Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg14, complete Nov 23, 09

Finished stories set in an alternate universe to that introduced in the show, or which alter events from the show significantly, but which include the Roswell characters. Aliens play a role in these fics. All complete stories on the main AU with Aliens board will eventually be moved here.

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Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg14, complete Nov 23, 09

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Genes of the King

Genes of the King

Title: Genes of the King
Author: ken_r
Genera: AU with aliens
Couples: CC
Rating: Adult for themes
Disclaimer: These names and characters of the Rowell TV show. They do not belong to me. I am just using them as actors in a story. There will be some lines from canon. Fans should recognize them easily. I borrowed them for fun.

Summary: Max did not start out in Roswell. They are all about one year older than they were in the TV series. Liz is shot a year later than in the canon, but Michael and Isabel were not good enough healers. She is left in a wheelchair. When Max finally comes to Roswell, they find a very dark secret about their Antarian characters. This story is dark in the middle, as the middle class teens see the difference between idealized royalty and the actual austere, even cruel, reality of unbridled power and freedom. I pull bits and pieces out of canon just for fun, but unless it is mentioned in this story, don’t count on it happening here. This is definitely, an Alternate Universe.

Some of the idea did come from Melinda Metz as she had Max find out some not so pleasant things about his true people. A germ of an idea came from Tequathisy when it was suggested that Max come later and Tess start at the first of the story. There was more to the suggestion that would place Max, kind of, in the Tess roll. I did not follow that part. You can find this comment as the fifth comment down at ... =8&t=18902

Author’s note: Speaking as one who, long ago passed maturity, let me say that Teenaged sex is fraught with dangers. There are unprepared for pregnancies, disease and maybe, difficulty later in forming long-lasting relationships. Teenage love is fleeting. Teens change and the girl of your dreams today might not be the one for tomorrow. But, if you find yourself with a naked alien in your arms, you might just go for it. That probably won’t happen very often in your life.

Genes of the King

Roswell is a nice place to live. At one time, it was the second largest town in New Mexico. At that time, it had been built around the Air Force. The airbase was the biggest employer in Roswell. Now, there were many more towns in the land of enchantment to challenge Albuquerque in size and Roswell had settled down as a pleasant place near what the natives called, “Little Texas.” The influence of that neighbor to the east could not be over looked, but Roswell was still able to contain its character. There was one thing that separated it from every other place. The UFO festival, Unidentified Flying Objects, for a time during the summer, occupied everyone’s mind. The actual crash or at least one of the crashes, (there were so many that one wonders about “not of this earth,” pilot training,) actually took place nearer the town of Carrizozo. This was a town about one hundred miles to the north of Roswell. The fame of Roswell was that if the crash existed at all, the debris had been taken and stored for a time at the air force base in Roswell. The rumors held that if there were any survivors of the crash, they also would have been stored at Roswell.

That was all the people needed for a party. They threw one with stories, innuendos, hacks, kooks and some truly real believers. For business, this was great. For the employees, the greatness would have to wait until swollen feet and throbbing headaches went down. Then, looking at the tips accumulated, even they could say that all had a good time.

Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca were teens, barely legal to work, when they started in the Parker restaurant/café. Liz had been given a job so she could earn college money and also “mad” money and her best friend came along. For Maria, the daughter of a single, slightly out there, mom, the money meant shoes that fit, clothes that were not hand-me-downs and an independence she would not have otherwise. Today almost two years later, they had perfected their craft. Sore feet and headaches subsiding, they would appreciate the opportunity for this job. Now, they were being run ragged by the tourist. Of course, Liz had her fun. She had pictures of dolls that had stayed out in the sun too long and she was passing them off as alien bodies. She had done this every year since she started with her father. The kooks who believed her were astounded and the other customers were amused. Tips always showed her enthusiasm was appreciated, as she told with wide-eyed innocence, different stories about finding the alien bodies. Mr. Parker watched carefully to make sure no one was insulted. His daughter’s scam added to the charm of the restaurant called, by the way, “Crashdown.” It was decorated with UFOs in all sorts of crash scenes. Aliens looked down on everyone as they ate the food, which was all named after cosmic happenings.

Men in Blackberry pie, Will Smith burgers with Saturn onion rings, were passed out by the young pair of waitresses along with a constant banter of stories and teasing as the customers learned to enjoy the two young people. Being a good waitress, especially to locals, was more than just handing out food. Mr. Parker was always careful about who he hired to work for him. Many locals started their day by the good humor they found along with their morning coffee.

Teenagers were always welcome at the Crashdown if they behaved. During most of the year they were a large part of the revenue. During the festival, they were encouraged to eat and vacate their booths to other paying customers. Isabel Evans, the adopted daughter of two prominent lawyers, and Michael Guerin, the ward of the state soon to approach his majority, (now, currently living with a drunken foster father that the child services had not checked out) were sitting, waiting for their order. As Maria DeLuca came up, you would have to be blind to not notice the look she gave Michael. Too much mushy affection shown during work hours would have been frowned upon by Jeff Parker. But, you couldn’t help but notice as Maria placed the menus before them that her hand lingered on Michael’s shoulder and the smile she dealt him was for more than implied tips. “Hi space boy,” Maria greeted in a subdued voice. She saw a frown on his companion’s face. “Come on, Isabel, no one really heard me,” Maria stated.

Isabel continued frowning. The three aliens, Isabel, Michael and Tess Hardin, were coming to terms with the fact that they were at the age where hormones kicked in and childhood friends just were no longer enough. Even by human standards, they were almost adults. “I will have a Martian smoothie, diet of course and a Will Smith by the sea,” indicating that the hamburger would be replaced by tuna,” Isabel stated.

“Where is Tess today?” Maria asked.

“She is out with some boyfriend or other.” This was a sore spot with Isabel. First Michael was starting to really get interested in Maria. Then Tess started to date several guys at school. Isabel was frightened that first one or the other would get in trouble. They had no idea what would happen if the dating got too hot. An alien-human mating was feared, by Isabel. Also, this was a change and Isabel did not like change. She liked to know what was expected. Growing up did not give her security as she watched everything change, including her own feelings.

Maria turned in their order and went about serving her other customers. Watching the two waitresses weave and bob through the crowd, barely missing each other, was a show in itself. The almost two years of practice had made Liz and Maria almost a dance team as they plied their way through the crowd.

There were two customers, Maria had already marked them for little or no tip, that, when approached, they just growled. “Get away from here. We are busy.”

Jeff Parker’s rule was always give the best service. Those who would leave no tip were considered to be training. Everyone was served with a smile. As Maria was approaching, she saw one of them draw a short snub-nosed revolver. “Liz, gun,” Maria called. That didn’t do much good since Mr. Parker had just stepped out to deposit the noon earnings. The hope of alerting him by yelling warning to Liz was nil. The rest of the restaurant though, being westerners, knew when to clear the area. Most of the patrons dropped to the floor.

“I want the money now!” screamed one of the men as he with a sweep of his hand he cleared the table before them. The second man made a leap for the hand with the weapon and twisted the shooter’s arm behind him. As he twisted the shooter’s wrist, the small revolver went off. Both men scrambled out the door. Their animosity was forgotten as now they both feared retribution from the law. Maria, her hand over her rapidly beating heart, delighted to see the evil men leave, looked for Liz. All she could see were bloody legs protruding from behind the counter. Maria was the first to get to Liz. Liz’s eyes were already getting that blank stare. Liz was rapidly dying. Michael and Isabel were right behind Maria. Michael turned to Maria, “Get the crowd out of here,” he ordered.

Maria whispered as she stood up, “Isabel, Michael try to do something. She is my best friend.” Then, Maria stood and moved people back. She assigned one couple who had a cell phone to call 911, the emergency number. She asked another local to run to the bank and fetch Mr. Parker. Several of the others, she asked to write down what they had seen. This was pretty good thinking for a 17 year-old girl whose best friend had just been shot.

Michael’s hands were glowing and he was trying to get into Liz’s mind, but as he looked into her eyes, it was like entering a house where every door he opened, the room was dark and no one was there. He might be an alien, but he had always had trouble with his powers. Michael, usually, would get mad and throw things when he couldn’t control powers. That was not an option here. Isabel pushed Michael over. She, finally, got into Liz’s mind and found a room where there was a scared little girl cowering in a darkened corner. “Liz, please come out. I need your help to do anything.”

The little girl looked out. Who were these people invading her one remaining space? The little girl had been frightened by the noise and the pain. She knew she was dying. She knew that she would remain curled up in that corner until the last vestige of light went out. Then, she would just slip away. There were many things she would miss, knowing true love, getting the education that was so important to her parents, having children of her own and seeing them repeat the cycle.

The Liz in the corner was forced to look at the invaders. She first, recognized the “Ice Queen.” Isabel was the friend of that boyfriend of Maria’s. Isabel seldom ever said anything to Liz at school. Isabel definitely ran in different circles. Here, there was something warm about her voice.

Michael was the boyfriend of Maria. What was he doing here? He had been a bit of contention between Maria and Liz. Many times when two girls were as close as Maria and Liz had been when they started dating, their boyfriends just came along. Michael had been Maria’s first boyfriend. Liz, as she worked her way through teen relationships, could never find a boy compatible with Michael. Most boys knew that you can get a lot further with a girl who feels secure, than you can with one who is always looking at everything you suggest as an assault on her person. Well, let’s say she recognizes, everything you suggest as an assault. Maria and Liz had never been able to double date. Even Kyle, the current boy Liz had been seeing who was a jock could not get along with Michael, who was an artist. Kyle wore the latest clothes that proclaimed him to be a jock by way of Sports Illustrated and Michael wore the earliest clothes that fit him. Kyle was a fashion statement for high school athletics. Michael looked up to the time when he could dress as well as the models in “High Times.” When either Maria or Liz had suggested a double date, their significant other vocally declined.

Now, Liz felt that her last memories were to be filled with the vision of two people who she did not feel at ease with.

“Liz, you have to help us. We are not that good, but there is a chance we can save you until the emergency crew arrives,” Isabel whispered.

If it would get rid of them and allow her to die in peace, Liz would cooperate. Suddenly, she was flooded with visions of a little girl walking naked across the desert. Liz felt the warmth when she saw the two adults who gathered up the little girl and carried her home. Liz, also, saw the despair of the little boy left behind who ended up in welfare. She saw the feeling he had for Maria. That was what allowed Liz to let down her guard and the two aliens entered her mind.

Stop the bleeding. Follow the wound. Clean up the blood. That was easy enough for Isabel and Michael. Then, they got to the bullet. It was lodged in something that both young people, instinctively knew, was dangerous. Michael looked at Isabel. “Michael, I don’t know enough. One mistake and Liz dies or is paralyzed, no matter what we do.” At that time, neither Michael nor Isabel had much experience at healing and neither had any idea of how to dissolve the bullet itself without causing more damage. They heard the sound of the ambulance and Isabel, taking a tablecloth, pressed it against the wound.

Both teens were gently moved aside as the paramedics took over. Liz was prepped and soon on her way. One paramedic turned to Jeff Parker who was standing tear streaked. “You are lucky. Those kids knew just what to do. She would have bleed out if they hadn’t used pressure on the wound. Smart kids. I wonder where they learned their first aid?”

The Crashdown was cleared out. Jeff and Nancy Parker were now at the hospital. Maria, along with Michael and Isabel were sitting at a table. “I am sorry Maria. We did the best we could. I just can’t help thinking that there is something more to us. There is a healer somewhere. This is just something I feel. It doesn’t make sense.”

“That is all right, Isabel. You did all you could do. Maybe, the hospital can help,” Maria said as she leaned against Michael.

Michael was looking at his hands. “Damn, the time I need skills most and I still can’t control them. What the hell are these powers good for if we can’t make them do what we want?”

Isabel reached across and put her hand on his. “Michael, that is why I keep insisting that all three of us start more practice. There are going to be times when we need these powers. They were a gift from someone and they deserved to be exercised and honed.”

There was a frantic knocking on the front window and the three teens looked up to see Tess looking inside. Maria went over to the door and let Tess inside. “What the hell happened?” Tess inquired.

Isabel’s eyes grew cold as they always did when talking to Tess. Tess was not known for having concern for anything that did not help Tess. “Liz was shot and it was more than Michael and I could heal,” Isabel explained.

Tess looked incredulous, “Why did you bother? You endangered us for someone who either will not live or who might turn against us if she understands.”

Maria did not like Tess. Michael, Maria loved. Isabel, Maria learned to love when she really understood her. Tess was one who Maria thought should have been kicked out of the ship somewhere around Orion. “Look, they tried to save my friend,” she said bitterly.

“Yes, and by trying to do such foolishness, they might have endangered all of us.” Tess turned to Michael. “These humans are fine to play with, but don’t ever forget who your real people are.” Tess was now looking at Isabel. “I am surprised that you would do such a thing. Michael is so pussy whipped, but you have no stake in what happens to that human Liz. How come you let him and the human Maria get you into this?”

Isabel continued to stare at Tess. Whoever designed them should have given her, at least, a freeze ray. One stare and Tess would have turned into a blonde icicle. Oh well, the creator wasn’t perfect. Maybe, he or she had no idea what a pain Tess and others like her, would be. Isabel was sure if that had been known, Isabel would have been able to freeze someone from at least at 50 yards.

At the hospital, the Parkers were anxiously waiting. Their only daughter had been in the operating room for a considerable time. Neither of them knew what they were to do. Finally, a gowned doctor came out to talk to them. “You have those kids at the café to thank for saving her life. She would have bleed to death long before the ambulance could have arrived. When they stopped the flow of blood, they allowed the body a chance to heal itself. Liz is a lot more resilient than I had expected.” The doctor took a deep breath. Why do they do that when they have bad news to give. It allows the parents to imagine the worst. Sometimes, they do not have to imagine. The worst is already on the way. “The bullet is lodged against a nerve. Liz will live for some time in great pain. We, just at this time, do not have the skill to operate and remove the bullet without causing more damage.”

Jeff looked at the doctor. “Is there nothing that can be done?” he asked.

The doctor shook his head. “Right now the skill just doesn’t exist. There are so many new discoveries all the time in nerve repair that I wouldn’t want to chance something that has such a poor chance of success. In five years, who knows? I will write up her case and consult with some of the people researching this sort of thing. We can always hope and if you believe, we can always pray.”
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, July 15, '09

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Chapter 2

Liz was back at the Crashdown. In a wheel chair, she no longer could dip and dive among the customers. All of her old friends and some new ones who she had made, were trying to take care of her. In the restaurant, she tended the cash register. At school, she wheeled from class to class. Usually before she even got to the next class, there would be a boy or a girl who would catch up to her and leaning over her shoulder, they would say,”Liz ,will you allow me?”

At first, Liz, in stubbornness, would refuse but her many friends would keep it up. Liz soon found that they were doing this because they liked her and that was their way of including her in their lives. One of the girls would wheel her into the restroom and with two, hand-crutches, Liz would pull herself up out of the chair and over to the commode. The handicapped stalls were a blessing. She carried her handicapped pass with her at all times. When anyone took her someplace, Liz would place the pass in the front window and they would park as close as possible. Sometimes, they would be close enough and if Liz would not expect to be made to stand, she just used the crutches. Other times, they unfolded the wheel chair and they would all take her along. Soon, even Liz was able to feel comfort at being accepted as one of the group.

There was one problem. As a cripple, Liz wasn’t bombarded with dates. Several boys had taken her to movies, but her condition made her safe from any chance of experiencing moves on her. A girl doesn’t have to be a “Slut” to want to feel that, sometimes, a boy is just using all his will power to hold back. The feeling being that if free to do so, the boy would like nothing more than to take her clothes off and experience what her body had to offer. For a boy the fear of taking unfair advantage of a handicap was just too great. No, it was clear that being a cripple, at least with high school boys, did not make her a dream date.

