Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Epilogue - 01/01/11

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What should Maria choose?

1) To reform and rule the Azen.
2) To become a Scion, knowing they will shortly fade away.
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3) To become neither, knowing that both the Scions will fade away and the Azen will be forgotten.
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4) To give up her powers entirely and simply go home to a quiet blessed life with Michael
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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 28 - 11/19/10

Post by PML » Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:50 am

This truly is a make or break weekend for me. I will still have next weekend, but the holidays will chew serious time out of my writing/procrastination time budget. So with luck, expect multiple parts today. I hope.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Mr. Blue worked with the Azen, I will say not more than that.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Don't you realize how much your lack of trust hurts her feelings? Not to mention makes her plans of.... oh, I wasnt supposed to mention that part.

mary mary- Thanks.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 29


Isabel sat on top of the big hill. It let her watch the strange girl, wandering now on the beach. It let her still see her burnt out village. The place where her husband and unborn child had died.

Where she herself should have died. Had she been human she would have. But she was a Scion. And she had suffered worse.

During one horribly botched invasion of Lyria, her rapidly regenerating body had fed a pack of riven wolves for a few days. Isabel was pretty sure the wolves hadn’t know what they were doing, but they had protected her head and upper spine. Just kept tearing out her guts and feasting off extremities.

Something had gotten one of her eyes too, but hadn’t dug deep enough to damage her brain.

It had taken almost a month for her body to recover. Almost a year for her to look normal except the eye. That had taken more than a dozen years to finally heal.

And that had been with Azen help.

That in the end was it. Massive brain trauma or a severing of the upper spine. The right magic could do the job too. But dying by accident or massive trauma just did not come easily to a Scion. Not when they were awakened.

It was the dreams. The memories. They were what woke the Scion up to its potential. Isabel had vague memories of a few fully normal lives. And Eighty-three much more vivid memories of extraordinary lives.

They filled her mind now. It was amazing how they put perspective on what had recently happened to her. She mourned Jesse, but he hadn’t really been the best of husbands. He had taken care of her, but had never really tried to know her.

No one in her village had truly tried to know the true Isabel. Not even the partly crippled version they had let live amongst them. She mourned them, and yet their deaths did not weigh heavily upon her.

Her dead child did. She would get justice for his or her death. Isabel was certain of that. It felt fated.

But more than watching the village, more than watching the strange girl, Isabel watched the sea. Something was coming, and her life would never again be the same.

As long as it allowed her to pursue her justice. To smash those raiders as they had crushed her village. To stop them from ever again sailing out to pound some other unsuspecting village.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the stranger slowly making her way up the hill. Last night she had been certain the girl was Azen. The clothes she wore were made exclusively for the Azen. They did not function well for non-Azen.

And yet…. How she moved, how she acted. The girl snored for heaven’s sake!

Looking at her gingerly walk up the hill, as if she didn’t know how well protected she was, just emphasized the whole thing. Her skin was too pale and her hair too light. And green eyes?

Who ever heard of an Azen with green eyes? Green usually spoke of a nature spirit lineage, such as a Dryad. No Azen eyes were almost always blue.

The girl stood panting as she crested the hill. She smiled nervously at Isabel, “So, do you speak the Trade Tongue?”

Isabel said, “Yes.” She tried to place the girl’s accent. They didn’t have a lot of traders drop by here. But from time to time ships would stop by to pick up supplies. And her accent was familiar.

“Well, good. That will make things easier.” The girl ran her hand through her hair. She wasn’t wearing the head piece to her garment. “Um, I wanted to thank you. But you left so early this morning, I didn’t have the chance. The name is Maria. Maria Deluca.” She set her basket down and reached into it.

Isabel’s stomach grumbled at the wonderful smells coming out of that basket. She had grabbed an orange and a stale roll from the food she’d managed to salvage. But breakfast had been hours ago.

And this smelled so good.

“Isabel. I am called Isabel.”

Maria set out the blanket and began setting food on it. She also took a container of water and poured it into a pot. “Well, Isabel. Let me fix you a nice breakfast. There was a pretty generous package of personal food supplies. My guess is for the Captain. Here, have a honey roll while I cook some eggs and bacon.”

Isabel stared at the honey roll. And looked up Maria. Did the girl not realize just how rare and precious something like this was?

But the girl was humming happily to herself. The pans just hung in the air. Isabel could tell from her own mage sight that they were being specifically heated. In fact, Isabel watch in amused awe as Maria used the most domesticated magic Isabel had ever seen.

“Where did you learn to do all this?”

Maria was still humming, and looked up, “Oh, Worlds End. Just audited one of the cooking courses my herbology teacher recommended. Lots of practical tips. I ended up taking the whole series of classes. The one on baking was probably my favorite, but I wasn’t able to find a working oven. Let alone enough supplies to make more than just bread. It’s a good thing we will be rescued soon.”

Maria began platting up breakfast. “It’s a shame I couldn’t find any potatoes. Well the rolls will have to do.”

Isabel sat there eating probably the best breakfast she’d had in her current life, listening to the cook bemoan the lack of proper supplies and gear. Isabel wolfed it down.

If this was what Maria could do on a bad day with inadequate supplies….. Isabel smiled. Despite her Azen-ness, Isabel was feeling magnanimous. “So. You are from the Verge? We don’t get many of your people out here.”

“Yeah. My ship was caught in that storm. They got away I think, but me. I got hit by a wave. Was pretty sure I was a dead woman. But somehow…. Thanks again.”

Isabel shook her head, “Maria, I didn’t save you. You washed up on shore, on a boat of some sort. Perhaps your cjian-sobor helped save you. I have seen them do stranger things.”

“My what?”

“Your Azen dress. The amount of protective magic in that one garment…. Those anklets alone are enough to kill for. I have seen an Azen walk over glass, over burning coals, you name it. And I have worn armor less protective than that dress.” Isabel shook her head.

“I wasn’t wearing it when I was on the ship.” Maria looked at Isabel carefully, “You are a Scion aren’t you? You just have that feel.”

