Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg14, complete Nov 23, 09

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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg7, ch10 Sept 13, '09

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mary mary

Author note: to Ginger, I thought it was the opinion of most women that sex was what controlled all men. There is indeed something wrong with Max and Tess. It is addiction. Tess seems more evil because she has led Max along this path. But, if this is just something normal for the hybrids to feel this gene, in their adolescence, then the fault is that there was no one to guide them in their puberty. They are trying to find their way as they grow up.

Finally again to Ginger, what is the correct age for anyone to start having sex. I told my boys that when they could face the responsibility, that would be the right time. Well, Keith died without knowing love.

Chapter 11

Tess managed to go out with Max on Friday nights. Each time, he hurt her worse, but she always played the injured queen and he ended up healing her. She had, finally, quit warping him. Now, Max returned with vivid memories of what he did to her. As an Antarian, Max had no feeling for Tess whatsoever. When he regained his humanity, he felt pains of guilt and swore that he would forgo the path of Antar from now on. Like clock work, when Tess would call him the next week, Max would be there to follow the path and receive the rush. As he held Tess, Max would almost scream. “Run, Tess, this is only going to get worse.”

Max only went to Tess. She couldn’t see why he didn’t take other humans. She begged him to broaden his experiences. Max would only travel with her. This path with Tess had already begun. Max didn’t want to initiate anyone else into this abyss.

Tess had no such qualms. She taunted her human companions to force them to anger. “Hey, Pencil dick,” she shouted. Harvey Ruggles looked up. He thought he was quit of that blonde. Tess continued, “Are you ready for seconds?”

“Look bitch, meet me at the park at midnight and I will show you seconds,” he growled.

Kyle had dropped his date off. She had to be home by midnight. They had dated; they had a few tumbles, but Kyle knew that she didn’t love him and on about thinking, he didn’t love her, either. They were just good buddies who, occasionally, slept together. There was nothing serious. Kyle was in no hurry. His dad would be either working, be out with his girlfriend, who incidentally, was Maria’s mom, or he would be fast asleep. As the sheriff, Kyle’s dad learned when he was given time to sleep, to take it. He would never hear Kyle come in, if he was asleep.

Kyle took a turn around the park. There was only one car left. Most of the teen lovers had returned home to make the girl’s midnight curfew. Out of respect, Kyle cut his headlights. He saw the dome light of the car ahead flicker and something was pushed out the door. The car ahead turned on its head lights and sped off. Kyle stopped to see what had been cast aside.

He took a flashlight out of his Mustang and walked over to the pile of rags. When he approached, he heard moaning. The rags were wrapped around the body of a girl and she was still alive. Kyle lifted her head to his lap. She was mumbling, “Get Max, please.”

Kyle looked at her carefully. She was the blonde who ran around with the Evans kids. Tess, he thought that was her name. “Tess, I need to call an ambulance,” he told her.

She gripped his arm in a steel like grip. “No, don’t call an ambulance; just call Max Evans.”

Kyle pulled out his cell phone. He dialed the number Tess gave him. “Max, Max Evans? My name is Kyle Valenti. I am on the far side of the park with your friend, Tess. She has been badly hurt. I want to call an ambulance, but she insists I call you. I think she was beat up and raped. I think I should call the police,” Kyle related to the voice over the phone.

“No, Kyle. No police and no ambulance. I will try to explain when I get there. Believe me that if you call the authorities, you will cause her more harm,” Max stated.

Max quickly dressed and taking his parent’s car, he drove to the park. He saw the lights of the Mustang and saw Kyle sitting in their glare holding the body of Tess. Damn girl. She gripped about the rest of them leaving themselves open to humans. Now, there would be no way to quiet Kyle except with the truth. Kyle would feel obliged to tell his father, if they tried any other explanation.

Max lifted Tess and proceeded away from the road. “We need to get back where we won’t be seen by traffic,” he said.

Kyle took his flashlight and followed. There was a small depression in the park and Max knelt there with Tess. Kyle sat across from him; his face in the moonlight was a study of confusion. Every step they took was ringing bells in Kyle’s mind. He was from a second generation police family. There were procedures and with Max, they were breaking all of them. Kyle was surprised when Max placed the limp body of Tess in his lap.

“Kyle, Tess caused this to happen. She caused it herself. No, I don’t mean she actually abused herself and the brute who did it should not be free, but Tess has been on a path of self-destruction for some time now. If you called the authorities, you would bring down trouble on her. She couldn’t handle that and neither could the rest of us.” Max then proceeded to caress Tess’s face.

Kyle saw the glow in Max’s hands and he saw the glow in the skin of her face. Before his eyes, Kyle saw the cuts healing and the bleeding stop. Kyle was startled when Max gently started to unbutton her blouse. That seemed to be exposure she didn’t need. Then Kyle saw that her breasts and stomach were bruised also. He saw the dark places slowly lighten as Max’s hands kept their movement. Max started to remove her underwear, but there was no sign of her having sex. Harvey had just beat her up. He hadn’t raped her. Max raised her skirt and slowly brought healing to her legs. As the pain left her body, Tess began to stir.

As Tess regained consciousness, she turned in Kyle’s lap and threw her arms around his neck. Tess moaned as she gripped Kyle harder. She buried her face in his chest and her breathing showed she was much better than she had been before. Kyle heard her mumble, “My lord, my king, where are you? Save me once, again, that I might serve.”

Max gently raised her head so Kyle could see her face. Kyle almost dropped the limp girl in his arms. When he looked into her face, her eyes were just black orbs staring back at him. Staring at Kyle, she sat up. Her arms were still around his neck, but now, she leaned back to better see Kyle.

At this time, a police cruiser drove by and then, stopped at Kyle’s car. Tess gave no notice at anything about her. Kyle and Max could clearly hear the two men talking. “Hey, it is Kyle’s car. I wonder where he is. Probably in the bushes with his latest fling,” the first officer said.

“Yeah, I just ran a make on this other car. It belongs to Philip Evans. You don’t suppose Kyle, finally, is making the ice queen do you?” The second officer joked.

“More power to him, if he is,” the first officer replied as he, manually, moved his spotlight to illuminate the park.

“Tess, make us disappear, now!” Max hissed.

Kyle looked away from the spotlight and, as it passed over them, he saw that there was no shadow from the three. He heard the two officers laugh at some comment about his love life, then they returned to their car, to continue their patrol.

“Okay, now, I have done everything you asked and have seen some strange things. I think I need answers,” he said to Max.

Max noticed that Tess’s eyes were turning back to normal. He, also, noticed that she was snuggling against Kyle as she closed them in sleep. “Yes, you do, Kyle,” Max began. “I think you agree that we are not from around here.”

“Yeah, I buy that. I think my grandpa chased you or, others like you many years ago,” Kyle stated.

Max nodded, “That is the first step. We are aliens. We, actually, are made up to be able to function on earth just like humans. There are a few perks. As you see, I can heal. Tess can bend light around us, so you can’t see us. The police officers only saw what was behind us. All of us can do different things.”

“Does this make you all super human beings?” Kyle asked.

“No, we can do different things, but we have a great weakness. That weakness is what happened to Tess. There is a gene which allows us to connect with the Antarian side of our being. Antarian character in a human body is dangerous. That is what Tess was doing tonight. The man driving off, probably, was Harvey Ruggles. He is a brute. Tess has teased him before. She ended up hurt that time, also. The Antarian gene causes us to do things that are destructive to our bodies. It floods our bodies with something like a drug. We equate pain with pleasure.” Max had told Kyle a lot about Tess’s condition.

“Do you all have it? Do you have this lust for pain? Is it controllable?” Kyle asked.

“We all have it and yes, it can be controlled, but not by us. We have found that only normal humans can control this gene and make us come down from the high when the gene is activated,” Max explained. Max looked at Tess. She was now snuggled in Kyle’s arms and sleeping peacefully; not whining, not bitching, not constantly claiming to be queen among all the others. She was a beautiful girl. Max was wondering if there would be any hope for her. Until he settled her addiction to the gene, Max couldn’t study on his own problem. Truly, healing Tess, was needed for Max to straighten out his own life.

Kyle buckled the sleeping girl into Max’s car. He went home, his head still spinning from everything he had learned. Max drove Tess to her own house and helped her to her bedroom window. He would leave her to care for herself and prepare for the day, which by look of the sky, would be soon.

Liz hadn’t used the wheel chair for several weeks now. She had two canes and by carrying her books in a backpack, she managed to make her classes with little help. At noon, she ate with her four friends. Maria and Michael, along with Alex and Isabel, were always there for her. Liz missed Max, but time was dulling the feeling. The others only mentioned Max, when Liz asked direct questions. You would never know that Isabel had an adopted brother otherwise.

Max, usually, ate alone. He still wasn’t welcome with Isabel and her friends. They still considered him a danger to Liz. He, normally, avoided Tess. She was such a strain. Now, he had a reason to seek her out. She was with a group of her girl friends, all of who were much like her. Max walked up and said, “Tess, we need to talk. Come with me.” The other girls hooted at the thought that Max could just demand Tess follow him, but to their surprise, she meekly got up and they went to the place behind the gym where Max usually ate.

“Tess, you have let a human into our group and it is going to be up to you to control him,” Max stated.

Tess glared at Max, “I wasn’t the one who told him everything.”

“No, but you would have been dead if he hadn’t found you. He is the sheriff’s son. There was no lie that I could tell that wouldn’t have made him call the police or an ambulance,” Max informed her.

Tess was a little bitter, “If he had just minded his own business, I could have called you. I am sure I would have revived in time enough to do that,” she replied.

“Tess, let me see your cell phone,” Max demanded.

Tess reached for her purse and the little pocket that the phone normally resided in. “Max, it is not here!” she exclaimed.

Max reached into his pocket and with drew the little phone. It had been crushed by the planting of a heavy heel, the shoe marks were still evident. “Tess, Harvey smashed it. He didn’t intend for you to get any help. I don’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t seen Kyle’s car driving up behind him,” Max said softly.

For some time, Tess sat there holding the crushed phone. “Was it that close, Max?” she asked.

“Yes, it was, Tess. I am not sure that I could have brought you back without Kyle. He has no idea of what he did, by the way,” Max said.

“What did he do, Max?” she asked.

“The whole time I was healing you, you were looking at Kyle through Antarian eyes. I think it was he who was bringing you back,” Max told her.

As usual, Tess was petulant. “I didn’t ask him to do that,” she said.

“No, you didn’t ask him to stop, but you did ask him to call me while you were moaning no ambulance. But, he did bring you back. That is important. Maybe, Tess your Antarian self is smarter than your human self. Maybe, it knows that you are on a road to destruction and you need help.” Max could see so clearly the path that Tess was taking. He had to stop her, but he couldn’t. From what Michael had said only a human could separate Tess from the Antarian counter part. It would have to be a human who cared. Was Kyle that person? Max didn’t know.

Lunch was over. Max couldn’t tell what humor Tess was in. She was impossible to read. She had, at least, listened when he told her how much trouble she was in. Max had a hard time liking Tess. She was one of his own kind, but her incessant talk about being queen and the fact that she used the alien gene like it was candy, worried Max. No matter what, when Max saw her huddled in a heap with her bruises and cuts, Max felt bad. When this was caused by him, on the same trip, he felt worse. Maybe, the aliens were all doomed. Then Max thought of Michael and Maria, Michael had found a home in Maria. She cared for him and loved him. It looked like their relationship would only grow stronger. There also, were Isabel and Alex. Their relationship was just starting. They were beginning to trust in each other. Was it only Max and Tess who were doomed? The difference was that in human form, Antarian could not support or control Antarian.

Max had drifted through his dreary school day. He thought many times that there had been a time when he found school exciting and he looked forward to every day. That was the time when he had Liz Parker around him. Now, Isabel had made it clear and, even Max agreed, that he was too dangerous to be near Miss Parker.

Max sat on the school step. He just couldn’t get the ambition to go home. He felt a shadow and looked up. “Hey, Max,” Liz said.

Max looked around. He nervously turned to Liz, “Isn’t it too dangerous for you to be near me?” he asked.

Liz hitched her backpack and using her canes, she sat beside him. “It probably is, but I haven’t talked to you since you removed the bullet. I wanted to see how you were doing. How is Tess?” she inquired.

“Tess is having a hard time. Liz, I am caring for her, but we aren’t together. It is only under the alien gene that I have anything to do with her,” Max explained.

Liz nodded, “I understand you are the king. You have responsibilities. Tess is one of your own kind and you are all she has. I accept that Max. I just wish we could be friends. Together in Biology, and our other talks together, were the high points of my day,” she stated.

“I know, mine also, Max said.

“Isabel and Michael have been explaining to me, about the alien gene. Maria says that only a human can control that gene. She says the four of you can’t. I was just wondering why I couldn’t help you someway. Max, it isn’t just gratitude. I really would like to help you any way I could.” Liz looked at Max for some conformation.

“Liz, until I get Tess controlled there is nothing I can do for myself. With Tess under the gene, there is nothing to stop me from following her. If I could only get her help, hopefully before she kills herself, then maybe, I could get Michael and Isabel to show me how to find controls for myself.” Max was very depressed about his future.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg8, ch11 Sept 21,09

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mary mary

Chapter 12

Kyle was with his athletic friends. They were talking about some game that they had all played. A girl walked up to him. “Kyle, can I talk to you?” Tess asked.

Normally, Tess used a lot of make up. She wore short skirts which accidentally climbed up her legs when she was sitting. She always wore very frilly panties as they were sure to be seen, in the fleeting up-skirts that always happened around her. Her blouse or sweater always accented her cleavage. The girl talking to Kyle had flowing hair with a hint of a wave. She was dressed in a dress buttoned up to the neck. The dress went below her knees. Kyle hardly recognized her. The boys who had attempted to make her hardly recognized her either. It wasn’t until Kyle had walked off with her that someone said, “Hey, wasn’t she that Tess bitch who is such a prick tease?”

“Yeah, but now I hear she is a fire cracker in the sack. Charley went with her and he said the more he hurt her the more she begged for it,” another answered.

Pauley, who no matter how much of an ass he acted, was still Kyle’s friend said, “If she is with Kyle, Don’t let him hear you call her a bitch. Kyle will kick the shit out of you if he does.”

Kyle squatted leaning against the gym. Tess sat and folded her legs and carefully spread the skirt of her dress over them. “Kyle, you probably saved my life the other night,” she whispered.

“It still seems that you would want to talk to the police or get checked out by a doctor,” Kyle said.