Tess was still cool toward Liz. Tess was still looking for something. Twice Tess had been in the back of a car with her panties pulled down and her blouse opened when she sat up and stated clearly, “I have changed my mind.” Each time, her suitors decided that “no” meant she didn’t know what she wanted and he pressed his case forward. The first suitor was faced with a terrible headache and the other suitor was faced with a completely limp dick. Neither had experienced this in any of their other pursuits. So frightened were they, that they quickly took Tess home. Tess was getting the reputation as a “prick tease.”

Tess reminded Michael and Isabel that they had to beware of humans. She still was angry about Liz.

Liz had never felt that she could run in the circles that contained the Ice Queen. No one was more surprised when Isabel, that first time, appeared at the Parker home and asked Liz if she would like to go to the mall. Liz didn’t have much money because the medical bills were eating into the
Parker’s budget. Nancy had quickly talked to Liz. She wanted very much for Liz to get out and do things like other girls. Isabel saw that Nancy pressed a twenty dollar bill into Liz’s purse as she readied her to go with Isabel. Now Izzy well knew that twenty dollars would not go far at the mall, but Izzy had magic and she intended to use it.

They went through the shops. Liz was fingering the material and looking at the styles. She would never be able to afford or even use these beautiful clothes. In a shoe store, Liz looked at the many shoes. She had never allowed herself the privilege of desiring these items. Some of the prices were well over three hundred dollars. They had lunch at the food court. Then, Isabel drove Liz to the park. Just sitting in the park and feeling the wind against her body was a pleasure.

Finely, they ended up at the Evans’ house. Diane Evans was friendly as Isabel introduced Liz to her. In Isabel’s room, Izzy turned to Liz. “Liz, I do not know how to say this and I do not want to hurt your feelings. I have some designer clothes that are too small for me. I am going to just throw them out. Would you like to try some of them on?”

The thought of charity irked Liz. She looked at Isabel. There was no expression that Liz could read except for wanting to help. Isabel did not seem to be looking down on Liz. After all, she told Liz that she was going to throw them out.

Isabel brought out a pair of penny loafers. Liz looked at them. The brand was a named label that Liz would never consider. Liz just couldn’t believe that they would fit. They appeared to have not been worn, or if worn, not very much. As Isabel slipped them on her feet Liz felt her feel warm. That was strange because she had little sensation in her legs. She could not see Isabel’s hands glowing. They fit perfectly. Isabel helped Liz get out of the wheel chair and sit on the bench before her dressing table. Isabel brought out a sweater. Liz felt it. It was so soft. As she took off her blouse and slipped on the sweater, again, Liz could not see Isabel’s hands glow, but she did feel a warming with the sweater on. Liz had no idea that Isabel was changing the size. As Liz was looking at herself in the mirror, Isabel was running her fingers through Liz’s long hair. She brushed it and braided it. This was different from what Liz had ever done before.

Several hours later, Liz and Isabel came out of Izzy’s room. As Liz wheeled herself into the living room, Diane smiled. “Isabel should be a stylist. She can do so much with make up and hair style.”

Liz had to agree. The day with Isabel had been a truly fun day for Liz, one of the first since she was hurt.

Maria had, at first, tried to talk Liz into going along with them when she and Michael went out. Liz did once or twice, but the evening did not live up to any promise. Michael, clearly, wanted to get Maria somewhere he could have as much of “his way with her,” as she was willing to allow. At the time, that was a very long way, but with Liz, everything was just uncomfortable. They went dancing. All the while, Maria knew that Liz was sitting at their table watching and feeling very depressed. Liz was so beautiful, thanks to Isabel. Once again with some hand-me-downs, Izzy was able to fix Liz up.

Alex was an old friend. He had been a friend of both Liz and Maria. He sat down to keep Liz company. Alex was more like a brother. Michael allowed Alex one dance with Maria as he sat with Liz. Michael did not ever have much to say. Liz felt that for some reason, Michael felt he should have done more for her that day of the shooting. This, she didn’t understand. Michael and Isabel had both stopped the bleeding . The doctors had told Liz that without the help of her friends, Liz would have bled to death.

Isabel came by with her date. He was a jock and clearly impatient and uncomfortable in the presence of a cripple. Liz was surprised that Isabel told him to take a breather and get some punch while she talked to her friend. Of course, Alex knew Isabel. Everyone who was male, or even pretended to be male, had noticed Isabel. Since her date was in no hurry to return Isabel asked Alex if he would like to dance. For many reasons, it gladdened Liz’s heart to see her old friend Alex and her new friend Isabel dancing together, even though it was only for a few minutes.

When the dance was over, Alex came back. He was at the dance without a date. Isabel came by with her impatient date to say good night to Liz. Maria and Michael came back and prepared to help Liz to their car. “Why don’t you let me take you home, Liz,” Alex said. This had been bothering Liz all night. She knew that Michael wanted to get Maria alone. Both of them had been more than nice, but Liz felt that she was crimping both of their styles. A date with a boy friend deserved a romantic ending, as romantic as both parties agreed to make it. Liz was surprised when Alex kissed her on the cheek as he wheeled her to the Crashdown door.

The three aliens and Maria were sitting in the Evans’ living room. Philip and Diane Evans were out for the evening. “Why does she have to be here?” Tess complained.

“Cause if she is not here, I won’t be here,” Michael explained.

Isabel laughed in her mind. Tess was always trying to take over and drive wedges between Michael and Maria. Tess dated and used human boys, but she made it clear that she did not like them. Well, that was her business, but Michael was devoted to Maria and he wasn’t going to put up with Tess’s crap. Isabel sighed. What she wanted, more than anything, was a relationship like Michael and Maria had. Well, Isabel didn’t want as much bickering as they did.

Tess became more somber. “I had the dreams again,” she said.

“You mean the dreams of being queen?” Isabel asked. These dreams had started about a year ago and had been growing in intensity. The strange thing was, Tess was the only one having them.

“I was the queen and standing beside me was a dark haired man with amber eyes. He was tall and he was strong. Everyone bowed down to him. When he announced that I was his queen, they bowed down to me. You, Michael and you, also, Isabel were standing beside us.” Then, Tess glared at Maria. “Michael, you had your arms around Isabel and it was clear that you were lovers. The King turned to the both of you. He addressed Isabel as his sister and Michael as his commander.”

“Hey, wait a minute. Michael and Isabel were lovers. That is just not acceptable. Michael and Isabel are like brother and sister. It would just be gross to think of them as lovers,” Maria stated.

Tess’s eyes narrowed, “That is why I don’t like having you here. We have important things to learn about ourselves and you have no part in it.” The look she gave Maria was pure spite.

Michael spoke up. “That is exactly why I want Maria here. I do not want to loose sight of who I am. Lovers indeed! Isabel and I have been like brother and sister all of our lives. I love Maria and someday Isabel will find someone she decides to love. Tess, I don’t care what that kooky imagination of yours conjures up. I just wonder if you are queen, why don’t the rest of us have some knowledge of this. Who is this mysterious man with amber eyes, anyhow?”

Tess sat with her hands folded in her lap. “He is the one I am waiting for. He is my destiny. He will arrive and right all wrongs.” She was looking at Maria when she said this.

“Tess, that is a bunch of crap. Our destiny is what we make for ourselves. Waiting for this mysterious someone, you are getting a reputation of just being a tease. If you are really serious, then you should just sit on a mountain and wait for him to call,” Michael explained.

“Even when my destiny comes, that does not mean I am going to forego simple pleasures. Humans are here for our use and I intent to use them,” Tess declared. As a queen, I will be permitted to do all that the king allows. Tess stood and stalked out of the house. She brought them information and this is how they treated her.

Isabel shivered. She dearly hoped she would meet someone who would mean a lot to her. The date she had at the dance had left mad because she refused to make out with him after the dance. He acted like she should have been grateful for being with him. That was the way she had gotten the name of Ice Queen. The difference between Tess and her was that Isabel never promised anything more than just a simple date. Izzy had heard all the boys talking about how, “Tess seemed to promise the moon and always delivered a cold fish.”

“How do you feel about that lover business?” Michael asked Isabel.

“Michael, I love you, like a brother. I have no desire to give you my body nor do I want yours. You belong to Maria and I have supported the both of you,” Isabel declared.

That was why Maria liked Isabel. Maria had no worries about Michael straying to follow Tess’s dreams. “Why would we ever want Tess to be a queen? That smacks of bowing down to her and I for one, have no intention of doing that. What do you guys make of the amber-eyed man she talks about? Some man who will tell all of us what to do. Does she mean a human that she could stand, or does she mean some other alien that you haven’t met, yet?” Maria wondered.

They three sat in silence for several minutes. “Liz has no idea of what you did for her,” Maria mused.

“There is no reason to tell her that we are aliens. If we could do more, then we might have had to tell her. Liz is satisfied that we saved her life by stopping the bleeding. I have checked on her a couple of times while I was fixing her make-up. I was working on her eyes and she didn’t notice that I was inside her body looking at the bullet. I am not sure, but it may be moving and becoming more painful,” Isabel stated.

Maria looked up. “What does that mean?”

Isabel sighed, “It means that the bullet may completely cut the spinal cord. It may also mean that the pain will become worse,” Isabel explained.

Since the dance, Liz had gone out very little. Isabel did come by, some times and insisted that she accompany her somewhere. Isabel didn’t have a boyfriend and talking about that, bothered Liz. She was feeling that as a cripple, she would never be wanted by any boy, again. When Maria came by and tried to get Liz to accompany them, Liz always refused. Michael had always been nice, but Liz knew that he wanted time with Maria. Liz didn’t want to think that she was taking this time away. Alex always came by but Alex was a friend. Liz didn’t want to nurture in him or in herself any feelings stronger than they had right now. Occasionally, the five of them, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex would go places along with Liz. Liz could accept that. She didn’t feel that she was taking anyone away. When Tess was around Liz just left. She could sense how Tess felt. The strange thing was, that Liz had no idea why Tess felt that way towards her.

Doctors still told Jeff that there hadn’t been any break through progress as yet. A couple of specialists had flown in to check Liz’s condition. They promised that if they learned something she would be one of the first people they would contact.

Sometimes, Liz would forego the wheel chair and try to make her way on crutches. It was harder, but she just felt more independence when she was successful. Most of the time, she was cared for by the students. They all helped her. If she dropped anything, they were right there to pick it up for her. When she was going down the hall most of the time they made way for her. Many times, someone would walk beside her helping to make sure that someone didn’t run into her.

There were times, though, when things just got out of hand. Young males, sometimes in fits of testosterone do not think. Well, many times they don’t think without the fits. So at parties, you find certain boys who shove and push each other. The rest of the group knows what is going to happen. This rough housing just keeps until something gets broken. Then, deflated the young men will sit and sulk saying, “Woe is clumsy me.” It would always have been so much better if they could have done this soul searching before they broke the antique lamp.

Liz had left her wheel chair in the science room. She needed to go to the bathroom and she wanted the teacher to know that she was present. Most teachers would cut her slack for being late. She was coming out of the bathroom, when it happened. A group of freshmen football players were shoving and teasing. The crowded hall would make way for them as they headed to Gym. Liz was trying to get by them. The bell hadn’t yet rung, so if she could just hurry she could get to class without having to be forgiven for being late.

One of the boys feinting a block, knocked the other boy off balance. The second boy fell against the small girl trying to make it past them against the wall. With a scream of pain and anguish, Liz fell. The boys did not intend to knock Liz over. They were ashamed the second they saw her sprawled on the floor. They came over to apologize and offer help but they were pushed away by a young man who knelt and gently lifted Liz off the floor. “Where were you heading?” he asked.

Liz gazed up at the dark haired boy. His eyes were a light brown. The liquidly of them made them shine like amber. “I am heading to biology class,” Liz said.

“So am I,” he replied and he carried her into the science room.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, ch2 July 19, '09

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mary mary
L-J-L 76

Chapter 3

Max, aged 17, sat on the bench. The judge had been reading the will of his step parents. “Max, I am sorry. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can say. Your parents were killed in a robbery. They left as much information about you as they could. They do not have any close relatives who might care for you. You are close to reaching the age of an adult, but unless you go through some court directions and show you are able to completely finance your own care we need to seek some solution.” Max was sure that information had nothing about the alien factors that he and his step-parents had seen. “They did leave a letter from a colleague in Roswell, New Mexico, I think it is. Seems your step-father was corresponding with this lawyer about the way he found you. The lawyer found a little girl in similar circumstances. Philip and Diane Evans have flown all the way from New Mexico to talk to you,” the judge continued

Max had always been shy. He was terrified that people would find out about him. His step-parents had cared for him. They had even talked about trying to find out where he came from. They had found out at an early age that Max could do strange things. The most important was that Max could heal. Max was now facing adulthood without any guidance. It had been just a fortuitous accident that his stepfather had written Philip Evans when he heard that the Evanses had also found a mysterious child in the wilderness. Max’s step-parents were killed before they could carry the correspondence any further.

Max was ushered into a room. There were three people in the room. The man was in a suit and he was introduced as Philip Evans. The lady was dressed in a skirt and jacket. Her white blouse was strictly professional. She was introduced as Diane Evans. The third person was a girl about the same age as Max. The minute he took her hand, Max knew that he was home. Flashes that neither of them had ever had before, were about some other strange place and about a horrendous crash.

Philip and Diane stood back and allowed Max and Isabel to interact. They now knew that, somehow Max and Isabel had become separated. Philip would instigate the proceeding for adoption, even though Max was almost an adult. They now had two children, not of this world, in their family. At least, Max now had someone who understood him.

As soon as they were back in Roswell, Isabel invited Michael and Maria over to meet Max. Tess was out of town. The Hardins were on a business trip. They had learned how wild their step-daughter was. They knew nothing of her reputation as a tease and if they had, there is no understanding how they would have taken it. They had no idea of her, “out of this world,” status. In their minds, they could only imagine the orgy that would be at their house while they were gone. They envisioned a very pregnant Tess as the result. Tess would be out of school all the next week.

The trip back to Roswell had allowed Isabel a chance to know Max. She was sure that any relationship they had would be like that she had with Michael. Max would be even more of a brother than Michael since he would be living at her house.

Michael and Max shook hands. The touch started a series of flashes. They were disturbing to both boys because they were about war and battles. When he met Maria, Max frowned. “Now don’t start in on her. Where I go, she goes. If there is a problem, then we will leave,” Michael explained.

Max replaced his frown with a smile. “Then, I welcome you dear lady.” When he took her hand, Maria felt a calm settle over her. She later realized that this calming effect was part of Max’s healing ability.

Max had very little story to tell. He had been isolated most of his life. Now, he found that he had two, possibly three, others who were just like him.

It was his first day of school. Max was heading to his third period class. It was science, biology to be exact. He wasn’t used to the pushing and bustle that was found in the hallways. On the far side of the hall, he saw a girl trying to make her way past some boys who were wrestling and in general, making a nuisance of themselves. Max shouted, but it was too late. They fell against the girl and Max saw that she was on crutches. The boys crowded around her, now sorry for knocking her down. Max just brushed them aside. He could feel that she was in pain. Max picked her up in his arms and after pointing to her crutches for one of the boys to carry, Max carried Liz to her biology class.

“My name is Liz.” She said this so softly that he could barely hear.

“My name is Max,” he replied.

As he was carrying her, Max looked for the source of her pain. He was greeted by an old wound that badly needed tending. It would take considerably more time than they had that afternoon.

