Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Epilogue - 01/01/11

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What should Maria choose?

1) To reform and rule the Azen.
2) To become a Scion, knowing they will shortly fade away.
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3) To become neither, knowing that both the Scions will fade away and the Azen will be forgotten.
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4) To give up her powers entirely and simply go home to a quiet blessed life with Michael
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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 58- 12/06/10

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Thanks again for following along. These last couple parts, particularly the one preceeding with Isabel have struck a nerve. I pray that I have not caused any pain with my story. But it is something Yelena would offer as one of the Fey. There are several parts between the resolution of that part and this one. I will try to expidited it, but there are things that have to happen first.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Tess in this story is tragically flawed. She has done evil, the question is whether or not she IS evil. As for Isabel, that choice is HARD. Very hard. On personal reflection, much harder than I thought it would be.

mary mary- Thanks. Feel free to pm me if needed. (The two banners look good, I just need to figure out how to use them.... Thanks.) As to the other, well I think you make very good points. Particularly in the fact that you are RIGHT. Yelena did not promise the child its life, but rather a life. And that choice will haunt her either way.

Mt. Gazer- Thanks as always my friend. I am sorry if I have caused you any untoward pain. You are perhaps more familiar than most on this board how fast my muse can can take me, and how far I am willing to go. Thank you for sharing your story with us. And like Ginger, I am sure that an angel watches over you. God bless, and be well, my friend.

begonia9508- Thanks. This Tess is tragically flawed. Your comparison to Jekyll and Hyde is perhaps apt, only made worse by imagining Hyde conscripting Jekyll into surving him even when he sleeps. There is good in her, or was. WHo knows if we will run into her again, and if we do what this will do to change her.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. As to Tess, perhaps.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended

Across the Far Horizon part 59


Liz Parker did something she never thought she would ever do again.

She woke up.

Moreover she woke to the appealing prospect of Max holding her body, spooning with her. The warmth filled her.

She had thought herself irrevocably lost. And now she was here safe in bed with the man she loved. She could not help the tears from flowing.

Tess had saved her. Tess!

Liz began to tremble. She simply couldn’t help it.

Max tightened his hold on her. “Liz?”

Liz wriggled under the covers to face him. “Max. Oh, Max hold me. I thought I was lost.” Liz stared into his eyes, “It was you. You and Tess…. But you were the one who healed me.”

“I was helped. Tess did something. I, I really don’t know. But I was helped.” He blinked back tears, looking her deeply and lovingly into her eyes. “Someone opened your eyes Liz.” His voice was full of wonder, “Someone or something.”

Liz stroked his cheek, “My agnostic getting religion?”

Max chuckled and kissed her, “I remember Liz. I remember it all. So many memories.” He shook his head, “It is all real. Heaven and Hell. Good and Evil. And life after life we have stood against the darkness. Sometimes holding it at bay, at other times pushing it further back.”

Liz felt herself grow still for just a moment. Max truly was a Scion now. Would he still want her? She was a powerful Wizard in her own right, but would he still want her now that his memories had returned? “I see…. Maybe I should go?”

Max looked at her, fear and doubt filling his eyes. “Go? Why? Liz don’t you understand? Life after life, you and I find each other. Not always as we might wish, but we find each other.” He swallowed deeply, “Without you I am always lost. I need you Liz Parker. I, I love you.”

Liz felt a bubble of joy float up inside of her. Purest joy. “Say it again!” For she had looked deep into his eyes, deep enough to see the soul that dwelt therein.

Max had spoken only the truth. And in his eyes she could see flickers of who she had been. Different people and yet always the same woman. Always herself.

Max just smiled and pulled her close. “I love you, Liz. From the deep past until Final Judgment, I love you. And beyond. Say you will be with me always?”

Liz said, her tears joining his, “Always and forever until the end of time. And beyond.” And she kissed him.


Liz stared at the ceiling as she tried to recover her breath. The whole experience had been mind blowing.

More so than she’d expected. She hadn’t been surprised at the orgasm. They happened frequently with Max. More than with any other man. Was it her soul recognizing his, or was it simply that his body could remember exactly how to make her explode?

Did it matter?

Liz would have to ask Maria about the rings she had given her. Originally they had been for Liz and Max, but since she had known she was about to die anyway… And what Maria shared with Michael was special in its own way. They were as meant to be together as Liz and Max.

No those rings would add a level of intimacy Liz was eager to share with Max.

And then there was what she had seen. That had been a first. Always before her visions had been personal, Dealing with either what would happen to her or her friends, or with a great deal of concentration some minor events in someone else’s life. Never before had she seen something like this.

For a brief moment, at the height of her bliss, she had felt fate itself. Had tasted a tiny portion of eternity.

There were things moving now, aboard this boat and beyond that had to happen in their time. And others that had to be stopped at all cost.

But the later needed to wait.

Sure, stopping it sooner would be much better than later. Safer too.

Other things HAD to happen first. Liz wasn’t sure exactly what they were, only that she would be summoned for them. That she HAD to stay here with Max.


And while that sounded wonderful. Sounded better than any other alternative, truly. There were things she HAD to do.

Why did she have to do them? Liz wasn’t sure. Just that they needed to be done.

Liz rolled out of bed and summoned a tiny ball of light to her hands. One tiny flame tattoo lit up, the spell token she used to channel the energy for it. She looked around her and nodded.

They were on the Far Horizon. In one of the suites.

Max sat up, “Liz what is wrong?”

She looked over at him, “Nothing, love. Just need to get a little cleaned up. And then I need you to help me do some things.”

Max shook his head in mock disapproval. “More of your arcane wizardry? Liz Parker, you should know better than to try to corrupt a pure Mage Adept and Scion like me with your suspect ways.”

Liz used a tiny zephyr tattoo on her left hand to pick up and throw a pillow at her lover.

It naturally devolved from there.

There really were things she wanted to do before the night was over. But there was time enough for this.

Time enough for love.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 59- 12/07/10

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Thanks. Moving along now....

mary mary- thanks. :D Shrug.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 60


Maria was sleeping. She knew she was dreaming.

She really had to thank Liz about those rings. She still needed to corner Serena and get it all official like, but increase of sensation had changed sex from phenomenal to simply beyond description.

She could feel his warmth nestled in her mind even as she slept. And knew she was safe from all threats.

Maria had been so surprised to see him there on the dock waiting for her. Apparently her being taken away all those years ago had begun the Awakening process in him. But in his escape from the cage he’d been set in, waiting for him to die of exposure, he had hit his head on the long fall down.

He had managed to survive the horrific swim somehow. But when he had come to, his memory was gone. His skills had not faded however. And he had become a well known mercenary. Albeit with some tedious limits.

Ethical boundaries and moral limits had reduced his value to many who had desired his skills. But there were some who had been willing to use him to help defend their cargo.

Unless they were smuggling people, Michael hadn’t cared. He’d become known even in places like Bright Cove as having a soft spot for women and children. One that had been used against him in occasional cons.

But he was such a fierce fighter that usually he had been left alone.

And he had been looking for her. Not knowing, but looking.

Maria wriggled almost in shame. She had been so certain that Michael had been dead. The Corelli’s had made sure she had known.

She was tempted to through a massive wedding when they got back to World’s End, making sure to invite the Corelli’s to attend.

Maria stopped that line of thought. Was it bad to think like that now? Now that she understood what she was actually capable of.

And of what so desperately wanted to use her.

That darkness still lurked. Still wished to use her as a conduit to the bright lit reality. To corrupt and destroy in her name.

But that would never happen. Not now. Her love buoyed up Michael in some unspecified way, she could feel it. But she could also feel him strengthening her. As long as he backed her she would never fall.

A voice crawled out of the shadows of this strange dreamscape. “Now this is truly unexpected. Someone able to reach this plane. And in a cijan-sobor. An Azen half-blood.”

