The Little Princess (AU,CC,TEEN) COMPLETE - 7/19/12

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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 10 6/6/12

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Michelle: First off, it's the second time tonight I've almost spelled your name wrong so if I omit and "L" please feel honored because my daughter-in-law, who I think the world of, only has one "L". Next, those little butts are the cutest thing on earth, then they grow into teenagers. :lol: :lol: :lol: Anyway, let's hope they get this settled, NO? :wink:
Eve: I have no doubt that there will be conspiracies along the way, but there is quite a difference between the ages and maybe Charly will make 'the little princess' mind her "P's and Q's" but I doubt it. :D
Carolyn: I think it's going to take a powerful lot of power in this one... :wink:

Chapter: 10

The next morning Dave White showed up at the Swift estate bright and early and Isabelle answered the door since she was the first one up and dressed.

The others had all finally crashed after long and intense meetings. It seemed that, every time they decided they should call it a night, someone else came up with something new. Liz gave up about 2:00 a.m., knowing Abby would be up bright and early; she chose to sleep in the upper bunk with the kids. When Max had gone to look for her when he discovered her missing he knew exactly where he would find her and the sight warmed him through and through.

Abby was all snuggled up next to Charly who was as close to the wall of his bedroom as he could get, flat on his back sound asleep with his little sister’s head right under his armpit. Max grinned as his eyes rose upward and he saw his wife sprawled out in her pink pajamas, hair strewn across the pillow, dead to the world with the baby monitor laying next to her ear. They all looked like they didn’t have a care in the world…he only wished that was true.


“Good morning Mr. White. Please, come into the kitchen. I’ve just made a fresh pot of coffee. I’m Isabelle Evans Ramirez by the way…Philip’s daughter.”

Isabelle showed the attorney in and took him straight through to the kitchen where she promptly retrieved a clean cup from the cupboard she had found in her search for coffee and poured the man a fresh cup without even asking if he wanted one.

Dave removed his coat and hung it over the back of the kitchen chair…it was going to seem strange being here with all of these strangers. He and his wife were friends of the Swifts as well as business associates and he would miss them terribly. He was also grateful to the Evans’ for having all shown up the way they did. It would certainly make Charly’s transition from being an orphan to having a family easier.

“Good morning Isabelle, please call me Dave. It’s too bad we are meeting under these circumstances. How is your father?”

“He’s fine Dave. He’s staying here also and should be down soon. I’m not sure what time everyone went to bed but I was up until 2:30. Liz went to bed with the kids around 2:00 and I don’t know why she isn’t up yet because Abby certainly shouldn’t be sleeping until now but you never know about babies I guess. I don’t know from personal experience but my friends have mentioned the strange sleeping habits of their little ones. Have you met Liz and Max yet?”

Isabelle was so nervous that it seemed she would never shut up and Dave White could only sit there and admire the beauty before him. She had to be one of the most elegant women he had seen since Lana Turner. He suddenly realized that the woman had finally shut up and must have asked a question because she was now looking at him smiling.

“I’m sorry Isabelle…I must have been off somewhere, what did you say?”

“I asked if you had met Liz and Max yet.” And Isabelle continued to smile.

“Yes. Yes I met them at the hospital when they arrived with Philip and Diane. A very nice young couple…I’m glad they came.”

“Well…I know nothing would have stopped them that’s for sure. Not a day goes by that Max doesn’t express his concern for Zan. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s Charly to you. If you want to know the truth, I think I like the name Charly better.” She smiled that dazzling smile and although Dave was old enough to be her father his body wasn’t buying it.

“Yes, Charly does sound a little easier on the ears doesn’t it? Especially for a youngster.”

“I agree. Has anyone ever called him ‘Chuck’?” Isabelle asked.

“Not that I know of. It’s always been Charles actually…oh, except when he first arrived and then it was little Charles; I’m the only one that has ever actually called him Charly.”

Isabelle smiled and got up to refill Dave’s coffee cup and her own and about that time Philip showed up in the kitchen. Isabelle took another cup down from the cupboard and filled it up for her father. She sat the cup down and turned to give her father a hug as the front door bell rang. She couldn’t imagine who else could be coming to the door at this time of the morning but went anyway.

When she opened the door there were three women just a little older than she standing there with their arms loaded.

“Good morning. We’re neighbors of the Swifts and we brought breakfast over. We aren’t quite sure how many people are here but judging by the number of cars that started showing up there has to be quite a few so we thought we’d just bring something over.”

Isabelle stood there in semi shock. She’d never been to a funeral before except Alex’s and it was hard for her to believe that people, especially people in this neighborhood would do this.

“Come in please…I’m Isabelle. I don’t know how to explain my relationship to Charly but as you already know I’m sure, he’s adopted. I’m his natural aunt. There’s no other way to describe all of us, but actually come right out and say it…we are all Charly’s relatives. His natural father is here as well as his stepmother and little half sister. If we come right out and tell you all of this I’m sure it will answer so many questions I know you will have and then it will stop the gossip that is bound to spread like wild fire. Come. Come into the kitchen, a couple of us are up already. As you can imagine, we were all up very late last night discussing any number of scenarios.”

Isabelle grinned as she turned and headed to the kitchen with the three shocked women following her. They didn’t know what to make of this stunning young woman but one thing was for certain, she took command of a situation and ran with it.

“Dave, Dad these are three neighbors who have been kind enough to bring food over for us. I’m sorry; I never gave you a chance to introduce yourselves. This is Dave White and my father Philip Evans and you are?”

“I’m Geraldine and I live to the right of the Swifts…this is Lucille and she lives on the left and Mary Jane lives across the street. Dave, it is so nice to see that you are here. We were all so shocked to hear of this terrible tragedy. How is Charly?”

Dave spoke, “I’m so glad to see all of you and thank you so much. Charly is really doing fine. The total shock hasn’t had a chance to settle in yet I’m sure but these people have been able to help in so many ways.”

“Yes, Isabelle explained to us who they all are. It’s amazing that he has so many natural relatives that would be willing to come here like this.”

Dave didn’t know how to address Geraldine with an answer and Isabelle took over again…

“Geraldine…I don’t know how well versed you are on the subject of teen pregnancies but, in Charly’s case, his natural parents were barely 17 at the time. The young girl, Charly’s mother, died. My brother felt that adopting Charly out would guarantee the baby a better life than any 17 year old high school student could ever provide for him and my father, being a lawyer, contacted Dave here to handle the situation. We’ve stayed out of Charly’s life and my brother intended to introduce himself to the young man some day. And when I say young man, I mean young man. Max would never jeopardize Charly’s life with his own if Charly had not welcomed it. Would you all care to join us for breakfast? It won’t be long before the rest of the family should be showing up and I’m sure they would all like to meet you as I’m sure you would like to meet them.”

Three women sat in awe of this blond beauty. She pulled no punches and Philip Evans, at that time, had never been more proud of anyone in his life. She should have gone into law. Philip knew this all of his life but Diane convinced him that she should be allowed to choose her own vocation.

Philip smiled as they all made their way to the very HUGE dining room and Liz showed up about that time carrying a smiling Abby in one arm and a drowsy Charly hanging on to her left hand. She was all dressed up in her pink pajamas, pink bunny slippers and a pink robe. She didn’t look much older than Charly and Isabelle smiled as she reached for Abby who gave her a big grin, showing three very small front teeth, and held out her little arms.

Isabelle bent over and kissed Charly on the head and he looked up and smiled at her as he took Liz over to the three strangers who were now uncovering dishes and setting them in the middle of the table.

“Liz, this is Geraldine Chance, Lucille Podlogger and Mary Jane Kozinski. They are all neighbors. This is my new mother who told me to call her Liz. I know you will all like her and that is my baby sister Abby over there on Isabelle’s lap. She is a lot of fun.”

