liz entering the school.

“Yeah, Max has his shield. He’ll protect me from Michael. I’ll have to tell Liz and Max, they’ll understand. Besides, I’m Liz’s best friend,” Alex gets their attention and runs over to them.

Isabel is in hot pursuit of Michael to try and stop him from blasting her bonded mate. Only two females on the planet are capable of dealing with Michael in full battle mode, and that’s none other than Isabel or Maria. Michael has a healthy respect or fear of them.

‘Liz, Max, what’s going on with Michael? Michael is pissed at Alex. He might need Max to calm Michael down until Maria and I can get to him. Don’t let Michael blast Alex, please Max,’ Isabel says to Max and Liz via her telepathic connection to them.

“Liz, Max. I’m too young to die. Save me from Michael, please.”

Kyle and Mystic arrive at school in time to see Alex hiding behind Max and Liz, and Isabel trying to stop Michael from reaching Alex. Kyle smiles, “I have no idea what this is about, but it’s got to be good. Well who says the alien abyss is ever boring, let’s go see what this is all about,” smiles Kyle.

*****************************To Be Continued*****************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed IIAU,CC,ADULT pt. 25 p.13 - 05 Feb

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Feb 05, 2005 2:48 pm

Hi All :D

I hope all is well with everyone and no one is suffering with this stupid flu like I have. Ugh! Anyways, I have another new part. I hope it is something that you'll like....

roswellluver- Hi! You're very welcome! I'm glad you thought it was a fun part that was my aim. I hope you'll like this weeks part too. Thanks for reading and for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Take care :wink:

roswellian504- You are so right about Alex. LOL!!! Yeah, well Michael really deep down is teddy bear... And Maria so has his number. They are fun to write. I'm glad you liked last week's part. Thanks for reading and your fun comments in your feedback it's fun to read your comments each week. Take care.

LoveIsForever- Hi I'm sorry to hear about Yahoo giving you grief. I had trouble with them too last week. Maybe they were updating their software or something like that. I haven't had any trouble this week though so maybe they fixed whatever it was... Don't worry Alex will have to attone for his sins on this one. You'll see.

Maria's fears and insecurities her constant companions since childhood are still haunting her and making her question her relationship with Michael. Michael certainly exorcized those demons right on out of there with his marriage proposal. Michael is one of those guys that's bigger on doing than making romantic gestures like Max. Michael is just not like that. He's different. But hey, we like Michael just the way he is. He's an original just like Maria. They compliment each other both are intense and firey and can be uncontrollable when their tempers get the better of them. They are both just very strong willed impulsive passionate people especially together they seem to know all the right buttons to push for the other. They are never boring and they are both very loyal and protective of their family. I know I'd like having them in my corner watching my back. Thanks for your great feed back and quotes... Take care.

Cherie- Hi~ I really hope SL does come to the West coast too! I might be able to go to that one if that does happen. I just bought my copy of "The Grudge" and watched it and listened to the commentary afterwards. When I was watching it the scenes with Jason at the beginning of it. I had to laugh when Sarah's character Karen was quietly sneaking out of their apartment leaving a sleeping Jason, or rather Doug was his characters name, in their nice warm bed... I thought now that's just soooo wrong. LOL!!! I'm terrible I know, but I mean come on... That would so never happen. LOL!!! Yes, I'm a Jason worshiper present and always on duty. :wink:

Okay, I just had to share that with you. I know you can appreciate that sort of thing. Yeah, Alex has really put his foot in it this time. He does get in trouble for it too, big time. Hmm A wedding chapter for Michael and Maria in the future at some point.... could be... not for a while yet, but we'll see :wink: Take care, see ya!

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 25

Last time we left off with Michael on the warpath after Alex. Michael just got the bill in the mail about the one dozen Silver roses delivered to his sister that were charged to his account by Alex no doubt.

“Liz, Max. I’m too young to die. Save me from Michael, please.”

Kyle and Mystic arrive at school in time to see Alex hiding behind Max and Liz, and Isabel trying to stop Michael from reaching Alex. Kyle smiles, “I have no idea what this is about, but it’s got to be good. Well who says the alien abyss is ever boring, let’s go see what this is all about,” smiles Kyle.

“Liz, Max you guys have got to save me from Michael. Max you might need to have you and Liz use your shields or something.” Alex pleads while shoving Max and Liz infront of him to hide behind them from the furious Michael who’s definitely looking to blast Alex.

Isabel shouts, “Michael don’t you dare lay a hand or zap on my Alex! Alex sweetie, remember I showed you how to do a few things in our training, you may need that now.”

“Guys this is getting way to public of a display and we don’t need that kind of attention. Nobody uses their powers in public like this, got it!” Max states calmly in a low tone so that only his group can hear it.

“Max is right! Let’s walk over to the bleachers by the football field. No one’s there, we can talk and get this all sorted out. Truce now okay, Alex and you too Michael,” Liz says receiving nods of agreement from both guys. The gang does a quick visual sweep making sure its safe for them to talk freely without any eavesdropping.

“Okay now, tell me in fifty words or less what the hell those displays were all about,” demands Max.

“I’ll go first. I just got a bill in the mail from the florist. There was an unauthorized charge on it. Apparently some guy named Alex sent one dozen Silver roses to Isabel. He was even thoughtful to leave a card and the florist remembered the name. I know because I called and asked the florist about it and he told me the card was signed Alex,” Michael glares at Alex with the steam nearly visible coming out of his ears.

“Oh that. Did I accidentally tell the florist to put that on your account?” Alex sheepishly smiles.

“Alex, you did charge my roses to Michael’s account then? Why?”

“I just wanted to play a prank on Michael. I’m sorry Iz, sorry Michael.”

“I have a suggestion. Isabel can I speak to you for a moment?” asks Liz.

“Obviously Alex needs to pay back Michael for the flowers he charged for you. But you’re hurt by this too. I was thinking that maybe he should also buy you the dozen he was supposed to pay for. That means you get two dozen Silver roses. If you do that to punish him it will get Michael off of Alex’s back. I’m certain Alex will never pull that again, and you get the other dozen roses for dealing with all this crap with Michael and Alex. What do you think Iz?” Liz asks.

Isabel smiles, “I like the way you think Liz. That’ll teach them a little respect of each other and me.”

Liz asks Michael, “How much did Isabel’s roses cost you?”

Michael gets out the bill and hands it to Liz, “Ouch! I can see why you’re so upset with Alex. Alex, you owe Michael for Isabel’s roses you fraudulently ordered charged to his account in the amount of $120.00. You’ll pay Michael $120.00. Plus, as a little extra issue of not buying Isabel the roses yourself you’ll be buying and paying for, out of your own wallet, an additional one dozen Silver roses and having them delivered to her on your bill, not Michael’s. Now, is that agreeable to you Michael?” Michael nods, and smiles. “What about you Alex?”

