Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 11/14/13

Finished stories set in an alternate universe to that introduced in the show, or which alter events from the show significantly, but which include the Roswell characters. Aliens play a role in these fics. All complete stories on the main AU with Aliens board will eventually be moved here.

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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:21 5/20/13

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Lizza: It looks like you have a bunch of questions here, hopefully I can answer them all for you by the end of the story. :wink:
Eve: I don't know if I already explained or have yet to explain since I wrote this thing over a year ago but no, Cal's men are NOT aliens. He has put a protective shield over them and yes he does trust them implicitly. With what they get paid why wouldn't they be trustworthy? :wink: Anyway, the skins, Kivar and maybe another threat looms over them. I think I've already disclosed Cal's warning to the adults about the FBI and the special unit. That is also a problem. :wink:
Carolyn: I don't miss the pompous turd, not at all, that's why he's gone! :P Sorry...a little. :wink:
Alix: You know that dude that Kivar possessed, for lack of a better term, or took over...whatever, he wasn't too bad but the character Kivar was one nasty creep. Anyway, in my story, here he is an aging creep that needs to be dealt with. We'll see how that goes? :)

I'm a couple of days early here but I'll be back next week some time...not sure just when, going to a wedding you see!!! :D


Chapter: 21

Jim Valenti called Councilman Benning at his office right after lunch and asked for a special meeting to which he was granted of course.

“Councilman, that carnival was released earlier this week to move on and they are still at the fairgrounds. Aren’t there any other events planned for that space and are they paying for the added time?”

“Jim, I wasn’t aware that they hadn’t moved on. Let me check into it and I’ll get back to you. We may have to serve an eviction notice on them, which I don’t think we have ever done before. Let me check with Philip Evans’ office and see what he has to say about the legalities of this.”

“Great, it just doesn’t sit right with me that these people would be taking up a space that was only allotted to them for last week, they had that problem with the Ferris Wheel that had two of our teens trapped and now they are still here a week later. Something’s just not right here.”

“I agree Jim. Has there been any increase in crime in the past week?”

“No, not really, that part seems quite normal. The usual traffic violations and rowdy teenagers but that’s it. I just don’t like that kind hanging around for no reason.”

“I understand perfectly Jim. I’ll get back to you.”

Jim wasn’t really sure if what he was doing was the wisest thing but if they could get these beings out of town and away from the population it would be easier to dispose of them. He would talk with Cal when they all met this evening at the Harding’s.

In the meantime Nicholas was pacing as usual and Tom Greer was sitting there adding up the tally of the week-end receipts before the Ferris wheel incident and things didn’t look good at all.

“Nicholas, we have to move this circus to the next town or abandon it. It’s costing us money and we are getting nowhere fast on this hunting expedition. We’re losing battles and we need to regroup and decide how we are going to deal with this.”

“If we abandon the equipment we will bring the local as well as the state government down on us. Let’s just get this packed up and head on back to Copper Summit and pick up the rest of our group and take to the caves until we come up with a fool proof plan. We can move in on those kids as a group while they are at school, a common ground for them, and get them to talk to us one way or the other. Right now we’re just wasting our time and losing our people one by one.”

“Okay, pack it up; I’ll make the call to headquarters and tell them to be ready. We’ll dump this show out in the desert on our way.”

“Fair enough…” And with that Tom Greer left the office to inform the skins they were moving on.


Out at the stone quarry a group of worn out teenagers crawled into a 15 passenger van and were being shuttled back to their vehicles in the school parking lot when Kyle spotted a caravan of carnival semis headed for the highway.

“Hey, aren’t those the guys the reason why we’re practicing this Ninja crap?”

Chuck was the one driving the van today and he looked in his mirror and decided the kid was right and nodded to Jess to call the boss. Cal had left the group earlier after setting up his plan and was most likely supervising the new duties of everyone.

“Hey boss, Nicholas is on the move, or at least the carnival is. Head on out to 275 and see what they’re up to.”

“Okay Chuck, are you sure?”

“There’s only one carnival in town and it’s on the move.”

“Fair enough, I’ll send John since Nancy is still here. There are enough of us to take care of her. I’ll send four more to the school to wait for the kids. Be careful.”

“You know it boss, you too.”

And Chuck continued on his way back to town with the teenagers, all worn out but safe.

John and Jess took an SUV and headed right on out to highway 275, picked up the carnival caravan and followed discreetly behind a vehicle well behind the convoy and when the semis headed out to a remote area of the desert John called Cal.

“Hey boss, I think they’re going to dump those rides out there in the middle of nowhere; probably going to disintegrate them so they’ll never be found.”

“Mark the area and get back here. I don’t trust that little psychopath at all.”

So John took a GPS reading and turned off at the next road and headed back to Roswell. At least they knew Nicholas wasn’t using the carnival as a cover anymore which meant they needed to get to Copper Summit before the boy/man got there.

When the kids got back to their cars there was a small army of men waiting for them and they all just stood around and shook their heads…this was getting really scary and Maria was about to lose it when Liz noticed.

Liz immediately grabbed Maria by each side of her head and looked at her square in the eyes…

“Maria, Maria, look at me. We are all together and we are going to be fine. Mr. Langley is not going to let anything happen to any of us; understand? "

“I’m alright Liz honest, just a second of doubt that’s all. When I saw all of these suits and sunglasses I just got nervous.”

“I know, but it’s alright. Now let’s get over to Tess’s like we’re supposed to. Remember.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s the safest place for us. Maybe we should all just move in there with everyone else. Maybe Cal should buy another house.” And that brought a laugh to a small army of grown men, ‘she could be right’ Chuck thought to himself, but he also kept it to himself.

Soon they were all back at the Harding’s and Tess made her way into her own home and noticed that the only people present were a group of Cal’s men who seemed to be strategically placed at all entrances to the home. She immediately sought out Cal after having shown the girls where they would be sleeping and asked point blank.

“Cal, what’s changed since this morning and don’t lie to me; it’s neither the time nor the place for stories.”

Cal thought about the young girl’s statement for a while and then decided that the truth was definitely the best way to go…

“Okay Tess, two of the skins managed to get by us and Nasedo was killed. The skins have been eliminated but there was nothing I could do for Nasedo, he was too far gone.”

Tess suddenly felt frightened but not for the reasons Cal was thinking; she felt very comfortable in the fact that Cal’s men would protect them but Cal needed to know what Nasedo had been telling her for so many years.

“Cal, we need to have a private conversation. It’s important, as important as our protection. I think we need protected from the skins but we also need protected from Kivar. Nasedo promised Kivar that we would return on the Granolith with the heir. I was supposed to get pregnant with the kings heir and leave the planet with the Granolith. I think Kivar is waiting to hear from Nasedo.”

Cal looked at the young girl and nodded.

“Come with me Tess, we’ll find a quiet place and talk about this.”

And so Cal Langley led young Tess Harding to the room across from all the activity and sat down, making an invisible bubble around them, and started to speak.

“First of all Tess, I know what Nasedo has been filling your head with and believe me those rules no longer apply. Do you want to go back to Antar with the heir?”

Tess looked at Cal and thought about her answer long and hard.

“Cal, I’m only 16, I have never been allowed to have friends before and I like it. As far as getting pregnant and leaving Earth, NO! I don’t think that’s what I want to do and besides, I kind of like Kyle. The king is alright but he’s kind of uptight if you know what I mean.”

Cal Langley smiled his broad smile and nodded…

“Good. I don’t want you to go back to that horrible place either but I can understand why Nasedo wanted to leave Earth but we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“Why do you understand that Cal, what happened?”

“Nasedo was one of the beings that was captured and tortured by the American government. He’s the one that left the silver handprint on all of his victims, including many of the doctors that had been experimenting on him.

“In a way his existence has been a very unhappy one even though he has amassed a fortune, and he has. You are a very wealthy young woman Tess but you do not need to be concerned about that just yet; someday but not now.

"In the meantime, when all of this has been settled I will see to it that one of my guards and his wife moves in with you and you can live the rest of your life the way you want to. And if you ever decide you want to go back to Antar I will make the way possible for you. Do you understand?”

Tess smiled, she was sad that Nasedo had been “eliminated” but the man had never been anything more than a cold existence that kept her in food, clothes and a home. There was never a kind word or thought pass between them, lots of training to use her powers, lots of brain washing which she would not miss but she might miss the man some, that she knew. But, she was also looking forward to finding love and caring for someone more than she would miss having just the necessities in life and orders shouted her way.

She nodded to Cal, never saying a word, and made her way back to her own home to prepare to take a shower and to get ready for her first party of any kind ever. Then she had a sudden chill pass over her but it only lasted a second, she shook it off, and she was fine.

She would trust Cal Langley to take care of all the things she needed and she was looking forward to a happy life once all of this alien ‘stuff’ was taken care of.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:22 5/31/13

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lizza:Well, it looks like things are about to move along here,,,it's been a while since I've read this one so all I can say is, I hope some of your questions are answered. If not, stick with me, I'm sure the kids will come through this unscathed...let's hope so anyway. :)
Carolyn: I've been home since Tuesday evening and have been sleeping practically the entire time. The wedding was beautiful of course and I think I ate myself into 3 more sizes, honest. Tess is learning what it truly means to have friends in this little fic. and I hope all of you realize that she really is a good kid in this one. She was so easy to hate on the series and I just needed to get over that for a little bit. :wink:
Eve: Tess just had a feeling, we all get them sometime, and these kids definitley have a lot of turmoil to deal's all coming up. Hope you're feeling well... :)
Alix: I had a wonderful son was not able to go to Pa. with us due to his work but his son, my youngest grandson, and my daughter-in-law had a really good time before driving to Jersey for the big occasion. Everything was wonderul annnnnd...I just finished book 6 of the "Outlander" series and you were right, I loved it, every word. I think each chapter was a book in itself and some of the scenes were so funny that I lauged myself to hurting. Thank you for telling me to read it, it wasn't as horrifying as I thought it would be. :P :D


Chapter: 22

Tess got back over to the Harding’s home with her escort and smiled as she entered the front door. All of the kids were there waiting for her and Liz, although she didn’t know her new young friend that well, knew something was wrong and immediately got up from her place on the couch in the living room and approached the girl.

“Tess, what’s wrong? Are you alright? Is there something I can do?”

Tess smiled, what was it about this girl that made her so different from the rest of them although they were all nice Liz was just different.

“Come upstairs with me and I’ll explain. I don’t want to upset everyone.”

So the two girls headed up the stairs to Tess’s room where Liz took a seat on the bed as Tess started to grab clean clothes from her dresser and closet and then she sighed deeply and spoke to her new friend.

“Two of the skins got past the guards while they were busy moving furniture in next door and managed to eliminate Nasedo. He’s gone and I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel because right now I just feel numb.”

“Ah Tess, I am so sorry. What are you going to do? Are you going to have a service of any kind? What can I do to help you?”

Tess suddenly felt her first really human emotion she thought she had ever felt.

“Liz, first of all I don’t think we should say anything to anyone else about this, I don’t want to frighten anyone any more than they already are. And no, there won’t be any services. I’m not really sure just what that is all about.”

“Tess, I don’t think anyone is going to be any more frightened than they already are but if you want to keep this quiet then I will, honest. But Tess, we have to trust each other and I personally feel that if they know about this they will realize that this is serious business even if I do get the giggles.”

“Oh Liz, maybe you’re right. I didn’t think of it like that and yes it is very serious and if they can do away with Nasedo like that it could happen to any of us.”