Liz smiled at the women and kissed Charly on the head and thanked him for the introductions. ‘What a grown up little boy she thought. Nothing wrong with that but he needs a baseball team.’

“Hello ladies, it’s so nice to meet you and how kind of you to do this. We haven’t had a chance to see what is in the cupboards as yet but I’m sure we’ll be able to find what we need at the local grocers. Is there one close?”

To say that these neighbors were impressed was an understatement. None of these people seemed to be at a loss for words and they all seemed so open and kind. And suddenly Geraldine spoke up…

“This is indeed a tragedy but thank God Charly has all of you. It’s very apparent that he won’t be left alone and scared.”

“No he definitely won’t.” Came the sound of a very deep voice from the door of the dining room.

“Good morning ladies, I haven’t been formally introduced yet but I’m Max and from now on I’ll be known as Charly’s dad. I am so sorry that he has to go through this once again, although the first time he doesn’t remember, but I sincerely hope that he will never have to go through it again. It looks like you’ve all been busy.” And about that time someone noticed her daddy and started to squeal in delight, arms and legs practically beating her aunty senseless. Max turned and laughed…

“You’ll have to excuse me a minute someone needs her morning hugs and if you think she’s happy to see me wait until she sees her Uncle Mike!”

And Max went over to Isabelle and took his baby girl from her, put her up on his shoulder and she grabbed his face in her little hands as he braced her back with the palm of his left hand and she planted a great big wet sloppy kiss right on his nose. Max laughed and squeezed her tightly to him and everyone laughed along with him. Liz took a napkin from the table and reached up to her husband and dried up his nose and cheek and he nodded a thank you and the entire room smiled. Abby had taken center stage and it was like she knew it because she talked, giggled and gurgled her way into everyone’s hearts and Max just smiled along with everyone else.

When Max went to take a seat at the table Abby objected quite loudly and motioned to Charly with both hands and Charly, realizing what was happening, moved from his place next to Dave over to the seat next to Max and Abby settled herself right down and reached out for Charly who took her little hand and smiled. All was right in Abby’s world and she was fine until Michael showed up and then the squealing and shouting started again and Liz handed Michael the baby’s bottle that she had in her robe pocket as he took his place at the table next to Maria. Three neighbors and one Dave White couldn’t believe the attention bestowed on such a little person but it seemed nobody minded and Michael smiled as did three neighbors who felt the tragedy could have been a whole lot worse for Charly than it was. The four strangers to the Evans’ all knew that Charly would be well taken care of.

As the group settled in to the wonderful meal provided by the three neighbors, who had excused themselves after having met everyone, there was another scenario taking place outside the small mansion near the back of the garage

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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 11 6/14/12

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Eve:I know back East the neighbors always brought food to the berieved but when my husband died here in Caliornia they did the same thing and it was nice, I don't know where the practice got started to tell you the truth. Oh,,, I have a house full of company so this is getting posted without being edited, please overlood any mnistakes,.
Mihcele: You are such a dear, I will try to leave better answers next week... :)
Carolyn: Abby will continue to be the center of everthing, she woulnd't nave it any other way!!!! :lol: :lol:

Chapter: 11

“Take it easy! You’re making too much noise! Someone’s bound to hear us.” Lonnie whispered angrily at Rath who was acting like a bull in a china cupboard.

“Hey, don’t yell at me you’re not being so quiet yourself. How many do you think are in there?”

“Well we know Max is here…we saw him at the hospital but I don’t know who else could be there. On second thought maybe Max isn’t there. All we know for sure is he was at the hospital. They could be staying at a hotel or something.” Lonnie speculated.

“Yeah, or they could have a whole army. We should have waited for Nicholas like he said.”

“Well, if we can diffuse this situation ourselves we won’t have to wait for Nicholas. I don’t believe him about that Granolith. I still think we can take it home.” Lonnie barked back in a loud whisper.

“Or maybe he was telling us the truth and we need to wait for another ship.” Rath barked back.

“Yeah, like that’s going to happen.” And they both continued to inch their way against the side of the house trying to reach a spot where they could at least hear something even if they couldn’t see anything.

Inside the house little Abby started squirming around in her Uncle Michael’s arms and restlessly reaching for Charly. Charly, getting used to the baby girl by now just reached out and touched her hand and then he got this terrified look on his face. The action didn’t go unnoticed and everyone was staring when Max finally grabbed his son’s arm and was about knocked on his ass with the feeling of terror coming from Charly.

He saw what was happening outside the house and grabbed hold of Liz.

“Take the kids upstairs! And keep them safe. Mom, Dad, Dave…all of you go with them. We’ll be back soon.”

“Michael, Isabelle and Ava come with me. Lonnie and Rath are outside and I don’t know what they have planned but let’s try to take them alive if we can. If not, get rid of them.”

Cal Langley stood with the four royals and motioned to his bodyguard. They all headed to the side of the house while Liz grabbed Charly’s hand and held onto Abby as they ran up the stairs with the other three adults.

“Who are they Liz? Are they Max and Isabelle’s twins?”

“Sort of Charly; we will explain their existence to you later honey, right now we have to find a safe place.”

“Come with me Liz. Mom and Dad have a safe place in the basement but since we’re upstairs let’s use the hidden room in their closet. We should be safe there.”

“Thank you Charly. What did you see honey?”

“When I took Abby’s hand I saw these two people sneaking around the side of the house. They looked just like Isabelle and Michael only not quite. They were kind of dirty …like they needed a shower and they had tattoos and rings all over their bodies. They didn’t look like very nice people.”

“They aren’t very nice people Charly, but don’t worry, Max and the others will take care of them.”

Dave White was truly frightened but noticed that the others seemed to be somewhat calm under the circumstances and he had no idea what was going on. All he knew for sure was he that would be glad when all of this was over and these people could all go back to where they came from. He wasn’t so sure he should allow Charly to go but he knew he had no choice. A DNA test would match the young Evans to Charly and the fight would be futile. He resigned himself to that fact the minute he laid eyes on Max. The resemblance was enough to convince anyone who the young man was.

Lonnie and Rath were just stretching up to look into the kitchen window when Max and Isabelle rounded the back side of the house while Michael and Ava, along with Cal and his bodyguard came from the front side of the house. The two sewer rats looked startled at first and then raised their hands in a defensive move when Cal Langley blasted both their hands practically off their arms.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” Cal Langley demanded.

“Well, look who’s here.” Came the snide remark from Lonnie as she looked at Langley and the rest of the alien hybrids. Rath stood there with his stupid stare on his face looking at his injured hand. It wouldn’t be too long before he had it healed and would be ready to take them all on. He wasn’t the brightest penny in the roll but he did know how to use his powers.

“Answer the question!” Cal demanded.

“We’s lookin’ foh a ways home ol man.”

“And you think you’re going to find it here?!!!?” Max asked in an almost hysterical, unbelieving voice.

“You two are even dumber than Larek professed! What in the hell makes you think you are going to find a way back to Antar here?”

“We figures if you come for Zan then youse can get us home.” Lonnie said, speaking for Rath as well.

“Well, dream on idiot. There’s no way “home” as you call it unless they send a ship for you and the odds of that happening are little next to zero. Nobody wanted you when they dumped you in the sewer and nobody wants you now. So if you want to call this a day then I suggest you crawl back to where you came from because that’s as good as it’s going to get. And if that boy recognizes that you two were at the scene of that car accident the sewers are going to be the least of your worries.” Cal explained.

“Well, we’ll see about that when Nicholas gets here.” Rath informed them.

“In that case I think the best bet for us is to head to the garage right now Max…what do you say?”

About that time Rath raised his arm again in a defensive move, hand healed, and that was the end of that. Ava had about all she was ever going to take from these two and she let loose with a powerful mind warp that sent the two of them to meet their Antarian makers.

