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Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

One Week Later…

Jorlen looked down from his place high above the festivities. His mother and father were happily dancing in the center of the floor, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, and smiles on their lips. His aunts and uncles were not far away, in similar fashion. Jason held Ava in his arms and swept her across the dance floor like they were born to dance together. It was a beautiful sight, full of happiness and peace.

“Why aren’t you down there dancing with your lovely wife?” Lucas asked coming to stand next to Jorlen.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

Lucas shrugged. “Sometimes my King’s safety comes first.” Lucas’s tone was nonchalant.

Jorlen sighed. “I’m fine Lucas. Just getting away for a minute of quiet.” He looked down and saw his sister laughing with Maxie, the sister they never knew they had.

“You know…you should be the happiest man in Antar right now. Besides me of course.” Lucas chuckled.

“I know and I am.”

“You were coronated yesterday as King of Antar, your family is safe and well, and you just married the woman of your dreams. After all of that, why do I hear a silent ‘but’ coming.”

“Just my usual doubts.” Jorlen glanced at Lucas. “I’m so young yet ruling a kingdom I know little about. So many people are depending on me. What if I…”

“Uh uh. Let’s not go there Jorlen. Nothing good comes from ‘what if’s’. I know you. You will do the best you can. You’ll be fine.” Lucas put his hand on Jorlen’s shoulder. “Besides, Maxie, my beautiful sexy wife will be here to help you get going along with your father. Oh, and let’s not forget your father-in-law, who I’m sure will have plenty of input.” Lucas chuckled.

Jorlen shot his best friend a glare. “You just remember that both your father-in-laws will be watching over you. Along with over protective brothers.”

A gleam of fear flashed quickly in Lucas’s eyes before he laughed. “Not to worry. Maxie will be treated like the Queen she is.”

Jorlen shook his head. “I can’t believe that you are actually classified as a King. Who’d have thought?”

“What? I’m not good enough for Kingly status?” Lucas raised a brow at his newly acquired brother.

“Of course you are. You were raised and trained the same as I. It’s just I always pictured you as my Second. My Commander. Not the one to marry my sister and become a one day King of Mantinga.”

Lucas looked down. He watched as his parents kissed on the dance floor and Lyssa standing a little too close to Aryk. Nearby was Cyn, trying to talk Jai into dancing.

“Wild isn’t it?” Lucas huffed. “But I’m still your Second. My oath was to you first. Your protection is number one. That’s why I’m up here instead of down there dancing the night away with my wife.”

Jorlen ran a hand through his hair. “Yes, that you are.” He leaned on the rail and watched in silence.

“We’ll be ok.” Lucas finally broke it. “Come one. Your wife is ready to have her husband.”

Astrid was standing off to the side of the dance floor beside Maxie. They both still wore the beautiful gowns from when they’d exchanged vows in during the earlier Antarian marriage ceremony. They were serenely looking up expectantly at their husbands.

“Yeah, knowing Maxie, she’d send the Antarian Army for you.” Jorlen chuckled as he turned and led Lucas back down to their family and waiting wives.


“I don’t like this.” Michael growled as he looked over at his daughter. Timberlyn was laughing at something Dravan was saying.

Maria sighed. “I know. But we’ve been over this time and time again. Jason and Ava approved, it will be fine.”

“She’s my little girl Maria. She’s not supposed to grow up. She’s supposed to stay small enough for me to bounce on me knees until I die. Just the thought of her doing…” His voice faded as his head hung.

Maria wrapped her arms around her mate. “You don’t remember my Ritual of Womanhood?”

“Of course I do. You had to tie me to the bed.”

Maria shifted closer to Michael. “Mmmm, that was a great night. I had you at my complete mercy.” Her voice was soft and husky with lust.

Michael lowered his head and breathed in her scent. “Completely.” His voice deep from the memory of what had happened all those years ago.

“You gave me such a hard time.” Maria lifted her head until their lips were just inches apart.

“Hard…yeah.” He breathed out, her scent drowning his senses.

Maria pulled back. “And your daughter will not have to go through all of that.”

Michael was shaken with the loss of Maria’s heat next to him. “What?” He asked trying to knock the desire from his mind.

“Dravan will not cause her all the trouble you did. It’s obvious that he worships the ground she walks on. He will be at her beck and call.”

Michael scowled. “Ok, but why now? Why can’t she wait until she’s older and back in Pathia?”

“Ava and Jason have been informed on what the Ritual is and what it consists of. They are aware of our customs and consented for Dravan to be with Timberlyn. In fact, Ava is quite intrigued by our customs.” Maria raised a hand and brushed Michael’s cheek. “Timberlyn is 16 years old. Just a ritual away from womanhood. She has chosen. I can’t deny her from wanting to continue with our customs even if we aren’t at home.”

Michael scratched at his brow. “Why can’t we go back to Pathia and let her choose one of those boys?” Michael knew that those from Pathia are more aware of the custom and won’t be heartbroken when Timberlyn moves on.

“Because Serena has agreed to continue Timberlyn’s education while we share our healing knowledge with the Antarians.”

“I still don’t like it.” Michael grumbled.

Maria embraced him tighter. “I know but you’ve got to let it happen. Now, let’s go out and make sure our nephews have their loving family’s support on one of the best days of their lives.”

Michael was still scowling as Maria pulled him toward where Isabel and Alex stood watching the two happy couples dancing. Isabel put her arm around Michael’s waist.

“So…tonight’s the night all the action is going to happen.” Alex said with a smile.

“You are lucky we are in front of a lot of people Alex or I’d beat that smile off your face.” Michael groused at his friend.

Alex merely chuckled at Michael’s threat. “I’ve been there. Kids grow up. Look, one of mine just got married. Besides Michael,” Alex turned to look at him. “You’ve already been through this with Tess. What’s the big deal?”

“Timberlyn is his baby. That’s why. She always has been.” Maria answered with a chuckle.

“It’s ok Michael.” Isabel said. “I can relate. I was bawling like a baby early when Lucas was saying his vows to Maxie. I just wanted to yank him off the platform and hide him away for a few more years.”

Just then Max and Liz strolled over, their faces lit with happiness.

“How are you feeling Max?” Alex asked.

“Wonderful. Jorlen does a great job healing.” Max said. “Not even a limp.”

“I’m glad someone can be happy today.”

“Be happy Michael.” Liz said. “The purpose of this night is to celebrate the beginning of a whole new life, for all of us.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Michael said but he could feel his scowl melting as it always did when Liz was around.


Lyssa found herself pressed against the wall of a corridor off the main banquet hall where everyone was gathered for the wedding feast. Aryk’s body was crushed against her warmth, their mouths melded together. Her hands were digging under Aryk’s uniform trying desperately to get to skin. She needed to feel his smoothness against her hands. His warmth to burn deep within her.

Aryk shifted his body, his hardness settling between Lyssa’s legs, showing her how she was affecting him. He moaned breaking the seal of their lips but kept contact to her skin as they slid down her neck, nipping and kissing her creamy skin.

“Aryk…” Lyssa pleaded breathlessly. “We have to stop. We can’t do this here.”

Aryk groaned as if pained, lifting his head from her body. He shifted and let his cock nestle closer to her heated center.

“I know. I know. I just can’t help feeling…” He kissed her cheek. “So aroused with you around. You are constantly on my mind. I’ve been gone for five days and all I wanted to do was be near you.”

“Me too. But we have to wait.” Lyssa lowered her head to Aryk’s chest. His rapid heartbeat vibrating against her cheek.

Aryk pulled her close and shifted them so that he could sit and hold her in his lap. After a few minutes of silence and snuggling close, Aryk broke the silence.

“You wanted to talk?” He asked remembering why they were out here to begin with.

“There’s been something that’s been weighing on my mind. Before Nicholas died, you said that vengeance ends. What did you mean?”

Aryk reached up and rubbed his neck. “Oh, that.” He closed his eyes and sighed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Lyssa started seeing his reaction.

“No. It’s something you should know. My parents died when I was eight years old. They were friends to Ava and outspoken on Khivar’s treatment of Mantinga. We were traveling back home from visiting her when we were attacked. It was made to look like the Resistance had done it, but as I lay near death, I watched them rape my mother, making my father watch before they killed him. Beneath a gap in one man’s rags, I saw a Royal uniform. And his face, I’ll never forget what he looked like as he laughed at the treatment of my mother. He was excited, like he couldn’t wait to see their deaths. It was chilling to watch him.”

