Loves Awakening RevealedII AU,CC,ADULT COMPLETE P.7, 19 Nov

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Loves Awakening RevealedII AU,CC,ADULT COMPLETE P.7, 19 Nov

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Aug 07, 2004 8:37 am

Title: Loves Awakening Revealed II or L.A.R. II

Author: NorafanofMaxandLiz

Rating: ADULT

Category: AU/CC= M/L, M/M, A/I, K/M

Disclaimer: I sadly, do not own the rights to Roswell. It belongs to 20th Century Fox, UPN, WB, Jason Katims, and Melinda Metz. I’m only borrowing the characters. I promise to treat them infinitely better and make them happy.

Summary: This story takes off were “Loves Awakening Revealed” ended. My couples are all rock solid and bonded mates, as it were. This group has shared so much in their absence from Roswell. They truly have become a family of friends, and truly are united as such. This story is laced with lots of humor and friendly family banter amongst our gang, as was its predecessor Loves Awakening Revealed. If you love angsty stuff you probably won’t like this story. Both stories are dreamer centered but do embrace candies, stargazers, and earth movers (Kyle and Mystic). They all are very much apart of the story and not side notes. Their alien enemies defeat is now behind them. Our gang is free to live their lives. Problem is, how to exactly do that with them being who they are and what they can do. They struggle at finding their own normal, especially Max and Liz who are now married and expecting twins.


The gang has just defeated their alien enemy Smitak. They will now take a much needed break. The ‘Destined Ones’ have decided that a much needed road trip is in order. They will go to Albuquerque New Mexico to visit Maria’s mom, which should be anything but boring.

Part 1

“Hey, can somebody please tell me why Max and Liz get their own SUV to drive; while the remaining six of us ride in this SUV?” asks an irritated Kyle.

“You haven’t figured that part out yet? Kyle, they pulled rank on us. Cal only rented two vehicles so we have to share. There are privileges that come with rank as leaders of
‘The Destined Ones’, plus they’re Max and Liz. Do you really think any of us need to see their mutual groping going on? No thanks; what my brother and his wife do are none of my business. I’m perfectly happy in my blissful ignorance,” says Michael.

“Amen to that,” says Isabel.

“I couldn’t agree more. Kyle, since when do you complain about being close to me? Now think carefully before you answer,” adds Mystic.

“Me, complain about being close to you, never. I could stand for us to be even closer, but I think there’s entirely too many here for that to happen,” replies a grinning Kyle.

“Don’t start that Kyle, or I’ll make you get out of the SUV and walk to Albuquerque,” warns Maria.

“Listen to her, Kyle. She is ornery enough to make good on her threat,” Michael smiles at Maria’s feisty spirit.

“Play nice now guys. Princess, are they bothering your concentration at driving?” asks Alex.

“No, nothing I’m not used to with Michael,” smirks Isabel glancing into the rearview mirror back at Michael giving him a big grin. “Brother dear, Alex is right. Don’t make me pull over this SUV,” glares Isabel.

“Chill Iz, and just drive okay,” states Michael not wanting to ruffle her feathers any further.

“Isabel, can we stop ahead at the nearest convenience store and bathroom? I really need to…you know”, pleads Maria. “Please, I’ll get you some Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, my treat”, smiles Maria.

“Chunky Monkey, huh? Well, okay. Kyle, keep your mitts off my Chunky Money and we’ll be just fine. Got it?” states Isabel. She remembers their first skirmish over Chunky Monkey, when Kyle ran into Mystic trying to play keep away from Isabel.

“Sure no problem Isabel, I come in peace,” quips Kyle. “Besides, Chunky Monkey has been good to me. It’s how I first met Mystic. We could get some ice cream. What flavors do you like?” asks Kyle.

“That’s sweet Kyle. You remembered. This time no playing keep away with the ice cream from the girls, okay Kyle? I’m not sure what flavor. I love Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. I love combining cherry ice cream and chocolate. Do you like Cherry ice cream, Kyle? I might be persuaded to share if you behave,” teases Mystic playfully stroking his arm with her hand. “That’s assuming you like cherry don’t you?” adds Mystic knowing full well she’s really getting to him with this teasing.

“I…I…Love cherry. I mean, I love cherry flavored ice cream and chocolate is the perfect food in my opinion. So yeah, I’d love some of your…cherry, ice cream with chocolate,” Kyle blushes and offers a heated stare as he studies her face. He then kisses her unable to resist.

“Alright! Get a room,” teases Maria.

“Yeah, Kyle you’re our friend and part of this family, but please one Liz and Max is bad enough. I do have to concentrate on my driving. I do not want to look into the rearview mirror and wreck the SUV because of the horror or shock at what I see, okay,” states Isabel in a very stern voice that makes everyone jump.

“You’re no fun. Do you know that, Isabel?” jokes Kyle trying to lighten the moment.

“Hey, then explain Alex’s nickname then, Mr. One Shoe, if Isabel is no fun,” says Maria trying to defend Isabel and shoot down Kyle’s comment at the same time.

“Maria, I don’t need your help but thanks anyways, Chica,” smiles Isabel.

“I know you can handle Kyle. I just wanted him to know that we girls have each others backs, so be warned Kyle,” states Maria with an evil smile.

“Michael, are you sure you didn’t piss her off slightly before we started on this what 4 or 5 hour drive to Albuquerque?” asks Kyle.

“Nope, I’m learning and beginning to know better,” smirks Michael.

“That’s not what’s bugging Maria. She’s nervous about seeing her mother again. They have a unique relationship her and Amy. Both are great ladies, but you know what I mean,” says a cryptic Alex.

“I know just what you mean I’ve been around Amy a lot since dating Maria. Amy’s okay but she knows how to scare the crap out of a guy in a hurry when she wants too,” states Michael in a serious tone.

“So you’re saying Maria’s a lot like her mother then,” deadpans Kyle.

“Yeah,” answers Michael and Alex simultaneously.

“Hello, I’m still here and I heard every word Spaceboy and Alex. Just remember you guys both have to sleep sometime,” laughs Maria.

“Maria, don’t be mad. We didn’t mean anything bad by it. Hey, why isn’t Kyle in here with the groveling?” asks Alex.

“You’re right. Kyle you made the comment. You’re buying us all ice cream at the store. Blondie, get as many flavors as you like, it’s on Kyle. Right buddy?” says Michael waiting for Kyle’s confirmation. Michael gives him a glare.

“What? Hell no!” Protests Kyle. Then he remembers helping himself to a twenty dollar bill out of Michael’s wallet to give the pizza delivery guy a tip. Kyle pouts and then surrenders. “Oh, like I can really protest against Mr. Master Blaster here”, says Kyle pointing at Michael. “or with any of you girls here, who could kick any man’s ass seven ways to Sunday and that’s without the powers. Yeah, sure the ice cream is on me. Be kind, I’m not an ATM machine you know,” sulks Kyle.

“Kyle, don’t pout. Remember I’ll share my cherry and chocolate ice cream with you,” winks Mystic offering a gentle squeeze of his thigh. Kyle smiles and forgets all about why he was pouting.

“Hey, can one of you guys, teleconference Max and Liz that we’ll be stopping at the next convenience store up ahead. Oh, and Kyle’s buying ice cream for us,” smiles Isabel. “I’d do it but I’m driving,” states Isabel who loves being in control.

“Women drivers, go figure,” says Kyle.

“Man, don’t you know you’re only digging yourself in deeper with the girls. Not a good plan, if you know what I mean,” admonishes Michael.

“I’ll teleconference Max and Liz,” volunteers Maria.

“You’re brave. Maria are you sure you want to interrupt whatever thoughts are running through their minds?” jokes Mystic.

“Oh no, I can’t believe this… they’re… well you know…making out, parked on the side of the road by the convenience store waiting for us already. Gees, we can’t go anywhere without those two all over each other,” says Maria blushing.

“See. You are brave to teleconference them. That’ll teach us to interrupt them. Maybe next time, do it the boring way. Just use your cell phone,” offers Mystic.

“Max, you’re so bad. You let Maria know that we were making out. Although, that’s probably the shortest conversation with Maria either of us ever had in the history of talking to Maria, telepathically or not,” laughs Liz.

“Babe, you know I make no apologies for loving you. Maria and the gang will learn not to interrupt us one way or another. This is our honeymoon, and, we are who we are with each other no matter what,” says an unapologetic Max. “Now where were we, oh yeah, I think we were just about here,” says Max looking to her eyes. Max then shifts his focus to her lips. He gently joins her lips with his as they melt into each other by the sheer passion infused kiss. Max breaks of the kiss only for much need breath of air to fill his lungs. “Your vision told us that the others would want to stop here at this store for ice cream and bathroom breaks. That’s a handy power to have Liz. It’s great to steal away some much needed couple time alone, away from the others,” smiles Max pulling Liz closer to him for another kiss.

“They are going to think we’ve been here ravaging each other by the side of the….”says Liz at a loss for words at the moment.

“Like two horny teenagers out of control and without parental supervision,” teases Max.

“Yeah, like that,” laughs Liz.

“Liz, Honey, we are two horny teenagers out of control and without parental supervision. Only better, we are very much in love, married, and on our honeymoon. It’s safe to say our parents know. Plus as far as parental supervision goes, we are going to be parents so that’s all covered.
Liz, do not worry about what the others think. If you really don’t want to look ravaged I’ll use my powers to straighten us both up when they get here. That’ll make them wonder why we don’t look like what we’ve been doing. You know that’ll just drive Maria crazy with questions,” smiles Max.

“Max, why are we wasting quality time talking? They’ll be here in about ten minutes, is my guess. I know ten minutes is not a lot of time but we could still make out before they get here; or save it for later when we can have more privacy and take full advantage of being along together,” suggests Liz. Max and Liz make out for 5 more minutes and decide they’d better stop now.

“Liz as much as I love doing this I can’t do this here, like this. Maybe we should make ourselves presentable and shock the gang by already being inside the store when they get here. I don’t know about you, but I need something cold to cool me off ASAP, or public view be damned,” says Max.

“Oh now how is that supposed to calm me down when you say stuff like that. Don’t temp me Max. Whatever happened to us being too shy to even look at each other and admit we had feelings for each other? Look at us now; we are complete opposites of that now. It’s all I can do to keep from ripping the clothes right off of you Max. You're right; I need something cold to help cool me off. Babe, did we work out sleeping arrangements while we’re in Albuquerque?” asks Liz. Max waves his had over Liz, removing all traces of their passionate make out session.

Max starts to do the same to himself and Liz stops him. “Don’t you dare? I’m responsible for your ravaged look and I should be the one to fix the damage. Liz waves her hand over Max’s face, hair, and shirt restoring his handsome appearance. Liz looks down at Max’s obvious evidence that isn’t so easily erased. Uh…Babe, I can’t fix that right now,” smiles a sheepish Liz.

“You have always had that affect on me. Why do you think I wore all those shirts untucked and wore those loose sweaters?” admits Max.

“Really, I just thought you liked the relaxed look. Little did I know you were anything but relaxed. Babe, as much as I hate to say this we’ll definitely have to continue this later,” says Liz giving him a sweet brief kiss. “Come on Max we’d better get in the store before we embarrass ourselves out here,” smiles Liz seductively. Max clears his throat and runs a hand through his raven dark brown hair. He pulls away from Liz and opens his car door and walks around to her side of the car. He opens Liz’s door.

“Let’s go see what we can find that is appetizing and cold, really cold,” smirks Max. Liz takes his outstretched hand in hers and they walk into the store. They instantly find the freezer section of the store and locate the ice cream.

“Max look, Ben and Jerry’s has a new flavor,” Liz smiles and reaches for the new flavor in question.

“Really? Hmm. Karamel Sutra. Oh we are getting this one definitely,” laughs Max. “How many of those do they have there? Hey, I’m just planning ahead. Liz, do you see any other flavors you’d like to get?” asks Max staring at the glass case of the freezer reading the different names.

Liz can’t resist a lustful glance at him. “Yeah, I see something I’d like, but I think I’ll have to wait until later,” Liz sighs.

“Babe, you can get whichever one you want,” says Max unaware that Liz is not talking about the ice cream. Max turns to face her to see her eyes riveted on him. Her stare is practically volcanic filled with intense heat of sensual desire. Liz looks him down and up settling on his magnetic amber eyes. His eyes return the same level of barely contained desire. Their control diminishes more by each painstaking second that goes by.

“You know what I really want, right now at this very moment? It’s you. You’re what I want and what I need. We are no where near Albuquerque or any hotel; instead, we are in this damn convenience store picking out ice cream. Tell me this is just me feeling like this Max?” says Liz.

“Liz, believe me the feeling is more than mutual. We can’t…We’ll have to wait until later,” says a disappointed Max.

“Max, I really feel like I can’t wait. I have an idea; I’ll ask the convenience store guy for the key to the restroom. You can buy the ice cream and meet me there,” grins Liz feeling a slight sheen of sweat forming on her face. “Hurry Max,” says Liz. She gives him a quick kiss as she walks with purposeful steps up to the clerk behind the counter and asks for keys to the ladies room. She looks over her shoulder back at Max and mouths to Max ‘I love you’. Max follows behind two minutes later. He quickly pays for their ice cream and picks up two prepackaged spoons on the counter. Max exits and tries to act casual as he looks around and then turns the corner to the restrooms. He breaks into a full out sprint to join her.

“Liz, I can’t believe were even thinking about christening a convenience store restroom. Are you sure about this? I don’t want to make you think you have to because of earlier. I can wait until we can be somewhere more private, comfortable, and less likely for interruptions. Like a nice hotel room to ourselves,” says Max trying desperately to keep from making love to her in restroom and fighting his own urges to comply. “Babe, I know everyone gives us bad time about not being able to keep our hands off of each other, which is true we can’t,” smiles Max. This feels different to me. I can sense it coming from you too. Are you feeling alright? What about the twins?” asks a concerned Max.

“I don’t know what’s going on with me…with us right now. I have a feeling this goes back to something Arianna told us when we first told her about the pregnancy. Remember when she said it was very important that we be able to spend a lot of time together and that it would be important for the babies. She never would get specific when I tried to prod more information out from her. I think this is what she meant, but didn’t come right out and tell us. She did tell me it was normal to have these changes and to need to spend more time with you. I just didn’t realize this was what she was trying to suggest. Max, if our family thinks we were bad before, something tells me we are going to be down right scandalous now. I think this has to do with the physical and hormonal changes going on with me and probably for the twins as well,” theorizes Liz. “This is sort of weird and yet it isn’t. I hope this doesn’t freak you out Max. Honey, talk to me. Maybe you’d better sit down,” Liz’s voice full of concern for him. Max covers his face with his hands, and runs his hands through his hair.

“Babe, I’m not freaking out. This is like every guys fantasy. I’m not freaked. Are you kidding? I love being with you and making love to you. This is not a burden for me, believe me. It just means things could get really strange if many hours pass between our lovemaking sessions,” laughs Max. “If Kyle envied me before about how we are all the time, he’s going to completely go off the wall when he hears about this. I have a feeling Mystic will be very busy,” Max laughs with Liz joining in with him.

“Max you are so bad. That’s just part of why I love you so much. I love hearing and seeing you laugh. I for one want to make you one very loved, wanted, desired and extremely happy man/alien co-leader, and in the near future, father. Oh and you know I love the alien caveman side of you, that’s a keeper,” smiles Liz.

“Liz, did you hear that. Oh no. I hear Maria and Isabel’s voices. Leave it to Maria and my dear sister to show up when we don’t need them too,” says Max smiling and shaking his head. “We are talking to the others and telling them that we are finding a hotel ASAP as soon as we hit Albuquerque,” states Max. Max’s cell phone rings. Max looks at the display. “It’s Cal. What’s up Cal? Oh calm down we are all okay. We pulled off up ahead so everyone could meet up and take a break and get snacks. Okay, stay here? You’ll be here in ten minutes? Okay see ya then Cal, bye,” says Max. “He’s not too happy we pulled off without him knowing about it. Cal was worried that there was a problem that one of us was hurt or injured. Cal said for us to all wait. He’s really into this whole protector role. Damn, I should have asked if he had any ideas for hotels in Albuquerque for us to stay at. Oh well, he’ll be here soon enough. I suppose we should go and join the others before they form a search party for us,” teases Max.

“They would form a search party for us. I can just see them all in a panic. Not good. God help the person that gives Isabel or Maria attitude, not to mention Michael,” smirks Liz. “Yeah, we’d better get out there before they blast something,” jokes Max.

“Let’s hope they don’t catch us coming out of the restroom together. Oh by the way, you are so getting lucky later Babe,” says Liz.

“I wouldn’t worry about them. If I were you I’d be worried about me later,” smirks Max.

“Careful there Mr. Evans, I plan to hold you to your word,” smiles Liz.

“Promise?” says Max.

“Of course, don’t I always make good on my promises to you? I mean you don’t have any complaints do you Max?”

“Never. You take great care of me, Babe,” says Max.

“Max, don’t forget to bring the ice cream and spoons. I still could use something cold to cool me down,” smiles Liz.

“Yes, I agree. I have this hot wife I can’t wait to get alone, other than in a restroom. I will definitely eat my share of the ice cream,” smiles Max.

“Good, you will need to keep your strength up for later,” replies Liz. They take a deep breath to brace themselves for knowing questions as to their whereabouts, and take each others hand. Together they open the door at the same time Maria was about to knock on the door needing to use the bathroom herself.

“Why am I not surprised? Since, you two weren’t in the store and your SUV is empty parked out front. Is it at least safe to use the toilet, and do I really want to know about the sink? The floor is just too disgusting to even think about,” comments Maria trying to make them feel uncomfortable. “Don’t worry, it’s not the first time I’ve caught you too going at it like two bunnies. Your secret is safe with me. Now just get out of my way before I blast you both. I’ve been holding it for the last five long bumpy miles,” states a determined Maria.

Max and Liz just stare at Maria in shock as she pushes her way past them, not expecting or waiting around for an answer. “Can you believe Maria saying that to us Liz?” asks Max.

“Actually, yes I can. I’ve known Maria longer than you have. She’s impulsive and impressive as a firecracker. Yep, that’s one of my two Chica’s. The other is Isabel. I know I don’t need to explain your sister to you Max,” smiles Liz.

“No need for explanation where Isabel is concerned,” states Max. Liz looks at Max with wide eyes and begins to giggle and point behind him.

“What did you mean by, ‘No need for explanation where Isabel is concerned,’ Max, hmm? I’m waiting,” says Isabel stamping her foot. Max looks at Liz and telepaths ‘Help me, Babe.’

‘Of course Max, no problem,’ telepaths Liz with practiced ease. “Isabel, I’m glad you’re here. Did you know of any hotels we could stay at in Albuquerque? Oh and you should see the Ben and Jerry’s selection at this store. It’s worth putting on the map. They have all of our favorites in there. Come on, let’s all go inside and I’ll help you find some, Isabel. You’ll need something for your headache too no doubt from driving and refereeing the guys,” says Liz showing her sister-in-law and good friend some concern.

“You mean they make an industrial strength over-the-counter headache reliever that is Michael Guerin tested and proven. Now that’s worth putting on the map,” grins Isabel breaking into laughter.

“Okay, Chicas what did I miss? What is this about Michael Guerin proof road tested head ache pain reliever? Do they have any left? I need some guys, please. I’m begging. I do love Michael that goes without saying. But that man can be so infuriating. I could just…just crush him like a bug. You both know what I mean,” says Maria innocently.

“Here, take the big one since he’s your bonded mate. You need the really big one more than I do. I love my brothers, really I do. But you know there are times I could just slap them both up side the head,” says Isabel. “Family, what can you do?” Shrugs Isabel. “Maria, my dear Chica, you are involved with the most difficult of my two brothers, you are a saint. He should worship the ground you walk on,” says Isabel.

“He does. I’ve worked on him. It hasn’t been easy, but he’s learning. Plus he’s Michael, so any movement toward progress is a victory. I love the big lug, so what do I know. He’s not all that bad. Obviously since I’m in it for the long haul with him now,” says Maria getting that dreamy faraway look in her eyes daydreaming about Michael no doubt.

Everyone regroups out front of the store standing by their SUVs. As if on queue, Cal pulls up in his blue car. “Hi everyone, nice to see that you are all present and accounted for. Now, that everyone’s refueled with snacks and answered nature’s call, let’s get going. I’d like to get everyone checked in at the hotel. I’ve reserved some rooms for us. Don’t worry; all couples will each have their own room.”

After driving several hours they finally see the ‘Welcome to Albuquerque sign’ and let out a shout. “Yes! We are finally here,” shouts several of them in the crowded SUV. Let’s see where Max and Liz go first; do they go to the hotel or out to dinner first?” says Kyle as if this is some deep intellectual puzzle.

“No way, they’ll go straight to the hotel. You wanna make a wager on this Kyle,” says Michael feeling very sure of himself knowing his brother and sister in law.

“A wager. Oh no you two, don’t you two start this again,” exclaims Isabel raising her hands in surrender.

“Princess, come on don’t be down on Kyle, Michael and me,” soothes Alex bows his head shamefully hoping he’s not in too much trouble with Isabel.

“You mean you want in on this wager, too Alex? I give up. Go ahead since you’ll do it anyways. Men! They’ll never learn,” says Isabel turning to Maria and Mystic for their support. She’s not disappointed with their support.

“You go girl,” says Maria.

“You tell them Iz,” says Mystic as all three girls seem to team up on their guys.

“Uh…Guys is it me or do they look like they have teamed up to face off with us,” says Kyle getting nervous looking at the girls faces and cocky smiles and winks back and forth at each other.

“Oh boy, why is it I feel like we are out gunned before we even get a chance to draw?” asks Alex rhetorically.

“Oh come on you two, are you men or are you mice?” asks Michael trying to be macho.

“That depends…how do you feel about cheese? I’m partial to Colby Jack myself,” smirks Kyle.

“What a bunch of wussies,” states Michael.

“Oh yeah, drink some beer and then lets see who the real men are?” defends Kyle.

“Ah Kyle, hybrids can’t have alcohol. No telling how it will affect them. Now that probably includes us since we changed by bonding with the girls,” theorizes Alex. “Well, except for Michael and Max but they were acting weird before the bonding and now Max and Liz are always all over each other. Michael, you’re…well your a little better; but your still you, dude. You are a difficult stubborn pain in the ass, but that’s all part of your charm isn’t it,” states Alex with a sarcastic smile.

“Alright, stop this before we have to blast some of your favorite parts,” states an icy Isabel. All three guys freeze in mid sentence and look at Isabel, drop their eyes and apologize just like three guilty little boys getting scolded.

“Were sorry Isabel,” uttered by each of them as their words overlap the others resulting in a mumbling sound.

“Apology accepted. Now be nice, I don’t want to have to referee everything you guys do,” says Isabel.

“Well, are you guys done betting, or are you just going to bicker about it like a bunch of girls,” says Mystic.

“No, we didn’t get to the actual betting part. How much time do we have before we get to the hotel?” asks Kyle.

“It looks like about five minutes, give or take judging from the sign we just passed,” states Maria.

“Well, I think we’d better place our bets now or not at all. Max and Liz will be making their choice soon. So, ante up people,” says Alex.

“Alex, I can’t believe you are going to do this. Fine! Here’s twenty dollars to put my bet on the hotel as Max and Liz’s choice,” says Isabel.

“Isabel!” shrieks Maria.

“What? If you can’t beat them, join them,” says Isabel smugly then gives a wink.

*************************To Be Continued***********************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II Part 2 M/L ADULT Aug.20 04

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Fri Aug 20, 2004 4:57 pm

Hi all,

I hope it’s okay if I post a day early? It’s a week or so late, but that was beyond my control. I’m just so happy that Heidi and Wendy, wonderful cyber Goddess’s that they are got the board back up and on a new host. Thanks Ladies you rock. I supposed I can take off the straight jacket now, huh? Okay, well I missed all of you. So I’m hoping I’ll get to hear from all of you about this new part. I had some trouble. I did finally succumb to a bit of writers block, but I found some inspiration that helped me get through it. Thank goodness to inspiration and wherever we may find it. So, welcome back everyone. I look forward to your comments as usual. Take care, and thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts with me. You all rock!!

Ash_maxliz- Hi Ash! Welcome to the sequel. When you finish reading it let me know what you think. I’m loving your story by the way.

Ansleyrocks- Hi Ansley! Thanks for stopping by to read the sequel. Yeah, you know Amy; she’s such a ball of nerves and energy. Sounds a little like Maria do you think? Hmm. Family trait? I think so. Boy if Michael and Maria have a family someday, God help him if he has any daughters. LOL!!

LoveIsForever- Hi! I was sorry to learn that you were ill. Yuck! Stomach flu is no fun. Now it’s been like a week and a half since I posted this sequel. I’m hoping your feeling much better now. I’m looking forward to your feed back on this sequel when you get the chance. Take care and let me know what you think.

Biged- Hi Edgar. Welcome to the sequel. Yeah, well Isabel just can’t resist the chance to teach the guys a lesson in particular her brother Michael. Max of course is too smart to get involved with this stuff. Liz however, feels the need to offer a helping hand with things when she can. Again, most of the guys are clueless as to the girls being calculated in getting the guys to do what they want them to either to teach them a lesson, or just because well, they’re women and it’s their duty. LOL!! It’s a one of those woman things.. Hey, not that we don’t love the guys, we do. Hey, everyone needs a hobby right. LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by, reading and leaving feedback. I appreciate each and every bit of feedback I get. Thanks so much.

roswellian504- Hey Girl! Welcome! Yep, it’s beginning. Oh boy does it ever. You’ll understand once I post the next part. LOL!!! Let me know what you think, okay?

roswellluver- My Isabel crack the whip with the guys? Nah? Well, the guys do sometimes need it. Somebody’s got to crack the whip with the guys in certain situations, especially if there’s food involved or Alex’s case food or computers. LOL!!! Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll like the new part. Let me know what you think of it.

AKJ001- Hi thanks! I’m glad you liked part 1. Well I’m about to post part two. I would have posted it on my usual Saturday but that’s okay. I’m just happy to have fanatics back. It’s like my second home. Well, let me know what you think of this new part. Take care and have a great weekend.

Loves Awakening Revealed II

Part 2

“Isabel, I think driving this trip is really getting to you. Guys, Isabel is tired. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. Poor Isabel is delirious,” says Mystic with concern. Mystic faces Isabel with her back to the guys and gives her a wink. The three girls open a teleconference link to include Liz and Max, and exclude the three guys. Kyle, Alex, and Michael have no idea and aren’t paying attention to the girls as they quickly place their bets.

‘Liz, where are you and Max headed once we hit town?’ asks Isabel innocently.

‘Well, we were thinking of finding a fast food drive through, and then go to our hotel. Oh by the way, do not disturb us unless someone’s blood is being shed, okay,’ teases Liz.

‘Okay, I’ll tell the others, not to worry. Have fun. Bye,’ says Isabel

‘Isabel, are the guys betting on where we’ll go first?’ asks Liz.

‘Yes, the bet is to see if you two will go back to the hotel first or go in and eat at a restaurant,’ informs Isabel.

‘Okay, well let’s say we win you some shopping money,’ offers Liz.

‘Spill it girlfriend, we want to know,’ says Maria.

‘Tell the guys you want to change your bets. They’ll protest. Tell them that you’re not betting on either choice of what we do first, going to the hotel or going to eat in a restaurant. Explain to them that they can change their bets if they want. They won’t of course; thinking they know best and being suspicious of your intentions,’ states Liz filling them in quickly.

‘So how is this going to win shopping money off of the guys?’ asks Mystic.

‘Easy. We are going to use the drive thru and not got in to eat, then we’ll go to our hotel room. See if you bet on the hotel or just the restaurant you’d loose on both counts. We aren’t eating in the restaurant; we’re taking drive thru and then going to the hotel. See it’s shopping money here you come,’ giggles Liz.

‘Liz, you are truly wicked. I’m proud to have you as my sister in law,’ laughs Isabel.

‘Chica you are brilliantly evil and sneaky. Thanks Liz for helping me with my wardrobe building power. We’ll talk tomorrow sometime from the sounds of your evening plans. Have fun and do let Max eat and get some rest…at some point okay,’ jokes Maria.

‘Maria! Of course I will. Not to worry. Max is in good hands,’ smiles Liz.

