Little Napoleon Part 2 (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 1/19/13

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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg8, ch20, cc, 8/25/2012

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begonia9508: It is still way over 100 F° most days.

keepsmiling7: I believe Liz saw the gift of the sand as a gesture that the people on the far side of the mountain are willing to give up returning to Antar and they are giving their allegiance to the queen.

Mary mary: One of the things i learned both in college and as a cop was that there are powerful, secret and strange forces at work in the world. I have another story, if i decide to keep writing, that describes these forces. It is very frightening to see how many powers are beyond our control. Simon represents these forces.

Chapter 21

Big Jim felt that he was semi retired. As a commissioner, he busied himself with projects that might effect the department in the future. His weekly battles with Richards over the needs of the department were taking on a more bitter twist all the time. Big Jim was no longer alone. Having Amy with him gave him comfort when he came home after a particularly bad day. “That son-of-a-bitch, is becoming more single-minded about the department. He forced us to take that bastard son of his and make him a cop. The kid was impossible. You might say that Richards killed his own son; only no one had been so heartless to say it to his face,” Jim narrated as he lay with his head in Amy’s lap. Amy still sold her souvenirs. Now it was more Saturdays and fairs. Running her fingers through Jim’s now silver hair, she reflected that she sold things now for fun. Her daughter was grown; Amy shuddered as she remembered Maria dancing in that club. To Amy, that was only one step above being a prostitute. Her ex-husband’s brother had remained around for many years. Now, his widow did not miss a chance to say something to Amy to bring her pain. Recently, the other DeLuca woman had been crying about the condition of her son, Sean. “We have taken him to the best doctors,” the woman wailed. “Unless he gets better, I won’t have any better chance for grandchildren than you, with your daughter always working in sin.”

Amy would like to shut the woman up, but that seemed impossible. Maria had graduated with a master’s degree from college. She informed her mom that now, she was working for the police. Amy felt better about that until Maria let it slip that she was working as a vice cop. To Amy, that was letting herself get fucked and then, arresting the man she had allowed to do it. No matter how Maria had explained to her mother, Amy thought now, her daughter had finally crossed the line. Amy looked at Lieutenant Parker as the redeemer. Liz had given Maria a position as sergeant. Amy didn’t understand this completely, but in her mind, she believed that Maria wasn’t working on her back any longer.

That didn’t shut up Sean’s mother. It was at least a relief when she called Amy one Sunday saying, “The boy woke up with a hard on. Glory be, now he can bring me grandchildren. The mother didn’t tell Amy that Sean spent the rest of the Sunday at a whorehouse or that he spent most of his savings on the debauchery of the century.

Now, Amy’s only concern was the man now holding her in his lap. “Was today worse than normal?” she asked her lover and husband.

“Today wasn’t worse, but I learned more frightening things,” he replied.

“Being a cop must be very scary. You meet things that the rest of us only see on television. It must be so hard to look at the reality so close,” she whispered.

“Yeah, it’s scary. I told you about the semi-secret net of police chiefs. Well, I am still considered a member. We trade information around that normal channels won’t allow. I have recently learned that a very powerful organization is moving on our government,” Jim informed her.

“Why, that would be impossible! We live in a democracy, don’t we? Aren’t there laws to protect our way of government!” she exclaimed.

“Laws, constitutions and legislatures only work if people make them. If people get lazy, or greedy or apathetic, then it doesn’t matter what is written. Our government is like a garden. It has to be weeded, cultivated and pruned for it to work. If the citizens don’t care, we are no stronger than any third world dictatorship,” Jim stated.

“Why, Jim, we learn in schools how laws and constitutions make a democratic government strong,” Amy again stated.

“Maybe, schools don’t teach enough,” Jim suggested.

“Jim, how did you learn all this stuff?” Amy asked.

“The detective squad, partly led by your daughter, Maria, has been working on a case that keeps getting deeper and deeper. We started with local problems and now are learning that this extends all the way to the top,” Jim sighed.

“You mean to the president!” Amy exclaimed again. Jim was breaking down her whole world, built of cards.

“Maybe, even higher, Amy. Maybe, even higher,” Jim said quietly.

“Is Maria in danger?” Amy asked.

“Amy, Maria is in danger everyday. She is well trained and has good backup with those who work with her. She is probably not in much more danger than we are,” Jim said trying to comfort his wife.


“Put me though to Detective Guerin,” the voice said.

“I am sorry, he is out of the office,” Tess answered. The voice was clearly desperate. Tess could hear him wheezing as he tried to talk. Tess gestured for the lieutenant. Liz walked over. Tess punched the button for speakerphone.

“They are back. The guy with them is worse than that Nicholas you took off the streets,” the voice said.

Liz bent over the desk and spoke into the speaker. “Is this Jimmy? I am the lieutenant you spoke to last time. If you have something urgent for Michael, tell me and I will get it to him,” she offered.

“Is this the nice lady lieutenant?” the voice asked.

Tess had to smile at Liz’s embarrassment. The voice sounded almost juvenile, but Tess remembered Jimmy from the days fighting Nicholas. He was a funny character. The inhalants had made his mind almost juvenile. In the times he was lucid, Jimmy was very smart. Michael and Max had rousted him with regularity. He hated Max, because Max put on a very scary impression. Jimmy had decided that as cops went, Michael was trustworthy. Now that Michael was with Maria, Jimmy felt very close to them. Liz spoke up. “Yes, Jimmy, I try to be nice,” Liz told him.

“I need them to buy me another cheese burger,” Jimmy said. “Tell them to meet me there as soon as possible,” he concluded.

“Do you supposed he just wants a meal?” Tess asked.

“I don’t think so. Jimmy’s way of thinking is that he has to earn whatever Michael gives him. I think we should get in touch with Michael and Maria as soon as possible,” Liz stated.


Michael and Maria were just leaving one of the whorehouses they now were using for info. As soon as the women had learned that Maria was no longer working for vice and she was able to convince them that even as a vice cop she had only been trying to get women off the streets, they opened up. Her known reputation as a former exotic dancer didn’t hurt either. They were terrified of the mysterious man in the limo. He was getting more and more demanding. Yes, he paid top notch, but every whore dreaded the john who paid well and finally used her for a punching bag or worse, a person to kill. The problem was that the average Joe, a decent family man, was a rarity. True, there were many times the johns were the members of some church board, but many times they were close to a collapse and could prove to be sadistic. Except for the professor, a brute employed by the house to offer them some protection, they had no one to turn to. Many times, the demands of the professor became onerous. Many women felt a certain safety talking to Maria. She didn’t condemn them nor make any demands on them. Maria gave sympathy and took information.

Maria was in their cruiser as Michael was standing at the door listening to his cell phone. Suddenly, he jumped into the cruiser. Since it was his time to drive, Michael hit the siren and red lights concealed under then hood. Maria looked at Michael, “Where to, lover,” she asked.

“That was Tess. Jimmy the Nose just called and Liz thinks it was important. Tess said that Jimmy was out of breath and sounded very scared. He said to meet him where we bought cheese burgers the last time,” Michael yelled over the noise of the wind, the siren and the cruiser engine.

Michael was taking his corners in drifts like a race car. He was scaring little old ladies and boy scouts. He just hoped that he didn’t meet a group of nuns thinking that God would give them the right of way when he got to the catholic school crossing. If they did, neither he nor Maria would ever get to heaven. There would be penguin soup in the grill for sure. Up ahead was the burger shop. Something was wrong. Michael and Maria saw another squad car, its lights running, already there.

Michael almost leapt from the still rolling vehicle. Maria was right behind him. There was a crowd in the alley. “Hey, man, what’s happening,” Michael yelled showing his badge?

A uniform, a rookie coming up from the last school, holding his clipboard approached Michael. “It is a glue-head. Cold as a mackerel. Shot in each kneecap, but that is not what killed him. Someone painted a thing on his chest, that has us all confused,” he reported in choppy phrases. The rookie was shook up. Michael knew he would be better when he had a few more stiffs under his belt.

Maria stepped up and then turned into Michael’s chest. Maria who had seen rape victims, women whose husbands had beat the crap out of them and every sort of car accident possible couldn’t bare the sight before her. Jimmy lay in pools of blood from each knee, but it was the look on his face that disturbed Maria. Jimmy’s face was a picture of pure horror. Michael untangled himself from Maria and bent down close to Jimmy. From his mouth, Michael could detect the odor of burnt meat. Jimmy had been broiled from the inside. It was an Antarian murder.


Max was sitting with Michael and Maria in Liz’s office. He felt a little guilty, thinking about the times he had terrified Jimmy. Michael was trying not to let it show, but there was moisture in his eyes. Tess was standing by the doorway. Having taken the call and relayed the information to Michael and Maria, she felt part of this investigation, also. Michael was pounding his fist in his opened hand. “We know who did it. It is that SOB in the limo. Maria, if he learns we have been quizzing the girls, he will slaughter them like sheep!” he exclaimed.

Tess spoke up, “He kept saying they are back. They, like in several or at least more than one. He, also, said he was worse than Nicholas. That is the statement, which shook me. I know more about Nicholas than any of you. Someone worse than Nicholas is dark indeed.”

“Michael, are you two going to be okay?” Liz spoke up. Liz knew about the connection between an officer and his informant. You wouldn’t invite your informant home to meet the family, but you did hold their heart strings in your hand. Once a person became an informant, you became responsible for their life. Liz knew of cops who never took care of their informants; they went through them like toilet paper. Still, to get good intel, your informant had to trust you.

Michael shook his head as he said, “I don’t know, Liz. Usually, Jimmy was a worthless piece of shit. The few times he got out of the haze he lived in, he could have been a bright man. Somewhere in middle school, he took the wrong path. I don’t even know if he has any relatives to grieve over him.”

“Michael, we live on the intel of informants, which scares the hell out of me what I am going to suggest next,” Liz stated.

They all turned to Liz as she leaned back in her chair. “Maria, you think you could go undercover at the whorehouse that has the best chance to be visited by mysterious stranger? You’d always be having a special appointment so you don’t get asked to service any of the johns. Michael, get your pimp clothes out. If the professor doesn’t like the help you offer, break his arm. I will make sure he is stashed in a prison hospital. Mike your job is to watch over Maria. If the professor can be persuaded to go along, then the rest of the ladies are his problem. If not, we will have to bring in somebody. Max, see Alex. I want Isabel to get some alien help. This guy may be as strong as Nicholas; we don’t know. Max, he will be your donors half brother, any problem with that?” Max shook his head. Liz continued, “First priority is Maria’s protection. She is the most vulnerable. Second priority is all of your safety. We work to go home, don’t forget that,” she stated. Then with all seriousness she said, “Try to protect the women. Some of them chose that life and some of them were cast into it. No matter, even a whore has rights and the greatest of these rights is to live.”

They all began to move. Liz called out to Max. “As soon as you talk to Alex, I want you to drive me some place.” Liz wouldn’t be plainer than that.


Michael pulled Maria into her office. “Maria, tell Liz you can’t do this. We can both quit the police if necessary. I don’t like this one bit,” he said as he held her by her shoulders.

“Michael, you know no one can do this better than me. Besides, you are my pimp. You will be right there to give me protection. I am sure that Max will be close if I am hurt. He can always bring me back. Look Michael, you as my pimp get 80% of what ever I make. We might even get enough to buy a house,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Maria, this isn’t funning. I don’t have any other ideas, but I don’t like you out there,” Michael said again.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 9, ch21, cc, 9/1/2012

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keepsmiling7: Don't forget the two aliens from the other side of the mountain.


Natalie36: Kivar's interest is on Antar, this alien wants something from Earth.

mary mary:

Chapter 22

After giving Max directions, Liz hadn’t said a word. Liz was acting both as a lieutenant and as a queen. She was asking many people to put themselves into harm’s way. Max had no idea what she wanted with the dissident village. Neither of them had any idea how they would be received. When they arrived, the village could well have been empty. Liz got out of the squad car and stood leaning against the door. Finally, one of the elders who had talked with them before approached.

“What can I do for you folks?” he asked. They could have been complete strangers for all he showed.

“I need to talk to you and then, to hire two of your men,” Liz explained.

“Talk to me as my queen or a cop?” he asked. Then, he turned toward the building they entered before. “Don’t hardly matter, we don’t recognize the royals and we sure don’t recognize coppers from the other side of the mountain.”

Max noticed that Liz did not answer him. Once inside Liz sat. “I want to talk to you as one worried about humans and aliens. There is, maybe, someone almost as strong as Kivar himself who is home grown,” Liz stated.

The elder didn’t flinch. Liz started again. “You people have been hiding from humans as well as other aliens for almost 70 years. You probably are more shut down than those who regularly communicate with humans. I need two men with strong powers. They need to be young men, born here and not from Antar. They need to be unmarried. This is dangerous. All I can promise is warrior’s wages and that the king, his sister and the fourth clone will be near if someone gets hurt.” Liz waited.

The elder chuckled, “A human Kivar, you say. But, he is supported by aliens. If you want our help, I will have to think about it. When do you need them?” the elder asked.

“Liz, looking him in the eye. “I need them tonight,” she said.

The elder wanted time, but Liz didn’t have that much time. Max did see the elder’s eyebrows rise when she told him that the men were needed tonight.

The elder left. Max went over by the door where there was a Coke machine. There was something nostalgic about a machine, which still dispensed bottles. He purchased two Coca Colas. He returned and sat by Liz. She still wasn’t talking. There was something bothering her. “What is it Liz?” Max asked.

“He said they are back.” Liz repeated Jimmy’s words. Max how much do you think Jimmy knows about aliens?” Liz asked.