Isabel looked out to the horizon. “Yes. But don’t think you can command me. Cjian-sobor or not, Azen or not, I am not following your orders.”

“I am NOT Azen!”

Isabel looked down at the smaller girl, a smirk on her face. “Yes you are. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be able to wear that thing.”

“I can’t be. I know who my mother was. I have lead a normal life.”

“And your father? Do you know him? And I bet your life has been anything BUT normal. Blessed. That would by my guess.” She saw Maria shaking her head, “Which does not mean without problems. But I would bet a lot of last minute saves. Or inexplicable good luck.” Her smirk slid into a sneer, “Let me guess, your mother ended up marrying a rich man who was able to both protect you and give you the good things in life. People you love, who should die. Don’t. Some odd miracle or last minute cure saves them. You are open and pleasant with everyone. You like strangers and new people, because no one ever seems out to hurt you. And in most cases they don’t. They seek other targets. They leave you alone, not even realizing why.” She studied the look of woe and suspicion work its way behind those green eyes. You are not a full blood, the eyes give that away. You will live a normal length life, but it will be anything but normal. Because how can it be normal when your prayers are answered on a regular basis!”

The rest of the breakfast was in silence, both of them staring out into the horizon.

Isabel tried to ignore the tears she had caused in the other girl. She had been perhaps to harsh with her. But Isabel couldn’t think of a way to open up another conversation to mend the wounds she might have caused. Because from what she could see it was the truth.

And from the way Maria was holding herself, she hadn’t know. Really had not known.

But Isabel could read the truth of it. It was true. Maria Deluca WAS a half blooded Azen. Which was frightening in a sense, because it meant there were full blooded Azen still wandering around.

That was not a good thing. She had rebelled against them. It had taken much, for once she had been one of their most ardent supporters.

But she loved children. Hers, others, it didn’t matter. Sure they were noisy and messy and wouldn’t let you sleep. But there was something wonderful about them too. Something magical.

The Azen had come to fear them. Oh, it was a strange thing. Despite the fact that they were desperate to have their own, trying one magical cure or technique after another to secure another full blooded Azen. The fact that they couldn’t have them, and the Fallen could. That their numbers slowly dwindled while each babe increased the numbers of normal humanity…..

It had twisted them. Khivar had come to her, his ex-lover, because he trusted her. Trusted her to listen to him. And it had been hard. Hard to believe him.

Until she found proof. Proof and more to his claims. Claims that they wanted to reduce the number of humans. Which considering the laws they were passing seemed obvious.

They were working on a spell. A magical plague that would affect human women. It would alter their chemistry while they were having their children. It would provide great blessings to those children.

And render the mother sterile.

Sterile after ONE child.

As the plague spread, it would not be noticed at first. Not until the population began to plummet. Test versions had already been administered to select humans in the City of Azen.

Her brother in that life, Zan, and his wife had been trying for several years to have a second child. They were not the only ones she knew of that were having trouble conceiving.

No, the Azen had lost her loyalty forever. The mere fact that some still survived worried her. What would they be up to?

Where they truly gone, or were they secretly lurking. Trying to find a way to destroy mankind and resume their rule.

Isabel shivered. And turned as she suddenly heard a whooshing sound followed by a bang.

Maria was standing, an unreadable look on her face. In her hand was an oddly shaped gun.

“What was that?”

Maria’s voice was tight. “A signal flare for the boat out there. I am assuming they will be friendly. But then according to you they will be, right? Since I prayed that someone would drop by?”

Isabel gave her a look. But it was a ship. A fairly small one. The rigging seemed strange and lighter than most ships she had seen. But it was moving swiftly.

Maybe, just maybe things were looking up.

“Come on, let’s go. We should be ready to meet them.”

Maria grunted and gathered all the stuff she had brought for breakfast.

Isabel left her to it and strode down to the beach. It would be a while before they could have a boat readied and landed. But Isabel wanted to be sure that these were not another band of raiders.

Because there was another aspect of Maria’s heritage she hadn’t mentioned, but looking at the girl seemed certain. The girl had magic, but likely not a single combat spell. She was Azen, and they had abhorred violence. With training you could get one to kill, if only normal humans.

Maria was not a soldier. She’d probably be useless in a fight. Sort of similar to Isabel a few days ago really. Nice and sweet and harmless.

Things had changed.

Isabel was far from harmless now.

And if they were raiders, they were dead.

Isabel ran to the beach to get a better look.


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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 29 - 11/20/10

Post by PML » Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:38 pm

Thanks again. Here is a little glimpse of the fun Max is having in captivity. Oh, and we meet the true big bad for the first time, the man behind Nikolai. And no, Carolyn, it is NOT Johnny Depp.

Begonia9508- Thanks. That is what I thought. But I wasn't sure. I would not want to be the next pirate Isabel comes across.

Mary mary- Thanks. I don't know if I will manage it by 45000 words or not. There is not guarentee that I will be finished by 50k words. Just that I will be done come Nov 30th. And I do like happy endings. Really.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Well Isabel thinks Maria is half-Azen. And her argument based on what we know is persuasive. And Vilandra did not just rely on what Khivar told her. But she did not get direct proof, more anecdotal than anything else. But it fit a pattern she was seeing.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 30


Max paced the tiny room he and Milton were imprisoned in. It made no sense that they had been separated from the crew unless the enemy knew who and what they were.

And if that was the case, where were their captors. Why had they waited so long to show themselves.

Max turned to Milton, “Do you have any idea what they are doing? Why would they care what we are?”

“I think they are trying to build an empire based on the powers of the Scions. As for me…. I have no idea what their plans are for me.”

The door opened, a balding man of middle years walked in. “Don’t worry Lenat, I am sure I can find something for an Azen of your skills. There aren’t too many left who are skilled at the bio-manipulation of diseases anymore.”

Max looked over at Professor Milton, who had a look of sudden grief and shame pass over his face. He glanced over at the man who had opened the door and had a second shock.

