Another Christmas Story (ADULT) Ch. Epilogue 12/22/11

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Another Christmas Story (ADULT) Ch. Epilogue 12/22/11

Post by mary mary » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:17 am

I know, it's Halloween but if I want this to end at Christmas I have to start now...this is my second sci fi piece of fluff so don't expect any great big angsty stuff, it's me folks. It's who I am. :D

I don't know who to give credit to for this photo, I copied it from the internet so thank you to anonymous! It was the inspiration for my little fic.

Title: Another Christmas Story

Summary: What happens when Santa has a problem with a sick reindeer a few weeks before Christmas and a couple of meddling fathers light years apart try to play match maker?

Category: A little bit adult somewhere: M/L

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with the show Roswell or any of its constituents. I use the names of the characters simply because I like them.


The weather station was nestled deep in the Alaskan wilderness and Max Evans was the only person within hundreds of miles of anywhere with absolutely no contact to the outside world except for his computer, his TV that was hooked to a satellite dish and some DVDs for entertainment. Sometimes he wished he had never signed up for this miserable lonely assignment but when his relationship with his longtime sweetheart fell apart he felt it was just what he needed to take his mind off the rejection when she refused his proposal. He never dreamed that his best friend would move in on his girl while he was out to sea.

He and she had sort of made plans before he had ever enlisted and to say that he was shocked was an understatement.

It all started at the end of their senior year of high school…Max had a baseball scholarship but he still needed to have money for expenses since the scholarship only covered 50% of his tuition. His room and board and any other expenses were up to him and since his father’s illness was taking every spare dime the family had Max was basically on his own so Tess was going to move on to Boston college and get her Bachelor’s degree in business while Max would accept an appointment to Annapolis and get his degree in meteorology. He would, of course, still be in the navy but that was understood before he ever left.

After they achieved their goals and were home for the holidays Max proposed. It was then that Tess informed him that she had made other plans and when Kyle showed up for Christmas dinner Max realized what had happened. When he got back to Annapolis he signed up for the weather station duty in Alaska. His superiors were all shocked that the young man had chosen this duty but were also pleased to have someone of his caliber to take on the assignment. That was a year ago and, although Max could have a Christmas leave, he chose to stay on assignment due to the fact that he did not want to face his exes. I.e.: his ex-girlfriend and his ex-best friend. The fact that he chose to stay at the weather station had nothing to do with his family, who were very disappointed, but they understood.

Up at the North Pole old St. Nick had his elves all doing double time to get ready for his worldwide trip on Dec. 24th and on a planet far off in another Galaxy a young girl was bidding her parents goodbye and boarding her one man space ship for her novice trip around her universe. She had just received her astronaut’s wings and had a degree in astrology from the most prestigious school on their planet. Her parents were extremely proud of their daughter and they would be expecting her back from her adventure in about three months Earth time. Elizabeth Parker waved her last good bye, gave her fellow Mehelbeths a wave and a great big smile, climbed aboard her space ship, and settled herself in for the long trip. She was in one of the happiest moods she had ever experienced. And in exactly ten minutes Liz Parker, Mehelbeth astronaut, took off on her virgin flight around the whirlwind galaxy.


Back on Earth Max Evans had just entered his hut after having taken a long walk around the area of the weather station and was removing his snow shoes when he heard a whimpering at the side of the building. He went back to the door and looked out, saw nothing, but still heard the whimpering of an animal. He cautiously made his way toward the sound, dragging one boot lace behind him, and there he saw a wolf laying there in the snow and it was injured. Max wasn’t too sure about approaching the animal but he felt sorry for the poor creature, besides he couldn’t just let it lay there and die so he carefully lifted it up into his arms and carried it into the hut, laid it on a rug in front of his propane heater and fixed a bowl of warm water for it to drink. The animal was too injured to be afraid of Max although it didn’t take its eyes off him either.

Max gingerly moved his hands over the animal looking for some clue as to its injury and after some investigating he discovered that the animal had a very bad tear in his belly right next to his right leg. The blood had frozen to the animals body and Max decided to cleanse the wound, and then stitch it up. Then he bathed the animal in warm water and the wolf made no indication that it would hurt Max in any way and soon the two became comfortable with each other, in a cautious sort of way on both parts.

After Max had done all he could to help the animal he opened a can of beef stew, which Max thought looked and smelled like dog food anyway, and set it down next to the wolf and watched the animal slowly lift its head. The wolf looked at Max cautiously as he started to slowly eat at the food Max had given him, making sure Max didn’t make any sudden moves. Max was going to have to ration his food for the next week until his next supply drop but he would be sure to tell the supply sergeant that he would need some dog food until further notice due to his new live in companion. He looked over at the wolf as it lay there quietly and decided to call him Shadow. He was a gray color and he reminded Max of a shadow so that’s what he called him. The wolf seemed more like Max’s childhood dog than he did a wild animal.


Meanwhile, up at the North Pole Santa Claus was busily grooming his eight reindeer and painting the sleigh to get everything ready for his long journey when his chief weather watcher, Poster, came running out to the stables to find the jolly old man who had spent an eternity, year in and year out, watching the inhabitants of the world and trying to bring happiness to all. This old elf had the latest of technology known to man to help him with his job getting Santa safely around the world.

“What’s up Poster? Have you discovered a new star for us?” Santa smiled as Poster looked concerned. Everything concerned Poster…

“Not a new star Santa but definitely something is out there flying around. I wouldn’t swear to it but there is a starship or something and I believe it’s in trouble.”

“Come on Poster do you really believe that it’s in trouble? Why?”

“It’s sending off a signal, and although it is not of this earth I believe it’s definitely an SOS or something. It is very erratic; it’s weaving and circling like an out of control spinning top Santa. Honest, something is not right up there.” And Poster pointed toward the sky.

Santa looked at his old friend and instructed him to keep a close watch…if he had to he would take the sleigh up and have a look but he didn’t like to interfere with any of the planets and their explorations. It was not his forte after all.


Max Evans had been at his post for over four hours now and he felt the pangs of hunger finally getting the best of him. Shadow was resting comfortably near the propane stove; he seemed to be adjusting to Max’s presence just as Max was to him. The animal had never made a sound as Max stitched up his badly torn belly, it definitely had to have been a bear. Max had started opening the door at regular intervals now and shadow would go out, relieve himself, and amble back in through the door that Max had left ajar.

Max was actually quite happy about his new roomie…the wolf was quite comforting and Max felt very comfortable telling the wolf all about his troubles, which really didn’t seem to be so troubling lately. Shadow made his way over to the kitchen area and Max grinned…the wolf also knew where his next meal was coming from and patiently waited for Max to get up from his station and make his way to the kitchen as well. The supply plane had dropped a huge crate of supplies earlier that week and Max had managed to get everything unloaded and stashed quite efficiently as Shadow watched. The propane supply was as much appreciated as the gasoline for the compressor and the food.

“Well boy, do you think you would like some Purina or would you prefer Kibbles tonight? The sarge was very generous giving you choices; I sometime forget that the Marine Corps has dogs. Or I guess I could open some of this stew and share it with you if you’d like. What do you say?

Shadow just looked on as Max made his way around the kitchen, cleaning the dog dish the supply sergeant had sent and filling the pot he was using for a water bowl.

Max found that it was best to melt snow for the wolf rather than use his own water since he wasn’t really that domesticated and didn’t feel like sterilizing melted snow for his own use. He knew that it probably wouldn’t hurt him to use the melted snow but he felt more comfortable boiling it first. Max put his trash in the receptacles provided for him and also empty water, gasoline and propane containers back onto the crate that had been dropped and the supply plane used a hook to retrieve the empties after it dropped the new supplies in by parachute. The system worked very well.

As Max continued to move around the station he noticed something happening on his computer screen and quickly moved over to have a closer look. He quickly typed in some commands and there before his eyes he saw something he wasn’t ready to acknowledge, a space ship. If his calculations were correct the thing was about to land right on top of his head…he ran outside and looked up. There it was, landing…if you could call it that, right outside of his front door, his only door actually. He wasn’t really sure just what to do but felt he should do something…he made his way to the V shaped space vehicle and started looking for something that resembled an entry and for the life of him he couldn’t locate it.

