Well Look Who's Back! (M/L TEEN) epilogue 5/29/11

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.10 4/27/11

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Yes, Liz and Michael have become very good friends over the years, I’m sure that Maria, Michael and Isabelle all shared a big part of their lives with her since they were the only members of the “I know an alien club” for awhile. Of course they eventually told their parents who were very helpful in taking care of the Special Unit. And, yes, Liz has her lonesome moments that’s for sure. As for Harvik, well he’s definitely ‘creepy’. Hey, there is one thing though…I’ve gone back and reread the first nine chapters myself because you mentioned Max and Michael are angry with each other. I didn’t say that, I don’t think. Anyway, they aren’t angry with each other, sorry if I hinted at that.

Honest, Liz knows she’s the one that walked away…her heart isn’t real happy about that but her head knows she did. She is still hurt that Max didn't believe her when she suggested that Alex was murdered and that he promised to always be her friend and then he turned against her.

As for Jeff’s problem, well that gets covered down the road a piece and Harvik? Well, I’m not so sure his elevator goes all the way to the top but that’s later too.

Now, here’s something more than one of you have suggested and I’m confused about it, I can’t find where I said Michael was angry with Max anywhere. Cardinal suggested it, Eve suggested it and now you have suggested it. I’m really confused here. I went back and read all nine chapters and I didn’t suggest that. I did say that Michael would most likely be spending a lot of time at Toys-r-Us with Zan, and he probably will, this Michael likes toys as much as the series Michael did…all kinds of toys.

And thanks for the compliment. If you guys keep it up I might try another one of these some day.

Carolyn: Yes she is…”you gotta’ have a plan.” And she’s covering all bases. I’m glad you’re enjoying the regular updates…it’s fun to turn my computer on in the morning and see all of the remarks you guys leave for me. It’s like morning conversation over a cup of tea and I’m enjoying it as well.

XAF RU208:
Glad your happy just reading along. No, Mr. Chapin wasn’t interested in Liz’s conversation on the phone so much as he was interested in her getting rid of Harvik…Harvik has been a headache for sometime but company policy is usually filed along with other corporate by-laws when a company incorporates so he has been stuck with the creep for some time because he is ‘protected’ by the by-laws of the corporation. (whew! I forgot I knew all that shit!) :lol: lol.

Nitpick 23: Max has brought the culture back with him because he thinks it’s an earth virus. Like we didn’t know what the gandarium was, they don’t know what this is. And at this point, most of the studies have been done for Liz, all she and Serena need to find is a cure at this point. We hope! :wink:

And yes, Liz is lonesome. Her best friends are scattered all over the US and her family is in Roswell, but like most people she went with the best offer which happened to be in Dallas, Tx. So she’s lonely. She’s doing what she loves to do, science, and she’s making big bucks but she’s lonely. She needs to go 'shit-kickin' with girlfriends. :P :P :P

xtingman: It seems we were both posting here at the same time and I almost missed your fb. Your right about Mr. Chapin, all he wants is for Liz to come back to work for him. As for the rest of your questions...they'll be answered in due time. :) The Jeff situation is going to be covered as well, honest! :wink:

You are all soooo nice!!! :D (smiles)


Chapter: 10

It was mid morning before Serena came down the hallway and entered Diane’s kitchen and the smells were divine. Diane had baked a coffee cake and put cayenne pepper in it. She remembered the spicy that Max and Isabelle loved as kids and she really peppered the pastry with the hot spice for the travelers. Zan was sitting practically on Diane’s lap as she went through photo album after photo album with the child showing him his daddy and aunt Isabelle at his age. He was enthralled. They only used connections, as his daddy called them, on Antar when they wanted to look at the past. This was much better…the person didn’t have to be around if you wanted to look at them and then he spotted a photograph of a large group of teen-agers…and he immediately zoomed in on one particular dark haired young girl…

“Grandma, that’s Liz isn’t it?”

Diane was semi shocked that the young boy knew who Liz was but she merely answered his question…

“Yes Zan, that’s Liz. Your grandfather said she is a little older looking now and much prettier if that’s possible but that’s Liz. How do you know Liz?”

And Serena couldn’t take it any longer and walked over to their side of the table and had a look at the young girl also.

“Dad dreams about her and when I sleep with him I can see her too.”

Max was rounding the corner coming in from the back of the house when he heard this confession. He had no idea that Zan knew about Liz and then he felt sad. He couldn’t remember any dreams he had ever had of Tess…his son had no idea what his mother looked like. Maybe Isabelle had a picture of her somewhere and then he decided that it was not important for him to know her at all…he didn’t want Zan to get confused about finding out she was not a good person…well that’s not true, she wasn’t raised to be a good person and there is a difference.

“Hey Serena, did you sleep well?”

“Oh my yes Max…thank you. I am so glad you brought us back here…it seems so long since I’ve been able to actually fall asleep and not keep one eye open that I can’t even remember it. And that bed, it’s heavenly. We need beds like that on Antar.”

“Max laughed. When you go back we will put one on board for you. How’s that? It’s the least we can do for you.”

“How about you Zan…did you sleep well too?”

“Yeah daddy, but you snore.”

They all laughed and then Diane asked…

“Zan, you can have your own room if you want it. There’s another spare room but it’s upstairs with your grandfather and me if you don’t mind being away from your daddy.”

Zan looked at Max and Max nodded yes and the boy smiled at his grandmother.

“I would like that…I’ve never had my own room. Dad always made me sleep with him…always.”

“I see…well you can have your own room now Zan and we’ll fix it up any way you want it fixed. How’s that?”

“Great. Dad, can we go to that toy store you were talking about? We can get stuff to put in it.”

“Yes Zan, we can go to that toy store buddy. Whenever Serena is ready to go shopping you and I will go to the toy store and grandma can take Serena to the mall.”

About that time the back door opened and Philip came in with a big smile on his face and Zan’s eyes got huge…

“Dad! He’s big!” And everyone started laughing as Philip smiled down at the boy and took his little hand in his…

“Hello Zan. I’m your grandfather and I am so glad to meet you. You have no idea how glad, none at all.” And Philips' eyes started to water up as he took in the child’s appearance. He was the image of Max at that age and then Zan did exactly what he had done with Diane, feeling just as secure in Philips' love the young boy got up from his chair and hugged his grandfather as hard as he could. Philip picked the child up and hugged him back, just as hard. And when they were finished with their greeting Philip sat the boy on his hip and reached a hand out to Serena…

“Hello Serena. Diane told me about you last night. Welcome to our home and better yet to our planet. I hope your stay gives you all of the answers you are looking for.”

“Thank you Mr. Evans, I hope so too. I understand you visited with Liz. Is she going to help us?”

“Yes she is…as a matter of fact she has a list of materials she feels you two will need and she said that you should look it over and if there’s anything she’s missed you should have Max get it for you, and Serena, my name is Philip.” And Philip smiled at the young woman who resembled Liz in so many ways. What is it about short little brunettes that Max is so enthralled with.

Zan remained in his grandfather’s arms until Philip was ready to have some coffee…and then Philip looked at Diane…

“Diane, is this a special coffee cake?”

“Yes it is but there’s one on the side of the island for you Philip…minus the cayenne.”

“Thank you.” And Philip got up and went over to the island and took the coffee cake to the table.

“What’s that grandpa? Is it different?”

“Yes it is Zan, there’s no heat in it.”

“What heat? It’s not hot in here, is it?”

“ This heat… it burns your tongue.”

“But there’s no fire under it.”

“Honey…” and Philip pointed to the other coffee cake “that cake has fire built into it. It’s for your father…he likes spicy hot food and grandma makes his food special.” Then Philip whispered, loud enough for everyone to hear, “he’s spoiled Zan.”

And Serena laughed. She liked these people, they seemed very loving.

“Well, if we’re going to go shopping we’d better get busy. Philip, Max and Zan are going to the toy store to get ‘stuff’ for Zan’s room. He’s going to be staying in the guest room upstairs with us. He’s never had his own room and, although I’m not sure just what he wants, he seems to be familiar with toys.”

“Well good for him. He’ll need a fishing pole too…so let me just put my brief case in my office and take my bag upstairs and I’ll be with you in a jiffy. Oh, and Liz sends her love. Maria and Michael are going to be arriving at her place on Wednesday for a concert tour and Liz was going to put in for a leave of absence today so we should see her the following Monday. She has to make arrangements for things to be taken care of in her absence.”

“Philip, which bedroom did she put you up in. I think Jeff and Nancy have a bet going with each other…Nancy is positive you got the canopy bed room and Jeff mentioned the rose room.”

“Although the rose room had the larger bed I had the canopy bed. I might add that it was quite comfortable and it really wasn’t as feminine as it sounds.”

Serena and Max grinned at each other and Diane raised an eyebrow to her husband…

“It wasn’t the least bit frilly, honest.” And then they all laughed. Zan was lost, they weren’t making sense.

“Did Liz ask about me?” The little boy wondered…

“Yes she did Zan and she’s looking forward to meeting you.”

“I knew she would.” The little boy said, very nonchalantly, and the adults just stared at him in wander…he couldn’t possibly mean that and they all moved away from the table to get ready for the mall.


Back in New York a very tired Maria DeLuca rolled out of bed around 11:30 a.m. and headed for her bathroom, purely out of necessity, and tried to wake herself up. She had a very late night last night trying to get ready for another tour. Her music director was being impossible regarding song choices and wardrobe…she figured she had reached a point in her career where she could perform some variations on the teeny bopper songs and the director was trying to convince her to stick to what sells. It was a never ending battle and she was ready to blow them all off. If she invested wisely she could be sitting comfortably any where in the world for the rest of her life…maybe even quit fighting with spaceboy long enough to make a go of it. God knows there wasn’t anyone else she wanted to spend her life with but it seemed that every time she got upset she took it out on Michael…why did she do that…and this last time he actually moved out and got his own place. That really hurt.

After she got herself settled in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and the morning trade papers she gave Michael a call…

“Hey spaceboy…are you awake yet?”

“Yes Maria, wide awake and on my second pot of coffee…what’s up?”

“Oh just checking in. Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?”

“As a matter of fact I do. I’m going to go over to the mall and look around for some things I might need for the next couple of months. I’m taking off to Roswell and I’ll be gone at least three months, maybe more.”

“What in the hell do you want to go to Roswell for Michael?”

“Because Liz asked me to. Max is back and he has enlisted Liz’s help with a biological problem. She needs me to do some security for her.”

“Of course…Liz needs you so you are going.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean Maria. You know she would be there for any of us if we needed her. There isn’t anyone else she trusts to do this. She really doesn’t want to go there herself but she’s going and after all she’s done for us in the past I’m not letting her down and I don’t think you have anything to complain about either Maria.”

“You’re right Michael, I don’t…but three months. My God, does the world depend on this or something?”

“Since you put it that way Maria…yes it does.”

“Oh…OH! Do you think I should come also?”

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary. You should probably stay here and make sure things are handled the way they should be while I’m gone. You know as much as I do about the business end of it and I don’t see any more concert dates coming up in the near future so you can take care of things here. Book in performances as you wish and write songs if you want to. What do you say?”

“I say no…I’ve got an uncomfortable feeling about this and I think I need to be with the “gang” for this one. It sounds safer for some reason. Call Isabelle and see what she’s doing about it.”

“I don’t think Isabelle knows he’s back yet…I’ll check with Liz first and then call her. You just may be right. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay Michael…see you for dinner?”

“Yeah, sure…I’ll come over.”

“Good. See you then.” And they rung off. ‘will this shit ever stop’ she thought to herself. ‘I knew it was too good to be true. We get the damned feds off our asses and then he has to come back with more shit…damn!’
And Maria looked as though she wanted to cry.


Diane took Serena in her car to go shopping and Philip took Max and Zan in his SUV and they headed to the tackle and bait shop before heading to Toys-r-Us…you just had to deal with things in the order of their importance and Max grinned at his dad.

“Have you called Isabelle yet Max?”

“No dad, I haven’t called anyone. I think Mom is the only one using the phone and she’s been talking to you. I’ll call her when I get back to the house.”

“Is that aunt Isabelle Dad?”

“Yeah Zan, she’s my sister…I think you’ll like her.”

“Grandma showed me pictures of her, she’s very pretty.”

“Yes she is Zan, very pretty. She will probably come to visit us as soon as she knows we’re here…so it’s best we get settled in first because your Aunt Isabelle is a whirlwind of energy.”

“Well that’s a nice way to put it.” Philip said with a grin.

“Yeah, it’s nicer than what I was thinking dad…but I do love her.”

“I know Max…we all do.” And now they were exiting the vehicle and going in search of fishing gear.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.11 4/28/11

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Cardinal: I hinted a chapter or two back that, although everyone THINKS Zan is totally human, Zan has managed to keep some secrets from them and he knew when his daddy was on his way to pick them up…now he knew Liz would ask about him. Let’s just assume that he has some powers of his own.

As for Isabelle, well, have we ever known anyone to stand in the way of what she really wants?

Eve: Liz truly cares about people and if she can she will find a cure for the virus that is threatening a world. Especially a virus that was turned loose on them and it was nothing that they did to themselves to cause it. It had nothing to do with self control, it just was released and now they’re dying. It really doesn’t have anything to do with seeing Max, although I believe deep down she didn’t mean what she said. (smiles)

Max doesn’t know about FM yet. He still wonders about that incident with Kyle and I cover that in the story.

As for little Zan, his mother, and Liz…well I cover that in the story also.

I’m with you when it comes to cooking what the kids like, I do it to this day. My husbands aunt once asked me if corn was the only vegetable I knew how to fix because she was here on holidays with all of the rest of the family. I pointed to my three (adult) kids sitting in the family with their spouses and told her it was their favorite. My youngest, 50, actually takes his corn and mixes it with his mashed potatoes before applying the gravy. His 52 year old sister told him “At least I kind of scoot the corn under the potatoes and pick it up together” to which the son replied…”Why?”. We all just sat and laughed at them. If one or all of them are here then corn and mashed potatoes are on the menu, among other things of course unless I make cabbage rolls then there’s creamed cucumbers with garlic salt. :lol:

As for Maria, she’s not really jealous of Liz but she’s sort of in a bad place right now regarding Michael. She and Michael are having some differences and Michael has moved out and given her an ultimatum. It’s also covered in the story.