“Not much, I don’t think,” Max answered.

“Max, Jimmy couldn’t spot an alien at a distance. Yet, he said they are back. Someone is back that he recognized,” Liz explained.

“Oh, shit,” Max exclaimed. “Jimmy didn’t recognize aliens, the only people of danger he would know would be Agent Shellow and or Andy Swartz. Still, it was an alien who killed him,” Max stated.

“Yes, our enemies are now together. When we get back, see what Alex was able to dig up about Agent Shellow,” Liz ordered.

It was about two hours when the elder returned. “This is Ottoe and Ziggie. They fit your criteria and they both said they would like some excitement.” The elder turned to go. Liz spoke up, “Please, I want you to hear this, but I want your word you won’t say anything to anybody until we all get back.” The elder nodded. Ottoe and Ziggie just looked stoic. Liz began, “Either of you ever been in a human whorehouse?” They shook their heads. “Well you do know what a whorehouse is, don’t you,” Liz asked.

Both men nodded and looked slightly disgusted. “I have two people installed in this whorehouse. One is alien and the other is human. We hoped it will be visited by a certain alien. That is why we need someone used to hiding from other aliens. I have an army of about 20 aliens who will move in on signal. They will be stationed far enough away to not alert the alien we are looking for. I need someone with alien powers who can hide out in this place and help hold this alien until my army moves in. Your elder has told you the conditions, the safeguards and the rewards. If you have any other ambitions, I promise my office will help you with them.” With that, Liz was silent.

They all sat for several minutes. The elder nodded his head, “Very impressive, your majesty. You are doing everything you can to protect all of your men including mine,” he remarked.

Liz looked at him, “Please, police business, it is lieutenant. Alien or personal business is always Liz.”

The two men got into the back of the cruiser and Max and Liz returned to the city.

The minute they got back to the office, Liz called Michael. “Michael, Jimmy didn’t know anything about aliens did he?” she asked.

Michael was thoughtful for several minutes. “No, but it was an alien who killed him,” he stated.

“Who would Jimmy have recognized and wanted to warn us about?” Liz asked again.

Michael thought for several minutes, “Liz, the only ones I can think of are Agent Shellow and Andrew Swartz. He saw Shellow shoot you and later, he saw Swartz with him. They knee capped, Jimmy and then, the alien with them killed him in cold blood as he lay there,” Michael said with a sad sigh.

“Right, Michael, there are two guys in my office. Explain every thing to them and see they get set up as johns in the whorehouse. They are alien backup. They are pretty shut down so the only thing you have to explain is yourself being an alien pimp. We should get away with it. Remember everything I said and be careful,” Liz said as she dismissed him.

Kyle was sitting in his office. Soon, it would be time to go home. He really did miss the action of the streets as he heard Guerin prepare for the sting. He heard a noise and looked up to see Little Napoleon standing there. “Kyle,” she said. “I need your SWAT boys and I need to borrow your wife,” Liz said. Kyle noticed she used his first name instead of his rank. Kyle wondered what she had on her mind. He couldn’t resist, she was so serious.

“Hey Liz, if you are getting kinky, I will tell you she don’t swing that way,” Kyle said.

“Kyle shut up. If you are not careful, I will tell her what you just said. Can you call out your Swat team for a couple nights?” Liz asked.

Kyle saw that she was still serious so he sobered up quickly. “Of course, lieutenant. What do you need?”

Liz got down to the facts. “Chief, we are pulling a big time sting on a prominent alien. We have intel that Agent Shellow and Andrew Swartz are going to be there as snipers. We need them captured or at least stopped. I don’t know enough about snipers to set up for them. That is where you and your boys come in.” Liz was watching as he digested what she said.

“Lieutenant, have you already contacted my wife? Kyle asked. Liz nodded. “My boys will be there and don’t worry. We do know snipers. Alex got with me. The FBI says that Shellow is totally rogue. I don’t think Swartz is that sharp, but I will have someone from the agency to cover us taking out Shellow.”

Liz and the three royal, alien clones parked a small motor home a few blocks from the house where Maria, Michael and the two aliens, Ottoe and Ziggie were now installed. Liz could only hope that everyone could realistically play their part. Maria was a born actress. No problem there. Michael was a practical man so her worries were hanging on the two aliens. Liz didn’t see any of Kyle’s boys and she didn’t expect to. Somewhere, there was a van set up which housed the twenty aliens from the northern village. Liz didn’t know where they were either. Michael and Maria were both wearing a wire. That phrase was so dated. Before magnetic tape, before digital recordings, the smallest recorders were built to record magnetic blips on magnetic wire. In those days the recorders were about the size of a hard bound book. Not small at all. The transmitters that Maria and Michael were wearing were very tiny, resting deep within their ears.


Michael’s electric blue suit and his bright orange tie made him cut a figure indeed. The regular professor was also on duty, he was dressed slightly more conservatively. The whorehouse had a lighted entrance which led down a narrow hallway. This was an obvious delay in case they were raided. By the time a whole troop of cops managed to navigate the narrow hall, most of the johns and many of the women would be able to escape out the back door. When Michael made contact with the wanted alien, he would have to manage for a time with only the two other aliens for support.

A few feet from the door was a desk. Here, the customers paid for the standard fair. As they made deals with the women on the floor, added prices would be negotiated. Michael’s experience with whorehouses was mainly from raids he had made when he was first in uniform. Looking around he saw the women sitting and reading magazines all dressed in some sort of party dresses. Yes, the dresses were all cut a bit low and the skirts were a bit high. When approached by a customer the women would preen like peacocks. At a place of this level, the women hoped to each service at least two or maybe, three men a night, at anywhere between $300 to $1,000, even with what the house took off the top, it sure beat working at the pancake house. They would clean up in between jobs so as to always appear fresh.

Maria had no intention of actually sleeping with or screwing any of the customers. She and Michael had worked out a plan. They put it to use almost the first thing.

Billy Joe Eustas was a salesman. He was in town only for the night. He would be in Amarillo, Texas tomorrow. He would turn in his rental car and catch a plane after the meeting he had scheduled that afternoon. Tonight he wanted to loosen up. Using a whore did not count as cheating on his wife, as far as he was concerned. Hell, he wasn’t endangering his marriage. He was just screwing a whore. He surely didn’t have any romantic interest in this type of woman. He spotted Maria and headed right for her. She was new from other times he had been there. “Hey, baby, how much to party?” he asked as he grabbed her ass.

Any other time, that would have cost him his wrist. Maria smiled, wiggled and curled up in his arms. About that time Michael reached over and grabbed Billy Joe’s shoulder, “She is taken tonight, Buddy. Ten-thousand for the night and he don’t want no sloppy seconds,” Michael said.

“Ten-thousand, no whore is worth that,” Billy Joe exclaimed.

“Hey I completely agree, but he has the cash and he wants something special so come back next week and you can have her for $300,” Michael explained. Several of the men in the room had heard the conversation between Michael and Billy Joe. They all took another look at Maria. Hey, she was good looking, she must do something great for that much cash. And, the man said she was taken for the whole night. Men came and went. The women would go upstairs and then bathe and clean up. Then, they’d put on clean clothes before they came down with their plastic smiles, to again strike up new friendships.

The earwig, a micro transceiver in Michael’s ear, made a click. That meant be ready. Maria also stood up and they circulated toward the door. Three men entered. Michael sensed they were all alien, at least that is what he thought. They were not trying to hide this fact. When they saw Michael, they froze. One man advanced to Michael and whispered. “You are of the people, what are you doing here?”

Michael gave him a silly grin and whispered back. “Hey, I got a great girl, she is completely human and can do tricks that you never heard of. I gotta make a living and I ain’t living in no village.”

Maria came over and leaned on Michael’s arm. “Honey, introduce me to your friends,” she purred.

One man stepped forward, “I am the one interested,” he stated.

“Well, darling, if you are a man like Michael, then I can open my mind to take you voyeuristically where you have never been. My honey has taught me to open my mind and do things you never thought of,” Maria stated.

The man looked at Michael. “How much for most of the night?” he asked.

Michael tried to look confused, “Ah… how about two thousand dollars,” he stated quietly.

The man shook his head. “Not for the first time. I will give you one thousand and she better be as good as you say. If she does real good; then we will discuss higher price next time,” he stated.

Michael shrugged again. “Okay, ‘been peddling her ass in small towns getting her practice. Give her a whirl and partner, next time be prepared. I guarantee that she will be good.

Maria slinked up to the man in question. She pulled him close and as she pressed his crotch with one knee, she purred, “Honey, I am a bargain at twice the price. You fly with me you won’t be ever fly with them other whores. Michael dug me out of a dump. That boy taught me everything a man like you would want. Ain’t nothing comes natural, and Mikie gave me a first rate education.” Maria wrapped her arm around the alien and planted a wet sloppy kiss on him.

Now, they were at the point where no plans would have been enough. Michael knew that the 20 aliens were on the way. He hoped the two backup aliens were ready. He had to decide the next move. That was when a rifle shot from outside rang out.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 9, ch21, cc, 9/1/2012

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begonia9508: we will see that semantics and definitions cause a lot of grief. What things mean just doesn't always carry between folks. Ex cops who were bad cops are the worst. they have knowledge without an ethical base to use that knowledge.

mary mary: Alien magic, dream walks, the sense of power will all point to the right person.

keepsmiling7: Right! The decoy is in the most danger.

Chapter 23

Except that they are not in danger of getting their asses shot off, it is as hard on those who are waiting as those actually making the sting. Max saw the limo drive up. He saw the three men get out. He sensed they were aliens. He signaled their alien commandos to advance. If this alien was who they thought he was, he was a half brother to Max’s Antarian gene donor. Max knew of his importance as a healer. He had to be careful, but he had to get closer to see the alien. Quietly, Max left the motor home and advanced to the house. Some distance away, Max saw men moving. They must be the commandos.

Again, Max saw nothing of Kyle and his men. He was about ten yards from the door when he felt the disturbance in the air. Max quickly spun his shield as the bullet burned itself out on the green haze. He heard the crack of the rifle. Max heard a second shot and almost simultaneously there were two more shots much closer. He could tell that these last two shots were from two of Kyle’s snipers using night glasses. There was a scream and someone fell from the building roof across the street.

The commandos were spread out in a long line now, doing double time. It would be only seconds before they arrived.


At the sound of the first shot, Ottoe got up off the bed. Her name was Charisa. Young alien men did not have that much easier time of finding mates than did humans. Maybe even harder as they were really looking for that soulmate. At first when Michael brought them to the whorehouse, he indicated the women standing there, “Two of you take these men to a room. Don’t get all stirred up. We will pay going rates, but I want these boys ready. All you have to do is talk, not screw,” he stated.

One woman, slightly older and looking tired, motioned for Ziggie to follow her. Ziggie wasn’t married as to the queen’s instructions, but he was well onto finding a soul-mate. The dissident villages were in a constant state of changing. The very character of the village allowed that people came and went always looking for something they did not find in the human world and not even in the usual alien villages. A family had moved in and they had a daughter of marriageable age. Maybe part of their moving all the time was seeking a mate for her. She and Ziggie had noticed each other the second week. They hadn’t announced anything, but they were pretty sure they were made for each other. Ziggie reveled at Michael’s statement that they were going to just talk. He knew when he got home, his newly found connection would know all he had done immediately.


Charisa was barely 18. She had no family to speak of. That bastard she had met, when she came to town had given her a white line to chase.

Going rate and no screwing required. That sounded like a winner. As soon as the night was over she would return to her drugs. The professor would tell on her for sure if he caught her using while she was supposed to be working. The madam had taken her as probationary. Coke heads were always a problem. They were unreliable. Charisa swore up and down that she had it under control. The madam sighed; these young girls never understood once you allowed the monkey to grab onto your back, you were doomed. Charisa was young and fresh so the madam took a chance. “Girl, we will be watching you,” was her only comment.

Charisa caught Ottoe by the hand and led him up to her room. Predictably, the first thing Ottoe asked the young lady was, “How did you get into this business?”

Charisa answered her stock answer. “My father sold me to the madam to get enough money to pay for my sister’s operation,” she said.

That story usually got a healthy tip from a john. There was something about men and sex slaves of desperation that almost always turned them on. Ottoe laughed and shook his head. “Unh uh, that is not what happened,” he said with a grin.

Charisa tried two slightly different variations of her first story. Ottoe was laughing each time. Finally, she told him the truth as far as she knew it. My old lady was a street whore. She got a late term abortion and that was botched. I was born alive. Yes, my precious life was saved. State homes, foster care and counselors, they all wanted one thing, to screw me. Sixteen and I took to the streets. I told myself that at least I now had some say in what happened to me. Chasing the white dragon, that was my downfall. I told the madam that I had it under control, but it gets harder all the time. I am going to make a mistake, just give me time. I am going to come to work stoned and she will throw my butt back on the streets. Is this a better story for you?” she asked.

Ottoe nodded, “Because it is probably true.”

“How the hell can you tell?” Charisa asked angrily.

“Simple, I was born on the other side of the mountain, but my parents ain’t from around here,” Ottoe stated.

“Oh, and I suppose that gives you super powers?” Charisa quipped.

“Unh uh,” Ottoe nodded.

“What else can you do, superboy?” Charisa shot back.

“I can chase away the dragon,” Otoe stated firmly.

“Yeah, as if that will happen. You will pay for putting me in rehab and when I come out I owe you something. First time things get hard and I go looking for the dragon again that means rehab. Look, I am sure you mean this with true charity, but I have seen women come out of endless sessions of rehab. Eventually, they die on the street anyway. Look, I would rather cut out the middleman. I would rather die on the streets without the pains of rehab,” Charisa told him.