“Kyle, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have called him ‘pencil dick.’ While he was beating me, I kept calling him names. Harvey isn’t very smart and I was using him. I was using him to feel pain,” Tess told Kyle.

“Tess, that don’t make no sense at all. Nobody wants to feel pain,” Kyle replied, grammar be damned.

“I do, when I am following the path of the Antarians. Max says it is becoming an addiction and he is right. Max, also, says I probably will get killed following this gene. He is probably right there, also.” Tess sighed, “It will be all right. I am forcing Max to constantly follow me. As long as I live, Max can’t dump his addiction either.”

Kyle didn’t know what to say. Tess was saying that she was resigned to her death. She continued, “Kyle, I know I have a pretty bad reputation, but if you would like, I could treat you to some truly alien love. I would like to express how I feel and that is the only way I know how to do it.”

“Do you mean you are asking me to take you out on a date?” Kyle queried.

“It doesn’t have to be that formal, but if that is what you would want, Yes I am asking if you would like to take me out on a date with extras,” Tess explained.

Kyle thought, “There is a basketball meet in Carlsbad weekend after next. Is there any way you could manage to go?”

Tess nodded her head. “I will try,” she said.

Tess’s parents had been worried about her. They were sure she was on the road to disaster. Suddenly, her dress, her attitude and her tone when she spoke to them changed. For a time they thought maybe there would be a chance to, actually, see her grow up and not be in trouble. It was near the end of the week when she faced them. “Mom, Dad, a boy asked me to go to a basketball meet in Carlsbad next weekend and I would like to go.”

Mr. and Mrs. Harding looked at each other. This was probably the first time Tess had ever asked permission to do something. They had no illusions. The basketball meet would mean overnight, because Carlsbad was quite a ways from Roswell. In their minds, Tess had been sexually active for over two years. They had no way of knowing that it was, actually, only about the last six months. Usually, Tess would just go out. This time was different since she was asking for permission. Was there a point to saying no? This way, they would meet the boy and they would know whom she was with. It wasn’t the way they had dated,, but times were so different now. Tess had been so different.

Mr. Harding looked at his wife, “Tess let us talk it over and think about it. We will give you our answer tomorrow. That should be enough time to accept the invitation.”

The next day, Kyle again saw Tess walking towards him. None of the guys around him said anything where he would hear it. Kyle had made it clear that when he was with a girl and as long as he was with her, she would be respected or else. “Kyle, I asked my parents and they said they would give me their answer this evening. Do you want me to call you?” Tess asked.

“I could come by and take you to an early movie. That would give your parents a chance to meet me. Then, you could give me their answer,” Kyle stated.

Tess nodded. It would also give her an excuse to not travel the alien path with Max this weekend. If she was with Kyle, maybe, she could start to shake the addiction.

That night at home, Tess faced her parents again. “Tess, we have tried to teach you to use safe sex. We have tried to teach you to be careful and we haven’t always felt you have listened to us. Because you asked permission, we are going to say yes to the date next weekend. Again we ask you to act responsibly,” her father said.

“Thank you, daddy.” How long had it been since she had called him that? “Kyle is coming over tonight so you can meet him. We are going to an early movie tonight,” Tess replied.

This would be a first for Kyle. He bet that is would be a first for any boy in the whole damned school. He was going to meet the parents of a girl who he was going to take out for a whole weekend. Would they question him about his sex habits? Would they demand that even though he was with their daughter, that he wouldn’t lay a hand on her? Yes this was going to be interesting.

Kyle knocked on the door. He was met by Mr. Harding. “You must be Kyle. Tess will be down in a minute.” He lead Kyle into the living room and indicated a chair. “Please sit down. You are on the football team, I believe.”

Kyle was guarded, “Yes, I play Fullback.”

“That is good. Tess hasn’t shown much interest in sports before,” Mr. Harding stated.

“The idea of going to a meet with someone who is involved in sports is that they can explain every thing as the games go along,” Kyle said.

Mr. Harding nodded, “Where are you two going tonight?”

“We are going to an early movie, then, probably a coffee shop. After that I will bring her home,” Kyle explained.

“Well, we gave her permission to go with you next weekend. I hope you act responsibly; that is all,” Mr. Harding told Kyle.

Kyle wondered what did ‘act responsibly’ mean. “I drive carefully and I don’t drink, so I will be as careful as I can,” he related. Mr. Harding just nodded again.

Tess came down. Mr. Harding saw that her dress was a lot more what he would consider proper, than she usually wore on the weekend.

“You are the first boy I have ever introduced to my daddy,” she said.

“Maybe, you should try it more. He seems more than agreeable enough. Remember, he understands that we will be spending the night together at Carlsbad. That is more than any other parent I know would do,” Kyle said.

My parents think I am a lot wilder than I really am. They have given me every lecture about safe sex there is. Sometimes, I worry. Max says that I am on the road to disaster. That will hurt my parents a lot,” Tess said.

When Kyle parked his little car in front of the movie house, Tess started to open the door. “Wait a minute, Tess. I will get it for you.” Kyle called out as he scrambled to get to her side of the car.

At first, Tess was confused. After all, she was a modern woman. Most of her dates knew what she was and they considered a movie as partial payment for what they would get later. If she had been under the alien gene, she would have not even considered wasting her time on a movie. Kyle held the door and then, reached down into the little Mustang and helped her out. She had already promised Kyle a weekend so why was he so pretentious? Kyle had let her choose the movie. Considering her life, a romantic movie seemed silly, so Tess just chose a comedy. Usually, if her guy of the minute choose a movie to take her to it was either a skin-flick, if he was brave, or an action movie if he was more fearful. Most guys thought that the stimulus of an “R” rated movie or even better an “X” rated movie, if they could get in, would stimulate their girl to put out. She guessed the action movies just bolstered the boys ego to be masterful.

As she was walking into the movie house, her hand safely held on Kyle’s arm, Tess thought. Most professionals would have charged way over a hundred dollars to service most of their clients. Teenaged boys thought they could get away with a dinner and a movie and expect to be compensated. Even a hooker on the street would want fifty dollars to do what was expected on a date. What was Kyle expecting? Max said that Kyle had helped bring her back. Next Week, Tess was going to repay Kyle the only way she knew how. No, she was determined not to allow the alien gene to ruin her time with him. What would happen to her afterward, she didn’t know. Tess knew that she could keep the gene at bay for a while, but the desire, the rush and the experience of being out of this world would call again.

In Kyle’s presence, Tess actually relaxed. He either held her hand or had his arm gently resting on the movie seat behind her. That did not bring on any anxiety. Kyle told Tess that they would return by midnight. She, at first, wondered if he had plans for the almost two hours between the end of the movie and the witching hour. He made no overt moves to grab a feel or to, in anyway, take liberties. Tess soon relaxed and enjoyed the show.

At the end of the movie, Kyle walked her back to the car and, as she was reaching for the door, he beat her to it. Kyle unlocked and opened the door. Then, he helped her into the low seat. They had a soft drink and pastry at an all-night diner. Tess sat beside Kyle leaning against his chest as they watched the people come and go.

“That one, Tess he is on the evening shift. He knows his wife will be asleep when he gets home, so he is just trying to unwind before he leaves. Oh, and that one, he is a business man. He told his wife that he would work late. He has just left his secretary and trying to hurry home after he checks his face for any lipstick marks. He will put his shirt in the laundry before he goes up to his bedroom. Maybe, she will never get the scent of any strange perfume,” Kyle related.

Tess looked up at Kyle’s face. “How do you know so much about these people?” she asked.

“I don’t, but that is the fun, making up stories about people you see once, and will never see again,” he answered.

“Tess giggled. She hadn’t giggled like a little girl in a long time. “Let’s see what I can do. “See that woman over there? She also works the evening shift. She works that shift because that is when her husband can take care of the kids. They are saving up for a house. See that lady over there, the one with the high heels and the designer dress. She is a professional escort. She has left her client well satisfied and is returning home. Those two girls over there, they are having a girls night out. They can talk about boys and love without any interference.” Tess sat up and looked at Kyle, “And, this couple here, what are they doing? Pray tell.”

Kyle reached for the check, “He is going to pay the check, go to the restroom and take his girl home before it is too late,” he told her.

Kyle was waiting as Tess returned from the ladies room. He took her arm and they walked back to the car. Kyle repeated the performance as before. When he was also in the car, Tess turned to him. “Kyle, you don’t have to try so hard. I know what I am. I know what your friends will say next week when they hear that we went out. I have already promised you next weekend. It is nice, but you do not have to make the effort,” she said, a little sadly.

“Tess, my parents had a rough time of their relationship during marriage. Dad always told me that this had nothing to do with the way I treated a girl when we were out. Who you are? Tess any girl with me is a lady. It is up to me to always defend that. What my friends say is not important. What we do on a date is between us. I am not trying to impress you or your parents. I am trying to be true to myself.” With that, he leaned over and kissed her. It wasn’t a sexy kiss. It was a kiss that said he had enjoyed her company. That was something for Tess to consider. Well, she still had the awkward time at the end of the date. What would Kyle want then?

Tess had told Max that she was going out with Kyle. Max hoped that what he saw in Kyle the other night would be good for Tess. That girl was destined for a bad end, if something didn’t happen. Max worried a lot that he might be responsible for that end. If nothing happened tonight, Max could concentrate on relaxing. Isabel and Alex were at some movie. He had no idea where Michael and Maria were. He assumed they would be together.

As Max lay back, he could feel the tug of the gene pulling him. Max could never deny that the feel of power was a rush to his body. Max also saw, now that Tess no longer warped him, that the alien gene lacked something for his human soul. Power was not enough. He knew that Michael had discovered this. That was why he was so possessive of Maria and, anyone trying to force a wedge between Maria and himself, was so scorned. This, of course, led Max to think of Liz.

If Isabel or Maria had seen him sitting with Liz this afternoon, he would have been assured that they would have been there. They were both frightened that the alien gene would do something to her. Did they not trust Liz or did they not trust Max? Did they still think of Liz as a cripple, needing protection? Did they not see that she was a strong young woman, as strong spiritually as either Maria or Isabel? Maybe, Max should say as strong as Alex. It was Alex who most recently showed his ability to bring Isabel down from “the alien high.”

Did they see Max so out of control that he would treat Liz like he did Tess, when she, likewise, was under the gene? Well, Tess treated humans like that. Tess aroused things, in human lovers, that brought out their coarsest behavior. Did Liz’s friends fear that Max would do that to Liz? Did they think he would bring out behaviors in Liz that would be as detrimental to her wellbeing as was the behavior of Tess? Did they think that Max would deliberately hurt Liz while under the gene?

Kyle pulled into the driveway at Tess’s home. Tess had no worry about her parents. They might have heard the car pull in the drive, but they would be thankful that she had made it home another night. They had no idea of the nights that she had to call upon Max to heal her enough to go home.

Kyle turned to Tess and stretched out his arms. Well, she thought, it was time to pay the piper. What did Kyle want as payment for this date? Tess allowed herself to be drawn into his arms. This was no different from any number of dates she had had these many years. Overt Sex probably wouldn’t be demanded in her parents driveway. Kyle would want something, all boys did. That was their nature. What happened surprised Tess as much as it did Kyle.

As Kyle drew her to him and initiated a kiss, both the teens were given flashes from the other. It was not purposeful. The passion that they were generating, passion, not lust, caused Kyle to see the little girl lost on the desert. She was crying and when the couple picked her up, she never could believe they were going to care for her, forever. The rest of her life was one of seeking something to fall back on when the reality of her parent’s love dissolved. Sometimes, it seemed that she turned from that parental love because she never believed it would last. Tess was not finding anything else to replace it. The alien gene said love was pain. Tess was only a vessel, that would receive pain, from the king.

Tess saw the proverbial jock. She saw Kyle succeeding in sports, because he had failed as a son. Why else would his mother have left? Tess saw the dates Kyle had had before. Yes, some of them had ended up in bed. Tess did not see nor did she feel any of the pawing she found in so many of the dates she had experienced. Even when they later broke up, Kyle never thought of his ex’s as sluts or any other degradation. Any girl who had been with Kyle was a lady, his definition.

The passion they exchanged in that single kiss was almost as powerful as the alien gene. Tess would sleep soundly tonight.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg9, ch12 Sept 28,09

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Chapter 13

Isabel sensed Max’s presence in his room when she came home about Midnight. Did he finish early or was the rumor true that Kyle had taken Tess out tonight? Isabel felt a little bad when she heard that. Isabel hadn’t dated Kyle, but she didn’t dislike him. Would Tess treat Kyle like she had so many other boys? Would she force him to abuse her by angering him to the point of loosing control? Isabel hoped not.

As she undressed for bed, her flesh tingled from the memories of Alex’s touch. She felt shades falling on her eyes, but they were repelled by thoughts of Alex. Isabel no longer feared the alien gene. As long as she had Alex, it would remain under control.

Maria had left Michael at his apartment and she was now home. She glanced in her mother’s room and she wasn’t home yet. Maria’s mother, Amy, was seeing the sheriff. Since they both had teenagers at home, neither felt comfortable at the other’s house. Maria knew that Amy and the sheriff would be at the motel on the other side of town. Amy would be home about four in the morning. Maria and Michael had been talking that night. The question they still brought up between them was that they should have told the others when Michael discovered the gene.

Michael had, at first, been so embarrassed that he didn’t want to talk about it. Now thinking, if they had all known about the gene, would Tess have done so much experimenting on her own? Maybe, she could have learned about the gene with the others and not used it like a drug. Maybe, they would have understood the gene as something natural as they grew up and that the control by humans was natural, also.

Earlier when she had gone to bed, Liz had lain quietly for a long time. Isabel had suggested that maybe Liz should give up any plans with Max. Max was too much out of control and his actions with Tess were too outrageous. “Liz, could you ever trust a man with that behind him? Wouldn’t you always be afraid that the gene would come back?” Isabel had asked.

Now, Liz was thinking. Didn’t Michael and Isabel have the same problem? Max had told her that until Tess found some accommodation, he could not think about himself. If somehow, Tess found peace in some manner, wouldn’t Max be no different from the successful aliens, Michael and Isabel? Would she be any different from Maria or Alex? They had pledged their loyalty to care for their aliens. Liz had talked to Alex. At first, he was embarrassed at describing what went on between himself and Isabel. This was Liz asking. She wasn’t being voyeuristic or anything. Alex knew that Liz still had a thing for Max. Liz was just trying to see if she had what it would take to control his gene.