“I’m sure he was taken by surprise Tess, his powers were as strong as theirs are so it had to be a surprise attack. Can you sense them?”

“No, I didn’t feel anything at the carnival and I didn’t feel anything when those two broke into the Crashdown either. So no, I don’t sense them. Why do you ask?”

“Well, as I understand it, the two in the Crashdown weren’t skins, just hired by them, but Tess, I’ve got to tell you something…I had a dream last night about that caravan leaving town today. When Kyle pointed out those trucks I got chills Tess…it’s like I knew what was happening and that’s scarier than the fact that we need to kill these things.”

“Oh Liz, I think that Max changed you when he healed you but I didn’t think it would happen so fast. He must have really made a connection with you. Did you see things when he healed you?”

“What kind of things?”

“I don’t know. The book Nasedo guarded as his most treasured possession said something about that but I don’t think that book was really factual according to Cal. Maybe we should ask Cal about this Liz. If anyone knows he should. Just hold on a minute and I’ll go get the book for you and you can read it while I’m in the shower. Nasedo translated it for me so I would understand it, the original is written in some script or hieroglyphics or something but you can look through it if you want to. Oh, and don’t pay any attention to the parts about the pairing of the royals…according to Cal it’s a load of crap and I believe him. I guess because I want to.”

Tess left the room for a few minutes and Liz had a chance to look around and smile. The place looked very homey but on closer inspection it was extremely sterile. The pictures were beautiful art but there wasn’t anything personal sitting around anywhere and Liz suddenly felt very sorry for the girl.

When Tess returned she handed the book to Liz and nodded to the bathroom…

“I shouldn’t be too long Liz. Make yourself at home.” And Liz smiled.

Liz opened the book to the first page and her first thoughts as she looked at the four squares were what she only assumed was a symbol of the four teenagers. They were connected by intersecting lines and she smiled even though she had no idea what she was looking at.

She started to read through the many pages, just leafing her way around when she came upon a page that started, ‘When the King heals a human’ and Liz started reading. It said that the healing process would change the human’s natural abilities into the advanced abilities of the evolved humans of the future. These abilities would vary according to the extent of the injury that had been healed and just how much of the King’s energy had been expended during the healing process.

Now Liz was just a little above average intelligence and didn’t need a Doctorate in Science to understand just what this meant. Max had changed her when he healed her and, were these dreams actually visions? Now she was concerned and continued to read.

When Tess came out of the bathroom she had transformed herself into the beautiful young woman she was from the sweaty, dusty girl that had disappeared into the bathroom not fifteen minutes earlier and Liz pointed to the page she had been reading.

”Tess, have you read this?”

“Not all of it. Nasedo has been preaching it to me since I was very little and to tell the truth I found most of it very boring and a lot of it extremely disheartening. Why, did you find something interesting?”

“Yes, look at this… I think you’re right, we need to talk to Cal.”

Tess nodded, sat on the bed next to her new friend and started to read.

“I agree.” And with that Tess put the book in her nightstand drawer and the two girls headed on down the stairs where they found a group of people in various stages of conversation and Tess smiled. She liked having company and Liz squeezed her hand as they entered the large living room where all of their friends were sitting around drinking sodas and having fun. The meeting would come to order soon enough.


Nicholas and his band of skins deposited all of the carnival paraphernalia out in the desert next to a pile of rocks and promptly turned all of the machinery into a pile of dust including the trailers that had been attached to the semis. They would have to hitch up all of their living quarters and move from Copper Summit just as quickly as they could get to it.

Cal Langley had other plans for Copper Summit, Arizona though, if only he could get there in time.

He had another army of skilled soldiers gathering Intel and putting together a small force of men trained in the art of covert warfare that he only hoped would get to the contained area of Copper Summit before it was too late.

He figured that bursts of flame from flame throwers could be used to trap the skins while planted explosives took care of the majority of them. Surely some would try to evade his troops and that’s where the flame throwers came in.

He would continue on with the protection plan in Roswell because he knew that Nasedo had planned on contacting Kivar and what he had planned wasn’t exactly clear to him at this time. He also needed to make arrangements for a guardian for Tess, which was uppermost on his mind.

As he prepared to have pizza and conversation with a group of teenagers, their parents and the ‘soldiers’ he had amassed for the sole purpose of protecting all of these people he suddenly felt very tired.

“Now before we start is there anything anyone wants to share with the group.”

Tess looked over at Liz and raised an eyebrow and Liz nodded yes to the little blond and Tess took over.

“Cal, Nasedo gave me a translation of a book that is supposed to be a “bible”, for lack of a better term, from our planet. The reason I’m telling you this is because Liz had a dream last night about the convoy of semis transporting the carnival equipment and she swears that what she saw is exactly what she dreamt so we looked it up in the book. The book says that when the king heals a person he passes on powers and we were wondering if this could possibly be a power that Liz may have received from Max.”

Cal looked somewhat surprised, powers usually took longer than this to develop- but then he had a thought, these two cared for each other, even though they weren’t following through on it as yet.

“Max, Liz, did either of you receive images from the other during the healing process?”

Liz looked at Max and wondered if what she saw was something from deep in Max’s mind and Max was embarrassed to admit that he had seen flashes of Liz’s life pass before him. They shrugged, looked at each other and then Max answered first.

“Yeah, I saw her life pass before me like a movie.”

“I saw stars, millions of stars.” Liz answered after Max made his confession.

“Well Liz, I think you received the power of precognition from Max…although I’m surprised that it is working this quickly.”

“Precognition, you mean I can see the future?” Liz didn’t know how she felt about this right now and Cal picked up on her discomfort immediately.

“Liz, don’t worry about this, it will not change who you are in the least. You will most likely develop more powers as time goes on but right now I think we will be able to use this knowledge to our advantage, don’t you?”

“I guess. Thanks a lot Max!” Liz snarked out….

“I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t know.” Max was really sorry that Liz was unhappy about all of this, hell he was unhappy with all of this.

Nancy Parker stared her daughter down and then said…

“Liz, shame on you; if Max hadn’t healed you, you would be dead and that’s just not acceptable. You go ahead and have your dreams and if they are important you will share them with Cal and maybe we can get out of this mess.”

Nancy was terrified and was taking it out on her poor daughter who was scared out of her wits over all of this and the rest just sat and watched the interchange between mother, daughter and savior. Cal watched with extreme interest. He didn’t want Liz running from this, they needed her, now more than ever. Nicholas may have left town but he was still a threat and then there was still the Granolith and Kivar to deal with and with Nasedo gone he had no way of knowing how Nasedo was communicating with Antar.


Up on Antar the self-imposed king was having some ‘nightmares’ of his own. He knew the council was right on so many levels but there were still too many loyalists just waiting for the return of the king and his entourage regardless of what the council said. It was written in many confiscated journals that he had read over and over again and he was not happy. Something was going on down on planet earth and he wanted to find out what it was and right now he needed possession of the Granolith and he needed the heir to the throne. Nasedo assured him that Ava would return within a fortnight and he continued to pace. He needed to get to Earth and find out what was going on down there.

Tess watched Max’s expression as he gazed at Liz and she knew he felt something more than just friendship for the girl just as Cal knew. She felt sorry for all three of her fellow hybrids, they had no idea about any of this and here they were fighting for their lives. At least she knew what was happening and then she looked at Cal with an expression that Cal wasn’t really familiar with. She felt like she was about to cry and she had never cried in her life, which was truly strange in a way. Maybe it was because she was not familiar with human feelings and this was all new to her.

Cal nodded and then announced the death of Nasedo.

“All of us are here now so we can start out with an announcement and then you kids can do whatever you want to do. The sleeping arrangements have been made and the shifts have been assigned to the guards but there is something else you all need to know. Tess is alright with me revealing this so there’s only one way to say it. Nasedo was killed by the skins this afternoon.

“They managed to get by us and it appeared that Nasedo caught them breaking in but they got the best of him. We took care of them but Nasedo isn’t with us any longer.

“Now I know this is a shock to all of you but you need to know that this is war. We are going to continue on with our regular routines but you kids need to know that you have to be on the lookout at every corner. Always be in pairs as you’ve been instructed and we will continue with your training.

“Now I want you to have your slumber party and I want you to relax. You are being taken care of right now and you can either split up, boys next door, or you can stay together. It’s your choice.”

Tess looked over at the girls sitting there in semi-shock and nodded to Cal…

“I think we’ll stay together tonight, I just feel better with everyone here. We can put blankets on the floor and sleep in here.”

“Tess, there are enough bedrooms for all of you to sleep in beds…” And Tess interrupted Cal…

“No, I want everyone with me tonight…I’ll just feel better if they are all here with me where I can see them.”

Liz and Isabel nodded to each other and Maria joined in with a group hug. Michael had no one to care about except Isabel and Max and he didn’t know how he would feel if anything happened to either of them and the other kids all knew that they would want someone to be with them if they had lost a loved one and they all agreed. It was understood that they would stay with Tess in the living room.

So a group of adults exited the living room while the eight teenagers all headed up the stairs to gather pillows and blankets from linen closets and beds and all headed down to the large living room to make themselves comfortable.

Nancy Parker made her way to the kitchen and found enough paper plates and napkins to accommodate the numerous boxes of pizza now sitting on the kitchen counter and then she found the makings for popcorn in the pantry off the kitchen and set the large bag on the kitchen stove next to a huge pot and a bottle of vegetable oil. They could have popcorn and sodas later and then she found a “CASE?” of Tobasco sauce and wondered, ‘what the hell’ but shrugged her shoulders and kept on finding stuff for the kids to snack on should they want it.

Jeff finally made his way to the kitchen to find his wife…”come on honey, they can take care of this themselves; it’s time to go”

“Oh Jeff, I feel so sorry for that young girl. Do you think we should stay?”

“No I don’t, I think that Tess has all the support she needs right now and Cal has enough to take care of trying to make plans. Let’s just leave them to it. They’ll be fine.”

And about that time they saw an entourage of teen-agers, pillows, blankets and various other items they could find on their hunt for sleeping paraphernalia and the two adults nodded as they met Jim and Cal coming from Nasedo’s office.

“Cal, we’re going to take off now and if you need us for any reason all you need to do is call, we’re fifteen minutes away and we’ll be here.”

“Thank you Nancy, for everything; not just the shopping and overseeing of the new homes but for everything. I know this can’t be easy for you two but we will get through this I promise. There won’t be any more letting down our guards, we know better now and Liz will be fine.”