“Nicholas.” Lyssa’s voice cracked, barely louder than a breath.

Aryk nodded. “They left me for dead but Jason and his people came along. He took me in, helped me heal, then raised me, trained me. My ambition was high as my vengeance fueled my desire to see him dead. Jason placed me as leader of the Mantinga Resistance when I was but 18 years old.”

“And are you at peace?” Lyssa asked when Aryk stopped talking.

He took a moment to carefully consider her question. “Yes. I am. I knew killing him would never bring my parents back or the life I knew then. But that day, when I saw them rape my mother over and over, I vowed that if I lived, I would see that man dead.”

Lyssa brushed his cheek with her knuckles tenderly. “I’m sure they are proud of the man you’ve become.” She felt a tear trickle down on her hand and wiped it away.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

Lyssa smiled. “We need to get back to the celebration. We’ll have time alone after this is over.”

Aryk nodded and stood pulling Lyssa with him. Together, their hands clasped tightly, they returned to the banquet room.


Ok, guys...I just sent the epilogue off to my wonderful partner in crime Strawbehry Shortcake. I should have it up by the end of the week. I can't believe this story if actually coming to an end :cry:
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Post by magikhands » Wed Oct 05, 2005 2:50 pm

I just want to say a quick thank you to all the readers who've enjoyed this story. I've had my own fun writing, thinking of new characters and places with this one as I strolled upon new ground. I'm glad that I was able to drag you all into the world of Pathia in 'The Gift' and continue the saga through 'Presence Returned'. I hate to see this end, but as you will see, they live happily ever after :D

I especially want to thank my partner
Strawbehry Shortcake Image for all her patience and hard work she put into this along with the time we spent brainstorming. :) You're the greatest, and don't let no one tell you any different :P Without her, this fic would never have been written.

Again, thanks for all the feedback and encouragement throughout this entire story.


One Year Later…In Pathia…

Lucas looked upon Aryk who was tying the wrap around his waist.

“Are you sure about this Aryk? You know what all you are giving up, right?”

Aryk sighed and looked at his future brother. “I didn’t just arrive yesterday Lucas. I’ve been here six months and Lyssa has made sure to teach me all of the Pathian ways. I understand my standing here in Pathia and as long as I’m with her, I’ll do what I must.”

Aryk could see Lucas’s uncertainty. He closed the distance between them and put his hand on Lucas’s shoulder.

“I love your sister. I would die for her. I will honor our vows, our love…no matter what. I know that here, I have less power than what I’ve had in Mantinga but power doesn’t matter. Lyssa is all that matters.”

Lucas found Aryk’s deep blue eyes conveying nothing but truth. Since meeting Aryk, they’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. Lucas liked Aryk and thought he was good for Lyssa. He knew his sister loved this man deeply in return. He was happy that she’d finally found someone who would treat her like the wonderful person she was.

Lucas nodded and patted Aryk’s shoulder. “I believe you. But if she so much as hints to me…”

“She won’t.” Aryk smiled. “She’ll have no reason to complain.”

Lucas smiled. “Are you ready?”

Aryk took a deep breath. “Yes. I am.”

Lucas opened the door and allowed the two female guards to lead Aryk to his bonding ceremony.


Jorlen knocked lightly on the door before entering. The room was filled with women scurrying around helping Lyssa get ready. Isabel was overseeing it all, as was her role in the ceremony. Isabel looked up and saw Jorlen enter.

“Alright. I believe Lyssa is ready. Let’s leave her and Jorlen alone to talk.” Isabel announced herding the women out. She gave Jorlen a quick kiss on the cheek before following them and closing the door behind her.

Lyssa was standing in front of a mirror, her hands smoothing over the silk robe she wore. Jorlen walked up behind her and ran his hands over her shoulders, drawing the robe off her shoulders until the top of her breasts were bared.

“Beautiful.” He breathed out.

“Jorlen…” Her voice was soft. Their eyes met in the mirror. Jorlen’s fingertips caressed small circles on her collarbone.

“Are you sure Aryk knows what he’s getting into?”

Lyssa sighed. “Yes Jorlen. He knows our traditions, our ways, and he’s willing to spend the rest of his life with me.”

“But are you happy?” Jorlen asked.