The rest of them stood and watched as the beautiful Tess look alike rid the world of two of the worst creatures ever cloned and Cal Langley could only stand there and admire the young woman while the Roswell three looked on in dismay. They had seen what might have been called war in their time but it had been a long time ago and now it was back and they were sure they didn’t want any part of it but realized they had no choice. Thank God for Cal and Ava was all they could collectively think at this moment.

“Let’s go back into the house…we need to think about this Nicholas situation.” Cal announced and they all followed quietly.


“LIZ! You can all come down now…it’s safe.” For awhile at least, Max thought as they all headed back into the dining room. God how he hated to have to do this.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 12 6/21/12

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Ken: First off, you're welcome to anything I can help with and secondly...I agree with you about Stephanie Plum but as you said, we all tend to stick to home regardless of where it is. Hope those "G.D." doctors come up with something to help you out a little and oh...have you read "Sue Grafton". She writes about a P.I. called Kinsey Millhone (double "L" as she points out numerous times) She writes the A.B.C. novels and they are a real kick. Light easy reading, you might enjoy them.
Carolyn:I think you're right about Dave, he will be glad to be rid of the "Roswell" group, no doubt.
Eve:Abby is a very powerful "alien" princess and her powers are going to scare the bejeezus out of all of them before she a big girl and knows how to handle them....that gives me an idea for a sequel :lol: :roll: :lol: But not until I finish the Brothers and post "I wake up screaming" which will be in the N/A section probably tomorrow. I want to read through ch. 1 before I set it out there for you. I just got finished with a bunch of graduation parties (out of town) and company from Kansas so now I'm 'home alone' again and will need time to get back into a routine...but I'm working on it. :)


Chapter: 12

Dave White took over the conversation when they were once again seated around the dining room table.

“I don’t know what just happened out there and I really don’t care to find out but we do have a funeral to prepare for and then some legalities to take care of as far as Charly is concerned so can we just move forward with all of this.

Charly is too young to be making decisions for himself but a trust has been set up for him, which of course will now include a sizeable amount of insurance along with the Swift’s estate. This has to be decided along with the formalities of Charly’s guardians. So, first things first. The bodies were released to the mortuary last evening and all we need do is decide when you would like to have the funeral. The rest we can deal with after that has been taken care of. Is that agreeable with everyone?”

Dave just wanted out of here and away from this group as fast as he could get. How could the Philip Evans he knew be involved with a group of people like this? He was totally confused.

Philip looked at his old friend and then nodded to Max who gave him the sign to proceed.

“Dave…I know you’re confused and it’s in your best interest that you stay that way. You draw up all of the legal documents necessary setting up everything that belongs to Charly into a trust that he will eventually come into.

“Make sure that Charly is not too young of an age to where he can just fritter his life away. Two people worked very hard to amass the fortune that is now his so make sure he has the maturity to deal with it and we will see to it that he has the education to deal with it properly.

“As far as Charly’s guardians are concerned, there will be nothing to discuss. Max and his wife Elizabeth will be Charly’s legal guardians. If, at some later date, and if Charly is agreeable, we will see to it that Max and Liz are named his legal parents. Nothing else needs to be discussed regarding this matter.

“Charly’s birth mother is dead. There is nothing there to think about. When Max was a teenager he chose to give Zan up for adoption. He thought that would be the best thing for Charly. We tried to talk him out of it but he was insistent that Charly would have a chance at a happier and better life…one that a teenager could not give him; now that life as he knew it has been taken away from him.

“Max is no longer a teenager and is fully capable, financially as well as physically to handle the responsibility of Charly’s care and I’m sure no one will ever love him any more than Max and Liz…and it appears that little Abby is included in that package. So you get on with what you have to do and we’ll take care of the rest.”

Dave eyed his old friend with much skepticism…after being privy to the goings on outside not that long ago he knew he would be fighting a losing battle and so agreed with Philips terms. He at least knew that none of these people were after money…that was perfectly obvious. Whatever else was going on they seemed to have Charly’s best interests at heart.


Back on Antar Larek was having a heated argument with Khivar…

“You have the information that you need to end this fiasco that is happening on Earth, why are you dragging your feet?” Larek was adamant; there was no excuse for this behavior.

“What if Nicholas is right?”

“Aw, for crying out loud man, you know that’s not the case. The little creep is power hungry! If anybody wants your throne it’s this psychopath that’s running wild down there trying to stir up problems.

“Your people, the skins, what’s left of them, have been living down there in peace and harmony ever since that little blond bimbo returned with the Granolith and that baby boy. It was proven that the machine was designed to bring the Royal Four back to Antar and that is the only thing it was designed for, it’s just part of a large computer. Yes, it has knowledge, but only the knowledge that has been fed to it for eons.

“The three remaining royals want nothing to do with this planet. They don’t care who rules up here as long as they are left alone to live their lives in peace and harmony with the Earthlings. They want no part of this universe. It has been proven to you time and again. Didn’t Isabelle…Valondra…threaten to kill you herself if you ever bothered her again? Get real Khivar; they want no part of you or your planet. It’s yours! The only one that wants to dethrone you, and it seems like it’s working, is that piss ant. WAKE UP!”

“I will need to use the worm hole to take a few loyal soldiers with me. I have been dream walking my generals and there are quite a few who seem to be straddling the fence so to speak; and besides I can’t just show up with an entire army, that would be insane.”

“And you tell me you think Nicholas may be right after knowing this. You are getting too old to rule. You are catching that Earth disease called Alzheimer’s… senility. You need a big wake up call here Khivar. Get your own planet in working order before you try and take on Nicholas. Incarcerate these disloyal beings and draft an entire new army if you have to but clean house Khivar…and do it now.” Larek was livid…the man was losing all sense of control.

“Yes, I see your point.” Khivar answered in almost a trance like state.

Larek took a good look at Khivar and then had a thought…”Khivar, I think you have been mind warped. Let’s have our healer take a look at you. You are just not acting right.”

“If you think that is what I need Larek.”

God, could this situation get any worse. Now we have a leader of an entire planet acting like a blithering idiot. Larek was beside himself with worry.

Larek sent out a telepathic message to his own physician/healer on his own planet since he didn’t trust anyone on Antar anymore and he also beckoned a small army of his own men to stand at his side as he saw to the needs of Khivar. This needed some serious attention.

“Khivar, are you going to use the same vessel that you used to lure Valondra.. You know she will recognize the man if you do and she just might blow you away.”

“No. I must find a new host, you are right. See if your people can find me a suitable vessel. He must be young and virile. I do not want to be an old man when I deal with these people.”

“I understand. Now get your faithful servants in here and let’s have a general information gathering, shall we?” Larek was ready to put this situation to rest once and for all and to tell the truth he didn’t give a damn whether Khivar was young and virile or not as long as things were dealt with.

Back on the Mesa Liko Indian Reservation two middle aged couples and one young man were having a quiet dinner in the cabin River Dog had provided for them when young Eddie came knocking at the screen door, announcing his presence.

“Hi. Grandpa said to tell you that two strangers have been prowling around the desert just outside the entrance to the main road up here and they don’t look like they belong anywhere around New Mexico. Their actions are not of this area so to speak. Those are Grandpa’s words and he wants you to come over to the main house later. He has my dad and two others watching them. Grandpa said to tell you to bring your “clubs” with you since he feels they just might be needed.”

Jim and Jeff looked over toward Kyle and nodded…

“Tell River Dog we’ll be glad to join him, should we come now?”

“Grandpa said to tell you the sooner the better.”

“Amy, Nancy…leave it for now and let’s go.” Jim yelled and the two women stopped right in the middle of cleaning the remains of dinner and went straight into the main living area of the cabin and joined their husbands and Kyle.

“Do you think it’s time?” Nancy asked.

“Yep…let’s go. Grab your weapons ladies. It seems you two have found your comfort zone. Eddie has spotted a couple of unsavory looking characters making their way up here. How they found out where we are can only be other worldly. Don’t forget where to aim your weapons.” Jim advised and both women just nodded and followed their husbands out the door.