‘Liz, I can live without the visuals of you and my brother. I have enough nightmares okay,’ teases Isabel.

Mystic giggles through her connection, ‘Oh man, I just had a funny thought. Ah…Liz don’t be mad but you might want to make sure to either super size your drive thru order or make sure the hotel has room service. We wouldn’t want either of you to loose consciousness from lack of food,’ teases Mystic.

‘It’s official she’s definitely Kyle’s bonded mate, that sounds like something he’d say. This is scary you and Kyle are starting to sound alike. Careful, you’ll wind up like Max and I. Oh I got to go. Max knows I’m teleconferencing to you three and he wants to know what’s up. He’ll laugh at what were up to. He won’t spill the beans. Okay you know what to do. Follow us and let it all play out and make the guys pay. Remember, learning can be fun and even profitable,’ jokes Liz.

‘Okay, let’s see what happens with the guys. Talk to you two tomorrow, bye,’ says Isabel. The girls face the guys.

“Can we change our bets? We are having second thoughts about doing this,” says Maria.

“No! Of course not. Why? Which choice were you going to change your bet on?” asks a curious Kyle.

“Oh we weren’t going to bet on either of those choices,” states Mystic.

“Neither of those choices, huh?” says Michael intrigued contemplating the winnings being bigger with the girls money thrown in to the bet.

“Alex, what do you say? Should we let them change their bets?” asks Kyle.

“Sure, why not. There’s still time,” smiles Alex.

“Sure we’ll let you change your bets. So ladies, ante up and what’s your bet. Wow! All three of you are picking neither. So that’s a no on Max and Liz eating in a restaurant and no on them going to the hotel first. Okay, that’s an interesting choice, but hey it’s your bet and I’m not about to stand in our women’s way of their right to bet. I value my life thank you very much. Great, now that all bets have been taken, let’s sit back and see what Max and Liz do. Let’s follow them okay Isabel,” suggests Kyle.

“I’m on it Kyle,” says Isabel slowing and preparing to negotiate a turn.

“We are approaching an intersection let’s see,” grins a hopeful Michael.

“Oh no, they’re turning towards the main strip. Look guys,” says Isabel.

“Calm down, maybe the hotel is down the strip?” suggests Kyle.

“Hey, I think they just passed our hotel. Crap! Pay up guys,” sighs Alex.

“No, that wasn’t our hotel. Yes, we’re still in this,” says Kyle.

“Maybe not, Kyle, there goes our hotel. Max and Liz drove right passed it. Unless they’re lost or misread the directions to the hotel,” shrugs Mystic.

“What are they doing? Look, Max is making a u turn at that light up ahead,” grins Michael.

“They’re heading back in the direction of the hotels they already passed. It’s not over yet,” says Maria.

“What? No, Max what are you doing?” exclaims Isabel with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Max just turned into Wendy’s Restaurant. Please go in and eat. What no… They can’t do that. They can’t use the drive thru. That’s it, I’m out,” says Alex hanging his head in defeat.

“Why did you go with them eating in the restaurant first?” asks Maria.

“Hey, you know me. I had to go with food,” says Alex rubbing his stomach.

“Yes!” Kyle and Michael shout and high five each other.

“They didn’t go in to eat so we’re still in this right?” asks Kyle.

“Nope! Sorry guys. They didn’t go inside the restaurant to eat, they chose the drive thru. Max and Liz also passed the hotel choosing to grab a bite first. You guys lost on both counts. The neither bet wins. Winners take all,” smiles Isabel sweetly.

“I’d watch out for Isabel, Alex. Remember you’re sleeping with the enemy,” says Michael pouting and loudly complaining about this bet and the wisdom of letting the girls change their bets.

“Michael, do I need to remind you who you sleep with, none other than the fiery hurricane Deluca, my best friend. Even I’m smart enough not to go up against her. I’ve seen her in action way too many times over the years. It’s safest to respect her wrath and behave yourself,” says Alex offering Michael a pearl of wisdom about Maria.

“Listen to Alex, he’s teaching you something here, Spaceboy. Make nice and it’s all right. You fight, sleep on the floor alone tonight,” says Maria.

“Good one Maria, I like that phrase. Can I use that too? It even rhymes. You’re on top of your game tonight, girlfriend. Sorry Michael,” smirks Mystic.

“Isabel, why is it I have the feeling there’s a conspiracy here bigger than the X files going on in this bet?” asks Alex as he looks over Isabel suspiciously.

“Alex, Sweetie, of course not, we just got lucky,” says Isabel sending Alex a smoldering smile just for him.

“Pay up gentlemen,” says Mystic with her hand face up and outstretched. “Thank you, it’s been a pleasure. I for one would love to thank you on behalf of the girls here for the micro mini shopping spree you guys just graciously sponsored for the three of us,” smiles Mystic patiently waiting for each share of their winnings to be counted out correctly.

“Let’s go find someplace to eat, and then go meet back up with Max and Liz,” suggests Alex.

“Oh I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Max and Liz want to be alone and not see any of us until probably late tomorrow morning or later. I’d call them first,” blurts Isabel.


“What? We won the bet fair and square I swear,” says Isabel with her fingers crossed behind her back. Isabel opens her connection to the other two girls asking one of them to contact Liz telepathically and let her know the guys can’t know we sort of rigged the bet. Maria and Mystic make eye contact and casually nod when everyone is distracted laughing at something funny Kyle said.

‘Do you think we should tell them we rigged the bet?’ asks Maria contemplating that for about a nano second. ‘On second thought, with what we have to put up with, consider this hazard pay,’ says Maria.

Max and Liz have just been shown to their honeymoon suite. They look around in amazement. The bell boy brings in their luggage. Max tips him and he shuts the door and locks it. Max then uses his powers to seal the door from all who dare to attempt to enter.

“Why Mr. Evans, just what are your intentions sealing me in this honeymoon suite with you?” asks Liz batting her eyelashes.

“Oh my motives are pure as the driven snow. I plan on seducing my wife and repeatedly make love to her until morning. Why, what other motives or reasons could I have for sealing our door?” asks Max with a straight face and innocent look on his handsome face.

“My, and to think you’re so shy and innocent. That’s quite an act you have there. Ever think of acting?” asks Liz.

“No, I never act with you. Even before we got together Liz, I wasn’t very good at hiding my feelings for you. Michael and Isabel would always tease me about it. You know it’s always been the real thing with us. I’m happy to prove it to you,” says Max walking toward her with such passion and love reflected in his eyes. He scoops her up in his arms and carries her into the formal honeymoon bedroom part of the suite and lowers her to the bed.

“This is a beautiful suite. I thought we’d never get here,” says Liz. Max’s eyes lock with Liz’s. He moves his focus to her lips as they create a passionate kiss of love and longing that over takes them. They forget all about their food as it sits getting cold on the coffee table. Their frenzied hands move in tandem to remove the unwanted clothing.

“Max, help me with all these little buttons on your shirt before I give up and rip them off, or rip your shirt to shreds in the process. That reminds me, I hope I packed enough extra shirts for you. I can get a little too impatient and ah, get carried away,” blushes Liz.

“Mrs. Evans, I do believe there was promise I mentioned earlier. What would you like to do first?”

“Well, I really hate to say this because it’s not what I really want to do right now, but the twins seem to want to eat first,” states Liz with a slight frustration in her voice.

“You should eat then. I’m not going to deprive my children of anything, especially not food when they are hungry. Come, sit with me and we can eat…first. Then after that guys, I have dibs on Mommy okay,” says Max. He gently touches Liz’s stomach and smiles.

“I think we feel better now, thanks Babe. The twins get a little demanding when they are hungry. I have a feeling that isn’t going to change once they arrive either,” Liz says with a tinge of regret in her voice. Regretting any intrusions on her and Max’s sanctuary they find only available in each others arms. “Max, you know once the twins do arrive they’ll be interrupting our couple time a lot and that sort of makes me sad to think about. We can just never get enough of each other. With the twins being two incredibly sweet beautiful healthy babies, that we know will be, it’s going to really put a damper on our being together. I’m so used to our time together that I can’t even imagine not always having this,” says Liz tearfully.

“Our lives will definitely change once the twins arrive. We are in this together, Liz. Both of us will be there to care for the twins plus our families will want to pitch in too. I guess that’s a good reason to take full advantage of the time we have now. We will find a way to make time for just us, even after the twins get here. Remember we have access to our own pool of Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents vying to watch and spoil them. All we have to do is say the word and they’ll be more than happy to do that so we can get away and have our couple time. Consider it this aliens mission in life to make sure to spend alone time with my beautiful wife. Even if I have to abduct you myself,” Max smiles and seals his promise with a kiss.

“Oh so you’re thinking you might want to abduct me, huh. Well, there’s no time like the present. Practice makes perfect, Max. So are you going to torture me to make me talk, or strap me down and experiment on me first?” asks Liz with a heated stare undressing him with her longing gaze.

“Babe, that sounded an awful lot like a challenge. You’re playing with fire here. Don’t start anything you aren’t going to be able to finish until tomorrow morning sometime,” says Max with a sexy grin.

“Oh now who’s challenging whom, Max? I think I need to take up that challenge on the behalf of all women kind and prove you wrong,” says Liz with a mixture of defiance and desire.

“Just what are you saying Liz?” with confusion written all over his handsome face.

“Max is there a room service menu on the table?” asks Liz.

“Uh, yeah on the table,” says Max scratching his head even more confused to Liz’s train of thought.

“Why don’t you unpack and I’ll just take care of something with room service,” smiles Liz. She quickly blocks their connection to keep Max from finding out what surprise she has in mind for him until she’s ready to implement her form of alien torture on him. Liz talks to room service putting in her requests with a promise of a tip if they can get it here in the next fifteen minutes. Liz returns to Max’s side. “Things are all taken care of. Before you ask, I had to block our connection so I could take care of things with room service. I think you’ll enjoy this surprise, just not at first,” offers a cryptic Liz.

“Come on Liz, I know we can think of something fun to do before room service gets here,” suggests Max wiggling his eyebrows.

“No, I think I want to watch TV and see what’s going on in Albuquerque,” says Liz trying to avoid looking at him. Liz begins a mental conversation with herself. ‘Be strong hang in there don’t look at him or you’ll just attack him now. Damn, did he have to unbutton his shirt? Ugh!!! Hurry up room service people. Why can’t I just blink like Jeannie and make my room service order appear in front of me? But no, my alien powers don’t quite work like that. Oh god, he took the shirt off. Okay, what is it that Maria said Michael thinks about… Oh yeah, mud. Liz hazards a glance away from the TV again to spot Max unzipping his pants. Mud, think about mud lots and lots of mud, piles of mud in fact. Be strong Liz. Remember, this is to prove to him you’re his equal and up to his little abduction scenario; and this one he won’t mind too much,’ grins Liz to herself. Liz and Max hear a knock on their door. Liz jumps up from the loveseat in their suite.

“I’ll get it. Babe, you just go put away your things you need for the bathroom,” urges Liz. Liz opens the door to the waiting room service person. “Finally! Sorry, thanks. I’m a little tired and frustrated,” adds Liz signing for their order to be charged to their room and she offers a $ 20 dollar tip from her purse. She closes the door and looks around to see that Max is in the bathroom with the door closed. She arranges everything carefully. Liz takes the empty bowl and pours some of the bottle of chocolate syrup into it. She then adds Tabasco sauce and stirs the two distinctly different tastes together. She uncovers a large chilled bowl to find it filled with real whipped cream and another filled with fresh strawberries with the stems removed and a bunch of bananas. Liz then spies the food they picked up via the drive-thru. Liz takes the empty plates she requested from the room service cart and places their food on it. She passes her hand across the fast food to warm it. She then hides her surprise treats of strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate with Tabasco sauce concoction. She hides the room service food underneath the service cart behind the skirt that covers it. Max emerges from the bathroom.

“Wow, what’s all this. Hey, that’s what we ordered from the drive thru. Why would room service go to all this trouble? Hmm. What are you up to my sexy temptress?” asks a mischievous Max.

“Me? up to something. Nah never. Like what would little me be up too? If you really want to know, you’ll have to sit down and wait for my instructions,” adds Liz. Liz moves to seal their door. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, alien abduction. You are way too over dressed. Don’t bother to get up I’ll take care of it. Liz uses her powers and disintegrates Max’s silk black boxers. You mentioned about abducting me earlier and mentioned torture. Well, I decided to try out my own version of that scenario. See the object of my game is to make you crazy with desire and until you can’t see straight. But Max, you can’t touch me, and you have to do whatever I say,” says Liz innocently with her big brown eyes.

“Who are you and what have you done to my wife,” asks Max.

“I’m not your wife remember, I’m your captor. You have to do whatever I say Max,” Liz warns.
Liz points to the chair, “sit down Max.” She carefully sits on his lap trying not to wiggle too much or the game will be over before it even starts. “Are you hungry Max?” asks Liz.

“Yes, I am, Max’s eyes fixed on her face studying her face looking for some indication as to what prompted this very UN Liz like behavior. Then it dawns on him. ‘It’s the pregnancy. I think I’m going to love Liz pregnant. We’re definitely going to have a very large family if this is any indication,’ thinks Max. Liz feeds him a bite of his burger she liberally doses with Tabasco sauce for him. She spills some on his chest.

“Sorry, I made the mess let me clean that up for you; she licks the Tabasco sauce off of his chest. Mmm. Did you know that you taste fabulous with Tabasco sauce, Max? I wonder what else would taste amazing when eaten off of you. Let’s see French fries, no…boring… Hmm. Let’s see what’s under here,” says Liz removing herself from his lap to retrieve her surprise for him. “Now, this I happen to know you will love. Well, at least I know I do,” Liz comments.
She reveals her surprise to him then she sits back down on his lap. Liz takes a strawberry, and dips it in the chocolate concoction then into the whipped cream. She tastes a tentative lick with the tip of her tongue. “Hmm, oh Babe this is good,” moans Liz closing her eyes savoring the taste. This causes Max to elicit a groan. “Babe, I’m sorry. How rude of me? You want to have some too?” asks Liz. Max is speechless and just nods his head. Liz takes another strawberry and dips it into the whip cream and chocolate sauce concoction, then feeds it to him. Max becomes ravenous at the taste of combinations of flavors. Liz continues to feed him, and then stops. I’m getting a little hungry, do you mind if I eat a little something?” asks Liz. Max groans. His mind wanders to all kinds of erotic thoughts and possibilities. Liz removes herself from the comfort of his lap and finds what she’s looking for and removes the bunch of bananas from underneath the room service cart.

“Liz, all this other stuff is really great, but why do you want to eat bananas?” asks Max.

“Why? Max. Because I’m hungry and a banana sounds good and is healthy for the twins too. Liz looks into Max’s amber eyes and slowly unpeels the banana, to take a bite. She makes a face and decides to dip it into the chocolate concoction and the whip cream, then takes another bite. “Oh now that’s an incredible combination with the chocolate and Tabasco mixed together topped with whip cream. I think I have a new favorite dessert to eat,” moans Liz. “Would you like some Max,” says Liz offering a prepared bite for him to eat. Liz notices Max’s breathing becoming labored. She looks into his eyes and sees his beautiful amber colored sensual eyes turn dark. This is the first time she’s actually witness the change in his eyes transform before her like that. Liz smiles, unworried recognizing the familiar primal alien side of Max emerges. ‘Oh Babe, I was hoping you’d come out to play,’ telepaths Liz through there open connection.

Max, still unable to speak, telepaths his response, ‘Want you now.’ His primal sensual possessive growl echo’s through their connection.

Liz telepaths her reply, ‘Want you now, Babe’.

Max scoops Liz up with one arm around her shoulders and the other under her knees he stands and carries Liz into their bedroom. His desire and passion reignite from their earlier encounter at the convenience store. Max loses control and uses his powers to abruptly remove the unwanted barrier. Max’s nearly hypnotic eyes feast on the naked beauty before him. She is all that he cherishes and treasures in this life or any other. Max touches Liz’s petal soft skin and touches her lower abdomen tenderly knowing that his two children lie with in the safety of their mother’s womb. His eyes filled with such reverence and love for her and their family. Max finds his home in her and all that she offers. It’s what completes Max and makes him whole. He can no longer wait to savor her love. Their loves desire and passion consumes them driving them to be joined intimately making love. This overwhelming feeling has not diminished since they first bonded. Instead, it’s always their like a feeling or constant sensation always at the edge of their awareness. It’s been a difficult adjustment for both of them to learn to control until it is more appropriate setting for them to act on. Liz becomes frustrated by Max’s slow loving actions. She takes determined action and places her one hand behind his neck urging him gently closer to her. Liz begins to kiss his neck. She licks, nibbles, and blows lightly in his ear sending him sensations that force him to abandon previous plans for his slow seduction of Liz.

“God Max, if you don’t make love to me right now, I just might hurt you,” says Liz half way joking.

“Impatient are we? Good, I’ve been in agony all the way from the convenience store to the hotel,” smirks Max.

“Max! You are so going to get it for that comment,” blushes Liz.

“Is that a promise? I’ve been hoping you’d say something like that to me since we got here,” smiles Max.

“That depends on you, I guess… There’s entirely far too much talking happening right now if you know what I mean Max,” looks Liz while she appreciates him in all of his male beauty from top of his head to the tip of his toes and all points in between. She has a primal craving only he can satisfy deep within her soul as only her soul mate can fulfill.

“Anything for you my love,” says Max. He can no longer speak, consumed by Liz’s seduction and touch. Once again, Liz begins to kiss his neck. She licks, nibbles, and blows lightly in his ear. He caves, throws caution to his great plans to seduce her mercilessly. Max showers her body with hot deliberate kisses fueling their mutual desire. He then finds her feminine heat and positions himself and enters her warm tight cavern. They begin a rhythm that eases both their longing and frustration from earlier. They know this isn’t the first or the last of their lovemaking. Their pace quickens. He thrusts himself into her and Liz meets each of the thrusts in complete synchronicity like two well rehearsed dance partners. They know each others bodies intimately and are aware of each movement. They accurately anticipate the next move and how to touch the other to bring the absolute most pleasure and contentment to their lover. They find a culmination of heaven in each others arms together building and reaching the pinnacle of the summit and then tumble over together. Max collapses in the loving embrace of Liz’s arms while they both catch their breath and savor the moment and rest briefly. In these moments there is no need for words, only to hold each other and feel the love pour through their connection.

“Liz,” gasps Max. “Do we still have more of that special blend of chocolate syrup and Tabasco sauce and whip cream,” Grins Max.

“Yeah, why?” asks Liz innocently then she thinks about it. “Max! You are so bad, god I’m lucky,” laughs Liz. The night is young and they plan on taking full advantage of each and every minute of times like these where they can be immersed in their own little world of loving each other. Max and Liz make love repeatedly through the night only stopping for a brief rest or food to fortify renewed efforts. The sun rises a short while later, allowing the dappled sunlight to peak through the crack in the curtains in the other room. Liz is lying on top of Max held firm by his loving protective arms as they sleep on the love seat. During the night they moved from their bed to the love seat. Max and Liz awaken to the sound of birds chirping after only falling asleep an hour and a half ago. He raises his head and lifts one hand as if ready to blast another alarm clock for intruding on their sleeping. Max realizes where he is and drops his hand and lowers his head back comfortably. He gives the top of Liz’s head a tender kiss as he drifts off back to sleep. The two sleepy lovers remain in the comfort of each others arms, content to cuddle and grab a little more sleep after such a night of activity before they are ready to greet a new day.


“Michael come on, no more ESPN. Can’t you think of anything better to do in this nice hotel than watch ESPN. You can do that back at the cabin,” says a more than a little irritated Maria. “Fine! You do whatever; I’m taking a nice hot bubble bath. You’re welcomed to join me if you can tear yourself away from your greatest love ESPN or any other sports channel you can find to get your fix,” says Maria slamming the door to the bathroom shut taking her things with her. Michael smiles and is satisfied to see that fire in her eyes that he loves so much. He checks to make sure she can’t see him. He calls room service and orders a romantic dinner for two. He quickly hangs up the phone and resumes his spot on the couch infront of the TV and back to enjoying his beloved sports.

“I have a surprise for you, Blondie. You won’t expect it or see it coming. I think being around Max and taking his advice is finally rubbing off on me,” smirks Michael.

“Spaceboy, are you still wrapped up watching ESPN?” asks Maria noticing she doesn’t hear the TV. Instead she hears nice music, very much romantic mood music. “Okay, who is there? Don’t mess with me, show yourself. I’m armed, boy am I armed,” growls Maria.

“Ah…It’s me Blondie. Don’t blast, okay. Come here. I have a surprise for you,” says Michael grinning at her possible reaction. Maria stops combing her wet hair and walks in the room wearing only her towel.

“What is it Spaceboy?” “Oh, my god! Maria instinctively raises her hand towards him. Where’s Michael and who are you? Are you some kind of alien that can take other forms? If you have harmed one hair on Michael’s head, I’ll blast you into the middle of next week!” states Maria with fury in her voice. She opens her connection and screams his name. ‘Michael!’ screams Maria frantically repeating his name.

‘Blondie it’s really me, lower your weapon babe,’ telepaths Michael. Michael’s eyes now filled with a healthy respect for her. He can feel all of her fear, concern, and ability to quickly stand ready to protect and defend herself. She’s even able to defend him if need be. ‘Maria I know you think this is weird of me, but damn that’s such a turn on for me to know that you feel that way about me,’ telepaths Michael.

‘Michael, of course I feel that way about you. You are my bonded mate. I’d definitely kick anyone’s ass that tries to harm my Spaceboy. No one gets to kick your butt except me or our family. Anyone else, and its war,’ grins Maria. ‘Besides you do have a pretty nice butt, worthy of fighting over,’ adds Maria.

“Maria! I just wanted to surprise you with a nice romantic dinner for two. I didn’t realize I’d need to borrow Max and Liz’s shield to have dinner with you. Boy Maria, I think I learned my lesson about surprise romantic dinners for two. You cured me. I tried to do something I thought you’d like and almost get blasted into the stratosphere for my trouble,” pouts Michael.

“I’m sorry Spaceboy. I can think of a way to make it up to you…After we eat dinner first though. Michael this all smells incredible,” sniffs Maria savoring the wonderful aromas. They sit down and remove the warming covers from their food and take a bite. “Oh God Michael, I think that’s the best tasting thing I’ve ever had in my mouth,” says Maria with closed eyes blissfully moaning at the exquisite flavors of the wonderful dinner he ordered for them.

“Hey!” exclaims a semi hurt and offended Michael.

“Oh now, Spaceboy I was talking about the food of course. What else would I be talking about? I mean, why the hurt look?” Maria realizes what she said and how Michael might have taken it. “Spaceboy, I was talking about the food. Never about you, okay. Please, don’t be mad. I swear I was talking about the dinner. Please forgive me Michael. Let me think of how I can make this up to you…Hmmm. I think I know a way,” Maria begins blazing a trail of kisses on his neck and lips.

“Okay, that’s it. You’re forgiven, well almost,” says Michael as he throws her over his shoulder and carries her to their bed. “I think I have an idea or two of how you can make it up to me,” smiles Michael running his hands down her arms. Michael returns his on volley of kisses to assault Maria’s senses.

“God, do you know how to kiss or what,” moans Maria. “Oh so you want to play it like that, bring it on Spaceboy,” dares a bold Maria. “I’d suggest you bring dessert over to the bed. You’re going to need the sugar rush for added energy,” says Maria with a primal smile.

“Maria? What’s with the no holds bar sex kitten, not that I’m complaining here; because I’m not. Now what was I getting up to take care of again…dessert, that’s what it was. Michael pulls himself away from Maria’s embrace and returns with their two slices of French Silk pie and bottle of Tabasco sauce.

“Michael, why do you have that weird look on your face? Is there something wrong with the pie? Oh no you’re up to something. Should I be worried?” asks Maria distancing herself from Michael’s darkened eyes filled with pure desire and lust. Michael carefully places both plates of pie on the night stand beside the bed. He moves using his stealth powers and pins her to the bed. His body presses against hers. Michael reaches over for one plate of pie. He begins to get some of it on his fingers deliberately and starts to paint her neck arms and chest with it. Then painstakingly licking and sucking the decadent silk pie from her milky white delicate skin. He enjoys the combined flavors of Maria, French Silk pie, and Tabasco Sauce. Michael enjoys this way of making up and forgets in the heated movement who was supposed to make it up to whom exactly. He momentarily thinks about and shrugs not caring any longer about that. They spend the rest of the night taking turns savoring the combinations of flavors of dessert, Tabasco sauce and each other. The spirited couple enjoys satisfying their sweet tooth and inexplicable desire for each other in a new discovery of combining activities. Michael and Maria make love well into the night, but not before every morsel of that French Silk pie is devoured completely leaving no tell- tale evidence of crumbs behind. Their love making lasted as long as the dinner and the dessert sugar rush will allow, before they fall asleep in each others arms.


“Alex, Sweetie I love you. You know that but come on; we unpacked already, and ate dinner. Now, when we could be taking full potential of this romantic suite you choose now to get your computer on line fix. Ugh!! Gees, have you even noticed what I’m wearing or rather not wearing,” smiles Isabel.

“What? What! Did you just say Isabel?” Alex spins around in his seat to see a very captivating Isabel standing in front of him in a long silk red night gown with slits on each side that go all the way to just above her mid thighs. Alex stares as if in a daze. He notes her red lace straps fitting loosely around her shoulders with one strap loose and off to one side. Alex calculates in his head the odds this happening. He enjoys as always taking in all of Isabel’s beauty. Her long blonde hair cascades over one shoulder to reveal the bare shoulder the strap chooses to disobey and stay up. Alex is still lost in his Isabel trance, and smiles. He hears her voice.

“Alex, Honey, are you okay? I mean this wasn’t quite the reaction I had pictured in my mind. Maybe if I were wearing computer hardware you’d react differently,” says Isabel teasing him about his love of computers.

“Isabel, you know I love you and you are the most heavenly body in my solar system. I just get a little dumb founded as to how a geek like me wound up with a Goddess like you. This defies every law of nature, thank goodness. Believe me, not even a super computer could ever hope to hold a candle to you Isabel. Compared to how I feel about you, computers are barely a blip on my radar,” explains Alex in his own charming way.

“Alex, that is so sweet. I love you too. Honey, if you don’t put away the notebook computer, I’m going to blast it. Okay, you have 30 seconds to shut down, before I shut it down. Oh and be a dear and bring me something to drink on your way to our bed. I’m thirsty,” says Isabel. Isabel looks over her shoulder and allows the other strap to fall down as she holds the front of her night gown in place keeping it from sliding off her body completely.

“I’ll be right there, Isabel. Alex fumbles at lighting speed while his fingers fly over the keyboard saving and closing programs and then executing the log off and shut down commands. He remembers her request for a drink; he runs to find a glass and runs to the vending machine at the end of the hall to buy her a soda. A victorious Alex enters their room and calms himself as he walks into their bedroom to find Isabel still in her red silk night gown waiting for him lying across their bed. “So, Alex do you feel up to run a defragment program to optimize my performance,” smiles Isabel flirtatiously trying to talk in computer jargon in hopes of that turning him on and spurring Alex to action.

“Isabel,” groans Alex. He puts the can of soda in the empty cup placing it on the bedside table. “You are such a seductress,” blushes Alex.

“Thanks, I try. So how am I doing so far on my attempt at seduction?” asks Isabel.

“Out of this world princess without a doubt,” says Alex. He sits down beside her and takes her in his arms and kisses her with every fiber of his being.

“Wow, Alex. I should definitely let you run that optimization program on me daily. Ready for bed Alex?” asks Isabel feeling her own desire escalate with his through their connection. Alex and Isabel manage to stay off line and optimize their way through some serious lovemaking sessions, no backup or floppies required.


“Mystic, the bathtub is one of those with the water jets that massage aching muscles. Honey, what do you say…after that long drive it could be very relaxing for the both of us?” asks Kyle.

“Sure, that sounds great Kyle. Oh I’ll go turn on the water and fill the tub. You can join me after room service gets here with our dinner. Okay Kyle?” asks Mystic.

“Okay. Well that’s the only thing you’ll need to turn on tonight,” says Kyle as he gives her a kiss before she goes to start filling the tub.