After examining the craft for what seemed like an eternity there was a sudden whooshing sound and part of the craft lifted, steps were let down and a very young, very beautiful, female emerged looking very disoriented.
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Re: Another Christmas Story

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Natalie36:Hey, so nice to hear from you and thanks...let's hope you agree when all is said and done. :D
Lizza:Hi sweetie, glad to see you reading...hope the head feels better. :D
Carolyn: Well, here's the second chapter a couple days early. I sure hope you aren't disappointed in this, it's really dumb! :roll:
Eve: Hey, good to hear from you and I hope the 'teeth' situation is on the mend. :wink:
HypnotiqBlueEyes:So nice to hear from you...this is more like a fairy tale than a serious fic. so just be prepared for some silly fun...there is a little adult stuff somewhere but not too soon. :wink:
Pandas2001: So nice to hear from you and yeah, I agree, it's a little different. :P
Kenr: Hi there, nice to hear from you and I hope you're feeling better. It will be nice to see your son...just sit back and enjoy and try not to overdo. :D
timelord31: Yep, I think it's gonna be just that... :D


Chapter 2

Chapter: 2

“Hello. Are you okay: May name is Max…do you understand me?”

Liz Parker smiled…”I have no idea where I am but it certainly looks interesting.” She thought to herself.

“Hello Max. I think I’m fine: the controls on my ship are not functioning correctly and I had to make an emergency landing. Where am I?”

“You’re on planet Earth, where have you come from and what should I call you?”

“My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Liz. My home is called Mehelbeth, Earth sounds like a very nice name. It is very cold here Max. Is it like this everywhere?”

Max was thrilled that they were able to communicate and he was also feeling a little warm and fuzzy looking at this lovely creature from a far off planet, something he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He was going to have to give God an extra thank you tonight that’s for sure.

“No Liz, this is Alaska. It’s only a small part of Earth and it’s situated on that portion of our planet that doesn’t get very much heat from our sun. We have many different types of weather on our Earth. Very hot, very dry, humid, cold, mountainous, flat, large oceans, many rivers, streams, lakes, creeks, so many beautiful places to be seen. What is your planet like?”

“About the same actually, we have two moons though and our planet is mostly mild but we do have some weather changes in some remote areas. Is this a remote area Max?” Liz asked as she gave Max one of her killer smiles.

“Yes Liz, this is one of the most remote areas around. Do you think that your people know where you are?”

“Not really. I am not scheduled to be back on my home planet for another 2 and ½ months. I took off two weeks ago on my maiden voyage and then things started to act up on the ship. I couldn’t get the main control to function properly so I just let the thing run its own course and wound up here.”

“Well, would you like to come into my hut and share some dinner with me? I can’t promise you anything fancy but Shadow and I would be glad to share.”


“Oh, Shadow is an injured wolf that landed on my doorstep. We have sort of become friends, I had the weather center drop off some dog food the last time they made a supply run and he seems to like it okay.”

“A wolf is a wild animal, right?”

“You seem to know an awfully lot about my planet Liz. How is that? I know nothing about yours.”

“Oh, my grandfather was from Earth. It’s a very long story, something about the Bermuda Triangle and all that. He educated my father, he is half earthling and my mother is all Mehelbethan. He also taught the people of my planet about earth. I’m sure there is a lot I don’t know but I’m aware of quite a bit too.”

“Well, how about that! The Bermuda Triangle! That definitely explains a lot of unanswered questions. Are the people on your planet comfortable with the fact that you are part earthling?”

“Why of course. There are an awfully lot of you up there. They could come back if they wanted to and some have but the majority of them choose to stay. It’s really a nice place.”

“And your people are compatible with earthlings as well?”

“Oh yes Max. Very compatible.” And Liz’s smile grew broader yet.


Back on Mehelbeth Jeff Parker looked through the most powerful telescope in the galaxy and wondered if he had done the right thing. His only child had been sent on a preplanned voyage that she was totally unaware of and he only hoped that the earth people had not shot her out of the sky before she ever landed. If his calculations were correct she should have landed in a very remote area where she should not have been detected by anyone not looking for alien space crafts. Her life was in God’s hands now and he only hoped that God was watching.


“Liz, do you have any supplies or anything of importance that you need to get from your ship?”

“How thoughtful of you Max. Actually I should probably set up a shield and hide the thing from any curious onlookers. After all I’m sure they aren’t prepared to see something like this sitting out here. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a great idea if you can do that. Are you going to stay out there or are you going to stay in the hut with me? I only have one bed but there is a couch that one of us can use.” Max was starting to feel the freezing chill in the air and was about to start dancing around to keep warm very soon.

“Max, I have sleeping arrangements that can easily be moved if we need it.”

“I’m not so sure there is room Liz, my space is very cramped as I’m sure yours is as well.”

“Yes, I’m sure. Is your bed large enough for two?”

“I’m not so sure it is…but as I said, there is a couch. We can see how things work out…if it isn’t comfortable enough we can make other arrangements. You can always sleep out here if you have to, with your shield up no one will bother you.”

“You’re right Max, but it’s been very lonesome these past two weeks and it would be nice to have company. I will try to contact my home base later, after I see if I can get the thing working.”

“Well then, come on with me before we freeze to death and let’s have some dinner. Shadow has already eaten and I’m sure he’s all comfortable in front of the furnace.”

Liz giggled a little at the way Max spoke of the wolf as though the animal was a part of the family or something…She was so glad that her grandfather had landed on her planet so many years ago. She was going to have to say an extra prayer of thanks to anyone that was listening because she certainly liked this young man. If you had to make a crash landing this definitely was the place to do it.

“Well Poster, do you have any more information on that erratic space craft?”

“Not a single sign out there Santa…it has just disappeared as though it was never there. I know what I saw and there definitely was a space craft out there and by the time I came back to the office it had disappeared completely from the screen, I only hope the pilot is safe.”

“I’m sure everything is as it should be.” And Santa smiled…he had a good feeling about this for some reason and his feelings were never wrong.


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Re: Another Christmas Story Ch.3 11/13/11

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Natalie36: Hey, I hope so too. :wink:
Carolyn:Hi Carolyn, I meant to update sooner but I've been working on a Christmas project and I'll be gone for a week over Thanksgiving and then these packages have to be mailed by at least the 15th of Dec. so I really have to keep busy. Sorry I'm a couple of days late...but here you go. I'll try to do better this week. :D
Eve: Yep, it's nice to switch places I think. Her being the alien this time. It's going to fun, I hope! :wink:
Lizza: so nice to hear from you and here you go with the next chapter.... :wink:
Ken: It was a fun fic. to write, I just hope the readers enjoy it...fluffy is my middle name!!! :P
Timelord 31: Thanks
Sarah: Here's another installment...hope you enjoy. :wink:
Dreambeliever: Thank you...I hope you enjoy. :)
nitpick23: Jeff really didn't leave it to chance that Liz would be shot down, but there's always that one little mishap...thankfully it didn't happen. He really is a conniver in this one. :D Well, a nice conniver but a conniver.


Chapter: 3

When Max opened the door for Liz to enter he noticed that Shadow was standing in a defensive position in front of his station chair and Max had to smile. The wolf definitely has made himself at home and that made Max feel good. Liz was the first to make a move.

“Hello Shadow, I’ve heard all about you.” And she knelt down to the wolf’s level and held out her hand. Shadow cautiously made his way over to Liz; his long gray tail slung low between his hind legs, and sniffed her hand before making any friendly gestures toward the girl. Max smiled as he watched his new friend making friends with the animal and he felt warm all over once again. What was it about this creature from outer space? She certainly didn’t seem like someone he should be wary of …far from it. The last thing he felt was danger of any kind. Soon Liz had her arms wrapped around the wolf and was giving the animal a great rub down and Max was beginning to feel just a little jealous. He would certainly like one of those rub downs, that’s for sure.

“Liz, you’re going to have to excuse me for a little while, I have to do some surveillance and make some calculations, and then we can have something to eat.”

“I can fix us something Max, if it’s alright with you. Do have any preferences as to what I should fix?”

“Not at all Liz, the supplies are over there in the pantry. If you find something you would like just go for it. Most of the stuff that is dropped in is what I chose before leaving my home base so basically I’ll eat anything in there. The canned beef stew leaves a lot to be desired and I usually have that when the supply drop is about to come again. I’ve told them repeatedly to send something else besides that but I think they keep sending it as a joke. Shadow seems to like though. Don’t you boy?”