Pandas2001: Well here you are…another chapter. I hope you continue to enjoy the story. It was fun to write.

Chapter: 11

After arriving back home with two vehicles loaded with packages Diane asked Max if he was ready to talk to his sister…he simply nodded his head and picked up the phone and headed to the back yard while Philip helped Zan carry his precious cargo into the living room to start unloading and taking inventory. Serena knew she had a mountain of things to unpack herself but she couldn’t bring herself to leave Zan’s side. She couldn’t ever remember seeing the child so happy and she could only sit there in admiration of Philip and Diane as they sat on the floor and admired every toy, trinket and game the boy showed them. Max must have bought the entire store out for him and there was still things in the trunk and on the hood…one bicycle, one skate board, one pair of inline skates, one pair of roller skates a foot ball, a basket ball, baseball mitt, bat and balls. If the store had it Max bought it. Serena never asked where the money came from and she didn’t care but there was a magical amount of dollars appearing from nowhere it seemed. She didn’t even have to open her purse once. Diane simply handed a card to the clerks and signed a slip of paper. No one ever mentioned money, it was unbelievable. What Serena didn’t know was Max came into a lot of money when he was 21 and it had never been touched…only earning interest all of these years. He knew this and fully intended to repay his parents for every dime they spent. He also had to get hold of a certain movie director in Hollywood and get rid of a lot of valuable artifacts in order to get the supplies he needed without touching his nest egg. He would need that to go back to school, get an education and make a life for his son and himself. This was a new beginning and it wasn’t going to be easy by any long stretch of the imagination but he was only 27 and it was possible. He figured by the time he was 31 or 32 he should be well established somewhere and be ready to move on to a more substantial life.

Max watched Serena as she watched Zan and he could only laugh…the child had never been treated as a child in his life and now it was his turn and Max didn’t care how much it cost, it was worth every dime and his heart swelled at the sight.

He made his way to the back yard and sat on one of the childhood swings still standing and made his call…his sister’s familiar voice answered …


“No Izzy, it’s me.”

“MAX???” She literally screamed into the phone…


“When, how…Oh God Max!!!”

“We got back the day before yesterday, I think it’s Friday today…not sure, but this is the first chance I’ve had to really take a minute to be able to talk to you…it’s been a flurry of excitement Izzy and I wanted to be able to talk and answer questions…I’m sure you have a lot of them so start anywhere you feel like and I’ll just try and keep up with you.” Max’s heart rate was now sky high…

“By we…who’s we?” And she sounded skeptical…

“My son Zan is with me and a scientist from home.”

“And Tess?”

“She’s gone Iz…permanently, we can talk about her some other time. I know what mom and dad have told me, but Isabelle, I’m still not comfortable with it all.”

“I understand. This scientist? Is it female?”

“Yes, but not romantic.”

“How’s my nephew?”

“He’s presently opening every game, toy and surprise known to man with his grandparents in the living room. I should have just bought the damned store and turned him loose. I have never seen him so excited in all of his young life Iz and he loves everyone. Apparently he has been invading my dreams and knows everyone.”

“Oh God…and you didn’t know it.” Isabelle was crossed between tickled and shocked…

“Not until he asked mom about Liz. I didn’t even know he had powers, we thought he was 100% human. Apparently he knows her quite well and can’t wait to meet her…I should use the word see her because she’ll be here next Monday. She needed to make arrangements to have her home taken care of in her absence and Maria has a concert there in the Dallas area next week-end and will be staying with Liz as will Michael. Can you get away Iz…” The conversations had a tendency to bounce back and forth on both ends of the phone.

“You mean to Roswell?”


“I’ll try Max. Are all of you staying with Mom and Dad?”

“Yeah…Serena has your room, Zan is moving upstairs with Mom and Dad into one of the spare bedrooms but there’s still the other room and the finished attic. If you don’t like that there’s always the “Tumbleweed”…” and Max laughed.

“Bullshit Max…Tell mom not to knock herself out and I’ll be there as soon as I can. And Max, I’m glad you’re home. I hope you and Liz…”

“No Isabelle, don’t go there. Liz knew the minute I got here and called Ava to send Kyle to get me but they all had strict orders not to tell me anything about her. Dad went to see her…” And Max smiled…” She took dad ‘shit kickin’ if you can believe it. They went line dancing and dad slept in a canopy bed. According to Jeff and Nancy Parker she has a very feminine home.”

“Yes she does Max…I’ve been there and it’s lovely. As a matter of fact I did the “rose” room for her and we laugh every time we see it. Liz calls it her “Lez” room…definitely female from top to bottom with a big king sized bed. She’s a lot of fun Max and if she didn’t want to see you why is she coming to Roswell?”

“That’s what I need to talk to you about Iz…but not on the phone. How is Jesse? I vaguely remember him but not that well. Whatever got you two together?”

“The company picnic the year you left. It happened very fast. I took an early graduation and then after the wedding I started at UNM…then Jesse got this wonderful job offer in Boston…dad worked on the government regarding the special unit and then we up and moved here and I finished at Boston U. I love it Max. The changing seasons, Christmas is wonderful in the snow, and the very old sections… It’s beautiful here and I think you would like it also.”

“We’ll see. I’m not making any definite plans for anything just yet. I have a very large project to take care of first and then I’ll think about what Zan and I are going to do. Please call and let us know if you can come out and when.”

“ I will Max and you know you don’t have to be so very careful anymore don’t you. Dad managed to take care of a lot of that for us…it’s too bad we didn’t realize just how much we were loved Max. But we can’t go back can we?” And Max thought about it for a second before answering…going back would mean no Zan and he positively would not do that and he knew it was possible…

“Max???” Isabelle thought she had lost the connection.

“No Iz…we can’t.” I’ll talk to you later. I need to help dad unload the bicycle and the skate board and stuff.”

“Jeeeezus Max…didn’t you leave anything for us to get him?”

“He could use a house to put his stuff in.” And Max laughed…

“Good bye Max.” And Isabelle smiled as she hung up the phone.


“Kyle, call the doctor, it’s time.”

Kyle Valenti jumped up off the couch, turned around and looked at the front door…turned again and looked toward the kitchen where his wife was standing and then turned around again…

“Dammit’ Kyle are you scratching out your sleeping arrangements or are you going to call the doctor…my water just broke and as soon as I clean up this mess I’m going to need some help here.”

“Yeah Ava…hold on honey…” And Kyle turned around again.

“Crap…” And Ava went to the pantry off the kitchen and grabbed a mop and then shook her head…ran a hand over the floor and headed to the bedroom to get a change of clothes. She grabbed the phone on her way and called her doctor then she called her father in law.

“Jim, can you get over here and take me to the hospital…Kyle is in a trance and can’t seem to stop turning around. I think he’s marking his territory or getting ready to lay down for the duration but I need someone and fast.”

“I’ll be right there honey and ignore Kyle, he’ll get it together in a minute or two.”

“I’m not so sure…just hurry.”

And they rung off just as Kyle darted from the couch and headed to the bedroom to grab Ava’s bag and Ava. She had to grab hold of his face and shake him…

“Kyle, your dad is coming…go sit down and let me change my clothes. Please! I can’t be worried about you right now, I have more important things to take care of. You know what you could do for me…call Max and ask him if there’s something we should know.”

Ava was sure that they had everything under control…everything that is except her husband, but it gave Kyle something to do and kept him out of her hair. She smiled as she went into the bathroom. God bless him, he tries to be so brave and most times he’s very good but this is something that he’s been dreading…she just knew it from the beginning. He couldn’t settle himself around being a father for some reason. He’s going to be wonderful, she just knew it. And then the first pain hit…’Oh Lordy, Lordy, come on Jim!’
She thought to herself.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.12 4/29/11

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Eve: Yes, Zan has way too many "toys" but that will all get taken care of in due time... :D And yes, Isabelle did the "Rose" room. :)
Carolyn: Hey, I know exactly what you mean about things slowing down the more there are of them...and yes, poor Kyle did get a little excited didn't he. Max won't have to intervene though and things work out just fine.
XAF RU208: Yep, the last is as bad as the first unless they're like my last three...now 17,19 and 20. But, I really do miss the little ones, actually I miss toys-r-us. I loved that place! :wink: As for Kyle, he survives.
Cardinal: I like your idea about the u-haul and toys-r-us. I'd like to do that at Christmas at the mall, but my way works pretty good too...I go to the bank and get a whole wad of pretty 50's and 100's and call it a day. A box of cards and I'm good to go. Yep, Max would be a good one to have around but his services aren't so much needed this trip. :lol:

Thank you all... :)


Chapter: 12


Back in Fort Worth Texas a middle aged man with a slight ponch was sitting alone on the balcony of his apartment wondering how he could retrieve the notes Dr. Parker had comprised from her tests she had run on the specimens he had given her. He was sipping on a foreign substance that he made weekly in his private lab and pondering various options he felt were open to him. He was wondering if it was worth it to even try to return home anymore. He hadn’t heard a word from anyone on his brother’s staff in over five years which told him that things weren’t all that good. ‘I do wonder what is going on but I also have tried to eke out an existence here. Maybe I should have just made a life for myself the way that big Hollywood guy did…that Cal Langley, yeah that’s the one. I should have just gone with making a life here.’

If the truth be known John Harvik was really one sad piece of work…he didn’t belong anywhere.


Serena sat and watched the young child as he examined everything that he had taken out of the huge plastic bags so far and she could only smile. It was time this boy had some joy in his life and it looked like it might just start to happen. God knows his father certainly hoped so. The man was only 27 years old and had an 8 year old son already…he wasn’t much more than a child when Zan was born and look at what he accomplished. He managed to bring down a war monger and criminal…set up a form of government that was fair to everyone and now he was on a quest to make a planet safe and healthy again. If it only works in time. ‘let’s just hope this Liz is the wonder woman they all think she is.’ She thought to herself and then she got serious again.

“Philip, may I look at the bill of materials Liz sent back with you? I need to feel like I’ve done something today besides cater to myself.”

Philip smiled at the young woman and went to his office to get his brief case. When he returned he handed Serena his computer and said…

“Serena, there’s a desk in your room, there’s one in my office and there’s the kitchen table, dining room table or even outside. You just make yourself comfortable and if you need any help just holler. The file you’re looking for is marked ‘Bill of Materials’ on the first screen. Just click on it and it will open for you. Liz says it’s no secret and feel free to add to it and print it out. I can do that for you when you feel it’s complete then we give it to Max.”

“Thanks Philip. How’s Max going to dispose of all of that stuff he brought back with him?”

“I don’t know Serena, but I’m sure he knows. Things seem to be working out quite well for him so far.”

“Yes they do. Where is he by the way?”

“Last I saw he was headed to the back yard with the phone. I would imagine that he was going to call his sister. She’s the only one he hasn’t contacted yet.”

“He hasn’t called Michael that I’m aware of.”

“Oh Michael knows he’s here. Liz already called him by the time I got to Texas. She’s most likely incorporated his talents into her scheme of things. Max will probably turn everything over to you two once the facility is ready for your tests. He has all the faith in the world in that girl and with good reason. You should have seen her dealing with this “person” at her lab…this John Harvik, she had him practically crawling away from her.”

“Who did you say?”

“John Harvik, is that familiar?”

“Yes it is Philip…it’s an anagram of Khivar, Max’s arch enemy, it’s his brother! We knew he was here but we were all hoping that he had bit the dust. Well, I guess it’s a good thing we know where he is anyway. Is Liz safe with him?”

“I’m sure she is Serena. Does the man have any powers?”

“I have no idea what they are but we all have something unique to our own person…why?”

“Well, I know that Liz can blast his ass to hell if the need arises. We’d better call her.”

“She doesn’t want to talk to Max do you want to do it?”

“No Serena, you can do it. She’s very easy to talk to and she speaks your language so she’ll understand exactly what you’re talking about. Let me get Max in here too. The two of you can be in on the conversation.”

About that time Max came into the kitchen and looked at the serious expressions on the two people standing there and had to ask…

“What’s up?”

“John Harvik works with Liz at the lab.”

Max studied Serena’s expression for a second and then the lights came on…

“I’m going to Texas.”

“Max, wait…let’s call her first. I met the man, she can handle him. He’s whimpy as hell…”

“He may be whimpy but if he wants something and if he thinks Liz has it she can be in serious trouble. I’m going dad.”

“No! You’re not! She’s been dealing with trouble since you first healed her, she can power blast, she has dealt with FBI hunters and she has worked her way through a mountain of trouble. She doesn’t need you screwing things up for her Max…let Serena call her.”

“Okay, but I still think I need to go there.”

Then Serena spoke up, she didn’t want to overstep any boundaries but Philip was right. If this Liz was all they say she is she didn’t need Max pushing her buttons…

“Stop it Max…you’re not in charge anymore. Now sit there and behave, you gave up the throne and with that you gave up your power to rule so just stop it!”

Max semi grinned at her, handed her the phone and his dad shook his head and chuckled to himself…

Then Philip said…

“Make the call Serena. She’s on speed dial.” And Max looked at his dad, just how in touch have they been that she’s on speed dial.

“What’s speed dial Philip?”

“Oh…” And Philip turned Serena’s hand over, turned the phone on and pointed to menu, then names then Liz and pushed the button to call her.

It only took Serena a second to get the hang of it and then she heard this really soft voice answer and she watched Max Evans grab a chair and sit down…well that answered one question that had been on her mind pretty quickly …

“Hello. Is this Liz?”

“Yes, and since this is Diane and Philips number I’m assuming this is Serena? How are you? Are you getting over your “JET” lag?” and then she giggled. This phone conversation was making her very nervous and she knew why and she didn’t want to feel this way, not at all.

“Yes I am and thank you. Liz, the reason I’m calling is Philip just told me about this John Harvik.”