“No, that isn’t what I mean. I would take away the dragon, no Rehab. You are right, you would owe me big time and you would have to stick around. I guess it would be up to you if you think it would be worth it,” Ottoe said.

“Look I ain’t into kinky stuff and I don’t go with some new pimp as payment for anything,” she declared.

“No,” Ottoe said as he put his hands on each side of her face. He closed his eyes and Charisa felt a pain. The pain increased and she started to struggle. Ottoe held her fast and pretty soon the pain started to die. Her mind was like watching a movie; star ships, star wars and things she believed were only in movies. She saw a people building a village and a baby born. She saw something like “Little House on the Prairie,” that TV show she remembered from one of her foster homes. “For this to last, you would have to come back with me,” Ottoe said again.

Charisa had never felt so good. She wanted to thank this man and she only knew one way to do it. Charisa began to kiss him and she found that he responded. The mind pictures started again also. In a frenzy, Charisa started taking off her clothes. This wasn’t that hard because working she usually didn’t wear anything under her dress. The dress, now, was lying on the floor and she began to unbutton his shirt. Ottoe enjoyed the ministrations from this girl. Charisa yanked at his belt and Ottoe stood up. His pants joined her dress on the floor. Constantly kissing him, she feverously was running her hands under his shorts. Charisa hadn’t felt this way before with any john. The belief that, maybe, this wasn’t just some john was being born.

Suddenly, Ottoe stood up. He hadn’t felt alienness this strong before in his entire life. Shit, just when he was thinking he found her, duty called. There was a sense of evil along with the alien feeling. “I am sorry,” he whispered and quickly left the room.

Charisa could only bow her head and weep. Men, they were all alike. Some just had better promises and stories.


Her name was Marie. Ziggie made no advances so she decided that just talking was for real. “What do we talk about?” She asked.

“Ziggie smiled, dug out a deck of cards and said, “How about a game of hearts?”

Marie laughed. Something she never did with a client except at bad jokes and then, the laugh never rose to her eyes. “Deal me in, big guy. Be prepared to get your pants beat off you,” Marie said. His face was a picture to be seen. Marie laughed again. “Come on, Ziggie, it is just an expression. I take it you have some one special and I don’t want to take that from you.”

Ziggie felt it. Most aliens felt just like, well, aliens. These aliens were evil. Ziggie wasn’t taught to deal with that. The village was very tolerant. Evil, when it came to the village, was met by the elders and asked to move along. Yes, they were very tolerant, but they were not foolish. This was bad. Ziggie dropped his hand and whispered, “There is trouble brewing, stay here and lock the door behind me.”

Ziggie found himself in the hall with Ottoe, except Ziggie had his clothes on.


Maria was all wrapped around the alien leader. She was waiting for Michael to make a move. She had faith that Michael wouldn’t let her get hurt, he promised to always have his powers at her back. She heard the shot. She felt the alien squirm and then, she pushed against him. He went over backwards with Maria on top of him. Maria kept repeating to herself, his hands are what are dangerous. She held him even tighter. The alien looking past the woman on top of him saw Michael. The alien created a shield, but Maria was so close that she was on the same side of his shield as the alien. Michael couldn’t get to her so he, likewise, made his shield and pressed the shield against that of the alien to pin his arms. Michael had to protect Maria.

The two bodyguards came to attention at the sound of the shot. One of them was alien and the other human. Michael had no idea why he had thought the human had been alien. The human pulled out a S&W semi automatic and looked around for someone to shoot. The alien went into defensive mode preparing a power blast, probably at the alien pimp standing there. The alien bodyguard had erected a shield, but he would have to lower it to fire the power blast. Behind Michael he saw two aliens. One was naked except for his boxer shorts. The other had a steady blast burning against the bodyguard’s shield. He couldn’t keep it up forever, but keeping the shield up to absorb the blast was taking strength from the bodyguard. Ottoe had slid down the banister. Ziggie hoped that dressed only in his shorts, Ottoe didn’t pick up any splinters in any thing important with this stunt.

The human bodyguard was taking aim at Ottoe. Ziggie knew that Ottoe could absorb some punishment from human weapons, but he was a friend and Ziggie thought he shouldn’t have to. Ziggie opened a conduit and emptied as much energy as he could. The gunman was blown in two. Now it was Ottoe and the bodyguard and Michael worrying about Maria fighting the alien. It would take Ziggie several minutes to get his energy back. By that time, Michael hoped either the commandos or Max would arrive to help free Maria.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 9, ch23, cc, 9/16/2012

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begonia9508: Relationships aren't that east for alien men either. In a few chapters we will see how hard it is to be alien and not in agreement with your people.

keepsmiling7: The first story was what Charisa told to johns to get sympathy. It was the final story, which was sad enough, that Ottoe decided was true.

mary mary: Charisa probably will, but Ziggie already has someone waiting for him.


Chapter 24

Most of the johns had gone out windows, the doors, off the roof and down the drain pipes. Many got picked up running through town with out clothes. The police all had a good sense of humor, but running out of a whorehouse without clothes made too good a story. Old Juan Chavez was the night judge. He had complained to more than one officer how boring this job was. One drunk or assault after another. Fights and drinking both were over women, getting laid off at work and politics. Juanito had heard them all. Now half-naked men, were being brought in by the dozens. “Judge, what kind of place it that anyway? We paid good money for a good fuck and dodging bullets and lightening bolts weren’t in the bargain,” they all screamed.

The officers couldn’t hold back their mirth, but the judge tried to remember his position. Even the mayor’s right hand man was standing there, in his skives. It got even better when some one alerted the press. The judge threw the press out of court. Then, to add insults to the many injuries, he ordered the officers to take their prisoners out in the hall and to pose with their catches. Finally, everyone was cleared out of court except for the judge and his bailiff. “Marcos, if you stay long enough you see everything,” the judge laughed.

Marcos and the judge had been friends for years. “Juanito, let’s retire and go fishing. We ain’t never gonna top this night,” the bailiff laughed.

The judge reached under his desk for the bottom drawer. He removed a sealed Mason jar and two jelly glasses. “Damnit, Marcos, after this one, let’s get drunk on evidence,” he stated as he poured. Damn, cousin Benito Chavez surely made good stuff. Judge Juan wondered if it would be half as good if it were legal.


King Kazan, the coven had promised him that title. Kazan meant second Zan in Antarian. Now he was flat on his back that damned whore on top of him and her pimp pushing him to the floor. If he could just get an arm free, he would fry the bitch. The shield pressure on top of him didn’t allow him to turn his head. Where in the hell were his two bodyguards? They were supposed to take a bullet for him. The shield cut off many of the sounds around him, but he could hear the sizzle of a blast beating against someone’s shield. If he couldn’t get away, he would at least kill the whore. He strained and felt the shield giving. Maybe, that pimp was weakening.

The commandos crowded into the room. All the ladies had fled up the stairs to their bedrooms with the professor standing, holding a shotgun, guarding the stairs. The commandos, all alien, knew a lot more about powers than did Michael. They turned down the bodyguard’s shield and he felt a burning heat as Ottoe turned off his blast and Kazan’s bodyguard stood his head hanging down. He had been stripped of all power. That was a strange and frightening feeling. He was now in custody of the commandos.

Kazan felt his arms pinned against the floor; his shield was turning off no matter how hard he tried to increase it. Ten commandos stood in front of him with their eyes closed. Kazan was the most powerful alien on this forsaken planet, or so he thought. He could have easily taken any two of commandos. He hadn’t heard of the first duty a policeman had, that is, to safely go home. Fairness had nothing to do with anything. Fighting fair was not part of the policeman’s code. That held true for the commandos. One commando put his hand on Michael. “Detective, let it go, she will be safe now,” he said.

Michael let go and the commandos carefully lifted the tearful Maria to stand. They carefully handed her to Michael. “Damnit, Michael he was going to screw me like a dirty whore,” she cried. “I saw into his mind. I saw how he was going to use me.”

“Maria, that was the decoy. You were never going to have to go through with anything,” he whispered into her ear.

“You don’t understand. He already did it. He put it in my mind. He said he put it there so I would know what he wanted me to do. Michael my mind lived it even if my body didn’t. He already has screwed me all night. He even told me the questions he wanted to ask me afterward,” Maria sobbed.


Ottoe walked back up the stairs with as much dignity as an almost naked man can muster. He opened the door and saw Charisa still naked sitting on the bed. “You came back for your clothes,” she murmured.

“Yes, and other things,” he answered.

“Oh, you came back for your whore, also?” she asked.

“No, I want to take you as my woman. Your culture and mine all pair men and women. I want you to be my pair,” Ottoe told her.

“Ottoe, you have only known me for a few hours. You didn’t even get your pre-paid screwing. What makes you think you want me?” she asked.

“Charisa, I saw almost every thing about you. I let you see a little of me. My people have this ability. When we are matched, we can form a connection. I have made my choice,” he stated.

“Ottoe, I am a whore. Don’t you understand? I screw men for a living. I should be dead in a few months from an overdose. What kind of a woman would I make you?” she pleaded.

Ottoe shrugged. “You screw men for a living. You are willing to do that no matter who they are. You expect to be back on drugs big time soon. You expect to be dead just as soon. Screw me for your living. You will not go back to drugs, because I will heal you. Therefore, I will give you a long life. What about that isn’t better than what you have?” he asked.

Charisa’s mind was mixed up. Did she love this man? Could she love him or anyone else, for that matter? What is not to love in a man who offers you life instead of death? Would this man just use her? She was being used now, and there was no way out. He was promising something. Even if he broke his promise, would she be any worse off than she was now? Would this man abuse her? Would he cause her physical pain? Charisa remembered the times when she couldn’t get a fix. She remembered the pain. Could this man hurt her worse than that? He didn’t appear to be a man who would willingly cause pain to anyone without reason. Charisa no longer kidded her self. She was young, yet she had already cast aside the fantasy some women had of screwing their way to riches. She guessed someone had done it or the fantasy wouldn’t exist.

“Let’s dream up a worst case scenario,” she thought. “He takes me away. He screws the crap out of me and then lends me to his friends. They pound me until I die. How different from what is likely to happen to me now, would this be?”

“Charisa, get on some traveling clothes. Leave all of these. If you want party clothes, I will buy them. Come on, lets go see the madam and then we are out of here,” Ottoe ordered.

“He is already giving me orders,” Charisa thought. Everyone gave her orders. She could only hope that things might be better with him. Ottoe’s deal with the madam was made easier when the madam learned that Charisa had again returned to drugs. She knew all along that Charisa only had a short time before she would again have the monkey. The madam had had experience with cokeheads. Always before, they would mess up, sometime. If they did this with a client, it would be bad for business. If the young man wanted her that badly, let her go. She only charged enough for Charisa to understand she was never to come back.


“Michael, I am not ready to see her,” Liz said. “I don’t think she is ready to see me, either. Wait until Isabel and Tess work with her. Michael, I am supposed to be her friend. In her mind, I sent her to be screwed in a whorehouse. What kind of friend is that? I know we got what we came after. Maybe, the cost was too high. I was told, by Simon, that I could let things lie. Nothing we are fighting will come to pass until long after our children take over. I chose to fight now and my friend has paid most of the cost. I am sure that Alex and Kyle will tell me that this is the price of being the lieutenant. Michael, I wish a dozen times a day that I could have taken her place. I couldn’t have pulled it off. Even if I wasn’t the queen, he would have seen something wrong. Only Maria could have fooled him that well. Maybe, I can talk to her later, when she is more prepared to forgive me.” Michael sighed; Maria wasn’t the only one who was going to need counseling.


“Michael, go sleep at a motel,” was the order given by Isabel. Maria was now, weeping silently. She had been screaming before until Isabel and Tess took her. Isabel driving while Tess was sitting in the back seat with the sobbing Maria. They headed to Maria’s place. “Tess, it is going to be harder this time. She has been already mind raped once by Nicholas,” Isabel stated.

“Nicholas lived in my mind from the time I came out of the incubation pod. For me, it wasn’t a rape; I just never knew anything else. I think he left when he deserted me to be found by the king. Nicholas believed that to be bait he couldn’t still be there, Tess said.

“Mama always said I would finally, just be a whore,” Maria sobbed.

“Maria, you were acting a part,” Tess whispered.

“Yeah, like a part in a porno film, where I actually do have sex with the actor,” Maria cried.

“Maria, you didn’t really have sex with anyone. It was all just an act. Liz caught the alien. That was the assignment. They didn’t let him physically do anything to you,” Tess replied.

“What good is freedom from physical assault if I have such vivid memories of what was to come?” Maria asked. “Tess, I have worked with rape victims. They heal from the physical assault. It is the memories which linger forever,” Maria said.

Tess was sitting in Maria’s living room thumbing through a magazine. “I have her resting,” Isabel said as she came into the room and flopped on a recliner. Isabel didn’t flop on anything. She was always perfect in poise. Now she was so worried about Maria that she allowed herself to cut some slack.

“How deep are the memories of Nicholas?” Tess asked.

“Tess, whatever race Nicholas was, they were masters in mind controls. I removed as much of his memory as I could without damaging some of Maria’s actual memories. Unfortunately, Nicholas was torturing Maria about being a whore. Those unfortunate words of her mother were a hook he used to hang all sorts of reasons to grieve, in her mind. Now this Kazan person comes back and places false memories that Maria actually was selling herself just like her mom promised she would. Amy never meant what she said. She was frustrated over her own life. In her mind she only saw Maria following her path and doing worse,” Isabel explained.

“Kazan is a powerful figure. He is like Max, but Max’s human DNA slows Max down. We were lucky that the queen chose the alien backups as well as the alien commandos,” Tess mused.

“I don’t think luck had anything to do with it. That is why she is queen. I doubt if Liz realizes that she is directly plugged into the granolith,” Isabel remarked.


Monday morning quarter backing is always a sad, but necessary part of any venture. Mistakes had to be discovered and aired. Intell had to be analyzed again looking for missinterpretations. Training had to be reviewed and liability had to be accessed.

Kyle and Alex were in Kyle’s office. “Someone is raising shit about us killing Swartz. Right now, I am spinning it off as a disgruntled officer who was fired for cause, seeking revenge,” Kyle explained. “I think a lot of this may come from Counselor Richards.”

“I understand there is some question about the sting?” Alex said as a question.

“I told the press that we were after a noted terrorist. They wanted to know who it was and where was he. I simply said that he was turned over to the proper agency and we had nothing more to do with him,” Kyle stated.

“Did they buy it?” Alex asked.

“For awhile, we both know that government agencies are as closed down as they ever were. The concept of interchange of information is too foreign to those guys. There are so many agencies in the alphabet soup of Washington that it would take years to search for one person. Note to you, Alex don’t mess with the Feds,” Kyle said.

“As if I need that warning,” Alex laughed.

Kyle got very sober, “How’s Liz holding up?” he asked.

“I talked to her this morning. She says she understands that it was a command decision. She needed a decoy and Maria was the only one she thought could pull it off. Liz knows that she had to get Michael close to the alien and defending Maria was the best way to do it. She assigned backups and they all came into play. She agrees there weren’t any mistakes, she just underestimated the cost to Maria, or so she says. The aliens call her the queen. I am not sure that she wouldn’t have gone ahead, like she did, even if she had complete knowledge of what was going to happen,” Alex stated.

Kyle grimaced. “Yeah, command decision is a bitch. You want to take all the danger on your self, but you realize that would be foolish. Someone has to be there to catch the pieces and someone has to be there to cover the troops. That doesn’t make it any easier,” Kyle said as he shuffled papers. Alex saw that Kyle was having some trouble worrying about Maria himself. Maria’s mother, after all, was married to his father.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 10, ch24, cc, 9/22/2012

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begonia9508: They will try to help Maria, but memories are so interconnected that they have to be very selective in what they remove.

Natalie36: That it does.

mary mary

keepsmiling7: At least it gave the judge and his bailiff some much needed excitement. But, Charisa has been offered a chance for a new life.

Chapter 25

Little Napoleon was sitting at her desk. Just outside her office she could see Max, busily looking at some papers. Liz was becoming at ease with her nickname. She wondered if old Nappy ever worried about his decisions. History always painted Napoleon as a ruthless general. He drank with some of those men, who he now commanded. At one time, he probably was in the ranks with some of them. Napoleon had to know the percentages of loss in battles. Did he ever regret sending so many to their death? Did he ever sit wondering what it would be like to command without any violence?

Coming back to Earth, Liz had to decide what to do next. Were they at a dead end? Kazan was under alien arrest, as was his alien bodyguard. Liz wasn’t sure about that. Aliens couldn’t be imprisoned. They would just manipulate the locks and walk out. Max had informed Liz that Kazan had been stripped of his powers. This was enforced by a large number of aliens. Mentally, he was forbidden from leaving the village. This mental cage was bothering Liz. Max said that nothing more except for execution could be done to a powerful alien.

The only lead left was Robert LaShelle. Denise LaShalle had promised to go through his things to see if there was anything that told about what he did for his father’s institute. Whoever they were, they didn’t advertise their existence.

Liz had sent a message to the village north of the city to find out any information they could. Liz had about had it, with the damned aliens and their villages. She only wished, they would name them. Village north of the city, village on the other side of the mountain, your village, my village, to a people who were used to sending mental pictures as they talked, she guessed there wasn’t a problem. To people held down to words, spoken and written, it became complicated.

The many years when she was ostracized from the rest of the detectives, she had relied on bouncing ideas off of Maria. That was just another reason, Liz wanted Maria safely back.


Tess and Isabel had allowed Maria to sleep late this morning. Isabel had spent the early morning, while Maria slept, prowling through her mind. Last time, Isabel had apologized for this intrusion. This time, she hadn’t said anything to Maria when she was awake. Isabel shook her mental head as she worked through many things she found. Isabel would shudder if it ever became necessary for someone to attempt to enter her mind. Tess was probably the only person who would have the skill to see Isabel’s monsters as well as her angels. At first, Maria hadn’t had much better luck than her mother had with men. Later, the police department became Maria’s ultimate lover. The men were sure that someway, somewhere, someone was getting something from DeLuca. Isabel saw that there were one or two officers who Maria briefly courted, but most of her energy went into the department. This was especially true since she had become sergeant and worked with Liz as a detective. Maria had always laughed and joked about her extensive love life. From her poster pasted in so many lockers, she kissed every officer as they left for shift and again, when they returned safely at the end. Actual wild sex wasn’t there. Michael was the first stable relationship she had ever had.

This all reminded Isabel of how deep Maria had to reach to pull off the act of being a whore, in the sting. This vulnerability had allowed Kazan to place his own fantasy in her mind before the stuff hit the fan. Many women experienced sex. Many women experienced violent or depraved sex. The body might heal, but it was the mind that needed the help. In some way, Isabel had to limit the fantasy of Kazan and to expand the memories with Michael.

“You should have seen Kyle’s mind the first time we came together,” Tess said. “If he had ever experienced half of what was in his mind, they would have fired him from the force and locked him away for life for being a pervert,” she continued. “Remember, I hadn’t ever known any man except for Nicholas and he was too alien to count. Allowing Kyle access to me took a real jump of faith. All I knew was that he had taken my impossible challenge and it was up to me to make sure he never regretted it,” she concluded.

“Yes, I know. Alex was a good person and there were some girls in his life who were just mean. That is all I can say. Alex would never hurt anyone outside of duty, but some women delighted in teasing him. Now, looking into my mind, I wonder if I was one of those bitches who teased men. I tried to convince myself that I was in love, but love was fleeting. Nothing lasted forever so I was doing a kindness breaking things off. Tess, I broke a boy’s leg once for bragging how easy I was to make. I can’t remember who seduced whom, but I crashed him into the other team at his next football game and he had to sit out the season. How mean was that?” Isabel mused.

For minutes, they sat in silence. Sins of previous lives were blurring with those of almost yesterday. Isabel continued, “It was that damned gene donor of mine. From what I could learn she was screwing Rath, Michael’s gene donor as well as Kavar and Nicholas, the enemies. What the hell was she thinking?”

Tess continued the conversation. She knew that Isabel had made some adjustments in Maria and they both had to wait to see how Maria took these changes. “Then, there was me. My gene donor is difficult to find any information about. She wasn’t from Antar, so she wasn’t part of their main-stream history. Some suggest, that she was purchased by the queen mother as a gift, to her son. Did that make her a slave? Bride prices were common with some people there. Others say that she was raised and carefully trained to seduce the king. Imagine a girl who knew from childhood that she was to seduce and, I assume, betray a king. As her clone, seducing the king was the strongest program within me. This was their mistake. When the seduction was known to be impossible, my programing failed. It just crashed like a broken hard drive. They had not included any backup plan. I told Max to kill me because I had no other purpose. That is why it was so easy for you to reprogram me,” Tess related. Tess was thinking that if it was true that her clone donor had been raised and prepared to seduce the king, her beginnings hadn’t been that much different.

Isabel knew some of this, but to hear it from Tess was different. Izzy wondered, what are the many things, which influence our actions. Ah… the granolith. That was always the answer.

There was a noise and both women looked up. Maria, with a yawn, wearing a dressing gown, walked into the room. “We did it, didn’t we,” she said.

“Maria, you are a born actress. That bastard probed your mind and didn’t find out about the cops, Michael, the king or anything. You had him so hot that you were all he could think about. We nailed him, but good!” Isabel exclaimed.

“Yeah, we did, didn’t we? You are right; I am probably the only one who could pull that off. The cost was great. I didn’t expect it to hurt so much. Guys, kissing that SOB was like French kissing a goat, Phatt... “ Maria made a face. For a minute, Maria was very somber. Isabel was frightened that she would again have to intervene. Then, Maria brightened up. “Hell, it’s like being in a bar fight. The perp gets a lucky punch past your guard. You go down and come up with a kick to his balls. Next day, you proudly show your black eye. ‘You should see the other guy,’ is your only answer. You always know that he is somewhere nursing his busted balls.”

Isabel and Tess had to laugh at the colorful way Maria explained things. Their husbands were cops and they had heard many times worse descriptions of their days work. Sometimes, the women forgot that the lady sitting with them was also, a cop.


The next day, Liz was at her desk. She heard a noise and looked up. “Uhmm..” Maria said. “Chica, we need to talk and I don’t want to do it here in this fish bowl were the entire department is wondering what we are saying,” Maria explained.

Liz took a breath and asked, “Where do you suggest we go?”

“Look if you were a guy I would suggest locking the gym and talk things out there. Exchanging blows with us won’t cut it. Girls, don’t think that way. Hey, I know a guy with an ice cream parlor down on Fifth Street. He has a back room he uses for private parties. Hell, if two girls can’t clear the air with a pint of vanilla, they buy a quart of chocolate. Meet me there in an hour?” Maria left that last sentence as a question.

Liz had to chuckle. “Yeah, Maria, that sounds fine. See you in an hour.”

Liz watched as Maria walked past Max’s desk and bent to say something. When Liz tided up her desk and then left to see Maria, she stopped at Max’s desk also. “What did Maria have to say this morning?” she asked.

Max looked up making a slight face, “She asked me to tell Michael that she expected him home tonight and to be well rested. That was all.”

When Liz arrived at the ice cream parlor, the owner pointed her through a curtain. The party room was clearly for children. The clown decorations and the boxes of balloons were scattered all around. Maria was sitting at a table with a large bowl of ice cream and two spoons. Contrary to what she promised, the bowl was filled with a dozen different flavors. “Maria, before you say anything, I want to tell you, I am so sorry. I wished a dozen times I could have taken your place the other night,” Liz said.

“Hey, Chica, if you had, you would have gotten your ass shot off. Michael had to let me think I was going to have to fuck that bastard. He was powerful. He could have cut through any secrets I had like butter. I had to get him really hard before I took him down. I had to really get him hot, just for me. When I knocked him down, his alien prick was as hard as a steel shaft. Your backup aliens really saved the day. They knocked the crap out of the bodyguards and Michael concentrated on saving me. Hey, we got him. I doubt if any of the aliens could have done as well,” Maria didn’t sound mad or wasn’t complaining. She wanted the feelings she and Liz had shared for several years to continue. Maria was still having some trouble coming to grips with what she had done, but cops don’t cry. They kick ass. Cops only cry late at night, in the dark and with someone they trust.

“Yeah, Maria, we are the girls. Did you hear that Swartz took a shot at Max?” Liz asked.

“Naw, no way, how the hell did he not get shot when he was back in Dallas? They aren’t that wimpy are they?” the question was more of a statement.

“Don’t know,” Liz answered. “He used a standard military sniper rifle, no silencer so Max was able to feel the bullet’s flight and protect himself. Kyle’s men got him on the second shot. He didn’t have anything that suggested ‘black opps’ so I gather that agent Shellow wasn’t around. Kyle warned that he expects some fallout from someone. He’s not sure who yet,” Liz stated.

“While we are telling stories, Chica, you know those two men you brought in to help Michael? When they lifted me off of Kazan, I will swear that I have never seen a funnier sight. That Ziggie fellow was trying to catch his wind. Seems that Ottoe boy blew one of the bodyguards into two pieces. Ziggie has a girl friend, they haven’t announced it to anyone. That is why he was chosen as unattached. Ziggie had almost buried one of the body guards under his own shield. Of course Michael helped some. Now, Ottoe was standing in just his boxers. No, kidding, he had a hard on worse than Kazan and he wasn’t looking at me. Turns out that he and the lady he was staying with upstairs had something going on. He hadn’t done anything, because the stuff hit the fan before they got down to facts. He promised to cure her drug addiction and give her a long life. She promised to screw him silly during that long life and she followed him back home. According to Isabel, the village thinks he came out ahead, no matter how much you paid him.”

They were both laughing as Maria called out, “Hey, Karl, could we have a few more scoops of chocolate, please?”


For two days, Max had been searching lists of questionable charity organizations representing minority groups. This wasn’t easy because who was to know that crates of school desks were repackaged items, labeled in Cyrillic letters AK-47s? There were many ethnic groups who actually tried to raise money and necessities for the old home country. There, also, were many groups, which were only fronts for terrorist organizations taking advantage of the believed wealth of different American ethnic groups. All Max could hope for was a name, which would jump out at him. Max had the benefit of an Ivy League education, but he never knew or at least didn’t realize, how many minorities made up the American dream. His first lead was an organization named, “Organization of Alien Affairs,” it was founded by Dr. Louis LaShalle.

It wasn’t on any list from Homeland Security, nor on any list from the Agency. The FBI hadn’t rung any bells about it. At first glance, except for the founder, Max couldn’t find anything of interest about this organization. Their web site was innocuous. Mostly, the site was addresses for assistance. It was located on a farm in Iowa. Max ran the site by Alex and the shit hit the fan.

“Max, there isn’t a damned thing here that isn’t good advice for a people who want to learn to blend in. It could be for Hispanics, Orientals or even Native Americans. It is advice for people who want to be good Americans.” What he said was disappointing to Max. Was this, another dead end?

Alex continued, “Max, there isn’t an operating system or a browser in the world that could do this without help. I have a piece of application, once given to me when I attended a seminar at the Agency. You have to know what you are doing when you use it. One false move and it installs a virius that makes your computer crash every time this site comes up. Now, watch,” Alex commanded.

Alex’s fingers flew across the keyboard. Suddenly on the web site, several words were highlighted. Alex clicked on the first highlighted word. To Max strange numbers flashed across the URL line at the top of the browser. A new site opened up. It flashed some sort of message and then, a pop-up window opened and the command, “Please sign in.”

Alex pointed to what they could see of the home page around the pop-up. “Max look at the name of this home page. ‘The Coven of Enlightenment,’ sounds like witchcraft or several men’s fraternities. We can’t go any further until we sign in. We can’t sign in, unless we know an already registered user name. Even then, we would need the password. Look around the edge of this pop-up. There, the four triangles. Read what if below it. ‘In service to one. In service to all.’ That is the letterhead of the Knights of Columbus. Look there the compass and square, that is the symbol of the Masonic organization. Look closely, instead of a G in the middle there is an A. Not correct at all. Look there, crossed thigh bones topped with a skull. That probably is ‘Skull and Bones,’ an organization from Yale. There, an outline of Australia with the letters BW and MC. I think that stands for British Working Men’s Club. I don’t know if that is an organization or some business. I did run across it one time when I was studying organizations with the Agency. The rest of these symbols could be other clubs, some exclusive and some just open organizations. Without entering, we can’t view them. Now, let’s look at some of the other highlighted words.

Alex hit the back key several times. Finally, they were back on the home page of the Organization of Alien Affairs. Again, Alex made magic with his fingers and the highlights again appeared. At random, Alex picked another highlighted word. Again, a page was opened and a pop-up to sign in appeared. This time the home page name was something they knew, “Kazan.”

“Max, neither Kyle nor I have much truck with the Feds. We know how much you field officers hate to work with them, but there are a few individuals I met at their seminars, whom I consider friends. Let me run this information by them. At least you have several names to check out. Let you know what I learn,” Alex stated.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 10, ch25, cc, 9/30/2012

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mary mary


Chapter 26

“Lieutenant, I know why Robert LaShelle was killed,” Max stated as he passed Liz’s office.

“How so, Max?” Liz asked as Max took a chair in front of her desk.

“His father Louis started an organization to offer aliens help in finding a place in this new world. The organization is called, Organization of Alien Affairs. Alex helped me with the computer and we found that their home page was hijacked. The home page was rigged to open to other organizations. They are secure and Alex didn’t know how to get around them. One organization is named, The Coven of Enlightenment,” Max said.

The Coven of Enlightenment, what the heck is that?” Liz asked.

“Liz, I have no idea. It sounds like one of those Tom Hanks movies, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and what was the other one ah… ‘Angels and Demons,’ I think? I found it hard to follow all of what Alex said, but I got the idea that it was some secret society,” Max stated.

“Do you think Doug Shellow was part of that?” Liz asked again.

“Liz, it could be. We think he belongs to something outside the Agency and greater than the agency,” Max replied. But, it was the second name we found that is important. Alex found a home page named, Kazan,” Max finished.

“And, you accessed them through, the Organization of Alien Affairs?” Liz asked.

“You can’t get anything through Google or Yahoo. I tried. If Robert accidently found out about this, there might be several who wanted him silent,” Max finished.


It was dark when Michael returned to where he and Maria lived. When he entered the door, he saw that it was dark. Before he turned on the light, he looked around and saw a faint glow from their bedroom. Without turning on the lights, Michael loosened the Glock in his holster and with his hand on the pistol butt, he carefully pushed open the door. There were no covers on their bed, but it had a bottom sheet of blood red. Kneeling on the floor, was Maria. She was wearing a loincloth and a simple wrap around covering her breasts. “I am your slave. I am your whore. Do with me as you please,” Maria droned.

“Maria, cut it out. This isn’t funny. Get up and if you haven’t fixed anything for supper, put some on clothes and we will go out to eat,” Michael commanded.

“No, Michael, I have to do this. Let me play this through. I am your slave and I am your whore,” she repeated.

“Maria, you are my wife and I am your husband and we have fought against slavery in the sex trade most of our careers. Come on, get up and let’s get out of here,” Michael again forcibly stated.

“Please, Michael,” she pleaded, real tears were running down her face. “I have to play this out. It is eating me like a cancer. I need to act this to whatever completion my mind takes me,” she begged.

Michael was moved. This wasn’t like any of her previous dramas. These tears were real and Maria was hurting from somewhere. Michael was a cop. He could kick ass with the best of them. Clearing a bar was no problem. You kept fighting until you were the only one left standing. Taking aliens down was no problem. You simply drew your Glock and kept shooting until they turned to dust. You could do it the other way and get into a power blast duel. With Maria, Michael needed Max. Max was raised with a high strung woman, his sister Isabel. Max would know how to deal with a mercurial and erratic woman. Maybe, Michael should call Isabel, or even Tess. Maria was having a breakdown. Michael didn’t know what to do.

“Michael, please help me go though this,” she begged.

Michael sat down on their bed. Maria was at his feet. There was a chain around her neck and there were shackles on her wrists. “Maria, what am I supposed to do?” he asked.

“Michael, I am your slave. I am your whore. Treat me like a woman you had no care for,” she said with bowed head.

Michael hated head games. He would rather power blast a door completely off a house. Now that was something he could understand. What was this nonsense about treating her like a woman he didn’t care about? Michael wasn’t in to hurting women, unless they drew a gun on him, first. Even then, taking a woman to booking, he was a lot more gentle than he would be if it was a man. Maria was still waiting, her head bowed, kneeling on the floor. Michael leaned over and taking her by her hands, he lifted her to stand. Looking at her shackles, Michael had been prepared to use his powers and change the molecular structure so they would melt away. The shackles were plastic. Michael reached out and carefully removed them. “Maria, no woman should appear in shackles, unless she is in court, whether I care about her or not,” he stated.

Maria stood in front of Michael with her head bowed. “I am still your whore, take me as you wish,” she stated.

Now that she was standing beside him, Michael could see the snap which released the chain about her neck. He released the chain to fall to the floor. Holding her by her shoulders, Michael said as he bent down to kiss her, “Maria, I could never take a woman I didn’t care for and if I did take her, I could never quit caring for her from then on.” Michael kissed her until he finally felt her respond. Reaching around her, he found where the top wrap was tucked in and he pulled it loose. Now her breasts pushed freely against his chest. Again reaching around, he undid the belt, which held up her loin cloth. It also dropped to the floor. Michael now picked up the naked, Maria and deposited her on their bed. She lay there as he removed his clothes. Not only did Michael make love to Maria this night, he opened his mind so she would have no doubt about his care.


Max and Liz had been married for some time. They hadn’t taken time off for a honeymoon; they both assured each other that they would get around to that sometime in the future. They lived together, they slept together and although they didn’t talk about it, they were having sex together. There still was something wrong. The first time they made love, Max let Liz see how much he cared. What other man had the ability to do that? Liz felt that it must be her. She was confused. When she had slept with Sean, she had felt sparks. Their sex had been fireworks. Somehow, the machine had dampened the fireworks with Max. Had her doubts put out those fireworks? Sean must have created something for Liz to identify with excitement. There had been fireworks and there had been betrayal. As Sean had whispered endearments, Liz thought she had found what she had been seeking. She was out of college and Sean was out of a job. Their fire had been cooling off. He had encouraged her to get a job and his cousin, Maria, talked Liz into joining the police department. The initial training, the probation as a rookie and the long hours took a lot out of their relationship. It was one time when she was dead to the world, when Sean said, “Aw, come on, baby, I want a little and I want it now. That was when she placed her pistol under his nose and told him to get out. He left and he took the one thing that plagued Liz for a long time after. Sean had been taping their love making for some time. He placed the tapes on the Internet.

Liz’s rapid rise in rank to detective and then, to detective lieutenant, which brought the harsh criticism that she endured from the rest of the department, had hardened Liz. Max assured her that the tapes were gone. He assured her that Sean had been punished. Why couldn’t she find with Max, the fireworks she had experienced the first time with Sean? Liz was sure that Max cared for her a lot. She only believed that Sean had any real passion for her. What had that bastard done to her? She threw him out at the point of her revolver. Somehow he had left something she couldn’t get rid of.


Liz was in her office. Isabel had called to tell her that Maria had experienced a very hard time last night, but Isabel thought she would be in to work. She explained that Michael had called her and talked with her long after he got Maria to sleep. “Liz, how are you doing?” Isabel asked.

“I am fine, Isabel, there is no problem,” Liz answered way too quickly.

“Liz, I am here to talk if you need me,” Isabel stated.

“Thanks. I think hard work is what I need now. Max and Alex made a break through in learning about Kazan and another, maybe an even more frightening situation. When you drop by, I will fill you in unless Alex does so first,” Liz said.

As much as she appreciated Isabel worrying about her, Liz needed to finish her work. The whole concept of the sting was tricky. There was no way Liz could tell the complete truth. Again, she was writing two reports. The only thing concrete she had was Swartz trying to kill Max. Richards was raising questions about this. It was strange. Swartz had climbed on the roof opposite the whorehouse and shot at Max twice. Kyle’s snipers had killed him on his second shot. That should be open and closed. Richards was trying to spin it that Swartz was working for him. He had commissioned Swartz to look into the department now run by Lieutenant Elizabeth Parker. Swartz had been assassinated because he was getting too close to schemes the lieutenant was perpetrating. It was suspected that Liz was a secret partner with a string of whorehouses. It had been rumored that one of the women working there had been under age. She had been spirited out of the county by a man hired by the lieutenant, probably being held captive so she couldn’t testify.

Tess barely got her warning call through to the lieutenant, before Simon entered Liz’s office. Alerted by Tess, Liz looked up and there he was as dapper and cool as always. “It’s getting difficult, isn’t it Liz?” he stated in that confusing manner that Liz didn’t know if she had been asked a question of he had made a statement.

Simon did not waste time chatting; he got to the point. “Liz, I don’t want you or the king to go anywhere alone for awhile. Your squad car has been strengthened by alien manipulation. I am going to assign Modek and Selenas as your drivers. There is something we don’t understand. The granolith is confused and that is bad. Where is Max today?” Simon asked.

“He is out with Michael. They are trying to run down an organization run by Kazan,” Liz explained. “Maria didn’t make it in today. I hoped she would, but I was called and she is taking another day off,” Liz concluded.

Simon, was now standing and leaning on his silver cane, “I will have to talk to Michael. She is in danger, also. We don’t know how much. I would like for you to stick close to Max and she to stay close to Michael. I am not ready to assign bodyguards to her, but I may have to change my assessment of her situation,” Simon stated.

“Simon, what is this danger?” Liz asked.

Simon looked genuinely perplexed. “I don’t know. The granolith says the king and queen are in grave danger. I am the one who believes the sergeant is also in danger,” He stated.

“I will pass what you say on to Max when he comes in. I suppose you have already made arrangements with Modek and Selenas?” Liz asked.

“Yes, I will assume you will work late on that report. They will be in later this evening to pick you and the king up and take you home,” with that Simon left.

This left Liz confused. Who was Simon? He had been making assignments like he was a police administrator. Liz knew the command structure of the department. Simon had nothing to do with it.

Tess stuck her head in the office door. “Hey, boss are you going to need me tonight?” she asked.

“No, Tess, go on home. Max will be in soon and my drivers will take us both home. I know Kyle is having a bad time with this shooting of Swartz. Go have an early supper with the chief,” Liz said.

Max had just called Liz. He was at Michaels place. Modek and Selenas had called and told him they would pick him up. They would then swing by the station and drive them both home. “Liz we will be by in about fifteen minutes,” he said.

Liz was shutting down her computer when she heard something in the hall. “Almost ready, guys,” she called out.

Everything went black.


The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky
this is the story of Kathleen Topolsky, my idea of where she came from and the seconds before she died.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 11, ch26, cc, 10/6/12

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Natalie36: there are still thoughts of Sean in Liz's mind.

begonia9508: It is the argument between destiny and free choice. Even if destiny would be what free choice would do anyway.

keepsmiling7: Way back in college i learned there are some mysterious and powerful organizations out there. It was said that Maria was a drama queen. working problems through drama was her way of clearing her mind.

mary mary: Max has to show he is not like Sean. He has to show how much greater he is than her former boyfriend. Through both parts of the story, it is shown that Liz has many difficult things happening to her love life.

Chapter 27

Max was still at Michael’s when he got the cell phone call. “What do you mean he escaped? I thought you said it was fool proofed? Crap, no one knows where they are taking him?” Max was yelling. He snapped his cell phone closed. “It’s linguistics, Michael, it’s all linguistics and culture. I was assured that Kazan would be secure. The village says he was. His power was stripped, and he could not go beyond a certain distance of the village. I asked them about this before. They told me not to worry. The whole community was keeping him from running off. Now, he escaped. He didn’t run off; humans came in and carried him off. The villagers never thought of that. I will bet anything that it was Shellow who did it or, at least, masterminded it.

“Max, what do you think he will do?” Michael asked.

“Stay close to Maria, Michael. He might have a fixation on her,” Max stated.

Maria walked up to where they were talking. She hadn’t gone into the office and was still dressed in her housecoat. “You mean after all that work, the bastard got free?” she asked.

It wasn’t a total loss. The village has been quizzing him every day. They claim that they know a lot more about him than before. Stay close to Michael and keep your Glock loaded,” Max said.

