When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) COMPLETE 12/11

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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch.10 & A/N 7/18

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:07 pm

A/N: Thank you, begonia9508, keepsmiling7, natalie36, mary mary, roswellian117. You guys are the reason I keep writing. A special thanks for Natalie36 for the vote of confidence in the writing department. I appreciate it!

Ch. 11

"Ava my dear, such a surprise to see you with the others ready to fight me and here I thought you were on our side." Khivar teased her as he slowly walked towards them. "And Zan, I must say...you are nothing of what I expected." He told Max as he looked him over once. Khivar's eyes stopped on Isabel making her uncomfortable, Michael saw him staring at her and sent him flying through the air.

Max, Tess and Isabel glanced at Michael and then back at Khivar who was now getting up pretending to wipe dust off of him as he laughed, "Michael, stop..." Isabel whispered to him.

Laughing Khivar stood with his arms crossed, "Well, Rath always were the quick one weren't you?" Looking back at Isabel he placed a finger to his lips as if he were thinking, "Why Vilandra...still such a beauty." He told her, his voice deep with passion.

Isabel shuddered in disgust, "I'm not that same person any more. You don't know me..." She hissed feeling anger overwhelming her.

Khivar just smirked then turned his attention on Max and Tess, "And you two, I should have known you'd figure it out and that Ava here would come running back to help you."

"My name's Tess, you sick bastard." Tess told Khivar, "I should have never agreed to help you and Allya."

At the mention of her name Khivar's back stiffened, Michael took notice quickly, "Yeah, we had your wife and I emphasis on the word had." Michael explained smirking, "She was no use to us and plus we had a little help disposing of her before we got in here...but you would have been proud she put up one helluva fight." He told Khivar trying to pick out his weakness even more.

Khivar showed no emotion on his face, "You killed her?" He asked calmly.

Max just shrugged, "We had no use for her, why should have kept her around?" He asked him with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Finally hearing Max speak Khivar just smiled, "Of course, my royal highness." Khivar spat out mockingly pretending to bow in front of him, "Should I bow down in your presence?"

"You should." Tess answered.

Khivar snapped his head and looked at Tess, "Such fierce words from such a weak one like you. Would you like to hear about how Nasedo and I used you to our advantage?" Tess looked at him confused, causing Khivar to laugh at her, "That's right, you were nothing but a pawn in our game. My lovely bride helped us control you. Your sister...Allya..." Taking note of her face he continued, "That's right Ava, you my dear just killed your baby sister."

"Your lying!" Tess yelled with a flick of her hand Khivar went flying through the air. Max, Isabel and Michael were by her side quickly.

Khivar stood up just as quick, "Allya is or was better yet, your sister...you were betrothed to Zan here." He said gesturing towards Max causing Max to look down sadly. "But you my dear knew Zan wanted nothing to do with you and you were more then happy to get out of the marriage." With that being said Max looked at Tess who was seething in anger, "So Allya had no choice but to control your mind to make you believe you loved him. She's been doing it ever since you were sent down here to Earth in this human form." He said with disgust lacing his voice. "Your father Nasedo had demanded you get pregnant with Zan's heir so he could rule the planet but you refused which angered your sister even more that you would turn your back on your family all because believed in doing good." Khivar explained with a roll of his eyes. "So it was an easy decision, we had to take control...and we used you every single day and made you do what we wanted..."

"Your lying." Max echoed Tess's voice, Max looked over to Tess who was now looking down at her feet, "Tess..."

Tess looked up at Max tears welling up in her eyes, "I don...I don't know if it's true or not." She admitted causing Max just to nod in silence.

If this was true then he would know that's why he never felt anything towards her even after hearing about this so called destiny. Maybe, just maybe Tess was not completely at fault for her awful behavior but at the same time it would not fix the damage that had already been done. "Why should we believe anything you say?" Isabel spoke up breaking Max of his thoughts.

"Like I care if you believe me or not." Khivar openly told them all. "I take joy in knowing that we killed your human friend..." Khivar smiled, "Alex was it?"

Isabel saw red, she blasted him with a force of energy causing him to double over in pain and spit out blood. "You bastard!" Isabel yelled before walking over to him but Max and Michael were quicker stopping her in her place. "Don't you ever say his name again!" Isabel cried out.

Khivar tried to stand but was knocked down again by another force of energy that came from Michael. "I say we kill him, here and now."

Max looked back at Tess and then at his sister and Michael, then at Khivar. They all agreed that this would be their only shot. Tess walked over next to Michael, "You don't have the power to destroy me!" Khivar snapped out. "I'll be back, you can't kill me. You don't know how."

Tess shook her head, "Your wrong about that..." Tess cocked her head to the side, "My so called father left me some information about that...just in case of emergencies." Khivar looked at her surprised, "I don't think he meant for something like this, but I sure as hell can't think of any better way to use the knowledge...what about you guys?"

"For once we agree on something." Michael said agreeing with Tess not taking his eyes off Khivar. His hand still raised his powers focused on his enemy keeping him down on his knees. Isabel raised her hand focusing her energy on Khivar, another force of power jolted through Khivar.

"This is for Alex." Isabel whispered as she focused more power through the connection she was sending through hers and Michael's energy that was now combined. Max looked at the two, they were covered in sweat, eyes closed, hands intertwined. He looked over Tess who just closed her eyes and held her hand out to Max.

Max turned his attention to Khivar who was screaming out in pain, grasping his head. Max shut his eyes before taking Tess's hand. He too became drenched in sweat as he focused his energy to combine Tess's powers. Before they knew it they felt themselves being flown through the air. The last thing they heard was Khivar screaming in agony and then a blast of heat hit their faces. They pushed themselves off the ground in time to see Khivar's body being engulfed in flames. "Wait..." Max yelled holding his hand out as if wanting to stop it.

"Maxwell! Stop..." Michael yelled grabbing him.

"No, that's an innocent person he's possessed." Max tried to struggle against Michael to get to burning flames.

Isabel gasped in horror, "It's too late, Max...he was dead from the moment Khivar took control of his body." Tess tried to tell him.

Max turned and glared at her, "And how the hell do you know?! Why should I believe you?" He snapped. He knew she had been right, but that didn't mean he wanted her to be right. Once they had gotten Allya's essence out of LeAnna's body with Larek's help, Max had tried to heal her but it had been too late. He faintly remembered hearing Kyle and Michael mentioning that it seemed LeAnna had died awhile ago and that Allya had just used her body but he had hoped they could save over Khivar had taken over but he had known now that was impossible.

"Max..." Isabel cried coming over to her brother, "It's over." Max wrapped his arms around his sister, hugging her closely to him. "It's over now, right?" She asked him hopeful. She felt Max nod against her.

Michael continued to watch the fire die down, "We should go Max, Liz is gonna need you." Max turned and looked at Michael, "Let's get out of here." Michael looked at Tess, "All of us." Tess tried to smile but failed miserably. The four of them walked out of the warehouse, feeling exhausted. Their body's covered in ash from the fire. Hoping into the SUV, Michael peeled out of there quickly driving to get to one destination. Was it really over? He asked himself. Or was just one part of it over? What happens now with Tess, with Max, Liz and the baby? Only time would tell, he told himself.

Back at the hotel-

Maria continued to hold a screaming baby in her arms trying to calm the small baby down. Kyle was trying to heat a bottle up but failing miserably not sure how to even fix one. Jim had headed downstairs to the nearby grocery store to buy some baby supplies they might need and Larek, well he was staring out the window with his eyes shut. Maria noticed, "Hey Larek, any suggestions here?" She snapped at him, "Or you going to continue to act like your looking out that window with your eyes shut?"

Larek looked at her, "I'm trying to focus on getting in touch with Max."

"We have these nifty devices down here on Earth called cell phones." Kyle said waving the phone in front of Larek's face causing Maria to chuckle. "Where's Liz?" Kyle asked looking at the bedroom door that was closed. Liz had refused to hold the baby, as soon as she had woken up in the cruiser she didn't say a word and once they had gotten Zander from where Larek had him hidden she refused to acknowledge him.

Maria sighed, "She won't come out of that room." She said sadly, "It's like she wants nothing to do with him." Looking down at Zander sadly who was sucking at his thumb now. "She wanted him back so badly...and now he's here, alive and well and she wants nothing to do with." She cried out frustrated.

"It is not her fault." Larek explained, "Khivar tried to plant some vivid images in her head...about Zander, about Max and Tess."

"Of course!" Maria snorted in disgust. "When there's trouble around count on Tess being involved."

Larek shook his head, "There are things you are not aware of." Larek tried to explain, "Things no one even on Antar were aware of until just recently."

"Things like what?" Kyle asked confused.

"We will have to wait for Max." Larek just said before his eyes were shut again.

Kyle threw his hands up, "Un-friggin-believable." Kyle huffed out, "What the hell? Is he friggin a Buddha alien? He does more meditating then I do?"

Maria rolled her eyes, "Please Kyle, stop with the Buddha bullshit, we got enough problems to deal with then you being confused about your religion!"

Kyle turned and looked at her feigning hurt, "Maria..."

"Don't Maria me!" She snapped at him gesturing to the baby in her arms, "I've got one baby right here, screaming and crying, I don't need another, deal with your personal issues on your own time Buddha boy!" Kyle opened his mouth but shut it just as quick when he caught Maria's glare. "That's better, now where the hell is your father?"

"What are you my friggin mother?" Kyle muttered under his breath.

"I heard that!" Maria snipped back. Kyle rolled his eyes, "Don't make me smack you upside the head." She threatened, just as she was walking over to smack Kyle the door flew open. "Jim! Thank God." Jim came carrying in 3 large bags of baby supplies followed by Michael with another two bags, "Michael, oh my god! Are you okay?" She cried out hugging Michael before pulling back to see Max, Isabel and Tess come in behind Jim and Michael, finally taking in their haggard appearance. Turning her attention towards Tess, "And what the hell is the alien bitch from hell doing here?" She snapped.

Max just ignored her and walked over to take the screaming baby out of her arms, immediately Zander stop crying and started to close his eyes. Larek stood up smiling, "Where's Liz?" Max asked alarmed.

"She refused to come out of the room." Kyle told him, "And how the hell did you get him to stop screaming?" He asked him.

Max didn't answer just looked down at the baby finally to realize he was truly holding his son his arms finally, "It's their connection that they share." Larek explained to Maria and Kyle. Isabel decided to go ahead and make a bottle for the baby as Michael just hugged Maria to him taking in the fact that his best friend finally had his family back at the same time. He was an uncle! He thought to himself excitedly.

Tess just sat down next to Jim not bothering to look up from where she was fidgeting with fringe of a pillow on the couch. She could feel Kyle and Maria's eyes burning a hole into her, "Are you ok?" Jim whispered to her.

Tess looked up surprised but before she could stop herself the tears came rolling down her cheeks, "I don't know." Was all she could say.

Maria rolled her eyes at her comment, as if sensing that Maria was getting agitated Michael led her outside to the balcony to explain what happened, "Let's go blondie...we need to talk." Maria just followed in suite behind him, happy to know he was safe and in one piece.

Kyle walked over to Isabel, "Are you okay?" He asked her stopping her from her movements around the small kitchenette in the hotel room. Isabel just smiled, "I tried to make a bottle, didn't work out to well." He said gesturing to the mess.

Isabel smiled, "I see that." She said shaking the bottle before walking towards Max.

Handing him the bottle, Max took it from Isabel and placed it at Zander's lips. Zander wrapped his little lips around the nipple causing Max's heart to warm, "Sir, we need to talk." Larek told him.

Max nodded, "Not now, why hasn't Liz come out?" He said looking up at Kyle.

"She refused to even acknowledge the kid." He told Max obviously just as confused as Max was. "Larek here was just saying that Khivar planted some pretty nasty images in her head of the baby and you and Tess." He finished looking at Tess at the end of his explanation, Tess looked up in time to meet Kyle's dirty look.

"What do you mean, son?" Jim asked worried now.

Max looked to Larek now, "That's what I wanted to talk to you about." Larek told him. "When I healed her I saw what Khivar did and it's not good."

Max nodded looking down at Zander, "Isabel can you..." He said. Isabel caught holding her hands out for the baby.

"I'll keep him safe Max." Isabel promised. Max smiled as he placed a gentle kiss to his son's forehead before heading into the bedroom where Liz was now at.

Taking this time now to turn to Tess, Kyle spoke up, "So why the hell aren't you dead like the rest of their enemies?" Kyle asked her calmly leaning back against the counter in the kitchenette. Tess looked at Jim who offered a sympathetic smile, then at Isabel who was too busy fawning over her new nephew that was safe and sound, then at Kyle who continued to show nothing but disgust in his eyes for her. How could she explain when she herself didn't understand completely what was going on? She thought to herself. She took a deep breath before standing up, this night was long from over.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 11 7/19 Pg.6

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Ch 12.

Max walked into the bedroom shutting the door behind him. He took cautious step forward not wanting to startle her, he noticed her sitting on the side of the bed just staring at the wall. Shoving his hands in his pockets nervously he cleared his throat, noticing she still didn't move, "Liz..." He whispered trying to keep his voice calm. His body screaming to go to her, take her in his arms to make sure she was really there, to let her know she was safe, that their son was safe. But taking heed to Larek's words that Khivar had made her see many things he decided to hold back. When she didn't turn to face him he slowly walked over to the bed sitting at the foot of it. "Liz..." He spoke again softly leaning forward on the bed a bit.

She didn't turn around, her soft voice was raspy and shaky, "Your not really here...No ones really here." Was all she said causing Max's heart to break. "This isn't real."

"That's not true, Liz..." He tried to tell her, "I am real...it's all real. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, that I couldn't get to you sooner." He apologized to her, "But he's gone, Khivar is dead. He can't hurt us any more..." He felt his voice break as he tried to convince her, "Liz, baby...our son, Zander, he's here...he's alive..."

Liz's head whipped around to look at him, "Don't you ever say his name again!!!" Liz yelled at him causing Max to flinch, "He's dead! Khivar killed him for being human and it's all my fault because I wasn't an alien!!! I was nothing but a pathetic human!!!" She continued to yell angrily at him.