Maria closed her eyes, “My dream. My landscape. Mine.” She could hear as the dreamscape melted and she heard the familiar clacking of the carriages on the cobblestones. There was a murmur of passionate discussions going on all around her.

Distantly came the sound of a steam tug from the harbor.

World’s End. She knew this place. World’s End. She was safe. She opened her eyes to find herself in front of Lazy Jenny’s, her favorite tavern.

“And you are strong. You are truly Azen. There is much I can teach you my dear.” A hand touched her arm.

Maria whirled and saw Edward Harding. The look on his face was full of hunger and a need to possess her. She ripped her arm away, “Never. I will never serve the likes of you.” The more she looked at him, the less human he looked. More an animate shadow. A puppet filled with a sentient darkness.

Fear returned to her. A deep fear. This man could destroy her, could devour her in a single gulp. But she was vulnerable and knew it.

Edward waved his hand and a table was set and served.

Of course, he would gain more if she could be corrupted.

Tess. This is part of what happened to Tess.

A sudden unexpected wave of compassion stole over her. She would have trusted him. He was her father. And he would have twisted her.

A memory of the last time the three of them had sat as friends at this very tavern came to mind. Seeing Edward stroll up, after leaving Tess to her devices for five or six straight years…. There had been a flicker of fear and worry in her friend’s eyes.

Had Tess known then how evil her father was?

Edward smiled up at her, “Sit my dear. We have much to discuss.”


Edward chuckled and pulled up a seat for himself and looked dup at her. “How I wish I knew your story. And to think you and Tess were even friends at one time. You, her, and Liz Parker. An Azen, a hybrid, and a wizard. All sitting as college friends. Such a concentration of power. And I simply missed it. I focused solely on Tess. Well, my mistake. One I plan to rectify.”

Maria sent a quick prayer for Tess’s soul. How horrific it must have been for her.

Why hadn’t she asked for help? Had her friend’s pride been so great that she simply had not thought to ask for help?

Maria felt as power flowed into her. It would not save her against Edward. It was meant for something else. But she felt as she began to glow, throwing shadows on the dream world that surrounded them.

Maria looked down at Edward. The shadows that lurked in his soul recoiled at the light she was filled with. Her prayer for Tess.

That is what this light was for. To give her friend another chance, another opportunity to choose. She could feel sparkling eyes on her, the purple eyes of Mr. Blue.

Mr. Blue could save Maria. Maria knew that he was more powerful than any living being. He would not harm Edward, but he could protect Maria.

But Maria could feel another option. Maria knew now what Tess faced. Where she was.

Tess had damned herself. But Maria could save her. The power that filled her, the agency of Mr. Blue could reach down and save her.

But to do so would leave Maria unprotected and vulnerable.

Maria could no longer see, she was shining so bright. She could feel the knot of darkness that was Edward, but the rest of the dream World’s End was washed away with the light.

Maria turned and looked to meet a pair of purple eyes, “Go Save her. Please. Save my friend.”

There was a loud flutter of wings as something took flight.

And Maria fell to her knees.

Empty. She felt so hollow and empty after all that power had filled her.

Edward was brushing off his clothes. “Was that truly necessary? Now sit and we shall talk. Without eavesdroppers this time.”

“Never. I will never serve you. I would rather die.” She glared at his pale blue eyes.

Edward stood and sighed. “What is with you holier-than-thou types? Always I try to be diplomatic, list out what I can offer…. And its always simply countered with meaningless denial.” He chuckled, “Almost as if you are afraid you might be tempted with the offer. Well my dearest Tess seems to be unavailable, so I guess I can sate myself with you. I am sure after a few hours of play, you will be much more ready to talk.”

Maria tried to run. But the dream suddenly seemed to act against her.

Straps from the table caught one of her ankles and others began grabbing at her and pulling her to the table.

She was strapped to the table whimpering when Edward made another appearance. “Well one form of refreshment or another I guess. He walked around the table, and pushed her skirt above her hips.

Maria thought crazily, would Liz’s protections work here? Did those spells carry over?

How she hoped they did.

“Unhand her Abraxan.” Came a strong and confident voice.

Michael’s voice.

“Who the Hell are you fool?” Maria could see Edward’s face, it was a mix of confusion and anger.

Maria turned to face Michael. He was dressed differently than she had ever seen him. In some sort of archaic armor, a heavy shield to balance his sword. Every inch of it caught the light as if made of burnished silver.

“In this life I am called Michael. But I am better known by another name. The Wrath of Heaven. You will unhand my wife. Or I will send you back to the Hell from which you spawned, Abraxin.”

Edward lifted his head proudly, a sword of shadows flickering in his hand. “I am Azen! I am of the Un-Fallen and immortal. I will destroy you, mortal insect. Go back to whatever fleeting dream of lust or glut that you have been dragged out of to stand against your betters! BEGONE!”

Michael chuckled and stretched his armored shoulders, “Azen by birth perhaps. But Abraxin by choice. I can scent your foulness from here. I am a Crusader, sorcerer. I was MADE to destroy such as you.” His voice turned grim, “One last time I must ask you, unhand my beloved or face utter destruction at my hands.”

Edward hissed his answer, “I will NOT let this stand. I will hunt both of you down. And your suffering shall be legendary.”

And he was gone.

Before she rushed to her Michael, she looked down. And on her upper thigh a White Rose in bloom shone. Maria closed her eyes.

Liz had saved her.

Michael clanked on over to her, “What? No kiss from distressed damsel to knight?”

Maria whispered a prayer of thanks. And opened her eyes and smiled at Michael, “Oh, I think that rates a kiss and more. But since we are here anyway, why don’t I conduct you on a brief tour of my new home town.”

Michael looked around, “Worlds End? Is it safe?”

Maria stepped up and gave him a kiss, “With you here, anywhere is safe.”

And they went exploring.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 60- 12/07/10

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Still plugging away at my never ending story....

valentinebaby- Thanks. It was quite a risk for Maria. And it could have ended badly. Too bad Edward is a coward though, Michael would have been able to kill him there saving us all a bit of grief. As for the rings, it was a Liz thing to do.

begonia9508- Thanks

keepsmiling7- Thanks.

mary mary- Thanks. I actually kind of liked them. Although to see Dracula's shillouette and realize its supposed to be Alex. (Hey, it really is kind of what he looks like.) Let me think about it.

XAF RU208- Thanks

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 61


Isabel lay on a blanket near a sapling. Her clean body drinking in the sunlight.

She felt clean and warm and safe.

She had chosen this very spot because it felt appealing. Like it wanted her to lay here.

And about an our later she found out why. She felt the soft touch of tiny hands upon her arm. Then the feel of a tiny child, perhaps a bit older than a year, certainly less than two, tried to climb over her arm and onto her stomach.

Isabel opened her eyes and looked at the little girl. Her hair was blonde, with green highlights. Her eyes a brilliant green.

A baby Dryad. Isabel had never heard of such a thing, but in reality it made sense. Dryads were not immortal. They were tied to their trees. And trees died and were born all the time.

She simply had not seen or heard of such a thing in any of her lifetimes.

She watched the child clamber over her belly and touch her breast. There was a slight leakage there, and the Dryad licked it up.

It made a happy squeak and stared at breast as if wanting it to make more. It laid down on her belly and lightly stroked the breast.

Isabel could feel a tiny surge of healing energy flow into her, and a tiny bubble of milk formed at the tip of her left breast.

Isabel reached out and grabbed the little girl, “Okay, you. Enough of that.”

It squealed and squeaked happily before disappearing from Isabel’s arms. The little Dryad was standing next to the tree looking at her. It opened its mouth a few times and wailed slightly plaintively.

Hungry. The little Dryad was hungry.

Isabel was more than a little confused. The Dryad was a tree. Wasn’t it? What need would it have of anything else?