The teacher saw Max carry Liz in the room, “Miss Parker, maybe you can catch your white knight up with his home work.” The rest of the period, Max and Liz worked on the Labs and programs they had covered in biology. Liz found that Max was very smart and he already knew most of the work they were doing. “Max, you could transfer to advanced biology,” she said.

Max smiled. “Why would I want to do that? I just met you.”

That night after the close of the Crashdown, Liz and Maria were talking.

“He picked me up and carried me all the way to the class,” Liz was saying.

“Oh my gosh! That is just so right out of a romance novel,” Maria answered.

“When I fell, it really hurt. A few minutes later, I forgot all about the pain,” Liz explained.

“And, you said this guy was named Max?” Maria asked. Maria couldn’t believe it. Liz had met her own alien and now, maybe, Maria could quit lying to Liz and they could all be together again.

“Yes, Max with the light brown eyes,” Liz replied dreamily.

“Liz, it was light brown hair and the name was Jeannie,” Maria said thinking of the old song of the early 1900s.

“I don’t care. He was a dream and we talked all the class period about biology and other studies,” Liz said petulantly.

Maria rolled her eyes. “Only Liz Parker would fall in love with a dream who talked of biology and other classes.”

The next day of school, Liz had just entered the building and was heading to her first class. She felt strong hands take her chair and she quickly replied, “ I can manage myself.”

“Of course you can, but I can’t keep up. If I am going to walk with you, you have to let me set the pace.” Liz looked up into the smile she remembered so well. Max walked and pushed her to class.

Max didn’t find her after every class, but he found her several times. They ate lunch together and she started to introduce him to those around her. Max smiled, “Maria I met the other night. Isabel will soon be my sister. Her father is adopting me. Michael, well, you do not meet Maria without Michael. Now, Alex is a man I haven’t met yet.” Max shook hands with Alex.

That afternoon when the Parkers came to pick up their daughter they saw a young man standing beside her. “Mom, dad, this is Max. He is new in town. The Evanses are adopting him.”

Jeff took Max’s hand. “I am glad to meet you. Isabel is a mighty fine young lady. If she hadn’t been near, along with Michael, we would have lost our Liz,” Jeff stated.

That night, Max was sitting with Maria, Michael and Isabel. “What is the story about Liz? When she fell, I was looking for the pain she was suffering and I found all sorts of alien sign on her,” Max asked.

Maria volunteered, “Liz was shot. She was bleeding to death and Isabel and Michael tried to help her.”

Isabel took over, “Michael and I are not that good at healing. We stopped the bleeding, but we couldn’t do anything about the bullet.”

Max was thinking. “How much does she know?”

Isabel shook her head. “Nothing Max. We couldn’t completely heal her so there was no reason to tell her anything.”

Max was still thoughtful. “I wonder how hard it would be. I never did anything like that. I think she is in great pain.”

Maria looked at Max. “You haven’t met Tess, yet. She is against even me. I do not think she would be very easy to convince that we should tell Liz, even if it is to help her.”

“Just who is this Tess? Is she the leader or something?” Max asked.

Maria looked at Max. “Tess thinks she is the queen. She is constantly looking for a King. So far, he hasn’t appeared. When he does, I am afraid she is going to be impossible.”

Max shook his head. Thinks she is queen. Waiting for the king. This was bothering him. He couldn’t remember why.

When Liz arrived at school the next morning, her parent’s car was met by Max. It was Max who took out the wheel chair and it was Max who lifted Liz and placed her in the chair. Max wheeled her into the building and just before they entered the door and where her parents couldn’t see , Max bent down and kissed Liz. At noon, they had a few minutes before everyone else arrived. “Liz, can you tell me more about your injury? Do you mind talking about it? What do the doctors say about your future?” Max asked.

Liz looked at Max. “It bothers others a lot more than it does me, to talk about it. Of course, I am sure that Isabel told you I was shot one day working at my father’s restaurant. Michael and Isabel stopped the blood flow and that is the only thing that saved me. The doctors do not know what my future holds. They always tell me to keep up hope. I try. It is hard sometimes, when I see Michael and Maria going out and becoming a couple. I wanted that so much. Now, what boy would want to take a cripple out? I, also, overheard my doctor saying something about the bullet moving. They seemed to be worried about this. Maria used to be my best friend. Now, I feel I would be holding her back if I hung around too much. Isabel doesn’t have a boyfriend, but that is bound to change. I would hate myself if I allowed myself to wish she would always be with me. She deserves to find a boyfriend just like Maria did.”

“Liz, I think you underrate yourself. You are a brilliant, caring girl. I am sure that there are many boys who will want to be with you,” Max retorted.

“Max, don’t tease me. I am a cripple. I probably would not be able to have children. If the bullet is moving, I may not even have long to live. I have friends, but more than that is just something I can’t think about,” Liz said with some bitterness.

About that time, Alex and Isabel arrived, they were soon followed by Michael and Maria. Max and Liz joined in the banter that the rest of the teens were making.

Liz felt herself impatiently waiting for school to be over. That would be when Max wheeled her out to her parents car and he would lift her out of the chair and place her in the car. Liz could feel his arm against her back. She could imagine that she could feel his arm under her legs. These two times of the day, before and after school were the highlights of her life right now.

Sometimes, Liz would catch herself wondering where Max had come from? What was Max doing here? Then, she would give a shudder. Maybe, there was a divine being who felt that she had suffered enough and was now, trying to straighten out the score. Max meant more to Liz than any person she had ever known before. As the week progressed, Max spent more and more time with Liz. She was beginning to think that he really cared for her.

At her doctor appointment that week, it was noted that Liz’s humor was greatly improved. Liz almost seemed to be happy. This would have been the first time since she had been hurt.

Doctor Sanchez was not a specialist. In fact, he was the family doctor of many in Roswell. He was elected to talk to Liz. It was felt that she should have someone that she was familiar with to explain what was happening. “Liz, there are some complications. I have to talk to your parents, but first, I want to inform you that the bullet is moving. It is working its way into the spine. Removal, right now, will probably mean there would be no chance for you to ever walk again. We can wait, but the pain will increase.

To Doctor Sanchez, it seemed such a shame when she had appeared so cheerful a few minutes before. Reality must be faced. So here he was; the messenger who was definitely raining on her parade. Her parents were even more of a problem. They did not know what to do. They did not want to lose their daughter, nor did they want to do something that might mean that hope would be forever lost.

It was Friday morning. When Max first saw Liz, he was surprised at the anguish he saw. Her eyes were red from crying and she seemed to have almost no spirit. That was so different from the girl he had left yesterday afternoon.

Before entering the building Liz asked Max to stop. “The doctor says that the bullet moving. He says that removal now would probably ruin forever my chances to walk. He also says, that the pain will increase until I cannot stand it.

Max leaned over and taking her face in both hands he kissed her. This time, the kiss was very meaningful. Liz experienced deprivations in Max’s childhood. She saw him as a child walking in the wilderness naked and frightened. Liz saw the loneliness he had always felt. Then, she saw the last week. Max, starting with his introduction to the Evans family and then to Michael seemed to have found a home. Liz was surprised that, in turn, she also saw herself. She was not a cripple, but a young woman, glowing in what Max believed she had to offer. Liz attributed this vision to her overactive imagination.

There was reason for that kiss. Max needed to look deep into Liz to understand her injury. The reciprocal incident that she also saw into his life couldn’t be helped. Max operated on instinct. When the aliens had been created, the healer had the ability to cure. No matter what body he was helping, be it animal or otherwise, the healer would know what he could do and how to do it. Max, clearly, believed that, given time with Liz, he could heal her.

That evening with Maria, they didn’t have much time. Michael said he would be by soon. Liz explained the kiss. “I saw all sorts of things. I saw a little boy found in a wilderness. It was a wilderness, not like we have here. It was all grown with tall trees. The little boy, for years, was so alone. He felt just like I do sometimes. The little boy felt that being with the Evans family gave him so much. Then, and this is the surprise, I saw myself the way Max saw me. Not as a cripple, but as a beautiful woman who he desired to be with. I have no idea where these visions came from. I only know that with all my heart I want them to be true.”

Maria thought, “Maybe, the secret can now be told. Maybe, Max can really heal her.” Maria was going to see Max and Isabel tonight. She would ask Max what could be done. Of course, she would see Tess, also. Maria was sure that Tess would do something to ruin everything.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg2, ch3 July 26, '09

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L-J-L 76

Author's note: Don't be too harsh on either Max or Tess. Remember they are children playing with a powerful adiction. they just didn't have a guide book telling them how to grow up.

Chapter 4

When Michael and Maria arrived, they found that Max had been talking to Isabel all afternoon about Liz. He was sure that he could heal her. The programmed parts of his brain opened up and Max saw how to dissolve the bullet and also to repair the nerve cells. In this, he was years ahead of the human researchers. Human research was trying to make stem cells grow replacement cells for damaged nerve cells. They were not quite there, yet. Max would induce the present cells to correct themselves. He had no idea how this worked. The methods were in his mind and he was sure that they would work.

“Do you really think you can help Liz, even after this long a time after the injury?” Maria asked.

Max nodded, “The knowledge is there. I just have to get close enough to see into her soul.”

“See into her soul. That sounds like mysticism. What does it mean?” Maria asked again.

“Liz has to totally trust me. She has to believe that I can do this and be totally willing to allow me to do it. Liz will have to know all about us and be comfortable with us,” Max explained.

Maria gave a sort of laugh. “I think you will find that she is well on the way to doing that. I just hope you don’t do something to hurt her. Max, she is in love with what she sees in you,” Maria stated.

Just then, Tess entered the room. The minute she saw Max, Tess went down on her knees. She bent over, her head almost touching the floor. “My Lord and my King,” Tess proclaimed.

The group was surprised. Maria quickly looked at Max. She was frightened at what she saw. His eyes were just balls of black onyx. His features, which Maria had always seen as pleasant, became stern. Max bent and took Tess’s hand. “My Queen,” he likewised proclaimed. To the astonishment of those gathered around, Max lifted Tess to stand before him. He, then, bent and kissed her passionately. Then Max swung Tess out to stand beside him. “Behold my subjects, bow before your king and queen,” Max said in an almost regal voice.

Michael was holding Maria tightly. She seemed so frightened. “Max, you can kiss my ass! I may be alien, but I am one hundred percent, ‘green-blooded’ American. I bow to nobody and the only time I will be on my knees, is when I finally propose to Maria,” Michael stated.

Tess, looking up to Max, reached tenderly with her hand to his face, “My Lord, make them bow before us. They are your subjects.”

Isabel moved quickly across the room. She and Michael now had Max in a crossfire. If he hurt one of them, the other would attack him. “Max, don’t tolerate this. Make them obey. Target that human. That will get their attention,” Tess whined.

“Max, I might tolerate you as a brother, but as anything more, no way. It is bad enough listening to all that queenly whining from Tess. If you are going to be doing the same thing, then you can just pack your bags and head back to where you came from. This is our life and our friend,” Isabel stated.

Maria couldn’t believe her eyes. This was the same boy who was talking about curing Liz. Maria had another surprise in store. Just as fast as it all had happened, Max’s eyes cleared up. He stepped back from Tess and looked at all the others in surprise. Max saw Michael, his new friend, standing with his right arm outstretched. There were sparks of lightning jumping between his fingers. He looked at the other side and he saw Isabel in the same pose. “What happened?” Max asked.

Maria was grabbing her jacket. “Max, just stay away from her, Max, stay away from Liz. Max, I will tell Mr. “P” that you are a sex offender. He will take you apart with his meat clever. Just stay away from all of us.” Maria was crying as she left.

Michael got up to follow her. At the door, he turned. “Max, stay away from me, also. Until you get your shit together, just play house with queenie. The rest of us don’t want you around.” When he left, Michael slammed the door.

Max turned to Isabel. “Max, just take your play pretty and stay out of my way. I don’t care what the both of you were in some other life and place. Here, we take care of each other. Max, stay away from Liz, you will probably hurt her enough as it is.” Isabel turned and went to her room slamming the door just like Michael had.

Max sat on the couch with Tess. “What happened?” he asked.

“They don’t understand you,” Tess replied. “They just do not see your greatness. I do, Max,” she was stroking his face and looking up into his eyes. “Max, I am the only one who knows of your greatness. I will support you.”

Max was still shaking his head. “I just don’t see what happened. We were talking about curing Liz. I was explaining what I would need to do. Then, all of a sudden I saw red. I don’t even remember what was said,” Max whispered.

Tess firmly took Max’s jaw in her hand and turned his head to look at her. “Max, we can’t be worried about that human girl. We need to get rid of that human girl, Maria. If we do, then maybe, we can force Michael and Isabel to resume their old positions.” Tess was thinking, this was a far cry from what she had expected from a king.

It was after midnight when Isabel received a cell phone call from Michael. “She finally went to sleep. It is a good thing Amy is out of town. Maria was so enthused that we could cure Liz and to have it all destroyed by the gerbil was just too much.”

“Did you see the look on her face when she tried to make Max force us to bow down? I think, maybe, Tess has become unhinged. She looked like she was insane,” Isabel remarked.

“Maybe, we tolerated her too much. We should have nipped that queen stuff years ago. I thought Max was a cool guy. Now, I wonder. Is he just as crazy as she?” Michael asked.

Max woke up. He had had a fitful night. In one corner of his mind, there was the love picture of healing Liz Parker. But, the rest of his mind was filled with a green haze. In it, he stood with Tess on his arm and he envisioned that Isabel and Michael were prostrating themselves before him. Somewhere, there was a voice which said, “Maria was just a human. We are well rid of her. See how nicely your commander and his lover, your sister, show their obedience to you.”

Max looked around and there was Tess sitting in a chair in his bedroom. Max had been sleeping in his boxers and he could feel the fly flopping open. On seeing Tess, Max pulled up a sheet to cover himself. “Oh Max, we will share our bodies soon. You do not have to cover up for me.” Tess crossed her arms and started to pull up her sweater, “In fact I can disrobe for you right now. I will stand ready for your inspection.”

“No, Tess,” Max said a little sharper than he had intended. “Mom, Mrs. Evans, will be up soon. I don’t want to have to explain you.”

Tess laughed, “Max, I can make it so she can walk in the room and not see me standing for your inspection. All it takes is a little warping.”

Max was still shaking his head, “Just get out of here, Tess. I need to think a while.”

Tess stood and pulled her sweater down. “As you wish, my Lord. Thinking will not change anything. You are still a king and I am your queen. We were born to rule.” With that, Tess walked to the window and stepped outside. She was gone and Max was not sure it wasn’t all a dream.

At breakfast, Philip and Diane were as cheerful as they could be. They were both excited about the adoption. They had thought that Max and Isabel were hitting it off very well. This morning, a cold chill blew through the meal. Isabel sat eating her cereal and not saying a thing. Max seemed preoccupied. When they were both excused, the two children hadn’t spoken a single word to each other.

Max softly knocked on Isabel’s door. She opened it part way. “Isabel,” Max said as he started to enter, “I have something I need to talk to you about.”

That was as far as he got. Isabel still didn’t understand or trust what she had just seen in Max. “Not in here Max. Not behind a closed door where you might do, lord knows what, to me. If you want to talk, we can meet at the park. I want plenty of witnesses so that if you try any of that funny alien crap, I can lay it all off on you and maybe, even get you caught without endangering the rest of us.”

In the middle of the park, there was a picnic area. This early on Saturday morning, most of the people were watching the junior soccer games. The picnic tables were empty. Max saw Isabel sitting with her hands folded, resting on the table. “Max, hands on table and no funny stuff,” she commanded.

