The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch11 *complete* 3/26/10

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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch 5b dec 15 09

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Chapter 5b

Maxwell Evans

“Hey” I said as I smiled at Liz in the doorway.

“Hey” She said softly waiting for me to come in.

“come in make yourself at home” she smiled once again. I loved that smile it was so beautiful. She sat down on the couch. I knew she wanted to say something I could see it in her eyes.

“you want something to drink?” I asked.

“Im…good” she said softly.

“So” I said trying to find something to say or something to cut this tension in the room.

“So what’s the deal with you and tess. And don’t try to get out of telling me because You promised” She said. Promised? I didn’t promise anything.

“ I didn’t promise anything” I said.

“Ok maybe you didn’t promise. But don’t I deserve answers? I mean I wasn’t give a fair hand here. I dealt this hand unfairly. I didn’t ask for any of this” She said. And it was true didn’t ask for any of this. She did deserve the truth.

“ you want the truth?” I asked.

“yes” She said softly.

“ok The truth is Michael wanted me to talk to you about Kyle” I said.

“I knew it. Whats so wrong with Kyle? I don’t get it?” She asked.

“ He is part of group” I said.

“A group?” She asked.

“A group of people who hunt aliens like us and exterminate them. His father is the head of the group” The thought of myself laying on a cold slab being experimented on gave me shivers. She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

“so he cant be trusted” She softly.

“yes” I said softly. She turned to face me, she sat Indian style on the couch across from me.

“ There are people like that?” She asked.

“Yes, the sheriff has been watching us closely. We really don’t know if Kyle has been helping him or not, but still he cant be trusted. So we have to be really careful about what we do” I said. We had to be extremely careful. So that meant trying not to get exposed as much as possible.

“ So…Im befriending the enemy nice” She said softly.

“exactly” I said. There was that moment of silence. That weird silence that two people have. I hated that. I waited for her to say something, to say anything. The silence was killing me.

“just be careful” I said softly. She smiled softly.

“ I will I wont let any of us be lab experiments. I…don’t want to lose….” she stopped like she was trying to find the right words.

“Lose..what?” I asked.

“You…or…anyone else for that matter” She said softly. Looked deep into her eyes . I wanted to get lost in those eyes. Suddenly I found myself drawn closer to her. I wanted her, I wanted her scent surrounding me, I want her beautiful lips touching mine. I leaned in closer our lips were almost touching. I was breaking the rules.

“No” I said pulling away. I got up and went into the kitchen.

“Whats wrong?” Liz asked as she followed me into the kitchen.

“ Im breaking the rules” I said leaning on the counter.

“What rules?” She asked softly.

“ The rules I must follow” I said. She was looking at me confused.

“ I don’t understand” She said.

“We have rules to follow. I must be with tess. She is my betrothed” I said.
“ So your breaking the rules if you kiss me? that’s why you wouldn’t kiss me the other night. It all makes sense now” Liz said. She looked down like she was disappointed. Did she want to kiss me? Did she feel the same way I did?

“I cant hurt tess and I cant break the rules I am destined and bound too. The council will have my head. They have expectations for us” High expectations That I don’t think I can achieve now.

“I understand, I better go” I didn’t want her to go. I wanted her to stay. I stopped her from leaving.

“Don’t go” I said softly. She hesitated and turned to face me.

“Maybe we should just keep our feelings locked away and just be friends that seems more safe” I knew that wasn’t what she wanted I could see it in her eyes. Safe is what we needed right now. And safe was the best thing right now.

“ Your right lets play it safe” I said.

“safe is good” She said softly. This is crazy I cant play it safe! Im bending the dam rules! Screw it!

“ screw playing it safe” as I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She didn’t pull away and that was a good sign. She wrapped her arms around my neck and continued the kiss. My heart was racing. I didn’t want to let her go.

“ Ive been wanting to do that for a while” I said softly brushing her hair from her eyes.

“This is breaking the rules” She said softly.

“forget the rules” I said. She bit her lip and smiled softly. I leaned in once again and brushed my lips across hers again. I pressed my forehead against her forehead and just held her Face in my hands. This is the first time I ever felt like this. She made me feel whole. She was beautiful in every way.

“ I feel so different” I said softly just holding her.

“ Im…tingling” She said softly. I felt it. It was like a little electric currant running from her to me.

“I…feel it” I said softly. I pressed the palm of my hand against hers and the electric currant turned green. This was a first. Was this suppose to happen? I suddenly heard the front door open and we quickly pulled away. Isabel came bouncing into the kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” She asked looking at me and Liz curiously.
“I…was just talking to max..about…” She looked over at me hoping that I would come up with something good.

“She was helping with some homework” I said. That’s the best I could do. I held my hand behind my back. It was still tingling and glowing.

“ Well that’s great can I talk to liz alone?” Isabel said smiling at me. I knew this wasn’t good.

“If you have something to say Isabel just say it” I said.

“Fine, Liz I don’t trust you. And why are two acting so weird?” She asked.

“Were not and I know you don’t trust me. I know you hate me Isabel you had made that obviously clear” Liz said.

“ That’s right I do hate you. I hate the fact that you pushed your self into our little group and then make googly eyes at my brother all the time. You know he has a girlfriend right?” She said looking over at me. I hate Isabel. She could be so cruel.

“Isabel” I said.

“ Im not making googly eyes at your brother…were…friends” She said looking over at me and smiling. That hurt, after what just happened that really hurt.

“ He….let me rephrase that we Don’t need you as a friend” Isabel said.

“I better go” Liz said.

“ I will walk you to the door” I glared at Isabel. I know she is my sister but she could be so cruel at times. She watched me closely as I walked liz to the door. I stepped outside and turned toward Liz. She was silent for a moment. I cant be just friends with her.

“ I cant be just friends with you” I said softly to her. She looked down I could see the turmoil in her face.

“I have to go” Liz said as she walked away.

Elizabeth parker -

Im not sure what just happened. I am completely confused my head is spinning. That kiss..was…a kiss to die for! And….I cant even think. I walked up to the house and walked in. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I went into the living room. I looked over and My father was sitting in the living surrounded by a older women and two older men. They looked very…how should I say it professional and they looked like royalty sitting on the couch.

“Dad whats going on?” I asked curiously.

“ Please sit” The women said. I was starting to get worried. First I was confused and Now my mind is set to absolute panic. I looked over and a young man came into the living room. He looked at me and smiled. He looked so familiar. Where have I seen him before? I sat next to my father like they requested.

“Dad…” I said turning to him.

“No speaking until spoken to and until after the council has spoken” the one older gentlemen said. I kept my mouth shut. I had no idea what was going on. But when he said council I knew…..this was the royal council.
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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML A/N 12/31

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Chapter 6

Elizabeth Parker -

“We have been debating over this for some time. Your parents broke the law and they shall be punished to the full extent. But it has come to our attention that you are a twin. Twins are very rare. And We have realized you are vital to us even though you come from a vile half breed. So we are over seeing that. And so we have decided to take a course of action” The older gentlemen replied. What? Im so confused my head is spinning right now.

“ you are very powerful together with your twin you can do wonders. So we must match you and your brother with mates” He said.

“Mates?” I asked curiously looking over at my father.

“Dear child you are not aware of our laws and customs?” He asked.

“No Im not I wasn’t aware I was even….until recently” I said softly.

“ You have come of age to be matted with your perfect match” He said looking over at the young man standing in the room.

“ You cant tell me who I can choose to be with. What If I already chosen to be with someone?” I said softly. The first person that popped into my head was max.

“ You do not choose we choose for you! We have picked the perfect match! It is the law! Dear child you either choose the option we are giving you….or we will simply take another course of action” He said looking over at my father.

“And whats that?” I asked. He snapped his fingers and Two men shoved my mother into the room.

“MOM!” I yelled.

“ I could slowly kill her and punish her right here in front of your father or you can take the option Ive chosen for you” he said with an evil smirk. He had to be bluffing.

“your bluffing” I said softly.

“dear child you are so foolish!” He said. I didn’t know what to do. My father was panic stricken. He started to go towards my mother but the two more men stopped him.

“choose wisely” He said as he pointed his finger at my mother and a wave electricity went flying through her body. She screamed in pain.

“No!” My father scream.

“Stop!” I yelled.

“ Have you chosen?” He asked.

“ I need to know who….this mate is and I need to discuss this with my father.” I said as I tried to keep my composure. My mother was laying on the floor curled up into a ball in pain.

“ discuss with your father We would like a decision in one hour” He said. They shoved me and my father into the kitchen. I hugged my father tightly.

“What do I do?” I asked softly.

“take the deal that’s the only way to save us. I want your mother back more then anything. I know I broke the laws, but I love her and you and Michael” He said softly hugging me.

“ I don’t want to be with….who ever they match me with. I….think I found my match” I said softly. He looked at me curiously.

“You….when…you found this so called match did it feel like a electrical currant was running through you?” My father asked. How did he know?

“yes…it was nothing like I ever felt” I said tickling from the thought of it.

“Its love…your in love. Its max isn’t it?” He said softly. How did he know?