About that time a stranger came barreling around the side of the cabin and headed straight for Jim and Nancy took a whack at his back with her tire iron. The skin actually disintegrated before their eyes and everyone but Jim Valenti and Kyle looked shocked.

“Just be on the lookout, now let’s go.”

“Don’t you think we should just stay here and bring them out into the open?” Jeff asked.

“No, I think it’s safer in numbers. We don’t want any of our hosts to be put into any more danger than they already are. Maybe some of them don’t completely understand what we are dealing with here.”

And as they made their way to River Dog’s cabin, watching very closely for strangers among them, a stranger they could not see made a phone call to the young looking psychopath back in New York.

Young Eddie would recognize a stranger quicker than they would and besides, it was decided that the worse thing they could do to an innocent was to bring them to their knees with a hard whack to the back, young Eddie was totally unaware of the hidden stranger.


Back in New York, down in the bowels of the city, a frustrated looking boy who was anything but a boy was pacing almost frantically waiting for the return of his two contacts who he specifically told to wait for him.

“I hate this place.” He screamed hysterically. “Why can’t anyone listen to what they’re told…just once? It’s been six hours. Now I’ll have to find out all of the information they had on my own. I hate this place, I hate those two rejects, I hate all of this!” And the irritated boy took himself out of the sewers and back up into the sunset and the streets of New York.

It seemed to get dark earlier in this city due to the tall buildings blocking the path of daylight to the sidewalks. And the boy took the map from his jacket pocket and began to read in earnest. Little did he know that his ‘rejects’ would not be returning to their home ever again.

Then his phone rang and he wasn’t too happy with the news on the other end.

“Get back to New York. I think we need to reconnoiter.”

Dave White made his way to his Manhattan office and contacted the funeral director who informed him that the minister had been contacted and the arrangements were being made as they spoke. The Swifts had no family but they had many colleagues and friends that needed to be notified and the funeral director suggested that they set the funeral up for the day after tomorrow, which would be Thursday, and Dave was agreeable to that.

Dave called his secretary in, who knew of the terrible accident but did not connect it with her boss. He requested her to contact the Church of the Angels and speak with the pastor there. She was to gather all the information she could regarding names and addresses of those the minister felt should get the news of the funeral and then go through her addresses to see if there were any people that their firm should contact either by fax or e-mail letting them know of the arrangements.

He then called his wife and asked her to do the same at home and then he poured himself a stiff drink from the bar located behind the one bookshelf in his office. He sat down and thought about the events that he had witnessed and tried to put them out of his mind but try as he may he wasn’t having any luck. How could Philip Evans be involved with this kind of activity? He couldn’t seem to wrap his mind around this at all.

He called Philip on his cell phone and informed him of the funeral arrangements, giving directions to the church and the funeral home along with telephone numbers. He suggested that they ask Charly how he would like things to take place since he was the only living relative the Swifts had.

He explained that he realized that Charly was only ten years old but went on to explain that these were going to be the boys final memories of his parents…the only parents he had known for the past ten years and Philip said he understood and would take care of it.

The old friends rang off and Philip, taking a huge breath of fresh air, prepared himself for the task of explaining things to Charly…he called a meeting in the living room of the Swifts home.


“Max, Liz, everyone…I just had a call from Dave and the funeral has been set for this Thursday at the Church of the Angels. My question is for Charly. Charly, is there anything special that you would like us to do for you to make this more memorable? I know this is not easy for you and you are extremely young to have to go through this but as your grandfather I would like to help make this as easy as possible on you. I know you don’t know us but we are your family now Charly, and we want you to be able to remember your adoptive parents in a good way and not have to live with this nightmare. So if there is something we can do to make this easier for you please let us know and we’ll take care of it.”

Charly sat and thought about it for a minute and then remembered the only funeral he had ever been to for one his school friends. His friend’s grandfather had passed away and the boy told Charly that he and his grandfather used to go to the park every Sunday after church and he wanted to remember his grandfather that way and not in a coffin. Charly didn’t know what to say to the Evans’; he really didn’t know what to tell them so he told them his friend’s story instead.

“My friend John said he didn’t want to remember his grandfather in a coffin when he died so his parents didn’t have the coffin at the services. Would it be possible to just have pictures of mother and father and no coffin?”

Philip looked at Max and Liz for confirmation and they nodded…then Liz went over and sat next to Charly on the chair he was seated in and put her arms around the boy…

“Charly, I think that is a wonderful idea. We will tell Mr. White that you do not want to see your parents in a coffin but would rather see a happy picture of them together, maybe even a family portrait? How would that be?”

“I like that idea Liz…can we use the one over the mantle. And when I go home with you we can take it with us, okay?”

“Yes Charly, that’s okay.” Liz nodded to Philip who smiled at her and announced…

“Then it’s taken care of. I’ll call Dave and tell him to make the arrangements for the burial. There will be no graveside services only the church services with a family portrait for the congregation to remember. I think it will be easier on everyone.” And the entire gathering agreed. Max was so proud of his son he could have flown. ‘What a wonderful young man he is’ Max thought to himself and he could only think a prayer of thanks to the people who adopted him.

When Philip called Dave back he told him what Charly wanted and Dave said that there would be a viewing at the funeral home the next evening. Philip told Dave that that was a fine idea but Charly would not be there. Charly wanted to remember his parents in a happier time and not in death and Dave didn’t know if he agreed or not so Philip explained Charly’s friend Johnny’s situation to Dave and then Dave understood.

“Will anyone be representing Charly at the funeral home?” And Philip said that he and Diane would come if that would be acceptable.

So, on Wednesday Philip and Diane drove to the funeral home with Cal Langley and his four body guards in a rented Limo. Cal was not about to let anything happen to any of the Evans’ if he could help it and he wasn’t taking any chances.

Nicholas knew better than to show up at the funeral home, there would be too many civilians there to take any chances so he had a few of his soldiers stake out the place across the parking lot. Nicholas was surprised that the boy and his dad were not in attendance but he figured they must have had a good reason. ‘Strange’ he thought to himself but didn’t push it when he was told the news. They would see what happened tomorrow at the graveyard.

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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 13 6/30/12

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Carolyn: Fluffy here! Remember... :)
Michele: I remember being drug to funerals as a very young child, back when the deceased was laid out at home, and it started out with people I didn't know and then as I got older those I loved. Not a nice thing to do to a kid, honest. Then my own daughter said "I remember you making us go to Aunt Mamie's funeral mom" and it stuck, she really didn't know Aunt Mamie so that's why Charly got to have his input. Kids aren't as oblivious as you might think and they talk to each other about the most bizarre subjects. You just have to listen, it's quite an education. Don't worry too much about Dave, he really does just want the hell out of there. :wink: I always did like Nancy, never could figure those writers out, maybe they didn't have mothers?
Ken: I don't think the death of anyone we love is an easy task even when we are expecting it. It took me a good year to quit sobbing for no reason. I've actually had to pull over to the berm of the road because I couldn't see through the tears after my husband died and I wouldn't want that man to have to suffer another day with that horrendous disease. A strapping man of 210, 6 ft. tall withered to 100 pounds and looking like he was 102 years old at the age of 65. No, it's no easy thing but God does give us the grace to handle it in most cases. We all deal with it in our own way I guess but thank God, so far, I have not had to lose a child. That I can't even lmagine but I'd do my best to be supportive of those who needed it. God bless :)
[bMichelle 2X:][/b] I sort of replied to this statement already so I'm going to give you a little insight on how my mom dealt with most crises...when things upset her or she got nervouse she would laugh hysterically. For those who didn't know her she was disgusting, for those who did they would try to remove her from a, yes, funeral , her sisters would glare at her and she would just laugh harder. They finally just left her a lone. So there you have it,

Chapter: 13

“Liz, let me take care of Abby while you do that.” Isabelle offered as Liz kept breading more chicken while Maria kept loading the skillet with the pieces as fast as Liz could provide them. Liz was cooing at Abby as Charly helped take the chicken pieces out of the zip-locks that they were marinating in. Liz smiled, “Thank you Isabelle that will be great as long as she’ll let you take her away from Charly. There’s actually no changing her mind, she’s guarding him and she’ll have it no other way.”