He knew the man. Not well perhaps. He had always been somewhat reclusive. But Max remembered how bizarrely happy the man had been that he had been sleeping with his daughter.

How their children would be responsible for a new age of glory.

Professor Milton stood up, “What are you doing here, Edward. I know you were exiled from Worlds End just like your daughter…..”

Edward Harding laughed, “Exiled? Do you think those men and women of the Wizards’ Council would be content with mere Exile? I was amazed that they let Tess go, let alone with the child.”

Max confronted Edward, “The child where is the child?”

The man tilted his head back and laughed mockingly. “Oh, Max…. You are SO easily manipulated. The child isn’t even yours. You know Tess, always greeting men with an easy smile and open legs. Such a slut, just like her mother. And I thought the Dryad blood would bring her closer to Azen.”

Milton’s voice was soft but harsh, “Your little breeding projects…. Did you think you would have different results simply because it was you? You always were a fool. We failed, Edward. We failed and Fell. It is Their world now. Not ours.”

“Such a change Lenat. When did become a lover of the Fallen? Where you not the one who suggested active testing of our… solutions beyond the Verge of the Empire? Why don’t you tell Max about your exploits among the native population of the Verge. The Andreyu Culture perhaps. Or the island peoples of the Echayo?” Edward had a snug smile, “Never heard of them Max? It is because of your friend here. Because he was trying to find a solution to the Fallen Problem. Go ahead, ask him after I leave. And then wonder what it is he wants from the Azen homeworld. I at least will be upfront. I need you to lead a party so that I can recover the Mirror of Souls…..”

Milton spoke up, “You are full of dark light Edward. The Gates won’t open for you. Not anymore.”

“Don’t worry, Lenat. I have it all taken care of. So what do you say, Max? If you help me I will have my daughter restore your girlfriend. Such a sweet compact body of hers. Very lithe and flexible, or so Tess says. I am not sure if she has tried her out, you never know with my daughter. But I know that I plan to. In a day or two If you do not accede to my demands.” He pulls out a small round crystal ball, “Here, this will let you watch over her. You will see what she sees, hear what she hear,” an evil smirk, “Feel what she feels. And if ever it gets too much, you have two choices. You can crush the orb and Liz will die quickly and permanently, her soul sent directly to hell. Or you can do what I say. I will be seeing you both in a few hours.”

Max lunged at Edward only to be stopped by a casual hand flick. The orb dropped with an audible clink. Edward flung Max hard against the wall with his powers. “And Max, I truly would be careful with that orb. Unless you want Liz Parker’s soul to raped and tortured for all of time.” He smiled and said cheerily, “Good day!”

Milton was shaking as he helped Max up. He handed him the orb.

Max looked at intensely, there was a tiny chip where it had landed. He held it a moment and then he could feel her. Liz lay on her back in a set of fetching lingerie quivering amidst a massive panic attack.

For just a brief moment she had felt as if razor sharp tentacles had reached into her and fondled her soul. She looked down and wondered where all the blood was. Surely she had to be torn and bleeding from something that painful.

And those cries, those piteous cries of the damned. And the hunger, the never ending hunger as the creature had reached into her…..

She was having a hard time breathing, her breath coming in short panicked gasps. Her chest began to hurt, her heart pounding in terror.

She had to get out. She had to escape. But she was trapped…..

Max cried as he felt every bit of Liz’s panic attack. Her magic seemed as lost as his. In fact he could sense that she didn’t even think of herself as Liz.

He tried as hard as he could to send his love and affection. To comfort her in any way possible. But as far as Max could tell, Liz felt none of his efforts.

But he had to try.

He simply had to.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 30 - 11/20/10

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And now for two groups of characters to finally meet. Things naturally dont start well.

mary mary- Thanks. There will be elements of bittersweetness I think. The level of which I am still deciding ,but in the main it should be happy. And only a week and half away.

valentinebaby- Thanks. No. Liz did not lose any bit of her soul. But for that moment when the orb nearly broke she was nearly pulled into hell. And felt it. As for what Milton said verses what Edward said.... Edward will say or do anything to advance his agenda. So MIlton could be wrong, but he is honest. Edward is evil. Who would you believe? In regards to Tess, it isn't just what he has said. It is also what he has done. He will do ANYTHING to advance his goals.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 31


Isabel stared out at the boat on the horizon. She could not make out any of the flags. But she could tell it was a long distance vessel. Much different from anything she had seen.

Or had seen in this life. There was another that had seen a similar ship. One that had radiated the power and majesty that this tiny ship had. One that also had contained vast magic.

The Abraxis. The Abraxis had been part of the reason for the creation of the Scions. One of the myriad of reasons for that great work of the Azen.

Their Witch-Lords had been magicians of immense destructive power. Their dark magic and aggressive ways had been one of the spurs to change the nature of the work that the Azen were doing. Changing them from merely helping the locals to organizing them efficiently to resist the dark threat.

They had used the powers of Undeath to chain the souls of the living and dead to do their work. Had played with and distorted humans for their own personal uses.

It would explain why there were so few sails. And without a set of paddle wheels at either side or rear….. It did not use steam. Those two stacks were probably for burnt offerings. Human most likely.

She herself had spent seven lifetimes fighting against the Abraxis before their final defeat and extermination. It had taken the Azen more than six hundred years to beat them back. The full might of the Azen.

And now they were back and the Azen defeated and broken. Mankind would fall to their evil charms. But she would not go down without a fight. Particularly not when she had Maria to defend. The power a Witch-Lord could gain by possessing a soul of an Azen, even a half-blood did not bear consideration.

Isabel summoned up her powers and prepared to smite this force of evil.

She reached to heaven and pulled down the first of many streams of cleansing lightning.


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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 31 - 11/21/10

Post by PML » Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:05 pm

Another tiny part. Probably be a few of these tonight I think. Or hope anyway.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 32


Miranda got up and tried to calm her trembling. But the panic attacks had been so intense. And from time to time she would feel another come on.

That had been real.

How she knew she wasn’t sure, but she KNEW.