“I’m sure she will Cal and thank you.” And about that time John came out and joined the Parkers as they made their way out to the Van waiting to take all of them back to the Crashdown.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:23 6/6/13

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Lizza: Liz is not mad at Max Lizza, she's confused and just is not sure how she's going to deal with all of this...I think I would have been just a tad upset if I didn't completely understand what was happening to me, wouldn't you? :wink:
Natalie36: Thank you. :)
Eve: I think Nasedo was more to be pitied than chastised but I still didn't like him and Cal really doesn't need least not this Cal. As for Kivar, well, this Kivar is really a little weird for lack of a better term. :roll:
Carolyn: We have two college grads next year, one in Tx. and one in San Diego...I hope it works out that they are on different days...different weeks would be better because Michele will lose her mind otherwise :lol:
Zaneri 1: How nice to hear from you and thank you. As for reading them as a book well, I do that too. Especially the uthors who don't update regularly...that way if they don't finish something I'm not out there wondering what they had in mind. It sort of helps the ulcers. If I ever miss an update say a means I'm dead!!! :wink: I never post a story until it's complete, Ken doesn't either. His wife's his backup and I have instructions for my daughter to do the same for me. :P
Alix: Hey, I'm just now into "An Echo In the Bone" and we are now getting into the blood and guts of the thing. William has just sent a private to Claire with a flask of brandy and Claire asked the kid how he knew who to give it to...the boy replied something to the effect..."look for the lady with the hair spouting orders like a Master Sergeant." Claire laughed. I've got a basket full of ironing sitting on the chest in the spare room, my suitcase in the hall way waiting for me to hoist it up on the shelf my vacuum in the middle of the living room floor and I'm reading and could care less. Of course I live alone and don't have to but I am enjoying this book. I finished "Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade" last week and it lays a lot of ground work for this one. Had I not read it I would be completely confused (in the dark) regarding Beauchamp. Oh well, onto my own fic...such as it is! :roll:

OH, and everyone, please say a prayer for son Paul who is having surgery on the 13th. They are sure it's nothing bad but still, a prayer would be nice. :wink: It never hurts. :)

Chapter: 23

The teenagers all managed to find a spot on the living room floor and made themselves comfortable, all sitting in a circle with boxes of pizza taking center stage. They ate, lamented, gave Tess their heartfelt condolences which she thanked them for, and then she asked them all to please find more pleasant things to do. They were there to have fun and she felt that they should. Liz nodded to Isabel and Maria and they all understood that this was what she needed.

“Alex, would you like to entertain us with a dance?” Tess asked and it brought the house down. Cal had no idea what the kids were laughing about but knew it had to be something silly and he kept to the kitchen and out of the way of silly antics.

“Maybe later Tess, I’m eating right now. How about you Maria, want to entertain us with a song? Tess has a piano over there.”

Five of the eight teenagers looked at Maria and waited, not knowing what to expect…

“Not right now Alex, like you I’m eating and I’m starved. Maybe Kyle would like to demonstrate some wrestling moves with Max.”

Max almost choked on a piece of pepperoni and Isabel started to laugh raucously.

“I don’t think either one of us wants to put on a wrestling match Maria, we’ll wait for a song. Just eat!” And Kyle kept on with his pizza as did Max. Michael just sat and took it all in.

“I have a karaoke machine down in the rec room. We can bring it up or go down there later.” Tess offered between bites of pizza.

“Hey, that sounds like great fun.” Maria answered and Liz moaned while Alex nodded his assent. Max smiled, he liked to sing even if the rest of them were unaware of it. He didn’t have a loud voice but he could sing soft ballads as his sister could attest to since he sang in his shower quite often. And she smiled as she poured some more Tobasco sauce on her pizza.

And so the pizza bash continued until the kids couldn’t put away another bite and Cal Langley smiled at the eight kids having fun in spite of the turmoil going on around them. He felt fairly certain that tonight was going to be very safe for all concerned but plans needed to be made and they couldn’t let their guards for one second.

Tess, Liz and the other two girls made their way up to Tess’s room about 1:00 a.m. to do some night maintenance on their faces, brush their teeth and put some pj’s on while the boys grabbed their back packs and headed to the rec room to do the same.

They had all brought sweats and t’s to sleep in and they all laughed while changing…Max threw a spare pair of sweats in Michael’s direction knowing Michael would sleep in his boxers or his clothes and Michael just shook his head at his brother and grabbed the gray pair of sweat pants and grinned.

He guessed that if he was going to be spending the night with four young ladies that boxers should be forgotten and replaced with something more along the lines of modesty. Besides, he was really looking forward to spending more time with that Maria girl for some reason, she was a real hoot and Michael really liked her.

After they all reassembled in the living room and pushed furniture out of the way they sort of all found comfortable spots and proceeded pairing up to have some one on one conversations with each other as they started to wind the evening down a little.

Alex found Isabel’s knowledge of the stars overwhelming. He sat next to Isabel on the floor, propped up against the seat cushions from the couch which they had put on the floor for their comfort, stretching their legs out in front of themselves with a bowl of popcorn between them.

Alex, Liz and Maria had been studying the stars for years, well he and Liz had actually…Maria just sort of joined in for the camaraderie. He loved to hear Isabel explain the various stories of the ancient Greeks regarding the stars and how the stars described the battles won and lost, the love stories and the logic behind it all.

Surprisingly, he was very comfortable with the “Ice Princess”. A name that he decided didn’t fit at all, it was all a big coverup and he understood perfectly why she felt it was necessary.

Maria had made herself comfortable by lying on her back and resting her head on Michael’s stomach, arms sort of moving in time with the current untried lyrics pouring out of her unconsciously, right leg bent at the knee and resting on her left knee which was raised from the floor, her left foot planted firmly in place. Michael just laid there with his hands under his head listening to her sing and occasionally Max would look over in semi shock as would Isabel; Michael never gave it a second thought, it all felt natural to him. More natural than anything he had ever felt before in his young life and he was happy.

Kyle was mesmerized with Tess who lay next to him on her stomach with her elbows resting on the floor and her head raised in a position to better see Kyle. She giggled at every little joke he made and he made plenty because he was a nervous wreck for more reasons than one; the main one being that he was here with this beautiful other worldly person who was positively amazing to him.

He was frightened but he felt safe next to her for some reason. He was explaining Buddha to her and she seemed very interested in what he had to say until he realized that she had actually fallen to sleep, her head on her crossed arms. He cautiously lifted the blanket that was lying haphazardly around her waist and straightened it out and tucked her in with a smile on his face. She certainly had been put through a lot today. He only hoped the worst was over and that they could soon get on with their normal day to day teenage angst. Little did he know that ‘normal’ would become a foreign word to his vocabulary very soon.

Liz was lying on her stomach facing Max, resting on her forearms, and Max couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her little red tank top, print p j bottoms and those fluffy red slippers moving in some unknown rhythm as she had her legs bent at the knees and her feet facing the ceiling. His eyes were dancing but he was feeling very badly about the changes she would have to endure because he had healed her. Cal had taken the time to explain it to all of them and it didn’t look like it was going to be a pleasant experience.

Of course her mother was right, had he not healed her she would be dead and that was just not acceptable. Liz was enthralled with the whole “alien” idea and needed to find out more about it, if only they weren’t so tied up in all the other alien crap that was going on.

“Liz, I’m so sorry about all of this. I didn’t know this would happen to you.” Max whispered…

Liz smiled and touched Max’s cheek and allowed her hand to linger for just a second longer than she felt was acceptable, but she just couldn’t help herself. She adjusted herself to where she was now laying on her side facing Max with her arm folded under her head.

“Max, as my mother so strongly pointed out, the alternative just isn’t acceptable. I guess she’s right and I really do appreciate what you’ve done for me. I just hope, by what you did, that nothing else bad happens to you, to any of you for that matter…even to us. This is such a terrible thing for everyone. For Tess to lose her guardian that way is just horrible.” And Liz continued to watch as Max thought about her words, taking them to heart…he appeared to be frowning and then he said,

“Yes, it is terrible about Nasedo, but we have help and I feel that Cal will make all of this right. Let’s just hope that the beings up there…” and Max pointed up, “Stay where they belong and do not expect us to go back there because that’s just not going to happen. I’m not anybody’s king and I don’t want to be.” And Max was adamant about that, he was a sixteen year old kid and he definitely wasn’t prepared for all that was going on right now.

“What do you think will happen if “they” show up?” Liz asked, as she raised her eyes upward.

“I’m not sure of anything any more than anyone else is. Tess seems to know more about this than we do but as Cal said what she has been told is crap for lack of a better term, and she should just learn to enjoy herself and ignore what Nasedo has been preaching to her for the past 10 years.

“It must have been awful thinking that you were here just to leave when the time was right and never having a joyful moment in your life. We have been very careful, we knew we were different but we never thought we were this different…I don’t even like using the word alien.” Max answered, being as honest with Liz as he knew how, it was all new to him being able to talk openly about it.

“Max, you said you saw my life pass before your eyes…what did you mean?” Liz wanted to know exactly what Max saw, only to verify that what he saw was factual because she needed to know that what she saw wasn’t her imagination. She actually saw stars and so much more.

“What do you mean Liz?” And Liz scooted closer to her slumber buddy and lowered her voice…

“Max, I need to know if we actually saw things or if we just imagined things. Please, what did you see?” And she moved her hand to Max’s and let it rest there, letting him know she wasn’t afraid of him.

Max looked into those beautiful big brown eyes and melted…just the thought of her lying here next to him made him feel so much better about being who he was and he wasn’t so afraid anymore.

“Liz, I saw you in a dress with cupcakes on it…you were playing a game with your friends and you were just a tiny little thing, all smiles and fun. I saw you playing dress up, just like Isabel used to do, well I think she still does but that’s a secret.” Liz giggled and Max grinned.

By this time Liz had her head resting on Max’s arm, which he had extended out for her while he rested his head on his pillow, and she was listening to the rumble of his voice and it made her feel very safe all of a sudden.

“I saw the view from your space ship Max” she smiled and turned over with her back to him and whispered, “Max, I. am. so. scared.” And with that confession she spooned in, wishing she hadn’t said that.

She pulled her blanket in closer to her and Max put his free arm around her and pulled her in closer to his chest and placed a small kiss on the top of her head, one she couldn’t even feel, and he smiled.

“Go to sleep Liz, you’re safe now.” He only wished in his heart that he believed his own words as he surveyed the room…a bunch of 16 year olds having a coed slumber party; the idea being great but the reason not so much, and he forced Liz in closer to him only to make himself feel better about her safety.

Cal Langley looked in on his charges before heading up the stairs for some rest before the start of a new day and he smiled. They seemed to find their own comfort zone tonight and it made the alien feel good about some things…there was still a lot of work to be done and a lot of problems to be resolved but one thing at a time and then he frowned; one thing at a time. It was now 4:00 a.m.

Up on Antar different kinds of discussions were taking place. The Antarian council was deep in discussion over their leader’s current obsession with Earth and Valondra, and Kivar was having his arguments thrown back at him by his chief advisor and friend. Things were turning sour all over the universe.

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Lizza: :D You have a lot of questions that will all be answered in due time. Thank you for your comments.
Eve:Hey, I hope I've managed to throw some fun into this's going to get sticky for a while but they get through it of course... :wink:
Alix:I was on a phone marathon with Michelle in LA last night and I think I've convinced her to read the Brotherhood and Echo. I've only read two Lord John novels, "The Scottish Soldier" and the Brotherhood so I'm not qualified to give my opinion on the others although I can say I did enjoy the two I read and that the Brotherhood helped with the Echo. My friends back East and Michelle convinced me to read the Grey series and, getting past the "Kinky" sex, and if you've read them you know what I mean, the story wasn't too bad. I read all three in five days so it was another marathon. :roll: I sometime wonder what the lifestyle of some of these authors are after reading books like that and now I have these three books sitting here with no where to go. I was going to ask my daughter if she's read them yet but knowing her she'd say no even if she did so I'll let that rest. I'll sell them at the block yard sale before Christmas.... :roll: Thank you for your comment on my little pales in comparison to the books we are discussing. :)

Chapter: 24

Cal had awakened about 7:00 a.m. having had about three hours sleep total. He was not worried about the safety of his charges but he was concerned about the plans that had to be made and made quickly.

He gathered the day crew, who had just made their way over from the neighboring houses and motioned them to the rec room on the lower level.

Chuck was the first to speak…

“Hey boss, what’s with all the cozy teenage bodies up there in the living room?”