Max stood up immediately, standing in front of her he grabbed her by her arms forcing her to stand, "NO!" Was all he said before crashing his lips down to hers. He felt her resist but he wouldn't give up. He snaked his tongue out across her smooth lips, asking for permission, knowing the only way to get her to see it was real was to open their connection. Feeling Liz's lips part he snaked his tongue in to caress against hers not helping the moan that escaped from deep in his throat. He felt his grip loosen from her arms and drift down around her waist pulling her closer to him, he Liz's hands wrap around his neck as he felt her tongue duel against his. Their connection was wide open, he could feel a fire burning deep in the pit of his stomach.


Liz saw and felt everything, she could feel the confusion that swept through Max as she heard Larek tell him that the girl Max was with now was an impostor, that it was really Khivar's mate. She could feel his emotions as Larek explained to him that her and Max's son was safe and alive here on Earth.


She saw Max panicked over how to get her away safely from Khivar, the relief that swept over him as he finally got her and saw she was alive. She saw Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess killing Khivar, their hands joined, eyes closed. The connection they shared as they focused on killing Khivar together.


She heard Khivar taunt all of them as he told them about how he and Allya used Tess to do their dirty work. How they used her from when she was on Antar. She finally saw Max breathing a sigh of relief as he ran out of the warehouse and getting into the SUV with the others with only her in mind.


Liz felt the joy that overcame Max as he finally held their son in his arms. The way his son immediately stopped crying and felt calmer as Max held him. She felt Max nerves go on red alert noticing that she was not the one waiting for him with their son in her arms. Sadness taking over him as the others told him that she wouldn't acknowledge Zander.

End Flashback

As Liz felt everything Max did over the course of events, Max carefully laid her on the bed, propping himself up on one of his elbows so not to crush while the other hand caressed up and down her arm. Max then felt Liz wrap her legs around Max's waist grinding her lower body into his growing erection. Then Liz returned the connection opening herself completely to Max.


Liz feeling joy, excitement, anxious and so much more as she cleaned herself up after the wedding then complete darkness consuming her. Raw fear taking over as she came to only to find out she was tied down. He felt Liz completely horrified to see the man Khivar standing in front of her.


Max saw the images Khivar planted in her mind. Tess and Max wrapped around each other naked, consumed in nothing but sexual bliss. Tess holding a baby in her arms and Max with an arm wrapped around Tess. Max placing a ring on Tess's finger feeling love for her.


Max saw as Khivar killed Liz's and his baby. Khivar showing Liz that Max was blaming her, telling her she was unworthy and to blame for being nothing but human and killing Zander. Max running to Tess kissing her, telling her she was his destiny.

End Flashback

Max tore his lips away from hers with a sickening cry, "No, it was all a lie baby, look at me!" He demanded of her noticing tears falling down her face refusing to open her eyes.

"I'm scared if I do it will all be a dream." She admitted. Her lips puffy and swollen from their kiss.

Max swallowed past the lump in his throat, taking his free hand he pushed a strand of hair out her face and behind her ear still caressing her cheek as he spoke, "I'm real baby, it's not a dream. Open your eyes and see for yourself, trust me. What Khivar should you was just a lie, it was all a mind trick." He explained to her in a soothing voice. Liz looked her lips nervously before deciding to open her eyes slowly, she still refused to meet his eyes, "Look at me baby." He told her nudging her chin up to get her to look him in the eye.

"Max..." Was all she said when she finally really looked at him and started sobbing into his chest. Max rolled them over so that he was on the bottom and Liz was laying on top of him. She continued to sob in the crook of his neck as we rubbed a soothing hand up and down her back. "Max..." She kept repeating his name like some kind of mantra.

Meanwhile out on the balcony Maria wrapped her arms around herself as she felt a chill consume her, even though it felt like it was 100 degree's out. She looked up at the sky before turning around and leaned against the railing, "Why Michael? Why bring her here?" She asked feeling the anger starting to consume her as she gestured inside pointing towards Tess.

Michael took a step a closer to her but stopped mid step when she held out a hand to stop him, sighing he ran a hand over his weary face, "Because Maria, we couldn't kill her. She's going to pay for what she did to Alex, you have to trust me." He told her, "But there's other things going on right now that you aren't aware of."

Rolling her eyes, "There's always something with you aliens. What is it this time? What lies has she fed you now?" She snapped at him.

"She didn't tell us anything, Khivar did..."

"What did Khivar tell you?" Cocking an eyebrow at him as if to tell him to try her. 'This should be interesting. She thought to herself.

"She's Allya's sister." Michael told her.

Maria looked at him a moment before cracking up laughing, "Yea, right Michael! And I'm an alien warrior!" She said as she laughed at him sarcastically. "Please!" Noticing that he was being serious she stopped laughing just as quick, "Your serious aren't you?" She asked him only to receive a nod in response. "So let me get this straight Tess was Allya's sister?"

Michael sat down on the lounge chair, staring at his hands as he rubbed them together, "Khivar explained to us that Allya and him had planned to seduce Zan at the time but she refused to so Allya had no other choice in, order for their plan to work, but to control Tess's thoughts and emotions back on Antar and she continued to here on Earth." He told her explaining the scenario Khivar had told them all a little while ago, "Nasedo was Tess and Allya's father, Allya felt Tess was always their father's favorite but knew that when Tess refused to trick Zan, she knew that in order for their family to become royals then she had to control Tess and with Khivar wanting to be king, they figured that Khivar would be of great use to them." Michael said trying to summarize this story for Maria and telling her the key points. Michael looked up, Maria was actually speechless. Man! Did he wish now of all times he had a camera, cause this was a once in a lifetime chance to see Maria unable to say anything not to mention have her mouth open. He thought to himself laughing. "You might wanna close your mouth blondie before you become a fly catcher." He teased her.

Maria glared at him, "So what exactly does this mean? She gets a free ride because now it wasn't her fault Alex died?"

Michael shook his head, "Honestly, I don't know. We have to all talk about this." He tried to reason with her but saw that she wasn't having any of it. "I want her to pay too. She killed Alex we all know that but it was Allya controlling Tess to get the book decoded and steal Liz and Max's baby."

"Now we're supposed to just forgive her then?" She asked him again.

"I'm not saying that. I'm saying we all have a say in this...but we have to wait for Max and Liz." He told her pushing herself up off the chair and walking over to Maria. Taking her in his arms he hugged her to him. She leaned her head against his chest listening to his heartbeat, he felt her nod against him. "She won't get a free ride...she'll get what she deserves for killing Alex. I promise you."

Maria smiled against his chest, "Thanks spaceboy."

Inside Kyle was pacing the room in front of Tess, Jim, Isabel and Larek. Kyle looked up and saw Isabel too distracted from feeding her nephew and smiling at him to say anything. "Of course your the enemies sister." He threw his hands up exasperated. "No wonder your so screwed up." He told her angrily.

"Kyle." Jim warned before looking at Larek, "Why didn't you know any of this?" He asked him.

"Allya had us all controlled. We did know but Allya made it so we would forget." Larek explained to them. "Tess here never wanted to be queen but Allya wanted to be royalty on Antar."

Isabel held Zander closer to her before speaking softly, "So what does that mean then?"

"It means she wanted out of the betrothal to Zan but their families refused to accept that choice. Tess here was controlled from Allya from the time she was on Antar and until now. Allya controlled her thoughts, her emotions, even killed Alex and used Tess to do it." Larek told them all.

Jim looked at Tess who was refusing to look anywhere but at the ground, "So she's not responsible for Alex's death."

"Not completely no."

Isabel just stood up from the bar stool, "Ha!" She said aloud sarcastically. "That's bull! She killed Alex, she almost killed Liz!"

"But she had no control over her body." Larek argued back.

Kyle just threw himself down on the chair next to Isabel, "How incredibly convenient for her."

Tess started to cry, "I'm sorry...." That's all she felt she could say. She didn't understand exactly still what was going on. What was she supposed to do now? Even though Allya had taken over her, she still did kill Alex, still pushed Max to fulfill his destiny. Even if she was being controlled. She couldn't blame any them for wanting her dead.

"Your sorry?" Isabel asked her in disbelief causing Tess to look up at her. "That's all you have to say for yourself?"

Just then Michael and Maria walked in from the balcony noticing the tension between them all. Maria walked over to Isabel and held her arms out for the baby. Michael sat down on a small swivel chair as Kyle just stood there with a complete look of confusion and anger on his face. Maria took Isabel's seat as she got up. "Iz..." Michael called her in a warning tone.

"No Michael, she killed Alex and all she has to say is she's sorry!" She yelled at him. It wasn't Michael's fault but sadly he was catching the short end of the stick.

Jim stood up to stand between Isabel's line of view and to stop her from getting any closer to Tess, "That's enough Isabel. It's not completely her fault. You heard it yourself."

Isabel glared at Jim, "And how are we supposed to trust her exactly?"

"I admit it won't be easy but she can't be completely held responsible for all this, your enemy was controlling her. So she didn't do it intentionally. At least killing Alex she didn't intentionally do." He said trying to calm Isabel down and defend Tess. Tess smiled at Jim gratefully who just smiled back.

Kyle shook his head, "Fine dad, then what are we supposed to do with her?"

Before anyone could answer Max walked out of the bedroom shutting the door behind him. Maria instantly stood up walking over to him with Zander in her arms. Max immediately took the baby out of her arms holding him tightly against his body. "Is she okay?" Maria asked anxiously.

Max looked up at Maria then at Tess, "She wants to talk to you." He told Tess calmly.

Tess looked around the room confused, "Me? She wants to talk to me?" Max nodded. Tess stood up uneasy, before rubbing her hands down the leg of her jeans she was wearing. "Ok..."

"Are you sure that's smart?" Maria asked Max. Max didn't answer. He continued to stare at the sleeping form in his arms. He looked just like Liz, so peaceful, so innocent. "Doesn't she want to see him?" She asked him this time confused why Liz still hadn't asked to see their son.

Max shook his head, "Not yet she wanted to talk to Tess first."

"Maybe I should..." Maria started to say but Max stopped her.

"No. Liz asked to talk to her and I trust her." He told Maria as he stood rooted in front of the door. Tess walked past Max and opened the door before walking in and shutting it behind her.

"I trust Liz too but its Tess I don't understand." She tried to tell him but Max refused to budge.

Michael caught Maria's worried look, "Maria, just sit down let them talk. We'll be right here if anything happens." He told trying to calm her nerves. Maria looked at the door one last time before going to sit with him. All she knew was that if Tess caused her best friend any bit of trouble or hurt her in any way again that she would personally tie Tess to a table and cut her open.

"Max?" Isabel called to her brother snapping him from his stare at his son. Max looked up, "Maybe we should talk about what we are going to do."

"Not yet. We wait for Liz to get done talking to Tess."

Kyle snorted laughing at the thought, "Then we are in for a very long night."

Tess stood rooted to the spot in the room she just walked into. It wasn't very bright in the room so she couldn't see very well. She could make out Liz sitting up on the bed with her arms around her legs, her knees brought up under her chin as head laid on her knees. She didn't hear Tess come in or the door close behind her. She was lost in her own thoughts. "Liz?"

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 12 7/20 Pg.6

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:30 pm

A/N: Okay LoL thank you all for the feedback. Hopefully you all don't kill me for these twist and turns and having a pity party on Tess.

L-J-L 76: Whoa that's a lot of questions, lol...but I think you'll be pleased with the outcome of the story. Max and Liz are already married this previous few parts were just Max and Liz renewing their vows. As for the other question's you'll just have to keep reading to find out. :lol:

Keepsmiling7: Thank you for your constant wonderful feedback. It's very much appreciated! :D

Begonia9508: Hopefully this answer's your question and thank you too for your great feedback. :)

Earth2Mama: Hey welcome and thanks for taking a chance on my story...I hope you continue to read it and thanks for the feedback. :oops:

Sarammlover: LoL, I gotta say I'm not a huge fan of Tess with what happened on the actual show but all the fics out there hating Tess I had to throw her some pity lol. :wink:

Natalie36: I hope you don't hate me...lol, pity party for Tess I know. :roll:

Ch. 13

Liz heard the door shut behind Tess, she could hear the shakiness in Tess's voice as she spoke, "Liz?" Tess called out. She didn't bother to move any closer. She stood rooted to the spot in front of the door almost as if she wanted to have a quick escape if necessary.

Tess watched as Liz slowly stood from her spot on the bed. Liz wrapped her arms around herself before turning and facing Tess, "Why?"

Taken back by her simple question she still was confused by what she meant, "Why?" Tess asked trying to get a clarification, "Why what?"

"Why did you come to Roswell?" Liz wanted to know trying to stay calm, "Why did you have to ruin everything?" She asked feeling her anger starting to take control. Tess stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to say, "Before you came here, things weren't perfect, but they were pretty damn close to it. Max and I, we finally were together, we were happy." She explained. Tess looked down now saddened, but Liz refused to let it phase her, "And Alex..."

"Liz..." Tess started to say but Liz stopped her.

Liz shook her head, "No, you shut your damn mouth! I've waited a long time to say this to you." Tess felt her mouth snap shut and nodded, "Alex was alive, he was happy...then you come along and destroy everything in your path!" Liz took a step closer to Tess causing Tess to take a step back, "You broke me and Max up, you almost destroyed any kind of relationship us humans had with Max, Michael and Isabel." She told Tess sarcastically, "But if that wasn't enough you had to go and kill Alex on top of it!"

Tess couldn't there silent any longer, "Liz please, I swear, when I realized what happened I truly wanted nothing more then to go back and fix it. But it was too late! Then after it was like...I didn't have any control and now I know why." She tried to explain to Liz the best she could but it wasn't coming it as she had hoped.

"Bullshit Tess!" Was all Liz said. "Yes I understand that Allie or Allya, whoever the hell she was controlling some of your actions, but she wasn't always controlling you." Cutting her eye at Tess her voice got lower, almost as if she were whispering, "You knew exactly what you were doing when you came after Max the first time. They took you in as one of them, accepted you, you could have told us all the truth then but you didn't you chose to hide and now you feel your the victim? It doesn't work that way. You stole so much from Max, from all of us...from me."

Tess agreed she did, "I know and I'm so sorry Liz...I really am. I admit when I came to Roswell, I wanted to be with Max. I was raised by Nasedo, my so called father, who constantly pounded the destiny bull crap in my head. So when we finally did find you all, that's all I knew." She admitted, "At first, Max was all I wanted and when I saw that he was head over heels in love with you, I knew I couldn't just give up."

