Little Napoleon Part 2 (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 1/19/13

Finished stories set in an alternate universe to that introduced in the show, or which alter events from the show significantly, but which include the Roswell characters. Aliens play a role in these fics. All complete stories on the main AU with Aliens board will eventually be moved here.

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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 13, ch30, cc, 11/4/2012

Post by ken_r » Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:14 pm

Begonia9508: Serena is a character which writers can describe as they wish. No, Ceeya is even more mysterious. She is a mutation of pure Antarians. Watch her character grow in the next few chapters.

mary mary: Ceeya is a powerful Anterian mutation. I think there is one comment where she compares herself to Tess who in this story was not Antarian, but something else. If you follow "Castle," or "Mentalist," you will see the captain kissing up to political figures. As for our country, I am too old for revolution. Misha has promised me shack down in Guatemala. I need a reverse coyote to get Carole and me there. Guess then i would have to go back to teaching math.

Keepsmiling7: It is said that the hands of the king are healing, but even these hands will have to crawl through the mud before they reach the throne. It is dirty work

Chapter 31

The king had stated that he felt her probing his mind. What he felt, she had done on purpose. The real probe, he hadn’t felt at all. Meeting the sister of the king had been a challenge. She was a lot better at mind games. Still, she wasn’t a match for Ceeya. It was Tess who was the real pro.

Ceeya had quickly flipped through all the lovers, which Isabel had had. She had lived the experiences, good and bad, that made up the old Isabel. At first, she marveled at the change in Isabel. Then, she realized that Isabel had bent to the machine, the machine that Ceeya’s people barely acknowledged.

Ceeya marveled that Isabel could make such a change. Ceeya hadn’t yet taken her first lover. Her mental ability scared the men of the village. Part of the reason her father had lent her to the humans was the hope she could find something that wasn’t of the village and probably not of any village.

Ceeya saw a dark side to the king’s sister, most of which came from her alien side. She saw the Vilandra side. Ceeya wondered how many knew all of this side. Vilandra, who had been filled by a selfish lust, was nothing like the Isabel of the tabloids. The Isabel of the tabloid was playing with her lovers. Vilandra, on the other hand, wanted something and even Kivar could not give it to her. Going to Nicholas and releasing herself to him had given her something.

It was Tess who confused Ceeya the most. Genetically Tess was the most alien, but, Tess embraced her human side the strongest. The first thing Ceeya saw was that Tess had no Antarian genes. She was something else. Ceeya didn’t have the experience to yet understand this. Ceeya once had seen Nicholas when he had visited their village. Nicholas was an evil monster. There was nothing Antarian about him, either. To herself, Ceeya saw that the strangest thing about Nicholas was that he was dedicated to Kivar. Ceeya never let on to anyone else what she saw. There was nothing human in his makeup. Now, the Tess clone had human traits and that was what she lived with. Ceeya had no doubt that Tess could fully use whatever were her other traits in a very ruthless manner.

They studied Ceeya, they lectured her and they gave her all the information they had on where they hoped the queen was being kept. It was the human, Alex, who drove her to within a mile or so of the place she was to invade. By the time, he had dropped her off and wished her luck, Ceeya had cataloged everything she could in both his mind and his memory. Ceeya was sure that he felt nothing the whole time.

Entering the compound was simple. Using her powers would have instantly alerted Kazan. A human wire cutter worked just fine. Now, she used the ability, which gave her the most notoriety in the village.

In a society where everyone knew the approximate location and activity of everyone else, for one member to drop off their grid was disconcerting. For that same member to be able to sense every member of that society and their most intimate feelings at the same time was irritating. Many times, the villagers would lose track of Ceeya; then, learn she had mentally been spying on them. Not knowing where she was, they had no defense for keeping her out of their minds.

Ceeya made her way into the facility. For several minutes, she stood quietly as she surveyed her surroundings. There was a human in a second floor storeroom. He was sorting out drugs and needles that had, for unknown reasons, been left behind when the building was abandoned. Ceeya didn’t know that José’s cousin hadn’t quite left for Mexico, yet. He wanted to take a few things with him first. There was a powerful Antarian presence. He was on the first floor of the basement. He knew that there was an emergency street repair about a mile from the building. He wasn’t fooled, the men were all Antarian. They were blindly searching. He probably would have to move his captive soon. He was sure that he still had several more days. There was another presence, which she could neither identify nor exactly locate. Was that the queen? Probably not since the presence moved. Ceeya couldn’t tell where it moved, but she imagined the queen would be held still in some way. Ceeya already had enough information to return to the humans. She was sure that the queen was the captive. Kazan left from time to time. There was an unknown presence she couldn’t identify. Her own curiosity propelled her on.

The first floor of the basement was the most difficult. Somewhere on this floor, Kazan was wandering around. The second and the third floor were simple. As far as she could tell the second floor was empty of all life except for the rodents and other night creatures. Ceeya found the third lower floor to be confusing. Her super sharp hearing detected some one talking. It was a one sided conversation. She couldn’t make out anyone answering. There was something else.

This had to be the foundation of the building. Some of the area beneath her feet was concrete, but much of it was just dirt. The room was deathly still except for the one sided talking. Ceeya made her way along the wall. Her senses tuned as sharply as she could get them. Finally, she made it to a closed room, which looked like it had been built after the rest of the building. This room was where the voice was coming from. It was dark in the room. Well, it was dark in the entire basement. Only her senses could navigate without sight.

Listening to the voice, Ceeya made out that the voice was discussing Isabel and Tess. The voice was carrying on a one sided conversation about morals, life-styles and there had been some mention of Nicolas. Ceeya whispered, “Your majesty,” and the voice went instantly quiet.

The voice was heard no more, but it did open whomever was on the other side of the door to Ceeya’s senses.

Ceeya had found out enough. Now, to get safely out. It was on the second floor of the basement that it happened. A hand had been clapped across her mouth and one arm around her middle, just below her breasts. She was pulled tightly against a warm body. Try as hard as she could, she couldn’t sense a thing. If the physical contact hadn’t been so strong, she might have doubted some one was here at all. This had never happened to Ceeya in her entire lifetime of stirring up her village.

A hoarse voice whispered in her ear. “Tell Alex he has to move within two days. Any later and she will be gone.”

As fast as it had happened, the hand and arm were both gone. Ceeya quickly turned and found nothing behind her except for the solid wall.

The first floor of the basement, where she had felt the Antarian presence was now empty. The Antarian had gone out. Ceeya would have to be careful as she made her way outside. The Antarian might be waiting and watching outside. At the ground floor she had to wait until the human she had sensed before carried his bag of plunder out of the building. She could sense his thoughts of Mexico. His regret was that there he didn’t have someone there like his cousin, José, to get him out of trouble.

Through the fence and keeping to the shadows, she made her way to the emergency construction site. “Take me to the police station,” she demanded.

Sitting on a rooftop, he couldn’t make out who the intruder was. Piss on the fucking alien. Shellow had now embraced the Coven of Enlightenment. It was that damned alien who was partnering with them. Damned alien was so sure of himself and here was an intruder who had been running all around the facility the whole evening. Aaron had told Doug that he would be working with the coven, but Aaron was the only person Doug had to answer to. Even the coven didn’t completely trust that alien. Doug didn’t feel any obligation to tell the arrogant bastard that he had a spy right beside him.

Sergeant Kaminski was a friend of the now deceased O’Brian. He might not see the world in terms of Irish, but he was a Polish Catholic. O’Brian had always said that when men in blue fell in the line of duty, they instantly became saints in that police station in heaven. Kaminski’s priest had always said that it was pretentious for O’Brian to say that. Saints were declared by the Vatican. Kaminski would bet that his priest had never been 10-33 in a run away squad car, had never cleared a bar fight, either. When it came to catechism, Kaminski would follow O’Brian. That O’Brian had been killed at this very desk made Kaminski place his duty gun on the middle of the desk. Weirdo comes in to steal one of his officers, he would plant the SOB right where he stood. Fucking bastard, he not only had killed O’Brian, but he has also taken Little Napoleon. Kaminski knew that Captain Whitman was up in his office sleeping. He had been doing this the last few days. A wife like he had and spending the night at the station, either there was trouble at the Whitman’s or something big was brewing.

Ceeya, dressed in black tights, sweater and watch cap appeared at the station door. The hair on the back of Kaminiski’s neck rose like the mane on a Rhodesian Ridgeback. “Girly, just freeze your ass right there. This is a po-leece station and you just don’t come running in here without a by-your-leave,” Kaminski shouted.

“Get Captain Whitman down here fast,” she ordered.

“Miss, your just sit your butt down on that bench while I call the captain,” Kaminski stated.

Ceeya didn’t have any choice. She could have taken the old sergeant out easily, but even Ceeya understood that she couldn’t go demanding things from strangers. You couldn’t kill everyone who annoyed you.

Alex came running from the elevator. Frankly, he looked like hell. Even the better quality suits he now bought, didn’t take well to sleeping in your clothes. No longer did Alex chose his own clothes at Sears Robuck. Isabel had a hand in everything he did. “Hey, Kaminski, she is on our side,” he shouted. As they hurried to the elevator, Alex turned to the sergeant. “Kaminski, she was never here, understand!” the captain said emphatically. With that, they were quickly gone upstairs.

Kaminski shook his head. Some more of that hush, hush stuff. Maybe, that slip of a girl had information on the O’Brian murder. If she did, Kaminski would love to be ten years younger. Taking that cop killer down would be a pleasure. Whoever he was, Kaminski hoped he was slow raising his hands. Pull that stuff in front of the chief’s SWAT boys, and they would shoot him to rag dolls.

“Kyle, Tess and Isabel are on their way. What did you find?” he asked.

“Before any one else comes, I got a message,” Ceeya said.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Does the name Zapata, mean anything to you?” she asked.

“Did he give you that name?” the captain asked.

“No, it was just an impression I got. I never saw him. He came up behind me. I wouldn’t have thought anyone could do that. I don’t think he is human,” she was explaining.

“The message, the message,” the captain entreated. “What did he say?”

“He said,” Ceeya was careful. ‘Tell Alex he has to move within two days. Any later and she will be gone.’ I didn’t understand it and he disappeared too fast for me to ask again.” Ceeya retorted. Then, she asked, “What is he? I would bet he wasn’t Antarian. He didn’t have the feel of the people. No way, could he be human. No one has ever snuck up behind me before.”

Alex said, “Look, don’t mention this to anyone. We will not discuss anything else you saw or sensed. I will decide how to impart this information to the others.”

Ceeya noticed her question went unanswered.

“Kyle spoke up. “Should you call Evans?” he asked.

“No, and I didn’t call DeLuca or Guerin either. Let them rest if they can. We can call them when we decide what we are going to do. Ceeya thinks she may have spoken to Liz. Liz is probably in bad shape. We have to get her out within two days. I don’t think she can hold out much longer than that,” Alex told them.

Ceeya saw how Alex wove the message into the intelligence he gave them. It seemed that only the two of them knew anything about Zapata.

Her world has changed. There is no place for her in it. The royal children wouldn't be left here without a means of escape. That is Kathleen topolsky's only chance. She must leave with them.
The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 13, ch31, cc, 11/11/201

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begonia9508: Ceeya is another step in evolution. She is allmost to the aliens what they are to humans. They fear her. Remember the statement of her father's love which he declared to Max when she couldn't hear him.


mary mary: Ginger, Australia has even more restriction than we have in the USA. Please note that every state has an element who want a different government. Like the old USSR we no longer have a strong anything. The USA was the last stronghold for freedom.

keepsmiling7: I have noticed several other fics which allude to Ava not being Antarian. Kings would have sought mates from other powers to strengthen the gene pool and to build alliances.

Chapter 32

They had the official blue prints and the sketch Juan had given to his cousin and now everything Ceeya knew, this was the best they were going to get. With this information, Alex thought they could move.

Alex sketched the room that didn’t appear on the blue prints. Comparing the original blue prints with what José’s cousin had given convinced them that this room was the only addition they needed to worry about.

“José thought his cousin had left for the south. We don’t think he will be a problem. He wouldn’t want to found out by José, so he will probably stay out of the way. Ceeya didn’t see anything of other humans. If Shellow is still around, she didn’t detect him,” Alex told them.

Alex had no way of knowing that once out of the hospital, Ceeya hadn’t detected anything to separate Shellow from the other sea of humans. She had quickly focused on the aliens at the street repairs. She had been more concerned about getting to the station.

Alex leaned back. “If the others have no objections, we go tomorrow night. Ceeya, will take Max and Michael to Liz. Kyle will set up to look for any humans and the alien commandos will be near to help get Liz out.” With that, they all went on home.


It was 4:00 PM and Kyle had put the entire third floor off limits all day, except for those involved. His SWAT team was enforcing this. That royally pissed off councilor Richards.

Richards hadn’t yet learned that this was a trait of SWAT. Men trained to use alternative rules to accomplish their tasks, men trained to be a solid team, men trained to kill didn’t give in to any threats. First of all, they didn’t wear nametags. Their uniforms were all wrong for police action. They made it clear that they only answered to Kyle. Richards wasn’t even allowed to get off the elevator.

Both Alex and Kyle were upset. “I don’t care,” Isabel stated. “Tess and I are going in with Michael and Max.”

That was so infuriating to their men. “Ladies, this is a police raid. It is too dangerous for the two of you,” Alex had explained.

Kyle wasn’t so polite. “Gawd damnit, Tess. I did everything you made me promise. I am not going to give you up, now. Where Max and Michael are going is flat dangerous. You wait until they get the lieutenant out of there.”

Both women stood there shaking their heads. “This is alien business. We have to be there when Max saves the queen,” Isabel stubbornly stressed.

Both women were dressed in black tights and sweaters. They both had watch caps that they could pull down to cover their faces.

“Won’t you just add to the alien signature?” Alex asked.

Ceeya spoke up. “I can cause some distraction in his mind. The minute any of us enters, he will know we are coming. I can cause disturbing emotions that he can’t understand. That will help some.” Ceeya had already looked into the women’s minds and she knew why they had to go. The relationship of the king and queen was too important too leave it to the men and not to go.