“You can’t be serious? Do you really believe that Liz?”

“Absolutely; she knew the minute Charly was in trouble and never settled herself until we walked into that hospital room and saw him lying there. I swear; she started almost the minute Charly was in that accident; we couldn’t calm her down Isabelle. She just knows what is going on and she has to be around him. And I don’t think Charly minds at all.”

Charly smiled, “It’s true. I knew I had to stay asleep until she came with Max and Liz. I just knew there was a reason and I couldn’t wake up.”

Both women looked at the young boy sitting there with a piece of raw chicken in his hand and Abby squealed and kicked her feet with happiness. Isabelle couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This was the first time she had actually had a chance to talk to Liz or Maria alone since she and Jesse had arrived.

“Do you mean to tell me that this six month old baby knows what is going on?” Isabelle couldn’t believe what these people were saying.

“It sounds insane Isabelle, but she wasn’t ‘hatched’ she was born of two loving parents, both of whom have powers I might add and yes, all four of us believe it. And now I think Charly believes it too although I’m not sure Charly realizes what we’re talking about just yet but he will have to be brought into the IKAAC before too long because I think things are about to heat up around here.” Maria was trying to sound convincing as she continued to brown chicken and place it on racks to bake in the oven.

“No Maria, I already know about powers, I have some. I was afraid to tell anybody because I thought something was wrong with me. Liz? Aunt Isabelle? What does this mean?”

Liz looked at Isabelle and smiled and Isabelle turned over the answer session to Liz.

“Charly, your daddy is the king of an alien planet called Antar. He was sent to Earth with his sister Isabelle, his second in command Michael and your mother Tess. They were in a spaceship that crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947 and there they were hidden by their protectors in these incubation pods until they were old enough to survive as humans. They came out of the pods looking like six year olds and wandered the desert until they were found by humans. That is all of them but your mother, she was taken by another alien, one of the protectors, and they left New Mexico for a time and returned when your mother was 16 years old. That was in 1999. Your mother was Ava’s duplicate.

“There were two sets of pods and one set, the set that was rejected by the protectors, was deposited in the sewers of New York. There they ‘hatched’ so to speak and the two that killed your parents, the two Ava destroyed right outside, killed Max’s duplicate because he wouldn’t go to a summit meeting.

“These ‘rejects’ weren’t very nice, except for Ava of course. I met Ava when they came to Roswell to bring Max and Tess back here to New York for that same Summit meeting that they killed Zan over. These other ‘podsters’ as Maria likes to call them, weren’t very nice Charly…but all of them have powers. Alien powers and you have apparently inherited these powers as well as little Abby.”

“If these are alien powers Liz why do you have them?”

“Charly, how do you know I have powers? Not that it’s a bad thing but how?” Liz asked.

“I heard Max and Michael tell that bald man that you could blast…can I do that?”

The three women had to giggle and little Abby gurgled her approval as Liz tickled her little tummy while she sat on Aunt Isabelle’s lap.

“If you have powers that you’ve been hiding Charly there’s a good chance that you can blow things up too. Michael used to blow things up every time he got mad at Maria.” And all three women laughed…

“Hey, what’s going on in here?” Max wanted to know and Abby immediately started bouncing in Aunt Isabelle’s lap to get her daddy’s attention…

“Hey there princess, daddy’s been ignoring his baby girl hasn’t he?” And Max took the baby from Isabelle and held her up so she could plaster a big wet juicy kiss on his cheek as he laughed. Liz just handed him a paper towel and he wiped the slobbers from his cheek as Isabelle answered his question.

“It seems young Charly here has been holding out on the world. Does that sound familiar?” And Isabelle raised an eyebrow at her brother.

“Really! How long has this been going on Charly?” Max smiled at his young son with pride and love and Charly felt every bit of the emotion emanating from his father.

“Quite a while now; I remember a purple tricycle under the Christmas tree when I was really little. I truly did not want a purple tricycle and that’s when I got the idea that changing the color wasn’t a smart thing to do. Mom and Dad freaked and I was just a little kid. I remember thinking I shouldn’t let them see that anymore, that it scared them.”

Max and Isabelle both smiled at that and nodded, they were a little older than that when they came out of the pods so they knew without experience that it wasn’t a good idea to be sharing their abilities with others.

About that time Michael and Cal came into the kitchen to see what everyone was doing and Max dropped the news on them as Charly watched for reactions. Nobody seemed to mind and Charly was puzzled; who was this Cal.

“Great Charly, when you get to Roswell we will go out to the quarry and practice…see what you’ve got and how to control it. Give me five.” And Michael high fived Charly while Liz and Maria continued to brown chicken with Charly’s help.

“You know Max, we could have gone to the Colonel’s and picked up several buckets of this and it would have been a whole lot easier.”

Max smiled, as did Michael,

“We could have sweetie, but then there wouldn’t have been any heat and you just make it so much better.”

Liz just rolled her eyes and Cal Langley left the kitchen to find his men and make preparations for the battle that was sure to come.

Isabelle started cleaning an entire bag of potatoes and put them into the oven to bake while Ava joined them and started shucking corn. The conversation remained light and fun for Charly’s sake and when their dinner was ready the ladies extended the dining room table out to the farthest inch it was capable of and then pushed it farther into the room then they had the men put the kitchen table into the dining room as well. They barely had enough chairs to seat everyone, but after stealing some from the other rooms they managed and after dinner there wasn’t one bit of food left over. Liz was beginning to worry that they hadn’t cooked enough but was assured by everyone that they had simply overeaten…there had been plenty of food and she didn’t know whether to believe them or not. If they were still hungry they could have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and she smiled at all of them while she started to clear the table. At least there’s enough firepower in this room to handle anything that comes our way she thought…then she heard,

“Oh no you don’t…you go relax and enjoy the company, it’s our turn in the kitchen.” And Michael made sure that all the men started grabbing plates and serving platters as they made their way to the kitchen, Cal Langley just shook his baldhead and followed suit. Tomorrow he would call in a host of servants from the unemployment office but tonight he had kitchen duty along with all of the other men and Ava laughed.

The next day was the funeral and Liz had a couple of kids to get ready for a not so happy event. She just hoped that the excitement would wait until after the services.

She took Charly up to his room to help him choose something suitable to wear to the church services in the morning, leaving Abby with her aunts as she did so. It was supposed to be a chilly morning so she asked Charly if he had any preference as to what he would like to wear.

“Liz, I think I would like to wear my suit and tie. Even if the weather is to be cold we will go from the house to the church and it won’t be that cold. I know my mother would like that.” And Liz wanted to cry. She hugged the boy to her and held back the tears as she agreed…

“I think that’s a marvelous idea Charly. Do you think it needs pressing or anything?” She didn’t know what else to say to the child, he was being so brave, a whole lot braver than she would have ever been.

“No Liz, it’s in the garment bag right there. I have many shirts to choose from; what color would you wear? I don’t know what is appropriate.”

Charly had every color shirt imaginable hanging in that closet and Liz reached in and grabbed a white one…

“This one Charly, it’s very appropriate and I will make sure that Max has his white shirt on as well. We will all try to make you proud of us Charly.”

“That is very nice of you Liz. I know you aren’t my mother, but I really am glad that you are here. I hope that, when we get to Roswell, that I can call you mom. I called my mother “mother” but I always wanted a mom.”

“Of course you can call me mom Charly, why would you think I would mind. And Charly, why would you say you always wanted a mom? You had very loving parents Charly.”