Isabel jumped as a voice appeared from behind her,

“It will not harm her. Quite the opposite. The more mortal sustenance she has, the less tied she is to her tree.” Yelena was dressed now in white tunic that covered her to her thighs. Her purple eyes were brilliant and in her arms she bore what looked almost like a puppet of some sort. She lifted the puppet, “I am sorry it took me so long, but I have never crafted a Changeling before.” She studied it for a moment, “It was more difficult that I would have thought. I see now why some of my cousins cut corners and they die so easily. That wouldn’t do for us now….”

Isabel gulped. “That…. That is what will be my son?”

Yelena nodded. “I can not grant him a normal human life. He lost that when his body was torn from you. But his soul still clings to this world. To you, his mother. But that is not healthy for either of you. Not in the long term. You will never heal and he will stagnate. No, it is better that he move on in some manner.” She rattled the puppet, “With my magic, your milk, and his soul, we can fashion a body similar to what my daughters have. It will be… a little less human than they. But close. And it will be mortal, so it will not change its ultimate fate. Just alter the path he takes.”

Isabel closed her eyes. “I can not. I am sorry.”

Yelena’s voice was soft. “I do not blame you. It would be your son and yet….”

Isabel was crying now, “A copy. It would be a replacement child. He deserves better.”

“Perhaps, my child.”

Isabel felt the air still. A hush came over the valley and the sun seemed to grow brighter and more intense, filling the light with a purer light.

Yelena was staring at the sky, as if in benediction. “Come to me Cerulean, return to me my love. If only for a moment. I beg of you.”

The little Dryad was scrambling to Isabel for safety. Isabel held her tightly. A being of light and wings seemed to hover about Yelena until it resolved itself to a nattily dressed man. He was in the same suit combination that Alex wore, if without the cape.

His voice was soft, but with great force behind it. “Have you come to rejoin us, my love? You would be as welcome as I was, and there is so much to do.”

Yelena reached out to stroke his cheek, “I miss you, my love. But my place is here. For a while longer.”

The man kissed her hand, “What need do you have of me?”

“I need you to bring a lost child home.” Yelena pointed over at Isabel.

Isabel felt the man’s gaze like a hammer. Suddenly she was ashamed at her nakedness Aware of how unkempt she looked. It was hard but she struggled to look at the man’s eyes.

They were the same purple as Yelena’s, but there was a light there. A reflected light that filled her with a sudden need of that very light, and the knowledge of every one of her flaws.

The little Dryad tried to burrow into Isabel. Clearly afraid.

There was no judgment in his eyes however. “Fear not my children.” He looked over at Yelena, “They are so radiant, are they not. This band of heroes.”

“More precious than they know. Can you help them?”

“If they wish.” He looked fondly at Isabel, “If I may touch you?”

Isabel nodded.

His touch on her shoulder filled her with a warmth. He spoke then. But not to her, and not in anything she understood.

Her son. He was somehow communing with her son. And in his hand as he pulled it away from his shoulder was a gleaming flame. Isabel could not have described the colors as they were too beautiful to enumerate.

The man said, “Say good bye to your son, I will take him to the Most High.” He turned to Yelena, “Thank you.”

Yelena was crying herself, “Thank you, Cerulean. I miss you.”

Isabel reached out and touched the glowing ball of flame in Cerulean’s hand. And she felt as a part of her said good bye. And knew it was not forever.

They would meet again.

And Cerulean was gone.

Yelena sat down and began to sob.

Isabel moved over to comfort the distraught Nymph. She felt herself crying too. Her son was gone.

She would meet him again, but for now…..

They comforted each other.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 61- 12/10/10

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Thanks again to everyone following along.

begonia9508- Thanks. Not an easy decision for her.

valentinebaby- Thanks. The idea of her son running around for a lifetime in what was essentially a wickerwork puppet, no matter how real they could make it.... But don't be too surprised if the Changeling still has a part to play.

Mt. Gazer- Thanks. Isabel wet nursing that Dryad. Probably. Your guess on Cerulean, well Yelena will likely confirm or deny it.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. A very difficult choice for poor Isabel. I am glad you like the baby Dryad. As for Max and Liz, well they are true soul mates as they would be in such a universe. Life after life, they don't always get a happy ever after. But they are always there for each other. Isabel and Alex are stumbling towards that.

mary mary- Thanks. The choice was a hard one.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 62


It stared at the sky. At the deepness that lurked above.

To reality.

And waited.

It heard the growls and cries of the pack that it now belonged to. They wanted to move on. To find new prey. Prey that might have something strong enough that they would not destroy it in their efforts to covet it.

And the actions of their newest member was making some of them suspicious. Had it kept something back? Was it hiding some hidden emotion or feeling? Some fleeting memory?

Some of them began pawing at the being that had once been Tess. Certain that her odd behavior hid some treasure for them to consume.

Mercy the soul cried. Save me, it cried to the heavens.

Most of the pack fled in fear. Not because they feared what would come, but rather by the shattered memories such thoughts triggered. A way out of the pain, but at a price they would not pay.

A few lingered to hurt the soul that dragged such remnants of memory in them. They ripped and tore at it. There was nothing left to steal. But the whimpering filled their empty hearts with echoes of satisfaction.

But there were a couple that simply watched. That wondered and pondered.

The darkness was riven with light. The few remaining lost souls fled back into the dark mists.

The entity that had once been Tess looked up at the angel that had come for her. “Mercy?”

“Oh, Tess…. Why did you wait so long?” The angel enfolded her with his wings.

And tiny bits of memory streamed into her.

Tess. She was Tess. And Tess was her.

But once she had been full of memories. Memories that had stretched back millennia.

Gone now. Gone forever.

Tess shivered.

One of the other souls stared at the angel.

The angel said softly, “Ask. Please. All you have to do is ask. Let go of the pride that keeps you here. And Ask.”

The soul looked plaintively at Tess.

Not long ago that being had ripped and torn at her. Had stolen and destroyed her memories…..

And yet, she had been one of them. She had almost been trapped.

So she prayed for it.

She felt a tiny bubble of light fill her. Soar through her and fill her with such an unbearable joy and pleasure.

But it was not for her. If she selfishly clung to it, it would lose its potency. No. She reluctantly let the energy pass through her.

And into the lost soul. Which knelt, and cried, “Mercy!”

Tess felt exhausted. But good. Exhilarated in a way she never had been before.

The angel kissed her cheek, “I had forgotten you were Azen, Tess. Oh, how I wish saving the rest would be so easy. But so many are so determined to remain lost.” It reached out to the other soul and it was gone in spray of light.

Tess looked around in fright, “What happened to it?”

“He was dead for a long time. He has another chance and its up to him how he uses it.” The wings began to flap and they were drifting up into the misty sky. “You on the other hand aren’t even really dead yet. And what you did for your friend. Well, it was unexpected.”

“Liz. I went to save Liz.”

“Yes. But why?”

Memories began to crowd into her. Memories of this life and this life alone. She had memories of other memories, but that was all. But in her current life…..

“Liz was one of only three people who ever truly loved me. She was my best friend and I betrayed her. But… She did not deserve that. I knew it was risky. But for her…..” Tess shook her head. “For her or Kyle or my son,” Tess said softly. “I have done so much that I wish I could take back. But I can’t.”

“If you truly wish to change, truly wish to take back your life…. You will need to face your father. And deny him. Your weakness in dealing with him, your willingness to do whatever he asks of you…. This needs to stop.”

“How? He is so much stronger than me. I have tried, but all he did was hurt me until I gave in.”

“Tess, my dear, you have done something few have ever managed to do. You have escaped Hell itself. How did you do it?”

“I didn’t. I….” And it hit her. She suddenly understood what she needed to do. Her voice was soft and sure, “I needed help. I asked for help. If I am to face my father…. I will need help.”