This time, Liz barely raised her head when he came in and set up his table and chair. She figured to hold out one or two more sessions, but she would give in soon. How many months had she been here? Time was running together and she couldn’t keep the days or nights or whatever separate any more. Liz had heard a voice last night. It was as clear as the voice she was hearing from this man now, but it had the tone of a woman. The voice had seemed strange, but to be strange, she needed something to compare.

Strange, was sitting in a strange room with the only light a dim bulb that went on and off at some prearranged schedule. Strange was wearing such a sparse garment. Strange was being chained to a wall, wearing manacles on her wrists, eating a corn cake every meal and being told that she was a slave and a whore. Now, that was strange.

Liz had been wondering ever since last night what would happen when she let go. Why keep fighting? Obviously, everything she believed in had been a fantasy. Reality was the man, his table and his chair. Reality was the fact that he possessed her. Out of stubborn pride she would resist one more day. She would show her independence by deciding when she would give up.

When the man spoke, this time it was different. “You say you are my queen. Accept that you are my whore and my slave and I will make you my queen. Being queen means that you give yourself to the king,” the voice droned

“You are my whore. You are my slave,” the voice continued.

Liz shook her head. Wouldn’t he be surprised tomorrow or when she next saw him that she was giving in. Until then, it was her secret.

The man picking up his chair and table was a ritual performed for the last time. When he came next, Liz would move on to whatever was her fate.


There is something magic about midnight. In street patrols, officers have always remarked about a totally different species who are seen after this magic hour. To professional womanizers, who up to this time, haven’t gotten lucky, the whores in the bars start to look better by the minute. To desperate women, their attention to men becomes diverted from their character to the ability to rise a bulge in their pants. To the daytime creatures, their lives and attention become their slowest. To Alex and his raiding team, that is when they would strike.


Ceeya had never met her match in mental abilities. She had sensed that Tess, likewise, had strong abilities; so in combination, they created a mind storm of hundreds of invaders ransacking the ground floor. Kazan had watched the simple human and his harvesting of medical supplies. Kazan might not know Juan’s name, but he had made a sense identification and as long as Juan didn’t get in his way, Kazan didn’t care. This was different. The stupid coke-head must have brought every stoner in town with him tonight. Kazan didn’t fear the stoners, but that much activity would alert the stake out positions surrounding the hospital. The effect of what Kazan thought was happening on the ground floor had a double meaning. First, if the police raided, the confusion above would clearly allow Kazan to flee. But, it also meant that Kazan had to move up his plans of departure. Narcs could, at any time, pull a raid that had nothing to do with him, but that many beings running around increased the chances of someone stumbling onto the lower layers. Kazan would have to prepare his companion quickly.


The dim light woke Liz up. She must have not slept well because she was very tired. It seemed that she had barely laid down when she was again wakened. Liz checked her few amenities. Something different must be going to happen today. Well, she had decided that this was the day she was going to give up. That was her secret. She was sure that Kazan didn’t know her decision. Liz didn’t understand much about mental powers, yet. The disturbing things she was seeing were, the toilet bucket had not been emptied and cleaned, no fresh water and no corn cake. These few amenities were what had kept her alive for however long she had been in her prison. What did this mean? If that which kept her alive had been withdrawn, did that mean that Kazan now, intended to kill her? Did it mean that he had some final method to break her down? There was the noise at the door, which announced his presence. Liz still seated on her small, hard bed turned.

The door opened and the man quickly entered. He threw a package on the bed, then, he turned to her collar. With deft movements he did something, which released the collar. For the first time since her abduction, Liz didn’t feel the weight of the chain about her neck.

The man opened the package he had placed on the bed. From it he took a cloak and a pair of sandals. “Put these on,” he commanded.

Liz stood shuffling her bare feet into the sandals. The man draped the cloak about her shoulders and tied the fastenings. That was when the bright light blinded Liz.


Alex hung back with the alien commandos. Once Ceeya had entered the facility, she had assured them that she would create a confusion to mask their presence. Alex would have willingly enough, given up his life for his wife. She was the most precious thing that had ever happened to him. Isabel assured Alex that, once inside the hospital, it would be all alien business. The endangerment of his life would have been much too harmful to her and there was nothing he could do anyway. Maria was also left with Alex. Michael hadn’t been quite as eloquent as Isabel, but, “Stay here and keep out of the way,” slowly lost its initial sting as reason settled, that Michael meant the same thing as Isabel.

Ceeya led the four others into the entrance she had used before. She carefully watched each step because she was both leading and keeping the confusing illusion for Kazan. She was extra careful as they entered the first level of the basements. That was where she felt Kazan before. Walking down the hall to the next stairway, she passed a darkened alcove. She froze. Michael prepared to raise his hand for a power blast when Isabel placed her hand on his shoulder. “He is a friend of Alex’s,” Isabel whispered.

Ceeya turned to the other four. “His name is Zapata. He is close to Alex. He assures me that Kazan has left for the third level. He says we must hurry,” she said.

With Zapata’s assurances, they practically ran through the second level. Once on the third level, they slowed. Half way down the hall they saw a dim light. They quietly hurried toward this beacon. Almost at the door, Isabel reached out to stop their headlong flight. “Max must face Kazan alone,” she whispered.

Michael quickly turned to Isabel, his face a study in anger. Ceeya and Zapata showed no emotion at all. They were after all just guides. Max turned to the others. “She is right, not, for the sake of the kingdom, which will never exist, but for our people and my relationship with our queen,” he stated.

Isabel and Tess were forming a solid block. Apparently they knew something. When Max joined them, Michael backed off. “Fine, Max, we do it your way, but if you go down I am frying that bastard.” Then turning to Tess and Isabel, “And I expect your help when I do it,” he stated.


My filling out the character of Kathleen Topolsky is almost over. Sometime i might like to fill in the downfall of Daniel Pierce. There had to be many reasons for him to become that strong alien hunter.
The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 14, ch32, cc, 11/18/201

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begonia9508: Max had to ride in on a white horse and rescue his love. Well some of the squad cars were white.
All along the problem has been, did Max take her as his love or his duty. I think Prince Charles of England showed this problem. Michael wasn't about to let Max be destroyed. He followed Isabel's plan until he saw that Max might be in trouble.

Keepsmiling7: the light was a micro collapse of matter. Like a micro atomic explosion. I am not a physicist so no technical explanations. Liz had to see how much the aliens, especially Max would do for her.


mary mary: My week was good. Jordan came home for 7 days. We haven't seen him for over two years. He can't come home for Christmas so unless i get better health it may be some time before we see him again.

Chapter 33

The six intruders slowly advanced. Zapata and Ceeya dropped to the rear. Max and Michael were leading. They got to the open doorway and inside, they could see Kazan placing the cloak about Liz’s shoulders.

Human SWAT teams would use what they call flash-bangs. They were grenades, which produced little material damage, but they produced an intense light and a terrible noise that was very sharp and sudden. It could produce hemorrhages that were known to cause bleeding from eyes, nose and ears. It was confusing when unexpected. This small squad of aliens didn’t have any flash-bangs, but Isabel and Michael could create a microscopic collapse of molecules high near the ceiling of the small room. It produced the same thing.

For some time, Liz hadn’t been exposed to any light stronger than the dim bulb Kazan allowed her. The flash paralyzed her and she fell backward, fortunately, to land on her bed.

“So the king challenges his brother. That is only fitting,” Kazan shouted.

Like two sumo wrestlers, the two green shields strove against each other. Pushing, shoving, giving way and pushing again, each party was trying to tire the other. Suddenly, Kazan dropped his shield and fired a power blast at Max’s face, which was behind the shield. Max ducked from reflex and lost concentration, dropping his own shield. From where he had fallen on the floor, Max launched his own blast, that precipitated again the shield wrestling, this time, closer to each contestant.

Liz, lying on her bed, had not yet regained her sight. The flashes of lightening didn’t help either. As she lay there blinded, Liz realized that she knew exactly what was going on. She could not understand what sense was giving her this information, but it was as if she had vision, but through different filters.

Max and Kazan were now sparing with each other. The five aliens were crowded around the doorway, but they were keeping to the edge as one or two blasts had gone out the doorway to crash against the basement walls. Shield, drop, fire, raise was repeated over and over as each tried to gain a surprise over the other. The first mistake would end the battle. It was luck much more than skill. Liz’s safety was in lying flat on her bed. She was below most of the sparks.

Liz was the prize each alien was striving for. And, it was Liz who finally settled the battle. Tess had a standing joke. She had used it on Agent Shellow and also, on Sergeant Swartz. She had used it once on Kyle and scared the hell out of him. In arguments Tess would, with her intense stare, her blue eyes almost piercing the soul, announce, “I will strike you with the lightening coming from my eyes.” Of course none of the aliens had this ability. Kazan made a lucky shot and struck Max in his shoulder. The pain prevented Max from re-establishing his shield for a time. Kazan moved in for the kill. Liz sat up in her bed. Her blind eyes turned to Kazan and what no alien had ever done before, two lightening bolts came from those blind eyes to slowly fry the body of Kazan. Then, Isabel or no Isabel, Michael stepped into the room. He added his power to that of Liz and Kazan slowly sank to the floor to turn into dust.


Alex saw the attention that the commandos now had. One of them bent and said, “It is over. The king is dead.”

Alex found this statement both frightening and confusing. He led the charge into the facility and down to the lowest basement. Alex was taking steps two at a time. This would have been fine for a teenager, but Alex was a grown man. It should have been pointed out to him that he could easily have fallen and broken something. Then, what use would he be, if there still was going to be a fight? You can imagine his joy when he saw at least his wife was unhurt. His next joy was that Little Napoleon was still alive. Max was one of his officers, so that was his third consideration. Running through his mind was the statement Liz once made. Mind set and culture made communications difficult with the aliens. Alex remembered his history. Many times it was said, “The king is dead, long live the king,” Would the alien community have so easily accepted Kazan if Max had been the one to fall? Then, Alex understood, If Max had fallen, the three aliens, Isabel, Tess and Michael would have done every thing they could to burn Kazan. This had not been a test to find the true king. Isabel had some other reason for wanting Max to fight Kazan. There had been some cause important enough that she was willing to chance Max’s death, something of very great importance. Alex had no idea of what it could be.

Isabel took Liz by the hand and led her to Max. “Take them both to Max’s apartment,” she ordered the commandos. This taken care of, she turned to her husband, Alex. “Let the commandos and the police mop up. Take me home. We just have to wait to see what happens next,” she purred.


On a rooftop, some distance from the hospital a dark figure crouched. He watched as one by one other dark figures quietly moved through the alleys and even some of them climbed to the roofs of other buildings near by. Recently, Shellow had been taking to the building tops. The less time he spent with that damned alien, the better. Because, the alien, Kazan, had been imprisoned by other aliens from the village, his followers could do nothing to help him. They were not nearly strong enough to attack a village. The taboos that had been placed around Kazan prevented any other alien from getting too close and him from walking away. As far as the village was concerned, Kazan was secure. Taboo sounded so primitive, but Shellow had no other word to describe it.

The coven had had a lot of experience with aliens through out history. They had watched carefully when Nicholas was organizing. Max had been right; there would have been a lot of suffering in a alien-human war, but Nicholas would never have been allowed to take over Earth. He was too arrogant. Eventually humans would have kicked his ass. Aaron had carefully explained this to Doug. Kazan was different. If he wanted to take over the alien communities, and rule them as a shadow nation, the coven was perfectly at ease with that. The bump in this road had been his capture. The coven was willing to break him out and give him a second chance. The escape had been ridiculously easy. Doug assembled a group of hoodlums, all human. They drove into the alien community, picked Kazan up bodily and thrown him into the trunk of their car. The inertia of the warning senses throughout the village gave them plenty of time to get away.

If Kazan had gone to ground somewhere until his escape cooled off, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Immediately after being freed of all the alien restraints, the idiot insisted in storming the police station in Metropolis, killing the desk sergeant and stealing the queen. Doug Shellow was learning more about some of the aliens calling Little Napoleon their queen.

The coven had informed Doug that they had fulfilled their obligation. If the alien wanted to go on a rampage, killing and kidnapping, they would wash their hands of him. Now, Douglas was looking for a target of opportunity. Evans the so-called king, killing him would make the alien communities easier for the coven to manage. Killing Liz might do the same thing. Doug had been assured that Evans needed Liz, his queen to work with the communities. Killing any of the other aliens would take way too much firepower. Killing any of the police would start a witch-hunt, that might turn up who knows what. The coven had cautioned Doug about that. He had to be careful.

A noise behind Doug Shellow and the thing he most didn’t want to happen became inevitable. Doug saw a likewise dark figure creeping up the fire escape. It was just bad luck that one of the SWAT team had chosen Doug’s building to set up on. SWAT members are highly trained, but they are still cops. Doug had gone through anti terrorist training at the agency. The SWAT member was a good fighter, but he was dead before he even had a chance to get in a punch. Sergeant Alvin Duncan, or Yoyo to his friends, had survived Iraq, Afghanistan and two super secret journeys into central America now lay dead at the feet of an American, home grown terrorist. It was just bad luck. He had been expecting danger from below.

More than once, Doug wished he had been given a friendly alien. Those silver handprints did wonders to distract investigation. Doug had easily kneecapped that glue head, but after interrogation, the alien had killed him. Doug had wondered if the police had ever suspected his involvement in that. Now, there was no one to deflect the incrimination. Doug had killed with professional simplicity. He was sure that the police would know that he was the only one around with the skill to do that. Doug Shellow had just done the thing he most wanted to avoid.

There would be no targets of opportunity. Once SWAT lost communication with the man Doug had just killed, they would be swarming all over the rooftops. Time to split. Doug was quickly gone.


The commandos had deposited Max and Liz at his place. Addressing Isabel and Tess, their leader had asked, “Do you want to stay and help the king and queen heal?”

Isabel shook her head. “No, what happens next to them depends on them alone. Take Tess and me back to the police station. As soon as they all return, we will go home. Because of the investigation over the death of the SWAT member, it took longer than they expected.