The school week was no different from any other. Max stayed alone. Isabel and Alex would sometimes stop with Liz and Maria. Then, they would disappear for private time somewhere on the campus. Michael would never be far from Maria. Tess was seen but no one could remember talking to her.

Max did feel a relief that Tess wasn’t hanging on him. He, also, saw that she wasn’t setting up some other boy. Harvey Ruggles, seldom said anything to anyone. He knew that he wasn’t smart. He, also, knew that this time he might have gone too far with that blonde bitch. Because of his size and temper, Harvey had never had anyone challenge him like she did. After beating her up that first time, he was surprised that the cops hadn’t at least talked to him. He had tried to think of what to say if the authorities did question him. His mind wasn’t that agile. He was just relieved when no one came by. The second time, she had deliberately taunted him. To tell the truth, Harvey couldn’t remember much past her calling him pencil dick. Homicidal tendencies had blossomed forth that night. He smashed her cell phone and he felt that he had really hurt her. Harvey panicked when he saw that Mustang of the sheriff’s son. Kyle was tough and he probably wasn’t afraid of Harvey. Once again, Harvey had spent time quivering, thinking about authorities wanting to talk to him. No one could have been more surprised when he saw Tess walking across the campus the next Monday.

Tess did stop a few times to talk to Kyle. Kyle’s friends looked at each other, but they had the good sense not to say anything. Friday, Students who held tickets for the basketball meet could get off at noon. Kyle picked up Tess and they went to her home to get her bags. Both her parents were there. Kyle felt a little uneasy. This was the first time he had taken a girl with the intention of sleeping with her and her parents were there to send them off.

They checked into a motel, left their bags, grabbed a quick lunch and were at the first game. Of course, the afternoon games were mostly just the parents so the stands were not very full. Roswell hadn’t made it to the finals, so Kyle had the whole two days to just watch. Of course, he also would be entertaining Tess.

Tess was sitting on one tier of the bleachers and Kyle was on the tier right behind her. She was leaning against his legs while he rested his arms on her shoulders and bent over time to time to explain. “Tess, Hobbs is playing Carlsbad. Now Hobbs is probably the better team. They use a zone defense, which means each player is assigned an area of the court to defend. Carlsbad usually plays an individual man defense, which means each of their players will guard a certain player. These are not compatable ways of playing, so we will have to see which team is able to force the mode of play,”

At first, Tess didn’t understand what Kyle was saying. Then, she noticed that Hobbs players didn’t move around as much when Carlsbad had the ball. When Hobbs would get the ball, they would throw it to two certain players who Carlsbad would gang up on. Several times, she saw Hobbs out maneuver Carlsbad to make a point. Hobbs did seem better, the final score was 95 to 90 in favor of Hobbs.

The next game was Alamogordo against Albuquerque, LaCueva high school. They both were excellent teams. Alamogordo though had two star players. Much like the game before, it was soon evident that they always fed the ball to either of these two boys. At the half time, Alamogordo was ahead 20 points. By the half, LaCueva was double guarding the two shooters, every time Alamogordo had the ball. The second half of the game, the coach must have really given LaCueva a pep talk. They came on strong and it was seen that the two players from Alamogordo were tiring. The game ended up 86 to 85 in favor of LaCueva.

In the break, Kyle sat with Tess at a table as they were drinking a coke. “You can see the excitement when no one knows who is going to win,” he said. Styles of play, the players flexibility of play, just pure luck and, of course, the most determination. This makes the game exciting. At a meet like this one, most of the teams are paired with others of similar levels,” Kyle explained.

Kyle was taking responsibility to try to explain to Tess. Tess had gone to games with jocks before. Most of the time, they just cheered the game and sometimes in the excitement, they would maul her a little. Usually, the jocks would see the game for their entertainment and Tess was just along for dessert. By the last game that night, Tess was almost able to see the strategy of the players. She was able to see stupid moves as well as team cooperation.

They went back to the motel. Now, it was time for Tess to pay. Tess, at first, was bothered because Kyle wanted to just hold her as he talked about the games today. Finally, she got up and taking some things from her bags she went into the bathroom. Tess showered. Something, she did not usually do before making love. Making love, who was she kidding? Tess knew who she was. Tess was just a sex object. All she would be doing was fucking Kyle. If she invoked the genes of Antar, then she would be doing even less. She wouldn’t even know that she was fucking him.

At first, Tess had felt great disappointment at what she hoped would be hers as the queen. Later, under the continued influence of the genes, she accepted the rush of the transformation and even the rush of Max healing her. Tonight, there would be no Max. Tess was completely under the command of Kyle. Kyle would be no different from any other boy once she had his clothes off or he had hers off.

Tess, to her credit, had done her research. To so many high school kids, sex was simply; up skirts, off panties and drop pants. Maybe, they had reveled in some touches along the way. The act took place in a car or on a blanket in some semi-secluded location, but there was always the fear that intruders would arrive if the act took too long. Tess had Kyle alone, all to herself and there would be no interference. Going to the library every night this week, Tess had been studying. She had read romance novels, and looked up famous courtesans. Her parents remarked at the change in their daughter. She had made a rush order from Victoria’s Secrets, delivered to her friend, who she house sat for. Tess was going to make this memorable for Kyle if she could;.

Tess got to thinking about Max. She had gotten him alone in that house that first night. Tess, then, had only been thinking of the alien gene. Anything beyond that, she hadn’t given any thought. After her first night with Max it was no different from any high school sex. Secluded places and sleazy motels were the norm except that under the gene, Tess always received more abuse. Tonight, Tess had no idea what the gene would do. For the first time, she was approaching a boy with a bit of fear.

Kyle had been talking to Tess because he also had a bit of trepidation about the openness of the night. There would be no ducking as police search light swept the parked car. There would be no phone calls wondering when the girl would be home. This was not a spontaneous thing. Kyle’s first view of heaven was when Tess came out of the bathroom. Her negligee was of white gauze, ending above the knee in brocaded lace. The translucency was darkened strategically to tantalize the vision. The effect was not for any modesty, but to arouse the imagination. The briefness of the garment would allow easy access to her whole body. Tess enhanced the whole effect by standing for his inspection, her hands clasped in front of her and her blue eyes cast down.

Kyle quickly came back to earth. He grabbed a toothbrush, entered the bathroom and removed his clothes down to his boxers. With A damp cloth, he attempted to wash himself off and reappeared, his groin hurting so badly that he could hardly make it to the bed.

When Kyle took her into his arms, his libido took a down turn. On looking up, her eyes now had dark scales on them. They seemed to grow in size. Her voice was strange. “Take me, now. Let me know the pain of your oppression. Show me that you are worthy to have a queen in your bed,” She seemed to say. Kyle had trouble telling where the voice came from.

She squirmed in his grasp as he held her even tighter. “Tess,” Kyle said, “come back to me. I am not a monster nor will I make love to a monster. I know you are there, somewhere. Come back.”

“Are you so week that you cannot force me to do your bidding? Hit me, beat me, make me do your will,” the rough voice of Tess stated.

“Tess, you promised me a special night. You promised me a night of pleasure for caring for you when you were with Max. Tess, a queen does not go back on her promise. Tess come back to me as a girl I can love,” Kyle ordered. Kyle had never considered that Tess owed him anything. He had cared for her because that was the thing to do. Kyle was stronger than many of the boys she had been with, stronger than even Max when he was under the gene. Kyle was demanding that Tess come to him as a human girl and make mutual love.

No one was more surprised than Kyle, unless it, maybe, was Tess. A sudden shadow was lifted from her being. Her body now enshrouded in the sexy negligee was quivering in his arms. Her blue eyes, filled with tears, looked into his face. Kyle had brought the gene under control. His hands went under her garment. Her smooth skin was warm to his touch. Upward his hands moved and she was naked before him. Kyle dropped his boxers and they collapsed on the bed. Not forgetting the condoms he had laid out, Kyle made love to Tess. Maybe, this was for her, the first time. Maybe, she had never experienced “love,” before.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg9, Author's note oct8, 09

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Chapter 14

Both parties had retired to the bathroom to wash up. Now with a clean set of boxers and Tess back in her negligee, they sat at a small table in their motel room. Kyle must remember to wash out his boxers so he would have a fresh pair for going home Sunday. Tess reached across the table, taking one of Kyle’s hands. “You did it, Kyle. You controlled the genes of Antar.” She was looking in his face for something. “Kyle, if this is to be a one a time thing, I need to know. Now that the gene is controlled, I need to arrange to not let it loose again.”

Kyle made a face at her. “You mean to say that you once allowed me to taste alien love, and now, I won’t be allowed to do it again?”

Tess stuttered. That is not what she meant. “Kyle, I know what people say of me. They are completely right. I thought I was the first to find the Alien gene and I exploited it for all I could. I was an alien junkie for some time. To control the gene would take a lot of responsibility. You may be neither ready nor desire to undertake this. You have your life and I might not be the girl you want to live it with.”

Kyle swallowed a little. This sounded like marriage. Marriage sounded like give up all others for the … The sake of the most out of this world relationship he could ever have. Kyle sobered a moment. “What about Evans?” he asked.

“Max wants me to get the gene under control. Two aliens have no chance of controlling it. They just make each other worse. Max wants to go on with his life,” Tess explained.

Kyle nodded, “If I did this?” and he reached for Tess, “and I did this,” Kyle pulled her face close to his, “Would we have to go through all that big eyed stuff?”

Tess leaned against him. Her lips seeking his, she murmured, “No, as long as you keep the alien gene locked up.”

They did have a problem. They were two hours late the next morning for the meet. The coach had arranged the school to pay for their tickets. He expected his boys to attend. Now, one of his players, a boy who might just be in a leading roll for next season, had brought his girlfriend. Coach had no idea how he had done that. The school had paid for the tickets, but the students had to arrange their own travel and their own motel expenses. Coach had talked a parent into taking a van, but Kyle informed him that he wanted to drive himself. Now, Coach knew why.

Kyle and Tess were seated again in the bleachers. At the first break between games, Coach grabbed Kyle and pulled him off to the side. “Look Valenti, you are supposed to be watching these games. You are supposed to be learning. You show up with that split tail and make a mockery of this meet.”

Kyle looked at the coach with the clearest eyes coach had ever seen. “Coach, don’t ever refer to any girl I am with that way. Tess and I may be together for some time. I pay better attention than most of the guys on the squad. We had some difficult things to work out last night. Now I think they are worked out. Tess is trying to learn about sports so we have something to talk about. I haven’t violated any rules. I did not signup with your group for the very reason I didn’t want to be under those rules. Several boys came with their parents. You do not harangue them. Don’t harangue me. Tess’s parents know where she is. My dad does, also. I am sorry for being late, but I still bet I know more than most of the rest of the team about what is going on with the meet.”

If Kyle had shown any flash of fear, the coach would have lit into him. Kyle was right. He was not technically under coach’s supervision except for when he was at the gym proper. Coach backed off, but he continued to glare at Kyle. Something had happened to Kyle, he was even more self assured than normal.

Kyle went back to explaining the games to Tess. Now, she was asking intelligent questions. She was even arguing with him on points that she felt he had said differently last night. Coach watched the couple. Coach also watched the other boys. Several of them seemed very bored. Even for athletic enthusiasts games all last evening, games all day today, unless their attention is held by something else, they tend to drift.

After Lunch, Kyle and the little blonde were back at it again. This time, she had a team list and she was making notes. Kyle would lean over and correct some of them. Sometimes, she would slap his hand away claiming that she was sure of her own observation.

Coach had his boys home by seven that evening. He called the Harding residence. “Mr. Harding, are you aware that your daughter was in Carlsbad this weekend with Kyle Valenti?” he asked.

“Yes, are they in any trouble?” the voice on the other end of the phone asked.

“No,” the coach’s voice seemed strained. “are they home, yet?”

Again, on the other end of the line, “No, they were going to see some of the sights around Carlsbad this afternoon and tomorrow morning. They should be home sometime tomorrow afternoon. Do you need to talk to Kyle? I will tell him you called.”

“Never mind,” coach answered. He was sure that he would be getting Kyle in trouble. Kyle was known for being respectful on the field. His father would not tolerate any bullying of his son. Coach guessed he would just drop it for now.

Kyle and Tess spent the afternoon being tourists. They visited the Native New Mexico Zoo that was sponsored by the university in Las Cruces, wildlife department. “Kyle, do you think we will come again? Tess asked.

“Probably,” Kyle answered. “Why?”

“Well, it might be nice to visit the Carlsbad Caverns but that would take a whole day,” Tess said.

As they were walking, Kyle thought. She is looking ahead into the future. Then he voiced, “Tess, what does this control the alien genes mean? Are we going steady, engaged, married or what?”

Tess looked at Kyle. “It means all of the above and none of the above. We don’t come with instructions,” she stated. “The others who are in this relationship consider that they will have a long time together. They feel that the depth of the alienness makes one want to continue the relationship. I ask that when you want to move on, you will let me know so I can prepare to control the gene.”

Kyle thought again, this is more complicated than he realized. “Tess, what happens to one of you if your human partner is killed or gets sick?” he asked.

This conversation bothered Tess. She didn’t have any answer for Kyle on any of these questions. Tess could easily see that one death or abandonment could destroy all four of the couples as they struggled to control the genes of Antar. She also saw that each alien had the responsibility of doing their best to find within their human contentment for themselves which would contribute to a long successful relationship.

That nightTess was dressed in her negligee. It was still clean because it hadn’t been worn while they had made love last night. Tonight, it was just eye candy. She knew that Kyle enjoyed seeing her in it. Kyle was talking about the future as he saw it. “I hope to get an athletic scholarship at a state college. I would like to, eventually, be a coach in the public schools. Whatever our relationship is, I want it to include college,” he stated.

“None of the wild things I ever did made it into official records. I probably would like to teach, also. If we can hold things together, I might like to teach. Marriage is just a state of legalese. If you intend to help me control the gene you will have to stay near. We might get married along the way or might not. I would like to be married, eventually,” Tess said.

Kyle gave a sort of laugh, “This is only the third night we have been together. Here we are making planes for the rest of our lives. This isn’t normal.”

Tess looked at Kyle very seriously. “No, Kyle this isn’t normal. This is very alien. If you want out, please tell me as soon as possible.”

Kyle got up and went into the bathroom. Boxers, having been washed and laid out that morning, were now fresh. Kyle washed off and brushed his teeth. How much did Kyle value his freedom? Last night, when weighed against the fresh feeling of alien love, freedom held little promise. Kyle had to think. Did he want a succession of conquests to remember in his elder days or did he want the security of someone who he shared both affection and life long plans? Would he miss the next woman who he could compare to the last and think whether she was better or worse? Would he miss always knowing that he had given up the best that he would ever have? Better in so many ways.