“yes” I said.

“ This isn’t good if they find out…” My father started panicking.

“They wont I will make sure of it. This is all….new to me. I…I will take the deal and I will do what I am suppose to” I said softly. Now I know how max felt. I walked back into the living room and stood in front of the council.

“have you made a decision?” The council asked.

“I have and Ive decided I will take your deal” I said softly.

“Good” They said. The young Man who I seen when I first walked into the room stepped forward in front of the council.

“Council, father” He bowed. Was he the son of one of the council members?

“Son” The council men said.

“Yes father” He replied.

“ Meet your mate” His father said. He turned towards me and bowed.

“you’re my…” I said softly.

“ I will not disappoint you” he said softly as he took my hand in his and kissed my hand.

“Zordan….This is Elizabeth your mate” His father said. I let go of his hand and stepped in front of the council.

“ What about my mother?” I asked the council. I looked over at her lifeless body laying on the ground. My father Was desperately trying to be at her side but one of the beefy looking guards stopped him.

“ She will be punished of course” zordans father replied.

“Please! Don’t hurt her! I…need my mother! Would let a young women live without her mother? If you don’t let her go I will not do my end of the bargan” I said staring them down. The room was silent for a while. Zordans father nodded to the guards holding my mother. They backed away and let her go. They let my father go and he ran to my mother.

Several hours later -

I watched my father sit beside my mother at the bed side. He didn’t take his eyes off her.

“They have so much love” Zordan said watching from behind me.

“ There love is stronger then anything” I said as I watched. My father truly loved my mother. And all this time I had thought they had hated each other and that time they shoved me back and fourth wasn’t because they hated each other. I turned towards Zordan not knowing what to say. I was exhausted and tired. I went into my room and laid on my bed. Before I knew it I was out. Dreams once again invaded me.

“don’t touch me” I said to the man who was staring at with an evil grin. I wanted to rip his throat out. He looked at me up and down like he was trying to rate me or something.

“ You have an attitude I like that about you” he said as he stroked my cheek. I turned my cheek away. I felt disgusted by his touch.

“I wonder what your lips would taste like?” He said brushing my hair from my eyes.

“Go to hell! Only person knows that” I said. He laughed.

“I would hate to torture you and mess up that beautiful body of yours” He said as he pressed his hands against head. Suddenly I felt all this pressure and force on my head. It felt like my head was about to explode. I screamed in pain.

“Stop!” I screamed.

“ I guess since I cant what I want the easy way I can always get it the hard way” He said.

“ What do you…you want?” I asked through the pain in my head.

“ You know what I want. Give me one night I know I can be so much better then your little mate they have chose for you” He said touching my face once again.

“ I will never ever give you one night!” I said through clenched teeth. He smacked me hard across the face.

“See I cant kill you because I need you, stop trying to push me” He said making me look into his eyes.

“ He will come for me” I said in pain. He laughed.

“ Sweetheart no one is coming for you” He said as he touched my face again.

“yes they will!” I yelled.

“right now your getting on my nerves!” He yelled, he grabbed me hard. His hand burned into my arm I screamed in pain.

“No!” I yelled.

“I really don’t like hurting you” He said as he pressed harder. I screamed in pain once again.

I jumped up in my bed. I was covered in sweat. I couldn’t breath. I gasped for breath. Suddenly someone was grabbing me. I screamed trying to free myself. I wasn’t sure If I was still dreaming or if I was awake.

“Liz” He said trying to calm me down. I pulled and fought the person trying to escape.

“don’t touch me!” I screamed.

“Liz calm down” The male voice said. I was still trying to fight them off I wasn’t sure what was going on. Suddenly he went flying across the room. The door opened to my room and Michael walked in. He finally calmed me down and I realized where I was. I looked over and seen max laying against the wall on the other side of the room. I curled up into a ball on my bed and laid my head on my knees. My father came into the room. He made everyone leave.

“Lets give her some space” he said pushing everyone out. Max hesitated looking at me with concern. My father motioned for him to leave the room.

“I want him…to stay” I said softly. My father nodded and kept the door cracked. Max just stood there looking at me. Then he slowly made his way to the bed and held me in his arms. I pulled away from him. He wiped the tears that were forming in my eyes.

“ Did My father tell you what happened?” I asked softly.

“yes” He said looking down.

“ I had no choice. They would of killed my mother” I said softly.

“ I understand” He said. I hugged him tightly. I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to have to pretend to be with someone I didn’t love.

“ Im not letting you go” Max said softly into my ear. I held him tighter. Just then there was a knock on the door. I quickly pulled away from max.

“hey everything ok?” Michael asked.

“yea, great” Max said as he quickly left the room.
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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch 6! 1/1/10

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thanks janetfl for helping me with this ch! you are awesome and you rock! enjoy!

Chapter 7

Michael Guerin

I slammed the front door shut to the house. My foster dad came out of the kitchen. He had this look on his face. I must have seriously done something wrong.

“What?” I asked him.

“Where have you been?” He asked, chugging down a can of beer.

“None of your business,” I said, as I headed to my room.

“Get the house cleaned,” he yelled.

I wasn’t about to clean for a drunk. He would just trash it right after I cleaned it. I just ignored him and slammed the door to my room. Hopefully he would pass out soon and I wouldn’t have to deal with him. I plopped down on my bed. Was this how my life was going to be? Being tossed from one home to the next, not knowing a real family? Suddenly the door opened and my foster dad stumbled in.

“Are you going to do the laundry or what?” He asked, throwing a basket of clothes at me.

“Do it yourself!” I yelled.

“Get your lazy ass up now!” he yelled, as he came at me.

“Don’t touch me!” I shouted.

He swung his fist and hit me in the face, hard. He just kept swinging. The next thing I knew he had a belt. All I could feel was the stinging pain from the belt strap hitting my skin. Finally he stopped hitting me and threw an empty beer can at me.

“You are so worthless! I’m glad I only keep you around for the checks,” he said.

I sat up and curled myself into a ball. This was my life. Max and Isabel have it made. They had the perfect family. I don’t know how long I sat in that corner. One day I’m going to fight back, and it ain’t going to be pretty.

Later on -

I had managed to hide from everyone, but something tells me I wouldn’t be able to hide long. I touched my face and winced in pain. I walked into the crashdown and the whole gang was there. They each looked up at me and seen my face.

“Michael!” Isabel said, touching my face. I winced in pain. I wish she wouldn’t touch me.

“Izz,” I said, pushing her hands away.

“What the hell happened?” Maxwell asked. I better come up with a damn good lie.

“I had an accident no big deal,” I said, as I slid into the booth.

“Accident my ass,” Isabel said.

“Izz, chill,” I said.

“No Michael, this has been going on for far too long,” she said, and maybe she is right. It has, but what can I do?

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I said.

“Maybe your mom and dad can help. Michael, your mom has been asking about you,” Maxwell said. Did they not hear me? Do they not understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

“Do I have to speak slowly for you to understand? It was an accident, okay. No big deal,” I lied.

“Stop lying,” Isabel said.

“You know what; you two go have your perfect little normal life with your perfect family. I’m out of here,” I said. I got up and headed to the door when I bumped into Liz. She looked up and saw my face. No not her too.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Nothing,” I said, as I walked out of the crashdown.

Elizabeth Parker

I chased after Michael. I knew something was wrong. I followed him down the street. He was sitting on a bus stop bench. I sat down next to him.

“Don’t,” he said, softly.

“Don’t what?” I said.

“I don’t want to hear it,” he replied.

Hear what? I had no idea what was going on.

“What happened?” I asked, softly.

“Go back to your perfect family and leave me alone,” he said. Where was all this coming from? I know I was thrown into Michael’s life, but damn it, he is family and family means a lot to me, right now it does at least.

“You’ve got the luxury of being with your father. I got pawned off from one foster home to the next. I went one day to the next not knowing if I should keep my stuff packed or if I should unpack, because I knew I would be shipped off again,” he explained. I could feel his pain and I didn’t like the feeling.

“I’m sorry. If I could have changed that I would,” I said.

“Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be,” he said.

No it wasn’t.

“No, you don’t deserve this. You’re my brother, my twin. We’re family and I’m not going to let you get hurt. I’ll talk to dad tonight and maybe you can stay with us,” I said. He looked over at me and smiled and I hugged him tightly.


There must be a way to get her alone, I long to be alone with her. I see the way both Maxwell and Zordan look at her, like they’re some pathetic earthling puppy dog. She requires a man with strength, someone who can stand beside her, hold his own against her. She will be mine. I know it. I want it. She is incredibly powerful but she doesn’t even know it yet. I’m thinking of Michael right now. Why? Because his fire power combined with Liz’s powers would make them unstoppable.

Oh how I long to by her side. We would be perfect together. I stepped back into the shadows, trying not to be seen, for she would recognise me from her dreams. No matter, soon sweet Elizabeth you will be mine and mine alone. I will take care of that pathetic, so called king and I will take the throne with you standing by my side. Until then sweet child ...