“They were very loving Liz, I know this but they weren’t a mom and dad. They did everything right, they never made a mistake and I was expected to behave as though I would never make a mistake. Liz, Mom, I make lots of mistakes and I want to be able to talk about them with someone and not say yes sir and no sir all the time. I loved my parents, don’t ever think that I didn’t but I never had a mom and a dad. I’m sorry they died but I’m also glad that, if they had to die, that you and my dad came for me. Does it make me bad to feel this way Mom?”

Liz gulped, she had no idea how to deal with this, the only thing she could do was to tell Charly the truth as she saw it.

“No Charly, I don’t think that makes you bad at all. You were dealt a raw deal from the beginning.

“Someday, when things aren’t so messed up, your daddy and I will sit down and explain how this all came to be and why we are at war with this insane group of aliens from this far off planet.

“We will win this war Charly but it could get very messy; please don’t be afraid. All of these people that are here are here to protect you from these aliens and we won’t let them hurt you.”

“I know that mom, but please don’t be afraid for me. Abby is going to eliminate the bad man, I know.”

“What do you mean Charly? Abby is only a baby.”

“I know, but she’s the one Mom, honest.”

Max poked his nose into the room right at that time and smiled at two of his three most favorite people he knew on this planet.

“Can anyone join in on this conversation?” And he semi-smiled as he saw the look on Liz’s face.

“Of course you can join us, we just chose Charly’s clothes for tomorrow and he wants to know if he can call us mom and dad and I assured him that he certainly can.” And Liz bent down and kissed Charly on the head as Max gave her a quizzical look…

“I also told her that Abby is going to take care of the bad man dad. She’s the one who will finish all of this for you.”

Max again semi-smiled, looked at Liz and wondered…

“How do you know this Charly?”

“I saw it. I’ve known that my baby sister would come and protect me for forever. I’ve always known. I’m glad that I can call you mom and dad, it will be nice for a change to be like other kids.”

Max Evans didn’t know what to think at the moment and Liz just shook her head no…

“Max, does your suit need pressed or a shirt ironed? Charly is going to wear a suit and his white shirt because his mother would like that and I told him that you would do the same.”

“I’m sure it’s fine Liz…I’ll check on it as soon as we get things straightened out downstairs. Everyone is aware that we need to be out of here by 9:30; I think we should make a shower schedule…I know there are six bathrooms in this place but I’m concerned about hot water.”

“Oh don’t worry about that dad, there is a hot water heater in each bathroom, all we have to do is turn up the thermostat. Mother and Father always did that when father had his business meetings over the weekend. Just make sure to turn them up and everyone will be quite warm. I have my own bathroom so don’t worry about me. Besides, I like to shower before I go to bed. It’s so much warmer when I crawl in bed after a shower.”

Max and Liz smiled…

“I’ll go check on the water heaters right now Charly, do you know what temperature they should be?”

“No, but look in Mother and Father’s bathroom and then you’ll know.”

“Thank you Charly.”

“You’re welcome dad…and mom, can Abby wear that little pink dress there. She had on pink today and she looks really pretty in pink.”

Liz grinned at Max before answering…

“Yes Charly, she certainly can. Now let’s get back downstairs and visit for a little while before Abby starts to fuss and wants to go to bed.”

“Okay…is she sleeping with me tonight?”

“I don’t think she’d have it any other way.” And Liz and Charly both smiled as they headed downstairs to visit with all of the company.

Little Abby seemed very relaxed this evening, which told a few of the adults that things were quiet outside and they could relax also.

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Since we had quite a chat going on about my "faux pas" back there I will simply say a "THANK YOU" for reading and showing enough concern to bring my attention to the mistake before it got carried on into the entire story.

For some reason the computer just picked a few names here and there and, according to the count on the fix, left 13 of them unattended to. I will take some responsibility for not double checking but I am like the rest of you and think the machine obeys commands. This one obeys about as well as a two year old who can stand there with the evidence and deny. You gotta' love it. :D :D

Thank you again, now on with the show!


Chapter: 14

The next morning the house was buzzing with people, all kinds of people, aliens and humans alike, all getting ready to go to funeral services for Charly’s mother and father.

Michael and Max were the first to hit the kitchen and with the help of Jesse and some of Cal’s “magic” they had breakfast on the table for everyone by 8:00 a.m. While they all had their breakfast Michael served little Abby her bottle from a dining room chair as she held onto his little finger and watched with interest while everyone else busied themselves about the dining room.

Isabelle could hardly take her eyes away from the beautiful baby girl and Jesse, watching with a smile, could tell that he was going to be kept very busy in a very nice way when he and his wife got back to Boston…that look was not one of admiration it was one of wanting and his smile broadened.

Cal passed Liz on his way to the kitchen with his empty plate and asked her how the little one was doing…he was getting the hang of this ‘chipping in’ business and wasn’t bothered by it in the least.

“She’s doing great Cal, we couldn’t ask for a better baby, but of course she gets plenty of attention as you can see and manages to wrap just about everyone around that that little finger of hers but none of us mind. Especially Michael, I think he’s her biggest fan.”

“It certainly seems that way and I do believe that the feelings are reciprocated…she idolizes him.”

“Yes she does…and Cal, she is very aware of the danger we are in.” Liz said as she lowered her voice.

“I know she is Liz, but don’t be afraid for her, she’s in no danger at all. Trust me.” And Cal Langley smiled a genuine smile, one that reached his alien eyes and Liz noticed as she returned the smile and said, giving it some extra thought.

“That’s funny, Charly said she will be the one to destroy the bad man and you know what Cal, I think he just might be right.” And she frowned slightly,

“Oh he’s right alright…how does he know this? I thought he was without powers.” Now Cal was thinking as well as Liz and then Liz filled him in on Charly’s secret.

“Nope, he felt he should keep that bit of information a secret…something else a little alien baby seemed to know. These alien babies are truly a mystery to me Cal, they look and act just like human babies but they seem to have an extremely deep awareness of what it going on around them. It’s almost eerie…Not that I’m afraid of my own daughter, far from it, but it is definitely strange.”

“Liz, don’t let it scare you, the only time these powers will surface is when they need them. When they get older and become more aware then they will learn how to use them and not before. Let the tyke join little league; buy him some jeans; I don’t think he has any, and let him be a little boy. It’s what he needs.”

“Thank you Cal.”

“Hey you two, are you going to bring those dishes in here so we can get moving or what?” Maria wanted to know.

“Or what Maria! We’re coming.” And the two new friends made their way to the kitchen.


Everyone made their way to the cars parked in the driveway and Michael and Cal made sure that an alien with blasting power was in each vehicle as they exited the large estate. Cal had worked some magic on all of the vehicles to make them safe from any power attacks and then they were on their way.

When Max Evans entered the large cathedral with his family, carrying his daughter while his son held his wife’s hand, people who had not seen the young man before gasped.

There was no mistaking who this handsome young man was. They all knew that Charly had been adopted and now they were about to meet the boy’s biological father, all they had to do was wait. They all wondered if the young woman was Charly’s biological mother as well but that was soon to be made clear to all of them, all rumors would be squelched before they had a chance to start.

Max and Charly definitely made one handsome looking duo, the boy was the image of his father, they made a handsome sight as both were dressed in their dark suits and white shirts with black ties. And the petite little brunette carrying a diaper bag didn’t look that much older than Charly actually. They led the procession of ‘guests’ down the center aisle and took their positions in the pew designated for the family; Max allowed Liz to find her way in first, Charly followed and then he made his way in and sat down with Abby on his lap.