“Let’s step on it,” Max commanded. I hate to be the one who tells Liz about all that work and he has escaped,” Max murmured.

At the station, Max jumped out of the squad car. “Back in a minute, fellows,” he called back. This was the awkward time. The day shift had come in and departed for their homes and the night shift had just hit the streets and wouldn’t be drifting back to the station for a while. Except for around midnight, the station, held the smallest number of people. Max ran into the door and looking to the desk from where Sergeant Kevin O’Brian commanded; there was no one there. Even for bathroom breaks, O’Brian would have had someone hold down his place. As Max got closer to the desk he saw the blood. Kevin O’Brian was slumped behind the desk. There were two bullet holes in his chest, but to assure that there would be no mistake as to who did it, someone had left a silver handprint on his chest. His uniform jacket and shirt having been ripped open to show this. Max was really scared, now.

Max had been trying to call Liz on her cell phone ever since he had been told that Kazan had escaped. Now, he had to first secure the station house. This first call was to Chief Kyle Valenti. “Kyle, the station house has been attacked. O’Brian is down. That terse statement would get Kyle in gear and he would alert the correct organizations.

Max, had a great fear pressing on him. Where was Liz? The elevator seemed to crawl as it proceeded to the third floor. The first desk belonged to Tess. Liz would have released her to go home if all Liz was planning to do was work on her report. The office of the lieutenant was wide opened. There was blood on her desk, but there was no sign of Liz.

Max’s cell phone was buzzing. Good, maybe that would be Liz telling him that she was in another part of the building or maybe she stepped out and wanted Max to pick her up. It wasn’t. “Max, Ely Stone here.” Max recognized Ely Stone from one of the leaders of the commandos. He hadn’t been with them on the whorehouse raid, but he was still of some importance with the security of the alien communities. “What happened to the queen? We just lost all connection with her,” Stone stated.

The surprise was that the aliens had established a connection with Liz. Max and Liz had a weak connection. Max felt that this was because there was something wrong with their marriage. Max was hoping that given a less stressful time, they would be able to strengthen it. He lost connection with his wife several times a day. Usually when they were near, the connection re-established itself. “Ely, I am at the police station. We have one man down, killed by both humans and at least one alien. I am in Liz’s office and I found blood on her desk. I fear the worst,” Max said sadly.

Max sat at Liz’s desk. He was out of ideas for what to do. He would wait until some of the other policemen arrived to start the investigation of what had happened to Liz. When Tess had announced that Max had given his sign to his future queen, Max had experienced a bit of excitement. As he and Isabel studied at the pod chamber, the excitement had grown. Compared to and maybe because of the way Isabel conducted her life, Max’s social life was insignificant. With a slight sibling rivalry, Max had discovered he had a potential mate, beating Isabel with all her excesses in dating. Of course at the time, Isabel was looking for thrills, not a mate or at least she said.

Now, the granolith chose to introduce itself to Max and Isabel. Before, it has been a dusty machine in the pod chamber that had no function that they knew.

The granolith had explained that Liz must accept Max of her own will. He was not to coerce her. Did the granolith understand human women? Max remembered the stories told by Isabel about the men who swept her off her feet in passion. Max, also, knew that a lot of that was by her design. Very few times had Isabel not been in complete control.

From the times he made love to Liz, Max had flashes of Sean. Sean had swept Liz off her feet. At first, Liz had thrilled at being with Sean. Why hadn’t she shown that same passion to Max? Sean was a take-charge man. He was the boss and when he made love to Liz, she understood this. Liz wasn’t Isabel. She should never have been hurt like Sean ended up doing, but maybe, Max should have been more assertive. Damned granolith. Why hadn’t it done its homework? In the field, Liz was his lieutenant, his boss. Max was only a detective. Maybe at home Liz expected more overt passion.

As Max sat, he heard sirens, footsteps and yells as the officers returned and made a sweep through the station. Max was too worried to meet them. Let them come to the floor holding all the desks of the detectives. Max would talk to them when they arrived.

It was Tess who in came first. Alex was right behind her holding his riot shotgun. Tess ducked in and sat at her desk while Alex searched the rest of the offices. Alex called out “Clear,” and came back to sit with Max in Liz’s office. Tess joined them.

“I guess we are messing up a crime scene, but I already know who killed O’Brian and took Liz,” Max stated. “Kazan.”

Alex nodded, “They just called me. I understand they had no concept of him getting away like he did,” Alex said.

“Yeah, humans and aliens don’t think alike. I do know the alien part of me wants him dead the next time we catch him,” Max stated.

Alex noted that at least Max was still positive. He said when we catch him not if.

Maria and Michael came running into the office. “Any word?” was Maria’s first question.

They were followed closely by Ely Stone. “Of course, the village makes apologies. We will miss the old sergeant. When I mocked an Irish accent, he thought that I, for sure, was a boyo right off the boat from Ireland. He once said that all men in blue are saints in heaven when they die. I certainly hope he found his heaven. Please forgive us, but our deepest concern is for the queen,” he said as he stood several minutes with closed eyes. “She was taken alive. Maybe, the machine is still with her,” he announced.

Kyle stepped in. He looked exhausted. “Max, go home. There is nothing you can do here tonight except get in the way of the forensics teams. Yeah, I know it was Kazan and probably that federal rat, Agent Shellow. We have to do what we know how to do. New ideas will be discussed tomorrow. I contacted the agency and they are distancing themselves from Shellow. The have an APB, (all points bulletin) for his arrest. I told them I was issuing a wanted dead or alive bulletin. They said do as I thought best. Maria, you and Michael go home. Report back by 7:00 tomorrow morning. Maria, until further notice, Alex has asked that you be in charge of the detective department. Michael is your back up and Tess will help get you squared away. Max, can you and your drivers get Tess home safely? I have a feeling I am going to be here all night,” Kyle said wearily.

Ely Stone spoke up. “I am going also. Normally, we have town meetings on Friday nights. I don’t know if you have met her, but Malon Starsky is getting the word out that we are having an emergency meeting tomorrow night. We think Kazan hasn’t left the states yet. He is connected to that Coven of Enlightment group. I don’t think he wants to give that up. We need to find some trace of the queen,” he finished. Max saw that they had taken the information that he and Alex had discovered and weredeveloping it own their own.

Max called Tess and they went to find Makon and Selenas. Michael and Maria were driving home when he said, “Hey, Babe, try to get that paper work out of the way tomorrow morning. We need to hit the streets and scare up some informers.”


Max was quiet as he sat with Tess in the back seat of the squad car. “What ya thinking?” she asked.

“I don’t know, Tess. I am thinking that Liz and I have some issues to resolve when we get her back. I just gotta keep thinking, when we get her back,” Max said trying to bolster his own conviction.

Tess knew that Max and Liz were having some trouble. The granolith hadn’t known enough about human women. Everyone except for the two lovers knew. The comunity hoped the best for the king and queen, but they had to work this out on their own. Tess wasn’t as positive as Max was forcing himself to be. Tess hoped Liz’s safe return would be possible.

Tomorrow would be another day, but not a better one.
The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 11, ch27, cc, 10/13/12

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Chapter 28

Liz woke up in a darkened room, not a black room like in a cave or something, more like a theater. With concentration, she could make out outlines in the room. She was lying on some sort of a cot. A cool breeze was blowing across her bare skin. Where were her clothes? She felt her body. She was dressed in some thing, but she couldn’t tell what. She sat up and swung her legs off the cot. Her feet landed on something strange. She reached down with her hand and touched the floor. It was hard packed dirt. There was something on her arms. She carefully felt each wrist and recognized what they were. She was wearing shackles like were used to move prisoners. There was a chain between them, which limited her movement. Now she was thinking, there was something about her neck. Exploring with her fingers she discovered she was wearing some sort of collar. There was a chain hanging from it, also. Liz pulled at the chain. It was quite long. Finally, she couldn’t pull any more. It was fastened to something on the floor or the wall. Once with Max, they had experimented to see if she had powers. With his help, she could move a few things and change the color of a couple. Anything more had been beyond her. They decided that if she was going to ever get powers, being queen, it hadn’t happened yet.

There was nothing for Liz to do but sit and wait. It seemed like hours, but the light seemed to be a tiny bit brighter. Finally, a single bulb located high in the ceiling, glowed dimly. There was a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat fastened to it. Against one wall, was an enameled bucket filled with water. Liz looked down at her body and saw that she had a simple wrap about her breasts and a small belt supporting a loincloth. Liz hadn’t talked to Maria about the Illusion that Kazan had forced into her head. This was a private demon that Maria believed only Michael could cleanse her from. If she had, Liz would see that she was dressed very close to what Maria had presented to Michael. The difference was that the shackles and the chain were of iron.

A crack in the wall appeared and a man carrying a fold up chair and a small card table entered. Liz looked closely at him. He had more than a passing resemblance to Max. It was probably true that he was the old king’s bastard. “You are the one who set up the trap,” he stated without any emotion. “I would have enjoyed the whore,” he continued.

Liz growled, “She was a police sergeant and my friend. She wasn’t a whore.”

He chuckled. That was the most emotion he had showed. “And, now, I have you in her place. You are my slave and my whore.” he stated.

Liz angrily barked back. “I am your queen. I am not anybody’s slave and I am not your whore!” she exclaimed.

The man didn’t say anything more. He picked up his chair and his table and left. The light stayed on, giving a dim unworldly appearance to everything.


O’Brian’s murder and Parker’s abduction took precedence. There were many other cases going on at the same time and the crime business didn’t stop for anyone. Maria knew that she couldn’t have stepped in, except for Tess. Tess kept the office running smoothly. From time to time, Tess brought papers for Maria’s official signature. There were a large group of reports from the vice squad. They were working First Street again. Maria had questioned each woman before she was released on bail. One or two women had known Nicholas from a long time ago. One said she had serviced someone who resembled Kazan a few weeks ago.

She had taken him to a room and after the sex that he had paid for, he gave her another hundred and proceeded to ask questions about her family life growing up, her education and about her life now as a working prostitute. Of course, she lied. For one hundred dollars, she had to give him something better than stories about life on the streets. She was no fool.

It was a little before lunch. Maria had promised Michael that they would hit the streets this afternoon. Maria was taken completely by surprise when Counselor Richards came in. “Ah, Sergeant, DeLuca. I am glad you are getting this chance to shine. I think you and I could work closely and I could be of benefit to your career,” he purred like a Cheshire cat.

“What can I do for you, Counselor?” Maria asked.

“The first thing is to straighten out the unfortunate accident which killed Sergeant Swartz,” the counselor said.

“I don’t know why you say accident, Counselor. He was trying to assassinate Detective Evans. They shot him for all of our protection,” Maria stated.

“My dear, I think we could easily show that he actually was trying to protect you. You were the decoy in this badly planned sting. I could make it to your advantage if you would look at it more closely,” Richards said. Then, he continued, “The whole squad has been held hostage by that Parker woman. Swartz wanted to give you your own command and Lieutenant Parker stopped it. She couldn’t stand to see you getting ahead. You might have even have been promoted to lieutenant,” He finished.

Maria started to snap him back, but he held up his hand. “Not now, my dear, I understand the Parker woman has lost another prisoner. This time, she cost the life of our beloved Sergeant O’Brian,” and he quickly left the room.

When Michael came in to take her to lunch, she was still fuming. “I should have shot him, I should have shot him,” was all that she would say.

They had lunch at the place where they had arrested the stick-up artist. Michael’s two cheeseburgers and her salad were delivered with care by the owner personally. The way she felt, Maria would have welcomed a stick-up. Michael wouldn’t have had to shoot anyone. Maria could decimate an army the way she was feeling, yes, an army all looking like Richards. Michael was trying not to laugh, despite how miserable he felt. Right now, the saying, “rather French kiss a rattlesnake” than tackle Maria in this temper came to mind.

As they sat eating, the sobering effect of their situation returned. Maria had lost her best friend and Michael had lost his queen. Michael had never been part of any community. He had always been a loaner. Working for Little Napoleon and seeing beyond what, even she, could see about what the queen meant to aliens was changing him. Max was Michael’s boyhood friend. Hell, when Michael got out of the army, he was the one who talked Max into joining the police. Michael had instinctively known that Max was special. Michael had shaken his head more than once as he saw what Isabel and her activities were bringing both to their parents and also to Max. The abrupt change in Isabela meant changes were coming to Michael. Liz placing him with the dancer was too much. Maria brought things out of Michael that he never knew he had. Now, the dreams of having children with her were overpowering.

Max never said a thing about his love life. Michael had caught Max looking at the banter between himself and Maria more than once with a streak of envy. Max wasn’t envious of Maria; he was envious about the ease that Maria and Michael fit together Michael only wished he could tell Max how they did it. All he knew was he had been created for Maria and Maria had been created for him. That damned granolith was supposed to match people up. Why the hell wasn’t it helping the king for “god sakes.”

Tess who, months before, had been a blank slate, taught by Isabel and finally seducing the greatest horn dog in the department. Just watching their eyes sparkle when they looked at each other. Damn it, Max was the king. Shouldn’t the machine be helping some way? Now, Liz was gone dead, for all they knew, and the king was stumbling the best way he knew how.

Back on the street, Michael shed a tear for Jimmy-the-nose. The most useless piece of human flesh you could imagine. Jimmy had shed many tears when Nicholas had killed Willie. Nicholas had swatted Willie like a fly. Michael imagined that Kazan hadn’t had much more care when he destroyed Jimmy. Before Kazan had fried Jimmy the horrible way aliens had of killing, someone had shot Jimmy in each knee. If it had been Swartz, Kyle’s boys had taken care of that, but that kind of punishment was more like the agency. Michael was more willing to believe it was Shellow. Michael believed he owed Shellow one, any way.