Liz giggled as she made her way into the pantry and Shadow kept his eyes on her as she made herself at home. The wolf raised one eyebrow when he heard his name mentioned and allowed his eyes to follow Max’s voice and just as quickly returned his gaze to Liz without moving another part of his body. Max watched the wolf with interest…the animal had to have been around people before; he was just too relaxed not to have been.

When Liz exited the pantry with various items such as pots, pans, cans… she noticed the computer screen Max was working with and had to have a look. This was her expertise as well and she was fascinated with the Earth’s equipment.

“Max, what is it you’re working on?’

“Weather patterns for our atmosphere. I check for anomalies and send reports to the main center located in the continental U.S.”

“The U.S., what is that?”

“I’m surprised your grandfather didn’t fill you in on that. It’s the United States…also known as America.”

“Oh. I know where America is I just was not aware that it was united. What is it united with?”

“North America is comprised of fifty states…these states are united together as one nation. It really isn’t that complicated. When we first became colonized there were thirteen colonies and as we kept working our way across the vast territory we kept growing. Eventually there were forty eight states and then we incorporated Alaska and Hawaii into our nation and now there are fifty in total.”

“I see…so you send the reports to a central location.”

“Exactly. I will bring up a map as soon as I’ve studied the patterns forming out there in the atmosphere and show you America and just where we are. We can even take a tour of the world if you would like, we can use the computer for our little trip.”

Max didn’t feel the least bit of danger in sharing this information with Liz. For some reason it all seemed to be perfectly natural. He knew, as a member of the armed forces, that he should be more cautious but he just didn’t feel threatened by this young woman.

“I would love that Max, thank you.” And Liz headed to the kitchen with her supplies still in hand to start dinner for the two of them. She had found some boxed potatoes, canned peas, boxed gravy and some sort of packaged meat labeled chicken. She proceeded to read the instructions on all of the packages and cans and soon she had a totally balanced diet cooking in the kitchen. Max couldn’t believe the smells coming from the kitchen area and Shadow sort of raised himself up to a sitting position to watch the miracle taking place out there in the food area. It smelled quite nice and the wolf dropped his ears and raised them again in varying sequences, just like any pet would do while waiting for something wonderful to hit his mouth.


Back on Mehelbeth a very concerned Nancy Parker approached her husband in his conservatory and asked him if he had any word from their daughter. She was getting quite concerned about Liz. It wasn’t like her to forget to check in with her parents, at least once a week anyway. It was fast approaching three since they’d had any word from her.

“Jeff, have you heard from Liz?”

“Not for a while Nancy, but I know she’s fine.”

“How do you know this Jeff Parker? This is not like Liz. She would never ignore us for any reason and you know it.”

“Yes I do Nancy but I also know that she is just fine.”

“Again Jeff, how do you know this? What have you done?”

“I haven’t done anything Nancy…I just know that she is fine and I also know that she will be in contact with us next week.”

“I don’t believe you Jeff; you cannot know this unless you planned it. I know you too well. Now tell me what you have done.”

“I programmed her ship to take her to Earth. She needs to meet Earth people and to see what the planet is truly like.”

“My God Jeff, are you insane? What if they shoot her down? What if she’s injured and needs help and no one will know what to do for her. Jeff, if something happens to our daughter the universe, the galaxy, the entire solar system is not big enough for you to hide in. I will hunt you down and it will not be pretty Jeff Parker, believe me.” Nancy Parker was livid.

“I believe you Nancy but I know she is fine. I shielded her ship and I landed her in a very safe place and I know she is with a very safe human.”

“You did this without her knowledge? You are insane, I have a good notion to take you out right now Jeff Parker and you know I can but you are the only one who knows exactly where our daughter should be and Jeff, by God, she’d better be there.”

“She’s there Nancy, I watched her land and the on board camera’s show that she’s in good hands.”

You watched her land? And why is it that you couldn’t share any of this with me?”

“Because I know that you want her to mate with that “Brad” wimp and I want no part of that man’s genes in this family. He’s worthless Nancy…his father may have some status in our community but the boy is nothing short of an egotistical, pompous ass and I do not want the likes of him fathering my grandchildren. That is why I did not tell you.”

“And just how do you know that she’s in good hands right now?” And Nancy got louder…

“How have you been communicating Jeff…Earth is light years away/”

“Yes it is Nancy, but when the satellites are aligned just right it is possible to communicate if you know the right frequencies. We ran into each other quite by accident, Philip and I, when Philip was helping his son Max with a mathematical equation when the boy was in high school. We knew immediately what was going on but neither of us shared this information with anyone else and we started communicating.”

“So, this Philip is in charge of this station?”

“No, Max is in charge of the station in a very remote area of Alaska. It is on one of the States belonging to America. The young man is a meteorologist and mans a weather station there for the United States navy. He is a graduate of Annapolis and he chose this assignment. His father assured me that the young man is a true officer and a gentleman. We have nothing to worry about Nancy.”

“As I said before Jeff, you’d better be right because it won’t be pretty.”

“I understand.” And Jeff smiled.


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Re: Another Christmas Story Ch. 3 11/13/11

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Carolyn: It would seem that the entire group is getting along fine, man and beast alike...Jeff and Nancy may have a few things to say to each other but other than that, we're moving right long. :D
Lizza:Let's hope that this is soon enough... :)
Ken: I still think that goes on in some places...planned marriages. i personally think that sucks. :(
Natalie36: Shadow is a good 'character' to write, he just silently observes and keeps his mouth shut...great type to have around. :wink:
Sarah: Yep, Max is totally at ease with the alien girl as is Shadow. Max doesn't know why but he has no fear of her and she's is totally at ease with the entire situation. As a matter of face she just might learn to really like it. :P
Eve: Yep, I think Max is getting a little possessive of his new found friend, subconsciously so far. :wink:

Okay, I know I have a lot of readers who don't leave fb but I have a favor to ask of all of 20 year old grandson was injured in a motorcycle race Friday and will have some serious surgery to repair his leg on the 22nd. I have all the faith in the world in the surgeons, it's the fact that they are using a cadaver for replacement parts, to me this is scary. The person died of something so let's pray it wasn't a deadly disease that can be passed on. I have not conveyed my fears to my son or his wife but I'm terrified. Please pray for him. Granddaughters are so much easier...tap and ballet!Thanks, Ginger


Chapter: 4

Meanwhile, back at the central station located in the middle of the New Mexico desert a young technician was analyzing some of the data that Max had forwarded to them from a week or so ago and started to take a closer look at something that seemed a little abnormal on the screen. It was a tiny little blip that could have been a meteor but it seemed to have definite coordinates that it was following. The young tech e-mailed Max immediately and asked him if he had noticed the blip. Max e-mailed back with an explanation that he had come up with if any questions might arise. There was no sense in trying to erase any of the data because it was very time sensitive and any tampering would have been picked up on immediately.


Jay, the blip was a small meteorite, landed right outside the hut, nothing worth reporting. Sorry, it hit just right and buried itself in the snow about 100 yards away. I guess I should have reported it but it’s too cold to go out there and dig it up.



J. Schwartz showed the communiqué to his superior and the man nodded his head in acknowledgment that he had seen it, initialed the paper and handed it back to Jay who felt that he had done his duty.

Jays’ superior had total confidence in Max and besides he was busy ordering flowers for his wife who had been a little miffed with him the night before for coming home late and half swacked.



You should have reported it but super signed off on communiqué and all is well. Please don’t put me in this position again…I’m just glad we don’t have to investigate this any further. Could have been a real FUBAR if you know what I mean.







Max was very relieved that they bought his story; of course he didn’t know that the chief’s preoccupation with his wife’s anger had a lot to do with it.

In the meantime Max and Liz were getting along famously and Shadow couldn’t have been happier. He had a warm bed, food on a regular basis and two very loving companions. Of course it wasn’t the same as his mate who had been mauled by the bear that practically had killed him as well, but life was good just the same.

Max had taken Liz on a world tour via the computer and was answering all sorts of questions the young woman had regarding Earth and its inhabitants. She wanted to know all about Max’s family, his schooling, his friends and mostly about his religious persuasion. Why she wanted to know about this befuddled both of them but her curiosity was truly genuine.

Liz had learned the concept of religion from her grandfather and was fascinated with the idea. After all the earth was many millions of years old and had evolved, as had the entire universe, and she was fascinated to find that people actually believed that one entity was responsible for all of this. It was overwhelming to her and she said as much to Max who explained that it was not that difficult to believe. She just looked at him skeptically and went on to another subject.