How different from the way they were last week. Max felt that he truly had found a sister in Isabel. Now, she was full of distrust. Looking around he saw Michael without Maria leaning against a tree. Michael appeared to be lazily just watching the girls walk by, but Max could see that his main attention was on Max.

“What happened, Isabel? How could everything change in one night?” Max asked.

“You tell me, Max. One minute you are telling us how you could help our friend and the next minute you and ‘the gerbil’ are telling us to bow before you. What the hell happened to you?” she inquired.

“I was talking about how much I had to get Liz to trust me and I was thinking that I was falling in love with her. Then, when I saw Tess, something just took over. There is something in my past that is connected to Tess. Being in her presence just made me different. When I called her my queen, I really meant that. I felt that I was all powerful and that I deserved everyone to acknowledge that,” Max stated.

Isabel watched as Max talked. He really believed that there was something controlling him. Tess had tried to control each of them and neither she nor Michael had ever given in. Of course, Tess had no control of Maria at all. Isabel wondered at that. Tess had always claimed she could make humans or aliens see whatever she wanted them to. Why did she have no control of Maria? Isabel had no knowledge what Tess did to other humans that neither Michael nor she knew. Maybe that had something to do with Tess’s dating habits. Maybe, she did have some control over the boys she went out with.

Isabel brought her attention back to Max. Clearly he wanted some validation for his actions last night. “Max, how do you feel about Liz today?” Isabel inquired.

“Right now, I think I am in love with her. From what I remember of last night, none of you want me near her,” Max mused.

“Max, when you are with Tess, you are just different. You need to show all of us that you can handle Tess or we don’t want you near Liz or any of the rest of us either. Tess has wanted to get rid of Maria for several years.” Isabel wondered if Max truly understood how dangerous Tess was. Then, she realized the rest of them had always just laughed at Tess. None of them had taken her seriously. How dangerous was she! Clearly, she needed Max to reach any real power. What would happen if she actually controlled Max?

“When I was with Liz, I just felt happy. I was happy for the first time in my life. My step-parents were good to me, but I was always alone. Being with all of you I felt I had a family. Being with Liz, I felt that I had a friend and more. It was like she would be part of my future,” Max explained.

“You mean your future more than that of being king? Did Liz seem more important than did Tess last night when she was kneeling before you declaring you to be her king? Isabel asked.

“You may find it hard to believe, but when I was carrying on the charade with Tess, Liz was still in the back of my mind. For a second, I even felt her standing beside me as a queen. Tess, then, just took over. I do not know how. That is the trouble. I do not know enough about Tess. How can I fight someone without more knowledge of them?”

“Just be careful, Max. Gaining knowledge might be dangerous,” Isabel stated.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg3, ch4 Aug 2, '09

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Michelle in Yonkers

Chapter 5

To Liz, this Monday morning was like Christmas day. She couldn’t wait to get to school and see Max. Imagine her disappointment when it was Isabel who met her. It was Isabel who placed Liz’s arm over her shoulder and helped her to the wheelchair. “Where is Max, Isabel?” Liz asked.

“He couldn’t make it this morning. He asked me to help,” Isabel lied.

Liz felt so disappointed that she failed to notice that Isabel said nothing else. Oh well, thought Liz, I will see Max in biology class. When she finally got to that science class Liz was disappointed again. The teacher said, “Miss Parker, I am afraid that you do not have a lab partner, anymore. Max transferred into Advanced Biology this morning. This was a major blow to Liz. Instead of going to lunch, she wheeled herself into the restroom. Everyone was collected at the table they felt was theirs with the exception of Liz and Max. They did not expect to see Max after the tirade they laid on him Friday night. Liz was another story. One of the girls dropped by. “You guys are friends of Liz Parker, aren’t you? She is in the girls bathroom crying her eyes out. One of you might want to go check on her.”

Isabel, Maria and Alex all stood up. Isabel pushed against him. “Alex, I don’t think this is a place where you can go.” Isabel stated.

“I can’t go in, but when you bring her out, I can give her my support,” Alex replied.

“I will save the table,” Michael stated .

The group had been gone only about ten minutes when Max and Tess came by. Tess slid onto one of the benches. Michael gave her a stare, “Maria and Isabel will be back in a few minutes. Tess, I know that Maria doesn’t want you here and Max, I think it would be better if you went somewhere else, also.”

“Michael, Maria doesn’t own the school yard, you know,” Tess said.

Michael just stretched, “Any part where I am, she does. I don’t think Isabel wants either of you here, either. Why don’t you both go somewhere Liz won’t see you? She is pretty broken up, you know.”

Michael could swear that he saw embarrassment and hurt, in Max’s face. Tess turned to Max. “You can stay. Remember, I told you that with royalty, you can have a little pet or two. I surely do not intend to give up any of my adoring boys. You just have to remember that you are a king and your first allegiance belongs to me.” Tess announced.

Tess started to get up. “Max, I think you should go with her. We don’t want any of your king shit here. Go somewhere else to play,” Michael stated,

As they left, Michael heard Tess say, “Don’t worry dear. They will come around. Right now, they like their little humans, but soon they will realize they belong with us.”

Alex returned wheeling Liz. Beside her walked Isabel. Behind them walked Maria. Maria was crying, also. “Was that Max and Tess I saw just leaving?” Isabel asked.

Michael drawled, “That is right. I told Max under the circumstances, I thought they ought to eat somewhere where far away.”

Liz looked at Isabel as Isabel sat down. “What happened? I thought Friday night Max and I really had something?”

Isabel put her arm around Liz. “We don’t know. When Max met Tess, he just changed. None of us are sure why. We think Tess might be dangerous. She was always a little bit off,” Isabel said.

Isabel looked at Michael and he nodded as if to some prearranged plan. “Liz, we want to talk to you. We want to give you some information that might be dangerous, but Michael and I have decided that it might be more dangerous for you not to have it.”

“What, Isabel? What could you tell me that would be dangerous?” Liz asked.

Isabel was looking right at Liz. “Liz, Michael and I are aliens. We don’t know much about ourselves, yet, but we know we can do strange things. Besides Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Maria is the only other human who knows our secret. She learned the secret when she became a couple with Michael. Now, it seems that Max was found by a couple up in Maine. How he got there, we don’t know. As far as Max and I can tell, he was in the same crash as we were. Tess is also part of our group.”

“Isabel, you mean you are from way out there?” Alex exclaimed.

Isabel had forgotten about Alex because she was so intently concentrating on Liz. “Yes, Alex, we are from way out there,” she stated.

“Oh man, that is really great! I, finally, know someone who has been out there,” Alex almost repeated.

“Relax Alex. We probably know less of, ‘out there’ than you do just from your astronomy lessons.” Isabel turned back to Liz. “We can do lots of things. They aren’t magic. We just have the knowledge to do them. One of them is to heal. Now, we are not all alike. We have what we call healers. They can heal about anything. Michael and I are just for skinned knees and acne. When you were shot, we did the best we could, but it would take a healer to really heal you for good. Max is a healer. We had hoped he would help us. There is just something about Tess. Don’t give up on Max, but for the moment, stay away from both of them.

They all went back to class. Liz might as well have just called her parents and asked to come home. She couldn’t concentrate on anything. Last week had been the best week since she had been hurt. Now, her whole life was in shambles. Isabel and Maria seemed to think things might turn around but Liz wasn’t sure. Liz had one more class and then, she could go home.

Liz had wheeled up to the girls restroom. Someone had held the door, so she could enter. She had backed her wheelchair against the wall so she could park it. She would use her crutches to go into one of the stalls. She heard a commode flush and thought nothing of it. One of the girls was just a little late leaving. When Tess walked out of the stall straightening her skirt, Liz almost jumped. Isabel had warned her to stay away from Tess.

“If it isn’t little Liz Parker. Look Liz, stay away from Max. He is mine. I am his queen and he is my king. Liz, Liz, you aren’t even a whole person. You are a cripple. You probably can’t bear children. Max needs a whole person, someone who can stand beside him. He doesn’t need to be saddled with the care of a cripple. He needs one of his own kind.”

Liz was scared. “You mean an alien like yourself?” she asked.

Tess’s eyes narrowed. “They told you. I figured they would. You and Maria both are in the way of our destiny. Well, maybe, at least part of that problem can be solved now.” Tess raised her arm. Liz felt a tightening of her throat. She saw that horrid grin of Tess. Tess was insane. Liz collapsed. She managed to fall into her wheelchair. Liz couldn’t breath. Tess was still smiling. Liz thought, this is the way I shall die. Not in pain from the bullet, but gasping for breath as an alien slowly chokes me.

Maria DeLuca had been looking for Liz. She had dropped by her class and saw she wasn’t there. Usually, if Liz was late, it was because she had trouble in the restroom. Maria went looking for Liz. She entered the restroom and saw the horrible face of Tess and she saw Liz choking in her wheelchair.

Maria DeLuca could sing. She did exercises every day expanding her diaphragm. Maria DeLuca could scream. She did so now. Tess quickly left.

Teachers from several rooms answered the DeLuca scream. When they burst into the restroom, Maria explained she had entered and seen Liz choking. She screamed to get help. Liz seemed to be okay, now, so it was suggested that Maria wheel Liz to the nurse’s office. Liz was very willing to leave school. From the nurse’s office, she called home. She felt terrible.

“Isabel, when I am with her, it all seems so logical. I can feel that I am supposed to be with Tess. I am to be her king and she is to be my queen. Those terms might not have the same meaning here as they did back at our home, but we should be together.” Max was explaining his day to Isabel.

“Max, do whatever you want. I mean it about both of you staying away from the rest of us. Go play king somewhere it doesn’t affect us,” Isabel thought she was clear.

“We try, Isabel, but you are to be my sister. You are going to have to come to some accommodation with Tess if we are together,” Max stated.

“That is just it, Max. Your little queen tried to kill Liz this afternoon. I got along just fine before you came and I probably will get along just fine now. You keep away from all of us. We hoped you would be a healer to help Liz. All of us think you are a danger to her now. Just stay away!” Isabel explained.

“What do you mean, she tried to kill Liz? I don’t believe it,” Max exclaimed.

“Max, we all know Tess better than you. Since you arrived, her powers seem to be stronger. Just stay away,” Isabel was adamant.

It was Tuesday. Max hurried to catch Tess as he saw her heading to class. “What did you do to Liz yesterday?” he asked.

Tess held her ground. “I just gave her a little warning, Max. I don’t want another human hanging around our group. When we find a way to get rid of that Maria girl, our group will be truly from Antar.”

“What the hell do I care about Antar? It is hundreds of light years away. What I do care about, is that I, was finding a home. Now. everyone I know is against me.” Max complained.

“Max, we have other problems. That so called sister of yours has told Liz about us. She told our secret, Max. First that Maria girl, then that cripple, Liz. We have to do something about Isabel,” Tess ranted.

You leave them alone, Tess. If you consider me your king, then you will do as you are told. Leave all of them alone. I will decide what we will do. I do not need your opinion,” Max angrily replied.

Tess was now pouting. This king was not turning out like she wanted. Tess had always imagined that when she met a king, he would want everything just like she did. That he might have his own plans, hadn’t occurred to her. Now faced with this, she was getting angry. Tess had been planning her destiny all of her life. She saw the queen in what she had learned from Earth. She saw the queen as the power behind the king. Tess hadn’t learned enough about Earth history either. She never saw where the queen came from or what she was obliged to do. She forgot that the queen, also, must bow to the king and not just that first time.

Isabel had been getting ready for bed. Her cell phone rang. “Isabel,” she heard from the phone.

“Yes, who is this?” she asked.

“Alex,” was the answer. “I just wanted to know that you were okay.”

“”Yes, was there a reason why I wouldn’t be?” Isabel asked still a bit unsettled.

“Well, after what you told us, I imagined that you might be in some danger from Tess,” he responded.

“No, she did try to attack Liz. I had a fight with Max about it. Of course, he took Tess’s side,” Isabel stated.

“Isabel, I am so sorry. I thought that Max was a pretty cool guy. I guess you can’t tell anymore,” Alex said. “Do you have any idea why Tess is causing trouble? Everyone sort of ignored her, until now”

“There is something about Max and Tess together that causes the problem,” Isabel answered.

“Is Liz still in danger?” Alex inquired.

“I don’t know. I told Max that he and the gerbil were to stay away from Liz. I don’t know if Max has enough control to manage that,” Isabel stated.

Well, I will let you go. I was just worried about you along with Liz,” Alex said.

“Thanks, Alex. That was sweet. I will see you tomorrow.” With that statement, Isabel hung up.

Alex, she hadn’t even been thinking when she was telling Liz their secret. Liz needed to know. She was in the middle of things. Liz needed to know what Max was and what he was capable of doing. Now, that Alex knew. Hmm… that could lead to some interesting things. Alex had always just been there. Ever since Isabel had become a caregiver to Liz, Alex had just been always somewhere close. He was smart, good looking and he was loyal to his friends. Apparently, Alex considered her, Isabel, one of these friends.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg4, ch5 Aug 9, '09

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mary mary

Author's note: To all Tess haters and Max lovers the next few chapters may be hard to read. Please stay with me because the story has a happy ending. The gene of the king has something to do with puberty. it is something they must all face. Tess thinks she is the first one to see it. It becomes like a narcotic. Yes, like Kris says, Tess is a psycho. She has been playing with this gene too long. It is affecting her life.

Chapter 6

It was Wednesday. Max was waiting just inside the school. Maria had gone out to meet Liz’s car. Today, Maria would help Liz out and into her chair. Isabel came up behind Max. “What do you think you are doing here?” she asked.

I am just watching. I guess I am wishing, also. It was so nice to talk to Liz. We always talked about school things and what was affecting others. Tess only talks about Tess. I don’t think the girl even knows that other people exist,” Max stated.

I am just warning you, Max. If we see Tess anywhere near Liz, things are not going to be pleasant. We might not be real careful either. We all keep the secret, but not to the point that Tess is allowed to hurt someone we all love,” Isabel was warning.

“Do you think I could just talk to her for a minute?” Max asked.

Max you show us that Tess has no hold on you and yes, you can spend all the time you want with Liz. We just do not want the chance that Tess might use you to hurt Liz or the rest of us.” Isabel was adamant. Max was going to have to earn the right to talk to Liz.

Max turned and quietly walked away.

It was lunchtime. Max was sitting leaning against the wall of the gym building. He was eating alone. This was so like it had been back in Maine. So many times, Max, not willing to let others in, had just spent his time alone. Two weeks ago, Max had been part of a family. He had the pleasure of being with a wonderful girl. Then, that king thing. Where did it come from? He guessed it was somewhere in his matrix. Like the way Max knew how to heal and some of the other “alien magic,” this king thing that Tess had, was, also, locked somewhere in his being.

When Tess had walked into the room that night. When he saw her head bent to the floor and her blonde mane flowing over her face, something triggered the fact, he was king. This had triggered several things in Max. He was not sure what to do with Tess. He was, also, not sure what Tess meant to him. Lifting her to stand beside him had just seemed natural. It wasn’t until Michael said, “Max, you can kiss my ass. I may be alien, but I am one hundred percent ‘green-blooded’ American. I bow to nobody,” that Max had began to question. It was then that Max thought. His feelings toward Tess were not nearly as strong as his feelings toward Liz. It was just that when Tess was near, Max felt that he was losing control. What did a teenage boy know about handling a queen? Max began to ask himself, what did it mean to be a king? What did it mean to be queen?

Max had been raised to be one hundred percent green-blooded American also. Where did he get that idea that they should bow to him or to Tess? That wasn’t too difficult a question to answer. Tess had insisted. The question Max had was why, hadn’t he just told her to go to hell? Max was in the midst of making a family for himself. He had allowed Tess to destroy this, or at least, severely damage it.