Elizabeth Parker

The next day at school –

I slammed my locker door shut. I jumped when I saw Tess standing there. She nearly gave me a heart attack. She leaned against the row of lockers giving me this serious look.

“Um hi,” I said, trying to walk away.

“Can we talk for a minute?” she asked, her blonde curls falling in her face.

“I have to get to class,” I replied. She wasn’t going to let me leave. I could feel her eyes burning into me. I turned towards her waiting for her to say something. I knew this was about Max and I really didn’t want to deal with this right now.

“So, I heard you’re taking in Michael, that’s great,” she said, with a friendly smile.

Why was she being so damn friendly all of a sudden?

“Cut the crap, what do you really want?”

“I know Max told you the whole story. I know you have Zordan as your mate. So, I would appreciate it if you would keep your little alien half breed eyes off my boyfriend Max!” she said, practically getting in my face.

“Max and I are just good friends. Why are you so jealous? Are you afraid to lose him? Trying to keep him on a tight leash?” I said, raising my eyebrow. “You know, a guy can only stand that for so long before the leash has to be broken!”

Damn I’m good! Where the hell did that come from?

She looked at me with shock as I walked away. I left her thinking about that one.

She came up behind me, grabbed my arm and halted my movements.

“What does that mean? Do you really think you’re going to get Max? Come on! He is supposed to be with me!” She said.

“Tess, you can have Max. I will keep my distance. I have Zordan and he is more than I can ask for in a mate,” I replied.

That, of course, was a total lie. I didn’t want Zordan. I have and always will want Max. Max is all I think about. The way I feel about him makes me tingle inside. I wonder if Tess feels that way about him. When, or rather if, Max touches her, does she get that electric current that runs through your body and makes you tingle to your toes?

“You’ve been warned,” she said, as she stomped off.

Later that night –

Finally, I’m sitting on my balcony at night and it’s relaxing me. I’ve just come upstairs from having dinner with Michael, Zordan and my parents.

It seems that Michael was actually enjoying himself and spent hours hugging my mom and dad to say thank you for allowing him to stay. Zander and I got to know each other a little better but he left as soon as I retired to my room.

The cool breeze, from the night desert air, whipped through my hair.

“Hey,” I heard from below.

I’m supposed to keep my distance.

“What do you want?” I asked him.

“Can I come up?” he asked.

“No, go home max,” I said, as I started to walk away.

“Please,” Max begged.

“No, go home,” I said.

He wouldn’t leave. How am I supposed to keep my distance from him and stay out of trouble with Tess, if he won’t go away?

“I’m climbing up,” he said.

Is he completely insane? Okay so the ladder leading to my balcony isn’t the strongest. It was meant for quick use in case of a fire, not to avoid coming into the diner and avoiding my parents. It hadn’t been used in a long time and I wasn’t sure how safe it was.

“Don’t,” I said. Apparently he is stubborn and doesn’t listen very well. He came up the ladder and climbed over the wall.

“Can we please talk,” he said softly.

“There really isn’t anything to talk about,” I said.

“I heard Michael is staying with you,” he said softly.

“Yeah, he is,” I said.

“He needs his family,” he said softly.

“Yeah, he does. Is that why you’re here?” I asked.

I hate all this sneaking around. I hate having to be distant from him. All I want to do is be with him, spend all my time with him. I love him and there is no denying it. I don’t want to hide, or sneak around just to be with him. I want to shout it from the rooftops.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, gently touching my face.

“Nothing,” I said, looking down. He pulled my chin up so I looked directly at him.

“There is something,” he said, softly. I pulled away. He could read me like a book.

“It’s nothing, really. You have to go,” I said.

“Why are you pushing me away?” he asked.

“I’m not, it’s just,” I stopped myself.

He knew I didn’t want him to go. He could see it in my eyes and my face. He pulled me against his solid body.

His face was so close to mine that I could feel his breath on my cheek. He closed the small distance between us and brushed his lips across mine. I tingled with delight and my breathing hitched. I couldn’t deny this feeling. I couldn’t pull away from him this time.

He gently ran his tongue across my lower lip, begging for entrance into my mouth. How could I resist? This was Max, my Max. I opened my mouth and he moaned as soon as his tongue was in contact with mine.

He ran his hands under my shirt and touched back. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around his neck making sure he didn’t break the kiss before I wanted him to.

His hands glided up and down my back and I have to admit I wanted more. I wanted him to touch me everywhere. His hands were so warm, like a fire ignited on my skin wherever he touched.

I knew we were going too far. I felt him pull the hem of my shirt up. He was nervous and hesitated, that of course made me fall for him even more.

“I, I want you so bad, Liz,” he said slowly, as he pulled my shirt up.

Maxwell Evans

I’m so nervous right now. I’ve got the girl of my dreams standing before me. Allowing me to devour her mouth and feel her smooth expanse of skin. God she smelled of ... roses. We broke the kiss as I tried to lift her shirt off her body. Is this really what she wanted?

My answer soon came when she grabbed my shaking hand and assisted me to remove her shirt. Her beautiful body was exposed for my perusal. Her skin was tanned and shined with the light from all the candles surrounding us.

I touched her slowly, wanting to feel every part of her silky skin. Her breasts were small, but oh such a perfect fit into my hand. Her body was made to fit mine and I loved it. My hands were radiating a deep green glow as they skimmed across her body.

“Max,” she purred softly.

I wasn’t quite sure if I was hurting her or not, so I stopped.

“I’m sorry,” I said, looking over her body. This was my first time and I was nervous. Was I even doing this right? Was I hurting her by touching her like that? So many things were going through my mind.

All I wanted to do was touch her, without fear of hurting her. She pulled my shirt off and touched my chest. Her hand glowed a deep red as it skimmed across my skin. I could feel the tingling sensation follow in its wake.

I felt light headed, but in a good way. Her touch was so warm. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard. I reached down with my hands and slipped them into her panties and slowly slid them down. She then reached over and unzipped my pants. I Stood and marveled at her naked body. She then took my hand and pulled me to the bed. Her naked body was sprawled across the bed. She was glowing. I leaned over her body and slowly pushed her down so she was laying flat on the bed. She was letting me have my way with her. Her skin was hot against mine as I entered her most womanly place. Our bodies fit perfectly. I slowly pushed myself inside her. I didn’t want to hurt her. She arched back in the bed and moaned with pleasure. I felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t keep going. I need her I wanted her. I kissed her moving my tongue across her lips. She was actually keeping pace with me as I moved in and out of her making her moan with pleasure.

“Max,” she whispered, as I collapsed on top of her taking in her beautiful smell. Her smell it was heavenly. I pulled her closer smelling her hair.

“Are you ok?” I asked, feeling her heart beating faster and faster against my chest. I was worried I hurt her.

“Yes,” she said, touching my face and pulling me in toward her so she could kiss me.

Several hours later...

I tread quietly across the living room floor, terrified I would wake my parents. Just as I was about to mount the stairs, the living room light came on. I looked over and saw my mom and dad sitting on the sofa, waiting for my return.

“Where have you been son?” My father asked.

“Um,” was all I could say.

“If one lie comes out of your mouth, you’re grounded . Do you know what time it is?” my mother asked.

“Sorry, I was with Michael. We were...studying for a test and I lost track of time.”

That was the best lie I could come up with. She smiled and then slammed my text books on the coffee table. I jumped from the sound. Uh oh.

“Try again,” she said.

“Just ground me already,” I said.

“What has gotten into you?” My mother asked.

“How long am I grounded?” I asked.

“One month,” my father said. One month!

“Fine,” I said. If I had to I would sneak out again just to see Liz.


She looked so beautiful sleeping. I softly touched her cheek. She stirred a little.

“Max?” She said in her sleep.

“Shhh” I whispered.

He was here? He spent the night with her. I can smell his rancid stench on her…he touched her! He took her innocence! That stupid foolish king took her innocence! My innocent sweet child that was supposed to be mine!

“Sweet dreams,” I whispered, as I kissed her forehead. There was no time to waste now. My plan has to be put into action. I pulled the sheet over her beautiful naked body. How I longed to touch her beautiful body. He ruined it for me! She stirred. She was dreaming. I brushed her hair from her forehead. I placed my hand on her forehead and closed my eyes. Few seconds and Im done. I opened my eyes and kissed her forehead.

“Sweet Dreams my dear child soon you will be mine,” I said, as I left her to have her dreams.
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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch 7! 1/13/10

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Wow! Thanks for the update! Love it! :D
What did Khivar do to Liz? I hope he did not erase her memory or something.
One night will not be enough for Max nor Liz for that matter.
If Michael & Liz are brother and sister how come Michael was living in a foster home? It is good to see the family together though.

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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch 7! 1/13/10

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Chapter 8

Maxwell Evans

*Kyle valenti*

My father is a complete nut job I now know this. I swirled around in a circle in the office chair that sat across from his desk. I hated setting here waiting for him. I started examing things on his desk. I noticed a vanilla folder. I picked it up. It was probably notes on one of many cases about aliens. I opened it and there were pictures. Pictures of ….