“Oh, you mean the asshole I work with. Well, he’s out of my hair for the next couple of months Serena. I had my last official day at work today for the next three months with the option of an extension if we need it. What about him anyway.”

“Liz, the man is Khivar’s brother. Harvik is an anagram of Khivar. Max wants to come to Texas and we’re not so sure that’s a good idea.”

“Tell Max not to bother. If John gives me any grief I’ll just blast his ass to kingdom come. Besides, Michael will be here on Wednesday and will be coming back to Roswell with me that next Monday … I think we can use him for waste disposal and also, now that I’m aware of more visitors, maybe as a safety measure as well. What do you think Serena?”

“Well, since I’m new to the territory I’m not sure Liz. Maybe we should have a four square on hand but it’s up to you.”

“I assume by four square that would include you too.”

“Yes, I’d come with Max and then there would be Michael and you. We could confront the ‘asshole’ as you say and see what his reason for being here is so to speak.” And Liz giggled again. She was going to like this person and she knew it, FM was right.

“Okay Serena, come on over. I’ll pick you up at the airport, just let me know when and what airlines. Are you going to bring Zan?”

Serena looked at Max and he looked at his dad…Philip shook his head ‘no’ and Max agreed…

“No, we’ll leave him with Diane and Philip. He’s quite comfy with them…although I don’t know why. The kid wouldn’t even have to walk if they had their way.” Serena smiled as she spoke out and Liz giggled again.

“Great Serena…I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and in the meantime I will find out where “Harvik” lives. We can spring in on him and see what the hell he’s doing here…although it’s been quite awhile. I’ve been working with him for over five years now so apparently he’s been at that lab for quite some time. We’ll wait for Michael to arrive on Wednesday before making any definite plans. Do you people ever do anything easy?” And it was Serena’s turn to giggle.

“Apparently not Liz. I’m looking forward to meeting you….can I have the pink room?” Liz giggled and said…

“Maybe you should take the canopy room since Maria and Michael will have to share, they don’t know that yet though, the rose room is the only room with a king sized bed. You don’t mind do you?”

“Nah, I’m teasing. Talk to you later. Max still has some stuff he needs to get rid of before we can set up business so we’ll let him get started on his end of this project.”

“Great Serena…call me with your itinerary and I’ll be there to pick you up.”

“Great. Bye for now.” And they rung off.

“I like her Max.”

“Everyone does.” Max answered and Philip just looked at his son and shook his head. So young to have all of this happening around him…what a mess, but one thing is for certain, Philip was glad he mentioned John Harvik to Serena. It not only is a small world but it seems the universe was getting just as small, who would have thought. But then again, this Khivar probably had his eye on Liz Parker for years.

Max looked at his dad and then Serena, who was now busy with the computer at the kitchen table, and he decided to call Cal Langley. Better get things started…

Max pulled his old cell phone out of his cargo pants pocket and hit Cal’s number. He only hoped it was still the same. He had charged his phone the first night he arrived, before ever going to the pod chamber for Zan and Serena.


“Your Majesty! To what do I owe this honor, I thought you were world’s away.”

“I just got back Cal and cut the bullshit. I have some alien artifacts I need to dispose of as soon as possible and I need top dollar. There’s a big problem at home, you know, HOME! And I need to fund some work and get some serum back there before everyone dies and I do mean everyone.”

“What kind of stuff are we talking here and how large of a load is it?”

“I think it would fit in a nice oversized piece of luggage or a good sized trunk. Mostly jeweled items that can be broken down if the buyer so chooses. I really don’t give a damn what they do with it as long as someone buys it.”

And Cal Langley laughed…

“Fine Max…How much do you want for this stuff?”

“As much as I can get Cal. I don’t know how much it’s going to cost to outfit a lab, but we need a modern one with all the bells and whistles and we need it fast.”

“Would a billion cover it?”

“Is that a fair price Cal?”

“Look Max, I’m going into this blind and I’ll buy the stuff from you just name a price.”

“I’ll take two billion for the lot Cal and I know you can afford it. If it isn’t enough I’ll expect you to pick up the difference.”

“Fair enough Max…same account number that we used before?”

“No, I’ll open a new one. The other one is my personal account, this will be strictly for a research lab. And Cal, thank you.”

“Don’t thank me Max… I haven’t had any news from the home front in quite a few years so what’s new?”

“Other than the fact that there’s a virus running rampant they’re all doing well and adjusting to the new form of government, hopefully they survive long enough to see it go full circle and they ride themselves to hell again. I figure that’ll take a couple hundred years and then they’ll need to regroup…we’ll see. History has a way of repeating itself doesn’t it?”

“Yes it does Max. Call me back and the money will be transferred in the wink of an eye. I’ll contact my business manager to get things ready for you and I’ll send a liaison to pick up the bags Max. Do you know where you’re going to build this facility?”

“Yeah, Liz said out in the desert so we can easily destroy trash without contamination.”

“Smart girl Max…too bad you had to sleep with the enemy.”

“Well, if that hadn’t happened Zan wouldn’t have happened and that’s just not acceptable Cal.”

“I take it the young prince is with you?”

“Absolutely Cal and there is no king and no prince, just Max and Zan.”

“Whatever you say Max. The money is waiting for you. Good luck.”

“Thanks…we’ll need it. Oh and Cal, John Harvik is working at Bio-labs in Dallas, Tx. What do you know about him.”

“WHAT! Other than he’s Khivar’s brother not a whole lot. He’s a wimp Max, and if there’s a virus running rampant on Antar I wouldn’t be afraid to put money on the fact that the piss ant knows something about it.”

“Well, I’m headed to Texas along with Serena, she’s a scientist from home as well. Michael is flying in from New York and we thought we would confront him as a four square…do you think we need him?”

“No, just ask him what he sent to his brother. I’m sure that’s where the virus came from since Antarian scientists can’t corral it. They are some of the best Max. Always have been so it’s got to be foreign to the planet. You won’t be in any physical danger but I don’t think John’s elevator goes all the way to the top so be careful there. He’s really the bottom of the gene pool. Khivar was a genius, a mad one but still a genius and then there’s his brother John…not stupid but not the brightest penny in the roll either. Take care and like I said call me if you need more.”

“I’ll do that Cal and thanks.” And the two men rung off…there was no way to get the man to stop calling him the king. What the hell was his problem, he didn’t want anything to do with his home planet anyway so why make such a big deal out of the king for God’s sake.

“Well, is he going to get rid of the stuff for you Max?” Philip asked.

“Yeah, he’s going to buy it outright, I don’t know what he’s going to do with it. Hell he might just be going to keep the stuff, I don’t know. I just want the money to build the lab. I need to find a good contractor dad…and quickly.”

“One of my clients is a good contractor Max. I’ll give him a call. Maybe he can get together with Liz and Serena next week and they can tell him what they need and where to build it. How’s that? And Max, what kind of stuff is this.”

“That’s great dad. Now I need to get to the bank and open an account and give Cal a number to transfer the funds, oh and the stuff, it’s mine. It’s some of the Crown Jewels of Antar, I left most of it for the people.”

And Philip looked sick…good God in heaven, is he kidding!

“How much is he going to give you? Do you think it will be enough?”

Serena wanted to know. World money meant very little to her but Max smiled and told her anyway…Philip and Diane were standing there watching and Max looked at the group and grinned…

“Two billion Serena. I think it’s a good start.”

Philip and Diane Evans both gasped…

“Max! Are you serious?”

“Yeah dad, the man’s loaded.”

Well that left a couple of people speechless as Max made his way to the living room to see how his son was doing. When he got to the doorway he could only stand there and smile…there he lay, sprawled out among boxes and boxes of every toy imaginable sound asleep with a little space ship in his hand…it was one of the best sights Max Evans had ever seen and life was great.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.13 4/29/11

Post by mary mary » Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:32 am

Thank you, and you’re welcome. Since the story has been sitting here in my computer forever completed I figured why not?

Eve: Thank you so much. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this and we’ll just have to wait and see what Serena decides to do.

First…no ‘hot stuff’ this trip, sorry. As for the ‘crown jewels’, yeah there is some serious stuff there. Have you priced jewelry lately, shit, it’s almost as bad as buying a tank of gasoline.

XAF RU208: Yep, like any kid, Zan is resilient to say the least. As for ‘Harvik’, well his story does get a little better. Let’s wait and see what the ladies decide to do with his happy little ass.

Star Charms: Liz and Max’s reunion is coming and I’m so glad you’re enjoying this little story of mine.

Sometime we all need a little spoiling and this isn’t costing me a darned thing, how about that. They say the best things in life are free so here’s a little present for you today.


Chapter: 13

“Max, what is the weather like in Texas?”

“Just like here Serena, hot and dry where we’re going, why?”

“I need to know if I have the right clothes…”

“Serena, come here.”

And the young scientist joined Max in his room as he packed his overnighter…


Max looked at Serena and then …

“Serena, turn around slowly for me.” About that time Diane came in with a load of laundered t-shirts for Max.

“Mom, what do you think? Is she the same size as Liz?”

Diane smiled, she knew what Max was up to…

“Exactly Max, why?”

“Serena is concerned about her wardrobe. If she needs something besides jeans, shorts, t’s and blouses then she can borrow something from Liz or we can go shopping. God knows we have the money.”

“He’s right Serena. I doubt that Liz has changed that much. Anything you have will be fine. Take enough for a couple of days and either do laundry or go shopping. Do you have luggage?” Diane queried…

“Well, I found a small duffel in Izzie’s closet. I’m sure it will hold all that I need if I can go shopping.” And she grinned at Diane and they both smiled at Max. Max just stood there and shook his head.

“Go, get ready and let’s be out of here. Have you called Liz? It should only take about an hour or so to get there.”

“Yes Max, she knows we’re on our way. Do you think she’ll take us ‘shit kickin’” Serena asked.

“If you tell her that’s what you want to do I know she’ll do it.”

“Well alright then, I’m taking those nice boots of Izzie’s too.”

And Diane just couldn’t hold her tongue any longer…

“Serena, if you go ‘shit kickin’ with Liz you won’t need to take any boots with you, just take a purse big enough to hold your shoes. Better yet wear your sandals and make sure you take a nice pair of socks with you.”

“Sandals on my feet and socks in my purse?”

“Yes Serena, you’re going to the cowboy capital of the world…make Max buy you boots, you’ll love them.” And Serena’s smile grew bigger and bigger as she headed back to Isabelle’s old room.




“Can you come now?”

“I could Liz, but is there a good reason?”

“Yes…I just found out that I’ve been working with Khivar’s brother for the past five years and Max and Serena are on their way here and Max wants to meet this man and do it as a four square. Can you come now?”

“Liz…you’ve got to slow down honey or you won’t live long enough for a four square. Yes, I’ll need to make some arrangements and let Maria know that I’m leaving now. I don’t think I’ll tell her why, just that you need some extra hands since you’re getting more company for the concert. I don’t need her freaking out on me, she’s enough to handle when she’s normal…if normal and Maria belong in the same sentence.”

Liz giggled…

“Great Michael…let me know when you’re arriving and I’ll come and get you. It’s only ten minutes away.”

“Thank you honey. I’ll either call or e-mail but I’ll be there sometime today or this evening. Most likely this evening. Take care.”

“Will do Michael, and thank you so much.”

“No problem Liz. It seems that trouble just follows him doesn’t it?”

“Yes Michael it does, but I don’t think he really asks for it. A confrontation with this jerk when Philip was here and we find out he’s not from around here. God…one day this will all stop Michael, I just know it.”

“Yes it will Liz. Look how long we’ve had a reprieve. He’s never had one.”

“Don’t go there Michael…I’ll just get started, probably get pissed, and make him go to a hotel.”

It was Michael’s turn to laugh….

“Sweetie, give him a hug…that should shock the shit out of him.” And they both laughed.

“I’m playing this one by ear Michael…not making any promises to anybody.”

And they hung up…they both smiled. Life was interesting that’s for sure.


Liz was just pulling into the parking lot of the air lines when her cell went off…

“Liz, what in the hell do you need Michael for?”

“Maria, I don’t have time to talk to you right now…I’ll call you back later…I’m at the airport and I need Michael to help me with some stuff around the house. This is business Maria. Good bye.”

And Liz hung up on a shocked Diva back in New York who yelled to the walls because no one else was listening…’this is just not acceptable Liz Parker, I had plans for him myself.’

Liz made her way into the building and stood outside the main walk way where the luggage turnstiles were and waited…She spotted Serena first, she’ll never know how she knew it was her but she knew and then she saw Max carrying Izzies old duffel bag and his overnighter. She’d remember that pink bag anywhere and she suddenly got very nostalgic, that bag had spent many nights in her bedroom while she, Maria and Izzy ate Ben and Jerry’s from the carton. She watched Max nod toward the revolving door and the minute the young woman came through she locked eyes with Liz and smiled. Liz went forward and gave her a huge hug and whispered in her ear…

“Welcome to Earth Serena, it’s so good to have you.”

Serena returned the hug…she didn’t know why but she truly liked this Liz Parker and Max Evans stood there watching the scene before him in awe. She really was the wonderful person his parents said she was, she was also the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on and his heart ached. Liz looked up and got this surly look on her face and said…

“Well, look who’s back!” Serena wasn’t real sure what was about to happen and neither was Max but then Liz couldn’t stand it any more and she walked up to the handsome hunk standing there and wrapped her arms around his neck and hung on for dear life.

Max dropped his bags and gave as good as he got and Serena smiled. It was a picture to behold. The young woman just seemed to fit right into the curve of Max’s body and they became one. What ever happened that these two weren’t together was something she would have to find out before she headed back to Antar, that’s for sure.

When Max and Liz finally broke loose they were both in tears but Liz plastered a great big smile on her face, wiped her eyes and helped Max pick up the bags and led them to her car. She had a nice sized SUV that she drove while the third seat was covered and stored in her garage. She used the vehicle to hall furniture and anything else that would fit so she would just have Max and Michael put the seat back in for this week-end. They could take it back out before heading to New Mexico on Monday. This John business had changed a few plans.

