Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 11/14/13

Finished stories set in an alternate universe to that introduced in the show, or which alter events from the show significantly, but which include the Roswell characters. Aliens play a role in these fics. All complete stories on the main AU with Aliens board will eventually be moved here.

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Lizza: I think I'm right on schedule here, enjoy. :)
Natalie: I hope this is what you wanted, let me know...okay. :D
Carolyn: I think Max shows a little maturity on this one.... :wink:
Eve: I think I know what you mean here and if so I believe Tess handles the "Twin" situation just great. :D


Chapter: 40

“AAAhhhh, baby, shhhh, shhhh, shhh. Only until Cal lets me pass the seal to Zan, honest, I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

And Max held her close until the sobs stopped; he tilted her chin up so he could look at her, wiped her tears with the pad of his thumbs and then kissed each eye.

Great work actually for a sixteen year old who knew nothing about making love but knew everything about feeling love and feel it he did. This was for the long term and he knew this deep in his heart and Liz Parker smiled as she melded into his body…


“Yes, really; Zan is going back to Antar with the seal and the Granolith. Cal is going to prepare him for his position and he will take over the duties of king. He wants to be king I don’t. It’s going to work out for all of us.”

Liz Parker was so happy she felt giddy and Liz Parker never felt giddy.

“Tomorrow is a free day for us, want to do something fun?”

“Like what?” She asked,

“I don’t know… how about we just go out to the desert and find a rock, get comfortable and neck.” Max announced with quiet ease…surprising even himself.

Liz laughed out loud…

“Max, I can’t believe you. What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

Max smiled before he answered…

“I don’t know Liz; it just seemed like the right thing to say. I could ask you to a movie, or we could go bowling…we could do something with the gang, but the truth is, I want to be with you, just you, and I think you should know that.” And Max meant every word.

“What if Cal wants us for something?”

“Cal can take the day off…I’m still the king and I order it!” And Max emphasized the statement with a firm nod of his head and a grin on his face and Liz laughed.

“Well, what do you say?” Max wanted an answer…

“I think the desert sounds like a great idea your majesty.” And Liz looked up at Max with a semi grin on her face causing both of them to get all warm and tingly inside.

“Is it safe Max?”

“Yes, it’s safe. I don’t know how I know this but I do. It’s safe Liz, now what time?”

“Want to leave now?”

Max threw his head back in laughter and then looked down into Liz’s eyes…


“Let me change clothes Max, I’ll be back in a minute.” And Max sat back down and waited three minutes actually and then they crawled down the ladder and were gone.


Cal Langley called the Evans’ looking for Max or Isabel and Diane Evans informed the man that both of her children were out. Isabel went somewhere with Alex and Max took the jeep about an hour ago. Cal looked wistful for just a second and then thought about it and figured it could wait. He had business with Zan and Rath anyway and Lonnie would just be window dressing wherever she wound up.

“Fine Mrs. Evans, would you have one of them call me when they get back. It’s not all that important. It’s just that we have some things to finish up and the sooner the better.”

“I’ll let them know Cal, is it about this “seal” Max has?” Diane was curious, now that she was aware of her children’s otherworldly status she was very interested in what was going on.

“Yes it is Diane. I believe it will be easier for Zan when the seal has been passed. He will be more in tune with his duties since the seal is a very big part of it all.”

“I see, I will be sure to let them know. Cal is this going to be some sort of a royal celebration or anything like that. Should we all be there to participate?”

“Diane, I can assure you that there is nothing memorable about the occasion. I will have to place my hands on both of their heads and Max will simply have to release his ownership, so to speak, to Zan. It will only be a matter of seconds. Max will not lose any of his powers nor will Zan gain any more than he already has. It is merely a right to the crown.”

“I see. Well, I think I would like to be there with my son when this takes place just in case he feels some sort of loss or something. I don’t want him to feel alone.”

Cal smiled. This kind of love was never experienced in his life and he was sure he was missing out but there is an old saying…you can’t miss what you’ve never had…

“That will be fine Diane. We will do this when Max is ready.”

“Great Cal, I’ll have one of them call you.”

Cal tried Max’s cell phone once again, he had already called several times and it went to voice mail and it did so again. He tried Liz, just in the off chance she knew where he was and hers went to voice mail as well, then the lights came on. They’re together and he smiled, ‘there’s a good chance that bond is going to be much stronger tomorrow’ the bald old man thought to himself…and he went to the refrigerator and got himself a glass of lemonade.

Michael walked up to the front door of Amy DeLuca’s house and knocked sharply once and Amy was there in a flash.

“Michael, how nice to see you, come in. Maria is in her room, I think she’s taking a nap. She seems to be awfully tired this evening for some reason.” Michael smiled as he entered the house and handed Amy two of her books.

“I brought two of your books back Ms. DeLuca, I still have two though. I must tell you that I really enjoyed these and I’m sure I will the other two as well. It’s okay if Maria is asleep…she wasn’t expecting me or anything I just thought I’d stop over.”

“Come in Michael, have a seat and I’ll make some chocolate. I’ll check on Maria for you, just make yourself at home.” And that quickly Amy was gone and Michael was left alone in the living room with the TV blaring…”what do I do now?” he wondered and just sat back and watched TV.
Tess was in her room talking to Ava when her phone rang next to her bed….


“Tess? It’s Kyle. Hey, do you want to go out to a movie or something?”

Tess thought about it for a minute and then looked at Ava sitting on the other side of the bed propped up reading the biology book like it was a lifeline to heaven and grinned…

“Kyle, do you have a guy friend that might want to go with us…I’d like to ask Ava along.”

“You mean like a double date?”

“Yeah, I don’t want her to feel abandoned.”

Ava looked up from the book she was reading and looked at Tess with a big question mark planted on her face…

“Yeah, let me ask Paulie. I know he’d like to go with us.”

“Great Kyle, what time?”

“We’ll be over in about thirty minutes Tess…don’t get real dressed up it’s just a movie and then maybe a burger or something at the Crash after. Okay?”

“Okay Kyle, this is going to be so much fun. Ava is going to start school with us on Monday and I know she’ll feel better if she knows someone besides us.”

“Cool…see you in a few.” And they hung up.

“Ava, you have to put some jeans on and a tee…we have dates.” And Tess squealed as Ava looked at her sister as though she was some sort of alien…and then she smiled, this was okay.