“Kyle! You are such a horn dog, but I have to admit I do love you inspite of it. When you’re done Jock boy, join me. You know where to find me,” winks Mystic. She scans him from head to toe. “Yeah, definitely join me in a few minutes. I’ll be waiting,” smiles Mystic with a lustful look in her eyes.
I’d gladly give room service a hundred bucks if they’d get here in the next 10 seconds thinks Kyle to himself. His thoughts drift away to the beauty that is waiting for him in the bathtub. “Could these guys be any slower, now please if there’s a God in this universe, please let the room service guy be here please, pretty please. I’ll try not to be such a smart ass if that helps. Wait, no I can’t promise that, it’s who I am. I won’t lie to you God; I need your help here.” Just then there’s a knock on the door. Kyle looks up to the ceiling with hands held prayerfully, “Thank you big guy. I appreciate it. I owe you one okay, well more than one then,” smiles Kyle. Kyle and Mystic enjoy their relaxing bath, and at some point get out of the bathtub later to enjoy their dinner. Kyle tells Mystic about his incident in praying for room service to get there. “I’m serious; first I have regular close encounters with aliens, and then become one, sort of. Now I have a religious experience in a hotel room waiting for room service to get here so I can be with you. All I’m saying is, I’m buying a lotto ticket tomorrow first thing in the morning,” states Kyle in his usual witty way.

“Kyle,” laughs Mystic “you are too much, but you’re all mine.

*****************************To Be Continued*******************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II Part 3 M/L ADULT Aug. 28'04

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Aug 28, 2004 2:33 pm


Hello, Everyone. I know with the Olympics going on it’s hard to tear oneself away to spend time reading at I’m a reading fan fic a-holic and I’m totally caught up in the Olympics. I admit it I love the Olympics. I haven’t been cheering for the US the whole time. This is all I’ll say, “Go Australia!” yep, it’s true. I’m a fan.

I’m not sure how long this fic will be. I didn’t with the last one either. It all depends on the gang and what they tell me they want written. See what happens when you let them live in your mind, they take over. LOL! Okay, well Max I can understand, but all of them. Yikes!! Don’t ya just hate being at someone else’s mercy. These characters are relentless, too… It’s my fault I wanted to make up for all of the B.S. on the show. I did. Now they’re just down right spoiled and greedy. LOL!! I hope you all will find this sequel and begin reading it as well. I miss hearing from everyone, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I wish you all the very best and have a great weekend. Oh and Go Australia!

roswellluver- Hi welcome back! So, you thought the Nookie was okay then? Phew! I have to admit that even still that’s the hardest stuff to write for me. I always hope it comes across in a tender, loving, playful, sexy sort of way, rather than sleazy or crude… At least I try to make it that way.

Ansleyrocks- Hi Ansely! Nice to see you here. Thanks for your comments about the couples interactions. I try to show something of each couple in each part. It’s hard to work it in but I do try. I want everyone to feel welcomed reading my fic. I try to have something for everyone: dreamers, candies, stargazers, and earthmovers. It’s a tough balance sometimes, but it’s a goal. Oh, I know it’s getting interesting isn’t it. This could get fun with Amy don’t ya think. We’ll see her in next week’s part that I need to start writing today. Thanks for your reading and feedback. :wink:

roswellian504- Hey Girl! Yep, they are one group of horny teenagers. But they aren’t your typical teenagers and they aren’t ordinary. More like out of this world in a changed and bonded sort of way…LOL!!! For them this is normal, must be an alien sort of thing. Parents everywhere should breathe a sigh of relief that teenagers aren’t this bad, typically. Although, I’d be careful if they say they’re from up north and point skyward. LOL!! I’m sure the room service guys love the tips. It sounds like you’re enjoying this so far. Thanks for reading and your always fun feedback. Have a great weekend.

AJK001- Hi! Welcome once again. You’re very welcome. I’m happy to hear that you’re still reading and enjoying my story. That means a lot. Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy this new part. Let me know what you think?

LoveIsForever- No worries! I know what you mean I’m reading about 30 stories right now on this board. Addicted to fan fic? Me? Of course, and proud of it. Roswell forever, I say. Yeah, okay so I need a 12 step program I admit it. But don’t we all that’s why we’re here ducking out of the 12 step programs…LOL!! Besides and what’s wrong with reading Roswell fan fic. Not a thing, in my book. Since the boards been back up this time no problems. Yeah!!! Congrats to the Herculean efforts of Heidi and Wendy. They Rock! I do hope you are feeling better. I look forward to your comments on this new part. Take care. Have a great weekend.

Loves Awakening Revealed II M/L AU ADULT

Part 3

There truly must have been something in the air last night with every couple having their own private romantic interlude well into the early hours of the morning. Now, morning dares to intrude on each of our blissful couples that still lay in contented slumbers in their bonded mates’ arms. The couples eventually begin to stir and tune their senses to the sounds of a new day beginning. They hear the birds chirping and the sounds of the cars driving past their hotel.

“Max?” A still sleepy Liz’s utters her first words even before realizing they have escaped her lips. She is comforted by feeling Max’s warmth. His heart beat surrounds and echoes in perfect rhythm along with hers. Liz reaches and feels his firm hard body lying beside her. Liz looks around and now remembers they aren’t home in the cabin. They’re in Albuquerque in a really nice hotel so Maria can visit her mom. Since defeating their enemies they are enjoying their first ‘Destined Ones’ road trip to unwind and just relax. Soon, they’ll need to knuckle down and concentrate on things like: school, where they’ll all live, parental acceptance, and other usual teenage problems. Liz’s notices Max is still sleeping. She can’t help but look at him and smile. Liz spies the coffee table and sees that there is still some leftover special blend of Tabasco and chocolate sauce. “Mmm. I know what I want for breakfast. I think I’ll try playing with my food first,” grins Liz. She puts her fingers in the sweet and spicy concoction and starts finger painting on Max’s chest and male nipples. She then licks it off casting gentle kisses onto his perfect skin. Liz licks and kisses his still sleeping form. “Well, at least some parts are still asleep. I can tell some parts of you appear to definitely be a morning person,” smiles Liz appreciatively.

Max startles her. “I am a morning person, only if you’re anywhere near me. Nothing gets past my private Liz detector.”

“What?… I didn’t think you were awake yet, Max?”

“Liz! like I could or would sleep through that kind of wake up call. I may be an alien leader of my people here on earth. I suspect there’s nothing that could ever be devised to keep me from
sensing or feeling your greet-the-day seduction on me. Did you leave me anything left to finger paint with? You’re not the only one who wakes up wanting and hungry.” Max dips his fingers into the bowl of the unusual mixture.

“And what to you think you’re going to do with those? She looks at his chocolate spicy coated fingers. Oh no you don’t, Max! I have a better idea.” Liz gazes deeply into his warm amber globes and takes his one hand with the chocolate coated fingers and brings them up to her mouth and sucks, savoring each finger and making sure not to leave any morsel of the delectable concoction behind.

“Okay, that’s it, my little seductress. It’s my turn now, Liz.” Max can’t help but look at her with a look of mischief and desire etched in his eyes.

“Max! Don’t you dare?” Liz runs away from him laughing while Max gets up and chases after her.

“Liz, just where do you think you’re going to run? We’re in a hotel room suite that really limits where you can hide. Why would you want to hide from your loving husband?”

“You can have me, but first you have to catch me, Max.” Liz emerges from her hiding spot and makes a dash for the bedroom door. She sprints past him in a blaze just out of his reach.

“Damn, that woman is fast! Honey, did you ever think about going out for Track at school?” Max smiles and begins to think of a way to lure her out in to the open. “I give up you’re just too fast for me, Babe. I think I’ll just eat the rest of these strawberries and maybe enjoy a banana.”

“Hey, you leave me some, Max.”

“Liz, if you want some, come and get it, Babe.” He waits for her approach then grabs her pulling her down with him onto the couch. “Now, that’s better! Everything I could want for breakfast in one convenient location.” Max eyes are filled with love, desire, and a devilish mixture of mischief thrown in.

“Max, there’s not enough food for us. Could we order some room service, unless you’d rather go out for breakfast? But then we’d have to shower and get dressed way before I’d like to. It’s up to you my sexy husband.” Liz adds her own heated stare to match his with the same look of mischief in her eyes.

“Hey! Let’s see about room service. It would be wrong not to take advantage of lounging in bed while someone else tends to our breakfast and delivers it. It’s the only interruption I’ll tolerate pulling me away from you this morning. I’m not done with you yet, my sexy wife.”

“Max, I’ve told you before, don’t make any promises you can’t live up to.”

“Hey, I always can deliver on those promises. You know that. When have I not delivered on a promise to you, Liz? Oh I get it. You’re challenging me. Well, you know I love a challenge. Bring it on Babe.”

“Go ahead and call room service and order us some breakfast, Babe. You know how they take forever to bring it to your room. We could find something to bide our time between now and then. That’s if you wanted to Max? It’s up to you Babe.” Liz puts on her best innocent smile she can, knowing this is definitely going to get to him. She looks at her watch and counts down the seconds until Max picks up the phone and calls room service. “Wow! .5 seconds Max. I’m impressed. You must be really hungry.”

“You have no idea; but I plan on showing you.” Max wraps his arms around her in a passionate and determined embrace. They loose themselves in each other completely dismissing the fact they ordered breakfast. Max and Liz continue to greet the morning in there usual way.


Michael awakens to the sound of Maria pacing back and forth and whispers.

“Maria? Where are you?”

“I’m here, Michael. I didn’t want to wake you, so I went in the other room. I woke up a while ago. I couldn’t sleep.”

“Maria, I know you. What’s wrong?”

“I’m just nervous about seeing my mother. I’m glad I didn’t go over to her business last night. I needed time to digest this. Can you understand now why I’m having a minor melt down, Michael?”

“Blondie, come here. It’s going to be okay.” Maria walks into Michael’s waiting open arms. “If anyone should be nervous about seeing your mother it’s me. Remember, she made me promise to take care of you and that I had better do right by you no matter what. The woman threatened to hunt me down like a dog if I got you pregnant. She certainly makes alien hunters pale in comparison. Other than her threatening me, your mom’s great,” smiles Michael. “Maria, more than likely she’ll just be so happy to see that you’re doing great and that you’re not pregnant. We should think about what we’re going to say to her. You know why the whole gang is here with us too. Maybe we could say that we all earned a break between projects. This is a short break before we all have to go back and work hard on a new project and with our tutors to keep up with our school work with our grade. Do you think a cover story like that would work?”

“I don’t know. But I appreciate you’re talking with me about this. I know that talking about things isn’t really something you have felt the most comfortable with in the past. Thanks Spaceboy.” She stands on her tip toes and leans in for a heartfelt kiss. A kiss of love, and gratitude for his love and consideration and letting her see this side of him. Maria finds comfort in this and realizes that Michael will always be the one to care for her and extends himself to her in ways that she at first never would have guessed he was capable.

“If it would make you feel better we can ask the whole gang to weigh in on ideas. They all know your mom and like her. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help out with a plausible cover story. You’re mom trusts Liz and Alex since she’s known them the longest. I’m sure between all of us we’ll think of something that will seem reasonable to Amy.”

“Michael, that’s not all of it. I’ve been thinking about telling my mom about the secret. It would be so much easier to deal with her if she could understand that I’m really safe and can take care of myself. She needs to understand that I have you now and we are apart of an extended family. Plus the fact we aren’t your typical teenagers. Maybe seeing all of us together like Max and Liz did when they told their parents would help her to deal with the secret. I just really don’t like having to lie to her and shut her out from who we really are. I want her to know, Michael. I’ve been debating with myself if now is the best time to tell her or not. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dump all this on you. It’s my situation and I’ll figure out a way to handle this. I think you’re right. We should talk to the gang and see what ideas we can come up with.”

“Blondie, we are in this together forever. I’m here for you and I’m not going anywhere, okay.”

“Michael,” Maria says searching his eyes. “I love you.”

“Yeah, we’ll I guess we’re stuck with each other, because I love you too, Blondie.” Michael smiles to see the love in her eyes and the depth of her love for him. Michael never thought anyone would ever look at him that way or love him like that. Yet this amazing and infuriating high strung woman does. “I’m one hell of a lucky hybrid to have you in my life,” admits Michael. He delivers his own heartfelt kiss tenderly upon her full waiting lips.

“And don’t you ever forget it mister!” smiles Maria. “Come on, we should get something to eat and call the others. We should think about setting up a meeting time. A meeting time that would work for our Max and Liz. That’s if we can tear them apart long enough from each other.”

“Yeah, now that part might require some alien powers to make happen,” laughs Michael.

“Oh that reminds me, we should call Isabel and Alex first. I’ll just call the front desk and ask for Isabel and Alex’s room. Michael, don’t look at me like that. It’ll just take a minute. Gees, men! Well fine! Do you want to teleconference your sister and Alex?”

Michael rolls his eyes and shudders at the thought of what Isabel and Alex could be doing right now. Let alone if it’s anything like he and Maria, or no doubt Max and Liz too, by now. Then there’s Kyle and Mystic. “Uh, no I’ll let you handle this one. I don’t need to see or sense anything that might make me run to the nearest therapist after being scared for life. There are some things a guy just doesn’t need to know about concerning his sister, okay?” says Michael.

“But Michael,” smiles Maria. She just loves to see him get all upset at the thought of Isabel and Alex, well up to what they were up to earlier. “Come on Spaceboy, you know they are bonded mates so what’s the big deal as long as we don’t ever see anything. Alex is like my brother so Ewww! Isabel is one of my best friends and I don’t want to even imagine that visual.”

“That’s why? Well, that’s my point exactly, Blondie. Please go talk to them, however you need to: by phone, teleconferencing or whatever. Just leave me out of it! Oh, if you do see something? I’m invoking the ‘Don’t ask don’t tell,’ rule right here and now about Alex and Isabel okay, Blondie.”

“So noted, touchy subject, huh? Aww! Come here and let me kiss away those bad thoughts.” Maria kisses him until they both need to let go for their much air deprived lungs. “Michael. What about Max and Liz? Does thinking about them like that give you the creepy crawlies too?”

“Yes, it does. It is a touchy subject thinking about my siblings and their mates like that. It’s an image I don’t need. I think of Liz as my sister now, so that’s even worse than Isabel and Alex. If you get my drift. Can we please drop the subject now?” Michael hopes she’ll finally let this go. He thinks to himself…Man, I have the feeling Maria gets it from her mom. Maria can be relentless about getting someone to talk to her about stuff they don’t want to talk to anyone about. Michael smiles to himself. He then thinks again that she wouldn’t be the Blondie he knows and loves if she wasn’t this way.

Maria uses the phone and begins arguing with the front desk about not being given Alex and Isabel’s room number. They won’t even connect her to their room. “Hey buddy! That’s my sister-in-law’s room, okay. I really need to talk to her. Could you please give me her room number so I can do that? Fine! Then connect me then. What do you mean you can’t do that? I’m a patron of this hotel too? Oh don’t even give me that security crap!” Maria hears an abrupt dial tone. She still holds the phone up to her ear. “What is this place? Fort Knox or something? I think this requires a personal approach,” says Maria with a very pissed forced grin on her face. “Michael, sweetie, I just need to run down stairs to the gift shop. I need something I forgot to bring. I’ll be right back,” smiles Maria.

“Maria, what did you forget to bring? Oh God! Tell me it’s not a girl thing. I don’t want to even know. Sure, go ahead to the gift shop. Hurry back, Blondie. Oh and don’t get into too much trouble giving that guy on the phone too much hell, even though he deserves it. No using your powers, remember.” Michael gives Maria a quick kiss as she leaves to go down stairs to deal with the front desk person. Michael says aloud to himself, ‘God, help the guy that pissed off my Blondie, like that. I pity that him. He’s going to regret whatever was said. Oh well, better him than me.’ Michael shrugs, and returns to watching a hockey game on ESPN.

Maria waits her turn to speak with the person in charge. “Hi! I’d like to talk to the Manager. I’m staying at this hotel and I’ve just been treated rudely on the phone by one of your front desk people.”

“I’m the manager. What seems to be the problem? And do you by the way have your room key as proof that you’re staying at this hotel? You look awfully young to be staying at a hotel. What was the name again?” The snooty front desk manager stares her down. He thinks she’s pulling something. He just doesn’t know what, yet. “Damn teenagers and college students that come in her on their little lost weekends,” he says under his breath.

“It’s under Guerin, Michael and Maria.” She stands there waiting for this man to quit giving her a hard time and just tell her in what room Alex and Isabel are in. “Look! All I want to know is what room my Sister-in-law and brother are in. I’m not asking you to breach national security here!” fumes Maria.

“Oh yes, I see your names. I’m so sorry, Mrs. Guerin. Please accept my apologies. Their room is 1210. It’s on the floor that you and your party reserved. It seems a Mr. Langley reserved them for you and your party. I’m sorry no one told you that when you arrived last night. Would you like me to ring the room for you, Mrs. Guerin?

“Yes, please do. Thank you…and can you say my name again for me? I just love hearing someone call me Mrs. Guerin,” smiles Maria adding her own little giggle to the mix. “What? We’re newly weds, okay. It’s a new thing to hear my new name like that. Okay, go ahead call Isabel and Alex,” bids Maria with a wave of her hand. “We all went off our separate ways last night and came in at different times so no one said anything is why I didn’t know what room my family members are in,” adds Maria still basking in the glow of being called Mrs. Guerin.

“I see, Mrs. Guerin. Just one moment and I’ll ring your brother’s Room.”

“Hello, Mr. Whitman. Yes. Mrs. Guerin is in the lobby and wishes to speak with you and your wife. Yes, send her on up, very good Mr. Whitman. She’ll be there momentarily.”

“Mrs. Guerin, they are expecting you on the 12th floor room 1210.” She’s so tickled about being called Mrs. Guerin she smiles and hands the manager a five dollar bill as tip, and leaves…practically skipping to the elevators and grinning like an idiot.

“Alex, Sweetie, who was that on the phone just now?”

“Oh, it was just Maria,” laughs Alex.

“What’s so funny? What did Maria do? Do we need to get a hold of Michael, Liz, and Max for damage control?” asks Isabel.

“Maria’s got the front desk guy calling her Mrs. Guerin. Something tells me Michael doesn’t know about this. This should be entertaining to hear Maria explain this one. I hope you didn’t mind Isabel, about letting her come up. She wanted to talk. It’s kind of odd she didn’t telelconference us. Don’t you think?” puzzles Alex.

“Well, I for one can’t wait to hear this story. I appreciate her using the phone as means of contacting us. There are vague images and emotions that you can get a glimpse of when you teleconference with someone in our gang. Most of the time that works just fine, unless they are otherwise occupied if you know what I mean. Like Max are Liz every chance they get,” laughs Isabel.

They hear a knock on their door moments after Alex and Isabel both have gotten dressed and presentable for Maria’s arrival. “I’ll get it, Isabel.”

“Hi Maria! Okay, we are both dying to know why was the guy from the front desk referring to you as Mrs. Guerin and why are you wearing the biggest grin on your face like the cat that ate the canary?” asks a curious and suspicious Alex.

“Relax, girlfriends. You’re never going to believe this.” Maria proceeds to tell them the whole story. “So, that’s why he thought I was married to Michael and even I was surprised when he called me Mrs. Guerin. I have to admit I do love the sound of being called Mrs. Michael Guerin,” giggles Maria.

“Well, with this gang you just never know what is going to happen when you wake up the next day. You’ll have to tell Michael you’re married. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the overnight development,” teases Alex.

“Hey! Don’t make me tear up your honorary girlfriend membership. I’ll tell Liz on you,” threatens Maria.

“I never thought to ask Cal what names he used to reserve the hotel rooms. I guess he must have thought it would just be easier to say that you were all newly wed couples. So then that makes me Mrs. Whitman. You’re right Maria. There is something about being called that. I could definitely get used to being called by that name,” beams Isabel smiling at Alex.

“Boy, don’t you two start, or I’m going to have to hose you two down. Now there’s a thought. I do owe you one Isabel, remember,” laughs Maria.

“Yes, I remember. Michael and you were arguing, but Alex and I aren’t arguing at all,” defends Isabel.

“True. You two were beginning to sound like you were about to have a Max and Liz moment. One Max and Liz is plenty thanks. Not that I don’t love them both in a sisterly way, but gees. I could explode just by osmosis with the amount of heat those two generate just by looking at each other. They don’t care if we’re there or not. They hope to traumatize us and we’ll all take the hint and leave,” boasts Maria.

“Yeah, that’s our Max and Liz. So what bring you over this morning?” asks Isabel.

“Well, I was hoping we could call a group meeting later this morning or as soon as Max and Liz wake up and are ready for company. I really need to talk to everyone about how to handle my mother. Isabel, you know how my mother gets. She’s a ball of nerves and is high strung. I’ve been freaking out about how to explain all of us visiting without getting her overly suspicious. I’ve been thinking about telling her about all of this. Like how Liz and Max did with everyone there to help explain and lend their support. I mentioned it to Michael this morning. He suggested that we meet with everyone this morning before I call mom and let her know that we are all in town for a visit. What am I going to say to her?” asks a troubled Maria.

“Maria, calm down. Our record with telling parents is really great. Mom and Dad were able to handle it so were the Parker’s. So, that works in our favor. It’ll be okay, Maria. We are family and we look out for each other.” Isabel offers Maria a comforting best friend embrace. “Hey, you know we got your back. If things get really bad, we can always hose down your mom,” laughs Isabel lightening the moment.

“Okay, now I’m feeling left out. Where’s my hug?” demands Alex. Isabel and Maria both embrace Alex in a group hug. “Now that’s better. I think this sort of thing warrants a teleconference session to the others. Besides they can’t all still be sleeping or whatever. They have to come up for air and food at some point, right?” Alex shrugs his shoulders and gives the two girls his signature thumbs up sign.

“You’re right, this is important. Do you want me to teleconference everyone?” asks Isabel.

“Sure, I don’t think Maria’s up to it. I’m too traumatized to even think about the Max and Liz situation. You handle that much better than I would Iz,” deduces Alex. Later after reaching everyone, they join everyone at Michael and Maria’s hotel suite for a family breakfast meeting via room service.
$$$$$$&&&&“Maria, you’re mom will probably think you are playing a joke on her and that we are all helping with the practical joke. Maria, she’ll need a few minutes to let it sink in then she’ll begin the rapid fire questions just like you did, remember,” laughs Liz.

“Liz is right Maria. It’s a lot to take in at first. Look at how our parents took it. At first it didn’t look so good, until after they had a few moments to absorb it and ask questions. In the end they realized that we were the same people they’ve always known. We’re still good decent people just as they raised us to be. Just like how your mom has raised you to be. Michael might have some explaining to do but we can all help with that,” reassures Max.

“Maria, don’t worry about your Mom and Michael. Worse case scenario, I can use my athletic skills to block for Michael while he makes a run for the door,” jokes Kyle.

“Thanks Kyle, I just might need to take you up on that. Hey, I could borrow Liz and Max’s shield if need be,” brightens Michael now laughing nervously at the image.

“Kyle! I’m sure Maria and Michael are nervous enough about this. Whatever you two need for us to help with, count us in,” offers Mystic. “I’ll make sure Kyle behaves, won’t you Honey?”

Michael takes this rare opportunity to motion like he’s cracking a whip even with sound effects.
“Hey, you’re always making comments about me like that. I’m just giving you a little bit of good natured ribbing back at ya, Kyle. You’re a tough guy. You can take it,” Michael shrugs.

“What about Max, Michael. You’re always saying that stuff about him too. I’d be careful there uncle Mike” replies Kyle.

“I’m sick of this. You guys are always trying to out do each other and see if one of you measures up more than the others. Gees, would you two please stop this right now. You’re making me angry. Trust me. You don’t want to see me totally angry with you,” warns Liz. She looks over to the girls for support and finds them all blushing and holding themselves they are laughing so hard.

“What’s so damn funny, now?” asks a red faced angry Liz.

Maria manages to gasp out, “What you said about the guys trying to out do each other and see if one of them measures up more so than the others,” laughs Maria in near hysteria.

“Oh God, I didn’t mean…like that,” says Liz who promptly buries her face in her hands. “Okay, you all know that’s not what I meant. Since the topic is out there... I know where Max is at on all that, and I have absolutely no desire to know anything about the rest of the guys. No more comments on this topic or I will blast something, got it! Don’t mess with a pregnant hormonal hybrid female. Not to mention I out rank all of you; but Max,” adds a cranky Liz. She now calms herself down after her little rant.

“Babe, calm down. It’s okay. I’m sure they didn’t mean it. It’s just the guys, they would never intend to hurt your feelings, you know that. They did however, step in it big time and owe you a big apology.

“We’re sorry,” says Kyle, Alex, and Michael. They had their heads bowed down hazarding a quick peak to see if she forgives them.

Liz gets emotional and begins weeping. “I forgive you. Please forgive me, and these stupid hybrid pregnancy hormones.” All the regretful guys go over to Liz and offer her a hug and a smile.

“Okay, that’s enough, hands off of my wife. She’s all mine. Now go hug your own bonded mates,” teases Max.

“Liiiizzzz! Max isn’t playing fair, he won’t share,” says Kyle trying to sound like a little boy who’s fighting over a favorite toy, just to make her laugh.

“Uh, Kyle, don’t push it here jock boy,” warns Alex.

“Maria you know what this means, right?” asks Isabel.

“I think this is their way of making up. Plus this is what we have to look forward to when we have children. They’ll probably act just like that,” says Maria with a serious look of dread then she bursts out laughing. “You know what? I can picture that, and that’s what’s so damn funny.”

“Maria, you are so bad girl. I know what you mean. I’ve thought that very same thing many a time. Look on the bright side, they’ll be able to relate well to their children and be great fathers too,” smiles Liz.

Max walks up behind Liz and reaches around to hold her. “Nice save, Babe,” mumbles Max kissing her neck.

“Hey! Let’s keep this G rated now. Well okay, for you two let’s be realistic. I’d be happy with PG-13,” says Alex.

“Oh sorry,” says Max blushing. “I guess we forgot where we were there for a second.”

Isabel takes charge for the moment. “Now back to the topic at hand, let’s focus.”

“Have you called your mom yet Maria?” asks Liz.

“No, I sort of wanted to get the courage to call her. So it’s okay if I tell her and have all of you there for support and backup?” smiles Maria with furrowed brows.

“Yes. You were there for us. We’ll be there for you. Plus Michael might need us to use our shield to protect him from your mom,” teases Max causing everyone but Michael to laugh.

“Very funny, Maxwell. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the end of my life on this planet, and probably Maria’s life too, if Amy only knew,” adds Michael.

“Alright, so let’s get this over with and get it done quickly. Just like taking off a band aid,” says Alex. “Trust me. I know about removing band aids. As a favorite dodge ball target I’ve learned plenty about these things,” adds Alex.

“Okay, okay. You’re right! I’ll call her now, so shush everyone,” Maria says nervously.
She takes a deep breath and then sniffs some cedar oil and braves herself to call her mother.
“Hi! Mom. Yes, it’s good to hear you too. No mom, I’m not in any trouble. No I don’t need bail money, and no I’m not pregnant. So why am I calling? I uh…I wanted to surprise you. Actually all of us are here in Albuquerque; all of us came for a visit. I just missed you mom and wanted to talk to you and see how your new business is going. That’s okay, right? Good. Not to worry about studies we have tutors for that. We were given a little time off for getting so much done on our various projects. We came up with some really creative solutions to a problem that was plaguing many. They were so thrilled they gave us a week off. Then we’re due back with our noses to the grind stone with work and the tutors. Yeah, Liz and Max are here. Yeah Liz is fine so are the twins. Max takes very good care of her.” Maria winks at Liz and Max as they sit holding each other. “Yes Alex and Isabel are here too. Well, you know Alex; he’s beside himself with joy working with state of the art computers. He needs Isabel to remind him its work and not everything. Isabel is fine, she’s a terrific friend and a big help with things. No, not just with Michael,” laughs Maria. “Yes, it’s great that if we have to be away from Roswell that we are together, like one big family. So mom, when would be a good time for all of us to stop by and visit. I’ve resisted the urge to just show up, but was urged to call you first. I have your address from the card you sent me. Is that still where your apartment is then? Great then we’ll stop by at 1pm. Oh and Mom, I … actually, we sort of had something that we needed to discuss with you. It’s not anything to worry about. I just really would like to talk to you about it with all of us there and so please I have to request there be no other company there. It’s a private conversation. Okay, mom. Once again, no Michael has not gone and gotten me pregnant. Okay mom! Yes, it will be nice to see you too. See ya at 1 pm at your apartment, bye.”