They were zipping along the waves, towards a small ship. And into it, to a bed upon which her body lay. The angel set her soul into her body.

Tess’s eyes were still closed, but she could see, could fee the angel’s presence.

“You will need to sleep, my dear. I will leave you with a present, a reminder that there is more to you than your Scion gifts. To not neglect your other heritages.”

Tess could feel her body drag her into a deep sleep. But she sent her thanks.

And Tess slept.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 62- 12/11/10

Post by PML » Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:43 am

And here we go again. Really, I do plan to finish this story. Someday.

begonia9508- Thanks. Lets hope this Tess has turned over a new leaf.

mary mary- THanks. No doubt on finding the Mr. Edward Harding hate club. Its numbers are growing daily.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringment is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 63


Alex stood staring out at the open ocean as they steamed forward.

He could smell the comforting pipe smoke from Serena. And a quick glance put Kyle brooding not far from him.

Tess. The poor man was still up in arms over his comatose former lover. The woman who had caused so much pain for most of his friends.

And the woman who had borne a child for him. For Alex.

Suddenly small hints dropped by Yelena made sense. And his sister had known. He wasn’t sure why she had never told him.

Maybe she hadn’t known for sure, but she had certainly not been surprised by it.

Alex had so many questions for Liz and Tess. Max as well.

He certainly hoped Max had an idea of what Edward Harding was up to. Because the man had completely escaped. And he had not been alone.

At least one pirate ship had escaped.

In which of many directions could the man have gone? It wasn’t just this world he could threaten. The waters off Bright Cove were a haven for pirates for a reason. Over one dozen translation ports to a half-dozen worlds.

Alex had the faster ship. In fact he was now certain that his ship was probably the fastest afloat on the worlds they regularly traded with. Certainly its sustained speed counted a specially designed clipper ship and an Wind Adept.

A mage would tire. Alex’s engines would not.

But where? Which direction did he go?

Serena broke the silence, “Any idea where you need us to go?”

Alex shook his head, “Keep the same heading. Until we find out more…. Crazy as it seems this is our best choice.”

Serena paused, playing with her pipe for a moment. “Never figured you for a myth chaser or treasure hunter, Alex.”

Kyle spoke up, “Maria said that Milton was headed to the Azen home world. Somehow. And that Max felt called there. Maria too. And Edward took him along with Nikolai. There had to be a reason.”

Alex nodded slowly, “Professor Milton is one of the best Wind Adepts known, He also has a near legendary knowledge of navigation. The man has written some of the Admiralty’s own maps. Flash and fire, Cirelle is probably using one over on the desk. The man’s a bit of a loon and older than he looks. But Heaven’s Light, he’s a genius in his field.”

“Well he should be. Maria said he claimed to be Azen. And not a half breed. He was one of the last real Azen.”

Serena coughed, “That would make him over a thousand years old!”

Alex looked at her.

Serena just looked shocked, “I worked with the man. I mean, I took courses at Worlds End just like you all did, and I….. The man is a nut. But Azen? You can not convince me he is anything like Edward!”

Alex laughed. After he recovered he said, “No, my friend, he is not. He is capable in his field. And even now I am not entirely certain the man is truly Azen.”

Kyle sighed, “Maria was certain he was. More he was certain that Liz thought so. He was fairly certain that with Max he could find Azenar.”

Alex nodded, “Nikolai is also a Navigator. It could be…. Well, until one of them wakes and gives me other information. We are off to Azenar.”

Serena cleaned her pipe carefully. She studied both Alex and Kyle, “So. We are maintaining out current course. Cirelle, how many Translations? If we go by least time pathways?”

“Um, least Translations would be six. If we plan to use sail I would recommend that one.”

Alex said quietly, “And if we remain under steam?”

Cirelle gulped slightly and looked at Kyle for support.

Kyle nodded softly.

Cirelle continued, “Sixteen. Some of those will be…. Dicey to say the least, Alex. But real problem is the Navisheniko Barrens on Mitradar. Even mage winds are hard to raise there.”

Alex looked over at Serena, “Set least time, steam course to the closest Azenar Gate, Captain.”

“Yes, sir. But I must point out that even if we get there, how will we pass the Gate? It requires an Azen of pure heart and soul to pass.”

“We have Maria.”

Serena’s mouth opened and closed.

Kyle asked softly, “Do you think Milton knew they would need her? Was she set up.”

Alex looked away, “I don’t want to believe it. But… Kyle I think it goes even further. I think he did something that only a being that has no regard for normal time spans would have done. I hope I am wrong, I really do. That it just happened and he got lucky…. That he found Max and realized that Maria was his and…..”

“You are not making sense, Alex.”

Serena set the pipe down. “You think Maria is Milton’s child.”

Alex shrugged, “I am jumping to conclusions, perhaps. But I tested Maria and Tess. They are not closely related. Quite distant actually. So thankfully Edward isn’t Maria’s father.”

Kyle shuddered.

Cirelle stood and softly said, “You have to find him, Alex. Find and stop him.”

Kyle said, “You were married to him. Do you know anything we can use?”

Cirelle shook her head tears streaming freely, “I spent five years with him, and learned what he was only at the end. When I found him over the body of one of my younger sisters. He killed her to, what were his words? “To study how Dryad souls work.’” Cirelle shuddered. “I was able to escape to the protection of the Valley and my mother. But he grabbed Tess.” Her voice was a wail of utter sorrow and horror, “He STOLE her from me. Hide and twisted her…..”

Kyle moved to hold her

Cirelle pushed him away, “If I may have leave for a few minutes, Captain. I just need to think.”

Serena nodded.

Cirelle looked at both Kyle and Alex, “You have to stop him. Or he will do this somewhere else. He is pure evil. Please, promise me you will stop him?”

Alex looked at her, “I can only promise that I will do anything in my power to stop him. And I will. Go, compose yourself. It will be your navigation that will get us there.”

Cirelle quietly said, “Thank you, Alex.” And she left the Wheelhouse.

Kyle sighed, “I should be turning in myself. Will you let me know if anything changes?”

Alex smiled at his friend, “Yeah, although I need to turn in too.” He turned to Serena, “When Cirelle gets back I want you to stand down as well. And not just a quick nap, Captain. Go down and visit our husband. Thank him personally for his help with Bright Cove. And unless there is an emergency I want you to stay there for the rest of the day. Cirelle can handle the normal transitions.”

“You do remember that this is MY ship, boy. You can not order me around like that.”

Alex looked at Serena who looked outraged, absolutely outraged! “You should try to play poker with my sister. She is good at bluffing too. And if for some reason you feel the need to stand watch, well it is your ship. You don’t have to follow my requests. But I think you deserve it. And it will give Cirelle some confidence and some strength that she is personally involved in hunting down her ex-husband. We will all need to be sharp when we get near the Gate.”

Serena nodded. She opened her mouth as if to say something, took a careful look at Alex and said nothing.

Alex nodded. Isabel. That was what the woman had been about to talk about.

And Alex simply didn’t know. He didn’t know what kind of deal she would strike with Yelena, if any. He loved Isabel. Completely.

So much so it hurt.

He exercised against a phantom swordsman for around an hour before turning in. The whole time his thoughts kept drifting to the woman down in the Valley below.

Promises made and kept were what kept the whole ship functioning. He could not go down and snoop on Yelena. It would be up to Isabel to deal with what she met with there.

And Yelena would not knowingly hurt her. But Yelena was so different I so many ways….

It was no surprise as Alex slipped into bed that his dreams turned to her. Turned to Isabel.

He stared at her in her slinky red dress as she sat at the bar watching the other dancers. So he built up his courage.

And they danced.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 63- 12/12/10

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All I can say is that work is absolutely killing me. My apologies.

begonia9508- Thanks

valentinebaby- Thanks.

keepsmiling7- Thanks.

Dislaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 64


Isabel was laying back, holding the now sated Dryad in her arms. The little girl just sprawled in her arms. And was the cutest thing.

It helped dull some of the pain.

The Changeling lay not too far from where they both sat. Yelena had said she would move it as soon as she took care of some pressing business.

Had she made the right choice? Isabel wasn’t sure. But she felt that she had. Her son would not have been truly her son, but a puppet. A pretend son animated by her real son’s soul.

Isabel shuddered.

Isabel looked around at the slowly darkening sky. Surely there had been other more productive things she could have done today. But just being in this valley, even with the painful choice she’d had to make had helped her.

She no longer felt crippled. Battered to be sure, but no longer broken.

Isabel yawned.

Another Dryad, this one in her teens walked up to her and bowed. “My Lady, Mother will be delayed a little longer. She wishes you to remain here if that will be possible.” In her hands was a small basket of food and a blanket. “Please stay.”

Isabel looked at the Dryad. It was hard to tell age on them, that she had grown used to. But this one, this Dryad was different. Its body was so young, but its eyes…. So very old.

If she planned on staying here with Alex, she felt she needed to understand these beings. They seemed to be his allies more than his servants. But they were exceptionally loyal.

Isabel fully planned to stay and see what Yelena had to offer. Or just to talk with the enigmatic woman. But she still needed to understand, so she asked, “Why?”

The Dryad looked at her and sighed, “You face another decision tonight. One that will shape you in this life and the next and perhaps beyond. I can only see so far.”

Isabel looked at her fascinated, “You see the future?”


There was silence between them for a moment, before the Dryad continued. “The future is not definite. The only one who is vast enough, wise enough to see it all would be the Most High. And I am not sure he indulges in the practice.” The Dryad shuddered, “To those of us who see mere bits and parts it is a puzzle. Think how depressing it would be to know all of existence all at once. But then what can I say? I am a mere note, and he is the composer.”

Isabel just stared at the Dryad. “I can honestly say I have never thought about it.”

The Dryad cocked her head slightly. “Strange in that you have developed the gift. Limited perhaps. But developed it you have. It is what called me here to converse with you. I much prefer to sleep and occasionally converse with Mother or Father.”

“You are saying I can see the future?”

The Dryad shook her head, “No. Not as I do. Not the future that will be. But rather you have developed a tiny limited view of what is. A gift more Azen than Scion. I wonder if it will carry past this life. It matters little.” She reached into the basket. “Are you thirsty or hungry?”

Isabel shook her head. Perhaps she should be. But this valley was very strange. She felt well.

“Then I would recommend you sleep. And let your gift carry you to what you must see. And then you must choose.”


“Yes. Choose wisely, for this will shape you in ways that Mother’s gift would not.” And the Dryad was simply gone. Disappeared back into her tree.

The little one had done that a few times. But right now she seemed content to just lay sprawled in Isabel’s arms.

Isabel smiled down at the little Dryad. And pulled up the blanket to cover her as well.

And they both slept.


Isabel opened her eyes to a strange thing. One that he memories told her was common, but her recent memories could not fathom the number of people involved.

And the clothes. The clothes were so fancy, both on the men and the women. She did not quite recognize the fashions. A modern look then. Not one from the past.

This was not her dream.

The door opened and Alex walked in, looking almost regal in his over the top splendor. Isabel giggled slightly. She had been right, the mother of pearl lining did indeed glow slightly. As did the Lavender Rose that held the cape in place.

Her ancient symbol.

Alex walked right past her and to a woman who was waiting for him. A woman in red. Dashing Blonde hair and armed with a deep sense of composure, the woman smiled at Alex as he approached.

And they danced.

Alex danced with her. With Isabel.

Even now the real Isabel who watched with a mixture of desire and envy could feel the dream Isabel pull her in.

This had never happened before. Always before she had been able to maintain her distance. To just watch and observe.

Isabel didn’t know what sort of control she would have if she gave in. It could be that she would be little more than dream clay to Alex. That he could force her to do things she was not ready to do.

Isabel tilted her head slightly. Like what? If the real Alex had asked her to dance, to have dinner, or even to sleep with her…. Would she refuse?

No. No she wouldn’t.

It might speak bad of her, her husband only days dead and gone, but then her husband had never truly loved her as Isabel… He had loved her body and her crippled mind.

Jesse had loved the pretty shell. Alex might, just might truly love her.

Dare she take the risk?

Life after life’s worth of caution told her to take it slow. To remain in control. To control her expectations and manage her risks.

So it had been a thousand years ago, when she had turned down Khivar because of his political stances. Only to learn later how true they had been.

Again and again it had happened. And she had remained safe. She had never been hurt as badly as she had seen others. She had slipped through her lives as a veritable Glacier.

Unstoppable and cold.

Even those times she let someone in, it was always with her at the helm. There had never been a sharing, Isabel had been firmly in control.

She was after all a Scion. She knew better.

She had avoided so much pain. And so much joy.

Perhaps it was time. Time to take a risk. And maybe she would be happy. Really happy this time.

And so shortly she was no longer watching. She was dancing with Alex.

And Alex was telling her everything. All of his plans and who and what he was. As if he understood that she could hear him.

But that was impossible.

They sailed through dance after dance. Isabel was becoming breathless, but she had never felt more alive than she did right now.

So she began to chance the dances to ones she was familiar with. From Courts and Nations that likely no longer existed. From Azen High Council diplomatic functions.

And Alex sailed through them all. Sometimes a little hesitantly, letting Isabel teach him the steps. But always he learned so very fast.

They danced until they came at last to their first dance. Where Alex had been a minor lord of a minor nation. And Isabel had been a half-blooded Azen in her cijan-sobor.

Both of them stood facing each other, both covered in sweat, faces alight.

It was over. That much Isabel could feel. They had danced throughout their entire history. How much more could they truly dance?

Alex smiled and bowed. “I have always loved you, Isabel. From this very dance and this very life, I have sought you out. And all to often failed.”

Isabel opened her mouth.

Alex waved his hand, “Please, what is done has been done. And from the little I remember I am at least as much as fault as you for our…. Lack luster past. But this is a new chance. One that I do not wish to miss.”

He knelt, “Will you marry me?” A ring was suddenly in his hand. One that glimmered so very brightly in the dream.

Isabel looked away. Why did her dreams have to taunt her like this?

She naturally wanted this. But this was just a dream. What were the odds that the real Alex felt like this as strongly.

Alex’s voice was disappointed, “So once more it is a no?” Alex sighed, “I do not know how much more of this I can take.”

Isabel’s voice was soft, “I didn’t say no.”

“Well you certainly are not acting like you are excited about the whole affair either. I suppose it is all too soon. Always I move too soon, hoping to not lose you again. And always I seem to fail. What am I doing wrong, Isabel? What do I need to do to win your heart?”

“You have it my love. I just wish this were real. That you really meant it. That this was more than an idle dream from which you will wake. Perhaps refreshed, But it will mean little more than you desire. While I will carry this as if it were real and entire for the rest of my life. And hope and dream that at some point you will actually carry through with it.”

Isabel expected many things. Alex’s warm laughter was not among them. She turned and he was standing right there, eyes searching hers.

Alex said, “What if I told you this was all real. Or rather that both of us have shared this dream together. That to me it is as real as it is to you? That I truly have a ring for you. That I do wish to marry you as soon as you will let me. That I love you, truly love you. What would you say to that?”

Isabel looked at Alex, her eyes tearing. He meant it. He meant every word. And it was true. She could feel it.

He wasn’t pale like he rest of the dream, but as solid as she was. And perhaps this was just her desire to experience this. Perhaps this was all her dream in the end. Maybe it was all still just a dream.

But she would risk it. Would risk disappointment.

Because it could very well be real. She so wanted it to be real….

No words came out of her mouth though. She simply couldn’t speak.

Alex fondly brushed a few tears off her cheeks and smiled at her.

So Isabel did the only thing she could do.

She kissed him.

She felt as their bodies began to mold into each other, as the kiss deepened. And deepened.

How far they would have gone or could have gone they would never know.

Because Isabel felt a hand wake her.


Isabel blearily looked up at Yelena.

She stared down at her, her purple eyes glittering slightly even in the dark. “Wake, my dearest. Wake for it is time.”

“Time for what?”

Yelena only smiled.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 64- 12/16/10

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And here we are again.

Mt. Gazer- Thanks. It was a dream walk. We find out what that choice is at the end of this part. In many ways this voyage represented a series of important decisions that each of the characters had to make. SOme of them simple and easy, others quite hard.

keepsmiling7- Thanks.

begonia9508- Thanks.

mary mary- Thanks. I've been bounce a time or two myself from this board when trying to post.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 65


Kyle walked into his room and was surprised. Tess was sitting in a chair reading one of his light action adventure novels.

She looked up and smiled at him. “We need to talk.”

Kyle stared at her. She looked so similar to what he remembered her as. The bright blonde tresses cascading down her black dress. The dress itself was similar to the one that Maria had been wearing lately. Tess was even wearing a tiny headpiece that had a few silver inlaid obsidian pieces.

Kyle could not help the mix of longing and fear in his voice, “Tess. You have woken up.”

Tess nodded. “I hope you don’t mind that I came to your rooms. I am not ready to see Alex just yet.”

Kyle tightened his eyes, “What exactly do you expect from us? From me?”

Tess’s smiled tremulously, “Another chance I hope. I know you have no reason to trust me. But I was given another chance. And shown the true cost of failure.”

Kyle nodded, “Is that why you tried to save Liz? Trying to earn your way back into our good graces.”

Tess looked away, “No. I could see what was being done to her….” She turned back to face him, her gaze bright with emotion, “Look there are three people who I love okay? Three people who I actually give a damn about outside of myself. Now I have done an absolutely pathetic attempt in showing this. I have hurt and betrayed every single one of the you. In completely contemptible and extreme ways. All because there was a fourth I thought I should love more.”

Kyle sighed, “Your father.”

“My father. And don’t think it was all just good family feelings. He promised me things. Did things. Some of them quite horrific. Sometimes for me, sometimes too me.” She slammed her hand into the nearby table, “Damn it! Was it too much to expect him to actually love me? To want him to?”

“So what exactly has changed?”

Her eyes were bright with tears now. A mix of rage and sorrow radiating from her.

It took a lot to not rush to her side. To not hold her.

Kyle knew all to well that he still loved the poisonous blonde. She was a weakness that he had never truly overcome. No matter how many sweet lips he tasted, no matter how many pretty parted thighs he slipped through, it was never the same.

It was just like the whisky, it would drown the pain for a while. But in the end the pain returned.

And he loved Tess. Still.

Tess’s voice was explosive, “I think I have begun to learn to count the cost. I betrayed Lizzie in countless small and large ways. I tried to steal her life…. My son too, I let my father scrape the soul from his body for who knows what dark magic? The fact I didn’t notice, that I wouldn’t let myself see…. That doesn’t change the fact that I should have. I have that power, I must have known. Just let myself continue to deny it.”

“You said three.” Kyle couldn’t help his heart from pounding. Surely she couldn’t mean…. That after all this time she….

Tess’s smile was bitter. But inside he could see the pain, see the desire.

Or maybe he just wanted to. She was such a good liar.

Tess continued, “It’s you of course. I still love you even if you now hate me. Or should anyway.”

Kyle’s voice was controlled, even. “I don’t hate you. I never have. I have tried to. I have wanted to. But always it comes back to….. It comes back to that one night. Where we swore ourselves to each other. Did you mean it then? Back before you betrayed us? Did you ever truly love me?”

Tess played around with her left hand, caressed the ring finger for a moment. And a golden ring began to shine under the skin she was moving from around it. She lifted it up. And admired it, “Even while I was trying to gain the power I was promised by my father, even while I was sleeping with Max. While I was betraying all that I had come to care for in my years at Worlds End, I never let this be parted from me. I was a vainglorious fool whose desire for power and immortality nearly doomed her friends and herself to eternal torment. But I kept it. To remember. To remember and to understand what I thought it had cost me. To give up my love, my true love for power.” She turned away from him, “All I received was pain and humiliation. I should have known.”

Kyle simply could not help himself. He had to hold her. Had to comfort her.

And so he did.

He held her shuddering and sobbing body for sometime. And then she looked up at him, a fire in her eyes.

And they kissed.

It easy could have become more. He could feel her heart speeding along with his. He could sense her desire, and the need for completion.

Kyle pulled reluctantly away. “Not now, Tess. Not so fast. I love you, Creator help me. But I do. But I still don’t trust you. That is going to take some serious time.”

Tess nodded. “Okay. Its probably better. You won’t think I am trying to seduce you to gain your trust again.” She rubbed his cheeks, “Kyle I have been given a second chance from about as far down as you can get. I do not plan to screw this up.”

“So we just talk.”

She smiled, “Sit, and I will tell you a tale. A true tale of a young girl who nearly managed to destroy herself and all her friends.”

Kyle sat down on the bed and watched her. “I don’t know. Does it have a happy ending.”

Tess cocked her head and smiled at him, “That remains to be seen on the events of the next couple of days. But I think. I think with a little help from her friends, it could happen.”

And she began to tell him her life story. All of it.

Kyle listened

Hours past and a little wine was shared. But it was still just talking.

So it was when Cirelle to Kyle’s quarters.

And demanded they follow her.

Something was happening, and no one on board the Horizon should miss it.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 65- 12/18/10

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And here is another part.

Mt. Gazer- Thanks hope you enjoy. Nope the Tranlation to Azenar is next part.

mary mary- Thanks. And watching Tess is the smart thing at the moment. It could go either way..

keepsmiling7- Thanks. That is a good question.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended

Across the Far Horizon part 66


Liz rolled the rings around on her fingers. She knew who they were for.

But just once she would have liked to have been wrong. Just once she would have liked to use her own stuff before her friends got a full workout.

No Alex and Isabel needed them more.

The Valley was light with some iridescent light. One that cast no shadows and yet let you see the stars clearly. All the Dryads and Sylphs were watching. Many of the shiest from the tree line, but they were there.

So she would hand them over and watched Yelena perform a ceremony of sorts over Isabel and Alex. Sure it was cool and exciting, but unlike everyone else she had already seen it happen.

One of the downsides to foresight.

Michael and Maria had asked Max over to talk with them, which they were doing softly. Which is why there was a spot for Tess to drop into.

Tess said softly, “We need to talk.”

Liz looked over at the woman who had once been her best friend. “Look. Thanks for saving me.” Liz shuddered in memory, “I don’t know what would have happened to me down there. But Tess, that doesn’t really change things. I still don’t trust you.”

Tess nodded. “You are right of course. I have much to prove. But after the ceremony we need to talk about tomorrow. My father needs to be stopped and….”

“He runs. We beat him and he runs.” Liz saw Yelena beckon her to bring the rings forward. But Tess had her attention now.

Fundamentally Edward was a coward. A very powerful wizard and Azen and Creator only knew what else. But once he realized he was losing he would pack up and run.

Finding him on Azenar would be nearly impossible. But leaving him there, alone with all those ancient trinkets capable of who knows what…..

Yelena looked into her eyes and blinked slightly. She nodded that she too wished to speak with Tess. And took the rings and completed the binding ceremony.