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Re: Rock My World A/U C/C Mature ch. 41 10/18/13

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Lizza: Here's some answers for you, enjoy... :wink:
Carolyn: Well, as you can see we're winding things up slowly but surely and everything seems to be falling into place. I especially liked Max's suggestion, I don't know how many teen agers would suggest something like that, it's been a long time, but with the stuff I've seen on TV lately I figured why not. :P
Eve: You've figured it out...there's nothing on Antar for Ava and whole lot here on Earth for her to experience with Tess at her side. I'm sure the two of them will be able to figure out a nice road to happiness. :)
Roswellloswtcause: Oh I'm sure Zan's "Liz", aka: Serena, will be waiting for him, he just has to show up. :D


Chapter 41

Nancy Parker went into Liz’s room mid Sunday morning to see what was keeping her so long. Granted she didn’t have to work today and the previous couple of weeks had been harrowing to say the least but it was 11:00 a.m. and Liz should be up. She looked at the made up bed, the dirty clothes hanging halfway out of the hamper and then noticed a note laying haphazardly across the middle of the bed.

“Meet me on the roof, Max”

Nancy read the note and smiled, looked out on the roof and no kids…Then she thought about it a minute, they’ve gone off together. ‘I wonder what time they took off?’ she thought to herself as she opened the lid to Liz’s hamper and threw the dirty clothes in it. Then she noticed the pajamas in the bathroom hanging on the hook with her robe and thought about that…’well she did have her pj’s on’ and not overthinking it she just assumed they left this morning…NEVER ASSUME!

Liz felt a warm breeze blowing over her face, causing her hair to tickle her nose as she opened one eye lazily and sort of took in her surroundings and then she smiled…what a wonderful way to wake up. She slowly moved her head, not wanting to disturb her sleeping companion, and turned herself around just enough to watch Max as he slept. Her back was slightly stiff from the hard desert floor but she wouldn’t have traded this feeling for all the wealth on earth.

Max felt the movement in his semi-dream state and then he remembered where he was and raised himself up on the arm under Liz’s head and smiled lazily at her. This is what he wanted for the rest of his life and he knew it…No crown in the universe would ever come between Him and his one true love. She was all he had ever wanted and he knew it deep in his soul.

“Good morning…how do you feel?” He asked and he was greeted with a huge smile,

“Good morning, I feel great! How about you?” Max was still smiling…

“I feel wonderful…” And then he looked at his watch…”I think we might be in trouble Liz. It’s past 11:00 o’clock.”

“Well, it doesn’t make any difference what time it is now…it’s too late to do anything about it so we’ll just lie.”

Max chuckled and hugged her closer, pulling her in for a warm, gentle kiss.

“We’re getting pretty good at that aren’t we?”

“Not really, we just haven’t had to answer to anyone for a couple of weeks. It’s sort of been taken care of by Cal. Maybe we’ve lied by omission but the story has been told now and it seems that they are all okay with it.”

“Yeah that story, but what about this story. We’ve been out together all night, alone, this is a new experience for us and them.”

“I don’t think they’re really going to be so shocked Max…they’ve all seen it coming. And besides, we really didn’t do anything that bad, yet!”

And Max actually laughed this time…”Yet huh?”

“Yeah, yet. I don’t think a little necking is that bad. As a matter of fact Max, I think it was pretty good actually.”

“Hmmm, you think so?”

“Yeah…I do.” And Liz leaned up and slowly kissed Max’s lips because she could.

“Hmmm, when do you want to leave?”

“After I’ve found a tall bush.”

And Max laughed …”Go find your bush Liz and I’ll fold the blanket and then find a bush of my own. I’m getting hungry, is the Crashdown okay with you.”

“Why not...” And with that she got up on her knees, leaned over and kissed Max quickly before rising totally, grabbed her back pack, and headed away from their protective little rock for some privacy around the next bush. Max grinned as he shook out his blanket and then folded it up, securing it in the rear compartment of the jeep and then went looking for his own bush.

Soon the two delinquents were back on the road and headed to the Crashdown for some breakfast.

Back in Roswell Ava and Tess were making their way to the kitchen for some breakfast when they ran into Eileen who was busy making pancakes and eggs with sausages browning on the back burner.

“Good morning girls. I thought I’d fix breakfast before getting my things ready to head back to California. I miss my boys something terrible but I think you should know I’ve had a very nice week-end meeting all of you. I hope everything turns out okay for all of you.”

“Oh you have sons?” Ava asked. She was very surprised that the woman would consider uprooting her family for Tess and now her. Maybe she would have to leave in order to make it all right for Tess…and then she started to chew on her cheek just as Tess would do.

Tess picked up on her sister’s anxiety immediately and hugged her.

“Ava, this is your home if you want it. Whatever is mine is yours, you should know that. We are sisters and nothing will change that regardless of what planet you’re on.” Tess wanted her to stay so badly, she had never had anyone close and she loved having Ava with her.

Eileen smiled and waited for the girls to overcome this current dilemma before speaking.

“Yes girls, I have two sons. They are 8 and 10 and even though it’s only been a couple of days I miss them fiercely. How do you two feel about having two younger brothers?”

Eileen was testing the waters so to speak, she was certain she would like Roswell but Roswell had to like the whole package or she would stay in California.

This was the first chance she really had to talk to Tess and now Ava. She didn’t mind having two 16 year old girls any more than one. They both seemed very grown up for their ages and she knew that life would be very different here but in a good way. They were good kids and seemed like a lot of fun. Each had been through their own private hell of sorts and she only hoped she could make the remainder of their lives a lot better.

“I think two brothers would fit quite nicely into the scheme of things. Ava is losing her family so to speak and the more the merrier. It will be fun. Are you going to come back and stay with us Eileen? I think you will like it and we certainly will like having you.”

Eileen smiled…

“Yes Tess, I believe it is going to be fun also. You must know that boys are rowdy!”

And Ava laughed…

“I grew up with Rath!” And they all laughed, yeah, that would be an experience. Then Tess added…

“I’ve never had a chance to make friends so this is all new to me and I love it. I think it will be fun. We can learn to play baseball and stuff so the boys will feel more at home while they’re making friends of their own.”

Eileen smiled, they seem so open to everything, let’s just hope my two hellions are as open to this as they are…John will see to that she thought, and she continued with her pancakes and scrambled eggs.

“Did you two enjoy the movie last night?”

“Yes…” came two enthusiastic replies, “I really like Kyle a lot, he’s a hoot and Paulie seemed a whole lot more mature last night than he acts in school. Maybe he didn’t feel like he had to impress anyone or... maybe he was trying to impress someone. Who knows, but we had fun, or did you Ava?”

Ava smiled,

“Yes, it’s the first date I’ve ever had, I’ve always been with Zan and it was nice to be able to be myself and not be criticized by Lonnie every time I turned around. Yes, it was nice.”

Eileen and Tess looked at each other and smiled, the poor girl really needed to build some self-confidence and then Tess hugged Ava again as she passed her the juice from the refrigerator.