“ What?” I said going through the pictures. There were pictures of Isabel Evans, Tess harding, Michael Guerin and Max evans. Why would my father have surveillance pictures of teenagers that go to my school on his desk? I stuffed the folder into my backpack quickly. I heard my fathers footsteps come into his office.

“Kyle” He said taking his seat at his desk.

“ I know your busy dad with all the alien looney tunes running around out because the crashdown convention coming in a couple of days but could you for once focus on your son” I said. He gets so caught up in this town he forgets he has a son. I was starting to suspicious. First he has been late night shifts, and now he has pictures of teenagers that go to my school on his desk. What was he doing? And all these men coming in and out of the station with suits on and badges marked FBI on them. Why would the FBI be in a stupid little town like roswell new mexico?

“Sorry son someone has to protect this town” He said as he started to go through his paperwork on his desk.

“Yea sure” I said as I quickly got up and left. Was he really protecting the town? Or is he hiding some big dark secret.

*Elizabeth Parker*

“No!” I screamed. Someone grabbed me. I pushed and clawed at them to let me go.

“Liz!” Michael screamed.

“Stay away from me!” I yelled. I couldn’t see. Everything was hazy. All I knew was that Who ever it was standing in front me was going to kill me.

“Liz snap out of it” Michael said trying to pull me out of my daze.

“ No! you killed max! Don’t touch me!” I said. Michael held me to the floor. I screamed in pain.

“Dad!” he yelled as held me down.

“No! Please don’t hurt me! ” I yelled. Suddenly everything went black. Michael loosened his grip.

“Whats going on with her?” Michael asked my dad.

“ Her dreams, she doesn’t whats real or whats a dream. Its like she is sleep walking” He said. I finally came to and slowly sat up.

“Whats going on?” I asked rubbing my head not sure what had happen.

“You don’t remember what just happened?” Michael asked.

“No…I…don’t” I said holding my stomach feeling suddenly sick I quickly ran to the bathroom and stuck my head in the toilet. Ive never been this sick before in my life. Something was wrong. Something deeply was wrong. I held my stomach and I laid On the cold bathroom floor. The cold tile made it feel better. Suddenly I fell asleep on the cold hard floor. I don’t know how long I laid there until someone finally came and picked me up off the floor and laid me in my bed.

“Max?” I whispered softly.

“No honey” She said softly.

“Mom” I said curling up into the sheets on the bed. I heard her leave the room and I could hear whispering behind the bedroom door.

“ We are going to have to keep a really good eye on. Someone is doing this to her. They are controlling her dreams. She doesn’t know what is real or what is a dream. Who is doing this will eventually use it as a mind control” My mother said.

“Khivar” My father said with anger in his voice.

“ He is doing this?” Michael asked.

“He is the only I believe could do this” He said.

“There is another problem” My said from the other side of the door. I didn’t catch what she had I was suddenly pulled by the heaviness of sleep.

Kyle Valenti

Max and everyone had to see this. I had to have answers as to what was going on. I knocked on the Evans Front door. Isabel answered it. She looked…spectacular as always. She looked at me curiously.

“Kyle” she said with a curiousness in her voice.

“ Hi I know its weird for me to show up on your door step like this but its important” I said. I knew she was about to slam the door in my face so I quickly pulled the folder out of my backpack and opened them for her to see. Her eyes turned big as she took the photos.

“Where did you get these?” She asked.

“My father I know something is going on and I want answers. Why is my father watching you guys?” I asked.

“Your father has been watching us?” She asked.

“ Yes I think so. Look I don’t know whats going on. Why would he be watching four normal teenagers like this. Something is up” I said seeing the fear and seriousness in isabels face.

“How much do you know?” She asked gripping the photos tightly.

“Nothing I sware. All I know is that my father is up to something and it involves you, max, Michael and tess” I said.

Elizabeth parker

“ I can blow your head off” I said to him. He smirked an evil smirk as he came closer to me. I tried to back away but my legs wouldn’t move. He pulled me closer so his body was touching mine. I felt disgusted as he touched me.

“ You smell so divine” he said. He pulled my face towards his and tried to kiss me. Pushed him away and slapped him hard across the face.

“ Don’t touch me” I said with fury In my tone. I think he was trying to make me mad to see if I would blow.

“ I wonder if your good in bed? Max would know since he tainted you” He said.

“ I wouldn’t sleep with you if my life depended on it!” I yelled. I held my stomach feeling sick. I wanted to throw up right in front of him.

“ I should have been the one take your innocence! That foolish boy! But now I will have you!” He grabbed me by the arm. I screamed in pain. His hold was burning my skin.

“I don’t want to hurt you dear child but you leave me no choice!” He said. He let go of me and I fell to the ground. He was torturing me emotional and physically. It seemed like he got off on the torture part. I looked him In the eyes. I started to charge at him with all my strength. It was like a blast of energy hit him hard. It was energy that was burning. It was fire, a blast of fire that came from my core. It came from some place I didn’t know existed.

I Gasped for breath and coughed. I looked around and realized I was in my room. I looked over and seen….no…it…couldn’t of…been.

“Max!” I yelled as I quickly got up. He was laying on the floor not moving, not breathing. My father rushed into the room followed by Michael.

“What happened?” he asked.

I didn’t know what to say. I was so disoriented and confused. Suddenly everything went black I could feel myself falling and then I felt strong arms catch me before I had hit the floor.

I sat on the living room couch my knees were pulled up to my head. I laid my head on my knees and cried. I hurt max and…and…I didn’t realize. What was wrong with me? I don’t know what is real or a dream. Suddenly I felt sick again. My mother sat beside me. She held me close.

“Sweetheart” she said softly brushing my hair from my eyes.

“ Is…max ok?” I asked softly.

“ He is going to be ok. You blasted him really hard. He heard you from upstairs. He is concerned about you. We all are. Do you feel sick?” she asked touching my forehead and stomach. My stomach felt like I had something swimming in it. It was a weird feeling. Michael came out from the kitchen.

“We have a another problem” He said leaning against the wall. I need some air I couldn’t think or breath right now.

“ Were in no need for more problems” My mother said.

“ Kyle found Pictures. Survellience pictures of Us. He confronted Isabel about it. He found them in His fathers office. He says he knows nothing. He also said that FBI agents have been going in and out of the sheriffs station” Michael said. We don’t need this. Not now!

“ That only means one thing” My mother said.

“ Kyle isn’t working for his father” Michael replied.

“Yes and If the FBI is in town they will be hunting us” She said.

“What do we do?” Michael asked.

“Nothing right now. We have a much more urgent issue to deal with” she looked over at me kissed the top of my head. She then went into the kitchen with Michael.

“can I see max” I said softly to mother before she went into the kitchen.

“Yes he is upstairs in our room” She said. I made my way upstairs towards my parents bedroom.

Michael Guerin

“ Khivar is very Dangerous” Zordan said as he leaned against the counter in the kitchen.

“ We know this already” I said.

“ He doesn’t want to kill her. He is obsessed with her. I know khivar well” He said. How the hell does he know Khivar well? Was he working with him?

“ you know him well?” I asked curiously.

“ Yes My father has been dealing with for a long time. We have been trying to find a way to take care of him but he is more powerful and stronger then we are. He is using her dreams to get into her mind. His plan is to put her into a coma like state.” zordan said.

“ How long will she be in this state?” I asked.

“ For a long time. No one will be over to get her out of it. That is why we have to make sure she doesn’t go to sleep. Because once she does she may never wake up and Khivar has full control of her” He said. I wasn’t about to let that happen. No was going to hurt my sister. She is family to me. If I lose her…I…don’t know what I would do.

Elizabeth parker

Max laid there breathing hard. He looked like had been through hell and back. I did that much damage to him? I laid on the other side of the bed next to him. I touched his face. He coughed hard and jumped up gasping for breath.

“Max” I said trying to calm him down.

“Liz” he said gasping for breath. He got leaned over the edge of the bed and held his head between his legs and was taking deep breaths. I didn’t mean to hurt him. He had burn marks on his body.

“Im sorry” I said trying not to touch him. He turned towards me and pulled me in and kissed me. He held me hard and kissed me hard. He pulled away and slowly his breathing was coming back to him. I looked at him and I watched his burn marks slowly healing in front of my eyes. Did I have healing properties?

“ I need you to touch me” he said wincing in pain from the burns.

“I…can heal you?” I asked.

“ Take your hand and touch me” He said taking my hand and placing them over the burn marks on his arm. My hand glowed this deep blue and burn marks slowly healed.

“Wicked” I said softly.

“ Don’t ever try to kill me again” He said turning toward me. He pulled me in for another kiss. “I wont” I whispered across his lips. I pulled him closer. He winced in pain as I touched him.

“Sorry” I said. I didn’t realize he wasn’t completely healed yet. There was a knock on the door and My mother came into the room. I quickly pulled away from max.

“ May I talk to both of you?” She asked softly as she closed the door behind her. She had this serious look upon her face and I knew something was wrong. I sat next to max on the edge of the bed. My mother handed him a shirt that belonged to my dad. He pulled on wincing in pain.

“Whats going On?” I asked.

“ Your father told me that you…two are close” Max looked back at me and then back at my mother.

“your dad knows?” He asked curiously.

“ Love can be a splendid thing. And…I know your in love and I know this is going to be a challenge for once the baby come” we both looked at her with wide eyes.

“Baby?” We said at the same time.

“Lizzie you don’t know your pregnant? I sensed it a mile away” She said.

“What!” I said jumping up not comprehending what she was saying.

“ When our kind is expecting a child they give off this certain scent. I smelled it a mile away” She said. Suddenly I felt very sick. I held my stomach tightly. I quickly went into my parents bathroom. This…isn’t happening. No way this happening. I sat on the cold tile floor and laid my back against the cold hard tub. I pulled my shirt up and placed my hand on my stomach. It suddenly glowed a deep red. I could feel its heart beat. I gasped. It was the most beautiful heart beat. There was a child growing inside me. So many thoughts were running through my head. Im an alien what kind of pregnancy would this be? Would be a normal nine months Like a human? I had so many questions to askj my mother. Fear was settling in me. Im not ready to be a mother. Im only sixteen years old! Is max ready to be a father? Suddenly I was sick from the fear a I quickly stuck my head in the toilet. I felt better but I was starving I didn’t remember the last time I had eaten.

“Liz” max said through the door.

“Im..fine” I said as I opened the door. He walked in and took me into his arms and held me. I felt so much better in his arms. They were warm and inviting.

“Were having a baby” I said as I placed his hand on my tummy. It glowed once again and Max smiled with delight. I could stand here and be happy, but fear was in the back of my mind. Whats going to happen now once the council finds out about this? Whats going to happen to this child? Fear of not knowing was driving me crazy. I held on to max tightly. Being in his arm made everything feel safe.

I let go max and looked at my mother. I had so many questions. And I knew she had all the answers. I seen the look on her face I knew there was more.

“ Lizzie sweetheart we have to be careful Khivar is after you” She said softly.

“He is the one in my dreams” I said fear settling in again.

“ Now with the baby your in even more danger. If he takes control of you…” her words were cut short.

“I will lose my baby” I said softly holding my stomach.

“yes and if the council finds out we will have more problems on our hands” she said.

“ Mom please tell me what to do” I said practically begging her to tell me what to do. It seemed like every where I go there was danger around the corner.

“ We will discuss everything with everyone and figure out what to do” she said.

“ Isabel and tess arent going to be happy” I said softly.

“there is nothing we can do now about that. Max Has to be the one to tell tess” My mother said looking at him sternly. How was he going to tell tess? She would freak.

“ We cant tell Tess” Max said softly.

“ we cant hide it max” I said softly.

“ I will figure out something” He said pulling closer in a protective gesture. I suddenly felt really exhausted and dizzy. The room was starting to spin. I didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly I felt like I was falling. And once again everything went black.
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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch 8! 1/19/10

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sorry I havent posted lately! My sister borrowed my laptop and I just now got it back. and my little one has been sick, and work is picking up now so I havent had time to write any of my fics. Im hoping to start writing again. Ive also been trying to write a original story that isnt roswell relataed. And far....well nothing has happend with that.

Well...I will try to post soon! I know you all are waiting to see what happens next!


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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML A/N 2/8/10

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Chapter 9

Tess harding

He Couldn’t possibly be telling this. He couldn’t possibly be standing here saying these words and acting like its nothing. What was I suppose to do just be like ok, that’s cool its no big fucking deal! This is a big deal! What an ass! He is a fucking asshole! Just like every fucking guy on the planet!

“So..Im suppose to just stand here be ok with this? Im just suppose to be like whatever its all good?” I asked.

“No” he said softly.

“ So your standing here telling me I meant nothing to you all this time? You were just pretending! I wont except that! The book says…” He cut me off.

“ I don’t care about the stupid book tess! The book is wrong! I should be able to choose who I want to be with!” He yelled. Is he insane! He is fucking stupid! What the hell is his problem! Im so much better then Liz! I can give him so much more! Fucking hell, That baby she is carrying is suppose to be mine and Max’s! Im the one right now that’s suppose to be carrying his baby not that bitch!

“ I cant believe you. You have no consideration for anyone else’s feelings. What about me? You hurt me! I thought you loved me! I thought you cared about me! Dam it Max! I Love you with all my heart and soul and your giving all that up for this…this…girl!” I yelled. I couldn’t even call her anything. I cant even say her name.

“I love her. You don’t even know what the word love even means” He said. What? How long has he known liz what a mere five minutes? She hasn’t even been in town that long and she has stirred up so much shit!

“ How long have you known her max? And already you got in her pants and knocked her up! Good job! Ive known you all my life! Remember kidergarden? We were drawn together. Remember….Or did that Bitch Erase your memory!” I yelled.

“I know your mad at me but you have to understand. I care about you tess just not like you want me too. Im not going to sit here and argue with you about this. Liz is laying in that room and should be dying! And I may lose her and my unborn child. The more I think about your nothing but a selfish ungrateful bitch!” I turned to him and smacked him across the face.

“ Go to hell max Evans” I said as I walked. Who the hell did he think he was? And who the hell does she think she is coming into my town and stealing the one thing I am suppose to have. I will show her and Him.

Maxwell Evans

“Please wake up Lizzie” I said pleading with her. I touched her stomach and I could feel the faint little heart beat of our unborn child. He was slowly dying. Tears flooded my eyes. I wiped them with the back of my hand. There was a faint soft knock on the bedroom door. I looked up and saw Isabel.

“if you’re here to yell at me go ahead” I said as I laid my head on the edge of the bed and cried. I cant remember a time I cried like this. Im losing everything I could ever ask for right here at this very moment.

“ Im not going to yell at you. I heard everything you said to her” She said softly.

“Ease Droping are we?” I said rubbing my eyes.

“ No…I Know your hurting and I can see how much you truly do care about Liz. And…Im kind of tired of hearing tess talk about you it was driving me insane” Isabel was trying to lighten the mood and it was semi working.

“yea” I said.

“Look , She is carrying my little niece or nephew in there so that makes her family. And speaking of family have you been home in the last few days?” Isabel asked.

“Shit” I said realizing I would be in deep water with my mom and dad.

“ Mom and dad are frantic they are ready to call a search party. I told Them I knew where you were and they want me to bring you home. Look Liz is in good hands with Michael and everyone” Isabel said.

“ If I go home Mom and dad will ground me for an eternity” I said.

“True, How are we going to explain this one to them?” She asked.

“I don’t know” I leaned over and kissed Liz’s forehead.

“I will back I promise and everything will be ok” I said as I left the room.

Several Days later -

Tess harding -

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I new I would get what I want in the end. I took the curling iron and twisted my hair around it. I held the curling iron to my hair for a few seconds and untwisted it. It fell into perfect curls. This takes too long. I waved my hand over my hair and quickly had a full head of curls. Max is going to freak. There was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Yes” I said as I quickly waved my hand over myself and My appearance quickly changed.

“ You ok?” Max asked as he peeked his head in the door.

“Im fine why wouldn’t I be ok?” I asked with smile.

“ Just curious, I worry about you. You seem different after you came out of the coma” Max said. Dam it! Was he catching on. I did something that was obvious I tried looking back at the last couple of days.

“Same me Im…just a little tired” I said as I pushed him on the bed and wanted to have my way with him.

“Lizzie” He said, He couldn’t resist me. He could never resist me.

“ Don’t say a word” As I kissed passionately. Everything was going to plan. Dam I am good. He doesn’t suspect a thing. Suddenly he pulled always.

“Whats wrong?” I asked.

“Do you hear that?” He asked. What?

“Hear what?” I said kissing his neck making him pay attention to me.

“Nothing I…guess” He said.

“Good now…” I said as I pulled my shirt off exposing my beautiful front to him. He smiled and Kissed me passionately. Im such a genius I should of thought of this idea sooner. We were so hot and heavy in the moment but then something stopped max.

“We cant do this” He said pulling away from me.

“What?” I said.

“There is something different about you Liz. I…cant put my finger on it. The last couple of days have been weird. And Im worried” he said with concern. Dam it!

“ Im fine Max. Perfectly fine” I said as I strolled over to him and took his hands and placed them on my body so he could touch me. I know this wouldn’t be our first time, the other night was our first time and it was amazing. He pulled his hand away.

“ Whats wrong now? Why wont you touch me?” I asked.

“ I have to go My parents have me on a tight leash now” he said as he quickly left. Dam it! I did something wrong. He could be catching on. I quickly got dressed and Hurried down stairs.

“Where are you going in a hurry?” Michael asked curiously.

“For a walk I…need some air” I said.

“ I’ll come with” he said.

“No! I….I need to be alone for a few” I said. I quickly headed for the door. There was someone I had to see I had to fix this problem or else my plan wouldn’t be working much longer.

Elizabeth parker

I felt like someone had hit with a train or something. How long had I been out? And…I touched my stomach, I could still feel the baby. I was starving, and so was he or she. I slowly sat up and looked around. Where was I? I was in some kind of…cave. Im so weak I can barely stand without falling over. I heard shuffling and then I saw….wait….someone who…looked like me? She waved her hand over her face and her imaged changed.