Liz began walking back when she felt a small hand grasp onto hers. Maria pulled her down next to herself, Max and Michael. “I am sure you have a perfectly good reason to be speaking to that witch, but right now, you need to be with loved ones. Our wonderful Alex is getting married! Where are your tears woman?” Maria said gruffly wiping a tear from her eye. “Isn’t this so beautiful.”

“Yeah its beautiful.” She smiled as Max squeezed her other hand.

Yelena was suddenly surrounded by a blindingly bright light. Which she touched first to Isabel and then to Alex. She then beseeched the heavens in supplication…..

And the heavens answered.

A confusion of light and wings landed not far from Yelena, the light slightly blue. “I have come, my love.”

Yelena was tear struck. “Surely you are not hear to deny these children! Thousands of years, Cerulean. I have given up much to remain in this valley, but this remains to me. They wish it! They pray for it with every fiber of their beings!”

“And they will not be denied it.” The column of blue resolved itself to a dapper man of indeterminate years.

Maria’s voice was soft, “Mr. Blue?”

Cerulean’s bright purple eyes caught sight of Liz and smiled.

Liz shuddered. He had been the angel that had pulled her from Hell.

The eyes moved on, touching each and everyone of them. Even Alex and Isabel. “Yes. They are worthy. Come forward, Maria. Come forward my little Azen.”

Maria walked forward.

Cerulean ruffled her hair, “You have greater strength than you realize child. Bless them.”

Maria looked up at him, then out at the crowd. A look of woe and stage fright filled her expressive face.

Liz could only smile. She pulled Max in closer as they watched their friend.

Maria looked up at Cerulean, “… but I tend to ramble and….”

Cerulean kissed her forehead, “You will do fine.”

Maria scrunched up her face and prayed. It was more of a muttered prayer, but you could see it was very heartfelt. And worried.

More worried as a column of white light reached down and Alex and Isabel were gone.

Maria fell to her knees. “I killed them. On their wedding day. I wished them so much happiness and blessings that they died!”

Michael was at her side in a shot, shooting a glare at the angel.

Cerulean laughed. It was a fearsome and wonderful sound, to hear an unmasked angel laugh. “You did well dear, to stress the time aspect. They will be back in a few hours. For them it will be long enough.”

Maria looked up, “So I didn’t….”

“No. Although you have forgotten something, little one. A token for your friend.”

Maria blinked comically a few moments before reaching into her pocket and tossing a white rose at Liz. “I am sorry, I forgot.”

The metal flower bloomed when it hit her hand. Liz looked up in shock at Maria and then at the angel.

Cerulean looked at her and smile, “You have earned it, Princess.” And a sudden confusion of light and wings and he was gone.

“What is it, Liz?” Max asked Liz quietly.

“It is a badge. I am… I am an Agent of the Council now. I haven’t even completed my practicum, and they are calling me a Council member.”

“Liz…. Have you ever thought that they might consider this your practicum of sorts? That this series of events proves that you are not only wizard material, but Council material as well.”

Liz held Max closely, “I guess. I just never thought it would be this soon….”

How long they held each other was hard to say. Because all too soon a voice called out to Liz.

Yelena’s voice was for the very first time Liz had ever heard, angry. The gleam in her purple eyes was deadly dangerous as she looked down at Liz. “Wizard Parker. I demand you assistance. My Granddaughter had filled me in on what has become of her and how my Great Grandson has come to be so crippled in spirit. The perpetrator is a wizard and as such by your Council’s rules….”

“Edward Harding has long been cast out. He had been such before his most recent crimes. But yes, if it is Harding you seek, well I seek him too. He is evil and must be stopped.”

“My Granddaughter has a plan. One that she says will work and that you can effect. But I WILL NOT ALLOW IT! I WILL NOT ALLOW MY GRANDDAUGHTER TO BE RAPED! Not even if it’s the only way you can catch him. DO you UNDERSTAND me, wizard! Harding is not to touch her!”

Liz stood up to her full height. Which to be honest wasn’t very high. But this was too much. “I thought we had an Accord, Yelena. I thought we were friends. I will do what I can in memory of that friendship. But mark you well, creature of the Fae, I will NOT be dictated to! If Tess wishes me to Ward her I will. If she seeks to immolate herself simply to prove herself true, I will do all I can to stop her.”

Yelena looked down at her, both of their eyes meeting. Yelena looked away first. “I am sorry, Wizard Parker. Liz…. I am sorry. But I am so angry at what has happened to her. Angry at her for hiding it for so long, yes. But mostly angry at Edward. He hurt my daughter and despoiled my granddaughter. Please help me.”

“I will need payment for this.”

“I will heal the next Council member who needs it without question and without payment. You and Alex excepted.”

Liz looked up at Yelena,

Yelena shrugged, “I would charge either of you too nothing, so it would be a waste for me to include you in that bargain. Oh, and three children. If only in memory of how I failed Tess.”

Liz nodded and they shook. “Done. Now lets get to work.”

They began walking to where Tess and Cirelle stood waiting when Liz nearly tripped over a wooden arm.

“What is that?”

“I was going to use it as a Changeling for Isabel’s child. But she decided to let it pass on.”

Liz lifted up the heavy puppet. “I think I have a plan…..”

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 66- 12/18/10

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And here we are again.

mary mary- Thanks. I dont know. Liz doenst particularly care for Edward. So I would be a little bit worried when she says she has a plan....

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Across the Far Horizon part 67


Max looked off into the horizon and saw something he hadn’t been sure he would ever see again.

An Azen Gate.

Unlike all the other Translation Gates that were out there, only the Azen had the knowledge and power to build protective Gates on them.

He looked over at his scatterbrained friend who would be the key to opening that Gate. It still made him laugh when he thought of her as Azen. Not just because on the face of it, Maria Deluca being a member of the most powerful and hated human race of all simply seemed impossible.

But Max had known Azen. His memories of other lives showed him simply how human they were in so many ways. And how they all seemed to carry an odd mix of wisdom and naiveté.

No he had to laugh because of the irony. On the face of it, her being Azen was simply preposterous. But looking deeper…..

Maria was Azen. The signs had been there. They really had. But the mere thought…..

Maria glared at him, “All right giggles, what is up. I know you and Liz are an item, but I am worried where my solemn Max has gone.”

Max smiled at her, “Not gone. Merely lightened. Can you not feel the importance of the day? How close we are to victory?”

Maria sighed. “I feel it, Max. But I feel anticipation. Like something is waiting. For you this is going home, and I suppose to a part of me it is as well. But I have never been here. I don’t know anything about it or what is expected of me or…. Or any million of things.”

Max massaged her shoulder, “Just be yourself. That has carried you so far. You are here for a reason. We all are.”

Maria looked up at Max in shock, “Faith from you, Max Evans?”

“Things have changed Maria. Things are starting to go right again in ways they haven’t for years. We Scions are beginning to awaken. We are about to reopen Azenar. Even without factoring this, look at the other nations slowly coming to life. I think the chaos brought about by the fall of the Azen is finally lifting. What comes after well….”

“What if what comes after is worse, Max?”

“It won’t be. And if it does, we do what we can to make it better. That is why we are here. It is why we have such power.” He took her arm and lead her to the prow of the boat as they approached the Gate.

Once there would have been soldiers up there. But once too the Gate would have been wide open. Any ship could have sailed in, watched by the soldiers above.

The Gate had been set to shut at a moments notice. And so it had that fateful day over a thousand years ago. It had shut and had not reopened.

Maria looked up at the vastness of the stone above them. “It is huge.”

“Five hundred feet high, and more than a mile in length. According to the statisticians at Worlds End, this structure is physically impossible.”


Max raised his hand and began the spell of activation. One that any Navigator Scion would know.

A beam of light shot down from the Gate. It was not aimed at him but struck Maria firmly in the chest. Her back arched slightly and a muffled moan came from her mouth.