Max was also having a tough time with his father’s e-mails. It seemed as though his dad knew about Liz and that was absolutely impossible so he continued to evade the inquiries.

Life with Liz was a real joy for Max. She was pleasant, funny, interesting and very intelligent. But the best part, and this was definitely the best part, she was beautiful inside and out. Max was at the point where he had absolutely no recollection of Tess Harding whatsoever, and this truly was fantastic.


Meanwhile, up at the North Pole things were starting to come together quite nicely when suddenly Dasher came down with some sort of affliction. The reindeer just seemed to be falling apart. He laid in his stall at the reindeer stables, hardly able to lift his head and the chief lackey didn’t know what to do with the poor animal. Santa was beside himself with worry and didn’t know what he would do if the poor animal didn’t get well soon. There were only a couple more weeks before the long journey was to take place. Santa got all of his elves busy with their various friends located around the world to see if anyone could come up with some idea as to what was wrong with his lead reindeer. Rudolph could probably take the poor fellas place but Rudolph’s job was to light the way…Dasher was the one who knew the way. Santa had never made any adjustments to his lineup because there was never a need to, this could truly become a disaster. What would the people on Mehelbeth have to say if Santa missed “His” birthday? It hadn’t happened in over 2000 years.

“Poster, we need to contact Mehelbeth and see if they know anything that can be done for the poor creature. We can’t miss Christmas and I know we can make some adjustments but we need to figure out how to help Dasher too.”

“I’ll get right on it Santa, but I think maybe he just might be tired.”

“How can he be tired Poster, he doesn’t do anything but lay around for 364 days a year?”

“I know Santa but he is old.”

“No. I refuse to believe it’s age Poster, we are all old. Something is wrong with him and we need to find out what it is and soon!”

“Okay, I’ll check with Mehelbeth and let you know.”

“Great. Hurry!”

And Poster was gone that fast.


Meanwhile, back at the weather station Max was busy watching his satellite screen and Liz was outside taking a stroll through the fresh fallen snow and enjoying every minute of it. It seems that her space suit offered all the protection she needed against the bitter cold. She decided to check out her ship to see if anything had booted up since her initial visit last week. She had reset all of the equipment she could get her hands on and so far nothing had taken a positive effect. She was totally bewildered. Not that she was unhappy with her accommodations but she would like to let her parents know where she was and it certainly wasn’t what they had planned, or so she thought. She had made a great new friend, learned a lot about another planet and experienced some new food, not that it seemed strange or anything but definitely food she wasn’t used to. All in all the past few weeks had been quite pleasant.

This time she hoped to have some success with the controls, there was absolutely no good reason why they were not responding. It was almost as if they had been programmed to shut down but that was impossible. Her father had programmed the ship himself and he certainly wouldn’t have put her in any kind of jeopardy. This she was certain of.

She was deep in thought as she sat at her control panel when a soft voice sounded behind her.

“Liz, can I come in?”

“Max! Of course you can. I was just trying to figure out why these controls are not working. It’s as if something programmed them to sleep. You would think that some of them would work, but none of them are. The navigational system is totally shut down, the communication system as well and nothing else is on line either. I can’t figure it out. I can’t access anything.”

Max looked very thoughtful for a minute and then asked…

“Liz, could anyone have had access to this ship that shouldn’t have!”

“No Max. My dad programmed the entire system. He built in all of the coordinates himself, set up the entire system and installed it. There is no way that anyone could have gummed up the works, no one. It’s just not possible.”

“Hmmmm, are you sure someone couldn’t have switched systems?”

“Pretty darned sure Max, my father has everything under lock and key. And besides, who would want to sabotage my maiden voyage anyway. It was a routine trek around our galaxy, it would have taken three months and then, when I returned home, I would have been given my own explorer to do basically what you do only out in space. I’m not that important on my planet, there are many of us up there doing the same thing, it wouldn’t have been to anybody’s advantage to sabotage the ship.”

She was so serious looking and so darned cute that Max had difficulty concentrating on what she was saying as he watched her mouth form her words. He had to concentrate on something else and do it quickly.

“Liz! How about you show me around your ship…I’ve never really taken a tour you know.”

“Of course Max. It’s quite simple really. As you can see, the major works of the thing is in the control panel much like your weather station. It’s just one big computer actually. This is the main area and then there is a private area for grooming, if you will, since the main area is full of cameras recording everything. Come, I’ll show you. There’s a shower like device of course then the waste water is put through a purification system to be reused, then there is also fresh water tanks throughout the ship that are used for consumption. There is a sleeping chamber through here and storage facilities as well.”

Liz continued to make her way through the ship as she explained the various functions throughout the tour.

“The food is stored in a chamber much like your pantry only it is mostly cold storage since the food has been cooked and frozen, all I have to do is put it into the heating device and it’s ready to eat.”

The tour took about an hour and Max was fascinated. The engine compartment was so small and compact that Max wondered how the thing ran. Liz was right; the computer did most of the work.

“Why Max! I never thought about sharing my stores with you. Why don’t we have something from my pantry today? I will prepare some of my favorites and share with you and see what you think. If you continue to keep me a secret from your people we are going to run out of food anyway, so we will just eat this as well. There is plenty here that’s for sure.”

Max smiled at Liz and then took her hand and led her to the front of her ship…

“Thank you for the tour Liz. I have to get back to work; I’ll send Shadow over to stay with you since it’s starting to get dark out there. I don’t want that bear attacking you the way it did the wolves.”

“It’s alright max, I’m ready to go back. Just let me grab something for dinner and then we can leave.”

And then Max helped Liz out of the ship with her choices for dinner and waited while she closed up the ship. He was amazed at just how compact everything was as he observed the way Liz handled everything. It was almost like a toy.

As they made their way back to the hut it was starting to get dark already and Liz missed her footing for a second. Max grabbed her around the waist so quickly that she was shocked…but not only was she shocked at the speed with which he caught her but also in the feelings that rushed through her body at his closeness. This was a totally new experience for her and she definitely liked it…she wasn’t the only one impressed with the closeness of the situation but Max would never allow himself to take advantage of anyone. Ever! Dammit!!!

When they made their way back into the hut Shadow sat up and acknowledged the fact that they were back and then took the opportunity to take a big long stretch and make his way outside for a bit of fresh air. Liz and Max both chuckled at the wolf’s antics, stepped aside and allowed him to pass without giving it a second thought.

Max headed on over to his equipment and made himself comfortable as Liz proceeded to find a source for heating her precooked meals. There was a machine on board her ship that worked much like our micro waves but since the ship had shut itself down without any explanation she would have to improvise. She had no idea just how she was going to achieve this but, with a genius IQ, she was sure she would come up with something. She could use the oven or she could devise a double boiler using a skillet and a pot. She decided on the oven. It would be the best way to go and she proceeded to get a large pan that would hold two meals. It would take much longer to cook this way but she was sure it would be tasty. She hoped Max would like her mother’s cooking, she liked it very much but that wasn’t any guarantee.

Max suddenly made a loud groaning sound which caught Liz’s attention immediately,

“What’s wrong Max? Is it bad?”

“No, yes, I guess. There is a fierce weather pattern blowing in over the entire United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico. It should arrive on Christmas Eve. That’s going to make Christmas travel a real problem for Christmas travelers.”

“Oh dear, Santa will really have a problem making his rounds this year won’t he?”

Max chuckled to himself before answering Liz. She was so innocent in so many ways.

“Liz, your grandfather must have been a truly great man. Didn’t anyone ever explain to you that there isn’t a Santa Claus?”

Then Max turned around and immediately noticed the expression on Liz’s face and he truly felt like the Grinch.

“Oh Liz, I’m so sorry!” And he was up out of his chair and had the young woman in a fierce hug before she could counter his statement; he wrapped his arms around her and cradled her head in his right hand.

She was on the verge of tears…no one had ever denied the existence of Santa on her planet, what was he talking about? She leaned back a little from Max’s embrace and looked up into his handsome face and although she had tears in her eyes she really liked where she was at the moment.

“Max, how can you say that? Santa is a regular visitor on Mehelbeth. He visits us quite often throughout the year. He’s even had dinner in our home…how can you say that?” She sobbed, “My dad even helps design his toys Max. Don’t ever say that, it’s awful!” She was wailing now.