“When do you think you’ll be back Eileen; I mean for good? Should we move some of this furniture out for you so you can bring your own stuff or would you like to buy some new stuff? What can we do to help?”

John walked into the kitchen about that time and realized by the sound of the conversation that Eileen had told the girls of their decision. They hadn’t talked about moving and what to do with all of the furniture and things they had accumulated over the years and it seemed that Tess wasn’t attached to things the way most people were. She had been prepared to leave it all and then it all made sense.

The girl had never had anything permanent in her life before and this was going to be an entirely new experience for her. He only hoped it was good for all of them…the boys could be a problem but he didn’t think it would be too bad. There are plenty of things for them to do, granted it isn’t California but its good, maybe better if you really think about it.

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Re: Rock My World A/U C/C Mature ch. 21 10/25/13

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Nataqlie 36"
There just about to find some peace and quiet for a little while anyway. Every adult knows what that lull is before the storm! (kidding of course) :lol:
eve]Thank you 2 times...I hope the carpenters are now finsihed for a while anyway, now it's the back yard. There's jujst no end to this I tell you.
Czrolyn: I settled this (all nighter) with a whold lot of really good assumptions...after having handeled a similiar situation in RL I made this one quire civilied. :D :roll: :wink: :)
LizzaI hope you like this update, our kids are moving right along here. :D
Roswelllostcause: In this case things work out pretty good, read on and see.... :wink:


Chapter: 42

Cal came into the kitchen after spending the biggest part of the morning in the secret room behind the media equipment and smiled at the activity taking place in the kitchen.

“Are you about ready to take off Eileen? We’re going to miss you.” And he smiled genuinely at John’s wife, she was an angel.

“Just about Cal. I figured, with the private traveling accommodations it wouldn’t matter if I was a little late.”
Cal smiled broadly before chastising the sweet woman…

“Eileen, it may be a private jet but the trip is registered with the tower and should leave on schedule. Air traffic control doesn’t want you out there crowding the skies in a surprise visit. They try to keep track of everything landing and taking off in order to keep everyone safe.” Cal smiled as Eileen nodded…

“I guess you learn something new every day.” And the woman didn’t seem to be bothered one way or the other…she just kept on fixing breakfast. She was ready but Cal could sweat, it would do him good and John smiled knowingly. His wife didn’t rile very easily, it’s what made her who she was.

“Call Zan and see if the rest are hungry.” Eileen asked no one in particular.

“They’ve already eaten Eileen. We’re going to have a meeting with Max and Zan as soon as we can locate Max and get things started. We need to have Isabel give Lonnie some lessons in grace and graciousness also…I think her education is lacking in some areas and we don’t want them thrown out before they ever reach the throne room.

Rath needs a little cleaning up as well but we’ll take care of that. I don’t think Michael should be the teacher though…he’s a little rough around the edges as well.” And they all laughed, even Ava, who was a very quick study since she’d never really had a chance to assert herself and Cal was very pleased with her. The young girl had a very caring heart and that was just what Tess needed around her.

They were going to be fine.

Michael woke up wrapped under a quilt on Amy DeLuca’s living room couch to the smell of bacon frying and wondered what the hell happened…Maria made her way into the kitchen and gave her mother a hug and wanted to know what the occasion was.

“Go see if Michael is awake Maria. He stopped by last night and you were sleeping and when I went back to the living room to tell him he was sleeping also. I figured you kids had to be worn out so I just covered him up and went to bed.”

“Michael stayed here last night?” Maria was shocked.

“Yes, he’s a nice boy Maria, I like him.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that mom because I do too as a matter of fact.”

“Yes, I figured as much. Now go get him up and we’ll have breakfast.” Amy was perfectly happy with the situation and Maria felt as though she had just awakened from a dream and this was just a part of it and then she answered her mom …

“Okay…” She left the kitchen in semi shock; her mom didn’t have a good word to say about any male that Maria knew of. She was still in her pj’s and it didn’t seem to bother anybody including her.

She found Michael sitting up looking confused and she smiled.

“Good morning Michael, are you hungry, mom fixed breakfast for you.”

Michael looked at Maria and nodded his acknowledgment and then said,

“Maria, I’m sure she didn’t make breakfast for just me.” Maria grabbed the quilt that Michael was hugging and pointed down the hallway…

“The bathroom is down there Michael, go wash up, and yes, she made breakfast for you because mom doesn’t make breakfast. Mom serves cereal.” And Maria started folding the quilt as Michael made his way to the bathroom.

‘What the hell have I gotten myself into?’ the young man wondered to himself and then he grinned…this felt good, life was good all of a sudden and it was a whole new experience for Michael Guerin…yes he was definitely staying on earth.

Max and Liz made their way into the Crashdown and found Isabel and Alex seated in the back booth enjoying a quiet conversation over a platter of waffles and bacon they seemed to be sharing and Max grabbed Liz’s hand, leaned over and whispered…

“Should we pretend we don’t see them?” Liz smiled…

“I think they know we’re here Max, look at Alex’s smile. That’s his ‘Hi Liz’ smile.”

“Oh, so you have your own Alex smile?”

“Absolutely, now come on.” And Liz pulled Max toward the back booth just as her dad came into the dining room.

“Hi Liz. What time did you two leave anyway? Your mom found Max’s note otherwise we wouldn’t have known if you had been kidnapped or what?”

“It was early dad and you were still sleeping.” Liz said as Isabel choked on her drink.

Max gave his sister a dirty look and Liz ignored both of them while Alex chuckled to himself.

“Well, next time leave us a note so we won’t worry. Are you hungry?”

“Starved!” And Max nodded in agreement.

“What would you like Max?”

“Whatever Liz is having.” And Max smiled at Jeff who shook his head no,

“No?” Max questioned.

“She’s having oatmeal are you sure that’s what you want?” Max grimaced, actually grimaced…

“I’ll have eggs over easy, sausage, hash browns, toast and coffee.” Jeff smiled and said, “Now that’s food”; and he made his way back to the kitchen.

Max and Liz moved into the booth with Isabel and Alex and then Isabel spoke up.

“Cal is looking for you and before you go over there mom wants to go along. Cal’s going to transfer the seal and mom wants to be there in case you go into withdrawal or something.” Max damned near choked and Liz giggled…

“As I understood Cal, it’s a matter of placing his hands on both their heads and then Max wills it to happen.
According to Cal there’s nothing to it because Max and Zan are the same actually. It wouldn’t work
otherwise, unless Max died and we’re not going to let that happen.” Liz was determined about that last part and they all smiled at her knowingly.