“Liz, that’s $240 dollars!”

“Well, you were in the wrong here Alex. Just learn from this costly mistake and never do it again. Okay, now apologize to Michael and pay him for those flowers you owe him for.”

Alex grumbles, “But Liz.”

“Don’t but Liz me; you knew full well this would catch up with you. Michael wouldn’t let it slide and neither should he. Isabel has a right to be upset too. Those were supposed to be flowers you bought for Isabel but instead put them on her brother’s account. I think the punishment fits the crime.”

“Thanks Liz. Didn’t I tell you Liz is my favorite sister-in-law,” grins Michael.

“Oh alright, Michael, we’ll have to go to the bank I don’t keep that kind of cash on me,” says a defeated Alex.

Michael replies, “Fine, I’ll give you a lift. Maria can I borrow the Jetta?”

Maria replies, “Sure, we’ll have to wait until sixth period. We all have that period free. We can go then.”

“Kyle you haven’t said a word. That’s not like you,” asks Max.

Kyle, “I just don’t want to say anything to piss off Liz or Mystic. Ouch $240.00 that’s a harsh lesson. I feel for ya buddy. That’s all I’m saying. No smart remarks. I don’t have that much cash on me to cover what my mouth might say.”

Michael and Alex settle his bill and Alex orders Isabel’s roses and pays cash for them. Alex realizes he does regret his actions this time. He’ll just have to do a better job covering his tracks next time. Boys will be boys.

Two weeks later… Kyle and Mystic return from their get away trip to the Super Bowl. Much to Kyle’s chagrin he lost a chunk of cash to Mystic. Kyle apparently bet on the losing team unlike Mystic. She of course never let him forget it shamelessly teasing him about it all the way back to Roswell. Kyle picks up his car that Cal arranged to be left there for them so they could drive home from the airport.

Kyle concedes, “Mystic, okay okay. You want me to say it, fine I’ll say it! You were right. I was wrong. Please let’s not tell everyone about this. Please Mystic.”

Mystic contemplates the numerous ways she can enjoy holding this over Kyle. “Well Kyle, I suppose we could work something out. What do you have to barter with?”

Kyle offers a sexy grin, “I can only offer myself and my car. But I’m afraid that we’re a packaged deal. So, I guess you’ll have to take both of us and do as you will.”

Mystic replies, “Well the car is a nice bonus. Hmm…I’ll just have to combine you and the car with what I have in mind, Jock Boy.” Mystic motions for Kyle to move closer to her and she whispers in his ear something that makes him smile broadly and blush unmistakably.

“Mystic!” Kyle gives her a look of surprise then shifts his focus back to his driving.

“Kyle, do you think you can handle what I want in payment for my silence safely keeping your male ego intact?”

“Mystic, of course I can handle it. I’m just stunned you thought of doing that. We’ve never tried that before. Hey, where did we put the book Liz and Max gave us? What? If I have to pay for my love’s silence I definitely want it to be worth both of our while. It’s taken all this time to convince me on the virtues of studying and doing homework.”

“Yes Kyle, definitely work on those study habits. Practice makes perfect you know. I mean heck our resident straight ‘A’ students, Max and Liz, certainly provide inspiration for the rest of us,” laughs Mystic.

“That’s it woman! I can’t be out done by Max and Liz,” Kyle grins mischievously. “I’ll make you pay for that one Mystic,” Kyle teases. They arrive back in Roswell and Kyle quickly makes the last turn to their apartment. Kyle promptly gets out of the car and walks over to Mystic’s side to help her out. Kyle surprises Mystic by grabbing her and throwing her over his shoulder. She proceeds to giggle and demand for him to let her down and giggling threats of making him pay for his caveman act. Kyle smirks, “I was counting on that part. In fact I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh really, well we’ll find out who ate their “Wheaties” this morning won’t we. You know breakfast of champions. We shall see about that Kyle,” jokes Mystic.

“Oh now you’re so going to get it for that comment now,” jokes Kyle. He starts a tickle fight with her as he lowers her onto their couch once inside their apartment.

Kyle tries to tickle her into agreeing not to say anything about him losing a major chunk of his cash he bet on the Super Bowl to Mystic. Mystic sends him the tiniest of zaps as she grabs his butt to shock him into letting up on the tickling.

“You zapped me with your powers,” yelps Kyle more out of shock than anything else.

“Kyle I had to try something to get you to stop tickling me. I almost wet my pants Kyle, talk about your mood killer.”

“Oh, sorry Mystic. Here let me make it up to you.” Kyle takes her hand helping Mystic up from the couch guiding her to their bedroom.

“Feeling awfully sure of yourself, Mr. Valenti.”

“Yes, I am. Just trying to live up to an agreement I made with a beautiful lady.” Kyle kisses her briefly. “I’ll be right back, I forgot something.” Kyle returns to their bedroom carrying a big box of “Wheaties” under his arm.

“Kyle, what’s that for?”

“I’ll need a snack break, for later. You know to keep up my strength. I mean convincing you could make for one very long, but happy night,” smiles Kyle.

“Good point, Kyle! I hope that box is full then.”

“Yes, of course. I was a boy scout you know. We believe it’s important to plan ahead.”

“Remind me to send the boy scouts a thank you note later,” grins Mystic.

“Max do you think that Isabel will be angry with Alex for a long time?” Liz asks on the drive home to their cabin.

“Isabel will be angry with him for a little while. No doubt knowing Isabel will reduce him to begging for her forgiveness securing promises and probably a few other things as well. What can I say? I know my sister and she’s great at that.”

“Well fair enough. I know Alex and he knows from Maria and my influence the only way to appease us when were pissed off is to just beg for mercy and take it on the chin. Yep! We’ve trained Alex well. They’ll be making up by dinner time is my conservative estimate.”

“Gees, I had no idea you had a dark side Liz. Oh sure now you fill me on that little tidbit after were married.”

“Max, there are still a few things about me you don’t know. Let’s just say it’ll make things interesting for you when you find out what they are.”

“Really? It sounds like finding out will be half of the fun. But let’s not fight though. I couldn’t stand for us to fight, okay Liz.”

“We don’t usually fight anyways. Besides you know I’m always right so why fight that. It takes time away from other things we could be doing,” Smiles Liz.

“Liz did you have to say it like that. I almost went off of the road. I think you just love seeing how far to push my control before I completely loose it, or wreck the jeep whichever comes first,” Max laughs.

“Moi? Do something like that. I have no idea of what you’re talking about.” Liz innocently bats her eyes at him and gently squeezes his thigh as he drives. Max responds by white knuckling the steering wheel and speeding up to get to the cabin.

“You like playing with fire don’t you, Honey?”

“If you mean wanting and teasing you is like playing with fire then yeah… I can take the heat. Can you Babe.” Max unable to stand her flirtatious seduction finds a turn off that takes them to an isolated spot with lots of trees and bushes. He parks the car not even letting it fully come to a stop he grabs her and pulls her on to his lap. He takes her lips crushing them with his own, hungry for her kiss.