When they finally got to Liz’s vehicle she opened the rear end and Max loaded their stuff, closed it up and crawled into the back seat allowing Serena to ride shot gun. Liz just smiled as she started the car and then motioned for Serena to buckle up. Serena looked a little puzzled and Liz smiled…

“I tend to get a little testy on the road for one thing Serena but it’s also a law. You have to buckle up or I’ll get a ticket. It’s a fine of sorts and they’re very expensive.”

“Oh…OH! Sure. How far away do you live from here Liz?”

“Only ten minutes once we get to the highway. Not far at all. Now, what would you two like to do for dinner. Michael is arriving at 6:30 so I though we could stop and have a bite before coming back to my place if that’s okay. Tomorrow we can do the pod squad trick, take down the scum and then have some fun. What do you say?”

“Pod squad? Scum?”

Max spoke up for the first time…

“The Royals were hatched from incubation pods Serena, you saw them at the cave…the locals called us the ‘pod squad’ and the scum would be John Harvik. Right Liz?”

“Right on ‘oh mighty one’”

And Liz kept on driving as Serena watched the two of them from the corner of her eye. She was glad Michael was coming or this could get a little uncomfortable.

When they got to the house Liz took Serena and Max right upstairs to get their things put in the right rooms and when they got to the canopy bed Max chuckled…his dad was right, it wasn’t that bad and Serena only smiled. Liz then took Max to the yellow room which was really more feminine than the other and Liz noticed the look on his face. “Max, if you would rather not sleep in here maybe Serena would switch with you.” And Serena stepped in about that time and smiled…it was beautiful, bright and cheerful and she grabbed Max’s bag from him and headed right back to the canopy bed and set the bag down. “Here your highness I’ll take the sunshine.” And she picked up her bag and headed back to the yellow room.

Max yelled after her…

“Don’t you start that too!” And both women laughed.

“Where’s the rose room Liz? And you might as well show me yours while we’re at it.”

“Come with me, we’ll take mine first… the rose room is on the way down the stairs…Oh, and you have your choice of my bathroom or the one at the end of the hall. The one at the end of the hall will probably be full of Maria’s crap and mine’s closer any way so come with me.” And Liz gave Serena the grand tour of the upstairs. Philip was right…large, unpretentious and very feminine. Serena loved it. And as they headed toward the staircase Liz passed it up and turned right down a small hallway past a linen closet, which she pointed out to Serena, and there it was in all of it’s beauty. It definitely was female but also beautiful and elegant.

“Maria loves this space…Max’s sister Isabelle did it for me while she visited with me for a week. I gave her my credit card and she shopped and played the whole week while I was at work. It turned out quite well don’t you think?”

“Quite well indeed. How does Michael feel about it?”

“Truthfully, if it’s what Maria wants then it’s alright with him.” About that time Max walked up behind the two of them and he actually gasped.

“Michael sleeps in here?”

“Yes, and if I was you I don’t think I’d say anything about it. He’s still not taking criticism lightly.”

“Okay…but you know what Liz? It is beautiful.”

“Yes it is, very feminine but very beautiful. I think a daughter will love it someday.”

“Oh, are you planning on having a daughter?”

“You bet I am and I can positively guarantee it. Not the most romantic procedure on earth but it works.”

“Ah, I see. Well, how much time do we have before we need to be back at the airport?” Max wondered…

“Not much, but we have time for the cook’s tour. Come on.”

And Liz showed them around the house and out back to the divided yard and all of her gardening ventures. She explained that a lot of the plants were experiments that she had been successful with and then she showed them her little herb garden off the kitchen with the little gnome standing guard and both Max and Serena laughed. She giggled too, he was a cute little ceramic thing that she had picked up when she visited Germany a few years ago and all of a sudden Liz felt lonely. It was so nice to be able to share these things with someone and she couldn’t put her finger on why she was feeling this way. ‘It will pass…I know it will’ and then she made her way back in through the sliding doors to the kitchen.

“Well, I guess we should head out now…what kind of food do you like or have you missed anything special Max?”

“Why don’t we wait until we have Michael in tow and then we can decide. Maybe there’s something he would like.”

“Oh, Michael wants steak, there’s no doubt about it but we can go somewhere where they have steak and other stuff too.”

“Steak is good and Serena is new to the scene so this will be an adventure no matter what we get.”

“Fair enough, steak and “PASTA”!!!” And Max laughed.

“Oh Serena, you’re going to love this stuff…honest and it’s even good HOT!”

And Max laughed even louder, he was nervous and this was going a whole lot better than he had envisioned but he was still on edge and having a tough time controlling his emotions. ‘She is a whole lot more relaxed than she used to be and very sure of herself’ he thought silently. This is going to work out just fine…I’m glad we came. And they pulled into the airport right at 6:15…just enough time to park and find Michael.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.14 5/2/11

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Carolyn: I'm sure Michael shows up this chapter...it's cute of course! :D
Eve: Keep in mind that what the Queen Mum had to say no longer applies. The planet has been freed of the tyrant, the designated bride is dead and the remaining royals so to speak are living on earth. So they are making a four square out of the available parties which are Max, Michael, Serena and Liz. :D
Cardinal: God, I hope you aren't disappointed with the meeting between Max and Liz. They still aren't that comfortable with each other yet...Max is treading lightly and Liz is keeping her cool so to speak. Let's just wait and see where it all leads. :)


Chapter: 14

Liz and her guests made it to the turnstile just in time to see Michael walking toward them from the other side of the glass…'He looks bigger than life' Max thought to himself and he could hardly contain his excitement. Liz caught his body language out of the corner of her eye and quietly reached out and took Serena’s hand and pulled her back away from him. He needed this and Serena knew immediately who Liz was looking at. The only thought running through Serena’s mind at the time was an expression she had picked up from Max on Antar…”WOW!” She didn’t know she had said that out loud and Liz giggled….

“Don’t let Maria hear you say that…she may not have any alien powers but she packs one hell of an Earth whollop!” And Serena looked at Liz and grinned…

“Well, he does present an awesome picture does he not?”

“He certainly does…he acts like a big bad bear but he’s truly a big cuddly teddy bear when you get right down to it.”

“Ah…” And about that time Michael spotted Max, he dropped his carryon and grabbed his brother to him with both hands and hung on. It was a sight to behold and Serena and Liz stood by and observed. People were actually stopping and looking at the two men and then Liz realized what was happening and started to laugh…The farthest thing from the truth…

“Serena, are you familiar with the term gay?”

“Happy, gleeful, elated, merry, joyful? Is that it?”

“Well yes, it’s all those things but something new has been added…it’s when two people of the same sex become lovers and sometimes it turns into a permanent relationship with those lovers. That is what the public thinks is going on here. It isn’t a common practice for two men to stand and hug for any length of time in such a public place.”

“Oh…well is there anything we can do to change their minds?”

“Well, I guess I can go over there and grab Michael away from Max and stake my claim…what do you think?”

“I think it’s time to break them up…go for it.” Serena agreed…

Liz smiled and walked right over to the two men, tapped Max on the shoulder since he was the easiest for her to reach and when he let loose of Michael Liz stepped between them and latched onto Michael, wrapping her arms around his waist and giving him a great big hug as she declared, while looking at Max….


Max and Michael looked very puzzled until they heard all of this laughter behind them and then it dawned on them and they both turned red as beets…Liz and Serena both giggled as Max lifted Michael's bag and they headed to the turnstile. Michael was staying for quite awhile and had luggage to claim for this trip so the old friends chatted after introductions were made and Serena just stood there and admired the soft spoken man with, what she had been told, the power to blast the airport apart if he chose to…so this was Rath…WOW! And she smiled…and Liz watched on. Liz wondered if Maria had something to be concerned about, but then of course maybe that’s what Maria needed, some competition.


Back in Roswell one Amy Valenti was on the phone with her daughter telling her about her new little niece. Sweetest little blue eyed blond on earth. Six pounds eight ounces, 18 inches long and beautiful. Maria was ooing and ahing all over the place and couldn’t wait to get there. Maybe she would head back to Roswell with Michael after the final performance on Sunday before going back to New York. She would see what Michael’s schedule looked like for her. Maybe she could change some things around.

In the Valenti house Jim was watching his wife talk to his step daughter, although Maria did not seem like a step daughter in any way possible. Jim had only respect for both women for varying reasons but they were both spit fires of that there was no doubt. And the aging man smiled, life certainly was interesting with them around that’s for sure. Amy was finally off the phone.

“Well, it sounds like she’s excited. How’s she doing?”

“She’s as excited as I am and she’s doing fine. Michael flew into to DFW this evening. Apparently Liz needs his help with something. I didn’t mention Max being back…I’ll let Michael handle that piece of news…as I recall none of the kids were too happy about Max taking off the way he did. I never was quite sure about any of that at the time I just know that it was a dark sad place for all of them and then Ava’s twin was another piece of the puzzle I never really comprehended either. It was certainly a shock when Kyle first brought Ava home, the resemblance is remarkable. I can’t imagine anyone, even an alien, separating sisters like that.”

“Amy, it was a good thing that Nasedo never had anything to do with Ava. I just can’t imagine two Tess’s walking the Earth…the girl was very mixed up, for lack of a better term.” Amy didn’t know that it was Tess who had killed Alex, even if she hadn’t intended to mind warp him to death she had.

“Well, I only saw the fun side of her Jim and she seemed okay to me.”

“Yeah, as long as things were going her way she was fine. She certainly managed to make a mess of Max’s life and Liz’s by association. She was convinced that she was to be the queen of Antar and then Nasedo making that damned pact with Khivar was the icing on the cake. I sometimes wonder how things would have worked out if she had never shown up in Roswell in the first place…but she did and now we deal with it. I’m just glad Kyle found Ava…she certainly makes him happy and little Angela completes the picture. She is a beauty isn’t she?”

“She certainly is. She looks like both of them but I’m so glad she has Ava’s eyes…they are absolutely the bluest blue I have ever seen on a person.”

“Yes they are and now we need to get over there before they send out the hounds. We promised to take dinner over remember? Or did you forget and let it burn?”

“Jim Valenti, I should leave you here for making a remark like that. You know damned well I didn’t burn their dinner. Now let’s go…maybe I won’t give you any coconut pie for that statement.”

“Ah, come on Amy…you know I didn’t mean it. Come on now!!!”

And Jim followed his wife out the door to his car begging for forgiveness…Coconut pie…manna from heaven!


Back in Boston Isabelle was checking her calendar and trying to schedule various contractors to take care of the painting, staining and additional woodwork needed to complete the ‘house on the hill’ as she liked to call it before she was actually needed for anymore consultations. When the serious labor was completed then she and the “lady of the manor”, as Isabelle now called her, would start making the rounds to various fabric shops and furniture stores and start making final choices. She really should start that process while the heavy work was being done but she needed to get to Roswell and see her brother and meet her nephew. She truly needed as well as wanted this and her excitement was beginning to wear on Jesse’s nerves.

“Isabelle, why don’t you hire an assistant and just go already.”

“Jesse, the Trent's did not hire an assistant, they hired me.”

“No Isabelle, they hired “Ramirez Interiors”, they have no idea who the people are. Just hire some one and then you can come and go as you please.”

“Hmm. I’ll give it some thought Jesse, maybe that’ll work but I can’t do it right now. I want to see Max and meet Zan. I’ll work this out, honest. And when I get back I’ll go to the University and scope out the seniors and take on an intern. How would that be?”

“I think that’s a great idea honey…you’re a genius.”

“Well, I wouldn’t call it genius but it is rather intelligent of me, don’t you think?” And Isabelle ran her index finger over her right eyebrow while Jesse laughed at her. She really could be fun when she wanted to be.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.15 5/3/11

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Eve: Remember how soft spoken Michael was when he was with Maria alone and not angry...his voice was never as deep as Max's voice was. Well this Michael is no longer an angry Michael, he's mature, feels safe, and he's very sure of himself. He no longer feels the need to shout to be heard. :)
Carolyn: Sorry, no excuse except it was Sunday and I figured you would have plenty of reading material from the other "authors" :wink: . Forgive me. :D
Grace: Honey, if all you ever have to be mad about is the pairing of Maria and Michael with other partners consider yourself lucky... :P But honest, I've no intention of doing that. Haven't you ever looked at someone and thought "Wow"? Well Serena thinks Michael is a WOW! She has good taste!!! :wink:
Cardinal: "Schwerve" huh? New word for me, I like it! As for Maria and Michael, well I don't want to give too much away, but they do have a couple of little talks. :)


Chapter: 15

When the travelers finally had all of Michael's luggage in the back of the SUV Liz jumped in the front seat with Serena and Michael and Max took the middle seat to talk…but before driving off she told Michael they were going to the Gallery for dinner and Michael smiled. Max knew that Michael had to be familiar with what Liz was talking about by the look on his face. Then Michael popped up with…

“Serena, have you eaten many meals here on Earth yet?”

“Not a lot Michael…only at Diane’s and they were quite tasty.”

“Well you are in for a treat. They have hot pepper flakes in a shaker on the table that would make a grown man cry…they are to die for. Just wait Max, you’re going to love this.”

And Liz laughed and winked at Serena before she spoke…

“If you ate at Diane’s then you did not have normal American food Serena. Diane knows how Max, Michael and Isabelle like their food spiced. Normally our food is not hot at all. It’s spiced but not burning hot…so what Michael is saying, you can use as much or as little heat as you want at the Gallery and the pasta dishes are positively heavenly, otherwise you carry Tabasco sauce in your purse for emergencies.”

“Tabasco Sauce?”

“Yes, it’s a spicy hot sauce that the pod squad carried with them at all times.”

“I see. But Liz, there’s one thing I do want to do before going back to Roswell and getting to work and that’s going ‘shit kickin’.” Everyone laughed and Serena was confused.

“Philip said it was a lot of fun and Diane said that I should just wear a pair of sandals and take a pair of socks with me.”