Tess was finding herself ostracized. Someone had started the rumor that she had tried to hurt Liz Parker. Liz Parker was crippled. Liz Parker had never done anything mean to anyone. Tess tried to justify herself. No one was buying that. Tess didn’t have a reputation of caring about other people. How could she try to appear to be the injured party?

The King episode had triggered things in Tess, also. When Tess saw Max, she saw that he was the person in her dreams. He was the man she would grow with and, someday, stand beside ruling equally with him. Until she had prostrated herself before Max and he had raised her to stand beside himself as queen, Tess had been a free spirit. Tess had dated and even tempted several of her boyfriends to challenge her virginity. The trouble was, when the actual time came, something happened in Tess. She always backed down. That was the reason she had the reputation of “prick tease.” Tess just never could make that final step. In any normal girl, such a reputation would have led to rape. Some young man not being able to allow himself to be led that close to his desires, then be refused. With her powers, Tess always protected herself.

Tess should have studied her history better. She still saw being the lover of the king would make her equal to him. There were all sorts of warning signs. In her haste and lust to first sleep with the king, she missed that kings have their own mind. Consorts and queens of the king, might be able to influence him, but they would never be his equal.

The Harding family knew they had a difficult daughter to raise. Many times, stepchildren disappoint their loving parents, but looking at their friends, they see the biological children aren’t that great either. To be a parent, to raise a child, to see that child grow up, in spite of all problems and finally, to receive grandchildren, that was the cycle of life. They would do their best. Unlike the Evans family, they never knew of the origin of their adopted daughter. They had many restrictions on Tess. If they went out of town, they made sure that they took Tess with them. There were still problems since Tess was an incurable flirt. The thought of Tess left at home alone without supervision was unthinkable. You wondered why later, they gave in to letting her house sit. Tess had been on the pill for several years. The family had many discussions about safe sex. Any discussions about abstinence had ended in the eighth grade. The thought that Tess might still be a virgin, did not cross their minds.

Tess now knew what had stopped her. It was the king. After him Tess would be free to indulge in all her whims. She was making plans. It would take careful thought, but Tess intended to have Max soon.

The only thing on Max’s mind was Liz. Twice, he had seen her from a distance. The first time, he started to go see her, he felt the touch on his shoulder. Turning, he saw the glare of Isabel. “Max, not until you are completely free of Tess. You are not going to hurt her, again,” she hissed.

Max was avoiding Tess and Isabel was avoiding Max, except for the times she warned him. All of them were worrying about Liz. Tomorrow, Liz would go back to the doctor. She was making a decision. It was hard, but she had given it a lot of consideration.

Maria, Michael and Isabel were together this night. Avoiding Tess had become considerably easier since her queen episode. No one, even Max had taken her seriously. There had been a brief moment, but it was fleeting, when Tess had felt she had the control of Max. Now, when she was with him, he seemed to want to be rid of her company as soon as possible. Avoiding the other aliens was no problem. Tess hated Maria and she wasn’t even sure of why. What difference did it make to her that Maria had Michael wrapped up? Tess didn’t know what she felt about Isabel. In her mind, Isabel should have been with Michael. Now, Isabel was just a free agent. She was too loose with her trusts. Letting that Parker girl, that cripple, know about their secret. That was pure foolishness!

No matter why, the fact that they were free from Tess was celebrated by the three sitting in the Michael’s apartment. It really wasn’t an apartment. It was a room connected to an old house which was connected to Michael’s foster father’s place. The aliens used it as a place to be when they wanted to be free from the adults. Michael’s foster father never set foot in it. Isabel didn’t know where Max was. Max had become very depressed and morose. Isabel had just slipped out with a word to the Evans adults that she was going to see Maria.

“Max, has been stalking Liz all week,” Isabel stated.

“Yes we know. Michael and I have been keeping tabs on him. He has, also, been avoiding Tess. I just wonder how long that will last?” Maria wondered.

“I always felt Tess was trying to push us,” Michael claimed.

“I wonder why she didn’t ever succeed?” Isabel asked.

“She, surely, took Max over,” Michael mused.

“Well, Max didn’t know her like we did,” Maria responded.

Isabel turned to Maria, “She always wanted to get rid of you. For some reason, she wanted Michael and me to become lovers. I don’t understand what our lives were to her. She didn’t even have a focus on a single guy until Max showed up. Why was she so concerned about us?”

Maria looked up. “Liz said she was going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. She asked me to call her. She said something about a major decision. I don’t know if there is something new that the doctors have found out or what. I will call you guys as soon as she tells me what is going on.”

“If that Tess thing hadn’t happened, we might have gotten Max where he could have helped her. Now, I am afraid that if Tess knew Max was doing anything, she would take control again and do something to harm Liz,” Isabel said.

“Is Max really that good?” questioned Maria.

“It is not a matter of being good. It is the way we are made. School work, and many things of Earth, we have to learn just like you do. There are certain gifts, which make us alien that are already in our minds. Just like that king episode, it takes triggers and somehow, we just know how to do things. Sometimes, I think there are alien things that are screwed up in Tess. They just don’t work like they do in us.” As Isabel explained, Michael was just nodding agreement, with what she said.

There were other things that he hadn’t talked over with Isabel. Some of them were personal, just “stuff,” between Maria and himself. Since she didn’t have anyone, Isabel hadn’t seemed to have the feelings that Michael had. Maybe, it was gender, but he didn’t know. When Tess was crying that king bull shit, Michael had felt a closeness to Maria and nothing Tess said had mattered to him. Michael wondered how Isabel had felt.

Isabel continued. “Michael and I didn’t have the ability to go further when we were trying to save Liz. Max has kissed her and he said that the bullet could be removed and the nerve could be healed. He couldn’t tell me how he knows. He just knows. I imagine it is like you know when you sing on pitch. You just know.”

“Yeah, Max uses that kiss for therapeutic reasons and Liz sees it as pure romance. I just wonder if he knows how much it hurt her when she saw him with Tess?” Maria stated.

“It had to mean a lot to Max, also. If he, say, just kissed you, he probably wouldn’t get passed a vision of Michael. If he kissed me, well, I don’t know what would happen. Max says that he and I are siblings. It is more than just being adopted by the Evans family. Max says there is something deeper in us that makes us related. I don’t quite understand, yet,” Isabel explained.

“What is between Max and Tess,” Maria wondered.

Isabel shook her head. “I heard noises in his room, so I peeked in. Max was asleep, but he was saying, ‘Tess, I don’t want to go there. It is dangerous, Tess. We are now on Earth, let’s just live out our human lives.’ I didn’t understand anything he was saying and I felt a little ashamed eavesdropping, There is still something going on with Tess, but Max is fighting it.”

“Until we understand it better, that is the reason we want to keep him away from Liz. Tess is trying to get something from Max. We just don’t know how much she is controlling him.” Maria was sure they still had to protect Liz. She never wondered why they didn’t have to worry about herself. Why wasn’t Maria in danger? Tess had explained that she hated Maria and wanted to be rid of her. Tess had never tried to do to Maria what she tried on Liz. That was a mystery that Maria filed away to consider someday.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg4, ch6 Aug 17, '09

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mary mary

Author Note, Please read:
Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess are hybrids. Normally they are in their human form. They are housed in human bodies, which are more fragile than Antarian forms.. Whether it is Antarian or royalty, when the gene is activated, they know no bounds or rules. To the human body, this gene produces a drug like feeling. Every time they activate the gene, the rush and the desire to repeat this increases. Like drug use gone bad, they develop an addiction. Remember they have to discover all of this out for themselves. Two questions are, Will the other hybrids also experience this gene and how can they learn to control it. The idea is not too far fetched, just look at the rich and famous and see how they behave.

Chapter 7

Thursday: In the almost two weeks he had been in Roswell, Max had discovered, family, love and belonging. Then in one night, he discovered kingship and lost everything. His feelings toward Tess were the most confusing thing he had ever encountered. The feelings must be human because most of his alien feelings were programmed. Well, maybe, they were alien. That night, Tess had triggered something. Thinking back to how easily he had fallen into the kingship role, Max wondered if this was something deep in his mind that he would have to learn to control. There was no place for kings here. It had angered those who he wanted to think of as family. Following Tess hadn’t gained anything for Max. He had lost what he thought he was receiving in knowing Liz.

Max was watching as Isabel helped Liz into her wheelchair. How he longed to be doing this. Being with Liz was just something almost magical to him. Max turned and he saw Michael and Maria watching him about 30 feet away. Max hung his head and went on his way. At his locker, he found a note.

Dear Max:
My folks are taking me out of town for the week end. They don’t trust me at home alone. Max, I am working on plans. We will have our time together soon.
Love, Tess your queen.

As Isabel helped Liz into the chair she noticed that Liz was more depressed than usual. Liz said very little as Isabel wheeled her into the building. As Isabel left, Liz managed a little smile. “Thank you, Isabel.” With that, Liz entered her first class.

Biology class was coming up. Liz always liked biology. She had always looked forward to the class and when she met Max, it was one of the high spots of her day. Now, it was just a gray class. No interest or excitement could be found there anymore. When she went to lunch, Alex, Isabel, Maria and Michael were already there. Max wasn’t welcomed there anymore by the others. Sometimes, Liz just wished she could forgive him. Forgive him for what? He had paid attention to her for a week. That was more than any other guy had done since she was injured. Learning about the aliens and hearing about Tess and her declaration that Max was her king, Liz knew that she had no call to expect Max to desert his destiny.

Liz knew that her medical bills were becoming a burden on her folks. Well with her decision this afternoon she would be making a move that would remove her from the constant medical supervision. It would also remove any false hope. Liz could now make plans to live with her infirmity. She could have died, what a burden, that would have placed on her folks.

Liz had long watched Michael and Maria. She envied what she thought they had. Now, she was not sure, but it looked like Alex was becoming familiar with Isabel and she was encouraging it. One part of her was happy. Alex had been a long time friend and for some reason after she was injured, Isabel had become a friend. Well, now she knew why Isabel was so close. It wasn’t all that pleasant, but Izzy felt guilt that she and Michael hadn’t done enough. It would be wonderful to see Alex and Isabel together, but would she be losing two friends. Would there be any place for crippled Liz Parker in their lives?

Liz had been going to a therapist for some time. He had pointed out the many people who managed to make peace with their condition. He demonstrated how many actually found valuable and profitable lives. That was good in theory, but to a girl in high school who thought she had such a wonderful future and with the proof given by Max that she would not easily find someone to be with, it was difficult. After her decision this afternoon, she would have to pay better attention to the therapist.

Isabel was the one confused. She was used to the handsome hunks all brawn and little brain. Boys who only had one project in mind, that of thawing the ice queen, were the norm around her. Alex could care less about making surprised moves on Isabel. They had gone walking one night and when he returned her to her door, Alex asked, “Isabel may I kiss you?” All other boys had tried to make the good night kiss something they deserved.

Alex was brought to the fold by way of Liz. He had learned about Isabel’s heritage almost by accident. He was very comfortable with this. Isabel found she was also. Isabel had noticed that there was something about Michael. Sometimes, he acted as if there was something he wanted to tell her. It was not something he was willing to reveal to the group. She would wait and he would approach her in his own time.

Max, as usual, at least since he had been ordained king, by Tess, sat alone. Tess had come by a few times at the first of the week, but she wanted to flaunt her relationship with Max. Max wasn’t yet sure that they had or would ever have a relationship. The further he had gotten from the weekend, the more he missed Liz. He was having a bad time understanding why he had allowed Tess to get to him that night.

In his mind, Max was thinking about that bullet. If Liz allowed him, he could go into her body with his mind and alter the structure of the bullet. There might be some lead poisoning from dissolving the bullet, but if she would let him he could monitor and correct any such problems. He would just encourage the nerve to heal itself. He would make the nerve grow new cells, something it was not normally prepared to do. It would take several weeks, but Liz would be able to walk again. Max thought about this over and over.

Liz wheeled herself out to her parents waiting car. All of her friends were in class. This was an important appointment for Liz. She hadn’t even talked about it with her parents. She intended to tell the doctor that she wanted the bullet removed. She was giving up hope. They would remove the bullet and she would be resign herself to the fact that she would never walk again.. Liz knew that the bullet might kill her if it kept moving. That would be so hard on her mother and father. They had tried so hard to care for her. Maybe, she would even go to a special school to learn how to best care for herself. Now that would be progress.

Liz called Maria that evening and Maria, immediately, called Isabel. “Liz is going through with the operation even though it has only a slight chance of helping her ever walk. It will remove the bullet and she feels she can get on with her life.”

Isabel knocked softly on Max’s door. “Max, Liz is going to go ahead with the operation. She thinks it will be best for everyone.”

The look on Max’s face was a study. “Isabel, I can heal her, but she would have to trust me. I am afraid that I might have lost that trust. Can you arrange for me to see her, tonight?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Max. I would have to go with you to make her feel at ease. She really was hurt when she saw you with Tess.” Isabel was thinking it was late and the Parkers would be in bed. She and Max would have to come to an outside window.

Liz was in a robe sitting by the window. Max and Isabel pulled up two chairs near to the window. “Liz, I can remove the bullet. I can make it so you can walk. You just have to trust me. I would have offered to do it last week, if the Tess episode hadn’t occurred.”

“Max, I thought you cared for me. I think that I was falling in love with you. You were the first boy who paid any attention to me since I was injured,” Liz explained.

“Liz, I did care for you. I care for you now. The Tess problem is something alien. I am trying to straighten it out. You have to trust me. If I am not with you, it is caused by some alien thing we don’t understand,” Max said.

Max shook his head. “Liz, we don’t know what Influence Tess has. Isabel and Maria have been keeping me away because they think Tess might bring you harm. Tess is out of town this weekend. If Isabel and Maria can get you away from home, I can remove the bullet tomorrow night. Then you can just ask for another exam before they do their surgery.”

Max and Isabel didn’t want to stay long, because sooner or later the Parkers might hear them. They did not want to explain what they were doing there.

It would be up to Isabel and Maria to create a situation, where Liz would have permission, to be away from home. The situation would be set up, where each parent thought the girls would be at the other’s home. Strict requests would be to use the personal cell phones, if they needed to contact their child. This would avoid any parent contact with the other parents. Claims that they intended to have late night sessions, listening to Recordings and long sessions of girl talk long after the host parents had gone to bed would encourage the parents not to call the other. When it was all arranged they all met in Michael’s apartment.

For the longest time they all just talked to one another. By silent agreement, Tess the gerbil was not mentioned. Around midnight, Max wheeled Liz into a back room, that Michael and Maria had prepared. Isabel stayed with Liz and Max. She wasn’t yet sure, that she completely trusted Max.

It was necessary that Liz completely trust Max, though. As Max lifted her from her chair Isabel could see the adoring look Liz gave him. For a time any thoughts of Tess were erased. Max was apologetic as he reached for the fastenings of her blouse. Isabel reached before him and carefully undid the garment. Max did not touch her bra as he only wanted his hands on her bare flesh the closest he could get to where the bullet entered. As Max gazed into her eyes he saw the life history of the girl before him. He saw her con-game with the patrons of the Crashdown. Max saw Liz’s relationship with Maria and the few boyfriends she had dated. To Max this was nostalgic as this was much the life he wanted. Max could only want to have friends and maybe a girl who thought of him in a certain way. Max broke his concentration on her history and began to rifle through the wounds that had not properly healed.