“We need to be there at 1 pm at Amy’s apartment. Maybe we should all go and see if we can find it now, so it’ll be easier to find later,” suggests Michael.

“Great sounds like a plan everyone. If everyone’s ready, let’s go now. Liz and I still have our own SUV. Hey, no griping about it. Rank does have its privileges. I’ll just call Cal on his cell so he doesn’t have a heart attack that we left, without him knowing where we went or what were up to. You know how he likes to act as our protector and gets upset if we are out of his sight or knowing where we are at. He’s got his voice messaging on. I’ll just leave a message.” Cal returns from breakfast, shortly after the gang leaves to find Amy’s apartment.

“Michael, great job navigating. We passed that same stucco house three times already,” spouts a nervous and irritated Maria. “Don’t look at me like that, Michael take a right turn here. I’m right. Try it at least. You’ve gone left the last three times how much worse can going right be. Humor me, Michael. I’ll let you gloat if I’m wrong okay, Spaceboy,” Maria offers. She knows he can’t refuse that offer since he refuses to think he could be wrong. “Michael, stop! That’s the apartment building that mom mentioned. Look there’s her car. She’s there. Kyle, what’s he doing here? You do realize, whose SUV that is parked next to my mom’s. Michael drive over there I want to look at it. Oh no, tell me I’m seeing things. Oh God No!! This can not be happening. This must be some sort of a sick joke, right?” asks Maria to no one in particular. “Please tell me that one of us developed the power to make people see things that aren’t really there, somebody, please? Let’s go back to our hotel. I need to calm down maybe some nice chamomile tea will help me to calm my nerves.” Michael offers his comforting hand to Maria feeling her reeling from this shocking revelation.

“Kyle, are you feeling okay? What can we do to help you?” asks a concerned Max.

“No, I don’t feel okay, alright! I want to just go back to the hotel for a while before we officially show up back here,” says an angry and supremely upset Kyle.

“Sure Kyle, let’s go now,” says a concerned Michael taking in the now quite and sullen Maria.
The group returns to the hotel and stay together as a group. The others follow Michael, Maria, and Kyle and Mystic to Michael’s hotel room in silence, yet there is a mood that transmits through there group connection. Maria and Kyle are supported by their family and try to sort through what they have seen before returning to Amy Deluca’s apartment. This time when the group returns, they’ll make their presence known and offer their unspoken strength and support of Maria and Kyle. The ’Destined Ones’ are the best of friends and family combined and fused into a unique group of young people that are family in the truest sense of the word. They are steadfast in their love and support of those they care about.

*****************************To Be Continued***********************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II Part 4 Sept. 4 '04

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Sep 04, 2004 6:45 pm

Hi Everyone! Welcome back. I struggled to get this part out. I guess there just wasn’t any Max and Liz lovin’ goin’ on or something. LOL!! Who knows? I managed to get out 6 pages which is the smallest of any part I’ve ever written. I hope that you’ll like it even though it’s not as long as my usual parts. I’ll see what Max, Liz and the gang can stir up next for next week. Please let me know what you think? Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

LoveIsForever- Hi! I loved all of your comments for parts 1-3. You made my whole week. Thanks for reading and your amazing comments. It always thrills me that people like my story and the way I write the gang. Can’t you just tell the huge grin I have after reading all that? You Rock, and I love reading your feed back it cheers me up and makes me want to keep working at this writing thing I’ve only recently discovered. Who knew? LOL!!! Take care and hugs for your always fantastic feed back. My Max and Liz “G rated?” Alex had a moment of insanity there. Well, I suppose as close as they might get to a “G rating” is possibly falling asleep in each others arms, no doubt after hours of hot and tender lovemaking and barely covered with a sheet. Somehow that image just doesn’t say “G rating” to me. Not that it’s a bad thing though. Is it hot in here? Damn, I gotta go and start part 5. I hear Max and Liz calling. LOL!!!

Ansleyrocks- Hi Ansley! Welcome back once again. All I can say is that this part deals with Kyle and Maria’s reaction and reveals what it is they are reacting too specifically. Yeah, Maria did seem pretty tickled to be called Mrs. Guerin. I can’t wait to see Michael’s reaction to that little revelation either. It should be good, LOL!!! Well this week’s part is a small one but does get to business about stuff and everyone’s reactions. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for reading and your feed back as always. Have a great weekend.

roswellluver- Your hoping that Kyle calms down. He does, but he has to vent a little. It’s a good thing he and Maria have had time to react and talk to the gang about all of this before they confront Maria’s mom. Don’t worry about Kyle. He’s a stand up good guy besides Mystic can handle him. LOL!!! Thanks for reading and leaving me feed back it is very much appreciated. Take care!

roswellian504- True. Amy and Jim are consenting adults. It’s just that Maria and Kyle have found out some really unexpected news regarding Amy and Jim and it’s a shock. It’s probably weird to find out that your parents are dating someone. For Kyle this is especially weird because the person his dad’s seeing is one your good friend’s mom. Plus Amy and Jim have kept a big secret here and the kids are ticked because they weren’t told. You’ll understand once you read this new part. Enjoy! Sorry the part is smaller this week. I hope you’ll still like it though. Have a great weekend.

Aussie_Dreamer - Hi Nicki! It’s been a while. Yeah, it was weird having my so called mother date someone. Long bad ugly history, we don’t’ need to go there. Let’s just say it dysfunctional situations that was barely functional and let it go at that in my case. At least the Amy and Jim are both good decent people and not weirdoes or criminals. It would’ve been nice to have someone like Jim as a dad growing up. Amy’s not so bad either as a mother. She’s a hippie and a bit flakey but not bad. They’re both really good people. A person could do worse than either of them for a step parent that’s for sure. That’s assuming the dating situation gets to that point.

AJK001- Hi! Well Thank you! I’m so flattered. I guess I get a little down when there aren’t many replies or comments to the story. I have to remind myself that it’s okay. I’ll just have to remember your out there probably wondering why my part is late today. Sorry, I had trouble writing this week. I’ve been really preoccupied a lot of big changes going on in RL. I’d rather live in this nice world I’ve created for Max and Liz and the gang. Oh heck! Who am I kidding I’d rather be Liz. LOL!! Kidding? Thanks for reading and for your very kind comments. They really do mean a lot to me. Thanks!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Loves Awakening Revealed II M/L AU ADULT

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 4

“Okay, we’re here. Kyle, Maria, ready for this meeting?” asks Max.

“Yeah. It’s funny, we came here to talk and break the news to Amy like we did yours and Liz’s parents. It turns out that Maria’s mom has news she’s been keeping from us. I say, we don’t go easy on her,” comments a highly irritated Kyle.

“Kyle! We have to give her a chance to explain. We want her to listen and understand our big news. I’m just as shocked by this as you are. This discovery upsets me too, but there’s nothing we can do about it. We need to understand we don’t have to like it anymore than she has a right to interfere with our relationships with Michael or Mystic. You do realize these are all non negotiable topics so we can not pounce on her about. We can tell my mom that her news is upsetting to find out the way we did. At least we decided to face Mom, rather than have her stumble upon our secret, like we did hers,” says Maria finding a way to approach her mom.

“Maria! You don’t expect me to just grin and take this on the chin. I still can’t freaking believe what we saw. My dad’s SUV parked next to your mom’s car. What the heck is Dad doing here? When did he start dating your mom anyways? Of course the real clincher on my freaking out was seeing the “Just Married” written on the back windows of my dad’s SUV. I can’t believe they were even dating. When the hell did that happen, let alone why the biggie…of them getting married? Why the hell didn’t they say anything to either of us about this? Oh I have questions and they ARE going to answer them!” says a barely contained furious Kyle.

“Kyle, Maria! Come on, we have been out of touch with all of our parents since we went to the Colony, remember? I only mention this to be fair about this and play Devil’s advocate for Amy’s side. Maybe they just got married yesterday and had not gotten around to contacting any of us. Besides, how would they even know how to get a hold of us,” adds Liz.

“She’s right you know. Besides, they are consenting adults and don’t need your permission to marry. I know this news just came out of the blue, but think this through. Doesn’t that make sense that they did not get the chance to get a hold of you two? They are your parents and both good people. Remember this trip is about talking to Amy and letting her in on the secret and expecting her to listen, understand, and be reasonable. Well, we have to be adults about this and do the same for them. That doesn’t mean you have to like it, but you will have to accept it. Somehow, in the big scheme of things we should think about what Amy’s and Jim’s reaction might be. I know their getting married is a shocker, but I think we have them beat with our news. So, we need to calm down and take a collective breath here and think before we speak and try to keep our tempers in check, agreed,” says Max waiting for Kyle, Maria, and everyone’s acknowledgement. “We’ll get through this okay. It might help if we let Amy and the Sheriff know that both Liz and my parents know the secret. Since we’ve decided to tell them we’ll need to make Amy and Jim see that this is a secret that must be kept for everyone’s best interests. We can suggest they talk to our parents privately if that might help,” offers Max.

“Thanks guys. I appreciate the support and I’m sure Kyle does too,” says Maria.

“I suppose we should get out of the SUV and get up there huh,” says Kyle. Everyone steps away from their SUVs and walk together as a group up to Amy’s apartment and take a moment to steel themselves for this meeting all hoping that it will go well for all concerned. Maria takes a deep breath as does Kyle, then they knock on the door of Amy’s apartment.

“There’s no answer, oh darn nobody home. Let’s go,” says Kyle wishing that were only true.

“Hi kids, come on in,” says a nervous and fidgeting Amy. “Ah, just make yourselves at home. Can I get anyone something to drink? Soda, Tea, Coffee?” asks Amy.

“Thanks. No we’re all good,” says Maria with a broken smile.

“Honey, you said you wanted to talk to me about something that involves all of you. I can’t imagine what that could be about? Is everyone okay?” asks Amy.

“Yes Mom, we are all fine,” says Maria.

“That’s good. That’s really great….So, I have some news that affects you and even Kyle, strangely enough. I hope you’ll both hear me out before you start yelling at me,” says Amy. “Damn, Jim said he’d be right back,” adds Amy under her breath. She did not want to get into this with them without Jim being there.

“What’s your news, Ms. Deluca?” asks Alex trying to diffuse some of the tension from Maria and Kyle.

“Oh, ah I wanted to wait for someone to get here,” says a worried Amy fidgeting even more now.

“Who are you waiting for?” asks Maria wanting her mom to spill it now. “You do remember I asked for you to please not invite anyone over. The things we wanted to discuss with you are highly confidential and cannot leave this room, Mom. Our lives depend on you keeping quiet about what we have to tell you, and you’ve invited someone over!”

“Maria! I think we should all calm down,” says Liz trying to be the peacemaker.

“She’s right. Going on the attack is the wrong approach here Blondie. Give your mom a chance, okay,” says Michael offering a supportive hug as he pulls her closer to his side. Amy was about to speak, then here’s a knock at the door.

“Oh thank God! Jim, come in. You had me worried taking so long. The kids are all here. Help me please,” says Amy taking his hand in hers. She turns to address the group. Amy looks around the room full of her daughter’s closest friends that have become her family away from Roswell. Amy looks at Maria and Kyle, and then looks to Jim. Jim squeezes Amy’s hand as a show of support. “Well, kids we have news. Jim and I got married yesterday. We started seeing each other casually before I got this business up here and he helped me find my apartment and get set up. Anyways, we got closer and our relationship evolved. We fell in love and got married,” hurries Amy waiting for her daughter’s famous temper to erupt. Instead of seeing shock on Maria and Kyle’s faces she finds only a knowing look.

“I knew it. We were right Kyle, of course seeing the just married on the sheriffs SUV was a dead give away earlier. I’m glad we found out then. It’s a good thing that Kyle and I have had time to calm down before coming here,” states Maria shaking her head. “Sheriff, let me give you a friendly warning: do not hurt my mother and we’ll manage to get along fine. You understand me? Treat her with respect and like a queen, got it? Trust me, you don’t want me to hunt you down and show you my famous hurricane Deluca temper up close and personal. Do we understand each other, Sheriff?” asks Maria in a commanding parental tone.

“Whoa. You sure are your mother’s daughter. No problem, Maria. We do understand each other perfectly. It’s my plan to treat your mom like a queen and do right by her for as long as she’ll have me,” says Jim looking into Amy’s eyes full of love and trust.

“Kyle, son, how are you taking this news?” asks Jim.

“Maria and I are on the same page with this. We are hurt you didn’t let us know earlier; but if you just got married yesterday, we can understand how other things…took priority for the moment,” blushes Kyle. “Amy… My Dad’s been through a lot. Like you, he’s been hurt before. All I can really ask is that you love my dad and be there for him. You both deserve to be happy. Besides, this way Maria and I are less likely to get grounded if we give you both hugs and say welcome to the family,” offers Kyle with an accepting smile and hug. After Kyle’s response everyone seems to breathe a collective sigh.

“Okay, so what’s your big news you wanted everyone here to tell me about?” asks Amy.

Kyle and Maria look at each other, then at their family. “Okay, I guess you both might as well hear this. Just please remember that we are all the same people we’ve always been and bear that in mind when you hear this news okay,” says Maria searching Amy’s eyes then Jim’s for an acknowledgement before moving on with their news. Mystic stands at Kyle’s side and smiles at seeing him make peace with this and is now happy for his dad and Amy.

“Okay, my turn. I can’t just say this. I don’t know where to begin,” says an overwhelmed Maria.

“I know what you mean. It’s not the blurting out kind of news,” states Kyle sympathetic of Maria’s difficulty.

“Let’s tell it from the very beginning. I hope you and Kyle don’t mind if I start. It will help make things fall into place better that way. Then you and Kyle can jump in,” smiles Liz offering her support to her very scared friends. Liz understands very well being in this situation having told both her and Max’s parents. She hopes that her volunteering to go first will help make things go easier for Kyle and Maria.

Max takes Liz’s hand and stands with her. “There really was an alien spaceship that crashed in 1947 and the four of us were on it. We were in incubation like pods that kept us alive until we reached the appropriate age and were released or born. We, Max, Michael, Isabel and I are alien hybrids. We are a mixture of alien and human DNA. We are not here to hurt anyone, quite the opposite. We didn’t come out of our pods until 1989. We have always looked like normal kids,” says Liz. She stops telling the story to allow the Sheriff and Amy to absorb this much of the story before she continues. Liz and Max study the stunned faces of both parents.

“I know this all sounds pretty far fetched and out there, but it is all true. How are you guys taking all this so far? There’s more to tell, but we wanted to make sure you were ready before we continue,” says Max squeezing Liz’s hand. He looks at Maria and Kyle noting they aren’t sure of how to read each parents reaction other than shock.

“What? You’re trying to tell us that the four of you kids are aliens…what was that word Jim?” asks Amy turning to Jim.

“I think they said hybrid,” says Jim. Amy and he both burst out with laughter. “That’s a good one kids.” Jim and Amy proceed to share a side splitting belly laugh. Both laughing so hard tears are running down their faces.

“They don’t believe us. I guess they need a show of powers before they’ll believe us. Michael, throw something at us,” demands Max. Michael dutifully looks around and grabs Amy’s crystal vase removing the flowers and throws it at Max and Liz. Instantly they deploy their shield and are surrounded in a transparent cylindrical like blue tube.

“Oh My God, Jim! Did you see that?” asks Amy now visibly in awe and scared at the same time. Amy grabs Jim’s arm and pulls him back away from Max and Liz. “Maria, get away from them!” shouts Amy.

“Kyle, come over here now!” shouts Jim in panic.

“No! We are not in any danger. They are our family and friends. We are more like them than you realize,” says Maria.

“What did they do to you? They didn’t make you one of them did they?” asks Amy recoiling in fear.

“Yes, in a way. Kyle and I both are different now. We are still us, but enhanced or improved.
There’s more to it than just having powers. We are actually very important people. Our group here,” gestures Maria. “We are part of a centuries old prophecy of another planet. Yes, Kyle and I are still human, sort of. We now have powers or abilities that we did not before. In regards to the project I told you about that we all just finished, well, we…just defeated an enemy of Antar who was hell bent on destroying Antar and Earth. Oh incase you were wondering Antar’s the name of the home world that Max, Liz, Isabel, and Michael are from,” continues Maria.

“That enemy we defeated was here, on Earth. We stopped him and his men from taking over Earth. The prophecy I mentioned involves the eight of us working together to defeat the enemy, which we did. We totally kicked his ass. He’s no longer a factor. The alien attack force was safely defeated by your resident ‘Destined One’s’. Oh sorry, that’s how the prophecy refers to our group,” states Kyle.

“Okay, nice try kids. You really had us going there for a minute. Didn’t they Amy?” smiles Jim.

“Dad, it’s all true. There’s more. I’d like you to meet Mystic, she’s my bonded wife,” says Kyle.

“What? Kyle, what do you mean bonded wife? You mean she’s a hybrid too. But we just heard that it was just the four of your group that were hybrids. I’m confused Kyle, explain,” says Jim.

“Okay, can we please just back the truck up,” says Amy reeling from all this impossible information. “What is this? First you tell us that aliens exist and that the four of your closest friends are alien hybrids and in fact from the 1947 crash. Then, you tell me that somehow Kyle and you are now like them. What? Is it me or has everyone in this room gone insane!” Amy frantically exclaims while pacing the floor and wringing her hands. “Alex, I forgot, so you’re changed too like Maria and Kyle?” asks Amy.

“Yes, Ms. Deluca…I mean now its Mrs. Valenti, right?” asks Alex. “Look I know this is an awful lot to hear and believe. I’m still the same ol’ geeky funny Alex that I’ve always been. You have nothing to fear from any of us. All we want to do is to live out our lives quietly with family and the people we love most in the world. There’s nothing sinister or alien about that, now is there Mrs. Valenti?”

“This change, was it against your will? They aren’t controlling your minds are they?” asks Jim.

Michael laughs, “Have you ever tried to get Maria to do anything against her will? It can’t be done! Am I right or am I right?” Michael looks around the room for confirmation and bearing witness to Maria’s stubborn streak. This earns Michael laughs from the gang around the room and even a knowing smirk from Amy. “I know my Blondie. I love her, and for some reason she loves me too. Go figure! To answer your question Mrs. Valenti, no one has done anything against anyone’s will or harmed them in anyway. That’s not who we are and what we are about,” says Michael with complete sincerity.

“Michael’s right, as much as it kills me to admit it. No, he did not do anything to me against my will. He knows it would never work to even think about trying to control me. Not even I can control me, no way he could,” states Maria. Michael laughs along with everyone else. Maria warns, “Don’t push it Spaceboy. What? It’s my pet name for Michael, he doesn’t mind. We’re bonded.”

Amy stops in might thought… “Oh my God, did you… I mean…bonded…That’s the second time I heard that word today. What the hell does that mean exactly? Please tell me it is the alien version of marriage. If you guys did the deed, and aren’t married, you’re both dead! Oh my God, Michael deflowered my baby girl? My daughter had alien sex. What is next, green grandchildren? Don’t answer that! Somebody laugh and tell me this is a joke. And who the hell is going to fix my broken vase?” rambles Amy in her typical high strung rapid fire fashion.

Michael walks to the vase and waves his hand over it. The vase miraculously begins to reassemble each minute shattered fragment as if reversing time restoring it to its former glory.

“Wow! Michael I didn’t realize you could do that. You could be really handy to have around especially when Maria gets mad and throws stuff, or I do. I should know. Maria got her throwing arm from me,” smirks Amy. “So this is true then, everything you’ve all told us? Michael, since you’ve…already with my daughter. Let me just say this. You had better treat her right. Love, and respect Maria always taking care of her. If you don’t I’ll be there to hunt you down and ruin you. Are we clear here, Michael?” says Amy issuing her motherly warning.

“Yes, Mrs. Valenti. I understand. We are crystal clear. I plan to take care of Maria the rest of our lives, or until she wants to kill me and I have go sleep on Max and Liz’s couch for a couple of days, whichever comes first. Seriously, I do love her. Yes, if she gets pregnant I’ll be there every step of the way to take care of Maria and our family. Maria and I are bonded, and it means forever for my people. The bonding is a very serious thing and is not taken likely. We all know this and have chosen wisely. Maria’s the one for me. She is my home. Mrs. Valenti, the comment about green children is not a worry. I just want to reassure you that won’t happen. Any children any of us have will look normal just as we do. No one will know differently. This is a huge secret. For the sake of Maria and all of us please do not tell anyone about our alien origins. If this information became known to the wrong people, we could all be subjects of a twisted science experiment courtesy of the government. The only ones who share this knowledge are Liz’s parents, Jeff and Nancy; and Max’s parents, Diane and Phillip. Now you and the sheriff know. Please all we ask of you is that you do not tell anyone any of this. Maybe it would make you feel more at ease to talk with the Parker’s and the Evan’s about this in a private place. It might help make you understand better,” offers Michael.

“Mom, are you okay with this? Mom! Speak to me please? Jim, is she okay? Oh no, you’d better catch her…I think she’s going to faint,” warns Maria. As if on cue, Amy collapses into Jim’s arms.

“Dad, uh, how are you taking this with Maria, me, and the rest of us? See…and I bet you thought your news would be more shocking than what Maria and I had to say, huh?” Grins Kyle hoping this will lighten the moment. “Okay, that went well. Does anybody have any smelling salts?” asks Kyle.

***************************To Be Continued*************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II Part 5 AU M/LADULT Sept. 11 pg.3

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Sep 11, 2004 10:56 pm

Hi Everyone! :D Sorry, I’m really late, I know. Darn writers block and other stuff. I’m sorry for being late, but it’s still Saturday as I write this at 8:30 pm Saturday night. I hope all is well with everyone. I know some of you out there read my story but don’t leave feed back. Welcome all please feel free to leave your feed back. I swear I read them all and I even reply to them. I do, really. With out further delay, here’s this weeks post. Enjoy and let me know what you think, okay!

roswellian504- Hi thanks for your comments. Yeah, they are in full freak out mode. I think Amy is doing that enough for both of them. LOL!!! As for what happens next…I got ya covered. Read this new part, okay. Thanks again, and have a great week. I love to read your feed back it always makes me laugh. I can use that. I hope you’ll like this new part.

Ansleyrocks- Yep! Amy and Jim surprised a lot of people with their impromptu wedding that no one knew anything about. I like Jim and Amy in the TV show and thought hey, what the heck. So here they are. I hope you like them. Amy’s funny, I like her. I’m glad you like the surprises along the way. There are some fun ones in store for this part. Enjoy! Thanks for reading and your great comments. They mean so much to me. Thank you.

roswellluver- You are welcome. I’m happy to hear that you like my Kyle. I love writing Kyle incase you haven’t noticed. Meeting Nick Wechsler in person and spending some time with him made my writing Kyle a breeze. Nick’s really funny and a great guy in person. So that’s how I write Kyle and keep in mind how Kyle was written in the show to come up with the balance of the Kyle I write. I like him. He is a hoot you are right about that. I’m glad you’re enjoying him and hopefully the other characters and how I write them. Thank you for reading and your comments.

AKJ001- Hi, well thanks. Another fan of my Kyle I see. Yeah, he is a lot of fun to write. I hope you’ll enjoy this new part. Kyle has some funny lines in this one too. I can’t leave Kyle out of the mix now, can I? Never! LOL!! Thanks for reading and the feed back. I hope you’ll like this part.

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Part 5

“Jim, do you think Mom will be okay?” asks a worried Maria not expecting for Amy to faint after hearing this stunning news of hers.

“Yeah, I think she just needs to rest and take some time to think about what was said. It might be easier for Amy if you weren’t here when she wakes up. She’ll be fine, just give her a little time. She’s done this before, when I proposed. I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know how she’s doing. Give me the number where I can reach you at,” says Jim trying to offer his support. Michael writes it down and hands it to Jim.

“Take care of her okay, Jim. Oh, welcome to the family and thanks,” says Maria giving him a tearful hug.

“No problem. Go and get some rest Maria. You too Kyle, this has been tough on everyone. We’ll talk later, okay. Don’t worry Maria, it will be okay,” smiles Jim touched by Maria’s comments and gestures. Jim can’t help but notice how the group all stands behind Maria with Liz and Max upfront offering their unspoken support of Maria and Kyle. Mystic and Michael also stand beside there significant others side offering their love, comfort, and support in gentle gestures and through their shared group connection. The group quietly says their good byes and leaves Amy and now Jim’s apartment driving back to their hotel. Michael chooses to sit in the back seat of the SUV with Maria. Maria accepts the comfort of Michael’s arms around her and clings to him like he is her life line. Michael holds her safe in his arms and soothes her and strokes her hair as the tears fall freely down her pretty face. No words are spoken, yet every tear speaks volumes of all that Maria feels about the people she loves as family. Michael says nothing but communicates his love and support by just allowing her to let go of all the pain and fear of being rejected that consumes her now. Michael understands how she feels and projects all his love and acceptance of her through their couple’s connection. Maria falls asleep in the comfort of Michael’s arms on the way to the hotel.

“I’ll take care of her. I think she needs to rest now too. This was very draining on her. She’ll be fine. Can I get someone to help me with the doors, so I can carry her up to our room please?” asks Michael.

“Sure, I’ll help you get her to your room,” says Max hurrying to get the door for Michael as he carefully carries Maria up to there room. Liz follows Max up to Michael and Maria’s room.

“Michael, if you or Maria needs anything. Please let us know okay, feel free to teleconference us,” says Liz filled with concern for her best friend.

“Okay, I will. Thanks for your help bro.” Michael rests Maria comfortably on their bed and says good night to Max and Liz assuring them he’ll be in touch if necessary.

Max and Liz rejoin the others still waiting in the hotel lobby. “Hey, Michael’s taking care of her. Maria cried herself to sleep on the way back. She’ll be fine. I asked him to reach us if he needs anything,” informs Liz.

“I think we’ll just call it a night if you guys don’t mind,” says Max.

“No, go ahead. We were all just thinking the same thing. A nice quiet night in our own hotel rooms seems to be the plan tonight. Will you guys please let me know if Maria needs anything? I sort of feel like we both got stuck in this together and I want to make sure she’s okay. I just realized that Maria is now my step sister,” says Kyle shaking his head. “It does sound strange to say out loud but it’s how I see Maria, Liz, and Isabel now. On that count it makes sense. Oh well, strange day. Good night! See ya in the morning,” says Kyle taking Mystic’s hand in his walking towards their room.

“Alex, let’s go to our room and order room service and spend a nice quiet evening just you and I. Sweetie, I could really use some Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice cream. Would you do me a really huge favor and run around to the store on the corner and get me some? …Please, I’ll make it worth your while when you get back,” promises Isabel with a hint of seduction in her voice and gaze.

“Uh…Chunky Monkey…Yeah, I’ll…be right back, anything for my Princess.” Alex all but runs for the door with his hotel key in hand. “I’ll be right back Princess,” smiles Alex. Isabel’s thoughts turn to Maria and Amy. Isabel wishes there was something she could do to help Amy accept this news and keeping their secret.

“I can’t think about this anymore tonight. I have a feeling things will be much better tomorrow. At least I certainly hope so for Maria and Amy. I could tell Jim was more accepting of this,” says Isabel aloud to herself.


“Max, I think I’m hungry or at least twins seem to be reminding me to eat,” smiles Liz tenderly stroking her abdomen.

“Well, I won’t allow that for any of my loves. I’ll call room service. What would you like to eat, Liz? Look over their menu and choose. I’ll call room service for us. Hang in there little ones,” says Max taking his turn stroking Liz’s stomach as he feels a rather fierce kick making his hand move. He smiles, “That’s my boy,” says Max grinning. Then it happens again. “Sorry Pumpkin, I didn’t mean to leave you out of the mix,” adds Max referring his baby daughter also still in Liz’s womb making her kick known and felt by her father. Liz smiles at his loving interaction with their twins even as they lay in her womb. Liz enjoys the alien perks of this pre birth special bond that is formed with parents and children literally knowing them before they are born.

