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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 7 ch 10 Mar 29 '09

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mary mary

Chapter 11

The “Businessman’s Café,” where she had lunched with Isabel, was a good place for her to meet Max. Maria said that she should have her afternoon free and Liz was prepared to spend the rest of the day, if it was necessary, talking to him.

Liz gave her name to the host at the door, “I am looking for Max Evans or maybe, Maria DeLuca.”

She was guided to a corner where only one man was seated. Of Maria, there was no sign. Max stood up, “Miss Parker, It is so good of you to see me.”

“Isn’t Maria joining us?” Liz asked.

His amber eyes held her attention as he said, “No, we decided that the two of us needed to work out several things. Maria felt that she would be a distraction.”

The waitress came up and took their order. Liz had a chicken salad and iced tea. She saw that Max had a simple chicken sandwich and he only had lemon water.

Max paid for the meal when it was delivered. “This way we can stay here as long as we want and they won’t bother us, again,” he said.

Liz started, “Max, you and Isabel were the children found in the desert, weren’t you?”

Max nodded. Liz was trying read his eyes, but there was something in them that she couldn’t decipher.

“Max, do you have any memory about what happened before that time?” Liz queried.

“No, there was nothing before we met mom and dad Evans for us to remember,” he answered.

“You mean your mind is blank as to what happened before you met them don’t you?” Liz asked again.

“No, I mean there was nothing to remember before that time. Our lives had started just before they found us,” Max explained.

This line of questioning wasn’t going as smoothly as Liz had hoped. She tried one more time. “Max, is there any chance that your family had met aliens out on the desert and the trauma of this makes you not remember what happened? Is there any chance that somewhere out on the desert, there is a community of aliens still living?” Liz asked.

Max was almost weary as he answered, “Liz Parker, there are no aliens out on the desert. They left many years ago, even before Isabel and I emerged.” Then, it was Max’s turn. “Liz, do you remember the third grade?”

Liz nodded her head. She couldn’t, yet, see what he was getting at.

Max continued, “You were the first person I really saw when I got down from the school bus that morning. Isabel was busy making new friends and you were surrounded by old friends, I wanted so much to come up to you and say, ‘My name is Max. We will be friends for a long time.’ Of course, I didn’t and you never saw me.”

Liz caught a sadness in his voice. It must be a holdover from what he felt since she had never noticed him. “Max, children at that age live in convenient little boxes. Unless there is some reason to open those boxes, they do not see what is around them. I am sure, if you had come up to me, I would have seen you as a friend,” Liz explained.

“Maybe, true, but I had only started to talk to anyone outside of my family. That would have been too big a step for me to make. I did try to look out for you,” Max stated.

“Look out for me! How? Liz exclaimed then she remembered the bike accident. “Oh, you mean the accident when I fell off my bike.”

“Among other things. Your arm was broken. You were so scared of me when I came up, that I almost ran away. I just couldn’t see you in pain. Isabel was angry at me for doing that. Later so was Tess. She has not stopped telling me how dangerous it was for you to see what I could do,” Max told Liz.

“Do! Max, what did you do?” Liz exclaimed.

“You see, Liz, I have the ability to heal living beings. It is something that I have always been able to do. Isabel always told me that I must never let anyone know. When I saw you crying with a broken arm, I just couldn’t stand it. I straightened the arm and healed it. Then, I had no idea of how I did these things. They just happened,” Max was so matter of fact as he explained to Liz.

Liz frowned, “For what other things did you look out for me?”

“Well, there was a time when you fell when we were playing soccer in Physical Education class. We were on mixed teams. That big kid hit you as you were going for the ball. You fell and hurt your knees. I helped you up and you didn’t notice, I had my hand on your knee. The grass stains covered the silver cadmium X and you never knew. Then, there was that night you were mad at Kyle. You were so intense that it caused me to wake up. I didn’t know what had happened to you. I only knew that you were very upset. You had an hour walk across a rough part of town. I followed you to make sure you were safe,” Max told her.

“Then, there was that shooting at the Crashdown,” Liz said.

“Yes, the shooting; that is where Maria discovered us,” Max stated.

“Discovered you! What was there to discover?” Liz exclaimed.

Max looked a little saddened. “I am sorry, Liz. I thought you had figured it out by now. We are the Roswell aliens; the ones, who with your help, Kyle and his boss are going to destroy.”

Liz leaned back. This conversation had taken a turn she hadn’t expected. She had begun to have doubts as to what Kyle’s intentions were with her research. Now, it was plainly stated. Liz was affecting Maria and Alex along with the aliens. Liz was endangering all of them. She had some serious thinking to do, but first, she had a question. “How did Maria discover you?”

“When we need to, we can move very fast. This is not like walking or running. We just move. When the shot was fired, you were in line with the bullets path. I knocked you down. I was sorry the minute, I did it because I believed I caused you pain. Then, I was thinking that if I hadn’t knocked you over, you might have been killed. From where Maria was standing, she saw me wink out, her words not mine. Then I appeared on the other side of the room. Then, she saw me wink out again, and return. She demanded an explanation after that.” Max was watching Liz as he related to her the events that had occurred many years ago.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Liz asked.

“The rest were having a lot of trouble accepting Maria. It wasn’t until she hooked up with Michael, that they relented. Michael and Maria found that they had many things in common including volatile tempers. Michael, with Maria was a lot easier to get along with. Sometime after that, Isabel introduced Alex into the group. Michael and Tess were furious. We all decided not to introduce any more humans. Tess and I were having some problems and it just didn’t look like a good idea to distract you from your studies to enter what was, for a time, a true alien abyss.” Max wished he could have said these things years ago.