As Max was working one of the by-products of his intrusion was the opening of him self to Liz, also. Liz had nothing to do but to think about Max. She was totally passive to what was being done to her. She saw the hunger he had for a family, friends and things that he had never been able to have. Liz, also saw, in the far background, a flickering vision of Tess. This was something, that that no matter how hard he tried, Max couldn’t completely repress.

There was no question of Max’s ability. As Isabel had said, it was programmed into him to know just what to do. No surgeon ever approached anything with as much confidence. This wasn’t something he had learned. This was built into his being.

Sunday night, the bullet having been removed: “Isabel, I feel a lot better but I do not know where Max and I stand,” Liz stated.

“What did you tell your folks?” Isabel asked.

“I told them that we had a girl party. I lied and told them that no boys were there. They know that Michael is with Maria, but Max, they wouldn’t be sure about. Izzy, I am not sure of Max, either. When he was looking into my eyes, I felt a great caring from him. I also saw Tess way in the background. I can’t help but think that we are not rid of her. I still think she will ruin my happiness someday.”

“How are you feeling, Liz. It has been a long time since you actually walked on those legs?” Isabel inquired.

“I can feel my clothes against my legs. That is something. It has been so long since I felt anything that. It takes getting used to.” Liz knew that she was going to have to take things slowly. She hadn’t had full use of her legs for some time. Except that she didn’t take her pain medicine, this morning her parents hadn’t noticed anything different. Liz looked for Max, but she didn’t see him.

Max arrived early Monday morning for school. What he had seen while working on Liz Parker thrilled him. He still couldn’t be with her because Tess was still a problem. In fact, she had come up to him and thrown her arms around his neck to pull him down for a kiss. The kiss quickly terminated as she stepped back. “Max you can play with your toy as much as you want after you take care of me,” she declared.

“Tess, I do not see that I need your permission, concerning what I do with anyone,” Max growled.

“Max, Max you have to make me your queen. Then I will make no demands on you most of the time,” she stated.

“Tess, you can make yourself queen in your mind whenever you want. I have nothing to do with kings or queens,” Max stated.

Tess just looked at him. For a king, he could be awfully dense. Tess had discovered why she couldn’t go through the amorous affairs before. She needed to be made the queen. Then, anything she wanted to do would be right. What the queen did was always right. She had a few more details to finish, but she would have Max this weekend. Better to leave him alone for a while.

At noon, Max hadn’t seen Tess anymore that morning so he thought he would see if he was welcomed at the table where Maria and his sister ate. Of course, that was where Liz ate, also. “May I join you?” Max inquired.

Maria looked up, “Where is the gerbil?”

“I saw Tess a few minutes this morning, but I haven’t seen her since. She kept saying things like I had to make her queen. I told her that she could make herself queen all she wanted. I didn’t want anything to do with kings, queens or any of that alien stuff,” Max explained.

Maria frowned and said to herself, “For a bright boy, Max could be a little slow. Didn’t he understand what she meant by making her queen?” Maria didn’t say anything because with Max sitting beside her, Liz, changed her demeanor completely.

Some distance from where Max and the others were sitting Tess was watching. Well, let him play. She didn’t think Liz was in any shape to give her any challenge. After this weekend, Tess just wouldn’t care. She would be queen and she was sure she could put brakes on Max if she needed. As queen, Tess was sure she and Max would share more power than either of the other two aliens.

Liz and the others were talking about what Liz could do. She was going to start practicing soon. She would have to see what her parents said about that.

That afternoon, Max, once again, carried Liz from her chair to her parents car. Isabel and Maria were close by to make sure no one interfered.

The rest of the week was good to Liz. She told the doctors she felt better. They x-rayed her and spent considerable time looking for the bullet. They also saw something strange where the bullet had lodged. The tissue was repairing itself. They gave Liz a full checkup. This was safe because the silver hand prints had faded by the time she had her appointment.

Liz hoped Max would come by Friday night, but he told her that he had something to clear up. Liz didn’t ask any questions. She did fear that it was Tess.

Tess had stopped Max that morning. “Max, look there are things I need to explain to you. Don’t worry about that queen stuff. You will understand it, eventually. Tess gave Max an address. He noticed that it wasn’t hers.

Tess had been housesitting for a friend. Only because the friend had been well know by her family did they agree. Of course a little mind warping helped, also. “Look, I would like to invite my boyfriend over Friday,” she said to the friend.

“That is fine. You just change and wash the sheets. No parties, though, Your mother told me that she didn’t want you throwing any wild parties and I don’t want to clean up the breakage. Just behave yourself and have fun.” With that her friend had taken off for the week.

Tess knew something that the other three didn’t. Well maybe, they couldn’t, although she expected Max to be able to when he learned. Tess was going to teach him tonight. Tess had learned how to switch on the alien gene. It was an entirely different personality. Tess was convinced that she had found this gene because she was something special. Little did she know.

Tess was wearing a simple dress. She was wearing nothing under it because she fully expected it to be ripped off. When she touched the genes of the king, Tess expected the king to make her a queen. She wasn’t sure, but she thought it might get wild. She had briefly excited these special genes that first night. Max quickly rose to accept that he was king. Tess saw a strong king, masterfully giving her his love and making Tess just as powerful. There was something obviously wrong in her thinking, but she hadn’t figured it, yet.

Max arrived. He was a little miffed because he had been thinking of spending the evening with Liz. Tess was going to explain everything. Max needed that. If she knew more than he did about them, Max wanted to know, also. He arrived wearing a bulky, loose-fitting Sweater, dark slacks and loafers without socks.

Max rang the doorbell and Tess answered. Max marveled that she looked so fragile and simple in the dress. She was wearing sandals. She led Max into the living room where a CD player was playing soft Jazz. Tess led him to the couch and he sat while she sat barely an arm’s distance from him. Tess was sitting on her legs and facing Max.

“Max, there are two personalities within us. There is the human personality, which allows us to interact with humans and there is the Antarian personality. The Antatian personality is not normally dormant. It is a powerful rush to engage it. I will teach you how. It is in your power to do so at will. Tess reached out to touch Max. He didn’t flinch. What if Tess was right? This might be a powerful tool to use for protection and maybe, to enhance his powers.

Tess had to be careful. She wanted to turn on her own Antarian personality and then quickly, start Max’s. As her hand reached his face, she whispered, “My king, I am your queen to do with as you will.”

No drug could ever compete with what went through Max. The young man with doubts and fears disappeared. Max stood tall. He was Zan, son of the king, and if the king was dead, then Max was king. King, that meant he was a law unto himself. There were no rules. Zan was free to do as he willed, Max felt power flow through his veins. He looked down at the little queen. Some memory from a former life materialized. She had been given to him to do with as he would. She was a present from her father to request that Zan not destroy their planet. Zan had been a cruel and powerful king. Both his subjects and those around him feared him greatly. Max/Zan looked down at her eyes. They were no longer the sparkling blue that Tess had batted at so many boys. They were large and black onyx. They matched his own.

The Tess personality had not left, instantly. As Ava was taking over the remnants of Tess, Tess thought, was this what she had expected as queen? In Tess’s imagination, queen was a place of power. Now, her own genetic memories appeared. She saw that she was a pawn given for the security of her home planet. All the times Tess had explored the Ava part of her personality, she had never seen this. This vision only came forth when she was faced with the king. Now in the presence of Zan, Tess learned of her proper place. The words, “My king, I am your queen to do with as you will,” were uttered more by Ava than Tess. Now, that was exactly what was going to happen. Zan was going to do with her as he willed. That did not look well for the quickly submerging soul of Tess.

Max felt a smack and a cry. There was a stinging of his hand before the green haze clouded his mind.

Max woke up. His body felt strained. His clothes had been thrown across the room. Lying beside him was the body of Tess. Her creamy white skin was bruised and bleeding. On her face, there was a bruise and there was a trickle of blood flowing from a cut on her mouth. Max was terrified. What had he done? He gently reached out and touched her. Feeling his touch, she moved. Her eyes were still black onyx. “What did I do to you?” Max asked with great fear. Max was a gentle person, witness how he held Liz that last weekend. Now, he was alone and naked with a, likewise, naked woman who had been badly abused.

The being with the onyx eyes answered, “My king, you took me as was your right. I only hope I pleased you. I only hope as you will hold and use me, you will think kindly to my home and spare it your wrath.”

Max couldn’t stand this. He reached forth looking into the black eyes of the woman. He touched her face and watched as the cuts and bruises healed. Max quickly moved his hand over her body and the bruises to her skin vanished. Somewhere, Max thought am I healing her or am I getting rid of evidence? “What kind of animal am I?” Max thought.

As her body was healing, Tess’s eyes again became blue. She became no longer the captive queen of Antar, but was returning to Tess Harding, a teen aged girl who had wanted something different from this, for her first experience of love.

Max pulled on his slacks and slipped on his shoes. He reached over and took a blanket and held it for Tess to cover herself. Max was sitting on the bed. The sheets had blood flecks all over them. “What happened, Tess?” Max asked.

Tess was pulling herself together, “You were king and I was your queen. We both reverted to Antarians.” She tried to smile, “I guess they are a little rough when they make love.”

It scared Max how quickly Tess was pulling her self together. It looked to him that he had raped her. That was a thought that Max could barely stand. What was his ancestry?

This wasn’t exactly what Tess had been looking for either, but she was becoming addicted to being Antarian. Everytime she touched that part of her mind, the transformation gave her more rush. The pain and the damage, well, Max had taken care of that. Thinking back now, Tess thought the pain was part of the rush. Now that Max had made her a queen, she couldn’t wait to experience what more this would offer. Something in her mind seemed to say. “There is power in pain. There is power when you stand up with the king.”

To Max, it was as if he had done something dirty. He had been in his room sitting in his rumpled clothes when Diane knocked on his door. “Max, don’t wear those clothes. They looked like you have slept in them,” she said. “Max, what time did you come in last night?” she continued.

“It was late mom. I think I did sleep in them. I was walking and thinking about having a family and meeting others like me. It is still quite a shock,” he answered.

“Well Max, shower and change clothes. Breakfast is ready. I have to call Isabel. Sometimes, she is very hard to get up on weekends,” Diane explained.

Isabel and Max didn’t say anything to each other at breakfast. When Max went up to his room, he looked up to see Isabel standing in his doorway. “Max, where were you last night? I know that you only got in a little before Mom came to your door.”

Max looked at Isabel, “I was with Tess.”

“Oh Max, that will break Liz’s heart. Why did you do that?” Isabel asked.

“It is worse than that, Isabel. I am not sure it is safe for me to ever be with Liz. Tess showed me the Antarian side of my character. Isabel, it is very bad. I would always be afraid that I would do something to Liz if I was near her. Tess somehow set the trigger off. I blacked out. When I came too this morning, Tess was still in Antarian mode and she said she was my queen and I had used her as was my right. Isabel, I don’t want to be a person who uses people. When we got up, her body was covered in blood and bruises. I healed her. All she said was that Antarians play rough. Isabel is that what kind of people we are? Are we just monsters hiding behind this human form. When she triggered the Antarian genes, it was a rush. I guess it was like taking drugs. I think she does this to herself regularly. I can see that it is habit forming.” Max looked at Isabel. She was speechless.

“Max, I think this is something that we need to talk over with Michael,” Isabel stated.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg5, ch7 Aug 23, '09

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mary mary
L-J-L 76

Author's note: I hope at least some questions are answered.

Chapter 8

That evening Max, Michael, Maria, of course, and Isabel all went to Michael’s apartment. Max was describing what had happened. “I remember slapping her just before blanking out,” he stated.

“Oh Max, how could you? Tess is a pain, but to slap her, even when she is continually whining, isn’t right,” Isabel exclaimed.

“I don’t think I did it because she was whining. It was more to show her how powerful I was. Once whatever Tess did to me started, I have never felt so alive, so powerful. I saw her, no longer as a girl, but as a slave given to me as a queen to use as I wished. I can’t remember much more than that.” Max was stumbling as he tried to explain to others who had not experienced the Antarian personality, what it was like.

Isabel shook her head. No one noticed the look that was exchanged between Michael and Maria. Michael frowned, so Maria looked down at her hands in her lap. It was his story. If he didn’t want to tell it, there was nothing she could do.

Isabel couldn’t help herself, “Max, what is it like? How different is the Antarian personality?”

Max shook his head. In the light of day, he could say that he never wanted to experience such a frightening thing again. But, he knew that in the dead of night, he would probably once again trigger the genes of the king. Once Tess had shown him the way, it was impossible not to think of the feeling he had had that night. Max regretted hurting Tess, but they had shared feelings from another land, other lives and bodies. “It is a strange world, Izzy. Don’t travel it, if you can prevent it. I just wonder if you can safely return from such a world.”

Tess had experienced the mutual opening of Antarian personalities last night with Max. She had a better memory of what happened than did he, because Tess had been experimenting alone with this trigger for a long time. She, also, had shielded the king from seeing what he was doing. Triggering the gene alone was like doing something in the dark that she should be ashamed of. Now that she had consummated her rise to queen with the king, Tess was ready to try the Antarian personality on others. They might be only humans, but Tess would tease them to power.

Had Tess been a psychologist, she might have recognized the sadomasochistic trip she was starting to follow. Where she was appalled at first, when she found that to be queen to the Zan personality, meant she would suffer pain. Now, Tess was coming to terms with the pain and was seeing it as being above the normal human expressions. When she triggered the Antarian personality Tess wanted nothing less than to feel the masterful exercise against her of power. Somewhere, this was confused with pain.

Harvey Ruggles was a lineman on the football team. The coaches knew he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if you told Harvey not to let anyone by, you were assured that no one got past the refrigerator. Harvey was that strong.

Harvey didn’t get many dates and, fewer yet, repeat dates. Harvey was just too rough for high school girls. Later maybe, Harvey would mellow out or maybe, he would find others like himself and partake of a rougher life style. He was surprised when the little blonde purred up to him.

Tess lay on the ground. She watched as Harvey’s car sped off. She was bruised and she could feel her face bleeding. She guessed she shouldn’t have teased him about the size of his tool. Harvey went berserk. He essentially raped Tess. The difference was she kept teasing him on. Now, the only thing left, was to call Max.

When Max arrived, he found Tess sitting on a park bench waiting for him. Most of the lovers around the park had finished their amours and gone home, being only high school boys, it didn’t take that long. Max helped her to his parents car and when they were inside, Max looked at her. “Tess what happened?” he asked.

“Max, this isn’t half as bad as you did last week. Just fix it and take me home,” she exclaimed.

Max was up early that Sunday morning. When Isabel met him at breakfast she could tell that he was bothered. Neither of them said anything until their parents left for Sunday services. “Izzy, Tess tried that power queen stuff on Harvey Ruggles, last night. You know what an ox he can be. Tess got him angry and he beat the crap out of her. When she called me for help, she had enjoyed it. She seemed to enjoy that abuse she received. She told me that it wasn’t half as bad as I gave her last week. Izzy I am frightened of this Antarian personality. I think it’s very dangerous. I don’t want you trying it. I have to see if I can control it before any of you trust me with Liz alone.” Max was explaining several things that were bothering him from the trip Tess had taken him on.

Publicly, Tess left Max alone. There were nights, though when she would call him. Like the siren’s song Max would always respond. There would be nothing in his mind after the green haze left, but Tess would always be in a huddle at his feet. Max would spend a longer time to heal her each time. Max could see that he was getting worse. So far, nothing had been broken, but Max knew that it was only a matter of time until he really did some damage.

On other nights, Tess might try the human soul. She frequented clubs and groups where pain and bondage were looked on as pleasure. Even though she was under aged, she warped herself in. Again and again, after her broken body was thrown out in an alley, Tess would, someway, call Max. He, once again, would piece her back together.