Cal smiled, they did look cozy but if the truth was to be revealed, they were all comforting each other in the only way they knew how…

“It’s their way of coping. I went upstairs at 3:00 and they were all still talking with each other and trying to make sense of all the unworldly events taking place. They’re scared and they’re dealing. What can I say? They are really braver than I thought they would be considering all that’s going on around them. I believe that Nasedo’s death was just the icing on the cake. He was killed right here in the house with all of us here and it didn’t do him a damned bit of good with us around so yes they have a right to be frightened.” And Cal was very serious about it all.

Chuck just nodded in understanding and then they got down to business.

“Okay, here’s what I’ve come up with. We are going to surround the city and take them by surprise. I am sure they are all there and are planning a mass retreat. We know that the only way to eliminate them is by bashing in the seal on their backs or by fire. I have flame throwers being delivered to the airport near Copper Summit as we speak. I downloaded a map of the city from the internet and you will each get a copy.

“We have all the technology known to man at our disposal but we are going to fight caveman style for this war. Fire and clubs!” And Cal Langley laughed, this was ridiculous…but they couldn’t draw attention to any of this so it had to be covert. They didn’t need the special unit bearing down on them until they were ready to take them on as another project. That he would leave to the General.

“You will leave here at 10:00, meet up with another 20 soldiers at the airport and head off to the city. You will get all of the equipment you will need to finish each and every skin in that city and make absolutely positive you take out this one.” He handed each man a picture of Nicholas.

“Believe it or not, this being is their leader, identify him before eliminating him. I have to know that he’s gone for good. Now, do you have any questions? You all know how to overtake and eliminate so we don’t have to get into any particulars on that subject. I expect all of you to return to me in good health. Go in unseen, do your job and get out. Make sure all evidence of habitation is taken care of. Make it look like a mass exodus.”

Chuck looked at Cal and nodded. The rest of the men all knew what was expected of them and they all stood as one and said…

“Understood boss, we’ll take care of everything. Now leave us to our maps so we can make our plans before taking off. Shall we take the bus or the SUVs?”

“Take all of the SUVs, you’ll need them for the equipment and the added soldiers. I’ll use the ‘bus’ with the kids. I don’t think any of them are going to work today. We’ll leave them alone for the time being. They need their rest.”

Chuck nodded as he headed up the stairs with the rest of the troops and they all exited the house quietly, not wanting to wake the kids in their various states of sleeping arrangements. The two that really caught their eye were Max and Liz. Now that was a sight to behold and Chuck smiled as he closed the front door behind him. Those two were going to become a whole lot more than just friends; he knew it in his heart.
Cal still had guards at all entrances to the property in case there were any errant skins lurking and then he had an idea.

He made his way to the garage and started to feel around with his mind, trying to locate any secret rooms or panels and lo and behold, there it was…a door!

Cal raised his hand just as they did to enter the cave and the door opened and led to a computerized device that looked like a receiver of sorts. He made his way to the chair situated in front of it and started to look around for something that would work as a sending or receiving device and he came up with a portable looking keyboard with Antarian symbols. Cal was a little rusty with the language but it didn’t take him long to figure out what he was looking for.


“Nasedo, what is going on down there? I was expecting to hear from you two weeks ago about the location of the royals. Please, answer as soon as possible. Kivar.”

Cal shook his head, the rotten bastard…I’m glad he’s gone. Cal was furious with the shape-shifting alien.

Some guardian!

“Kivar, Caleon here.

Here’s the deal…the whereabouts of the Royals is no concern of yours nor will it ever be. Let it rest.
Further, you will never be in possession of the Granolith, and should you decide to come here to take it know that you will be eliminated just as your cohort was.

There are no Royals here, none that want anything to do with Antar, but if you push this know that you will be deposed.

The Granolith is our bargaining chip and the young king will be taught its importance and how to protect it. He wants nothing to do with you but you will not get the chance to dispose of him a second time.

Now, Nasedo has been killed by the skins and you will not be receiving any more messages from him or me.

Let it rest.

These are not idle threats Kivar, they are promises. You will die.


Cal read his message and felt it was as clear as it was going to get and he sent it to the far off planet hoping that the self-appointed leader received it before deciding to take off because he wasn’t ready to deal with him just yet.

He closed the secret compartment and left the garage and made his way back to the house. The kids were still sound asleep and he smiled. They were going to need it. They had to continue with their training because Cal had a feeling this was not over just yet.


Next door the guards were all making their way to the various bathrooms in the house and getting their gear ready to take off. Ten of the 36 would stay as precautionary measures and another ten would drive the various SUVs to Copper Summit, Arizona.

They had all studied their maps, made a plan of attack and were ready to take off right on schedule. They would hike the last five miles into the perimeter of the city for their surprise attack and it would be gruesome to say the least. They were dealing with aliens and they were positive that this Nicholas kid had lookouts planted everywhere so desert cammies were necessary for the operation.

Bullets would be of absolutely no use to them so they had to take the enemy by surprise and smack them in the back or throw some serious flames at them and being up this close and personal was going to be a problem because these things were able to power blast and that was going to be a problem if they were discovered.
Finally Chuck went over to the Harding house once again and nodded to Cal who took him back down to the rec room.

“What’re you thinking Chuck?”

“Well boss, we have to deliver blows to their backs or flames. They are sure to have lookouts and we definitely have to get close to them to win this war. What I have in mind will be dangerous to the kids, but boss; we really need their abilities, especially Michael and you. Tess can mindwarp them and allow us to approach and Michael can take out anyone who happens to show up as a surprise. It’s only a thought but I think it would be to our advantage to have some alien power on our side too.”

Cal thought about it for a minute, and only a minute…

“Fine Chuck, we’ll get them up and ask them. If they don’t want to go we’ll do without them but I definitely will go with you, I can mindwarp and power blast as well. Now let’s go wake them up. I suppose we should tell their parents, what do you think?”

“Boss, you know damned well their parents will say no. We’re here to protect them not put them in the middle of a war.”

“Chuck, they are already in the middle of that war. Now let’s go get them up. We’ll attack tonight. Tess can mind warp them into thinking all is well, you throw the fire at them and then I’ll do damage control after it’s all over, I don’t want to use my energy before I have to it takes too long to regenerate. Let’s go.”

And that quickly Cal Langley decided to put the kids in the middle of an alien war, one that they had been preparing for in the first place. Michael was going to love the challenge of course and Max would never allow anything to happen to his friends. So it was decided that they would go to Copper Summit, without the parent’s permission slips.


Up on Antar a very angry Kivar was sitting in a council meeting with his advisor and informing all in attendance of Nasedo’s demise.

“Kivar, you have to let it rest. It’s been over 50 earth years now and the people are getting used to the idea of your form of government. I don’t know who has kept them privy to your correspondence with Nasedo but now that it is over I would forget it. Caleon is no one you want to reckon with and if he is in charge of the care of the royals now you know that he will take this fight to the death. He is not going to allow anything to happen to the king’s son or the other three. Forget it. This is a war you cannot win; they will be ready for you this time.”

“Jamal, do you agree with this?”

“Yes Kivar, you know I do. I have been telling you all along to forget it, you have to or you will lose what you’ve worked for all these years. You cannot win this one, let it rest.”

“What about Valondra.”

“Kivar, you are being totally unreasonable. There is no Valondra, you killed her.”

“But she is alive on Earth.”

“Kivar, I’m beginning to have doubts about your ability to reason. Valondra is dead… it can’t get any plainer than that, you killed her. The woman living on Earth is not Valondra. Forget it.”

And Kivar got a faraway look in his eye, he wasn’t sure he believed this at all and the council looked on with concern including Jamal, Kivar’s friend.

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Re: Rock My World A/U C/C Mature ch. 25 6/20/13

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Lizza:Here you are, right on schedule!!! :)
Eve: The kids are definitely involved in this war...Cal is not one to waste their talents, even if it is under pretext... :D
Carolyn: Absolutely, that is definitely not Valondra! :wink:
Alix: I have a theory about Book #8, it would seem to me that little jem will either find his way back to his mom or find his way to his grandfather...annnnd, i also feel that the author is going to transport Jamie and Claire back to modern day America to live out their lives in Lallybroch with running water, indoor showers and grandchildren. Now that's a dreamer for you! :wink Check your pm! :)


Chapter: 25

Cal made his way into the kitchen and grabbed a big metal spoon and a pot and made his way into the huge living room and started banging as loudly as he could…even he couldn’t stand the noise.

Michael jumped up with his hand extended and Cal thought maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all and Maria grabbed Michael’s arm and held on while she said…

“Hold on Spaceboy…I think it’s time to get up.”

Michael looked at her sheepishly as Max grabbed hold of Liz and covered her with his body and looked around in sleepy shock.

Kyle shoved Tess under the coffee table and Alex grabbed Isabel by her shoulders and jumped in front of her.

“Well, it looks like all of you have protective instincts. That’s good, now get dressed and fed, we’re leaving for Copper Summit, Arizona in…” Cal checked his watch, “one hour.”

Liz being the inquisitive one asked,

“All of us? Isn’t that the skins city?”

“Yes it is Liz, and yes all of you. I will explain while you’re having breakfast, which I will prepare…you’re having cereal. I do that very well… now go get dressed.” And Cal left the room in a flourish, pot hanging at his side while waving the spoon over his head.

And eight teenagers all scrambled to get their various belongings gathered up and headed for the stairs. Chuck moved the furniture back where it belonged while Cal Langley raided the pantry and set various boxes of cereal, Tobasco sauce, milk and sugar on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Michael was the first to show up dressed and ready to go, hair spiked just the way it was when he awoke, and Cal grinned.

“We’re going to do battle aren’t we?” Michael spoke as he grabbed a bowl from the cupboard.

“Only if necessary Michael. We’re going to let Tess do a blanket mind warp and hope it works while we take them out. We are only back up but if need be, yes, we’re going to do battle. Max will be our healer, you will be our emergency blaster and Isabel and I will be clean up detail.”

“How about Maria and the others?”

“They are our moral support and getaway drivers should we need them, which I doubt."

“I see. They’ll be safe then?”

“As safe as they are here Michael. That’s part of the reason I want them with us. You saw how they were last night… they all trust you, every one of them.”

“Fair enough.” And Michael grabbed the Cap’n Crunch and a bottle of Tobasco. Cal grinned; the boy was going to do fine.

Soon the kitchen filled up with semi-groggy teenagers all reading labels on cereal boxes and grabbing their choices and filling bowls.

“Are we going to call our parents in regards to our whereabouts?” Alex wanted to know.

“No Alex, we aren’t going to tell them. We don’t want any frantic parents following you or talking to other frantic parents. As far as they know you are training, which you are. You are going to be in charge of driving vehicles when this is all over. Pure and simple, your only duty is to drive if need be. You know how to defend yourself should you have to but I don’t want any of you four that close to the action. Is that understood?

"You will all have a job to do and I expect you to do it without question. If this is going to work we have to work as a unit…all together. Understood?” Cal asked for the second time.

They all nodded and none of them seemed to be frightened of the idea. The only one really frightened was Cal. They had to do what was asked of them and nothing more, he couldn’t be worried for their safety while the battle was taking place. And if this worked the skins would never be the wiser.

Cal nodded to Chuck who headed next door once again to get the rest of the troops. They would take the bus along with the SUVs. That way the kids could all be together and they would all feel better about that.

And right at 10:00 a.m. they were on their way. They even packed an ice chest full of soft drinks and sandwiches. Cal just shook his head as Liz and Maria passed him on their way out the door with their back packs loaded…He HAD intended to feed them, honest.