“Max, I wasn’t even noticing you. Why didn’t you, in some way get together with someone else? Like, this Tess. I assume she was or is an alien, also,” Liz asked.

“Liz it wasn’t Tess I saw that morning getting off the bus. It wasn’t Tess that I cared for those many years. If I couldn’t have you, I didn’t want anyone,” Max stated.

Liz had come to this lunch date to learn things for her research. She had imagined that Maria would be there to help her. The whole conversation had become, not just about aliens, but about Liz’s own life when she was in high school. Now, she had another worry. Max had said, ‘We are the Roswell aliens, the ones, who with your help, Kyle and his boss are going to destroy.” Liz couldn’t imagine doing anything deliberately to hurt Maria and Alex. Here she was turning their lovers in, to the FBI. Liz had her doubts, not about Kyle, he was only interested in new skirts to chase, but in whoever his boss was. Max had just stated that this mysterious boss was out to destroy the aliens. Liz, knowing how some scientific research would be conducted, could well imagine how they would be destroyed, dissected and studied.

Max stood, and extended his hand. “Liz, let’s take a ride. It can get depressing to talk of some things inside a room.”

Kyle walked up to the bar. He ordered a beer and a corned beef sandwich. He had intended to spend a quiet lunch with Parker and then, turn on the charm. When he was in high school, she was just too inexperienced. He had gone too fast and her father had taken things too seriously. Those “Tico’s Tacos” had surely gotten boring those years Kyle was forbidden from entering the Crashdown. She had probably been a virgin at that time. Now that they were both in their late twenties, Kyle was sure she had been made several time. No big deal. They would just have a little diversion together. Oh well, there was still more time later. Now Kyle was thinking about Evelyn tomorrow night. If he played things right he would be with Evelyn the whole weekend.

As Kyle was sitting, eating his corned beef and sipping his beer, he felt a presence. “Hi there,” she said

Sitting on the bar stool was a small blonde, blue eyed lady. She wasn’t much bigger than Parker. “Hi yourself,” Kyle responded.

“By the way you are eating that sandwich, somebody just got away,” she remarked.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“Well, buy me a wine cooler and I will tell you,” she responded.

Kyle laughed. He motioned to the bartender, “Give the lady a wine cooler, please.” Then, Kyle turned to the lady, “My name is Kyle. Now teach me to read men.”

“My name is Tess and I would have thought you would have said, ‘Teach me to read women.’”

Kyle laughed again, “Naw, I want something I can do. No one can read women, not even other women.”

Tess smiled, “You would be surprised what I can do. Look how you are eating that sandwich. Most men just eat with no plan or forethought. You are carefully taking each bite. Now, you don’t look like an engineer or a banker; someone who is very precise in what they do. I take you for a woman’s man. You think about women most of the time. You are concerned about something now, so, someone must have gotten away.”

Kyle chuckled, “You may be full of bullshit, but in this case you are right. I was going to take my assistant out to lunch. I hoped it would turn into dinner and then, we could have a blissful evening. No boss, no assistant, just lovers savoring the evening.”

“There is tomorrow night,” Tess said.

Kyle shook his head. “No, tomorrow is reserved for a lady who I am really getting to know.”

“Oh, a bad boy, Kyle, cheating on the lady you want to get to know better, with your assistant,” Tess remarked.

“What can I say? My assistant was an old girl friend in high school and I scared her off. I just want to make up my score. The lady I want to know better, may have something for a long time,” Kyle explained.

“Tess looked at Kyle, “And, what do you have to offer that would make two women want you so badly?”

Kyle straightened his shoulders, “Experience,” he answered.

“Ah, experience. Experience is good if you learn from experience, but if you just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, then experience is less than worthless. In fact, if you do not learn, you get the false confidence that experience has made you a better man. Seems to me, that you scared her off in high school and she has given you the slip, again. That doesn’t seem like learning anything.” Tess was very matter of fact and what she said was worrying Kyle. Tess stood up. She finished her wine cooler and with her manicured fingers she ran them through his hair. If you weren’t so occupied this weekend, I would try to test your experience and see if you were capable of learning.” With that, Tess was gone.

Kyle went through three more beers that afternoon. He was thinking that Parker had given him the slip, again. Pierce was scaring Kyle a lot. Evelyn was going to be a handful this weekend, but she would make the time worth it.
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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 8 ch 11 April 06 '09

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mary mary

Chapter 12

Max had driven Liz out to some sand hills. They had climbed to the top of one and were sitting, watching the land below. Liz had her medium heeled shoes in her hand. The sand had felt warm and soft to her hosed feet. She saw, laid out below her, several tracks of packrats, made earlier in the morning. There was a stink beetle pushing a ball of dirt. He was making a track back to his hole in the ground. The ball probably would be a door for his lair. About half way up, was a sidewinder rattler snake trail. It was the strangest as the snake traveled in a perpendicular direction to his length.

Max, have I endangered you and your people?” Liz asked.

“Perhaps and then, perhaps not. You are not the only research team that Pierce has out. If he has made us as aliens, you can be sure that he had several sets of data to tell him that,” Max explained.

“Well, what should I do?” Liz asked.

That depends on what you want to accomplish. Many people in the agency have wanted to find aliens ever since 1947. It depends on what you want to do with the aliens when you find them. