Loves Awakening RevealedII AU,CC,ADULT COMPLETE P.7, 19 Nov

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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Pt. 56 p.12 24, Sept

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Sep 24, 2005 12:51 pm

Hi Guys! :D

I have my desk top computer, Max, back all reformatted and healthy. Now, I think my laptop, Zan might need the same thing done. I hate it when my guys get sick like that. Oh well, one down and one to go.

Okay, so I'm back with another part which is a miracle because I didn't write this until last night. I hope this is okay. It's been really hard for me to write anything lately with all of my computer problems and personal ones. I didn't want to let you guys down. So, here's this weeks part. I hope it doesn't suck too bad. I'm posting early today, I hope that makes up for posting Sunday last week. Thanks to everyone for sticking in there with me. I really appreciate all of you who read my story. Thank you, you guys rock!! :wink:

LoveIsForever- Thanks for your well wishes. I did get a Anti Spyware program called "Spy Sweeper" it's top rated by PC World magazine this should help protect my guys. I know someone who reformatted my Max for me. He recommended Norton Ghost for making back ups of everything on your computer. I'll have to get that program too. He backed up everything on mine before reformatting Max. Thank goodness. Anyways, I hope all is well with you this week. Your comments always make me smile. I look forward to reading them every week. Thanks for your support.

Grace52373- I love the fluff and romance too. I know shocking revelation coming from me, huh? LOL!! Thanks for your well wishes on my computer troubles. I appreciate it. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments with me. I hope you'll enjoy this weeks post too. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi~ Yeah life is sucking for me big time and I don't know if I can take it anymore. On a brighter note Max, my computer is all healthy and reformatted now. So at least thats a plus. I enjoy reading everyones comments each week and I like leaving the notes. I like having a dialogue with those that read my story and chose to post their comments. I'm glad you've been enjoying the story so far. Today's post I hope will not disappoint. I didn't write it until last night. That always makes me nervous when I feel like I'm pressed for time. I hope it turned out okay. Thanks for reading and your comments as always. Have a great week and take care :wink:

cherie- Hi :wink: I did get Max, my desktop computer back he's all fixed. Now Zan, my laptop will probably need reformatted too. I'm cursed. When it rains it pours, right? Things in my life right now are so messed up and I'm very depressed and consumed with thoughts of hopelessness and worse. I can't seem to shake this and there's no escape I'm trapped. Oh well, that's life, right. None of it really matters anymore anyway.

Okay, so you liked that line about abducted, invaded, and probed, LOL... I thought it was funny. I hoped others thought it was too. Yeah, maybe after this the Colonists might want to put in a private road just for the gang. Well, Max of course is always so great and loving with Liz. Damn, I wish I were her. LOL!! Oh well, maybe in my next life, right. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments. I hope all is well with you. Take care, :wink:

Part 56

Last weeks post Liz, Max, and the gang went to the Colony for Liz to have a prenatal check up with her doctors. Everything was fine. Both Liz and the twins are in excellent health and everything seems to be going well. The only thing the doctor did share was that it was hard to tell when she’d be having the twins. They seem a bit more advanced than what he expected so the twins could arrive earlier than predicted.


All of the kids have finished Summer school quite successfully and eagerly anticipate the beginning of their senior year. The first day of school is now here. Liz worries that the other people might notice her blossoming figure due to pregnancy.

“Max, I’m scared about going to school today. What if the other kids realize that I’m pregnant and start saying horrible things about me, and about us?” Liz confides tearfully.

“Liz, Honey, don’t cry. We’re married and I don’t care if they figure out that you’re pregnant. They can only assume that you’re just a couple of months along and not know that you’re a lot further along than that. So, at best they’ll think you got pregnant after we got married. We have nothing to be ashamed of. I’m really happy that we’re expecting. In fact, I’m excited that I’m going to be a father. Besides, who cares what some immature jerks think or say? All that matters is that we love each other and we are married and going to have our family. Do you understand, Liz? I’m not worried or regret any of what we have. You’re everything to me and more. None of this changes the fact that I love you. Just let them gossip, the curiosity about our married life will drive them crazy,” Max smiles reassuringly.

“You know what I told Maria and the other girls at the Colony about you Max?” Liz asks.

“No, what did you tell them? How embarrassed am I going to be?” Max teases.

“I told them you’re just this side of perfection, and I was right too. I love you too Max. Now, can you help me find something to wear to school so we won’t be late,” Liz smiles dreamily at Max.

“And why would I want to help you get dressed. I can’t think of a single good reason,” Max replies wrapping his arms around her from behind as she stares aimlessly at her closet.

“Max you are so bad,” Liz laughs.

“Hey, that was not meant as something funny to laugh at,” Max answers trying to sound hurt.

“Aww my poor sweet Max. Come here. If I kiss you will that make you feel better?” Liz whispers into his ear.

“Your kisses always make me feel better. I can never get enough of those. But if we start there is no way we’re making it to school on time. Probably not until lunchtime,” Max says glancing at his watch. “Yep, lunchtime sounds about right,” Max says proudly.

“I’ll keep that in mind, but for after school. Come on, my alien energizer bunny, help me get dressed and then lets get going,” Liz states seeing the cute frown on his handsome face.

“Damn, and I thought you wouldn’t mind being late to school,” Max says slightly amused and frustrated.

“Come on let’s go now and I’ll promise to make it up to you later and then some. Besides, if we go now we might be able to sneak off to the eraser room during lunch,” Liz suggests.

“Now that you put it like that, let’s go Honey. Oh and wear this. I love this red shirt on you and that short jean skirt. This might kill me just thinking about it until lunch time, but I’ll try to behave,” Max says.

Liz quickly dresses and gathers her things and they walk down stairs to the jeep. Max walks around to her side and helps her in and secures her seat belt. He can’t resist leaning over for a kiss. Liz was hoping he’d do that and she kisses him passionately.

“Whoa, that was amazing. Now you actually expect me to drive us to school. You’re evil woman, and you’ll pay for that later. I will show you no mercy later,” Max smirks

“Oh, now there’s a promise I fully plan on holding you to Honey,” Liz grins.

“You sure you want to go to school today?” Max asks.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Liz replies.

“Damn, I was hoping you’d change your mind. Hey, I had to ask?” Max shrugs.


Max and Liz arrive last to meet up with their family in the usual meeting spot before school. Michael and Alex seem disappointed as they hand Kyle some money, apparently losing one of their infamous bets again.

“I can’t believe you guys were betting on whether Max and Liz would show up late or not for school,” Isabel states clearly irritated.

“Princess, don’t be angry. Look, I bet Max and Liz aren’t even upset about it, right guys?” Alex asks sheepishly.

“No, we’re not upset. We’ve learned to get over that long ago. So, who bet we wouldn’t be here until lunch?” Max asks.

“I did,” Michael says.

“Thanks Bro, I appreciate it. I tried, but Liz is determined to be here today. Go figure,” Max shrugs.

“Now girlfriend, don’t be disappointed. I’m sure my Chica here will be abducting you later whisking you away to the eraser room or a few other places I can think of that are still on school property,” Maria offers.

“Wait you know of other places to be alone around the school and you didn’t tell us,” Mystic says shocked.

“Spill it Maria. We all want to know alternate places where we can go. This way if Max and Liz have commandeered the eraser room we all will have other options. What? Hey, you weren’t the only ones making a racket on the couples only camping trip,” Isabel smiles taking Alex’s arm sees him wearing a big shamelessly cheesy grin.

“You tell ‘em Princess,” Alex smiles.

“Whipped!” Michael and Kyle chorus as if on cue.

“You know Max, I think they managed to embarrass themselves worse than they embarrassed us,” Liz laughs.

“Oh come on. All of you guys are in denial, admit it you’re all whipped,” Maria states grinning at Michael.

“Hey! I’m deeply offended that you said that. It’s a blow to our male pride, right guys?” Kyle says trying to steal some of Maria’s thunder. “I mean come on Michael the best you can come up with is to say were whipped. What about you Mr. handcuffs R Us,” Kyle jokes.

“Careful Valenti,” Michael glares.

“Well there’s the first bell, we’d better get going to class,” Liz says as she and Max walk toward their first class. Max and Liz tried to schedule most of their classes with each other and their friends.

Max and Liz make it to their first class and enter only to be greeted by stares and whispers. Liz looks at Max tearfully and squeezes his hand for support. He gratefully answers her with his own squeeze on her hand. ‘It’ll be okay. We’re in this together Honey,’ Max telepaths. She sighs and finds their seat and gets ready for the day to begin. She mentally braces herself for what will happen.

“Look at Liz, she’s got to be pregnant,” whispers one girl.

“That does explain a lot now doesn’t it,” says another.

“You know what? It’s really none of your gossipy loser business. FYI, they are married and they are my friends. So, mess with them and you’ll be dealing with me. Don’t let me hear you talking trash about either of them, got it or you’ll be very sorry. Do you understand?” Sylvia warns. Both gossipy girls nod and look scared by Sylvia’s comments and the dangerous glare in her eyes telling them she’s prepared to beat some sense into them if need be.

“Sorry, I…We didn’t realize they were you’re friends,” the girls offer apologetically.

Max and Liz heard Sylvia’s exchange with the two girls. Max looks over Liz’s head. He mouths thank you to Sylvia. She nods and smiles at Max and Liz.

Max and Liz go on to their next class still being on the receiving end of whispers and stares. Thankfully the teachers didn’t hassle them about being married with the same last names like before. Although, Miss Taylor did give them a disapproving look as she called out their names while taking attendance. Miss Taylor stops role call to stare at Liz’s formerly flat stomach now obviously bigger than normal for her. Miss Taylor’s reading glasses move slightly down her judgmental nose. She sighs and then pushes her reading classes back up resting on the bridge of her nose. “Liz Parker… I mean is Liz Evans here?” Liz raises her hand in acknowledgement. “Max Evans here?” Max responds raising his hand also. Miss Taylor becomes angry and decides she can not abide by this one moment longer in her classroom. “Miss Evans?” she says trying to get Liz’s attention. Liz simply ignores her obvious insult as the rest of the students turn in their seats to watch Liz and Max.

“Liz, I am talking to you,” Miss Taylor states rudely.

“Yes, I will respond since you did address me properly. By the way, just so you know for future reference it’s not Miss Evans. It’s Mrs. Evans, you might want to make a note of that in your attendance book,” Liz states coolly.

“That’s it Miss Evans, or Mrs. Evans. I won’t tolerate your presence in my classroom. Go to the office now. You’re suspended,” Miss Taylor shouts. Liz is furious and grabs her books. Max gets up to help her with her book bag and gathers his things to leave, as well.

“Where are you going Mr. Evans, you weren’t dismissed,” Miss Taylor glares.

“You’ve been extremely rude and you upset my wife. I have no desire to be in a classroom with such an ill mannered teacher. I’m going to take my wife to the office. You can explain to the principal and our attorney why you seem to think it’s within your power to suspend two honor students just for sitting in your class,” Max says barely controlling his temper. Max puts an arm around Liz and escorts her to the office, whispering comforting words to her calming her down.

“I’m Max Evans and I demand to speak to the principal now,” Max states firmly.

“He’s in a meeting. You’ll have to take a seat and change your attitude,” says the new secretary.

“You will go into the Principal’s office now and tell him that Max Evan’s is here and I demand to speak with him now or he’ll be speaking to my attorney shortly, understood?” Max glares.

“Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt. I need to have a word with you. There’s a student and his girlfriend out here demanding to speak with you now. He says to tell you his name is Max Evans and that you need to speak to him now or speak to his attorney,” the new secretary says.

“Oh, Max Evans is here. Excuse me, I need to handle this. I’ll be just a minute,” the Principal says excusing himself.

“Max, Liz, what seems to be the problem? Let’s go in this other office and we can chat privately,” Mr. Smith suggests and ushers Max and Liz away from the nosey new secretary. Liz and Max quickly explain what just happened with Miss Taylor in her classroom and her extremely rude behavior. Max explains further stating that Miss Taylor thinks she has the power to suspend students.

“I see. This is very upsetting. My apologies, I can imagine how upsetting this must be for the both of you. Let’s see if we can get you into the same class but a different teacher. There’s no need for anyone to deal with that ol’ battle axe behaving like that,” confides Mr. Smith. “Do you have your class schedules with you so we can see what we can work out,” he suggests. Max and Liz fish out their class schedules and work with the principal on making the necessary changes. “Okay, now that we’ve settled that. I’ll deal with the ol’ battle axe. I’m sorry kids, she had no right to treat you like that. I’ll have to have a little chat with her and remind her who her boss is. Again I’m so sorry she was so nasty to you Liz,” offers Mr. Smith.

“Thank you Mr. Smith for your help and understanding,” Liz offers with a tearful smile.

“I…I was just wondering if we can expect more of this type of reaction to Liz at school from teachers?” Max asks upset about what Liz had just been subjected to by Miss Taylor.

“I’ll inform the rest of the staff and let them know rude behavior such as Miss Taylor’s will not be tolerated at West Roswell High. I know how to spread the word to the staff faster than lightening. Just watch this,” Mr. Smith says.

“Miss Ross, could you please step in here?” Mr. Smith asks.

“Miss Ross I wanted you to use your talents and please inform the staff immediately that rude treatment of Liz Evans will not be tolerated. Miss Taylor has behaved in an abusive manner. I suppose Liz’s attorney may consider filing charges against any staff members who treat Liz and Max as poorly as Miss Taylor did. Not to mention any possible staff transfers that might occur if people don’t behave, if you get my meaning Miss Ross. Do you think you can relay this to the staff immediately, as only you can do,” Mr. Smith says.

“Yes sir, of course. I’ll take care of it immediately. For the record Miss Taylor rubbed me the wrong way and I’m more than happy to help ruin her evil reign,” smiles Miss Taylor.

Good to her word Miss Ross had let the staff know by the beginning of the second period. Liz and Max were amazed at how nice and cordial all of their teachers were to Liz and him after that.

“That Miss Ross is good. She might just give Maria and Isabel a run for their money,” Liz laughs.

“Clearly it’s her gift,” Max laughs.

“Come on, Babe, we should go meet the others for lunch in the quad,” Liz suggests.

“Oh no you don’t. I believe there was a promise you made earlier and I’m taking you up on it now,” Max says wiggling his eyebrows.

“What about food? You do have to feed me too,” Liz giggles.

“Liz I promise I’ll take care of all of your needs,” Max grins.

“What about meeting with the gang for lunch, they’re expecting us,” Liz says.

“Don’t worry, they’ll know. Heck the guys might even recoup some of their losing bets from this morning,” Max jokes. Liz laughs in agreement. I’ll just telepath Isabel and let her know were okay and we’ll catch up with them after school later,” Liz suggests.

“Okay, inform the troops Liz,” Max says walking her to the eraser room.

“Hey, I thought Liz and Max were going to meet us all for lunch?” Maria frowns.

“Uh, you know them. They sort of had other plans. They said they’d catch up with us later,” Isabel explains.

“Sylvia told me what happened with Miss Taylor in class. I’m furious anyone would mess with my Chica like that,” Maria states.

“I know, we’ll just have to watch out for Liz and make sure no one hassles her,” says Isabel.

“We can help out with that too,” Michael and the guys all say.

“I’m not sure what happened but now it’s like all the teachers have had a Max and Liz happy pill and are extremely polite to them and the rest of us. It’s all kind of Stepford Wifish for me; but hey as long as the teachers aren’t on my back, it’s all good,” smiles Mystic.

“Hey we’ve officially started our senior year today so let’s just enjoy this,” Alex suggests.

“Yeah, I’m not going to try and ruin this,” Kyle grins.

“Yep, me too. I’m going to ride the nice teacher wave for as long as I can,” Michael says.

“Any guess where Max and Liz are at?” Maria asks.

“I don’t think where is all that important. We know what they’re doing, totally shameless alien energizer bunnies the both of them,” says Maria.

“Spaceboy, that gives me an idea. We’ll catch up with you later,” Maria smiles.

“Okay, I think I know what that look means. God, I think I just lost my appetite. There are just some things a step brother does not want to know about his step sister and future brother in law,” Kyle says tossing his sandwich in the garbage.

“Oh I think I can take your mind off things,” Mystic says with one hand on Kyle’s thigh.

“We’ll Mystic and I just remembered we left an iron on at our apartment. We’ll be back later,” Kyle says grabbing Mystic’s hand and runs towards his car.

“Well Princess, who are we to go against the crowd,” Alex says wiggling his eyebrows.

“Okay, let’s go,” beams Isabel.

******************************To Be Continued***********************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 57 p.13 1, Oct

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Oct 01, 2005 6:52 pm

Hi Everyone :wink:

I'm back with a new part. Sorry, I'm a little late posting. I hope everything is going well with everybody.

Lurkers- hi you're always welcome here. Thanks for reading.

LoveIsForever- Hi! The Anti Spyware I now have is called Spy Sweeper by Webroot. this is a paid subscription software that is highly rated by PC World magazine. Also I use a freeware program called Ad Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06 by Lavasoft. Here's the link for that ... ag=lst-0-1 My computer person recommends not using more than two Anti Spyware programs because they can be incompatible with each other/even cause problems with Windows. Both of these are good ones that were recommended to me. I hope that helps.

Thanks for your comments on last weeks part. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi :D Your welcome and thank you. Yes, my Max is back in action. Thankfully :wink: Thanks for reading and I hope this part is okay. Take care.

Cherie- Yeah that teacher was a real pain to put it mildly. Thanks for your personal note, I appreciate the prayers and kind thoughts. Life is still the same no change to report on that front. I see you have a new story on the board I'll have to check that out later and leave some feedback. I can't wait. Take care :wink:

roswell3053- Hi :wink: Thanks for stopping by to leave a note. I love hearing from everyone. I hope you'll like this weeks part. :wink:

Grace52373- Hi :wink: There's always some opinionated jerk of a teacher in every school that feels its their business to humiliate those they find lacking in some way according to their own ideaology. I remember a few at my High School I saw something similar happen to one girl. I had one teacher make her mission to treat me like dirt just because she thought she could. I didn't feel especially inclined to go out of my way to be civil to her as a result. Teachers being abusive in this manner does happen. Thanks for your comments they were fun to read. I hope you'll enjoy this week's post. :wink:

Part 57

The incident with Ms. Taylor or any other staff members was never repeated. Max called Cal just for good measure to make certain to notify the school that he was apprised of the unfortunate situation that occurred and trusts that Principal Smith will take appropriate measures to ensure there would be no repeat of this rude uncalled for behavior aimed at Liz, Max, or any of the others. The Principal assured Cal that he had taken care of the situation. Cal also informed the Principal that he wanted to make sure the kids were taking all the necessary classes, both day and night, for them to graduate early.

“I don’t know about the rest of you but this day and night classes are really taking its toll,” Michael says tiredly wiping his eyes. He decides to take a study break and makes himself at home in Max and Liz’s kitchen to fix a snack.

“Ditto on that one,” Kyle sighs tiredly as he closes one text book and retrieves another from his book bag.

“Space Boy, while you’re up...can you make me one of whatever you’re having?” Maria asks batting her eyelashes at him. She hopes he won’t grumble too much if she flirts with him.

“Blondie, can’t I make my own snack without having you try and take it from me. Fine, okay but just this once,” Michael concedes giving her a smirk.

“Oh and Space Boy, could you make the rest of us some of what you’re having too,” Kyle says in a falsetto voice and bats his eyelashes at Michael.

“Now, that’s not even funny Kyle. That’s just scary picturing you as a girl,” Michael shutters.

“Hey, I think I’m insulted. I’m cute, aren’t I Mystic?” Kyle asks.

“Honey, as a guy yes you’re a hottie. As a girl, you need work… lots of work,” Mystic laughs.

“Great, thanks Michael. Now you’ve got my woman backing up your insults,” Kyle mockingly pouts.

“Kyle, if it makes you feel better we can include you in one of our girl’s nights and we can give you a facial and a make over,” Isabel suggests in a fit of giggles.

“Hmm… Let’s see spending the night with all of these beautiful women and I’d be the only guy. Sounds like my kind of night,” Kyle grins.

“No way is Kyle spending the night with our women,” Michael states flatly with Max joining in on his refusal.

“Sorry Kyle. Liz and I have an agreement. I’m the only guy she gets to spend the night with. That leaves you out Kyle,” Max smirks.

“You’re right, it would never work. With my luck they’d probably braid my hair, do my nails, and I’d wake up with make up on. I can just see it now. I’d be forever traumatized with the inevitable black mail photos they’d snap of me. I’d probably look like a drag queen while innocently sleeping oblivious to it all,” Kyle says shaking his head and laughing.

“Hey, who told you what we’d do to you. I thought that was a secret. So much for the solidarity of the sister hood,” Maria says looking at Mystic.

“I know. Damn and that does sound like it would’ve been fun too,” Isabel laughs.

“Whoever said that women are the weaker sex is a complete idiot. They just have different tools of warfare in their arsenal to choose from. Women either kick your ass or make your life hell, either way it isn’t pretty and not worth the battle,” Kyle comments.

“Well, let’s spare him since I do have to live with him,” Mystic admits.

“True. Your point is well taken and I sympathize with you,” Liz smiles.

“We wouldn’t want a pissed off Kyle running around Roswell zapping stuff or causing sudden earth quakes etc… Men can be so emotional,” Maria grins.

“Thanks for your show of sisterly support there, Maria,” Kyle says shaking his head.

“No problem. You love it and you know it,” Maria says brushing past him on her way into the kitchen.

“Michael, I take it all back. You’re not whipped at all, you’re just one hell of a brave alien,” Kyle says patting Michael on the back. Everyone laughs at Kyle’s teasing comments at Michael about Maria.

“And don’t I know it, Kyle. Just remember that, after all she’s you’re step sister,” Michael smirks.

“Yep, I know and might I just add how the mighty have fallen,” Alex says with one hand over his heart faking a bereaved expression. I think I need a moment,” Alex says dramatically.

“Stop that Alex, you’re stepping on my toes. I’m the resident drama queen here,” Maria glares.

“Sorry, Maria,” Alex bows. “The title and crown are all yours,” Alex says.

“You’re forgiven Alex,” Maria smiles.

“Play nice or I’ll hurt you. Remember I’m unpredictable with these damn alien pregnancy hormones. So, don’t push it guys,” Liz warns.

“You heard Liz. I don’t want anyone upsetting her. Got it!” Max warns.

“Michael if you think Maria’s PMS is a nightmare just you wait until she’s dealing with these alien pregnancy hormones. Maria’s PMS has got nothing on me and these damn hormones… and I have powers so don’t tick me off,” Liz adds looking up at Max adoringly.

“Max, you’re a better man than me,” Michael sighs mumbling his thanks that Maria is not pregnant.


~Three Months Later~

“I never thought I’d ever be saying this but thank goodness next week is finals for both day and evening classes,” Kyle sighs in relief during lunch sharing a table with the gang.

“I think there’s been permanent damage to my brain. I’m actually looking forward to getting finals done and over with. Max, I think I might need you to heal my brain and make sure my brain is still working okay,” Michael grins.

“No, sorry Michael. I have exclusive rights to his healing hands. Max, can you rub the small of my back and help me out a little. The twins are really active today and my lower back is really sore,” Liz says sighing as Max’s hands make contact with her back easing her discomfort in seconds.

“Is that better Honey?” Max asks.

“Yes it is. God, I love your hands Max,” Liz sighs in ecstasy at the soothing comfort and relief his healing powers have sent her.

“What?” Liz asks noticing the dropped jaws of her friends and family. “Hey, you know my motto never leave home with out your own hot alien with powers that have all kinds of possibilities,” Liz whispers and grins shamelessly at Max.

“Uh, we’re going to ah…the eraser room. We’ll see you next period,” Max says as he and Liz abruptly get up and walk to the eraser room. Max carries their book bags and wraps his free arm around her holding her close as they leave talking quietly to each other.

“Okay, I don’t have to use my powers of telepathy to know what that look means. Gees, even what you two leave unsaid is far from G rated. I’m happy for you guys really, I am. Michael, are you taking notes here,” Maria says elbowing Michael.

“Ouch! What? You want me to rub your back and do what? Oh that! Not here and now. Maria, we’re at school in the quad with most of the student body of West Roswell High in attendance. Sorry, I don’t do shows,” Michael smirks and walks away to get his lunch.

“That’s what he thinks,” Maria smirks as the wheels turn in her mind conjuring up some crazy scheme of hers.

“Maria, please don’t do whatever you’re thinking. Just go and do something normal like go out to the lake and make out like normal horny teenagers, okay. Spare us the PDA’s with my brother. One is bad enough but two is my breaking point and I’m putting my foot down Chica,” Isabel states firmly.

“Okay, damn. You’re no fun,” Maria pouts.

“Oh I wouldn’t say that, My Princess is all kinds of fun…Which of course I am not at liberty to discuss. I’m a gentleman,” Alex says nervously as he receives a warning glare from Isabel. Alex decides now is the perfect time to shut up and eat his sandwich.

“Guys our senior year is quickly coming to an end. Has it sunk in yet?” Mystic asks.

“I don’t think any of us have thought about that. We’ve all been so busy with all these classes and studying,” Kyle replies.

“I know what you mean. I really just want to get through finals and make sure I passed everything and all my requirements have been met, then I’ll let myself think about it,” Maria adds.

“Have you noticed how cute Liz is with her little belly all rounded with my niece and nephew in there,” Isabel smiles.

“Hey, they’re my niece and nephew too Isabel,” Michael says.

“Hey now, I think we’ve all decided that we’re family a long time ago so Liz and Max’s twins are all of our niece and nephew,” Alex says playing peacemaker. “Of course it does go without saying that I’m the best uncle to be,” Alex says proudly.

“Oh hell no, Geek Boy,” Michael says with a stare.

“Hey, I’m an uncle too so make room,” Kyle adds.

“I swear, I bet they’d fight over anything just to prove who’s the best or who’s the most macho,” Maria laughs shaking her head at the three guys bickering.

“Yeah, have you noticed the only mature male in our group, Max, is off taking care of his pregnant wife,” Liz did good with him.

“We really need to work on Liz and find out how she does it,” Mystic says.

“I know. Max is my brother and I know he’s always been a good guy. But still I couldn’t get him to do half of the nice things he does for Liz and I even evoked my threats which normally scare him, but not since Liz. I don’t know how she does it but she’s good and I have to admire her for it. Now, we need to make her spill. No bedroom details of course,” Isabel says shuttering at the thought.

“Hey, it couldn’t hurt. I mean look at them over there. It’s a good thing there all modest or this could get embarrassing with their challenges at who’s the best. It’s no wonder they haven’t had a pissing contest,” Mystic jokes.

“I wouldn’t put it past Kyle,” Maria smirks.

“Girl, you are so evil. Funny, but evil nonetheless,” Isabel giggles.

“So true. Do we know our guys or what,” Mystic laughs.


Once safely inside the privacy of the eraser room Liz and Max talk quietly about what’s bothering her. Max notices the quiet mood that she’s in now.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Max asks holding Liz lovingly in his arms.

“My back is sore, I’m stressed about our finals coming up, and I’m sad that our senior year is just about over. Then we graduate and I’m all ready big as a house. I can barely waddle along without help,” Liz complains feeling completely over whelmed and uncomfortable. “I mean a part of me is excited about graduating early and looking forward to college. The other part of me is terrified that all of these new challenges will be more than I can deal with. I’m used to always having a plan and being in control. I have no control over this. I’m a married pregnant teenage hybrid alien that’s about to graduate early from high school. Then if that’s not enough I have to figure out how to juggle college successfully all the while being a new mother and newlywed. And my back hurts and I’m hungry,” Liz’s eyes fill with unshed tears, her lips quiver. She finally lets out an uncontrollable sob for a short time. Max continues holding her and sending her his love with his presence and comforting caress. He says nothing just simply lets her let go of all the things Liz has held inside for weeks maybe even months.

“Max, I’m sorry for crying. I cried so much your shirt is soaked. Sorry to be so hormonal and irrational right now,” Liz smiles weakly.

“It’s okay. I’ll always be here for you,” Max leans in and kisses her briefly and runs a hand through her long chocolate silky tresses.

“Thanks,” Liz sniffles. “I suppose we should get you out of that wet shirt…so, so, I can use my powers and dry it. I think I might need a refresher course on how to dry clothes with our powers,” Liz rambles with her mood changing from upset to amorous in a nano second.

“Liz? I thought you were upset, hungry, and your back hurt. Now you’re in the mood.
Not that I’m complaining, but these mood swings are a killer to keep up with Honey. If you’re back is hurting maybe we shouldn’t,” Max delicately suggests.

“My back is never too sore to keep me from being with you, Max,” Liz comments. Her eyes filled with desire and longing.

“Our lunch is almost over and you know we can’t do quickies. Let’s wait until after school, then we can go home and spend the rest of the day in bed. Plus, I can take care of you and make sure you’re comfortable,” Max says. His eyes fill with a profound love for Liz. Max touches her stomach and feels the twin’s in there kicking and moving around. Suddenly two tiny little sets of glowing hand prints appear pressing against Max’s own hand. Liz and Max are completely captivated by their little miracles within Liz’s womb. Liz laces her hand on top of Max’s as they both parents hands rest pressing gently against Liz’s stomach. Liz and Max smile.

“Max, did you notice that?” Liz asks.

“Yes, there was something different about it this time,” Max comments.

“I know, it was as if the twin’s were trying to show us that they are desperate for us to hold them. The twins keep showing me images of them being excited about being born some time in the very near future. Maybe we should call the doctors at the Colony and ask about this,” Max says with concern.

“I suppose that wouldn’t be a bad idea. We should also tell Cal and let him know,” Liz adds.
“Everything is going to be okay Liz, don’t worry,” Max says easing her distress of the moment.

“I guess I just really needed to vent,” Liz sighs letting out a deep breath of relief.

“Feel better now?” Max smiles.

“Yes, I do. You always know how to make me feel better,” Liz admits.

“It’s all part of the job,” Max grins.

“Max what about the senior prom? I know it seems silly for me to worry about this with everything else on my plate. The senior prom is something I always wanted to go to and dreamed about. I know it’s a girl thing but it’s a big deal, just ask Isabel,” Liz adds for reinforcement of her opinion.

“I know it’s a big deal and we’ll make sure that the school contacts us. We can have Cal give Principal Smith a call to make sure we are informed when the prom organizing and details are known, okay. If that doesn’t get him to inform us I don’t know what will. Maybe the wrath of Isabel, now that’s really scary. Trust me, he’ll be calling us before the prom committee has ended their first meeting,” Max jokes.

“You think that’ll work?” Liz asks.

“Absolutely, no one would dare deprive any of us of our senior prom. I’ll make sure of it,” Max promises.

“Thank you. It’s just that so many things are weighing me down right now. I can’t help but worry about if we can pull this off. I mean starting a family, graduating early, starting college. It’s a lot of stuff to deal with,” Liz explains.

“You’re right it is. But we have each other and our families. We won’t be alone in this and we’ll have lots of help and support. Plus, we do have our trust funds that Arianna arranged for all of us so that we wouldn’t have to worry about money being an issue for us. Arianna and our people wanted us to have a good life this time around. We did save both Antar and Earth. We are free of our destiny’s to live our lives however we desire. I’m sure the others are wondering about what’s next after finals and if they’ll be up for the challenge. I think the key is as long as we stay together, the entire group I mean, we’ll be all right. We were all meant to be together and stand by each other and that’s worked well for us so far. I see no reason for that to change. Now, stop worrying and let’s go feed you and the twins,” Max says sealing his words with a tender kiss. Max gathers their things and walks towards the door of the eraser room to leave with Liz’s hand in his.

“So where do you want to go for lunch?” Max asks assuming Liz is not interested in cafeteria options.

“Hmm. I know! Can we go to Senior Chows?” Liz asks excitedly.

“I’ll take you anywhere you want to go Liz,” Max grins at the unintended double meaning of his words.

“Really? Well, I’ll keep that in mind for later. Right now though, I really need to eat first,” Liz blushes and smiles flirtatiously.

“The lady wants Senior Chows for lunch, then it’s Senior Chows she gets. Now as for dessert I’m hoping you’ll be open for suggestions on that,” Max grins seductively at her.

“Of course I’ll consider your suggestions, if you’ll consider a few of mine,” Liz flirts back.

“Where were we going again, I think I just forgot,” Max jokes as he situates Liz in the jeep and belts her in securely.

“Lunch now, desert later. Think you can handle that Max,” Liz says giving his thigh an encouraging squeeze.

**********************************To Be Continued***********************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 58 p.13 08, Oct

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Oct 08, 2005 7:33 pm

Hi Everyone!

Things are getting near the end. There's probably 3 to 5 parts left of this fic. I thought I'd give everyone the heads up on that. :wink: This weeks post is a nice long one. I hope you don't mind that. I just wanted to say thank you to all who read my story. I really appreciate it. Now on with the feed back....

harroc83- Hi Welcome! Thank you very much for all your kind words. I'm so thrilled you've enjoyed the first story and now the sequel. That means a lot to me. I know I've enjoyed reading some of your fics too. I'm glad that you get the jokes and the Anti angst factor. It's my gift to the characters that we all know and love from Roswell. Thanks for reading and for your great feedback. Thanks and Hugs!!

LoveIsForever- Hi :wink: I hope the info I gave you will be helpful. You do have a little time to decide which way you want to go. Thanks again for your always great comments and quotes. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. These characters are alot of fun to write, I'll miss this particular version of the Roswell gang when this story ends. The end is near, sad to say. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments as they are always appreciated. I hope your week is going well for you. Take care :wink:

Grace52373- Hi :D Thanks for the compliments, I'm flattered! They didn't graduate in the last post. You'll have to see what happens next. Thanks for reading and posting your comments. I loved reading them. Take care :wink:

roswell3053- Thank you! Max is very connected to Liz and knows Liz and knows when something is bothering her. He loves her and is very atttentive with her. Damn, why can't we clone him. LOL!!! I know I'd put in my order. LOL!!

AJK001- Thank you! I didn't want this story to be angst driven. I wanted it to be more about the relationships this special group of people have and how they are close friends and family to each other. They truly do look out for each other and that to me is a rare and special thing that I thought should've been explored more in the show. I know I wish I had a group of friends like that who truly cared about me and looked out for me and I them. I have a tough time reading heavily angst driven fics, not that they aren't well written. It's just I felt so beaten up with Season 2 and most of three that I just wanted to make things better and steer them in a better direction than the powers that be did. Also, my life is full of angst, pain, lonliness, and depression. So, I don't really care to read something that drags me further into the dark abyss of depression I exist in. That's why this fic is different. I know some people have told me that its not very good because the angst element is barely there. I told them that's the point. I wanted it that way. I thought there was a story to be told showing the relationships of the entire group and the closeness they all share. I tried my best to embrace all of the couples and writing scenes for the different ones. I know my main focus is Max and Liz but I did expand and bring in others and new characters too. I'm still learning how to do this writing thing as I go. This is still new to me. Thanks for your comments and I'm very grateful for your support and that your still reading my story. Hugs! :wink:

cherie- Hi Girlfriend! I did get your pics you emailed, Thanks!!!! Jason is still yummy looking. Although, the hairstylist in me hairstylist in me is itching to give him a trim. I hear he's in Toronto right now filming a new movie. He's going to be a werewolf, or rather a Behrwolf. I couldn't resist :lol: So maybe he's growing it out for that part. It looks like you had a great time. I'm really happy for you. It's great you could go and do that. My Max is truly a hottie and a sweetie. Again, can we please clone him. Does anybody happen to know how? LOL!!! Yeah, Liz does want to go to the prom and Max will make sure that does happen for her. Ah yes, the twins, well they will make an appearance before I end this fic, that much I'll promise. Thanks for reading and thanks and Hugs for the pics. I loved seeing them, thanks for sending them. :wink: Take care.

Part 58

~Two Weeks Later~

The last of the class finals have been taken and now are now in teachers’ hands being graded. All that’s left to do is to wait nervously and hope for the best. The gang and family members gather at the Evan’s house to enjoy a big family dinner.

“Come on kids eat dinner. I know you’re all nervous about how you did on your finals. I’m sure you all did great. After all, look how hard you’ve all worked studying and cracking the books hard to graduate early. I’m really proud of you,” Diane comments. Amy, Jim, Charles, and Phillip all join in their agreement with what Diane said.

“Damn straight, now let’s eat. I heard that Michael helped Diane out with some of this wonderful feast before us,” Jim says practically drooling at the smorgasbord of food on the table.

“I second that Jim,” Phillip adds.

“Hey, who am I to go against the crowd,” Charles smiles.

“Diane I think the natives are hungry and restless. We’d better dig in before it gets ugly,” Amy laughs.

“You’re right, for everyone’s safety let’s eat,” Diane says just as the door bell rings.

“I’ll get it,” Liz says. “I forgot to mention that Cal called and confirmed he’d be here,” Liz adds.

“Well, show him in Liz. We’re all family here,” Diane smiles.

Cal comes in and greets all the very familiar faces and sees the nervous look on the faces of his young charges. “So why all the long faces, kids?” Cal asks.

Max replies, “We’re all just really nervous about how we did on our finals.”

“Well, don’t be. I already called the Principal and informed him to call me with the final results of all of your exams. We’ll know something in the next day or two. I impressed upon the Principal that it was imperative that we know the results ASAP, just incase any retake exams were needed,” Cal adds calmly.

“Thank you Cal,” Liz says giving Cal a kiss on the cheek. He blushes and bows to Liz.

“It is a pleasure to serve as your protector and as far as the school is concerned family attorney,” Cal smirks causing everyone to laugh heartily. “Well, after all I’m not just an alien protector but also a Hollywood Producer. I’ve done more than my share of acting to be sure,” Cal laughs. Everyone bursts into laughter.

“Yeah we know the feeling,” Kyle grins.

“Hey, maybe we could make a movie or something for television about our lives. We’d change all the names and some of the facts just so it wasn’t obvious,” suggests Alex.

“NO!” Everyone shouts their reply unanimously.

“Okay, well it sounded like a good idea in my head. I see what you mean too close for comfort, sorry guys. I guess all the Hollywood talk made me think how cool it would be to meet George Lucas and think about Star Wars, it rules guys you know that,” Alex says with a wistful glint in his eyes.

“Sorry kid, I can’t allow your story to be told on big or little screen. It wouldn’t be good for anyone’s safety. Although, I might be able to fly you guys out sometime and we could do lunch with George Lucas. He’s a friend of a friend of mine in Hollywood. I could set it up sometime. Just let me know when and I’ll make the necessary calls,” Cal offers.

“I think I could kiss you Cal,” Alex says noticing Cal’s smile fall to a frown. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean I would kiss you. Is a hug okay?” Alex asks tentatively.

“Yeah, I guess Alex. You kids could consider it a graduation present from me. First things first though. We need to find out how you guys did on your finals then we’ll go from there,” Cal informs the group sounding every bit their protector and uncle like.

“Yes, of course Cal whatever you say,” Alex agrees with a big sappy smile on his face.

“Wow Cal, you know George Lucas. That’s so cool. Do you know Pam Anderson?” Kyle asks. “Hey, if Cal wants to hand out the Hollywood intro’s then I thought on behalf of teenage guys everywhere I could at least ask,” Kyle adds promptly receiving a sharp elbow to the ribs courtesy of Mystic. Then Kyle gets a slap up side the head by Maria sitting on the other side of him.

“Hey! Ouch! I hate it when they tag team and kick my butt,” Kyle says rubbing his sore head where Maria slapped him. His other hand rubs his sore ribs.

“Thank you Maria, I was too far away to do that,” Amy adds. “What? Hey what mom wouldn’t do that to her son in that situation? Be glad Kyle I’m sitting over on the other side of the table,” warns Amy.

“Okay, I get it. I’m sorry. Happy now?” Kyle exclaims still rubbing his wounds in the heat of battle.

“Yes, Kyle. Now be a dear and help Diane with sorting out the beverage situation please,” Amy says. Kyle nods and gets up to quickly comply not wanting to endure any more wounds or embarrassment.

“I’ll go help him,” Mystic says with a repressed laugh. Kyle sent her the image of spiking the parents’ drinks just for fun.

Mystic excuses herself rushes into the kitchen to speak to Kyle. “Don’t you dare, Kyle,” Mystic states trying to sound authoritative but bursts out laughing instead.

“So you think I should then?” Kyle says with mischief dancing in his eyes.

“Kyle, you do like to live dangerously. Not smart. Think about this. Firstly, not before we get final word on our exam results. Secondly, hello you’re talking about slipping a room full of parents’ alcohol and making them drunk. Okay, it’s a funny idea but not when they sober up and go gunning for you.”

“You’d be in their cross hairs, not a smart move,” Maria interjects into the conversation and pops Kyle once again on the head.

“Okay, I get it. I promise to be good and not spike our parent’s drinks. But you have to admit it would’ve been very entertaining to see,” Kyle laughs. Mystic and Maria roll their eyes imagining it and start laughing. The trio emerges from the kitchen helping with serving the beverages to everyone. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying talking and catching up with their huge extended family.

Late the next afternoon the Principal calls Cal with the final exam results for all of his charges. Cal calls Max to share this information and entrusting him to share the news with the rest of the group. “Hi Cal. He called with the results….And, really? We all did well? We all passed. We can officially graduate.” Max turns to Liz and tells her. “Oh, Mr. Smith wants us to come in to get our diplomas in a month or we could wait until the end of the school year and graduate with the rest of our class. He says it’s up to us.” Max talks to Cal again. “I’ll let everyone know. Thanks Cal. Thanks so much for all of your help and guidance we really appreciate it, Uncle Cal,” Max adds.

“It’s a pleasure to serve you and the rest of the ‘Destined Ones’. I’m certain Arianna will be very proud of all of you,” Cal says warmly.

“Okay, I’ll start sharing the news. Thanks again. I’m sure we’ll be calling you later to invite you to our graduation party. I know the moms and dads will want to have a family celebration. Bye Cal,” Max says.

Cal is still holding his cell phone to his ear after Max’s call. He’s surprised by his own emotion at Max’s simple and heart felt words. Cal now feels a sense of parental type pride thinking of Max and the others. Cal was taken aback by that never thinking he’d feel any sense of family towards anyone on this planet, not even his charges as protector. Now he knows why Arianna chose him above all the other protectors. Arianna saw this in him and knew he would be watchful over them with the watchful eye of a parent. Cal always felt a loss that he’d never have a family and feeling alone so far from home. Now he sees that he’s another part of the parental group that watches over these amazing kids called the ‘Destined Ones’ He feels a deep sense of home and belonging unlike anything he’s experienced since accepting his appointed mission as protector. Cal smiles and whispers, “Thank you Arianna, for allowing me the privilege of serving you and them and filling me with a sense of family I’ve always wanted.” Cal pulls the phone from his ear and pushes the end button closing his cell phone thoughtfully.

Max is too excited to use the phone. He and Liz teleconference everyone and requests that everyone come over to their cabin that they want to talk to the gang about something. “They’ll be here soon. I got the feeling their first thought this was something to do with you and the twins. I feel bad now. Should I tell them this isn’t anything about you or the twins directly, I mean the three of you are fine,” Max adds concerned that he might have scared everyone unnecessarily.

“Max, don’t worry about it. They’ll be here soon enough. It never occurred to me they might think this was about me and the twins,” Liz adds feeling bad about their vagueness for the meeting.

“I can’t believe it. I think someone just pulled up outside. Wow, talk about being the early bird. I wonder which one of them it is,” Max says. The next thing Liz and Max hear is this loud forceful insistent knocking on their front door. They look at each other and Liz moves to peak out the curtain and smirks.

“Oh this is going to be good, just wait for it Max,” Liz smiles trying to hold in her laugh. She hears other cars pull up and here’s Maria yelling at Michael.

“Damn it Maxwell, open up. Is my sister-in–law and the twins okay? Let me in Max, you two had better not be going at it,” shouts Michael as he ignores the others that just arrived and uses his powers to open the door.

Michael opens the front door and lets himself in and turns and shuts the door and seals it from the others. Michael decides he wants answers now before the others burst in and interrupt. Michael looks around and calls out for Max and Liz hearing no reply he begins to worry.

“Michael so nice of you to let yourself in and demand we not be going at it as you so politely put it,” Liz giggles.

“Liz, are you okay? How are the twins?” Michael asks searching her face for any sort of problem and finds none.

“What’s the emergency then?” Michael blurts.

“Damn it Michael Guerin, you sealed the door didn’t you. Guess who’s sleeping on the couch tonight, Space Boy,” Maria shouts into the sealed front door. Michael hears Maria’s words and wipes his brow and sighs looking at the ceiling.

“That’s just great, thanks Maxwell. I needed that. I hope your both happy now,” Michael grumbles.

“Hey, if you and Maria are going to fight we could offer our couch for you to sleep on but you know how well that worked last time,” Max laughs at his brother.

“No, that’s fine. I’ll sleep on my own couch thanks,” Michael answers quickly.

“Michael, I’m so sorry you thought that there was something wrong with me or the babies. We didn’t mean for anyone to think that. It’s just that Cal called us with some news he wanted us to share with everyone. The twins and I are fine. We’re in very good hands,” Liz says taking Max’s hand in hers. She looks into Max’s eyes exchanging silent words of unspoken love and devotion between them.

“Hello, I’m still here,” Michael says impatiently.

“Sorry. Uh, let’s let everyone else in and we’ll tell you all together. This way you’ll be spared Maria’s wrath and the others as well,” Liz comments and gives Michael a sisterly hug. “Michael, I’m touched you’re so concerned about me and the twins,” Liz says giving him a kiss on the cheek. Michael’s stern expression warms to a smile and gives her a hug.

“Do you think you can help me get out of the dog house with Maria? I sort of freaked when I got Max’s teleconference message and bolted leaving Maria in the apartment and I took off on my motorcycle in a hurry to get here to find out what was going on,” Michael confesses.

“I’ll talk to her and help straighten this out. I won’t let her hurt my favorite brother-in-law I promise,” Liz reassures. Michael sighs in relief.

“Good, I’m glad you two settled all that. Now, unhand my wife please Bro,” Max jokes.

“Well, okay. You did see her first. Besides, I got that spitfire of a blonde to deal with. I bet she’s really pissed at me,” Michael grins.

“You’re betting on makeup sex, aren’t you?” Max smirks at Michael.

“Hey we make our own fireworks,” Michael says unapologetically.

“Michael thanks for sharing, but no more please okay,” Liz giggles knowing full well how her best friend and Michael behave with each other. Liz calms herself and puts on a straight face to deal with her other visitors in search of answers for this impromptu meeting. Max opens his front door. Liz stands beside Michael hoping to deflect some of Maria’s fiery temper from Michael.

“There he is. Damn it Space Boy, you burned rubber to get here and left a skid mark and me both back at the apartment. You’d better explain and fast,” demands Maria her eyes flashing with anger like a sparkling emerald. Michael pulls Liz a little closer and hides his smile behind Liz.

“Now Maria, calm down. He was just worried about me and the twins. You can’t be angry with him about being worried about his favorite sister-in-law and his unborn niece and nephew, now can you?” Liz says with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, damn it Liz. No, now that you put it like that. I can’t blame him. If I wasn’t so into my soap when I got the message I’d have beaten him out the front door of our apartment and been here first,” Maria admits.

“Okay, so does that mean he’s forgiven?” Liz asks.

“Yes, Space Boy is off the hook…this time,” Maria adds waving a finger in warning at him.

“Okay, now play nice you two,” Liz says stepping away to reveal Michaels beaming smile.

“It’s a good thing Liz loves you like a brother,” Maria adds.

“I know, she’s the best,” Michael admits.

“Well, I’m waiting…Kiss and make up you two,” Liz says tapping her foot. Maria and Michael oblige Liz’s demand.

“Now, if everyone’s ready we’ll share the news Cal called us with,” Max states earning him the gangs undivided attention. Liz takes Max’s hand and stands beside him as they share the news with everyone.

“Cal received a call from the Principal with the results of our final exams. I could draw this out but, I’m afraid you’d all blast me. Okay, we all passed our finals with flying colors. We are now finished with senior year. The Principal said he could send us our diplomas in the mail. He has to send in a special request to get them ahead of the normal timeline. He also wanted to offer us the chance to participate in the normal graduation ceremony in June, if we wanted. He said to get back to him on what we decide. Either way, we are done with high school and have graduated. It’s official,” Max beams

“Maria, breathe okay. Michael you’d better catch her because I think she’s going to…feint,” Liz warns watching Maria feint into Michael’s arms on queue.

“Leave it to our resident drama queen to receive the good news in true dramatic fashion,” Alex says shaking his head at Maria.

“Alex!” Isabel scolds.

“Michael is she okay? I mean Maria’s been a little freaked the last day or so. I mean more than the usual stuff,” Isabel says concerned for her friend.

“I’m not sure. She hasn’t said too much. I just thought she was nervous about how she did on her finals,” Michael says now feeling bad. He didn’t notice that whatever it is that’s going on with Maria might be more than that. Michael gently holds her in his arms sitting with her on the floor. Maria is pulled into his lap. He strokes her long blonde hair with gentle and loving concern.

Maria’s eyes flutter open. She’s surrounded by her family and looks up into Michael’s warm concerned brown eyes. She offers him a weak smile, and then offers another to the group.

“What? Can’t a girl have dramatic moment every now and then,” Maria says trying to sit up but feels a little too light headed to pull it off convincingly.

“Maria, are you feeling okay?” Liz asks.

“I’m fine. I just forgot to eat earlier and exerted a lot of energy being angry with Michael. I’m okay now really,” Maria says trying to sound believable.

“Carry her over to the couch so she can rest while we talk about the news,” Liz suggests.

“Thanks Liz,” Maria says.

Michael, Max, Kyle and Alex all go into the kitchen for some snacks and to bring the girls something to drink. Liz looks at Maria inquisitively sizing up her friends attitude, pale coloring, and the most worrisome sign Maria’s silence.

“Okay, Chica, spill what’s happened that you’re concerned with but haven’t told anyone about yet?” Liz asks cutting to the chase.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just forgot to eat, no big deal,” Maria says brushing off Liz’s analytical gaze.

“Uh huh Maria. So, everything is going along just fine for you then. Nothing unusual or life changing happen you’d care to share,” Liz says seeing Maria’s refusal to look her in the eye.

“No, of course not. I’ve just been under a lot of stress like we all have with finals and graduating early and all,” Maria explains evasively looking down at her feet with great interest.

“Right Chica, like any of us buys that excuse. We know you, Maria. You’ll have to do better than that. There’s only one way to get this out of her,” Isabel says. Isabel locks eyes with Liz and Mystic as they silently communicate their plan of action and all three nod. This makes Maria’s eyes go wide realizing they will get her to spill what’s going on with her.

“Oh crap!” Maria says.

“That’s right Chica, resistance is futile. We know your weaknesses and we’ll exploit them making you tell us everything,” Liz states.

“Damn, Liz I had no idea you had this entire evil alien interrogator kind of thing going on. Is that how you get Max to be so sweet with you?” Maria says with a giggle imagining a mental image of Liz interrogating Max. Isabel and Mystic laugh.

“Hey, don’t laugh Izzy. You’re the one that has handcuffs and uses them for bedroom games and now you’ve got Maria corrupted too,” Liz laughs half serious and half joking.

“Oh right, like I’m corrupting Maria,” Isabel says rolling her eyes and waving off such a silly claim.

“Right, like you and Max haven’t done a fair share of making an impression on young innocent minds like mine,” Maria says batting her eyelashes.

“Uh huh, right. You’re the one always asking about intimate details about me and Max…which I DO NOT share,” Liz says loudly to make sure Max heard it. Liz knows Max and the guys are eavesdropping from the kitchen listening to all of this. The guys are huddled up in the kitchen with their ears against the common wall both the living room and kitchen share.

“Wow, Liz isn’t going to share any info on that front. Damn, you know it must be something if she refuses to say anything. Hey, I’m just saying inquiring minds want to know,” Kyle jokes. Max glares at Kyle.

“Hey we did our good deed and got you a copy of the Karma Sutra. The rest is up to you and I don’t want to know anything about it, so don’t feel the need to share,” Max states.

“Ooh, touchy El Presidente,” Kyle quips.

“Valenti put a sock in it,” Alex comments.

“You heard him, put a sock in it,” Michael warns.

“Fine! Okay, sorry,” Kyle says.

“Shut up both of you. I can’t hear what they’re saying,” Max whispers sternly.

“Sorry,” all the guys whisper and go back to eavesdropping on the girls.

Liz opens a telepathic link to just the girls informing them the guys are in the kitchen eavesdropping on them right now. ‘Let’s give them something to make their ears burn,’ Liz smiles impishly.

‘We’re with you Liz, let’s shame them but good,’ Maria smiles and winks at Isabel and Mystic. All the girls are decidedly in on this plan.

“Liz I was just wondering is Max especially vocal when you two you know? I have to ask if that’s just an alien thing or if it’s a just a Michael thing?” Maria says trying to keep a straight face. Isabel’s eyes get huge at hearing this.

“Oh God, Liz please do not answer her,” Isabel pleads. “I’m so going to need therapy after this,” Isabel says rolling her eyes and smiling enjoying this joke their playing on the guys.

“Well, Izzy you do seem to have the floor right now. Anything you’d care to share with the class about Alex,” Maria asks. Liz promptly covers her ears not wanting to even hear what Izzy says about her other best friend Alex.

“Let me think. What’s the least embarrassing thing I can say…Alex does like to talk in his sleep sometimes after things have been especially hot between us,” Isabel says blushing like crazy.

“Really, like what does he say exactly,” asks Mystic giggling enjoying playing along with their prank on the guys.

“He tells me that I’m his dream girl and the reality surpasses all his dreams and fantasies. Then he says, he loves me more than computers,” Isabel blushes and laughs at the last part.

“I suppose that’s really a big kind of thing to say. At least he admits he loves you more than computers,” Maria smiles at her friend.

“Kyle never says that kind of stuff when were in the heat of the moment. He either talks dirty to me or he talks in sports terms,” Mystic laughs.

“No, really? You mean like baseball terms or something?” Liz asks amused by hearing Mystic share this information.

“Yes, exactly,” Mystic laughs.

“That reminds me Maria, what exactly is it that Michael says when you two are… you know,” Mystic asks.

Michael eyes go wide with fear and embarrassment. “Come on we can’t let them talk about us like that. I mean that’s private. Let’s get in there before anything else gets disclosed about us that none of us wants to be known. Michael hurries in to stop Maria in mid sentence about to answer Mystic’s question.

“Maria don’t you dare finish that answer. Let’s go home and I’ll even stop and get your favorite ice cream with hot fudge sauce,” Michael says hoping that will seduce her out of embarrassing beyond reason.

“Ooh, you promise Space Boy? You’re on then; after that we’ll talk about other uses for that hot fudge sauce. We’d better get two jars of that and save one for later,” Maria blurts out unashamed. And then I like to finger paint and lick my fingers and….”

“MARIA NOW!!” shouts Michael. Maria giggles and waves good bye to her friends.

“Wait Space Boy, I drove the Jetta here and you drove your bike. I guess we drive back home separately then,” Maria shrugs disappointed.

“No, leave the Jetta here. We’ll come back tomorrow and get it,” Michael announces and looks over his shoulder at Max and Liz. “We’ll call first though, okay guys,” Michael adds.

“So, let’s go get my ice cream and hot fudge sauce and we can talk about our own little private celebration,” Maria says getting on the back of Michael’s bike straddling it. She reaches her arms around him holds on tight. Michael makes her put on a helmet even with her protest and kisses her soundly on the lips rendering her silent and in a lustful daze all the way to the store and then home.

“Well, that’s the rest of our queue. We should call it a night. Thanks for sharing the good news about how we all did on our finals. Wow, its true we finally made it and graduated good Ol’ West Roswell High,” states Alex. Alex wraps his arm around Isabel and guides her to the door. He leans in and whispers into Isabel’s ear. “Thanks for only volunteering the least embarrassing thing that I say or do with you. I was really worried there for a minute,” Alex admits.

“I’d never do that to you Sweetie. I like to keep the really hot and juicy stuff all to our selves,” Isabel whispers her reply and blows in his ear.

“Well, gotta go. We’ll call you tomorrow about planning a party at your moms,” Alex says to Max as he and Isabel make tracks to Alex’s car.

“Hey you know me. I always knuckle under to peer pressure,” Kyle grins.

“Yeah, he’s afraid I’d go into detail what sort of dirty talk he uses and what sports terms he shouts out and the most interesting moments,” laughs Mystic.

“That’s it missy you’re so getting in the penalty box for that one,” Kyle says waving his finger at her.

“Promise,” Mystic replies with a dare.

“Okay, that’s enough insight into your private parties for two, good night guys. Give us a call tomorrow,” Max says walking Kyle and Mystic to the door.

“Family,” Liz sighs. “I thought they’d never leave,” Liz giggles. “So did I embarrass you too Max?” Liz asks flirtatiously as she plays with the buttons on his shirt. She slowly and methodically unbuttons one at a time to reveal more him.

“Uh, what did you ask me Liz. I forgot what you said,” Max says his heated stare fixed on that of his dark haired angel standing before him with an innocent smile and devilish fingers taunting and teasing him to just this side of insanity.

“Oh nothing. Am I bothering you Max? I’ll stop if I’m bothering you,” Liz says innocently.

“NO! I mean no, your not bothering me. Making me hot and bothered yes,” Max admits.
“So how does it feel to now be a high school graduate Liz,” Max asks hoping to change the subject and calm himself down.

“I guess we can both answer that one later. We can see what it feels like to make love to a high school graduate. That’s unless you’d rather celebrate some other way,” Liz says.

“No, I like that suggestion. I’ve never made love to a high school graduate before,” Max says.

“Okay, race ya?” Liz asks.

“No, no racing not in your condition Liz,” Max states. He protectively and lovingly scoops Liz up in his arms and carries her up the stairs that leads to their room and shuts the door, now left alone to enjoy their own private celebration. The entire gang juggled a lot of work load to get to this point. Their hard won accomplishment of graduating early is now realized. It seems reasonable to want to celebrate their achievements. The idea of private couple’s celebrations was an idea that caught on quickly. I suppose no one is complaining about the prank the girls played on the guys for eavesdropping. I guess great minds do think alike.

******************************To Be Continued*************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 59 p.14 15, Oct

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Oct 15, 2005 3:27 pm

Hi Everyone! :D

I'm back with yet another part. I hope everyone will enjoy this one. There's a bit of a mystery to this part. But rest assured this will be fun even if you won't get all the answers this part, but its all part of the fun leading toward the grand finale. There are a few parts left to write. I hate saying that because I already know I'll miss this version of the gang. I do have other storie ideas on the back burner to work on. I'm not very good at writing several stories at once. I can only focus on writing one at a time. My hat is off to the wonderful writers on the board that can write several stories at the same time and post the updates regularly. Anyways, on to the feed back and then the new part. Enjoy! My heart felt thanks to all who read my story. Take care :wink:

Grace52373- I'm glad you enjoyed last weeks part. Everybody wants to know if Maria is pregnant or not. Hmm, good question. I promise to reveal it, but not in this weeks part. I know I'm evil huh, LOL!!! Read and enjoy this weeks part. Next week I'll reveal what's going on with Maria and what she's not talking about. :wink: Thanks for reading. I really enjoyed your comments. Take care :wink:

ayznshorti- I can't tell you that right now. Next week I'll shed some light on that. There's other mysteries with this weeks part though. One thing I can tell you is that it won't be boring. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments. :wink:

roswell3053- Thank you! Yes, I'm dreading writing the last part too. I'll miss this version of Roswell characters that we all know and love. They are very near and dear to me since this is the first story I've ever written. I just hope I can write an appropriate ending for them. Yeah, well I'm sure there's a long list of us for that Max clone. LOL!! I hope you'll enjoy this week's post. Thanks as always for reading and sharing your comments. They really do mean a lot to me. Take care :wink:

LoveIsForever- My thoughts are with you. I know this is a tough time for you, but hang in there okay. Please take care and my story will be here when you're able to read it okay, no worries. When you do read it I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm really glad you enjoyed last weeks part. This one has a bit of a mystery to it. One thing for sure is that it'll be fun seeing where this ends up. I have an idea but haven't written it yet. Take care and hugs! :wink:

AJK001- Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I agree with you about seasons two and three. Roswell really cast its spell on me in Season 1 and its those characters that I love and try to do justice too. When I first discovered Roswell Fan fic three or four years ago it felt like I'd found them again. I guess once you've been bitten by Roswell it becomes part of you and you're part of the I know an alien club. Okay, so I'm an alien lover, I'll admit it, but shush my Max/Jason loving ways are a secret, right? LOL!!! I do love the entire gang but I can't help but love Max/Jason. I hate the idea of ending this story, but it feels like things are coming full circle and need too. I will have other stories to write that've kept on the back burner and haven't had time to really work on rather than just write my ideas down to follow up on later. I still owe people a sequel to my one part story I was asked to write. So, I have to work on that and other story ideas. I've been enjoying the evolution of my story right along with everyone else. I had no idea that this would come out of me when I sat down to write. I'm glad that you've been enjoying it along with me too. Thanks for reading and your supportive comments. It really has been very confidence boosting for me. Thank you :wink: I hope you'll enjoy this week's part, enjoy! :wink:

Cherie- Hi :D Thanks, I'm proud of the gang too. If I can't live my dreams at least I can make it so they can live theirs. Yes, they should celebrate their accomplishment, and so they will soon. Is Maria pregnant? Hmm, I can't say just yet. I think for the answer to that you'll have to read what I post next week. I know it makes me cry even thinking about saying good bye to the gang in my story. I guess that's why we have to write other stories, eh? Not to worry, I love the Roswell gang and I'll be writing more about them in different settings and versions in new stories I've been keeping on the back burner. I hope you'll enjoy this week's part. Take care, see ya next week! :wink:

Part 59

~Last week we left off with this~

The girls were playing a prank on the guys eavesdropping on their conversation sharing embarrassing details about intimate things the say or do… Maria was about to say something really embarrassing about Michael and he stops her just in the nick of time.

“Maria don’t you dare finish that answer. Let’s go home and I’ll even stop and get your favorite ice cream with hot fudge sauce,” Michael says hoping that will seduce her out of embarrassing beyond reason.

“Ooh, you promise Space Boy? You’re on then; after that we’ll talk about other uses for that hot fudge sauce. We’d better get two jars of that and save one for later,” Maria blurts out unashamed. And then I like to finger paint and lick my fingers and….”

“MARIA NOW!!” shouts Michael. Maria giggles and waves good bye to her friends.

“Wait Space Boy, I drove the Jetta here and you drove your bike. I guess we drive back home separately then,” Maria shrugs disappointed.

“No, leave the Jetta here. We’ll come back tomorrow and get it,” Michael announces and looks over his shoulder at Max and Liz. “We’ll call first though, okay guys,” Michael adds.

“So, let’s go get my ice cream and hot fudge sauce and we can talk about our own little private celebration,” Maria says getting on the back of Michael’s bike straddling it. She reaches her arms around him holds on tight. Michael makes her put on a helmet even with her protest and kisses her soundly on the lips rendering her silent and in a lustful daze all the way to the store and then home.

“Well, that’s the rest of our cue. We should call it a night. Thanks for sharing the good news about how we all did on our finals. Wow, its true we finally made it and graduated good Ol’ West Roswell High,” states Alex. Alex wraps his arm around Isabel and guides her to the door. He leans in and whispers into Isabel’s ear. “Thanks for only volunteering the least embarrassing thing that I say or do with you. I was really worried there for a minute,” Alex admits.

“I’d never do that to you Sweetie. I like to keep the really hot and juicy stuff all to our selves,” Isabel whispers her reply and blows in his ear.

“Well, gotta go. We’ll call you tomorrow about planning a party at your moms,” Alex says to Max as he and Isabel make tracks to Alex’s car.

“Hey you know me. I always knuckle under to peer pressure,” Kyle grins.

“Yeah, he’s afraid I’d go into detail what sort of dirty talk he uses and what sports terms he shouts out and the most interesting moments,” laughs Mystic.

“That’s it missy you’re so getting in the penalty box for that one,” Kyle says waving his finger at her.

“Promise,” Mystic replies with a dare.

“Okay, that’s enough insight into your private parties for two, good night guys. Give us a call tomorrow,” Max says walking Kyle and Mystic to the door.

“Family,” Liz sighs. “I thought they’d never leave,” Liz giggles. “So did I embarrass you too Max?” Liz asks flirtatiously as she plays with the buttons on his shirt. She slowly and methodically unbuttons one at a time to reveal more him.

“Uh, what did you ask me Liz? I forgot what you said,” Max says his heated stare fixed on that of his dark haired angel standing before him with an innocent smile and devilish fingers taunting and teasing him to just this side of insanity.

“Oh nothing. Am I bothering you Max? I’ll stop if I’m bothering you,” Liz says innocently.

“NO! I mean no, your not bothering me. Making me hot and bothered yes,” Max admits.
“So how does it feel to now be a high school graduate Liz,” Max asks hoping to change the subject and calm himself down.

“I guess we can both answer that one later. We can see what it feels like to make love to a high school graduate. That’s unless you’d rather celebrate some other way,” Liz says.

“No, I like that suggestion. I’ve never made love to a high school graduate before,” Max says.

“Okay, race ya?” Liz asks.

“No, no racing not in your condition Liz,” Max states. He protectively and lovingly scoops Liz up in his arms and carries her up the stairs that leads to their room and shuts the door, now left alone to enjoy their own private celebration. The entire gang juggled a lot of work load to get to this point. Their hard won accomplishment of graduating early is now realized. It seems reasonable to want to celebrate their achievements. The idea of private couple’s celebrations was an idea that caught on quickly. I suppose no one is complaining about the prank the girls played on the guys for eavesdropping. I guess great minds do think alike.


Michael and Maria are at the grocery store. Maria is being her indecisive self when it comes to her one great weakness… choosing which flavor of ice cream she wants. Suddenly, several types sound good to her or combining odd flavors even better. Michael acts frustrated but is patient enough to tell her to pick whatever she wants. He gives her money and decides to wait outside. Once outside the store and away from Maria, Michael takes the opportunity to covertly telepath Max. ‘Hey Bro, yeah it’s me. My plan, ‘Operation Blondie’ is a go. I’ll need you to telepath Kyle and Alex and let them know and remind them not to say anything to the girls. You’ll probably have to block the girls so they can’t figure out what were up to until the rendezvous point. I’ll also need you to contact the you know who to meet us you know where, okay Max,’ Michael says awaiting Max’s telepathic reply.

‘Damn Michael, at least your timing is getting better. Liz just fell asleep. No problem I’ll take care of my end of things. You did confirm the other arrangements are in place we discussed earlier, right?’ Max asks quietly creeping into the bathroom.

‘Bro, that’s way too much info about Liz and your activities, but I’m getting used to it by now. Yes, systems are a go on this end, just take care of what we talked about and I’ll see everyone there. Thanks Bro,’ Michael says ending their telepathic conversation.

Max shakes his head and smiles amazed at his brother and his surprising plan. “I think I did finally rub off on him. It must’ve been latent DNA kicking in or something,” Max mumbles. He climbs back into bed with Liz and lovingly spoons her peaceful sleeping form. Max wraps his arms around Liz cherishing her even as she sleeps. Max wakes up early before Liz. Max telepaths Kyle and Alex and fill them in on what Michael told him last night and swears the guys to keep up their end of the operation by not saying anything to the girls and follow the plan.

‘So, Michael’s doing it huh. Oh this should be good. Maria’s going to give him an ear full,’ Kyle smirks.

‘Yep, you can say that again. One thing about Maria she won’t go quietly and will no doubt drive him insane,’ Alex adds telepathically.

‘I’m glad I’m not Michael,’ Kyle comments.

‘Definitely! Okay so, stick to the plan and it all will go as planned and everyone avoids Michael’s wrath,’ Max smirks.

‘Yeah and hopefully we’ll avoid Hurricane Deluca’s as well. I’m in, but I’m taking my running shoes just in case,’ Alex teases.

‘Okay so you know what to do. Come over around noon and we’ll do our part of the plan from there. Okay?” Max asks securing Kyle and Alex’s agreements.

‘We acknowledge and obey El Presidente,’ Kyle replies.

‘Ditto on what Kyle said. This is cool, I feel like were double agents or something like on Alias. Talk to you later boss,’ Alex responds.

Max sneaks stealth fully back to bed. He holds Liz enjoys watching her sleep. Max then quietly sets the dreaded alarm clock and slowly falls asleep. Two hours later Max and Liz both awaken to the annoying sound of the alarm going off disturbing their slumber.

“Max, why did you set the alarm? Babe are you feeling alright?” Liz worriedly asks rubbing the sleep from her eyes still struggling to focus.

“I just wanted to get up and make you breakfast in bed,” Max answers her with a gentle kiss.

“Really, the twins and I are feeling really hungry this morning. I think it might have had something to do with all of that aerobic exercise last night,” Liz says just before giving him a kiss fueled desire.

“Well, about that maybe we can put off breakfast for a little while longer, but we can’t spend all morning in bed like usual. Remember Michael and Maria will come by to pick up her car. It would be nice to not have to worry about being interrupted and we can avoid the usual comments,” Max says rolling his eyes.

“Sounds like a plan I can live with. Now back to the idea of putting off breakfast for a little while. Why, just what did you have in mind Max, now that you’re a high school graduate and everything,” Liz says with a flirtatious smile.

“I thought I’d just use my new graduate status to corrupt my favorite graduate, that’s if she’s willing to be corrupted,” Max says delivering a gentle trail of kisses down Liz’s neck and pulling her closer to him.

“What can I say, I’m a sucker for a successful graduate of other worldly means,” Liz sighs in ecstasy.

“Good. I was hoping you’d say that,” Max continues to deliver searing kisses and caresses that ignite a passion that will not be ignored until both are satisfied.

“Wow, now that’s a way to start the day with my favorite aerobics,” Liz giggles.

“Mine too,” Max says flashing his dazzling smile reserved just for her.

“Max, Honey I’m hungry. Now that you’ve worked me out how about feeding me…I mean us,” Liz says rubbing her stomach as the twins kick.

“I guess I’d better get down there and fix my family something to eat and fast judging by that kick they just gave you,” Max beams. Liz watches Max get out of bed and watches his naked form retreat into the bathroom causing Liz to pout and throw a pillow at the bathroom door Max just closed behind him.

“Liz, why did you throw the pillow at the door,” Max asks puzzled by the sudden change in her mood as he emerges from the bathroom now wearing a pair of boxers.

“You ruined my favorite view of the morning,” Liz says with crossed arms.

“Liz this is a view you can enjoy anytime. But I really need to focus on making sure you and our twins eat. Besides we don’t need Michael and Maria to show up catching us, do we?” Max asks.

“Damn, you’re right of course. Okay, you win but we’ll pick up where we left off later,” Liz says as she yawns and stretches and throws back the covers and stands to reach for her robe that is hanging on the wall beside her side of the bed. Liz notices Max’s heated stare. She locks eyes with him and slowly puts on her red silk robe but doesn’t tie it in front, leaving him with a partial view. “Now you know how it feels,” Liz says with a devilish grin. “Come on, you promised to feed me. I guess some things will just have to keep until later,” Liz grins as she gingerly walks past him and down the stairs to the kitchen.

“I love you even though you’re an evil woman. You do know that right?” Max asks rhetorically. Liz’s reply is simply laughter.


It’s now 12 noon at Max and Liz’s cabin and they hear a couple of cars pull up out front. Liz seems surprised and even a little disappointed not to see Maria and Michael. She was just thinking of Maria and wanting to talk to her about things and what is really going on with her that she was being so evasive about last night.

“I thought Michael and Maria would be here by now. They were supposed to come by and pick up the Jetta. Have any of you heard from them?” Liz asks.

“No,” everyone replies.

“Maybe they’re just running late getting here. You know what a drama queen Maria is. She’s probably torturing Michael with helping her to decide on what to wear,” Kyle teases.

“That sounds like Maria. I’m sure everything is fine,” Alex says reassuringly.