After giving room service their dinner order they cuddle up on the couch in there suite. “Do you think that Maria’s mom will come around like both of our parents did, Max?”

“Yeah, I do. She’s like Maria, really hyper and kind of overreacts to things. She’ll calm down and then be okay with things. That’s what I’m hoping for Maria anyways. Jim was pretty good about things although I can tell he’ll have more questions when the time comes to talk about things after the initial shock wears off. She’ll be okay, Liz. Maria and her mom are both tougher and braver than they look.”

“You’re right Max, I won’t think about that anymore tonight. I’m sure everything will work itself out. You know it’s been far too long since I’ve had a kiss. I’m beginning to think this is a nightmare of a day. It has to be since my loving hot husband who can’t keep his hands off of me has done just that. Should I be worried, Max?” asks Liz with a half smile and a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. “Gee what shall we do to pass the time until dinner arrives? Hmm, I could go ask Isabel if she has her Monopoly game that we could borrow. What do you think Max?”

“Babe, I have a much better idea of what we could do until room service interrupts… I mean gets here,” smiles Max.

“Oh, like what?” asks Liz sitting up and batting her eyelashes at him.

“You know what I mean,” says Max wiggling his eyebrows.

“I think there’s something wrong with your eyebrows, maybe you need to see a doctor. I’ll call Cal,” says Liz removing herself from Max’s embrace.

“Liz! Where are you going?”

“I’m going to call Cal. Oh, you don’t want me to call him. Fine, if you think you’re all right. Then I think I’ll go take a nice bath and see ya after my bath.” She turns to walk away and makes it just inside the bathroom and counts to ten. As if on queue Max knocks on the bathroom door and hears the water running and filling the bathtub. Liz smiles to herself and thinks to herself, well that didn’t take him long. She turns to answer the door hiding her body from his view behind the door clutching a towel to her firmly. “Yes, did you need something, Honey?” asks Liz in an innocent sweet tone.

“Babe, are you mad at me or something? You always invite me to join you in the tub, but you didn’t this time. Did I say something to cause a problem? Please tell me whatever I did or said. I’m sorry. Liz listens to his heart felt plea. Liz opens the door to their bathroom.

“Well, you did not kiss me for what, three whole entire hours. That’s just all kinds of wrong Max, you know that. That’s just inexcusable, okay so we were in the middle of a family crisis. I supposed attacking each other in the middle of that would have been bad form, but still. I feel a bit ignored and unloved. So what are you going to do about that, Mr. Evans?”

“Babe, you know I love you and can barely keep my hands off of you in public. Please don’t think that I find you suddenly less than the most desirable woman I’ve ever laid eyes on and will ever care to. Oh and you wanted to know what I plan to do about it? How about this?” asks Max using his powers with a swipe of his hand to remove all of his clothing. “How about we share a bath and I make sure you’re thoroughly washed and cherished everywhere?” Max asks. He looks at her now with his darkened amber globes filled with love, desire, and longing.
Max takes Liz’s hand in his and he gently tugs with the other removing her towel. His eyes feast on the treasure that is before him. Max swiftly picks her up in his arms and kisses her breathlessly and carries her to their bathtub. He worshipfully lowers her into the tub treating her like precious china. Then he climbs in after her and gets comfortable by helping Liz straddle between his legs. He lets Liz rest her head against his chest. Max waves his hand again using his powers. The lights are off and the candle light bathes the bathroom creating a very romantic cozy bath for two.

“Well, Mr. Evans. I think you have earned some bonus points for this. Wow, you do realize I love having all of your attention. I can’t help but always want to feel your caress, kiss, and your presence all around me. See, what you’ve done. You’ve spoiled me and made me completely addicted to your every word, every touch, and every look. God, help me I’m addicted to you. Is that just an alien thing or is that just us being… well us?” laughs Liz. She sits up to look at him.

“My love, I feel the same way about you. I can’t go very long without needing to hold your hand, or hold you in my arms, or feel your lips on mine. When we do touch it’s like we are transported to our own little universe. I forget where we are. That does earn us a lot of good natured ribbing from our family, but hey that’s just us. We can’t help that. It would be easier for me to stop breathing than to stop touching you or showing my love and desire for you, Liz. Get used to it, it’s going to be that way as long as we are in this life and beyond,” says Max gazing into dark chocolate eyes mirroring his own endless depths of love and desire shining there in her eyes. “Liz, I love you. I’ll never tire of loving you or showing my love for you ever,” says Max. He focuses on her lips and kisses her tender slow long kisses that fill them both with such desire they begin to make love in the bath tub. Then they hear a knock on their door.

“Gees, room service picks now to speed up the service in delivering our meal. I think they must be related to Maria. I love Maria like a sister. Don’t get me wrong, but anyone with this lousy of timing has to either be Maria or room service. I’m really hoping its room service. I’d hate to have to threaten Maria right now,” grumbles Liz rising from the bubble bath leaving Max behind.

“Liz, leave it. Don’t answer the door just now. Please, not now…so…close,” pants Max very aroused and frustrated. He watches Liz remove herself from him grabbing her robe as she leaves the bath room.

Liz storms off grumbling along the way to answer the door. “Damn, I hate getting interrupted when Max and I are alone together.” Liz answers the door, “Yes that had better be dinner. Next time call first before you show up interrupting people,” scolds Liz taking the cart from the sputtering room service guy. “Oh and No freaking tip,” she abruptly slams shut and locks the door and sheds her robe returning to the warmth of Max and their romantic bath. Liz takes a deep breath. “I’m back. Now, where were we Babe.”

“Honey, I heard you chew out that room service guy and I just wanted to say….”

“Max, I’m not sorry I was rude. I’m sick and tired of it always being us that is interrupted at the wrong moment. I’ve had it. It’s about time we stop being nice about it. We are after all still on our honeymoon,” argues Liz.

“You’re right. You’ll get no argument from me Liz. Now get your cute hybrid bonded butt back in this tub with me now,” Max insists with a sexy smile.

“That’s the best offer I’ve had all day. Babe, are you trying to seduce me?”

“In a word… Yes! How am I doing so far, Liz? ”

“You’re doing really great. In fact your about to get really lucky, Max.” Liz eyes him and licks her lips feeling magnetically drawn to his lips. They kiss as if they are feasting on the only sustenance they will ever need. The flames of their already ignited ever present passion for each other fan higher barely contained. They manage to keep in check until they are alone and in each others arms.

“Hey, remember there was an urgent matter that needs your undivided attention, before we were so cruelly interrupted. Besides, there’s some hands on matters I need to take care of with you as well,” Max says seductively as his heated stare nearly undoes Liz.

“Damn Babe, those illegally hot amber eyes of yours sure knows how to get to me with just one look I could deny you nothing. God Max, that’s so unfair. That must be part of your alien side or something or at the very least a power,” Liz says allowing herself to fall into his powerful loving embrace surrendering to him.

“Oh, so now you’re saying I have some kind of alien power over you. You’re admitting that. Now that’s one alien power with a hell of a perk. Yeah, I have to say it’s great to be me where you’re concerned,” teases a sexily playful Max.

“Yeah, well just don’t let that go to your head, mister.” Liz pokes him playfully in the chest then begins to run her hands over his chest and abs causing him to shiver and groan at her touch. Max gets a mischievous glint in his eye while he laughs and splashes her in the bath tub.

“That’ll teach you to answer the door when we’re otherwise engaged,” laughs a teasing Max.
He notices the bubbles glide down Liz’s bare skin creating a path that prompts Max to stop in mid laugh and reach for her. All humor leaves his face only to be replaced with his still unquenched desire and love for her. He puts his hands on her hips and pulls her close to him and assaults her with seemingly never ending kisses. Liz gives in to his loving advances. Max turns her gently on to her side so he can have her lay beneath him. The warm water and bubbles enveloping them, carrying away from where they are where time and anything else doesn’t exist. They take care of unfinished business between them before the room service waiter interrupted them. They lay in each others arms and talk reflecting on the day. Just then they hear someone knocking on their door. They now hear multiple knocks on the door.

“Well Liz, it’s safe to assume that’s our family. But at least their timing is off. Maria must be slipping,” laughs Max.
“You don’t suppose if we ignore them they’d go away do you?” asks Liz.

“Liz, are you kidding? They’ll think there is something wrong with us and use their powers to get into the bathroom. Then they’ll boldly go into the bathroom to find us like this naked and in each others arms in the bathtub.”

“Damn Max, this is one time I hate it when you’re right. We’d better get dressed and see what all the commotion is about,” grumbles Liz.

“Yeah, we’d better. You know how Maria and my sister get about us, not to mention Michael. We can continue this later,” winks Max.

“Oh you can count on that, Babe. We’ll figure out a way to break away from our well meaning family that just can’t seem to fathom what the words newlyweds and honeymoon mean,” sighs Liz.

Max and Liz dress quickly and answer the incessant knocking at their hotel room door. “Who’s there?” Liz looks at Max and grins.

“Come on it’s us, let us in. Who else were you expecting to interrupt your little love nest, aliens perhaps?” Laughs Maria.

“Well, now that you mention it. I do happen to know a few,” laughs Liz opening the door to Maria and the gang.

“So we were bored and my nerves were shot worrying about my mom. We decided to come over and bug you guys. I thought it might be fun if we chose a group activity,” suggests Maria.

“A group activity? Just what kind of group activity did you have in mind Maria?” asks Max worriedly.

“Gees Max, I wasn’t suggesting anything kinky. I was thinking something more like…a board game like Monopoly, or something fun like Twister. What do you think?” asks Maria.

“Maria! You think all I think about is Liz and you know…. all the time 24/7. FYI we are on our honeymoon still, guys. It’s definitely allowed to think about and participate in certain kinds of activities. In fact, it’s actually expected minus of course the family entourage in tow,” defends Max.

“Yeah well you guys aren’t the typical newlyweds and we aren’t your typical normal human family. We are more like X files meets My Favorite Martian. So what are you going do about it? There’s no fighting it. Trust me, I tried,” teases Kyle.

“Hey, watch it there jock boy, or you’ll be sleeping alone tonight…on the floor,” says Mystic giving him a swat on the forearm.

“Mystic I didn’t mean it like that, you know. I was just being my usual smart ass self displaying my so called attempt at humor. I’m sorry Mystic, don’t be mad at me,” pleads Kyle.

“Okay, but watch the Martian comments, alright. Remember, you’re sort of in that leaning towards green category now more than you were before Kyle,” reminds Mystic.

“Monopoly! Did someone mention Monopoly?” beams Isabel at the possibility of playing her favorite board game.

“NO!” shouts everyone.

“No Isabel, not Monopoly. We’ll never here the end of it. I think twister might be fun to play,” says Michael.

Max opens his connection to Liz keeping their covert communication blocked from the others. ‘Liz, if you want to have more us time alone tonight I can figure out a way to get them all to leave in a hurry. I’ll need you to play along though, Babe. If you want that is?’

‘Sure Max, what’s your plan?’ asks Liz through their connection.

‘Just follow my lead and back me up, this should work to scare them off, okay Liz.’

‘Not a problem, Babe. I’ve got your back always,’ Liz sends back.

“Hey guys, lets play Twister. We haven’t played twister in a long time. It’ll be fun,” encourages Max.

“Well, as long as it’s not Monopoly, count me in,” adds Michael.

“Why? Did Isabel make you and Max play that game a lot growing up?” asks Kyle.

“Yes! She did and she’s ruthless at Monopoly. Well, that and Candy Land, but I think we are all past the Candy Land stage,” replies Michael.

“Does anyone remember how to play Twister?” asks Maria.

“Yeah, basically be ready to become a human pretzel. Hey, I’m double jointed. Get ready to lose. Would you care to wager against me,” smirks Alex.

‘Liz remember what I said about following my lead no matter how crazy it seems okay,’ telepaths Max.

‘Okay. You know this is kind of fun. Sure I’ll follow you and your lead anywhere. You know that Babe,’ Liz telepaths back.

“We happen to have a game of Twister. I’ll be right back,” Liz retrieves their game they packed away in their suitcases.

“Okay, Max why don’t you and I start,” smiles Liz innocently.

“Sure no problem,” says Max as he promptly spins the spinner. He and Liz remove one sock and they place their left hands on the red spot indicated.

“Someone else’s turn to spin,” smiles Max trying to keep a straight face. Alex spins and Max and Liz promptly remove their other sock. They place their right hands on the blue spot indicated.

“Whoa! What the hell kinds of Twister are the two of you playing anyways?” asks Michael.

“Oh just your ordinary strip Twister,” says Liz nonchalantly.

“No way are we playing that. I can’t believe you two managed to find a way to desecrate a harmless family game into some kind of perverted sex game!” exclaims Isabel.

“Oh lighten up Isabel. At least we didn’t bring out the Monopoly game. If you only knew how we play Monopoly you would really blow a gasket,” says a mischievous Max.

“Come on Alex, we’re leaving,” huffs Isabel.

“But Princess, I wanted to stick around long enough to hear the rules of how to play,” protests Alex.

“Alex! Now. We’ll discuss this later in our room,” states Isabel. Alex shrugs his shoulders and follows Isabel to the front door.

“I can’t believe you guys,” says Mystic.

“About those rules, can you tell me some more about them, Max?” asks a very curious Kyle. “Ouch, woman! Go easy on the bod, okay I bruise easily. Plus I’ll be no fun to play with later,” suggests Kyle with a wink. Kyle rubs his ribs where Mystic just slapped him.

“Max you should be ashamed of yourself. Liz, I can’t believe that the Liz Parker that I know and love would do something like this,” blurts out Maria.

“Maria, I’m still me. I do have to correct you. I’m not Liz Parker anymore. I’m Liz Evans now. Remember the courthouse, the wedding rings, me dressed in white, Max in a Tux and Michael too. We are on our Honeymoon and we need couple time. Maria, the twins will be here soon enough and we’d like to have as much us time as we can. Not that I don’t love the rest of you. Please understand okay Maria,” states Liz.

“Liz, Maria enough chit chat! Does anyone know where we can buy our own game of “Twister?” asks Kyle. “What? I’m a guy okay. I think Max and Liz’s version of Twister is worth trying alone, as couples definitely no group activities. You two are good…strip “Twister”. I bet I could write to Playboy about this one,” smiles Kyle.

“Let’s try Rite-Aid, and Walgreen’s or maybe Wal-Mart,” says Michael.

“Good Michael,” says Alex.

“We’d better hurry before they sell out, or close or something,” says Kyle getting his keys and making way for the door. Thanks guys for making my evening once again more fun and educational, see ya later. Oh, and we’ll call first before we come over; or maybe we’ll do the whole friends and family alien call plan that we have. Bye,” grins Kyle whistling as he walks away and closes the door.

“Babe, your plan worked, alone at last. I’ve never seen them leave us alone that fast ever. Something tells me they won’t be bothering us again until tomorrow, and then by phone or teleconference. They’re learning Max, and we have to be patient. They are family, we love them but sometimes it’s too much group time and not enough one on one,” smiles Liz licking her lips.

“Liz, let’s put away the game.”

“We don’t have to put it away right now, do we Max?” asks Liz. She smiles and looks at him with a look that tells him she has plans.


“Jim, Jim…I had the weirdest dream. All the kids were here…Maria, Kyle, and all their friends and they told us that they were alien hybrids or something crazy like that,” laughs Amy.

“Amy, that wasn’t a dream. That really did happen tonight.” He offers his support wrapping one arm around her shoulders as she sits up in bed and faces him.

“It was real. Oh my God, that really happened. I freaked out didn’t I? I need to talk to Maria. I should call her, Jim.”

“No not tonight. You need to process this more and I’m sure Maria and Kyle both need time to handle our news and your reaction when they were here. It’ll keep until the morning. We’ll call the kids tomorrow and invite them come over. Let it rest tonight Amy, for me please?” pleads Jim.

“You’re right Jim. Thank you for taking care of me and making me calm down. I love you Jim, you’re the best. Well, it takes me a while but I finally picked a keeper of a guy.” She leans in and gives him a brief kiss.

“When the kids say they have big news to tell us, they aren’t kidding. We really should brace ourselves and take them seriously in the future. They aren’t really kids anymore,” admits Jim.
“But you know they did win…Their news blew our news out of the water.”

**********************************To Be Continued******************************
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Loves Awakening RevealedII Part 6 M/L ADULT Sept. 19,'04 p.4

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sun Sep 19, 2004 11:38 am

Hi guys! I’m so so sorry I missed my Saturday post. It’s the first time I’ve failed to meet my self imposed deadline I set when I began posting the original in October of 2003. I’ve been having troubles lately and had difficulty with writers block. I’ve been fighting my way through that this the last two parts. I hope I’m past it now. I’m sorry I failed to post yesterday. I feel like such a failure to let some of you down like that. My apologies… Umm.. I hope you might forgive me and read this new part. Okay. Take care, all. I don’t seem to have too many read this story anymore. I wonder if I should take the hint in that. Hmm. Oh well, on with the feedback and then, on to the new part. Enjoy!

roswellian504- Thanks for your great feedback as always. Well, I have to say that I’d be a little inclined to run off my friends if I had any that went with me on my honeymoon. Let’s behr in mind who the honeymoon is with here, Max (Jason Behr). I think that name alone explains it all. LOL!!! Heck I think Liz and Max have been down right polite and patient with everyone, considering. It does make for interesting situation and tension at times. Thanks for reading…Have a great weekend!

AKJ001- It’s strange the way Max and Liz keep coming up with weird and wonderful stuff for me to write. I know I never would’ve thought about “Twister” like that either. I never played any board games or games of any kind growing up as an only child I just read a lot. See, it really is the characters and not me that you’re reading about. They just sort of staged their own abduction and make me write this stuff. Most of the time I have no idea where this stuff comes from it’s just there when I sit down to write. It’s gotta be them, certainly not me. They are fun to have running around in my head. At least there’s no fear of UPN or WB canceling them there. LOL!!!! They’re mine!!! I’m keeping them… Okay, I wish. It’ll be our little secret, okay. Don’t tell, okay shush!!! Thanks for reading and your fun feedback, I loved it. Thanks.

LoveIsForever- Hi! Sorry to have worried you. RL has been difficult and I’ve been fighting this writer’s block. I don’t want to just quit so I’m fighting my way through it. I hope this part doesn’t suck. The last part and this one, I just haven’t felt I was at my best, but I didn’t want to let you or anyone else down that reads my story. I always look forward to reading your feedback. You really know how to make me smile with all your quotes. Gees, make me think you liked it or something. LOL!!! I think I enjoy your feedback as a reward for my writing that weeks part. Yesterday, I only had 2 pages in Word written. Then I managed to find some kernel of an idea to come up with the write the rest. It’s only 8 pages in Word. I didn’t feel that 2 was worth posting and you guys deserve better than that. I worked on it writing and proofread it a bunch of times. The proofreading I finished up this morning. I wanted it to me good enough to post. I’d hate to let anyone down. Anyways, I hope this new part doesn’t suck too much, I did get it to move along. So let me know what you think, okay. My apologies for worrying you. Plus my tardiness in posting. I feel like such a failure in doing that. Oh well, here it goes. I’m off to post… Take care, and have a great day!

Ansleyrocks- Hi Ansley! Sorry I'm late this weekend. I'm glad you were amused by the way Max and Liz were being creative with the game "Twister", leave it to those two... LOL!!! Thanks fo reading and your feedback. Here's this weeks part better late than never. I'm hanging my head in shame that it's late. I'm such a loser and I'm sorry. Take care.

Loves Awakening Revealed II M/L ADULT AU

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 6

“Liz, do you really think it was a good idea to call my mom and Jim inviting them over to our hotel to enjoy the pool with all of us? I mean…You saw how my mom reacted last night to the news,” comments a nervous and worried Maria.

“Maria, she loves you. She’ll be fine, at least give her the chance to tell you herself. Look, there they are,” says Liz smiling and waving Jim and Amy over. Liz and Maria rest on their lounge chairs soaking up the sun. Liz stands and greets Jim and Amy.

“Hi! We’re glad to see you. I hope you are feeling better today?” asks a concerned Liz. “I’m sorry that we kind of stole your thunder the other day with our news. We didn’t mean to. That was why Maria wanted us to all be there to help explain and answer any questions either of you might have. Mrs. Deluca…I mean Mrs. Valenti, you’ve known me forever and I think of Maria like a sister. You have nothing to fear from any of us, okay. We’re still those same kids that would talk endless hours on the phone and have sleepovers at your house with Alex,” Liz smiles remembering those times. “I think I’ll go join Max and the others in the pool. I’ll leave so you two can talk. We’ll be close by if you need us,” says Liz.

“Gee, thanks Liz,” adds Maria. “Mom, tell me you heard what I…what we told you last night. I know it sounded insane, but it’s all true. I wanted you to know the truth. I’ve hated lying to you about what’s going on with me and the gang. Now that you know, it’s a huge relief for me to be able to tell you all this. Please say you understand, Mom?” asks a pleading Maria.

“At first I didn’t believe any of it. I thought maybe you’d been taking hallucinogenic drugs or something. What? Don’t look at me like that. I’m a child of the sixties; it happened okay,” shrugs Amy. “Anyways, I’m getting off topic here. I did call the Evans’ and the Parkers’ and they confirmed everything you told us. I was relieved that my daughter wasn’t doing hallucinogenic drugs. This all seems so weird to accept as truth, but we are from Roswell New Mexico so what’s new,” laughs Amy. “Your news is sinking in slowly but surely. I appreciate you telling me about the other parents knowing and encouraging me to talk with them, which did help me to understand. I’m sorry that I freaked out yesterday,” says Amy. She looks over Maria’s shoulder to see Max and Liz having a spirited splash fight. Michael, Alex, and Kyle are playing keep away from Isabel with her book. All of the others playing in the water and behaving like normal teenage kids. “I can see that you’re right. All of you are the same kids you’ve always been,” Amy offers with a reassuring smile.

“Mom, you mean it, really? You’re okay with our news?” asks Maria. Amy looks just to the side of Maria and smiles. Amy sees Michael sneaking up on Maria ready to claim her and steal her away to play in the pool. No doubt to have their own splash fight. Michael grabs Maria and throws her over his shoulder and promptly walks her to the pool.

“Michael Guerin, you had better not dump me in the pool. You hear me Spaceboy, or I might just blast something near and dear to you,” threatens Maria through bouts of giggles.

“Hey, I think we both know that would be no fun… later,” whispers Michael the last word. Maria erupts in fits of laughter.

“Oh? Pretty sure of yourself, huh Spaceboy,” teases Maria.

“Oh no…Don’t look now, but I think Max and Liz have competition at being an embarrassing affectionate couple and very much in public, that’s so not like Michael and Maria. It looks like Max and Liz has finally done it. Max and Liz’s influence has rubbed off on them. Look at Michael and Maria behaving like… two playful lovers,” says Alex trying not to make the international choking and gagging symbol. Kyle and Isabel chime in their agreements at this spectacle before them.

“Max, can you believe Michael? He’s acting…well sort of like you. Should we be concerned? We did pack the healing stones, right?” teases Liz. Max laughs at Liz’s comments and pulls her in close to him for a relaxed tender embrace, bestowing a kiss on her temple.

“It’s nice to see everyone looking happy, in love, and just acting well…like teenagers for a change. It’s really a relief to know that everyone’s parent knows about our mutual secret,”
Max adds.

“Yeah, you’re right Max. Judging earlier by the looks of Amy hugging Maria, I think it’s safe to say that Amy’s come around on the news and is now okay with it,” says Liz smiling looking at Maria, Michael, Amy, and her new husband Jim Valenti.

“Come on Mom. I’d like for you and Jim to take the plunge with the rest of us and enjoy the hotel pool,” Maria urges as Kyle and Alex accidentally splash around in the water splashing them.

“You realize what this means,” Jim says looking at the teenagers slightly shocked and worried faces. “This means it’s up to Amy and I to show you kids how to have a proper water fight,” grins Jim beaming with mischief. “Ready Amy?” asks Jim as he sweetly offers his hand to her. Amy takes his hand and finds herself scooped up in Jim’s arms as he promptly walks to the edge of the pool. “Well, there’s no time like the present,” says Jim smiling releasing her to fall directly into the pool.

“Jim Valenti! Why did you do that to me, I’m your wife!” exclaims Amy.

“Because I can’t resist seeing the fire in your eyes when you get pissed,” confesses Jim unashamedly.

“Oh no, not another Michael and Maria on our hands,” shouts Kyle.

“No, not quite. This is way worse, were talking about Maria’s mom and your dad, Kyle. This is one of those nice warm fuzzy family hug feelings isn’t it, for you Kyle,” teases Alex. Alex is met with a death glare from Kyle.

“I’d watch it if I were you, Nerd Boy,” says Kyle. He gives a glare of warning and enjoyment at watching Alex squirm. Mystic and Isabel step in to try and put an end to this.

“Stop it right now, you two. Unless you want to suffer from nightmares and being swallowed whole by the earth or in this case the swimming pool,” threatens Isabel with Mystics nod of agreement.

“Why did the girls make that unusual threat? Let me guess it’s one of those special things they can do, right?” Amy asks. She tries to figure out why Kyle and Alex both turned white at the thought of the girls making good on their threats. “Wow, really… Hmm, any chance of you being able to teach me how to do any of that? It might just come in handy with the guys, you understand. Right girls,” chuckles Amy.

“Well, Mrs. Valenti these abilities we think are inherited or innate to our people. But, hey in the efforts of all womankind, it’s worth a shot don’t ya think. Men! Somebody’s got to keep them in line,” laughs Isabel.

“Oh no, see that Kyle? They’re aligning themselves with Amy. That’s great, bloody great. Thanks a lot Kyle. That’s just what we need, the women in our lives joining forces to keep us in line. We’ll need to think of something really bold or crazy to stop them. Right! So you know what this means, Kyle?” asks Alex contemplating possible scenarios.

“We need Michael. He’ll help the cause of the brotherhood. What about Max?” Kyle asks.

“Nah, Max won’t help us. Remember, he has a hormonal pregnant hybrid on his hands to deal with. No way he’s going to piss Liz off right now. Besides, you know how those two are…locked at the lips all the time. That’s simply not going to happen. So, count Max out. Hey! You can talk to your dad. He might help us,” grins Alex.

“You want my dad to get involved in our plan, cool. Sure, I’ll ask him,” says Kyle.

Liz observes the behavior between Alex, Kyle, and Michael. She realizes the guys are up to mischief again. Well, all except for Max. Liz opens her connection to Maria, Isabel and Mystic warning them to watch their guys. ‘The guys are up to something and judging from the way they keep whispering to each other and watching you it involves all of you. Isabel, you might try seeing if you can read any of their emotions. You will need to see what our comedic alien dream team is up to,’ laughs Liz.

“Liz, Honey, don’t get involved in this. You need to relax and let me take care of you,” states Max gently letting her float in his arms and enjoy the relaxation the pool has to offer.

“Well, this does seem to be shaping up to be some kind of scheme of the guys vs. the girls. Look they even recruited Jim and Amy. This should be interesting. You’re sure I can’t even just use my powers just a teensy bit to get in on this, Max?” asks Liz sweetly.

“No Liz, we need to stay out of this. I think this could be fun to sit back and watch them for a change. Let’s see if they make fools of themselves,” Max smiles and shakes his head just trying to imagine what Kyle and the guys have cooked up now.

“Come on Mrs. Evans, you can tell me what you’d like to do after we leave Albuquerque in a day or so. It’s obvious that Amy and Jim are on board as far as the secret ‘I know an alien club’ membership goes. There’s nothing to worry about there, right Liz?” asks Max.

“Really? We can do anything I’d like,” smiles Liz.

“Anything,” smiles Max sending her some visual images of his suggestions.

“Max!” exclaims a blushing Liz. “Okay well, that’s already a given. I meant besides …that
Max. I was thinking about a different location,” says Liz with a sigh feeling home sick.

“Okay, so change of location works for me. Too many people around right now anyways,” jokes Max. He grabs her hand and leads her out of the pool and guides her carefully up the steps to leave the pool.

“Max, wait! Not that I don’t love the way your mind works, because I do. I was just thinking about our cabin back home. I miss it Max. I even miss going to school and having people look at us funny for being married and still going to high school. I just miss our own place. I miss our home and having that special place that is ours that we call home. You know what I mean Max?” asks Liz.