That had been a demon and it had almost carted off with her soul. She and her eternal existence was in peril.

Her whole idea of planning to please this jumped up pirate took an wayside to protecting herself. She was a little dismayed to find that there was not a proper piece of wizard’s chalk to be found in her bedroom. But quick experiments proved that a couple shades of her lip gloss would work if mixed with foundation and a couple other powders she had.

Miranda did not question how she was able to make the slightly glowing peach chalk, just that she needed it. Nor the glowing diagrams that she placed on the floor.

They should protect from most external attack.

She then began a series of spells to cleanse her body and mind. The fear never faded, probably never would fade. She would bear those marks on her soul for eternity most likely.

But she had never been one to let fear limit her actions. She knew that. Knew now that she wasn’t truly Miranda. That someone had tried to steal who and what she was.

Because Miranda wasn’t a wizard. And whoever and whatever she was, she definitely was one.

Whomever had done this was about to pay. And pay large.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 31 - 11/21/10

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And here we go again. Hopefully I can get at least one or two more tonight. Wish me luck.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Isabel thinks its evil. She's a bit traumatized at moment, and the boat is not like any she has seen. Except dimmly in past memories of a great evil that she spent lifetimes fighting. As for Liz.... Nope this Liz never gives up. Ever.

keepsmilng7- Thanks. Edward is evil. And you know, I am beginning to think you don't like Tess.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 33


Kyle was enjoying this boat ride. It was the first time he hadn’t been told to grab an oar. No, this one ran off some strange magical and mechanical contrivance.

One of the Dryads was manning it and giving him the eye. Alex was apparently off limits, and now that he had fallen to Cirelle’s charm, half the ships compliment considered him Cirelle’s private property. The other half wanted to claim him for her own.

He looked over at Alex who was standing at the prow of the boat, pointing some magical device at the island. “Alex, buddy, you really need to get these girls some other entertainment than me.”

Alex was paying attention to his device when he responded, “Definitely on that island. Looks like she dropped it off after all.” Shook his head and then looked at Kyle, “Would have thought you’d enjoy being laid on a regular basis. Just don’t make promises you don’t plan to keep. Serena would not be pleased, and an unpleased Serena is not a sight you would enjoy.”

“The woman seems sensible enough to me. I can see her being protective but you make it sound like she would rip me apart.”

Alex didn’t laugh, “She’s still a troll, Kyle. She might at that.” He sighed and looked back at the island, “On my practicum I saved her troll pack. I didn’t have to, and it would have been easier to simply have slain them out of hand. But it just seemed wrong. With the help of a couple other adepts, we moved them to some place where they wouldn’t bother anyone. And she swore her loyalty to me.”

“Wow, I never knew that. So that is what you were doing last year? And I presume that’s when you found Yelena and her merry band?”

Alex smiled over at him before looking back at the device. “I didn’t find them. Liz did. It was something that Tess had told her. About a village deep in the forests near Lands End. That there was something that could heal any wound. Supposedly Tess’s mom lived out there.”

Kyle’s voice was soft, but he could feel his cheeks blushing, “She still does. You didn’t know?”

Alex looked surprised, “No, I didn’t know. Huh.”

Kyle continued, “Tess’s mother is Cirelle. Tess was half Dryad, Alex. And Yelena…..”

“Ah. Another piece of the puzzle solved. Thank you Kyle.” He shook his head, “I never would have thought…..”

Kyle interrupted his friend, “Alex, why are you glowing?”

Alex frowned and stared at a figure on the beach.

Kyle turned to look as well. On the shore there was a woman who lifted her arms to the heaven’s as if in benediction.

Alex said, “So… You want to play hardball do you?” He quickly glanced at Kyle and the two Dryads, “Brace for impact.”

Kyle didn’t notice the first crackling bolt of lightning until it had exploded off a shield of hardened air above him. The first boom of thunder was nearly deafening, by the fifth he was screaming in sheer terror. But he heard nothing.

He cautiously looked over at his friend.

Alex stood now tall and proud, one hand maintaining the roof, his opera cape billowing in a wind that was trying to push there boat away from the coast. The walking stick he usually bore had changed, now looking more like a traditional staff. The large chunk of amethyst filled the boat with a soft purple light that made Kyle think of Yelena’s eyes.

His fear began to fade.

He saw Alex making a scooping motion with one hand and tiny balls of water were torn from the ocean. They began to circle the boat. Ten, twenty, thirty? How many was Alex going to make?

And still the lightning rained down upon them even as they grew ever closer to the shore.

The boat was now surrounded in glowing balls of water, and yet their number continued to grow.

What was Alex waiting for? Kyle now wished he had brought his rifle. The shaking boat didn’t provide a good platform, but he could at least do something.

He thought he saw another girl running down the hill. In an odd glittery dress. He raised his binoculars to his eyes.

It was Maria.

“Alex NO!”

But Alex had already opened fire. Hundreds if not thousands of cup sized balls of water flew at high speed at the beach.

All Kyle could do is watch in horror.

And pray that Alex didn’t kill his friend and Kyle’s sister in the crossfire.


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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 32 - 11/21/10

Post by PML » Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:50 pm

Thanks again to everyone. One more added for today. And lets hope for another.

Mary mary- Thanks. And yeah its a problem. Now mind you, Scions don't live continuously. They live and die normal human lifespans, but since they retain their memories to a degree, it works out to an odd serial immortality. Isabel ran down to that beach expecting to find an enemy and she found one. This could turn tragic.

Dislaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringment is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 34


Tess examined her son for the third time since she had returned. Still the fever would not break.

She had run her powers through Jimmy’s little body over and over. There was nothing wrong with him. Nothing physically.

But she could not help but feel like she was slowly losing him. Day after day the little boy was becoming more and more lethargic.

The sea trip had been good for him. He had perked up a little at being uncle Nikolai’s large ship. But still….

Tess could not help think she was losing him. And if he was fine physically, and as far as she could tell no mental attacks were underway…..