Back in Copper Summit the Crawford’s were frantically working to get what they felt would be absolute necessities for their journey back to the desert of New Mexico. It was decided that they needed to get out of Copper Summit and find the Granolith. They would dig in and make plans once they found a place in the desert to hide. They had to find the king, it was absolutely imperative to their existence. Their husks were gone and they didn’t have 50 years to harvest another crop. And so it was that Nicholas found his earth parents.

“What are you two doing?”

“Nicholas, we want to take a few things with us. This has been our life for a very long time and I want something of Vanessa’s to remember her by as well as some other things. We may not be here for much longer, but there are some things I want to take with us when we leave this planet.

“We should have never come, it was a mistake. Whatever agreement you made with Kivar over 50 years ago was a mistake. We have searched for the Royals all of this time only to have our very existence threatened and our only assurance of a continued life on this planet has been destroyed. We belong nowhere.”

Nicholas didn’t know whether to be angry or not…what she said was true to a point. But, if they took the Granolith back to Kivar they would live like royals forever.

“Get what you need and be ready to leave in the morning. The trucks are all loaded with the necessities, don’t pack too much, there isn’t room.” And the spoiled little man/boy walked out of the house and headed to the main meeting hall.


The small convoy of SUV’s and the 15 passenger mini bus made its way through the city of Roswell and out onto the highway leading to the airport near Copper Summit, Az. with some very sleepy teenagers riding along quietly. Liz had her head resting on the passenger window and was slightly bouncing around when she finally dozed off. Maria was in the seat directly behind her sitting next to Alex and behind Alex were Isabel and Tess happily chatting amongst themselves.

Max looked over to his travel companion and noticed the uncomfortable position her neck was in and knew from experience that she was going to wake up with an awful headache and scooted over closer to her and gently moved her head to his shoulder where she seemed to fit perfectly.

The others in the van took notice but never said a word about it, they all turned back to their travel companions and continued on with their conversations while Michael sat next to Chuck in the front seat watching out the window and keeping his thoughts to himself; “just what were they headed into?”

Max was having similar thoughts but wasn’t sharing with anyone either. Just what were they getting themselves into and he sort of frowned as the mini bus rolled on. Chuck looked at the kids through the rearview mirror and wondered just how they were going to handle seeing an entire city of beings annihilated and the thought wasn’t a pleasant one. They may be alien hybrids with powers but they were still kids and he kept on driving.

Cal Langley was absolutely certain that his plan was going to work and he was hoping against all hope that the kids did exactly what they were supposed to do and they didn’t have to witness too much and, especially, that they didn’t panic. There was no room for panic in this plan and then there was that insane fool sitting on the throne on Antar. What had Nasedo done?

Did the shape shifting alien truly believe that his plan would work? It took two to make an heir regardless of how brain washed one of them was. Even in a mind warp Cal didn’t think that Max would perform after watching him with Liz. This boy was absolutely in love; no doubt about it and the young lady seemed to be very receptive to the idea. He only hoped they would not need the added healing powers above and beyond his own when this was over. He was only good for so much without needing a rest. If all went well they would be in and out of there within minutes. And the bald headed alien kept going over his plan, analyzing every scenario and allowing for all surprises. It was going to work, he just knew it, and then he frowned. This was no time for self doubt…and they kept on driving.

It was roughly 700 miles to the Yuma airport which, with two stops, should put their arrival at around 11:00 or so, pick up the supplies and additional troops and then off to Copper Summit. They should arrive there around 1:00 a. m., Tess should be able to mindwarp a sleeping community without any trouble at all and then they could launch the flame throwers, trap any “escapees” and eliminate them, clean up all evidence and be on their way back to the airport by 6:00 a. m. and headed back to Roswell, being home by 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening. The parents should never be any wiser regarding their little excursion; that is if all went well.

Liz had slept for a few hours before waking up completely and was wishing with all her heart that she could get her hands on a tooth brush and a glass of water. Max moved out of her way a little and smiled down at her…

“Hey sleepy head, you feeling alright?” She smiled at her new friend, and wondered how she had ever gotten so lucky.

“Yeah, I just feel the need for a bathroom and a tooth brush. How long have I been sleeping?”

“Well, it’s about 1:00 p.m., so I guess about two hours or so, give or take 30 minutes.”

“Ah, that long, where are we now?”

“Not really sure, I haven’t really been watching all that closely. I overheard Chuck on the phone with Cal and I guess we still have about 9 or 10 more hours. We haven’t made any stops yet but I’m sure we’ll be needing gas before too long…at least a bathroom break would be nice for all of us. Everyone seems to be settled in and making themselves comfortable. This is one long drive; I just hope we don’t get worn out from sitting all day.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it Max, we’ll be fine. I just hope everything goes according to Cal’s plan. It would be a shame to get there only to find the skins have moved already.”

Chuck looked through the rearview mirror at the young girl and he wondered if Cal had thought about that but kept his thoughts to himself. “Damn” what a thought! He looked over at Michael and forced a smile…

“Michael, give Cal a call and tell him the kids need a bathroom break and maybe a soft drink or something. It has been almost four hours and we need to stretch out or we’ll all be stiff as boards when we arrive at the airport.”

“Sure.” And Michael reached for the phone sitting on the console between the two of them and dialed Cal, number 1 on speed dial.

“Hey, Cal. Chuck said it’s time for a bathroom break. Pull off at the next rest stop okay?”

Cal Langley smiled; the kid didn’t waste any time with small talk, short and to the point. This was going to be fun when it was all over, getting to know all of them. He answered Michael…

“Next stop Michael”, and he hit end.

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Lizza: Here you go, and update just for you.... :D
Eve: Hey, I checked maps on google before I wrote that part and I was shocked at the distance as for traveling, when I go to So. Calif. to visit it's 687 miles from Redding to Fullerton and that's not border to border. California is a very long state where as Delaware, on the East Coast is only 40 miles long. Oh well...I guess we're used to it. As for the story, here we go with the battle I think. I hope this is the one, it's a fun one. :wink:
Carolyn: As I told Eve, I think the battle is this one, if not it's the next one. I will say there is a battle, hell you'll read it anyway. :lol: :wink:
Alix: As I told the other ladies I think this is the one with the battle...there is a battle but it's not the end of the story. As for Cal, well, in this one he's doing the job he was sent to do in the first place as far as I'm concerned...ever the dreamer. :)


Chapter: 26

When the convoy pulled into the convenience store/gas station an entourage of people exited various vehicles and proceeded to the restrooms while the drivers of said vehicles all gassed up and then followed the others into the store/restaurant combo.

After having used the facilities Liz grabbed her backpack and retrieved her tooth brush first and then her hair brush. Isabel and Tess each washed their hands and then did a wave over their hair and make-up while Maria watched in awe…

“Hey Isabel, how about a quick go at my hair while you’re at it?” And Isabel smiled at her new friend and waved a hand over Maria, changing the length, the color and the do. Liz and Maria both giggled and then Maria shook her head…

“It looks great Isabel but we’d better stick with what everyone is used to…especially my mom.” Isabel nodded in understanding and put Maria’s hair back to its natural state and the four young women all left the ladies room together, doing exactly as Cal had told them to do…stay together. None of them wanted to change that plan now and maybe never.

When they exited the store area Cal was waiting for them and waved them into the line behind the boys and told them to get some lunch to go. The “soldiers” had already placed their orders and were waiting for their sacks as they sipped on various drinks. Cal took up the last of the line and handed the clerk his credit card and paid for everything then they were loaded up and ready to take off once again.

It was very quiet in the minibus but the smell of hamburgers, French fries and cokes was overwhelming as the Tobasco sauce was being passed between the alien hybrids. Chuck had to open the vents and the roof top to blow out some of the odors. It was worse than a McDonald’s and the man smiled. His own kids loved that place and he was suddenly anxious to get this over with, he was becoming very homesick all of a sudden.

Right at 11:00 p.m. the caravan pulled into the private hangar at the small Yuma airport and 10 men exited the vehicles they were in and started loading various pieces of dangerous looking equipment into the cargo areas of the SUVs.

All of the men were wearing desert cammies and had night vision goggles hanging from straps around their necks while night sticks were hanging from the leather strap around their waists.

Cal Langley smiled at his small army, guns would not be necessary for this battle, only sticks and fire. Cal gave the motion to head on out. They had to keep moving in order to keep on schedule.

Cal took his place with the kids on the bus as Chuck buckled up. Michael sat in the very back with Tess and Isabel and they made their way back to the main highway and headed to Copper Summit.

“Alright kids, I know they’re going to have lookouts posted and we are going to have to be very careful. Liz, Maria, Kyle and Alex each stay with a vehicle and be ready to move. Tess, you will come with me, I’ll put up a shield and hope they haven’t figured a way to see through it. When we get close enough for you to feel the enemy start your mind warp and let me know when you feel we can move in.

“Isabel, be ready to go with me when the time is right and we will clean up any evidence of our ever having been here and Max, you’ll need to be on hand should we need extra healing. Michael, we’ll need you to help blast their vehicles once they have all been taken care of. The rest of you know how to eliminate the enemy if you have to.

"If anyone comes over that rise you will take care of them the way you have been taught to. You have each been provided with a night stick, smack them on the back. If you hit someone that doesn’t disappear we’ll heal him or her later, otherwise they’ll just disintegrate, don’t be afraid to attack. Are you all okay with this?”

Liz looked at Maria, the one who usually gets hysterical, and Maria nodded yes. She was fine with it. Liz nodded as did Kyle and Alex. They weren’t quite as sure about it all as Liz was but they would do the job that was expected of them.

“Good, now let’s get moving. Keep alert and watch each other’s backs.”

They all nodded and Cal and Tess took off, quietly making their way to a covered carport type of building.

There was a skin sitting there watching the road ahead and Tess closed her eyes and made the man think he heard something coming from the other end of the building. When he started to make his way in that direction she nodded to Cal who smacked the alien right across his back and that being immediately turned to ash in front of them. Cal nodded to Tess with a smile on his face and then he whispered, “Can you reach all of them yet?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll try.” And Tess closed her eyes and concentrated on the various buildings as Cal’s troops moved in and took their positions all around the community.

Nicholas bounced up from his position on the porch of the meeting hall and suddenly knew that someone was working on his brain…it was just a slight nudge but he could feel it and then he knew. “Langley” and he took off running but he didn’t run to warn anyone he took off in the opposite direction hoping to save himself because he knew that would be his only chance for survival.

Cal saw the little piss ant running like the coward he was but he had to follow his plan and he only hoped that the others would be able to surprise the pain in the ass and take him out. It was a lot to ask of four human teenagers but they knew what to do if he came over that rise.

Michael saw the boy/man at the same time as Cal and pointed him out to Max and Max took off fast as his legs would carry him toward Liz. If Cal needed him he would be back to help heal any wounded.

Nicholas headed over the hills and ran smack dab into a “kid” taking a leak in the bushes.

“Hey,” Alex shouted as the teenaged looking skin almost ran into him, “What the hell are you doing out here?”

Nicholas couldn’t believe his eyes, it was one of the kids from the carnival.

“I could ask you the same thing.” And then Alex recognized the alien skin just as Max came running toward him. Alex didn’t know what the hell to do so he simply pointed and sprayed the little dude right in the face, smiling while watching as Nicholas spit and sputtered all over the place, frantically trying to avoid the urine splashing all over him and Max came down on his back just as hard as he could and the kid disappeared right in front of them.

Max started to laugh as Alex zipped himself up and then he pointed over his shoulder to the direction he had just come from and Alex nodded his approval with a grin. Max turned and left, laughing, and when he got back to Michael, Michael asked…

“Did you get him?” Max practically choked on his words,

“Yeah, Alex pissed on him.”