“Your ready to go back to Roswell then and go back to our lives and as close to normalcy as we can for being who we are. I’ve been thinking about that too. I’d really love to see our parents and I’ve been missing your dad’s Crash Down food,” grins Max.

“Really!” Squeals Liz joyfully. “We can go home and pick up our lives where they left off. Besides, you have no idea what I would do for a piece of my moms key lime pie. I’ve got those pregnancy cravings that everyone likes to comment about. Don’t you dare make fun of me about it Mr. Evans,” teases Liz.

“Let’s tell the others after dinner tonight, okay Liz. We still need to go back to the Colony before we all return home. We have to check in with Rasmus and the Colonists and make sure all is well there. Plus we need to get caught up on our school work first before we go back to Roswell. That should take us what a week or two then we’ll be home enjoying some smores’ in front of the fire place in our cabin again. How’s that sound Liz?” suggests Max.

“Max, that sounds perfect. Thank you, Max. You always want to make me happy. Fair enough, I plan to make you happy too, for the rest of our lives and into the next one.” Liz stands closer to him and puts her arms around his neck and pulls him down to her for a very tender kiss that quickly turns hotter. Their family and friends notice and take the opportunity to embarrass them.

“Hey, you two! It’s already hot enough outside in the New Mexico sun. We don’t need you two making it any hotter,” teases Michael.
“Michael’s right, we’re impressionable youths. We don’t need to be corrupted by you two,” teases Alex.

“Are you sure you really want to go there Mr. One shoe? After all Liz and I caught you with my sister that one time. Then there was that time my mom caught you in the closet in Isabel’s room that one morning and my mom knew you were there. She, amazingly enough, offered to make you and Isabel Blueberry pancakes for breakfast that time. At least we were careful enough not to get caught, Mr. One shoe,” counters Max enjoying Alex’s and Isabel’s red faces.

“Okay Max, touche’. You win,” says Alex.

“Well, this is certainly educational,” says Amy listening to these comments. “Your parents all know about this stuff, so don’t worry,” says Amy.

“It’s getting kind of late in the afternoon. We should think about our dinner plans. Maybe it would be nice if we all had dinner together someplace. There won’t be any tension in the air with everything all nice and out in the open. We could call it a congratulations dinner for the other newlyweds,” jokes Max.

“That sounds great! We would be honored,” says Jim.

“We’ll let you guys pick the restaurant. How does a reservation for dinner at 7pm sound to everyone?” asks Max being a gracious host.

“Sounds great Max, we’ll see you all later then. Amy wants to go shop for a dress for later,” says Jim smiling and rolling his eyes looking away from Amy.


After a wonderful extended family dinner, the gang relaxes. Max chooses this moment to inform the group of his and Liz’s idea of returning to the Colony first to wrap things up and finish tutoring to get caught up in school, and then return home to Roswell. Max brings up the topic but Liz is the one to talk first to the group about it. “I have to admit I’m getting really homesick. I never let myself feel it until now. Maybe it’s the pregnancy, I don’t know. All I know is that I need to go home. I miss my parents and the Crash Down food,” laughs Liz.

“Liz and I were thinking that we would stay here for another day or two then go back to the Colony. What did you guys think about that plan?” asks Max.

“You had to ask? Of course, we’ll all go back with you to the Colony and later we’ll all go together back to Roswell. Like, we’d allow our best friends and family to leave without us. Face it, you have your own entourage,” jokes Maria. “Michael, Alex, Kyle tell them,” prompts Maria.

“Maria’s right. We are all in this together. Besides, you know we’d look out for Liz when you two aren’t together during the day. Nobody messes with my sister in law, right guys,” states Michael. He’s quickly joined with nods of approval.

Alex adds, “Absolutely, Liz is like a sister to me. I’ll be happy to look after her and the twins while Max is in class or whatever. We could make a schedule with Michael, Kyle, and me. We could all take turns watching after her. We’ll make sure she’s fine. Don’t even think about cheating us guys out of expectant uncle privileges,” warns Alex with a smile and a shaking finger.

“Ditto what he said. Count me in too,” says Kyle.

“Hey! Now let’s not forget about any of us expecting Aunt’s now,” reminds Isabel.

“You understand that Michael. I plan on helping Liz and Max too, so you’ll have to share,” smirks Maria.

“Hey, I may be somewhat new to the group, but I want to be there to help out Liz. If nothing else run interference for her from the uncles,” teases Mystic.

“As Max’s sister and one of Liz’s group of best friends, I definitely will not be a slouch. I can even plan a schedule and color coat it for each person. Oh, I love that idea I’ll have to get started on that as soon as we get back to Roswell. Since I don’t have any idea of what any of our class schedules will be like. Don’t worry Liz. I’ll keep the curious and the trampy riff raff away from both you and Max. No one dares to challenge Isabel Evans. They all know I’ll squish them like bugs. So, yeah count me in too. I’d be happy to help you out. Oh I just had a thought, maybe we could get Michael to cook for Max and Liz like once or twice a week,” suggests Isabel. “I need to write that down. Anyone got a pen and paper. I need to start organizing this,” smiles Isabel throwing herself into full organizing Nazi mode.

“Great! We’ve unleashed the organizing Aunt Nazi,” groans Kyle. “I suddenly see my free time going, going, and gone, poof before my very eyes. Help! Mystic, Max, Liz!” jokes Kyle sarcastically. “This must be some form of alien torture to make me talk, right? No such luck, bummer. Oh, well. I’ll be happy to help. See, Dad I don’t have time to get into trouble. We’d have to run it by Isabel first to schedule it in,” continues Kyle on his sarcastic rant.

“Watch it Jock Boy! I’d be careful if I were you. You might find yourself having some ugly embarrassing scary dreams,” warns Isabel.

“Okay, we all know that Isabel is not someone to mess with, so tread lightly okay Kyle,” interrupts Liz.

“Yes Liz, we promise to be good and play nice with the other kids,” adds Alex.

“Good one Alex,” says Kyle high fiving him. “You scare me, Alex. You said something that I was just thinking,” comments Kyle. All eyes turn to Isabel realizing she must have a new power being able to project someone else’s thoughts into another persons mind.

“What? So I’ve been practicing. Relax, and be grateful. It could’ve been something worse,” grins Isabel innocently.

“Uh…Forgive me for interrupting here. But are you kids always like this when you are all together?” Amy asks fascinated by this protectiveness displayed by this group of teenagers.

“Yeah, pretty much. We watch each other’s backs and take care of each other when needed. In between bouts of silliness and the usual squabbling you see with large families,” informs Michael answering Amy Valenti’s question.

“I’m really happy to have witnessed this first hand. I’m relieved and happy to know that my daughter is in such great company with great kids like all of you. It’s been a worry with my living here and Maria still living in Roswell. I trust you’ll be there to watch out for her and take care of her, right Michael?” asks Amy.

“Of course! I love her and I’ll take care of her. Maria’s my family now and she always will be. We’re a packaged deal. When one of you gets involved romantically with one of us it’s one big welcome to the family fest,” reassures Michael.

Alex and Liz add, “Same goes for Maria, we all look out for her too. Maria’s our family and we are there for her and each other just like we always have been. We’ve just never let you see us like that before.”

“You kids sure know how to lower a parent’s worry load about their kid. Thanks, it does help to know all that. Well, you’re our family too now and we’ll watch your backs on the secret. Welcome to the family kids and your secret is safe with us,” welcomes Jim.

The group enjoys their dessert and post-dinner conversation. Amy and Jim invite the kids over to hang out with them before they have to leave in a couple of days. It seems this trip has formed a bond of another sort, all together. This one is a bond of friendships, alliances, and camaraderie’s with Jim and Amy. Maria and her mom are now closer and more accepting of each other. Kyle and his dad seem to have reached an unspoken understanding. Jim now see’s Kyle as a man, and not a boy. Both parents respect their kids and the entire group that has proven to be wiser and stronger than most teens, considering the heavy burdens on their shoulders. It’s no wonder after realizing what those burdens are. Jim and Amy can’t help but feel a parents love and care for all of these teens. They trust each other implicitly with their own lives. That takes friendship one step further forging it, fashioning into a tightly knit family.

“Hey why the long faces?” asks Liz. “We do expect you to visit all of us in Roswell often,” says Liz. Liz looks back at Max. “Well, I’d suggest calling us first. You wouldn’t want to walk in on something or see a side of us you just don’t want to see or know about,” teases Liz.

“Same goes here. You’re not the only newlyweds, you know,” says Amy unashamedly.

“Mom!” exclaims a blushing Maria. “God, you are just as bad as Liz. Good thing Michael and I aren’t that bad, Oops!” blurts Maria visibly cringing realizing her own words.

“Relax Maria. We covered that territory that first night you came over. I wasn’t born yesterday, I understand all that. Besides, Michael and I have an understanding. Maria, quit gaping at me with your mouth open like that. Please, I’ve survived the sixties and Woodstock. Trust me. Sex is not an alien’s only concept,” adds Amy Valenti.

“Michael, you’d better catch her. I think she’s going to....faint,” says Amy watching Michael do just as she asked. He caught Maria in his arms.

“I know, I know I’ll go and get the smelling salts,” says Kyle.

“Like mother like daughter,” says Jim.

“Gee do ya think?” Michael smirks.

“Its okay son, I understand. The Maria and Amy do have a lot of similar characteristics or personality quirks don’t they Michael,” says Jim.

“Yeah, I hear ya. I feel your pain too,” jokes Michael.

“It’s nice to have an ally,” smiles Jim offering Michael a hand shake.

“Same here, at least we can keep them from teaming up against one of us alone,” smiles Michael.

“So, don’t be a stranger, and feel free to rescue this alien hybrid anytime from my beloved hurricane, Maria. She’s once force of nature not to be reckoned with. I think she gets it from Amy,” says Michael.

“Yeah, I sort of figured that. Good thing we’re both tough men and can handle feisty women,” nods Jim Valenti.

*******************************To Be Continued*************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II Part 7 M/L ADULT Sept. 25 '04

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Sep 25, 2004 12:39 pm

Hi all~ Welcome back! I did a little better this week and managed to get myself ready to post on my usual Saturday. Sorry, about last week’s post being tardy. I hope all is well with all of you. I hope you’ll like this new part. Now, time for my comments on your feedback from last weeks post part 6.

LoveIsForever- Thank you for all your encouraging words about overcoming writer’s block. I loved reading your post. I’m always happy to see that you are getting the characters the same way I see them and try to portray them. I was thrilled with your comments about Amy. I wasn’t quite sure how to write her, so I just went for it. I always did like Amy in the show. You always rock and make me smile whenever I read your posted replies. I thank you for your continued support. It helps. I get a little worried when I see that not to many are reading this story based on posted replies. Oh well, I need to remind myself to write this for me and people like you that like this story. Thanks so much for your helpful positive comments and always wonderful feedback. You Rock, Girl. Thanks!!!

roswellluver- Well, that’s part of the arrangement right? You get to read my story and leave me great little comments and I do my part and write another part. See how nicely that works. I love it that way. Thanks for reading and leaving me your comments. It’s always great to read them. Thank you!

ladylou- G’day mate! Cheers for Port!! They won, but I’m sure you know that already. Wow! You’re still reading my story, really? Cool! I have a big smile on my face right now as I type this. It’s great to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for your continued support reading my story and your feedback. It does help keep me going. I need it, especially lately lots of planning and things to think about in regards to Oz. My poor blonde brain has been really working overtime and getting preoccupied. Oh well, I struggle on. Take care. Its great to hear from you, ladylou. Cheers!

AJK001- Hi! You can’t get enough of my story, really? You do realize your making me grin from ear to ear. Careful, I have to warn you what praise and adoration does to me. I get addicted to it and it motivates and inspires me to write more. LOL!!! Seriously, thank you for your kind comments. They really do mean a lot. Well, why is it I feel like I probably boosted the sales of post it notes, smores fixings, and the game ‘Twister’ for some strange reason. LOL!!! Yeah, I’m back this week in my usual form. Sorry, about last weeks post being late. I really was upset with myself about that. I hope all is well with you this week. I will look forward to reading your comments on this weeks post. Take care, and have a great week.

roswellian504- Hi ! I’m glad you’re loving it. Phew! That’s a relief. I’m never quite sure about how things come across to readers. I just kind of feel my way through each new part. So far so good. I’m thrilled you liked the last part. Well, Maria hasn’t ruled out the baby thing just yet, she’s had other things on her mind. We’ll see. I’m not saying when it will show up or in what part, but I’m sure the topic will come up again at some point. Thanks for reading and your comments. I look forward to reading them every week. Take care and have a great weekend!

Loves Awakening Revealed II M/L AU ADULT

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 7

The gang is back at the Colony and has completed catching up on their studies and helping Rasmus with any last minute details while getting ready to return to Roswell.

“Father, are you going to be okay with me leaving to go with Kyle back to Roswell now?” asks Mystic, while she waits for his reply.

“Yes, your place is with your bonded mate now. It is where you belong. Although, I do have a request that all of you return to spend the weekends here with us. I’ll see to it that your cabins will be taken care of for you and be ready for you weekly returns. It is the one thing I insist or rather request, if it is not out of line for me to do so?” Rasmus asks. Rasmus nervously addresses Max and Liz and the others. “That is to say if it is not disrespectful to the ‘Destined Ones’,” says Rasmus lowering his eyes in deference.

“Rasmus, I think we can handle honoring your ah…request,” grins Max. “Besides, we’ll miss seeing all of you too much not to come back. I think Mystic would get a little homesick too. We enjoy being here and not having to hide who we really are, like at home,” says Max.

“I’d like to add a little something too. I think I speak for all of us when I say, we will miss all of you and those spectacular cabins. I know I have lots of happy memories in ours,” smiles Liz trying to avoid making eye contact with Max to keep from blushing.

“Oh I second that,” blurts Kyle. “I…ah meant ah we’d miss this place, we liked our cabin too,” smiles Kyle sheepishly running a hand through his hair. “Is somebody going help get that foot out of my big fat mouth? Don’t mind me, I’m just going to stand over here and pretend I didn’t just say that to you Rasmus,” jokes Kyle.

“It’s okay Kyle. We all know you suffer from foot in mouth disease. Let’s face it, you’re a jock so you’re not exactly great with words,” teases Alex.

“Rasmus, thank you for all that you’ve done for us here. The cabins are great, and the TV and 24 hour sports channel I’m sad to leave behind. Maria and I’ll definitely be back. I have to visit that TV and my sports channel,” says Michael almost tearing up.

“I just have to agree with Michael. We will need visitation rights on the TV’s and Sports channel. Man, I’m sure going to miss that,” says Kyle lowering his eyes and shaking his head. “I’ll be okay, I just need a moment. I think Michael understands this is a painful good bye for a very long week until we’ll be back to savor our beloved TV and sports channel,” says Kyle only partially kidding. Everyone laughs at Kyle and Michael’s sad but funny comments mourning the loss off the incredibly cool TV and the 24 hour sports channel.

“Hey now, don’t make too much fun of them I’m going to miss those things too,” says Mystic in defense of Kyle and Michael because of her mutual love of sports as well. “Don’t worry guys. You’re not alone in this…I feel your pain too. I’ll miss the hockey channel I think the most,” says Mystic with a sad little pout.

“See, she’s on our side so there,” says Kyle sticking his tongue out at the others currently laughing at him, Mystic, and Michael.

“I’d be careful about teasing Mystic or the guys too much. After all, they do have powers they could use on us,” warns Liz.

“Yeah, I agree with Liz; enough ribbing on that topic, okay guys,” says Isabel trying to play peacemaker.

“Even I have to admit I’ll be missing all of you. You’re nothing like we expected when Cal first brought you here. You’ve proven to be more than figure heads, or legends. You’ve restored hope and given our people their lives back and even fought by their sides to protect them. The legend of the true ‘Destined Ones’ doesn’t do you justice. I have witnessed the ‘Destined Ones’ first hand and know you’re very capable. Even more important, you are real. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. I hope that you will visit as often as possible and come to think of the Colony as your second home,” says Rasmus looking at each member of the group.

“Of course we do, Rasmus. The Colony is a special place to us and we plan to visit here often. In fact, you’ll probably get sick of us visiting on the weekends,” laughs Liz. “Right guys?” asks Liz. Everyone chimes in with their enthusiastic verbal comments, “Yes, of course,” the group adds their confirmation. The group then offers there final good byes and walk to their vehicles to drive to Roswell. Max and Liz once again in there own SUV, and everyone else shares a ride in the other SUV, just as they did when they went to the Colony. Liz will call her mom and fill her in on their arrival. Liz didn’t want to let the parents know for sure when they’d be coming back until they were actually on the road.

“Max, I should call my mom and let her know that we’re on our way back home to Roswell,” says Liz.

“Are you kidding? Just call my mom she’ll let the others know. Besides, you know how my mom can be. Where do you think Isabel got all that obsessive compulsive planning and shopping from?” asks Max in a joking manner.

“Max!” Liz laughs. “That’s a mean thing to say about your mother and sister. Your mom has always treated me wonderfully. She’s so happy that we are together and that we love each other and that I make you happy. Of course, I have a feeling she’s really thrilled that we’re making her a grandmother. She’s already planning all sorts of things to spoil me and the babies. Face it Max, your mom and dad adore me, which is fine because I can honestly say I love my in laws and mean it. They are wonderful people Max. Now, what do you have against my mother?” asks Liz with a smirk.

“Nothing, Liz. I think your mom and dad are great too. I just thought I could save some repetitive phones calls by calling my mom first. Because I know for a fact she’d call the other parents and plan an impromptu welcome home get together for all of us. Most likely at the Crash Down with the size of our own little entourage in tow,” says Max gesturing to everyone following them in the other SUV that is followed by Cal.

“You’ve got a point there. I’ll just call your mom, and let her know. I know that about 2 seconds after I get off the phone with her she’ll be on the phone to my mom and they’ll be planning some kind of welcome home thing. This way, on such short notice they can’t go to very much trouble,” smiles Liz. “You do realize that my Mother brags about how you’re the perfect son-in-law to anyone who’ll listen. See Babe, another Parker woman under your spell,” jokes Liz.

“It’s nice that I have such great in-laws, but I only have eyes for a particular little brunette with a former last name of Parker. I’m sure your mom will understand,” teases Max.

“Oh really Max, anyone I know or have to worry about?” asks Liz flirtatiously eyeing Max while he looks her way.

“Well, you do know her. Should you worry about her? Yes, I’m completely crazy head over heels for this woman,” says Max pulling over to the side of the road. He takes her in his arms and kisses her breathless. “Now, stop with those sexy flirtatious looks Liz, or we’ll never make it back to Roswell anytime today,” warns Max.

“Chicken! You’re no fun. Where’s your sense of adventure, Babe?” challenges Liz. Max momentarily forgets where they are then glances up into the rearview mirror and finds Michael pulling over the other SUV and then Cal, following all behind them.

“Damn! I really wanted to take you up on that challenge too. I guess we’ll have to save this for later. Then I’ll be happy to answer your challenge, when we are completely alone okay,” smiles Max.

“Ooh, now that sounds like a challenge worth waiting for your response, but I’ll be good…for now,” grins Liz. Her mind dances of thoughts of Max and the possibilities for later activities.
Maria approaches Max and Liz’s SUV with one hand over her eyes. She lightly knocks on the driver’s side window.

“Uh… Guys, please tell me you’re still dressed?” asks a pleading Maria. “Michael’s a big chicken and sent me up here to ask you guys why you pulled over. And Michael says it had better not haven been to have sex again. Then he rambled something about you two not being able to control yourselves until after you get home,” states Maria with both hands over her eyes now.

“Maria! Breathe already. Sorry to disappoint Michael, but we both are still fully clothed. I know, not exactly how he expected to find us, was it?” teases Max.

“Oh thank goodness! Not that I don’t love seeing you and Liz together… but just not like that,” says Maria blushing at her own bold comment. Liz and Max begin to laugh out loud at her comment.

“Don’t worry Maria. We weren’t planning any floor shows today. At least none with any audience other than each other, but that’ll have to wait until later,” grins Max.

“Babe, I can’t believe you just said that to Maria. I think you made her speechless. That’s a first… and me without my camera. Just kidding Maria, you know I love you girlfriend,” says Liz. Michael approaches from behind, also covering his eyes.

“Maria what’s taking so long? Did you catch them doing it or what?” asks Michael

“God, Michael! You can be such an ass sometimes,” says Maria.

“Hi Michael, being your charming self, I see. To answer your question no, Max and I weren’t doing it. See, we both are still fully clothed. Now, as for later today, I’ll get back to you on the doing it part,” Liz says taking her best shot at embarrassing Michael. “Hey, you guys are a little too interested in our love life and enjoy making fun of us about it at every chance you get. So, this is a little pay back. We love you and Maria, but give us a little credit, okay. You know Max and I could change the tables on you two and try and catch you in compromising positions. How does that sound?” says Liz teasing Michael and Maria.

“Liz, I was concerned that you weren’t feeling well or something. Michael here, being… well…being a male assumed you two were going for it on the side of the road,” confesses Maria.

“We’re sorry Maria. We didn’t realize that our pulling off the road would have made every one freak. I just needed to talk to Liz face to face for a moment. Everything is fine with Liz and the twins. Next time we’ll open our connection and let you guys know that way okay. We don’t need to alert national security here okay. I’m fully capable of taking care of any medical issues with Liz and the twins,” adds Max apologetically.

“Yeah, Max does have great hands,” says Liz flirtatiously.

“Oh God, did you have to go there with that comment. Come on Michael let’s go back to the SUV. Sorry, Liz and Max we’ll just be going now. See ya back at Roswell,” says Maria. “We will be seeing you there, right? Can the two of you keep your hands off of each other until you get home to the cabin? Then again, there are a few motels between here and there. Hmm…I guess we’ll see you later, I hope,” Maria laughs and walks away.

Michael comments to Maria while they walk back to their SUV. “I thought they’d cool it down a few notches after getting married, but apparently not. It’s only made it worse because they are two horny married teenagers completely in love and devoted to each other. Do you think we have any powers strong enough to make them keep their hands off of each other for more than five minutes? I didn’t think so. I mean it’s even legal. Damn, I got to hand it to Max, that getting married thing really seems to dodge a lot of road blocks without any explanation,” says Michael admiring his brother’s bold approach.

“What? Who are you and what have you done to my Spaceboy?” asks Maria clearly irritated.
Maria and Michael proceed to argue all the way back to their SUV and get in only to continue the usual verbal duel. Michael looks away and smiles enjoying her spirited argument. Michael can’t seem to keep himself from ticking off Maria. He loves seeing her with all that fire in her eyes.
Michael entertains thoughts of asking Maria to marry him and make it official by Earth standards. After all, Maria’s mother knows now and she’s okay with knowing who Michael really is…Isabel interrupts their excuse for conversation.

“Are you two through with your foreplay up there? Gees, if it’s not one of my brothers it’s the other one. And they say females are hormonal,” shrugs Isabel.

“Isabel, Princess, I think you mean to say that the guys act horny not hormonal,” Alex corrects gently so as not to ruffle her feathers any further.

“Yes, that’s what I meant to say. Its just so embarrassing seeing them like that. I’m their sister, I so do not need to be a witness to any of that, but lucky me. I always manage to get front seat to all their public displays. I think it’s high time we shame them for a change, don’t you Alex?” asks Isabel now enthusiastic with a plan.

“Yes, sure Isabel in the interest of science and my own selfish hormonal demands. I’d be happy to lend you my lips Princess, for the good of your cause you understand,” says Alex with a twinkle in his eyes. Alex pulls Isabel closer to him and looses himself in the kiss. Isabel breaks off the kiss only for air and to ask Michael a question while he drives.

“Michael, how much longer until we’re home at Roswell?” Isabel asks. Michael is silent and has not answered her. He is calculating distance and time of arrival for her. He quickly glances over his shoulder and sees Isabel and Alex making out in the back seat.

“Okay, that’s too much information for me Nerd boy. I’m throwing a flag on your play for my sister, infront of me. Alex that’s a five yard penalty for illegal use of the hands on my sister,” shouts a Michael in an irritated tone. Don’t make me stop this SUV and come back there and blast you,” Michael half way threatens.

“Michael! Hey, they are bonded mates too. You have no say with them. No more than they do with us, or any of us do with Max and Liz. Chill out Spaceboy. Isabel and Alex could you two cool the action back there. Michael’s going to have a meltdown up here. You know how he gets sometimes. Please for me, just humor him. Alex you know that I’m happy for you and Isabel being a couple, but I have to admit it does feel weird to see you making out with Isabel. It’s not like I don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors, that’s cool; but please don’t share any details. I can’t handle thinking of Alex, whom I’ve always thought of as my brother, like that. I can understand Isabel’s point about Max and Liz, now. Let’s promise to keep things in check around each other okay?” asks Maria.

“Deal,” agrees Isabel and Alex. “Do you think we could get Max and Liz to agree to that sort of deal?” asks Isabel.

“Hello, have you met our Max and Liz? Hell no, they won’t agree to that. They can’t be stopped. It’s been tried. Nothing short of super glue would work. My money is on Max and Liz though. They won’t allow anything or anyone to keep them apart,” says Michael.

“Yeah, I have to admit I don’t see that happening with them at all. Come on, like we want them to really stop. What would we do for entertainment and a hobby if we didn’t have Max and Liz to tease? What do you think Mystic?” Kyle asks.

“I think we should just let things be the way that they are. Max and Liz aren’t that bad you guys. I think most the time you embarrass yourselves by showing up unexpectedly to talk with them. Need I remind you that they are on their honey moon?” states Mystic.

“Okay, so Max and Liz get to continue being…well, themselves,” says Kyle.


“Max, did you bring the map?” Liz asks.

“Why?” asks Max.

“Well, I just wanted to look at it for a minute. We do have one don’t we?” asks Liz.

“Uh…Yeah, Babe in the glove box, why?” asks Max

“I was just wondering if there was a short cut back home to our cabin that we didn’t notice before,” says Liz.

“Let’s pull over and take a look at the map. Are you missing the cabin that much, Babe,” asks Max.

Max opens a connection to the others, ‘Hi guys, we’re just checking in…we pulled over up ahead, everything is okay. We were thinking of trying a shortcut Liz found on the map. You guys go on ahead and call us when you get to the Crash Down, okay. That’s where mine and Liz’s parents are expecting us to meet them. Okay?’ asks Max.

“Yeah, sure Max,” responds Michael.

“I don’t even want to ask or know the real reason why so I won’t ask. I’ll just be happy with not knowing, it’s safer that way with less visual images,” adds Kyle.

“Thanks Kyle,” interjects Liz.

“Okay, just call us on the cell and when you get to the Crash Down and we’ll be there shortly thereafter,” says Max.

“Thanks guys, see ya later at the Crash Down. Bye,” says Liz and Max.

“Oh look Max, there’s the short cut and it goes right by our cabin. I always wondered where the other road by the cabin hooked up to. Cool, looks like we need to go check on our cabin and we’ll make great time with this short cut Max,” Liz comments.

“Liz, if we can get there pretty soon we might have time to rechristen our bedroom,” smiles Max.

“Max, you’re brilliant. I love the way you think, Babe, so shut up and drive. Can this SUV move any faster?” ask Liz joking.

“We’ll get there very soon, but I’m not going to speed. I refuse to risk you and the twins by driving too fast. I promise we’ll get there Liz,” says Max. Another 15 minutes of driving and consulting the map briefly Max drives right to their cabin. Liz dozes off during the ride.

“Liz we’re here. We’re home Babe,” says Max gently waking her and giving her a kiss.

“Max, where are we? Oh, we’re here. Finally!” says Liz yawning and stretching.

“Come on, I’ll help you in the cabin. Maybe you should continue your nap while I unpack the SUV,” suggests Max.

“No way, Max! You aren’t thinking of backing out on your plans of rechristening our bedroom are you?” pouts Liz.

“I was just concerned that you might need your rest. We are home now, so it’s not like we can’t you know…concentrate our rechristening efforts for later,” blushes Max.

“See that won’t work for me later. You see I have to go to this family thing with my husband. So you and I had better start on that rechristening now unless you have any better ideas,” smiles Liz.

“You mean you’re feeling okay. Now is good then. I think we can wait to unpack later,” grins Max.