Liz laughed, "And you didn't you made our lives miserable."

"Yes...Yes I did, but that summer that you were gone I knew that Max would never truly want to be with me...in fact I remember starting to feel things for Kyle." She explained, "But now I remember the night before you came back that's when Nasedo visited me and I remember telling him that I didn't want to be with Max any more. That I just wanted to blend in and be...be human."

"You? Human?" Liz asked in disbelief, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Tess nodded, "But then I also know that after that night I was never the same. I remember going through the motions but at the same time I didn't have any control. I remember feeling myself mind warp Alex and I didn't want to but I still did."

"And you killed him! You could have gone to Max for help Tess and chose not to!" Liz yelled at her causing her to flinch, "Your a cold hearted selfish bitch who only cares about herself!"

"No that's not true. I did go to Max."

Liz stood to where she was nose to nose with Tess, "Your lying! If you did Max would have gone straight to Alex Tess!"

"Look Liz, I did go to Max. I had manage to break free of Allya's mind control for a brief moment but by the time I got to Max she had taken control again. She saw you two talking in the alley that night. That's when she decided to mind warp you, steal your memories of you and Max being together..." Tess explained quickly.

"And your just now remembering all this now?" Liz asked her still not believing her. Tess nodded, "Why should I believe a damn word you say?!" She asked her angrily.

Tess just shrugged, feeling her eyes well up with tears, "I don't expect you too Liz. I don't blame you one bit for hating me and not wanting to trust me. I'm not saying that I shouldn't be held accountable for some of my actions but I swear to you, I didn't want to kill Alex." She said softly, "I didn't want alot of things to happen Liz. I know that you and Max belong together, I admit I was jealous at first, I hated you when I first got to Roswell..."

"That I believe." Liz muttered.

Tess laughed slightly, "But when you walked away that day after hearing our destiny, I knew then that Max would never give up on you."

"Max says you helped kill Khivar, why?" Liz asked her.

"Because...regardless of what you all may think, I never really wanted to ever help him..." Tess told her, "I know you can't trust me, I understand that. But I promise you that mind warpping into believing about a future Max, taking your memories, your...your son from you...all of that, it wasn't me who was in control."

Liz nodded, "It was Allya and Khivar. I know Khivar told me when he had me captive."

Tess frowned, "I tried to fight against her Liz...to stop her, but she was to strong and then when I did manage to break free, you guys had me already pegged for this...evil bitch..."

"Are you denying that you weren't an evil bitch, Tess?" Liz challenged.

"I admit, I had my moments..."

Liz shrugged, "So why didn't you just tell us then what was going on...you obviously knew something wasn't right Tess."

"Even I didn't fully understand it, Liz." She sighed, "I knew that I wasn't in control but you guys wouldn't have listened and..."

"Did you want to be in control? Did you want it to have been you?"

Tess shook her head, "Of course not! Just once I was in over my head I didn't know how to get out."

"That's lame and you know it Tess. You had a plethra of opportunities to come to ANY of us and ask for help." Liz told her pointedly, "You chose not to. Maybe it was because you were enjoying the damage you were causing."

Tess narrowed her eyes at her, "Let me ask you something Liz." Liz nodded telling her to go ahead, "If I came to you, any of you....and told you that I wasn't sure what was going on but that I killed Alex but really didn't because it felt someone else was controlling me or that if I came to you even before then and asked for your help because I felt something was off...would you have believed me? Would you have really helped me? Because you even have to admit, you hated my guts with a passion Liz. A part of you would of wanted me to suffer, am I wrong?" Liz looked at her for moment before taking a step back. She couldn't deny the fact that Tess was not one of her favorite people, but is what she was saying true?

Meanwhile out in the main room, Kyle, Maria, and Michael had their ears pressed against the bedroom door trying to listen. Only catching anything when one of the girls raised their voices. After a few minutes passed of hearing nothing Maria began to worry, "Do you think she killed her?" Maria asked Michael and Kyle.

"If Tess laid one hand on her..." Kyle started to say.

Maria shook her head, "No idiot, do you think Liz killed Tess." Kyle looked at her surpirsed a moment but then thought about it a second, "I mean she does have powers."

"Hush!" Michael told them trying to listen.

Isabel walked up behind them, hands on her hips, "You guys are pathetic you know that?" The three of them stood up and looked at Isabel.

"C'mon Isabel, aren't you even the least bit interested?" Kyle asked wiggling his eyebrows up and down causing Isabel to smile a bit, "This show down has been a long time in waiting and you know it."

Michael smirked, "I got five on Liz...that she'll at least get a few good blast in there." Maria laughed but agreed.

"Michael!" Isabel gasped.

Michael threw his hands up in defense, "Kyle has ten that Tess comes out sporting some broken ribs and a black eye...minimum." Isabel shook her head before throwing her hands up in disbelief. She looked over to see Max holding Zander closely while talking to Larek and Jim in hushed whispers.

"So what do we do about Tess now that we know the fully story?" Jim asked both Max and Larek. Max didn't answer, "I mean she is guilty for some of her own choices she made but she's not completely at fault."

Larek looked to Max for answer, noticing his eyes were trained on his son Larek spoke up, "I could take her back to Antar...she could face punishment there for treason and violating your trust."

Max looked up confused, "My trust?"

"Yes, you are still king Max." Max nodded understanding now, "She could face death on Antar."

Jim was shocked now, "Death? Max you can't possibly consider..."

Max glarred at Jim, "What else do you suggest? She killed Alex..."

"But she wasn't in full control of that and you know that." Jim pointed out, "She helped you guys out tonight."

Max nodded, "Yes but how long before she betrays us all again and someone else we love gets killed because of her, are you willing to take that chance with Kyle, with Maria, with Liz...with anyone?" Max asked him concerned for everyone's safety. "Because I sure as hell am not willing to risk my family's life, are you?" Yes, Tess did help them tonight. Yes, she wasn't completely at fault, but they couldn't trust her. He thought to himself. He wouldn't risk Liz and his son's safety again. Looking down at Zander sleeping in his arms he couldn't help but look at the closed bedroom door where Tess and Liz were. He saw Maria, Michael and Kyle arguing about something but could see they had a smile on their face so it wasn't anything bad. He saw Isabel rolling her eyes at their antics and throwing Max a small smile which he tried to return but his attention went back to the closed door.

Max started walking away from Larek and Jim who were still talking about all options on what to do with Tess but he wasn't listening, he saw the bedroom door finally open and saw Liz come out her face streaked with tears and Tess following in suite behind her. Max rushed over to Liz as Maria, Michael and Kyle stood the side looking between the two girls. Isabel stood up and hugged herself as Jim and Larek just stood and watched Liz walk towards Max. Liz met Max halfway, she looked at the sleeping form in her husband's arms. She couldn't help but smile. "Are you okay?" Max asked Liz throwing a dirty look Tess's way who just sat down hugging a pillow to her. Liz looked up at him and smiled, "She didn't try..."

Liz shook her head, "I'm fine...can I?" She gestured reaching her arms out for Zander.

"Of course..." Max said instantly handing Liz their son.

Liz felt fresh tears fall, "He's so beautiful...so small."

Max smiled as he felt tears start to fall down his own cheeks, "Larek said that time works differently up on Antar. He's only considered four months on Earth."

"He's so sweet...he looks just like you Max." Liz said not taking her eyes of the baby. Maria smiled at her best friend before walking over to her. "Doesn't he?" Liz asked Maria not looking up.

"He looks like you too sweetie." Maria told her quietly.

Michael walked over and slapped a hand on Max's shoulder, "You did good man." Max looked at Michael and smiled before wrapping an arm around Liz and his son...his family.

Isabel walked over and joined the four of them, "I'm gonna spoil you rotten." She teased her nephew. Max and Liz smiled up at each other enjoying the tender moment between their family.

Kyle looked over at Tess and saw her face too was also stained with tears. Feeling his gaze Tess looked up causing Kyle to look away. Tess got up and walked over to him, "Can we talk...please?" Tess begged him.

Kyle shook his head, "I can't Tess..." Was all he said before heading over to the rest of them leaving Tess alone. "He's a cute one." Tess heard Kyle tell them. Tess frowned before heading out to the balcony alone. Jim watched her as she closed the sliding glass door.

"What are we going to do about Tess, Max?" Michael asked reluctantly.

Hearing Michael, Liz looked up at them, "What do you mean?" She asked confused.

Max sighed wishing there was a way to just block out the rest of the world, right now he had his family safe and sound and they were all together, but then the real world had to rear his ugly head, "We have to decide how to deal with Tess." He told his wife.

"Deal with?" Liz asked him. Max nodded, "And what are you guys thinking exactly?"

Maria just snorted as if she were laughing, "I know lets hand her over to the FBI now...we don't need her any more."

"Maria..." Michael warned.

"What?" Maria asked him, "You can't be considering to keep her around...are you?" She asked him looking at Max and Isabel then at Michael again.

Max sighed, "No of course not."

"But we're not going to hand her over to the FBI, right Max?" Liz asked him concern lacing her voice.

"Liz...she killed Alex she deserves the worst possible punishment." Maria told her frined getting annoyed she was the only feeling this way. "Kyle?" Kyle just looked down at his feet refusing to meet Maria's look. "Your kidding me, you all aren't even going to consider that?"

Liz shook her head, "We're not murderer's Maria..."

"So we give her a get of jail free card?" She asked in disbelief, "How is that fair to Alex? When does he get justice served for what she did to him?" Her voice getting louder and angrier by the minute.

"He was my friend too Maria." Liz reminded her keeping her voice low and calm so not to startle her son. Max squeezed Liz tighter to him to offer comfort. Liz looked at him and smiled.

Michael tried to calm Maria down but it was to no avail she was furious now. "Maria, babe, just here us out, we just want to discuss all options..."

"Maria, trust me I want vegence too for what she did to Alex...but I can't just ignore what she did for Max and Liz back there, for all of us." Isabel tried to tell her. She wanted Tess to pay too still but she had to know all her options and the FBI just wasn't one of them.

Maria turned her fury on Isabel, "You agreed the FBI is who should have her before, now your saying its not an option, I guess you never really cared about Alex then did you?" She cried before storming into the bedroom Tess and Liz just came out of.

"Maria!" Liz gasped seeing Isabel's hurt look. They were met with the sound of the door being slammed verbrating around the room. Turning her attention to Isabel, "She didn't mean that." Isabel just nodded. Max walked over to his sister and hugged her as she started to cry but soon Zander woke at the sound of the arguing and started to fuss. Liz tried to rock him back to sleep.

Michael offered a sympathetic smile, "Sorry..." He told Liz. Liz nodded telling him follow Maria. "I'll be back." He told Max who just gestured for him to go ahead. "Iz...you know Maria didn't mean it, she's just angry."

Isabel sobbed, "I know..." Michael walked into the room to talk to Maria, "I really did care for Alex, Liz. I swear." She told Liz.

Liz shook her head, "Isabel I know that and so did Alex." She smiled at her. Kyle walked over to Liz and handed her the baby bottle. "Thanks."

"No prob. The little guy didn't eat much, we fixed it but by the time it was ready Max was holding him and he passed right out." Kyle explained to her as Liz placed the bottle up to his lips. Zander started to greedily suck the down the bottle.

Liz smiled, "It's okay little man...momma's got you now...nothing will ever take you away from me again." Max looked at his wife who glowed at motherhood. She only had him for ten minutes and already she was a pro at it.

"I may be able to offer some other options, Max." Larek said coming up behind Max. "One that may even be the perfect solution for Tess."

Max looked at Liz and his son then at Larek then at Tess who was staring up at the sky outside on the balcony. "Would you just hear him out Max?" Jim begged him. He didn't want to see Tess die. He couldn't, she was his daughter no matter what, even though she made some awful choices. He still cared about her. Max exchanged looks with Liz.

"What is it Larek?" Liz asked willing to hear the option that was available. Tess did help save her after all, she wanted to know all the options available.

Max looked at her then at Larek, "We'll listen...but we all make the choice together...I'm not deciding this alone." He told him. Larek understood, "I'm no king nor do I want to be. I want my family to be safe...all of them...after all this is over, I'm relinquishing the throne." He explained hearing several gasps, "I'm just a teenager Larek, I'm not alien king..." Looking at Liz who had tears in her eyes again, "My family is here...I'm never leaving them..."

"Max...I understand your feelings but there may be way to solve the situation with Tess and a way for you to stay with your family and not give up the throne." Larek tried to reason with him.

"No, my mind is made up about that." Max said determined his jaw set. Liz knew that look, but she also knew his race was counting on him and she couldn't stand by and watch him give up the throne.

"I say we hear ALL options Max." Liz told him before lifting Zander on her shoulder and patting his back to burp him. Max went to say something to object but was interrupted by Zander who let out a loud, 'BURP'. "And I think your son would have to agree." Liz told him laughing at Zander. Max couldn't help but chuckle too.

"Okay...let's wait for Michael and Maria." Max said agreeing with Liz. Isabel smiled, she would support her brother no matter what. Jim walked over to his son, Kyle looked at his dad offering him a weak smile. Jim just nodded understanding his situation. Like him he felt for Tess but at the same time he felt betrayed. He was torn. But for Jim, he felt like Tess's father and no matter what choices your child makes, the love you have for them doesn't disappear just at a snap of your fingers. Unless of course your an alien and can control your mind to do that. Jim thought frowning at the thought. No, no matter what the love is still there for your child and you want to do anything possible to try and help them, but could he? He asked himself.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 13 7/21 Pg.7

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Ch. 14

Michael walked into the room to check on Maria, not seeing her any where in the bedroom he noticed the bathroom door was shut. He hesitated a moment before making the decision to knock first instead of barging right in, "Maria...it's me...can I come in?" He asked leaning against the wall next to the bathroom door.

"Go away Michael." She sobbed from the other side.

"Blondie, you know I'm not going to do that, so you can either open the door or I can open it myself and you know I will." He told her with a smirk on his face. Not hearing any movement he moved to unlock the door with his powers but he heard a click of the knob and the door opened, a tear streaked face Maria dabbed at her eyes with a tissue. "Babe..."