“Huh?” And Michael looked at Max like he had lost it totally…

“What do you mean, Alex pissed on him?”

Max was close to hysteria now, for many reasons, fear…adrenalin among other things and he choked out…

“Literally. Alex was taking a leak when Nicholas surprised him, I was hot on Nicholas’ trail and Alex actually sprayed Nick in the face and I whacked his back.”

Michael, who never laughed, slapped his thighs and was having a really tough time controlling himself; he laughed so hard he hurt. He couldn’t wait until Cal heard this story and then they heard the noise…

Loud explosive noises coming from areas all around them and Tess continued to hold the warp as Cal’s soldiers threw flames into buildings all over the small community. Skins came running from everywhere and Michael blasted while Max whacked. A few managed to escape over the hills but Liz and Maria managed to drop kick a few in the back and Kyle and Alex chased down three who were trying to get rid of flames as they ran.

As Cal Langley had predicted, the entire attack was over in minutes and then he started questioning about Nicholas’s demise. None of the soldiers had recalled seeing a dark haired teenager but by the time Michael had blasted the vehicles containing the skins belongings and Cal and Isabel had put the buildings back to pristine order Max had told his story. Cal Langley roared, “Well I guess you use whatever weapons are at hand” and he laughed even harder.

Tess was completely spent and needed help back to the bus, Michael picked her up and carried her and Cal knew she would be fine with some rest. Kyle pulled the little blond into his lap and held her close as she slept…it appeared that rest would work wonders and Kyle’s lap helped a great deal as well.

All eight of the teenagers found a comfortable niche for themselves and they all slept the sleep of the dead.
Cal sat there in thought; now, if he could be as certain about the Antarians as he had been about the skins life would be great.

His next order of business was to contact the General and get the special unit taken care of and then he would worry about Kivar. Maybe they would be able to locate the key to the Granolith among Nasedo’s belongings. It wasn’t Cal’s primary concern until he had taken care of the immediate problem, then he would deal with the rest of it.


Back in Roswell, sheriff Valenti was relieving Owen for lunch when a strangely familiar face approached the front desk and smiled.

“Hi, I’m just looking the place over to get familiar with the surroundings. I start tomorrow, I was sent in from headquarters. Deputy Fisher here…I was told to report to Sheriff Valenti and I thought I’d just have a look around.”

Jim Valenti recognized the man from the picture Cal Langley had showed him and he got a sudden feeling of foreboding. He would talk this over with Cal. Keep your enemies close was all he could think of right now.

“I don’t recall requesting a new Deputy, just who placed this order?”

“I really don’t know. Are you Valenti?”

“I am, and before you make yourself comfortable I’ll contact headquarters and see just who sent you and why. As you can tell, it’s Sunday and we only have one person manning the desk on Sunday. It’s a very quiet town so take a drive around and I’ll see you tomorrow when we have a full staff.”

“Very good sheriff, is the Tumbleweed the only motel in town?”

“No, but it’s the handiest. Good day deputy.” And Jim Valenti picked up a file folder and started reading. Agent Pierce wasn’t too happy about the brush off he just received but he made himself scarce for the time being.

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Carolyn: I wish I could do that to my hair too...If I have no plans to leave the house I just get out ot the shower, straighten it out with a comb to give it some direction, it's naturally wavy, and let it dry. If I plan on going somewhere I use the blow dryer and curling iron to make sure it stays put. I've never really bothered with it too much, it sort of does it's own thing anyway...The only part of this battle that I really enjoyed was Alex's participation, I just wanted that to happen to the little twerp. :D
Eve: I was surprised that Copper Summit was that far away too, i had to verify the distance and travel time in order to make it all work out correctly but it is that far from Roswell, at least according to Google! :wink: As for the urine, having had two little boys of my own and three grandsons I also know from experience that little boys, big boys and men can take pretty good aim with those things...some of them even go so far as to "practice" writing their names in the sand, honest!

Chapter: 27

About 7:30 that evening the road weary travelers pulled into the driveways of three very nice homes in the new subdivision of Roswell and proceeded to exit the vehicles in various emotional states; tired being uppermost in all of them. Cal thanked his men for a job well done and followed the teenagers into the Harding home.

“Well, what are the sleeping arrangements for tonight? Do all of you want to stay again tonight or would you rather go home?”

“I think I’d like to go home and sleep in my own bed. The immediate danger is over, I realize we have other problems but the skins are gone and we can continue our training later, right?” Liz answered the query wearily.

“Yeah, me too.” Agreed Isabel and then Maria.

“Fine, I’ll have Chuck load you all up in the minibus and drive you all to your homes. That way your parents won’t have to come and get you. You were all wonderful, each of you and Alex, you deserve a medal for bravery above and beyond the call of duty; great instincts Alex, absolutely great.” And everyone laughed as Alex took a bow, the boy was positively one of the funniest kids Cal Langley had ever met. Nothing seemed to embarrass him and Cal joined in the laughter.

He would have a trophy made up for the kid, he didn’t know what he would put on it yet but it definitely would be something befitting the situation.

Just as everyone gathered up their belongings Cal’s phone rang. It was the Sheriff…

“Hey sheriff, what’s up?”

“I’ve got some interesting news for you Cal…do you have some time for some company?”

“Of course, do you want to come over here or would you like to meet somewhere?”

“Under the circumstances I think we should meet somewhere safe and not draw attention to anyone in particular, if you know what I mean.”

“I understand, can you give me a hint?”

Sheriff Valenti said one word and Cal Langley froze…”Pierce.”

“The Crashdown Sheriff, ten minutes.”

Max noticed the change in the air and asked Cal what was happening now…

“We’ll talk about it as soon as I know more Max. Go home and rest. Tomorrow is another day.” And Cal Langley grabbed a set of keys and left the teenage king standing there wondering “what now?”


Cal pulled into a parking place right in front of the Crashdown just about the same time as the Sheriff and both men entered one behind the other.

“Let’s head back to Jeff’s office, I called and told him we were going to meet here.” Jim advised as he walked straight through to the swinging door leading to the back room.

Jeff was sitting behind his desk working on time cards when the two men entered; he arose and shook both their hands as he pointed to the extra two chairs he had brought in.

“I’m assuming this meeting has nothing to do with the circus charade that just left town.” Jeff surmised with a frown.

“No, that problem has been dealt with quite successfully but we now have another one. The Special Unit of the FBI is going to take up residence in the sheriff’s department tomorrow and we need to deal with this quite differently than we did the skins.

“The Special Unit is an elite unit, hidden deep within the FBI. They are a group of alien hunters led by an insane fool who thinks gaining knowledge is dissection.

“Part of the problem goes back 50 years when Nasedo was captured and experimented on by Dan Pierce senior. Nasedo killed the man after he escaped the facility and took it upon himself to wreak revenge on the man and any of his fellow agents he could find. He left his trademark, a silver handprint, on each and every one of those men; the same silver handprint that showed up on Liz when Max healed her.

“It’s an alien side effect that we have no control over. It doesn’t always appear but if the action is intense then the trademark shows up.

“Agent Dan Pierce, Jr. is posing as a sheriff’s deputy and showed up in Jim’s office today to inform him that he would be starting work tomorrow in the sheriff’s department under the name of Deputy Fisher. Jim recognized him from the picture I showed him last week.

“Apparently the carnival fiasco showed up on the FBI’s radar and now Pierce is here to investigate. We need to get rid of the Special Unit all together and I’m open to any and all suggestions as to how we can do this without drawing attention to us. This man is ruthless and we don’t need him around our kids.”

Jeff and Jim were both speechless at this point. Neither man knew what to say and so they sat and waited for more from the alien shapeshifter. Finally Jeff spoke,

“We need to tell the kids and we need to find out how many other ‘strangers’ have shown up in town and taken up residence. The FBI doesn’t travel alone regardless of how ‘unique’ they are.”

“Agreed.” Jim nodded, “I’ll call the various motels in town and request a list of recent registrants explaining that we are looking for a known child abuser. That’ll get their cooperation quicker than anything else we can come up with. Maybe your men can check some of them out for us Cal. If I use my resources Pierce will know about it and it will blow up in our faces. I feel we should keep him here where we can watch him.”
Cal looked at Jim with a new found respect…the man knew his job.

“Tomorrow after school we’ll have the kids follow their usual routine and drive themselves from school. We can’t be practicing battle games at the stone quarry when we have the possibility of being watched by the FBI. In the meantime I’ll be in contact with a military friend who I consult with on many film projects. I’m sure he’ll be able to help with this problem without me being too open with him.”

“Great, I’ll tell Kyle a little of our plan when I get home. Jeff you inform Liz and she can call Maria and Alex.
Perhaps Tess can contact the Evans?” Jim looked to Cal for confirmation.

“That sounds great. Let’s get home and think about this some more. Jim, you can leave first…we don’t want anyone seeing us together if it’s possible.”

“I understand. I’ll just go out the back door and you can go out the front. We’ll fix this problem too Cal; one step at a time. By the way is the skin problem taken care of?”

Cal Langley laughed and then told his story and by the time the men broke up the meeting they were all laughing while Deputy Fisher sat in the dining room having pie and coffee, never the wiser…yet.

Kathleen Topolsky was just checking into the bed and breakfast at the other end of town getting ready for her new position as guidance counselor at W. Roswell high in the morning while two other well dressed men were checking into a motel on the outskirts of town.

Cal Langley drove back to the Harding’s, calling to make sure everyone was assembled in the rec room along with Tess who was one of the most important players in this new drama.

Cal pulled into the garage and made his way through the back door, only to be met with a hug from his little blond charge.

“What is this all about?” He asked…

“Oh Cal, I have never been able to have friends before and I love it. I know I should be feeling worse than I do about Nasedo, and yes I miss him, but in a way Cal…I’m relieved. I can’t explain how I feel but I feel relieved.”

Cal returned the hug, it almost felt natural, and then he pointed to the stairs leading down to the rec room.
“Tess, I think I know what you’re saying honey but we need to talk before school tomorrow. So let’s make this quick so you can get some much needed rest.” And Cal led the young girl down the steps, dreading the news he had to share with all of them. It hadn’t even been 24 hours since their first battle now there was this new one on the horizon.


“Kyle, I need to talk to you son. I heard about your overnight excursion but a new player has landed among us and we need to talk about it before you go off to school tomorrow.”

And Jim Valenti proceeded to tell Kyle about his new deputy who wasn’t a deputy at all and to make sure to be very careful about any new faces around town. It seemed like the carnival was just the beginning of many things to come.

“Well, welcome to the alien abyss dad. It seems as though the skins were an easy task compared to taking on the FBI. Wow.” And Kyle got himself ready for some serious meditation, all praise be to Buddha.

Tess called Isabel after her meeting with Cal and Isabel in turn made her way to her brother’s room and thankfully Michael was there. She filled them in on the news and Max just scratched the back of his head while Michael thought about all of the strange new events taking place in their young lives. He had wanted to know where he came from for so long and now he wasn’t so sure he was happy with the news at all.

Jeff Parker found Maria and Liz sitting on the balcony over the Crashdown and motioned the girls in. He didn’t want any information picked up by anyone loitering in the alley and when the girls had made themselves comfortable he closed the window and told them about the new visitor in town and to be very careful of any new faces no matter where they showed up. Liz just nodded and Maria hugged her pillow. What next was all she could think right now? Maria really liked her new friends but was beginning to wonder about the rationale of it all.