Max and Liz were married, in fact, by the rules of two cultures. They lived together, they slept together in the same bed and they made love together. Max always sensed that something was missing. He led Liz into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. Max had figured that Liz would want to shower and throw away those filthy rags she was clothed in. To his surprise, Liz knelt at his feet. “I am the prize you fought for,” she hoarsely whispered.

Max frowned; this wasn’t the proud, even arrogant Little Napoleon, he and Michael worked for. Max’s police training had covered the trauma, many captives suffered on release. With his healing powers, he was assured that physically, she had been unharmed. Max knew that she still couldn’t see very well. The bright light they used to distract Kazan, on eyes that hadn’t been exposed to any light for several days, would take time to clear up. Max wished Isabel and Tess had remained to help him. They both assured him that everything in his future depended on how he and Liz healed each other. The burn in his shoulder already was throbbing less. His healing ability would heal himself soon. “Liz, you were never a prize to fight over. If I had lost, you would still have been rescued. Izzy would never have allowed Kazan to take you,” Max explained.

Her head still bowed, Liz whispered, “But, you did win. Kazan had promised to make me his queen as soon as I gave in to him. I had already decided to give in on his next visit. In his attempt to spirit me away from all of you, Kazan hadn’t had time to take my surrender. Now, you are the winner and I am willing to surrender to you. I will be your slave, your whore, command me and I will do,” she told him.

Max lifted her to stand before him. Her head still bowed, Max still sitting could look up into her face. He saw tears in her sightless eyes. “Liz, you are already my queen. You are Little Napoleon. Kazan, from any example of his philandering, senile father, had no real knowledge of being king, much less, what it took to make a queen. I want you to return as my queen, return as my commander in our detective squad. I want you to return as a leader of my people who will follow you by example,” Max pleaded.

Looking down, without seeing, Liz asked, “Max, do you really love me? I mean really love, me. Are we only married at the behest of a foreign machine?”

Max searched Liz’s face. Was this the problem all along? Did Liz feel like some chattel whose existence for political reasons, was carefully proscribed? Max had been taught recently since he learned of he granolith that it directed his actions. The granolith didn’t know a damn thing about human women. Max could imagine Isabel saying the damn machine didn’t know much about alien women,5r either. About the time of high school, Isabel and Max had taken different paths. Starting about the time of the unfortunate football player, Isabel’s life had become one of hedonistic pleasure. Max wasn’t sure when, but his life became one of extreme responsibility. It would have been worse, if he hadn’t had Michael to bring a bit of chaos and adventure with the police department. Max and Isabel needed to each have traveled the other’s path a little. Max needed to have wooed Liz and swept her off her feet. Saving her from bad aliens, criminals and rogue assassins didn’t count. Liz needed to feel what she first had when she started dating Sean, without the eventual betrayal.

“Liz, I love you more than anyone I ever knew. I ask that you forgive my failures of not knowing how to show this. I have many obligations and responsibilities, but they are second to sharing my life with you. Please come back to me as my wife,” he implored.

As he watched her face, the scales on her eyes seemed to dissolve. Maybe not perfectly, but Liz seemed to now see Max. Reaching for his hands, Liz leaned back. “Max, promise me you won’t leave,” she asked.

Catching up a handful of clothes from the dresser in their room, Liz hurried to the bathroom. Max cold hear the hot shower running. He saw the steam coming from under the door. Soon, Liz would return. Max didn’t know what would happen next. He did know that they were going out of town for a few days.


The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky is finished.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 14, ch33, cc, 11/25/201

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Natalie36: I hope the age difference in our terminology "the bomb" means you found the chapter good and a bit exciting

mary mary: Liz needs a bit more time before she reaches an epiphany concerning her problems of relationships

begonoia9508: Yes sham relationships usually bite you somewhere painfully

keepsmiling7: Liz now knows that Max would put his life on the line for her. hopefully with the return of her actual sight her insight will also improve.

Chapter 34

It turned out to be for more than a few days. Maria was now, sitting in Little Napoleon’s desk. Tess was back as her secretary and Michael was beating the streets for information about Douglas Shellow. Shellow was quickly turning into America’s most wanted. Michael wanted to be the one who found him. He had assured Kyle that Shellow would not return to stand trial. This wasn’t very police like, but one didn’t let the death of a fellow officer go un-avenged

If you concluded that Shellow was responsible for freeing Kazan and thus, he was responsible for the death of Sergeant O’Brian, there was double reason to want to bring him down. It was not clear if Shellow had more direct action in causing the sergeant’s death. The sergeant was as beloved as was the unfortunate fellow on the SWAT team.

Simon Ortiz had met as few people in the department as he could. He had business with Lieutenant Parker-Evans. That meant that he had to go through her secretary, Teresa Valenti. Since Liz hadn’t spoken about Simon, Maria had no idea of who he might be. When a tall, slender man entered the squadroom, Maria hadn’t anyone to compare him with. In this case it wasn’t the secretary’s place to speak out of turn, so Tess greeted the man as a stranger, which he was. In Tess’s mind, the idea did run that he had a remarkable resemblance to the dignified Hispanic, Ortiz. Where Ortiz wore his suit like they were made for him, this man was uncomfortable in his. They were both dark complected, but this man showed evidence of being long hours in the sun, his eyes almost squinting. Ortiz had a nice smooth Hispanic accent, this man was halting and unsure. He spoke as a man who was not completely comfortable with English. “May I have an audience with the king or the queen?” he timidly asked.

Tess did the best to put him at ease. “The king and the queen will not be in for several days. If this is police business, you can talk to the sergeant, she is filling in for the lieutenant. If it is alien business, I can call in the king’s sister or you can talk to me. I was the fourth clone, from the queen mother’s choice as consort for the king,” she said.

The man looked weary. “May I sit down? I am not used to the city. It’s been a might over 60 years since I ever was in a city. Don’t see how’s I will return for at least another 60 or so years. ‘needed to talk to some one about the queen’s rescue,” he carefully said.

Maria had gotten up and walked over to see who Tess was talking to. “I was at the rescue, but I didn’t go in. They were trying to keep their signature down the best they could. Tess, here was right behind the guides,” Maria explained.

The man turned to Tess. “Then, it is you whom I need to speak to,” he quietly said.

Maria turned to go back into Little Napoleon’s office. Tess could handle things and Tess would tell Maria what she needed to know later. It had been some time since Maria had worked vice. Now, litigation demanded that extra layers of paper work had been added to each bust. It was a surprise that anyone ever had time to make a case anymore. Maria had never worked “bunco.” The scams that con-artists came up with were surprising. If any of the officers did not have their butts and the department covered, it was Maria’s job to call them in and hand them more forms to fill out. There was burglary, narcotics, arson, which they shared with the fire department and other cases of auto theft, armed robbery, fraud and always vice. It would be later that Maria would learn that Tess could handle much of this paper work freeing her for real police activity. Tess was, now, the office’s resident alien. She wasn’t anymore alien than Michael or Max, but she knew a lot more about aliens than Maria ever did.

Aliens, Maria was from Roswell. Children in Roswell were raised on stories of aliens. Growing up, Maria remembered that many bad dates she had told herself were with aliens. That is what she thought, until she actually dated, fell in love with and she was sure she was married to an alien. Aliens were definitely “not” bad dates.

Maria looked up and found that the man talking to Tess had left. She saw Tess get up and come toward Little Napoleon’s office. “Did you handle his problem?” Maria asked.

Tess sat down. “No, not really. Maria, did you ever worry about raising kids?” Tess asked.

“You mean with the human-alien factor?” Maria asked.

“No, not that, we have very good doctors to make sure that we can have children with humans. I mean raising kids. Getting them grown and on their own. Giving them too much. Giving them too little. Realizing that children don’t have to be like either parent. They can be very independent of either parent. No, I mean creating children, realizing that they might be messiahs, heroes, villains or most of the time be just good solid folks. I mean creating children and turning them loose on an unsuspecting world. That is a huge responsibility,” Tess explained.

“What brought this on, are you pregnant?” Maria asked.

“No, but we are trying,” Tess said. “That man was Ceeya’s father. He was an elder of the village on the other side of the mountain.” Tess found talking to a human was as difficult as when Liz talked to aliens. Without mind pictures, words were just clumsy. “The payment from Max for Ceeya’s services was to get her out of the village. The elder told me of the difficulty Ceeya was always in. She could hide from all the others and still spy on their thinking. She was in trouble from the time she was a toddler. She ran off with Alex’s friend, Zapata. She did contact her father and tell him she was all right. It seems that the word Zapata is very close to a hero in Antarian mythology. Like any father, the elder wanted to know if his daughter preformed honorably. Did she fulfill her contract with the king? I think I spoke for everyone when I told the elder that we couldn’t have pulled this bust off, without her help, or couldn’t have pulled it off this smoothly,” Tess narrated.

Maria sat thinking. Whether they are green or gray, Antarian or human, being a parent wasn’t that easy. Maria thought about what little they knew about Nicholas. The stories were that his people put all their young in a nursery, leaving them to fight for their survival. Those who lived through this growing up were considered citizens. Nicholas was a person, strangely connected to Kivar, but having no care or emotion about anyone else. That was why Kivar turned Nicholas loose in the royal family. Kivar, killed the bastard children of the senile king, but he didn’t have the balls to take on the queen mother and rest of the royal family.

Maria and Michael had been talking about children and all Maria knew was that she didn’t want to raise any Nicholaes, Kivars or Hitlers. She sure as hell didn’t want to raise any Seans, either. Her aunt had called Amy the other day complaining that Sean had blown over $20,000 at the whore houses since his newly discovered sexual powers. Maria hoped that her children would be like Michael, Alex or even her stepfather, Big Jim. She wanted children who grew up to make the world a better place.


Doug Shellow contacted Aaron. He set up his scrambler phone and when Aaron answered, Doug stated, “Kazan is dead. I saw them all go into the hospital, aliens and humans. When they came out, no one was being held like last time. My informant in the village to the north of the city, says that no one was brought back like last time. They may have lost one of their own. There was a strange alien leading the clones who actually made the rescue. I couldn’t locate her when they came out. I did check the prison room after they all left. Everything was covered with dust like you said would happen if an alien was killed. I haven’t found any sign of the so-called king and queen. I am still working on it,” Doug related.

“Fine, keep working on finding the king and queen. If we can’t control the king of the aliens, then kill him. If we leave the alien community in total disarray, they will probably kill each other,” The voice of Aaron stated.

Doug didn’t mention that he had killed a SWAT member. It was of little importance. Aaron already knew of that. The killing of a cop was Doug’s problem. It would come back to bite Shellow in the ass, but Aaron couldn’t see how it might hurt the coven.


High up in the Colorado Rockies, Max and Liz were staying at a lodge arranged for them by Tess. When Max took Liz home, all she could think of was a very hot shower. She snuggled up against Max and was soon fast asleep. The next morning, Liz got up with the concern of how she would get back to work. She found that Isabel had already packed their bags and all that was left was for Max to head out, whereever they were to go. Liz said very little. Many things had been happening around her, not the least of which was a brand new Ford Explorer. Max had explained that they would probably have many more responsibilities and they would need their own car to do these. Caleb, from the village to the north, had worked on this new truck for several weeks. An anti tank weapon might disable this vehicle, but more than likely, it would just push the small truck off the road.

Now, Liz had had her second night sleeping without fear, this time to wake up to the early morning noises of the mountains. Liz poured the last of the thermos of coffee into a cup and went out to the veranda over looking the valley. She or Max would brew a fresh pot as soon as he got up.

When Liz had moved in with Sean, her mother had been in the mind to pull hair. Nancy Parker had met Sean one time and that was enough. She couldn’t find a single good thing to say about him. Liz had told her mother that if she couldn’t say anything nice to just be quiet. That time for Liz was more passionate than she could ever believe. Eventually, Sean’s passion turned to abuse. He became more demanding and finally Liz had to resort to Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. She ran Sean off at the point of a gun. This time, she hadn’t even told her mother about Max. Liz was sure that when Nancy met Max, she would have nothing but praise. So why wasn’t Liz the happiest girl in the world?

Twice, Max had rescued Liz; three times if you count the healing when she was burned during a fight with aliens the night they found Tess. This last time had all the markings of a royal duel. On the surface, it was a duel to the death over the queen who was Liz. That wasn’t quite true, because the clones had no intention of letting Kazan run off with Liz. They had no intention of letting Kazan run off and do anything. Michael had agreed, to the face value, of Max fighting for his kingship. He wasn’t in favor of letting anyone kill Max. It was all Isabel and Tess could do to hold him back until Liz found her power. In the end there was none of this alien prohibition shit, no suspension of powers, or forbidding to leave the area. When they brought Kazan down, it would be for keeps. Should any of this color how Liz felt about Max?

What is the first duty of a policeman? “We will fight to make sure we return home.”

Now, Liz dressed in her nightgown, wrapped in a blanket and sitting on the veranda was finishing up the last of their coffee until they took time to brew more. This was the first time since her two-culture marriage that she had taken time to really access her life. Liz had given into what she saw as pressure from the aliens. Max had warned her several times that every time she spoke to groups of aliens, the question would be when will you be married. It was. At the time after the two ceremonies, she and Max had felt that they couldn’t take time for a honeymoon. What is a honeymoon, she asked herself? Traditionally, it was a time in privacy from those who knew them well that the couple could abandon themselves in wild, uninhibited love.

The first day after the human ceremony, Max and Liz found themselves back in their office where Max revealed the duplicity of the last royal couple on Antar. The picture of the last king and his indiscrete infidelities as he openly displayed his bastard children was not a good promise for the new bride. Liz already had a picture of Sean to stir distrust. As the sun peeked over the mountain, the cool breezes whipping up under her gown she began thinking, “Am I afraid to believe that Max is what I have been looking for? Did Sean scar me that badly that I can’t trust anyone? Do I see in Max the sins of his father? Max shared genes with the old reprobate, nothing else. Max was raised by the human family, Philip and Diane Evans. Despite the wildness that was found in Isabel, the Evans family had been rock solid. Max had never shown any of the traits found in Izzy.”