“Diane and Philip are both right. As soon as we deal with the “scum bag” tomorrow we will head on over to Lucchese, Inc., get you fitted up, head on over to San Antonio and do the tourist scene, spend the night and head back and pick up your boots on the way home. We will take care of any other business we need to and when Maria is finished with her performance on Friday we will all go line dancing.”

“But I won’t have a partner.”

“Serena, the great thing about line dancing is you don’t need a partner and besides, I am sure that Michael will be more than glad to partner up with you if you’re uncomfortable. Right Michael?”

“Absolutely.” And Max looked very suspiciously at Michael….and Michael grinned…

“Some things have changed my man…we found something that I can do to music and it really is fun once you get the hang of it and chances are slim to none that you step on people’s toes.”

Max shook his head as Liz grinned at Serena and drove them to the Gallery…not to be confused with the Galleria in Dallas. Quite a different place all together…situated right next to an actual Art Gallery not far from the airport. Very good indeed.


After they had their dinner and a lot of catching up they headed back to Liz’s where she told Michael that he was in his usual room and he just looked at her and grinned.

“I know, but you’d just have to move when she gets here on Wednesday so you might just as well start out there to begin with.”

“No Liz, that’s not the case. I have my own place now. I moved out a few weeks ago. I’m surprised she didn’t tell you.”

Liz was semi shocked, not totally, because she remembered Maria telling her that Michael was coming over but she really didn’t think about it that much. And Serena, well she had mixed emotions about the idea. Serena thought Michael was just the ticket but she would be leaving soon and she was certain that Rath didn’t want anything to do with Antar so she set that idea aside for the time being and continued to listen in on the conversation.

“No Michael, she didn’t tell me. Is it any of my business?”

Everyone was all ears…

“Liz, she is my first and only girlfriend and you know it. There was that little thing with Courtney before Nicholas got to her but that wasn’t anything serious. It was just nice to have someone that liked me for me…you know? Well, this situation with Maria has gone on for years and frankly I’m ready to settle down. I’m the one that wants the white picket fence Liz, nothing fancy. I just want a nice home with a couple of kids and even a dog. I’m tired of the circus and Maria just seems to want more. Just how much does a person need? I’ve got enough money invested that she would never have to cut another one of someone else’s songs as long as she lived if she didn’t want to. She could record her own music, hell we could start our own company for that matter, and I know we could be happy but for some reason she keeps on with the parade and I don’t want to march any more.”

“Ah Michael, you know how her father left…” that was all Liz got out of her mouth. Michael held up his hand and stopped her right there.

“Liz, don’t go there. Her mother and father were never in love and we all know it, hell her mother knows it. It was a marriage of necessity. Quit making that excuse for her, it’s old already. We’ve been together since we were sixteen years old. That’s eleven years Liz, eleven years. I know a good amount of those years we were kids but it’s still eleven no matter how you count it and I’m still here in the same spot. Granted, I’m not flipping burgers, no offense, but I’m still here. She has no excuse not to want to make plans and move on. If she wants to continue belting out other people’s music, acting like a teeny bopper and doing all of this running around then she’s going to have to find someone else to do it with. She can sleep with you when she gets here or I take the couch because I’m not sharing her bed ever again until she makes some concessions.”

“Well, you know you don’t have to sleep on the couch unless you want to. Of course she can sleep with me. Now…about tomorrow.” And Liz opened her computer and checked her e-mails. There it was…one from Kathy with an address.

“Here’s the scum bags address. We can go over there very early in the morning and catch him off guard…” and Serena interrupted her this time…

“Come on. Let’s go now. Get it over with. Let’s find out what he’s been doing here all of this time and find out what his primary purpose was because he must have done his job or else something else is going on up there” and she pointed up, “ that we don’t know about.”

“Can you find his place now Liz?” Max asked

“Of course, I have a GPS. Let’s get this show on the road then.”

And the four young adults went back to the garage and took off for Harvik’s place of residence.

When they arrived at the address Liz recognized the man’s car in the company parking lot and then counted off apartment numbers…he was upstairs. The group of four headed up the stairs, Liz taking the lead since she knew the man and then she found the number and rang the door bell. There was music coming from inside and soon a tussled John Harvik answered the door. The four friends took the “square” stance and Liz smiled.

“Hello John, surprise! I brought some friends with me this evening and we would like to come in and have a little talk or…you can come with us and we can talk elsewhere. It’s your choice but the talk will take place. We need information on some germ warfare that was released on Antar actually. You do remember Antar, don’t you John? The place where your brother was brought to his knees about five years ago. I would like you to meet the King of Antar and his first in command. This is Max…known to you as Zan maybe. That is Michael, known as Rath where you come from. This is Ava (Liz fibbed) and you of course you know me as Liz. How would you like to handle this John?”

“Come in Dr. Parker. They were right about you, you are the one. I wouldn’t believe them.”

The four square entered the apartment, John sat in his recliner chair and the rest took seats around the room.

Max spoke next.

“Who wouldn’t you believe John? Who else is here besides you?”

“The courier’s from Antar. Jamar, my brother, known to you as Khivar sent them to me constantly until about five years ago. I would send him information from the lab and then he would send more requisitions for more samples. I haven’t heard from him in five years.”

“That’s because he’s dead. He no longer rules our world John but he did release a virus before he was captured and neutralized and it is killing the entire planet. We need a cure. Did you have something to do with that? Are you the one that sent the Earth virus to Antar?”

“I never sent a virus, I merely sent results of studies. Do you know what he released?”

“I do. We brought a sample back with us. We need a lab to test it and we need to find an antidote soon or they will all die.”

“Well, Liz has been working on one of the virus’ that I sent to Jamar but I am not privy to any of her results. Apparently she quit today.”

“No John, I did no quit…I took a leave of absence, we discussed this earlier. I did this in order to work on an antidote for your planet. Do you want to go home to your planet?”

“That was what I was planning when I kept hounding you for answers. I was going to take the results of your studies home with me in the hope that it would buy me some peace for a change. If I would have known who you really were I would have approached you differently.”

“I wouldn’t have given you any information either way John.”

“Why not?”

“Because I can’t stand you.”

Max raised an eyebrow and Michael and Serena both chuckled…then Serena whispered to Max…

“She doesn’t mess around does she?”

“I guess not. The Liz I knew would have choked before saying those words.”

“Well, it looks like she’s changed a little.”

“I guess so!” And Michael grinned. He knew what Max was talking about and he was right…she didn’t mess around any more. And what else he should know about her was that she could handle her own in a scrape too.

“Well John, if you want to go home we can arrange it for you and you won’t have to take a peace offering…although it would be nice if you told us about all of the information you sent via the couriers.”

“Of course I will. Liz, did you find the answer to your last tests?”

“There is an element missing, I’m not sure what it is yet but I have a pretty good idea what it is that I need. I just need a lab to work it out in. Max is going to build one out in the desert and we’ll use it for more research and serums that are developed, away from prying eyes. Now, answer my question, do you want to go back to Antar. If you do, pack your stuff and get ready to leave. We can send you back on Monday. Physically back if that’s what you would like.”

“Do I have a choice?”

Liz thought for a minute and then said…

“Not really. And I wouldn’t try to run and hide John. It won’t work…so I would advise you to get your affairs in order. Do you have the information here John. You know, the information you sent your brother…and don’t lie, Serena will know. It’s one of her powers and as for trying to run? Michael will track you down and squash you like a bug. So where’s the information?”

John got up from his chair and the four young adults kept a close watch as he went to a picture hanging on the wall, moved it out of the way and ran his hand across the spot where a book appeared. (The same process that Tess used in the library so many years ago.) John removed the book from the hole in the wall, ran his hand over the spot again and closed it up. After he put the picture back he handed the journal to Liz who took it to the kitchen table with Serena close on her heels.

Both young women started to read the contents and they both stopped at the same time. Serena pointed to the culture results and nodded to Liz. She recognized the experiments immediately as did Liz. They took the book and went back into the living room where Max and Michael sat silently watching John, who wasn’t showing any emotion whatsoever. He just sat and blankly stared at them, as though he was in a trance.

“This is it Max…everything is here, now all we need to do is find the cure.”
Serena was the first to speak. Then Liz had a question…

“John, did you use any of your own cells to run these tests and make this serum. There are a lot of tests to go through here but I need to know, is there Antarian blood cells in this experiment and in the one I’ve been working on at the lab.”

John finally showed some signs of life and nodded yes. Then Liz had one more question…

“John, are you sending messages to Antar right now?”

And John nodded yes…

Michael immediately got up from where he was sitting and went over to the man, placed his hands on either side of the man’s head and read his thoughts.
Max just sat there and watched in awe…

“When?” Max wondered how Michael learned to do this.

“Ava taught us some new tricks Max…it comes in handy. It’s kinda like when you sent Liz messages years ago…Now I can retrieve them. He’s trying to contact Khivar but he’s not getting any feed back naturally. He’s just been a pawn like all the rest of Khivar’s goons. We’ve got everything we need Max, If he wants to go home can you send him?”

“Yeah…but I don’t know why he would want to.” and then Max looked at Serena. She wanted to go back, though God knows why and she just smiled at her leader. It was home although she was thinking this Earth place wasn’t so bad either.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.16 5/4 11

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Eve: No, Harvik really didn't know his brother was dead. Khivar was the one who always contacted him and John hasn't heard from him in five years. He knew something was wrong but he didn't know he was dead because when Max brought Khivar down he brought down his whole regime.
Grace: :D I'm not angry in the least...I get even! :lol: Not really, but I'm not mad and I'm glad to hear from you. Sorry about the job but I know you'll find something. When you're willing to work you'll find work. As for Michael mentioning "Courtney", well, she was there for a minute or two and let's face it, teenagers are teenagers and I'm sure he was flattered and she did sacrifice herself to protect the Granolith so let's give her a few brownie points for that. :P Michael and Maria will have their talks and Liz and Maria's friendship will never be an issue no matter how many new characters are introduced. They are the sisters neither ever had and when you have that kind of a friendship it's hard to bust it up.
rar1942: Hey, how nice to hear from you. I'm truly flattered that one of Greywolf's fans thinks enough of this dumb little story to leave me a message. Thank you.
Cardinal: Yep, Harvik wanted to have a bargaining chip when he got back, if he got back, and the cure would have done it. As for Michael, yes, he's ready to move on with his life...we'll see how that turns out. :wink:
Carolyn: Yep, the pod squad got right in there and dealt with the scum just like we'd like to do some time... :D And as far as the dancing goes, that is really a fun place...I don't blame you, we'll cover that a little bit down the way. I think you'll like it. :D
XAF RU208: Just wait for the "lab rat", you're going to love how she finds him and as for Zan, he'll be here shortly and I think you've got his number down pretty good. He's quite the young man. :wink:


Chapter: 16

The four square left John Harvik sitting in his apartment alone, deep in thought, and headed on back to Liz’s with the information they came for.

“Well that was easy enough. You know what Max…why don’t I just go in to the lab and finish out the week and see what I can come up with. And before I go I’ll need some of your blood. Let’s just stop by Toys-r-Us and pick up
some chemistry supplies, I probably have some at home but I want to make sure I’ve got everything I need…” And Max and Serena started laughing.

“What? It’s the least suspicious place to get them.”

“Oh Liz, it’s not the chemistry supplies that’s got us going…I think we bought out the Toys-r-Us in Roswell. You can’t get through mom’s living room, the garage nor the spare bedroom upstairs. What Zan couldn’t find the rest of us did. Zan doesn’t even know what to do with half the stuff and Isabelle gave us hell because she said there’s nothing left for anyone else to get him.”

“Ah….” And Liz smiled, Michael laughed and said,,,

“Well hell, let’s wrap this party up and get to Roswell. It looks like I’ve got some new toys to check out.” And everyone chuckled at that remark.

So the four adults converged on the Toys-r-Us and Liz picked up the chemistry supplies she needed, although she only needed some vials and a couple slides. She figured she could get some hypodermic needles at the all night Wallgreens Pharmacy, she had her doctors Id with her and it shouldn’t be any problem . She had to buy a package of 25 but that was okay…she could always use them for something else. Then she had a brainstorm, she would take samples of all three of them and use herself as a base study and maybe things would come together now that she knew what she was looking for.

“Max, did you get the funding for the new lab. Even if I do find the answer we need to manufacture enough samples and send enough data back to Antar for them to duplicate it.”

Serena sort of smiled…she wasn’t sure what a couple billion dollars amounted to by Earth’s standards but she was sure it was substantial by the way Diane and Philip reacted. Apparently royal junk was worth something no matter where you’re from.

“I got the money Liz and dad is checking out contractors to start work not far from the cave. We will be able to get rid of anything dangerous as you requested and we have our hazard waste remover with us so let’s just get this study moving shall we.”

“Sure…and Michael, would you like to take me to work tomorrow and keep the car? Maybe you guys can do something while I’m at the lab?”

“Nah, regardless of how ‘pretty’ my room is the bed is super comfortable so I intend to sleep in if that’s alright with you. Then I’m going to enjoy that pool out there in the back yard and Max can cook us some breakfast when he gets up.”

“Like hell Mike, you’re the short order cook here and I intend to sleep also. It has been one busy day and I feel as though we have accomplished more in this day than we have in years. I’m going to sleep too.”

“Well Serena, do you want to go to the lab with me since you’re going to be stuck with sleepy heads. We can go to San Antonio tomorrow afternoon. It will take us about four hours or so to get there but the sights are worth it. Or, you can stay home and read up on the Alamo and the River Walk while I’m gone.”

“I’d like to go with you Liz. What time do I have to get up?”

“Oh, I think 7:30 would be good…I’ll get up at 7:00, take my shower and then the bathroom is yours. We can leave here about 8:30 or so and be there by 9:00. I’ll take my lap top with me and we can do some testing together. The notes that John couldn’t find are all right here. They go with me everywhere. I learned a long time ago that I’m the only person I trust. Now I can add you to the list. How’s that?”

About that time they were back home again and it had just turned 11:00 pm when Liz opened the back door. She made her way to the kitchen cupboard and pulled out some glasses and grabbed the iced tea and Tabasco from the fridge and set it all on the table then she started to open the supplies they had just picked up.