Kyle returned from the bathroom and gathered Tess in his arms. He could feel her living body, her heart beating underneath the negligee. You only get one time around with an alien. Kyle, now, knew he didn’t want to loose it.

Sunday slightly after lunch, Kyle returned Tess to her home. The Hardings were watching as he opened the door for her reached in the back seat for her bags and Tess walked beside him to the door. Mrs. Harding was waiting at the door. Tess kissed her mother on the cheek, an action that hadn’t happened for years. “Hey, Daddy. Take me to a basketball game. I know all about it, now,” Tess called out.

Mr. Harding met Kyle just outside the door. Mr. Harding shook hands and said, “I hope you both behaved yourselves and had a good time.”

On the way home Kyle was wondering what did he mean, ‘behave yourselves.’ They had had a good time.

Sunday evening Isabel came back from the mall. She had briefly met Tess there. Tess was buying some running shorts and some sports shorts a long with running shoes. Isabel saw that Tess also had several pair of sleep shorts along with some boys extra long tee-shirts. They talked briefly but Isabel had lots to tell Max when she got home.

Max had had a rough time that weekend. He had spent the whole time in his room listening to dreary music. Isabel had asked him to turn it down, but no matter how low it was turned, it seemed to seep into her room also. He hadn’t heard anything from Tess. The alien gene had beat on his mind unmercifully. Since Tess hadn’t called, Max concentrated on holding the gene down. Max had no notion of going to a human girl with this gene. He had no notion of going to a human girl anyway except for Liz Parker.

Tess was on the road to destruction. A tiny part of Max almost wished she would do something to kill herself. He would grab his mind at that thought. No, Max wouldn’t wish that on anybody. He did allow himself the wish that she would find a way to control her gene. If she would free him, then he could also try to control his own.

“Hey, Max,” Isabel called. “Tess spent the weekend with Kyle in Carlsbad. She wasn’t harmed in anyway, so my guess is, they tamed the gene. She told me Kyle said he would stay with her. Tess says she can’t tell if he will or not. She doesn’t have much trust in boys. She is trying to do everything she can to develop common interest with him. You need to talk to Kyle and see if he intends to do the same. If they both work at it, I think we will have a success. We need to include Kyle in our meetings next time they occur.

Isabel called Maria and she was relating the story to Michael. “The gerbil has now spent the weekend with my almost step brother, Kyle. I can’t wait to get Kyle alone and get the real skinny about what happened.”

Kyle was at home alone. His father had gone out with Maria’s mother. “All right, Kyle give. What happened this weekend?” Maria demanded.

“Maria, you know that I don’t kiss and tell,” Kyle told her.

“Kyle, you are almost my brother. Let’s just skip the fumbling of our parents and call ourselves relatives. Now, tell me what happened this weekend. Did you control the gene? What is your future like?” she asked.

Kyle shrugged. She already knew so much, but he was determined that the really private stuff between himself and Tess would remain that, private. “She doesn’t trust me, I think, she has been hurt by many people. I think she is also worried about her relationship with Max. She says it is disastrous!”

“What is your stand on Tess? Are you going to stand by her?” Maria asked.

“If I can. Remember, you are all more used to this alien stuff than I am. Tess is trying so hard. She really wants to belong somewhere,” Kyle stated.

“Kyle, if you can’t do this, then let Tess know soon. It could be dangerous for all of us if you have to leave her. My situation with Michael is solid. Unless one of us is hurt, we intend to always be together. The same with Isabel and Alex. They are newer at this, but they seem to be making progress,” Maria related.

“What about Max?” Kyle asked.

“That is the question. If Tess finds comfort, then maybe, Max can move on. We are not sure to where he wants to move to,” Maria felt that she now had the information she wanted.

“I always thought he had something for Liz. He was all over her when she was crippled. Then, he took off with Tess. What was that all about?” Kyle inquired.

“The gene, Kyle, the gene was what pulled Max to Tess. It can’t be allowed to fix on another alien. If it does, it just destroys both of them. These aliens are not manufactured to go to each other. They are supposed to go to humans.” Maria agreed that Kyle was going to have to be included in the meetings from now on. Learning about the gene and how to control it was a group effort. Kyle could have his private time with his alien, but he needed to know the dangers and also, more of the benefits. Maria and Alex both felt that their relationships were good, better than good. They were the best that either would ever find.

Isabel and Maria were talking. “We have to talk to Liz. I don’t want her to get into something that she doesn’t understand. If Max had been human, there is no way I would want a friend to associate with him. Any human who did things like Max did to Tess, could never be trusted. The human side of Max is very gentle. The Alien gene just must be controlled and a human is the only one who can do this,” Isabel stated.

Maria nodded. “Liz still grieves for what she saw in Max. She doesn’t know the complete story about Tess. I think I should be the one to tell her. After all, we have been best friends for the longest time,” Maria said.

The next thing for Isabel was to talk to Max. With Tess gone all weekend Max had struggled with the gene. “Max, it looks like Tess will, for a time be with Kyle. Kyle feels he has subdued the gene. He feels she will not stray far. Once her mind was cleared, she fears the gene as much as the rest of us. Before, she was always under the gene. Now, they are spending most of their time together.” Isabel had to giggle a little. “Alien courtships don’t just extend for long times. They either work or they are a disaster. If they work, then they will be a couple. Kyle has to feel that he is getting more from Tess than he would ever get from someone else. Tess says at least Kyle wants a stable relationship. He grieves about the situation of his mother and father,” Isabel explained.

Max was sitting on his bed as she talked. “What about Liz? Will she ever trust me?” he asked.

“Liz has to see you separate from the alien side. She has to believe in the human Max. She probably needs to talk to Kyle. Maybe, you should talk to him, also. Max, it is a lot to ask someone to take the responsibility for controlling the alien gene,” Isabel related.

“You asked Alex to. How do you feel about that?”

“I feel that I will give Alex all the love I can for the rest of our lives. I don’t ever want him to think of what he might have missed deciding to be with me this early in life. With Maria, I am not sure. She wears the spurs with Michael. I am not sure he asked her, but rather, she just took over and he understands how much he needs her. Of course, she needed him. He has brought a lot of stability in her life, also.” Isabel was thinking of how much aliens needed humans. It was their responsibility to return to the humans a strong enough relationship that the humans felt satisfied with the situation. Humans were flighty. That would always be a worry for aliens. Home must always look and be better than other pastures.

“I, sort of, pushed Kyle that night. I could have taken Tess in my arms and healed her. I could not have brought her back down off the gene. That had to be done by him. I hope Kyle will be all right because of this,” Max said.

Isabel stood to return to her own room. “That is another reason that you should try to talk to him as soon as possible.” And she was gone.

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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg10, ch14 oct11, 09

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Chapter 15

Aliens were strange creatures. Well, they were alien. Aliens assumed relationships for themselves way beyond their years. That is their years, if they had been human. Puberty for human children was filled with questions about themselves and those around them, especially the opposite sex. Maybe, it wasn’t the alienness of the four teens, but rather, the mixture of the two species. The ganderium had mixed the two DNAs and made a viable creature.

Any species must have a demarcation line between child and adult. This was usually controlled by the hormones which told the body that now it was adult and must consider perpetuation of the species or what ever mixture there of. To Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael, this would be the knowledge about the alien gene. Parents and older members are supposed to guide youth through this period. There were no “knowledgeable” parents to help this foursome.

Maria and Michael had stumbled on the correct way to enter adulthood where Max and Tess had experimented and thus, found dangerous things about their puberty. Isabel had been lucky. When time came to express her urges to enter puberty, she was discovered by Michael and Maria. They quickly prevented Isabel from making any mistakes. Isabel was also lucky that she had already expressed interest in a human who became willing to assist her without question.

Maria intended to have her long put-off talk with Liz. As usual, the first thing Liz would say was “ How is Max doing?”

That was a help. Liz still was very interested in Max. She didn’t completely understand what he was doing with Tess that had the aliens so worried. Was Max just going with Tess because she was like him, an alien? Or, was there something more? Everytime she talked to Isabel or Maria they seemed to put her off. “We don’t completely understand what is happening,” was the answer from either of them. Liz was sure there was more and she was sure her two friends knew more. Maria had told her that she wanted to completely explain everything today.

“Liz, you are a biology student. You know a lot about human biology. I am going to tell you some things. Some of these will be embarrassing to me because they happened to me, personally. I studied very late last night because I wanted to put things in ways you could accept them. We are talking about two species. Maybe it is three species, human, true alien and the hybrids we have in Roswell. Maybe, species is not the word for it. I read last night about classifications. The true alien may even be of another kingdom.” Maria had studied very hard. If she had studied this hard for Biology test, she would have made a much higher grade.

“We all know about humans. Cute shy little boys can become complete assholes. This can be observed by walking down any high school hallway. Some of your girlfriends change so that you hardly know them. Girls you ran around with and they went Ewuu… when you talked about boys, now flaunt their bodies to attract them every chance they get. Now, none of us know much about true aliens. From what both Tess and Max tell us, they are not much into the touchy-feely sort of relationships. They seem to be very violent, especially the aristocratic ones. Maybe because of the healing powers, they don’t worry much about personal injury. According to Max, there is a lot of killing, sort of like some of our big cities on Saturday night.” Maria thought she was doing fairly well so far.

Now, we come to our third group that is represented by our Roswell friends. It seems that at puberty, they have a choice. They can trigger their Antarian personality or they can stay human. Now we think, age can develop this, sexual tension can set it off and we are sure that given proper age, that seduction can set it off.” Maria stopped to let Liz think.

“Maria, these things about aliens, you couldn’t have gotten from a book. How do you know so much about this?” Liz asked.

“Chica, Michael and I have been a lot more than just friends for over a year now. The second time we were together, he turned all alien on me. I sat up, stark naked, and told him that I would walk out on him and never come back if he didn’t return to the Michael I knew. I remember I had walked across the floor and opened the door. I was going to walk right out of that room without a stitch on if he didn’t comeback to me. There would be times when his eyes would cloud up and it would seem that his personality would change. I would just stand firm and he would soon comeback. We hadn’t seen another serious sign of the gene until the other night. Isabel had first triggered her gene and Michael was the first one there. When I arrived, his eyes were black and I could feel him leaving. Isabel opened her arms to him and he was going to accept her. I was late because I had fetched Alex. Isabel had already expressed affection for Alex, and of course, he was drooling over her. I shoved him into her arms and he brought her down to earth mighty fast.” Maria grimaced. She knew what was coming next.

“What about Max and Tess?” Liz asked.

“Tess led Max on a different path. Tess was always convinced that she would be a queen and there would be a king who would raise her to rule. She led Max down the alien path. The alien path is for alien bodies. To humans it is just too destructive.”

Then, Maria turned to Liz and taking her hands she said, “Chica, you have to make some decisions here. You can either see that two aliens were following their natural course of things. Or, you can see Max, under the influence of the gene, was raping Tess and knocking the crap out of her. All of this with her permission and assistance.” Maria stopped. That had been a bit more blunt than she had intended, but Liz had to recognize this at some point.

Liz withdrew her hands from Maria. She had never known the situation between Max and Tess was that bad. She really had trouble believing it, but her best friend Maria wouldn’t lie about something like this. “I can hardly believe it. Max was so gentle when he was with me,” Liz stated.

“Max is gentle,” Maria returned. “His Antarian counter part, I believe he said his name was Zan, is not. Zan is not only an alien, but some royalty and he feels that he has no laws, but himself. He sees nothing wrong in abusing Tess, who he sees as a slave given to him to use. She may call herself a queen, but to Zan, she is just for his amusement. Max has refused to allow Zan to have any human partners. He says Zan only wants to inflict pain.”

Maria looked at Liz. Liz was still shaken. There was more to tell and she hoped Liz would stay with her to hear it all. “Now, Tess wasn’t that kind either. She would call on the gene when she was out with humans. The gene would taunt the humans to displays of power and anger. That is how she met Kyle. One of her dates,” Maria hastened to finish this part. She didn’t want Liz to think Kyle would abuse someone. “left Tess by side of the road and Kyle wanted to call the authorities. Tess forced him to call Max. This time it was Kyle who brought her off the gene. The rest is history. Kyle is now accepting the responsibility for controlling the gene. Max is now free.” Whew, Maria felt she had completed 20 all day tests. She had studied her information and built up what she knew personally. Now, it would be up to Liz. Maria got up to leave. Liz gave her a feeble wave and the last thing Maria saw was Liz sitting in deep thought.

If Max were human, Liz would have never spoken to him again. Any human committing the actions that were attributed to Max would someday, in stress, return to those actions. Abuse was a mental sickness. What kind of faith should Liz assume about the control of the gene? Maria seemed to be the expert. Liz, had known that Maria and Michael were close. She guessed her own troubles this last year had kept her from seeing how close they were. Liz also, knew that Isabel and Alex were going together. Thinking about Alex’s sex life was strange. Alex was like her brother. Liz wanted him to have a happy life, but she wasn’t sure of how much information she wanted to know about it. Now, thinking about Kyle and Tess, from what Maria had said, the aliens were dependant on their humans to control the gene. Liz had dated Kyle. In fact, before Kyle Liz had had two episodes of teen love, each lasting for less than a week. She had indulged in a lot of kissing, a lot of it, not far from her front door, so she had felt a certain security. With Kyle, he seemed to always want more. She was shot so she never learned of how far she was willing to go. She had watched Kyle from her wheel chair. He had quite a reputation with the girls. Was this boy willing to grow into a man caring for Tess?

Thinking about the time she spent in a wheelchair brought her back to Max. She remembered how he carried her into science class. She remembered their conversations together. She remembered the night he removed the bullet. Doubt had been already forming. Was Max supposed to be with Tess? According to Maria, coupling of two of them was a disaster. It was never intended that Max and Tess be together. In fact, a lot of harm to both of them was caused because of that.

Liz remembered that night. Maria had picked up Liz and her wheelchair. They were going to a girl party, Maria had told Liz’s parents. This was a place where they could cuss out boys and only listen to girl’s sides of stories. Jeff had frowned, but Nancy had laughed.