“Does that answer your question, Liz?” Max says taking her delicate hand in his and putting it on his now obvious arousal.

“Max it’s daylight out here. We can’t… on the side of the road. Remember that last time when Deputy Hansen caught us. That was so embarrassing. Let’s go home, it’s more private and more comfortable and last but not least the possibilities are endless,” smiles Liz.

“I can’t argue with that. Let’s go, just don’t push me any further until we get home and then watch out.”

“That’s the best offer I’ve had all day, Babe.”

“Hey what is that supposed to mean?”

“I was just kidding Max. You know I’m always receptive to all of your offers and suggestions,” Liz says biting her lip as thoughts of one hot bare Max run through her head.

Max and Liz arrive minutes later at the cabin and park. They stare at each other and by silent agreement they both bolt from the jeep and run for the front door of the cabin as if there lives depended on it. Max and Liz relieved to enter the cabin unable to contain their desire any longer.

“Thank God, I don’t think I could’ve held back five minutes longer even if I wanted too,” Liz says feeling over heated and in desperate need for Max.

“Me neither. No more talking Liz. I have other plans for you.” Max in one swift move scoops her into his arms and carries her up the stairs and into the bedroom. Once there Max uses his powers to undress them both and they get into bed and under the covers for added warmth.

Max and Liz’s phone rings. “Let it ring Max.”

“Liz, but what if it’s important.”

“If it was important then they’ll either call back later or if its one of our family they’ll teleconference us later. Come back to bed Max, I’m getting cold without you here.”

The phone stops ringing for a minute. Then as Max gets back into bed and wraps his arms around his love. The phone begins to ring again.

“That had better not be Maria or Michael,” warns Max cursing under his breath. He answers the phone.

“Hello. What do you want? Somebody had better be on their death bed for this interruption; you know the rules….Oh Hi Mom. Sorry, I thought you were Michael and Maria pulling a prank on us again. What was I doing? Um….Liz and I were ah just talking… Yeah we were talking. Do we have plans later this evening? Um just planning on a quiet evening just the two of us why? Oh you want us to come over for dinner. Let me ask Liz… Liz shakes her head no and whispers for Max to ask for a rain check. Max smiles… I’m afraid we’ll have to take a rain check on that okay, yeah sure maybe another night this week. Okay, love you too mom. Bye.”

“I think that was worse than being interrupted by Michael and Maria,” Liz laughs.

“Yeah tell me about it. Why do I feel like I got caught?”

“Because you did, or rather we did. But I don’t feel guilty in the least. Besides the best part is there’s nothing our parents can do about it. Now where we Max?”

“Oh I think I might be able to remember. Maybe you could jog my memory a bit. Liz kisses him pulling down next to her. She proceeds to nibble on his ear and gently blow in it as her hands happily roam…

“I remember now. If only studying for finals were that easy to remember,” Max smiles.

“We could make an interesting game for studying and for every right answer one wish is granted. What do you think Max? Do you like my idea?”

“I think I need to study a lot now Liz. Yep! Studying is my life,” Max says with a seductive smirk.

“Yes, well it is a more productive way to study and multi task isn’t it? You know how I love to be practical, Max.”

“Liz, I have no complaints about your practical side or any other side you wish to show me. Liz no more talking let’s study. Consider it a study warm up session.”

“I’ve never heard of a study warm up session before Max.”

“Should we start on our AP Biology mid term now or chemistry?”

“Oh, definitely start with AP Biology, Max.”

“Good, I was hoping you’d say that Liz. Have I ever told you I’m passionate about science?”

“No, never.”

“Well then I have my first home work task convincing you about my love and passion for science then don’t I?

“Far be it from me to stop my husband from convincing me. Continue Max and do take your time in being thorough in your explanation and theories,” Liz looks into his eyes and finds herself engulfed in his love as the rest of the world just magically disappears for them.

********************************* To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT NEW 26 p.14 12-Feb

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Feb 12, 2005 11:08 pm

Hi alll! :D

Sorry I'm running a bit late today with my posting, but I did get it done :D

Okay without further delay on with feedback....

roswellian504- Yes, I agree Alex did learn a lesson the expensive way didn't he. LOL!! I think the other guys took notice of that too. Thanks for reading and your fun comments. Take care.

max and liz believer- Josse, hey girlfriend it's so good to hear from you and thanks for the email too. I hope all is going well for you. Let me know how things are going when you return to school. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I must confess I need to go and read your update on Love By Any Other Name since I'm now behind. I love all your stories keep on writing as your time allows with school. Take care and keep in touch okay! :wink: Hugs.

AJK001- Hi! You're always welcome. The flus I think I'm over now it's just my darn sinuses giving me grief... Stubborn sinuses. Anyways, I hope all is well with you. Stay healthy and thanks again for reading. Take care.

roswellluver- Boy, you are right about those study sessions darn lucky Liz. There goes my Liz envy again... Oh well, I think it's safe to say that cat is well out of the bag. LOL!! Thanks for reading and your feed back. I always look forward to reading it... Take care.. and ah, Happy Studying... :D

LoveIsForever- Hi :D Yes, Alex certainly did get punished, painfully so according to his wallet. LOL!!! Of course getting on the bad side of Michael or Isabel is never a smart thing to do either. Alex's mischievous definitely got the better of him. Alex did learn from this, thank goodness. I'm glad you liked last weeks post. I was proud of Michael he did restrain himself from hurting Alex. Alex does love to mess with Michael from time to time though. It's that whole thing guys trying to one up each other thing... They are sort of cute like that, short of physical violence of course. :lol: Thanks for reading and your fun feed back. Take care...

Cherie- Hi~ Yeah, Alex really stepped his foot in it that time and paid the price. Thankfully, Liz and Max were there to intercept Michael's fury and contain him. Thanks for your comments about Kyle and Mystic. I think they are cute together. Yeah, and Max and Liz forever taking full advantage of being married and having their own place. Just when they thought they had escaped their parents interrupting them and stopping them from well... enjoying each other let's say. The parents strike again with the phone call. LOL!!

You leave in a month for Austin. Lucky you... Have fun there. I plan to leave in 38 days on my big trip flying internationally for the first time. I'm getting excited and nervous as the date gets closer.

I'm still hoping that SL will get invited to a West Coast Film Festival... I'd like to see it, okay and yeah, Jason the amber eyed God himself. Yummy! Are you going to BAT this year? It's supposed to be in August... Just curious. Oh take lots of pics of everyone that goes to see SL in Austin. Any word as to whether Jason will make an appearance? Hmm... 8) :D Well, take care and see ya next week :wink:

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 26

“Isabel I still don’t see why I have to go shopping with you and the girls at the mall after school today. I was hoping for some alone time just the two of us.”