“Okay guys…roll up those sleeves. Serena, there’s a felt tip marker in that drawer right there behind you. Oh… it says “sharpie” on it.”

Serena smiled and retrieved the pen that Liz wanted and proceeded to watch as she applied a tourniquet and swabbed Max’s arm, then drew some blood. She capped off the vial and wrote spec. 1 on the vial and then took a slide and scraped some cheek cells from Max’s mouth and secured the slide in an elongated tube and labeled it the same. Next she went to work on Michael and he was spec. 2. When it came to Serena Liz just raised an eyebrow.

“Come on Serena…we don’t want to get caught using your blood as a specimen and I know there are security camera’s all over the place so let’s just go in there and act like this stuff has always been there. I’ll pull it out of my brief case along with my lap top, which is a daily occurrence, and we’ll do our tests and leave. The cultures I ran last week are secure and we’ll just take some of them out, plant them on some clean petrie dishes and add some of this to it and see what happens. I have a sneaking suspicion that all it needs is a shot of spec. 1 over there. It probably won’t kill it but I’ve got a good idea that it’s going to ‘heal’ it.”

“Oh my God Max! Why didn’t we think of that? She’s right! You healed Zan I’ll bet you can heal the whole planet with just a spec of your blood. God in heaven how simple and to think we traveled a universe to find it out.”

“We didn’t find it because we weren’t looking in the right place Serena. She thinks outside the box…always has, that’s what makes her Liz. Now, let’s get some sleep. I want to call Zan in the morning and make sure he’s getting along okay.”

“Max, you know he’s getting along okay. I hate to say this, but I don’t think he’s missing you half as much as you’re missing him.”

“You’re probably right but I still need to hear his voice. We haven’t been apart this long since I rescued him and I still haven’t been able to wrap myself around this. It’s only been three days Serena…that’s not a very long time.”

“No Max it isn’t but it’s going to be alright and you will get that chance Max. Honest.”

Liz and Michael just sat there and watched their old friend talk about his son and he definitely needed him.

“Max, why don’t you fly home in the morning and bring him back with you. He can go to the concert with us and do all the fun things we’ve got planned and Max…if your blood doesn’t work maybe Zan’s will because he’s had the disease. Call your mom in the morning and tell her your coming after him and they can have him at the airport for you with all of his favorite toys…you can catch the return flight and be back here by noon.”

“Yeah Max…that would be great.” And Max smiled for the first time since he got to Texas…a real smile, right from the bottom of his heart. Michael looked at Liz and nodded…

“Well, I’m going to retire to the rose room, you girls be quiet when you leave and Max you can drive Liz and Serena to work. She has a GPS in that rig of hers and you won’t get lost.”

Liz and Serena both got these horrified looks on their faces and Michael grinned….

“I’ll be up…don’t get your panties in a wad ladies. Be ready to go Maxwell…I’ll take them to work and drive you to the airport...go have some breakfast and go back and pick you up. By that time Liz and Serena should be ready to come home. Does Zan have a bathing suit?”

“I think we bought him one…there isn’t much we didn’t get him. He’s filled the spare bedroom closet and chest of drawers. I’ll ask mom to pack one for him and if he doesn’t have one we’ll pick one up on our way back here.”

“Fair enough. I think he’ll like sleeping in a canopy bed. Then he can’t make fun of Philip.” Liz commented and everyone laughed as they headed upstairs to their various rooms and Liz locked everything up for the night. When she went up to go to bed Max had his door open and he motioned her in.

“Liz, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. I know I don’t deserve it and so thank you. I know we left things in a bad way with me not believing you about Alex, but I think I didn't want to believe you more than not believing you.”

“Don’t thank me Max. I’m doing this for many reasons and the one big one is a dying world. We were kids Max and it was a very long time ago. I know you didn't want to believe me, it was tough on all of us. We’ve all changed so let’s just forget it. I’m sorry things were so bad for you but you did manage to turn your world around and that’s a good thing so let’s just call it good and go to bed.”

Max smiled and nodded as Liz turned and left his room. Yes, he managed to do some good but it’s a shame that things worked out the way they had between him and Liz. They should have at least stayed friends, he’ll never understand why he acted like he had. He never has been able to figure it out, unless, of course…mind warps. Why didn’t he realize it before now, it had to be that and now he had another reason to hate Tess Harding. But he couldn’t hate his son, the one good thing that came from her…and he loved him with every fiber of his being. And Max stripped off his jeans and crawled into bed. He slept well but tomorrow night he would be sleeping much better, and he smiled.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.16 5/4 11

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You are right. Max confronted Liz at Sheriff Valenti’s home and really reamed her out good…he was still angry that Liz was investigating Alex’s death and she wouldn’t listen to him. He definitely had some “I’m the leader” issues. But it’s over Eve…it can’t be changed, it happened and there’s no changing it so you just move on.

Carolyn: Yes, the two young women are good friends and they definitely speak the same language. I’m waiting to see what you have to say about Liz and Zan’s meeting. I hope it gives all of you the warm and fuzzies !!!

Cardinal: No matter what they have to say, or how long they whip that dead horse, it’s not going to change a thing. Liz walked out on Max, Max had sex with Tess, Max treated Liz like a second class citizen when she wouldn’t listen to him, he took off for another planet to save his son’s life…Liz basically told Max to grow up and I could go on and on. So could they for that matter but it wouldn’t change one single thing. It happened. They are ten years older and God, I hope they are adult enough to know that it’s over and done with. Max could probably go back in time and start all over, but shit, who would want to and it would mean no Zan and that’s just not acceptable to Max and truthfully to anybody else who has met the child. He is unique in his own right. I personally love the little dude myself, and the more I write him the better I like him, but basically I like all kids.

As for Harvik…well, you just may be on the right page there…


Chapter 17

Seven o’clock right on the nose Liz’s alarm went off and she groaned as she reached over and turned the incessant buzzer off. God, was she tired. The adrenalin was slowly dwindling and she was starting to relax, not completely, but starting and then she heard the shower in the bathroom at the other end of the house. She was going to have to remember to turn up the water temp on the extra water heater…she kept it a little lower than the one at her end of the house.

She got herself up and headed straight for the bathroom, grabbed a clean towel off the wrought iron shelf in the dressing area and headed on into the enclosed shower. The water felt good. She hurried and washed her hair, taking just a few swipes at her underarms with the razor, she’d wear jeans today, and was done in record time. She wrapped her towel around her and headed to one of the double sinks in the dressing area and brushed her teeth, grabbed a one a day and swallowed it with some water as she reached for her brush. She’d wear a pony tail with a pick through a wrap and call it good. She was just putting her underpants on when she heard the alarm go off in Serena’s room. She grabbed her bra and headed for her walk in closet where she retrieved a clean pair of boot legged jeans and a loose Tee and her Nike’s. All she needed now was a pair of socks and she was ready to go, she opened her bedroom door just as Serena started out of the spare bedroom and Liz smiled and motioned to the bathroom…

“It’s all yours Serena. I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready. How about some fruit and yogurt? I have Tabasco, you can just pour it into the yogurt container and as soon as the men are ready we’re good to go.”

Serena smiled at the freshly scrubbed Liz Parker …she didn’t look much older than the girl in the prom picture. Of course the hair do was a little different…it was sort of sticking out all over the young woman’s head but it certainly looked cute.

“Thanks Liz…it shouldn’t take me too long.”

“Take your time. I don’t know what time Max needs to be at the airport but it’s only ten minutes away so we can be there in no time.”

“I remember, I’ll be right down.”

And Liz made her way down the hall only to hear Michael in the bathroom humming…’what the hell? Michael humming?' The world is coming to an end, I can feel it in my bones. And then she smiled, it was nice having a house full of people, even if it was an alien hootenanny!

She made her way to the kitchen and found a slip of paper with airline reservation information…Max would leave at 9:00, arrive at 10:15, take off with Zan at 10:45 and be back at DFW at noon. It didn’t get any better than that.

Soon the kitchen started filling up with people and Michael made his way to the refrigerator and took out the bacon and eggs, headed for the cabinet under the built in stove, pulled out a skillet and started cooking. Liz went to the island and pulled the toaster out of the cabinet under that counter and plugged it in to one of the many sockets under the island counter and then headed to the pantry for some bread…she stopped on her way past the refrigerator, grabbed the bread, butter, jelly and Tabasco and headed to the island once again. After she put the bread in the four slice toaster she made her way back to the refrigerator and took out various containers of berries, some vanilla yogurt and made her way back to the island…set her stuff down and grabbed a paper plate out of another cupboard and started to butter the toast that had popped up and she added four more slices. Max looked at her and raised an eyebrow and she pointed to the cupboard above the coffee pot and Max went right over and retrieved four plates and cups. Then he reached into the drawer directly under the counter below the plates and he was right…silverware…he was setting the table when Serena walked into the kitchen and she looked around and was amazed. No one was saying a word to anyone else and they were all busy.

“Liz, what can I do?”

“There’s bowls right over there in that cupboard under the island Serena, grab a couple and you can rinse off some of these berries and put them in one of them and mix them up…just sprinkle a little sugar over them. The guys will probably add Tabasco to them but put a few of them in another bowl for me.”

“Fair enough. I thought we were just going to have fruit and yogurt?”

“Well, Michael is here and that means breakfast.” And Liz grinned as she continued with her toast project. Soon they were all seated around the table and then Liz looked at Max and said…Michael can take you to the airport and come back for us. You have to check in early so you need to get a hurry on Max. You guys can pick us up at the lab after you get back with Zan. Oh, and pack a change of clothes before you leave Max and throw them in the back of the car. We’ll do the same and we can take off for San Antonio right from the lab.”

“Fair enough. Do you know where we’ll be staying?”

“Nah, it’s a week day we won’t need reservations. We’re only going to sleep there and head on back tomorrow anyway. We’ll need to be here for Maria’s arrival and that’s going to be like a tornado when she gets here.”

“Okay…are you sure you want to do this?” Max worried…maybe it was too much.

“Yes, Serena and Zan need to experience some of the old west. We’ll rent the movie “The Alamo” Thursday night and they can see what the history surrounding San Antonio was all about. Then Friday we’ll all go to the concert and Saturday and Sunday we can just hang out here. We’ll take off for Roswell on Monday. It’ll take us about twelve hours to drive and I definitely want to drive. I want my car with me…for many reasons.”

“Is there room for all of us Liz?”

“Oh sure. I have a third seat that you and Michael can put in the back. There’s plenty of room. I don’t have it in there because if I find something I can’t live without and it’s too big I can haul it home in the back of the SUV.”

And they all laughed. Liz threw Michael her keys and the two men left for the airport. Liz started to grab dishes and told Serena to go grab her bag and then she came back and helped Liz and both young women had the kitchen spit shined by the time Michael came back. He stayed in the car and honked the horn…they exited the front door with Liz shaking her head and Liz climbed into the back giving Serena the front seat with Michael. She completely forgot her overnighter.

“Michael, you could have come in for us?”

“Why?” And Liz saw the grin on Michael’s face through the rear view mirror.

“You know damned well why Michael. Now, when you drop us off you go back and pack me an overnighter and stick it in the car along with Max and Serena’s bags, I didn’t get it done. And get us ready to leave.”

“Liz Parker!!!”

“Do it Michael…just grab me some clean underwear out of the top left hand drawer of my dresser…some clean socks out of the right hand drawer, a clean pair of jeans and a nice Tee out of the walk in. Grab my toothbrush and my cosmetic bag from under the right hand sink and throw it in the duffle that you will find in the right hand walk in closet. And if you find anything else you think I might need put it in the bag too. You’ve been with Maria long enough to know what we women need and don’t give me any crap about it Michael.”

“Fine! And I suppose you want me to make my bed too.”

“Damn straight Michael…you know better!”

And Serena listened to these two old friends who acted more like siblings than they did friends. I guess when you’ve known people that long and have been that close and so near death so many times you tend to be close. She and Max were pretty close too but she didn’t think she would allow him to pack a bag for her. Oh well…

And about that time Michael pulled into the parking lot of the lab where Liz and Serena got out and then Liz tussled Michael’s spikes before she shut her door. He just looked at her and shook his head…he loved her as much as he did Maria only not in a sexual way, but in the closest way possible, he would give his life for her and she had almost given hers many times for him and his counterparts and he would never forget it and here she was, right in the thick of it again. Her loyalty was beyond anything he had ever experienced and he had seen a lot.


Michael drove off and headed back to Liz’s and Liz and Serena made their way into the lab…John was nowhere to be seen and Liz found this strange, there was no reason for him to not be here but she passed that thought over and headed to Kathy’s desk first.

“Good morning Kathy. I’d like you to meet my cousin Serena, she’s visiting from Florida and I thought I would bring her by and show her where I work.”

“Well hi y’all…you sure do look like Liz Serena. Do you two know that?”

Then Serena and Liz really took a good look at each other and noticed that Kathy was right. Serena was about 3 inches taller but the resemblance was uncanny.

“No Kathy, to tell the truth I never paid that much attention. I’ll be switched!”

And Serena smiled…she noticed the resemblance immediately when she saw Liz’s picture back at Diane’s but didn’t say anything. She figured Liz would have picked up on it herself.

“Liz…did you hear about John Harvik, his apartment building caught on fire early this morning and they’re still searching the rubble for his remains. He’s nowhere to be found.”

“Oh dear! No I didn’t hear about that. Kathy, do you have a picture of John from any of our seminars or anything. I would like to take one with me and maybe pass it around to some of the places I know he hung out. Maybe he has amnesia or something?” Isabelle can dream walk the bastard , Liz thought

“I’ll get one for ya Liz. Just stop by on your way back out and I’ll have it for ya.”

“Thanks Kathy that would be great. Serena and I will be going to a few places this week and I’ll be sure to flash it around. Who knows, we might even run into him. If we do I’ll call…how’s that?”