They had laid Liz out on the couch. Max had started to unbuttoned her blouse. It was Isabel who completed this. They were taking more liberties than she had ever allowed any date. Max did not touch her underwear. He placed his hand on her bare skin and asked her to look into his eyes. Liz didn’t feel anything. When he was through, the pain had gone down and her legs were tingling like they were stuck with pins. That continued for several days. Finally, she could feel. She could feel! She wanted to shout this for all to hear. They all told her that she must not tell anyone about this. She, also, should never tell anyone about their secret. Then the next week, she saw Max with again Tess. Oh yes, when Max was through, she found that under his hands, there were now two silver handprints. Max warned her to be careful and not let anyone see them. They vanished in a few days.

Max was waiting to hear from Maria. A lot of his plans would depend on what she said. Isabel was still very protective of Liz. She told Max that he had to hold that gene back, no matter what. Max was trying. Even Isabel admitted that he was working hard. Now this was coming up on the second week without any influence from Tess. The gene was fighting to get loose. The fact that Max stayed in his room did not give it much chance. Listening to that dreary music did not cause Max many erotic thoughts either human or alien. “Max, you must never subject Liz to the alien side of yourself,” Isabel told him. “She is now trying to decide if she can separate you from the alien things you and Tess did. Maria explained everything. We thought that coming from Maria, Liz would believe and, seeing Maria’s life with Michael, Liz might think better of you.”

Liz walked over to where Kyle was standing. For once, he was without Tess. Liz could walk with the aid of one cane now. That was a help. Liz couldn’t sit on the ground, so they walked over to a bench on the far side of the commons. Liz got right down to basics. “Kyle, is it true that you are with Tess, now?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess my wandering days are cut short,” he responded.

“Do you regret it, Kyle. You always got around with the girls. Do you regret being with only one, now?” Liz again inquired.

Kyle’s eyes narrowed, “What’s this all about Liz? You know that we never had much of a future together. You weren’t ready for what I wanted,” Kyle stated.

‘I know, Kyle, and I probably am not ready, yet. I have talked to Maria and Isabel. I was just wondering how you and Tess were doing. That is all. Liz wasn’t very good with this conversation.

“Oh, you mean the alien thing. Well, I don’t want to insult anyone, but no girl I ever went with gave me the feeling and satisfaction I received from Tess. We are even making our college plans together.” Kyle was so sure of what he said. Liz left him slowly making up her own mind.

Like most smart boys, Kyle stayed out of other peoples love affairs. Maybe, he felt he owed Max. After all, Max had set Kyle up with Tess. He could have just as easily kept her for himself. Oh, no, that would mean that alien-alien thing and everyone was telling Kyle that this would be dangerous. Well, he was still going to have a talk with Max.

“Hey, Kyle, what’s happening,” Max called out.

“Not much, Max. I just wanted to see how you were getting along,” Kyle replied.

Max really didn’t want to see Kyle. Max really didn’t want to see anyone. The gene was really trying to burst through. Visions of Tess kept cropping up in his mind. Since Max was preserving his human integrity, the visions weren’t doing very much. In calms between the spasms from the gene, Max was remembering the many pleasant times with Liz. The gene had tried to grab those thoughts of Liz, but Max, stubbornly refused to see Liz in ways that an alien would.

“Liz has been asking about you,” Kyle said.

“What has she been asking?” Max asked.

“She was indirect. She started asking how I felt about Tess. She wanted to know if I intended to stay with Tess a long time. At first, I thought she wanted to start something up with me again. I think it was just my ego, which needed stroking. Now, I didn’t want that to happen. Then, I saw that she was really asking, if I was going to keep Tess busy for an extended time. She really wanted to know if you were going to be free. I don’t intend to be meddling, but I wanted to let you know.” With that, Kyle left Max to return to his own thoughts.
Summer to Remember an action adventure story
Ninth Floor a story for Halloween

Coming soon, "Divorce." Who was at fault? Is the single dating life what they both really want?
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg11, ch15 oct 18, 09

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mary mary
Michelle in Yonkers or L.A.

Author's note; It has been asked that if Max healed Liz why did she have to use a cane. there is some distance between being healed and regaining ability of movement. I am afraid that I put some of myself into this story. Last Christmas I could only walk, just barly, with crutches or a walker. Now, though I still use two canes, I occasionally, now, find my self off forgetting my canes so I guess that i am getting better. A person looses their ability of movement a lot faster than they gain it back. The witness of this is that Liz is young. She will take Max to a dance soon. By that time she will no longer need her cane.


The first day Max returned to eat with Isabel, Michael, Maria, Alex and Liz he was very wary. Would they accept him or would Isabel ask him to leave? Tess was notably absent. Max guessed that she and Kyle still felt like outsiders. Isabel and Maria were watching Max like hawks. When he came up Liz moved her cane and made room for him beside her. The conversation was light. When they were prepared to return to class Max intended to walk Liz to class. He saw Isabel jab Alex in the ribs and Alex picked up Liz’s book as Isabel called, “Come on Liz, we will walk you to class.”

Max did pass Tess before school was out. “Hey Max,” she called out. “How are you doing?”

“Fine, Tess. How are things with you and Kyle?” he asked in return.

“Okay, Max.” Then, she got real serious. “Max, it is so hard to always keep the gene down.”

“Tell me about it, Tess. We both encouraged the gene too much. Michael says it gets easier with time. Now, you just have to stay near Kyle. Remember, you depend on him,” Max told her.

“What about you, Max? Who do you depend on?” Tess inquired.

“There is no one, Tess,” Max answered shortly.

“I am sorry, Max. I really thought we were meant to be together,” Tess stated.

“I know, Tess. Your health has been my number one priority. I am glad the Kyle relationship is working,” Max said very softly.

Tess walked on to where she hoped Kyle would be. Kyle walked up to her, putting his arm around her, he bent her face up for a kiss. “I talked with Max a minute,” Tess said.

“Oh, and what did he have to say?” Kyle inquired.

“He said he had strong concerns about my health. I, also, think he is having a hard time,” Tess related.

“There is nothing you can do, Tess. The more you go near him, the harder it will be for the both of you,” Kyle stated.

“Yeah, I know. I just feel badly there isn’t anyone who can help him like you do me,” Tess said sadly. They walked on to classes, Kyle with his arm around her and she leaning her head against his chest.

Isabel and Max still didn’t have much clear dialog going on at home. This was worrying Philip and Diane. They were civil, but there was no good-natured banter going on at meal time like there was that first week. They would both soon reach 18 and be officially adults. Philip and Diane were still willing to help guide them as much as they could. Neither had any idea of the alien problems puberty, and beyond, was causing.

“What about it, Isabel. Do you think Liz would want to be seen with me?” Max asked.

“If she is with you, I want both of you to be seen until we are sure you are safe to be with her,” Isabel answered.

You know that if I am with her, eventually, we will have to face the gene together. This would be something the two of us would have to face. It couldn’t be public,” Max stated.

Isabel sighed, “I know Max.” Then she said in a gentler tone, “I am just worried. I wasn’t close to Tess, but I am to Liz. If something happens, I just do not want anyone to get hurt and I want the best for both of you.”

The next day when Max came to the lunch group, they all made a place for him beside Liz. He tried to join in the chatter, but he found he had little to say. Being absent from the group had placed him out of the loop on inside jokes and statements of recent happenings to individuals. When they were ready to leave, Alex, again, grabbed Liz’s books. Then, he said, “Come on Max, let’s walk her to class.”

That was about as good as it got that week. That weekend though, Isabel formed a party with the six of them for a round of miniature golf.

Liz could make miniature golf if they took it slow. There were plenty of benches and someone would hold her cane as she took her shots. The game was clearly secondary. The interaction of the group was the entertainment. Michael, clearly, didn’t want to come. He had been brought along to help with Max, if needed. He grumbled continually, “Maria, this is just bogus. What is the point of hitting the little ball? You don’t get anything at the end.”

You are trying to show a skill, Michael. You try to improve every game you play,” Maria returned.

Michael just gently hit the ball and with his powers, he made it take a particularly difficult path. “There, a hole in one. How can I improve on that?” he asked.

That is cheating, Michel,” Maria exclaimed.

“How is that cheating, you and Liz have been playing this game since you were in grade school,” he replied.

“Your turn Michael,” Isabel called as Michael’s ball jumped out of the hole he had just knocked it into. The ball lodged itself firmly in the corner of the sandbox.

“Now that is cheating?” Michael called as the ball left the corner of the sandbox and returned to the hole.

“Guys, at least swing your clubs when you make the ball move. You are going to attract the attention of everyone if you keep up the alien crap,” Alex stated.

The game ended up being between Liz, Maria, Alex and Max. The fighting was between Michael and Isabel. When the game was over, everyone sat down for a Coke. They expected Liz to be exhausted, but the way they played, all of them felt they had played in the major leagues.

They all walked home after that trying game. All in couples, but in the dark, Liz didn’t see the scales which kept forming on Max’s eyes and his grimace as he drove the alien gene from his mind each time.

If you counted the extended weekend as one date, Kyle and Tess had been out three times now. Kyle wasn’t putting any pressure on her, but her own body, was screaming to be released. The many weekends she had spent either with Max or with humans, leading Max having to rescue her, were telling on her. As her disquieting moods developed, Kyle was there to calm them down. He didn’t always do it with sex, either. Many times as her body was shaking, Kyle just held her close.

Tess’s parents were amazed at the change in her. The quieter attitude was much appreciated. That Kyle was there to attend her was puzzling to them. There might have been a time when the sole attention of one boy would have be troubling. Tess had been so wild, that now, they applauded the effect that Kyle had on her. Tess had told them that she and Kyle were making college plans. That was a relief. Mr. and Mrs. Harding had not been convinced that Tess would even live long enough to attend college. Tess informed them she was thinking about teaching. Maybe, teaching troubled teens. Well, she would have plenty of experience for that. The Hardings had to go out of town on business all next week. In fact they had left on Friday night. For the first time, they left Tess home on her own. “Kyle, you and Tess be careful, now,” they said. “No parties and make sure you act responsibly.” With that, the parents left. They, at least, hoped, the couple wouldn’t do any more than they were probably doing every weekend night, anyway.

After the supper that Tess fixed to show Kyle she had at least a little domestic skill, they had the run of the house. Tess needed this. She was able to completely relax, which meant the gene would act up randomly. Everytime her body froze or her eyes darkened, Kyle would bring her back with his hands on her body and his lips on her own. Tess wasn’t trying to hold it back. She was just letting Kyle whip the gene into submission. Finally, Kyle took her to bed and after their session of love making, they were just lying naked on the sheets talking. Tess found this very relaxing. It, also, forced the gene from her mind.

“I told mom and dad that we were talking about college. They are delighted because they never could get me to make any decisions about after high school before,” Tess informed him.

“They seem comfortable about you being with me, now, don’t they?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, they think you saved me. They don’t know how true that is,” Tess replied.

Kyle rose up on one elbow so he could gaze at Tess in all her glory. He was serious for the moment. “How is it really going, Tess? How are you holding up during the week?” He asked.

Tess was a little self conscious under his gaze. She knew that Kyle enjoyed looking at her and she enjoyed him, also. His concern was what she most appreciated. “There are many moments. These are moments that I want to run to Max and excite the gene. They quickly subside when I think of you. With Max, it was becoming mechanical. There never was any feeling. I think the feeling must come from the human side of us. I don’t think the aliens have feelings of caring like we do. I know they have no feelings of love.” Tess was coming to terms with her alien side. The loss of Kyle and her humanity was becoming more and more important. She wondered why she didn’t have any feelings like this when she was younger. She knew that Isabel considered her a little unbalanced. Maybe, she was. With Kyle, her balance was establishing itself. Sometime when they were all free of the oppression of the gene, the aliens were going to have to discuss the purpose of their alien side. What were they supposed to use it for? Tess really wished they had all come with manuals.

Michael and Maria’s situation was barely above mentioning. Maria’s mom was gone many nights with Jim Valenti. Maria was free to do pretty much what she wanted. Amy had laid down many rules, but as Maria grew up, rules made for the child did not seem reasonable, anymore. Michael stayed out in the apartment and his foster father didn’t even see him much. That was fine as long as the checks from the state came in on time. Maria had been with Michael so long that she no longer had to order the gene to subside, she just caressed his face and Michael again, returned to a calm.

Alex and Isabel were still learning. They, also had the most difficult time getting one-on-one time together. They both lived at home with fairly strict parents. Neither set of parents would be comfortable with the arrangement Alex and Izzy had with each other. There were times when Isabel would feel the gene getting loose. A few stolen minutes with Alex so far had brought her back. A call from Izzy and Alex was out his window and on his way to meet her. Occasionally, they did spend some teenaged time on a blanket deep in the park. With Isabel’s ability to hide them, they accomplished this with safety. There were, of course, the weekends and even whole weeks when one or the other set of parents would go out of town. A girl’s night out, not wasted with the girls or a boys party, with Alex clearly missing, did give them quality time together.

Isabel was holding Alex’s head comfortably against her breasts. Both of his hands were behind her back and she could feel his manhood slowly coming back to life as they were talking. “How is Max taking it with only supervised dates?” Alex asked.

“Better than I expected,” Isabel said. “I think his human desire to be with Liz is forcing him to fight the gene.”

“Can he fight it, Isabel? Can he fight the gene without human help?” Alex asked.

Isabel looked down at Alex, “I don’t know. Max was living with the influence for a relatively long time. He probably cares for Liz enough that she could command his compliance. I am not sure she understands what it would mean to take that responsibility, yet.”

Alex raised up and rolled off of Isabel. He had been very comfortable and he could feel tension growing in his groin. He had a question that he had been considering for some time. “Isabel, what do you think the alien gene is for? You were designed hybrids. If I was designing something I would make everything in it have use. Do you think the gene is an anachronism like the appendix or do you think there might be some real use for it?”

For several minutes, Isabel just lay there. She hadn’t considered that exactly. She thought of the gene as something to be tolerated like menstrual cycles. Now, she was thinking that maybe, like the cycles, there was purpose for the gene, a purpose that someone should have instructed them about. But, again, there were no adult hybrids, or aliens or instructions that they could read. Something had happened to a well-constructed plan. If they were right in thinking about the crash of 1947, then someone must have been killed who would have raised and instructed the four. They wouldn’t have been scattered across wildernesses and they would have had a purpose as they grew to adults.
Summer to Remember an action adventure story. Liz has one more trial.
Ninth Floor Halloween is coming and so is the end of this story,

Coming soon, "Divorce." Who was at fault? Is the single dating life what they both really want?
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg12, ch16 oct 26, 09

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Michelle in Yonkers
mary mary

Chapter 17

The Parkers had no idea what Liz had gone through in her feelings toward Max. They saw their daughter going slow in developing her relationship. They applauded that. It showed what they thought was maturity. They had no idea of the raging intensity within her. It was mostly Isabel who kept a break on Liz. Isabel was terrified. She cared for Max a lot even though she had fought him for almost a year. Isabel had hoped that Max would be able to control his gene. Then, if that is what they both still wanted, he and Liz could come to terms. Max and Liz had now been on several group dates.