“Hi guys. Come on in,” Max greets. Alex, Isabel, Kyle and Mystic all follow Max and Liz into the cabin.

“I don’t know, I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that Maria and Michael aren’t coming over at all. I think I’ll just go give them a call and see if everything is okay,” Liz states.

“We’ll go with you,” Isabel and Mystic add following behind Liz over to the phone.

“That’s weird. I just tried calling both their mobile and home phones and there’s no answer,” Liz comments. “Max that’s not like Maria to not answer her mobile phone, there must be something wrong,” Liz adds wringing her hands as her worries and imagination escalate by the minute.

“Don’t get upset Liz. It’s not good for you or the twins. I’ll try calling Michael’s mobile number,” Max states calmly and is followed by the Kyle and Alex leaving the girls to calm Liz down. Kyle and Alex lock eyes with Max and smile looking behind them before signaling thumbs up. Max calls Michael and discreetly they confirm details have been taken care of as per Michael’s request.

“How’s Maria?” Max asks.

“Cursing and threatening me, you know the usual. That’s my Blondie,” Michael grins and glances at Maria shooting daggers at him with her eyes.

“Yeah, I bet,” Max laughs.

“How’s Liz?” Michael asks noticing how that stopped Max’s laughter.

“She’s beginning to worry and get a little freaked that Maria’s not answering her phone and no one’s hear from either of you. I’ll keep her calm, don’t worry. When do we start tracking and trailing?” Max replies.

“Max you have to stall and give me some more time. I need about an hour to reach the rendezvous point. Then you can begin tracking and trailing me, or rather us,” Michael informs.

“Okay Bro, you have one hour. Good luck. Remember Maria’s dangerous when she’s pissed especially at you. Don’t get all turned on and abort the mission. Stay on task,” Max urges.

“Yes, I know. I’m on a mission. I’m Michael Stonewall Guerin, remember,” Michael states firmly.

“All systems are go on my front. We’ll give you an hour. Oh and Michael keep your head down. Maria has a killer right hook okay. Bye Bro,” Max says ending the conversation. Kyle and Alex laugh in the background listening to Max’s comments to Michael.

“Well, has she knocked him out yet?” Kyle asks jokingly.

“He’s safe so far, but that could change at any moment,” Max answers.

“If I know Maria her right hook isn’t all that he has to worry about connecting with part of his anatomy, if you know what I mean,” Alex winces just imagining Michael getting kicked in the alien jewels.

“Well, did you talk to Michael?” Liz asks.

“I left a voice message for him,” Max says quickly changing the subject. “How are you feeling Liz?” Max asks with concern.

“I’m fine, just getting worried about Maria and Michael. You don’t think the F.BI or someone like that has taken them, do you?” Liz says.

“NO! I’m sure it’s nothing like that. You know how impulsive Michael can be. I’m sure he decided to go off and do something dangerous/stupid and Maria went along to beat some sense into him. More likely she’d wear him down first,” Max says with a slight grin.

“Why don’t you try to teleconference Michael?” Max suggests. Liz pulls in her energy and concentrates harder than usual to hone in reach Michael and Maria. “I can’t get in. It feels like there’s a partial block. I can only get a sense that they both are all right and moving further away from us. That’s all I can find out,” Liz shares with the group.

“I know let’s go to Michael and Maria’s and see if we can get any clues as to where they went?” Isabel suggests.

“No. I mean Liz said she sensed that they were okay. Let’s just give them an hour and see if they show up on their own,” Kyle comments.

“We should think about calling Jim and Amy and see if they’ve heard from them?” Mystic suggests. Max’s eyes meet Kyle’s in a brief flicker of panic. Kyle scratches his head apologetically as he stands behind Mystic.

“Kyle I’ll let you do the honors calling Amy and Jim,” Max states.

“Oh gee thanks El Presidente,” Kyle shrugs. “Fine, I’ll call Dad and Amy,” Kyle says. He now is thanking Max for including them in on the plan against his wishes.

The gang leaves the cabin and drives over to Jim and Amy’s only to find no one was home. They thought since they were still newly weds maybe they were otherwise engaged and didn’t answer their phone. Kyle desperately begged not to go over there, but he was out voted much to his dismay. “There are some things I just do not want to think about my dad doing. Mystic help make the bad images go away please,” Kyle pleads.

“Oh come on Kyle, suck it up. I thought Max and Liz would have broken you of this sort of thing,” Isabel states loudly.

“Yeah, Princess is right. I’ve read about this kind of idea. It’s like desensitivity training or something,” Alex adds.

“Trust me, Kyle doesn’t need desensitivity training,” Isabel laughs.

“Ouch!” Kyle smirks as if flicking an invisible object from his shoulder. “I’m sorry Izzy was that supposed to put a chink in my armor?” Kyle states sarcastically.

“Well, it couldn’t hurt,” Isabel smirks.

“Hey you two place nice and stop bickering,” Liz states firmly.

“Well no dice at dad and Amy’s. Now what do we do?” Kyle asks.

“I think we should try at Michael and Maria’s,” Mystic suggests. Max pulls up in one vehicle with Kyle and Mystic pulling up beside them maintaining their open telepathic link.

“Let’s check their apartment. I’m sure there’s bound to be some kind of clue or vision I can get from touching their stuff as to where they are?” Liz sighs feeling better she’s able to do something actively to help look for her family. Max helps her out of the jeep and inside the apartment. Everyone begins to search for any kind of indication as to where Michael and Maria went.

“Liz and I’ll take the living room. Kyle you go check out their bedroom,” Max says sounding every bit the leader.

“I’ll get you for that. First you traumatize me with imagining why Dad and Amy wouldn’t answer their phone. Now, you’ve got me searching my step sister and brother in law to be’s bedroom. If I need therapy after this you’re paying for it El Presidente,” Kyle warns wagging his finger at Max.

“I understand Kyle, really I do. Welcome to my world. Now you can imagine the therapy I’ll need with Max being my brother. You know how Max and Liz are always all over each other,” Isabel comments somewhat sympathetically.

“Don’t look now Kyle, but I think that was a Kodak moment with Izzy,” Mystic smiles.

“Liz touches the couch and blushes and shakes her head at Maria. You know sometimes it would be better to not get the visions,” Liz blushes.

“I know. Well, look at it this way we can torture them about it later,” Max teases. Max resumes checking the TV and Cd’s both of which he knows Michael would use daily and most likely leave some kind of psychic imprint or image to find.

“Liz come here, try to see if you can get some kind of a flash or vision from Michael’s Cd’s and TV remote. You know Michael, his Metallica Cd’s and his TV remote are sacred objects to him.

“Hey there’s where my “Busty Biker Babes Magazine went too,” Kyle exclaims. “It’s so typical, under that mattress. Obviously, my dear sister hasn’t found them yet. I’ll just take these back now since they’re mine,” Kyle says turning to walk away and bumps into Mystic.

“Oh no you don’t Jock Boy, throw them out. I know Maria would if she were here, but not before whacking Michael upside the head with them once or twice,” Mystic shouts.

“Yikes! Gees, I had those before I met you Mystic. Now they’re kind of an adolescent keepsake,” Kyle says innocently shrugging his shoulders.

“Nope! No sale Kyle, you heard me now toss them,” Mystic says with her arms crossed and glaring at him leaving no room for argument.

“Thanks a lot Guerin,” Kyle growls even though Michael’s not there to hear it.

“Wait! I just got a vision of Michael taking Maria somewhere on his bike. I think Maria has one of those sleeping blind folds on and duct tape over her mouth. She’s not afraid though. Does that make any sense to any of you?” Liz asks trying to make sense of her vision.

*******************************To Be Continued**************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 60 p.15 22, Oct

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Oct 22, 2005 5:38 pm

Hi Everyone! :D

Well, here we are. I think there are one or two more parts left to write of this that I can think of so far. I hate to think of this ending, but I know that all stories do have beginnings and endings. This one has had a longer life than I originally thought it would. I have to admit I love these characters so much its going to hurt to say good bye to them, but there'll be other incarnations of our favorite Roswellians that I plan to write. Oh by the way this is a really long part, I hope you don't mind. :wink:

Now, on to feed back comments.

Grace52373- Hi :D Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying everything so far. Your questions will be answered as to where Michael took Maria and what's up with that. Is Maria pregnant, hmm you'll have to read this part to find out the answer to that question, but rest assured it is answered. Thanks for reading and your fun comments. :wink:

roswell3053-Hi! Thanks for reading and for leaving your comments. I really do appreciate it. Michael's full of surprises in this part and so is Maria. Enjoy!! :wink:

tequathisy- Hi! Thanks for reading and stopping by and leaving your comments. :wink: Michael has really out done himself on this one. I think you'll like it. I know Maria does. LOL!! Enjoy!!

LoveIsForever- Hang in there kiddo! :wink: I hope this new part will help you take your mind off of things. I hope your computer is doing better. Thanks for your always fun commentary. I know I'm going to miss that once my story is finished. Thanks for your feed back and support.
Hugs :wink:

AJK001- Hi! Aww, shucks. You're welcome. Michael has definitely been up to something and has really out done himself trying to do the unexpected to surprise Maria. I think you'll enjoy what happens in this part. Let me know what you think about it, okay. Take care :wink:

cherie- Yes, Michael is sneaky and he's had help on this little caper as well. Maria is really surprised by what Michael has planned when she finds out when they get to their secret destination. I appreciate your kind comments about how I'm doing. I'm not doing so great but I'm just doing a better job of covering it up. I hope you'll enjoy the answers to this little mystery. Take care :wink:

Part 60

Last week we left off with this~

Michael and the guys seem to be in on whatever is going on and are helping with Michael’s plan whatever that might be. The rest of the girls have no idea what’s going on. The guys are successfully blocking their better halves from any telepathic link revealing just what they are up to and spoiling the surprise Michael has for Maria and the others. The gang was trying to look track down a mysteriously missing Michael and Maria since they never came back over to Max and Liz’s to pick up the Jetta.

“Well no dice at Dad and Amy’s. Now what do we do?” Kyle asks.

“I think we should try at Michael and Maria’s,” Mystic suggests. Max pulls up in one vehicle. Kyle and Mystic pull up beside them maintaining their open telepathic link.

“Let’s check their apartment. I’m sure there’s bound to be some kind of clue or vision I can get from touching their stuff as to where they are?” Liz sighs feeling better she’s able to do something actively to help for her family. Max helps her out of the jeep and inside the apartment. Everyone begins to search for any kind of indication as to where Michael and Maria went.

“Liz and I’ll take the living room. Kyle you go check out their bedroom,” Max says sounding every bit the leader.

“I’ll get you for that. First you traumatize me with imagining why Dad and Amy wouldn’t answer their phone. Now, you’ve got me searching my step sister and brother in law to be’s bedroom. If I need therapy after this you’re paying for it El Presidente,” Kyle warns wagging his finger at Max.

“I understand Kyle, really I do. Welcome to my world. Now you can imagine the therapy I’ll need with Max being my brother. You know how Max and Liz are always all over each other,” Isabel comments somewhat sympathetically.

“Don’t look now Kyle, but I think that was a Kodak moment with Izzy,” Mystic smiles.

“Liz touches the couch and blushes and shakes her head at Maria. You know sometimes it would be better to not get the visions,” Liz blushes.

“I know. Well, look at it this way we can torture them about it later,” Max teases. Max resumes checking the TV and Cd’s both of which he knows Michael would use daily and most likely leave some kind of psychic imprint or image to find.

“Liz come here, try to see if you can get some kind of a flash or vision from Michael’s Cd’s and TV remote. You know Michael, his Metallica Cd’s and his TV remote are sacred objects to him.

“Hey there’s where my “Busty Biker Babes Magazine went too,” Kyle exclaims. “It’s so typical, under that mattress. Obviously, my dear sister hasn’t found them yet. I’ll just take these back now since they’re mine,” Kyle says turning to walk away and bumps into Mystic.

“Oh no you don’t Jock Boy, throw them out. I know Maria would if she were here, but not before whacking Michael upside the head with them once or twice,” Mystic shouts.

“Yikes! Gees, I had those before I met you Mystic. Now they’re kind of an adolescent keepsake,” Kyle says innocently shrugging his shoulders.

“Nope! No sale Kyle, you heard me now toss them,” Mystic says with her arms crossed and glaring at him leaving no room for argument.

“Thanks a lot Guerin,” Kyle growls even though Michael’s not there to hear it.

“Wait! I just got a vision of Michael taking Maria somewhere on his bike. I think Maria has one of those sleeping blind folds on and duct tape over her mouth. She’s not afraid though. Does that make any sense to any of you?” Liz asks trying to make sense of her vision.


“We’ll I can certainly understand Michael taping her mouth shut and I applaud his bravery,” Kyle adds with a slightly evil smirk.

“Kyle!” Mystic exclaims. She doesn’t miss a beat smacking Kyle upside the head.

“Damn, at this rate I’ll need a purple heart,” Kyle says rubbing his now sore spot on his head and looking at everyone but Mystic.

“I think somehow I was being partially blocked, so I cold only get a general sense of her state of mind,” Liz shares.
“What about Michael? Did you get any sense of how he was feeling?” Isabel frowns.
Liz laughs, “We’ll just that he seemed to be projecting glee and being really annoyed simultaneously.”

“We’ll I’d bet good money that would be him thinking of Maria no doubt,” Alex says as he covers his mouth and hides a smile behind his hand.

“Yeah, I agree with Alex. Only Maria could bring out both emotions in him at the same time. You know those two, they like to argue for sport just so they can enjoy making up,” Max smiles trying not to laugh.

“So Liz, what flashes did you get other than the one you shared with us about Michael and Maria?” Mystic asks.

“Ahh, none that I’d care to share. Let’s just say that they weren’t for public viewing,” Liz blushes.

“Eww! You mean you saw them…you know, doing it. I think I might be ill,” Isabel shutters.

“I wasn’t going to share that part, but you were the one that asked Izzy,” Liz shrugs.

“Well, I don’t think we need to hear about any of that,” Mystic mercifully adds.

“Aww you’re no fun Honey,” Kyle grins.

Everyone chimes in, “Shut up Kyle.”

“Hey this is serious we need to figure out where Michael and Maria are headed and see what’s going on,” Mystic shouts making sure to make her point and cause the others to focus.

“Okay, you’re right. What other details if any did you get from your flashes Liz?” Isabel questions.

“Michael seemed to be grinning the entire time. Maria seemed to be mumbling incoherently with that tape over her mouth. She was irritated with Michael that he didn’t tell her anything about where they were going. I think she liked holding on to Michael while they were riding to an unknown destination. I noticed that there were a couple of satchel’s secured to that back of Michael’s motor cycle with rope. I’m guessing that would be some kind of luggage, but where would they be going?” Liz ponders aloud.

“I think we should take another look through Michael and Maria’s apartment and maybe have two of us at a time touch the same objects Liz got flashes from and see if we can’t achieve another flash and see more?” Isabel suggests. The group of teens work in pairs and then as a group try to glean more flashes and gain more information.

The group flash did reveal more clues. The flash revealed a gas station, a high way sign, and an approaching big city in the distance with brightly colored lights that painted the landscape in the darkness. There also was a billboard sign for some of the approaching coming attractions.

“Okay, now we have an idea where they might be, but I’m still at a loss why Michael would kidnap Maria and take her there. I bet they’re just passing through onto their real destination,” Alex offers his reassuring assessment.

“You mean you recognize that stuff on the billboard?” Mystic asks. “Well, I’ve never traveled much except with you guys. I know you’ve all been the same places I have. So what gives, Alex?” Mystic continues trying to figure out where and why Michael and Maria are off too.

“Yeah, Alex how do you know about that place,” Kyle asks with a mischievous grin.

“Hey, I watch TV and read stuff, okay,” Alex defends shrugging off the unpleasant question.

“I don’t get why a place that’s some kind of horse ranch is a clue?” Liz asks. Kyle turns bright red and breaks out in laughter joined by Alex. Max is the only guy looking just as bewildered by Kyle and Alex’s reactions as the girls are.

“Hey don’t look at me. I have no idea what that’s about. What’s so funny anyways?” Max asks. Kyle leans over cupping his hand over his mouth and whispers to Max what’s so funny about the clue. Max proceeds to blush immediately and quickly changes the subject.

“Max, what did he say?” Liz asks innocently awaiting his answer.

“It’s a joke. I know Michael would never take Maria there,” Max states definitively.

“Max, what are you going on about? Where is that place?” Isabel asks dismissing Max’s obvious discomfort and blushing appearance.

“I’ll uh…just let Alex fill you in on that one Isabel,” Max says handily avoiding telling his sister the answer.

“What? No. You’re going to make me tell Isabel! Now that’s not fair at all,” Alex glares.

“Hey, I’m pulling rank as leader on this one and delegating, so you can answer that one,” Max smiles weakly dreading Isabel’s response.

“Max if you don’t tell me where you think Michael and Maria might be I’ll…I’ll withhold sex. That’s what I’ll do, even if it kills us both,” Liz threatens.

“Ouch! The little Mrs. is pulling out the big guns on that one Max,” laughs Kyle.

“That’ll bring him to his knees. He’s so going to cave on this one,” Alex grins then covers his ears to avoid hearing Max’s answer.

“Liz… I’ll tell you okay. Damn, that was mean. Come over here so I can tell you privately,” Max says with Liz taking his hand and allowing him to guide her into the other room. “I’m going to kill Michael for giving us that fake clue,” Max mumbles.

“What, the Mustang Ranch?” Liz laughs hysterically. “Trust me, Michael would not take her there. Maria would kill him and blast him to kingdom come,” Liz adds continuing to say in between fits of laughter.

Kyle wears a knowing smirk and says, “Hey you know that billboard we saw in the flash that had the Mustang Ranch, I know exactly where it is.” Kyle points towards the kitchen. He walks to the refrigerator and grabs something and shows it to the group. “Does this look familiar?” Kyle laughs.

“What? Michael is just messing with us. I’m going to kick his butt,” Isabel vows.

“It was a joke, I think we’ll have to take turns kicking his butt,” Liz glares.

“So where the heck are they?” Kyle asks.

Max discreetly opens up a connection to Michael and informs him that it’s been one hour. ‘Very funny Bro, now where are you really at? Give me some directions and clues so we can meet up with you two,’ Max says. Michael fills him in on the details so Max can fill in the others while Michael resumes blocking the others from him and Maria.

Max turns to the group and informs, “Michael just telepathed me with information as to where we can find them both. Come on lets gas up the cars and go. I have a feeling we’ll be gone for a couple of days,” Max adds.

“That’s a relief, now we know where to find them, let’s go,” Liz says hurrying out to the jeep.

“You heard the lady let’s go,” Max says motioning for the others to get moving.

“Why all the mystery about where Michael took Maria. I mean this is not at all like Michael,” Isabel and Mystic comment.

“I don’t know, but we’ll find out when we get there,” Alex says and turns away trying to suppress his grin. Hours later Max, Liz, Alex, Isabel, Kyle, and Mystic arrive at this mystery secret destination.

“Hi guys, you worried us with your little mysterious disappearance,” Liz says rushing to hug Michael and Maria. “Don’t ever worry us like that again,” warns Liz wagging her finger at both of them.

“We’re fine. Actually we’re better than fine,” Michael looks at Maria then smiles. “I wanted to make sure Maria was a captive audience and would be more receptive to answer my question and I wanted everyone here without the headache of planning a lot of stuff. All that matters is that the people we care most about in the world are all here,” Max says swallowing nervously and gets down on one knee. “Maria I have something to ask you and I really hope you’ll be silent so I can ask you this before I lose my nerve…Will you marry me, here today?” Michael asks closing his eyes praying that she’ll say yes.

“M…Michael? You mean, we get married right now? But our parents aren’t here and you know my mother would kill us both without even batting an eyelash. She’s even scarier than me,” Maria rambles excitedly her eyes huge in amazement that this is really happening.

“Maria? Uh, you didn’t answer my question. I know I’ve already asked you this before and you said yes but it seems right to ask this question again. I was hoping you’d want to do this now,” Michael says growing more nervous by the moment.

“Michael of course I’ll marry you today. We are bonded and this is just the next step and I already answered this question before…YES! Besides who else knows how to get to you and crumble that famous Guerin stonewall better than me,” Maria smiles. “That’s a yes Space Boy,” Maria says tugging on his outstretched hand pulling him up to stand before her.

“Phew! That’s a relief, because this would be really awkward if you said no,” Michael says as his mobile phone rings. “Hi yeah, give me five more minutes okay,” Michael smiles at the end of the call.

Liz, Isabel, and Mystic all rush squealing with excitement to Maria’s side with hugs and congratulations. Max, Alex, and Kyle all go to Max and offer there congratulations as well. Everyone is happily smiling and enjoying their especially joyous reunion. Michael looks over Maria’s shoulder he smiles noticing the other part of his surprise has arrived. Maria stops in mid sentence and sees everyone’s eyes are trained on something behind her. Maria turns around and finds her mom, Jim joined by Diane and Phillip Evans along with Mr. Whitman. “Michael, you mean you planned all of this? Did my Space Boy get abducted by aliens or something?” Maria teases. Maria and Michael find themselves enveloped by family in hugs and well wishes.

Michael admits and explains further, “Yeah, I did plan all of this. I wanted this to be special, something you’d never guess. No offense Iz, but I didn’t think I could survive a preplanned wedding extravaganza. I know the stress of it would’ve gotten to me and stressed out Maria. I thought this way would be easier and everyone could just be here with us and enjoy it. I wanted this to be about a family celebration, rather than an event.”

Isabel tearfully says, “Michael what you planned for Maria was really special and so romantic. I think you did great. I just wish I had time to bring something more suitable to wear for a wedding.”

“Well, I didn’t say I planned this alone I had some inside help. I had Max, Alex, and Kyle to help and Cal too,” Michael says giving Cal a nod as he walks up to the group joining them.

“Michael, Cal and I took care of everything as you wanted,” Max says cryptically.

“There’s more surprises?” Maria asks gleefully like a child on Christmas morning asking about what other goodies Santa might have left for her.

“See I told you Michael had to share some of my DNA on the romantic stuff, his was just really resistant at kicking in is all,” Max teases.

“Max, don’t tease your brother like that on his wedding day,” Diane scolds.

“Yes, Mom. Sorry, Michael,” Max says.

“So you were in on this the entire time eh?” Liz says with a raised eyebrow staring at Max.

“Umm, yeah. Michael asked me to keep it a secret. I didn’t like keeping it from you, but he did make me promise. You can blame him,” Max quickly finishes.

“Oh you’re definitely not in trouble. In fact later, I’ll show you just how not in trouble you are,” Liz leans in and whispers something to Max causing him to blush.

“Gees, flag on the play you two, you’re already married and had your honeymoon. It’s Michael and Maria’s turn,” Mystic jokes.

“Well who says the honeymoon has to be over. At least in our case I don’t see that ever happening and neither does Liz,” Max states emphatically.

“Yep you heard my husband. You’re all stuck with us being this way forever,” Liz beams looking up into Max’s warm amber eyes full of love.

“Liz, I’m really sorry about making my favorite sister in law worried. Are you and the twins okay now?” Michael winces feeling guilty about how this all initially would affect Liz.

“Oh you’re forgiven. Just take care of Maria for me, she’s a handful as you know,” Liz giggles.

“Don’t I know it, but I always loved that about her,” Michael admits.

“Come on, I have a stretch limousine waiting for all of us to take us to the hotel where I have suites reserved for everyone. You’ll find everything you need for the wedding in your suites,” Cal announces.

“Where exactly are we going to get married at? Please tell me not at the Elvis Chapel,” Maria groans imagining the possibilities.

“Well this is Las Vegas and anything is possible. No, let me assure you this is a nice little chapel and there’s nothing the least bit cheesy about it. I mean after all, I know all the ladies would kill me if I arranged for someplace like that. I maybe an alien protector with powers, but I know nothing can really save you from angry women; now mark my words when in doubt do things first class and that’ll save you,” Cal says mainly as a word of advice to the guys.

“Those are definitely pearls of wisdom guys listen and learn,” Phillip grins.

“Phillip!” Diane blushes.

Amy turns to Jim, “Do you have anything to add to that. I have a feeling you’re just itching to say something here Jim,” Amy smirks with a raised eyebrow.