God, what a mess!

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Carolyn: the mess was referring to the story and the mess at my house is still a mess...the renovators will be here at 8 in the morning to start on the floor, wall paper coming down then sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors in the bedroom...I think I'll move before anymore shit can happen around here that I have to fix. And you're right, "what a mess"... :wink:
Natalie: Bless your heart, I'm sure there are a lot of people thinking that anyone besides the people who wrote that show could have done a better job but thank you. That was a very nice compliment. :)
Eve: I think that most of us who watched that show and loved those kids would agree that the man in charge was slightly over the top...Think about it, if there are other life forms out there, and I believe there are, surely they are smarter than we are. They got here afterall. :wink:


Chapter: 28

Monday morning bright and early Kathleen Topolsky made her way into W. Roswell high school looking very much like the professional she was supposedly hired to be. She made her way to the administration’s office where a very pleasant, but slightly obese, secretary took her folder and asked her to have a seat while she announced her to Mr. Forrester, the principal.

As far as the secretary knew there weren’t any new hires and she would have to adjust some schedules to accommodate the very pretty young woman in the outer office.

“Mr. Forrester, there is a young woman out there who has transfer papers from the school district introducing her as our new guidance counselor. Do you know anything about this?”

John Forrester looked at his secretary with a confused look on his face and then nodded in the direction of the door. He had no idea what was going on…

“Show her in.” Was all he managed to get out in his confused state…what was going on now he wondered to himself as he stood in anticipation of the new member of his faculty? This is no way to run a business even if that business happened to be a school, especially if that business happened to be a school.

When Kathleen Topolsky entered the office of the principal she almost felt like a student about to be served detention…

“Good morning, I’m John Forrester, and you are? I’m sorry we weren’t informed of your arrival so I’m totally in the dark here.”

“Oh Principal Forrester, I’m so sorry. I was just given my orders yesterday morning. I would have thought that you of all people would have been made aware of my arrival. I’m Kathleen Topolsky; here are my credentials and my orders from the office of the school district. They said it was an emergency replacement. I never dreamed that you were unaware of my arrival.”

John Forrester took the folder from Kathleen and motioned for her to have a seat and then he sat down and opened the neatly presented folder and proceeded to read.

The entire situation didn’t sit well with him…he definitely would be in touch with the school board about this surprise.

“Well Miss Topolsky, everything seems to be in order although I don’t know why I didn’t know about needing a new guidance counselor, this is somewhat of a shock.”

“I can just imagine Mr. Forrester…I know when I got the call yesterday morning I wasn’t really prepared to make such a move myself. Do you need me to fill out any papers or the like?”

“No, I’ll have Deborah show you to the guidance counselor’s office and make yourself comfortable. We’ll call an assembly of students in the gym after lunch and introduce you to them. In the meantime here’s a list of our teachers, you can familiarize yourself with their various subjects and then I can introduce you during lunch. If you need any supplies just let Miss Lewis know and I’m sure she’ll be happy to get them for you.”

And on that note Principal Forrester excused the new guidance counselor and prepared himself to make a few phone calls regarding his new staff member. He wasn’t happy about this at all.

At the same time our eight teenagers made their way into the parking lot in their own vehicles and met up in front of the main entrance when Isabel noticed a blond professional looking woman coming from the principal’s office…

“I wonder who that is.” And she nodded toward the pretty blond.

“I’ve never seen her before.” Liz answered as she watched along with everyone else.

Tess took out her cell phone and made a call…

“Cal, there’s a new body in school, professional looking type…” And Tess snapped a picture and hit send.

“Thank you Tess, relax, I’ll check it out.” And they hung up.

Cal put the picture up on his extensive data base and identified the blond immediately as a special unit FBI agent and the plot thickened. He immediately called Tess and told her what he found out and said to tell the rest of the kids to go along with whatever the woman had going for her and hung up.

n the meantime the Tumbleweed notified Sheriff Valenti of Deputy Fisher’s presence and then the local bed and breakfast told him about Kathleen Topolksy but the biggest surprise was the motel across town. The desk clerk actually e-mailed pictures to Jim’s private account which he immediately forwarded to Cal and then to his home. This was getting to be a three ring circus.

Cal called the sheriff on his private cell just as Deputy Fisher walked in and Jim told Cal he would have to call him back because a new deputy just came in for orientation.

“I understand Jim. We’ll meet at 7:00 if that’s convenient for you.”

“Perfect, I’m looking forward to it.” And the two men ended their call.

“Now, Deputy Fisher, let’s see what we can do to keep you busy. I haven’t had a chance to contact headquarters regarding your duties but I’m sure we’ll find something to keep you occupied in the interim. The coffee pot can use a good cleaning and after that check in with Deputy Hanson at the front desk. Just introduce yourself…he’ll take over the conversation and if you nod occasionally you’ll be fine for a while.”

Deputy Fisher chuckled in spite of himself…this was going to be easier than he thought.

Jim reached into his filing box and removed the report on the shooting at the Crashdown and shredded it. He then placed the call into the head of the New Mexico sheriff’s department and asked for Joseph Longfeather by name. Jim and Longfeather were friends a long time before they were ever sheriffs.

“Longfeather here, Jim how are you.”

“I’m fine Joe and you?”

“Can’t complain, I could live a much more peaceful existence without teenagers.”

And Jim Valenti laughed…

“I hear that, have one of my own as you well know.”

“That I do, what’s the purpose of the call Jim…it can’t be about our kids.”

“No it isn’t…you sent me a new deputy, he just showed up, and I was wondering why?”

“It’s the strangest thing Jim. This came in from the Capitol, something I couldn’t figure out either. I take it you don’t need this person.”

“You take it right…thanks Joe. I’ll keep in touch; we need to get together, all of us.”

“Yes we do. Let me know when and where and I’ll be there.”

“Will do Joe and I really do appreciate your candor.”

“Anytime Jim.”

About that time Deputy Fisher walked into Jim’s office with a clean coffee pot. It was all Jim could do to keep a civil tongue in his head.

“Deputy, in the future you’ll knock before entering this office. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” And on that note Dan Pierce left, closing the door behind him. He got the feeling that he was not very welcome around here at all.


Our eight teens met up at their picnic tables in the quad and Tess informed them of what Cal had told her before class.

“We’re supposed to go along with whatever program she presents and act like we have no idea who she really is. We have to be careful what we talk about though, we can’t be planning any surprise attacks on our enemies or anything like that. I wonder what tipped them off?”

“Tess, it doesn’t matter what they think they know. If they were certain of anything they wouldn’t be passing themselves off as something they aren’t. We’ll do as Cal says and be normal teenagers…which is exactly what we are. Now, how about getting together tonight for a study session. What do you say Tess, the rec room at 7:00?” Max asked as he looked at Liz while talking to Tess…Liz answered.

“As much fun as that sounds Max I’ve got the evening shift tonight, so does Maria and I think dad scheduled Michael as well. He intends to work with him for couple of shifts before leaving him alone. Mondays are kind of slow so it’s a good time to train.”

Michael smiled, he was looking forward to working and the extra perk was that Maria would be there also. Max just grinned when he saw the look on his friend’s face.

“Great, I’ll stop by for a burger and Michael can cook it for me.” Michael just glared at Max who threw a “Sun chip” at him.

Kathleen Topolsky had just entered the quad about that time and noticed the two picnic tables pushed together and smiled at the camaraderie going on. ‘Now that’s how teenagers are supposed to be’ she thought to herself. Never the wiser!

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Eve: Deputy Fisher, aka: Pierce, was trying to get more information on the Roswell aliens because he had heard of a shooting through the grapevine but nothing had been reported. He's always had agents in the area, spies so to speak. Glad you liked it, here's a little more for fun. :)
Carolyn: I'm trying to maintain my sanity...the master bath toilet is still sitting in my bedroom but they did get the wallpaper off and the walls painted, they laid the floor today but I don't know when they're going to set the toilet and put the baseboards back on the wall and then it's refinishing the hardwood floors. I swear I'm paranoid now, I don't leave that bathroom until I'm positive that water is's awful but I wil survive. :roll:
Lizza: I think next week is what you've been waiting for. Don't hold me to it though, I read this chapter before I posted it and there's nothing in it that you're looking forward to yet, but it's coming. Stick with me!!! :wink:
Natalie: Not yet anyway! :wink:
Alix: I don't want to give too much away here but I think you'll like the end to this one...honest! :D

teenagers are supposed to be’ she thought to herself. Never the wiser!

Chapter: 29

Our eight teenagers discussed the new faculty member while Max and Kyle sat teasing Alex about his new found weapon and that really got some guffaws from Michael who was sorry as hell he missed it. Tess and Liz giggled as Isabel and Maria just sat there and laughed out loud. None of them thought they would ever get over Alex’s antics; who would have ever thought the boy could be so much fun, and then they heard the announcement that there would be an unscheduled assembly in the gym after lunch.

All eight of them headed into the halls, found their lockers and then met up as a group once again at the entrance to the gym and headed in to make themselves comfortable.

Principal Forrester took his place on the podium and announced to the faculty and student body that West Roswell High had a new guidance counselor.

“I will now turn the microphone over to Miss Kathleen Topolsky.”

And with that Principal Forrester took a seat along with the rest of the shocked faculty and our eight teenagers sat there speechless.

All Liz could think of was ‘now this FBI agent had free rein into their private lives’ and wondered just how up close and personal she was going to try and get herself.

Max could only think of his sister, Michael and Tess and only hoped that the fact that they didn’t have actual birth certificates didn’t raise any red flags while Maria just sat and held Alex’s hand. She was worried about her new friends and Kyle’s only concern was his father. Max would mention to Cal about the birth certificates when he got home tonight.

Kathleen Topolsky simply told the students that she had an open door policy and to please feel free to come and see her about anything they wanted to talk about regardless of how trivial they thought their problem may be. She would make a point of personally introducing herself to each student starting with the seniors, since they would be the first ones leaving the school and then she turned the microphone back to Principal Forrester who called the meeting to a close.

“Liz, do you think you guys could change shifts with someone today?” Max inquired.

“No Max, but we don’t start our shifts until 5:00. We’ll head right on over to Tess’ after school. How’s that?”

“That’s fine; I’ll see to it that Michael and Isabel are there, you take care of Maria, Alex and Kyle.”

“Will do. I think Cal should be made aware that we are coming just to be sure he’s there.”

“Right; I’ll tell Tess to give him a call.” And they split up and headed to their next class which, luckily, Liz’s was with Maria and Kyle.

Liz filled them in on their plans and they agreed to meet at Tess’s; it was all settled and then Miss Topolsky showed up as a substitute for their sociology class…Liz knew she had seen the regular teacher in the halls just prior to this and wondered what the hell was going on now. Maria and Kyle turned to look at her and she just shrugged, what else could she do; a lot of the other students were having the same thoughts and Miss Topolsky picked up on it immediately.

“Hello class, Mr. Avery got called away suddenly so I’ll be substituting for him today. Shall we start out with roll call?”

And with that Liz knew something strange was really going on…’what substitute takes roll?’ and she sat there and frowned at the substitute with a knowing look. “I don’t trust you!” written all over her face and Topolsky got the message loud and clear. The portfolio on this student said she was at the top of her class and there would be no fooling around with this girl. ‘Just what was Pierce up to?’ Kathleen wondered.
When class was over Kathleen Topolsky wasn’t exactly looking up when she rounded the corner of the hallway leading to her office and she ran smack into Liz Parker coming from the other direction. Liz was busily watching Max Evans’ behind go around the corner down the other hallway as he headed to the gym.