“Nice try Alex. No, you’re not off the hook by making it up to me with the whole flower fiasco. Don’t even try and give me puppy dog eyes to get out of this.”

“Yeah Alex, face it; this is part of your punishment, no waffling on this one. Besides, we’ll need some one to carry our shopping bags,” Maria smirks.

“Ah, well then why don’t we make it a couple’s thing and have the guy’s join me in my misery,” suggests Alex.

“No, no way Alex. You’re the one that needs to make it up to Isabel not the rest of us. Alex, it’s probably not a good idea for you to be pressing your luck with Isabel by irritating her further by not playing along. Look on the bright side Alex, this way you’ll live longer if you go shopping with the girls. That’s assuming you withdraw the idea of having the rest of us come along to keep you company,” Michael glares.

“Gees, I got it okay, Michael. I’m sure there is no alien death ray eyes power thing, because I think if looks could kill I’d be dead by now. You’re still pissed off at me about charging Isabel’s flowers huh?” Alex asks.

“No I’m not really still pissed about that, I just don’t appreciate your attempt at roping me and the rest of the guys into one of Isabel’s shopping marathons,” replies Michael.

“Come on Alex, be a man,” teases Kyle.

Isabel turns and gives Kyle a dirty look, “Mystic, I think Alex might need Kyle here to help him with carrying all of our shopping bags. What do you think?” asks Isabel.

“I think that’s an excellent idea Isabel. Thanks for suggesting it. I know I was thinking of going to Victoria’s secret. I think I need to pick a few new things, you know to add a little spice,” adds Mystic.

“Hey, did somebody mention going to Victoria’s Secret? I just got a coupon in the mail from them. I was hoping to see what’s new there for spring. I think I could use some new lingerie too. Do you mind if I tag along Isabel? Max would you mind?” Liz asks.

“No Honey, go ahead and go with the girls shopping. I’ll be anxiously waiting for your private Victoria’s Secret fashion show later,” smiles Max.

“Max I think you misunderstood me. I meant would you mind going with me. I’ll even model them for you at the store. Heck if some one runs interference for us I could sneak you in the dressing room with me if you play your cards right, Mr. Evans,” Liz gives Max her special smile that she knows will make him agree to anything she wants.

“Damn, you used that smile on me again. I’m helpless to say no to you now. Okay, I’ll go but I’m holding you to the promise of sneaking me in your dressing room at Victoria’s Secret, though,” Grins Max just thinking about all the sexy lingerie Liz will try on for him.

“Hey, now nobody said anything about us getting to sneak in our girl’s dressing room at Victoria Secret and give a nod of approval as she tries them on. In that case definitely count me in. If Max, our illustrious leader, gets sneak previews then so do I, right Isabel and Mystic?” Alex asks.

“Thanks for including me in the request, but just to be clear the only dressing room of the girl’s I want to sneak a peak in is my Mystic’s. Gees, you should’ve said that I could go in the dressing room with you. Since that’s the case lead on I’m contented to go shopping with you, but no reneging on that perk okay,” Kyle states adamantly.

“Ah Maria, do you still want me to go shopping with you?” Michael asks now with interest.

“Yes of course Space Boy. Who says shopping has to be boring for you? I promise to make it very exciting if you know what I mean,” Maria smiles fervently.

“Oh God, I never thought I’d be excited to go shopping in the mall with Maria. But I am now,” Michael says under his breath.

“We’ve been had guys. They know they’re our weakness and we can’t resist them. That’s just dirty pool…brilliantly effective, but still dirty. That’s okay; we can always plot a little revenge in those dressing rooms at Victoria Secret. We’ll have to use a little other worldly help to pull off us being in there with them, but it’s not impossible. I’ll have to show you guys how to sound proof using your powers,” smirks Max.

The guys all smile. “Now that’s our fearless leader, the man with a plan,” Alex says slapping Max on the back offering his delighted approval.

“I like it Max. It’s simple yet surprisingly deceptive. It’s nice to see my influence is rubbing off on you. I’m proud of you Max,” Kyle says unable to contain his witty comments.

“I’m with Kyle; you’re learning powers of deception. It’s refreshing to see, Max. I think Kyle’s right. His influence is rubbing off on you. I never thought I’d see the day that Max would do something fun and sneaky like this. This is a historic moment guys. I’m proud of you Maxwell,” Michael says giving him a slap on the back.

“You do realize that we’ll have to be careful to use our powers creating various distractions to keep people away from the dressing rooms. We’ll have to figure out a way to make sure they’re empty. We don’t want any other people back by the dressing rooms,” says Max in a mischievous and serious tone.

“I have to admit it Evan’s, I’m seriously impressed with your idea. I knew somewhere in that mild mannered quiet honor student lays the heart of a guy thinking all kinds of things worthy of losing his mild mannered status. Now we just need a diversionary plan. I doubt the girls took us seriously about joining them in the dressing rooms. I’d bet they think Max would try to stop us, and not be the one to encourage us.” smiles Kyle.

The guys all put their heads together working on a perfect diversionary plan so they can sneak into their girls changing room and get a sneaky intimate fashion show. Sure, they could probably do that at home, but it’s more fun when the risk of being caught is a factor. The guys love the idea of getting away with something. Boys will be boys after all. Something tells me the girls won’t mind too much.

Isabel notices the guys all hovered together in a huddle talking quietly about something. Isabel points over at the guys. “Liz, should we be worried about the guys going shopping with us? I mean look at them. They look like they’re planning something,” says Isabel with her hands on her hips as she sighs. Isabel simply says, “Whatever,” and smirks at the guys.

“Don’t worry Iz, I think they just want to surprise us and have a little fun. It’s nothing to worry about. I can sense Max acting like a little boy inside excited to try and get away with something. God, it’s such a turn on to feel him acting like that,” Liz smiles dreamily thinking thoughts she’s not going to share with her sister-in-law.

“Liz? Liz! Alright I need your help Maria. She’s done it again. Liz is off to Max Land again. You know how Liz gets when she day dreams about Max. I’m Max’s sister. I so don’t need to know or get an empathic vibe of where her thoughts are taking her. Liz, stop it! You’re grossing me out with your thoughts about what you want to do with my brother,” exclaims Isabel.

“Huh, what? I’m sorry, did you say something Isabel?” Liz asks unaware of what Isabel has said the last 5 minutes.

“Chica your busted, you were off in Max Land again and evidently thinking some pretty hot damn stuff judging from the totally lustful look in your eyes. Care to share? Oh come on, Chica you know I need details. Hey, maybe Michael and I can pick up some pointers from you two,” teases Maria going for maximum shock factor to wake up Liz from her still semi dream like state.

“Maria! I can’t believe you’re encouraging Liz. You are incorrigible,” declares Isabel.

“Oh come on Iz. We know you and Alex aren’t exactly G rated yourselves and you know it,” replies Maria.