“No, no I have no comments to add to that. Other than to say I agree with what he said and leave it at that,” Jim says deftly dodging any unwelcome reply.

“Nice move Dad, can I use that one sometime,” Kyle says mischievously.

“Kyle you’re not helping me right now son,” Jim glares. This exchange between father and son causes the group to laugh.

“By the way Maria, I have to ask. Why didn’t you try to telepath us and let us know where you were and what was going on?” Liz asks.

Maria laughs, “Are you kidding? How often does Michael do anything wildly romantic like this? I wasn’t going to ruin this moment. Plus, if there’s a chance that Max’s influence was rubbing off on my Space Boy, I had to see just where it might lead. I was very pleasantly surprised.”

“Okay, well I can certainly understand that,” Liz smiles.

Isabel and Mystic are elated for Maria and Michael, but now they can’t help but feel a little envious wishing they were marrying their bonded mates as well. Liz senses this as she’s helping the girls get ready for the wedding.

“Maria have you noticed that Mystic and Isabel seem a little down,” Liz says.

“Yes, I have. I mean I know they’re happy for me just like you are, but still I can tell something is going on with them, but what?” Maria replies.

“I think they wish they were getting married today too,” Liz says.

Maria’s face beams with an idea, “Well, you heard what Cal said, this is Las Vegas and anything is possible in Vegas. Just think about it a minute Liz. Everyone’s parents are here and we could make this a triple wedding. Come on, we do most things together anyways. Okay, but I do draw the line about the wedding night,” Maria smiles brightly and she and Liz burst into a fit of giggles.

“I should hope so,” Liz replies.

“Hey what are you two huddled up talking about like that?” Isabel asks noticing the conspiratorial look on Liz and Maria’s faces and see’s them give a wink.

“Oh no, what are you two up to?” Mystic asks wearily.

“How would you two lovely ladies care to have a more active role in my wedding? I was thinking of something more than just brides maids. What do you say?” Maria hints.

“What is she talking about Liz?” Isabel asks.

“I could tell the both of you were wishing it was you also getting married today. You’ll have to ask Maria,” Liz smiles knowingly.

“Maria, what is she talking about?” Mystic asks.

“I think weddings are great. We all are bonded to our mates and already engaged so why not make it official today along with Michael and me,” Maria suggests.

“But…We’d have to talk to Kyle and Alex about this first and we don’t have wedding dresses and the guys don’t have tuxes,” Isabel points out.

“We can call Cal and he’ll make it happen, no worries there. So what do you think?” Maria asks her two other best friends.

“I don’t know. I know neither of us would want to steal your thunder on your wedding day, right Mystic?” Isabel prompts.

“Right Iz,” Mystic states.

“How could that be the case if I’m the one suggesting it? We all have been through so much stuff together. You sure this is okay with you really Maria?” Isabel and Mystic ask again for reassurance.

“Yes, I’m sure. Besides this way our guys have no excuse for not remembering our wedding date. We increase the chances of them remembering it like this and just the fear of the three of us on the war path would scare them into having it permanently emblazoned on their brains. Hey, it couldn’t hurt right,” Maria comments lightening the moment.

Meanwhile, Max is having a similar conversation with the guys. “What do you guys think of the idea of a triple wedding?” Max suggests along with Michael.

“Hey come on, be a man and join Max and me in this,” Michael adds trying to goat them into it. “You do realize there is a huge benefit to this as long as Maria is okay with it. That we will all three have the same wedding date. You see this way we can increase our odds of remembering that and reduce the injury to life and limb. If one of us were to forget, he has the other two to help remember,” Michael continues the pitch.

“Think of it as a buddy system for remembering the wedding anniversary date and day. Face it, you guys need all the help you can get on remembering that stuff with the girls,” Max teases.

“See you heard it from Mr. Romance of the group; even he thinks it’s a good idea if Maria and the girls are cool with it,” Michael comments.

“Okay so which one of us is going to go over to the girls and check and see if that’s acceptable or not?” Kyle asks.

“I’ll do it. I’m already married so it’s probably safest if I go,” Max offers.

“Thanks, let us know what they say. That’s assuming we hear from you again and they haven’t tortured you for even suggesting the idea,” Alex says.

“Have a little faith guys, it will all work out. I have a feeling about this,” Max says as he leaves shutting the door behind him. Max knocks on the door of the suite the girls are getting ready in.

Liz answers the door, “Max, hi. I was just starting to miss you. So how is Michael holding up? I hope the guys aren’t making him more nervous.”

“No actually Michael is really calm and happy. In fact, he suggested to the guys about making this a triple wedding and they sent me over to see if that’s okay with Maria and if the girls wanted to do that or not,” Max questions.

“Actually, we were just discussing that and Maria was the one that suggested it. I think they do want too. Come on Max, let’s talk to them about this,” Liz says taking Max’s hand and guides him further into the room. Maria sees them and smiles.

“Hey look, its Moon doggie coming to take your Gidget away I bet,” Maria greets.

“Actually, I’m here on recon for Michael and the guys. They had an idea that they wanted to run by all of you first. The guys were talking and Michael of all people suggested a triple wedding today. What do you ladies think of that idea?” Max says crossing his fingers behind his back for good luck.

“You can go back and tell them, they’re on. It’s a going to be a triple wedding. We’ll need you to call Cal and tell him we need wedding dresses for the Isabel and Mystic. Doesn’t the hotel have a bridal shop?” Maria asks.

“Yes, they do. I’ll let Cal set it up. He gets a little grumpy if he’s not included on the big plans for the ‘Destined Ones’,” Max smirks. Max quickly uses his mobile phone to call Cal and fill him in on the new wedding plans development and then informs the girls.

“Cal says he’s sending someone up from the bridal shop for the girls to take their measurements and send up some bridal gowns and veils for them to choose from. Cal also said they are sending up someone for the guys to get measurements for tuxes. Cal mentioned he had a feeling about this happening and had talked to the bridal shop ahead of time making tentative arrangements with them,” Max smiles.

The girls rush to the phone to call their parents rooms. Even Mystic doesn’t know that her father is there, but that was a surprise Michael and Cal added wanting her to have her father there as well for the wedding or weddings as it turned out. The mothers hurry to join the girls and help them fuss and get ready for their collective wedding day. Max quickly gets asked to leave that its girls only. He kisses Liz and then returns to the guys’ room with the news. Maria, Mystic, and Isabel hope the moms are okay with this whirlwind triple wedding development.

“Cal had brought up that this might happen when he and Max filled us in on Michael’s plan for Maria. Yes, of course we’re okay with it. All of the parents are here and love all of you kids. It’s going to be one very memorable day, that’s for sure,” Diane and Amy comment smiling and laughing.

“I think this is the going to be the best triple wedding ever and most certainly out of this world,” Diane laughs causing Amy and all of the girls to laugh.

“If you remember, Amy, Max and I sort of had a bit of a whirlwind wedding too, it must be one of those crazy aliens in love/bonded mate sort of thing,” Liz muses.

“No kidding. Boy, when aliens decide to get married you don’t fool around do you,” Amy teases.

“Mom, this has been a long time coming. We are already married by Antarian customs, remember we explained all that to you,” Maria reminds.

“Yes dear I remember, especially the part about the bonding ceremony. It’s a good thing I’m over it. No more feinting for me,” Amy smiles. “Seriously Michael is a good man and he makes my little girl happy, and you can always blast him one if he steps out of line. Damn, that would be a nice little ability to have when your guy needs an attitude adjustment or something,” Amy laughs imagining Maria doing just that to Michael at some point.

“I know what you mean. There have been a few times that would’ve been nice,” Diane admits. Diane’s face lights up with amusement thinking about her years with Phillip and times she’d loved to have done that. The women help put the finishing touches on the girls and help them choose which bridal gown to wear now ready to get married to their bonded mates as excitement and love fill the air around them. Jim and Phillip knock on the girls’ door informing them the limousine is waiting for them when they’re ready. Shortly after that everyone is ushered into two separate limousines, one for the girls and one for the guys. The girls are escorted first so the guys don’t see them in their wedding dresses before they get to the chapel. This was done with the mothers insistence on some semblance of tradition be observed with this day. Finally, the guys are ushered to their waiting limousine alongside the girls as one vehicle follows the other to the wedding chapel.

The chapel was small and simple with floral arrangements with ribbons adorning the pews. The sunlight shines through the ornate stained glass windows creating a heavenly glow that bathes the bridal party and families.

The moms beginning crying immediately when the wedding march begins to play and then men showing their loving support supply them with their handkerchiefs. The ceremony was simple just as everyone had wanted. None of them wanted anything too fancy and it was easier to do it that way given the nature of the timing of this impromptu triple wedding.

Mystic’s father escorted her down the aisle to Kyle placing her hand on his arm. Mystic and the girls were in tears at this point. Isabel of course the most statuesque of the brides was just as beautiful and all a glow on her wedding day as was Maria and Mystic. Except with Maria there was an extra special glow about her that did not go unnoticed by Liz. Liz makes a mental note to grab a moment with Maria alone after the reception and ask her about it.

The guys, Michael, Kyle, and Alex all looked so proud and handsome in their tuxedo’s ready to walk down the aisle and claim their bonded mates officially and finally. Michael nervously rubs his hands down his trousers. Kyle cracks his knuckles as the wedding march music fills the church. Alex just dawns this sappy smile that his dream of Isabel being his for the entire world, make that two worlds to see, is finally realized. He looks at his two friends Michael and Kyle and smiles. Kyle can’t resist saying something to lighten the moment.

“Hey, this is all Max and Liz Evan’s doing. See what those two put in motion,” Kyle winks and smirks.

Max whispers back, “You’re on your own for the honeymoon.” Everyone starts to laugh quietly. After the ceremony and everyone is gathered for toasting to the brides and grooms. Maria stands to make a toast to Michael, her new husband.

“We’ve been through a lot Space Boy and we’ve been blessed to have such great friends and family with us every step of the way. Now, our family has officially gotten bigger as of today. I can’t think of a better gift on our wedding day than to have all the people we love and care about with us. I do have one surprise to share though. Max it’s your turn to be the dotting uncle. Michael we’re going to have a baby. Mom, don’t be mad I did graduate high school first and I’m married. That being said, let’s toast to love, family, new beginnings, and twins. I think they run in the family,” Maria adds without a thought to the shock it might cause.

“Twins!” Everyone exclaims at the same time. Michael tries to stand and feints, mumbling twins just like Max.

“Gees, he just had to put the pressure on me and Alex didn’t he,” Kyle says wiping his brow. “Twins, eh? Wow!!

“I guess when aliens decide to get married and start a family they don’t kid around with that either,” Amy says aloud.

Diane and Phillip immediately look at Isabel as if asking a question, “NO! I’m not pregnant I swear.”

“But check back with us after the honeymoon,” Alex jokes.

“Alex!” Isabel exclaims blushing like crazy.

“Mystic?” Amy asks allowing her silence to fill in the same sort of unsaid question as Diane and Phillip did.

“NO! Amy, Jim, and Dad I’m not pregnant either, I swear,” Mystic answers.

“Like Alex said, check back with us after the honeymoon,” Kyle says with a smirk. “Hey I’m a destined one and I’ll do what I can. Now Alex you do realize that Max and Michael there are trying to make us look bad, right?”

“Hey, we’re going to be uncles’ two times over,” beams Alex and quickly changes the subject he sends a glare Kyle’s way.

“That’s so cool!” Kyle says.

“I’m…I’m…going to be the world’s youngest grandmother,” Amy says half in shock at the news as it sits in.

Liz, Isabel, and Mystic rush to Maria and hug her and offer their congratulations to her. Maria looks down at Michael still out cold on the floor.

“Liz, did Max do that when you told him about the twins?” Maria asks.

“No he didn’t we sort of found out about it together officially,” Liz blushes.

“Really? I thought you said you didn’t go to doctor to find out,” Diane asks in curiosity

“Um, I don’t want to get into this but let’s just say it’s the alien way to find out about the pregnancy when your bonded mate has healing powers,” Liz answered.

“So, how about some cake and sparkling cider. Kyle you’d better not have spiked the cider,” Mystic warns. Jim laughs hearing his now daughter in laws comments.

“Give him hell Mystic. I know how he is,” Jim chuckles delighted and amused by Mystic.

“I didn’t spike it. I was good…this time. Hey, I don’t want to be in the dog house on the honeymoon,” Kyle says completely comfortable with saying this stuff around this group of family and friends.

“Kyle, shut up!” Everyone says.

“What? Like I think the cat is out of the bag by now about sex already…well, it is,” Kyle mumbles quietly.

Michael’s eyes flicker open to see Max kneeling beside him. “Max, Bro tell me I’m not dreaming. This is my wedding day I just married Maria and she announces that we’re having twins, right? Did that really happen or was that a dream?” Michael asks searching his brother’s eyes for some kind of indication.

“Michael calm down, yes it all did happen just like you said. Congratulations on the marriage and the twins, Bro,” Max adds offering his hand to help Michael up off of the ground.

“What happened?” Michael asks.

“You feinted when Maria shared that she’s pregnant with twins and that it’s my turn to be a dotting uncle,” Max smiles.

“Come on, you don’t want to keep the wife waiting for her first dance,” Phillip says joining Max and Michael. “Congratulations son.”

“Michael, I’m going to be a grandma twice,” squeals Diane hugging both Max and Michael like crazy.

“Hey, move over I want to hug my son in law,” Amy teases.

“Michael, I got to say I’m impressed. First, you plan this romantic impromptu wedding, and now you and Maria are having twins. You’ve been busy. I’m surprised Maria didn’t figure things out before. I’m even more shocked she didn’t tell anyone about suspecting she was pregnant. You do realize I still hope that Maria and you will go to college, right. I’ll be happy to watch the babies while you’re in class. Diane and I could share the babysitting duties.” Amy begins rambling on about being a grandma and helping with the twins if they need her help.

“Thanks Amy, your support means a lot to me and Maria,” Michael comments and offers her a hug.

“Hey, how come my sparkling cider tastes funny,” Kyle asks. Jim looks on and smirks.

“Oh no, now we know where Kyle gets it from,” Liz laughs.

“Great! Now I have to keep Kyle from running the streets of Las Vegas and stripping,” Mystic rolls her eyes. “What? Well that’s what he does when he’s a little drunk. Since the bonding he shares many of my alien quirks and the weird affect of alcohol is one of them.”

“Jim you get to make sure you’re son behaves himself,” Amy glares. “Don’t worry Mystic, I got your back on this one and I’ll make sure Jim helps you take care of him. Let’s hope Kyle didn’t drink too much,” Amy says.

“Good job Dad, now you’ve got Mystic and Amy pissed at you, slurs Kyle. Hey, at least I’m in the clear on this one,” Kyle smirks right before starts removing his tie and passes out.

“Thank goodness all he did was remove his tie and then pass out…this time,” Isabel sighs in relief.

“Not to worry, I have smelling salts,” Liz hurries over to kneel next to Kyle allowing him to inhale the smelling salts.

“Leave it to Kyle to create a memorable scene,” Alex says.

“Hey there’s cake right? And more food, I’m awake so out of my way,” Kyle says bolting up.

“Somebody please remind me why I married him again,” Mystic shakes her head unable to be angry she just laughs. “Come on, let’s enjoy today,” Mystic says to everyone as she runs after Kyle with Amy nudging Jim along.

******************************To Be Continued************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 61 p.15 29, Oct

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Oct 29, 2005 2:53 pm

Hi all :D

Sorry about this week's part being kind of short but I couldn't see a way around it. Last week's part was huge and I didn't want to break it down into two parts. I hope you don't mind this weeks part being short and sweet. It's getting harder for me to write these last few parts I seem to want to procrastinate not wanting it to end. Is that bad, or what? LOL!! Anyway, here's a new part and I hope you'll enjoy it even if it is a short one.

Now on with feed back...

Grace52373- Hi thanks!! I'm glad you liked last week's part. It was a fun action packed part. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments. I really love reading them. Take care :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi :D I hope everyone is feeling better in your family. Sorry, to hear about your internet connection being tempermental. I know its coming to a close and it makes it harder for me to write a part. I don't really want to say goodbye. You know Michael he does have his own way of doing things so kidnapping Maria was a good way to keep her off guard and not have to tell her anything so it could be a surprise. Maria knows he'd never harm her so she's safe with Michael. I doubt she saw the duct tape coming though, LOL!! I thought it would be a fun twist to have it wind up being a triple wedding. I'm sure people suspected something was up with Michael kidnapping Maria but I doubt everyone saw this turning into a triple wedding though. It was a fun part to write. I loved the Gidget movies too, they were fun. I loved your comment about Kyle just putting food under his nose and forego the smelling salts. I completely agree. I really had fun reading your comments and laughed out loud. I'm glad you enjoyed last week's part. Thanks as always for reading and your always great comments. I love reading them. Take care and I hope you have a great week. :wink:

tequathisy- Really? You liked it, awesome. I was aiming for sweet and funny I'm glad you thought it was. I hope this week's part will be as enjoyable for you. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments, I really love to hear from my readers. :wink:

AJK001- Aww, your welcome. I'm happy it went over so well with everyone. Thanks for reading and commenting. Take care :wink:

ayznshorti- I read your feed back and grinned from ear to ear. I'm glad you really enjoyed it. Thanks for the kind comments. Take care, :wink:

Cherie-Thanks so much for your kind comments. I'm glad last week's part went off well. I hoped that everyone would like it. I know, its not going to be easy to say good bye to these characters, or at least this version of them anyways. Thanks for reading. Take care :wink:

Part 61

Let’s see…Last week we had a busy part.

Michael sort of abducted Maria, he even used a blind fold on her and duct taped her mouth shut. Between you and me, I think Michael enjoyed that part. It turns out Michael’s grand abduction was his own little romantic way of getting Maria to elope, but she was the last one to be clued in on it. Michael even got Max, Alex, Kyle and Cal to help out with his plan. Michael even included the parents so there wouldn’t be any resentment or anger. You could tell that Max’s influence finally has rubbed off on to Michael; and since everyone’s parents are there, the gang might want to make it a triple wedding, which they did. Yep, it’s all true. Then our Maria just had to steal Michael’s thunder and announce at the reception that she’s pregnant. Michael being the big tough stonewall macho alien hybrid that he is, feinted straight away. I think we know who one upped who on that one.

“I can’t believe it, we’re all high school graduates and married. What do we do next?” Isabel says.

“Princess, I think that the next logical step would be us going on our honeymoon,” Alex winks.

“Alex this is not looking good if you have to point that out to your brand new wife,” Kyle says with an impish smile.

“Kyle, leave them alone or you’ll be the only one not to score on your honeymoon,” Mystic warns.

“Okay Honey, I’m sorry guys. I think I’ll just shut up now and not tempt fate or my mouth,” Kyle replies with both hands covering his mouth.

“I think Kyle’s learning. Good work Mystic,” Isabel high fives Mystic.

“Michael, where were you going for the honeymoon part of this?” Max asks.

“Where? Uh, damn I knew I forgot to do something,” Michael worriedly wipes his face with one hand.

“Space Boy, don’t ruin my confidence in you now. See, it must have been a temporary mind warp for him to do all of this and completely forget about planning a honeymoon. Just when I thought he’d learned some tips from Max,” Maria says. She glares and crosses arms over her chest as if contemplating ways to kick Michael’s butt.
“Hi kids. I just thought I’d let you know the arrangements are in place for the honeymoon, my treat of course. I left the pertinent information and travel itineraries in your rooms. I didn’t think you’d want to leave tonight opting to stay and celebrate with your families,” Cal announces.

“Thanks Cal, you’re really earning your protector status tonight. You just saved me from Maria’s wrath, I owe you one Cal,” Michael sighs with relief.

“I hope you all didn’t mind. Everyone was pretty busy putting this impromptu triple wedding together. This is my gift to all of you. Even you Max and Liz,” Cal smiles.

“Really wow, thanks Cal. We wouldn’t want to crowd them on their honeymoon. I mean we already had our honeymoon and all,” Liz says.

“I can’t stand it anymore and I refuse to run to our hotel room in these high heels. Cal, please tell us where it is that we are going?” Maria asks excitedly.

“I had made a promise earlier about setting up a meeting with George Lucas, a friend of mine. I called George and he invited you all out to his place in Marin County, the one and only Skywalker Ranch. You’ll be flying out to San Francisco tomorrow and staying in down town San Francisco proper at the Four Seasons Hotel. Not to worry Isabel, I know what you’re going to say and I took the liberty of reserving honeymoon suites. Not to worry they are each on different floors. This is sort of my way of combining congratulations on your weddings and graduation,” Cal smiles and laughs quietly.

“Alex, say something,” Isabel urges.

“I’m living my dream. First I marry Isabel and then I get to meet George Lucas, Cal, I think I love you,” Alex says rushing to hug Cal.

“That’s nice Alex, now calm yourself kid,” Cal says trying to not make a deal of Alex’s excited show of appreciation.

“I think I’m slightly offended Alex, you seem just a bit more excited to meet George Lucas than about our wedding and honeymoon,” Isabel teases.

“George thought you all might enjoy a tour of his ranch and the Industrial Light and Magic Company of his that is famous for its special effects projects it works on for other films etc… He invited you for the tours and lunch with him, if that’s okay?” Cal asks with a smile knowing it’s more than okay with everyone.

“I wonder if George believes in aliens from other planets,” Michael smirks.

“He doesn’t know that I’m an alien but I did kind of give him a little bit of an idea for Star Wars,” Cal grins sheepishly.

“Cool, somebody pinch me. Ouch! Princess,” Alex winces rubbing his arm.

“Kyle what are you looking around for?” Mystic asks.

“Oh me, I’m just waiting for Mr. Roark and Tattoo to appear next,” Kyle quips.

“Hi kids. I think it’s safe to say he’s sobered up since his dad gave Kyle that spiked glass of cider. Men, when will they ever learn,” Amy comments with Diane smiling in agreement. Phillip and Jim stand along side their wives just rolling their eyes at their wives knowing better than to say anything back.

Isabel begins thinking about visiting San Francisco and day dreams about all the great shopping, she shakes herself out of it. “You guys, we have to do some serious shopping while we are in San Francisco! We could go to Saks Fifth Avenue, Ghirardelli Square, and check out China town,” Isabel rambles on to her friends.

“Now listen to who sounds more excited about doing that than the actual honeymoon,” teases Alex.

“I know what you mean. Izzy and Diane are convinced shopping is a sport and they are always in training for it,” Jokes Phillip.

Liz notices the irritated look Diane is giving Phillip and decides to lighten the mood and save any blood shed. “Wow, I didn’t plan on any of this happening. I don’t have anything packed to take to San Francisco. Diane, maybe you could help me pick out some clothes and toiletries. I think the hotel has a gift shop and boutique,” Liz mentions hoping Diane and the others will be distracted and join her.

“Did someone mention shopping?” Amy and Maria beam. Jim and Phillip both smile at Liz and mouth their thank you’s. Liz just smiles and winks back her acknowledgement. She gives Max a kiss, and then excuses herself leaving with the moms and the brides to do some shopping damage at their hotel’s shops.

“Max, you got yourself a good one there with Liz. I owe her for sparing me your mother’s wrath,” Phillip chuckles.

“I know, Liz is great just remember, I saw her first,” teases Max.

“I really think my shopping powers are lacking. I didn’t at least sense all these great shops were here,” Maria and Isabel laugh.

“I think our shopping sixth sense was off a little. We were distracted with getting married,” smiles Mystic. All three brides blush and smile.

“Oh no, you do realize what this means. Max and Liz have another excuse to honeymoon,” Isabel rolls her eyes.

“Don’t worry Izzy, something tells me you’ll be busy doing your fair share of honeymooning with Alex,” smirks Liz mischievously.

“So Max, you think you can handle another honeymoon with Liz,” Kyle grins.

“Everyday is a honeymoon with Liz,” Max says.

“You are so whipped,” Michael says.

“Are you sure you want to start that, remember you did just marry Maria,” Max laughs.

“What? Hey, I’m not whipped. Maria knows who’s the boss,” Michael puffs.

“Space Boy, I need money for the boutique. Hand over your wallet,” Maria states.

“And so it begins,” jokes Phillip causing the guys and the dads to erupt with laughter making Michael blush.