“We know that Liz and even Mom knows that but she’ll just feel better about it. Now where were you two all night anyway?” Isabel wanted to know.

“Shhhh, we were out in the desert, we just fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 11:00 o’clock or there about. Thank God Nancy found my note and doesn’t know when I wrote it.” Max whispered to his sister.

“Well mom knows when you wrote it so you’d better clue her in or be prepared to pay the piper Casanova.”

Max frowned at his sister’s statement and Liz giggled and poked Max in the ribs. Isabel could tell by looking at the two of them that nothing too serious took place but she wouldn’t be taking on any bets about the future for these two if Jeff Parker found out when they left…they looked pretty serious to her.

Max took out his cell and called Cal, set up an appointment for 3:00 and then called his mom. He told her where he was and that he’d be home as soon as he ate his lunch that he was with Isabel, Alex and Liz at the Crashdown.

“Where were you last night Max?” Diane asked.

“We’ll talk when I get home mom. Be ready to go to the Harding’s when I get there; we’re meeting Cal at 3:00.”

“I’ll be ready Max and I’ll drive.” Max laughed as Jeff set his breakfast in front of him and produced a bottle of Tobasco sauce from his apron pocket and then Jeff laughed too when he heard part of Max’s conversation…

“What’s the matter mom, the jeep not good enough for you?” And the entire group laughed.

“Don’t be late Max.”

“I won’t mom. It’s no big deal.”

“Yes it is Max, you’re just too young to realize just how big.”

“We’ll talk later mom my foods getting cold.”

“All right Max, enjoy.”

And they ended the call.

Max began to eat his breakfast when Isabel asked,

“Are you doing the transfer today Max?"


“Can we come?”

“Yeah, if you want to; what’s with everyone anyway? I’m giving something away that I didn’t even know I had and I really don’t want it so get over it already.” And Max continued to eat his breakfast.

“Max, it may not seem like a big deal to you but have you really thought about what you’re doing?” Isabel asked and Max nodded…

“Yeah, I’m passing on a big fat burden to someone who wants it. Forget it and eat.” Max was getting a little bent out of shape about the entire subject. “Zan thought he was king, he wants to be king and now he’s going to be king.” It’s the way it should have been all along and he was going to right the problem in about two hours.

After the kids finished their meal Liz told her dad where they were going and then Jeff got a strange look on his face…

“Liz, can we go too?”

“Sure dad, if you want too. Max doesn’t think it’s such a big deal.”

“Well maybe Max is too young to realize that this is a big deal. Suppose the Queen of England passed away and there was going to be a coronation…it is a big deal.”

Liz thought about that for a minute and then smiled at her dad. “Get mom dad, we’ll all go and celebrate Zan’s coronation here on earth…I’m sure they’ll have a huge celebration on Antar for him but we’ll show our support for him here as well.” And Jeff smiled.

Maybe they would all be invited to his coronation, it would be a great opportunity for a peace conference between planets, and then he thought about that for a minute. No, not a good idea, the general population wasn’t ready for that yet and he made his way upstairs to get Nancy. They were about to witness history being made and these kids had no idea just how important all of this was.

Liz called Maria since they couldn’t find Michael and wasn’t too surprised to find out he was there with the DeLuca’s…

“Maria, they are going to transfer the seal this afternoon at Tess’s and we’re all going. I know Cal told us this was not going to be a big deal but as my dad sees it like a coronation so we are all going to show our support for Zan. Dad said its history in the making whether we think so or not. Do you want to meet us there at 3:00?”

“Of course we do Liz…I think I’ll ask mom to come to. I think she should know just who spaceboy is. I believe it’s important that she knows.”

“I think so too Maria. I’ll call sheriff Valenti and he and Kyle can go as well. We’ll make this a nice celebration for Zan.”

“I agree. I think those four had it worse than Michael if that’s possible.”

“I know what you mean Maria, See you over there.” And the two friends ended their call.
Max drove into the driveway of his home right at 2:30 and Philip and Diane Evans were both waiting at the door for him with smiles on their faces.

“Mom, Dad, what’s up?”

“We’re going with you Max, do you think you should change your clothes or something?” Diane wanted to know.

“What? Why? NO! Let’s go, And mom, Jeff Parker thinks Liz and I left early this morning for a drive and it would be nice if he keeps on thinking that…I think.” And Diane gave her son a look only a mother can lay on a son…
“Why? Where were you?”

“We took a ride out in the desert and fell asleep and that’s the truth. Nothing else happened but it’s just easier if he thinks we went this morning. We didn’t tell him that, he just assumed it, and we didn’t elaborate one way or the other.”

“I don’t like lying Max.”

“Mom, don’t mention it and you won’t have to lie, now let’s go.” Philip took his wife’s elbow and led her to the nice air-conditioned SUV all shiny and gassed up in the driveway and smiled as he passed his son and said…”you’d better be careful Max, this could come back to bite you in the ass.”

Max nodded and crawled into the back seat as his dad closed his mother’s door and walked around to the driver’s side of the car. Max wondered why everyone decided they needed to watch this…it was no big deal.


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Re: Rock My World A/U C/C Mature ch. 43 10/31/13

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Natalie 36: :) Thnks
Carolyn: Thank for the cereal, welcome to my world. I used to hide the oreo's in an empty coffee can behind the full coffee can in the pantry so I would have cookies for lunch. My neighbor, and this is the honest to God's truth, had 5 kids and she hid the cookies under the dirty clothes in the washing machine. We were very creative... :wink: I personally bypassed the laundry scenario.
Eve:Thank you ...yes, Zan will be much more appreciative of the job than Max would ever be...that's not saying Max wouldn't make a good king, but let's face it...anyone with half an ounce of sense wouldn't want that job. It makes me shiver just to think of it. BRRRRRRR!!! :shock:
Roswelllostcause: Let's hope Max and Liz get away with it this time and I think there should be some kind of a celebration for Zan as well. He hasn't had a whole lot of recognition in his life and it will be nice to leave this world with some happiness to remember. I agree with you wholeheartedly. :)

Chapter: 43

When they arrived at the Harding’s home the driveways of all three homes were over run with vehicles of every make and model and Max shook his head in wonderment. ‘what the hell!’ he thought to himself.

‘Apparently other people thought this was important too,’ Diane thought. Each of the visitors had mixed emotions about the young king passing the crown.

And then young King Zan was suddenly frightened. This was going to be a whole new world full of new experiences and obligations and now he was getting a feeling of apprehension about it all.

The reality of it finally setting in and he was suddenly afraid, for the first time in his young life he was afraid of what he thought he always wanted and Cal Langley was glad the boy felt this way.