Somewhere in her mind were words said at their alien side of their wedding. Max was telling her that it wouldn’t be his fault that their marriage wasn’t wonderful. He kept telling her that he would always be there for her. Liz wondered why he kept doing this over and over. Okay so it was her fault. She was the queen. She had been told that she had power to bring aliens and humans together. She should banish what ever Sean had done to her. If he ever did something like that again, what had Isabel said, “He will need a bottle of Viagra to have it long enough to even pee.” Liz should be able to command, within herself, the banishment of any memories of that unfortunate liaison.

Liz felt a presence. It was stronger than ever before. Without looking away from the sunrise, Liz knew that it was Max. It seemed that somehow she had cleared something out of her mind. Liz didn’t know it, but aliens all over the world felt her presence and felt it grow stronger. Zapata and Ceeya, themselves shut down so strongly that they were not recognized even when they passed aliens on the street, felt the power of the queen. Ceeya looked up at the tall dark Zapata. She still knew almost nothing about him. She did know he was the first entity who had powers stronger than hers.
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Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 15, ch34, cc, 12/1/2012

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Keepsmiling7: They finally get it this chapter

mary mary: Liz is confused about her feelings. She finally pulls it together. Yes, we had Jordan for a whole 7 days. We baked, barbequed. went to the pistol range and watched old movies together. Except for being married, Jordan is doing the best he ever did. We all keeping hoping. I am not going to interfere in any way.

begonia9508: I haven't seen southland, but i understand it is petty good. Right now i am working on a candy story inspired by the movie "The Thin Man." it is straight who done it.

Chapter 35

Maria was drowning in paper work. She frankly, didn’t see how Liz managed. Michael was hitting the streets looking up his snitches. Since Jimmy’s death, they had been a little more reluctant to talk to him. He told them that the man who killed Jimmy was now dead. That didn’t help. The street people were not into vengeance, they were into safety.

Michael was also moving among the aliens. Eli Stone had been taking a more active position as alien security recently. First there was Nicholas, then Kazan. The community was finding that many of their own devils had traveled to Earth with them. The aliens knew about the Coven of Enlightment who had hijacked the work of the LaShelles. The only connection they found of the coven to the aliens was Kazan. There was no information on how Kazan made contact with the coven. There wasn’t anything else they could find to connect the coven to the Organization of Alien affairs. Everything they had learned so far had been found by the human, Captain Whitman, consort to the sister of the king.


Former Agent Shellow, the FBI now having disavowed any connection to his actions, had become one of those after midnight shadow people. He had made the John Walsh most wanted list. In his mind, he saw that somewhere along his journey, he had lost the backing of the FBI, but he had found something better in the “coven.” Make a mistake in the agency and the specter of J. Edgar Hoover, now dead almost 40 years, would still banish you to their version of the back water. The same mistake, would elicit from the coven a lecture, “Becareful and cover your ass.” Of course, the anonymity of the coven gave you nothing to hang on to. You mention anything about who you represented and nobody would know what you are talking about. You make too much fuss and you might be visited some night by strange characters. Heart attacks are so easy to arrange.

Aaron had said that the death of the king and/or queen was needed to keep the aliens from becoming a strong force. At one time, they entertained the concept of Kazan controlling the alien communities. He didn’t measure up to the job. What it came down to was that Kazan was still playing palace politics with those he came in contact with. That Killing of the sergeant was stupid. It served no purpose. It was just a blood letting of Kazan against those who had imprisoned him; likewise the taking of the queen. That action had organized those against him. Kill her right off, the coven might have understood, but what he did, again, was stupid, according to humans.

As Aaron finished talking to Doug, he had to chuckle, the police department under that dame, what was her name? Oh yeah, Little Napoleon, she had gotten rid of that Nicholas character. The coven had carefully approached Nicholas the same way they approached Kazan. Nicholas was crazy. The agent responsible for contacting Nicholas was almost killed. All he got was idiotic screaming about someone called Kivar. The agent fled just ahead of many lightening bolts.

They did arrange an assassination attempt on Nicholas. The operative making the attempt was found, cooked from the inside out, covered in silver handprints. They found him before any of the LEO’s (local enforcement officers) saw him. Nothing was ever said about his death. Shallow had discussed with Kazan about why assassination attempts on the king and queen worked at different levels of success. The specially made .22 target rifle, highly suppressed, worked the best. Only the attention of the king kept Liz from dying. Kazan, thinking of how he could use Shellow explained how the large sniper rifle Swartz used warned the king, the .22 disturbed the air so little, especially if the bullet was kept slow that aliens could bealy feel it coming. When Andy Swartz had fired the sub-machinegun at Max, Max, had been distracted by aliens off to the side. Aliens were not all powerful; they made mistakes just like humans. Max had turned to what he perceived as an alien attack, thus the human firing the many bullets of the sub-machinegun was overlooked until Max was hit. Shellow had already requested the coven get him another one of those black operations .22 assassination rifles.


It was a surprise for Maria when she arrived and found Liz already in her office. “Hey, lieutenant, are you back for a while?” Maria asked.

“I think so. Thanks for taking over my desk while I was gone,” Liz answered.

“Hey, no problem. How do you ever get anything done?” Maria asked.

“Tess arranges most of what I must do and what she thinks can be done by the civilian staff, she shuffles it down to the administration office,” Liz said.

“I wish I had known that,” Maria stated.

“I am sure that if I had stayed out longer, Tess would have explained it to you. Being the Chief’s wife, she is a little shy about taking over too much responsibility until she feels comfortable with you,” Liz explained.

“Well, please tell her that the next time I have to take over, she is welcome to whatever responsibility she wants to take. Chica, I was an exotic dancer, I was a vice decoy and I was a street detective; an administrative clerk I was not and never will be!” Maria exclaimed.

Liz laughed because she remembered how she floundered until in desperation, she asked Tess what she should do. In the very efficient training that Isabel had given to Tess, Tess had become very good at arranging and accomplishing things. Once Tess understood that her help was not looked on as interference, she jumped in with both hands. For a while, after Nicholas, Tess had managed Isabel’s life. Now, she helped run the whole detective squad.


Maria was on the streets with Michael. When she had a girly moment with the lieutenant, Maria intended to squeeze what she could about what happened while Max and Liz were gone. Liz had returned a changed woman, almost like some epiphany had occurred.

Tommy the Cat, at one time, had worked as a circus acrobat. If he hadn’t had such a bad juvenile record, he might even have been on the road for the Olympics. You can’t get into a gymnastic club with a record of cheating in high school, both in sports and in academics. Failing a couple urine tests didn’t help either. At the time, Tommy was more interested in pushing himself faster and further than anyone else in entering the third story window that he knew was always unlocked. A quick run to the main floor, over the transom of the principal’s office door and firing up the Xerox machine for copies of the final tests to sell to many important students who just couldn’t make it otherwise, seemed like a good career move. In the circus, they didn’t care what pills he took as long as he could wow the audiences. After the performance was when Tommy worked on his 401k retirement plan. A new town and a weekend, Tommy soon learned how to find the homes where the owners would be out on the town and a visit would prove profitable. Tommy was a very successful cat burglar.

Tommy was having breakfast at the counter when a gorgeous dame sat down on one side of him. All the skills Maria had learned at the dance pole and as a decoy for vice came into play. Then, Tommy felt another presence. He did know Michael. Most of the street people knew about Michael Guerin and that friend of his, Doctor Strangelove with the dental picks. Dames like the one beside him always wanted something. Nothing was free. If she was with Guerin, she must want information. The word was that Guerin had lost a snitch. Cooperation was going to be expensive even if that dame was now resting her chin on his shoulder and blowing in his ear.

“Tommy he is dangerous,” Michael said. “He used to be a fed. Even they are now after him. He can’t be allowed to remain on the streets. All we want to know is if you see him somewhere,”

With that, Michael got up to leave. So did the blonde on Tommy’s arm, but as she prepared to leave, she left Tommy with a squeeze on his shoulder that was full of promise at some future date. They also tucked a picture of Doug Shellow into his pocket.

Max and Ely Stone had been with the aliens all day. The aliens were now satisfied that the king and queen were in good stead. The connection with Liz was strong. Max was reminding the alien communities that it was a human who did Kazan in. Well, she had started out as human, now that Liz was officially the queen, no one was sure what she was. The humans wanted help from the aliens, in finding Doug Shellow. Max wasn’t sure, but he felt that it might be very important to find Shellow. Both the king and the queen had been hurt by actions of this man. The feds wanted Shellow also, but even with the reputation of John Walsh and America’s most wanted, Max was afraid that this method might be too slow.

Michael and Maria had returned to the station. While Michael went to Maria’s office to write out his report on their contacts, Maria found herself in Little Napoleon’s office. “Okay, give Chica. What did you and the big guy work out while you were away? I always wanted to know how royalty settled their private tiffs,” Maria inquired.

“It wasn’t a tiff, Maria. I guess it was a residue of my time with Sean,” Liz stated.

“Hey, talking about Sean, my aunt called. The dumb shit blew $20,000 at the whorehouse the evening that you and Max married. Guess that his problems finally worked their way out,” Maria informed Liz.

“Max promised me that Sean would be dysfunctional until after we were married. Max also promised that he had removed the sex tape from the net,” Liz stated.

Maria’s eyes opened wide. “He can do things like that. I am going to have to make up a list. I know of several so called studs I would like to see dry up. That might be a real fitting vengeance,” Maria remarked.

Liz went on. “Declaring myself queen was the way the aliens wanted to see me accept Max as a mate. Every time I made this declaration, it was under stress. I seemed to be declaring myself queen when someone was trying to imprison me or force me to do what would be bad. There was Nicholas and his trying to kill us. My declaration gave us more power. Then, when I was with the aliens, they were all trying to find out when we would get married. I felt correct in what I was doing, but I didn’t feel I was being completely free in my declarations. I don’t think that Michael would allow Max to die, but Max was seriously injured fighting Kazan. I had decided to give into Kazan the day before you all made your bust. Kazan only wanted me to be his whore and to be his slave. Max really did love me and I learned that night to appreciate it. All of you came to my rescue. Many would say that that was love. With Max alone, I decided that love it was. Just because some old rusty machine wants me to do something, doesn’t take away my freedom. Loving Max was what I wanted, also. The machine just happens to agree with my choice,” Liz explained.

“Wow, all of that and you finally decide that what the machine wants doesn’t matter, especially if the machine agrees with you already,” Mara exclaimed.


Being accosted by that cop Guerin had shaken Tommy. Like any young man having that blonde blowing in his ear didn’t help. Talking to the street people, Tommy learned that the blonde must be DeLuca, a cop to deal with in her own right. The street had several stories about DeLuca being the side kick of one Lieutenant Parker better known by those of the street and other cops as Little Napoleon. No one was sure about the tie in, but when he wasn’t with the blonde, Guerin was seen with that cop Evans, also known as Doctor Strangelove. Now Strangelove was someone to fear. The streets were full of second or third hand stories about Strangelove. They say he slices up someone every day just for practice. Hey, I heard that when he picks up them dental picks, you can trust that your guts will be in a stainless steel pan before you ever get out of there.

Tommy had an efficiency apartment that he only used for sleep and a place to store things until he could arrange their sale. After talking to those cops, Tommy had hidden in the apartment until he had run out of saltines and hard cheese. Finally, Tommy had only two choices, get out and go to work or starve to death.

No one could help but admit that Tommy in the air was beauty in motion. On the rooftops he moved like a shadow. He could throw a hook and lanyard from one roof to the next. Tommy would fly through the air between buildings like the cartoon Spiderman. He could land on the ledge of an open window on almost any floor. Tommy was never greedy. He would take only one of two trinkets, usually of value and then, leave. What he stole wouldn’t be notices, sometimes for days.

On a moonless dark night, Tommy noticed that he had competition. Tommy was running along a firewall when he saw someone, also in black skulking along one side of the building. Tommy dissolved into the shadows. His competition was carrying a duffle bag strapped to his back. As Tommy remained motionless, he saw the competition lower the duffel bag and take out a pair of powerful binoculars. Tommy carefully moved so he could see what the stranger was looking at. Tommy could see nothing down below.

The stranger took out what appeared to be a rifle. It must be a toy as the barrel was over an inch in diameter. Tommy had never seen the like. The stranger put the rifle to his shoulder and with Tommy watching he heard only a click. At the click, Tommy saw a slight glow as if there was a lit cigarette in the end of the barrel. Tommy watched as the stranger again made whatever he had go click. This time, Tommy was looking down below. He saw a puff of dust as something hit the wall across the street. The stranger was sighting his weapon. He had been checking to make sure that there was no one below to see his results. The stranger had removed his hood to better use his binoculars. In the night glow of the stars, the lights of the street below, the eyes of Tommy, much better suited to dark than average, saw the picture he carried in his pocket. It was the man who Guerin was looking for.
The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky
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Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 15, ch35, cc, 12/9/2012

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begonia9508: Tommy will do his best.

mary mary: Tommy finds other treasures.


Chapter 36

Liz and Max were talking in her office. Michael came running from the elevator. Michael motioned for Maria to come up front as he paused to catch his breath. When Maria arrived, Michael declared between puffs, “Shellow is back. Tommy the Cat called me this morning. Shellow has a new rifle. The way Tommy described it, a rifle with a very big barrel, it is again a silenced model. Tommy found him on a rooftop sighting the rifle in. Tommy says there is a glow when it fires, but there is only a click to hear,” Michael related.

Max spoke up. “So far, Liz and I have been the only ones who have been targeted. I guess we can say that Shellow is trying for us one more time. We better get this information over to Kyle. We are pretty sure that his man was killed by Shellow. Do you think that Tommy will keep giving us information,” Max asked.

Michael chuclkled, “I think so. Maria blew in his ear. She may have stirred something in him.”

Maria blushed. “Just doing my part for the cause,” she stated.