“I love Aryk. He’s equal to me in all ways. He’s brave, strong, and intelligent. He’s the man I’ve been looking for all my life.”

Lyssa saw a glimpse of hurt pass Jorlen’s eyes but it left just as quickly.

“I love you Jorlen. You have a special place in my heart, but you know we were never meant to be together. We are both destined to go separate ways. And you know that I never wanted a Pathian man.”

Lyssa turned and placed her hands on Jorlen’s chest. He wore the uniform of the Antarian King. He looked quite handsome, tall and handsome. She looked up into his eyes.

“Just as you never wanted a Pathian woman. You have a beautiful wife, one who loves you, who will follow you across the world.”

Jorlen smiled at the thought of his wife. “I know. She’s all I’ve ever wanted in a woman.”

“See? I’m happy Jorlen. It’s time you were happy for me too.”

Jorlen sighed. “I know but I just had to make sure.” He gave her a gentle smile. He and Astrid had already had this conversation. Astrid, knowing Aryk since Jason took him in, assured him that he loved Lyssa. She knew how Jorlen was with Lyssa. It comforted her to know that her husband could love so much and so compassionately.

Jorlen gave Lyssa a soft kiss on her lips before turning away and going to the door.

“Jorlen.” Lyssa’s voice stopped him from opening it. Jorlen turned to her.

Lyssa smiled. “Thank you.”

“Anytime you need me, you know where I can be found.”

Lyssa nodded. “Now, go tend to your wife.”

Jorlen beamed at the mentioning of tending to his gorgeous wife. He opened the door where Isabel waited.

“She’s ready.” Jorlen told as he passed by, putting a kiss on her cheek.

Isabel looked at her daughter and could see the happiness sparkling in eyes. “Yes…she is.”
Jorlen was about to enter the chapel when Jai stopped him.

“Majesty…are you sure I can’t go in? I mean, I don’t like that one of us are not in there with you.”

Jorlen smiled at the young man. Jai had turned out to be a very loyal ally. Cyn and Jason had vouched for him after the battle with Khivar. Thanks to the information leaked to Cyn, it had helped strengthen the Resistance in many ways. After hearing Jai’s history and how he’d not had a choice about joining Khivar’s Army, Jorlen decided to give him a chance. One that had turned into a piece of gold.

Jai worked hard and soon rose in rank. Just two months before Lucas made Jai Commander of the Mantinga Army. Since Ava had reclaimed her birthright with Jason at her side, Jai was put in charge of their protection along with sharing the responsibility of the Army with Jason. He was to report directly to Lucas. This freed Lucas to keep his commitment to Jorlen, his King, and Lead the Antarian Army. It had worked out better than planned.

But now, Jai was clearly uncomfortable with having no Antarian or Mantingan guards allowed inside. The only males allowed inside a bonding ceremony were those part of the Royal family or family members.

“It’s ok Jai.” Jorlen patted him on the shoulder. “Trust me when I say we are well guarded. There are at least ten of Pathia’s best warriors lining the walls. Then at least ten more surrounding the Temple. We are completely safe.”

“If you say so Majesty.” Jai bowed but Jorlen could hear that he was not convinced.

“Just stay here. We will be out soon.” Jorlen turned and entered.


Lyssa followed Isabel out to the chapel where Aryk stood near the High Priestess. Isabel escorted her daughter over to Aryk where he took her hands in his. Isabel then left them and walked across the room where the elders sat. She took her place behind the chair where Alex sat. Next to them were Max sitting with Liz standing behind. They were garbed in traditional Pathian Royal clothing.

Then sat Wesley with Claudia behind him. They had come out of their week of seclusion for this ceremony after only two days. Wesley had passed his bonding tests with flying colors and Claudia was still flying high on happiness.

Jorlen sat next to his sister’s mate, Astrid standing behind, as was custom. They were dressed in the Royal Antarian clothing, representing his father’s country. Lucas sat in the next chair. He kept looking back to Maxie, her stomach big with child. He was worried about her standing for too long at such a late stage in her pregnancy. Maxie simply stood there and rolled her eyes at her concerned husband.

Finally came Jason with Ava taking her position behind him. They were garbed in the Mantinga Royal colors. Since Jason had raised Aryk, it was decided appropriate for him to be present if he so desired. Ava was intrigued with this custom and insisted they be there to support Aryk.