The large portrait of the Swift’s was sitting high on an easel at the foot of the altar and a large basket of flowers adorned each side of the portrait. Charly smiled when he saw how beautiful everything was. There were candles lit, flowers adorned the front of the church and all of the people he had ever met in his young life were there to pay their respects. Charly reached up to Max’s ear and Max leaned over so his son could say something to him quietly…

“It’s beautiful Dad, don’t you think so. And all of Father’s friends are here and so are our neighbors. I am so happy they came.” Max smiled at his young son, his heart wanting to break for the child.

“I am too Charly, and yes it is very beautiful.” About that time little Abby reached out and grabbed Charly’s nose and he giggled, so did Abby and Max tried to stop her but she would have no part of it. Finally Max sat her on his knee facing Charly and she grabbed Charly’s hand and he smiled at his little sister and hung on like he knew she wanted him to. She would not be ignored and Liz had to stifle a snicker of her own.

Soon the sacristy bell was sounded and the congregation all rose when the priest entered from the side door. A few introductory prayers were said, the usual ceremonial prayers were said and after the gospel the congregation sat and prepared themselves for the eulogy, to which the introduction would be a great surprise.

“Charles and Dear Friends, we are all aware of the great tragedy that occurred not four days ago and we can only give a prayer of thanks that this young life was spared.

“I am sure you are all wondering who Charles is seated with and I have been given permission to tell you the story in order to ward off all gossip before it begins. As you know the Swifts had no relatives and you also know that Charles was adopted as an infant. The young boy’s biological father and his young wife have come to take Charles home with them.

“Charles’ biological mother and father were mere teens when he was born and his biological mother is deceased. Max Evans, Charles biological father, and his young wife are extremely happy to be able to make a home for Max’s young son.

“For those of you who are interested there will be a reception line after the services in order to extend your condolences to young Charles and will also give you the opportunity to meet his new family. Mr. Evans has listed his business name and address on the back of the cards presented at the door as you came in and should any of you wish to communicate with Charles at any time please feel free to do so.

“As you know, the Swifts have been members of our congregation... “ And the sermon went on and on for what seemed like forever, eulogizing the deceased as was customary, but as long as Abby had Charly’s hand she never made a peep.


Meanwhile, in a cemetery across town a boy/man stood at the ready to make war on any and all who showed up for the burial services, which of course there wasn’t going to be one. He had his small army strategically placed throughout the grounds, all in vain.

They waited and they waited…they waited clear up until past noon when the boy/man decided that no one was coming.

“What kind of fools don’t attend a funeral…what are we dealing with?!?”

He kicked the tombstone he was standing next to as one of his ‘soldiers’ stood by and watched the tantrum before approaching the ‘person’ having the fit.

“Nicholas, it’s been reported that Khivar is here and he’s looking for you.”

“Who told you this?”

“It came down from…” And the man pointed up and Nicholas knew he had to do something fast.

“Find out where he is?”

“Yes sir.” And the ‘soldier’ took off.

In the meantime the church service was over and Max, Liz, Charly and Abby stood at the head of a reception line that served the congregation one pew at a time and it seemed to stretch forever.

All of the people waited patiently, talking among themselves and waiting to be introduced to the Evans’ while Max and Liz stood patiently talking to people that they knew they would never see again as long as they lived.

Geraldine, Lucille and Mary Jane were among the people who were in attendance along with their spouses and they smiled at the little family as they made their way through the line.

“Max that was a wonderful thing you did for Charles, explaining how he came to be adopted. It took a lot of courage and I’m sure Charles is going to be very happy with you and your wife.”

“Well, we certainly hope so; there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t wondered how he was and if he was happy. I am so thankful that he had the Swifts and so sorry for what happened to them but I will not abandon Charly, ever. Know that for a fact.”

“We can see that Max and good luck. Nice to see you again Liz, maybe we’ll see you before you leave.”

“There’s a good chance you will. We have a lot of legal stuff to take care of but I think everything will be done in a timely manner. Thank you for coming, it meant an awfully lot to Charly.”

“You’re so welcome.” And the three neighbors made their way out of the church. The day was warming up quite nicely and Max was glad about that because he was definitely not used to this colder climate…Liz smiled, she knew what he was thinking, he wasn’t used to a tie all that much either and she smiled. He may be able to control his body heat with some extra powers but he wasn’t used to using those powers as a portable heater all of the time.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Eve and Carolyn:Thank you so much for your kind words...we're starting to wind this up so let's just move on.


Chapter: 15

After the very last condolence had been offered and the church was empty Cal Langley, and his troop of 8, exited their places in the last two pews of the Cathedral and met the Evan’s, Michael, Maria and Ava at the rear of the large church and Cal led the way out of the church after Liz had assured him that Abby was as calm as she had ever been. This was something Cal accepted as an okay sign but still wanted to survey the terrain before he allowed Max and his family to exit the building.

They all piled into the cars they had come in and when they got back to the estate there were three vans parked outside. One was a catering company and the other two would remain a mystery until they entered the house.

The smells emanating from the kitchen were indescribable…wonderful aromas, and everyone smiled. They were certain Cal had something to do with this and they were all thankful for the reprieve. They were all dog-tired and mentally fatigued from the concerns they all had over the church becoming an alien war zone.

It would have been so nice to have invited the congregation to an open buffet after the service but they were all worried beyond imagination for everyone’s safety regardless of their little built in radar system…she was, after all, just a baby and not really that full proof as far as her parents were concerned.

The food was marvelous and the other two vans were a cleaning crew who had come in and gone over the place with a fine-toothed comb. The bathrooms were all cleaned, the beds had all been changed, the furniture polished, the floors vacuumed and scrubbed and the kitchen was spotless. There were twelve cleaning people and they made short work of everything in the few hours that the occupants had been gone. All of the women were impressed and Liz couldn’t thank Cal enough.

Liz took Charly and Abby upstairs after their meal and had Charly change his clothes while she changed Abby into a little pair of overalls and a tee shirt; not that Abby cared one way or the other, she could mess her pretty pink dress up just as easily as a pair of overalls and that’s what concerned Liz after all. It made no difference at all to Abby. Liz also donned a pair of jeans while she was up there and when they came back downstairs everything had been cleaned up, stored in the fridge and all strangers were gone. There were enough leftovers for dinner and everyone was very happy about that, especially the women.

The moment Liz entered the foyer at the foot of the stairs she sensed danger and headed directly into the living room; “it’s time!” she said in a calm but distinctive and demanding voice.

Max grabbed her arm and smiled as he said…

“Take the kids up to the safe room and stay there.” She returned her husband’s smile and grabbed Charly’s hand and made a determined but hasty retreat back up the stairs where she was met by a strange force that seemed to be blocking her way…she headed to Charly’s room instead and pointed him in the direction of his bed where she immediately placed Abby on his lap and grabbed a brass candle stick from the mantle along the far wall where a fireplace was. She waited by the door for someone to come in

She didn’t have long to wait, soon the boy man made his appearance in the doorway and gave Charly that creepy smile he used when he felt he was in command of things.

Charly didn’t seem to be the least bit frightened by the boy/man’s presence and Liz started toward Nicholas with her candlestick when she was suddenly pulled into a protective blue type shield that surrounded her entire body…she was being forced toward the bed with the children and she had no control over it. She looked at Charly and then Abby, she could see that Charly had his right arm around Abby’s little tummy, pulling her close to his body while he projected the blue bubble around Liz. Charly was protecting Liz and not allowing her to deal with Nicholas at all.

Liz could only reach out and hold Charly’s shoulder to provide him with added power and the power she felt emanating from the young boy was almost terrifying and then she saw it. The Antarian symbol was shining from her daughter’s forehead, the baby’s eyes had turned coal black and Abby’s little hands came up in front of her as she reached out to Nicholas, who was not smiling so smugly now.

Charly kept up the shield as Abby emitted a bright white light from the palms of her little hands and Nicholas suddenly got a very confused look on his face, just before the light started to surround his entire body.

It looked as though the boy/man was screaming but there was no sound coming from him. He just stood there as little Abby continued to feed the white light in his direction and then the creature started to smoke.