Max didn’t know what to say or do, how could this intelligent young woman believe so strongly in a child’s fair tale? It just wasn’t possible. He couldn’t resist, he bent down and kissed the top of her head and apologized. God, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I’m sorry Liz. I didn’t mean anything by that, please forgive me.” Max smiled down at the devastated young woman and he didn’t know how to describe what he was feeling. It just wasn’t possible that this young woman believed in the myth. The fact that the myth was present on another planet was something else as well. He would have to find out more about this when she calmed down.


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Re: Another Christmas Story Ch. 4 11/18/11

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Natalie36: Thank you :)
Carolyn: Let's hope Dasher is fixed by Christmas and thank you for your well wishes. My grandson's surgery went very well but he's in a lot of pain and being a pain but we can handle that. :)
Eve: I think Max fixes his faux pas...Liz will be okay soon. :D


Chapter: 5

Max reached down, put his left arm under Liz’s legs, lifted her into his arms and carried her to the couch where he sat her in his lap and cuddled her as you would a small child. Eventually she calmed down enough to just shudder occasionally and Max lifted her chin and wiped away her tears with his thumb. She looked so pitiful that he felt like crying himself … then their eyes locked and that was it. Max tilted her head to the side slightly with his right hand and leaned in, his eyes continuing to watch hers to make sure that she wasn’t going to balk, and then their lips met. Max had heard the saying, it made your toes curl, but this was the first time he had ever experienced it and from the sounds coming from Liz he would just bet that she was having the same experience. She wrapped hr arms around Max’s neck and soon they were into a full blown make-out session and Shadow just laid there and watched.

“Humans, they sure were wasting time” the wolf thought to himself. “A good sniff, a full mount and it could be all over and dinner could be ready.” But the wolf waited patiently and then decided to just take a nap; this could take forever the way they were acting.

Eventually the young couple broke apart and looked at each other, neither knowing what to say or do. They were both content right now but also a little uncomfortable with the situation. Although it had crossed their minds individually; to actually take the initiative was somewhat of a shock to them both.

“Liz, are you alright?” Max certainly didn’t want to make her uncomfortable because it was becoming very apparent that he wanted this beautiful little alien to be in his life for a very long time.

“Oh yes Max, very much so. We are taught about these things on my planet but I have never experienced it before. It is very pleasant is it not?”

Max’s eyes were about as big as saucers right now as he stifled a moan and chuckled instead…”Yes Liz, very pleasant indeed. Now, what do you say you check on that dinner in the oven and I will check out some new satellite images?”

“Oh yes Max…I am so sorry. I forgot all about the dinner when you said what you did.”

“Yes Liz, about that, I would like to hear more about your Santa Claus. Perhaps we could talk about that over dinner.”

“Of course Max, anything you want to know I will be more than happy to discuss this with you. I would also like to know more about this kissing business, do you think we could do that some more. It’s very nice.”

Max looked into the innocent eyes locked onto his and he groaned as he studied her for a second. Oh he was in big trouble…very big trouble.

“Oh sweetheart, if you keep looking at me like that I can guarantee that we will be doing that some more.” Liz smiled at Max and then made her way to the kitchen area to check on their meal that was now starting to send delicious aromas throughout the weather station hut and Shadow continued to rest while his companions wasted time.


Back at the North Pole Santa was at his computer waiting patiently for the satellite to reach its proper position in the sky in order to communicate with Jeff Parker.

“Jeff, have you found a solution to my problem yet?”

“Not yet Santa but Liz is on Earth…she’s staying at a weather station in Alaska, if you need transportation we can fix you up with the space ship she has cloaked there.”

“Jeff, what do you mean Liz is on earth. Why?”

“Well, there is a young man there that I felt she should meet. Her mother was just about ready to start the usual “get acquainted parties” for her and the young man Nancy had her eyes on for her is nothing but a scum bag.”

Santa had to laugh at his old friend. Fathers and their daughters were a phenomena all its own.

“Have you heard how this situation is playing out?”

“No, not yet, I programmed her ship to be idle until I send it a message to awaken. I’m sure they are getting on just fine. I am in contact with the young man’s father on earth and he is enjoying this venture as well as I. It seems the young man wanted to marry a, what is the earthly term? I believe Philip called the young woman a trollop.”

“Those are strong words Jeff…are you sure that is what he said?”

“Yes, although the young man had been seeing said young woman for quite a number of years it seems she was also seeing another young man and when our young man proposed marriage she broke his heart. That is when he took the commission to man the weather station in Alaska. We are very glad that he did as a matter of fact. It made our plan much easier when it came to figuring out how to get Liz to earth undetected. We don’t know whether this will work out or not but we are hoping. They have similar interests, similar degrees in education and they are both lovely people. If you can call a man lovely? In the meantime we have our fingers crossed.”

“Well I will cross mine as well. Remember…Dec. 24th Jeff.”

“I will do that Santa, take care and don’t work too hard.”

Santa laughed as he signed off, they were losing satellite signals rapidly.


Meanwhile, back at the weather station Max was engrossed with his satellite images as Liz busied herself with her kitchen tasks and soon dinner was ready. As she approached Max at his chair she noticed an anomaly that she didn’t hesitate to point out to Max…

“Look at that Max!”

“What is it Liz?”

“Right there…there’s a tiny little blip on the screen that doesn’t look anything like a weather picture. Max, that is coming from the direction of my planet. Someone is communicating with earth from up there.”

“Are you sure? That doesn’t resemble any earth signals that I recognize.”

“Maybe not earth signals Max, but definitely Mehelbeth…someone from my planet is talking to someone from your planet. I’ll be it’s Santa and my father.”

Max was having a really tough time controlling himself with this Santa situation and Liz. How would he ever be able to convince her that Santa evolved from an old world custom centuries before? It seemed like an impossible situation and he suddenly resigned himself to it. He would deal with it as he would with one of his children, that he would eventually have, simply wait until the realization set in that it wasn’t true. This he could handle, just table it, it was so simple it seemed ridiculous.

“You could be right Liz, is dinner about ready because it certainly smells nice in here.”

Liz gave Max a great big smile and nodded. She was so happy that he noticed; their food was different from what they had been eating and she only hoped that he found it to his liking. She wasn’t sure why this was important to her, but it suddenly was.

“Yes Max, it’s ready. I fed Shadow too…he seems to be interested in the new aroma as well, look at him.”

Max took a look over at their live in companion and smiled at the contented look on the wolf’s face. He definitely acted like a dog.

Max made his way over to the table Liz had fashioned from a few packing crates and held Liz’s chair out for her and she smiled up at him as she seated herself.
“What are we having Liz, it smells delicious.”

“My grandfather said it is equivalent to your beef. My mother used to fix it for him all the time. He called it pot roast and it is one of my favorites too. My mother made all of my favorite dishes and froze them for me before I left home. I have enough food for three months, which is how long I was supposed to be gone from home. Now I’m not sure if I’ll ever get back.” And suddenly Liz got very quiet.

“Ah Liz, don’t talk like that. I’m sure you’ll be traveling back in no time at all. Someone has to know where you are. With the technology from your planet I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that they know exactly where you are. Now enjoy your pot roast because I am certainly looking forward to it.”

Max and Liz shared a smile with each other as they passed dishes around their makeshift table. The weather station was well equipped but a table was not considered a necessity with whoever designed the living quarters. The writing desk was considered table enough for one.

After their meal was over, which was as delicious as it had smelled, Max helped Liz clean up and they decided that one of the DVDs that had been dropped with the last supply crate would be fun to watch. Max made his final report for the evening and made himself comfortable on the couch, which was also functioning as his bed since Liz had arrived, and the two young people started watching Jennifer Aniston run from her ex-husband as she tried to find a murderer in order to write a story for her column in the newspaper she worked for. Liz was totally enthralled with the concept of taped entertainment. Most of the entertainment on her planet was live. They recorded very little in entertainment; that would have been a waste of time and money.

After a while Liz started to doze and Max smiled as she curled her feet up under her on the couch and sort of moved into Max’s side. Max lifted his arm up in order for her to move in and make herself comfortable and then he dropped his hand down to rest on her arm. She fit perfectly and he smiled to himself as he also scooted into a more comfortable position. Liz lifted her head to look at her roomie and their eyes locked once more and this time they both knew what was coming and they were both ready for it, more than ready if the truth be told.