The High Priestess commenced with the bonding vows. Once that was done the two guards who had escorted Aryk in came up and led him to a chair. After Aryk sat, they proceeded to strap his wrists to the arms and ankles to the legs of the chair, as was custom.

Lyssa walked up to her bonded and slowly slid the robe from her body. She stood there and let Aryk’s eyes gaze upon her. She could see the desire heat his eyes. She gave him a sexy smirk before tearing the wrap from his body, exposing him to the room. He gave a little gasp as the cool air hit his erect length.

Lyssa dropped the wrap and proceeded to straddle him, her legs draping over his legs. With torturous slowness, she slid his ready length into her body. Aryk moaned in pleasure and threw his head back against the chair. His muscles were tight and strained on his bonds. His fingers curled into fists, aching to reach out and touch his mate, to pull her down on him, to feel her hair and skin against his fingertips.

Lyssa leaned down and gently kissed his lips.

“Are you ready, my love?” She asked, her lips still brushing on his.

Aryk opened his eyes and locked gazes with her. “I’ll follow you to the end of the planet if that’s what it takes to keep you.”

Lyssa smiled and gave him a deep, bruising kiss as she started riding him. Their moans and sighs filled the room until they climaxed and cried out in pleasure.

During the feast after the bonding…

“So why is it that we didn’t have to go through such an elaborate…ceremony?” Maxie asked Jorlen and Lucas. Her brow was raised and she was staring intensely at her husband.

Lucas immediately gulped down the wine he’d just sipped and nearly choked on it. He started in a fit of coughing and looked to Jorlen to answer.

“Oh, uh, well…what Lyssa and Aryk did was part of the Pathian custom. It’s their marriage ceremony.” Jorlen tried to explain. He picked up a bowl and looked toward Astrid. “Cream for your berries Darling?” He offered trying to change the subject.

“Uh uh Jorlen.” Maxie interrupted. “You are not changing the subject.”

Jorlen looked to his wife, the sensible one for help, but she too had her brow raised in question.

“My dear sister has a good point. Why is it that we didn’t get offered this option?”

Jorlen looked to Lucas feeling suddenly lost. Here he was, King over a grand Kingdom, but when his sister and wife ganged up on him, he had no clue as to what to say or do.

“Sisters…would you have done something so…different and out of your custom?” Claudia, feeling her brother’s distress came to the rescue. She loved her newly found sisters but she knew Jorlen better than anyone did. And poor Lucas looked like he was about to be eaten alive. She wanted to laugh but held back.

“Well…” Maxie started but paused in thought. She looked to Astrid and knew they were remembering the erotic scene of Lyssa making love to Aryk, strapped to a chair. The sexual intensity in the room had nearly made her go weak in the knees, sure she would collapse right there. But somehow, she managed to grasp the chair in front of her hard enough to keep her steady.

“I don’t think I could have done something as intimate as that in front of an audience.” Astrid said.

Maxie nodded. “Maybe someday…but a year ago…no.” She admitted.

Claudia nodded. “Here in Pathia, men don’t choose their mates. Women choose them. The bonding ceremony is a symbol of her dominance over the male. How he will be beneath her.”

“It is still that way even after all that Max changed here?” Astrid asked. Just as Maxie and her mother, she too was intrigued by her husband’s birthplace.

Claudia nodded. “Males have more rights now, they are more productive to our society, but some things will never change no matter how hard you try. Women wanting to escape oppression and the angry rule of men created Pathia. It will always be ruled by women and ran with women being held in the highest respect. Just as Antar is for the men.”

“Ah, but our wonderful King is changing that as well, aren’t you dear brother.” Maxie smiled sweetly at her brother.

Jorlen turned to Claudia. “When time comes for Ava to step down as Queen to Mantinga, she will hand the crown down to Maxie. Her first born. Just as we will do when the time comes. It will not matter if it is male or female. That is to be the way of our Kingdoms.”

“And as long as our blood line guards over the Granolith, it will join the three Kingdoms together so that peace will be made whole in them.”

Jorlen nodded and smiled at his sister.

Claudia reached over and ran her hands over Maxie’s hard belly. She stopped when she felt the baby kick against her touch. Claudia closed her eyes and smiled.