"If your going to agree with them about not handing Tess over, then you might as well leave me the hell alone! I don't want to hear it." Maria snapped at him before walking around him to the bed.

Michael shook his head, counting to ten in his head before walking over to her, "Maria...Tess saved us back there..."

Maria was getting angrier by the minute and Michael wasn't saying anything she wanted to hear. Truth is all she wanted to hear was that Tess was gonna be turned over to the FBI and tortured to death as cold as that may be, it was what she deserved Maria had thought. "So that makes everything she did to Liz and Max, okay? It's okay now that she killed Alex, my best friend? What I should let her back into my good graces?" She asked him sarcasm dripping from her voice. Looking at Michael her eyes softened, "She killed him Michael, in cold bold...my best friend and she destroyed my other best friend."

Michael nodded, "I know..."

Seeing Michael not changing his mind she stood up to face him, "So what you trust her now?" Maria asked her boyfriend daring him to answer.

"Far from it Maria." He explained to her crossing his arms in front of him, "But Max has his reasons...everyone does. We all understand that while she is still at fault and we still don't completely trust her, we have to take in account that she was not in control of her actions hundred percent." He pointed out to her, "We aren't saying that she's off the hook Maria and what you said out there was just cold. That's not you." His voice now softening.

Maria's shoulders fell, "I know...I'm just..."

"Angry? Hurt? Upset?" He asked her, "I know. I understand that and I promise you that she is going to pay for what she did. She's not just going to walk away without paying Maria, I promise you." Maria nodded, "Max won't either...he may not want to just hand her over to the FBI and let her be tortured in the white room like he was but that doesn't mean he's going to let her go scotch clean."

Maria wrapped her arms around Michael's waist as she sobbed into his chest, "It's not fair Michael...when does Alex get justice served for what she did to him? I'm grateful that she helped you guys but I can't forgive her. I won't."

"No one is asking you too." He whispered into the top of her head. "All I'm asking you to do is come back at there and let's hear what everyone has to say, for me." Maria nodded. "I love you, blondie and trust me that I'm not going to let Tess get away easily nor am I going to let her ever harm a hair on your head." He promised her. Maria smiled up at him, Michael lowered his head down to hers, their lips meeting. His hand cups her cheek and then into her hair to angle her head as the kiss deepens slightly causing Maria to moan deep in her throat. Breaking the kiss Michael opens his eyes to see Maria's eyes still closed and her lips puffy from the kiss, smirking he places a quick kiss on her forehead. "Let's go blondie." Maria just nods causing him to chuckle a little.

Maria and Michael came out of the bedroom holding hands, shutting the door behind them he noticed them all sitting around in silence. When the door shut all eyes looked up at them, Maria cleared her throat before looking at Isabel, "I'm sorry Isabel, I know you cared about Alex...and I didn't...I'm really sorry." She told her feeling tears threatening to fall.

Isabel smiled at her before walking over to her and giving her a brief hug, "It's okay...it's been hard on us all."

"So...what are our options?" Michael asked looking to Max.

Looking down at Liz and his son who was now sound asleep in her arms he smiled, "Larek said he has some options for us."

"Okay...which are?" He asked again now looking at Larek.

Larek stood up, "Well, we can strip Tess of her powers but that would also take away the royal seal from her which means if at any point in time you need the royal four, you won't have that power." Larek explained to them.

"Why would they need that any more though?" Kyle questioned thinking it sounded like a great idea.

"They still have enemies out there." Larek told him before looking at Max, "No one as dangerous as Khivar...in fact I would have said just a few days ago that Tess probably was a bigger threat then Khivar but now with everything that has been discovered, she's pretty low on the totem pole."

"Okay, so what would we need to do to strip of her powers?" Max asked this time.

"The thing about that is, is that it's a pretty dangerous for everyone to try to do." He pointed out frowning, "It's only been done once before because another couple on Antar were discovered and as part of their plea, as you guys put it," Larek told them looking at the humans, "They agreed to have their powers stripped but it caused them to be out casted from our people."

"Well that's obviously not an issue hear Larek." Max told him, "We aren't on Antar and if Tess doesn't have her powers then we know she's not as much of a threat, if any, to us any longer."

"Wait..." Liz said as she looked up from Zander, "Dangerous for who? And how exactly?"

Everyone this time looked at Larek waiting for a response, "It's dangerous for not only Tess but for Max also who as the King is the only one who has the power to strip her of her seal and powers."

Now everyone was looking at Max, "How is it dangerous for Max?" Liz asked again concerned.

"It could kill them both." Was all Larek said.

"Then absolutely not!" Liz hissed trying not to shake Zander, "Max...don't even consider..."

"What other choice do we have Liz?" Max asked her not liking their options. "Do you want to just hand her over to the FBI?" He asked her not trying to put her in a difficult position.

Isabel shook her head, "Liz is right...Max you can't risk your life..."

"Larek, how would it hurt Max?" Michael asked seeing what Max was considering and wanting to know all possibilities.

Larek sighed, "It requires Max to make a deep connection with Tess, like when he heals people. At that point, if anything went wrong and Tess were to..." Stopping a moment to reconsider his choice of words, "Expire...then..."

"So would Max." Jim spoke up understanding now.

"So wait..." Kyle said pushing himself off the counter, he looked at Max and Liz who were now looking at each other as if they were speaking without words, "Your telling me either Max has to risk his life to make Tess a non threat or we have to hand her over the FBI? Those are our options? Weren't you supposed to have some options that, uh I don't were supposed to be helpful and to offer Max a way to stay King?" He said trying to defend Max which surprised everyone.

Larek glared angrily at Kyle, who just stood his ground. "If Max were to do this then once the royal seal was stripped from Tess, he could take Liz as his queen which be accepted by our people and he could stay here on Earth with her and their son. Their son would be accepted by our people at that point and would be protected by all the people on Antar." He pointed out trying to explain.

"Wait!" Max said standing up, "I don't understand, you think I care if our people on Antar accept the fact I want to be with Liz and stay here on Earth?" He demanded to know, "I could give a rats ass what they think, they don't decide who I want to be with and how I want to spend my life. I'm not Zan!." He yelled at Larek. He felt Liz stand up, felt her hand place a soothing hand on his back, he looked at Liz, "I'm no king Larek. I'm just a teenager who fell in love and wants to be left alone...to try and live a somewhat normal existence with my family." Liz smiled at him, "I love you." He told her.

Larek interrupted the tender moment, "Max I understand that I do but if you transfer the seal to Liz after stripping it from Tess then your son regardless of the fact he's not alien would have the protection of our people. Now that Khivar is gone you still have enemies out there that all they would need is your son and to kill you to become the next king, is that something you want to risk?"

Liz looked at him shocked and concerned, looking down at their son she felt her heartbreak, "Max..."

"So wait, we still aren't thinking of another option here people." Maria said. Michael looked at her confused, "Look I really get that she helped you guys out back there, but if it takes Tess being gone or not being an alien to be stripped of this seal thingy then why don't we just get rid of her." She asked coldly.

Liz was getting frustrated, "Because we aren't cold blooded murder's Maria." Maria shook her head, "I'm not ready to kill anyone, are any of you?" She asked all of them but agreeing that they couldn't risk Max's life and at the same she wanted to protect their son from other threats that may be around.

"No." Everyone said except Maria.

Maria sighed, "Fine, then what do we do?" She asked sadly knowing that Liz was right.

Tess cleared her throat startling everyone, "What if I just step down Larek and give up the seal?" She asked him. "Would that be an option?"

Shocked all of them looked to Larek, "It would still require Max to strip you of your powers."

Tess shook his head, "That shows what you know...look I learned something from Khivar." Tess told them sitting down on a couch in the living room.

"What? How to be a cold hearted killing bitch?" Maria snapped at her.

Tess glared at her, "Better then having a stick shoved up my ass." Tess quipped back at her.

Maria stalked over to Tess shrugging Michael's hand off her arm, "Maria.." Michael and Liz warned. Isabel and Kyle stood back with a grin on their face, while Max and Jim started to walk over to stop Maria but Michael stopped them shaking his head telling them to stay put. He knew Maria wouldn't hurt Tess but that she was going to get her jabs in.

Maria smirked, "Tess...you know the easiest way to kill a blonde?" Maria asked her.

Confused Tess answered, "How?"

"Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool." Maria told her shrugging before walking away causing Isabel, Michael and Kyle to snicker having to hide it behind their hands.

Jim sighed, "Tess, what do you know?" He asked her shaking her from her thoughts and stopping her from another snide remark.

Tess glared once more at Maria who just flicked her off before returning to Michael's embrace as he placed a kiss to the top of her head, "Khivar told me that if I wanted to just give up the royal seal and let Allya my so called sister..."She said with a roll of her eyes, "Then all I had to do with transfer it to her."

"So then it does require a connection?" Isabel asked, "Which is what we don't want to do." She pointed out.

"Yes, but we wouldn't be connected like Larek is referring to, it's hard to explain, but once I transferred the seal to..." Looking at Liz and Max, "I guess Liz..."

"You guess?" Kyle asked her angrily.

"Let her finish." Liz told them all, looking at Tess, "What would happen?"

"No..." Max said, "I'm not letting you risk your life..." He told Liz before giving Tess the evil eye, "You think I'm stupid Tess, that I'm gonna let you make a connection with Liz and then kill her?"

"Max..." Liz whispered to him trying to calm him down.

Tess got frustrated standing up from her seat she pointed at Max, "Look, you want me to be stripped from my powers, all of you do right?" Tess asked, looking at all of them. "I wouldn't be connected to Liz that if something were to happen to me that it would happen to Liz too. Not that any of you would be sad about me 'expiring' as Larek here put it, but it wouldn't be dangerous. It's like a ceremony, it's my vow to hand over the seal to a new queen, its been done before...hasn't it Larek?"

Larek thought about it a moment, "Zan and Vilandra's parents, the myths are true?"

Tess nodded. "What are you talking about?" Isabel asked. Max and Isabel exchanged looks, "What about our parents?"

Waiting for Larek to answer Tess stood there looking at him, "There was a myth, some say that your father, the king had he was married to another before your mother. Your father once is had laid eyes on your mother knew that he was in love and wanted to be with her more then anything." Max and Isabel exchanged cautious looks, "So he had went to my father, his advisor to have his marriage retaken."

"Retaken?" Maria asked confused. "What you mean like a divorce?"

Larek nodded, "Yes, his advisor agreed and said that if he could get his current wife to agree to the retake of the seal then all he would need to do is have your mother accept his request, which she did."

"How?" Liz was now asking curious to know as she felt Max's grip on her hand tighten. She hadn't realized that he was holding her hand until he squeezed it a little too hard. Max looked at her and smiled apologetically but not releasing her hand.

"Given, his current wife was not pleased with the request but knew it was better then being killed and refused by our people, at least that way she would be able to be betrothed again. So in a quiet ceremony, the two women were entered into the arrangement..." Larek turned to Tess, "If I remember correctly...they had to use the granolith?"

Tess nodded, "The granolith has many powers...one of which if Liz and I were to enter into the granolith both accepting the fact that I am willing to renounce my seal to Liz and Liz were accepting openly and willingly then the granolith would make the transfer, no connection between Liz and I." She explained, "But Liz, not that I'm trying to freak you out or anything..."

"Yea right!" Maria butted in quickly laughing sarcastically. Isabel laughed but stopped when Michael and Max looked at the two of them, "What?"

"Maria, please..." Michael begged her.

Maria huffed, "Fine..." She said mumbling something incoherently, Michael rolled his eyes.

"Anyways..." Tess said making a jab at Maria and Isabel who just rolled their eyes now at her, "Once Liz accepts the royal seal, she'll have the powers that I have."

"How?" Kyle and Jim both asked at the same time.

Liz looked at Tess, "I'm not alien though. I have some powers but I just figured it was because Max healed me and I was preg..." She stopped looking down at Zan not finishing her sentence. Max rubbed her back soothingly. Zan started to stir stretching out a bit in Liz's arms. She tucked his pacifier back in his mouth and noticed his eyes open briefly, he looked at her before yawning a bit then closing his eyes again. Max rubbed a finger down his cheek, Liz shifted him in her arms before swaying him gently.

"Yes, and you'll always have some of Max's abilities also." Tess interrupted the family out of their own little world.

"When Max healed you Liz, you ended up with small amount of the capabilities that he has ranging from healing to blasting and a shield, but it's not as strong as Max's. He just transferred some it to you...but what Tess is referring to is the fact that because Tess will no longer be queen her powers will be transferred to the new queen." Larek explained.

"I don't understand." Was all Kyle said shaking his head.

Tess sighed trying to remain cool, "Basically, each of our powers we have are because of who we are. Zan has all the powers that the three of us have..."

Max's eyebrows furrowed, "No I don't." He denied shaking his head.

"Yes, you do Max, you just haven't tapped into all of them. Your the king so you do have all of our powers." She explained to him.

"It makes sense, Max." Liz told him agreeing for once with Tess. "Your king of course you would have all their powers."

Tess took this chance to continue, "In our past lives, I was queen so I had the ability to mind warp but not heal or blast, I could manipulate things like Isabel could once I became queen that is."

"So you were an manipulative bitch in the past too is pretty much what you were saying?" Maria asked her in all seriousness.

"Maria!" Michael, Jim, Max and Liz said at the same time.

"Would everyone stop Maria'ing me please!" She said looking at all of them throwing her hands before walking over to the arm of the couch to sit.

Isabel shrugged, "I thought it was funny." Maria smiled at her gratefully.

"Can I continue?" Tess snapped.

"Continue being a manipulative bitch?" Isabel asked her smirking, "You never needed our permission before." She continued.

"Iz..." Max hissed.

Isabel shook her head, "Sorry." She mumbled before sitting next to Maria.

"Alright, look, Isabel could manipulate and dream walk things also, stronger then I could because she was Zan's sister." Looking at Michael she continued, "And as his second in command, you had much more defensive power, you could blast, you could throw shields up easily along with the fact that you could cloak."

"Cloak you mean like make myself invisible?" He asked her, Tess nodded, "I haven't been able to do that."

Tess smiled, "You just have to tap into it like the others need to." She told him, "Each of our powers were assigned to us because of our positions."