“Well, to tell the truth Liz, I really don’t care but maybe Mr. Chapin would like to know something.” Kathy said in her cute little accent with a slight frown on her face…

Liz and Serena both giggled at the young girl…they knew exactly what she meant and then Liz said…

“I understand perfectly Kathy, I’ll let Mr. Chapin know, how’s that?

“That’s better Liz. Thanks. I’ll just check you in. Let me know when you leave.”

“Will do Kathy and thank you. You know I’ll be gone for a few months don’t you? I’m going home for a while and help my parents. Dad has to have some medical treatments and Mom’s going to need some help. I’ll be back though so keep my mail box open.”

Kathy giggled and Liz and Serena took off.

“We need to call Michael Serena…”

“Liz, there’s too much going on right at this moment. Let’s wait until he picks us up and we have all of us together. I’m glad Max is getting Zan. He needs to be with us. We never thought about this happening in a million years. God knows what kind of connections the man had besides Khivar. It’s been five years but you never know…we thought all of this shit was behind us.” And Liz had to giggle…apparently Serena learned some slang from Max as well as English.

“Not funny Liz!”

“I know…it’s just your use of the word ‘shit’ that tickled me.”

“Didn’t I use it right?”

“You certainly did and it’s my sentiments exactly. Now let’s go check on some petrie dishes.”

And as the girls entered the lab on the lower level Liz grabbed Serena’s hand. Something wasn’t right.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.18 5/6/11

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Eve: I’m pretty sure Harvik set fire to the apartment complex as well. I know I didn’t come right out and say that because I wanted you to make up your own minds on the subject. You did good!!! :D As for Liz and Serena having the feeling that something wasn’t right…well it’s covered in this chapter. I’m really glad you’re enjoying this and when I use American jargon I think of you and how confusing it must be and I’m so glad you appreciate the fact that I leave you little messages. I don’t want you to miss the crux of the situation because of a language barrier but I don't want to insult you either. :wink:

I think San Antonio has left a deep impression on me because it was one of the last times my husband and I really enjoyed a fun trip together prior to him getting sick. It was truly a great adventure and the Alamo just left me with goose bumps. It’s kind of like visiting the Forts back in Pennsylvania, from the French and Indian War…they always left me feeling a little sad too.

Zan arrives on the scene this chapter and you all are in for a little surprise I think… :wink:

Nitpick23: Some of Harvik will start to be resolved this chapter, but he still has some things to clear up. Liz and Serena seem like they have known each other for ages when in fact it’s only been a few days but Liz was prepared to meet her for a very long time so she kind of knew she would like her going in. :) :)

XAF RU208:
Well, you’ve got him pegged don’t you? And I remember Doris Day well… :)

Some of your questions will be answered this chapter…but just some, the majority will eventually be cleared up, but if you pose a problem that isn't covered I'll do my best to clear it up...honest. :D


Chapter: 18

“What’s wrong.” And Serena whispered because she felt the sign of danger emanating from Liz.

“I don’t know but get ready to battle Serena, there’s something going on here…do you power blast?” Liz whispered back…

“Yeah, I can hold my own. Would you rather have a shield?” Serena answered and then Liz remembered the security camera and pointed up and toward it as Serena followed her line of vision.

“Yeah, but be ready for anything. But can you knock that camera out without leaving any evidence that we did it? It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done battle with aliens Serena, but I know the feeling and this doesn’t feel right. Let’s just grab some petrie dishes and get the hell out of here.” And Serena did a small wave of her hand as if she was pointing at something and the red light went out, then she looked at Liz who said….
“Works for me.” And Liz grabbed Serena’s hand and headed to the refrigerator for the cultures … which were missing! Now it was Liz’s turn…

“SHIT!!!” Liz stated in a loud whisper…

“What?” Serena, looked at her partner, ready for battle…

“They’re gone. John! I know he’s got them, he’s the only one that knows what they are and where they were. Come on, let’s get the hell away from here.”

And the two young women high tailed it out of that lab as fast as they could. When they got back to the reception area Liz saw John’s car out front and she pointed to it and almost yelled at Serena…

“You go stop that car and I’ll check us out.”

Serena took off on a dead run and blasted the front tire of John Harvik’s car and when he looked out the window at her she held her hand up straight out in front of her, palm up, and shook her head ‘NO’ and John got the message.

Liz joined Serena in a flash and pointed to the parking lot as she took her stance next to Serena. John knew he’d better do as the girls ordered or he was toast. When he was parked Liz approached him and pulled the drivers door open…

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing John. We told you last night that you could go home if you wanted to. Michael checked your brain waves and you were not reaching anyone on Antar so you must know what we can do to you or for you for that matter. It’s your choice. You can even stay here if you want to but I want those petrie dishes John and I want them now.”

John never said a word…he reached toward the seat next to him and Liz shook her head “no” again and walked around to the passenger side of the car, opened the door and reached down to the seat and lifted the container and carefully opened it. There they all were just as she had labeled them, packed in dry ice. Then she took John’s brief case as well and closed the door.

“Where were you taking these John? And don’t lie or I’ll have Michael work on you.”

“I needed some leverage.”

“Leverage…what kind of leverage? You’re not going to get a better offer than we’ve given you. Antar is in a world of hurt and the entire planet is on the verge of annihilation if we don’t find a cure to the mess you sent your crazy ass brother. Because of him there might not be a planet to go back to, now tell me the truth, who were you going to give these to John?”

“It was just a voice on the phone.”

“What phone…where is it?”

“In my brief case.”

About that time Michael, Max and Zan all pulled up into the parking lot and saw Liz and Serena talking with…JOHN?

Michael and Max got out of the car and Max ordered Zan to stay put…Zan was used to these kinds of orders and listened to his father as he watched him and Michael walk towards Serena and LIZ…there she was, his mother…

The young boy was elated and couldn’t wait to meet her in person and to hug her close…


“Liz? Is there a problem here?”

“Yeah, scum bag here has a buyer for these cultures Michael, he says that it was just a voice on the phone. And Michael, I don’t want him near my house.”

“I understand…come here John, turn around and let me have a look at you.”

“I don’t think you should do that.” John said…

“And why is that John. Do you think that you have some kind of power that can hurt me. You do know that we have been fighting your kind for years and there’s not much you can surprise us with so why shouldn’t I brain walk you John? Can you tell me that?”

“No, but I know you shouldn’t do it. I get my orders from someplace and I can’t tell you how because I don’t know but I don’t think you should do that.”

“Listen to him Michael….I’ll call Cal.”

Max took out his cell and hit number 4 on his cell phone…#1 being Liz and he smiled.

“Your highness! What can I do for you?”

“I don’t know Cal. We’ve got John Harvik, you know, the anagram man? He was trying to walk off with some valuable merchandise located at the lab where Liz works and he said he gets his orders via a place he knows nothing about. Any ideas?”

“Are these the important items we talked about the other day?”

“That they are. Liz has them in her possession right now but she doesn’t want this character at her place. What should we do with him?”

“Take him to the airport. My private jet will pick him up in an hour Max. I’ll get your answers for you. Other than that how are things going?”

“Well, we did have some fun sight seeing plans but I’m not so sure we should carry them out.”

“Carry them out Max…once you get back to Roswell it will be business again and that boy of yours needs some fun. I’ll get back to you…the plane is taking off as we speak so get to the airport…Go to the private hangar area and ask security for Langley. They’ll direct you right to the Langley craft and then you can be on your way. Do you feel safe other than the idiot?”

Max chuckled…

“Yeah, we’re good. All four of us are here, what one can’t do the other can.”

“Fair enough. Call on your senses Max…you may need them.”

“Will do Cal…chalk another bill onto my list of IOU’s.”

“You know it, now go have fun.”

“Thanks Cal, for everything.”


“Well?” Michael wanted to know.

“Back to the airport, private hangars this time. We have about 45 minutes or so and Cal’s jet will pick him up and take him to California. Cal said he’d get the information we needed and for us to go enjoy ourselves because once we get to Roswell it was going to get serious again.”

Serena and Liz both said it at the same time…

“Shit!” and both men laughed.

Michael drove John’s car around to the farthest corner of the parking lot, Serena and Max provided a shield and Michael disintegrated John’s car…Liz made her way back to the SUV while this was taking place and when she looked in the back seat her heart jumped to her throat. The little boy sitting there all alone gave her the sweetest smile and then he unbuckled himself and crawled out and wrapped his arms around Liz Parker. He knew she was his mother but he didn’t know why he had never met her. His daddy was always dreaming of her, she had to be his mother didn’t she?

Liz hung onto the child and rubbed his little head and back like she couldn’t get enough of him. He looked just like Max and her heart was melting into a big puddle of goo. When the others returned to the car they couldn’t believe their eyes…it was like Liz and Zan didn’t know another soul was anywhere near them and Max wanted to cry. Michael and Serena just stood there smiling and one John Harvik got his first look at Royalty…how could this be. According to all of his information Liz Parker was not an alien but totally human. Yet here she was with the young prince and they were family, it was perfectly obvious…this woman was this child’s mother and it wasn’t possible. She was no where near when he was born. This was totally illogical.

“Come on everyone…we need to get back to the airport and am I glad I put that seat back into your car Liz…it’s going to come in handy sooner than we thought.”

“Yes it is Michael…and did you pack me a bag?”

Max’s eyes got really big and Serena giggled…

“Yes Liz, I packed you a bag. Why don’t you tell the whole world.”

“Well, if I could I would, now let’s go so if we can get Zan and Serena some..” and Liz caught herself, she wasn’t used to watching her tongue...”boots!” And all of the adults laughed, except for John, he wasn’t in on the joke.

“Are we going to get boots for me Liz?”

“We sure are Zan, you’ll need them for the concert we’re going to go to and then when we go dancing you can be my partner and we’re going to have a really good time. And this evening we’re going to another fun place too. I’ll tell you all about it after we drop this man off that is sitting up there between your Dad and uncle Michael. We don’t want to put anything in his brain that can be retrieved by someone else. You do understand don’t you?”

“Yes Liz…we had to do a lot of secrets on Antar and Dad would just send me messages in my mind but Dad also made me talk English too so I would know how to comm….commm…communicate when I got here.” Is that right dad? “Am I going to stay with you?” Max chuckled, “That’s right Zan.” And then Liz answered Zan’s question…

“Yes you are…I hope you like it. Did your grandmother pack you a bathing suit?”

“We stopped and bought one on the way to the airport. Grandma said I was going to have a good time. Is Uncle Michael going to stay with us too?”

“Yes Zan, we’re all staying together. Right now, I think that is the safest move for all concerned. Especially for you. I am so glad you came to see me.” And Liz reached over and hugged the child again…”I have waited so long to meet you and we are going to have so much fun.”

Liz suddenly knew what she had been missing in her life and it wasn’t possible but it was true. She missed Zan. The feelings that were coming over her were not normal…this child was not hers, she did not give birth to him but why did she feel this way. She suddenly felt complete and she didn’t know whether to zap Max Evans’ ass back across the universe or to kiss him for bringing Zan home. The thought ran through her mind once more…this definitely is not normal then she thought again…‘but what’s so great about normal’. Someone said that to her once, a very long time ago. And Max Evans, Serena and Michael Guerin all sat and listened to the conversation going on in the very back seat of the SUV as they pulled into the private area of DFW airport.


When they arrived at the spot where security had sent them there were two big burly looking characters standing outside next to the boarding platform of a nice Cessna and another one at the foot of the steps with a woman standing next to him. Michael and Max escorted John toward the stairs and when they approached the stairs the woman came near and nodded to Max.

“Is this him?”

Max just nodded in assent and the woman reached into her pocket and retrieved a hypodermic needle, removed the cap and told John to roll up his sleeve. John did as ordered and the next thing Max and Michael knew John was being led up the steps by this huge person and as soon as they boarded the plane, the steps were raised and the plane took off. Not another word was spoken.

“Well, that was easy enough.” Michael said and then added…”I wonder what they gave him?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s the drug they use on Antar to deaden the brains activity. It’s a lot like a sedative but it prevents any information retrieval as well …works just fine in a situation like ours…we don’t want anyone to know we have him or what else we have so Cal is keeping him doped up so to speak.”

“Hmmm…good stuff, do we have it?”

“I’m sure Serena can make it if we need it.”

“Great, let’s go have some fun then…I think it’s time. What’s with Zan and Liz? Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

“Apparently Zan has been dream walking me his whole life and he knows Liz pretty much from my dream world.”

“Interesting…but I think it’s a little more than him just knowing Liz. It’s almost like she knows him too. Did you see them together? And, I thought he was totally human!”

“Well apparently someone screwed up…and I saw Michael, I’m not totally sure what the hell is happening there but I do know that I like it.”

“Going to play all your cards are you?”

Max grinned big and wide for his old friend.

“Oh yeah!” And they high fived each other….

Then the two old friends hopped into the front seat of Liz’s SUV and took off for San Antonio and the Alamo.

Liz stayed in the far back seat with Zan and they talked the whole way to the boot company, Zan picked out his own boots and Serena chose a pair she liked and then the four square plus one headed on out to have some fun. Zan was enthralled with his ‘mother’ and still couldn’t figure out why he had never met her and why she lived worlds away. Liz was a little puzzled by all of these feelings she was having too but she liked them, that was for sure.


They got back to Dallas right on schedule and just about the time they got themselves settled into the house Maria’s limo pulled up and it seemed as though all hell broke loose for recess. It was hard to keep up with her chatter and little Zan latched onto the back of Liz’s shirt and watched as Maria hugged Max, questioned Serena and whirled around the foyer like that yo-yo thing he had gotten at Toys-r-Us that he couldn’t quite figure out yet. Liz, reached around and held the boy, reassuring him that it was alright. When Maria turned to light into Michael Liz turned around, bent down and whispered…

“It’s okay, she’s always like this…she’ll settle down in a minute.”

Zan looked at her skeptically and Liz grinned and nodded… Zan just stood there and watched. Maybe…he’d see about this later and Liz giggled. She could almost read his thoughts. Max stood there taking it all in…’how’ he wondered.

Then Maria’s luggage started to pour into the house and Liz just stood there and shook her head.