Max kept away from Liz. Isabel, Alex, Maria and Michael worked with Liz everyday. They had found an old walker at a rummage sale. With one of her friends on each side, Liz would walk every evening. Jeff was even worried that, maybe, she was overdoing her exercise. “Daddy, I just want to get out of the wheelchair and learn to walk again,” she told him.

“Liz, are the doctors sure that the bullet is not still in your body?” Jeff asked.

“Daddy, they can’t find it. Let’s just look at this as if it is a miracle,” Liz cried. She was getting so emotional over the fact that just a few days ago, she had agreed with herself that she would probably never walk again.

They had made it all the way to the park. Liz had never been so tired. The five of them had gathered around a table and they were all laughing and talking. Liz broke the humor when she asked, “What is happening to Max?”

They all sat down around her. “Max is involved with alien things. Right now, we won’t let him near you. We don’t even want him near us,” Isabel explained.

“By alien things, do you mean Tess?” Liz asked.

“Not exactly,” Isabel stated. “Tess has found a way to tap into our alien personality. Both she and Max say it is a huge rush, like a drug or something. For Tess, it is very dangerous. She is getting herself hurt very badly. Some of the injury, to Tess, is done by Max while he is also in that personality. We have always been a little afraid of Tess and now, until we understand things better, we are getting afraid of Max also.”

Liz didn’t know what to say. If Isabel had said, Max was strung out on heroin, Liz would have asked how did he get it, and were the Evanses going to get him help in some rehab center? This was something in the aliens themselves. Isabel, herself was very confused about Max’s condition. Liz did see a cryptic look pass between Maria and Michael.

Isabel was looking at her hands, “From what Max says, Tess is going to kill herself if she doesn’t stop.”

Liz was getting stronger, but she missed Max so much. The only time she used the wheelchair was when she was completely fatigued. Isabel was worried. She needed to understand what Max was going through. The only path, she knew was dangerous, indeed. Max had explained to her what it was he was feeling, but he always warned her to not attempt this. The Evans family was going to be away this weekend and with Max out somewhere, probably with Tess. Isabel had made a decision. She started by writing a letter. She would wait until Michael and Maria had gone out to a movie. Then, she opened the lock to his apartment and placed the note on his table. Michael and Maria would be out for at least two hours. Isabel enhanced the envelope, so it glowed bright blue. After a movie, they would be sure to go back to the apartment to have sex. Isabel knew that they had already crossed that path.

Isabel sat on her bed and composed herself. Max had Tess to guide him, but Izzy was determined that she would find her own way. The last thing she wanted was guidance from the gerbil. Isabel tried to assume the same feeling she had as she dream walked. This time, she walked her own mind. She entered a bubble and confronted herself. “Isabel,” she said to herself, “are you sure you want to release this demon?” The one Isabel could only nod her head to the other Isabel. The second Isabel stepped aside and Isabel saw a door. She approached the door and it was locked. Again, she heard herself say, “Make sure this is what you want before you enter. Damn, Izzy knew her own mind. She had thought long about this. She had to know what Max was feeling.

The door was still locked, but aliens could always unlock doors. Isabel pushed with her alien powers and the door opened. Tess had been as a gift to the king. Her people had sacrificed her for their protection. In reality even though they called her a queen, she was little more than a slave. This was what Isabel had been born for. She was the sister of he king. True he could give her to some powerful lord to further his ambition, but until he did, Isabel was a power unto herself. Her eyes went black and she felt the rush that Max had told of. Vilandra was, now, reborn. Only the king could command her, now. Or, was there someone else?

Maria and Michael had walked out of the movie early. They were arguing about the actors. “Michael that stupid bimbo was pretending to be a doctor. She was lucky to get out of high school, much less, go to college,” Maria complained.

“Maria, it was a stupid movie. She was not supposed to be really smart. She was in the movie for other reasons,” Michael answered.

“Yeah, Michael, she was supposed to show her boobs so you wouldn’t listen to the dialog very closely. I think she was mispronouncing most of those words, anyway,” Maria complained.

Michael pulled Maria close, “Looking at her made me realize how much more beautiful you are. When we get back to the apartment, I won’t be able to even think of that actress.”

As they walked down the street, even between their bickering, they were pecking at each other’s face with their lips. At the door, Michael didn’t even reach for the key in his pocket. He reached down and using powers, moved the mechanism. They were locked in an embrace as they stumbled in the door.

Inside the apartment, there was an unearthly glow. Michael and Maria both broke apart as they realized the eerie light. Maria walked over to the table and looked at the envelope. “It is from Isabel,” Maria stated. Then, she screamed, “Oh my god, Michael, Isabel is going to try the alien gene thing! She has no idea of how dangerous it is.”

Michael, immediately, galvanized himself. “Maria, run get Alex. He would be the only one who can safely bring her down. Explain what you need to him, but get him over to the Evans’ place fast.” With that, Michael was in a dead run toward Isabel’s home. Maria and Michael had walked to the movie. It was not far and they used the short outing as almost foreplay. Maria had left her Jetta parked behind the apartment. She was off to Alex’s home.

Michael arrived at the Evan’s home. It was dark except for the one light in Isabel’s bedroom. Michael entered the house and ran to Isabel’s room. She was dressed in a simple dress sitting on her bed. When Michael entered, she stood. Michael looked into her blackened eyes. Her voice was Isabel, but it was not Isabel. It was different, someway. “Rath, my Lord. I await you. It has been so long. With this, she began to, seductively, open her dress. Michael saw that she was wearing nothing under it. Michael couldn’t help it. As hard as he tried to prevent it, he could feel the genes of Antar trying to kick in. He could feel the ache way down in his groin. He started to approach Isabel. It was only the voice of Maria, as she ran in the door, which stopped him still. “Michael, you are not her lover. Make yourself stand down,” Maria shouted as she pushed Alex forward.

Alex did not ask any stupid questions when Maria knocked on his window. He slipped on his slacks and, with his shirt and shoes in hand, he was out the window and they were on their way. “Now, Alex, she is going to be nothing like you know. Remember that Isabel is there, somewhere, and only you can draw her back out. When this is all over, Michael and I will explain,” Maria stated.

To Alex, all that was needed was that Isabel was in trouble. Maria had insisted that he was the only one who could save her. Right now, in his mind, ran the scenario that he was the knight in armor who was coming to the rescue. With all the powers they possessed, Maria had told Alex, that Isabel still needed him. He hadn’t had a chance to get scared, that would come later. Alex was human. He had no powers. This precluded any physical abnormality with Isabel. What else would there be that was in his power to bring aide? All Alex had was a strong affection for her. Was this what Maria wanted? Was this strong love what Isabel needed?

When they entered the bedroom Isabel was standing before Michael. It wasn’t the Isabel that Alex knew. Her eyes were black orbs. They glistened like onyx crystals. Her simple dress was unbuttoned half way down. Alex could see her nakedness. Michael, likewise, had black orbs for eyes. When Maria began to shout, his body began to shake. The louder Maria screamed, the more it was evident that Michael was being torn by internal strife. Maria walked up to stand before Michael. Alex wondered at her bravery. Michael was clearly not himself. This was the last thought that Alex could give to Michael or Maria, as now he confronted Isabel.

As Maria moved Michael away from Isabel and drew his attention to her, Isabel turned to confront this new creature. It was human. Isabel stopped the unbuttoning of her dress. She stopped at wonder at what sort of creature had come before her. Alex heard Maria say, “Alex, you have to get her attention to be only on you. As long as she is looking at Michael you will not have any control.”

Alex took a deep breath and, with great trepidation, he thrust his hands inside her dress and pulled it down to her waist. The dress for the moment was effectively trapping her arms. Alex pulled the bare bosom against his chest and, remembering every romantic movie that he had attended with Maria and Liz, Alex began to cover Isabel with kisses. They were noisy kisses like in the movies. As Alex was kissing down her neck and down her chest, he could feel her body start to quiver. The next part was hard for Alex. He, normally, had his eyes closed when DVDs that Maria had borrowed from her mother’s private collection got him down to kissing and sucking on her breasts part. Damn those girls, teasing him during these parts of the movies! Now, Alex could really use some professional guidance. This wasn’t taught in sex education classes.

Alex could feel Isabel shaking her hands out of the sleeves of her dress and soon, her arms were wrapped around his neck. As he worked his way back to her face, Alex could feel that she was returning the kisses. Alex opened his eyes as he kissed her now. Her eyes were now the soft doe, brown that he loved so much. Feeling her weight in his arms, Alex lowered her to her bed and he sat beside her.

Michael had fallen into a nearby chair and Maria had collapsed in Michael’s lap. She was, like wise, kissing him and holding him close. Michael pulled back and shook his head. “Thanks, lover, that was a strong one,” he said.

Maria smiled, “That was the first time you were ever near another Antarian when the gene kicked in. That must be what is happening to Max and Tess. I am sure Tess has been playing with this for some time. The dreams of being queen and such must have led her to the gene. When she was confronted by Max, then the gene went into overdrive.”
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg6, ch8 Aug 30, '09

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L-J-L 76
mary mary

Author note: I was told by an narcotics officer that if he stuck a needle in my arm and allowed a tiny drip of heroin into my system I would finish pushing the plunger. The feeling is so great that few can resist. The Alien gene is not unnatural to the hybrids. there must be a reason for it, but they have no guidance to get through their puberty. It must have also been the intent that something control the gene. The human bodies they resided in can not take that punishment.

I am reminded of "Blue Lagoon," the movie. the youngsters had to learn about their puberty on their own. The hybrids must also be reaching puberty earlier than the humans they are with. Remember all Alex had to guide him was the movies that Liz and Maria made him watch. Please do not hold any awkwardness against him. In this way he is like many teens who get their sex education from movies, novels or their likewise ignorant peers.

Chapter 9

As the passions waned, the two couples began to collect themselves. Isabel looked around. She was sitting with two long time friends and one new friend who she was beginning to have strong feelings for and she was half naked. In her erotic moments as she grew up, Isabel had dreamed of her body being exposed before her lover. This was just way too public for any of those dreams. As she blushed clear down to where the remaining part of her dress gave her cover, Alex helped pull the dress back on and playfully slapping her hands away, he buttoned the dress back up. Taking her face one more time in his hands, he kissed her again. This time it was not from any movie, but from his heart. Alex dearly loved the Isabel who was with him now. The other one, he did have concerns about.

They were sitting at a table in the Evans kitchen. They had scared up four chairs and now, they were all four sitting around the table talking. “Michael had his first spell the second night we made love. Suddenly, he made that physical transform and he started to manhandle me. He was muttering things like, ‘You are a gift from the king,’ and such. Even though I was stark naked, I stood up and told him that I wasn’t going to put up with such nonsense. I was prepared to leave right then, even though walking through the streets of Roswell without clothes, would probably cause me great trouble,” Maria related.

This caused Alex to blush. The image of a girl, who he only thought of as a sister, being naked walking down the streets, he found distressing. Isabel found this Alex cute. She kissed him, causing his embarrassment to redden further. Michael continued, “I could hardly remember what was happening. This was not the habit of women of Antar. Then, the thought of me loosing Maria struck down the alien feelings I had. I had a real human girl. She had shown her willingness to give me her complete faith. There was no alien promise which would be worth this. I felt something relax and finally, I had Maria back in my arms. From that night to now, we have known about this. When we saw Max with Tess, we knew something was going to change. We both were scared as to what this would be. We should have given all of you notice, but at the time, we felt it was private and personal.”

Alex looked at all of them. “What does Isabel have to expect now?” he asked.

Maria spoke up again. “This happened when Michael and I first started making love. It has come up several times, but only during the course of love. I am always able to talk him back to me. Question is, did the sex trigger it or something else?”

Isabel stated, “I caused this to trigger myself. Max said that once experienced, it is a difficult road to avoid. What should I do in the future?”

“I think you and Alex are going to have to have a long talk. Do you have enough passion between you to keep this feeling in check? We have no guidebook. There were never any sex books written about young Antarians. You are going to have to see if you have the strength to manage this condition between yourselves,” Maria told them.

It was getting late, or rather early in the morning. They all needed to be in place before their absence would be noticed by parents, stepparents or foster parent.

Isabel, again, felt a flush of embarrassment as she was changing into her sleeping gown. She had exposed herself, not only to the boy who now would be of her choice, but also, to her friends likewise. The power she had felt with the gene was strong. Max was right when he told her to be careful. Isabel was sure that gene would return, but right now, she wanted sleep. Her body felt exhausted.

Alex did not go back to sleep. What had happened to him? Was he now going steady? Was he, someway engaged to Isabel? Maybe in some alien way, he was even married to her. He wasn’t sure. Alex had always been a responsible young man. He had always undertaken the care of Liz and Maria as they were growing up. When Liz was injured, he felt that as a close friend he should be there for her as much as possible. There had been flights of fantasy that he should marry Liz and take care of her forever. Alex did not love Liz in that way and he felt that she, also, would rather spend her life alone than to entrap him in a loveless marriage.

Now, what had happened last night. That Antarian gene thing was scary. The fact that it was his love for her that brought her back was invigorating. Alex could not neglect either Liz or Maria, but now there was someone even more important. Alex was thinking, his education took on even more importance. He had to direct his life, so he could support his responsibilities.

Isabel could hear Max stirring in his room. She could knock and see his worried face, the dark circles under his eyes, which he would fix as soon as he got to a mirror. She didn’t need to see him to know that probably he either had been with Tess or he had been called out to aide her in someway. With her one experience with the alien genes, she knew that the genes were trying on Max. Isabel imagined that the longer he allowed the gene to rule him, the harder it would be to ever shake himself from its influence.

Isabel spared a few minutes to consider the fate of Tess. Tess had been the bane of all of their existences. Tess was still one of them. She had shared a pod chamber with the other three. There had been some sort of connection with the others. Tess just always wanted more than what she had. The abuse that Tess was seeking was dangerous. Whether it was from Max or from humans she teased into furious passion, Tess was walking a dangerous path.

Isabel searched, as well as she could, her own feelings last night. There was a lot of haze, but there were desires of being under a masterfully orchestrated love. There were desires of feeling the pains of love long after the event. These were partially masked by the tenderness and gentleness of Alex. Isabel was now, human. That is the kind of human love she wanted. That was the kind of human love that led to families and loving homes.

As Max cleaned himself up, he was a mess, there was a growing self hate within him. Like any addict, Max made promises to himself. This would be the last time, but the siren call of Tess as she desired his attention or his ministration to her broken body, would again, bring Max to the gene. Max entertained no concept, that with Tess, he would find any permanent love. She was clear that she wanted him, but she also wanted the freedom to experience others. Tess tried to tease Max into taking other lovers. She even suggested that little Liz girl. Max was king and she was queen. She, except for when she was under his domination, was free to do whatever she wanted. Why shouldn’t he do the same?

That wasn’t what Max wanted. He had been raised by a loving couple in Maine. The Evans family, including Isabel, promised to be a loving and supportive family, except for Isabel’s fear of his experiences with the gene. When Max came home last night or rather this morning, he felt something different in the home. It was something to do with Isabel and also Michael. Max would have to talk to them soon.

There was still one more day before the elder Evans returned. Isabel felt strongly that they needed an alien meeting. She notified the other three. Tess agreed more from curiosity than any benefit she felt she would get. Max was sure that the meeting was necessary. There were too many things happening around him that needed explanation. Michael and, of course, Maria arrived first. Maria was surprised that Alex was already sitting beside Isabel. Then Maria smiled, Isabel had now discovered that she needed Alex beside her just as Michael needed Maria. Max, finally, arrived. He had been up in his room. He was spending entirely too much time up there alone.