As Max moved in toward Liz’s lips she took the opportunity to situate herself onto his lap and he smiled as she made herself comfortable. Liz had never been this close to a man before and she found it quite comforting and very pleasant. Especially since that man was Max. She was not used to these feelings but she was enjoying them very much. Her mother had talked to her about the relationships between a man and a woman and what the differences of that kind of love was as compared to the love of a child for her parents but she never touched on anything like this. Was this love that she was feeling for Max? She certainly cared about him that was for certain and she absolutely LOVED the sensations she felt when they kissed but she wasn’t sure if this was the type of love her mother tried to explain to her.

When Liz finally settled herself and was lying across Max’s chest he grinned and asked…

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes Max. Now shall we kiss some more? I find it very enjoyable.”

“I’m happy to hear that Liz but kissing can be dangerous you know.” Max adjusted his arms a little so he could see Liz’s face more clearly. “It isn’t something that should be treated lightly.” He wasn’t sure just how educated Liz was on the subject of sex but he was beginning to think it was very lacking.

Liz looked up into Max’s beautiful honey colored eyes and smiled as she asked…

“Why is that Max?”

“Let me ask you a question before I answer that Liz.”

“Okay, what is it?” One thing for certain, she was not uncomfortable talking about anything so he should be the same way. If he was going to be her instructor he would rather she know all about what kissing could lead to, not that he had any intentions of performing any mating rituals with her anytime soon just because he was finding it so very easy to kiss her and to want more.


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Re: Another Christmas Story Ch. 6 12/4/11

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Carolyn: Yep, Max is in deep now and Santa is really a nice guy!!! :)
Spacecowboy:b] I like Shadow too, nice wolf to have around...doesn't talk much, minds his own business and every once in awhile he sorta' throws out an idea or two via brain waves. :wink:
Natalie36: It won't be long now...couple more weeks ...
Eve: Oh, Liz is very interested in this subject and she's a fast learner. She has to be, only a couple more chapters... :D


Chapter: 6

Max held Liz close and looked down into those trusting chocolate eyes and his heart melted. He leaned down and kissed her forehead before starting…
“Has anyone ever talked to you about sex, about procreation or about making love…anything like that Liz?”

“My mother told me that males and females eventually find a mate and they become one. Creating a family and providing offspring for the propagation of the species.”

“Well, it’s just a wee bit more involved than that.” And Max looked into those eyes once more and was rapidly losing his self-control. He moved himself around a little, adjusting Liz to a more suitable position on his lap and started again after reading the questioning look on her face. Oh. God. Please. Help Me!!! He begged…

“Liz, have you ever seen any animals mating on your planet? Animals like dogs, cats, cows, horses…anything like that?”

“Is mating on your planet like that? Animals like dogs, cats and such? But…no, not really Max. We didn’t have any live animals around our home, only pictures of creatures that inhabit our planet and some on other planets. A lot of pictures of earth animals too.”

Oh God, please… Max moaned.

“Okay sweetheart… each species has a male and a female. In order to keep the population going it is necessary for these species to mate. That includes the human species as well, us to be exact. The process usually starts with attraction to one another; this eventually leads to kissing which in turn generally leads to a more intense sexual nature. Mating to be exact!” Max suddenly felt very warm and he could feel the sweat forming on his forehead. He looked down at Liz once again and she was still watching him, waiting for more.

“And just what does this mating consist of Max?”

Max begged his maker silently...

“Liz, you are aware of the difference between the male and the female bodies are you not?”

“Of course Max, what does that have to do with anything?”

“That, Liz, has everything to do with ‘anything’…it is the joining of these two different parts that cause pregnancy and eventually birth. That is why kissing is dangerous. It leads to events that you may not be ready for. First you need a ‘get acquainted period’ then a romancing period and then, possibly, a marriage and then children. Hopefully in that order, but it is not always the way it works out.”

“What do you mean by that Max?”

Oh, God, Please! Max continued to beg...

“Oh honey, sometime all of the above are bypassed and things just happen, then we have surprise pregnancies which, for the most part, can be quite devastating.”

“Really? I can’t imagine having an offspring being devastating.”

“Oh Liz, there are many reasons for a pregnancy being devastating. For instance, if you and I should mate and that act would cause a pregnancy how would you deal with it? You are on a strange planet, far from your home, you know no one but me, how would you feel?”

“I would hope that I would be happy Max. I’m not prepared for an offspring at this time but I think I would be happy about it.”

“I would hope so too Liz but look at it from my point of view. Suppose you were pregnant and your ship started working and you wanted to go home. I wouldn’t want you leaving earth with my child Liz, it would make me very unhappy but you needed to go home. How would you feel about that?”

“I don’t know Max…would you be willing to go home with me?”

“Maybe for a visit Liz, but I don’t think I would want to leave earth permanently.”

“Well, we could visit back and forth…sort of live on both planets.”

Max looked down at the serious looking expression on his little friends face and smiled. She had an answer for everything.

“Is there anything else I should know about the dangers of kissing Max?”

“Other than the fact that it could eventually cause us to have a sexual relationship, I don’t think so.”

“Good, then kiss me Max.”

Oh God, Please help me here!

And Max leaned in and proceeded to kiss Liz Parker, visitor from a far off planet and continued to beg the gods in the heavens to help him control himself.

“Max?” Liz was breathless…

“Hmm…” Max was just as breathless…

“Show me.” Liz whispered…

Oh God!

“Show you what Liz?” Max groaned.

“Please, don’t make me beg Max…” She whispered.

“Liz, what you are asking can never be taken back…you have a gift to give the man you fall in love with Liz and once this gift is taken away it can never be returned.”

“I know that Max, now will you please show me.”


“Sweetheart, you aren’t listening to me, as a matter of fact I don’t think anyone is listening to me!” Max all but shouted…

“Yes Max, I am listening to you and you say that I have this gift to give to the person I want to share my life with. Right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well Max, I choose you. I want to share my life with you.”

“Liz, you don’t know me.”

“Yes Max, I do know you and I choose you.”

“Oh Liz, it’s not that easy, I have to be in on the choosing as well.”

God, Please, I need you now! Max pleaded… He had never begged so hard for anything in his life before…not even when he prayed for his mountain racing bike as a teen.

“Don’t you want me Max?”

Oh Dear God in heaven up above look at those eyes…

“You don’t understand Liz…yes I want you but I’m not so sure we will want each other forever. Forever is a long time Liz.”

“Yes it is Max and I want you forever.”

“Liz, do you know any other men?”

“No and I don’t want to.”


And with that Liz Parker had decided to end all conversation and to get back to the business at hand…she was going to kiss Max Evans until he lost all resolve. She was absolutely sure that there was more to this mating ritual than Max was telling her and she fully intended to find out what it was. ‘Consider it as part of my education’ she thought to herself and promptly made herself very comfortable on Max’s lap, wrapping her right arm around his neck and stretching up just a little to reach his lips. He did not pull away from her and the heat was on…

GOD FORGIVE ME!!! Max chanted and all bets were off…

Max loved every part of Liz’s body, starting with the soft skin right below her ear and working his way down. His hands roamed, kneaded, squeezed and explored. He picked Liz up and carried her to her bed where he carefully removed her space suit and soaked in the beauty of her body. She was not the least by shy about her nakedness and was very welcoming to all of Max’s attentions. Max could only smile down at her as he prepared to continue his ministrations.

“Max, shouldn’t you undress as well?”

“Liz, I was going to make this nght about you sweetheart.”

“No Max, you need to join me in this, it should be about both of us.”

Max smiled down at her, God all but forgotten by this time, and he started to remove his clothes taking great pains to try and control all sexual urges. It was like trying to hold back the tide. Not even turning away from Liz was helping…the more he tried not to think of her the harder he got and by the time the last article of clothing was removed Max was at full staff. Ram rod stiff, this was not good.

Liz’s eyes were growing wider and wider with every inch Max grew and Max was the one that was becoming uncomfortable.

“Are you alright Liz?”

“Yes, but if I understood you correctly Max, that is going to be put into me is that not correct?”

“That is correct Liz but...”

He was interrupted…”Will that fit Max?”

“Yes Liz, I’m certain it will fit but not tonight. Tonight is all about you and as much as you think this is what you want we are going to take this very slow. I want you to be totally aware of what a pleasure this can be before we go into any actual acts of sex. I hope you will enjoy this and if you are uncomfortable with anything that I do please let me know.”