Cal knew it was a sign that Zan was taking this responsibility seriously and when he saw all the people who had shown up for the simple procedure he decided that he would prolong the process and make it special.

These young people should know the importance of it all and so he went through Nasedo’s private room and found the Antarian coronation ceremonial prayers that would be used on Antar for Zan’s formal coronation and chose parts to repeat here on earth.

He called the other two houses and requested the soldiers all be present along with their guests and then he called Senor Chou’s and requested the banquet room for about 50 that evening at 6:00. Eileen could leave in the morning with the rest of the troops and Cal smiled. The adults were all taking this transference very seriously, and it was serious, and he was happy for all of them.

He was happy for the safety of those choosing to stay, he was happy for the truths that had been revealed to the people of this world who counted and he was happy for all of his charges. The answers to their problems all seemed so simple now and he was happy. The only word he could use to describe his feelings about all of it, "happy".

Happiness…yes he was happy. He did not bother to let Max know that he would always be the true king of Antar; that was not important. The important thing was that everyone was happy. Life was good and as soon as John and Eileen returned he would go home and pick up what was left of his life.

Cal led all of the people to the back yard and asked John, Chuck and Jim to bring chairs from all three of the homes; enough for everyone to sit in and join in the celebration. Jim Valenti took Amy DeLuca by the arm and led her to the living room of the large home and explained to her what was taking place.

Believe it or not, Amy was fine with it all. She truly liked Michael Guerin and there was no really concrete reason the woman could come up with to be frightened or shocked; she really liked the young man and Jim smiled. This was good because he felt that Michael was going to be a big part of her life in the near future.

Soon the yard was filled with chairs and all the guests and Cal's men were seated in a semi-circle awaiting what should have been a 60 second procedure and they waited with patience and anticipation.

Cal Langley spoke before all of them, explaining to them what was about to take place. That the planet of Antar had cloned the young royal family and sent them on a mission to Earth to insure their safety but their ship malfunctioned upon entry into the Earths’ atmosphere and crashed into the New Mexico desert. The rest of that story is history well forgotten.

The Antarian scientists cloned two sets of the young royals….and the story went on right up to and including the procedure that they were about to witness.

Cal beckoned Max forward and placed his hand just behind Max’s skull and the sign of the whirlwind galaxy suddenly appeared in the form of a dark cloud, as if the planets themselves were floating in a large black sky. Then Cal motioned Zan forward and Zan took his place next to Max.

“For this ceremony I will address Maxwell Evans as Zan, heir to the Antarian throne.”

And Cal said several words in Antarian, and surprisingly all eight of the hybrids understood due to Cal’s ability to mind warp, which he rarely used then Cal continued with his ceremony and then he addressed Max…

“Zan, King of Antar, is it your solemn wish to transfer the power of this crown to your twin hybrid therefore allowing him the full power of your crown.”

Max smiled at Zan and took his brother’s hand in his as he said one very simple word…


And the people in the audience gasped as they watched the sign of the whirlwind galaxy leave the space before them and enter into Zan’s brain just as it had left Max’s.

Cal shook both of the young men’s hands and smiled as he announced.

“It is done, let all here meet the King of Antar…Zan of New York.” And Max hugged his brother and told him good luck. Young King Zan could only smile and nod and then he whispered to his brother…”thanks, I think.” And they both chuckled in the knowledge that this was no simple duty Zan had taken on.

“You will come and see us off won’t you?”

Max smiled…”we wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

And Zan suddenly understood that the people sitting here watching all of this knew the importance of what they had just witnessed and he was suddenly in awe of these new friends.

He would do exactly what Cal had told him to do and he would find Kivar’s secret method of travel and he would visit these people as often as he could. Perhaps they would like to visit him as well. He would like all of them to be at his Antarian coronation.

He would talk this over with Cal. Maybe Cal would be able to conduct the ceremony. Yes, he would like that. And Zan suddenly felt very humble, which is what all great leaders should feel.

Liz approached Zan and gave him a hug as she whispered in his ear. “Zan, you will find your Serena, I know it and good luck to you.”

Zan smiled down at this sweet girl and said thank you. He knew she was sincere and he only hoped she was right because she was the one he had been waiting for most of his young life. Then he realized why Max would not leave Earth. Love had to be the most wonderful feeling a person could have.

Liz stepped aside and everyone took their turn shaking the young man’s hand and offering congratulations as Liz made her way over to Max and smiled at him…

“How do you feel? Are you doing okay?”

Max looked down at the little brunette standing there and he couldn’t have been happier.

“Liz I’m fine. I don’t know what all that was but I don’t feel a bit different.” Liz just nodded and waited for everyone to finish up with the handshakes and hugs and then she grabbed Ava…

“Hey, I hear you had a date last night.” And Ava smiled and giggled…

“Yes, it was wonderful, the first time I ever felt so at ease being in public…like it was alright to be there.” Ava was bubbling with excitement.

“That’s because you did belong there Ava. Don’t ever lose that feeling; it’s the way things are supposed to be.” And Max pulled Liz in close to him and kissed her cheek because it was the closest part of her he could reach right now.

Then Cal made his announcement…

“All of you are invited to Senor Chou’s for dinner…off the menu tonight, no buffet. You are all welcome; now we must leave or we’ll be late and it’s going to take some time so be prepared to spend a lot of time. Zan congratulations. When you are ready we will discuss your departure and everyone will be invited to watch the takeoff…it should raise some eyebrows at NASA but we’ll deal with it when the time comes. Let’s all go eat.”

Ava approached Zan and gave him a big hug…

“Zan I’m so happy things have worked out for you. I know you’ll be very good up there.” And Ava raised her eyes…Max watched and smiled at his ‘brother’. He couldn’t be happier…they both got what they wanted and he hugged Liz again.

“I hope you’re right Ava, I really hope you’re right.” And he looked at Max with a distant smile.

“I know I’m right Zan. She’s up there waiting for you. I just know it and I am so happy we came looking for them. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” And Zan’s heart broke just a little knowing that he could never be what the young girl needed. She’s right he thought, ‘it’s the best thing that ever happened to any of us.’

That Monday morning eight teenagers plus one entered Roswell High with a new spring in their steps and Tess took her twin to the admissions office with the manufactured transfer papers Cal had worked up for them and registered the lavender haired young lady who had proven to be a very quick study.

Apparently the New York four had spent many hours in the library, a very warm place with a wealth of knowledge for cold winter days, and Ava tested out at college level status but wanted to experience high school with everyone else.

Cal felt it was going to be a snap for the girl and she was going to be a shoe-in for any college she wanted to attend and Cal was very proud of the forgotten four.