Magic. The Azen had once listed three types. The natural magic that the Azen possessed. The magery that the Scions wielded and that humans slowly learned to copy. And the black magic of several other empires they had run across. The Abraxis being the chief foe.

Her powers had not always been able to perceive the wounds black magic could make. They were twisted to make them hard for an Azen or Scion to see. But a human mage…. Or better a human wizard should have no trouble.

Tess’s thoughts drifted immediately to Liz Parker. Would she be willing to help Tess save her son? Or help bring down Nikolai?

Or would the hatred the woman rightfully bore her keep her from seeing the necessity of their alliance. She could wait for Alex. If he managed to get the drop she had left him on that island…..

Again the horrors of what had gone on there flashed through her mind. And that woman. That poor woman who had had her baby cut from her after being used…..

Tess sighed tiredly, What would Alex think of her after finding that village? Did it matter?

She was tired. So very tired. Only her son kept her fighting. Kept her doing what was necessary to keep him alive and protected.

If only there was a way to send him away. But Nikolai and her father knew well what that son meant to her. Knew that she would do anything to protect him. It was why she kept him as close as she could. To protect him.

Only it wasn’t working.

Well the spells holding Liz’s memories at bay would only hold for a day or two at most. The woman was tenacious if nothing else.

And it had been crucial to make Nikolai think she was just a normal woman. If he found out they’d captured a wizard…. But Tess should be able to make contact in a day or two. Hopefully before the memory blocks dissolved.

Tess had done everything she could for the woman. Had healed fully any wound or break the active woman had suffered. Fixed a couple of mild congenital defects. And had rewoven the fabric of the woman’s body to make her faster and stronger.

It had been the least she could do for her friend.

That and fixing all that hidden skin irritation that basically had covered Liz’s body.

Two days and everything should be fine. She didn’t know what would happen to her, but her son would finally be safe.

And at this point that was all that mattered to her.


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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 34 - 11/21/10

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And here we are, yet another part. Can I manage one more before madness takes me? Let us see shall we? And in the extremely unlikely event that someone reading this is familiar with mecha based anime, the attack format Alex used would be a Macross Missile Massacre with the missiles fully Roboteching. Sort of like this. Only with about four hundred bolts of water.

Sorry guys, been a long day writing and more to come. Hope you enjoy, and wish me luck.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 35


Maria watched in awe as bolts of water Alex had summoned swarmed the beach. Wizardry was different than standard magery. The magic wasn’t local. Alex didn’t just pull in the local energy and the shape and through, like Maria herself did.

Somehow, Alex used his spells to structure spells to build the energy from somewhere else. From Creation itself, according to Liz. It wasn’t as natural or easy to use, but it could do things, amazing things a normal mage wouldn’t even dream of.

As far as she could tell, Isabel fought very much like a mage. Only one with an unlimited power budget. Maria could see as a white light rushed into the girl, and from that Isabel wove normal magic. Only the level of skill was phenomenal. It would take years to learn that level of control. Maria gulped. Lifetimes of skill.

Which as a Scion, Isabel had access to. Disks of glittering air and spinning sand came up to meet Alex’s water bolts. And it stopped most of them.

But Maria had seen this before. Once on the beach he had witnessed a practice duel arcane. Neither Alex nor his opponent had been trying to hurt the other. Merely embarrass.

More than half of the water bolts had streamed past Isabel, seemingly missing and not coming anywhere close to her. And some of them did indeed keep going straight to make tiny puffs of impacts in the sand.

But the rest, maybe less than one in four turned and re-aimed themselves at Isabel. From every conceivable angle. One by one the blasts flung themselves at Isabel hitting her again and again.

Isabel quickly reacted. Maria could see her breaking apart around half the water blasts. But Isabel still went down under the barrage.

And Alex wasn’t done.

Now that the incessant thunder had stopped as Isabel tried to recover, waves of sand began to buffet her.

Isabel was able to break some of them as well. Maria had never seen someone with such skill at mage craft fight before. But Alex hit her with yet another spell.

The boat pulled itself up onto the shore and one of the girls on the ship turned the engine off. They both looked terrified.

One that encased her in sand. Leaving only her head free.

Maria shouted as loudly as she could. “STOP!”

Alex made a hand motion that set Isabel in a standing pose. The sand began to shift to make a perfect copy of Isabel, dress and all. His visage was grim. Grimmer than when they had sentenced Tess for nearly killing him. In fact, Maria had never seen such an expression on Alex before.


Maria headed over the boat as Alex examined the encased Isabel.

Isabel shouted something in some foreign tongue. It wasn’t completely foreign as Maria had heard it before, but she’d never really gone into the language arts section. One of the advantages to auditing her classes rather than seeking a degree.

Alex looked at Isabel sharply, “Not anatomically possible I am afraid. Nor something I care to consider doing.. You might as well speak the local trade tongue, I doubt the others know Azen.” He looked at her critically, “Although I do wonder.” He moved his hands slightly.

The design on the sand encasing changed. It now showed a nude version of Isabel. Alex cocked his head sideways as if judging her. Walking around the statue slowly. The words that dropped from his lips were bitter and sarcastic, “Naturally.”

Maria just stood there dumbfounded.

Kyle shot a disbelieving look at Alex and rushed over to his sister. “What are you doing here? Are you okay?” He pulled her close.

Maria just shook slightly, “I don’t know Kyle. So much has happened in the last couple of days. I just don’t know anymore.”

Kyle pulled away. He looked at her carefully, “What is with the get up. I mean it looks good on you, but a bit of a stretch from your usual fashions.”

Maria pulled away and twirled slightly. Her voice held an edge, “Apparently its all the summer fashion for a young Azen woman.””

Kyle’s jaw dropped. “Azen?”

Alex stopped his gazing at Isabel’s form and looked Maria over. “Keep them. That’s the best set of basic protective garments I have ever seen.” He walked over. “Lift up your foot.”

Maria gingerly lifted up her foot.

“Now set it down.”

Isabel cried out, “Will someone get me out of here?”

“Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. Liz will have to take a look at them. But the enchantments on them, are absolutely wonderful. Azen I take it?” Alex looked up at Maria.

There was a slight shifting of the sand casing that Isabel was trapped in. She said something angrily in the same odd tongue she had used before.

Kyle’s face blanched, “Did she really just say….”

Alex blinked away a tear.

A tear?

He smiled painfully, “She’s a Scion, fully awakened would be my guess. She’s probably been a soldier half her lives. I would expect her language to be somewhat… salty at times.“ Both Kyle and Maria just looked at him, “We’re chasing after Max, so I looked up all the anti-Scion charms I could.” He increased his volume, “I suppose I could LEAVE HER THERE.”


Kyle said, “What is up with you Alex. I don’t think I have ever seen you like this before.”

Maria reached out and massaged one of his hands, “What is wrong? Tell me, you know I will do my best to make it better.”

Alex smiled that odd bitter smile. One that was both haunted and full of longing?


He said, “I don’t have time for this. I really don’t. I am a mission for the Council. I need to save Liz. And…. I just DON’T have time for this. But if I open it up…..” He looked at Maria, “She’s blond isn’t she. Honey brown eyes and perfectly tanned skin?”

Kyle shook his head, “What? Shouldn’t we be hurrying and get what we need so we can go back to saving your sister?”

But Maria knew. “You can’t be serious.”

Alex was almost breathless as he babbled quickly, “Look I could feel it coming. Lizzie always said you could sort of feel a, a pressure almost? Just before it hits?”

Kyle looked over, “You have GOT to be kidding. Her? Now?” Kyle let loose a frazzled whistle. “This is bad timing. Seriously bad timing.”

Maria couldn’t help but feel a bubble of happiness fill her. “Go free her, you idiot. You already know what you are going to find. Liz is rarely wrong.”

Kyle turned away, “She said that Tess and I shared a love that would transcend death itself.”

Alex also looked away, a flash of guilt? There were so many undercurrents here. It was going to be an interesting couple of days.

Days…. Liz!

“Look, we have to hurry. Liz say her death in five days.” She mentally counted them out, “Over three days ago. We need to get to her pronto.”

Kyle stood there and sighed, “Okay I am all for that. But we are afraid of one of her prophecies, plan on stopping another, and are pretty sure another is totally void.”

Maria shrugged, “Jury is still on yours, mine too. But I think its cute that Alex….”

Alex waved a hand in her direction, “Please, just leave it alone for now Maria? What happens, happens. We’ll just do our best to make it the best possibility, right.” He walked over to the statue, “Are you going to be good? No more lightning?”

“Pride of the Verge, madam. Now, knowing my sister like I do, you probably are going to be stuck coming with us.”

The sand collapsed, Alex was carefully looking away from Isabel.

Maria looked at Alex perplexedly. Did he honestly think he could avoid looking at Isabel forever? “Alex her village was completely destroyed. She wants vengeance on those killers.”

Alex nodded at Maria and headed up the beach, “Okay. Fine. Figured it was something like that. Please everyone try to keep up.”

Isabel looked over at Maria brushing off stray sand. “I take it they are your friends.”

Maria reached over happily to her soon to be friend, because she was not going to let anyone who was close to Alex NOT be her friend. She used her pathetic skill at air manipulation to help brush Isabel off, “Yep. The short one is my step brother and the tall guy is Alex. Top of his class wizard. Um, as you saw.”


Kyle called back, “Will you two hurry up?”

Maria smiled and began pulling Isabel along, “I will fill you in on everything.”

And she did.


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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 34 - 11/21/10

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Ok, sorry. This one took a little longer, and my very well be the last of the day. Maybe. I took a nap, but need more sleep. So. Hope you folks enjoy.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Supposedly from what I have read, Macross and in the US what would be called Robotech, started as a parody of the other mecha shows. So I am not surprised. It was popular enough that it ended up being played fairly straight on a lot of points. Not exactly my cup of tea now-a-days, but fond memories of coming home from school and turning it on.

mary mary- Thanks. Alex is doomed. (but its a happy doom I think) Liz and Tess will be covered in this part. (Alex is the next one I think, might not get written until I get home tonight though.)

Disclaimer-Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 36


Michael slipped into the Pirate stronghold fairly easily. Of course, a good third of his training as Crusader involved infiltration and espionage. Along with the occasional sabotage and assassination.

The Azen always tried to keep their hands clean and fretted at doing what sometimes had to be done. But Scion High Command usually wasn’t so squeamish. Still, Michael preferred not killing people unless it was necessary.

Even when they needed killing like so many of the people here.

But after a brief poking around he had to agree that both Tess and Mr. Blue were correct. He was going to need help. Luckily, Mr. Blue told him that the girl he was to protect had others with her that could help him. Moreover they would be eager to do so.

He needed to coordinate with Tess. Not to mention making sure she wasn’t going to betray him.

Oh, she’d been honest with what she had told him. She was tired. She did want to stop being stuck in the rut of evil she’d been traveling.

Unfortunately the girl was weak. Find the right words, the right pressure points and she would fall back in line. Spill everything she knew and poor Michael would be off onto his next incarnation.

And he desperately wanted to see what Mr. Blue had meant about hope and faith. It had been lifetimes since he had truly felt that. There had always been a cynical side to him. But under the Azen, there had always been a fundamental idea that he was serving the greater good.

With the information he had learned for Vilandra. After he had found out the truth, that light had failed him.

It would be so good to have something to fight for again. Some reason to hope.

He knocked on Tess’s door.

She opened it fairly quickly, her face scrunched and annoyed. “I told Nikolai I was caring for my son, I will deal with…. What are you doing here?” She pulled him inside.

Michael looked down at his clothing. Gone was the mercenary garb. He was dressed like one of Nikolai’s men. Had effected the swagger and basically had acted liked he had belonged. “We need to talk.”

Tess moved over into her room, turning back to glare at Michael. “You don’t trust me.”

“Not completely,” He walked across the room and saw the boy. “This is your kid?”