“Alright Max, but know this, I want to experience everything.”

“I’ll give it my best shot Liz, now, question and answer period is over sweetheart just scoot over.” And Liz smiled and did as instructed.

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Re: Another Christmas Story Ch. 7 12/9/11

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Carolyn: You are certainly right about that...he doesn't stand a chance... :D
Eve: So far Jeff and Philip's plan is working out just the way they had it figured...poor Max!!!
Natalie36: Too bad every woman on earth doesn't have a teacher like that!!!1 :wink:


Chapter: 7

When Max had pleasured Liz in every way he could think of he lay back against the pillow, taking her with him and he asked…

“How do you feel sweetheart?”

“Wonderful doesn’t seem like the right word Max. I’ve never experienced anything like that before and I could get very used to that, but that is not really mating is it?”

“No Liz, that was called foreplay… some would say messing around and the list goes on but it definitely wasn’t the real thing. We will save that for another time.”

“Why didn’t we do the real mating ritual Max?”

“Because I don’t want to experience an unwanted pregnancy Liz any more than I want you going home with my child and I definitely don’t want you staying here when you don’t want to. We have plenty of time to make these decisions; in the meantime, if you want to experience this type of activity then it will have to be this way until I can come up with some protection to prevent you from getting pregnant.”

“Then there is something we can do to prevent a pregnancy?”

“Yes, but if I ask the supply sergeant to send me condoms I will raise an awfully lot of questions back at the home base. These things are only used for this purpose. I’m sure they can be used for other things but for the life of me I can’t think of anything other than sex right now.”

Max continued to rub on Liz’s tummy as they talked and she continued to rub her hands across his chest and down his arms. Soon they were back to kissing and Max had Liz back in the throes of passion in no time at all…she certainly was a receptive little lover that’s for sure and her inquisitiveness was a joy to behold.

The following week Max received an extra supply drop which included his Christmas gifts from his parents. There was a special gift from his father and Max was totally flabbergasted when he opened the package. It wasn’t a box but a full case of condoms. What the? His father was constantly pumping him for information regarding female visitors but this was ridiculous. What had possessed the man to send him these?

He also received an artificial Christmas tree from his mother along with a box of decorations and he gave those to Liz. She was like a small child when she saw what was in the package and she couldn’t wait to decorate the hut. Max found out that they celebrated Christmas on her planet as well and that tree decorating was also one of their traditions. Liz had also noticed the other package Max had received but pretended like she hadn’t seen it. Max would share when he was ready and in the meantime he was keeping her very happy with foreplay although she was secretly wanting to experience having sex and only with Max. She definitely loved the man and she knew also that she was in love with him as well.


Santa was communicating with Jeff Parker once more and informed the man that Dasher was still under the weather and there wasn’t anyone that could figure out what the problem was.

“Santa, do you think I should send an emergency ship down with my best medical team?”

“It couldn’t hurt Jeff…there’s only one more week before we’ll need to take Liz’s ship and that just isn’t right Jeff and you know it.”

“Well Santa the ship will leave today and should arrive on the 23rd. I hope the poor creature didn’t catch something when you were her for our Christmas. That would be tragic.”

“Oh Jeff, don’t give it a second thought. Poster thinks it’s old age but I disagree. Although we have no idea what our lifespan is I’m sure we would all be feeling the symptoms and none of the other animals nor the personnel are feeling ill. I think it’s something else.”

“Well Santa, we’ll certainly do our best to find out. In the meantime I’ll put Liz on the alert. I think it’s time to activate the ship to check on her anyway. I’ll be in touch Santa.”

“Thanks Jeff.”

The old friends rang off and Jeff took advantage of the satellite position to activate Liz’s ship so he could get in touch with her.


Liz took Shadow out to the space ship with her on her regular check in and the wolf followed close on her heels just as any good dog would do and Max smiled as he saw the two of them leave the hut.

Max was busy analyzing weather patterns and keeping an eye on a strong pattern blowing down across the Atlantic and heading right on toward the Eastern seaboard and it looked like it would reach the coast of America right about Christmas Eve. This was going to create all kinds of problems for Christmas travelers. He immediately sent his report off to Jay and continued his search for more anomalies further out in space when he heard a loud ‘whoopee’ coming from outside. He smiled to himself and figured Liz had found another stray out there.

Liz couldn’t believe that things were in good working condition and she immediately composed a message for her parents and sent it over the waves when she noticed that she had one from her father.

“Liz, please forgive me for sending you to earth but it was the only way I could figure out how to get you out of the clutches of that oaf, Brad. Your mother is furious with me but I know you landed okay and I’m hoping that you are being watched over by Max Evans who happens to be my friend Philip’s son. The reason that I am opening the ship sooner than I wanted to is because Dasher is sick and Santa may need to use your ship on Christmas Eve. Please forgive me for doing what I did Liz but you needed to get out and see some life before your mother had you married to that boy.”

Liz sat and read her father’s message over and over again before she could bring herself to answer him. If the truth was known she didn’t know exactly how to answer him. She sat and thought about it for a little while and then decided what she would do.

“Dear Dad,

Tell mom I’m fine, I have met Max and tell Santa the ship is ready for him if he needs it…It will be a different Christmas without those reindeer.


And she sent the message. She didn’t know what else to say. It would have been nice if she had known that she was coming to Earth and although her mother wanted her to mate with Brad it didn’t mean she had to comply with her mother’s wishes. She was in love with Max, she knew this for certain, but it would have been nice to have been more relaxed about the meeting than she had been. She was so confused by this confession and it just didn’t seem fair for some reason. She felt betrayed. She was 24 years old, had studied hard her whole life and was to make a maiden voyage around their solar system collecting data. She intended to write a book on her findings and have it published. It just didn’t seem fair even though she found Max. She just was not comfortable with the entire scenario. He father was wrong and that was the only way she could analyze the situation right now. She didn’t want to go back to the hut; she didn’t know how to tell Max that they had been set up.


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Re: Another Christmas Story (ADULT) Ch. 8 12/16/11

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Natalie36: God, I sincerely hope not!!! :(
Eve: Let's see how things work out for our two "pop sickles" ... I'm sure Max will be able to use a couple of those condoms eventually, let's hope so anyway. :wink:
Carolyn: Yep, a whole case...he has great expectations for his son...says a lot for Philip too, don't you think? :roll:


Chapter: 8

Max finished his report and noticed the time as he logged off the U S weather site and wondered where Liz was. She was usually back by this time…he went to the coat rack hanging next to the door and sat on the bench to put his boots on, grabbed his jacket, hat and gloves and was out the door in no time at all. When he exited the hut there wasn’t any sign of Liz or Shadow and he started to feel very anxious. He let his eyes wander around the area looking for anything strange; it all seemed to be well and then he noticed the steps to the ship were down and the hatch was open. He made his way over to the space ship and went inside where he found his love, yes his love, sitting at her control panel looking as though she had just lost her best friend.

“Liz? What’s wrong sweetheart?” Max was at Liz’s side in nothing flat and had her wrapped in his arms in a fierce hug. Liz just sat there in a daze and then suddenly she looked at Max and started to sob…

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong? What happened to upset you so?”

“Oh Max, I am so embarrassed. May father set us up.”

“What do you mean he set us up? How could he set us up?”

“Here, read this.”

And Max took the spare seat and read Jeff Parker’s message. He felt a little betrayed as well as Liz…after all, his father was in on the set up as well but all in all it wasn’t a bad thing…he definitely saw the good in their plan but it was sneaky that’s for sure. And then he smiled,

“Come here Liz.” And Max held out his arms to Liz and she made her way over to his chair and took a seat on his lap. Shadow just laid there and raised one eyebrow and then the other, watching the two people interact with each other and then he decided to take a nap.

“Liz, both of our fathers pulled a very sneaky ploy here and although I don’t like the idea of being used let’s just say, that in this case, I think it worked out quite well. The only thing we have to figure out is how we are going to make this relationship we have going here work out for us. I wonder if they’ve thought about that too?”

“Oh Max, when I said we could live on both planets I wasn’t kidding. We could make it work.”

“I’m not so sure Liz. I have commitments her on Earth that I have to meet and these plans don’t include planet hopping for at least another four years…well just a little over three years now. I’ve served some of my time already.”