"So once I accept the role of queen then I'll have alien powers, is the just of it?" Liz asked her. "Okay...that's not so bad."

"What Tess means to say..." Larek started to say.

Tess whipped her head around to stare at him, "Stop Larek...your plan will kill both Max and I..."

"She has the right to know." He argued.

"You just want to scare her." Tess argued back.

Larek stood nose to nose with Tess at this point, "Far from it. She deserves to know everything that will happen. Besides we don't know if this so called plan of yours is really something can happen, it's just myth, told to you by the enemy and we still don't know how trust worthy you are and if you have ulterior motives." He pointed out.

Tess was seething, "If its such a myth then why would your father, the kings advisor tell you this myth?"

"Tess is right, Larek..." Michael found himself saying after saying everything over in his head again. Earning a glare from Maria he just shrugged, "Trust me those are the last words I ever expected to say." Maria chuckled at her boyfriend.

Tess smirked, "Look, honestly, I get a royally fucked up okay?" Tess told them, "Right now all I want to do is try to make amends." She admitted honestly to them all looking at Jim who nodded at her, "I know that you guys don't trust me...that you may never be able to trust me."

"You got that right." Isabel mumbled.

Kyle stared at Tess, "Why should we trust you? You betrayed us all." He told her.

Tess's shoulder's sagged, "You don't have to trust me, but this is my first step in showing you guys that I'm willing to give my place up as queen and give it to Liz so that you two can have some sort of normalcy." She explained looking at Max and Liz.

Liz handed the baby to Max which at first startled him, watching her stand she smiled at him as he held the baby close to him trying to soothe him back to sleep, "So your doing this for us?" Liz asked doubtful referring to her and Max.

"Somewhat, but at the same time, I do have some of my memories back, my real memories of Antar." She told her, "I never wanted to be queen...in fact I fought the entire time against the betrothal of Zan and I but in the end my fath...Nasedo..." She corrected herself, "Forced me too." Rubbing her face down her weary face she felt all eyes on her, "Allya, well my sister, she couldn't deal with the fact that I was trying to get out of being queen when she truly wanted the power."

"That doesn't explain why your doing this." Isabel asked her quietly.

Tess looked at her, "Because, I want my life back, I want a real life...I know that what I've done, you guys will never be able to forgive me."

"Got that right." Maria told her angrily.

"But I want to help you guys...I think you showed you that back there." Tess said referring to helping kill Khivar. "I can only pray that one day I'll be able to show you that I really am not some evil bitch." She said smiling at Maria and Isabel. "Look what do you have to lose?" She asked them all.

"Our lives." Was what Kyle told her still unsure whether or not to trust her.

Tess understood completely why Kyle hated her but she could only pray that she could prove how sorry she was for everything. Liz's voice snapped her out of her thoughts, "Okay..."

"Liz!" Max cried out trying not to scare their son. "We need to discuss..."

Liz shook her head her eyes still trained on Tess, "No there is nothing to discuss, when do we do this?" She asked her.

Tess looked at Larek who just nodded realizing he was fighting a no win situation, "We can do it tonight." He told her.

TBC...what do you all think? Should Tess get another chance or should she be cut out of their lives forever?
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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch.14 & A/N 7/24

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:30 am

A/N: Thanks guys for all the wonderful feedback. I've been rereading these stories I put up and I notice a lot of typo's...sorry for that...hopefully once I get better at writing my typo's will be non existent. I'm not that great, still learning...any tips would be great on how to write a good 'love' scene among other things...I'd appreciate it!!! I don't think this story will be much longer; it was meant as a Test fic, to put it, but I couldn't cut it too short, but it was a nice break through for me. I've got the story on the A/U with no aliens board, Revenge Is Sweet, so go check it out lol...

Ch. 15

4 months later

Liz couldn't help but smile as she watched Zan sleep in his crib. They had just gotten home from dinner with Max's parents. They were happy, to simply put it. After everything that has happened over the last few months, it felt like a big weight had been lifted off all of their shoulders. In just two days, Zander would be celebrating his first birthday. Apparently, with Zan being on Antar when he was born time worked differently. When Larek had finally got him back to Earth safely he was only a little less then six months old.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Max asked Liz as Tess and Larek spoke on the other side of the Granolith. "You don't have to." He tried to convince her.

Liz looked at Max and just smiled, leaning up on her tippie toes she placed a gentle kiss on his lips, "Max, everythings going to be okay..."

Max frowned, "I just don't trust her...what if..."

Placing a finger over his lips to silence him, she shook her head, "I don't trust Tess either, but if Larek has even heard of this then it's worth a shot...for our son."

"But it was a myth, Liz. Larek doesn't even know if this is actually something that can be successful." He explained looking at Tess and Larek, "Besides, I can't lose you...not when we just got our family back." He admitted as he feared that something would go wrong.

Liz understood Max's fear, she wouldn't lie and say she wasn't scared, but she knew this was for the best. It would give Zan the protection of Antar's people, Max would stay king and he would be able to stay here on Earth with Liz and Zan. "You won't." Was all she told him before stepping over to Larek and Tess, Max following closely behind.

"Alright, let's get this done with, we want to get home to our son." Max told Larek. They had left Zander with Isabel, Maria and Kyle. Michael and Jim were standing just outside the entrance to the Granolith chamber just in case they were needed.

Tess stepped up to the Granolith, she looked at Liz. "Liz give me your hand." Liz hesitated a moment before taking Tess's hand, "Max, Larek, you guys need to back up a little bit." Max frowned, Tess didn't fail to notice, "Just a couple steps back." Larek and Max did as they were told. "Okay, Liz just place your hand here...next to me." She showed Liz as she touched the Granolith, Liz did as she was told, she could feel the electricity flow through her body. "Just close your eyes...let the Granolith's power flow through you." Tess explained to her.

As they both closed their eyes, they could feel themselves being pulled through the Granolith. "W-What's going on?" Liz asked out loud nervously.

Max started to take a step towards Liz but Larek placed a hand on his arm to stop him, "This is what's supposed to happen." He told Max. Max looked at Larek then back at Liz, "It's not hurting her." Max heard him say.

"Just clear your mind out Liz...let the Granolith do the work." Liz heard Tess tell her. Liz nodded as she blanked her mind out. She could feel the energy pulsing through her body. She was instantly taken to what seemed like another time. She saw people walking around in silk robes and bowing before four people who stood tall and proud. Liz heard a woman say, 'Queen Ava.' She knew immediately she was on Antar seeing who Ava was...this was Tess's memory. She wanted to fight against it but she heard Tess's voice, "Don't fight it Liz...stay with it." Tess struggled to keep her within the Granolith. Sweat dripped from both Liz and Tess's faces.

"Do you accept the role as queen, Ava?" Liz heard a man say and saw Ava nod. Ava kneeled before the man as he placed a hand on her head. She saw a bright light surround Ava. Then suddenly Ava looked up and her eyes met Liz's. Liz gasped. She saw Ava stand up and walk towards her everything else seemed to freeze in time as she made her way towards Liz and Tess. Liz looked around and saw Tess smile at what appeared to be Ava. Ava looked like a spitting image of Tess, just a bit older.

"Hello Liz." Ava said to her before bowing her head.

Liz looked at Tess, then at Ava, "H-Hello." Liz replied back hesitantly.

"Do not be afraid...I know why you are here...the granolith would only bring you and Tess here if Tess had freely come on her own accord."

Liz was speechless, "I no longer wish to be queen...I want to forgo my obligations as queen along with the royal seal and my powers." Tess spoke to her. Liz was completely confused. "I wish to hand them to Liz...Zan's choice of his new bride. They are already wed on Earth."

"I see..." Ava said nodding. "And Liz, is this what you wish for?" Ava asked, "Do you wish to be Zan's bride?"

Liz looked at Tess who gestured for Liz to reply, "If you mean Max, then yes." Ava looked at her confused.

"Max is Zan's name here on Earth." Ava smiled at Tess graciously.

"And you come here on your own free will?" Liz nodded, "You understand that you will be accepting the royal seal and all that comes with the seal, including the powers that the queen holds in her rightful position?"

"Yes, I do...but..."

Ava raised her eyebrow at her questioningly, "But?"

"I'm not alien." Was all Liz could say sheepishly. Ava laughed along with Tess, "Will that be a problem?"

Ava shook her head, "Your blood may not be...alien, but you'll still be alien." She teased.

"We wish to go ahead with the ceremony." Tess finally spoke up. "Liz and I both are here on our own free will and ask upon your acceptance and the granolith's that we proceed." Ava nodded before gesturing for the both of them to follow her.

End Flashback

Liz felt two hands snake around her waist, she couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face, "What are you thinking?" Max whispered in her ear.

Liz turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Just how great everything has been these last few months." Max smiled against her lips. "That our little boy is going to be one in a couple days." She told him as her lips lingered against his. She could feel his hot breath against her own moist lips, aching for him to kiss her.

"It has been perfect hasn't it?" He half asked and half stated. Liz just nodded, "Did you talk to your parents, are they coming to the party?"

Liz laughed, "Of course, you don't think they'd miss their only grandson's first birthday do you?" Max shrugged, "They'll be here with bells on."


Liz sat next to Max in the booth at the Crashdown cradling their son as if she was shielding him, Max had an arm wrapped protectively around his family not wanting to not be able to touch them. They watched as both of their father's paced back and forth while Nancy sat at the counter staring off at the wall and Diane sat next to Nancy just stirring her cup of coffee. He saw his dad stop and open his mouth as if he were to say something but then stopped, shook his head and resumed his pacing. "Dad..." Max said trying to get his dad's attention.

"Your an alien?" He heard Jeff say. Max looked at Liz then back at Jeff who was now standing in one spot, "As in from outer space..."

"Daddy." Liz said quietly so not to wake Zan. "We're being serious here."

"So am I!" Jeff told his daughter. "I don't understand, alien's aren't real and that crash was back in 1947." He voiced. The whole idea was ridiculous he thought. "How are you...how are you only 19?" He asked.

"Dad, we already explained that, they were in these pods and they didn't come out until much later." Liz reiterated.

"Of course they did." Jeff mumbled.

Max swallowed past the lump in his throat. Phillip looked at him then at his wife then at Liz and the baby, "All of you are, Isabel, Michael and Tess...now Liz too?" He asked them.

"Tess isn't...any more." Liz tried to explain. "But yes, she used to be and now I am."

Nancy looked confused, "I don't understand, how...I mean...was I abducted?" She asked in all seriousness.

"NANCY!!" Jeff scolded. Nancy shrugged.

Liz and Max chuckled, "No mom, you weren't abducted and probed." She joked trying to lighten the mood, "Tess used to be an alien, but she transferred her powers to me."

Nancy nodded, "So that ceremony you explained earlier, that's what you meant, Max?" Diane asked her son. "Liz is now..."

"You turned her into some alien?" Jeff asked him angrily. "How could you do that?" He seethed.

"It was my choice...I wanted to be, for our son..." Liz told him.

"That's another thing, we never saw you pregnant..." Jeff said glaring at the baby causing Max to shield his son away from Jeff's angry eyes.

"That's another story for another day." Max just told him daring him to push it any further.

Phillip sighed, "Why didn't you tell us before, Max? Why couldn't you and Isabel come to us after all this time?" He asked, the hurt evident in his voice.

"We wanted to dad, especially Isabel." Max told him, he looked at his mom, "But we just...we didn't know how, all we knew at the time was that we were different, we didn't know what to say...or how to say it...plus we wanted to keep you guys safe."

Diane walked over to Phillip, "That was our job sweetie." She told him, "But can understand you were scared..."

"Isabel wanted to tell you so many times..." He admitted, "But Michael and I, we couldn't..."

"We still love you...all of you." Diane said looking at Max then at Liz, "Even Michael." She told Max before looking at her grandson, "And our grandson." Diane walked over to the table, "May I Liz?" She asked holding her arms out. Liz looked at Max who nodded.

Liz passed the baby to Diane who carefully cradled the baby against her chest, Zander woke up briefly to smile at Diane before nestling his head in the crook of her arm. Phillip walked over to her placing an arm around his wife as she cooed at the baby. "Hi Zander...I'm your grandma Diane and this your grandpa Phillip." She cooed smiling at the sleeping baby.

"That day at the Crashdown, the shooting..." Nancy spoke up causing Jeff to sigh, "Liz was shot, wasn't she?" She asked.

Jeff looked up at Max, "Yes..." Liz told her parents, "Max risked everything that day, he saved me...if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here." She told them as she smiled at Max.

"And I'd do it all again..." He promised her before leaning down to place a gentle kiss against her lips.

"Thank you." Nancy told him.

Max looked at her, "I didn't do it just for you, Mrs. Parker..." He admitted, "I was being selfish also, I couldn't lose her."

Nancy got up and walked over to Max before leaning down to hug him, "Your always welcome here Max." She whispered in his ear before standing up and walking over to meet her grandson. Looking up Diane looked at Nancy, "May I?" She asked her.

"Of course." Diane said handing Nancy the sleeping baby.

"Daddy?" Liz called out pulling Jeff out from his thoughts. Jeff looked over to where Max and Liz sat. They looked very nervous. Liz was biting on her bottom lip while Max refused to meet his look, "Daddy, I'm still me...but I love Max...and nothing will change that...I want you to know that I still love you and mom very much, I want you guys in our lives, that's why we are telling you all the truth..." She explained to him. She felt Max squeeze her shoulder in support. "Please say something daddy." She begged him.

Jeff dragged a hand down his face before looking at his wife who was also pleading with him, "Well, I guess I should get your old bassinet down from the attic, huh?" He replied smiling at his wife before looking at Liz and Max, "Max, I won't lie and say that I'm upset that you lied to us, you had a plethora of opportunities to tell us what was going on...in fact you even had my own daughter lying to me, which I don't appreciate."

"I understand sir." Max answered back.

"But in this family we don't lie to each other and if your going to be a part of our family then we are completely open and honest with each other from this point on. Understood?" He told both Liz and Max who both nodded, "No more lying...no matter what, if your in any kind of trouble you come to us." He referred to the four of them.

"Yes sir." Max said smiling.