“Tess” I said softly.

“ your suppose to be in a coma” She said.

“ what?” I said confused. My head was hurting it was practically throbbing.

“ You are ruining everything!” Tess yelled.

“ Your pretending to be me and taking over my life” I said softly feeling oozy I leaned against the rock wall of the cave.

“ Of course and Its amazing you should of told me how amazing it was to sleep with max” She said. I looked at her with anger and fury. She slept with max! She made herself look like me and slept with max!

“ You bitch!” I yelled. If I could move I would of blasted her across this cave.

“ but now see my plan is being foiled. I was hoping you would stay in the coma for a while” She said. Her plan wont work.

“ Max will find out” I said holding my stomach.

“ See I don’t think so right kivar” She said looking to her side as kivar came out of the shadows. He gave me an evil smile. No…no! I leaned against the cave wall in fear.

“ I thought you said she would be in her coma for a while” tess asked.

“Well…see that little spawn of hers is more powerful then I thought” Kivar said with an evil grin. He came closer to me. Close enough I could feel his breath on my face. He placed his hand on my stomach. It glowed a weird shade of blue.

“Ouch!” Kivar said jumping back.

“ What happened?” tess asked.

“ That disgusting spawn is using a protective force. I cant even touch him” Kivar said.

“ I have to get back before they realize Im gone too long and get suspicious” Tess waved her hand over her face and she suddenly changed back to my appearance. I was so weak I slid down the stone wall and laid in the dirty damp cave dirt.

“Your so beautiful” He said.

I was too weak to fight him back. I had to find the strength for me and my baby. But Apparently He has more strength then me now. If I didn’t get out of here me and My little one will starve to death.

“ Don’t touch me!” I yelled trying to stand. I had to get out of here. I somehow had to escape. I touched my stomach in pain. Suddenly I felt a connection. A connection with my child. It was like he or she was telling me something.

“ I need to find a way to get rid of this disgusting spawn!” kivar yelled as he paced back and fourth in the cave.

“if you kill my child you kill me and Im no good to you dead” I said.

“Shut up” He said.

“ tess wants my baby doesn’t she? She wants my life with max. Her plan will never work because she isn’t pregnant” I said.

“I could careless what tess wants besides she has been trying for the last couple of days to get herself pregnant” Kivar said. That bitch!

“Over my dead body!” I yelled feeling strength come through me. I tried getting up and sprinting across the cave and make a run for it. Kivar grabbed me threw me hard into the cave wall. I hit the wall with a thump and slid down into the dirt. The next thing I knew everything went black once again.

I don’t know How Long I was out. The thumping of My unborn childs heartbeat awaken me. I tried to sit up but I was dizzy. Everything was hazy. I touched the back of my head blood was was smeared across my fingers.

“oh no” I whispered. Something was telling me to get up. Something was telling me to fight. I touched my stomach, was…my unborn child telling me this?


The last couple of days seemed hazy to me. The next thing I knew Liz was wide awake. It was impossible. There was no way she could of wakened from something like that. When she woke up there was something about her that was different. She didn’t seem the same Liz everyone knew, and I think Max knew that.

“There is something wrong” He said to me.

“ What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Liz she is ….different. I mean she is….not the same. When she came out of the coma I was so…happy. And when we….it was different. I didn’t feel the love. Could I be falling out of love with her?” He asked curiously.

“No I know something is wrong. I just havent figured it out yet” I said.

“ Does the council know about whats going on?” max asked.

“They want a meeting with you” I replied. My father wasn’t too pleased. Of course I got the lecture from him. And I explained what was going on and convinced him not to step in unless he needed to otherwise but my father decided he need to see if there was true love between max and liz. I told him I Him I no feelings for liz only feelings like a brother and a friend. There for a while I felt hatred against me from max. But since all that has happened we have become good friends.

“ I will meet with them If I have to. I just don’t understand whats going on with liz. When I touch her its like I feel nothing for her. And…then when we were getting close I heard a faint….sound like…like a child. I don’t know if it was our child telling me something or what it was. The other night I touched Liz’s stomach while she was sleeping and…I Felt nothing. Could she have lost the baby and be in denial about it?” He asked.

“I don’t know I will talk to her if you like me to” I asked.

“I would” He said softly. Just then Liz walked and scooted herself next to max in the booth. She eyed me curiously and gave me this look.

“What are you two talking about?” She asked.

“Nothing” I replied.

“It seemed like something” She said giving the same look.

“ Its nothing” Max replied with an unhappy look.

“ So Babe I thought we could you know spend some time together tonight” Liz said with a smile as she touched his arms.

“I…cant” Max said pulling away.

“What is wrong with you lately?” Liz asked. I watched Liz closely. She was acting like Liz at all. She wasn’t dressing like Liz. She was dressing more like…… no…not possible.

“Whats wrong with you Liz? Your dressing differently, acting really weird and I cant feel the baby when I touch you” Max said reaching to touch her stomach. Liz pulled away.

“Seriously Maxwell Im fine. Whats wrong with you? Suddenly you don’t want to be with me and don’t want to touch me? Im sorry I was trying to make myself a little more attractive for you” She said. It was all starting to dawn on me. Could she be…tess disguising herself as Liz? Did she possibly mind warp me? Did I help her with her evil plan?

“ This isn’t you” He said.

“ What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Nothing I have to go” he said quickly getting up and leaving.
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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch9! 2/14/10

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AN- Ch 11 will be the last ch of this fic! And then I might write a sequel to it soo be on the look out because I know exactly what I want to happen and you wont believe it when you read it! hehe! I love leaving you guys hanging! hehe! Toodles!

Chapter 10

Elizabeth Parker

My head was throbbing. I willed myself to get up. I willed myself the strength to move for me, my baby and Max. That bitch is going to pay. I had to find my way out of this cave. I wasn’t going to let myself die in here nor let my baby die in here too.

“Max” I said softly feeling really dizzy. I was hoping and praying that maybe somehow he would hear me. Somehow he would find me and somehow I would survive this. I don’t know if it was dark or daylight out. The cave is damp and wet. I guided myself down the cave. I didn’t know when Kivar or Tess were planning on coming back to check on me. Suddenly I heard Footsteps or shuffling on the dirt cave floor. I sat still knowing it might be Kivar or tess.

“ rise and shine” tess said with a smile.

“you bitch!” I yelled. I wanted to charge at her and blow her into a thousand pieces.

“ Now now” She said tossing a brown paper bag at me. I tossed it back to her.

“ Go to hell” I said.

“ My baby needs to eat” tess said tossing It back. Her baby? Her baby!

“Your baby! This baby isn’t yours!” I yelled through the throbbing pain in my head.

“ It will be once you have it. I still have to look into how long alien pregnancy’s are. As soon as you have the baby Kivar can…well…do what ever he wants with you as long as your not around” Tess said. No! Im not going to let this happen. I have to come up with a plan.

“ Kivar doesn’t care about what you want. He wants my baby dead” I said.

“ Nope. If I have to I will cut that baby out myself” Tess said.

“ your not touching my baby!” I yelled.

“ I cant wait to raise our baby. Ive already got a crib picked out, The color of the room” Tess said in a daydream like state.

“You will never raise My baby with max! max would never allow that!” I yelled. She laughed an evil laughed.

“ max has allowed a lot of things. We make love every single night. He touches me like no one else does. I make him feel whole. I make him feel like a man, That’s more then you ever could do for him” She said. I found the strength to turn toward her and slap her hard across the face.

“You fucking Bitch! Im going to get out of here when I do Im going to kill you!” I yelled.

“Not if Kivar kills you first. I will get what I want. Oh wait I already have. Ive got max and that perfect little baby on the way” Tess said with an evil grin. Anger was building in me. I suddenly charged at her. I shoved her against the cave wall hard.

“ Your not getting my baby!” I yelled. I held her against the cave wall with all the strength I could.

“What are you going to do blow me up?” She said laughing.

“No” I said as I placed my hand on her chest and pressed down hard. Her skin started to burn and blister. She screamed and collapsed to the cave floor.

“That’s what I am going to do bitch!” I yelled. I quickly hurried down the cave hoping to find the cave exit. I finally found the exit. I stumbled out of the cave. My stomach was hurting, I was starving and thirsty. I don’t know how long I was walking. It was getting dark.

“Max please help!” I said softly falling to my knees In pain. Suddenly I felt someone scoop me up and carry me. I was in and out not sure of my surroundings or what was going on.

“Max” I whispered softly.

“Shhh” I heard a voice say.

Several hours later -

The glare of the florescent lights from ceiling blinded me. Where was I? Oh no I…cant be. Did Kivar…Did the FBI? I heard the door of the room click and open. A young women in a flowered pink top came in carrying a tray of food. I looked at her curiously.

“Where….am I?” I asked softly.

“Roswell memorial hospital someone found laying off the highway and brought you in here” The young women said.

“What?” I was confused.