She nodded at the Gate and the light flicked out

And the gate began to change. No longer was it a large framework cave where you could see the other side. Now the other side was blocked by a silver mist.

The Gate had opened.

Max asked Maria, “Are you okay?”

Her voice was somewhat shaky, “I think I need to pee, but other than that I am fine.” She turned to go, “I will be right back.”

She walked away stiffly, Michael walking over to talk with her.

Max shook his head. Some people never change.

He then turned and waved to Alex.

Time to fire up the engines and enter Azenar.

The Far Horizon entered the mists within the Gate.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 67- 12/19/10

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To say the holidays have been busy and that I am tired is a bit of an understatement. But this story is almost concluded. One more part and then the Epilogue. Note the poll, as I am curious what you think Maria should do.

mary mary- Thanks. I like Maria as a character, but she is an airhead at times.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Please note that Maria is still new to her powers, and channeling the essence of heaven through your body is just a bit pleasurable. (Probably addictive too, now that I think about it.) Until she finally learns more control, her body is just shy of orgasm every single time she uses her powers.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Almost done now. Liz's plan springs into effect next part. Assuming Tess doesnt betray her.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 68


Maria was crying and she could not stop.

Ever since they had crossed into Azenar, she could feel the world itself. And it was happy to meet her.

Happy because it had been a long time since any of her kind had walked amongst them. To have a whole world sing to you, to have it eagerly ask for your attention…..

It was too much.

She could see the others feel bits and pieces of what she felt, but they were not Azen. It did not call to them in the same way. Rather she heard them talk in hushed and awed voices about how blue the sky was. The clearness of the water.

The scent of the breeze…..

All of it so much more than what was normal.

Maria could feel too where their enemies were. Where they had landed.

Those poor fools were nervous and frightened. The world did not welcome them.

Worst of all was a knot of evil that she could feel pushing them forward.

Edward. She could feel the dark perversions of his powers. As he sought to tempt the world around him to bend to his will once more. As it had once done in truth.

But it did not listen. Not after….

Something had happened. The Azen had done something. Something horrible. And it had killed them. Scoured all the human life from the world. Azen and Fallen and Scion alike had fallen to that scourge.

There was another amongst Edward’s group. Also Azen. Not as evil. Not perhaps truly evil at all.

But tainted. A dark stain clung to him just as it did to Edward.

What had the Azen done? What could mark them so? They had once been so blessed….. She could feel those echoes rebound across Azenar.

And now most of them were dead. Most of them were dead and just a few tainted or evil survivors of a once great race remained.

Maria called out to Alex and pointed at the moored ship of their enemies as the crossed into the port.

And the battle began.

Only it wasn’t much of a fight.

Not against Alex who pummeled them with fire and ice. Not with Isabel calling the lightning and Max summoning the wind. Liz contributed too, by throwing what looked like balls of rubber that attacked and followed the enemy crewmen hitting them relentlessly.

Nicholas tried to fight back with his powers, but Max was too strong. Milton did not aid him but rather hid. Milton had not survived these long years by directly fighting his enemies, but rather by running and hiding.

Besides, by that point, he had thoroughly discovered his mistake. Just because Edward was Azen did not mean they had any common ground. Milton was perhaps self interested, but he was not truly evil.

Edward on the other hand truly was. And he fought back.

At first.

Bolts of darkness and dark fire reached out to hit the Horizon. But the spells lovingly woven into the ship held such attacks at bay. Edward had never even considered warding his own vessel whose crew sought whatever shelter they could find from the raging battle of the elements.

Time under such circumstances is so hard to judge. It felt like hours, but in truth perhaps little more than minutes had passed when Edward realized he had failed.

And tried summoning beasts that would kill both his friends and foes alike.

Monsters from the very depths of Hell.

The very world screamed in pain as he attempted to desecrate his own homeworld with dark beings who would seek to eat and destroy all they could before they were slain or the existence itself spat them back to where they belonged.

Maria would not allow it.

She. Would. Not.

Not to a world that sang with such life. Not to a world that she had come to love.

Although in truth she would have fought against this on any world. An alkali desert world mere moments from life’s last death would she defend against this.

She sent them back. She unsummoned them and closed the gates Edward had sought to open forever. Perhaps in time he might find other ways to contact them.

For now his old paths were shut. For good.

Maria opened her eyes and watched as Edward came for her.

He would seek to destroy her who had caused his downfall. And she knew there was little that she could personally do to deter him.

She could stop his works, but her magic was by its very nature peaceful. It was possible that she could heal him, or grant him some revelation before he slew her that might save him in time. But she would still be dead.

Only Michael was ready. This was what he had been made to do.

It wasn’t that he could not have added to the mayhem before, that his powers were not destructive like Isabel’s or Alex’s or Max’s or even Liz’s. No, in fact in short bursts he was as destructive as any of them, perhaps rivaling even Alex.

He was named the ‘Wrath of Heaven’ for a reason.

But a Crusader’s task wasn’t always as simple as hurling fire or lightning at the enemy. They had been made to fight and hunt down enemy mages and wizards. And often times the best way to do that was to wait until the enemy attacked you. To guard your most vulnerable points and counter-strike as the enemy attempts to destroy them.

When Edward materialized on board the Horizon, Michael was ready. The spells Edward cast were disrupted and Michael moved in for the kill.

To be stopped by Tess.

In a blur of motion, Tess and Edward were gone. And Liz had been caught by Tess at the last moment.

She too was gone.

Maria put her hand to her head.

What were they going to do now?

“It is time for you to choose, Maria.”

Maria looked up. The deck had frozen. Looks of shock covered her friends faces.

Mr. Blue walked up to her and smiled. “You knew this was coming.”

“But now? We need to save Liz!”

Mr. Blue shook his head, “You are not the only one that must choose, my dear. Your friends fate lies in the hands of another. I have faith in her, perhaps more than she has in herself. Tess will make the right choice.”

“TESS? She is the reason that….”

“My dear, you must choose.”

“Why me? If I understand what you are asking… Why me? This will affect so many others.”

Mr. Blue’s voice was soft, “Because you were first. You listened to the Call. And you came. There have been others, my dear. Most never more than wistfully wonder at the nature of the Call. The few who look, give up too easily.”

“I had a lot of help.”

“Each time, we rallied people around the candidates. We could never force anyone to do anything. But such help was available to them all.” He cocked his head slightly, “Perhaps you were more lucky at who heeded the Call with you. Fortunate in their willingness and ability. But the others did have help if they only reached for it.” He sighed softly, “You are first, my dearest Maria. The first full and true Azen to return home.”

Maria fell to her knees. She gripped herself tight. “And if I do not decide to take up the mantle?”

“The memory of the Azen will continue to fade. Faster now perhaps than before. Slowly one by one the relics of their era will diminish and disappear.”

Maria’s eyes shot wide open, “You are referring to the Scions, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Generation by generation, fewer and fewer are born. Those that are remember less and less. Only a few ever awaken and more have gone to their final judgments. Old and weary souls all of them. The existence of the Azen would perhaps inspire more of them. Other newer recruits to the order may be added.” He nodded to himself, “In fact, that is a choice that you too can make. To become a Scion yourself. You and Michael would become a team, trying to hold back the night.”

“But in time… Without the Azen, we too would fade.”

“Yes, my dear. You may become a Scion, but if you do you will be the last.”

“What happens to me if I just decide to go home? Can I, will you let me just walk away from this?”

Mr. Blue smiled at her, “It is your choice Maria. You can be as you are now, or as you thought of yourself before you learned of what you truly are. In any and all of your decisions, your life will be blessed.”

“Children? I am Azen and Michael is Scion and….”

“Either way that Covenant is passing, and a new one will begin. You may have children if you so desire, in fact if you do you may have many. But for now you must choose.”

“How long do I have?”

“Until dawn.”

And Mr. Blue was gone.