Tess was the final arrival. She stopped at the door. “I thought this was to discuss alien things. Why are the two humans here?” she demanded.

Michael smirked, “Just as Maria keeps me from getting lost, so now, does Alex hold on to Isabel. Face it, Tess, they are included from now on.”

Tess turned and started back out the door. “I don’t need humans to keep me from getting lost. I don’t need to waste my time, either. When you have an aliens only meeting, call me,” she stormed.

“Tess, sit. I order you as your king,” Max stated.

There was a perplexed look on her face, but Tess did return and sit without further statement.

Isabel started, “I opened myself to the alien gene last night.”

Max just held his head in his hands. He had seen so much grief in this, was he now to watch as the grief visited his newly acquired sister? Tess looked up. She was searching Isabel’s face for some information.

Isabel continued, “I opened myself to Michael and, of course, Maria blocked me. Then, I learned to control the gene. Alex came into my life and it was because of him that I was able to leave the path of Antar and come back to human things. Tess, you did not discover the alien gene. Michael discovered it long ago and that is why he has Maria so close. His love for her always brings him back to earth. You wondered why she was always included. Now, you know. Be advised that from now on, Alex will always be included with me. You always wondered why you couldn’t warp Michael and me. Well, now you know that also. Maria’s strength always protected us. Now, we will include Alex. You can’t do anything to them because our relationship protects them as well.” A lot of things about Tess were clearer to Isabel now.

Tess hadn’t ever said anything about not warping Isabel and Michael, but she did wonder. At first, she thought the warping wouldn’t work on other aliens, but when Max appeared, he was easy to warp and to lead. Then, she went back to wondering why she could never control the others. She also wondered why Max, as king, couldn’t control the others.

Now, they had stirred Max’s interest. “You mean that Maria can bring Michael down from an alien high?” He asked.

“Exactly,” Maria answered. “We experienced this while we were making love at the start of our relationship. I just explained to Michael that I was offering him more as a human than he would get in any alien trip. Of course, we didn’t know what it was at the time.”

“I, clearly, saw Michael as the target of my passion last night. I doubted if anyone could have forcibly kept me from him. When Maria stepped in front of him and I saw his passion weakening, I felt anger. Then, when I felt Alex’s hands on my body and his lips making like a movie star, I felt my own passions changing. Now, I know that any fervor of the Antarian gene will be directed by Alex. I no longer fear it as long as he is near,” Isabel explained.

Max looked at all of them. “You are so clear at what happened to you. I was always in a haze and could barely remember anything afterwards,” he told them.

“I think we can attribute this to a certain alien who, finally, found someone she could warp,” Maria said.

Tess leaped to her feet, almost screaming. “Max, I offered you the power of a king. I offered you my body to abuse and use as you would. No one ever would do that for you. I offered you freedom. Go to your little human toy. Marry her, if that is what you want. Sire a bunch of human brats, but remember, that I am your queen. All I ask of you is to care for me when I am hurt and give to me power when I need it.” Looking at Tess, they were all sure she had lost sanity someway.

Max stood up. “Tess, what you did not offer me was a loving family. You never offered me contentment of being loved not as a king, but as a man. Nothing you gave me was as strong as what I see in Michael and Maria. You never gave me any promise of what I see in Isabel and Alex. You opened for me a hazardous path to travel. I will have to learn to control it. You should, also, try to find some way before you loose your life. That path is dangerous. It got everyone killed back on Antar. Why would we want to keep this here? We have a place for a fresh start. Tess, make the best of it.”

Tess was so angry that she was almost incoherent. “I am queen and I do not have to listen to this.” She prepared to leave.

“Tess, sit down before I show everyone what it means to be queen,” Max shouted.

Tess glared at him. “You wouldn’t dare,” she challenged.

Suddenly, Tess fell to her knees and bent till her forehead touched the floor. Her blonde hair was now covering Max’s shoes. “I am yours, my king. Use my body as you wish. If I please you, remember my people and treat them well.”

Immediately, Isabel and Maria stepped up and pushed Max back. They stood between him and the kneeling queen. “Don’t, Max. She doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment even if she requests it. She needs help. If you are king, you will help her,” Isabel stated.

The darkness, which had fallen across his eyes, faded. Max, now, became the young man that Isabel had met when she flew back with her parents to get him. The two girls stepped aside and Max gently lifted Tess by the hand. “Come on my queen, let me take you home.”

Maria leaned back in the arms of Michael. Michael was thinking that if they hurried, they could make love back in the apartment before Maria had to go home. Isabel was residing in the arms of Alex. She was wondering when they would travel that road of love. Maybe, not yet, but soon she felt they would be ready. Everyone was wondering about Max. Everyone was also wondering about Liz.
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Re: Genes of The King, Adult, CC, pg7, ch9 Sept 7, '09

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L-J-L 76
mary mary

Chapter 10

Tess wanted to be angry with Max. She couldn’t. He was her king and he could do with her as he wanted. He had brought her down in front of all the other aliens. That was his privilege. She had to shrug it off. It would have been nice if he had been kinder, but that was the way of the king. Tess had lost a lot of her earlier fantasies about the king. Yes, being with the king filled her with power, but he could be very cruel also. As long as he came when she needed him and as long as he occasionally joined her in travels of Antarian life, she guessed that was all she needed.

Liz was living her own miracle. Many of the specialists had flown back in to observe and review her checkup. “Isabel, they want to write me up in the journals. They all exclaim that the nerve regeneration itself is a marvel. The absence of the bullet, they are starting to decide, was a machine malfunction. Something else made the shadow on the x-ray and that something had been absorbed by the body,” Liz related.

“Liz I am so happy. Max is good at what he does. I just wished this alien thing could be settled. I think he really cares for you. I don’t blame you if you never want to see him, but believe me what has happened to him is beyond his ability to stop right now.” Isabel didn’t say much more. There was a germ of an idea starting. Not now, maybe never, but if Max ever broke the hold that the alien gene held over him, it would be with someone who could love him. If she could get past her thoughts of Tess, that someone would probably be Liz. At this time, neither Isabel nor Maria had said anything about how they controlled the alien gene to Liz. Isabel was afraid that Liz would grow to hate Max and Maria was afraid that Liz would be willing to face Max, no matter what. They both thought that the time was not right, yet.

Habitually, Max would go out on Friday nights and stay until almost morning. Isabel guessed he was with Tess. She really didn’t know. In two weeks, Philip and Diane Evans would have to go out of town on a business trip. Isabel was making her own plans.

Dating Alex had a certain fun. With him dates always took on importance. There were concerts, museum tours, lectures, of course, movies and finally, just sitting in either her room or his with the door partly opened listening to music or watching some DVD. They had many hot “make out” sessions, none of which were as hot as the first one where Alex brought her back from the Antar gene.

Isabel and Alex had kissed many times. Occasionally, his hands strayed inside her blouse and once, they strayed up her skirt. These times, Isabel had thought maybe, it will be tonight. Then, she looked around and sitting in her parents drive way or parking in the shadows of the park were not places where Alex would take her for the first time. Finally, Isabel had decided that it would be up to her to provide opportunity. That would be when Max was tomcatting with Tess and Isabel’s parents were out of town.

Isabel whispered to Alex, that week, “Keep Friday night open.” Then, she kissed him. That kiss sealed everything. If Isabel wanted him to be free Friday night, unless he was in the emergency room, with both legs broken, Alex intended to be available. Later, he found a letter in his locker which said, “8:00 PM, Isabel.”

That was later than usual for sessions where they were to listen to DVDs or to music. The Evans family usually went to bed about ten in the evening, so that only gave them two hours. Oh well, two hours with Isabel would make his weekend.

When Alex arrived, the house was mostly dark. There were a few lights on, but it wasn’t as lit up as usual. Alex rang the bell and Isabel met him. She was wearing a simple dress and sandals. Just being this close to Isabel was still upsetting to Alex. He saw her as beautiful, but he saw no more. She led him through the darkened house to her room. When they entered, Alex failed to see that she did not leave the door partially opened as her parents had requested. Again, he missed that not only did she shut the door, Isabel locked it. Isabel had a queen-sized bed. No twin bed for the likes of her. Tonight, it had fresh sheets and the covers were turned down. There were two scented candles and from somewhere he heard soft jazz. It was just the music he liked. “Alex, my parents are out of town until late tomorrow. Max is out, so we have the house to ourselves. Lets make the best use of it.”

This confused Alex. He thought he knew what she meant, but really that was preposterous. Isabel was opening herself up to him. That would be a dream come true. There was one more thing. As Isabel stood before him, he saw her eyes darken. Just before they were completely black, he heard, “Alex bring me back.”

This was the same dress she had on that night before, the simple dress with nothing under it and the buttons down the front. To bring her back, Alex had brought her close to his body and kissed her continuously. He remembered his hands on her bare flesh. This time, Alex wanted something stronger. He quickly stripped off his sweater and undershirt. His hands went to the buttons in front of the dress. The almost frozen Isabel just stood there waiting for him. Alex quickly pulled the dress down again, so her arms were pinned. He reeled her in and was kissing her furiously. Alex could feel her shudder. This time, Alex took time to attend to her breasts. He sucked them without the embarrassment that he had had before. After all, she was offering herself to him.

Alex bent and undid the last remaining buttons. The dress fell away. Alex gazed upon a totally naked Isabel. Instead of discomfort, he was feeling a hunger. He sat her on the bed as he stepped between her legs and buried her head against his stomach. He was stroking her back and neck as he smothered himself in the scent of her hair. Alex could feel his groin straining every step of the way. He forced her back on the bed, while she pulled herself back with her elbows. Alex climbed between her legs and found his face buried in her flesh, her breasts pushing against the top of his head. The scent of her body was intoxicating and Alex was building an anxiety and a little fear that he wouldn’t be enough. Alex felt her hand on his shoulder. He looked up and she handed him a packaged condom. Alex bit into the package and ripped it off. Since he had never done this for real, he felt awkward. His own shaft was so unlike the banana that they used in Sex Education class. He knew that he could wait no longer, so he slowly entered her. She hurried him by pulling herself onto him. Alex exploded inside Isabel. He never had noticed when the Vilandra creature had returned to Isabel. Alex was making love to Isabel. Antar did not exist, as far as he was concerned. Alex felt something wet on his chest. He looked down and saw that tears were in Isabel’s eyes. “I will never have to fear getting lost along the Antarian way. Alex, I will always have you to bring me back,” she whispered.

They lay there, Isabel on her back and Alex on one arm facing her. Alex was tracing her body with his free hand. Starting at her throat, he traced her collarbones. The sharp edges were traced as he traveled her upper body. Then, his hand found her breasts and circling them, he first touched then massaged her nipples. They grew hard with the manipulation. He touched her soft stomach and stroked down to the hair of her pubic region. Alex felt the wet stickiness between her legs noting that indeed, they had made love. Maybe, the condom hadn’t held as well as it should or maybe, he wasn’t as experienced at applying it as he should have been. Isabel rolled toward him and as he stroked her back, she played with first, his chest then working lower down. Alex felt himself grow rigid again. Isabel rolled him on his back and this time she was on top. It was Isabel directing the lovemaking. It was Isabel covering the banana from Sex Ed. Alex thought maybe, it was some residue of Vilandra. Alex had no complaint; she drained him of all his lust, leaving him with just his adoration. Was this adoration for a princess of Antar?

They slept in each other’s arms. When they awoke, it was a toss up as to who woke whom. Isabel gave Alex a morning kiss and quickly she donned a robe and hurried to the shower down the hall. Isabel left the door open and as Alex was sitting in the middle of her bed, dressed in his shorts, he looked up to see Max standing in the door.

“So, you and Isabel,” Max questioned or maybe, it was just a statement. Alex couldn’t tell.

“That is right, Max. We made a decision to be together the other night and last night, we brought the statement to fruition. From now on, I will be the anchor Isabel has anytime she is pulled along the Antarian path,” Alex stated.

Max just nodded his head. “Take good care of her, Alex. When we first met, I thought having a sister was the most wonderful thing in the world. Now, I guess I have blown it and Isabel will have little to do with me. Take care of her, Alex, especially if I am not here,” Max said. Then, he went back in his room. Max was sure that there would be no scratches, bruises or cuts to heal on Isabel’s body. Alex just wasn’t that type of guy. Max had never thought of himself as that type of guy, either. Now, with greater and greater regularity, he was abusing Tess’s body. Of course, so was everyone else. Max wondered what had happened to that fellow who had started to love Liz Parker, even when she was still a cripple. Where was that guy who used to carry Liz from her wheelchair to her car and steal a kiss every time he could. Michael said that Maria was his way back. Isabel stated that Alex would bring her back. Tess didn’t want to ever return, so who would ever bring Max back? Was he as doomed, as was Tess?

Isabel returned, “Did I hear Max talking to you?”

Alex nodded. “He seemed cool about us being together. I think he was sort of wistful, wishing that he had something to hang on to. I don’t imagine Tess would be an anchor for anyone,” Alex stated.

Alex showered. When he returned, he found Isabel still in her panties and bra. She had laid out her clothes, but she waited for him to return before dressing. Isabel was correct as watching her dress was one of the more erotic things Alex could imagine. Alex pulled up his shorts from yesterday and then, his slacks. Next time, he had private time with Isabel, Alex would remember to bring an extra pair of underwear.

Alex was watching Isabel dress and Isabel was waiting for Alex to pull up his slacks. By the time they went down stairs, Max had showered and was starting breakfast. Max pointed to the family toaster, which was making four pieces of toast at a time, Alex took the hint as he took the butter and prepared another four. Isabel poured coffee of the three of them and by the time they were through, Max had the eggs finished.

Somewhere in Alex’s head, an alarm was trying to ring. Here he was, sitting beside his lover’s brother and Max did not seem to be a bit disturbed. Alex thought, maybe, Max was glad to see that his sister had someone to protect her from getting lost on the Antarian way.

When Alex got home, his parents wanted to know where he had been. “I am sorry mom, I was over at Max Evans place and we got to playing around. When I noticed the time, it was into morning. I just conked out on the couch and I didn’t call, because I didn’t want to wake you.”

Alex’s parents were a little miffed, because they thought he hadn’t thought things through very well. Alex thought next time I spend time with Isabel, I will plan a lot better.

Maria and Alex were sitting with Liz. They had, all three, walked to the park and back. Liz was tired, but she hadn’t had time to catch up with her two friends lately. “Liz, this Antarian stuff is crazy. Tess takes Max on a trip and he goes nuts. He beats her and acts like a wild man. Tess explains that the king and queen do not have to follow any rules. As a healer, he always heals her body, but it is her mind that is suffering. Even Max says that, eventually the gene will kill Tess.”

“Why do only Max and Tess have the gene?” Liz asked.

“Liz, they all have it. Only Max and Tess are using it uncontrolled. Michael reverts to the gene, sometimes, when we are stressed. Sometimes, when we are making love and sometimes, that we just can’t explain,” Maria stated.

Alex spoke up. “Yeah, Isabel and I are just exploring the effects of the gene. We have found that when she is with me and she is touching me, that she will give up the path of the Antarians. Just as Michael and Maria need each other, Isabel and I are beginning to need each other. That is a pleasant thought,” Alex explained.

Liz was thinking. “Maybe, because both of them have the gene, Max and Tess can’t find control. Maybe, it is necessary to have a human to control the gene. Otherwise, you both change into Antarians, or at least, you do until your human bodies can’t take any more abuse. Maybe, the gene is a death gene. You know, to not polute the universe with anymore Antarians.” Liz had been thinking. She knew that there was something wrong with Max and Tess. They needed some human control which they didn’t have.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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