WHAM!!! The surprise from hell as far as Liz was concerned…meet the enemy up close and personal…

“OH! Miss Topolsky, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking.” Liz sputtered as she stopped to help the new Guidance Counselor retrieve an arm full of file folders.

Miss Topolsky was so busy reaching for her belongings and smiling that she didn’t notice Liz actually reading the names on the folders: Michael Guerin, Maxwell Evans, Isabel Evans, and Elizabeth Parker among others. “What the hell”

“It’s alright, I wasn’t watching either I guess. Miss Parker right? Elizabeth Parker?”

“Yes, that’s right. You have a good memory don’t you?” And Liz smiled at the pretty blond.

“Yes I do Miss Parker; you’re a sophomore aren’t you?”

“I’m sure you already know that Miss Topolsky. You’ll have to excuse me…I have late shift at the Crashdown tonight and if I want to get my homework finished by 5:00 I really have to get going. Excuse me.”

“Oh you work at that cute little café?”

“Yes I do, my parents own it. Quite a few of my schoolmates work there as well. I really do have to go now. I’ll probably see you tomorrow if you find it necessary to invade anymore of our classes.” And with that Liz got up off her knees and headed to her locker to get her books in order to make it to Tess’s before anymore strange things happened to her while leaving a Kathleen Topolsky in somewhat of a shock that Miss Parker would actually say something like that.

By the time Liz made it to the back of the school parking lot, the safest place for her beauty, everyone else had already gone…she was going to be late, she just knew it.

When Liz rounded the driveway she saw Max, Isabel and Michael sitting in the jeep pulled over and being questioned by that new Deputy of the sheriffs…’boy, talk about subtle’ Liz thought.

'If the agents weren’t careful they just might wind up out in the desert with the buzzards and coyotes.' She waved to Isabel as she passed and Isabel smiled and waved back. They really had nothing to worry about as far as they were concerned, they only had to trust Cal and so far so good. Pierce didn’t miss this action at all…

“A friend of yours?”

“As a matter of fact she is, a very good friend, and just what do our friends have to do with this bogus stop of yours?” Isabel asked.

Pierce eyed the young beauty with some skepticism. It wasn’t going to be as easy to intimidate this group as he thought.

“Everything seems to be in order, you’re free to go.”

“Just what did you think was out of order Deputy?” Isabel wanted to know.

“This is a very old vehicle young lady…we must be certain that it is safe to drive.”

Isabel looked at the man’s badge and smiled her sweetest pasted on smile she could muster.

“Deputy”, she stalled, “Fisher is it? If the state of New Mexico passed the vehicle as road worthy, issued a valid license plate to operate it, then I see no reason for you to be manufacturing reasons to be stopping us. Should you have any more questions regarding our mode of transportation I suggest you contact our father, Attorney Philip Evans. I am very sure he would be more than happy to fill you in on any misgivings you may have about our jeep. Now, if you’ll excuse us my brother and our friend have jobs to get to and I volunteer at the local hospital during dinner hour passing out trays. Have a good day.”

Pierce tipped his hat, put his pad and pencil away and nodded to the three teens as they drove off. ‘This isn’t going to be easy at all’ he thought to himself.

“Isabel, why would you antagonize that man like that…you know he’s dangerous.”

“So are we Max, don’t forget it.”

“That’s not the point Isabel, we can’t be making waves.” Max all but begged his sister.

“He started it.” Isabel snarked back.

“Yes, and let’s hope he doesn’t get the opportunity to finish it. What the hell brought him here in the first place?” Michael wanted to know.

“I don’t know but I’m sure Cal will find out.” Max just wanted to get this over with as Isabel answered Michael.

“Hey, we’re supposed to be helping Cal not antagonizing the enemy.” Max interjected.

“Yeah, who would have ever thought the FBI, a bureau of the United States Government was our enemy. This is a nightmare.” Isabel all but shouted at her riding companions.

Michael spoke up …

“Let’s just get to Tess’s and figure out a plan of attack and stop the discussing…we need to get some input from everybody else.”

This totally shocked Isabel and Max, and so Max drove on in silence; he was sure Isabel wasn’t finished whipping the dead horse yet but he’d just have to go along with it all…And just what the hell DID alert this Pierce anyway? And furthermore he still wasn’t sure that the person sitting in the back seat was Michael…

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Re: Rock My World A/U C/C Mature ch. 30 7/25/13

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Lizza: Here you are,,,one more for you. :)
Eve: The shut off valve got stuck and flooded my master bath, bedroom and hallway.,,they had to peel off wallpaper, lay a new sub floor in the bathroom, new unp the carpeting and now my hardwood floors have to be refinished as soon as they're dry enough,,,it's a mess.

As for Max and Liz, well, let's just say that the news got to Pierce someway... :wink:
Carolyn: I'm not sure what this chapter reveals because I haven't had a chance to reread it yet but Cal is a pretty good guardian in this one. :)
Alix: Well, Honest, Cal takes his job very seriously in this one... :wink:


Chapter: 30

It was about 3:30 when Max finally pulled into a parking place across the street from the Harding’s and our three hybrids made their way across the very quiet street. John was looking out the window from the home next door, keeping an eye on the two suits in the rental car down the street while Chuck was doing the same from his vantage point in the other home on the opposite side. The agents in the non-descript vehicle were never the wiser. They were told to keep an eye on the home in the middle and keep an eye out for any visitors and that is exactly what they were doing when Sheriff Valenti pulled alongside the vehicle and got out of his marked SUV and put his hat on his head as he approached the two men.

“Can I see some identification gentlemen?” Jim asked, knowing full well who he was talking to.

“Of course sheriff.” And the driver pulled out his wallet and showed his badge, feeling very important for the time being.

“Uh Huh…and just what is your business in this neighborhood may I ask?”

“We are on surveillance sheriff.”

“I see, so you have been advised of the sex offenders we are on the lookout for also. Gentlemen, I can assure you that who you are looking for are not in this neighborhood. My son is seeing the young lady in that home across the street and I have it on very good authority that he is not who you are looking for nor are any of his friends who are all in there studying for a biology exam. He asked me to stop by for a cheek swab so they can do some tests. Now I suggest you take this “surveillance” of yours somewhere where it might be of some use to serving the public.”

The agents looked at the sheriff and nodded as the driver started the vehicle and took off, just missing the front of Jim’s vehicle. Jim tipped his hat, got back in the car and pulled into the Harding driveway and got out.

Pierce was back at the front desk when his private cell rang and he excused himself and made his way outside to take the call…he didn’t need Hanson listening to anything he had to say.

“Agent Pierce, we’ve been made by the Sheriff…” And the caller waited for instructions.

“Get back to headquarters; we need to get two more men here.”

“I’m not so sure that’s going to work, the Sheriff is looking for sex offenders and checking all ID’s.”

“What do you mean he’s checking for sex offenders? There are no BOLOs in there for sex offenders.”
(BOLO: Be On the Look Out)

“Well that’s what he told us when he told us to move on.” And Pierce frowned, something wasn’t right about all of this and Congresswoman Whitaker couldn’t have been wrong. I wonder if she really WAS killed in an accident. But then, the funeral services were nationally televised, it had to be real.

Jim Valenti knocked on the front door of the Harding home only to be escorted in by Cal Langley himself.

“Jim, I’m glad you’re here. The kids have some interesting tales to tell and I think you should hear them out before they head on out to their after school jobs.

“Your Deputy took it upon himself to stop Max and the other two on their way over and then Liz bumped into Kathleen Topolsky and knocked a bunch of folders from her hands. They were files on our kids; we need to keep the heat off them while I take care of this situation without drawing more attention to us. I can’t figure out what got Pierce’s radar set on them.”

“I don’t know Cal but those two across the street in that rental were FBI. They showed me their badges and I told them to move on. I’m sure they’ll report in to Pierce and have replacements here before tomorrow.”

“Well, let me make a phone call and see what we can do about all of this. In the meantime we have to keep them in our sights regardless. We can’t let these kids out there alone. Michael will be with Liz and Maria at the Crashdown and Isabel has duty at the old age home tonight, Tess has Candy striper duty and that Leaves Kyle. Where would you like him?”

“Let’s have him join Max at the UFO center. It’s right across the street from the Crashdown and if the girls need help he’ll be handy. I know we can’t be whacking them across the back like we did the skins but I think Chuck, John and a couple more of your “men” would be appreciated. We’re talking armed agents this time.”

“Fair enough Jim. We can do that. That way we won’t be alerting any local law enforcement to our presence.”

“Fair enough. I’d better get back to the station. Pierce just may shoot Hanson on general principals.” And both men laughed.

Max and the rest of the kids joined the two in the foyer about that time to take their leave and Jim nodded,

“Come on kids, I’ll follow you back to town.” And they all took off.


Cal made his way back to Nasedo’s office and checked the time; he made the phone call anyway.

“Eddie, Cal Langley here. How are you?” And the general smiled at hearing the voice of his old friend. They went back for years.

“Cal, you old dog! How have you been?”

“Not too bad General, I‘m going to get right to the point here; I’ve got a problem and I was wondering just how much pull you have regarding information on the FBI? You know that silo we work on occasionally, the one where we share information? I think this has something to do with that.

“This agent’s father was slain by one of the occupants of that object being held there and I think you’ve got a rogue agent working deep undercover for personal reasons. He’s dangerous Eddie and he’s putting an awfully lot of young lives in jeopardy based on speculation and hearsay. Personally Eddie, I think the man is insane and I believe he is using the FBI for personal vengeance on innocent people.”

“Who is this we’re talking about Cal?”

“You may have heard about him…agent Dan Pierce, Jr. He has invaded the local sheriff’s office as a deputy and also has an agent in the local high school posing as a guidance counselor while two more agents have parked themselves across the street from my niece’s home. She just lost her guardian to an awful accident and we shipped the body to Arizona for burial in the family plot over the week-end.

“I’m currently here overseeing her care and all of this other business started. The local sheriff is a personal friend of mine and informed me of the surveillance vehicle across the street when he came to pick his son up after a study session with said niece. They are sort of seeing each other.”

“This is interesting Cal…you say this man’s name is Dan Pierce, Jr. I vaguely remember hearing that name from somewhere. Let me look into it and I’ll get back with you. Other than rogue FBI agents how are you?”

“I’m doing fine Eddie, I’ll be glad when I know my niece is safe from men who think she’s an alien-killer if you know what I mean?”

“Do you really think it’s that bad Cal?”

“Yes I do Eddie; I have no doubt that this is exactly what the man is up to. I don’t know who is feeding him information but I do know that he has honed in on my niece and her friends and we’re talking 16 and 17 year old high school kids here with valid credentials proving citizenship on planet earth if you know what I mean.”

“Cal, I know exactly what you mean. Have you ever heard of Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker?”

“That name seems vaguely familiar,” Cal shivered, literally shivered, she was a skin.

“Wasn’t she killed in an automobile accident not long ago?” Cal asked, as if he didn’t know.

“That’s the one. She was also sent to Arizona for burial in the family plot. That wouldn’t be the same plot your niece’s guardian was laid to rest in would it?”

Cal Langley smiled, Eddie was no fool, “the very same.”

“I see, I’ll see what I can do for you.”

And the two old friends ended their call as three high school students donned their uniforms and clocked in at the Crashdown Café as one undercover FBI agent strolled in for some special meat loaf and an alien smoothie and he never suspected that he was in serious danger of losing his job and possibly his life if he wasn’t careful.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.