“Maria, don’t take my wallet,” Michael protests.

“Space Boy, I need money to buy stuff to pack for the honeymoon. We all leave tomorrow,” Maria states with a raised eyebrow at his tone.

“Sure, Blondie here you go,” Michael sighs handing her the money from his wallet.

“You know what the great Kenny Rodgers says… Know when to hold’em, know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run,” Jim says in barely contained laughter. Phillip and Charles burst with laughter joining Jim.

“I love Diane and I have to say no truer words were ever spoken and they apply to both women and poker,” Charles says.

“I’ve seen Maria angry with Michael and I’d opt for the run option,” Cal laughs.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Max comments sharing more laughs with the guys and the dads.

“I suggest we give the girls an hour then get them out of the boutique before they bankrupt us,” Phillip says.

“No, not to worry, I already figured on that and told the hotel to put it on my room bill. It’s all part of the wedding and graduation gifts for the girls from me,” Cal adds.

“Thank you Cal,” Max says on behalf of the group.

“Wait! We have all these bags of clothes and toiletries for our trip and nothing to put it in,” panics Isabel.

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll be back,” Alex says cryptically.

Alex finds Max and the guys and tells them the predicament Isabel and no doubt the other girls are in. “Let’s call the boutique they were at earlier and see if there’s a shop in the hotel that sells luggage,” Max says. After making a couple of calls within the hotel shops they located four complete sets of five piece luggage in different colors and have them delivered to each Bridal Suite.

“The crisis is averted Princess,” Max and I located luggage and it will be delivered to each Bridal Suite and one to Max and Liz’s Suite too.

“Thanks Sweetie,” Isabel greets him with a kiss.

“Anything for my Princess and the other ladies in my life,” Alex smiles.

“I’m sure Liz, Maria, and Mystic will be giving you and Max both hugs,” Isabel smiles.

“We’ll Max and I do try to keep our girls happy,” smiles Alex.


A couple of hours later, the group decide to join their families for appetizers in the restaurant while Alex, the guys, and the dads order complete dinners plus desserts. The women just shake their heads. “How can they eat like that? I mean we did have dinner earlier and here they are eating again,” Diane and Amy confer watching in amazement at the food consumed.

“That’s so not fair,” Liz says watching Max and the guys devour their food.

“What?” Max asks innocently with mischief dancing around in his eyes. “I have to make sure I have enough energy for later,” winks Max.

“Damn, he’s right. I want to order a side order of Grilled Steak and potatoes,” Kyle tries to wave down a waitress to bring him more food. “I’ll be damned if I let El Presidente make me look bad on tonight of all nights,” Kyle says.

“Worried about later huh?” laughs Alex.

The next day all four couples say good bye to their parents. Cal had put all of them up at the hotel in suites for the night. The four young couples say their good byes with hugs and kisses to their mom’s and dads and then get into the waiting white stretch limo taking them to the nearby airport to leave for San Francisco. A black limo is there to return the parents to Roswell in style compliments of Cal. Cal says his good byes and to the parents and promises to keep in touch and says he’s got business in L.A. tomorrow. He’ll check up on the how the kids are doing in San Francisco the following day.

“Here we are, at the airport ready to go to San Francisco,” smiles Mystic.

“We really are original with all of us going on honeymoons together. Okay, for Max and Liz this is just do over, but you know what I mean,” Maria says.

“Oh like they need any encouragement,” Kyle smirks.

“You know what they say, practice makes perfect. We’ve perfected things, that’s all,” Max blushes then looks out the windows.

“Yep, and then some, I’m always up for more practice,” Liz says looking at Max mesmerized by his gaze at her full of love and passion.

“Oh great there they go again. At least have some respect for the newbie honeymooners in the group,” Maria teases.

“Hey, you got your own alien husband, go practice,” Liz says motioning for her to go on and leave them alone.

“At least wait until were on the plane and in the air and do the respectable thing…sneak off to the bathroom and join the mile high club like normal people do,” smirks Mystic.

“What!” Kyle says in shock.

“Don’t worry. We’ll wait until the coast is clear and take advantage of that too,” Mystic winks.

“Oh boy this is going to be some interesting honeymoon. Leave it for this group to do something out of this world,” laughs Michael.

“True, but don’t forget the fabulous shopping in S.F.,” Isabel says beaming.

“Or our meeting and tour of Skywalker Ranch with George Lucas himself,” Alex says with a huge smile.

***************************** To Be Continued************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 62 p.16 04, Nov

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Nov 05, 2005 4:43 pm

Hi Everyone :D

Yep, I'm back with another part. It feels like I have more one part left to write for this story. That'll be posted next week. We'll see how it goes writing that one. It could wind up being broken down into two parts. Anyways, enough with me rambling on....

On with the feed back....

LoveIsForever- Hi :wink: I hope things will slow down for you soon. I've had my share of writer's block as you know. It's a tough thing to get through. I found that I just had to hang in there and fight my way through it and keep writing. At least that's what worked for me. I know everyone's different though. I'm glad you enjoyed the mention of George Lucas and the Skywalker Ranch tour I put in last week's part. Skywalker Ranch would be a cool place to visit. I drove by it once when I was visiting S.F and Marin country. Max does say the sweetest things to and about Liz, she's lucky. There goes my Liz envy again. Yes, Max and Liz did already join the Mile High Club. They did on their trip to Hawaii for their very romantic proper honeymoon, complete with them never leaving their hotel. LOL!!! Thanks for reading and I hope things go easier and less stressful for you soon. Take care :wink:

roswell3053- Hi :D Thank you! Well never fear here's this week's post. Enjoy! :wink: Thanks for reading and have a great week :wink:

Zanity- Hi :D Thank You! Yes, you are correct. Max and Liz already been there and did that. Yep, they joined the club on their honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Good Memory and Gold star for you :wink: Thanks for reading and I hope you'll like this part as well. Take care :wink:

cherie- Hey Girlfriend! Thanks for the compliment. Max does say the sweetest things. I could just imagine him saying that talking about Liz to the guys and I couldn't resist using it in the story. Max always makes me sigh and melt. Liz is sooo lucky, damn her. LOL!! Sorry, there goes my Liz envy again. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi :wink: You're welcome. No worries on the feedback, I'm just grateful for the feed back I get it helps lift my spirits. Thanks, I think there's one more part left to write for next week. So, it'll be either one big part or two medium parts we'll see how it works out. Thanks for reading and taking a moment to comment. I always enjoy reading everyone's comments. Take care :wink:

roswellian504- I'm so sorry that you were one of those that were effected by Katrina. So many people were effected it was very sad and upsetting on the news to see so many people's lives disrupted in such a huge way. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who lost so much due to Hurricane Katrina. Oh good you enjoyed Michael and his romantic kidnapping of Maria, LOL!!! Then the entire triple wedding thing too. Cal's the best with the uncle thing... Maria just has to be the drama queen and take center stage with her pregnancy announcement at the reception. Michael's reaction was cute though. You know Alex and Kyle they are always up to something. We'll see what happens if Isabel and Mystic are next to join the pregnancy wave or not. Oh yes, prom will be mentioned in this week's post. I hope you'll enjoy it. I hope life is treating you better now. Please take care :wink:

Part 62

One week later…

“We did have a great time in San Francisco and enjoyed our meeting George Lucas. He was very gracious to invite us and take us on the tour of his ranch. Skywalker Ranch was such an amazing place, too bad no one lives there. It’s just a big work place for everyone that works for George. It’s sort of his really big cool office,” Alex says.

“Yeah, it was great. Now how much further until we get somewhere we can eat?” Kyle asks the limo driver on the intercom from the back seat of the limo. “Hey, I’m hungry. You don’t seriously think those snacks on the plane counted as a meal did you?” Kyle adds.

“Mystic, are you sure he’s not pregnant. I mean he’s eating way more than the rest of us,” Liz teases.

“Well, it was our honeymoon. I suppose we’ll find out if he starts getting morning sickness,” Mystic replies giggling.

“What! No, that can’t happen right?” Kyle asks looking to Michael and Max for some kind of dismissal of what Mystic and Liz were saying. He finds none as Max and Michael keep a straight face and shrug looking out the window of the limo nonchalantly.
Kyle begins to panic.

“Dude, they’re just messing with you. Calm down,” Alex laughs.

“You should see your face right now Kyle, it’s priceless,” Mystic laughs.

“Ha ha, very funny. I’ll deal with you later Mrs. Valenti. You’ll be making this up to me,” Kyle warns.

“Oh no don’t look now, but I think that was Kyle’s idea of thinly veiled foreplay,” Maria says covering her eyes.

“I can’t wait to get back to Roswell. I missed our cabin,” Liz sighs.

“We’ll be home soon. If you like we can take our time getting reacquainted with the cabin,” Max says leaning in to give Liz a brief kiss.

“Oh no you don’t Max, don’t start that in front of the rest of us. I know we’re all family here but there are limits,” teases Isabel.
Max shrugs and turns to Kyle, “Sisters, what can you do.”

“I know what you mean. Maria is now my sister. I’m still trying to figure out how I deserved that one,” smirks Kyle. Kyle, Max, Michael, and Alex all laugh at that comment while Maria just smiles sweetly and glares at Kyle.

“Play nice you two,” warns Liz.

“Max, I’m getting kind of hungry too. Can we stop for something to eat. It’s a long drive back to Roswell. Pretty please,” Liz says batting her eyelashes at him.

“Of course. I’d do anything for you,” Max replies and speaks on the intercom for the limo driver to find a Mexican restaurant.

“Oh, that sounds like a great idea. And we’ll need some place with lots of Tabasco Sauce too,” Maria smiles. Michael wraps his arm around Maria protectively.

“Is everything okay? You and the babies are okay right? Max maybe you should see if she’s okay,” Michael says sounding every bit the nervous newly expectant father.

“Michael, calm down this is all normal. Maria’s pregnant not sick,” Liz informs.

“Thanks Liz. It just a lot to wrap my mind around right now,” Michael smiles and kisses Maria’s forehead.

“Hey what are sisters in laws for, right,” Liz smiles effectively calming Michael down.

Max whispers in Liz’s ear, “That was nice of you to say to Michael.”

“Michael is family and my favorite brother in law. I just thought if I said something to calm him down he might listen since I’m pregnant and he’s always been so concerned and attentive making sure I’m okay all the time. Family just looks out for each other. I’m happy I can help ease Michael’s concerns. You can too Max,” Liz whispers back.

“Michael don’t worry. Liz is right. If you are really worried about something being out of the norm for pregnancy, just ask. I’m sure Liz, I, or someone at the Colony should be able to answer your questions okay,” Max says.

“Thanks Bro, I’m sure I…I mean we’ll be taking you guys up on that a lot,” Michael looks down at his wife in his arms then smiles back at Max.

“No problem Bro,” Max replies.

“Hey the driver found a restaurant. Yes, I’m starving,” Maria says excitedly being the first one to exit the limo followed by Liz then Kyle. The gang enjoys a nice lunch with all the spicy flavors followed with a very sweet and decadent desert. Everyone settles in for the remaining drive back home to Roswell.

“I can’t believe we’re all returning home married and just back from the honeymoon. I’m sure we’ll all be the subject of the town’s gossip for a while. Strange looks will go along with it,” Isabel says sharing her concern.

“We’re no strangers to that sort of thing. We did handle it in high school when Max and I got engaged then married. I think Roswell’s town gossips will just shrug and say “so what,” after a while. At least you’d think so. Don’t worry about it Isabel. We got each others backs, plus we have reinforcements…Our parents. I wouldn’t want to be the person making a nasty or snide comment about us around Amy, Diane, or my mom,” Liz reassures.

“Don’t forget the Dads. Mine is the Sheriff and Max’s is an attorney, Liz’s dad has the only respectable burger place in miles and Alex’s dad is a computer expert. Not people you’d want to mess with. They could seriously make your life hell, and if they can’t their wives sure as hell can,” Kyle smiles.

“Thanks Kyle that does make me feel better. I can just picture Amy or Mom giving some busy body hell for saying something,” Isabel allows herself to relax and laugh a little at imagining that very image.

“Stop worrying Princess, everything will be fine,” Alex says punctuating his words with a long soft kiss.

“Hey Alex, don’t make out with our sister in front of us please, Michael and I just ate,” Max laughs as he and Michael high five each other.

“I was just wondering what we do now. I mean we did graduate high school, so what should we do next?” Mystic asks.

“Well, for starters we still have prom. Yes, guys. As your wives now, we are so holding you to taking us to our senior prom, right ladies?” Isabel says.

“Absolutely! Oh and that means shopping for prom too,” Maria grins from ear to ear.

The guys all groan, “Oh no!”

“We’re so screwed. It’s time to run when they all get their shopping game faces on alien powers or no, there’s no protection from that,” Kyle says with dread.

Liz smiles at Max, “I’m sure I could shop for something special to wear prom night for your eyes only to enjoy late prom night when it’s just the two of us.”

“In that case definitely shop, Honey,” Max grins.
“I thought you’d see it my way. See girls, you just need to give him the proper incentive for shopping,” Liz says triumphantly.

“Don’t look now Evans, but I think you were just played,” Alex teases.

“I wouldn’t say that, it’s a win win kind of a thing. Think about it Alex,” Max says with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t get it,” Alex replies looking puzzled.

“Alex, Sweetie, just think about it Victoria’s secret does have a website to order things from. If you wouldn’t mind letting us girls do a little internet shopping for prom night later. I know the prom isn’t for a while yet. You can never start too early to shop and buy something really incredible for prom,” Isabel adds.

“Oh! Yeah, if anyone wants to use my computer for that just let me know,” Alex volunteers happily.

“Really? Victoria’s Secret has a website, huh?” Kyle says earning him an elbow to the ribs from Mystic.

“Don’t even think about it Kyle,” Mystic warns.

“I didn’t mean anything by that,” Kyle says as innocently as he can.

“Kyle you’re such a horn dog. You thought you had a loop hole to exploit since I wouldn’t let you take back your Bust Biker Babes magazines you found at Michael’s. Think again, Jock Boy,” Mystic says.

“I was just thinking we should give the principal a call this week and find out if there’s been any planning committee’s formed for the prom,” Isabel says with a smile.

“Yes, we have prom to look forward to. Let’s hope I can still waddle around enough to dance at the prom I seem to keep getting bigger all the time now,” Liz says with discouraged sigh.

“Honey, you’re pregnant with our twins. It’s not you getting bigger, it’s the twins, they’re growing,” Max smiles and touches her stomach connecting with the twins.
“Now, take it easy on mommy okay, you two,” Max says addressing the twins still in Liz’s womb. He’s greeted with little tiny hands pressing against his own in acknowledgement.

“Wow that was cool. Did you see that Maria?” Michael says excitedly thinking one day he’ll be able to do that with his twins. The others watch amazed by the display of Max and Liz actually interacting with their twins like that.

“That’s an alien thing, right?” Kyle asks.

“Yes, it’s an alien thing, but nothing to be afraid of. It’s just the way it is with us,” Liz says.


It’s been a few days since they have arrived back home in Roswell.

“Liz, where are you going?” Max says noticing his wife is dressed and ready to start the day before he even got out of the shower.

“Isabel and the girls contacted me. We’re meeting with the principal today to find out about joining the prom committee. Isabel is rather excited and chomping at the bit to get on the committee and get the ball rolling so to speak. You know Isabel,” Liz laughs.

“Oh great, I’ll be sure to send the principal my apologies,” Max replies.

“Be nice. Isabel is great at planning and organizing things. I know if she’s in charge it will be the best prom West Roswell High has ever seen without a doubt,” Liz says confidently.

“True, Izzy shines at that stuff. It’s her passion. So when can I expect to abduct you after that?” Max teases.

“Isabel’s picking up me and the girls. We’ll talk to the principal then do a little shopping afterwards. So, I’d say in about three or four hours,” Liz calculates.

“That’s too long to be without you. I need to talk to Isabel when she gets her okay,” Max says.

“Sure, I’ll tell her,” Liz says. Liz hurries down stairs to tidy up things before Isabel and the girls arrive.

Liz hears a car pull up outside and goes to the door to greet her guests. “Hi Izzy, Max said he wanted to talk to you before we leave. He should be down in a minute. Amy, Diane, and Mom I didn’t realize you were coming along today with us. Is everything okay?” Liz asks.

“While you kids were gone there was some reaction to all the wedding news. It seems that some old busy bodies have decided to take issue with any of you being allowed to participate in prom now. So, I rallied the troops calling Diane and Amy and thought it would be a good idea for us to go along with you as a show of support. We want the principal to know that we support you kids and don’t appreciate this kind of attitude from some uptight busy bodies. I won’t allow anyone to ruin our kids’ senior prom,” Nancy says.

“Yep, we’re tagging along to give ‘em hell,” Amy says. “Jim says if we need him to come over and emphasize the point, just give him a call and he’ll swing by,” Amy says with her arms crossed determined and ready to kick butt if need be.

“We can always have Cal give the school a call if things get out of hand and unmanageable. The school is scared of Cal,” Liz smirks.

“Hey Max, so what did you want to talk to me about?” Isabel asks.

“Come in hear Izzy. I just wanted to make sure that you don’t forget that Liz gets pretty tired lately, so take it easy on her with the shopping excursion. Make sure she eats, and don’t let her get too upset with all this stuff going on with the school, okay. Promise me, Izzy,” Max says.

“No problem. I’ll make sure Liz and Maria eat and are looked after. No one will be allowed to get either of them upset. Besides we have reinforcements with us, our moms. Nobody will dare mess with them, I promise. Quit worrying brother dear, me and our moms are on the job,” Isabel smiles.

“Okay, then take care of them and have fun, but don’t tire out Liz okay,” Max says.

“Yes, I understand Max. I just went through a similar conversation with Michael. Men, they find out they’re going to be fathers and suddenly their wives are delicate fine china,” Isabel teases.

“Liz is precious to me as are the twins. I’m sure Michael would say the same thing about Maria and their twins too,” Max defends.

“I heard that Max, it’s so cute how protective and concerned you are about my well being. Honey, I’ll be with family and you know how protective our family is, I’ll be fine. I promise to make it up to you later,” Liz says kissing Max passionately.

“Gees, watch the PDA’s and in front of me and the mom’s eww! I hope that didn’t ruin my appetite for lunch,” Isabel teases.

“You can go, but I expect my Liz delivered safe and sound in approx. three hours. After that Michael and I will start our own search party to rescue the stores in Roswell from all of you ladies,” Max jokes.

“Ha ha very funny brother dear. I promise to bring Liz back here later and deliver her right back to your arms, how’s that. Can we go now please?” Isabel urges.

“Okay, since you put it that way. Go have fun and take care,” Max says.

“Honey, we will look out for Liz and Maria both, not to worry,” Diane says with Amy and Nancy nodding their agreement and allegiance to do just that. All the girls and the moms leave for their meeting with the principal and some school board members who take objection to the kids participation in attending or being apart of the planning of the prom due to their marital status.

“I can’t believe the school board has sent some of its members over for this meeting. How ridiculous is that? Damn, nosy people,” Amy says.

“I brought my little recorder to record the entire meeting. Phillip said I should take it if things should be really nasty we might be able to use it if we need to file a law suite or something,” Diane says.

“Just mention that and that’ll freak them out, or we could call Cal that seems to scare them too,” Nancy smirks.

“Nobody messes with our kids and their right to their senior prom,” Amy says.

“Damn straight,” Diane and Nancy echo in agreement.


“Well that meeting went better than we expected. They thought they could just brow beat our kids and forbid them from attending or planning the prom. It seems they didn’t think we’d be here to show our support for our kids,” Nancy says.

“I know, what pompous asses,” Amy adds.

“It was cool that Jim, Cal, and Phillip popped in on the meeting too,” grins Diane.

“I know. I thought the board members were going to flip when Diane announced she was going to tape the entire meeting. Then Phillip, Jim, and Cal pop into the meeting just to make sure everything was okay. The board members suddenly were tripping all over themselves to be nice. Amazing how the threat of legal problems can change one’s pompous attitude in a heart beat,” Amy muses. All three moms enjoy a laugh at the out come of the meeting.

“It was so nice of the principal and school board to unanimously nominate our girls for the prom planning committee,” Diane says.

“I think they realized they were messing with the wrong kids and we went in ready for a fight and that was just no fun because we wouldn’t be intimidated by them,” Diane adds.

“Now, after all of that I’m hungry. How about you girls?” Amy asks.

“Definitely, let’s go eat lunch,” Liz and Maria agree.

“But what about shopping?” Isabel frowns disappointedly.

“We can’t be expected to shop on an empty stomach, especially not when were pregnant,” Maria says.

“You’re right, let’s go eat. Michael and Max would both kill me if I didn’t make sure you two ate and were feeling okay,” Isabel comments.

“Aww aren’t they the sweetest hotties,” Maria adds.

“What do you think the guys are up to while we’re busy?” asks Mystic.

“My best guess, either having a food fight or eating Max and Liz out of house and home,” jokes Diane.

“I know what you mean, I’ve seen those boys eat it defies all reason they can eat like that and be so fit and trim. It’s not fair,” Amy laughs.

The girls and mom’s enjoy a nice lunch then move on to the starring attraction of the day’s activities, shopping. “Look at this dress Liz you’d look amazing in it. You should go try it on,” Isabel urges.

“I don’t know, I mean I keep getting bigger. It seems silly to spend money on a dress I probably won’t even be able to fit in a few months time for prom,” Liz sighs.

“Liz, you know you can ah… you know use a little hocus pocus to alter things. I know you’ve been doing that since I showed you how. What’s the problem?” Isabel asks with concern.

“I’m just feeling like I’m ugly and as big as a whale,” Liz says.

“No, that’s not even possible. Max certainly would be the first to disagree with you on that. Liz you’re not fat. You’re pregnant with twins I might add. You’re supposed to look pregnant at some point. Come on, let’s find a dress to knock Max’s socks off. Then, we can go over to my apartment and check out the Victoria secret catalog on line,” Isabel smiles.

“What is this? Victoria’s secret has a on line catalog?” Amy asks.

“Oh yes, and it’s really fabulous. They have more stuff than you’d think of there,” Diane blushes.

“Really, let’s hurry up and finish with this. I want to see what they have?” Amy blushes. “Hey I’m still technically still a newlywed too,” Amy adds defensively.

“I’ve never been to a Victoria’s Secret. This will be fun to see what they have. I might just surprise Jeff with something,” Nancy says.

“Mom!” Liz says.

“Okay, that was weird,” Maria says. “No offense, just that’s not the sort of thing you’d expect to hear your mother say,” Liz says apologetically.

“I think we’re all grown women and can handle the idea of surprising our husbands. Now let’s go, I want to make sure I get to look at stuff and have time to order before I need to go home and start dinner for Phillip,” Diane says. Isabel blushes and helps with loading the shopping bags into Alex’s trunk before leaving for Isabel and Alex’s apartment.

Mystic took her turn at internet shopping and picked a few fun things she knew would drive Kyle crazy. Then each of the other ladies and their mom’s took turns choosing and ordering their items. Something tells me none of the guys will be complaining in a few days when items arrive.

Good to her word, Isabel dutifully took Liz home and back to Max, who was pacing right along with Michael worrying about their pregnant wives. Kyle and Alex took this opportunity to make fun of them of course.

“Look at them, they are so whipped. If I get like that when Mystic gets pregnant promise me you’ll punch me one in the jaw to knock me out of it, okay buddy,” Kyle says.

“No problem. I’m sure I’ll be as bad as Max and Michael are when the time comes. I’m counting on you to do the same for me too, Kyle,” Alex says.

“You got it, we got to stick together on this and defend our machoness,” Kyle says.

“Machoness! Is that even a word,” Mystic says as she and Isabel, Liz, and Maria let themselves in laughing at what they just overheard.

“Hey you, how did things go with the school?” Max says wrapping his arms around Liz and greeting her with a tender kiss.

“I missed you,” Liz says. “It went pretty well, the school board thought they’d pull something but our moms and dads plus Cal showed up and let them know that wasn’t such a good idea. Your mom informed the board she was tapping the meeting incase things got out of hand and that the tape might be useful for lawsuits. Oh and your mom ordered some stuff from Victoria’s Secret that made me and Maria blush. It was a very interesting afternoon Max,” Liz laughs.