Liz knew that Max would never really be hers until they met as a couple and they proved to each other that could manage to work together. Liz also, knew that Isabel was afraid to let go. It was Liz who made the decision. Without saying anything to any of the others, she asked Max to take her to dinner. Both of their parents were at home and Liz had no intention, at this time, to go to a motel room with Max so the diner date was all that was implied.

Jeff Parker, who never claimed to be an expert on women’s clothing, did think Liz was dressed rather well for just a dinner. Then, Jeff also wondered if they were just going to dinner, why not stay at the Crashdown? Burgers and fries with a drink and they would have had a discount. Oh well, Jeff wasn’t a complete idiot. Who would want to take a girl out to eat under her parent’s constant gaze? Jeff just hoped that Max appreciated what a beautiful girl was holding on to his arm as they left out the door.

Just being in her presence, aroused Max. They were in public and he had to concentrate to hold his passion in check. To Liz, that was the purpose of this date. Before, Max had to control himself because Maria and Isabel were watching every move. Now, it would be up to him alone.

“Max, what did it mean, to you, that time when you were with Tess?” Liz questioned.

Oh no, was she going to do that? Make him think about times when he gave into the gene. “Liz, believe me, it wasn’t like I was doing that. It always felt like someone else was with her and I was just watching from the side, sort of an alien voyeur so to speak,” Max stated.

“Alien voyeur or human voyeur?” Liz asked.

“When it was happening, the human part was the alien. Whatever we were on Antar, seemed to be the right thing here. If I ever questioned, it was questions about being human,” Max tried to explain.

“Max, did you ever love or care for Tess?” Liz asked.

“Liz, when I was human, I cared for Tess. I cared for Tess like I would anyone. I hated that she was being hurt. When it was me causing the pain, I hated myself also. When I was Antarian, I don’t think I could care for anyone. Antarians are extremely self-centered, at least the ones whose genes we carry. The tragedy was, Tess wasn’t loved by either of us. Antarians don’t have a concept of love and I never, as human, could get you out of my mind. I thought of you even when I was convinced that I was poison to you. Liz, that first day when I carried you into the biology room, I left you with my heart. I never reclaimed it, even though I began to believe that I didn’t deserve to find love.” Max was thinking how that every time Tess called him, he tried to will himself to not go to her. The gene was just not controlled. Later, Tess calling, was when she had taken beatings from those she had excited.

After dinner, Max walked Liz back to her apartment over the Crashdown. Max couldn’t help it, he steered Liz through the park. Liz was so at peace leaning against Max, that, at first, she didn’t notice.

The park was an expanse in the middle of Roswell where the city fathers had cleared areas for Saturday junior soccer as well as shade trees for Sunday picnics. It was to one of these benches under the trees that Max led her. Liz looked up at him and she could only see a shadow of his face. It was dark under the trees even though there was a quarter moon in the sky. Liz felt Max’s hands grow stronger as he held her arms. He bent his lips seeking hers. For so long Liz had thought of this. The quick kisses when Max was taking her into the school, the passionate kisses before Max completely healed her, all melted into this. This was what she had waited for.

The kisses were hot and passionate except for something she sensed. Max had never been that rough. She felt him bruising her lips. Liz fought back. She pushed Max, with all her might. Then, she sharply said, “Max, are you going to loose all we have been working at, for one night of pleasure? Max, the gene is not good if you are in love. If you are not in love, then have the kindness to leave now and never return.” Isabel and Maria had talked to Liz endlessly. Max must understand that he must keep the gene down or he would loose her forever.

Maria had said, “Liz, this is where things get dangerous. The gene is trying for control. You have to get the Max who you know, to rise up and put the Antarian self behind him. The human Max must remain in control. Human bodies are not meant to last under the constant abuse of the Anterian gene”

Isabel had come to Liz one evening. They were sitting in Liz’s room talking. “Liz, you have to decide if you think being with Max is worth the danger. I love the brother who came to live with us, but the brother who materializes from the effect of the gene is abominable.”

Max faltered for several seconds. The passion he had been about to unleash would have brought him immediate satisfaction, but It would have ruined, forever, any chance, not only with Liz, but with any human girl. If he once lost control, then he could never trust himself, again. Liz had successfully commanded the gene to leave, but she didn’t fully control it yet. With a quick squeeze, Max guided her out of the park. They were soon at her door. The time was ten thirty, early for a date, but probably enough time for Max. They kissed, carefully, and parted.

Isabel was waiting for him. Ordinarily, Max would have resented his sister overseeing his dating. Now, Max couldn’t afford the luxury of privacy. His true care for Liz Parker couldn’t afford it either. If Max failed, all the expectations of his sister and friends, Max would have to settle for a life not only without Liz, but without any long-term relationship.

As most times with the human species, it was Liz who decided that they had to chance a real date. She knew that Max was still cautious. Liz was almost 18. A lot of that time was spent being cripple. The Parkers had grown used to caring for Liz. She was sure that they couldn’t realize that she was just months away from being a legal adult. Liz wanted a weekend with Max.

When she mentioned this to Maria and Isabel, they both shook their heads. “Liz, when Michael and I discovered the gene, it was the first time of its appearance. We discovered it together and we controlled it together,” Maria stated.

Isabel took over the conversation. “Like wise, when Alex was brought to me I was still frightened at the discovery of the sudden power. It was not difficult for him to come to my rescue. I think that by the time Maria and Michael brought him, I was ready for help. Max has abused the gene for sometime. We have no idea of how much resistance he will give,” Isabel explained.

“What about Tess?” Liz asked.

Isabel looked at Maria, “Liz, we aren’t sure, but we think that the gene works differently in females than it does in males. It would help if we knew anything about Antarian habits. We can only conjecture from observation. Tess hasn’t opened up to us very much. She still bares a little resentment. We think there is this dominator/domination things going on. Females want strong males and they challenge them to strength. Like Tess, they tease the males to show strong domination to them,” Isabel surmised. “When I first felt the gene, I could only think of a strong mate who would protect me. I had already challenged Michael when Maria intervened. I did not get a chance to challenge Alex because he was already bringing me back to the human side. In no way, do you want to challenge Max in power. You want to make him realize that to be with you, he must let his human side take control.”

Maria took Liz’s hands and said, “Max never went to any human. We have no idea of what he would do to a human. We can’t take Tess’s experiences and use them to measure anything about Max. If you go away with Max for the weekend, then we can’t tell how much danger you will be in.”

“Mom, dad, I am going to do something this weekend. I am not asking for permission, but I don’t want to sneak around and hide things from you. Max and I are going away for the weekend,” Liz said.

For several minutes, both parents were stunned. “Liz, that is ridiculous!” Jeff exclaimed. “You have never done anything like that before in your life.”

Nancy was also stunned, so much that for several minutes she couldn’t think. Then, she collected her thoughts, “Liz, why would you want to do that?”

Liz looked both of them in the eye, “I am not going to ever ask either of you about your love life when you were young. I assume your parents all cautioned you about going too far when young. I assume you took this into consideration as you made your choices. I have made mine and I just want to be open with you about it.”

Nancy was thinking it was not what Liz might do. But, any parent knew that at sometime, if their children were normal, they would take steps into intimacy. It was the openness that Liz was showing. This wasn’t a sudden act without planning. Liz, for some reason, had carefully thought this out. Nancy surprised Jeff. “Liz, we have done all we could for you. We have cautioned you about safe sex and discussed the responsibilities of intimacy. It is not about us being disappointed in you. Thinking about this, we might even be proud that at least you are planning your actions. I think all we can do is to state, be sure of what you do and be careful of the results.”

Jeff started to say something, but the pressure of a squeeze from Nancy’s hand silenced him. He just nodded at what she said. His little girl was grown up, almost. He could only hope he had given her the love and tools to make her own decisions.

Liz now faced Max. “Max, there is a open house at New Mexico State University next weekend. I have signed us up and also, reserved a motel room for us. We will be there from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Max, if you are going to control the gene, you have to decide to do it. If you hurt me or if you refuse to go because you are afraid of hurting me, we should just quit this dancing around relationship and part. If you want to mean as much to me as you did when you were carrying me to my wheel chair, then we have to do this and not be afraid. I arranged us to have two nights together so that will give us two times to try the power of the gene against the power of our own caring.”

Max thought, how could you want something so badly and at the same time fear it so much? When he first met Liz, he had no knowledge of he gene. Maria said that it was just a matter of time, but Tess had hurried his introduction. Max learned all the bad about the gene. With Tess there never was any idea of seeking control. It wasn’t until she saw how close she was to being killed and through the strength of Kyle, that Tess made herself get under control.

Tess leaving him was a two-edged sword. With her, he could allow the gene to run wild. There was a lot of something like pleasure associated with releasing the gene. Releasing the gene meant that he was being driven further and further from Liz. Ever since he met Liz, Max could not get her out of his mind. Many times when the gene was raging, Max would wish to conquer it so he could go back to Liz.

Liz had made it clear. They were to wait no longer. Max had to get his shit together and Liz would be there for him. Any slip-ups and Max could spend a long cold lifetime, mostly in bed alone.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg12, ch17 Nov 1, 09

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Michelle in Yonkers
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mary mary

Chapter 18

There are two ways to go from Roswell to Las Cruces. Well, there is a third way, but that involves going south through Carlsbad passing the famous caves and cutting close to Texas. That way was reserved for times of storms. It was longer, but none of the road was in the mountains. Probably, the fastest way was to go a few miles south and cut across the mountains to Cloudcroft. Then, you were right above Alamogordo, an essentially, military town. The problem was, you were right above Alamogordo. The road off the mountain was twisty and you could see your destination the whole time. You could, also, imagine if you made a slip, you might get to the town by gravity. The other was way across the mountains through a series of tourist towns, but it was easier on the heart. Once in Alamogordo, you drove across the White Sands missile range and there you were in Las Cruces. No matter what you did, you wiped out a good three to four hours on the trip.

There was a registration and a mixer dance for those who came in on Friday. They got their motel room. It was right across the highway from the University. Soon, Max and Liz were at the registration desk and they were sampling the buffet.

A pretty little cheerleader came up and asked Max to dance. He looked at Liz, and she nodded. “Look, I don’t mean to step where I am not wanted. If you are together, just say so,” she purred.

As the music throbbed, Max fell into the situation. Here he had a pretty lady in his arms. He could feel the gene pulling at him. She said her name was Kathy. He could just step out with her and no one would care. As Max felt the gene growing within him, he turned about the dance floor. It was then that he saw the eyes of his true dream watching him. “Don’t be a fool,” he said to himself. You would give up almost three days with a dream. Max, this whole weekend is to see if you can control yourself.” Max danced over to the side where Liz waited. “Thanks,” he told the girl. We do have something going on. I did enjoy the dance.” She looked into his light brown eyes. All of the gene had been put to bed. Max had passed his first test.

Max was now standing where he belonged. He reached down and felt her hand. As Max’s fingers wrapped around her hand, Max felt a throb in his heart. This was the girl he had first met, when he arrived at Roswell. He turned towards her, pulling her head to rest against his shoulder. Listening to the music, they began to rock back and forth. Liz’s free hand was now behind his head, her fingers playing in his hair. Max just let his soul float. He could feel the universe streaming by as he silently rocked back and forth with Liz. He opened his eyes. It seemed darker than it had before, but he saw things more sharply. Max felt his body shudder. Then, he felt power as he thought of the tiny morsel in his arms. What was he to do with her? He was Max, descendent of kings. He was Zan, the king of Antar.

Suddenly, Max felt Liz’s hand tighten in his hair. She was pulling it until it hurt. This mortal was challenging the power of the king. Then, he heard the soft voice, “Max, come back.” His vision became less acute, but it became brighter. Then, Max looked down into the face of his love. Max had passed the second test.

Max whispered in her ear, “Liz, let’s go back to our rooms. We have seen enough here. I doubt that we will even see these people when we attend school. We are both better off checking the labs and things we will see tomorrow.”

Liz looked in his eyes. “In a few minutes, Max. Go stand over at the punch bowl and wait for me,” she ordered.

Max was standing by the punch bowl. Several girls were vying to get his attention. He looked over at Liz and she was talking to what could only described as a hunk. Tom Berkowsky was an athlete. Tom Berkowsky was very strong, but Tom Berkowsky was very smart. Football would get him a degree and that is all it meant. He had been watching the little dark-haired girl. She had spent most of her time with a boy that she seemed to have brought with her. Now, she was alone. Tom wanted very much to meet her. It took just a few minutes for Tom to see, really, how smart Liz was.

“Could we dance?” he asked her. Liz nodded with some trepidation. This might be the hardest trial, yet, for Max. They waltzed across the floor. Tom knew how to hold a girl just right so that she leaned against his chest. Liz had very little to say once they started dancing. Tom wondered why because she was very communicative before. Tom was masterful at leading. At the end of the dance, Liz stated she would like a cup of punch. Tom walked her back to the punch bowl.

Max watched as the football player stood talking to Liz. She seemed to enjoy his company. She laughed a bit and their conversation was quite animated. Max watched as they danced. She was leaning against Tom just like she had leaned against Max just minutes ago. Max lost sight of the dancers. They were somewhere in the crowd. Max could feel that something growing inside himself. Max kept repeating to himself that he could control it. He could control it. Max couldn’t find them anywhere. Would Liz have stepped out on him? Suddenly, he felt a hand on his arm. He looked down to see Liz. She was holding Tom’s right hand. “Tom, I want you to meet my boyfriend. He is interested in biology, also.” Liz lifted Tom’s hand and gave it to Max. “Max, shake hands with Tom Berkowsky,” she said. This was a sudden shock to both Tom and to Max, but they recovered and made small talk until Liz, holding Max’s other hand said, “We have to get back to our rooms.”

As they walked back across the highway to the motel, Liz was talking. “Max, you have to trust me. I won’t be with you all the time. No matter what things look like, you must trust me until I can explain situations . Max, I won’t be with you always. You have to keep me in your heart to tell you to control the gene. Lastly, Max when you are with me, you must be most careful about the gene. You know that if you hurt me, you will never trust us to be together again. Liz stood on tiptoes and kissed him.