“Let me ask you something Max. Do you love me? And do you want me…now, right now?” tempts Liz getting out of the SUV and lifting her skirt to reveal her legs slightly.

“Yeah, hell yes… you know that. I love you more than anything and I always want you. Never doubt that Liz,” Max leans in then offers a tender short kiss. “Where are you going? I was going to help you in the cabin Liz,” adds Max.

“I’m fine Max. I can walk myself infact. I feel pretty energized after that short little nap. You want me…First you have to catch me,” dares Liz.

“Liz, Honey, don’t run…I don’t want you to trip and fall. Please Liz.”

“Fine, I’ll compromise. I’ll run slower and be sure to grab the railing as I go up the stairs, okay.”

“Liz, what am I going to do with you always sprinting past me? How am I supposed to catch you when you blaze past me?” asks Max.

“You could use your powers to move more quickly or just run as fast as you can. Then you can feel your way the rest of the way to find me,” says Liz.

“Liz…” Max stutters as he sees her take her shoes off and drop them on the ground. Then Liz turns and runs to the front door. “Oh Max, could you get this for me. Think fast Babe,” Liz removes her skirt and throws it in his direction. “Honey, consider this my way of leaving you a trail of bread crumbs. Need an invitation or what?” Liz turns and runs into the house using her powers to unlock the cabin and she continues to run up to their bedroom.

Max telepaths Liz. ‘Babe, you’re playing with fire again, careful Babe,’ warns Max. ‘You know how out of control I can get sometimes,’ teases Max.

‘I know all about your out of control side. Your Caveman side you mean. Oh I’m a big fan. Bring it on Babe, I can handle it. In fact I look forward to it; but if you’d rather not I’ll just go take a bath. You know where you can find me then. I’ll be all naked and soaking in a delightfully warm welcoming bubble bath all alone,’ says Liz with a sigh. She then giggles through their connection. Her laughter fades as she enters their bathroom and begins to draw her bath. Liz hears Max let out a growl down stairs, and telepaths, ‘Are you okay, Babe?’

‘I’m okay,’ manages Max. He makes his way to Liz’s side. He struggles once again and says “come here, need you…” he reaches for Liz and grabs to hold her tightly. He uses his powers to remove all remaining clothing.

Liz smiles at him with love sparkling in her eyes, “Come on, we can take turns washing each others backs… amongst other things.” She takes his hand and leads him to their warm welcoming bath that awaits them.

‘Thank goodness for really good short cuts,’ says Liz.

‘Yeah, I’m a fan of that short cut now, too. We are always using that one from now on and we’ll tell no one. It’s our secret, okay Liz.’

‘My lips are sealed. Well okay, only you have the key to unlock all my secrets, Max.’

“I can unlock all of your secrets huh? Damn! Too bad we don’t have all night because that did sound like a dare to me. Hmm. I might have to take you up on that after we meet with everyone at the Crash Down, in a little while,” flirts and teases Max.

“Oh, I feel an early evening coming on then,” teases Liz.

“Liz, behave at the Crash Down, promise me.”

“What could I do at the Crash Down that I can’t do right here and right now?” asks Liz tracing her finger down his chest and skipping to his thigh closest to her. I have no idea what you could be worried about me doing at the Crash Down,” grins Liz innocently batting her big brown eyes at him.

“Liz you wouldn’t dare do anything at the Crash Down with our families there…would you?” asks a curious Max.

“Well, the clock is ticking. Michael and Maria could be calling us anytime telling us to get our butts over there now. I guess if you’d like to continue this discussion further….Mmm Max,” moans Liz. Max pulls her closer to him and kisses her deeply and passionately on the lips.

“Liz, you didn’t answer me about what you’d do to me at the Crash Down with our families there.”

“Well, Max that’s for me to know and you to find out and experience later. Now, where were we? I remember, we were going to make love in our bath tub,” says Liz. “What Max?”

“It’s good to be home. I missed this tub,” Max offers her a sexy smile.

“Mmm, Me too Max. Me too,” smiles Liz with a feral smile.

*******************************To Be Continued******************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II NEW Part 8 M/L ADULT pg.1 Oct.2

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sun Oct 03, 2004 12:02 am

Hi Everyone! :D

I know I'm really late on posting today. I'm sorry, but I did manage to write quite a interesting part. I hope you all like it. I've been fighting my way through writers block. Today I think I blasted that darn block away. I actually wrote this part today and part of the next weeks as well. I was on a roll. So, I hope you'll enjoy it and like it well enough to leave me some feed back. I love reading everyone's feedback comments.

LoveIsForever- Hi once again I love reading your feed back quotes. It's always fun to see which lines you liked to quote. This part has lots of good lines to pick and choose from. Thanks for your helpful words of advice. I'll keep them in mind. I can't wait to hurry up the comments to post and wait to see what you say in your feed back on this part.

roswellluver- Hi :D It's always nice to see your feed back. Thanks for reading. I hope you'll like this new part. It was really fun to write.
Take care.

Ansleyrocks- I'm glad you're not gone from reading my story. You liked my Amy and Jim. Yeah, I always liked Amy in the show. She's fun. This part is something else. I hope you like it. Let me know. I hope all is well with you. Take care.

roswellian504- Hi :wink: Well they are back in Roswell in this part. I wouldn't say it's weird...yet. But shocking yeah. You'll know what I mean when you read it. But it's always fun, though. Enjoy! Have a great week.

ladylou- Hi Jo :wink: I'm glad to see your still reading my little story. I appreciate the support. Tough break on your team, the Cats, better luck next time, but I can't cheer for them when they play the Hawk's though. Yes, all those places you mentioned sound great. I can't wait.
Oh, this part things were really flowing writing wise. Let's just say that I'm still blushing after just finishing writing it today. I hope you'll enjoy it. Cheers!

Ash_maxliz- Hi Ash! :D Things are crazy for you. Ah, that's been me lately too. I feel your pain. I hope all is well with school and such. I have to catch up reading your story that I'm totally loving by the way. Okay, you know I will raise an eyebrow when I see the name Tess appear, I'm forcing myself not say all my obvious things I say about her. Only because it's you and your story, so far Tess is okay, she was clueless about Max, but now sees the truth. Thank goodness. Oh, my story. This one is umm... well. It's funny, it's hot in parts and more funny and more hot... Yep! that's what I'd have to say. I'm still blushing that I wrote this part OMG!!! I have to go into hiding now. LOL!!! Enjoy! Take it easy I hope things slow down a bit for you now. :wink:

AJK001-Hi :D I enjoyed your feedback. I'm glad we pmed each other. No worries on my end, okay. :wink: Can you see me blushing. I am I just can't believe I wrote this part. Max and Liz took over, it gets really funny and wild when they do that. Yep! They abducted me and made me write this. Well, okay Max smiled and asked really nice. I caved. It's the burden of a devoted Max worshiper, I suffer. LOL :wink: :lol: I hope you like this new part. Let me know. All feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Take care.

Loves Awakening Revealed II M/L ADULT AU

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 8

Max and Liz properly christened their bath tub as well as they could with one exception: on the second round of christening their cell phone rang. Max and Liz by silent agreement choose to ignore the phone. They continue their sensual touches, each refuses to acknowledge the phones persistent ring that now intrudes on their alone time in their special place, they call home.

“Max, God! I don’t want to stop, but we should either answer that phone, or blast it. Right now, my vote is to blast it,” pants Liz.

“I know what you mean. Anyone with that bad of timing has to be Maria, Michael or that room service guy from Albuquerque at our hotel, remember him,” laughs a nearly breathless Max.

“Yeah, that guy with the death wish. Yeah, I wasn’t exactly my nice little Liz Evans self was I, Babe?” teases Liz.

“No, you weren’t. I for one completely agreed with you as I recall. He had particularly bad timing. I think killing him might have been going a little over the top. Of course, at the time I was cursing those very things in our bedroom. Lucky for him you answered the door and he only suffered being told off and a door slam,” smirks Max.

“Oh like my sweet shy mild mannered Max would have punched the guy. Somehow, babe I don’t see you doing that unless, he insulted me or tried something with me. Then I could see you coming to my rescue. I’d let you. I mean, I do have my own powers and could take care of anything like that if need be. But, if you rescued me it could lead to some…ah very interesting places. You know I’d have to reward your bravery, it could take a while. Oh well, too bad we’ll never know. I took care of the situation when it happened back at the hotel,” states Liz.

“Liz, you know I’d defend you and protect you. I’ve done that many times before without hesitation. Since, I have done those things before do you think that’s worth some reward for my bravery previously?” Max asks with a sexy questioning smile. “I’d do anything for you Liz, you know that,” says Max hoping to get her to agree to take this up later.

“Max you mean you’d do anything for me, anything I want,” Liz grins hungrily eyeing him appreciatively.

“Careful Liz, don’t tempt me anymore than you already do normally,” Max playfully kisses her and walks past her to get dressed.

“Fine, you want to tease. No problem, two can plan at that,” smiles Liz innocently. “Come on, Max. We should really get going soon, before they call again and let it ring for another 25 times before they hang up,” sighs Liz.
“How do you know the phone rang for 25 times, Liz? Don’t tell me you have a code with Maria now, do you? Traitor,” teases Max.

“Honey, it’s not like that. I thought it would be good to have a code that was sort of like a snooze alarm except for us it means something else,” blushes Liz. “Max it’s because we tend to get carried away and forget about everything else. This would help us for when we really have to be somewhere for an appointment or something. Like today, we have to go meet with everyone at the Crash Down. We told the gang to call us when they got there. Well, they must be there now. I just teleconferenced Maria and Isabel to phone us and let the phone ring 25 times then, hang up and call back in ten minutes. Then they’d call again in ten minutes, if we didn’t call them back on our way out the door to meet with them. It’s our back up plan to get us there on time with minimum embarrassment plan,” states Liz.

“That’s my wife, Liz Evan’s; formerly miss you’ve got to have a plan, Liz Parker.”

“Max, are you saying I am a compulsive planner or something? I’m not as bad as Isabel. You know I love Isabel. She’s one of my best friends and my sister in law,” says Liz with her hands resting on her hips. Max finds his thoughts wandering and lingering in places they can’t if they have a family get together to attend with parents, etc…

“Liz, don’t stand there with your hands on your underwear clad hips and pretend you don’t know what you’re doing to me right now. You are a wicked woman and I love you. You’re so going to pay for what you’ve done… later,” warns Max.

“Max, you know my response to that. Bring it on Babe, but we’ll have to hold those thoughts until later.” Liz grins to herself entertaining some thoughts of surprising Max at the Crash Down and getting away with it.

“You don’t play fair. I hate it when we have to get dressed and leave to go and meet with everyone. It’s not that I don’t want to see them all and catch up on things with our families, but I really love our alone couple time, Liz.”

“I know what you mean. We can continue this later…After we enjoy our impromptu welcome home gathering at the Crash Down. We’ll have to try and be patient or we could get lucky and sneak a moment in a corner somewhere when no one’s looking, what do you think, Max?” Liz says flirtatiously.

“Just what did you have in mind at the Crash Down when we are surrounded by family? I don’t see how that will be likely or even possible,” sighs Max in disappointment.

“Babe, where there’s a will, there’s a way. You know how determined I can be when it comes to you and us. Max, just be patient. I promise this will surprise you. I might have to use my powers discreetly to pull this off, but I can be very careful.” Liz gives him a mischievous smile and walks away to stand in front of their closet to choose something to wear. Max eyes her with a mixture of suspicion and desire barely contained. He walks up behind Liz with her back against his front.

“Just what are you planning or thinking of trying, huh? I could get the information out of you Liz. I have my ways,” whispers Max seductively. He lets his lips caress her earlobe and neck.

Liz moans, “Now look whose not playing fair, Max. Damn, I want to go to this gathering, but right now I’m battling with myself as to why. Oh, now I remember,” groans Liz. “We have to Babe, everyone is expecting us. Our parents are going to be there if we don’t show up they’ll call or come out here. We’d better… stop,” says Liz weakly. She tries to convince herself and Max to stop this and get their butts dressed and over to the Crash Down ASAP. Max doesn’t seem to make this any easier.

“I hate it when we always have to go and meet up with people. Right now you’re the only person I want to be with. Actually, that’s the case most of the time for us.” As on queue their cell phone begins to ring persistently once again. Max looks at the display. “It’s Maria. You’d better talk to her. I need to go brush my teeth and get dressed.” Max resigns himself to get ready to leave.

“Liz? Gees, did you two contain yourselves until you reached the cabin or what, girlfriend? We were beginning to worry. I implemented the plan we worked out earlier and waited ten minutes to call back. So, is everyone dressed and behaving themselves for now at least? You know the guys were mentioning placing bets as to whether or not you two actually show up or not. Can you believe them? So are you going to show up or what?” asks Maria.

“Maria, breathe okay. How do you say all that in one breath without passing out?” jokes Liz.

“Oh that. It’s a talent. All Deluca women are born with…well that and being stubborn as hell, why do you ask?” smiles Maria.

“We’ll be there. Max is changing now and we’ll be leaving shortly. Yes, you can tell our parents we are on our way. And tell the guys they lost the bet… See ya soon Chica. Bye,” laughs Liz.

“Are you ready to go Liz?” asks Max.

“Yeah. Don’t look so bummed you know it’s not like we have to sneak around anymore. We do get to come back to our home and do whatever we want for as long as we want, later…So cheer up Babe,” says Liz as she gives him a quick kiss and swat on the rear as she walks past him out the front door. Max playfully chases her out the cabin door and scoops her up into his arms. He kisses her while helping her into her seat in the jeep.

“You behave and be my sweet good Liz, for now,” smiles Max.

“Oh, is that a complaint I’m hearing? Fine, I’ll just be here sitting all by myself then. Don’t worry about me Max,” Liz pouts.

“Liz, please don’t be mad at me. Come on, you know I’ll do anything for you…but right now if we show up any later than we already are we will be really teased about what we were doing that made us late. I don’t think either of us wants to have to explain that one to our parents,” blushes Max.

Max and Liz arrive at the Crash down about 20 minutes later. Everyone looks at them suspiciously as to why they were late and snicker. No one dares to say anything about it though.

“Well hello, Max and Liz. We’re glad you two could make it,” says Phillip Evans.

“Max and Liz, we were wondering if we should have some one go and check on you two. You’re a little late getting here, but no matter,” says Diane Evans.

“We understand don’t we, Diane,” says Nancy. She blushes and enjoys this moment of teasing her daughter and new son-in-law on there return to Roswell. Both Mom’s walk over to them and take turns giving Max and Liz hugs. “It’s so great to have all of you back home where you are loved and belong,” says an emotional Diane.

“I couldn’t agree more with you Diane. It’s great to have everyone back home,” says Nancy.

“Hey, can’t the dads get in on the hugging too,” jokes Phillip and Jeff equally anxious to hug their kids and visit with them and their extended family this gathering represents.

Jeff announces, “I have closed the diner for the rest of the day in honor of your return. So, who’s hungry. The grill is open.” Jeff’s announcement didn’t fall on deaf ears with Kyle, Alex, Michael and even Max.

“Mr. Parker, you have no idea how much we have all missed this place and the Crash Down food,” says Max.

“Hey, what’s with the Mr. Parker, stuff? We’re family now Max, call me Jeff. You are after all married to my daughter and father-to-be of my grandchildren. So, how’s Liz really handling the pregnancy? I’m glad to see everyone is back from the Colony I take it everything went well there. Liz is beaming with happiness I’m happy to see. I take it Max; you have to do with that. You’re taking great care of my Liz, thank you Max for loving her the way that you do. I’ve never seen her look happier,” Jeff smiles a happy tearful smile, and gives Max a short brief manly hug.

“Thanks, Mr. Parker…I mean Jeff,” smiles Max. “Liz is doing fine with the pregnancy. I still have to make sure she eats and rests, but you know Liz she can be stubborn at times,” grins Max.

“Ah… You noticed that too, huh. I can’t imagine where she learned to be so stubborn; must be seeing Nancy live up to the fiery red head feistiness over the years since we’ve had her here with us. I blame it on Nancy, but if you call me on it I’ll officially deny this conversation ever took place,” jokes Jeff.

“I have no complaints about Liz. I love her just the incredible way she is and wouldn’t change a thing about her. In my eyes she’s perfect. I was smart enough to figure that out at a young age and make her mine finally, years later. Jeff, Liz is my world. I love her and that will never change even with the twins,” states Max.

“Well, you realize you’ll get no argument from me about Liz being perfect,” agrees Jeff.
Maria over hears Max and Mr. Parker’s heartfelt words about Liz while she helps fill everyone’s beverage order. “Gees, what is with Liz and her loyal fan club? You should see Michael, Alex, and Kyle. They’re so excited about being uncles that they hover over her when Max isn’t standing beside her doing the chief hovering duties,” teases Maria. She comments to Max and Jeff, “What is it that Kyle says when people say all these nice things about Max…Oh yeah. I remember, Kyle calls them Max worshipers. It looks like Liz has her own band of worshipers,” smiles Maria. She places all the filled beverages on the tray and gracefully picks up the tray of drinks and distributes them to the gang and parents.

“Hey! Didn’t I hear Mr. Parker mention that the grill was open,” smiles Alex. “What? You know that I have three great loves in my life. They are as follows; Isabel Evans, Food, and computers. I always have to debate what I love more in second place computers or food,” States Alex.

“Nah ah. It’s Isabel, Food, Computers, and oh yeah food,” Jokes Kyle.

“We’d better feed him. There’s no telling what a food crazed computer geek with alien powers might do,” adds Michael.

“Hey! Gees, tough room here guys, family…what can you do? Everybody’s a critic,” sighs Alex.

“Now, don’t pick on my Alex or you might regret it. Suddenly you might find yourselves having difficulty dreaming or sleeping,” Isabel comments protectively comforting Alex.

“Thanks Princess,” Alex replies.

Isabel nods and says, “No problem, Honey. If Michael, Kyle or even Max gets out of hand with you, just use your powers or let me know. The guys all know better than to cross me.”

“Hey, Iz leave me out of this. I didn’t say anything to Alex. In fact I usually have nothing to do with the others giving Alex a tough time,” states Max.

“I usually keep Max pretty busy I can vouch that he doesn’t get involved in the guys usual antics at all, not my Max,” Liz smiles.

Kyle rolls his eyes, “Gees, Liz don’t spoil my appetite with Max worshiping. Not when I’ve been dreaming about Crash Down food for a while now. Okay, Max is perfect. So, quit rubbing it in, it makes the rest of us look bad Liz,” Kyle quips.

“Now Kyle, you know you have nothing to worry about with me,” says Mystic.

“Thanks Mystic,” replies Kyle.

“Anytime my Jock Boy,” grins Mystic.

“Great thanks a lot Alex! Now you have my bonded mate calling me that,” Kyle snaps.

“Okay, kids. Let’s get everyone’s food order taken and feed them. I can tell the natives are getting a little restless and cranky,” says Jeff.

“I can help you work the grill. I’ve always wondered about using one of those,” smiles Phillip.

“Sure, thanks. We have quite a gang to cook for so we can definitely use your help. Maybe we can recruit Diane and Nancy to help too,” adds Jeff. Jeff gets Diane and Nancy to pull themselves away from visiting with the kids to help them in getting the food orders ready while the kids are left to talk amongst themselves.

“It’s really great to have our parents know about our secret. I never thought I’d say this but its good having them know so we don’t have to hide our secret from them anymore. Oh Alex, I forgot. Your dad doesn’t know yet, right Alex?” asks Liz.

“No, he doesn’t. I was sort of hoping no one would notice that part so I wouldn’t have to tell him. My dad is very conservative in his thinking and he may think I’m crazy or experimenting with drugs or something like that. I don’t think he’d take this news like any of your parents have. I’m sorry. I really am afraid to tell him. I hope you can all understand that and just leave that subject alone. I feel it’s best for everyone that we not let him in on the secret,” says a serious Alex. An uncomfortable silence fills the air. Then Jeff gratefully breaks the silence and removes the focus from Alex and his somber and serious mood.

“First wave of hamburgers are done. Who wants one?” asks Jeff.

“Hey Mr. Parker, you know you can always count on me to take those off of your hands. Is there any chance of me getting an orange soda chaser to wash it down with,” jokes Alex.

“Of course Alex, help yourself. All of you can help yourselves to the fountain drinks. Liz and Maria can show you if you need anything. I’d better get back in the kitchen and oversee Phillip with the grill or we might be dining on charcoal burgers,” laughs Jeff.

“Jeff, if my mom is helping in the kitchen, please do not let her cook anything other than blueberry pancakes. Trust me on this one. You can even ask my dad, he’ll tell you,” winks Max.

Jeff chuckles softly and whispers, “I understand Max. I’ll steer her clear from any real cooking. I’d better get back in there and divert any crises then.”

Finally the last of the orders is served to everyone and they hungrily dig in and Jeff laughs at hearing the kids all go on about how good their meal tastes and how much they missed the Crash Down’s food.

“Hey we were deprived of our favorite junk food. That’s just criminal for a teenager,” jokes Kyle.

“Don’t take this the wrong way Mr. Parker, but I love you,” laughs Alex taking his second bite of his burger.
“Hey, he’s my father in-law, right Jeff, I’m your favorite,” teases Max.

Michael exclaims “Hey what about me? I’ve eaten here as much as Max has. He’d always drag me along to hang out with him and Iz while he would sit and moon over Liz from a distance. Back then Max would sneak peaks from above his menu and try to look casual like he wasn’t watching her. He got away with it most of the time. Iz, and I would tease him about it though,” adds Michael.

“Now guys calm down, I made some extras, anticipating this,” says Jeff.

“There’s more,” Kyle grins enthusiastically. Kyle gets up and walks up to Jeff. He hugs him, “we missed this place and the great junk food here. I love you too, but not in a Ewww girlie sort of way,” Kyle adds.

“Leave it to the guys to get sentimental about food,” Mystic comments. Diane and Nancy both share a look and laugh.

“Get used to that, girls. Men do that about food. Don’t they Diane?” asks Nancy encouraging Diane to join in and back her up on the truth of her statement.

“They do that too whenever Michael cooks or bakes. He’s really quite the chef,” says Maria.

“We managed to get Michael to cook a lot of our meals at the Colony,” adds Liz.

“You all missed out on a lot of silly antics involving Michael, Alex and Kyle when Michael was cooking for us,” smiles Mystic trying to keep from laughing out loud as she recalls some of them just now. Mystic opens up her connection to Isabel, Maria, and Liz and shows them the images in her mind. The three girls and Mystic burst into fits of laughter.

“Kyle, can you do something about Mystic. She’s showing them images, I can feel it. They are looking at us and laughing way too hard,” says Michael.

“All right, enough of that guys. Remember to make room for dessert. I made my chocolate glace torte cake again. That’s if anyone’s interested in making room for my cake, after you’re done with your burgers and fries,” offers Nancy breaking up guys antics.

“Dessert! Did you say dessert,” moans Kyle. “Is that the kind you had us try when we were upstairs letting you into the alien abyss before we all left for the Colony?” asks Kyle.

“Yes, that’s the one. You all were such big fans of it I decided to add it to the Crash Down’s dessert list on the menu,” Nancy smiles at Kyle’s sudden keen interest.

“I love that cake Mrs. Parker. It’s just this side of heaven,” compliments Kyle practically drooling in anticipation of dessert.

“When everyone is done eating, I’ll need help clearing the tables and getting things cleaned up a bit loading the dishwasher and such before I can serve dessert. The sooner things are cleaned, the sooner we eat dessert. So, do I have any volunteers?” asks Nancy. Phillip and the guys all jump up at once to help her with everything. Max stays seated to sit and talk with Liz. Isabel looks over at Liz and reads her emotions.

“You know we shouldn’t let the guys in there with all those breakable dishes. We’d better get in there. Besides, the Parkers’ might need us to repair their dishes,” teases Isabel nodding her head in the direction of Max and Liz.

“Oh yeah, we don’t want a disaster on our hands. Michael might get irritated at Kyle and blast some dishes or something,” smiles Maria.

“Well, you know my brother and Kyle. They are friends but just love to one up each other. They both do that to my Alex, too. They’re just big kids,” teases Isabel.

“Yeah, but we love them inspite of themselves,” says Mystic.

“Yes, we do. They are damn lucky to have us too. Now we’d better get in there before they sweet talk their way into eating all that cake and not leaving any for us. Hey, it’s chocolate. If they don’t share, I may fire a warning spark at them,” teases Maria.

“Ah, Max and Liz. We’ll save you two a piece of cake. I’ll go supervise the guys in the kitchen; you know how out of hand those three can get when left to their own devices. Our poor clueless parents don’t know what they’re in for. See ya in a little while, Liz” Isabel winks and smiles as she, Maria, and Mystic depart the dinning area for the kitchen.

“Okay Liz, since when does my sister wink at you?” Max asks.

“Oh that. That was nothing, just a little inside joke between her and I. Nothing for you to worry about Max,” says Liz in a breathy tone as she rubs her foot against his leg under the table.

“Liz! What do you think you’re doing here? Our entire family is just in the Kitchen and they could come back here at any moment,” Max warns.

“Max, if you have to ask what I’m doing, then I must not being doing it right. I’ll just have to apply myself more to my favorite subject. Like any honor student would do,” smiles Liz licking her lips as her eyes look into his.

“Liz! What am I going to do with you, my little vixen? I’m not complaining at all. I love this alien pregnancy and its affects. You do know we’ll need a really big house for all the babies we’re going to have at this rate if this is any indication,” teases Max.

“You know I do think I’m in the mood…for dessert Max. Isn’t it nice that my parents put these long table cloths on the tables? Infact they go to clear to the ground. Yes, they are nice,” grins Liz formulating her plan into action. Liz quickly opens her connection to Isabel, Maria, and Mystic. ‘You have to keep everyone busy back in the kitchen, and don’t let them out okay. Please, this is for me and Max, okay. Thanks my chica’s Max and I owe you one’, Liz gently closes her connection to them.

‘Okay, do any of us want to ask what that was about?’ asks Maria.

‘This is Max and Liz asking for us to run interference for them. Do we need any more information than that?” asks Mystic.

‘No, we certainly don’t. I read her emotions, and I know. Trust me we don’t want to let anyone out there and God forbid interrupt whatever they’re doing. I will personally seal that door if anyone tries to leave, got it. I don’t need that trauma on my hands of finding them doing I don’t even want to guess in there, okay. Work with me on this okay,’ telepaths Isabel sharing her connection with Maria and Mystic.

‘Sure Isabel no problem,’ Mystic and Maria reply through their connection.


“Oops I dropped my fork,” says Liz.

“No problem. I’ll get it for you Liz,” Max offers.

“No! I mean I can get it!” Liz finds it under the table and realizes it was just below where Max is sitting. “Hmm. Should I or shouldn’t I? Is this something Liz Parker would do? No, definitely not. Now Liz Evans, um she’d love surprising Max like this,” says Liz to herself. Her debate on this topic goes on unbeknownst to Max. Liz places a hand on each of his knees and gently nudges them a little further apart.

“Liz, ah, Babe, what are you ah…doing down there?” Max asks and lifts the table cloth enough to peak at her.

“Max, never mind. You’ll find out. Now no peaking, or you’ll always wonder what I was going to do,” says Liz lowering the table cloth he had lifted to peak.

“Liz, I don’t understand why you’re under the table …No…Liz, you wouldn’t… not here, not now. Liz?” asks Max in disbelief. Just as he feels her soft gentle hands unzip his pants. Max looks up, smiles, then looks over to the kitchen door. “Dear God don’t let them come out of the kitchen for a while please,” pleads Max to himself and God silently.

Liz opens her connection fully to Max. ‘Honey, it’s okay. I have Isabel, Maria, and Mystic running interference for me. Trust me, Isabel of all people doesn’t want to know. She’s highly motivated to keep it that way,’ giggles Liz. ‘Now where was I? Oh yes, I was surprising you and something about dessert. Mmm,’ Liz says through their connection.