“Oh God, please tell me Amy didn’t follow Diane’s lead with the ordering stuff, did she?” asks Kyle. “No, on second thought don’t tell me I don’t want to even think about my step mom and dad like that,” Kyle says.

“Let me just say it was something else and Jim’s in for a surprise. I’m personally horrified at what my mom ordered. I think we’ll all need therapy after that,” Isabel says.

“Yeah, that was definitely different,” Maria shrugs.

“You should’ve seen their reactions to what we ordered,” Liz laughed hysterically.

“Oh you ordered something huh?” Max says wiggling his eyebrows.

“Yes, and you’ll get your surprise in a few days when it arrives,” Liz smiles.

“Actually we all ordered something,” Mystic blushes.

“Hey we’re just giving the things we ordered a test run before prom night, that’s all,” Maria says.

“Any objections from the husbands?” Mystic asks looking around the room.

“No, no objections. So how soon until they arrive. Please tell me you paid extra for express delivery,” Max says excitedly.

“I’ll let you know later if you’re good,” Liz says giving Max her secret smile reserved just for him.

“Well on that note, we’re still all honeymooning. It’s been nice visiting but I think it’s safe to say after all that Victoria’s Secret talk it’s time to catch up with the wife,” Max winks.

“Ditto,” Michael says picking up Maria and carrying her out to the Jetta and presumably homeward bound.

“For once I agree with everything Michael said,” Kyle smirks grabbing Mystic by the hand and rushing out the door towards his car anxious for some alone time back at their apartment.

“Come on Princess, let’s go home. We’ll order take out and just relax, no computers or TV I promise,” Alex says.

“You’re on Sweetie, I love it when you talk like that,” Isabel says.

“See you later guys,” Alex waves good bye to his friends as he and Isabel leave for their apartment.

“I think we started a trend there,” Liz says in a sultry sexy tone.

“Great minds think alike,” Max says as he leans in descending on her lips in a passionate kiss.

“Notice Kyle, for once didn’t blame us for that,” Liz laughs.

***************************To Be Continued*************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 63 p.17 12, Nov

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Nov 12, 2005 7:32 pm

Hi Everyone :D

Sorry, I'm late posting today. It's just hard for me to write the ending of this story. The good news is that there will be one final part next week. I still felt there were a few things to wrap up so it'll probably be a shorter part. Anyways, I hope everyone won't mind. :wink:

Feed back...

roswellian504- Hi :wink: The thing with the school board is there's always those up tight busy bodies in every crowd that just feel it's there business to butt in. Yeah the thing with the shipments was funny it was like a race to get to them before the guys did. LOL!! I'm sure the noise level in all of their respective homes definitely went up. They might need to do some alien sound insulating like they did with their tents camping. Your welcome on the personal note. I hope things are looking up for you. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments. Take care :wink:

Zanity- I'm glad my pm about your question was cleared up. :wink: Well there is one more part left after this week's post so you never know. We might hear something from Arianna. We'll see :wink: Thanks for your fun comments. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Wow, sounds like fun. It's always fun to get something new like that. I hope all went well with hooking up your Ninetendo Gamecube and coordinating all of that. I'm not one for playing games but I know a lot of people to love it, so have fun and enjoy. I plan to write one more final part after this one. It'll probably be shorter than this one. I hope that's okay and it doesn't sound stupid. I had trouble writing this weeks part and I'm not all that happy with it but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging without an update. I hope it'll be okay... I'm glad you liked last week's part. I'll miss writing this story too, and I'll miss reading your great feed back too. See ya next week, take care. :wink:

roswell3053- Hi :wink: Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it. That's always my aim. Good question about Liz and the babies. I think you'll have to read this week's post to find out. I didn't forget about that detail... Enjoy reading this weeks part. Take care :wink:

AJK001- The parents are very supportive and protective of their kids even more so now that they know everything. It's always nice to have good support system if you're lucky enough. I'm going to miss this story too when I'm done. I'll probably get depressed about it. Thanks for your kind words, support, and great feed back. One more part to go next week, that'll be the final one. Thanks again for your feed back. Take care :wink:

Grace52373- Hi :wink: I appreciate your question. The reason with that is that there were some busy bodies that felt this set a dangerous precedent for other teens to follow of getting married so young. It's none of their business and the kids are model students and even graduated but there's always someone who just feels the need to cause problems. I agree with you though. Thanks for your comments and the question. I hope you'll enjoy this part and the final one next week. See ya next week, take care.

Part 63

Last week everyone returned from their honeymoon’s and got settled back in Roswell. The girls and their moms had a meeting with the school about the kids being involved in the prom planning committee. Some of the ladies on the committee took issue with the kids being married at such a young age and that Liz and Maria are pregnant. The moms and dads came ready for a fight, but the school board backed down and even nominated all the girls to be on the prom planning committee. I think the school board members didn’t realize who and what they were going up against and wisely decided to let go of their ridiculous concerns. After all, the kids have graduated by fulfilling their academic obligations for high school, and so what about their marital status.

~Two months later~

“It looks like all the plans we had for the prom have proven to work out well,” Liz sighs appreciatively. Liz, Isabel, Maria and Mystic look into the final details of tomorrow evening’s prom.

“Yes, everything is in place. I made sure that the hotel staff in charge of the arrangements has triple checked with me to make sure everything is all set as per our instructions. Now, all we have to do is go home and relax and make sure our own personal arrangements have been taken care of,” Isabel states checking off her list and making sure the girls do likewise.

“Great. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for tomorrow night,” Mystic sighs dreamily.

“I know what you mean, I feel that way too. It’s silly I know, because we are all married to our dream dates. Still there is something magical about prom night and we can definitely enjoy all the benefits without any hassle from our parents and no curfews,” Liz blushes.

“Yep, and sleeping with your date is encouraged. Chicas’ it’s good to be us on prom night with our dates. I know I personally have made it my mission to put a smile on Michael’s face that he won’t be able to wipe away for a while,” Maria grins shamelessly.

“Maria! I really did not need to know that about you and my brother,” Isabel states emphatically shaking her head as to erase any mental images of what Maria might have in mind for Michael. The girls all turn to look at Liz expecting her to share her plans of seduction for Max as well.

“What? Oh I definitely have plans for Max, no worries there, but I won’t kiss and tell. You’ll just have to use your imaginations and guess. I won’t be confirming or denying anything,” Liz says blushing and giggling.

“Wow, those must be some plans. That good huh, Liz?” Mystic asks hoping to pry the details out of her.

“Hey, feel free to abduct your own husband, and then have your way with him. Please just don’t tell me about. I kind of think of Kyle as a brother,” Liz adds.

“Yeah, a bratty brother; hey you know me, it was begging to be said,” Maria smirks.

“I love Kyle. Besides, I’ve handled Kyle… I…I mean I can handle Kyle,” Mystic blushes and laughs at her choice of words. “Well, you know what I meant,” Mystics says laughing.

“Nice Freudian slip there Mystic,” teases Isabel.

“So, Izzy how’s things in Alex land and feel free to delete any embarrassing details,” Liz and Maria say.

“He’s amazing. I couldn’t love Alex any more than I already do,” Isabel says in dreamy sigh.

“We’re happy for you and Alex, you’re good for each other,” Liz smiles for her friend and sister in law.

“I was just thinking this is going to be a historic prom for our prom. Funny thing is, we’ll be the only ones that understand just how. I mean the first prom Roswell’s ever had with actual aliens in attendance. It makes me laugh just thinking about the irony of that,” Isabel chuckles.

“Hey that reminds me. We need to call that specialty store to see if they have finished the special printing on the thongs we ordered as a surprise for the guys,” Mystic grins.

“Who wants to be the one to call that place?” Liz asks looking from her three friends.

“You’re the co-leader you call them,” Maria jokes.

“No way, you just got your self nominated to do the job. Here’s my phone, go ahead and call them,” Liz urges.

“Damn, she pulled rank on me. Watch her, she’s sneaky,” Maria muses. Maria takes a few steps away from her friends to make her call. “They say they’re done with our thongs. We can go and pick them up at any time,” Maria reports.

“Let’s go and take care of that now. I can’t wait to see how they turned out. It will definitely be a funny and sexy surprise for the guys later prom night,” Mystic smiles.

“I know Kyle will love it. Something tells me the other guys won’t be complaining about that little surprise. It should be really funny to see the looks on their faces the next day when they are off in a corner talking about prom night and discover that it was something that we all did,” Liz laughs.

“I’m keeping a camera handy to take a picture of Michael’s expression when he finds out,” Maria giggles.

“I forget. Why did we decide to do this as a surprise for the guys?” asks Maria.

“I came up with the idea. I told Mystic and then we all decided it would be a fun thing to do. I can’t wait to see Max’s face when he sees my lime green and black lace trim ‘Alien lover’ thong complete with an alien on it. I thought it would be fun and kind of sexy too,” Liz explains.

“Liz you are so bad girl, and to think I was worried you and Max would never get together. Now look at you two. You can’t keep your hands off of each other,” Maria nudges Liz’s shoulder urging a smile from her best friend.

“So, look at you and Michael. You two are almost as bad,” Liz blushes.

“Me, what about Mystic and Kyle or Izzy and Alex,” Maria says in mock defense.

“So what’s your point, we all are in love and have it bad for our guys. Yep, we probably all walk around with the sappiest shameless grins on our faces. I’m sure some of our classmates are seriously envious wanting to know what’s behind those smiles on all of our faces,” Liz says with amusement.

“Yeah, I’m sure its frustrating and intriguing that we all are married and most definitely having sex with our guys,” Mystic says.

“I think we can all handle being envied like that, as long as it’s from a far,” Maria warns.

“Definitely, people had better keep their distance from our men or else,” the girls all say sharing their mutual thoughts on the subject.

“I feel that on behalf of our people, we’ve done well. We saved both planets and have single handedly taken over the prom planning and will make it memorable. What can we say, aliens’ rock and so will this prom,” Liz says rubbing her back.

“Liz, are you okay?” Maria asks worriedly.

“I’m fine. It seems that being pregnant and gaining weight can be a tough on my back. I’ll just have Max work his magic hands on it when I get home. Let’s go and get our thongs and double check with the hotel on our reservations for our rooms’ tomorrow night,” Liz says.

“Here Liz, sit down and rest while I drive us to the shop to pick up our surprises,” Isabel says opening her car doors for the girls to climb in.

“I need to get back to the cabin before Max and the guys return from their fishing trip with the dads. I don’t want him to beat me home and open the extra Victoria’s Secret package I’m expecting,” Liz states.

“That’s right. All our stuff should arrive today. I’ve been so busy making sure all the plans are being followed to the letter, I forgot,” Mystic says.

“Thanks for reminding us. We’d better get a move on if we want to beat the guys to the Victoria Secret packages we’re expecting,” Maria says. The girls hurry on to the shop that is personalizing the thongs picking them up on the way home to intercept their parcel and hide their surprises for the guys’ prom night.

Liz gets home before Max does and hurries around finding a good hiding place for his surprises. Liz is tidying up the kitchen when Max sneaks up behind her. Liz smiles sensing his presence, Max covers her eyes.

“Guess who?” Max says as he peppers her neck with sensual kisses first, then switches to her lips.

“Mmm, I don’t know…but whoever you are, don’t stop,” Liz smiles.

“Hey!” Max says pretending to sound hurt.

“I have a little time before my husband gets home. Let’s go upstairs,” Liz says removing his hands from her eyes and gives him a wink.

“I’ll follow you anywhere Liz,” Max says his voice thick with desire. Max takes Liz’s out stretched hand and allows her to guide him upstairs to their bedroom.

“How much time do we have until your husband gets home?” Max asks playfully.

“He’s out fishing with the guys and their dads. It could be good long time,” Liz replies enjoying the feel of his arms around her.

“Good, then. We can take our time,” Max says running his hands through her silky long tresses.

Max leans in and whispers in her ear, “Did the other Victoria’s Secret package arrive today?”

“Oh no, it didn’t. I’ll call them in the morning,” Liz says nonchalantly.

“It didn’t!” Max frowns like a disappointed child on Christmas morning.

“Sorry, Babe. Maybe it’ll get here tomorrow,” Liz reassures.

“Damn, I was fantasizing about that outfit you let me pick for you and I couldn’t wait to come home and find you wearing it,” Max says in disappointment.

“I have suggestion. How about I draw us a nice warm bubble bath and see if I can’t help you make a few fantasies come true,” Liz suggests as she busily unbuttons his shirt and frees him of it.

“Really!” Max smiles taking Liz’s hand and guiding her to their bathtub preparing for the bubble bath.

“I take it then my suggestion is a hit,” Liz giggles in amusement. After the bath is drawn they quickly finish undressing each other, descending in to the warm welcoming bubble bath. Max and Liz savor the warm bath and relax in the comfort of the others arms.

“Babe, could you work your magic hands on my lower back please?” Liz asks fluttering her eyelashes flirtatiously at him.

“Anything for you; all you have to do is ask,” Max says quickly complying with her request and instantly uses his healing powers to heal sore lower back muscles.

“I love your hands and what they can do to me,” Liz pleasurably sighs.

“Keep talking like that and I’ll never let you out of this bathtub,” teases Max.

“I don’t care, as long as you’re with me,” Liz says giving him a sensual kiss that quickly deepens leading to more.

Isabel, Maria, and Mystic talk on the drive back to their respective cars. “Should we worry about Liz complaining about her back bothering her?” Isabel asks her other two friends.

“I think we shouldn’t ignore it and brush off Liz’s complaint as nothing. I think we should talk to Max about this,” Maria suggests.

“Yeah, we should. It might not be a bad idea to contact my father at the Colony and see if we can talk with some of the doctors there that have experience with hybrid pregnancies. I have this nagging feeling that we shouldn’t ignore this. We need to look out for Liz and the twins,” Mystic says.

“Great idea, and you’re right about Liz. She wouldn’t want to be fussed over anymore than she already is and probably dismiss her complaints of discomfort or pain as nothing. She needs to have medical people that can help with a hybrid pregnancy close by, just in case,” Isabel agrees.

“I’ll let my father know the situation and have him send the doctors to Roswell ASAP,” Mystic reassures.

“Thanks, we have to look out for our Chica even if she is one half of the stubborn leaders of the ‘Destined Ones’,” Maria smirks.

“I feel better now that we talked about that and I’ll let Max know. I’m sure he’ll be glad and will welcome the extra safety measure for Liz and the twins. Now, I think we can relax and enjoy the rest of the night and race to get home and intercept the mail before Kyle, Alex, or Michael get to it,” Isabel laughs.


“I can’t believe the girls are all getting ready at our cabin and banished us guys from seeing them until its time to pick them up for the prom. Just like we’d do if we weren’t already married to them and living in our own homes. I don’t understand it, but if it makes the girls happy, I’ll play along,” Max comments to Michael, Alex, and Kyle.

“I know. What is with that anyways? Mystic told me she doesn’t want me to see her in the prom dress until it’s time to pick her and the other girls up for the prom,” Kyle says in exasperation.

“Maria’s just as bad if not worse. I only claim to love her and be her husband, I don’t claim to understand the mysteries of the female mind,” Michael shrugs in frustration.

“Exactly, can you imagine how my Isabel is about all of this. I’m sure I don’t need to remind the two of you since she’s your sister. I love that woman to just this side of insanity, but she can be just a tad impossible at times,” Alex admits.

“Isabel, impossible? Gee do ya think?” Kyle roars with laughter.

“This is prom night. They act like its bad luck for us to see them in their dresses before its time to go to the prom or something,” Max shrugs and rolls his eyes.

“All I know is that I want prom night to be perfect for Liz. She’s been complaining off and on about her back bothering her,” Max says.

“Gees, Max go easy on the pregnant wife,” Kyle jokes.

“Very funny Kyle, that’s not why her back is sore. I mean that’s never an issue,” Max blushes.

“If you think this is something to be concerned about then we’ll all keep a close eye on Liz tonight. Except for when it’s just the two of you of course,” Alex says.

“Thanks guys, I appreciate it,” Max says.

Finally after much pacing and worrying the time approaches for the guys to pick up their wives for their prom date. The stretch black limousine arrives at Max and Liz’s cabin. The guys emerge from the Limousine dressed handsomely in their tuxedos and carrying a corsage for their wives. Max enters the cabin with Michael, Alex, and Kyle anxiously following behind excited to see the girls. The girls walk out and enjoy seeing their guys jaws drop in appreciation of how stunning their wives look dressed so beautiful, elegant and sexy all at the same time.

“We’re here to take our beautiful wives to the prom,” Max says loudly.

“It’s about time,” Liz says.

Maria joins Michael at this side her arm resting on his. “Space Boy, as much as I appreciate your heated stare, you might want to close your mouth. Drool is not a good look on you,” Maria teases mischievously then kisses him softly on the lips.

“You know we could just skip the prom and go straight to the hotel, Blondie,” Michael says.

“No way, I’m dressed like this and I’m going to enjoy it. Besides, all of the girls and I put a lot of work into planning the prom and we will most certainly go and enjoy our hard work. Now, after the prom I’m willing to listen to your suggestions,” Maria says softening the tone of her voice to a sultry whisper. Michael closes his eyes tight as if trying to rein in his self control.

“Damn, woman you don’t make it easy for me,” Michael admits.

“Come on Space Boy, we both know you love the challenge. If you’re good later, we’ll discuss the possibilities of conquest. Now, let’s get going,” Maria says tugging on his hand leading him toward the limo.

“Liz, I’m speechless. You look beautiful, even more than your usual beautiful self,” Max says staring at her drinking in her beauty.

“I make you speechless huh,” Liz blushes under the intensity of Max’s intense appreciative stare. She knows that look and what he’s thinking just now. “Good. We won’t be needing any words for what I’ve got planned after the prom either,” Liz winks.

“Exactly how long is this prom thing anyway?” Max asks playfully.

“Long enough to enjoy our senior prom and then we can go and create our own prom night memories later,” Liz whispers.

“Yes!” Max says raising his fist in the air.

“Oh like there was ever a question of that not happening with us,” Liz smirks.

“Princess, you look stunning. I think I have to pinch myself that not only am I going to the prom with the most beautiful girl but she’s also my wife. This isn’t a dream is it?” Alex says smiling.

“There’s only one way to find out. Can a dream do this?” Isabel asks stepping closer to Alex so she’s face to face with him. Isabel then puts her arms around his neck and pulls him closer to her, kissing him until they’re both are gasping for air breaking off the kiss.

“Did that seem like a dream to you?” Isabel says still gasping for air.

“Well, I have to admit I’ve had a lot of hot dreams and fantasies about you, Princess, but none can compare to the reality,” Alex says lovingly as he gazes into her eyes.

“Okay enough, people. At this rate we’ll never make it to the prom. Let’s go. I’ve never been to a school dance before and I don’t want to miss our prom,” Mystic says in a teasing and commanding way. She motions for everyone to get in the limo. Kyle starts to say something and she stops him. “Just get in the limo Jock Boy,” Mystic grins mischievously and pinches his cute butt as he leans forward to get into the limo.

“Mystic!” Kyle exclaims in surprise.

“What? I was just enjoying the view and had to check to see if you were real and make sure that I wasn’t dreaming,” Mystic laughs.

“You like the view huh,” Kyle grins shamelessly.

“It’s one of the things I love about you, yes,” Mystic says giving him a heated stare.

“Is there something in the air tonight or what? It’ll be a miracle if we show up at the prom at all. Don’t look at me like that Mystic, you know just what I’ll do,” Kyle warns.

“Promises, promises Jock Boy. Just remember I can make the Earth move for you,” Mystic says teasingly.

“Is senior prom some kind of aphrodisiac? It’s making me wonder if it is, by the way everyone is acting. Oh well, it’s all good then,” Maria sighs.


Once at the prom, everyone was really in awe of how nicely everything turned out. The student body was very appreciative of Isabel and the girls’ hard work on the prom committee and called them all up on stage to receive an award for their efforts. The award was a complete surprise to the girls. Sylvia and Sandy presented the award to them and it was revealed that it was Sandy and Sylvia’s idea. After the presentation Sylvia and Sandy joined everyone at their table and did some catching up. Sylvia and Sandy had finished their classes and were able to graduate early. They had just returned from going on some tours of potential colleges together.

Max, Liz, Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Mystic all stayed at the prom until the last song had played. The group then parted company for the couples to go and have their own private romantic prom night celebration. All the guys were curious as to what their wives had each planned for their husband and were curious about their own promised surprises. Everyone said their good byes and retreated to their own suites at the hotel.

“You’ve been driving me crazy all night and being stuck around far too many people to do anything about it. Liz you are an evil woman. Come here,” Max says seductively.

“Now would I do that to you?” Liz says innocently.

“Yes, you would!” Max teases quickly wrapping his arms around Liz and kissing her soundly.

“Wow, do you think you could give me a minute. I thought you might like your surprise and I need to get out of this dress and high heels,” Liz says motioning to the bathroom while grabbing her over night bag to change. Max grins with eager anticipation and unpacks his over night bag trying to kill time until Liz appears from the room. Liz smiles at the great evening she had at the prom as she changes into her Victoria Secret red lace and teddy and puts on the sheer cover with red satin ties on over it. Liz examines her appearance and decides to add a touch more of her favorite perfume to her pulse points. She adds a quick touch of lip gloss to complete her look and drops it near the tub. Liz leans over to get it and feels a sharp pain moving from her back to the front of her stomach sort of a intense cramping feeling. Liz stands and braces herself with her hands against the bathroom counter.

“Max! I need your help,” Liz shouts. Max rushes into find Liz bracing herself against the bathroom counter and notices the water on the floor.

“Liz, Baby what’s wrong? Why is the floor wet?” Max says frantically worried by Liz’s lack of reply and continued gasping for air. He takes her in his arms desperately searching her face for some explanation.

“Max, I think my water just broke. The twins decided to make our prom night more memorable than most by letting us know tonight,” Liz says with a weak smile trying to lighten the moment and keep Max from freaking out.

“We’re going to need help and get the doctors from the Colony. Call Isabel she’ll help,” Liz states clinging to Max for dear life feeling a mixture of fear and love. Max refuses to leave Liz’s side. He opens a telepathic link to Isabel explaining what just happened.

“Max, it’s okay. I had a feeling this might happen and took the liberty of having Rasmus send two of his doctors to help Liz with the twins if they decided to be born sooner rather than later. I had a premonition and didn’t want to leave anything to chance. The doctors are staying at Mom and Dads. I’ll just call them and have the parents drive them here,” Isabel says calming both Max and Liz for the moment. Alex stayed behind momentarily to share the info with the others and parents.

Michael and Maria burst into Liz and Max’s suite, “Please tell me you both still have your clothes on at least,” Maria says entering their room with one hand over her eyes and the other over Michael’s just for good measure.

Liz looks down at herself and wants to die realizing what she’s wearing is not for everyone’s eyes. Liz looks at Max pleadingly, and he waves his hand over her lingerie and changes it to something more suitable for company.

“Thank you, Honey,” Liz says giving him a kiss.

“Let me carry you to bed so you can be more comfortable,” Max says gently scooping her up in his arms and carrying her to the bed and placing her carefully on the bed.

“Hey guys what’s the emergency. Oh no, Max and Liz aren’t giving shows now are they?” Kyle teases as he enters the room. I was kidding you know, trying to get everyone’s mind off of things for a minute,” Kyle adds defending his previous comments.
Kyle volunteers to wait at the hotel lobby for the Evan’s and the Colony doctors to arrive and shows them immediately to Liz and Max’s suite.

~Two hours later~

Max and Liz are blessed with the birth of their gorgeous twins. They had a boy and a girl just as they expected. The little boy has mesmerizing amber colored eyes and raven black hair, like his fathers’. The little girl has Liz’s delicate features and Max’s amber eyes and his cute ears. Max and Liz are spellbound and just stare adoringly at their two little bundles of joy. The doting Aunts and Uncles look over the shoulders of Max and Liz to see their little niece and nephew. The grand parents get impatient to catch a glimpse of the twins and elbow the uncles to get out of the way, saying it’s their turn.

Max had everyone clear the room so he and Liz could talk to the doctors privately. Apparently Antarian hybrids have almost immediate recuperative abilities from child birth. Max did use his healing powers for good measure to ensure Liz was indeed healed.
The doctors assure them that the babies are healthy and strong and that Liz is now able to do her normal activities. That information was not lost on Max.

“Thank you for your help in delivering the twins. It really means a lot to Liz and me,” Max says saying his good byes, and promises he and Liz will visit the Colony soon.

Max lets the family back in and informs them that Liz is fine and completely healed from giving birth and the twins are doing great and sound asleep. It seems that getting born is exhausting work even for hybrids newborns. After much coaxing Max and Liz did manage to get everyone to leave.

“Cool, another perk to being a hybrid, huh? I can heal almost immediately from child birth. It looks like we can still have our romantic prom night just more quietly; we don’t want to wake the twins.

“Honey, they’re used to us you know… They know to go to sleep when we’re having our special time,” Max blushes.

“Okay so just pretend like we’re sneaking around and didn’t want our parents to catch us then,” Liz smirks.

“I love the way your mind work Liz,” Max smiles.

“I wanted to surprise you with that outfit I had on earlier, but that obviously didn’t work out so well,” Liz says.

“Oh you definitely surprised me alright with that heart stopping number you had on then having your water break. Leave it to us to do things in a little different order than most people do,” Max laughs.

“Max, how do you feel about a romantic bath, just the two of us. We can leave the door cracked open a bit to listen for the twins to wake up. It was nice of your mom to bring us the cradle and infant carrier car seats we had at the cabin already. We just didn’t think we’d need them this soon,” Liz comments.

“So about that romantic bath, let’s take advantage of that before the twins wake up,” Max whispers then leans down to kiss each of their babies on the foreheads before enjoying that bath with Liz.

*****************************To Be Continued***********************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 64 p.18 19, Nov

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Nov 19, 2005 2:55 pm

Hi Everyone :D

Well here we are at the end of the journey. It's been a lot of fun writing this and reading everyone's comments and responding to them. I know there are many who are reading this story, but choose not to post their comments which is fine too. I thank all of you. It was very difficult for me to write the end of this story. I didn't want to do it, even had a nasty case of writer's block but I fought through it. I hope you'll enjoy this final posting of my story. I'll be back writing other dreamer centric stories and someone close to me requested I try my hand at writing a Stargazer fic. Which I've already started the outline for. In short, I just wanted to say thank you for reading and all the great comments you've shared with me. You guys are the best, take care. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!! :D

On with feed back....

Zanity- Hi :wink: Thanks! Oh yeah, the name issue. That will be resolved in this final posting. I hope you'll enjoy the conclusion. Take care :wink:

roswell3053- Yes, Max and Liz's twins are here, finally. The names will be revealed in this last and final post. Enjoy, and let me know what you think okay. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi :D Glad to hear that your Ninetendo got hooked up and everything. Kyle was interested in Liz, but she didn't feel the same way. She only had eyes for Max. Yes, talk about a prom night to remember. Liz and Max have their twins that night. It was cute to have the Grandparents elbowing the uncles out of the way to see their grand babies. I could so see that happening, so I wrote it. It was a cute scene and I'm glad you liked it too. I think you'll enjoy this final part posted today. Enjoy, and let me know what you think... I'm going to miss reading your comments. Take care :wink:

Grace52373- Your welcome. I'm always happy to answer questions. Yes, the twins have arrived. Yes, today's post is the final ending of this story. I did bring a couple of happy surprises for everyone to enjoy in it though. I hope you won't be disappointed. Take care and thank you for reading and sharing your comments. I love reading them. :wink:

ayznshorti- Hi :D Yeah, the appearance of new members is always good. Even word of ones on the way is good too! I hope you'll like this last part. I'll miss reading yours and everyone else's comments. Take care :wink:

roswellian504-Hi :D I know everyone's mentioned the same thing. Not to worry, I wouldn't end this story without naming the babies. It's done Antarian style though. I hope you'll like this ending. Thank for reading all along and for the great feed back. Take care :wink:

cherie- Hi girlfriend :D Yes, the twins will get names in this final part. Max and Liz have lots of great couples moments. Damn, I so want to be Liz, for those. LOL!!! There goes my Liz envy again. They really owe me big time for making them this happy, don't they. :D The twins aren't quite as impossible as most newborns are they like to sleep several hours at a time so that's not so bad. I'm happy that you've been reading and enjoying my story. I've started reading your new one and it's amazing. I'm hooked, you sure it's going to be a short one. I wouldn't complain one bit if you made it longer. Hint, Hint!!! Okay, so it was a shameless attempt, but I had to try. I hope you're feeling better. I wanted to wish you a Happy Early Thanksgiving! Take care and keep writing, you're really talented at it. :wink:

AJK001- Your welcome about the note. I'm going to miss this story too. Yes, the twins are here now. I hope you'll like this final part too! Take care and thanks for reading and commenting. :wink:

Roswell 10/2/00- Hi Erin :wink: I had no idea you were reading my story. Welcome! It's a deal, but this is the final posting for this story. I have some I'm working on that I haven't been able to spend time on because of writing this one. I don't have the knack of writing multiple stories and updating them all every week. For me, it's easier to write one and focus on it making sure I keep up with updating it and finish it. So, far it's what's worked for me. My hat is off to those talented and amazing fan fic writers that can manage more than that. I love your story Abduction Seduction, my dreamer heart is elated with that one. Still wondering if Liz is dreaming all of that or if it's really happening or what? Either way it's really amazing. You keep up the great writing too! :wink:

Now on with Part 64 Loves Awakening Revealed II Conclusion

Liz and Max fall into a gentle slumber after spending at least four hours of their night making love and caring for the twins. The twins were very good about settling down and going back to sleep once they are fed and changed. Max and Liz watched their babies drift off to sleep. The twins did let their parents know that they wanted to be next to each other.

“Max isn’t that cute, they get upset if they are too far away from each other,” Liz smiles.

“Twins are close and ours are no exception even as tiny as they are,” Max says gently stroking his daughters’ tiny little hand with his thumb.

“Honey, we forgot to name them. What kind of parents are we? We did not even think about naming our babies?” Liz says in a hushed tone.

“Liz, we thought there was more time to pick out names. We had no idea you’d be having the twins on prom night. Please, don’t worry about it. We’ll think of two wonderful names for our babies. Come here and let me hold you,” Max says beckoning Liz into his embrace. She glides into his arms and sighs.

“You’re right, I was just being silly. We’ll pick out names together. Can we first order room service? You might want to find out when they will deliver it so one of us can meet them in the hall. We don’t want to wake up the twins,” Liz suggests.

“Good Idea,” Max says as he rings room service and orders some food. The evening’s events definitely left Max and Liz hungry and tired. They quickly ate their meal and went back to bed for some much needed sleep before the twins wake.

The morning comes soon enough as the light begins to filter in through the curtains of their hotel suite. Shortly after that there is a series of knocks on Max and Liz’s hotel room door and the sound of excited voices. Liz opens one eye regretfully and then the other. “Max, wake up. I think we have company,” Liz says wishing she could just get some more sleep.

“I have a feeling who is at our door,” Max says yawning and stretching.

“We’d better get dressed and let them in before they wake up the entire hotel,” Liz jokes.
Max opens the door with the safety chain still on it.

“Hey guys, could you please give us twenty minutes and then we’ll be ready for visitors,” Max says hoping everyone agrees.

“Sure Max, how’s my niece and nephew doing?” Michael says beaming.

“There still asleep. We need to hurry and take a shower and get dressed before they wake up. Come back in twenty minutes okay, tell the others,” Max says quietly closing the door and return to Liz’s side.

“Come on Babe, it’s time to begin the day. Our family is sort of chomping at the bit to see the twins. I can just imagine our parents,” Liz smiles.

“Yeah we might have to referee between them and the aunts and uncles. It could get ugly,” teases Max.

“That’s were it comes in handy to have alien powers. We might need them to make our family behave with the twins,” laughs Liz.


“We’ll Michael what did they say?” Diane and Nancy ask in stereo.

“I think I woke them up. Max said to come back in twenty minutes or so. He said they wanted to shower and dress before the twins woke up,” Michael reports.

“Damn! I was really hoping they’d let us come right over to visit with them and see the twins,” Diane says with Nancy nodding her head in agreement.

“We can wait twenty minutes or so, right Diane?” Nancy asks.

“Yeah, I guess we’ll have to. Let’s go get them some breakfast from the restaurant down stairs. We can bring them a nice hot breakfast when we visit,” Diane says pleased at her idea.


A half hour later Max and Liz are greeted by their entire family and both of their mom’s arms loaded with bags of hot takeout breakfast for the whole gang. “Good morning kids,” Diane says brushing past Max to set down the bags of food. She then greets her son with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Diane waits her turn as Nancy does the same with Liz.

“My turn,” Diane says playfully tapping Nancy on the shoulder. Nancy lets go and lets out a slight giggle and greets Max.

“How’s my amazing daughter-in-law this fine morning,” Diane says giving Liz a firm hug. “Did the babies let you two get some sleep?” Diane asks. The inevitable flood of questions surround Max and Liz everything from Liz’s giving birth to the sleeping and eating habits of the twins.

“Okay, I know everyone is excited about the newest editions to the family, but we can only answer one question at a time. Gees, its like were having our own press conference or something,” Liz teases.

“Did the twins sleep okay? Or did they wake you two up every hour on the hour?” Maria asks.

“No, they seem to like to sleep in four hour stretches at a time. We did have to get up with them twice, but that’s all. It wasn’t all that bad. I’ve read it’s usually worse, according to all those books on what to expect once you’ve had the baby,” Liz replies. Maria sighs in relief hoping her twins will be nice and civilized like their cousins.

“Can I hold one of them,” Isabel pleads.

“Of course Izzy, just sit down in a chair and put your arms out. I’ll show you how to hold her,” Max says proudly holding his precious daughter in his arms and transferring her to Isabel’s arms. Isabel smile of complete joy is written all over her face as she looks at her little niece and gives Alex a look. The same look he returns in meeting Isabel’s eyes as well.

“She’s perfect and beautiful Max,” Isabel says. All the emotions of the moment reflected in her face and eyes. All the pent up emotions result in tears of joy threatening to spill from her eyes. Isabel watches in amazement as her little niece opens her eyes. A tiny hand reaches to grab Isabel’s finger with a healthy grip. “Good morning precious, I’m your Auntie Isabel. I’m your Daddy’s sister. We all are so happy to finally meet you and your little brother in person. I’d better let your grandmother hold you now, we’ll talk later and have some girl time, okay,” Isabel says to her niece. The tiny baby girl smiles at Isabel and gives her finger a good squeeze before allowing Isabel to hand her off to Grandma Diane.

Diane eagerly opens her arms to hold her brand new precious grand daughter while Phillip, Michael, Kyle, Alex all enjoy taking turns holding Max and Liz’s son. Liz definitely had to supervise the uncles since none of them ever held a baby before, but they were quick learners. Mystic, Maria, and Isabel all got quite a picture seeing their guys hold a precious little bundle. One thought crossed all of their minds. They can’t wait until they can have one of their own. There is another knock on their door. At the door is Amy, Jim, Charles, and Cal.

Kyle answers the door, “Hey look who I found loitering out in the hall way. That’s not against any laws, is it dad? Come on in and join the party,” Kyle smirks.

Diane and Nancy are now joined with Amy all fawning over the babies. Diane gets tearful. “I never knew Max and Isabel at this age. I missed out on that,” Diane confesses.

“Mom, we weren’t born until that night when you found us in the desert. So, technically yes you did know us as babies since we were born from the pods that night. Please don’t cry mom,” Max says putting his arm around his mother to comfort her.

“Yes, you’re right. I just meant Phillip and I didn’t get to see you and Isabel grow up from this size to the incredible adults you’ve become. We’re both so proud of both of you honey,” Diane says smiling through her happy tears.

“Thanks mom. You know Izzy, Michael, and I think we were the lucky ones to have you in our lives,” Max says.

“Max is right on this one. I know I didn’t get to be apart of your family until high school when you found out that I was Max and Isabel’s brother. Even back then you always made me feel like family and that means the world to me. Thank you Mom,” Michael says giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“We’re the ones that are thankful. Now, you and Maria are going to be next on making me a grand parent. You do realize we parents plan to spoil our grandchildren mercilessly, right?” Diane jokes.

“Of course, I wouldn’t dare try to stop you,” Michael smiles.

“Smart man good answer. You tell ‘em Diane, remember that Michael. It’s our right as grand parents. Plus there’s the perk of free babysitting so you can take out Maria or have some alone time but that’s not for quite a while yet,” Amy says giving Michael a hug.

“So have you two thought of names for the babies yet?” Nancy asks. She holds her grand daughter adoringly noting what features resembles Liz, and what ones resemble Max.

“Actually, that’s where we have a problem. Neither of us can think of names right now. I don’t understand why that is,” Liz admits tearfully.

“Did you say you were having a problem with naming the babies? You didn’t know that Antarian babies are named in a naming ceremony? I guess I just assumed you knew about that. I’m sorry, I’ll explain. According to Antarian tradition the children are named in a naming ceremony that is attended by their closest family members. Together everyone finds a suitable name, but the final decision is up to Max and Liz, so the children aren’t named something weird. Let’s eat breakfast then we’ll have the naming ceremony since everyone is here,” Cal informs and suggests.

“Thank you Cal. We’re lucky to have you to help us with all the traditional things,” Max says.

“That’s what I’m here for, to help my charges anytime I can. So what’s in the bags of food,” Cal says anxiously as his senses smell the hot and yummy food.

After the breakfast free-for-all with everyone, it was time to discuss names and the naming ceremony. Max and Liz hand out a piece of paper and pens to everyone to write down the names for Max and Liz to read and consider. Max and Liz sit together holding the twins and saying the names on the papers. Max and Liz whisper back and forth to each other finally deciding on the names.

“I think we have names for the twins now. We’ll say them and you can see what you think,” Liz says.

“We were thinking for our little girl we wanted a strong name. We wanted to pay our respects to those strong women in our lives that have been there for us. Here’s the name we have for our little girl, Arianna Dina Marisa Evans. Arianna is for Max’s Antarian mother. Dina is combination of the first two letters of the name Diane and Nancy. Then Marisa is sort of our nod to Mystic, Maria, and Isabel. Both Maria and Mystic’s names start with the letter M and we used that idea and the first three letters of Maria with the first three in Isabel’s name for the name Marisa. So, what do you think?” Liz says nervously biting her lip.

“Oh that’s really a beautiful name,” Diane, Nancy, and the girls all smile and say at the name.

“You like it then. Well Miss Arianna Dina Marisa Evans what do you think?” Liz asks holding her daughter and sees her smile up at her.

“I think we have a winner folks,” declares Kyle.

“Okay, that settles her name. Now, on to her brother,” Max says. “Liz and I just wanted to say that like our daughter we wanted our son’s name to be special and meaningful. We thought it was only right to have his name reflect the father figures in our lives because they’ve been there and supported and accepted us. Bearing that in mind this is the name we chose for our son. Jeffrey Phillip James Evans. Obviously, Jeffrey and Phillip are for Liz’s dad and mine and we couldn’t help but to add Jim into the mix. He’s been a surrogate father to all of us so it just seemed to be the fitting name to have in there as well,” Max says proudly. “So, what do you think?” Max and Liz ask.

“It’s a wonderful name and I’m honored that you think so highly of me,” says Jim moved to tears. “I think I got something in my eye excuse me,” Jim says needing a moment.

“It’s a great name Bro, just one thing you didn’t name him after Me, Alex, or Kyle, what gives with that?” Michael smiles and asks.

“Well, we have to save some names for when Liz and I have another son,” grins Max.

“I suppose that’s a project your ready to tackle right now,” teases Kyle.

“Don’t push it Kyle, or you won’t have a namesake,” replies Max mischieviously.

“I’m sure no mater what, you’ll have a namesake Kyle; just don’t press your luck,” Mystic says cryptically.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kyle asks.

“I’ll tell you later maybe,” smiles Mystic.

“No, way tell me now,” Kyle demands.

“Fine, we’re expecting,” Mystic looks down at the ground and then slowly raises her gaze to meet his.

“We…You mean you’re…We’re going to have a baby?” Kyle says in complete surprise.

“Yes, it seems twins are big with the destined ones and we’ll be expecting twins too,” Mystic announces to the group. Kyle takes her in his arms and kisses her and hugs her. Jim and Amy quickly rush in to offer their congratulations and hugs. Then Maria, Liz, and Isabel rush into a group hug congratulating their friends.

“I suppose that’s it for the surprise announcements,” jokes Phillip.

“Um, Daddy, I think you spoke too soon. Alex and I have a little announcement to make as well. There’s definitely something about being a destined one because Alex and I are expecting twins as well,” Isabel says with Alex’s arms wrapped around her as they share their happy news.

“Obviously fertility is not a problem with the destined ones,” Kyle says smugly.

“Kyle! Did you have to say that? I definitely have work to do with you before our twins get here. Their father needs to be more careful about what he says,” Mystic teases waving her finger at him then gives a wink. “It’s a good thing for you I’m a sucker for the funny jock type,” Mystic adds.

“I know and I count on it among my blessing everyday we have together,” Kyle says pulling her close for a hug and kisses her temple.

“Good, same here,” Mystic says returning his affections.

“Gees watch the PDA’s you two. Not in front of my children, please,” Max jokes. Everyone laughs at that commit.

“That’s rich coming from our resident king and queen of PDA’s,” Kyle smartly replies.

“Well those that can, do,” Liz jokes.

“See Arianna Dina Marisa and Jeffrey Phillip James Evans you’re parents will be a bad influence on you. You’ll probably grow up to meet your soul mates and drive your parents crazy with the PDA’s too,” Kyle laughs.

”It looks like we all are taking on parenthood, so what’s next on our things to do list?” Mystic asks no one in particular.

“We will need to go to college, but I think I’d like some time just to get used to being a dad and spend time with Liz,” Max shares.

“No big surprise there,” Alex says. “Isabel and I want to go to college, but now that she’s pregnant I think we just need sometime to think about us and our family. I wouldn’t want Isabel to try and take on the challenge of school unless she feels up to it of course. I can’t help but remember how tired Liz was and the feinting spells. We should probably see how Isabel handles being pregnant first,” Alex says thoughtfully wrapping his arms around Isabel protectively.

“I know what you mean; I feel the same way about Maria. I need to take care of her and make sure she’s okay. I remember how sick Liz was at times early on in her pregnancy and how worried we all were about her. Maria’s stubborn to put it mildly, and I need to make sure she takes care of herself,” Michael says with equal measures of love and concern for his new bride.

“Michael, we do have a huge advantage this time. One of the girls has been through this and can give advice to the other girls, and we do have the doctors at the Colony to ensure their health and explain what’s happening as need be,” Max reminds his brother and friends. For several hours the group of friends and family enjoy each others company and dote on the twins and think of their future and the families that are now in the works.

The group sits around reminiscing about their shared past. “You do realize we have Max and Liz to thank for all of this,” Kyle states. “This all started because Max healed Liz and fell in love with her then decided to take a step back. How stupid was El Presidente to think that he could ever keep his distance from Liz,” Kyle laughs.

“I remember that time. I was pretty upset about it and called Isabel and Maria and then our plan was hatched, which by the way worked out quite nicely for all of us I might add,” Liz smiles smugly.

“Then Liz, Maria, and Isabel set out to get us. I think it’s safe to say that plan worked,” smiles Alex.

“Hey, never underestimate girl power,” Isabel says high fiving Mystic and Liz.

“Liz and I are both suckers for alien abduction Caveman style, by our favorite hot aliens,” Maria blurts.

“Maria! Our parents are here and we so don’t need details,” Liz exclaims.

“Liz, girlfriend, get over it already. We’re married to our hot aliens and started families with them. I think it’s safe to say the ‘rents have figured out that we’re having sex,” Maria says delighting in making everyone laugh.

“She’s right,” laughs Isabel.

“Mystic came into the picture later. When we had to go to the Colony for training etc…Kyle kept asking for us to talk to Cal about finding him a nice girl too. Kyle did make an impression when he made a scene at that store outside the Colony. Neither of them realized in that meeting who the other one was. Once Kyle did meet her officially at the dinner that first night at the Colony, he was a goner for Mystic.

“That brings us to Isabel and Alex. Isabel was interested in Alex the first day she saw him in school. She loved his sense of humor and how smart he was. It really amazed her at how close Alex is with me and Maria,” Liz recalls.

“I think the male population at West Roswell High were more than disappointed that Isabel set her sights on Alex, rather than one of the popular jocks,” Michael says.

“Hey who can resist this bod’ and the Whitman charm,” grins Alex. The guys and girls can’t help but to laugh at Alex’s antics.

“Certainly not me, Sweetie,” Isabel says giving Alex a kiss.

“So just to recap we’ve bagged our guys, conquered alien enemies, saved both Antar and Earth from alienation, got married and started our families, and graduated early from high school. What’s next?” Liz says.

“Parenthood and college,” their parents say in unison.

“True, that’s definitely on our agenda’s,” Max and the group agree.

“There’s also the matter with the Destined Ones helping with the integration into human society for those that wish to live amongst humans and away from the Colony compound,” Cal suggests.

“Yes, of course we’ll do that,” Max and Liz say on behalf of the ‘Destined Ones’.

“I was just wondering Cal, do you think it would be possible to have a meeting with Arianna,” Liz asks.

“Yes, it can be arranged through the Granolith. You’ll just have to make your request to the Granolith and it’ll be arranged. I might remind you that Arianna said that it was possible for you to visit her since your defeat of Smitak. It’s your decision as to when you choose to visit her on Antar. Just let me and the Granolith know, and your requests will be handled accordingly,” Cal informs.

“I think we’d like to go visit, but it might be best to wait until we’ve seen everyone through their pregnancies first,” Liz smiles. “Thank you Uncle Cal,” Liz says giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Cool, we can go visit after the babies are born,” Michael says excitedly.

“Life as a ‘Destined One’ is never boring. We conquer enemies from another planet and now we can contemplate intergalactic space travel after the babies are born, of course,” Alex adds reaching for Isabel’s hand lovingly caressing it reminding her how much she means to Alex.

“Don’t make me get all sappy Alex,” Kyle states.

Michael changes the mood, “Hey let’s not forget about the great food fights we’ve had.”

“Not to mention all the great food Michael has made for us,” Kyle says rubbing his stomach appreciatively.

“Definitely. I think Michael has a future as a great chef and as my best friend,” Alex says putting his arm around his brother in law.

“Suck up,” Kyle replies.

“Damn straight, besides it’s the truth. He’s an awesome cook,” Alex says.

“You’ll get no argument out of me or Charles,” comments Phillip.

“Men, all they can think about most of the time is food,” Diane sighs amused by Phillip’s comments.

“Well, I wouldn’t say it’s just limited to food,” Amy says blushing.

“Oh Mom, I’m going to pretend I did not just hear that,” Maria says with her hands over her ears. Kyle does like wise.

“Hey you guys aren’t the only newlyweds in the group, you know,” teases Amy.

“It’s been an amazing ride with aliens in our lives,” Alex smiles.

“Yeah, I know we’ve done our share to improve alien human relations,” jokes Maria.

“Well, we do what we can,” teases Mystic.

“Where do we go from here? We’ve done so much and we’re just eighteen years old,” Liz says in reflection to no one in particular.

“We go on with our lives. We love and take care of our families and friends. We will go to college and help others of our kind do well in the world building lives and answering their own destinies, wherever they might lead,” Max says.

“There is one more thing. Always heed the words of a very wise woman, my grandma Claudia, listen to your heart and let it guide you to your true destiny, no matter who or wherever it may lead,” Liz says thinking of her Grandma Claudia’s words to her long ago. “Thank you Grandma Claudia wherever you are,” Liz says silently giving thanks for the words of wisdom that rang true for Liz and her soul mate Max. Their love guided their friends and families and brought them all much love and happiness all because…a boy loved a girl, and she never let him take a step back from their destiny.

The End

Thank you for reading and sharing the journey with me. I have read all the posted feed back that many of you left for me and I’m grateful for each and every comment you’ve shared with me. Lurkers, thank you as well for taking time to read. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey along the way.
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