“ The sheriff is here to ask a few questions” The young women said. What? No. I need to stay calm. I looked down at my stomach. It wasn’t glowing that was good But I could feel the baby swimming around in my stomach. That was a good sign. My stomach was sticking out a little more I didn’t know if that was normal or alien related. The sheriff knocked on the door and walked in.

“ Hello ms parker How you doing?” he asked with a soft smile.

“ A little confused” I said. I was confused but I knew what was going on and Knew What had happened.
“ I need to know what happened Ms Parker, why were you laying on the highway?” He asked. I didn’t know how to answer that I had to lie I couldn’t tell him that two psychopathic aliens were trying to kill me and my baby.

“I…don’t remember much. All I know is I was walking and upset about something and…that’s the last thing I remember” I said.

“Did someone kidnap you?” He asked.

“No” I said.

“I called your parents they will be here shortly” Thank god. I can explain what really happened and get everything straight between me and max. I touched my stomach feeling the baby move.

“ Thank you” I said softly.

“ So your saying you weren’t kidnapped and you were just walking on the highway alone” he said. He was pushing for information.

“ I was stupid, and I…hadn’t eaten that day and I was upset and I just started walking and must of passed out” I said.

“ The Doctor says your Carrying a baby” He said looking at my stomach.

“ Yea….I am” I said softly.

“ the doctor says your about three months along Congratulations. I was concerned you know when the young that found you brought you in. I know you attend the high school as my sons” He said.

“Yea Kyle He is a great guy” I said.

“Yea He said you barely have been in school you or max” Now he was asking questions that have nothing to do with what he was investigating.

“That’s because of the baby” I said.

“So max is the father?” He asked.

“Sheriff your asking questions that have nothing to do with what your investigating. I was upset I went for a walk Didn’t realize I had walked that far fainted and passed out. That’s it I don’t think you need to know more” I said sternly.

“Im just trying to get the facts ms parker. I will let you rest” he said tipping his hat at me and leaving the room. I took a deep breath. I needed to see max. I needed him to hold me and tell me everything was going to be ok. I was exhausted and tired I rolled over on my side and rubbed my tummy.

“ I know Daddy isn’t here But he will be I promise” I said softly. Just then the door opened and I looked up. Max Stuck his head in. I quickly with all my strength jumped out of the bed and ran to him. I was still a little groggy but I didn’t care. I Jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately.

“Please tell me this is real. Please tell me this is the real Liz?” he asked kissing me.

“Yes you knew didn’t you?” I asked kissing him.

“ I knew something was different, and Zordan told me what she did. Please forgive me Liz if you don’t I will understand” He said waiting for me to pull away. When I realized what he was talking I pulled away.

“ I Know at the time you didn’t realize it wasn’t me. And if you would have known you would of never….but Im not going to let it get to me. I love you more then anything and…I want us to be together” I said taking feeling a little dizzy. I held my head trying to keep the room from spinning. Max Held me so I wouldn’t fall.

“So all is forgiven?” He asked softly.

“Yes I cant loose you not now not ever” I said taking his hand and placing it on my tummy.

“ Your tummy has gotten bigger. I talked to your mom and…she said alien pregnancies are more rapid. So your three months along when really you arent” he said smiling feeling the baby move around in my tummy.

“I think I just felt him kick” Max said softly.

“Him?” I said curiously.

“Were having a boy. God Im such a fool for not realizing what was going on. I should of known when your…her smell was different” He said taking in the smell of my hair.

“ I need to lie down” I said getting back into bed.

“ Im hoping they will let you go home soon” He said sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I don’t know. The sheriff came and talked to me” Just then max tensed up and looked concerned.

“What did he ask?” He asked.

“He wanted to know what happened. I told him I couldn’t remember. And he asked me about why I wasn’t in school all the time and why you wasn’t. I tried not to tell him a whole lot” I said with fear in my voice.

“ Good” He said brushing my hair from my eyes.

“ I cant believe tess did this to you” he said touching my face.

“She did this to both of us. Kivar wanted our son dead and she wanted our son alive. I Will fight to the end of the earths and…planets for both of you. Im not giving up on us. We will have a lot of challenges But Im going to take them. Im not going to let anyone or anything knock us down” I said He looked at me and smiled and then cupped my chin with his hand and kissed me softly.

There was another knock on the door. Kyle valenti poked his head in.

“Kyle” I said softly.

“ My dad told me your were here and I wanted to make sure everything was ok” He said softly.

“Yea Im fine” I said softly.

“ So…you and max?” he said surprised.

“Yea” I said with a smile.

“Wow” he said.

“ Yea” I said.

“ Im…happy for you. Can we talk for a sec” He asked looking over at max.

“Um sure” Max said kissing the top of my head and leaving the room.

“ I know something strange is going on here” He said.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I picked on the food the nurse brought earlier.

“ My dad investigating you like that, the pictures I found and then When I confronted Isabel about it she freaks out. I didn’t say anymore but none of it add ups” He said.

“ Kyle there is nothing strange about anything” I said.
“ Really?” He asked.

“Yes really” I said.

“ Then why is it tess harding has been reported as a runaway” I looked at him curiously.

“What?” I asked.

“ My father just talked to the hardings and they havent seen their daughter in weeks and she leaves a note stating that she is leaving town? And…she hasn’t been in school for weeks my dad thinks its some how connected to you” He said. How was I going to lie about this one?

“ I don’t know anything about that” I said.

“ My dad just doesn’t investigate teenaged pregnancies and teen runaways if he doesn’t think there is a connection or something going on. And he doesn’t do surveillance work on teenagers. And The FBI doesn’t usually come in and out of his office. The FBI doesn’t come to a town like this unless there is something seriously going on” He said. I was starting to get scared.

“ Kyle right now My head is spinning” I said holding my head.

“ Look what ever is going on Im here to help you. I…do care about you” did he just say he cared about me? I smiled. Kyle was a wonderful person after all.

“You care about me? Kyle Im flattered but…” He cut me off.

“ I care about you like a sister and a friend. Max is a lucky man to have a girl like you” I was glad I had Kyle as a friend. I wish I could tell him everything but I knew that would betray the rest of the group. If I was going to be his friend I couldn’t lie to him.

“Thank you and Im glad your concerned” I said.

“ None of this is making sense, but if there is something going and you don’t want my father to know I will Keep everything and anything you tell me a secret I promise” He said.

“ Thank you but there really isn’t anything to tell right now” I said picking at my food once again.

“ And I wont pry unless you want me too” He said laughing.

“ok” I said softly.

6 months later

Max Evans -

“max” Liz said as I kissed her. God she was sexy and we never had any time to spend alone. I wanted to touch her, feel her beautiful warm body against mine.

“yea” I said kissing her.

“ zan is crying” She said.

“My turn?” I asked softly.

“Yes” She said kissing quickly. I hopped out of the bed and went into the other room and Zan was cooing and making noises in his crib.

“hey there little man” I said picking him up and holding him in my arms.

“Of course your going to wake when me and mommy need some alone time” I said rocking him. I went downstairs with him and grabbed a bottle out of the frige and put it in the warmer. Liz came into the kitchen and watched us.

“ He is a daddies boy” Liz said smiling.

“Of course” I said rocking him back and fourth.

Finally after giving him his bottle he fell back to sleep. I laid him back in his crib. I went back into the bedroom and Liz was across the bed. God she looked so amazing. I crawled into the bed next to her hoping to pick up where we left off. Ever Since Zan came along we havent had much time to ourselves. And when My parents took Zan for the weekend neither of us had time for each other between trying to keep up with school there was no alone time.

“where were we?” I asked softly lightly touching her arm.

“Right about here” She said climbing on top me. We were hot and heavy in the moment when suddenly the phone rings and it woke zan up.

“ you get Zan I will get the phone” I said. I grabbed the phone off the nightstand.

“hello” I said into the phone. There was a faint breathing sound in the background and then a click. I hung the phone up.

“Weird” I said hanging it up.

Mystery Caller / Person

I hung the phone up. Everything seemed fine. But I had still had to stick around to make sure. But I cant be seen. If Im seen then everything will be blown. I could hear the baby In the background. So she did have the baby. That was good. As I turned and was startled by my sisters presence.

“Dam it!” I said jumping.

“ Everything ok” She asked.

“Just peachy” I said.

“We don’t have much time” She said.

“You think” I said.

“ If we get trapped here were screwed” She said. God my sister was so annoying.

“yes I know this!” I said.

“ We have to be careful” She said. My sister was such a worry wort sometimes. She was just like mom, courageous, strong she was nothing like dad. I was more like dad.

“ Stop nagging me I know this” I said walking trying to get her to stop being so dam annoying, why my mother had her was beyond me. I know I know she can be annoying and stubborn and get on my nerves but she was my sister and I love her.

“ What are we going to do now?” She asked.

“We have to wait” I said.

“If we wait to much longer we wont be able too…” I cut her short.

“Don’t worry sis I have everything under control” I said.

“ How many times have you said that and everything ends in disaster! Well you did do one thing right by saving her” She said. If I wouldn’t of saved her then she would of lost the baby.