Smoke literally poured out of every orifice on the man’s face. His eyes were a white-hot light that seemed to be eating away at the rest of his face. The look of terror on Nicholas’ face would never escape Liz’s memories as her tiny baby daughter cooked this man from the inside out.

The noises coming from the lower part of the house totally escaped everyone in Charly’s room as Abby managed to rid both worlds of a being that needed to be rid of.

Downstairs, the scene was pretty much a world of chaos as skin after skin disappeared into a pile of dust. What Cal Langley’s forces were not bashing in the others were blasting to hell. In a matter of twenty minutes the “war” was over and Max and Michael retreated up the stairs, practically knocking each other over for dominance of the stairs, to make sure that Liz and the kids were okay.

There was a knock at the door about the same time Max and Michael had taken off and Isabelle went and opened it up to someone she knew she didn’t want to see.

“I thought I told you if you ever came back here I would kill you myself.”

Khivar smiled,

“I am here to offer my assistance Valondra, not to make trouble.”

“Well I would say that you are just a little too late to help, the situation has been dealt with. My brother and Michael are upstairs right now checking on my niece and nephew as we speak.”

“Did anyone see Nicholas in this fiasco? Hello Khivar.” Cal spoke to the self-appointed leader of the man’s home planet as an afterthought.

They all shook their heads no and Cal Langley started up the stairs in Max and Michael’s wake. Khivar was right behind them…

When Max got to the top of the stairs he saw a white light coming from Charly’s room and ran, Michael hot on his heels.

What he saw was a sight he would never forget. There, sitting Indian fashion on his bed with his little sister perched between his legs Charly had Liz in a protective cocoon while his baby daughter had white-hot heat emanating from the palms of her little hands.

Her eyes were coal black and she had the symbol of Antar on her little forehead. She was destroying Nicholas right before their eyes and Khivar and Cal Langley were witnesses to the boy/man’s demise.

“Meet the future queen of Antar Khivar, and if you ever had any doubts I don’t think you will anymore. I don’t believe she is one that you want to be giving any trouble to.”

Khivar smiled, the baby girl had powers that had only been whispered about and he knew she could rule any world she wanted to if she had the mind.

“Don’t you ever call her that again Cal, she is our baby girl and she is no one’s future queen, nor will she ever be. We are humans and we intend to stay human, is that understood?” Max was livid.

“Whatever you say Max, but with that kind of power there is no telling what she will be capable of.”

“She will learn that love and devotion, caring for her fellow man, honesty and integrity are the most important things in this life. She doesn’t need a world of people groveling at her feet to realize these things. These things are all free and available to anyone that wants them. We want no part of that other life.”

“Yes your majesty…” Cal smiled like a Cheshire cat at Khivar as he used Max’s birthright to address him.

“And cut the majesty crap Cal, you know better. Khivar, what do you want?”

“I came to get rid of Nicholas for you but I see I was not needed. I will be on my way back to Antar Max and good luck with your life here on Earth. You have a beautiful family.”

And Khivar looked worried as he left the room and headed back down the stairs to make his way out of the house and back to Antar. If that baby girl ever wanted to make noise up on Antar he didn’t stand a chance but he put that in the back of his head and left. He had to trust the young heir apparent and take him at his word.

“Well, it looks like you were right Charly; Abby did take care of the bad man for us didn’t she?”

“Yes dad, I told you she would.”

“Charly, did you know you could make a shield like that?”

“No dad, I didn’t even know what it was until it happened. Abby directed it and I just did it.”

“I see…” And Max looked worried as he picked up his baby girl to hold her close. He knew that these bouts of power wore him out and he could just imagine how tired a baby must be after all of that but Abby seemed as happy and awake as she had been before going up the stairs.

Cal noticed the concern on Max’s face and smiled…

“Don’t worry Max, she will never remember this. She has these powers that will only be called upon when she needs them and I don’t think anyone will be giving you or her any grief ever again, at least not from ‘upstairs’ if you know what I mean.”

“That I do Cal. I think we need to call Valenti and let him know the danger is over and they can head back to Roswell.”

“Where are they Max?” Isabelle asked…

“I wasn’t told but I’ll just bet they are at Mesa Liko. That’s where I would go.”

They all smiled as Liz grabbed Charly and hugged him to her. Then she pulled her cell phone out to call her mom.

She and Max would be in New Jersey until all of the paper work was completed on Charly but that wouldn’t be a problem.

Michael and Maria would be able to head back to Roswell, everyone else would be able to leave and Diane would stay to make sure that all of the legal matters went smoothly.

All in all it was a very productive couple of days, even in the midst of a tragedy.

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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 16: final 7/1

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Eve and Carolyn: here's the closing scenes for you and thank you for all of your kind fb. :)

Chapter: 16

Charles Swift was driven to school by his father every morning since the death of his adoptive parents and Max spent the last week of Charly’s school year getting his transcripts ready for Charly’s transfer to a nice public school in Roswell, New Mexico Just like any normal little boy should be able to have.

Michael had been running the UFO center alone for the past six weeks and Maria was busy making wedding plans. She could hardly stand the wait to start her married life with Michael and to start having babies which was exactly what Michael wanted as well, little Abby had made all of the young couples want to start families.

Philip Evans was content to come home to an empty house for six weeks knowing that the rewards were too many to mention when his family returned from New Jersey.

Isabelle had Jesse walking around with a permanent smile plastered on his face and they were still working on that pregnancy when Max and Liz returned to Roswell. They had visited Max and Liz several times at the Swift estate while Max, Liz and Diane worked on settling all legal matters. Jesse was quite a bit of help with the court proceedings as well as Diane and things went quite smoothly.

Max, Liz and Diane had made a trip to Boston with the children to visit Jesse and Isabelle as well and Charly got to be the big brother and pushed Abby’s stroller all over the historic section of Boston. Max carried a huge diaper bag around the city while Liz, Diane and Isabelle shopped all of the tourist traps for ‘junk’ to take home. All in all it was really a fun visit and it gave Charly a much happier atmosphere to get to know his aunt and uncle in.

By the time the Evan’s returned to Roswell Charly was very used to his new family and quite comfortable with his role as big brother. Max and Liz wanted Charly to wait to make a decision about the estate in New Jersey but Charly convinced them and Dave White that he would never want to go there again and to just sell it. Charly felt that maybe Max and Liz would be able to buy a bigger house in Roswell and have room for him.

Max and Liz laughed and explained that they lived in a very big two-story house already and had plenty of room for him and his ‘stuff’ plus all the new stuff he would need when he started in little league and Pop Warner Football. Charly smiled. He was never permitted to join in public sports, only those sports offered at his school and he really didn’t like fencing and chess all that much. It was going to be a whole new life and he was finally convinced that Max and Liz didn’t want the money from the house so it was put into Charly’s trust along with everything else from the estate. Charly had no idea how much he was worth and Max and Liz really didn’t care. They left those matters up to Dave White and Jesse. They chose Jesse because of his age. By the time Charly would come into the Swift’s money Philip and Diane would be long retired.

After returning home our little Abby continued to wait for her Uncle Mike to show up every morning to have breakfast with her although the bottles were now a thing of the past. Liz’s idea was that she was quite capable of handling a cup therefore she didn’t need a bottle, so every morning she would sit in her high chair now and squeal at Michael when he walked in the door. Charly would laugh along with everyone else and of course Abby would have to put a show on for all of them to make them laugh even harder and Liz would groan.

She was going to be one spoiled little brat if they weren’t careful. But as Max explained, you can never spoil a person with too much love. Liz thought about this for a minute and smiled, he was right…and little Abby Evans continued to be the princess of the Evans household even after there were a couple of new princes and princesses added to the mix. And the Antarians were quite content to leave the King and his family alone, it was perfectly obvious they were a force to be reckoned with.

The End

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.