For Liz, there was some clumsiness approaching Max once they were back in the room. This wasn’t a honeymoon with seduction and negligees. This was two teens who were making their first time together. For Max, it was very important because he must show he could make love and still control his passion for the gene. With Liz, the gene must be kept under control. Actually from now on, Max must always keep the gene under his control. He didn’t yet understand how much he would need Liz to accomplish this.

Liz hadn’t brought anything seductive. That would come later. Now, Liz just wanted to show Max she was available. In the privacy of the bathroom, Liz changed into a waltz length nightgown. The gown fit very loosely. For Max to see her figure, it was going to take intimacy. Coming out of the bathroom, Liz turned and packed away her dirty clothes. Liz was aware what she was doing to him. She turned around to face a still-dressed Max. Seeing her move so freely, was another trial for him. He had no idea of how hard this was on Liz. She had never been this open with any boy.

It was because of their situation that, for Liz, her first time with a boy wasn’t in the back seat of a car or on a blanket secluded in the park in the dark. Liz felt a shiver run through her body. The way Max was looking at her, she had never experienced from a boy or man. It was a cross between hunger and adoration. Liz was standing before Max dressed only is a thin nightgown. The filmy material was all that stood between Max and her nakedness. There was also an excitement in Liz. It had been explained so many times by both Maria and Isabel, Liz was taking a step from which she could receive a lot of physical abuse. There was no guarantee that Max, in an alien rage, wouldn’t kill her. On the other hand, if they were successful, Liz would be taking on the office of caretaker of Max’s soul. If she stepped aside later, it might mean that Max might die. No matter what happened in the next few hours, this would be a giant step for Liz.

Max came out of his trance. His vision of Liz had driven, for the moment, the gene back from his conscious thought. Max, quickly, went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Even Max’s human side could not conceal his arousal. The bulge in his boxers was evidence of this. In normal company in public, a teen boy might find embarrassment in this evident vision, but Max and Liz were not in public. This arousal was his whole purpose in being with Liz tonight. Well, that and to prove he could control his alien self.

Liz was already in bed. The sheets pulled up to her waist. She could not take her eyes off the bulge in Max’s boxers. She felt her face flush slightly. She was indulging in thoughts that, so far, she had kept hidden, being a proper young lady. Right or not, when Max got to the edge of the bed, instead of simply getting in with Liz, Max pulled off his boxers. As the underwear came down, his erection sprang back to full attention. He was facing Liz as he crawled under the sheet and he saw an instantaneous start in her expression.

Max reached for Liz and his hands quickly found their way under her gown. As his hands explored her body, Liz did not snuggle up to him. She still held him at distance. Liz, all the time was watching his eyes, saw the struggle he had with the gene. Max’s eyes would darken and grow larger, then, he would regain control and return to his human side.

Finally, Liz allowed him to pull her close and as he began to kiss her, he heard her whisper, “Max, the control is now completely with you. Think what you have to gain and what you have to loose. Think about the long history we can make together and also, consider how immediate gratification would mean for the both of us, a tortured single existence.”

With that declaration, Liz gave herself completely over to Max. She felt him shudder as he kissed her and roamed over her body, with his hands. As he removed her gown and tossed it to the floor, Liz felt his erection wetly rub against her body. Her own desire, tempered both with anticipation and fear, prepared her body for Max’s love. She saw Max take time to pull back and adjust a condom. He had never felt the need to use one when he was with Tess. If something developed, that would be Tess’s problem. It was not for a king to worry about the vessel of his lust. Being with Liz was, also, a responsibility for him. If he was to be with Liz and she was to be responsible for controlling his gene, he would also be responsible for her welfare. Someday, he would want to produce a child with this woman. Until that time, they both had a lot of growing up to accomplish.

Liz’s hands wandered over his face. She could feel the tensions and relaxations as the gene still fought to take over. “Max, love me. Love me now as a human. We can talk about the alien gene later, but now, I must only face your human side.” Liz could feel Max guide himself into her and his strokes were gentle as he fought the gene, which was screaming for him to ravish her without regard to her person.

As they lay together, catching their breath, Max thought, I passed. I made love to Liz without hurting her. I kept the alien gene down. Max now felt her hands traveling his body. From his chest to his groin, Liz now had permission to explore everything. He felt her remove the wet condom and as her hands caressed his bare shaft, Max again, felt arousal.

This time, it was Liz’s nimble fingers which reached across Max to where he had placed the condoms. It was Liz who ducked under the sheet kissing his chest, stomach and then the area of his groin. Max felt her fingers applying the condom to his now growing shaft and when she came up for air, he pulled her close and again, began to show his love.

Somewhere back in Max’s mind, he saw the times he forced himself into Tess without any regard to her pain or person. He felt the times he had held her tightly as she writhed in pain, her screams beating against his ears. No, that was a cruel trick of the alien gene. It didn’t work because while the human side was in control, the very actions of his past made him shudder. Love wasn’t about pain and sex. With Liz wasn’t giving her pain either. Max was beginning to feel that with Liz, he was creating a trust both in her and for her, a trust that they would always be together to support each other.

Now, they just rested in each other’s arms. Sleep soon claimed them. Max had no dreams of greatness, only dreams of Liz standing beside him. For Liz, it was almost assurance that she now would be with Max forever. The thought that forever was impossible, was not a thought in a person of her age.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg13, ch18 Nov 9, 09

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mary mary

Chapter 19

Morning: awake, sour kisses exchanged, showers and they were off to breakfast. The day would be filled with group sessions. Not all of the sessions were they attending together. Last night as they were filling out which sessions they wished to attend, Max had suggested they fill out the some ones.

“No, Max, being together does not mean we will smother each other. Sign up for things you are interested in. When we are together, we will enjoy each other’s company. When we are in different sessions, we will have our memories of last night to hold us together,” Liz had said. Now in practice, Max found himself with crowds where he knew no one. Not for long, because when it was seen that he was a man alone, it wasn’t long until someone sat next to him and tried to strike up a conversation. Many ladies faced with pouting expressions that no, he would not be free for lunch. He already had made arrangements.

When Max and Liz were in sessions together several of the girls looked for rings to show how strong their relationship actually was. What would they say if they knew that the relationship had only blossomed last night? True, it had been growing for as long as Max had known Liz. Through the morning, they would pass each other on the way to one session or the other. Liz would wave, but Max saw that, many times, she would return to the conversation of the young man who was walking beside her. The gene rose many times in Max, but he wrestled it down quickly. The ladies watching him, only noticed a slight shudder and something in his eyes.

Max was not a king. Max did not own Liz. If anything, Liz held Max in her hand with the control she inspired of the gene. Max tried to find comfort in the conversations around himself. Soon, the gene was no longer trying to tell him that that was another one who he could take out to do with as he pleased.

Max was looking forward to lunch. Then, maybe, he would have time with Liz. No such luck. They had no sooner sat down together, than several other students joined them. Susan Striker was always known for being very blunt. “So, are you a couple or just friends?” she asked.

Max let Liz answer. He really wasn’t sure how to answer that question. “Yes,” Liz answered, “We are together. We probably will be engaged by the end of the first semester.”

Susan wasn’t about to let things go that easily. “How long have you been together?” she inquired.

Liz again answered, “For over a year, but the first part of our relationship was a bit rocky. Now, I think we have everything straightened out.”

The conversation went from there to what schools they all were from and what their interests were. When Liz got up to buss her tray, Susan leaned over toward Max. “If things do not go as they should or if you just want to talk to someone fresh, this is my number and address. Call me. I can be discreet.” She handed Max a card with a number and address written on it.

The afternoon was more of the same. The difference was that Max was more at ease. He was able to join in more conversations. When they saw him move to sit with the little brunette, they found that Max was a friendly man, but he had his allegiance.

The dinner was over and so was college day. Max and Liz had returned to the motel. “Liz, that Susan, girl, give me her number if, as she said, things didn’t work out between us.” Max told Liz.

Liz turned to Max and he was surprised as how serious she had become. “Max, the king can have as many diversions as he wants, but my human lover can only have me,” Liz stated.

Max looked at Liz. Yes, she was deadly serious. “Liz, I was only joking. I wouldn’t dare go to another girl. You are the guardian of my gene. You are, also, the guardian of my heart,” he said.

Liz still was very serious. “Max, I know you were. You were joking about what, for us, is a very serious subject. Max, according to Maria and Isabel, I have undertaken your care for life. Always be careful how you value me,” Liz said.

For a few minutes, all was quiet. Then, Liz reached into her luggage and drew out a pack of cards. “Max, I challenge you to a game of strip poker.”

They both would win, no matter what happened. Max thought as he sat with her on their bed. If Liz loses, I can relish seeing her naked, which will initiate desire and we soon will be making love together. If she wins and I am naked, then, I feel that she will quickly take advantage of that and again, we will be in the throes of love.

Liz dealt the first hand. Max had promised to himself that he would play fair. No alien magic. Max would take what came. Liz won the first hand with two pair, Jacks and nines. That took his shirt. The second hand, Max had a king high straight. That took Liz’s blouse. The next two hands neither had anything special, so Liz took the first with a king of diamonds as the high card and a single pair of fives against the worst hand Max had ever seen. This got his pants and one shoe. The next hand Max took with three of a kind. They were three queens. That seemed symbolic to Max and it earned him Liz’s slacks.

Liz wasn’t skilled at many games or sports, but what sports or games, she did play, she was very good. Liz knew the probabilities and she seemed very lucky. The next three hands took his remaining shoe and both socks. Suddenly, Liz’s luck seemed to desert her. She folded the next few hands and now, Max in his boxers and undershirt was sitting facing Liz in only her bra and panties. Liz shuffled the deck of cards and placed it in front of Max. “High card for the next hand?” she asked.

Max, carefully avoiding the temptation of rearranging the card faces by alien powers, drew a nine of clubs. Liz without any ceremony just drew the next card and it was a three of clubs. She smiled as she reached behind herself and removed her bra.

Max was having trouble breathing. Liz was now sitting cross legged, opposite him, on the bed. She was the most marvelous thing he had ever seen. It wasn’t as if Liz was the sexist girl in the world, but she was the girl he chose. That made her more special than anyone, he would ever know. Liz saw him staring at her, “Max, you are making me nervous. Stop staring,” she commanded.

Max took two deep breaths. “Liz, I can’t. Seeing you this way makes me love you even more. You are the closest thing to a heavenly vision that I can imagine,” he said between gulps of air.

“Max, there are many girls/women who have better bodies than I,” Liz said.

“No, Liz, there aren’t, because I don’t desire them,” Max breathed.

Never letting her gaze drop from his face, Liz gathered the cards. She shuffled them and handed the deck to Max. “Here, you deal. One card to each of us, high card wins,” she stated.

Still not looking at anything but Liz, Max dealt a single card first to her and then, face down to himself. Liz knew that this was a perfect method for Max to cheat. She didn’t care. Max was having trouble breathing, but Liz also was having trouble containing her self. Liz had never imagined that she could have such an effect on any boy or man. Max slowly took Liz’s card and turned it over. The card was the five of hearts. His gaze only dropped for an instant to see her card then it returned to her. Max slowly reached for his card. Only when he touched it did he drop his gaze. Max turned his card first holding it so only he knew what it was. Liz sat as calmly as she could, waiting. To his dying days Max was never sure if he had manipulated the card or not. It was the jack of hearts.

Liz simply shrugged. She leaned back on the bed and moved her hips to remove her panties. Now, when Liz sat up she was facing Max completely naked. She tried to be calm, something difficult to do as her heart was wildly beating. Liz was presenting herself to Max in the most natural and vulnerable way she could. She sat perfectly still for several minutes, allowing his vision to take in all her charms.

Max made no pretense. Between his rapidly beating heart and his restricted breathing, Max could only hope he didn’t pass out. Nothing in his short life measured up to this. Inside his mind, King Zan was raging. This was not a slave given to him like queen Tess had been. Tess had come to King Zan because she felt she was supposed to. This woman was presenting herself for “their” pleasure of her own free will. The alien part of Max was screaming, “Take her. It is your right and her seductive manner has lent her permission for you to do with her as you will.”

At the same time, the human part of Max was saying, “She is not some one to take. She is not giving you her body, but inviting you to share. This is not a once in a lifetime thing, not something to take and later brag of the event. She is someone who is offering to be with you forever. She has already offered to care for you and to help control the gene.”

Liz was shaking. She had never done something like this even behind closed, locked doors in the privacy of her bedroom. True, they had made love last night, but this was going beyond intimacy. Liz was before Max, not only stripped of her clothes, but also, stripped of all her defenses. Liz didn’t understand how close her presentation was to that of Tess. She wanted Max, to not only desire her, but to also need her both in sharing her body and in depending on her to protect him. Her only remaining defenses now, were in his belief that she would aid him in controlling the gene. Liz saw his eyes darken and lighten, showing the battle raging within him. As Max felt the dark scales forming on his eyes he would fight to banish them from his consciousness. Somewhere, a far distance away, he heard a small voice plead, “Max, please don’t hurt me.”

That, in itself, was so different from the invocation of Tess. Liz was putting her trust in Max completely. She was, also, asking him to respect her.

Max reached over his head to pull off his undershirt. Then, he reached to drop his shorts. Liz leaned forward. “Max, not yet. You still have to savor your winnings. Although he felt as if his shorts would burst, Max took her in his arms. He was kissing her, caressing her as his hands explored every part of her body. In his arms, Liz remained pliable to his every wish. The gene inside was, again, raging. “You have her, Max. Take her body, abuse it for your pleasure. Max, the genes of the King are in you. Be masterful, take control.”

Max thought, “Yes, take control but not like the gene wants.” Max took Liz in his arms and forced her back on the bed. He covered her and again, started the kissing. Max, with his arms lifted, his torso above Liz and it was her small cool hands guiding him into her. In his raging against the gene, his lust and love for Liz, Max took no notice of the condoms that he had placed on the table beside the bed. Protection, also, was the last thing on Liz’s mind. They, that night, made a natural, but dangerous love. When it was over and reason had returned to both of them, Max rolled over and saw the condoms. He put his hand on Liz’s lower body, but she placed her hands on his. “No, Max, let it be whatever nature decides,” she said. “If something is created by our action this night, let it live. Even the inconvenience of bad timing, isn’t enough to lose that.”

Lying in bed, playing with each other’s bodies, soon brought both of them back to life. This time, Max did take time to reach for the condom.