“Okay Diva DeLuca…you don’t need all of this shit and I know it so what the hell is this?”

“I’m going to Roswell too.” Maria announced.

“Well if you’re going to Roswell too you’re finding your own transportation because I don’t have a moving van Maria. You don’t need all of this shit…no one does and you send it back to New York. You pull out some jeans and tee shirts and get this shit out of here right now!” Liz was on a roll and language be damned. She hung onto Zan’s little shoulders, her eyes bugging out of her head, as she ranted and raved about the luggage situation and the rest of the group left her alone with her old friend and headed on out to the patio to have some Tabasco laced tea.


“So that’s Maria? Looks like you have your hands full Michael.” Serena chided as she sipped her tea with a twinkle in her eye.

“That’s her. She really isn’t taking all of that stuff to Roswell, at least I hope not. The majority of it is costumes and stuff.”

“Michael, she has enough luggage there to put on shows for a year. It’s over-kill and you know it.” Max grinned and so did Michael.

“Yeah, but she does that all of the time. It’s been getting worse lately though…she can’t seem to concentrate on what she really wants to do so she takes everything. It’s too much if you want to know the truth. That’s why I moved out last month. She’s either got to shit or get off the pot Max. If she can’t decide what she wants then she’s going have to live alone because I know what I want and it’s not this whirlwind she lives in. I’m tired of it Max, I’m really tired, plain and simple. We’ve been all over the world, she complains about not being able to use her own songs yet she won’t do anything about it. She has more money than God but it doesn’t seem to be enough. She either moves on or she does it alone…I’m done.”

“You don’t mean that Michael.”

“Yeah, you see, I do. I’ll never love anyone the way I love her Max and I wish her only the best but I’m not giving up on my dreams anymore. They say women want the white picket fence, the little family and a happy home. Well that’s what I want Max…not this, not anymore. I did this for her and now it’s my turn. With wise investments we can live comfortably for the rest of our lives and she knows it. I’m done with it Max.”

And Max got very quiet and very thoughtful for a moment and Serena sat and took it all in. Michael might mean what he’s saying right now but he’ll never be free of Maria and she could see why. The woman was vibrant, beautiful and had a mountain of energy but she was also missing something in her life too…Maria just didn’t know what it was but she already had it. Just as Zan found what he was missing Maria would find out what she was missing also. It’s just going to take her longer…that was all, and Serena smiled. She could still hear Liz giving Maria hell and then she heard Liz tell her she was calling UPS to come and pick up most of this shit and Maria needed to get her ass in gear and figure out what she really needed. All three people on the patio started to laugh and then Serena looked over at Max and grinned…

“Do you think she’ll listen to Liz?”

both Michael and Max answered…

“Oh yeah.” Then Michael added, “Liz won’t put up with her. They’ve been friends since they were in diapers. Their mom’s went to school together and Liz let’s Maria go only so far and when she’s had enough Maria stops and listens. Liz will have that stuff removed from the house by sunset, you can count on it.”

Serena nodded and then Zan came out through the patio door leading from the kitchen to join his dad and the others…

“Dad, is Liz mad?”

“No Zan, she’s just making a point.” And Max motioned for his son to take a seat on his lap…

“What’s shit? Maria doesn’t have excrement in those bags does she?”

And Michael and Serena roared … Max tried to keep a straight face, Zan was truly serious and then Max let loose with a guffaw and hugged his son. Zan’s education was sorely lacking in the slang department.

“No Zan, it’s not excrement…shit in this case is a slang term used to describe excess stuff. Maria has too many things in too many pieces of luggage and rather than take the time to say that Liz just called it ‘shit’…it’s what Earth people do.”

“If you say so…”

“Oh, and Zan…”

“Yeah Dad!”

“It’s a big people word, you shouldn’t say it and I’m sure you will be hearing a lot of words that you shouldn’t be saying so when you’re not sure you ask me. Okay?”

“Okay dad. I’m going back in and talk to Liz.”

“You like Liz don’t you Zan?”

“Of course, she’s my mother.”

And Zan took off while leaving three adults speechless.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.19 5/7/11

Post by mary mary » Sat May 07, 2011 1:24 am

Eve: Yes, Khivar is dead and I wanted to show Cal as a true protector in this story, someone who is taking his job seriously rather than the selfish, egotistical, self centered creep he was on the show. The man had enough money to be a little more generous than the writers portrayal of him, but I am a little bit of a Pollyanna…just a little bit! ( :wink:

As for Zan thinking Liz is his mother, well, I cover that little remark and it is a little magical alien Abra Cadabra B.S. but it works for my story. I think you’ll like the explanation. I will explain my thinking when the time comes. :) PS: you probably know this one but just in case…B.S. is Bull shit!

XAF RU208: Yeah, kids have a way of taking care of things don’t they? As for Maria, you’re right…she will have some time to think. :)

Carolyn: Liz and Zan’s connection will be explained and as far as the virus is concerned Khivar really did release it out of vindictiveness. If he couldn’t live to rule then they could all die. He was one sick puppy and he used his brothers knowledge of microbiology to insure that happening. That’s where we are now, trying to clean up the mess he made before he died. As for Cal, well in this story he’s a good protector, just as he should have been all along. :)

Thank you so much and I hope you like what my explanation is of the “mother” story. It isn’t complicated at all if you only believe! I think that's from Pinocchio! :D

mddk98: Your wish is my command... :wink:


Chapter: 19

“Max, do you know what he’s talking about?” Michael wanted to know.

“I haven’t a clue. I’ve never spoken to him about Liz and until I heard him point her out to mom in the photographs I had no idea he knew who she was. That’s when I found out he could dream walk or invade my thoughts or whatever the hell he was doing while we slept. He’s always slept with me, right up until this week when he got his own room at moms. I’m as stunned as you are.”

“Well, whatever is going on I think they both feel something for each other that we don’t know about. Liz acts like she knows him too and I know that’s not possible but you can see it the way she interacts with him. It borders on creepy Max.” Michael was thinking out loud…

Then Serena spoke up…

“It’s not creepy. They do know each other and it’s not just from Max’s dreams. I’ve heard of it before but I’ve never seen the effects nor have I heard of it spanning across the universe but, there have been cases cited where a mother will pass on her offspring to another for various reasons. Maybe Tess literally ‘gave’ Zan, or passed on her motherly rights to Zan over to Liz when she knew she was dying. If the desire was that strong it could have spanned a universe. Maybe Tess did a good thing before she died and made sure her son would find a mother who loved him and wanted him as much as she did. It has happened Max and this could be the answer. Zan seems to think he’s found his mother and that woman in there is perfectly comfortable with the idea. I wouldn’t put too much thought into it I’d just go with it. It looks natural to me.”

“Do you know what you’re saying? ” Max was flabbergasted and Michael just sat there and pondered the idea, ‘Yeah, it sure looked as though something like that was going on here’ he thought to himself.

“Yes Max, I do know what I’m saying and yes it could be real. Zan has found his mother and he knows it. Whether you and Liz ever get back together again is immaterial at this point…but you have to realize one thing, you are going to have to share his love because he’s found his mother.”

“Damn! This is deep!” Michael just shook his head, this was really deep.

And then Liz, Maria and Zan showed up at the patio door.

“The UPS driver is coming to pick up all the excess crap this woman brought with her and then we are going to head on over to the stock yards and have some dinner before Maria goes over to ‘Billy Bob’s’ and checks things out.

Zan sweetie, you go get some jeans and a spiffy tee-shirt on and put your new boots on okay. Then as soon as most of, not just some of…” looking straight at Maria, ”most of that ‘stuff’ is removed from my living room we’ll go.”

“Dad, what’s spiffy?”

“Spiffy means something you really like and it looks good on you…do you want some help?”

“Nope, I’ll find spiffy.”

And the boy took off and Liz giggled.

“Come on Maria…let’s go get your jeans and tee-shirts out of those bags and get a hurry on.”

“But Liz, I have to do concerts!”

“Maria, this is “Billy Bob’s” in Texas not the New York Philharmonic, go gather your jeans and pack that ‘shit’ up…now.”

And with that Maria took off.

Serena just kept on sipping her tea…Liz reached over and grabbed a glass and poured herself some and managed to take a gulp before Michael could stop her and as her eyes actually crossed, she kicked Michael right in the foot and Serena started laughing.

“Dammit Michael, I’ve told you a thousand times, use the Tabasco as a condiment not the main course.”

Max just sat there and shook his head…some things never changed except that Liz and Michael seemed to have grown a whole lot closer…this was nice.


In Hollywood California one Cal Langley had John Harvik sitting in a chair on his patio and he had his hands on either side of the man’s head…he definitely knew what he was doing, and after he had given the man the proper Antarian drugs he was able to pull the information he needed from the man’s mind without doing any permanent damage to himself. It was interesting, John had been used as a pawn by not only Khivar, his brother, but the skins as well. Cal was certain they had removed all dangerous aliens from the planet but it seems there was one cell left in Canada that was looking for a way back to Antar.

Since Max had abdicated the throne and set up a free world Cal could see the improvements but they still had a long way to go before it became natural to them. But wanting to go back was a puzzle he couldn’t figure out. Some of these beings had been here for over sixty years and before and he couldn’t figure out why they would want to go back. He never wanted to go back. Of course not all of them had accomplished what he had but it was in their power to do so if they desired, nor did they have the communication system that he had with Antar either. He continued to read John’s mind and retrieve information which he would pass on to Max and in the meantime he would send his army of ‘goons’, for lack of a better term, to Canada and scope out the situation there. He didn’t want his world to die needlessly over a mad man any more than Max did. It would upset the balance of things and they had a chance of building a great nation if they lived long enough to do it.

Cal decided to wait until the following Tuesday to call Max…he might have some answers for him regarding Canada as well. Let the young prince have a good time with his newly found ‘mother’. Cal was well aware of the transference Tess had performed before dying. He had as many hands in the pie on Antar as he did on Earth and his people in Texas reported a very happy family scene back to him and Cal smiled. It’s what the young prince was missing all along…Max may have abdicated the throne but his son was still the young prince and Max was still the king, like it or not.


In Roswell one Kyle Valenti and his wife Ava were so in love with a tiny little bundle that they were practically floating on air as was a very proud grand father and his wife. Amy had moved into the Valenti home to help Ava for a few days while things settled down and Jim stayed most of his off hours as well…running to the store, picking up items he had never heard of before and helping Kyle with the various chores the two women felt needed accomplished right now...such as fixing a hinge on a screen door that had needed fixing for years. Jim just shook his head and went along with all of it and Kyle laughed. Nothing could upset him right now…nothing at all.


In Boston a frustrated Isabelle Ramirez was talking to her client on the phone and trying to explain that the contractors were doing everything that the woman had told Isabelle she wanted. Then the woman made the mistake of telling Isabelle that she felt that she, Isabelle, should be there to oversee the work…that did it. Isabelle wanted to get to Roswell and to hell with this broad…

“Look, if you don’t like the way things are progressing I suggest you find someone else.”

“Well, I never…”

“You’re right and you never will. Here’s the deal, take or leave it. Those men know what they’re doing…I don’t know what they’re doing but I have explicit instructions from you what you want which I have specifically relayed to them. I know what the end result should look like and those contractors are well aware of this. They have my designs to guide them. If you don’t like the way this is going then find someone else because I am not going to sit in your house and watch men saw boards, nail molding and paint walls. Are we clear.”

“Well, if you feel they are competent then I guess that’s what I will have to live with.”

“I guess you will. Now in two weeks I will come and get you, we will take pictures and paint swatches and we will start invading fabric shops and furniture stores but until then there is nothing to do.”

“Fine, I will see you in two weeks then. What day and what time.” Isabelle took a deep breath.

“I will call you when I’m free. My time is just as important as yours. Are we clear?”

“Yes, perfectly. Is your manager there by any chance?” that did it…

“Brandy, I am the owner, you can’t get much higher on the food chain in this company…if you want to file a complaint I suggest you call Ramirez and Associates. That is my husband’s law firm…I’m sure they will be glad to forward your call for you.”

“Oh. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks then.”

“Either me or I’ll refer you to one of my competitors Brandy. Right now I’m not too sure I want to work for you. I may change my mind but in the meantime should you want to hire someone else I’m perfectly all right with that.”

“Fine Isabelle. Thank you.” And she hung up…


“Steven, I have just had the most awful experience of my life. This Isabelle of Ramirez Interior Decorating told me to find someone else.”

Steven smiled in a tolerant way at his wife and spoke very softly…

“Well Brandy, she must have had a good reason. Are you going to look for someone else?”

“I don’t know. When I asked to speak to her manager she informed me that she was the owner of the company and I couldn’t get any higher than her and if I really wanted to complain she gave me her husbands business name. He’s that lawyer that is always in the news…Ramirez.”

Steven chuckled…

“It looks like you’ve not only lost a battle Brandy but the war as well. I’m sure, if Isabelle finishes the job it will be exactly what you wanted. The wife of a lawyer must know how important it is to give quality work, don’t you think?”

“Well, I guess. I just don’t like her attitude.” Steven smiled again…it looks like Brandy met her match…

“Well, I think you can get past her attitude and once that happens you most certainly will be able to work with her or did she quit.”

“No, I don’t think so. She said she would call me in a couple of weeks, when the hard laborer was finished, and we would go shopping for fabric and furniture.”

“Well then, it looks like the woman knows her stuff doesn’t it?”

“Yes, I guess so.” And Brandy huffed her way out of the den they were currently sitting in while the ‘laborers’ continued to rip up the living room.

Isabelle, in the meantime, was busily packing her suitcase full of jeans and tee-s to go visit her mother and dad. She was too excited to be going to see Max and Zan to let someone like Brandy Alexander upset her. What kind of a name was that anyway? Her parents had one helluva sense of humor that’s for sure…and she continued to look for some more casual clothes in her wardrobe. There weren’t quite as many as there used to be and she shook her head in wonderment…was she as snooty as the bitch on the phone? Nah, never in a million years. Those days of insecurity were long gone…


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.