As the four of them were talking, Tess looked up and almost like that famous Hispanic hero, Zorro, Simon was standing in front of her desk. “Señora, do you think the king, queen and their friends could spare me a moment?” he asked.

“One minute, Señor Ortiz. I will buzz her office,” Tess respectively replied.

Liz had just replaced her phone. “We are about to have a visitor,” she declared.

Tess and Liz were the only ones who had met Simon Ortiz personally. “Your majesty,” he said with a slight bow to Max. “Friends,” he said looking at Michael and Maria. “And, last of all, Liz,” Simon said with a smile. He remembered that she had told him the name was Lieutenant if it was police business, but if it was personal or alien business it would be Liz.

“I take it you already know that our enemies are still with us,” he stated.

Max nodded. “Michael already made a contact who observed him last night,” Max said.

“Ah, Tommy the Cat. Sometimes, he troubles me greatly, but no one moves so much like el gato as that one. You must all be careful. Experience says that he who Tommy saw, is after the king and queen. Those who he represents are very powerful. They are meddling in both alien and human affairs. I think we must all beware. None of us know how far that Coven wants to go. LaShelle was doing great work bringing aliens and humans together. LaShelle, to the day he was murdered, did not know that his site was taken over by those strangers. They are very ancient,” Ortiz informed them.

“Do you want us to call back Modek and Selenas?” Max asked.

“Yes, you need help if you face Shellow again. I also want you and the queen only to leave the station in your special SUV. Caleb does the best work we know. Leave your old squad car for Michael and Maria. Neither of them know how important they actually are.”

Simon was speaking as if Michael and Maria were not even in the room. It was a surprise to both of them that he talked of their importance. Yes, Michael was an alien and friend to the king and Maria had been a close friend to Liz, now the queen. Simon was speaking of both their skill and history when he talked about their safety. Simon continued, “Please report to Chief Valenti to make sure he takes his wife back and forth to and from work. He should assign one of his best snipers as a driver. It has to be someone who will think like the enemy, someone who constantly looks for hidy holes.”

The problem is the king’s sister. We let her roam free too many years. She is and always has been a problem. Now, her willfulness might cause her injury. I want to ask Malon Starsky to be her companion for a while. Malon can give as well as Isabel when it comes to being strong willed. I don’t know how long Alex can stand both of them, but I think things around Isabel will be exciting.”


“Alex, I don’t care how dangerous it is, I have been taking care of my self since I went to college. I don’t need a baby sitter,” Isabel fumed.

“Izzy, both Max and Liz have been severely wounded by this organization. They have the entire police department to back them. It has been requested that Ms. Starsky be your companion for a while. You had Tess for many months before and you managed to get along. Ms. Starsky is a strong woman who will be there to help you,” Alex pleaded reasonably, at least from his mind.

“That is the trouble, Alex. Two strong women cannot be in the same household. If Tess was to come back and live with me now, we would be at each other’s throat in a minute,” Isabel stated emphatically.

“Two strong, intelligent women should be able to work out standing back to back. Remember, it has been said that each time Max or Liz were hurt, they had been distracted. The first time Nicholas captured you, you had let your guard down. You had sensed aliens, but you did not consider danger. With two of you, it should be harder to catch you unaware,” Alex reasoned.

“Just who in your department is requesting that I have a companion?” Isabel asked.

“He is not from my department. Nobody knows whom Simon Ortiz represents. Sometimes, he seems to be for us and sometimes his notions cause us considerable trouble. He knows all about aliens and he knows many things about our own government that are not that obvious. He says our new enemy has been the enemy all along. Señor Ortiz says that the enemy is an ancient one. It represents raw power. For a time, our enemy was supporting Kazan. Now that he is gone, the enemy wants to cripple the alien communities. At first, they saw fit to use others against us. They hoped to organize under Kazan, a power they could control. Now, they are going after those who are already organizing within the communities. Isabel, both you and Malon work hard in the alien communities. The enemy may be after both of you along with the king and queen.


“I like this going to work together,” Kyle said to his wife. Valen Valenzuela was driving the black Crown Victoria. This car had been fitted out for someone in the administration of the department. It had been assigned to Kyle along with a driver picked from the SWAT team. As Val drove, his constant attention to his surroundings reminded Kyle of the stories Val had told about his family coming to the States. Val was still in the jungles of Central America. The enemy could be behind every tree or in this case, a window of one of the office buildings. Just as the enemy wasn’t the only danger in the jungle, here in the city there were all the normal dangers for Val to consider. There weren’t any big cats, but busses, trucks and inattentive drivers cruised in concert with the Crown Vic.

“I don’t totally understand. You said I might be in some danger?” Tess asked.

“The man who told us about this isn’t sure,” Kyle said as he had never met Simon. He had no idea that Tess knew Simon well, from her meetings at the office. “It could be because of the time you were with Nicholas. Nicholas is gone and all of you roasted old Kazan. Maybe, it is just because this fellow is worried about the king and queen along with Isabel and Michael. Gosh, it seems strange calling Little Napoleon the queen,” Kyle explained.

“Kyle, I work with her every day. She is a very nice lady. If you are talking police work then she is the lieutenant, but if it is personal or alien, then it is just Liz. That is what she prefers.” Tess stood up for her boss and friend.

Kyle chuckled, “All right then, Liz it is. Strange when I first heard her name, my blood used to boil. I could just imagine that she had some powerful boyfriend who moved her up in the department. I was struggling to get money for Alex in the detective squad and someone comes by building a private office right in the middle of the detective squad room. Next thing I know the girl I groomed to be the best decoy in vice quits and joins this female intruder. Where in the hell did their money come from? About that time I was trying to build my SWAT team. I practically had to have a bake sale to get bullet- proofed jackets. I was wringing out friends at the state level trying to get the last dollar from them. She gets one or two cases while SWAT is kicking in doors every week. Alex is short handed and DeLuca becomes a sergeant. Working with her, I will say she stands her ground. I still don’t know where her grease comes from. Things like Little Napoleon don’t happen in police departments, but there she is,” Kyle ranted.

“Right, there she is. She stands up to Nicholas and banishes him to another dimension or something. She actually nails Kazan with lightening, coming from her eyes,” Tess related.

Kyle begins to laugh. “I think you have some bond of jealously with her because after you threatening everyone with eye lightening, you can’t do it and she did it, ”Kyle said.

Tess had to snicker, also. “You should have seen it. Old Kazan thought he had the king in the corner. He was moving in for the kill. I could feel Michael tensing for an attack. Isabel had tried to make him promise that Max would fight Kazan mano a mano in duel fight. There was no way that Michael would let his best friend get killed if he could help it. I could feel Isabel losing control. I had decided that if Michael broke loose, he wouldn’t be the only one against Kazan. I was building up a big one. I couldn’t go against Isabel alone, but if Michael stood forth I would be beside him.” Tess turned to Kyle. “You know Kyle, Isabel was hoping for something like finally happened, but she loves her brother, I don’t think she would have let him die. I guess Isabel had more faith than mike or I. When Liz, looking like someone’s rag doll, sat up, looked at Kazan with blank eyes, she couldn’t see a thing, and sizzled him like a Bratwurst on a stick. Then, I think we knew what Isabel was hoping for. She wanted Liz to show something toward Max. Whatever was a block between them, Isabel wanted it to be broken,” Tess related to Kyle.

Now Kyle was really laughing. To think just a short time ago, his wife knew almost nothing about the world. All she had was what some machine, thought to teach her. She wasn’t even a whole person; she was only a decoy for the king to entrap him for Kivar. Now, she sat beside Kyle and the thought came to his mind. “I will come to you when you give up all others for me.” Kyle had surely gotten the best of that deal. As Val drove, Kyle reached out and pulled Tess close. Not driving, Kyle didn’t have to to keep his eyes on the road. Tess leaned against him kissing him on the cheek. Oh, lordy, them aliens behave themselves and that damned Fed keep out of the way, Kyle would take a trip to heaven with Tess tonight when they got home. Kyle got so much more than he ever gave up.


Max was sitting in the back seat of their SUV. He had his arm around his wife. Driving, Modek was looking for everything that could possibly be an instrument of the enemy. Selenas was sitting in the suicide seat his eyes taking every thing that Modex could miss. Modek and Selenas had a lot of feeling for the lieutenant. When Swartz was stifling them, working for Little Napoleon was a breath of fresh air. They had been used to Whitman always having their back. Swartz made it clear that every move they made would have to be approved by him. With Lieutenant Parker, they were assured that if they did something wrong, she might scold them later, but she would support them as working for her. The tense atmosphere of mental energy was creating ozone within the SUV. Right now, if you hit this vehicle with a power blast, it would probably bounce right back at you, followed by the furry of several aliens behind it.

Modek was driving while Selenas was stretching to see the rooftops as they drove by. “Fred, we kill that son-of-a-bitch and in four days a blind man with influenza could find him. Now in the whole background of stinkies, we can’t find a thing,” Selenas said to his companion. Then looking in the back. he saw the queen listening to him. “Begging your pardon, your majesty. Sometimes, I forget that you might still have a lot of connection to the human world” Al apologized.

“That is okay, Al. If we are going to work together, we are going to have to overlook what we might perceive as non-intended racial slights. We can’t afford to take them personal. You are right, I am completely human, but I understand your frustration. It is too bad that Shellow doesn’t wear a tag,” Liz replied.

Selenas chuckled, “Ma’am aren’t many humans who can, how did the clone of the queen’s consort put it, sizzle the pretender like a wiener on a stick. You know that the clone’s words are now almost a salute before every meeting?”

“How so,” Liz inquired.

“I understand you also call them hotdogs, but whatever they are, the people are causing a shortage of the small sausages. At the start of every formal dinner, every one stands and holding a stick with a wiener on it, they all open a small path to direct just enough energy to sizzle the small object. It is getting to be bragging rights as to who can control their energy the best to just cook the item. It is claimed to be a pledge that we will all stand and sizzle anyone endangering our queen,” Selenas explained.

Liz had to laugh. “I would like to see that, but one of you would have to cook two sticks. I am not sure that I can muster energy without a good reason,” Liz stated.

Fred Modek spoke up. “My queen, any of the people would consider it an honor to serve you that way.”

Liz did not laugh this time. They were so serious in their pledge to her.


Shellow did see them all get into the SUV, but instinct told him that the group in the vehicle was too strong, even for an army. In the shadows as evening fell, the Cat did observe Doug Shellows in his tracking of the officers. It could be wondered that with all of Doug’s training how did he not see Tommy. Doug was trained in using stealth. Tommy did it by instinct. Maybe, Tommy was one of those fortunate freaks of nature. Thief Tommy might be, but right now, he was the eyes of Detective Guerin.

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Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Natalie36; We do love Tommy.

begonia9508: that is the problem when a man becomes too narrow in his vision.

mary mary: yes, you got it right. Cajones means testicles, balls, virility and courage.

Chapter 37

The house that Max now brought Liz home to, was not huge, but it was fitting for one in the upper tax brackets. For Liz, thinking of the home in which she grew up, living over the restaurant where her family always worked, it was a mansion, indeed. The small domestic staff that Max maintained was something she still couldn’t believe. Every room except for Max’s private office was continually cleaned and straightened. Max’s desk was always piled with notes and information he got from his computer and the library, which surrounded him. He had offered Liz her own desk and the use of the library or even her own office if she wanted it. Liz felt that she had a private office at work, but she might take a desk within Max’s office if she ended up doing very much research.

Many things had estranged Liz from her parents, not the least of which was her relation with Sean. Her parents had heard of her marriage, but at first, Liz wasn’t sure enough of herself to face her parents. Now, she was trying to mend fences with her folks. There was indication that they might even come to Metropolis to meet Max. Of course to date, nothing in her correspondence related Max’s wealth or, any alien connection. A restaurant owner who built his establishment’s reputation on a possible alien invasion was not ready to find his only daughter part of the invasion. A mother who accused her daughter of harboring a gold digger in Sean, might not be ready to face her daughters present position. To Liz, Max was so down to earth as a cop that, she often forgot that he could probably finance the department out of his own pocket.

Regardless of her present position, there was still the fact that someone out there wanted them dead. That was another reason to keep her parents a distance from them. Nancy Parker had written Amy DeLuca now Amy Valenti. Amy had confirmed that Liz seemed to be happily married, but she said very little about Max. Talks with Maria had assured her that the Parkers needed to know about Max, but it must be up to Liz to give out information. At least, Amy knew that who ever Max was, he had to be better than her nephew Sean. Amy was far from understanding what Sean had done to Maria to cause such an anger, but the wife of Amy’s ex-husband’s brother had to, indeed, be a bother. The woman unceasingly whined about her son’s lack of performance with women. That was the last thing Amy wanted or needed to hear. Then after the revelation that Sean spent $20,000 in one night at a whore house, Amy just didn’t think this was subject for conversation.

Amy understood that Michael was different in some way. Neither Big Jim nor Maria explained exactly how he was different. Amy still complained about Maria being a cop. “It is so dangerous,” she repeated over and over.

“Mom, I can still go back to pole dancing. I was the best stripper José ever had. Even at my age, he still will give me my job back,” Maria replied.

That started Amy off on a moral rant about Maria selling her body.

“Well mom, I could go back to working vice. No one ever shot at me when I was doing that. Seducing johns is relatively safe,” Maria stated.

By the time Amy came down from that rant, Maria would be ready to leave. With the admonition from Big Jim, “Maria I love you like the daughter you have become, but you are going to have to quit settinyour mom off like this. I usually have to go back to the office and work a couple hours until she settles down,” he complained.


Alex had found the best way to settle problems with Isabel was prayer, that is, prayer for his own patience. Usually, Isabel would come around to see things sensibly, eventually. When he had left that morning, the two women were glaring at each other.

“Well, we can’t spend the day like this,” Isabel stated.

“Yeah, remember this wasn’t my idea,” Malon replied.

“Alex stated that I wasn’t allowed to be alone until they get the assassin. He wasn’t clear as to where the order came from,” Isabel again stated, trying to make conversation.

“If your past means anything, you probably are in danger,” Malon said.