‘Babe, you’re killing me here, doing this…You don’t play fair. I’ll have to do something about that later then, but when we’re at home. I don’t think two diversions at one welcome home party would go unnoticed,’ teases Max. ‘Oh God! Liz... I can’t believe…well, right now… yes I can, but you know what I mean.’ Max reaches across the table and grabs a fist full of napkins. He stuffs them in his mouth to keep from making any audible sounds that he is unable to suppress.
********************************To be Continued in a second***********************

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Loves Awakening Revealed II NEW Part 8 M/L ADULT pg1 Oct.2

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Part 8 Continued

Liz sees her actions through to there natural conclusion. She uses her powers to clean up, then carefully zips up Max’s jeans. She then emerges from under the table looking quite pleased. She judges from the look on Max’s face of pure bliss and dazed look on his face that he must have liked her surprise. He looks at her in amazement. “Okay, what happened to shy Liz Parker, huh?” says Max out loud softly so no one can hear them from the kitchen.

“Liz Parker, oh she used to live above this dinner here. She married the man of her dreams and has been enjoying an incredible lunch and dessert. I’m not a girl anymore, Max. I’m Liz Evans now, your wife with all the perks and benefits thereof,” smiles Liz innocently.

“Babe, you realize we’ll probably wind up killing each other at this rate. I can see our obituary now.” ‘Teen aged married couple dies in the throws of passion. Both suffered heart attacks. They died in each others arms with a blissful smile on their faces,’ jokes Max.

“I’d have to add that something like: ‘they loved each other passionately just as they died passionately or something like that’. I doubt that ever happens to young people our ages not to mention given our unique physiology. I think if we had to die at any age that would be the way I’d like to go out. What do you think?” Liz asks laughing.

“I agree no question here. You know I love you and how much we love to be together. But can you imagine the look on Isabel, Michael’s, and Maria’s faces trying to give a eulogy. That would be weird range of emotions from sadness to blushing with embarrassment. I can imagine seeing Isabel and Michael cursing our names, while Maria’s mad that she has to try and cover for us even then,” laughs Max.

“Kyle would probably say something like what a way to go Max and Liz. I salute you or something like that and feel envious. Mystic would have her hands full with Kyle, you know he’s a big softy under that Jock exterior…Michael is too, he’s a tough guy, but under it all he’s a great guy. Then Alex, he would be upset, but he’d crack jokes and reminisce about all the times he’d catch us making out or something like that. Isabel would remember how we finally got together because of your silly ‘take a step back’ speech you gave me after Michael was healed at the reservation with the healing stones, remember,” smiles Liz .

“Yeah, well it’s going to be a very, very long time before either of us dies. I know I don’t ever want us to be separated from each other. Not after one lifetime and we finally can be together. We’re married, and we have our little ones on the way. Liz there’s nothing we can’t have or do together. I love you Liz,” smiles Max. He takes her hand encourages her to come and sit beside him. Liz takes the few steps to reach his side, and sits beside him. He pulls her closer and kisses her tenderly pouring all his love and feeling for her into that kiss. Suddenly their moment is interrupted by Kyle coughing not too subtly. Feeling eyes staring at them they break off their kiss and look over to the kitchen door. Max and Liz find their entire family peaking around the kitchen door at them,” Kyle coughs again.

Kyle can’t resist saying something. Kyle says, “Oh boy, would you two get a room.”

Liz looks at Max. “I have my old room upstairs,” Liz says just to shock Kyle.

“Oh no, I can’t believe you two,” says Kyle.

“Max and I are married, remember you were there. We can’t get grounded now. Take your best shot, and I’d advise you not to dare us,” adds Liz.

“Damn Liz, you are no fun to tease. I’m warning everyone not to play poker, or twister with them,” jokes Kyle. This earns him an elbow to the stomach courtesy of Mystic.

“Honey, leave it alone Kyle,” smiles Mystic with a stern look in her eyes.

Kyle hands Michael two plates with a piece of cake on each of them. “Michael, take these two plates of cake over to Max and Liz. You can say it’s my little peace offering. Michael walks over and greets Max and Liz who are talking quietly.

“Hi guys, Kyle sent me over with this cake as an apology about whatever was the stupidest thing he just said. He did give you a variety there to choose from though,” adds Michael. “Oh Liz, you dropped your fork on the floor. I’ll get it and bring you a new one,” offers Michael innocently.

“No! Michael. You touch that fork and you’re a dead man. Okay, that’s a special fork. It has sentimental value to me,” says Max protectively.

“Chill bro about the fork. Fine, keep it; but let me get Liz a clean one to eat with, okay Max; Gees, dare I ask what the fork fetish is about now?”

“Michael, this falls under the ‘don’t ask don’t tell category’ for us, again. I’m sure you can understand,” says Liz.

“I can? Oh yeah, I can. Sorry,” says Michael. He walks away, “what is so freaking fantastic about an ordinary fork?” asks a puzzled Michael to himself.

Max waits for Liz to take a bite of cake. Max sees that everyone is present so he feels bold enough to say something and not worry about Liz taking him up on it now. Max takes a bite of his cake. “Oh darn, I dropped my fork. I’d better pick that up,” grins Max.

“Max, you’d better not. I’m warning you,” says Liz blushing profusely.

“Psyche… I was kidding… For now,” smiles Max reaching for another fork. This cake is wonderful Mrs. Parker,” says Max enjoying another mouthful of the heavenly indulgence. “Liz, we need to ask about taking some cake home with us later. I have a feeling I’ll want more of this cake at home. I hope we have lots of clean forks,” smiles Max sending all kinds of images.

“Mom, can we get a couple of big pieces for me and Max to take home and enjoy later. My pregnancy cravings can drive me crazy until my craving is fully satisfied, right Max,” says Liz trying get back at him.

“Of course Liz, that’s no problem. I’ll box some up for the two of you now, to take home later,” smiles Nancy.

“Well, Liz has been having a lot of cravings lately. But I seem to have a good handle on taking care of her needs and demands as they arise,” smiles Max with his eyes full of mischief.

********************************To Be Continued*****************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II New Part 9 M/LAU,ADULT Oct 9 pg2

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Oct 09, 2004 10:21 pm

Hi Everyone! I'm still running a little late. Max and Liz just now released me from their weekly abduction. They are such slave drivers. LOL!!! They know I love these guys it's all good for me as far as I'm concerned.

roswellian504- Hi! I’m glad you liked that part. We do begin to address the living arrangement issues a little. Next week’s part is going to deal with more of that. Take care and thanks for reading.

LoveIsForever- Hi. Yeah, I posted later than I would’ve liked last Saturday, but I still got it posted. My inspiration to write is back with a vengeance. I have part of next week’s written already. I love it when the gang abducts me and I end up writing some funny and hot things about them. I loved reading all of your quotes… Thanks so much for being a loyal reader it really does mean a lot to me.

roswellluver- Hi! You’re welcome. It’s always a pleasure to write about my gang. I love writing for them, especially when it’s funny and hot. That’s my favorite combination. Shush! That’s my little secret, don’t tell anyone okay. LOL!! Thanks for reading and posting feed back it’s very much appreciated, so thank you. I hope you’ll like this new part.

AJK001- Hi! I’m so glad you like it when they do that to me because they abducted me and did it again. Yep! It’s true. You’ll love this part then. Well, at least I hope you will like it. It’s a funny one. Thanks for reading and your posted comments. Love reading those. Thanks! Read, enjoy and let me know what you thought? Okay…. Have a great day and new week!

Majiklmoon- Hi! Ooops! I’m in trouble now… I didn’t mention that I did actually start posting the sequel. Ooops! Forgive me. I guess I’ll have to take my 50 lashes with a wet noodle now, huh? Sorry. I’ll pm you as soon as I post this one, okay. Thanks for reading my story and for your fun feed back. Take care, and have a great day.

Loves Awakening Revealed II M/L ADULT AU

By NorafanofMaxandLiz

Part 9

“Since when does a fork have sentimental value?” Michael continues to grumble to no one in particular. Maria walks up behind Michael and nods in the direction of Max and Liz.

“Come on Michael, look I can only guess what that was all about, but I don’t think you want to know. I’m sure its personal, private and does not concern you. Let’s go ask if we can take some extra cake home later for when I need a snack. You can feed it to me in bed,” grins Maria.

“Okay, let’s ask about taking some cake home, you convinced me. Wait, home? I guess I’m going home with you right?” Michael asks.

“Yep, Mom said we could stay at the house. She’s cool with it and us being bonded etc… She said all she asks is that one day we’ll make it legal here too, and keep a low profile about living arrangements for now if anyone asks. So my place later, cake, me, and no sports channel.

“Ouch! Now I was with you up until the no sports channel thing, Blondie.”

“Well, maybe I’d let you try and persuade me,” smiles Maria seductively.

“Okay, can we take a slice or two of cake to go home with us later Mrs. Parker? That’s assuming Kyle and Alex have not devoured it,” smirks Michael.

“Sure Michael, help yourself. That’s why I have two cakes set aside for today and not just the one,” smiles Mrs. Parker.

Alex notices Max and Liz in the corner kissing. “Gees you think they’d cool it with the parents around and in a public place nonetheless,” says Alex with a sigh.

Kyle looks at their parents and says, “Max and Liz are always like that. They corrupt my innocent seventeen heterosexual mind. This is such a public display. I’m offended at the sight of promiscuity in any form,” jokes Kyle.

“Oh, like any of us are buying that one Mr. Busty Biker Babes magazine subscriber,” teases Alex.

“Watch it Nerd Boy. I was going to share the magazines, but not now. You’re cut off dude,” jokes Kyle.

“Alex wouldn’t want to look at those magazines. Nope. He’d rather read PC World magazine and watch Isabel organize things,” says Michael coming to Alex’s defense.

“Hey, thanks Michael,” says Alex patting Michael on the shoulder.

“Just treat my sister like gold and we’ll have no problems. Other than the usual stuff we do, okay man,” says Michael offering his hand to shake Alex’s.

“That’s not even a question for me. Isabel’s the girl of my dreams, the one. I love Isabel. Yes, even more than computers and food so you know I’m serious. I honestly don’t see how we can be together as much as we’d like, with Dad being out of the loop,” says Alex.

Mr. Parker clears his throat, “I have a suggestion Alex. I’m not entirely sure you’ll like this idea, but here it is. Let us parents who know, talk to your dad for you. He will probably take this news better from us realizing we wouldn’t joke about something like this. I assume that there will be sneaking around happening, like Max and Liz did for a while, before we figured it out. Liz has explained to me that you two are bonded mates, Isabel and you Alex. Is that right? Well, there’s no way around this. He will need to be told short of eloping, but in this state you have to be 18 without parental approval, or you can get married younger with parent permission. I know only one parental signature is needed. I’m sure Liz and Max probably consulted you on that getting your help looking into things via the internet. I think that if we all put our heads together and work on this we can figure out a solution,” smiles Jeff.

“Mr. Parker, you’re the best,” exclaims Isabel giving him a kiss on the cheek. “We can use all the support we can get. I think that might help to have the parents all ban together and have us all there like usual to answer questions etc… Oh, Kyle we should call your dad and Amy and tell them to come over. Why don’t you give your dad a call at home? Didn’t they mention they would see us soon? So, that’s what that cryptic smile was all about. They were coming back to Roswell today,” says Isabel. The chimes above the door of the café chime. “Tell Jim and Amy what?” asks Jim Valenti with new wife Amy, Maria’s mom beside him.

Diane says, “I thought it would be nice if they were here so I called them. I know that Jim and Amy are in the loop on this and they could be very helpful with your dad, Alex. You know, present a united front, like all of you did for Max and Liz when we were told.”

“So, when should we plan this?” asks Isabel feeling happy and hopeful at parental support on this matter.

Diane exchanges a knowing look with Nancy. Nancy places an errant strand of her hair behind her ear. “Tell them, Diane,” urges Nancy reassuringly.

“Well, I thought given what we know about things now and the whole Max and Liz history that sooner would be better than later. You know sort of like a band-aid. It won’t hurt as much if you do it quickly all at once. Diane looks at her watch then at the door. He’ll be here in about 5 minutes if your Dad is the prompt punctual type. Alex, you know we love and accept you as family. I hope you won’t be angry with me or us for doing this. I just want the best for you and Isabel. I don’t want you to sneak around. I understand that by Antarian standards you are already married. If everyone in this group knows what’s going on, we can better look out and protect all of you. I care about you all now as my extended family. That reminds me Isabel, we’ll need your help along with Liz, Maria, and Mystics for planning a family gathering for all of us at Christmas time.”

“Yes, that sounds great. I’ll be happy to help with that. I’m sure Liz, Maria, and Mystic will too, right guys?”

“Yes, count me in. I’m really looking forward to spending the holidays this year with all the people I love. It sounds like fun. Just let me know the details,” says Liz beaming at the thought of her family at the holidays.

“Oh count me in too. I want to give my Spaceboy a proper Christmas this year and with our big family is the perfect solution,” grins Maria.

“Well, I’ve never celebrated Christmas before, but count me in too. This sounds like fun,” agrees Mystic.

“That was a nice diversion of small talk and holiday planning there Mrs. Evans. I did notice, just so you know,” smiles Alex. “Oh great there’s my dad now, shoot me I’m doomed,” says Alex hanging his head.

“Sweetie, we’re here for you. You know I love you, Alex. You can do this. I’m staying right here by your side the entire time. We have our family as backup. This will be okay, I promise,” smiles Isabel.

“Alex, Liz and I’ve been through this before; so have Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Mystic. You’ll be okay. We’re here for you buddy. Besides, our twins are counting on their uncle Alex to be brave to set an example for them, okay. You know they can pretty much hear all that goes on. Hang in there buddy, we got your back, okay,” reassures Max.

“Hey Alex, you know Maria and I got your back always. Remember the three musketeers forever, like when we were kids. I agree with Max. Come on Alex; don’t let your niece and nephew down now. The twins really need all three of their uncles around all the time. We plan on taking you up on all the baby sitting we can get at times okay…You wouldn’t want Michael and Kyle here to spend more time with the twins than you do. Its okay Alex, your dad will be okay with this. Look at all the people in this room that care about you and Isabel. Don’t make Maria and I torture you Alex,” teases Liz giving him a hug for support.

“Hi! Dad. Come on in and sit down, umm. We have cake and coffee. I need to talk to you about something,” says Alex choking on his words out of his mouth.

“Sure Alex, what’s up?”

“Mr. Whitman, actually we all have something to tell you. I think the parents should start.” Diane and Philip tell there portion of the news. Then Nancy and Jeff chime in sharing their story. Next it’s Jim Valenti and Amy’s turn to tell their news and how they took it. Mr. Whitman sits listening and taking it all in. He turns to Alex, “This is true isn’t it?” Mr. Whitman asks his son.

“Yes, Dad it is. Are there any questions you have for me or any of us here?” asks Alex unafraid of his father seeing the love and support of all these people in this room.

“So does this mean you’re an alien too? And you and Isabel are considered married by her people’s customs then. Let’s see, and Liz is alien. Maria’s not, but she’s altered like you, right. Michael, Max, Isabel, and Mystic are aliens. Did I miss anything?” asks Mr. Whitman trying to grasp the bare bones of the facts at hand.

“Uh, well you forgot me, Mr. Whitman, Kyle Valenti; I’m now like Alex and Maria. I’m Mystic’s bonded husband. I know this must all seem very Xfiles/Sci Fi channel to you, but it’s true.”

Mr. Whitman sighs and wipes his forehead. “Boy Alex, I have to say this isn’t the kinds of news I was expecting when Mrs. Evans called and invited me here tonight. This is really quite a revelation and I’m sure I’ll need a few moments for this news to really soak in,” says Mr. Whitman.

“Dad, are you okay with this news? Isabel and I wanted you to know. We didn’t want to have to lie to you any longer. I know that all of us kids have hated lying to our parents, but now you all know. Dad, now that you know… this is a secret you have to keep and take to your grave. You can only discuss any of this with the people here in this room now. This is really important. Just knowing this information could put you in danger if it were to get out. We all could find ourselves being subjects in a real life alien autopsy video and I know you wouldn’t want that to happen. So, please Dad, no matter what you think of me and my friends that I regard now as my family, please don’t tell anyone. Our lives depend on this secret being kept. Dad…? You haven’t said anything, please say something at least. Anything would be preferable to this silence,” states a very worried Alex. Isabel squeezes Alex’s hand willing her love and support to be felt through their connection to soothe his fear of facing his father with this news and what Alex fears most. Alex’s fears his father’s inevitable rejection of him and lack of acceptance of who he is and the people that are importance to him in his life. Mr. Whitman’s silence fuels this fear that grows exponentially by each silent moment that passes. Max and Liz and the others move closer to Alex to offer their support.

Phillip approaches, “Mr. Whitman I understand how hard all of this is to taken in at first. Just know that Alex is a good kid and we like him. All of these kids here are good kids. They mean no one any harm. They just want to live their lives, graduate high school and go on to a bright future in college or whatever they choose. We have come to know Alex and feel he is a very intelligent, caring young man. He’s managed to win Isabel’s heart and that’s no small feat. Isabel has not ever let anyone get close enough to her to get to know the real her. She let Alex in because he was able to see her for who she was on the inside and care about all that makes Isabel, our Isabel. No other boy her age has ever been able to do that. Isabel does love Alex and I know that they do care deeply for each other. They will find a way to be together one way or another. Its better we know their secret and support them, rather than have our kids shut us out of their lives leaving us to only wait and worry. I know this may sound weird, they are still our kids and they still need us to be there for them, despite the unusual situation. Please don’t turn your back on Alex now. He’s let you in on this secret and he’s now asking for your continued love and support. We all need for this information to be kept just amongst those of us here.
Well, Mr. Whitman. I do hope you will give this some thought. Alex is a fine young man and we are happy to have him in this unusual make shift family. You should be proud of what a fine young man he’s turned out to be. Remember Mr. Whitman, this is a secret that affects and reflects on all of our children’s safety. We are their parents, who better to protect them than us by keeping this secret to ourselves. Mr. Whitman…How do you feel about all of this now that you know and have had a few more moments to let it sink in?” Phillip asks.

Mr. Whitman’s corners of his mouth curve up and he begins to smile. “Oh…Sorry, so that’s the big news? Phew! This is great news! You have no idea how worried I’ve been about Alex. I’m relieved and happy to know that Alex is not gay! That’s what I thought he was going to tell me. I understand about why all the secrecy and the unexplainable behavior now. I’ve gotta say I’m really happy about this. I had my doubts about him. Alex’s two best friends have been Liz and Maria since childhood. Plus Alex doesn’t date at all…It makes a parent wonder and worry. I mean no matter what he’s still my son and I’ll love him. It’s just I can’t really quite honestly comprehend the whole same sex preference issues. I’ve also been hoping that at some point for a chance at grand children. Isabel, so you and my son are basically married by your people’s customs then?” asks Mr. Whitman smiles and sighs in relief. He steps over to Isabel and offers her a hug, “Welcome to the Family, Isabel. Alex is a lucky guy,” smiles Mr. Whitman he releases Isabel from the embrace to give Alex a thumbs up sign. Everyone laughs to see Mr. Whitman use that gesture that they are all familiar with seeing Alex do it all the time. Mr. Whitman seems partially in shock with this news and grows silent as it all begins to hit him he remains quiet.

“Thank you, Mr. Whitman. Alex has been concerned about how you would take this news. I hope you understand that we need some assurances that you will not tell anyone else about our secret, please Mr. Whitman. This is important to everyone here including my unborn niece and nephew that Liz and Max are expecting. For them and for all of us to have any kind of future, please keep this secret. We do not intend to harm anyone. All any of us wants is just to lead normal lives and be happy. That’s all Alex and I want is to love each other and live our lives together with our families with us. I hope you can understand that,” Isabel takes a step back rejoining Alex by his side holding his hand firmly in hers.

“That’s my Princess, thanks for saying that to my Dad,” says Alex.

“Mr. Whitman, we have plenty of cake and coffee to go around. We’d really love it if you’d stay and enjoy it with us. I did call and invite you here for cake and coffee so what do you say?” Diane asks.

“There’s cake? Is that the cake over there?” asks a hopeful Mr. Whitman pointing to the cake in question.

“Yes, that’s the one,” smiles Diane.

“Count me in Mrs. Evans. I’m big a chocolate lover and that does look sinfully good. You talked me into it sure,” says Mr. Whitman.

“Like father like son,” teases Nancy.

“I’ll get you a slice of cake, Mr. Whitman,” offers Isabel with a smile.

“Isabel do you have a minute I’d like to ask you something, alone?” asks Mr. Whitman.

“Uh…yeah sure, Mr. Whitman. What is it that you want to ask me?” smiles Isabel nervously.

“Is it really true…that Alex is not gay?” asks Mr. Whitman.

“I can assure you Mr. Whitman that Alex is most definitely not gay. I hope that answers your question. You’ll understand if I don’t feel comfortable discussing this, and change the topic of conversation with all due respect Mr. Whitman,” says a blushing Isabel.

“Isabel, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to seem weird asking you that. It’s just that I’ve been worried about Alex. I’m so relieved that he has found someone. I’m happy that you see the real Alex and love him as he is,” states Mr. Whitman. He gauges Isabel’s demeanor and sincerity and finds her to be all that she seems. Mr. Whitman watches Isabel interact with her family, Liz and Maria. He sees Isabel as a happy, confident, intelligent and beautiful young woman with eyes only for Alex. Alex’s father sees the smile Isabel gives only to Alex and the quiet looks they exchange between them. Mr. Whitman looks at his son and shakes his head at him. His father sees how happy Alex is and feels relieved with this night’s positive revelations. He finds himself more amazed with Alex’s being straight, than worried about Isabel being an alien hybrid. Mr. Whitman realizes that these are good kids who do not get into trouble and infact set a positive role model for other teens. Maria and Liz seem just like the people he’s always known them to be and Alex acting very much accepted and cared for with in this group of people. Mr. Whitman also notes that Phillip Evans, a trusted and respected attorney in their community, is unafraid of these alien hybrid teenagers. In fact, all the parents are very comfortable with all this news.

“Oh, what the heck. If you can’t beat them, join’em is what I always say…I’ll keep your secret. Besides we live in Roswell New Mexico and things can be strange enough as it is,” smiles Mr. Whitman. He gratefully takes the cake Isabel offers him. “Thank you, Isabel. Well, welcome to the family now, Alex will have to let us get to know each other. After, all according to your people’s customs the two of you are married and I have a daughter-in-law now. The rest of the world outside this group doesn’t know that. I have only one small request so that people don’t talk about the two of you is to please be discrete. I understand that you’re married and want to be together, but we’ll have to work something out with the Evans. I can see how this could cause problems and having to sneak around. I’m glad you told me. I suspect there will be an official ceremony here sometime in the near future. It could certainly make things easier to explain on all counts. Boy, it seems like I just joined a very elite club, but somehow it all feels right. Like this is one big happy family despite the different last names. Alex, I have to hand it to you. This was definitely not what I expected to happen tonight when Mrs. Evans called and invited me over for cake and coffee saying we should get to know each other since our kids are hanging out together. You guys sure know how to liven up what would’ve been another boring evening,” jokes Mr. Whitman.

“Hey Mr. Whitman, uh what’s your first name again, I can’t remember?” asks Phillip.

“Please everyone call me Tom, except for Alex of course,” smiles Tom Whitman.

“So Tom, you’re okay with our Isabel and your Alex being a couple. We think the world of Alex. Liz and Maria seem to treat Alex like their brother. It’s very endearing to see. I have to remind myself that they aren’t actually siblings. Max and Isabel are brother and sister but we only just found out that Michael too is a sibling to them. Diane always wanted a bigger family, I think she got her wish,” smiles Phillip watching Diane make sure Alex has enough food and has his orange soda. “It’s safe to say he’s apart of our family now, Diane has even made him her famous Blueberry pancakes, the one and only thing she can make that’s actually fit for human consumption. By the way, heads up…don’t eat anything my wife makes. Politely get rid of it. She wants to believe she can cook, but it’s a well known fact her cooking is Roswell’s first line of defense against an alien invasion,” laughs Phillip.

“Thanks for the heads up. I consider myself officially warned,” grins Tom.

“All right, what did I miss?” asks Jeff.

“I was just getting debriefed by the councilor here on Diane’s cooking and the formidable weapon it is against an enemy alien invasion,” dead pans Tom.

“We love Diane, she’s the best. Liz adores her as a mother-in-law. Liz is probably the only person I’ve ever heard brag about her in-laws. Just don’t eat anything Diane cooks, outside of her pancakes, and you’ll be fine,” laughs Jeff.

“Max brags about you and Nancy as in-laws too, not something you’d expect to here especially from a newlywed,” smiles Phillip.

“Maybe it’s an alien thing,” says Tom with a twinge of laughter in his voice.

“Now that could be. It certainly explains why Diane, Nancy and Amy have joined forces in the group mother hovering duties,” comments Jeff. The fathers smile taking in this happy time watching the happy exchanges and laughter that fills the Crash Down.

“So, gentlemen is this private party or can I join in too?” asks Jim Valenti.

“No. Of course not Jim, you’re a welcomed part of all this now too. You know Kyle and Mystic are very well suited for each other. She’s quite a gal,” says Jeff. “Liz has introduced us. She’s a very nice girl and something tells me she can keep your Kyle on his toes,” comments Jeff.

“Yeah, she definitely does. I like her. I feel kind of protective now of her, Michael and the others…as if they were all my kids,” says Jim with a smile.

“Our kids have redefined the term family and shown us its not about what family your born into, but the one you choose to be a part of inspite of the one your born into,” smiles Phillip.

“Oh no, the women caught us standing here talking. Quick eat something and they’ll leave us alone. Other wise they’ll think we’re talking about them. Just take your queues from me and Phillip,” says Jeff grinning with mischief.

“Why did all the women stop talking and turn and look at us? Oh no, don’t tell me Liz, Isabel, Mystic, and Maria now have super hearing due to alien abilities? Quick, start talking sports. It’s the closest thing we have to drive them from us…like garlic is for vampires as in the movies,” says Jim.

“Great, we’re so screwed,” says Tom.

“Not necessarily, follow my lead without question,” says Phillip.

“Liz, how are you feeling these days? You seem to be radiant and a little bit flushed, are you okay?” asks Phillip.

“I feel fine Mr. Evans,” says Liz blushing as she looks over her shoulder looking back to the table she and Max sat at and the surprise she gave him.

“Max looks a little flushed too, maybe you two should go upstairs and lie down in your old room for a little while. It’s probably the drive making you tired, but still I recommend you get rest,” suggests Jeff.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this with my own ears. Max, you are one blessed alien. I can’t believe this. Something like this could only happen to Max and Liz,” says Kyle teasing them mercilessly.

“You know I do feel a little tired. I think Max and I will take you up on that suggestion. Won’t we Honey,” smiles Liz innocently sending him images to the contrary.

“Ah…Yeah, Liz needs to make sure she gets enough rest. I’ll go look after her to make sure she behaves herself and rests,” says Max sounding every bit the concerned husband. They let everyone know they’re going to go up stairs to rest for a while in Liz’s old room above the Crash Down.

Maria, Isabel, and Mystic open their connection to Liz. ‘Girl, you are so bad. Don’t think I didn’t notice a little something in your eyes earlier with Max when you had us keep everyone in the kitchen,’ teases Maria.

‘Please, spare me any and all imagery of whatever happened in the dinner at your table. I don’t even want to know,’ says Isabel.

‘Tell me about it. Michael’s wondering why Max jumped down his throat when he was going to take the fork that had fallen on the ground and put it in the dishwasher. I have to say I’m still in agreement with Michael on that. I’m scratching my head on that one Liz,’ comments Maria. ‘You and Max, didn’t …OMG, you did…didn’t you. Really?’ smiles Maria. ‘Well I got to respect your conquering your shyness in such a bold and innovative way. I can see Max is still glowing, I assume from the after affects,’ laughs Maria.

‘Eww! Did you have to give me that to work with on imagining what happened? Just for that, you’ll be cut off from the cake,’ threatens Isabel in a playful manner.

‘Now that’s just being evil…You know how much I adore chocolate. Please I was just teasing, okay Chica?’ pleads Maria with her hands looking prayerful.

“Max you heard you’re dad and mine. Let’s go up stairs to my old bedroom and go rest on my old bed,” smiles Liz.

“Kyle is right you know. This could only happen to us and get away with it. The idea of us resting on the bed is a novel idea,” teases Max.

“You are so bad. It’s a good thing I’m married to you,” says Liz taking his hand as they walk up the stairs from the Crash Down kitchen to Liz’s old bedroom.

************************To Be Continued******************
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