Michael had almost forgotten about Ether Eddie. Eddie was a lot different from the other street people. Eddie was not a social animal. Men like Willie and Jimmy were always looking out for each other. They shared bottles, they shared spray cans and they shared blankets and cardboard boxes. Even though Eddie’s friends had helped him get back his secret warehouse, Eddie wasn’t into group hugs. The police had managed to get one picture of Kazan before the aliens took him to his supposedly secure jail. There were data base photos of Swartz and Shellow, so Michael and Maria had something to question Eddie about. “You seen these guys, Eddie. We think one or more of them killed Jimmy.” By nature Eddie was more difficult to talk to than had been Jimmy. For one, Eddie was a very taciturn man. He probably wasn’t as bright as Jimmy had been on good days, and Eddie didn’t have good days. It took a lot of prodding to get anything out of him. Finally he pointed to the picture of Kazan. “Him,” Eddie grunted.

“Where, Eddie?” Michael asked.

“Around,” was the response.

“When?” Michael tried again. Were they going to have dig every syllable out of this guy?

“Last night,” Eddie mumbled.

“Was he with anyone?” Michael inquired.

“Yes,” Eddie said.

“Who?” Michel asked.

“Woman, couldn’t see her; she was drunk,” Eddie said. That many words from him was an epic.

Michael tried again, “Where?”

“Around,” again was Eddie’s answer.

Eddie left and Michael stood beside Maria. Do you suppose that was Liz, drugged in someway?” asked Maria.

“Probably,” Michael answered. Michael took his cell phone and called Ely Stone. “Hey, Stone, Kazan was seen in the city last night. He had a woman with him, either drugged or drunk. Don’t know exactly where. No, a brain scan wouldn’t work. This is an ether head. Not too much brain left. Two words articulated in a row was about his limit.”

Their next stop was the Brass Pole. José was always happy to see Maria. “Maria, babee…” he called out. “I got a brand new pole. Come work for me a few weeks and try it out,” he cried.

“José, ¿que pasa? I don’t think so. How is Michelle doing writing her stories?” Maria asked.

“Chica, you gotta see her Star Wars. That skirt Leia wore for Jabba, the Hut is a winner. It is amazing what you can do with that. Andrai over there,” he pointed. Can take off that skirt five different ways and still not get nabbed by the censors or the vice cops. We got a rubber Jabba and you can’t believe what Michelle added to it. Hey, old Jabba needs something if he is trying to put it to the young girls,” José said enthusiastically.

“I can imagine,” Maria stated. “No, José we are still on the same chase. You hear or see anything?” she asked.

José’s accent again disappeared. “Maria, these guys may go back to before Cortez. Chica, they are muy malo (very bad) hombres. I used to think the fucking president had power. These guys they make and break presidents. We don’t even need elections. They decide the outcomes anyway. Your big guy has magic, these hombres have picked up a player who might even have more magic. That Nicholas had huevos (balls or courage), but to these new guys he was small potatoes. Hija (daughter), I hate to see you messing with these guys.

“José, this time they abducted my friend,” Maria explained.

José sighed, “Okay, the scary one, you know like your big guy. He is at the old hospital south of Central down town. I have been looking and listening for you, even though I wish I could make you leave them alone. The hospital is locked up and I am not going to go traipsing through that place even for you, cariña mia, (my dear),” José replied.

The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 12, ch28, cc, 10/22/12

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begonia9508: There might be a test, but it will be for Max not Liz.

mary mary: Yes the second zan feels he has rights to rule the alien community. sometime we will see that Kazan's own animosity to his father and the royal family lets Kivar keep him alive. Every time Liz affirms that she is the queen, Kazan looses some of his power.


keepsmiling7: Powers are a coming. Swartz was killed at the whore house.

Chapter 29

When the lights dimmed, Liz had laid down on the cot and finally gone to sleep. She hadn’t had anything to eat. Thoughts, that, maybe, he intended to starve her, ran through her head. She slept soundly in the isolation and it wasn’t until the lights started to brighten that she woke up. Liz found that her water bucket was filled and fresh. Her toilet bucket had been emptied and cleaned. This time, there was a corn cake beside the water bucket. It was about eight inches in diameter and two inches thick. She broke it into three pieces as she imagined that was all she would be given today. A few hours after she had finished her morning piece of cake, the door opened and he entered with his folding chair and small card table. For a while, he just sat and stared at her. Finally, he said, “You are my slave. You are my whore.”

Liz knew what he was doing. He was trying to break her. When he did, he would do to her what his words promised or kill her outright. Liz did not have much hope for the police to come to her rescue. He was much too complicated for them. Liz spoke again with more authority than she felt, “I am your queen and you are the bastard son of a senile king.”

There wasn’t a single shred of emotion on his face. He simply picked up his chair and table, then left left.

Was this the second day of her incarceration? Or maybe, it was the third day. She remembered the first day that she wasn’t given anything to eat. She would see what was given tomorrow. If it was something different she could remember the corn day, and the … whatever he gave her day. The major thought in Liz’s mind was what Simon Ortiz had said that she didn’t have to take on this fight. She could have walked away. Earth could have been hit by an asteroid before these men ever came to power. What was she thinking trying to tilt windmills? Poor old Don Quixote, poor Doña Parker or was it Evans. She was married to Max. Shouldn’t she have taken his name? She was queen, should it have been la reina? Liz was sifting through her Spanish. Was that the wrong word usage or not?


Maria was sitting at Liz’s desk. Michael and Max were sitting in chairs inside the office while Kyle and Alex were standing at the door. “Guys, we are only going to get one shot at this,” Kyle commented. “Richards is riding so tight on my ass that if we can’t find Liz, if we make any mistakes and civilians get hurt, if Liz gets killed, we will all get suspended or fired. Right now I don’t mind either, but if we aren’t here to organize another rescue, what happens to Liz? We have to know for sure where she is. We have to know who else is there. We have to know what tools we need to form the rescue.”

Michael spoke up. “Ely Stone had his aliens spread out around the old hospital. Alex will have the complete floor plans tomorrow. He was sure that Kazan would feel the aliens. Ely moved the aliens in and out, constantly changing them. They were working on the street, a building inspector was checking safety codes on different buildings in the neighborhood. They marked any abandon building and left it alone. Ely only wanted to have his people somewhere near, if by chance, they found some sign of the queen.

There was movement within the department and Richards was as curious as hell about what was going on. He tried to corner Tess when the detectives were all out in the field. “You working all alone today?” he asked

Tess looked up and replied, “I guess so, counselor,” she answered.

“Don’t pay any attention to me. I just try to keep a finger on the pulse of the department. I am surprised that the lieutenant is out. Ah… What’s her name, Sergeant DeLuca taking her place?” he asked.

“Yes, the lieutenant is out for an indefinite time and Sergeant DeLuca knows more than anyone else about the department,” Tess answered. Tess knew that Richards knew as much as anyone that Liz had been abducted. He was trying to spin it into something different.

Richards got braver, “Isn’t there a city ordinance about relatives working for the same department?”

“I don’t know, sir,” Tess remarked. “The chief wanted me to help the Lieutenant after that man Swartz left.”

Richards made a face. “I thought Swartz was well on the way to straightening this department out,” Richards stated.

“I wouldn’t know anything about that,” Tess said. “I know both the captain and the chief were worried about falling numbers of arrests and also, the number of resignations in the department.”

Richards would have to look into this. Every time he talked to Swartz, Swartz declared that he was getting a handle on things. “I thought the department was down, because that Lieutenant Parker took over,” Richards stated.

“Oh no, sir, in fact since Lieutenant Parker took over, four men have returned to the department,” Tess explained.

Richards walked off. He had to check some reality facts. Reality could still be spun into what ever he wanted, but he had to make sure that someone didn’t catch him in something he didn’t know for sure.


Alex would like to have had time to travel to Roswell. He had a great desire to consult the granolith. With a raid to be launched any day and maybe any hour, he didn’t dare chance leaving town. Alex knew that whether or not the raid was sanctioned, Kyle would lead the SWAT team. The alien commandos had already met and consulted with Alex. What they needed was the exact location of Liz. The latest Intelligence was that Liz was being held by Kazan and probably, being held at the old hospital. The aliens couldn’t exactly pinpoint her location. Tess received a phone call. “This is José from the Brass Pole. I need to speak to Maria.” That was all he would say.

When Maria came in, Tess relayed the message. Maria was all for heading out immediately. “No chance, Maria,” Alex stated. “Don’t go anywhere without your partner. Wait until Michael comes in,” Alex ordered.

Richards was watching, he was sure that something was up. Talking to that secretary, the chief’s wife, he hadn’t found out much of value. The large number of civilians who were running around the detective squad room were not much help, either. They were not impolite, but they wouldn’t talk to him. He stopped several of them and they stood stoically until he tired of asking questions which were ignored. Richards ranted a little but nobody had time to listen to him.

When Michael arrived, Maria hustled him back out to their car. They quickly drove to the Brass Pole. This time, José had no time for civilities. “Maria, you know I don’t have any truck with any drug nonsense, don’t you?” he asked.

“José, you enjoy denting the morality of the community, but I have never known you to do anything illegal, except for fudging on your Income Taxes,” Maria answered him.

“Chica, that is a national pastime. You, also, know that some of my relatives are worthless? You don’t hold them against me do you?” José asked.

Maria reached out to take her friend and former employer by his hands. “José, there is nothing I ever blame you for,” Maria stated.

“This is between you, me and the big guy. That Juan Sanchez is a jerk. He has tried rehab two times, both times on my dime. He don’t want to be clean. He is my primo and I don’t want any part of burning him. He found a storeroom, in that hospital. They didn’t clean it out so good when they closed it down. Juanito, the stupid ass, found a supply of needles. He don’t touch it except when he needs money. He can sell that and other things he finds there for enough for an occasional fix. Before they closed it down, he spent several weeks in their addiction ward. That was when it was a public hospital. Maria, ain’t nobody who knows that place better than he. I would bring him in to talk to you, no matter what my relatives would say. The pendejo cut out for Mexico this morning. He said there was a powerful Brujo moved into there,” José told them.

“Brujo? That would be a witch, wouldn’t it?” Maria asked.

“Chica, anyone not in love with you would call what your big guy does, the work of a mighty brujo. There is more. The main reason that Juan split for the south is, the brujo has someone captive. Juan couldn’t say and I don’t think he was brave enough to get close, but the captive might be the lieutenant,” Jose stated.

“Thanks, José and when your primo returns, tell him that we own him big time,” Maria responded.

“There is more, Chica. I would do anything to keep you out of that place. I know that the lieutenant is your best friend. I know how you feel about being a police detective. Before he left, the little shit, I squeezed the little son–of– a- bitch, may Tia Lena forgive me, she should have raised a better kid. Juan knew that place better than anyone since it closed down,” Maria wished José would get to the point. Jose continued, “I made him draw a map,” José brought out a sketch done on an old menu.

Maria leaned across the bar and grabbed José. Throwing her arms around him, she kissed him on his lips. “José, I love you more than anyone except for Michael,” she stated.

Showing more emotion than José had ever seen in him, Michael grabbed him in a hug. José pushed back. He was brandishing a cross, which he wore around his neck. “Look, big guy, kissing my hija (daughter) is strange enough. You try anything and I will go looking for a stake to plant in your heart,” he said.

Maria had to laugh, “José, he is alien, not a vampire. Besides, he has been taking catechism lessons so we can have a real Catholic wedding.”

Michael was driving, a little slower than they had when they were arriving. Maria was on her cell phone. “Kyle, get Alex, Max and Stone into the office. I think we made the best intelligence so far,” she announced

When they arrived at the station, Kyle, his father, Big Jim, Max and a surprise, Malon Starsky were waiting the detective office. As usual, Richards was prowling around. When he saw those gathered in the office, he tried to enter. He was met by the diminutive Tess. “I am sorry, counselor, this is a confidential meeting,” she stated.

“Look, I am a city councilman. There shouldn’t be anything hidden from me. Are you people doing something illegal like raiding that whorehouse at the request of that Parker lady?” Richards stated as he stood tall and puffed himself out slightly.

“Sir this is strictly police business. Any breach of confidentially might endanger many other officers,” Tess answered.

Richards wouldn’t quit. “Is this something about covering up the loss of our dear sergeant?” he asked.

Tess shook her head. “Really councilor, I don’t know. I do know that it is strictly police business and no one else is allowed to be there,” Tess argued.

“Nonsense, lady, look at all the civilians in there. I don’t even know who they are. I owe it to our sergeant, to make sure his memory isn’t about to be tarnished,” Richards stated.

Big Jim, looking through the windows, saw his daughter-in-law being, what he took to be harassed by the councilman. “What is the problem, Tess?” he asked as he came out of the office.

“Nothing, Jim, I am just telling the councilman that this is a closed meeting,” she explained.

“Commissioner, the city is tired of your department and their questionable activities. It is about time someone with real oversight takes a closer look at all of you,” Richards stated.

“That may be true, Councilman, but it isn’t going to be someone who had been pulling the strings on that puppet Swartz. A real investigation might reveal your complicity in the attempted murder of detective Evans. Swartz was killed in a good shooting. Even the agency is looking into Swartz and his connection with Doug Shellow who had been declared rogue.” All the time, Big Jim was pushing Richards out the door. When Richards had left, Big Jim looked at Tess and said, “Good job, Tess.”