Jeff stood up, hands on his hips, "No more calling me sir...it's Jeff, son." He told Max. Max felt Liz trying to shove him out of the booth so she could get up. Max stood up and stepped over to his parents who hugged him tightly. While Liz walked over to her parents and hugged them, as Liz stood with Nancy and her son, Jeff cleared his throat, "Now that everythings out in the open...let me get a hold of my grandson..." He exclaimed proudly.

End Flashback

"Well, I'm glad...but I gotta say, that having my Nazi of a sister somewhat in charge of the birthday party is driving me insane!" Max teased Liz as she gently shut their son's bedroom door leaving it somewhat ajar.

Liz laughed as they walked down the hallway of their house to their bedroom. Max clicked on the light on his nightstand as Liz pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of boy-shorts to put on. Max sat on the side of the bed taking his shoes off, "She's not that bad, besides it's been nice being able to have help putting together his first party...I want it to be perfect."

"Baby...it will be." Max told her, while pulling his shirt off followed by his jeans. Liz walked out of the bathroom before pulling the blanket down on the bed.

Liz sighed before crawling into bed with Max who was now laying on the bed on his side so that he could face her, he gently caressed her face with the outside of his hand, "Liz..." His tone serious now, "If I ask you something, you promise not to get mad?" He asked.

Liz raised an eyebrow in question, "I promise..."

"It's about Tess." Liz sighed, she knew this was coming. "Are you sure it's a good idea to invite her to the party?"

"Max...she's still paying for what she did to all of us...to Alex...but she's been trying very hard to prove herself to us besides she was at the Crashdown when I was there talking to my mother about the party...she's lonely..."

Max shook his head, "And she has only herself to blame for that."

Liz groaned in frustration, "Max...she's done nothing but try to help us...she's trying very hard and I think if we show the others we are making an effort to put the past behind us then so will the others."

"I love you, you know that?" He told her. "Even after everything that's happened you still manage to try and forgive her."

"I love you too." She told him smiling.

He looked at her a moment just taking in her beauty, "You have such a big heart...its one of the many things I love about you Liz Evans."

Liz smiled at him before speaking, "In the end she helped us and she continues to try and help us...she's been living on her own, with no family..."

Max frowned, "She's got Jim..."

"Max...she has no friends and I think everyone deserves a second chance...I won't lie it won't be easy for any of us to be able to forget but we have to take in account she wasn't in control of what she did." She explained her reasoning, "Just please, for me..." Tess and Liz hadn't talked much since the ceremony but she has talked on occasion to her. They had come to an understanding, Liz had expressed her gratitude and Tess had expressed how sorry she was for everything. Now it was just a matter of time healing all wounds.

Max chuckled, "It's not me you have to worry about." Liz looked at him confused, "It's Maria and she's all yours..." Max teased rolling on top of her when she groaned. "But I'll be there...always."

""She's gonna be hell isn't she." Liz chuckled, "Maybe I should call her tomorrow and have a little sit down with her."

Max shrugged, leaning down so that his lips were inches away from hers, "If that's what you want...but can we set reality aside until tomorrow?" His voice was husky causing Liz to tremble. She could feel the bulge growing between his legs as it pressed against her heat, "Because baby, right now, I want to make love my incredible, sexy, beautiful wife." He whispered in her ear while nibbling at it.

"Max..." Liz moaned. She could feel his breath trail its way down to her neck before kissing and sucking over her pulse. She wrapped her legs around his waist grinding her heat into his erection. Max groaned against her neck while running a hand up under shirt to massage her breast. "God Max, that feels incredible." They had made love since they had gotten back but with Liz now having alien powers it was even more intense not to mention they couldn't make love as much as they wanted with a one year old in the house but they couldn't complain, they were very happy to have him home.

"God Liz...I want you so bad." He whispered as his hand trailed its way down to run its way up and down her smooth leg, tugging it up higher on his waist.

"Show me baby...show me how much you want me." Liz teased him. Max propped himself up on one hand while Liz tugged off her shirt. Max moaned at the sight before him, he leaned down to take her perky nipple in his mouth, suckling at her taste. Liz threw head back at the sensations he was causing, feeling herself getting wetter by the second. His hand snaked its way underneath the waist of her boy shorts and between her slick folds.

"Your so wet..." He moaned as he switched over to her other nipple. His finger sliding into her wet heat causing her to bite her lip to repress the moan that was about to escape. She knew she had to be quiet, otherwise they wouldn't get to finish. He slowly pumped a finger in and out of her heat before adding another. Liz arched into his hand.

"More...more please...Max...." She begged him, her cheeks flushed. Max looked up at her before leaning down to kiss her. His tongue snaking into her mouth, dueling with hers. He could feel her sucking on his tongue while trying to rid him of his boxers. He yanked his own hand out of her heat causing her to groan at the loss. He couldn't help but smile against her mouth. He helped her out her pajama bottoms before nestling himself back between her legs. He could feel her heat against his own erection, if possible he grew even harder at the heat radiating from her. He pulled back from the kiss to admire the view, her hair fanned out against the bed, her cheeks completely flushed, her lips puffy and her eyes half closed peering up at him through half open slits. He saw her tongue snake out to lick her lips causing him to moan, feeling her hand reach down to grab him, he moaned not being able to help the hiss that came out.

"Lizzzz...." He moaned as he felt himself being guided to her wet heat. He slowly felt himself sink into her wet folds, her walls clamping around him inch by inch at a very slow torturous pace. She was still as tight as ever, he couldn't believe she was his, his wife, his queen.

Max couldn't take it any more, he slid all the way in so that he was completely surrounded by his wife's tight walls. Wanting to take it slow, he slowly moved in and out of her, causing her to moan. Each time, he slid all the way in to the hilt before pulling all the way out and then slamming back into her with full force, causing her moans to get louder. Dragging himself up on one hand, his other hand went to cover her mouth to muffle her moans but he couldn't help the sound of his own grunts. He could feel Liz arch up into him trying to take him deeper, he knew she was close. He could feel her trembling and he wasn't far behind. Their bodies slick with sweat, her hair now sticking to her face. Liz looked up at him, "Max...please..."

Max reached between their sweat slicked bodies, his hand finding it's destination. He found her clit and massaged it causing her eyes to go big. He braced himself against the bed, she tried to stifle her scream by biting her husband's shoulder. Not caring about the pain but knew for sure there would be evidence of their love making in the morning, if not from the scratch marks then from the bite mark on his shoulder, if not both. His pace quickened, he felt her walls tighten around his stiff cock. "Oh god." Max moaned his eyes closing. His jaw clenched as he felt her bathe his cock in her juices. "Yes baby...cum for me..." He told her looking down at her, her eyes meeting his. That's all it took. Max felt himself pour his love inside of Liz, bathing her walls in his own fluids causing her to cum again. This time she couldn't help the scream that escaped her lips.

"MAXXXX!!!!!" Liz screamed as he tightened her legs around Max's waist. Max felt himself continue to pump himself in and out one last time before resting himself on his forearm careful not to crush her. He kissed her neck, her shoulder and then took her left perky nipple in his mouth causing her to moan and shiver. "That was..."

"Incredible." Max finished for her, before laying his head against her breast listening to her heart beat race in her chest as she tried to catch her breath. Breathing heavily against her, he kissed her breast before looking at her, "Are you okay?" He asked her smirking.

Liz had her eyes closed, her cheeks still flushed, "Better then okay..."

Max was about to lean down and kiss her when the sound of their son crying stopped him, he laughed, Liz looked at him, "Stay put...I'll go..." He said before giving her a quick peck on the lips. Pushing himself up he pulled on his boxers before heading out the door, "Don't even think about getting dressed." Max told her peeking his head back into the bedroom. Liz rolled over on her side smiling, "I'll be back." He told her trying his best to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger causing her to laugh.

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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch.15 7/30 Pg.8

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Ch. 16

Liz made herself busy around the kitchen as she listened to Maria ramble on about Michael and his most recent shenanigans. She couldn't help but roll her eyes as Maria seemed to talk a mile a minute not really making any sense. Something about Michael wanting to go alone to the movies or something of that nature and also him saying she talked to fast. At least that's what she could understand. She had invited Maria over to talk to her about Tess coming to Zander's birthday party, she had sent Max out with Zander to go order his birthday cake but was now wishing she had taken him up on his offer to stay and be her moral support. "Liz, girl, are you even listening to me?" Maria snapped her out of her thoughts.

Sighing Liz counted to ten before turning around to face her best friend, "Maria...I need to tell you something..."

Maria eyed her closely, "Your pregnant!" She shouted a mixture of excitement and shock in her voice.

"No, I'm not pregnant..." Liz said exasperated.

"Geez, what's got your panties in a twist?" She snapped back sarcastically.

She took a deep breath before quickly telling her best friend in one quick breath, "I'minvitingTesstoZander'sbirthdaypartythisweekend." Maria's mouth opened and closed not able to say anything, "So I was thinking that maybe it should be a monkey theme, what do you think?" She asked quickly trying to move past the subject.

"WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?!" Maria shouted furious at her friend, "Please tell me you did not just say you're inviting Tess to his party..." She got no answer, "Unbelievable, Max would never agree to it Liz!"

Liz swallowed past the lump in her throat, "Well, truth be told, he said that he'd be okay with it, if that's what I wanted...." Taking a moment to survey Maria's body language she continued on, "And it's what I want to do. Tess has been human now for four months now and she's been holding down a job working as Jim's new secretary at the Sheriff's station not to mention that she's got her own place and has no other friends..."

"Which is her own fault!" Maria threw back.

"I understand that Maria and I understand that your angry but she deserves a second chance..your Zander's godmother and I want you at his party but I'm inviting Tess. .everybody else knows and is okay with it." Liz told her friend. "I need you to be too, for me...for Zander." She added.

Maria glared at her friend, "Fine but that doesn't mean I'm going to be all chit chatty with her."

Liz smiled, "No one said you had to sweetie." Maria smiled back, "Just be nice..."

Max walked into the house with Zander, sitting Zander down as he wobbled a little, still getting the hang of walking, before getting tired again, "Ma ma." He fussed.

"Oh champ come on." Max said chuckling setting his keys on the table. Picking his son back up he walked into the living room, "You gotta get used to walking Zan." He told his son before kissing his cheek.

"Da da." Zan said with his half smile like his dad. Max just smiled back looking around the kitchen for Liz, finally spotting her out on the patio. "Ma ma." Zan said getting excited jumping Max's arms.

"Yea buddy that's ma ma." Max said before walking towards Liz's direction. "Hey baby." Max said as he closed the sliding glass door behind him.

Liz turned in her seat to see Max and Zander, "Hey...how's my two favorite boys?" She asked sitting her journal down and walking towards them. Leaning up on her tippie toes she kissed Max gently on his lips before reaching her arms out to Zander. Zander eagerly reached over to Liz. "Hi baby."

"Ma ma!" Zander squealed.

"We order his cake." Max told her as they went to sit back down.

Liz grinned, "Did you order your birthday cake sweetie?" Zan placed his hands on Liz's cheeks, "What kind did you order?" She asked Max.

"Chocolate." Max said blushing, Liz rolled her eyes, "What? He likes that kind..." Liz just smirked at him, "We got him the monkey theme we talked about, is that okay?"

"Yep, that's what I called and told Isabel we wanted the theme to be...granted she was a little perturbed."

Max looked at her confused, "Why?"

"She wanted to do an alien theme." Liz explained casually shrugging her shoulders.

"What?" Max asked half laughing before noticing the serious look on Liz's face. "Your serious?"

"Yea, I told her no way...seeing how most of his relatives are...well, not of this Earth."

Max shook his head, "We are of this Earth, just not all of it."

Liz laughed, "Babe, I didn't mean it like that." Max playfully pouted, "Ah look Zander, I hurt daddy's feelings."

Zander turned his attention from Liz's hair to Max, reaching his arms out for his daddy, "Da da..."

Max laughed along with Liz before taking his son, "It's okay buddy, we'll get mommy back won't we?" He teased Liz. Zander started to laugh too, before tucking his head into Max's neck and rubbing at his eyes. "Oh look someone had a busy day...are you sleepy buddy?" Zander tucked his thumb in his mouth before his eyes started to shut.

"Maybe we should put him down for his nap..." Liz said. Max nodded heading behind Liz to tuck their son in. Tomorrow their son would be turning one and they couldn't be happier.

Isabel trailed up and the aisles gathering new supplies for her nephew's birthday party. Luckily the party store had a good exchange policy, sadly though Liz had waited the last minute to tell her that she had a preference on the theme. She threw in four packs of balloons with her other supplies, not paying attention she ended up bumping her cart into someone elses. "I'm so sorry..." Isabel said surprised and embarrassed.

"Not a problem." The man said smirking, "Monkey's?"

Isabel looked at him confused, "Beg your pardon...." She said before glancing at her cart, "Oh yea..."

"What no aliens?" He teased.

Isabel laughed, "Uh no it's my nephew's first birthday tomorrow, I'm just helping out."

"Last minute run?" Isabel nodded, "I'm Jesse, Jesse Rameriez." He introduced himself holding out his hand.

Isabel hesitated a moment before taking his hand, "Isabel Evans..."

"It's nice to meet you Isabel." He said smiling as they stood there shaking hands.

Tess sighed as she walked up the stairs to her apartment. It was early in the day when Jim decided to go ahead and let her head home early. She hated coming home alone, to an empty apartment, but Jim had said he had some errands to run and he wanted Tess to enjoy the day. Tess decided she stop by the toy store and pick up Zander's birthday gift. She was shocked that Liz had called earlier this morning and invited her to his birthday party. At first she had objected but Liz had insisted on her being there. Just as she placed the key into the lock of her door she heard somebody behind her, startled she spun around quickly at the sound of a man clearing his throat, Tess came face to face with a surprised Kyle. "Whoa, it's just me." Kyle said holding his hands up in defense.

Tess sighed setting her purse down back from up in the air ready to hit Kyle, "What are you doing here Kyle, lurking in the shadows?" Not that Tess was complaining, she really missed Kyle. Back after Tess had transferred her powers and seal to Liz, Jim had told her that she was welcome to stay in her old room but she knew Kyle wouldn't be comfortable with that. Much to Maria's dismay, Michael had offered Tess his couch, not that Michael was home often thanks to Maria's unsubtle ways of keeping him away from Tess. So Tess had decided to get her own place and get a job. Truth be told she was starting to really be happy that she was no longer a full pledged alien. True she had no friends or family other then Jim and she guessed Liz trying, but she was very lonely.