The next morning, Max and Liz, as if in a dream, toured downtown Las Cruces. They visited the old used book store, they stopped in several art galleries, Then, they finally found themselves in a family run restaurant eating chips and salsa.

When they arrived home late that afternoon, both parents asked how was the weekend. What they really wanted to know was something that children do not share with their parents, “What did you and Max do last night?”

Later in the evening, Isabel and Maria were both over to see Liz. “How did things go with you and Max?” asked Maria.

“They were fine, Maria.” That was all the answer Liz was willing to give.

Isabel spoke up. “Was Max able to control the gene?”

Liz looked at both girls, “You do not seen any bruises? I didn’t ask Max to heal me in any way. I would say that Max controlled the gene quite well.”

Isabel made a slight smile. “How hard did you challenge, Max?”

Liz made a grimace. “I would say considerably harder than Tess ever did. I didn’t tease him. I simply showed him what he would loose if he let the gene take over. I think my offer was considerably stronger than the promises of that Antarian King who tries to take over his mind. I showed him the gifts I had if he remained human.”

When they finally left, neither Maria nor Isabel had any idea what Liz had done with Max. They did believe that Max had made progress in controlling his gene. It was a month later when Liz and Max found that their indiscretion of making love without protection had not created anything more than the increase of their mutual affection. This was both a relief and a disappointment. First, it was a relief because, Max and Liz could continue their plans for the future and then, a disappointment, because Liz thought, they had reached the highest point of passion and love they were ever to have. A child made of this passion would be, dearly loved, by them.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg13, ch19 Nov 15, 09

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Chapter 20

There remained one problem. Tess was still ostracized. Maria, Liz and Isabel, talking came to the same conclusion. “We were all in one package, sent to Earth. We need to remain in this package for whatever reasons we were created. Tess got off track early. Going to the many boys she did when she was young would not have ever helped us. Taking over Max was almost a disaster. Now, she has a mate and they both should be considered back in the group,” Isabel stated.

Maria spoke up, “What about Tess and Max? Can they even be in the same room ever again? Will putting them together, bring back the gene that they misused?” Maria and Michael had discovered the gene. They had learned to control it and they had stayed together. Neither had any other experience of being tempted by anyone else.

Isabel had, inadvertently, told Alex about the aliens. She was so concerned about Liz she had forgotten that Alex was at her side. When she rushed her time with the gene, Maria and Michael felt that Alex was the only one available to undertake its control. Alex had stepped up questioning very little. Now, he was a permanent consort of Isabel. It had been Max and Tess who abused the powers of the gene. As, they all agreed, human bodies were not strong enough to withstand this treatment. Now, it was Kyle who guarded Tess and Liz who took care of Max, but the group was incomplete. Isabel said, “I should talk to Max, but maybe, Liz should talk to Kyle. I am not sure Tess is ready for any of us to approach her directly.”

Maria nodded. Liz seemed to be already on board with rejoining the group. Isabel could approach her brother and see how he felt. It would be for Kyle to talk to Tess and ease any fears she might have. Tess had real fears about the gene and several latent fears about how the others would treat her. After all her ‘spouting’ about being queen, she would not trust them completely to not want some sort of revenge.

Isabel knocked on Max’s door that night. “Max, how do you feel about being with Liz?” she asked.

“Isabel for the first time since I came to Roswell, I feel that things are natural. I think being with Liz is where I was supposed to be, all along. I feel sorry for the trouble Tess and I caused, but now, I think it is all corrected,” He said.

“The girls and I were talking. We believe that the group of four aliens and their mates were supposed to be together. We think we should make some move to include Kyle and Tess back into our group,” Isabel declared.

“Do you think Kyle would even want to be with us?” Max asked.

“Max, we all have a long way to grow. We have questions. The problem with Tess was that she went off by herself to find her answers. If she had of had the benefit of what Maria and Michael had discovered, she might have saved herself a lot of trouble. Maria and Michael now know that they should have approached the rest of us as soon as they discovered the gene. They didn’t feel comfortable discussing their intimacy nor understand that this was information that we all needed as we confronted the same thing. The humans are going to need a support group that does not include the aliens they are closest to. I think that after thinking about this, Kyle might want to be included in the alien-human club.” Isabel hadn’t yet approached the subject they all feared. “Max, do you think you can be in the presence of Tess and she in yours and not have the gene act up?” she asked.

“I think this is something we have to face,” Max said. “Right now Tess is completely alone. If she and Kyle have any trouble, they have no place to turn. I think Tess and I are going to have to prepare ourselves to face this. We can’t go through life dodging each other,” Max said with thought.

Isabel left. Now, Max was speaking like the brother she wanted. She wondered how Liz would fare with Kyle?

It was a Saturday morning when Liz approached the sheriff’s home. She was sure he was working. Law enforcement in a small town was mainly keeping peace on the weekend. Liz knocked on the door and it swung open. The sheriff had not pulled it shut when he left that morning. As the door opened, Liz saw Kyle desperately pulling his jeans over his shorts. He had been watching Saturday morning television just in his underwear.

“Liz, I wasn’t expecting company,” he said as he turned away from her wrestling the button on the waistband and fighting to get the zipper closed. Kyle had been thinking of his afternoon with Tess coming up in a few hours. Those thoughts were in strong evidence when he turned to Liz and she saw the strong bulge in his jeans.

“I hope those thoughts were of Tess,” Liz said as she laughed.

Kyle blushed. Well, he was caught so he would just endure. He sat still under the eye of a girl he had dated, but never slept with long ago. Let her admire his bulge. “Liz, I said I was undertaking the protection of Tess for the long haul. I wouldn’t break my promise, even if she didn’t keep reminding me every time we are in the sack,” he stated.

“Liz got right to the point. “We think we should try to integrate the aliens back together. We think we all should support each other including the humans involved. There are bound to be more problems as they mature. All together, we might be able to avoid the pitfalls that Max and Tess fell into,” She declared.

“How does Evans feel about this?” Kyle asked.

“Isabel is talking to him. I imagine he wants to get things back where he and Tess aren’t consciously voiding each other,” Liz said.

Well, can you control him? I heard that you had a weekend a little while ago. I am glad to see that you are safe,” Kyle said.

“That is why we want some controlled meetings where you and I are constantly on guard to help them,” Liz stated.

“I will talk to Tess. I know she is very lonesome. She managed to piss off a lot of human girls along the way. She, also, needs to be with her own kind for support and help when she needs it.” Privately Kyle was delighted that Liz had brought this up. Tess needed to belong. She never would be human. She had more problems than the rest of the group. The fact that Liz had approached him, influenced Kyle. He and Liz had tackled the same problem, the gene after it had been allowed to run wild.

It was decided that they would have a barbeque in the Evanes’ back yard. Kyle arranged to be the last to arrive when he ushered a fearful Tess through the back gate. Kyle was immediately drafted to help get the charcoal ready and to argue how to tell the different preparations for the steak. Tess, hesitantly, walked over to where the three girls were working. Kyle had assured her that Liz, herself, had requested they come. Tess had felt the barbs of so many other girls in her class, that she was frightened about what the three, she had been most in opposition to, would do. As she approached, Maria handed her a bowl and pointed to where some greens had been sliced. “Hi, Tess, can you please toss the salad for us?”

She soon felt more at ease with comments like, “Tess, please pass me the tomato slicer,” to “Hey Tess, how do you like your steak?” They were all so busy that Tess didn’t have time to think until they all sat down around the picnic table to eat.

Tess had trouble making conversation at first. It had been some time since she had been included in this group. She huddled close to Kyle watching everyone. She saw that Liz was very attentive to Max. Tess understood that Liz was as worried as Kyle that one of them would loose control. Tess was just as determined. She was not going to let the gene loose, if she could help it. She leaned against Kyle. He whispered something in her ear. He would be near to help her if she had any trouble.

Eating finished, Kyle stated, “Everything important is done, so let’s call it a night.”

Isabel stood up. “Hold your horses, Valenti. Food is just to get you in an amendable frame of mind. Now, we want to talk about making this group a regular thing.” Isabel turned to Tess. “First, I want to assure you that previous happenings will not be brought up except as something we need to learn. We need each other too much to find or assign blame. We want to learn about our physiology, both mental and physical. We want freer discussions about things that happen to us. We want the humans, as well as the hybrids, to be in these discussions. We will probably be in college next year. We still must keep in touch. We must insist that couples try to match their colleges. It would not do to leave any of us hybrids alone without human support.” Isabel had started it, but it was to remain to see if the others would follow.

Maria stood up. “Michael and I found the gene first. We also learned to control it first. Now our mistake was like many teens to believe that our sex lives were our private lives and not tell the rest of you about what we found. To do this, we need to believe that we are talking in an environment where we can find trust. What we do may be our business, but what happens to us might just be the business of the group.”

Liz looked at Max, “Max and I had unprotected sex one night in throes of passion. That might have caused problems. We still do not know enough to understand what hybrid/human reproduction will be like. We might suggest that we need more information about ourselves and our partners. We might even, at some point, need to let someone else in on our secret.”

Liz felt embarrassed at their unthinking passion, but even though nothing came of it, this was a subject that they needed to look at someday. Liz hoped that as the meetings went on, they would find information that would help each couple grow. Finally, they all would find families. She was sure that the genes of the king were to be spread through the human race. They still had to, someday, tackle why did they have this gene. Was there a special purpose for it.


The hybrids had matured across the bridge of he twentieth and twenty-first century. Max and Liz did attend school together, at least for a time. Max went into medicine and Liz continued with her dream of being a biochemist, not at Harvard but at a state university. When their graduate studies separated them, they did manage to stay at the same institution. They did marry before Liz completed her master’s degree. In graduate school, their relationships with their advisors became very close. It was Liz who broached the subject first. It was during one of the many sessions with Doctor Katherine Graham that Liz said, “Doctor Graham, do you believe that different species can reproduce under specific conditions?”

Katherine looked at her student, “Liz that depends on how far they are apart genetically. Do you have something special in mind?”

“Doctor, if there was a species that had already been hybridized to another species in a lab, could they reproduce?” Liz inquired.

The discussion continued hypothetically for sometime. Katherine was still confused about what had inspired Liz to bring up this subject. Laboratory hybridization was difficult enough for her to understand. After they had discussed this for about a week, she was introduced to Liz’s husband. “Doctor, could you run genetic test on both of us?” Liz asked.

Of course, her findings were astounding. Doctor Graham slightly knew one of the doctors in charge of Max’s internship at the hospital. Doctor Keith Miller. Doctor Miller was a shy man. He knew many of the people working in the biochemistry department. Secretly, he had admired the tall willowy Doctor Graham. He never entertained the belief that she noticed him. He was totally surprised when he received an invitation to consult with her on an un-named project. Closing his eyes and thinking about Katherine, he immediately accepted.

When Doctor Miller arrived, he was surprised to see Katherine’s star student and also his own intern, Max, sitting in her office with her. To Keith’s delight, they had many of these meetings. He had some high hurdles of belief to overcome, but eventually, studying the genetic material Katherine presented him, brought him to the aliens and humans club. It also brought him to his future wife. He and Katherine were soon married. They both carried on their previous work, but they now undertook the care of the four alien-human pairs.

Kyle and Tess did manage to accomplish their teacher credentials. Kyle became a high school coach and Tess worked with the child welfare division in advising troubled teens.

Alex was destined to become involved in computers and Isabel, soon his wife took her degree in graphic design. Maria surprised everyone. While in school she got a job in a lawyer’s office and on graduation from college, she decided to continue to law school. Michael drifted through several jobs. While his Maria was finishing up her law degree, Michael decided to enter a chef’s school in culinary arts.

With the guidance of the two doctors Graham and Miller, they all were able to have children. The unique way their Anterian genes and human genes had been spliced together, the hybrids could create offspring favoring either side. This time as the children grew they would have guidance from their parents as well as the two doctors.

It was in the second quarter of the twenty-first century that it happened. The news services and all the other media were a-buzz with the news. They saw my ship on their detectors, but when I landed, it was only for the guardians to see. Earth never knew how we had protected them. Earth never knew about the four who stood fast and the four who stood right behind them. We had been seeding the universe with our guardians. The ability of the gandarium allowed us to mix our genes with species of many planets. We of Antar are one of the hardiest races we have ever found. We live, love and play very rough. At the end, it doesn’t matter because we always have the ability to repair our bodies. We aren’t immortal, but compared to some of the fragile other species, we might as well be.

The plan was to seed the four square. This was a collection of abilities which, collectively, could be called on to defend the planet. We also included two caretakers who would nurture and guide the guardians. The guardians were engineered to mix with the dominant species and not mix with each other. Only Antarians could mix with Antarians. No matter what Antarians did to each other, they could always heal and return as good as new. If other species were mixed in the results were not pretty.

The caretakers were to guide the guardians and help them find mates among the dominant species. With the Antarian genes, the guardians would continue for generations in their protection of the world where they were seeded. With each succeeding generation, the guardians would provide their own guidance. Finally, the caretakers would be released to return to the glories of Antar.

I, Larik, was the first one off the ship to consult with the guardians and their caretakers. Imagine my surprise, when I discovered that the caretakers had been killed in a crash. Also, my pleasant surprise when I met the guardians.

According to my notes, humans were a strange species. The consorts of the guardians were almost as strong as the guardians. Their children, also, were strong, both in their human characteristics as well as their Antarian genes. The invasion of the enemy had been so stealthy that the cultures of Earth did not know it was happening. Only by the powers built into the guardians was the invasion seen and stopped.

When I landed, the guardians were alerted once again, by the engineering, we had put into their creation. The Leader, a Max Evans and his consort Liz Evans (their custom was that the female accepted he male’s tribal name) met me. They were prepared for another battle, but when we explained who we were, the guardians stepped down. No one was more surprised than I when they explained that they had never had benefit of the caretakers. It was unheard of that the hybrids could survive without guidance. The one other time this had happened, the hybrids had become so rogue that the indigenous species had banded together and destroyed them. The guardians we placed on earth, along with their human companions, had deciphered the use of the gene and had multiplied, seeking professional help from other humans. They now had a fully functioning group and it was witnessed how fast they mobilized when faced with the invasion.

We answered as many questions as we could and when we departed, we left as many texts of Antarian physiology and psychology as we had time to get translated into one of the many Earth languages. Earth would be well protected and the genes we left in their gene pool would strengthen the population greatly. It was halfway back to the glorious kingdom of Antar that the question was raised. Had we just seeded a competitor for ourselves in the universe? Contact with this planet should be maintained and “cordial relations” with this new species, encouraged.
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