Tess’s voice was terse, “Yes. He is sick. Leave him alone.”

Michael looked up at her in confusion, “Sick? But you’re a Heart-Shaper. That shouldn’t be a problem. Not for the likes of you.”

“I don’t know what it is. He had just been getting quieter and more distant each day. His body is healthy. There is a wizard nearby that I am thinking of consulting…..”

Michael shook his head, “I don’t know of any Wizards in Bright Cove.”

Tess looked up at him, “I am hiding her. We captured her in out last raid.”

Michael’s eyes narrowed, “Why are you keeping her hidden?”

Tess’s eyes widened in alarm, “If Nikolai knew or worse, if HE knew…. No, its not safe. For her or for us. She will have to help me, help us. What they will do to her.” Tess looked away, “What they will make me do to her. I just don’t want to do that. Particularly not with her.”

“Didn’t know you swang that way.”

Tess gave him a death glare.

“Oh, you have quite the rep in the City, Tess. The fact you have a child and no husband only feeds it.” Michael shrugged. “Not really my need to know, I suppose.”

Tess looked away, “It’s not like that. She was the one I told you about. The friend I betrayed.”

“Liz Parker right?”

“Yes. She was my best friend. And I betrayed her.”

Michael whistled, “Well you better hope this Liz Parker is a forgiving sort.”

The locked door opened behind them, a gust of ice cold wind blowing in before the door shut. “She’s really not.”

Michael’s eyes gazed over at the door. It was hard to make out who was there, his eyes kept slipping from the figure. “Liz Parker, I presume?”

She opened the shawl and she was suddenly easy to see. Olive tan skin, dark hair, dark eyes. A little short and thin, but a decent figure. A dancer or athlete. Michael watched her move a little more.

Fighter. Close combat specialist.

Tess and Liz exchanged insults. Nothing really important so he simply ignored them.

Young and probably lacking in experience. But lots of speed, grace, and power tied up in a lithe little body. Probably a lot of fun in bed.

But the odds of getting her there without serious work? Maybe if they ended up working together for a while he had a shot. At the moment not so much.

Liz began drawing symbols around the boy’s bed.

Well if Liz was out of reach at the moment, there was always Tess. She had quite the reputation in town. Which was funny, because as far as he could tell, no one in town had ever enjoyed her charms.

A pity/ She too was an armful Not as athletic, but nicely rounded in all the right spots. And she was a Scion. Lots of experience and the innate toughness to do some pretty daring stuff.

A brief flash in his mind of a threesome. Michael smiled. It would never happen, but the thought would keep him warm on many a cold night under the stars he was sure.

A feeling of stale bitterness washed over him as he watched the two girls. It had nothing to do with either of them. But rather with HER.

How he wished he could remember her name. Had he a chance to see her just one more time, he would do almost anything. He still wanted her after all this time.

Was she alive? Was she safe? Was she happy?

Did she ever think of him?

Michael’s attention was brought back to the present, by Liz’s voice.

Liz said, “What do you think. You are one of the combat castes, a Templar or Crusader. Surely you have magically augmented senses. Do you sense anything?”

Michael walked over to the boy. There was a strange electric tang that surrounded him.

Liz’s wizardry.

But the boy himself…. It was faint, but there was a tiny stain of dark magic. Vaguely familiar. But on careful scan of the child…. “I am sorry Tess, he is empty.”

Tess gripped his arm tightly, “Empty? What do you mean by empty?”

Liz rubbed her eyes, “Yeah, I was afraid you were going to say that.” She held a hand out to Tess. “Tess, your son has been under attack, I don’t know, a long time. Weeks definitely, months probably. Who knows maybe over a year.”

“He’s been lethargic, maybe a little more whiny. But he’s three. They get like that.” Tess reached over to her son. Michael could feel powerful magic soar into him. “He feels fine. Quiet maybe. Tired. But fine.”

Liz sighed sadly, “His soul has been siphoned away. Most likely into a device of some sort. They are highly illegal, one of the few things he Council has seen fit to ban entirely. Mere possession of such a device can be punishable by death.”

“But how? I watch him closely every day?”

“To set the spell up, they would need unrestricted access to the boy for maybe an hour or two. Then maybe occasional access to personal items. Fingernail clippings or recently cut hair.”

Michael quipped, “Why not blood?”

“Blood is good, but loses potency fast. All the fluids do. Once they change from what is inside you, they are pretty much magically useless.” Liz shook her head, “Now the sciences are showing some progress in these fields as the physical properties don’t change as much and….”

Tess simply said, “Liz, focus.”

Liz nodded her head, “Right. Now in that message you left for me, you said something about having some of my supplies? I am almost out of lip gloss. Even just a couple pieces of Wizard’s chalk would be useful.”

Tess pulled out a fancy looking backpack. “I figured if I were going to hide you, I might as well go all the way.”

“My pack!” Liz opened it and began grabbing things. She nodded after a moment, “This will do for now.” She looked over at Tess, “I will have to mark your son.”

Liz nodded, “The spell I cast will leave a permanent mark on him.” She sighed and ran her hand through her hair. “It’s a good thing I woke up early Tess. Those skin irritations? That was my active spell set. Both the ones I permanently inked in, and the ones I was preparing for my practicum.” She waved her hand, “In a way its good. You opened up a lot of space, and I have some ideas. But don’t mess with this mark or the protection it gives your son will fail.”

“You said he was empty.”

Liz walked over and lifted a glass. “If this were full of liquid and I poured it onto the floor would it be empty.”


Liz shook her head, “There might be a few drops here and there, and maybe I stopped before pouring out the dregs. No, there is a little of your son still in there. And in time his soul can heal. It may take years. But if he’s drained dry….”

Michael said softly, “At that point, even if he wakes, he won’t be your son.”

Tess’s eyes were full of tears. “Do it.”

Michael watched along with Tess, as Liz sought to save what was left of Jimmy.

Michael just hoped it was enough.