Kyle shoved his hands in his pockets looking down at a spot on the ground, "I ran into Max at the grocery store...he said Liz invited you to the birthday party tomorrow." He mumbled.

"Yes she did...I just picked up his birthday gift..." Tess said looking at the gift bag in her hand before looking back at Kyle, "Kyle...what are you doing here?" She asked him again her tone a soft whisper.

Kyle looked at her, he had missed her. His dad had been telling him that Tess had been doing real good being human and adjusting. He had promised himself that he wouldn't ever let her in again but after a month ago he couldn't deny he missed her.


Kyle was walking out of the Sheriff's station after dropping some dinner off to his dad. As he was wrestling with his keys out of his pocket he ran right into somebody. "God I'm so so-...Tess." He said as he reached out to steady her. Just as quick he dropped his hands back down to his sides as if he was burned.

Tess couldn't hide the fact that hurt, "Hi Kyle." She said trying to let him hear the sadness in her voice.

"Tess..." Was all Kyle could muster.

"Drop by to see your dad?" She asked searching for anything to keep him there. Kyle nodded, "That's nice..."

Kyle was looking her up and down, taking in every inch of her, "How's being human?" He bite out sarcastically.

Tess ignored his tone, "It's been going good...I mean, it has it's ups and downs but I'm glad that I'm human."

"If that's even possible...to be human you have to have a heart." Kyle snapped out angrily.

Tess felt as if she had been slapped in the face, looking down she quickly wiped away the tear that fell, "I get you hate me Kyle, but I'm trying...I really am. No punishment that you dish out can be as bad as the one I'm giving myself. I have to live with what I did every day...live with the fact that Alex died by my hands...and I couldn't stop it even though I tried very hard to."

"But you chose to lie to Max and everyone...he could still be alive today to celebrate Zander's birthday...Zander who you kidnapped..." Kyle pointed out.

Tess nodded, "True, I made a lot of mistakes and I'll spend the rest of my life regretting those choices...all I can do now is try my best to try and make things up to everyone." Tess told him sincerely. She looked at him one last time before nodding at his silence, "I got to get to work Kyle...have a good night." As she opened the door she stopped before heading inside, "I never wanted to hurt you Kyle, regardless of everything that's happened my feelings for you were real...I did really like you...still do...and I really miss you...I'm so sorry." She said quickly before heading inside. Kyle watched her walk inside before heading towards his car.

End Flashback

Kyle took a deep breath before finally saying what he had on his mind, "Do you need a ride there?" He asked quickly.

Tess thought she heard him wrong, "I'm sorry what did you just say?"

"Do you need a ride? To the party...." He added a little bit more slowly this time. Kyle looked Tess in the eyes before smiling. "I mean, I was wondering if you needed a ride to the party, I'd be happy to bring you...I'm sure you haven't been to their house...I wouldn't..." He rambled quickly.

Tess smiled, "Kyle...I'd love that." She told him ,"Would you...like to come in, see the place?" Tess asked him pointing behind her at the door.

Kyle shook his head, "No..."

"Oh." She said disappointed.

"I mean I can't today...I'm on my lunch break." Kyle said gesturing to his mechanic uniform. "Maybe after I drop you back off at home tomorrow, you can give me a tour?" Kyle asked her shyly.

Tess nodded, "That be great. Tomorrow then..."

"Tomorrow." Kyle said nodding just looking at Tess smiling. Maybe just maybe everything would be okay. She thought to herself as she watched Kyle walk down the stairs not noticing the pair of eyes watching her closely.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch.16 8/6 Pg.9

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:45 pm

Ch. 17

As Tess steps into her apartment, she smiles to herself as she throws her keys on the couch. She walks over to the fridge to grab a soda when she hears a knock on her front door. She quickly rushes to the door not bother to look out the peep hole thinking Kyle might have changed his mind on taking the tour around her apartment. "Ky-...Oh my god!" Tess says fear in her voice.

"Hello Ava dear." The man says calmly shoving past her looking around the apartment. "Don't even think about running..." He adds not bothering to turn around.

Tess swallows past the huge lump in her throat that was threatening to come up and turns to face the man standing in the middle of her apartment, "What are you doing here?" She asks carefully.

The man quickly turns around to face her, "What do you think traitor?" He asks her, evil dripping from his voice before raising his hand in the air causing Tess to slump to the floor, darkness consuming her mind and the last thing she heard was the man laughing at her.

The next day, Liz was bathing Zander upstairs while Max and Michael were downstairs helping Isabel and Maria hang up decorations. "My baby is already one." Liz tells Zander as he splashes in the tub. "I can't believe it." She whispers stroking his brown hair.

Zander looks up at her and gives her a small toothy grin, Liz smiles at him showing off his two pearly white teeth as he holds up his rubber duck, "Duck duck." He says excitedly.

Liz laughs at her son, "Quack quack, honey..." She corrects him.

Downstairs Isabel continues to gossip to Maria about her running into the perfect gentleman at the party store. "I'm just worried how Michael and Max will react." Isabel explains, "Plus I didn't want to upset you and Liz..."

Maria looks at her confused, "Me and Liz?"

"You know about Alex and everything..."

Maria sighs and nods understanding what Isabel was referring to, "Sweetie, it's been a little over a year now, Alex hasn't been forgotten and we all know that you cared very much for him...but you can't put your life on hold...he's in a better place now and he'd want you to be happy." Maria explained to Isabel trying to comfort her friend.

Isabel wiped the tear that spilled down her cheek as she smiled at Maria, "You're right, but what about Michael and Max?" She asked her looking over at the two men who were hanging up streamers.

Maria laughed, "Let Liz and I worry about keeping them in line, don't you worry, when is he going to be here?"

"He said he'd be here a little after two, once he got done with work." Isabel told her. Maria nodded, "You think he's going to show."

"He'd be crazy not tp." Maria said smiling, "Besides, it should be one interesting party." Isabel looked at her confused, "You know with Tess, Kyle and Jim all being here too...be like one big family reunion."

Isabel sighed, "Liz always had to play peacemaker didn't she?"

"Yep." Was all Maria could say.

"You don't think Tess will try anything funny do you?" Isabel asked worried.

Maria shook her head, "She'd be really stupid to, but then again this is Tess we're talking about."

"What about Tess?" Max asked coming up behind Maria and his sister, "You two aren't planning on starting any trouble are you?" He asked them seeing the look on their faces. "It's really important to Liz that you guys act civil, it's Zander's birthday, plus I don't want any trouble either." He told them with serious look on his face.

"Don't worry Maxwell, Kyle is bringing Tess and Jim said that he and Kyle would run interference if need be." Michael tried to calm Max down but it didn't help. Maria laughed at Michael being so clueless, "What?" He asked noticing the look on Max's face.

"They shouldn't have to run interference Michael." Max pointed out.

Isabel sighed, "Don't worry Max, I wouldn't ruin my nephew's first birthday..."

"Maybe his second one." Maria joked. Max looked at her and pinned her with a glare, "What, I was just joking, give us some credit...besides shouldn't you give Tess this lecture?" She asked him placing her hands on her hips.

"She's got a point Max." Michael told him wrapping an arm around his girlfriend.

Max rolled his eyes, "I'm going upstairs to check on my family...you three behave, everyone should be here soon." He said looking at his watch before heading upstairs.

Michael turned and looked at the girls, "You two aren't going to..."

"No Michael..." Isabel said rolling her eyes.

"We weren't even really talking about Tess." Maria added, "We were talking about Isabel's party guest she invited." Isabel glared at her, in turn Maria just shrugged, before looking back at Michael.

He watched the two continue to exchange looks with each other, growling in frustration he interrupted the two of them, "What party guest?"

Isabel smiled at him sweetly, "Just a guy I met."

"You invited a complete stranger to family birthday?" He asked angrily.

Maria slapped him upside the head, "Oh stop space boy, what better way to see if he's worthy of Isabel then to have him here."

Michael sighed, "Does Max know?" He asked her still not liking the idea.

"Not yet no." Isabel told him, "I'll tell him soon."

Michael looked at her in disbelief, "Before he gets here and rings the damn bell?" He asked her. Isabel smirked and shrugged before walking away, "I mean it Iz!" He yelled after her. Isabel flicked him off as she continued to saunter off.

Maria chuckled when Michael turned his attention on her, "What?" She asked innocently, "I just found out a little while ago too."

As Max walked into Zander's bedroom he saw Liz dressing Zander in his birthday outfit. He could hear Liz sniffling as she dressed him, concerned he stepped up behind her, "What's wrong Liz?" He asked her concerned stilling her shaking hands as she tried to tie his little shoe laces.

Liz looked up at him smiling, "These are happy tears Max, I just can't believe he's one already and I'm worried..." She added quickly looking away.

Placing his fingers under her chin he turned her face to look at him, "Worried about what?"

"About everyone...you know with Tess coming and all." She explained looking up at him. Max smiled at her as he hugged her to him, "I just want it to be perfect for him..." Max looked at Zander who was playing with his other shoe.

"Hey champ." Max said tickling Zanders foot that wasn't dressed yet. Zander looked up at Max and laughed, "How's the birthday boy."

"Take!" He yelled.

Max and Liz laughed, "Cake." Liz said trying to correct him, pulling away from Max she placed his other tennis shoe on his foot and tied it up. "Okay birthday boy, now you look just like daddy." She said as she stood him up dressed in a pair of baby denim jeans and a white monkey t-shirt and tennis shoes.

"Da da." He said clapping his hands together reaching out for Max.

Max looked at Liz and then at his son before picking up and flying him around the room, "Watch out here comes space cadet Zander..." Liz laughed at the sight of Max and Zander playing. "Ready to go see your party decorations, space cadet?" Max teased him as he held him against his hip. He looked at Liz who gave herself one quick look in the mirror, "Doesn't mommy look pretty?" He whispered in Zander's ear.

"Ma ma, purty." Zander said smiling at Liz.

Liz turned at looked at them, "Thank you." She giving Zander a peck on the cheek, "And thank you." She said before giving Max a quick but lingering kiss on his lips. Max smiled at her, "I love you."

"I love you too." Max told her as he led his family back downstairs.

Kyle drove up to Tess's apartment as he quickly checked his hair in the rear view mirror of his truck before hopping out and running up the stairs. Hesitating a moment he caught his breath, straightened out his buttoned down shirt he was wearing before knocking on the door. He waited a moment before knocking again, there was still no answer, peering over the steps he saw Tess's SUV sitting in the parking lot and could hear the radio inside. He knocked again, "Tess, it's me Kyle." He yelled through the door, still no answer. He started to get nervous so he tried to open the door knob. It was unlocked, so he stepped inside calling her name, "Tess? The door was unlocked, are you here?" He called out. He looked around and saw her purse and keys sitting on the couch. Frowning he continued to look around, that's when he saw her kitchen table knocked over along with glass laying on the kitchen floor. Stepping back out of the apartment he grabbed his cell phone before calling his dad, "Dad, it's me...somethings wrong, it's Tess." He explained over the phone, "No...she's missing and it looks like there was struggle in her apartment."

TBC...sorry it's so short, I'll be back this weekend with a longer part, I know some of you are bothered with the fact Liz is forgiving Tess and wondering if Tess can be trusted, well all will be revealed soon!! I also updated my other story tonight so check that out too, had some writer's block so hopefully neither of these chapters suck horribly! Don't kill me lol...
"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch.17 8/11 Pg.10

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Ch. 18

"Wait what do you mean she's missing?" Michael asked confused. Max, Kyle, Jim, Michael and Isabel stood outside on Max's back patio after Jim and Kyle rushed over to inform them of Tess's disappearance. "How do you know she just didn't leave on her own?"

Jim shook his head, "There was definitely forced entry and a struggle at her apartment." He explained to them. Max took a cautious look inside to see Maria, Liz and Zander inside still fixing up the kitchen for the lunch they had prepared.

Max ran a weary hand down his face, "Max, what are we going to do?" Isabel asked frightened.

He sighed looking at his sister, "I don't know..."

"What do you mean you don't know?" Kyle asked fiercely as he glared at Max. "Look I get it's an important day for you being Zander's birthday but Tess is human now and she's missing!"

Jim placed a calming hand on Kyle's shoulder warning him to back down, he looked at Max, "Max, Kyle is right we can't just ignore this." Jim told him. Just as Max was about to say something he heard the sliding glass door open.

"Max?" Liz asked concerned, "What's going on, what can't you ignore?" She asked walking over to him with Zander in her arms and Maria following closely behind. She turned her attention to Kyle, "Aren't you supposed to be picking up Tess?"

"Liz..." Max said in an almost hushed whisper, "There's something we need to tell you..." Liz looked up at him hearing the fear in his voice. "Tess is missing..."

"Good riddance." Maria muttered under her breath. Everyone turned to glare at her, she shrugged, "Sorry...I really am..." She said holding her hands up in defense. "But can I just ask how we don't know she just couldn't hack it and ran off on her own?"

"There were signs of a break in and a struggle at her apartment when Kyle showed to pick her up and when I got there I could definitely see she had fought back against who ever it was. Glass was everywhere the bedroom door had been kicked in...all her personal effects were still there, her purse, keys, car, cell, wallet..." Jim explained.

"Oh my God, but who could it be Khivar is dead." Liz said now hugging Zander closer feeling Max pull her and Zander closer to him. "Who else could it be?"

Isabel sighed, "What is it Iz?" Max asked noticing the way Isabel was acting.

Isabel looked up at her brother then at Michael then back at Max, "Last night, I had this dream...it felt real but I dismissed it." She told them. "I was on Antar, I guess...it was beautiful...I could smell the clean air, feel the breeze on my skin, but as I was standing on this...this balcony...I guess it was, this man came up behind me and told me that the war was not over."

"And you're just now telling us this?" Kyle snapped at her causing her to flinch.

Maria walked over to her grabbing her hand in support, "Back off Kyle..." She warned. Kyle was seething but the looks from Michael and Max told him to back off and when he saw Isabel's face he immediately felt guilty.

"No..." Liz gasped. Max alarmed turned to face her. "Max..."