Cal continued with his instructions in the rec room of the Harding home and within a month young Zan was ready to make his exit from Earth.

When Tess and Ava exited the admissions office Miss Topolsky rounded the corner on her way to her office and had to stop and do a double take.

“Tess, I had no idea you had a sister?”

“Yes, we were separated when our parents were killed and then when Uncle Ed passed away Uncle Cal thought we needed each other and he brought her here from New York. But…Miss Topolsky, you don’t have to concern yourself with any of that.”

And Tess led Ava to her first class as Jim Valenti and a couple of suited up men made their way down the halls of West Roswell High to the new guidance counselor’s office. Her services would no longer be required and truthfully she wouldn’t mind at all.


When Kathleen Topolsky arrived in Washington she met with the director along with the other members of the special unit and they were all informed at the same time of the status of agent Pierce.

“It’s very unfortunate that the man was so obsessed with finding aliens living among us that he lost his power of reasoning beyond that obsession. He is in a facility where we only hope that he can be helped. You will all be reassigned to other units and your talents will be put to good use. Are there any questions?”

Kathleen raised her hand and the director acknowledged her with a smile, she was truly beautiful…

“Yes Miss Topolksy?”

“Are we permitted to visit Agent Pierce?”

“If that is what you would like to do stop by my office and I will have my secretary set up and appointment for you.”

“Thank you.” Was her only reply and her fellow agents wondered “why?” Kathleen had her own reasons though. Perhaps if Agent Pierce realized that one of the people he had her checking out was indeed an orphan with a twin sister he might realize his mistake, so she kept the appointment.

She was led into a room with a few other patients who were sitting around doing various activities when she spotted Dan Pierce and made her way over to him. He seemed to be in another world and her heart ached. He was really very handsome when you got past the intensive look in his eyes.

“Agent Pierce, it’s Miss Topolsky. How are you?”

“Kathleen what a nice surprise, are you the only one here?”

“Yes sir, I’m afraid the others are very busy.” She didn’t know what else to say to the man.

Then Dan Pierce grabbed her arm and whispered conspiratorially…

“Kathleen, you must continue the hunt, they’re out there. I know they are. That Max Evans and his bunch of aliens need to be stopped. Our world depends on it.”

Kathleen suddenly knew what the director had hinted at, the man, in plain English, was nuts!

“Agent Pierce, I know for a fact that Tess Harding is an orphan with an identical twin. They have just been reunited and are living in Roswell and attending high school. I verified the story and it’s true. They are not aliens.”

“Yes they are, there aren’t any birth certificates on the Evanses or that spiked haired friend of theirs either. They were planted here and they are planning to invade the earth.”

Kathleen suddenly felt very sorry for the man. There wasn’t any use informing him of the evidence found where there had been a cult living out near Frazier Woods about the time the children were found. She had done her homework well and she was not convinced that any alien activity was taking place.

“Do you understand Miss Topolsky?” And Dan Pierce suddenly got very agitated; two orderlies had to subdue him while a third gave him an injection to calm him down.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to leave now Miss, he won’t be in any condition to continue on with your visit today.” One of the men told her.

“I can see that. Thank you.” And Kathleen Topolsky made her way out of the room as they all but dragged Dan Pierce the other direction. She made up her mind to never try to help him again, he was beyond help and she left the facility feeling better about the entire episode. Now she knew for sure.


Isabel had done wonders with Lonnie, who was looking forward to being a princess, and she smiled. She’d take Alex any day over that crap and then she laughed. If they had been just a little more mature they would have shared their “special” status ages ago with their parents but this had worked out well.

Rath was still a work in progress and Cal just shook his head. He wasn’t sure Antar, or anyplace else for that matter, was ready for him but the kid wasn’t stupid. He just lacked some abilities for compassion and empathy, he was the only one that mattered to him and that could be a problem with the duties he would be expected to perform. Maybe Zan would be able to handle him, if not the Royal house would take care of any problems the young man may cause and then Cal laughed.

Rath was definitely going to be a challenge for the Dowager Queen; a huge challenge and he laughed harder. It couldn’t happen to a nicer being. Lonnie would probably raise a few hackles as well. Zan was pretty serious about all of this and was as ready as he’d ever be so Cal sent the message he had prepared for the Council.

“The young royals should arrive with the Granolith intact within the next two weeks. Be prepared for their arrival and make the announcement to all inhabitants…their king is on his way home.

Should one hair on his head be harmed in any way there will be retaliation.” And he signed it Caleon and sent it knowing full well that it would be well received.

Zan walked into the garage and nodded as he watched the bald alien work the communicator with his home planet.

Cal looked up and smiled.

“They are expecting you Zan.”

“Cal, are you sure about this?”

“Zan, now is not the time to have second thoughts. You are the King and they will be waiting now let’s tell the others and get ready for your departure.”

And so it went. Cal told all of the teenagers that evening that Zan and his entourage would be leaving on the Granolith Saturday morning. They would have to start the timer on Friday morning and then it would take 24 hours to prepare itself for takeoff. Anybody wanting to bid the three young people goodbye could go to the cave or they could have a party on Friday evening. It was their choice.

Max spoke up…

“I think we should do both. I want to be at the cave but I want everyone to have a chance to say good bye too.”

And so it was decided that they would have a party Friday night and all the teens would go out to the cave at 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning, all twelve of them. They would bid the three hybrids good bye. Ava was practically in tears but not sad tears, happy tears. This was what Zan had been waiting for his entire life and Max was being wonderful about it all. But like Max said, until recently he had no idea he was part of it.


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Re: Rock My World A/U C/C Mature ch. 44 11/07/13

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Eve: Hope you enjoy this part... :)
Carolyn: If you're hiding those cookies from yourself it won't work! :wink:
Roswelllostcause: I am so happy you like this. :)


Chapter: 44
Zan, Lonnie and Rath arrived exactly two weeks to the hour of takeoff intact. They had been put into a state of Stasis and were now being revived by the chief scientist and the Royal scientist of Antar…the Queen stood aside waiting for the opportunity to welcome her children and their friend. Serena’s duplicate was standing behind her, not knowing what to expect but only hoping for recognition by the man she loved.

The chief scientist took his tests and verified that Zan did in fact bear the seal of the king and then the Royal Scientist came forward and verified the Granolith was indeed the true artifact that had been sent to Earth so many years before.

The three hybrids stood and endured these tests for what seemed like forever and then Zan spotted Serena and his heart swelled as he smiled at the young woman. How could she look so young after so many years and then his mother approached him with open arms.

“My son.” And she smiled through tears. They looked the same as Earth people Zan thought and his mother read his thoughts…

“We have taken on these forms to make you more comfortable my son, but we really are not that different. We do have other beings that are slightly different than you are familiar with but you will learn about this.”