“ We have to get back serena will be waiting for us” I said as we walked. We had a long mission ahead of us and a short amount of time to do it. I was hoping and praying serena knew what she was doing. We needed her and if she didn’t pull through for us we will all be screwed!
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Re: The Hidden truth (mature) ML ch10! 3/9/10

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Chapter 11

Mystery person

I shifted through his room and there was nothing. I had to find something anything that would help us. I didn’t realize how much of a pig Michael was. I threw he things out of his drawers. He had to have something anything. Suddenly I heard a noise and looked over and saw Michael standing in the doorway.

“What the hell?” He said as he started charging at me. I held my hand up and suddenly a green shield came between me and Him.

“ Don’t hurt me ok” I said holding the shield there.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Im…your…nephew Zan” I said as the shield slowly disappeared.

Michael Guerin

I shoved the kid down hard onto the couch. I paced back and fourth wondering how the hell this could be. He looked so much like max.

“ Please don’t call my parents” He said softly.

“ How can you be zan? Zan is baby right now” I said.

“ I came from the future. Look just let me explain” He said.

“Hell no. How do I know your not someone working for kivar? How do I know you arent tess or someone playing me?” He said.

“Im not playing you. Look you have to believe me” He started to get up and Pushed him back down on the couch.

“Sit down” I said. He did as he was told and sat back down.

“ Explain now” I said standing across from him. He took a deep breath and looked as if he was trying to find the words to say.

“ My name is Zan Evans. Im from the year 2026” I did the math in my head that would make this kid about 16 yrs old. This wasn’t making any sense to me.

“ That would make you 16” I said.
“ Right. Look me and my sister…” I stopped him right there.

“sister?” I said.

“ yes I have a sister Her name is Galaria. Why my parents had her I will never know” He said.

“So your telling me your 16 from the future?” I asked.

“Yes are you a little slow today or something Uncle Michael? Seriously…” he said. Wow typical teenager.

“Well I know you really are sixteen” I said.

“ seriously! If I don’t change the past There will be no future for me. I will be dead. I would have been dead right now if We hadn’t escaped. We came back here to save our parents and ourselves” He said. I see the look on his face. I knew he was telling the truth I could see it in his eyes.

“ How did you get here?” I asked.

“We…well…Serena fixed The granolith” granolith?

“The granolith?” I asked curiously.

“ That’s right you guys don’t know about the granolith yet. it’s basically like a spaceship that can transport us back to antar. Serena fixed and realized it had time traveling capabilities. We used it to travel here. Look you cant tell my parents about this. I need you to keep this secret as long as possible. We need to stay in this time as long as possible so we can change events in time. If we don’t We…will all die. You have no idea what I have seen in the future. You have no idea how me and galaria have grown up. We saw Our parents Die right in front of us. Everyone ever loved is dead in the future” Fear was starting to set in for me. He was being for real. I had to help him. This meant life and death for all of us.

“ I will help you” I said softly.

“Thank you I knew I could count on you Uncle mike” He said softly.

“ the future do…I have a girlfriend?” I asked curiously. Hey Im curious and I should know these things. He smiled and laughed.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out” He said.

“ So you have a sister? How old is she now?” I asked.

“She is a year younger then me” He said.

“Wow. Max and Liz have two kids” I said.

“ My sister is annoying. She reminds me of maria I don’t see how those two arent related” He said. I looked at him curiously.

“Who’s Maria?” I asked.

“ Someone you may or may not meet in the future if this all pans out” He said.

‘ How am I going to keep you a secret. Liz has to know” I said.

“No she cant and neither can my dad. You have to promise me to keep this a secret just between us. I really don’t know much longer I will be here if serena doesn’t give us anymore time” He said.

“Ok it stays between you and me” We shook hands. I felt like I already knew him and I was bonded to him from the beginning.

“ are we real close in the future?” I asked. He laughed.

“ your like the big brother I never had and when….” he didn’t say anymore. He lowered his head and covered his face with his hands.


Zan was such a great little baby. He was taking his nap. I peeked in to check on him. I closed the door softly and turned when I bumped into max I jumped startled by his presence.

“ you scared me” I said.

“Sorry” He said. I started to walk away but he stopped me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me softly.

“ Finally we have some time to our selves even if its only about an hour” He said touching my lips with his thumb. He brushed my lips softly, when he did that it drove me insane.

“your lips are so…soft” he said continuing to brush them with his thumb.

“You know that drives me crazy” I said.

“That’s why I do it. He leaned in and brushed his lips across mine. My body was on fire. My body needed him. As he kissed me harder suddenly I was hit with these images. They were terrifying Images. I pulled away.

“Whats wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing” I said squeezing my eyes closed hoping the terrifying images would go away. I turned back to him. Maybe this is just someone time thing. We hadn’t been close in a couple of days and I needed this.

“ Why did you pull away?” he asked.

“ I saw…something. Maybe its just my imagine. We havent been close in days and I need you touch me” I said I pulled my shirt off revealing my sexy black bra. I pulled him closed to me and put his hands exactly where I wanted them. It seemed our bodies were on fire. His hands moved up my back to find the snap of my bra.

“ max make love to me please” We kissed and the hunger for his mouth was even more intense. We laid me on couch and was ready to have his way with me. His mouth made its way down my neck and to my chest…he was going lower but then the knocking on the door distracted him. I pulled him back to my attention.

“Ignore it” I said. As long as we kept going and I didn’t see those horrible flashes…but the knocking persisted.

“Who is it?” I yelled.

“Um sorry to bother but I just moved in next door. My name is Maria Deluca” The female voice said through the door. I quickly pulled some clothes on and went to the door.

“Hi” I said as I opened the door.

“Hi Im Maria” She said holding out her hand.

“Hi Im Liz and this is max” I said introducing her.

“ Nice meeting you. Its good to see some friendly faces. Im new to roswell and don’t really know my way around” she said. She seemed nice except for interrupting my moment I was totally having with max.

“ Oh well…We would love to show you around some time” I said. She smiled excitedly.

“That would be awesome. Well I don’t want to bother you anymore I guess I will going” she said as she waved by and headed off. I closed the door behind her and leaned on the door.

“ moment ruined” I said hearing the cry of Zan in the other room.

“ Oh yea I will get him” max said softly.

Several weeks later -

Michael Guerin

Somehow I got roped into babysitting so Max and Liz could have some alone time. I sware those two are the biggest horn dogs. Baby zan looked at me with a smile as he kicked his feet.

“ kick those feet” I said as I sipped on a cherry cola.

“Oh what a cute baby” This blond chick said as she passed our booth.

“ yea he is too cute” I said.

“Is he yours?” she asked.

“Hell no. He is my nephew” I said.

“ Hi Im maria Im new to roswell” she said. Did she just say maria?

“Maria, Im…Michael” I said holding out a hand.

“ Nice to meet you Michael and whats this little guys name?” She asked. Hell if This baby is going to be chick magnet I might baby sit more often. Maria is gorgeous.

“Zan” I said.

“Well its nice to meet you baby zan” She said playing with his feet.

“Your new in town Maybe me and Zan here could buy a drink or something?” I asked. If this was the maria future zan was talking about Im taking all the chances I can get to get to know her.

“That would be sweet” She said taking a seat across from us in the booth.

One year later -


Things had been rocky between me and max. It seemed like all we do is fight now. I was exhausted from lack of sleep. I yawned as I sat on the couch. I couldn’t believe Zan is a whole year old now. I looked down and he had pulled himself up and was standing up.

“zan!” I yelled as I motioned for him to come to me. He smiled a huge smile and quickly ran to me. I picked him up and spun him around the room. Max came into the house. He pulled me and zan into his arms and hugged us both.

“ Can we make up please?” He said softly.

“no” I said pulling away.

“ Im tired of this Liz. Im tired of being so distant with you” He said. I put zan down on the floor and gave him his favorite toys.

“ I don’t want to talk about it” I said softly.

“ you never want to talk about anything any more. You barely sleep and when you do sleep you wake up screaming you wont let me touch you whats going on?” He asked. I couldn’t tell him what was going on because I couldn’t explain it myself. Ive been having these nightmares and flashes for the past year now.

“nothing” I said as I went into the kitchen. He followed me to into the kitchen. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my neck. I turned toward him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I wanted him to have his way with me. Our bodies pressed closer together the more he touched me the more intense the flashes got. I pushed him away.

“no” I said pulling away from him. He leaned on the counter with his head down.

“ See what I mean” He said softly. I had my back turned towards him. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to make the flashes and images disappear in my mind. Suddenly there was knocking on the door. I went to the door and answered it. There was no one there. I looked down and….a baby. A baby laid bundled up on the doorstep. I picked the baby up and carried it into the house. Max looked at me curiously.

“Where did that baby come from?” he asked. I found a note stuck in the blanket the baby was wrapped in. I pulled it out and started reading it.


This is our beautiful child we made together. I know you can raise her better then I ever could. Take care of her please.
With Love


Tears filled my eyes as I looked at the sleeping baby in my arms. This was max’s and tess’s child. I handed max the sleeping baby.

“Its your child” I said softly.
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