"What is it?" He asked concerned. She looked at Isabel then at Max. "Liz what's wrong?"

"I had the same dream last night...but I saw Isabel and the man...the next thing I knew I was transported to this room, it was dark and the man was standing over Isabel's body laughing...I just assumed it was of her past life I was dreaming of when Khivar...you know mind raped me." She admitted to him, "That somehow I got some of Tess's and Khivar's past memories...That it was Vilondra's body that Khivar was standing over." She explained looking at Zander now who was staring up at her innocently with toothy grin. She forced a smile on her face before looking back up at the others, "Then he looked right at me...and just smiled...said that he was coming for him...I swear Max I thought it was just some awful nightmare." She cried out. Max nodded and hugged her to him kissing the top of her head.

"So we know then these weren't dreams?" Michael half asked and half told them. "Did you guys see anything else?" He asked Liz and Isabel. Isabel shook her head. "Liz?" He asked softly.

Liz pulled herself out of Max's arms and turned to look at him, "After I got myself back to sleep I was dreaming I was standing upstairs in Zander's room..."

"That dream you had last night about him." Max said as it dawned him remembering Liz waking up screaming Zander's name a couple nights ago. "Oh my..." Liz looked down at Zander with fear in her eyes, she wouldn't let anyone touch her son again, she would die before letting him be taken away again. As if he were reading her mind he promised Liz that wouldn't happen, "Liz no one is going to take our son away, nothings going to happen to either one of you...I swear." Max told her.


"No!!!!" Liz screamed sitting upright in bed drenched in sweat. Max jolted up hearing his wife scream. "No, Zander!" She cried.

"Liz it's okay baby, it was just a dream." Max said trying to soothe her, "It was just a dream."

Liz shook her head, "No it was real...where's Zan?" She asked frightened.

Max saw the fear in her eyes, "I'll go get him..." He said as he quickly ran to grab their son. Liz swung her legs to the side of the bed waiting for Max to come back with Zan. Once he came back she felt a wave of relief wash over her. "Guess he had little nightmare too." He said bouncing Zan in his arms.

Liz held her arms out for Zan, "It's okay baby." She said raining kisses over her sons face.

"Liz what was the nightmare about?" Max asked trying to urge her to talk. This was the second night in a row she had woke up drenched in a cold sweat and he was starting to worry.

Liz frowned, "Someone was trying to take Zan." Was all she could get out.

Max sat down next to Liz and laid a hand on her knee rubbing his thumb in circles, "Khivar's dead, no one can take him from us, I won't let them."

He tried to explain to help calm her, "He's got the protection of our people Liz, with you having the seal now too, besides Larek would alert us to any threats."

Liz looked down at her son's sleeping form in her arms, "I know." She whispered before looking at Max, "Can he just sleep in here with us tonight?" She asked her husband.

Max just smiled laying Zander down once Liz got settled then wrapped his arms around both o them vowing to protect them both until the day he died.

End Flashback

"What was the dream Maxwell?" Michael urged him to tell them. Maria and Isabel stood frozen in fear as they listened on.

Max sighed, not letting Liz and Zander go, "Liz said that she was in Zander's room begging for this masked man to give her back Zander...but he wouldn't. He had turned Zander against us...somehow Zander had these powers to deflect us..."

"It was awful, it was if he didn't recognize us at all." Liz interrupted, "Anytime Max or I got close something just deflected us, like a shield. The next thing I know Zander is up in the air surrounded by this ball of red energy but he was older by the time I pushed myself up on my feet. He was laughing at me telling me it was too late...that I was never really his mother..."

"He had recognized this...thing...this man as his family...whatever or whoever he was had turned him against us." Max said ruffling Zander's soft brown hair trying to assure Zander everything was okay sensing he could feel the tension in the air making him laugh. "Before we could do anything, Liz said that she saw your body Michael lying at the foot of the stairs..." Max told him looking at him causing Maria to gasp, "Then she saw Isabel's body in the doorway face down." Isabel started to sob. "Then my body at this man's feet and that's when Liz woke up."

"So who ever this dude is, he's planning on killing you guys?" Kyle asked worried now. "But dad and I weren't in your vision neither was Maria or Tess."

Michael growled in frustration, "What's your point Valenti?" He barked out angrily as he hugged Maria trying to calm her down. She was crying relentlessly in his arms after hearing about her friends death that Liz had obviously foreseen.

"Well, I mean, it doesn't mean that's what's going to happen right?" Kyle ignored Michael's agitated tone, "We can prevent this from happening if Liz is having some kind of premonition."

Isabel shook her head in denial, "That doesn't explain how I saw it also."

"Maybe you dream walked her subconsciously now that she's one of you." He told her. "I'm serious, we weren't in the vision, but now that we know maybe we can use that to our advantage." Kyle explained to them. "This guy could have Tess..." Jim and Max exchanged looks. Max frowned looking down, Kyle didn't fail to notice, "What? What is it?"

"Son..." Jim started to say. Liz looked at him sympathetically. She walked over to Isabel and hugged her sister in law trying to soothe her. "Listen to what they said..."

"Kyle...Isabel and Liz both saw what they thought was Isabel's body on Antar...but we don't think it was..." Max tried to explain, "I-We think it was Tess's body..."

Kyle refused to accept it, he wouldn't believe it, "No, she's still alive...they said that they dreamed they were on Antar, she's human, how could she be on Antar?" He argued. "You just don't want her to be alive to ruin you happy existence!" He snapped furiously at Max.

Max glared at him, "HOW. DARE. YOU!" He seethed between his teeth clenching his fist next to his sides.

"Max..." Liz pleaded. Max turned to look at her immediately feeling the anger being washed away, he quickly rushed over to her wrapping one arm around his wife and son and the other arm around his sister, "Kyle...that's not true and you know it." She calmly told him, "We didn't expect that my powers would be this strong after the transfer from Tess...we didn't know I'd have premonition's...if it's any body's fault that Tess...might be harmed, its mine." She said sadly looking down.

"What?!" Maria exclaimed, "No, Kyle...this isn't any body's fault! Especially yours Liz! How would you know that you were going to have these premonition thingys?" Maria asked her turning her attention to her best friend.

Kyle sighed, "I'm sorry guys...I really am..." He admitted feeling defeated. "I just...I have to believe she's okay." He said looking at them all. He looked at his dad who tried to smile at him.

"Kyle, son, this is hard on us all, but if Liz and Isabel saw what they did, then we have to focus on what we can do to prevent the rest of their..." Jim looked at Isabel and Liz then back at Kyle, "Their premonitions?" He half asked Max. Max nodded, "So, what's our next step?"

"Obviously this enemy of ours, is bringing the war to us...here..." Michael said stepping forward. "To get Zander." He said sadly as Liz pressed him closely to her body, "But we won't let anything happen to him, Kyle's right about one thing we have the upper hand here."

"How so?" Maria asked her boyfriend concerned.

Michael smirked, "We go on the offense." He looked at Max who nodded in agreement. "We make sure we defend our family."

"What can I do to help?" Jim asked understanding what they were referring to.

Max looked down at Liz and Zander then at Isabel before speaking, "I need you to keep my family safe."

Liz looked up at him shocked, "Max...no."

Max ignored her, "Kyle, if there's anything I can do to save Tess...I will, I promise you."

"Thank you." Kyle told him graciously.

Max then turned and looked at Jim, "I need you and Kyle to take Isabel, Maria, Liz and Zander out of state, today...I need to know they are safe."

"I'll keep them safe with my life Max." Jim swore to Max.

"Michael..." Maria looked at him confused.

Michael held his hand up to stop him from saying anything, "No need Maxwell, you know I'm here."

"Here? Here for what?" Maria demanded to know.

Michael turned to look at Maria, "I have to help Max, you know that..." Maria just shook her head, "I promise it will be okay, when this is over with...I'm going to come for you..." He vowed to her. He leaned down to kiss Maria on the lips to silence her from saying anything further.

Max looked at Liz this time, "Liz...I know you don't agree with this...but i need to know that you two will be safe...please for me..." He looked at Zander, "You and Zander mean everything to me...please just go with Jim and I swear that I will come for you when this is over...we'll go somewhere just the three of us and live out our lives...happily and fifty years from now when we're old and wrinkly..." He said laughing slightly, "We'll tell our grandkid's our story." He told her kissing her forehead then Zander's head. "I love you...always..."

"And forever." Liz finished for him crying.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch.18 8/13 Pg.10

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"Liz everything's going to be okay...Max won't leave you guys, he'll do everything in his power to come to you both." Maria tried to assure her best friend as they sat in the back seat of Valenti's cruiser.

Liz looked down at her sleeping son on her lap, who she refused to set down, as she stroked his hair out his face. Feeling completely torn in standing strong next to her husband and leaving him behind to protect their son. "I know...but that's also what worries me Maria." She whispered to her, "He's going to make sure that Zander and I are not in any danger and he's not going to stop until he's sure the threat is gone."

"Liz..." Maria started to say but knew she was right and frowned, "Look, I made Michael promise me that him and Max would come back to us safe and in one piece no matter what or else I would bring him back from the dead and kick his ass myself." She attempted to joke, seeing a slight smile form on Liz's face she reached over and squeezed her hand, "It's going to be okay Liz."

Liz sighed and just nodded, "She's right Liz, my brother isn't going to miss out on watching Zan grow up." Isabel interrupted, "He loves both of you more then anything and he's going to make it back to you two, to all of us."

Liz smiled at her sister in law, "Thank you, Isabel." Isabel looked at her confused, "For coming with us, helping us protect Zan, I know you wanted to be there with Max and Michael but I really appreciate you being here."

Isabel stroked Zander's back as he slept before looking back Liz, "He's my nephew Liz, I wouldn't ever let anything happen to him...." She thought a moment, "And you know what else..I believe Alex is watching over all of us right now."

"I think so too...I think so too." Liz nodded in agreement. "How much further, Jim?" Liz asked.

Jim peered at her through the rear view mirror, "About another two hours." He told her, "Do you guys wanna stop and stretch your legs?" He asked them.

Isabel shook her head, "No, we shouldn't stop we need to get there as soon as possible." She told him. Nodding, Jim looked back out on the long stretch of highway ahead of him.

"I don't get it, why are heading to Albuquerque?" Kyle asked as he stretched out his arms. "Are we sure it's far enough?"

"Max, Michael and I set up a safe house a few months ago here, just in case anything happened and we got split up. We knew to always go there first and wait." Isabel explained. "Once things are safe, Max and Michael will come there to get us. We put money, passports, fake id's...everything we could think of to change our identity if need be."

"Kyle, Max knows what he's doing...we have to trust him." Liz told him.

Kyle frowned, "Even if it means leaving Tess behind?"

Maria and Liz exchanged looks, "Kyle, no matter what our history is with Tess, Max won't leave her in the hands of our enemies. He went through the white room, you know that, he wouldn't wish that upon his worst enemy." Liz snapped mostly in frustration.

"It's okay." Maria soothed her. "Let's just try and stay calm, we don't want to get Zander all upset." She told them all trying to smile.
"Max, man, this place looks like a war zone." Michael said going through Tess's apartment taking in the struggle that apparently had taken place there with a shake of his head.

Max stated sorting through the broken items laying around trying to find some kind of clue as to who had Tess or where they took her, "I don't even know where to begin, I mean she could be any where. Who ever has her though has enough power to block Isabel from getting in."

Michael looked around about ready to give up when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye, "Max...check this out." He called him over as leaned down to pick up the item. "What is that?"

Max frowned as he took the crystal from his hand, "I don't know. It almost looks like the crystal we had for the granolith." He told Michael but just as he was about to look around more they heard a noise outside the door. Motioning for Michael to keep quiet they both hid, getting ready to attack. As the door flew open it was the last person any of them expected, "Larek!" Max exclaimed lowering his hand and stopping Michael from firing. "What are you doing here?"

Larek swallowed past the lump in his throat, "My King, you must come quickly. We don't have much time. Khivar is planning to attack and has taken Tess hostage on Antar. We have to stop him from coming here otherwise he will destroy this planet and leave no survivors until he has your son."

Michael and Max exchanged looks, "You mean go up there?" Michael half asked half stated. Larek nodded, Michael looked at Max who was staring at the crystal in his hand, "Is that what that's for?" He asked gesturing to the crystal.

"Where did you find that?" Larek asked surprised reaching his hand out to touch it and make sure it was real.

"We just found it." Max told him, "What is it?"

Larek smiled, "It's hope...we may be able to stop him after all but you must come quickly, we have to get to the granolith and stop him from coming to Earth."

Max looked at Michael who just nodded, "Then let's go." Was all he said before walking out the door with Michael and Larek following closely behind.

"Shouldn't we call..." Michael started to ask.

Max stopped him, "No, the less they know the better." Max said with tinge of sadness in his voice, "Michael I understand if you want to go meet them, you don't have to come."

Michael shook his head, "And let you have all the fun?" He asked with sarcasm dripping from his voice, "No, we're going to finish this once and for all." Max nodded as he shook Michael's hand. "Let's go Larek, tell us what we have to do."
"You know they are coming from you." The man whispered in Tess's ear. "And when they do, your King will pay for taking what was rightfully mine."

Tess refused to look at him, "Max won't let you get away with this. You'll never be half the man Max is."

The man laughed, "I guess that is very true, seeing how I'm not human after all."

"He won't let you touch his son....he'll die before he let's that happen." Tess yelled furiously. "You'll never find them....they've probably already left."

He shrugged, "True as that may be, I'll be able to find out where he has hidden them and if he dies, it will be nothing but pure pleasure to watch, young Ava."

"I'm not Ava...." She gritted out between her teeth, "You'll pay for this, Khivar."

Khivar threw his head back and laughed, "And what will you do about it my dear? You're a mere human now. You are no longer the queen. Of course Zan will attempt to save you but that his not his top priorty. He could care less if you were to die and believe me it would be so easy." He smirked proud of himself, "If I were you, I would reconsider my deal Ava."

Tess smiled a minute before spitting in his face, "I rather die then work with you...." She barked out. Khivar just nodded and smiled at her before walking out of the room. As soon as she was sure she was alone she struggled against the restraints before giving up and breaking down in tears.

The End?.....

There will be a sequel and it will be up to explain what comes next for everyone....so don't worry!
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