“What do you mean?” Isabel asked getting a little miffed at the accusation.

“Recently, you have been captured twice by our enemies,” Malon explained.

“I still think the real danger is to my brother and the queen,” Isabel said.

“I was surprised when the elders said I might, also, be in danger,” Malon said.

“Alex told me that the pretender was working for a human organization who wanted to control our people. Some of my experience with Nicholas, might have been caused by my clone donor. Valandra was a bitch. Nicholas, in his form on Earth, wasn’t interested in sex, except as it could be used as a weapon. Talking to the queen, the pretender might have had similar ideas. He tortured her mind, but he didn’t touch her,” Isabel told Malon.

After a period of silence malon asked, “Can I ask you a personal question?” asked Malon.

“Yes, if you understand I might not answer,” Isabel replied.

“We all know you as Ms. Evantide. Even by human standards, your escapades were in excess. We all read the tabloids. They always called you the queen of the guy of the month club. What caused the change to one human lover, or do you still have some sort of secret life that no one knows about?” Malon asked.

“No, no secret life. I am with Alex until one of us dies. Some of my previous attitude did come from my clone donor. I have personally interviewed the Granolith several times. For some reason, that machine saw fit to separate the paths my brother and I took. Max became the responsible one. I think there might have been a few women in his life; but for the most part, he was saving himself for the queen even when he had no knowledge of the throne. For reasons of it’s own, I was allowed to mingle with humanity. The granolith wanted us to bring different things to the people. My guess is that it did the same with Max and Michael. Max from the lap of luxury and Michael from the welfare system now back each other in every thing.

When Nicholas turned the clone of the Queen mother’s choice of a consort to the king loose on Max, we all learned a lot about ourselves. When Tess discovered that she no longer could influence the king, she became a blank slate. I was given the responsibility of reprograming her. It was much like adopting an adult child, except she had no baggage of a past. This also made me take a close look at my own actions. The responsibility of caring for Tess begot more responsibility. My life had to take on meaning and that wasn’t gonna happen jumping from bed to bed. The cost of responsibility might be the danger I have put myself into. As a playgirl, the only danger was a psychotic lover. That last one might have fit that role. He did come back and cause trouble.” Isabel had been telling her story as she, again, tried to put all the pieces together to make sense. After all, she might have been only a puppet of the machine. Wasn’t that the fear that the queen had for so long?

“I was born on Earth, but I am pure Antarian. When I die, my remains will blow away and only what I have done in the universe will remain,” Malon mused. “The elders seem to believe that if the assassin is successful at killing the king and queen, he will follow with a blood bath to many of the people. I have been brought up to become a leader with the women of the people. My friend, Senssi LoBeck, has been educated to become one of our elders. I was assigned to work with you as a start for protection, but I think it is intended that I learn more,” Malon said.

I think as long as the king and queen are safe, we will be also. There is the chance that whatever it is might want to cause the king confusion by killing us, same with Michael, the king’s friend.

Alex wasn’t sure what he would find when he returned that evening. Maybe a double homicide, maybe a home leveled by demolition of having two strong women alone in the same house, maybe an empty house with a letter saying, “Dear John,” or in this case, “Alex”: “This is too much.”

What he actually found was Isabel and Malon sitting at the kitchen table, a stack of folders and stapled essays from the granolith between them and two women in heated discussion about the history of Antar. “Hey Alex, supper is in the fridge. We are on a roll and we don’t want to stop. You realize that in a few generations, our children will not have a glimmer of where they came from. Malon and I are going to organize a group to write Antarian history from as many views as we can,” Isabel said.

Alex might have many cold meals in the future, but that would be better than homicides.


Maria and Michael were lying in bed. Sleep hadn’t yet come. “Mikie, Mom ragged off on me about how dangerous police work is, again today. Neither Jim nor I can afford to tell her the half of it. Does that man Ortiz really think we are in special danger?” Maria asked.

“Ortiz is as smart as he is mysterious. We don’t even know if he is really a Hispanic. He could be an alien deciding he liked that life style. He has his finger in almost every pie there is. In some ways he is very open. He admitted to Liz that he was responsible for Swartz. He also admitted that he gave Swartz a case that Swartz wasn’t able to carry out. That is what got Swartz fired. But, where he comes from and who is really is, nada. No one knows anything about him personally. He knows all about the Coven. He knows all about Kazan and Shellow. He states that the main target is the king and queen. He also says, that there might be other murders to confuse the king and queen, there by, making them easier to assassinate. Therefore, Isabel, Tess and I need to be especially careful. That includes our partners. I hear Liz is holding off on reconnecting with her parents until Shellow is resolved,” Michael informed his lover.

“Resolved, is that how you call it? I heard you and Kyle talking the other night. Your solution is not very police like. What about fair trial and innocent before proven guilty?” Maria asked.

“Aliens and ancient world wide organization like the Coven might prove to be beyond normal jurisprudence,” Michael answered. Then, he pulled Maria close and began kissing her. If he listened to her line of reasoning, he might be persuaded to agree with her. Kyle had it right. This case was not what the legal system was made to handle.


Little Napoleon was at her desk. With the help of the chief’s wife, Tess, she was getting caught up with her paperwork. Just because some aliens had pissed off a super secret governmental look alike, didn’t mean that normal crime stopped. Almost a dozen women had been picked up on the streets soliciting. Maria had set that up. Maria would set up street whores, because they were the ones easiest hurt by errant johns. Maria felt that the women working in houses, at least, had a professor to call on if things got too rough. Liz was thinking about Maria as she was going over the papers on the street whores. Where did the name professor come from anyhow? Pimps felt that they owned the girls, back to white slavery, except the girls were of every culture. A lot of the pain of street whores came from their pimp. The professor was hired by the house. He might be called on to administer house discipline, but usually, he was there to protect the merchandise.

Narcotics was down after the debacle of the former Lieutenant Swartz. A lot of both sides got it in that raid. Liz knew that the narcotics trade would heal itself a lot faster than the detective squad. The Squad was still down in man-power. Narcotics raids down in number might be the fact that there were still not enough officers to really work narcotics. She hoped the new rookies graduating would send her more experienced detectives to build up the many squads.

The auto theft boys were looking at the Marlo brothers, again. It was a sure bet that the Morlo’s wouldn’t hire someone like Jimmy the Nose again. They had laid low for some time. That candy stripped Ferrari was too much. Since the street people knew that Jimmy had been murdered, the Marlo’s might get brave again.

Liz was thinking about Doug Shellow. The night of their one and only date, Doug sounded like he was quite amorous. Since both the feds and the local police had a want out on him, he must be getting it somewhere. Maria and Michael were hitting the “cat houses” and the street girls looking for any information. So far, even with his picture, no one was talking. Finally, Maria took Michael to her old boss. “Hey José, que pasa?” she shouted out.

“Maria, hija, how have you been?” José shouted back jovially.

“You know, a body here and a body there. Crime is always busy,” Maria said.

“I would think since my cousin left town, things would have slowed down,” José declared.

“Jose, the only thing we could ever hang on your cousin would be stealing from that old hospital and, technically he was just trespassing. You can be sure that the hospital isn’t going to admit they left that much paraphernalia around. No one but you ever said he was a crack head.” Maria said with a laugh.

“Yeah, hey chica, if you can’t rag on your own family, what good are they,” José said with a return laugh.

Michael slid over a picture of Doug Shellow. “Have you ever seen this guy?” he asked.

“Is he one of your funny fellows who can do strange things?” José inquired.

“Naw,” Michael said. “He is completely human. If you see him and he acts up you can kick the shit out of him. You just want to be careful as he is known to be armed and dangerous,” Michael replied. “We believe that he was always a bit horny and we can’t find out where he is getting it at,” Michael concluded.

“Michael, the amour of my best dancer, the man who takes her away to the policia, you just described most of my customers, José cried. “If he wants some, this is not the best place to look for it. Anything my girls do extra, has to be where I don’t know anything about it. I run a clean strip club and if any john is seen jacking off without a girl giving him a $500 lap dance, he is out of here.”

Maria smiled, “Well, just keep your eyes open. Let us know if anything looks kinky.”

Stories by Ken
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 16, ch37, cc, 12/24/201

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Natalie36: call me Santa

mary mary:

keepsmiling7: I think Liz and Max are okay, now. That is why Isabel orchestrated the one on one with Kazan. Max fought to show Liz his love. Maybe a little over the top, but that was the best idea Isabel had at the time.

Happy New Year to all and may God be with you. I am sure that he knows we need a better year if he can see his way.

Chapter 38

It looked like Doug Shellows was swallowed up by the world. The feds were checking the internet and the phone lines, but they admitted that the Coven would probably have equipment as sophisticated as they did. Calls to the Coven would be untraceable. To find Shellows, it was going to have to be by street people, either those living on the street or those cops patrolling it.

Transvestite Charlie was a slippery character. First, you didn’t know if he would appear as Charlie or as Charlene. The police didn’t know if his personality changed by phases of the moon or by random choice of wardrobe. Then, his time on the stage made him a master of makeup. Charlie/Charlene was a master of voice also. He could mimic almost any accent in either gender. His taste in companions ran either direction. Maria swore that if she eve got him down, she was going to demand a blood test to see if he had any green crystals in his blood. Max assured Maria that not all aliens had different blood, at least by casual observation.

The usuals on the street or who visited the street regularly Knew Charlie/Charlene and if their persuasions didn’t turn that way, they avoided him/her. Occasionally, he would pick up a tourist who, when Charlie’s plumbing was exposed, would in anger beat the crap out of him/her. Charlie/Charlene had recently seen a shadow crossing the rooftops. Charlie/Charlene knew Tommy, the Cat, and vice versa. Tommy was as straight as an arrow when it came to his personal life. Tommy had no regular squeeze up to now. Recently, he had been tomcatting around a certain married lady whom he met during an attempted heist. Tommy had entered a window three stories from the top. He had dropped into what he thought was a vacant room and was studying the contents displayed on the dresser. A noise and Tommy turned, poised to flee. A lady sat up in her bed watching him. They both stayed, that was until the lady and Tommy said almost at the same time, “What next?”

Tommy looked at the lady and sitting on her bed their conversation turned to the fact that her husband was out of town more than she wanted to stand and Tommy could be a welcomed diversion if he so wanted. It was, finally, decided that ‘love me’ had the most to offer Tommy so a deal was struck. When her “old man” was out, she would fly a white handkerchief from her window. This seemed like a good deal to Tommy, but it meant his nightly wanderings began to have a pattern. That was dangerous.

Charlie/Charlene, like the rest of the street people, knew of Tommy’s new fortune. The shadow he/she saw tonight wasn’t Tommy. From the darkness of the alley where he/she crouched, Charlie/Charlene watched the shadow travel across the rooftops. The person was good; maybe, as good as Tommy. Charlie/Charlene never saw the shadow duck into any windows. If the shadow wasn’t another new cat burglar, who or what was he?

One morning when the night had been spent without finding anyone who liked the flavors he/she offered, had watched the shadow as he cased the police department building from all sides. Having not scored, he/she followed the shadow as it even at one time, crawled down and quickly crossed the street to climb another wall to again study the Police station. Much like Jimmy the Nose, may he rest in peace, Ether Eddie or Tommy the Cat, Charlie/Charlene didn’t like new or confusing things. Tommy’s new actions were confusing at first, then Charlie/Charlene finally understood what Tommy had found. No fault in that. He/she wished Tommy the best of luck. This new shadow which showed such a obsession with the police station at night when it was partially closed, bothered Charlie/Charlene. Some nut bringing grief to the police department could instigate a witch-hunt coming down on all of the street people.


Some of the street people blamed Michael for what had happened to Jimmy. Michael was having more trouble finding information. Charlie/Charlene thought Michael had told the street people that he had helped kill at least one of the murderers of Jimmy. Michael was still one of the most trusted of the detectives. He and that little ex-stripper who hung out with him were the safest cops to face. New things on the street had to be explained or terminated.

“Hey, Maria, you is gonna love this one,” Michael called out.

“Michael you don’t have to talk street slang to me, but what do you have?” Maria asked.

“There’s this transvestite named Charlie/Charlene, only those who have seen what he/she has, really know what his/her gender really is. Anyway he/she has sent word that he/she has information about someone skulking about the station. We have an appointment for lunch,” Michael explained.

Maria frowned. Since her days in vice, Maria had had deep influence with the sex trade, but up to this time, it had all been straight. This would be her first time interviewing someone with a very different life style. The restaurant that Michael led Maria to, was located on south sixth street, definitely not in the Zagat registry. There was a woman waiting for them sitting at a table. At first, Maria thought she was of some Mediterranean extraction. As they sat down, Maria wasn’t quite sure. Her voice was husky like the whisky voice of a blues singer who had smoked cigarettes all of her life. Then, Maria remembered that Michael said his/her gender wasn’t sure. Maria couldn’t handle the slash gender, so she decided to settle with the Charlene personality.

Apparently, Michael did like wise as he started, “What do you have for us, Charlene?”

Charlene shook a little, “You will have to forgive me. This month, I am pumped with estrogen shots. Next month I think I will go back on the testosterone shots again. I don’t seem to stay in either character for very long.”

“Okay, Charlene, we all have our private crosses to carry. What do you have that would interest the police?” Michael stated.

“I have been watching this shadow on the rooftops, the last few days,” Charlene started.

“Probably Tommy the Cat looking for an opened apartment to burgle,” Michael said.

“No, no, I guess you haven’t heard that Tommy now has a semi permanent squeeze, at least when her husband isn’t home. This is someone else, not a break-in artist. This someone checks the rooftops around the police station only,” Charlene informed them.

“Okay, Charlene, what do you want out of this information?” Michael asked.

Maria had to almost gasp as Charlene gave Michael’s arm a squeeze. “Two things actually. If you and the little lady were broad minded, I could give both of you a thrill. This month, Charlene could teach you Michael many things you have never experienced, and next month as Charlie, I could give your lady the incite that I have as a woman, she never dreamed of,” Charlene smiled as she almost cuddled against Michael.