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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 36 - 11/22/10

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Thanks as always.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Not disagreeing. This Tess hasnt really done anything good yet. Sometimes findging the words is harder than others. And sometimes it just flows.

mary mary- Thanks.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Tess did not warn her father about anything. She hates him, but fears him as well. MIchael was right to worry about her loyalty. As it stands we shall see how she fares. Hey, Michael can dream can't he?

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 37


Isabel listened in growing wonder at the tales Maria spun about the adventures of herself and her friends. Apparently he was some sort of hot shot specialist in combat magic.

Isabel desperately wanted him to show her how he had managed that last trick. The attack itself had been simple and slow, but the added twists had made it so very effective.

Alex was the first wizard she had ever faced.

She had faced magicians who had used a similar technique for using power, but not exactly the same. This could be interesting. Something new.

The man himself absolutely fascinated her. She had never known anyone like him. Not in her current life.

His eyes flashed absently towards hers. They met for just a moment. She read wavering determination warring with growing longing and desire.

She smiled back at him.

Sara pushed Rickard back from a truly epic kiss. He was the one. Her first.

She reached into the back to the secret releases to the cijan-sobor she wore. After she released them the garment pooled at her feet and she stepped out of the fabric. The night air was chill against her naked flesh.

Four babies. The law decreed she provide her people with four children before she could gain full rights as an Azen. The law was the same for men, but easier. They did not have to carry the children to term.

And yet, her time spent here. Spent in this somewhat backwards village had proven useful. She knew her attitude was off putting at times, but she truly did care, truly did like helping these people.

Rikard saw that, saw right through her pretensions. Saw the inner Sara.

The Seer had told her this night would bear fruit, that she would quicken from this encounter. So she had left her home and returned here. Returned to Rickard.

“Are you sure?” Desire and concern flooded his eyes as he drank her in.

“It is time.” And she reached for him….”

It was as if one of her bolts of lightning had struck her. A tingling that started in her extremities and roared into her torso, hitting her brain and groin equally hard. For a brief moment it felt as if every muscle in her body tensed to the point of pain. Just as suddenly her body quivered with merciful release, an echo of unbelievable pleasure following the pain.

Her brain was a kaleidoscope of images and memories. Different faces and different lives. And yet she knew him. Lovers or Comrade or Confidants, often all three, in life after life. Not in every life, but those without him had always seemed pale, and a part of her always looking.

Looking for him.

Once more she had found him again. She staggered over to him and looked him in the eyes. Looked into his soul. “I know you. I do….”

“I don’t know what spell you have put me under. This isn’t any enchantment or charm I recognize.” He was shaking and covered in sweat. “Why now? Why do I meet you know, when I have no time?”

Isabel caressed his cheek, “I know you. Don’t you remember me?”

Alex’s voice was rough, “Yes, yes I do. Creator help me, I do.” He grabbed her and gave her a rough kiss. After a few pleasant moments he pushed her back. “No time, never enough time for us.” His voice close to despair, “Why is there never enough time?”

Kyle and Maria just stood, jaws agape.

Isabel stood there smiling, “This time we will find time, somehow. I won’t lose you this time. I will go and gather what I need. I will meet you on the shore. Do what you came here to do.”

Alex nodded, “Yes. Yes that will do, Maria help her and gather anything you think we might need. The Far Horizon has plenty of room.”

Maria’s eyes were a little wild as she looked between the two of them, “What just happened. I mean seriously?”

Alex just smiled, “My sister was right.” He raised his hands in the air, “Why is she always right?”

Kyle followed him. He spoke softly, but loud enough for Isabel to hear. “Alex, we need to talk….”

What Alex said in reply didn’t really matter. They would have another shot, another try.

And this time they would do it right.
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Re: Across the Far Horizon (CC ALL, Mature) Part 37 - 11/23/10

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Thank you all for following along. This part is brief. And I will not be posting again until Friday most likely because of the insanity that is about to befall me. (Happy, family related insanity, but still.....) I would expect a flurry of posts on the weekend though to work my way to and past the finish. Fo r all my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving. And wish me luck.

keepsmiling7- Thanks.

begonia9508- Thanks. Yep, done entirely for Jimmy. Although she would have done the same for any child, most likely.

mary mary- Thanks. One of the problems with writing this fast is not going over the parts enough before posting. Yep, it was Kyle and not Michael. Who was not just on another island, but on an entire other world. Oops. I have fixed it, so thank you.

valentinebaby- Thanks. Keep warm up there. When the Azen created the Scions, they did not create the rebirthing process. Humans were being reborn often anyway. The difference is simply that the Scions have their memories from those lives once they have been awakened.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Across the Far Horizon part 38


Max felt the changes in Liz. He could not help but be filled with pride as she fought against the debilitating panic attacks.

Watched as she formulated homemade wizard supplies to make her sneak voyage to Tess. Snuck past several people supposedly guarding the area she was in. Picking locks and bluffing her way past pirates.

Casting at least one illusion and putting another to sleep.

It took all his control to keep his face calm as he pretended to sleep as Liz talked with Tess.

Tess. How he loathed her. Even more because there was still that tiny part of him that found her sexy. That looked at her curves.

The wizards who had gone over his mind and cleared most of the enchantment, had warned him that there were still echoes. Either bits of his own personal attraction that still lingered, or certain levels of enchantment that the wizards simply did not have the skill to remove.

Liz had mentioned in passing that there was a way to completely remove it, to do to Max what had been done to Alex. But that the price might be higher than he would wish to pay.

That had been back when there was still a heavy level of bitterness between them. But even now, when Max asked, Liz would only look away when Max asked what the price to cure Alex had been.

Look away and occasionally cry.

No. He felt the same bitterness that poured through the heart of Liz every time she looked at Tess.

Max had expected more anger and suppressed bitterness when regarding the child. But Liz felt only dismay and anger. Not directed at the child, but at those who had harmed it.

Through Liz’s eyes, he looked for the first time at the child he had so often thought of as his own.

And there was a mystery here as well.

The child didn’t look anything like him.

If anything the boy looked like Alex.