“Oh Max, I’m not saying you should move to Mehelbeth but we could visit there once in a while couldn’t we?”

Max kissed Liz’s forehead and smiled as he cleared the tears from her cheeks with his thumb.

“Yes Liz, we can go there once in a while. We’ll park your space ship in the back yard and take off every time you get lonesome.”

Liz giggled at the ridiculousness of Max’s statement and then they both looked at each other and smiled a knowing smile…why not? The thing had a cloaking device and if they bought a place in the country it could work.

“Come on Sweetheart, let’s lock up and get back to the station before it gets too dark to see. Let’s go Shadow.” And the three friends made their way back to the hut to settle in for the evening.


Up at the North Pole a very frustrated Santa Claus paced the barn as every well known animal doctor in the land made their way to the stables to check on the ailing reindeer. Finally one of the old farmers came forth and whispered in Santa’s ear…

“Santa, Dasher needs a mate.”

Santa looked at the old man like he had lost his mind and then ordered the wranglers responsible for the reindeer to go out into the woods and find a female reindeer for Dasher. It didn’t take them long to come back to the stables because there, in the woods, just on the other side of the stables was a female reindeer pacing nervously back and forth. When Dasher saw the female he jumped up from his stall and made a loud noise and tossed his head from side to side. Santa couldn’t believe his eyes. He must contact Jeff immediately before the space ship from Mehelbeth got too far out into the galaxy.

Dasher was so happy to have found his mate that he didn’t even bother to acknowledge the various doctors standing in his barn.


Back on Mehelbeth Jeff Parker held his daughter’s message and he wondered if he and Philip had made a mistake. Liz’s message sounded so cold and unemotional; so unlike her. God, what had he done?

Shortly after Liz’s message came in he received another one from Santa. Apparently the only thing wrong with Dasher was he was love sick. This message made Jeff smile broadly but Liz’s message was still a puzzle. He was halfway tempted not to share it with Nancy but she did deserve to know that their daughter was safe and being taken care of. He would have to share it with her that’s all there was to it.


Back at the weather station Liz continued to decorate for Earth’s Christmas and Max helped her occasionally. Max even took her out with the snow mobile and hunted down some pine trees, as sparse as they were, to make some wreaths for the door and the space ship. This actually brought a smile to Max’s face as he helped her load the branches onto the back of the small vehicle. When Liz had finished decorating it really did look very festive.

They had taken to using the space ship for many household chores since it was much better equipped than anything the hut was equipped with. Such as laundry; the space ship was capable of recycling waste water and it was much easier than the drainage on the other side of the huts back wall. The world could learn an awfully lot from this far away planet.

December 24th finally rolled around and Liz had chosen their dinner from the stores in the space ship for their Christmas Eve celebration. Liz had found Max’s present from his father and opened the case, put three of the foil packets under Max’s pillow, and proceeded to the kitchen. Max and Liz had been sharing the only bed in the hut since Liz’s introduction to ‘fore play’. She was not complaining about the attention that Max showed her with practically every night but she truly wanted to experience Max’s body. She had decided that his would be their Christmas present.

They had a lovely dinner together, Max gave Shadow a can of the beef stew along with his Purina, and then they loaded the movie they had chosen earlier ”A Christmas Carol” since Liz had never seen it and just as they settled down on the couch, making themselves comfortable, they heard a soft jingling noise outside. They quickly ran to the door of the hut and made their way outside and looked up…there, making his way right through the path of the moon, was Santa Claus and Max Evans stood slack jawed as Liz waved and jumped up and down with glee. Max could have sworn he heard…”Merry Christmas Liz, Merry Christmas Max” and that fast the vision had disappeared.


“Do you believe now Max?”

“Yes Liz, I believe you.” And he bent down and kissed Liz’s forehead before leading her back into the hut.

“Max, will you take me to bed now?”

Max smiled down on the petite young woman who had captured his heart and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her for real. So far she had been very receptive to everything he had introduced her to; he just didn’t want to hurt her.

“Of course Liz but what about our movie?”

“We can watch it tomorrow. Come on Shadow, let’s make a potty call and call it a day.” The wolf slowly got up, stretched himself out and made his way to the door for his last visit of the day and then max and Liz made their way to their warm bed.

Max slowly made his way around the corner of the bed and started unbuttoning Liz’s night shirt, which was actually one of Max’s shirts, and Liz worked the buttons on Max’s shirt for him. Soon the two love birds were settled in comfortably next each other for the night, exploring each other’s bodies and totally enjoying the experience. Then when it was time for the ultimate Liz reached under Max’s pillow and handed the foil to him, he was shocked. Liz looked up at Max and smiled and nodded yes.

“Merry Christmas Max.” She continued to hold the foil out to him and he just shook his head…

“Are you sure Liz?”

“Oh my yes, more than sure…please don’t make me wait any longer to love you Max. I want you so badly and you have been so good to me and so patient. You have what you said you needed, what’s stopping you?”

“Oh sweetheart I love you so much and I don’t want you to regret this.”

“I love you too Max and I know I won’t regret it…please.”

That was all Max needed to hear to break down his resolve. It definitely wasn’t anything he was going to regret that’s for sure and he started his exploration. It was technically her first time and he was going to make it just as memorable as he could considering they were in one of the most remote areas on Earth and what could be a better way to spend their time than loving each other. It was the beginning of a great love story…one that would be told from one galaxy to the other and Max made love to his Liz making her feel like the most cherished person on the earth and as far as Max Evans was concerned she was, as a matter of fact she was the most cherished person of two worlds.

The end...

Next week the epilogue!!! :D

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Re: Another Christmas Story (ADULT) Ch. Epilogue 12/22/11

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Eve: Thank you for the fine feed back and here's the conclusion...I hope you enjoy it. :D
Natalie36: Your wish is my command, :)
Hi Lizza: I hope this is soon enough for you sweetie, enjoy... :wink:
Carolyn: Glad to see you over here too, I'll take all I can get! :roll: Thank you.

Well everyone, here's the end a little early but I'll be gone for a couple of days and needed to update before taking off so all of you lurkers and friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless, Ginger


Epilogue :

It was four years later and New Mexico was having an unusually hot December. Max was just pulling up into his driveway when he heard some music coming from the back patio. He made his way around the stucco house that was situated out in the middle of the New Mexico desert, just far enough away from seeing eyes, and he started laughing. It was Christmas Eve; he had just finished his stint with the navy a few months before and was now employed by the U.S. Weather Bureau in New Mexico as a private citizen.

There was Liz, all decked out in a tiny little red bikini and a red elf hat with a ball of white fur hanging from its point, dancing to a song that she had heard on one of those infomercials a while back and he understood exactly what she was up to as he heard…

Do that to me one more time
Once is never enough with a man like you
Do that to me one more time
I can never get enough of a man like you
Whoa-oh-oh, kiss me like you just did
Oh, baby, do that to me once again

Pass that by me one more time
Once is never enough for my heart to hear
Whoa-oh-oh, tell it to me one more time
I can never hear enough while I got'ya near
Whoa-oh-oh, say those words again that you just did
Oh, baby tell it to me once again

Do that to me one more time
Once is never enough with a man like you
Whoa-oh-oh, do that to me one more time
I can never get enough of a man like you
Whoa-oh-oh, kiss me like you just did
Oh, baby do that to me once again

Whoa-oh-oh, baby, do that to me once again
Whoa-oh-ho-oh-oh-oh, baby, do that to me one more time
(Do it again)
One more time
(Do it again)
One more time
(Do it again)
One more time

(Do it again)
One more time

Written by: Toni Tennille
For her husband the Captain


(You can google this and hear it if you want to, it’s really cute1)

Max stood there and shook his head as he smiled at his wife while she danced around the patio for him, using a spatula as a microphone while intermittently flipping steaks, corn and potatoes on the outdoor grill. Soon he couldn’t take it any longer and made his way over to Liz and took her into his arms. He reached behind her, turned the fire off under the grill, put the spatula back into its holder and gently lifted her up and made his way into the house. It didn’t take him long to do that to her one more time and then again another and she sighed as she smiled and was so very happy that they had discontinued the condoms, the birth control pills and all forms of birth control a few months ago…Max was going to love his Christmas present, of this she was certain and a certain wolf laid next to the air conditioning vent and slept.


The End.

If you haven’t guessed it, here it is!


Merry Christmas Everyone

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.