“Ain’t gonna happen,” Michael stressed. What is the other?” he asked.

“If a cop gets shot, we both know that downtown will be hell for those of us who live here. It is to our advantage for cops not to get hurt,” Charlene said as she straightened up.

Once outside, Maria turned to Michael. “How do you meet people like her?” she asked.

“Maria, they are part of downtown. If they keep to their own kind, we leave them alone. We are not here to convert or save anyone. We are here to keep the peace. That is the difference between law officers and peacekeepers. We just have to learn to see which we are, at any one time,” Michael explained.


They were all in Little Napoleon’s office along with Chief Valenti and Captain Whitman. “I think we can be sure that this is Shellow,” Michael stated. “Tommy the Cat said there were others on the rooftops and they were not regular burglars. Charlie/Charlene said, Tommy was becoming careless; he is starting to make a pattern in his movements. Predictability in a cat burglar is sure death. Seems he found a squeeze in one of the apartments he broke into. I need to see him. Tommy might not know how dangerous this Shellow actually is. I think we have to figure that Max and Liz are his first targets. If he gets them, then he might be looking for any number of the police and then certain members of the people,” Michael concluded.

Kyle spoke up. “I need to get my snipers up on the roofs. They are all military trained and they tell me that they can spot a sniper nest just by feel when they find one. Look, I know what they can do and I don’t question their judgment,” Kyle stated.

Liz nodded her head. “I know how you all hate to work with the feds, but I think we should tell them that we have fresh intelligence that Shellow is still hanging around Metropolis. If they choose to ignore this, then we are still on our own. I know that they want to take Shellow alive. ” Then she turned to Michael and Kyle. “I also, know that some of you have a different idea. I agree that Shellow has attacked the police directly and the Coven is a dark mysterious organization. If we did take him alive, I doubt we could learn anything about the Coven. I am going to say this once. We do what we feel we must; then, we live with the results. Folks, be careful out there,” Liz stated.


Kyle had his SWAT team assembled. “Look, this is the guy who took out one of our own during the raid on the hospital. Yoyo Duncan was one of our best. I want teams of snipers guarded by two or more spotters. Take machine pistols if you want, shotguns, at least one with each team. I will say it real clear. The feds want shallow alive. They think they can sweat him for information. I don’t care. If you have to, obliterate the son-of-a-bitch, but watch yourselves. I don’t want any more body bags carrying men in blue.”


Max stopped to talk to Sergeant Kaminski. He saw the old sergeant had his duty Glock back in its holster and on the desk was a Colt semi-automatic 45. “Hey, Evans, this is a lot faster on the first shot. I got old Betsy here under the desk if things get nasty,” Kaminski said.

Max saw that he had one of the shotguns that the department had issued long ago. Many of the old officers still preferred this weapon. The Winchester 97, when you loaded a shell into the chamber, made so many clicks that it had been know to completely stop a bar fight. It also wasn’t politically correct with its safety. If you held the trigger back, every time you pumped the action it went off. Five shots could be fired in only a couple of seconds. “Keep alert, Sergeant. Be sure to inform all the other desk sergeants to do the same. We have to protect the department and we have to protect the lieutenant,” Max stated.

“That we do, detective. Tell little Napoleon that I have been saying rosaries for her all the week. I admit that she would make a beautiful angel, but let’s delay that time as much as possible,” the old sergeant stated. He firmly believed the catechism of O’Brian, whom he was certain, was looking down to affirm that his desk was properly being taken care of.

Max nodded. Even if Liz was of the Jewish faith, he knew that Liz would always welcome help from anywhere.

like old time detective stories set into a modern era?
Mr. & Mrs. Guerin
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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mary mary:

Chapter 39

For the first time in his life, Tommy the Cat had found what he thought was love. Mrs. Avery Van Staven, known to Tommy as Ivy, was as lonely as she was lovely. Why Avery kept her alone, without any warmth, was beyond Tommy. Avery gave his wife every thing that money could buy except for love and companionship. Avery was a collector. When he was courting Ivy, Avery was with her every minute. Now he had won, the prenuptial agreement she had signed made leaving him very difficult. He left her alone as he pursued other projects, a project, that was how he treated her. Stamp his name on her and then leave her for other adventures.

When Ivy had seen the shadow in her bedroom that first night, surprisingly, she wasn’t scared. Nothing, not even her own life belonged to her any longer. She watched him move and the tight suit he wore showed rippling muscles, which intrigued her and quite frankly, turned her on. Calmly, Ivy threw back the sheet and turned on the light by her bed. Tommy froze. This was the thing he feared most. He had been careless thinking about the unknown shadow and not checked the bedroom carefully enough. Slowly, he turned around and saw a surprisingly young woman in a nightgown, that, Avery had bought for his own pleasure. For several minutes they were locked in stasis. This had been rerun dozens of times in Tommy’s mind. Sometime later, Ivy had told him that at first she thought he might be dangerous. She told Tommy that at first she feared that he might kill her. To Ivy, at that time death, might be an adventure for a young, neglected wife. Tommy had no intention of violence. He never carried a weapon because he never intended to use one. Tommy was an in and out guy. Normally, his safety was assured by his careful reconnaissance. That strange shadow had taken too much room in his thinking. The comment they both made of, “What is next?” was followed by, “Well, where do we go from here?” he asked, as he slowly relaxed.

In Tommy’s mind, he still heard her ask, “Do you intend to hurt me?”

Tommy shook his head. “No,” was all he could say.

There were tears in her eyes as she said, “I could never fight you. You could do whatever you wanted.”

It was the tears that did it. Tommy was a very sensitive guy. “No, please don’t cry,” he pleaded as he sat beside her.

Tommy, now, heard Ivy really start to cry. “Its just that I am so lonely. I don’t see anyone except for those sent to my by Avery. It is his friends I am to entertain. It is his people I am supposed to talk to. These are all people I could never trust,” she sobbed.

Tommy had done something that he never imagined he would ever do. Tommy took off his hood. Ivy looked into Tommy’s young face and fell in love. It was the same for Tommy. Accommodation would be the only thing they would be allowed. When Avery was gone, Ivy would fly a flag by her window, just a small thing, something that nobody would normally notice. Ivy pressed money on Tommy, which embarrassed him. “Tommy, I don’t want to loose you. You have to quit the burglary. You have to quit for me,” were her final requests.

Tommy still prowled the rooftops, but he also now had much to loose. He didn’t enter strange houses anymore. He did, when the flag was seen, enter her window. He always left by the window, and so far no one had any knowledge of his affair.

There was still that mysterious shadow. Tommy had received word that Guerin wanted to see him again. Guerin was to be trusted, as far as Tommy could ever trust any cop. This led for Michael and Maria to be sitting in a unmarked car, well it was the car that Caleb had prepared for Liz so long ago. They were parked on eighth street south of the main part of town near the oldest neighborhood of affluence in Metropolis.

The country club district still had a golf course. The course now employed an EMT, (emergency medical technician) full time. They had a defibrillation machine in the clubhouse. The fact that oxygen was offered in booths located about the course said that many members were getting on in age. It had changed through the ages as now there were many high-rise buildings nearby. There were also many beautiful homes, which would normally attract Tommy the Cat. Now that Tommy was becoming felis domesticus, the district was more just fond memories for him. If it had been seen by anyone, it would be strange to see the hooded fellow enter the car parked in the dark. If it had been known that the car was a police cruiser, it would have been even stranger.

Tommy slipped into the back seat of the vehicle. Michael watched him in his rear view mirror while Maria turned to look into his hooded face. Since, he was already known by Guerin, Tommy removed his hood. Tommy’s sudden appearance was not a surprise to Michael. Tommy had been around for several years, even if he was still very young. “Tommy, your friends are worried about you. They say your woman is making you careless,” Guerin said right off the start.

Tommy’s face showed his concern. Why was this policeman worried about his wellbeing? Tommy said nothing.

“Tommy there is something else on the rooftops. It is very dangerous. There is going to be police presence on the roofs for a while. I would hate to see them distracted in bringing down a simple cat burglar. They are on a much more important quest,” Guerin said.

“What do you want from me?” Tommy asked.

“I suppose it would be too much to ask you to stay off the roofs, at night?” Michael asked.

“Her husband is home many times in the daytime. So I can’t hide out there,” Tommy stated. “He goes out many nights leaving her alone,” Tommy continued.

Michael didn’t have to ask who she was. Tommy was still new at this romance thing, to him what he had found was still unique. “It isn’t the day that I am worried about. Tommy, when you are out at night, that is when you possibly might meet him. Tommy he is very dangerous, I can’t repeat this enough. When you are traveling across the roofs, is when you might meet him. That is, also, when you might distract the police. Tommy he is responsible for the death of two officers. The police are going to be edgy,” Michael repeated.

When Tommy left the two officers, he was developing an idea. To be safe and to keep his love safe, Tommy needed to help catch this mysterious creature that the police were hunting. Tommy had no macho ideas of grabbing the man himself, but if he could learn about him, he could always call Guerin. Those of the street said that Guerin could be trusted, as far as you could trust any cop.

“Chief, that bastard moves from place to place. He has checked out all sides of the police building. We have mapped out every place around this building where a sniper hide might be set up. There are dozens of them. You say that you think that Little Napoleon and Detective Evans are his first choice. He is just too obvious in the sign he leaves around here. Maybe you ought to think about other places where he might lay for the detectives, around Evans’ house or someplace they frequent,” Sergeant Elroy stated.

Kyle knew and trusted his men. Elroy had done a tour in “Desert Storm.” He was good as were all the rest of the officers on SWAT. Sgt. Malcolm (Micky) Elroy had that second sense, because he had done several jobs in the other Americas, which he didn’t ever talk about. Kyle was sure that the sergeant went about his intelligence gathering like he would if he was planning the hit.

Valen Valenzuela had asked Max if he could examine the special SUV that the aliens had prepared for Max and Liz. Val knew all about the being from a far, far place. His parents had made it over land from the center of South America. They had changed their name a hundred times or more. Val had been born on the run. His father and his new bride had fled a failed revolution before his father learned that those starting the revolutions are usually the martyrs. The heros who make the new governments come later. Max had related the times one or the other had been hurt recently. If Liz was shot first, then Max would use his powers to save her. If the sniper took Max down first, no one knew about what Liz could do. Val chose to think of it in terms of his heritage. Max was a mighty brujo. He could do strange and magical things. Liz was still an unknown power. His buddies in the SWAT team might question the way Val thought, but Val remembered his grandfather thought Penicillin was a powerful magic potion also.

“It’s gotta be when they enter or leave the vehicle,” Valenzuela stated. “Sergeant Elroy says that the perp is leaving purposefully misleading sign. There has to be some place where we are missing. That is where he will make his hit.”

Kyle knew that if anyone knew about leaving misleading sign, it would be Officer Valenzuela. Valen had told Kyle over coffee about the trip through Central America and through Mexico his father had led his young family. “The old man would lead our trail right up to a drug landing strip. Then, we would all reverse our trail and carefully brush out any sign of passage from there on. Papa had killed someone important back home. He was sure that they were still chasing him. He tried to lead them into areas ruled by one of the drug cartels. More than one time after we left the area, we heard of real battles back on our path. We just always hoped that the two sides would kill each other and we would be forgotten. No chance. Give a couple of years and there would be someone back on our track. It was like this until we hired a coyote to take us across the border. Sarge says that this guy is doing much like my papa, leaving false trails everywhere. Papa once said, ‘look for places impossible to be ambushed at; then, consider everything else. That is what the sarge and I are doing.”

“Good thinking, Val. Those guys with their glowing hands do good work. It would probably be impossible to take out Evans and the lieutenant while in their SUV. It is somewhere between that we need to worry about. What about a frontal assault like when they took the lieutenant the other time? Could they get by Kaminski?” Kyle asked.

Officer Valenzuela laughed. “Sergeant Kaminski is loaded for bear. He is sure that any person trying to breach the department is probably responsible for the death of O’Brian. The Captain took two female officers off uniform and has them dressed up like secretaries. One of them will be assigned with Kaminski and whoever the other desk sergeant will be. Captain Whitman chose them, not for their gender, but rather their scores at the academy. They will back any play the desk sergeants start,” the training officer informed Kyle. Then he added, “We have to consider something completely unexpected.”

Max and Liz were aware that between their vehicle and whatever building they were entering was their dangerous time. Rooftops were constantly under surveillance, both near their home and around the department. Neither of them were doing much street work. Maria and Michael were constantly monitoring their street people. Charlie/Charlene, Michael could never keep track of his/her gender cycles, had reported that there was buzz on the street about a missing woman. No missing person report had been filed at this time, so neither Michael or Maria could follow this up.

A quick check of civil complaints showed, two teenagers who had run away for the nth time. They had done this so many times that their parents filed the complaint, but stated that this had all happened before. Juvenile had called in a report to Akron Ohio about a twelve year-old girl, who was heading to meet an internet lover. Akron Police Department had called back that they caught the lover, a fifty year-old man who liked little girls. It was several days before a report came about Susan Stuart.

Susan Stuart had just moved to Metropolis. Her parents had been scared silly. They had read all about the West Mesa murders. Susan, right out of college, had landed a job with the city environmental studies office. The bad part was, Metropolis wasn’t Wagon Mound New Mexico. Metropolis New Mexico wasn’t anywhere like back east or on the western coast, but to a girl who knew almost everyone in the town of Wagon Mound, it was different. Susan had found an apartment within sight of the city office building. In fact ,she could look out and see the police department from her window. At a church mixer, her mother had impressed on her that church was the place to meet nice young men; Susan had met a man. Doug was always so charming when he wanted to be. They had dated and Susan, determined to be a modern girl, had given into his sexual advances. It was while making love that Susan passed out. She woke up tied to her bed. Her memory was so bleary that she couldn’t think straight. She was released from time to time to go to the bathroom and she was fed on a regular basis. Doug even raped her a couple of times. Doug didn’t call it rape because they had been making love for sometime. Doug didn’t care that Susan knew who he was since she was only going to live until his mission was finished.