“Okay, you got me on that one Maria,” blushes Isabel.

“Damn straight I do. I know all about Princess and your Hans Solo over there,” teases Maria.

“Maria and Isabel cool it you two okay,” Liz says rolling her eyes at their antics.

“Are you lovely ladies ready to go to the mall?” asks Alex.

“Yes, we are. Are the other guys going to be okay with this?” Liz asks.

“Yeah, they all are onboard Liz, its cool,” replies Alex.

This causes Liz to look at Maria, Mystic, and Isabel silently in question. Liz notices that even Michael seems okay with this which of course sends up all kinds of red flags. “Our Michael willingly goes shopping without threat of death via Isabel or Maria. That’s just so off,” Liz mumbles to herself. “Max, you sure this is okay going shopping with me?” asks Liz.

Max asks Liz, “What was it you mumbled about Michael?”

“Oh nothing, just thinking out loud,” smiles Liz.

“Yes, I’m okay with going on this shopping expedition,” teases Max.

“It’s shopping, not an expedition,” Liz says with her hands on her hips acting a little irritated with Max using the word expedition.

“Liz, Honey, I have a sister and trust me shopping with women is always an expedition,” laughs Max earning him a swat on the arm.

“You’re terrible, making fun of us shopping like that. I’ll make you pay for that little comment,” Liz grins mischievously.

“Liz, please don’t be angry with me. You know I was just having a little fun with it,” pleads Max feeling a little unsure what she’s thinking.

“Babe, I know you’re up to something. I just don’t know what it is yet. But be warned, I’m on to you.” Liz smiles sweetly giving him a single passion filled kiss rendering him speechless forgetting all that she just said to him.

The group has to divide up taking three cars to the mall. As they arrive, they all park next to each other. “We’re here now. Please be on your best behavior and yes that means all of you guys,” says Isabel.

Kyle salutes Isabel, “Yes Sir. We have our orders, Sir.”

This makes all the guys laugh. “Careful guys, they may have ways of making us talk,” says Alex with a mock German accent. “Remember, no one escapes shopping stalag 13,” Laughs Alex.

Isabel glares at him, “No more classic TV for you at night. You’re comparing me to Colonel Klink from ‘Hogan’s Heroes,’ shame on you Alex.”

“Oh come on Iz, don’t be mad at him it was funny. It’s okay to laugh,” says Mystic.

“Isabel you know we all love to tease you about shopping. If shopping were an Olympic event you’d totally be the reigning and defending owner of the gold medal,” smiles Mystic with Liz and Maria smiling and nodding their heads in agreement.

“Now, let’s teach the guys a thing or two about shopping. Who knows it could be educational and even fun,” smiles Maria. Maria finds her thoughts drifting to Michael and seeing him in a Victoria’s secret store and seeing the expression on his face looking at all the sexy lingerie. “Yep, this could definitely be educational and learning can be fun,” says Maria smiling and blushing. The girls all know what she means especially Isabel with her empathic abilities.

The gang pair up in couples walking together as one group through the mall laughing and talking amongst them. After an hour of the girls dragging the guys to the various clothing stores they break for lunch. Alex and the guys are anxiously dragging the girls now to the food court in the mall. “Gees, Alex anxious much to visit the food court?” teases Isabel.

“Hey, you can’t expect us guys to perform the arduous task of shopping with you lovely ladies, without sustenance to keep us going, can you?” Alex says with an innocent smile.

“Okay, I’ll give you guys that one. Let’s eat I’m feeling a little hungry myself,” admits Isabel.

“I never thought I’d see anybody eat that much food before. Alex, I think Kyle just beat your personal best,” teases Mystic.

“No, way I had Alex and Kyle both beat. Remember I had thirds at the all you can eat buffet, they wimped out at seconds plus desserts,” boasts Michael.

“You guys are embarrassing. No one should be able to eat like that and still be trim looking. That’s not even fair,” says Maria feeling a blend of disgust and envy.

“That’s just the superior male metabolism at work. You know the hunter and protector of the species thing kicking in,” teases Kyle.

“Kyle, you sound like such a chauvinist when you say stuff like that,” laughs Mystic.

“Moi, a chauvinist?” says Kyle with his hands on his face feigning shock.

The gang all laughs at Kyle’s comments. Then begin to pick up there remnants of their lunch and put them in the garbage.

“Where do you want us to go now, Mrs. El Presidente?” Kyle says looking at Liz and the girls for an answer. He has his fingers crossed behind his back hoping that she’ll say they are done shopping.

Max, Michael, and Alex have been frumping thinking that their plan to infiltrate the ladies dressing rooms with their girls at Victoria’s Secret has been all for nothing since they haven’t gone there yet.

“There is one more place we’d like to go, right girls. We saved the best place for last,” blushes Liz.

“Oh? And just where is that?” asks Max.

Liz bites her lower lip nervously. “We still need to go to Victoria’s Secret. Liz winces expecting to hear a group chorus from the guys protesting setting foot in that store. Instead, they all smile.

“Do lead on Liz. There’s no need to fire warning blasts at us. We’ll go peaceably,” laughs Max.

“I just bet you will,” Liz says with a raised eyebrow and smile. “Think you can handle seeing me surrounded by lots of sexy lingerie, Max?” Liz says with a breathy voice sure to make him cave.

Max swallows nervously and quickly tells everyone to get moving. “Gees Honey, if I didn’t know better I’d say you were anxious to get to Victoria’s secret,” smiles Liz giving him a heated stare.

“I think there’s a sale on teddy’s there today, buy two get one free,” says Isabel looking through the newspaper adds.

“Yeah, see we need to hurry,” says Max.

Liz looks over at Max’s handsome face appreciatively. Liz suppresses her own laughter thinking, ‘I know you’re up to something. I have a feeling this will be a memorable trip to Victoria’s secret.’

They enter Victoria’s secret and the guys all blush taking in all the feminine surroundings and lingerie, and other things they have there.

“I hope no one we know from school is here. I have my pristine macho jock image to uphold,” says Kyle.

“It’s okay Kyle, I promise not to tell anyone. I’ll protect your reputation,” winks Mystic.

“Good, I wouldn’t want you to think I was that kind of a guy. It’s good to know my virtue is being protected by my Mystic,” smiles Kyle.

Alex starts laughing along with Michael, “Your virtue is intact? Now that is sad.”

“Guys play nice or we’ll make you sit outside on the bench. No, I didn’t mean Kyle’s virginity virtue. Safe to assume that was obliterated on countless occasions,” says Mystic defending Kyle.
Kyle smiles at her words.

“Thank Mystic,” says Kyle who gives her a quick kiss.

“No problem, Honey. Like they have any room to talk,” laughs Mystic.

The girls walk around checking out all the various racks of clothing or shall we say what passes for clothing in a Victoria’s Secret store. The girls ask the others opinions on their choices and suggestions then make the necessary selections and walk to the ladies dressing rooms.