“Your child is strong. A fighter, like his parents.” She winked at Lucas as she walked away.

Maxie stared wide eyed at Claudia’s retreating form, off to find her own mate. “Did she just…”

Lucas glowed. “Yep. A Son.”

Jorlen pulled Astrid close to him and chuckled.

“Remind me not to let your sister touch me when it’s our turn.” Astrid joined in the laughter and celebration.

“Now with you…she may not even need to touch you.” Jorlen laughed, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

Astrid shook her head, her happy smile never waning from her lips. She tilted her head and kissed her husband.

Max looked around and saw that everyone was occupied elsewhere. Pathia rejoiced in the Royal family’s happiness. But at the moment, the former Queen and her mate had a moment of peace. Max took hold of Liz’s hand and pulled her to her feet. Without asking he began pulling her out the side door, passing several guards who did nothing to stop him. In fact, as they passed, the guards’ eyes followed their retreat and small knowing smiles graced their lips for a brief moment.

Max stopped and pulled Liz down on his lap. Liz looked around and smiled. They were sitting on the bench on their favorite patio. Above, the stars twinkled brightly. It had been awhile since they’d been here. Liz sighed and laid her head on Max’s chest.

Max shifted her weight a little and they settled themselves. His hand absently ran through her long locks. The thought of almost losing her a year before was still fresh in his mind. She was his first thought when he woke after Jorlen healed his wounds. And there she was, waiting for him, tear tracks still visible through all the dust and dirt. She’d refused to leave his side until he woke.

“Now what are we to do, my Queen?” Max asked softly, kissing her hair and inhaling her fragrance.

“What do you mean Wilding?” She resorted back to using her nickname for him since they’d been back to Pathia.

“It seems as if we don’t have much to do these days.”

Liz lifted her head and looked at Max confused.

“Think about it. Jorlen, he’s married and ruling Antar. Claudia, newly bonded, is ruling Pathia wisely like her mother.” He smiled at her and kissed her nose. “Lucas is married, and now Lyssa is bonded. She’ll take over Zoe’s position next year, giving her a year to have a child. Timberlyn has stayed in Antar with Dravan so Serina can finish their education. In another year or so, they will be titled as Diplomats between the two Kingdoms.” He cupped Liz’s face in his hands. “All the kids have grown up. They have lives of their own.”

Liz could see the sorrow in Max’s eyes. Yes, they knew this day would come, but she never dreamed it would be Max taking it so hard. He’d had a special bond with the kids, all of them, and she could see how them growing up made him sad.

Liz brushed her fingertips across his jaw and smiled gently. “We are about to be grandparents. Your daughter will be giving birth within a months time. Soon Astrid, Lyssa, and Claudia will follow. Oh, and let’s not forget Timberlyn in several years. Then you’ll be complaining that we don’t have enough time to spend with them all.”

Max’s expression brightened. “You are right.” He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. “How did I get blessed enough to have someone as smart as you?”

Liz chuckled. “It was written long before we were either born.”

Liz shifted her position so that she straddled Max’s lap. She reached down and pulled at his pants.

“I believe you brought me out here to have your way with me Wilding.”

Max smirked and desire flared in his eyes. “Why, my Queen…would a gentleman ever take such an advantage over one as powerful as yourself?”

Liz’s body responded to the intense desire. She felt him harden beneath her and gasped as he shifted his hips up, pressing his stiffness against her.

“You better.” She replied pulling her gown up and settling herself on his length.

“Liz…” Max breathed out as her heat surrounded him.

He would never tire of the feel of her, the way she smelled, the way she sounded when he was deep inside. He lifted a hand to her chest, lifting a breast from her dress. He bent his head and licked the rosy firm nipple. Liz sighed in pleasure as she began to ride him.

“Max…yes…” She groaned as he switched to the other breast, then let his hands cup her ass and help with her movements.

“Damn…how does Zoe always win these things?” A guard whispered to her companion as they kept watch over their charges.

The other shook her head. “I don’t know. She’s got great instincts when it comes to these two though.”

Under the bright star filled sky, Elizabeth Parker, Former Queen of Pathia and Maxwell Evans, Former King of Antar, made love. Together they climaxed, their cries of passion flooding the garden, drifting up to the sky where one especially bright star twinkled in response.

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