She looked at him, her eyes sparkling, maybe, even with a tear of pride, and said, “Thanks, dad.”

Jim Valenti had noticed that recently, Tess had been treating him like her actual parent. Jim was proud of his son. At one time, it looked like Kyle would never be anything except for a womanizer. Jim had felt guilty that he hadn’t set a good enough example for Kyle right after his mother had left. This girl, alien or not, was a keeper.

Once back in the office, Jim was studying the map. “How sure is José on his cousin’s information?” he asked.

“He sounded pretty sure. Jim, José has always liked me. I don’t think that it is romantic friendship, but we have always been close. He was worried about my safety. Family ties kept him from holding Juan, but I think he milked him for all he knew. I doubt we could have done any better. Men like Juan will clam up if they feel they are being threatened by police. I am sure most of José’s interrogation was in Spanish, anyway. For us to bring in another translator would mean opening this for leaks,” Maria stressed.

“Liz married Max as she was requested. There is still something that keeps her from really bonding with us.” Ely turned to Max. “Your majesty, when we rescue the queen, you are going to have repair some things in your marriage. We haven’t been able to bond as closely with Liz as we would have hoped.”

It was seen that Max was sitting with his head in his hands. Someway, he hadn’t reached Liz. Being married, alien or human, needed more than just words. All he could do now was pray to a religion which he yet was not sure of, that he could get a chance to save Liz. He could only pray that he would get a second chance.

Ely had gotten the communities worries about the queen across to Max. Now he had to concentrate on the rescue before them. “If the queen is located in the second or third basement, our weak link might not reach. We need someone who can hide from Kazan, but tell us when a good time to attack would be,” he finished.
The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon pt 2, mature, pg 12, ch29, cc, 10/28/12

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begonia9508: Yeah,the weather is crazy. We haven't seen any moisture in several months. They both may be in love with each other, they don't know it yet. Leave it to Isabel who pushes Max to beyond his comfort to show his care to Liz.



mary mary: That is a good question "Who runs the Police?" In my experience, from lieutenant down, the police operate on experience and individual records. From lieutenant up they are usually political appointees. The office of lieutenant is where there is question. Political appointees are at the pleasure of mayors, governors and police commissions. In the sheriff department, the sheriff is elected by his constituents. He structures his department. In episodes, Valenti was more a police chief than a sheriff. I don't think a counsel could remove a sheriff that easy. A sheriff would have to be impeached. there are some towns where the police chief is elected like the sheriff. That makes him more difficult to remove by political opponents. Since right now my mind is full of political fear, it is difficult to say which system is best.

Chapter 30

Max drove alone to the village on the other side of the mountain. He didn’t have the trouble seeing it, as did Liz. When he said the village, he saw an exact picture of the village, which any one who had ever been there would recognize. Anyone who was alien, that is.

Max waited beside his vehicle. Eventually, an elder approached him and indicated them to enter the same building they had the other two times.

“I understand things are not going well for the queen,” He said.

“No they are not. We are going to have one shot at getting her back. There are human factors fighting us now,” Max informed him.

I understand that those who killed Margret Olson have joined human forces also,” the elder replied.

“We think they did. We have no idea about how powerful their combined forces are now,” Max said.

The elder shook his head. “Maybe, some of the blame is ours. We believed that we could live separate from the rest of the people. We didn’t think we had to be responsible for what they did. Margret was a hybrid clone, much like you. She meant only to offer help to all of the people. Those who executed her should have been punished,” the elder said.

“Elder, the one who murdered Margret, should have been executed. The other village missed this, also. They tried to hold him like, I assume you would have done back on Antar. They did not figure on humans coming to his aid,” Max said.

“What has happened to the queen? We have never had a strong connection with her. Now, we sense nothing,” the elder asked.

“The queen has been abducted. The lack of a strong connection is my fault. I assure you that when we rescue her, I will deal with our connection,” Max promised. “For this rescue, I need your help.”

The elder nodded. Every contact with the king and the other villagers, meant that their isolation would be breached. At one time, shortly after the Antarian ships started arriving, several small groups splintered off and disappeared. It wasn’t as if there were emigration records being kept anywhere. The old king going senile or, maybe just getting horny, the queen pushing her own agenda, there were many groups who were unhappy with the royals. The granolith was seen as help for the royals not the people in general. The theory of others was, as goes the king, so goes the people. This saying was usually true. It could be seen that the advance of Kivar, was paved with bloodshed. Revolutions are fed on the blood of the common people. If the queen ignores the machine, the king is too busy populating the royal family with bastards, forgive this village, but they were better off on their own.

Now, the new king was making requests, not demands. Demands can be fought against. Requests are more difficult. Requests imply the offer of shared responsibility. The king was making known that the village would be welcome back into the people.

“What can I do for you, this time?” this emphasized that they had already fulfilled at least one request.

“We have the queen generally located. We are only going to be given one chance at this. We need intelligence that shows exactly where she is, the best times to attack, and any special problems. I already have a commando squad of the people. I need a scout. Someone shut down enough to pass close to Kazan, the executioner of Margret. Humans don’t know enough and the people from Antar, stand out like a siren when they are close to another Antarian. We fooled him before and I think we can fool him again. The queen and I will personally reward whoever is successful,” Max explained.

The elder left. This time Max, had to drink his Coke alone. It was several hours before the elder returned.

The elder returned with what Max first thought was a young boy. Most alien adults are fairly tall, that is somewhere between five foot five and six feet. This person was very short even by human standards. All aliens, with their powers are remarkable clean. Max remembered growing up with Isabel how she complained about every speck of dirt that would get on her body or clothes. As a little boy, even an alien boy, Max had to be taught intolerance for dirt. This person hadn’t had a bath in a week. Looking closely at the creature, now, Max decided it was a girl maybe older than he first thought.

The elder spoke up. “Ceeya can get into more crooks and crannies than even a mouse. She can shut down so tightly that even we can’t find her half of the time. She was born on Earth and genetically, she is pure Antarian. But, she is very different,” the elder stated.

“Will she work for me?” Max asked.

“If the rewards are good enough, she will,” the elder answered.

Max turned to the girl, “What do you want to work for us on a project? Max asked. “It is dangerous,” he added.

Ceeya glanced at the man holding her. “Just get me out of this place,” she growled.

The elder spoke up. “Ceeya is unhappy with the village and the village is unhappy with her. But, I was truthful, when I said that she can get into anything and shut down so none of the people can find her,” The elder said.

Max addressing the girl said, “A very powerful alien has abducted a very important woman,” Max started.

The Elder interrupted. “He means one of the people. Max is genetically connected with the people, but he still feels that we are alien. Max is considered to be very important to some of the people. In our village this is still being debated. The woman he is talking about is his wife. She is being called the queen by many. She is human. The powerful enemy who has abducted his wife is one of the people from Antar. He was the bastard son of our former king. He is dangerous and again, being enemy or not is being debated. You say you want out. This is one way,” the elder finished.

“I will take it,” Ceeya stated as she crawled into the squad car.

After the door closed, the elder turned to Max carefully facing so Ceeya wouldn’t see or hear him. “Your majesty, take care of her. She has never fit with our people, but she is still my daughter.” and with that the elder left.

On the trip back to the Metropolis Police Station, Ceeya was quiet. Max did sense a couple feels in his mind as she tentatively probed him. Except for this, Max did not feel her presence at all. When they arrived, Max turned to her. “I did feel you probing my mind,” he stated.

“I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I do much better when I concentrate,” she replied.

Ceeya was turned over to Isabel and Tess who prepared her for what would be needed. She would make her first survey at midnight.


It was later than usual when the man entered Liz’s prison. “Do you not think it strange that the machine chose you as the queen?” he asked.

Liz could sense something different about today. The man, alien or more properly the Antarian, wanted to talk today. “I don’t know much about your customs, government or culture,” Liz stated.

Kazan smiled or what Liz would take for a smile. “Customs, government or culture wouldn’t answer this question, anyway. The machine isn’t from Antar. It chose the queen mother. Makes you wonder what the other candidates were like. She rejected the machine and in spite, she rejected my father. The king had many concubines. The kings always did. Usually, they were more careful about letting them conceive children. The old man tried to populate the castle with as many bastard children as he could. When Kivar came, I was the only one prepared to leave. I was told that he interviewed and saved several of the kings bastards who did not support the monarchy. He also, killed, several. He never caught me. I was on one of the last ships off Antar. I heard that the king’s offspring were killed by Kivar himself. Kivar wouldn’t touch the royal family. He had Nicholas do that. The bastard offspring, the despot killed with pleasure. So you see, I would never ally with the royals nor with those who followed Nicholas. Imagine my pleasure when I discovered on Earth, the Coven of Enlightment. An organization who has ruled many hundreds of years and has been discovered by only a few humans. Your society looks down on professional women or what you call whores. Not only do they teach me the ultimate animal pleasures, but they have much wealth of knowledge gained from the many men that they meet.” Kazan seemed to be reveling in telling Antarian history the way he saw it. It would be later that Liz would wonder that his story didn’t quite add up to what others said.

“Why did you kill Margret Olson?” Liz asked.

“Margret Olson was the direct clone of the queen mother and some Earth entity. It was open knowledge that the old lady wanted to colonize Earth and bring it under the power of Antar. Margret was on Earth a long time before I arrived. Imagine my disappointment when I got off the ship and instead of finding the preparations for a monarchy, which I could have easily have taken over. Instead I found Margret had already prepared Antarians for integration into Earth society. Imagine, the purchase of all that land and development of villages to be ruled by the masses. True, they were royal masses, but everyone knows, masses can’t rule. There must be a central leader, a king to tell the masses what to do. I surrounded myself with those of the people who did not support Margret. They wanted to return to Kivar, which was foolish. I gave them a Kivar here on Earth. I gave them myself. With Margret dead, I tried to organize. Without force, a king cannot rule. It was years later when I saw the rise of Nicholas. The fools followed Nicholas. He ruthlessly killed those of the people who stood in his way. It was later that he became contemptuous and started killing humans. That was his downfall. It was then that I discovered the Coven of Enlightenment. Kings, dictators and presidents have bowed to them. Now, they are the personages who know how to rule, rule in secret. That is the way I shall bring back the kingdom of Antar.

“Now,” the lights dimmed, “Remember, you are my whore and you are my slave. The rest of your life will be in serving me. I will make you a queen, but you will be my queen. As such, you will learn to be my whore and my slave,” Kazan droned on.

Talking in barely a whisper, Liz said, “I am no one’s slave. I am no one’s whore. I am your queen,” Kazan picked up his table and chair and left.

Kazan had been more talkative today than normal. Liz wondered was this day of some significance? Was it the third day of her imprisonment or maybe the fourth, the fifth or what? The wake periods, the same corn cake, the drills of his mantra about being a slave and a whore, made everything run together. Liz’s torture was the unending monotony of every day. Kazan, so far, hadn’t laid a hand on her. Her mind was turning to mush. From studies in the police academy, Liz knew that soon she would look forward to the interviews with Kazan as the only distraction of her day. When this finally happened, he would have her, heart and mind. Rather than going mad, Liz started talking out loud. Maybe, the sound of her voice would offer her some sanity.

“The word whore that he used it in so many of his speeches. What did he mean by that? A psychologist might say that the primeval root might be that his mother was essentially a whore. The royalty might clean it up with words like concubine, or mistress, but to most societies, it meant a person not sanctioned by family. You could split hairs and say it was a second wife. That would have legalized the union, if the society recognized polygamy. The king could have done anything he wanted, but no, he wanted to bring embarrassment to the queen by parading his bastards in front of her,” Liz shook her head to clear it a bit. What did Kazan mean when he said it?”

The lights blinked once and started to go dimmer. Liz knew that she only had minutes to use the toilet bucket and make her way to her bed. She had learned the hard way that stumbling in the dark was dangerous.

The first night it had been like a darkened theater. Now, her nights were without any light. It was frightening as she held her hand in front of her face and managed to hit her own nose. Blindfolded in pistol training, she had been taught that hand finds hand, as she learned to slam the magazine into the pistol butt, without taking her eyes off the target. Now, as she tried to find her other hand and it took her several minutes.

Once more, Liz spoke out loud to herself. “Why did Kazan choose to go to a prostitute for education? Nicholas, Liz had been told was sexless. His only interest in sex was to use as a weapon. Isabel, in one time of musing had told Liz, “Even with my clone donor, back on Antar, he had taken Vilanda as a show for Kivar. If he got off on anything, it was the pain he caused and what he stirred in Kivar. On Earth, Nicholas had raped, but it was mental. To their knowledge, he had never touched any woman. First Maria, then Isabel had endured this. Tess never completely explained, well, maybe she didn’t completely understand her self. Nicholas had done so many things to her, which she had accepted in total ignorance. It wasn’t until Isabel rebuilt her mind, her esthetics, her history and her morals, that she could remember some of the things she experienced with him. Isabel rebuilt her morals. Now, that was a laugh,” Liz said to herself. “At the time, Isabel had no morals. She was still the woman of the tabloids. Maybe, as she rebuilt Tess, Isabel saw reason to repair some of her own feelings. When she took on Alex, Isabel was a changed person.”

The talking out loud did exercise two more of Liz’s senses. She was becoming drowsy. It was in that unreal time between sleep and awake that she heard it. “Your majesty,” the voice said.

Liz knew she was close to insanity, but she wasn’t going to help herself along. She would ignore the voice and maybe, it would go away.

The Life and Death of Kathleen Topolsky Kathleen Topolsky was a tragic figure who turned to the aliens for salvation. When she found they were't doing what she expected, Kathleen died turning to the religion of her youth.
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