“It’s show time guys,” says Max with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh yeah, let the games begin,” says Kyle grinning mischievously like a little kid about to get away with something.

The guys huddle up out of the camera range and formulate their plan. They take into account that there are five other customers in the store besides them and their girls. “Michael, I need you to go to the pet store and get what we agreed upon, then hurry back here,” orders Max.

“I’m on it, Bro. I’ll be right back,” Smirks Michael.

“Alex, I need you to distract the sales girl while I have Kyle do his thing,” says Max.

“Oh and just what is Kyle’s thing again?” asks Alex.

“He’s going to freeze the security camera in ice. He does share some of Mystics powers, remember,” says Max.

“Right, why not just have Kyle or me use a low level blast at the camera cutting its power supply rather than blow it up?”

“I thought freezing the camera solid and the lens frosted over would be a little less fire power, easier to control,” replies Max.

“So what are you going to do then while the rest of us have our parts to play?” Alex asks.

Now that our girls are in the dressing rooms, I saw which ones they are in, I’ll go and put up my sound proofing shield so our little friend doesn’t wander in there and the girls won’t hear any noises.

Michael returns with his little friend in a paper bag. ‘I’m back, are you all ready,’ telepaths Michael to the guys. He then releases his little white friend loose in Victoria’s secret. Kyle, Michael, Alex and Max delight in hearing the shrieks of the sales girl and customers. The employees and customers all flee the store. The guys high-five each other in congratulations of a job well done.

The guys knock in unison. Kyle says; “Guess who and the first two guesses don’t count. We do hope you’re not decent.”

“Good one Kyle, let the games begin,” says Michael.

“Drop whatever you’re holding Liz, except for me of course,” says Max.

Each guy opens the separate dressing room containing their girlfriends or in Max’s case his wife. The girls squeal excitedly.

“I had a feeling you were up to something like this. You were way too happy about going to Victoria’s Secret with me,” smiles Liz.

“Yeah, you could say it’s safe to say Victoria’s secret has been successfully invaded,” grins Max.

“Yes, and by my very own favorite alien and his partners in crime,” Liz says kissing him soundly on the lips.

“Max how much time do we have before the store’s employees return with mall security?” asks Liz.

“Not nearly enough, but we’ll just have to improvise then,” says Max giving Liz a mind blowing kiss.

Liz sighs pulling away for air, “Improvisation can be a good thing.”

********************************To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT NEW 27p.14 19 Feb

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Feb 19, 2005 6:33 pm

Hi All! :D

I'm sorry I'm a little late posting today, but here's another part. I hope you'll get a laugh out of it. It was a fun part to write...

Now on with Feed back......

roswellluver- Hi :D I'm glad you enjoyed the gang's shopping trip. You're always welcome... I'm just happy to see you leaving feedback every week and enjoying the story. That means so much to me :wink: Thanks for reading and for your always appreciated feed back.

LoveIsForever- Hi! :wink: I hope your week is a little less hectic than last week was. Yes, well you know the guys usually one of them is having fun ribbing the other. You liked that it was all Max's plan...Hey, just because he's usually the one in control doesn't mean he doesn't have his wild moments. Just ask Liz. LOL!!

Liz has her Max Land and I'm sure Max has his Liz land. It's a good thing they're married or I'm sure they'd both be caught climbing in and out of each others bedroom windows. Not to mention stage their own alien invasion of the Eraser Room. Max is very much a fan of Victoria's Secret fashions on his Liz. Although they never stay on all that long. LOL!!! I wonder why? Okay, insert Liz envy here, :lol: !

I'm glad you enjoyed last week's part. I think you'll find this one to be a fun one too. Take care and thanks for reading and always my thanks for your continued feed back. :wink:

AJK001- Hi :D Thanks for your comments and reading my story each week. I love reading your feed back. Yes, well with this group the ordinary things like shopping can take on a whole new meaning. It was a fun part to write as was this one. I hope you'll enjoy it as well. Take care :wink:

Cherie- Thanks! I'm happy to see that you thought last week's part was cute. It was really fun to write. Yeah, Max has a sneaky playful side that's emerged. He should let that show more often, huh.

Yes, I'm getting excited about my trip. I just have to figure out how to look decent in clothes and figure out how to pack just the essentials. Ugh!! both are monumental tasks for me. LOL!!! I need to have someone wave their magic wand over me and make me look good so I don't feel like I need to apologize or hide because of the way I look. I've decided that designers are evil and design only for supermodel type bodies. I don't even know anyone with a super model type body. It's tough if you are a real women with shape curves and yes I'll say it, figure flaws, gasp! Shocking isn't it! LOL! I'm still trying to figure out how to pack my suit case and actually get it into my one carryon and one checked bag I'm allowed. Boy, that's no small feat, I tell ya! LOL!! I hope your trip to Austin is awesome. I know it's getting closer. I saw that Scot posted something at the SL at yahoo list. Take lots of pictures girl... you know I want to see everyone. I wish I could go, but it's a little out of $ range with my trip in the latter part of March leaving the country.
Hugs to you and good luck with your packing and traveling arrangements.

roswellian504- Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed Max's plan. He should do that more often. It's safe to say no one gets caught. Somehow a Victoria's Secret shopping expedition was something they were all to happy to endure. That kind of shopping they can handle or rather will handle the fruits of the girls shopping labor later. :wink: Thanks for reading and your fun comments. I love reading them. Take care :D

Loves Awakening Revealed II

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 27

“Okay spill. How did you guys get everyone out of Victoria’s Secret in such a hurry?” Maria asks with a raised eyebrow.

Michael replies, “I was acting on direct orders from our illustrious leader.”

“Which was to do what, exactly?” asks Liz now very interested in hearing Michael’s answer.

“Michael, my fine friend that’s a little green around the gills, have you noticed that when two of the girls gang up on you the rest will join in. I think it’s what they call pack behavior,” says Kyle with a smirk.

“What the hell does that mean, Kyle?” glares Michael.

“It means that you’re screwed. I mean we’re screwed,” says Alex swallowing nervously at Michael with Liz and Maria standing behind Michael. The girls stare daggers at Alex and Michael.

“See, I told ya,” laughs Kyle.

“Kyle, you just keep talking if you want some of those daggers stares aimed at you,” says Mystic.

“Oh Crap! I’m screwed too now. Gee thanks, Michael and Alex,” grumbles Kyle.

“Aww Kyle don’t mention it, misery loves company. So, join the club,” grins Alex.

“What are you grinning about, you’re in trouble too Alex,” says Kyle.

“I’m just pleased that I have company. I mean after all, why should I be made to suffer all alone?” says Michael earning a high five from Alex.

“Hey wait, why did I just high five you? I’m in trouble too. Oh now I remember, we got Kyle in trouble,” smirks Alex.

“Good one Nerd Boy,” smiles Michael.

“Don’t look now, but I think you’ve just made Michael smile. Quick! Get a camera somebody,” jokes Kyle.

“Very funny Kyle, don’t make me come over there and blast you,” glares Michael.

Kyle sings songs, “Oh Maria… Michael’s threatening me again. Gees you’re cranky. I think it’s safe to say which one of you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Knowing Michael, he probably woke up on the floor.”

“Kyle, that’s more than enough! I think you really need to learn when to shut up before Michael winds up doing you irreparable harm. Kyle, pressing your luck with Michael and challenging Max’s healing abilities like that is not a good idea,” Liz warns in anger.

Maria speaks up, “Liz is right. Kyle you need to learn not to push Michael like that. Besides, you’re infringing on my territory. Only I get to make him ultra pissed off, not you. It’s my right as his better half to know just the right buttons to push, so back off Kyle.”

“Gees, okay I got it. Sorry Maria. One thing I do know. I definitely fear the wrath of Hurricane Deluca. I’ve had the privilege of seeing her in action. Michael, I apologize. You’re a better man than me to have Maria as a bonded mate, and might I add braver too,” Kyle adds.

“Kyle, I suggest you start apologizing beginning with Michael. Then don’t stop apologizing to everyone until I tell say you’re done. Now, unless you have a legitimate excuse for what you’re saying, such as you’re pmsing, you will be responsible for what you’re saying. You’re not pmsing are you Kyle? No, I didn’t think so,” Mystic says fuming in anger.

“I’m sorry Michael I didn’t mean to make you this angry. Maybe just a teensy bit pissed but that’s all in just good fun. Sorry, man I got carried away,” Kyle offers his apology.

Michael extends his hand waiting for Kyle to shake his hand and says, “It’s nice to see I’m not the only one with a bonded mate that has a spit fire temper, too. Damn, if she doesn’t seem to know how to keep me in line and put up with me. I think we definitely have that in common,” says Michael with a smirk.

Kyle whispers to Michael as they are shaking hands, “What is it about the fiery ones that make them so irresistible,” Michael laughs.

“I know just what you mean buddy. We need to ban together. There’s safety in numbers when we’ve got women like that and with alien powers too,” jokes Kyle.

Liz, Mystic, and Maria observe Kyle and Michael talking quietly, shaking hands, and then laughing. “Okay, now I’ve gone from relieved to worried seeing them act like that. If I didn’t know better I’d suspect they just made some sort of pact or something,” observes Maria.

“If they have, we’ll eventually find out about it. Don’t worry Maria. I’m sure it’s nothing,” assures Liz.

“Yeah, listen to Liz on this one. The guys know better than to pull anything on us,” says Mystic.
“Hey Michael, you never did really explain what it was you got at the pet store that you keep referring to as your little buddy. Come on and tell us what it was. Whatever it was it sure cleared the store in nothing flat,” says Mystic.

“Oh boy, here we go again,” says Kyle rolling his eyes at Michael.

“No, come on guys. You all seem to know what it was so you might as well tell us now. The cat is out of the bag so to speak,” says Liz. The guys erupt with uncontrollable laughter at her comment about the cat being out of the bag.

“Okay, why is everyone laughing at me? Fine, just be that way. Max, you seemed to be the one that ordered Michael to the pet store to get something. I know you’re well aware of what it is and I want an answer now!” shouts Liz.

“Liz, Honey, calm down we’ll tell you, or rather I’ll tell you,” says Max still trying to stop laughing thinking about her cat of the bag comment. “You weren’t far off the mark with that cat out of the bag comment. Actually, I had Michael go and get a little white mouse to scare people out of the store. I used my powers to shield all of your dressing rooms to keep the mouse from getting in there and scaring you and then sound proofed each dressing room so you wouldn’t hear any screaming or panic from anyone in the store.”

“That’s what you used? A little white mouse…Where is it now?” Liz says visually scanning the floor for the mouse. “Come on Max and Michael. Help me find the little mouse. I wouldn’t want it to get hurt. Did you give it a name?” Liz asks while getting the guys to actively search for the mouse.

Michael laughs, “I did name it actually. I named it after a certain rodent that we all knew and loathed. I named her Tess. Come on Liz, laugh at least.”

“Hey, there she goes. I’ve got her,” yells Kyle. Kyle returns triumphantly carrying one white little pink beady-eyed short female. “See she even looks like her,” laughs Kyle.

Liz frowns at Kyle’s comment and then looks at the little mouse that helped the guys liberate the store of customers. “Okay, there is a resemblance but I see no reason to insult the mouse,” jokes Liz. The girls stand a fair distance behind Liz not wanting to get anywhere near Liz with that mouse.

Maria decides she’s got to see this mouse, “I want to see the mouse. Does she really look like Tess? Well, I see what you mean Kyle. There is a certain something about her that does remind me of that bitch, but good riddance to her. The last time I saw Tess, she was turned to dust and sucked into a dust buster, then emptied into the sewer. I don’t know…I think maybe Liz is right, why insult the mouse. Good call, Chica. Now what do we do with the mouse?”

Everyone turns to look at Maria as if deciding her and Michael should take the mouse home as a pet.
“Hey don’t even…No way is that…that rodent living in the same living quarters with me.”

“I know what we can do with Tess Jr, there…Donate her to the science lab at school. She’ll even have other little mouse friends there,” suggests Mystic.

“Great idea Mystic, we’ll just talk to our science teacher about it. In the meantime, since Michael bought her, he can keep Tess Jr. in a box with air holes. Unless, Michael and Maria would like for us all to go talk with Mr. Seligman now,” says Isabel.

Michael looks over at Maria glaring at him. “I think now would be best, right Maria?”

“Now is perfect, let’s hurry up… Come on people move it. Let’s get this matter taken care of immediately,” urges Maria.

“Alex you’ve been strangely quiet during all this. That’s not like you. Come on, I know you’re thinking something, so spill,” says Liz lightening the mood.

“I was just thinking you could either give Tess jr. to the Science lab or she could be very busy in the computer lab,” laughs Alex.

“I don’t understand why we would want to donate Tess Jr. to the computer lab?” asks a bewildered Liz.

“I just meant that we can always use another new mouse for the computer lab,” Alex blurts beside himself with laughter.

All of the guys join Alex in laughing until their sides hurt and high five Alex on his irresistible joke.

“Oh come on, the computer lab would keep her plenty busy. Besides we could keep her in line because the computer teacher Mr. Bates has a stray cat that he feeds and lets in his classroom; but shush, that’s a secret we don’t want the principal to find out,” whispers Alex still laughing as he says all this.

“Boy Alex, that was a good one I have to admit,” smiles Isabel.

“I’d say just about anything to make my Princess laugh or smile,” says Alex taking Isabel’s hand in his.

“You always know just what to say to make me laugh and forget all about whatever was bugging me. Thank you for that Alex,” Isabel comments before she kisses him.

“Look at them would you…And in public no less. Gees get a room,” teases Liz and Max.

“Everyone looks at them as if they grew another head. What? Can’t we make fun of someone else kissing and being the happy couple? Hey its payback so deal with it,” grins Liz and Max unrepentantly.

“True, they can get us all on that account. We always tease Max and Liz about being well, so Max and Liz. You know how they get, completely forgetting where they are or who is around finding themselves into one of their mind blowing lip locks like they always do,” says Mystic.

“Well don’t you and Kyle go getting any ideas just because we’re headed to the science lab at school. No practicing biology between here and the school,” warns Isabel.

“Yeah you never know with Iz. She might just hose you down,” teases Michael.

“She did that to Michael and me once when we were arguing about something. I don’t remember what it was,” says Maria suddenly blushing.

“I remember what it was about. Maria was in trouble for not contacting Michael like she promised to and shut the door on their connection for a few hours while Michael was worrying about her. She was supposed to talk with her mother about something,” says Alex grinning like a brother who just reminded his sister of something embarrassing she’d rather not be discussing.

“Yeah, Amy can be scary. I mean Maria is just a menacing tropical storm. Her mother can be a full blown hurricane. What is it with Deluca women and their tempers?” says Michael. He nervously runs his hands through his spiky hair and looks away for a moment. He looks at Maria and everyone. “Oh crap, did I telepath that or did I just say that out loud. Either way, I’m screwed,” says a worried Michael.

“Its okay buddy, you can always sleep on our couch if you need to,” offers Kyle earning him a swat on the head from Mystic.

“Ouch! Or not, sorry Michael,” says Kyle rubbing his head.

Michael looks to Liz, “You are my favorite sister-in-law. Could you please let me sleep on your couch and give me ear plugs and a blind fold? I’ll be just fine,” says Michael.

“Why do you want the ear plugs and blind fold?” asks Max.

“Well, I don’t want to see or hear anything you two are doing in the middle of the night. The less I see or hear the better. Oh and I can sweeten the deal. I could cook dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow for you and Liz and make sure my favorite sister-in-law eats right for my little nephew and niece,” smiles Michael hoping Liz will show him some mercy.

“So you’re saying you’ll cook for us and that’s a promise. Okay you can sleep on our couch with the blind fold and ear plugs we’ll stop and buy later. Max and I wouldn’t want you to see or hear anything we’d have to blast you for later,” teases Liz.
“Chica, how could you do that to me?” asks Maria.

“Michael’s a great cook and he knows we love his cooking. I’m pregnant and I need to eat good food. I know he’ll make sure I do, at least for two meals worth. Then you really need to forgive him. He didn’t mean to upset you. You’d better take him back then or I’ll make him head chef at our cabin,” threatens Liz.

“I’m really mad at him right now though,” says Maria.

“Maria, Liz and I have known you forever. It is a fact that you get your jalapeno hot temper from your mother and she’s the original Hurricane Deluca. We’ve even heard you say that yourself. Why get upset about being reminded of the time when Isabel hosed you and Michael down in the midst of a heated argument. You were wrong in that argument by the way,” says Alex.

“He’s right Maria. Go makeup with Michael….tomorrow. I think I could benefit from a couple of his wonderful meals. I’m starved,” says Liz rubbing her stomach then saying hi to the twins.

“Oh okay, but don’t let Michael think I’m ready to forgive him yet,” says Maria.

Liz smiles, “You got it Chica and the twins say thank you, Auntie Maria.”

Maria replies, “You’re sure working that Auntie and Uncle thing aren’t you? It’s working. I have to admit I love the sound of being called Auntie Maria,” grins Maria.

“So Liz, are you letting Michael stay with you and Max until he makes up with Maria?” Isabel asks.

“Yep, it’s all arranged. No problem. Michael offered to cook so you know I’ll take him up on that and so will Max. Plus you know how Michael is about the twins and how he likes to fuss over me. He’s really into this whole expectant Uncle thing. It’s cute to see that side of Michael Stone Wall Guerin. He’s a big softy on the inside, but his temper definitely rivals Maria’s and her mother’s; but don’t tell him I told you so,” says Liz.

“Michael isn’t the only one excited about becoming an Uncle. Alex is really cute talking about it with me. I know Kyle is almost as bad too. I have to admit the idea of me being an Aunt is really something, Liz. I can’t wait to play with and hold my little niece and nephew,” admits Isabel almost revealing more about how she feels than she meant to. Come on Liz, the crisis is averted with Michael and Maria for now. We need to get to school and get rid of Tess once and for all. You know, I think Tess did have a tail…and maybe whiskers, oh and definitely the beady eye thing. Maybe it’s her, reincarnated as her true self,” laughs Isabel. Liz joins her laughing so hard her side’s ache. Liz thinks to herself, this is the best life I could ever hope for. I have Max, the twins on the way, I’m surrounded by family, and I can look forward to Michael’s cooking tonight. Yes, I’m lucky and I know it. My life is good for being a resident hybrid alien teen living in Roswell New Mexico, secretly living in plain sight.

“Liz, come on Babe, we need to go and take care of this. Michael’s riding with us. He thinks he should let Maria cool off for a while,” Max says as he wraps his arms around Liz and kisses her.

“Sorry, I kind of zoned out there for a moment. Yeah let’s go,” says Liz letting Max guide her to their jeep.

“Max you missed our turn for the school. Where are we going?” asks Liz really confused as to what Max is up to.

“I’m making a slight detour to the drug store,” says Max as he parks and hurries in, finds what he needs and then emerges with a paper bag and hands it to Michael. Max says, “Here this is for you while you sleep on our couch.”

Michael and Liz look at each other puzzled. “What did you get for me?” asks Michael.

“It’s something to save us all a lot of embarrassment. Just open the bag and see for yourself,” says Max.

Michael looks inside the bad and takes out one black silky looking blind fold/visor and an assortment of industrial strength ear plugs. Michael shows the items to Liz. All three of them laugh.

“Hey don’t laugh, I bought those because I’m serious and I expect you to use them, okay Bro?” says Max.

“Trust me I have no desire to see you two go Discovery Channel on me upfront and personal,” says Michael with a smirk.

“Good, we understand each other then,” says Max sighing in relief.

“I understand that it sounds like you have some fun and interesting plans for us later tonight. So Max, my tree or yours, Tarzan?” Liz says joking and teasing him at the same time.

“Gees, do you have to say those things infront of me,” says Michael.

“Put in your ear plugs then,” teases Liz.

‘Something tells me I should be grateful that Max bought that blind fold and all those earplugs. I have a feeling I’ll be using those later. I hope Maria will be done being upset with me tomorrow. I don’t think I could take two nights of Max and Liz uncensored,’ says Michael to himself.

*************************To Be Continued**************************
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