“Are you reading my mind?” Zan asked.

“Yes…and do not be afraid. Not all of us can do this. The Royal Priest is capable of this also but I can stop it.”

“Then stop it right now.” And the queen could feel Zan’s anxiety and immediately shut down the Royal Priests abilities to read her son’s mind.

“Is there a reason for this Zan?”

“Yes a very good reason and I’m sure you will know it if you continue to read my mind. I am the duplicate. The King passed the seal, he did not want it.”

The queen smiled…”You are perfectly safe Zan, so be it.” And Zan smiled and then made way for Lonnie and Rath and as soon as he found Serena he smiled. The connection was instantaneous.

After leaving the building that housed the Granolith the Queen and her entourage made their way back to the Antarian palace and entered a huge, and I do mean huge, reception area where lines of uniformed military waited in formation. Zan smiled as they passed these men while following his mother, who insisted he walk beside her not behind, and they entered another very large room where a group of men stood behind a very long table and waited.

“King Zan, may I present your council of advisors. They will keep you informed of all that is happening on Antar, they will advise you of actions that should be taken and if there are any others you would like to join this panel please let us know and we will be happy to comply.”

“I do have a list of names provided me by Caleon of Antar and perhaps, after I have spent some time here and am more familiar with all of this we can discuss this.”

“Zan, you don’t need to discuss anything with anyone. You are the king.”

The queen was quite determined about this. And suddenly Zan felt what he needed to say deep from within…

“Mother, you will sit at my right hand and be my chief advisor until such time as I am confident to make these decisions alone. This is nothing we need to discuss; this is the way it will be. I would have liked Caleon to have joined me here but he would not leave earth. He is happy there as is Ava and the other four.”

“Zan, you will never mention the other four in the presence of company, they do not need to know about them, is that understood?” Zan got a strange look on his face…they did not know of the other set and he nodded. He was hoping Max could attend his coronation and now he was happy they had a ceremony on earth celebrating the transfer because he knew his brother would never visit him here. Maybe that was for the best, but he definitely would visit his brother. Maybe his mother would go with him. Yes, that is what he would do. And he smiled at the queen as she introduced him and his fellow travelers to the beings at the large table.

Back on earth the nine teenagers were managing to get their lives back to a semi normal state as Michael, Maria and Liz all clocked in for work. Max and Kyle, who was now working at Toby’s garage, were in the back booth waiting patiently for their favorite waitresses and Tess and Ava were donning their new uniforms to become Jeff’s latest additions to the wait staff.

Liz walked out into the dining room and grabbed the coffee pot as she headed to the tables to give out refills when she spotted her boyfriend and his new friend Kyle and she made her way over and leaned in for her morning sugar as she called it. Max grinned and was more than happy to oblige…

“Have you had any word from Zan?” Liz asked.

“We checked the message center this morning before we left the ‘big house’." A new name for the Harding home and they all chuckled…”Zan said the coronation would be in a couple of weeks, the experience is very intense. The queen seems very happy about all of it and knows the truth about the transfer. Apparently this Royal Priest and the queen are mind readers so Zan told her to take that power away from the man and when she did he told her the truth. She smiled at him and told him it was okay…then there’s Serena. Yes, there is a Serena and Zan couldn’t be happier. Apparently Serena is pretty happy about it too.

“He wanted us to be able to attend the coronation but the queen advised him against it. Apparently they don’t know about two sets of us and that’s fine with me. I would go if he really wanted me to but I’m perfectly content to stay planted right here.” Liz smiled.
“Your breakfast will be right out, I have to get busy. Oh Kyle, wait until you see Tess in her uniform…WOW!” And Liz walked on with her coffee pot with her two little pony tails sitting so cute on either side of her head. Kyle couldn’t wait and Max chuckled out loud, God he loved that girl.

“Down boy, she’s not going anywhere. Just keep in mind Ava’s in there with her.”

“You know Max, I hope Ava never loses that purple hair…I don’t think I’d be able to tell them apart.”

“Sure you can Kyle, Liz could always tell me and Zan apart even after he lost the grunge look. She said she’d always know which one was me and so will you, I just feel it.” And Max smiled and then Tess and Ava came through the door to the dining room and Kyle smiled, Max was right, as always.

Life continued in its normal fashion down on earth while Zan studied and searched every nook and cranny in Kivar’s quarters. He shared breakfast with his mother and sister every morning and when Rath had a free minute he joined them as well. The General’s of the Antarian forces kept him very busy with his aerial and ground studies and Rath took to it like a duck to water and Zan couldn’t have been happier.

On the first occasion Zan had his mother to himself he explained to her just what he was looking for and she smiled.

“Zan, I know how to use the worm hole, it was part of my spies duties to keep abreast of Kivar’s discoveries. Is there something I should know?”

Zan smiled, he truly did love this woman and he felt very comfortable sharing what he wanted to do.

“Mother, I want to take Serena to Earth and introduce her to the others and their friends. I spent all of my years on earth and although I did not have the life the others had, but when I met them and got to know them I felt very close to them. Lonnie and Rath did not share this closeness but I felt it and I would like to stay in touch.”

“I understand Zan. Your coronation is in one week and then your marriage to Serena the week after that. You will be free from your duties for a month following your marriage and should you like to spend this time on earth I will make certain it happens. No one needs to know but us. Have you been in contact with your earth friends?”

“Yes, I have moved the satellite system from Kivar’s quarters to mine and I keep in regular contact. They are all doing well; Ava is working if you can believe it and attending school with Tess. They will have a break from their regular classes soon and maybe we could all go somewhere and enjoy each others company and have some fun. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea Zan. Will Valondra and Rath be going along?”

“No. I have not discussed this with them and I do not want them with me on this trip. They were not that happy with the situation down there to begin with so let’s just leave them to their stations in life and I will enjoy my earth friends without worrying about them.”

“Fair enough Zan. Keep me informed and I will get the travel arrangements made for you.”

“Thank you mother; I will inform Cal and Max this evening.” And Zan and the queen both smiled as they finished their meal.

That evening Zan sent a message to Cal Langley and then to the ‘big house’ and he smiled as he held Serena’s hand. “You are going to like them Serena.”

“Are you sure Zan, they don’t know me at all.”

“Yes, they do know you…you will be amazed at how well they do know you.” And he looked into the big brown eyes staring up at him and smiled. It was uncanny and then he suddenly had another question for his mother…this was too coincidental.