Susan’s boss was a liberal, progressive man. He didn’t like cops, from his years in college. When she didn’t show up to work, he tried to call her apartment and got no answer. At first, he assumed she had gone back home to, what was that town? Finally, to close out his books on the young lady, he filed a missing person report.

Loretta Garcia sitting off to the side of Sergeant Kaminski’s desk saw the report. If they had taken her off the street, that was fine. Loretta would make the best of her time playing detective. She had heard Sergeant DeLuca talking to Kaminski the other day to be looking for anything strange. Sergeant DeLuca was a strange situation herself. It was reported that she had married Detective Guerin. She had kept her maiden name to not draw attention to her marriage by the department. When Loretta saw the address of the missing person, it was across the street from the station. This was something she was sure Little Napoleon would want to know about. Little Napoleon was almost a role model for Loretta. Here was a small woman who took nothing off anyone. That was the kind of cop Loretta someday wanted to be.

“Captain, that Garcia woman you put working with the desk sergeant is a sharp-eyed girl,” Liz said to Alex. “She spotted a missing person report from someone living across the street. Do you think Shellow might have anything to do with that?”

Kyle’s father, Big Jim, had told him that if it looks like a jack rabbit, but smells like a pig, it is time for SWAT.

At the moment I am trying detective stories. Mr. & Mrs. Guerin is written in memory of the "Thin Man," by Dachel Hammet. It is candy in Au without aliens.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 17, ch39, cc, Jan 6, 20

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keepsmiling: It's a coming.

begonia9508: Yes zero weather is almost as bad if not worse as 110 in the summer. This morning all our pipes froze up. Not fun at the old homestead.

mary mary:


Chapter 40

Once again the third floor was sealed off. Ray Richards, heard about something happening at the police station. Dealing with the police commission, Richards couldn’t get by Big Jim. Counselor Richards decided to call a press conference. Big Jim tried to caution Richards

“I want to announce that our illustrious police department is close to apprehending the savage murderer of two of its finest. The rogue federal employee of our proud Federal Bureau of Investigation and for some time on the list of our country’s most wanted, Douglas Shellow. I have it on the best authority that this dastardly felon will soon be safely in the custody of, our finest,” councilman Richards proudly announced to the press. It could be seen that Richards was giving emphasis to the words, “our finest,” a contradiction as to how hard he had worked to bring the police department down.

The small group crowded into Comissioner Jim Valenti’s office could only shake their collective heads. Kyle was the first to speak up. “That is going to cost lives,” he angrily stated.

Jim Valenti sighed. I told that bastard that anything about this case was off limits. Maybe we better look for the leak before we go any further,” he said.

Liz grimaced. “I don’t think it was a leak. I think the “bastard” was making a guess and the one he made was unlucky for us. He saw activity on the third floor and used that to his advantage. If we don’t bring something in, he will then state the incompetency of the department.” Little Napoleon then turned to Kyle. “How do you think this will affect your SWAT boys?” she asked.

“If we have to move immediately, then the danger will be doubled. Shellow will be watching for us. If we can let things cool down for a while, then I see no change. The danger will be the same as before. This perp is clever and he believes he is smarter than any local yokels. Given time, his own confidence will betray him,” Kyle stated with authority.

“Then, we have to balance our actions against the safety of Susan Stuart,” Liz declared.

If we delay our mission, how can we shut the councilor down?” Kyle asked.

Jim sadly shook his head. “This side of killing the “bastard” or placing him in a dark room, there is little we can do,” he said.

Liz spoke up. “Don’t throw out the dark room thing, yet. We may have to arrange something for him. Until this, we need intel about Susan Stuart’s room. Mike, what can you get for us from the streets?”

“I can push Tommy the cat. Charlie/Charlene spends most of her time on the streets. I can talk to him/her and show her the picture we have of Doug and see if she knows of him being outside anywhere,” Michael said.

It was the next day when Loretta Garcia made a call to Little Napoleon’s office. “Lieutenant, I have a pizza delivery boy who wants to file a complaint about being mugged.”

“Loretta, have him file a complaint sheet. His problems are on a low priority at this time,” Liz answered.

“Lieutenant, I think you ought to talk to him. His complaint leans into the shadow of your strange case investigations,” Loretta stated. She didn’t want to add to the problems of the department. That damned Richards was making it hard enough for the detective squad, but she felt that she had to defend her gut feelings.

When Loretta was first on the streets as a rookie, she had been paired to an overweight old fart, waiting for retirement. At first, Loretta was terribly disappointed. This wasn’t her idea of a policeman. Jebediah Green made it clear. He didn’t like women on the street. Her first day of police work was grunts, orders to “Stay behind the door, rookie” and periods of silence while as far as she could tell was just parking behind a fence in an alley. Any attempt at conversation was rebuffed by the burley officer. On the third day, they were again parked where Loretta was sure was just a hiding place to keep from working, Jeb came alive. “I gotch ya, your bastard!” Jeb exclaimed. A black Porche had just driven down the alley. Jeb grabbed the mike and whispered, “Car 219 to Metropolis.”

“Go ahead, 219,” the radio crackled.

Jeb quickly leaned forward to turn down the volume of the radio. “Patch me through to Lieutenant Whitman,” Jeb again stated as quietly as he believed the radio would allow.

“Lieutenant Whitman,” Alex answered.

“Lieutenant, that black Porshe you posted on the hot sheet this morning, just drove into the Malo brothers chop shop.”

That had all been before Jimmy the Nose had been killed. It was when Alex was the lieutenant of the detectives and they all were fighting with that woman called Little Napoleon over department funds. Jimmy made it out ahead of the raid. The candy-striped Ferrari was found and by legal manipulations, the Malo brothers got off.

It was later when Jeb stopped for coffee that he talked to Loretta as a cop for the first time. “Garcia, follow the rules and watch your back, but sometimes you have to have a hunch. Sometimes, you follow your gut and if you get in trouble, you depend on your sergeant to get you out of it. Good sergeants will do that if you build trust in them. They don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect results. When they learn to trust you, they will back you up,” Officer Green stated. From then on his treatment of his female partner changed. When she finally got her own car, his last statement meant more than anything else. “Garcia, you got potential, use it wisely.”

It had been Garcia who spotted the disappearance of Susan Stuart. They all had seen how the indifference of Swartz had crippled the office. Liz answered accordingly. “Garcia send him up. And, Garcia, good work spotting unusual things.”

Tess showed the frightened young man into Liz’s office. “Lieutenant, I…I need to talk to someone called Guerin. He was insistent that I talk to Guerin,” the man almost stuttered.

Liz leaned forward and called Maria’s office. Maria and Michael had moved into the place where Liz had been for so long. “Hey, Maria, I need you and Mike to come forward. We may have some good information,” Liz stated.

Maria entered the office followed by Michael. “Mr. … may I present Sergeant DeLuca and Detective Guerin,” Liz made the introduction.

“Its Howell, George Howell,” the man started. “I was mugged by a ninja last night,” he said.

“Go on,” Michael said. “What else happened?”

“I had just delivered a pizza to the building across the street. As I was walking back to where I parked my car, a figure dressed in black grabbed me and dragged me into the alley. I quickly handed him my money pouch, but he threw it down. ‘Report what you saw to Guerin in the police department,’ he insisted. I picked up my money bag and have been waiting until your offices opened,” the man said.

“I am Detective Guerin,” Michael said as he stepped forward.

“I don’t know what that ninja fellow from the alley wanted. He could have been the brother of the guy in that room. This other fellow was dressed in black, but he wasn’t wearing a hood. There was some groaning from the back room, but he said his wife was having trouble sleeping,” George stated.

Liz slid a picture of Agent Douglas Shellow across the table. George Howell picked it up and studied it for some time. “That could be him. He looked different. He hadn’t shaved recently and the man in the picture looks like he just stepped out of the shower. The man last night smelled like he hadn’t known a shower for a long time. He wasn’t wearing no suit and tie,” George said hesitantly. “If it was him, he was on the 14th floor. You know the floor marked 14 they never mark the 13th floor pretending it don’t exist. It would be apartment 1406,” George finished.

Michael and Maria hit the streets running. Maria had trouble keeping up with Michael. “Mikie, please slow down” she pleaded.

Michael stopped for a minute. He shook his head and his worry showed clearly in his voice. “I am sorry, Maria. We gotta find Tommy the cat. In the daytime I have no idea of where he might be. Charlie/Charlene is the only connection I know. That son-of-a-bitch, Shellow is going to take a shot at Max and Liz and we have to stop him. I need Tommy to talk to Kyle and help plan a raid. There, is also, a woman who has been kidnapped. No telling what Shellow is doing to her, but I am sure when he gets ready for the shot, he will kill her before he leaves.”

Maria gently patted Michael’s arm. “Mikie, us running into the ground won’t help. We will find her, it just takes time,” she cautioned. Maria hadn’t got into that gender change thing.

They did slow down. Michael was worried about Shellow’s alien connection. That mysterious “coven” had been consorting with aliens almost forever, there was no telling what they might have given Shellow. More of those green shield boxes wouldn’t help if SWAT was sent against him. The coven had used Grant to hurt Isabel, but they seemed to have put him on hold somewhere. Maybe, his usefulness was now over. Grant was still someone to consider.

Maria pulled at Michael’s sleeve. “Isn’t that Charlene over there with her knee in some john’s crotch?” she asked.

“Yeah, babe, good observing. I have been so wrapped up that I am not paying enough attention,” Michael replied. They immediately started threading their way through traffic, jay-walking, across the street. “Hey, Charlene,” Michael shouted as he flashed his badge and saw the john run. The poor john either swung that way or Michael had saved him from a surprise and terrible disappointment.

“Damn it, officer, I am trying to get laid one more time before I switch genders, tomorrow. You don’t know how hard it is to get a john to accept what I offer,” he/she whined.

“Not now, Charlene. Get your ass in gear. I need to get word to Tommy the cat. I need to see him before night fall,” Michael gruffly stated.

Maria was sure that the glare Michael gave him/her was what propelled Charlene off in a trot or a trot as much as could be done by a maybe man, in high heels. “There is nothing more we can do now, let’s get back to the office. Maria and Michael proceeded at a much more reasonable pace back to the detective squad.

Counselor Richards saw Michael run out of the building with that vice cop right behind him. Something was going on and the third floor was still off limits. If he could get by the SWAT men, then he knew he would be faced, by that little blonde dame. She was reportably the wife of Chief Valenti. He had tried to lean on her last time. The commissioner had interfered. Damned department, it was becoming a family affair. Maybe, he could bring in an investigation from above. He had to think about that.

Michael and Maria were back on the streets as soon as they reported to Little Napoleon. Michael’s problem was that many of the street people still remembered Jimmy the Nose. The relationship of detective to their informants was a delicate one. True many cops abused this relationship. The feds had a terrible reputation and the higher you went up the food chain of federal law enforcement, the worse the abuse became. Detectives, like Guerin, had to convince the streets that Jimmy the Nose was killed because of a very bad person. Kazan and Agent Shellow were the ones who killed Jimmy just like Nicholas had been the one to kill Jimmy’s friend, Willy. Even Guerin had to ask himself if Jimmy was helping because he wanted vengeance for people who might have killed Willy or had Guerin put pressure on him in some way. Now many of the street people were terrified of Doctor Strangelove, their name for Detective Evans. Michael and Max had used this charade for many years in soliciting information from perps. Many times the street-cop relationship started from the interrogation of a perp.

Surprisingly, it had been Maria who did the most to domesticate Michael in his dealings with the street people. Those who knew Jimmy, knew that Michael had tried to help Jimmy by giving him dinners as payment rather than the usual contribution to his habit, that is, a can of acetone. It wasn’t known if the street people realized that it had been Maria who pushed Michael in this direction.

Their alien-reinforced squad car parked, Michael and Maria were walking down town not too far from the railroad tracks. The heart of the city was where you met those who had information. A detective didn’t go to the strip malls in the trendy parts of the city to learn what was in the bowels of Metropolis. As you approached the tracks, the bars got louder and the smell got stronger. What did you expect if there was a large street population and most of the store restrooms were closed unless you were a customer? The residential locations where Tommy the Cat haunted were several miles to the west away from the trains. It was as if the residents were saying they no longer wanted to acknowledge the railroad’s contribution to the start of the cities growth. The further you got from the cities center, the trendier, the more fashionable, the more expensive, the more family friendly or, maybe, the more suburban the neighborhoods became. Where Jimmy haunted was a slight exception. As said, it had started out being called the Country Club district. A few motels were razed to the ground and a few tall, that is for New Mexico, buildings were put in their place. Native New Mexicans did not favor this area, but some outsiders felt more at home as they relied on public transportation and the elevator to return them to their homes.

The same experiment had been tried in the down town area. The police station was located in an old stone-faced building from the turn of the twentieth century. Originally, it had been offices located in the heart of the growing city. Now, offices required parking lots and they were scarce in this area. The city found itself saddled with several of these buildings. Two buildings near the police station had once been hotels. The Hilton name, long before Paris Hilton had dragged it though Hollywood, had been a proud name. It had, at one time, been shown in neon across the tallest building in Metropolis. This now had been turned into apartments, the mayor’s attempt to bring reverse snobbery back from the Four Hills to the down town area. Another building faced with white marble, imitating some place a great distance from the southwest had once housed the first National Bank, a name to celebrate the first family to bring banking to Metropolis. The bank occupied the bottom three floors and two in the basement. On the first floor, the bank trying to present a friendly atmosphere had allowed a barber shop and several other stores to make up a community. The rest of the 14 story building was made up with doctor’s land awyer’s offices. The lawyers had remained to be near the center of the courts, but the doctors had joined healthcare organizations and moved to areas with better parking like many of the shops. Above these remaining vestiges of the old city, there had been built several apartments. Although, Tommy the Cat hung out in the Country Club neighborhood where Mrs. Van Staven lived, to help Detective Guerin he had been studying these downtown locations. This is also where George Howell was Mugged By the second Ninja. Second Ninja, who was Tommy, if you count the strange man in black who ordered the pizza as number one.

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