Tess and Ava both read the message at the same time and smiled in happiness…they really did want to see Zan and meet his bride. In two weeks school would be out and maybe they could all plan on going somewhere together. They only hoped John and Eileen would be okay with it. Tess didn’t know that a guardian could be so “guarding”. Nasedo was bad but Eileen was an absolute lovable tyrant and Ava was totally flabbergasted with this mother thing…Gawd, lighten up already.

Soon Eileen poked her nose out into the garage and informed the girls that dinner was ready so they closed up the door to the air tight room and made their way into the house.

“Cal called. He said he received a message from Zan and he is bringing his bride to Roswell for all of you to meet. Cal suggested that Chuck pack up the bus and take all of you to California for an extended stay. He guaranteed you would all be well chaperoned and I agreed that this would be nice for all of you. Now, all you have to do is convince the Parkers, Whitmans, Evanses, Amy and Jim. After that you will need to make arrangements for Jeff to have a new wait staff since he’ll be losing four of his girls for a month and it will be a busy month because school will be out. What do you say?”

Tess and Ava both squealed in delight and then the phone started ringing…Eileen grinned and answered…

“We are just sitting down to dinner Liz, you know the drill.”

Liz giggled, “Yes Eileen, tell them. 45 minutes?” She asked…

“Forty five minutes is great Liz and then it’s their night for dishes. So if you’re coming over be prepared to help.

“We’ll help Eileen…have you heard the news?”

“Yes but we’ll discuss it when you get here. Good bye Liz.”

Liz giggled again….”Good bye Eileen.” And she hung up as her dad poked his nose into her room…

“What’s going on Liz?”

“Oh dad, we’re going to California for a month with Zan and Serena and we need to train some new waitresses. I think I know of two we can get for a month, a month is probably all they’ll be able to handle, Vicky Delaney and Pam Troy…it’ll do them good!”

“What?” Jeff was stymied…

“It’s okay dad, honest. It’s a fun thing and I know you’ll like the idea.” And with that Liz hopped off her bed, hugged her dad and made her way down the stairs to the arms of her waiting boyfriend…

”Oh Max, this is going to be so much fun. A month on the road!!! Whoopeeeeee!!!”

And Max laughed…it was going to be fun and he was really excited about seeing his brother. And it was time to update Cal on Liz’s powers…she practiced blasting rocks all the time with Michael and Max got a big kick out of it as well as Michael. Maria not so much, she wasn’t really sure about her friend developing powers and then actually enjoying them but she didn’t have much choice.

Now what was he going to do about Milton…it would be busy during the summer months and then he thought about Kyle. Kyle could get one of his buddies to fill in and all was good with the world…both worlds.

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Re: Rock My World A/U C/C Mature End 11/14/13

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Eve: I think you'll be surprised this chapter...the queen especially. Thank you for all of your fb. i've loved your replies...hope the employment situation has improved. :)
Carolyn: Say a prayer of thanks that you are satisfied with cookies and not chocolate cake!!! I agree, Zan showed much wisdom in using his mother as an advisor...too bad our kids weren't so smart. :roll: :lol: :)
Natalie: Glad to hear your world has found some improvement...I'm still working on mine. The kitchen sink was last weeks project, I'm really getting too old for this crap! Thank you for your kind words and I hope you enjoy the finale. :D
Roswelllostcause: Thank you, I hope you like the ending.... :D


Chapter: 45
And so it was, Zan and Serena showed up two weeks later. School was out for the summer and Cal had Chuck show up with another 15 passenger Van with a luggage rack mounted on top to hold all of the belongings these kids thought they couldn’t possibly live without.

Jeff hosted a large party once again, welcoming the young king and his bride and when Liz Parker entered the dining room with her boyfriend walking behind her they both stopped dead in their tracks. There definitely was some cloning that had taken place but the mystery was never solved…the resemblance was uncanny but there were some subtle differences that everyone was comfortable with and the party went on. Zan had been correct when he told Serena she would not be uncomfortable with his earthly friends and they went to California as scheduled.

They all had significant others with the exception of Ava who was perfectly content to play the field. She had followed Zan around for years knowing he didn’t care for her the way it was intended and she was enjoying her freedom so to speak. She had just as much fun as the rest of the group and all of the kids made her feel perfectly comfortable being stag. It was fine with them.

Cal had plenty of room for all of them in his mansion and had plenty of planned outings for them while they were there but the most fun they had was horsing around in the pool and just hanging out. Cal was happier than he had ever been in his life and Eileen and John had made the trip as well but in their own vehicle and had time to visit their own family and friends and do the California scene. Disneyland being uppermost on the boys minds.

By Antarian standards, Zan was an adult and Max was happy for his brother, he was also happy that Zan left Lonnie and Rath back on Antar. Those two were not two of his favorite people and Zan laughed when Max confessed this to him.

“They’re actually doing very well Max. The new life suits them.” And Max smiled before answering…

“I’m glad.” And settled on that two word statement, he was glad they weren’t here.

“How often will you visit us Zan?” Ava asked of her old friend.

“As often as I want to actually since the Queen knows all about the worm hole and the much faster travel. It’s no trouble at all.”

“And how do you find the job up there?” Michael asked.

“Michael, I have advisors advising advisors and what I’m not happy with I ask mother. She’s very good at siphoning through the bullshit.” Serena jabbed Zan in the ribs and raised her eyebrows at her young husband…

“Serena doesn’t like Earth slang so much.” Zan chuckled as he feigned pain…

“Earth slang is fine Zan but as I understand it that is not “slang” but a phrase that could be left out of your vocabulary.” Serena had just a hint of a smile on her lips…

Max raised an eyebrow and Liz laughed…

“I guess it isn’t very regal is it Serena?” Liz giggled as she spoke…

“No it is not.” And that was the end of that topic of conversation and Maria laughed also. So true, but if she visited Earth very often she would get used to it.

And so it went. Zan came to earth quite often. He was there for graduation from High School, from different colleges around the U.S. and then for marriages and births…baptisms and every other kind of reason the Roswell five could think of to get him here. Lonnie and Rath never did leave Antar once they found their way home but Zan always made time for his brother as did Max.

Max never did go to Antar, respecting the Queen’s wishes that the transference was kept secret although the Queen made the trip with Zan quite often and Max and Isabel loved her and were so happy that they could share some part of their lives with her.

Diane and Philip Evans were also thrilled about meeting the woman and they had many happy hours sharing their photographs and videos with the Queen of another planet and very few earthlings knew of these other worldly visitors; life was good on both planets.

So our story ends on a happy note. Many children were born to the young hybrids, all with varying powers that were kept secret to the earth’s population and life continued without incident. Well, a lot of normal angst but nothing other worldly to worry about.

And they all lived happily ever after and Liz’s world rocked!

TA DA!!!!

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.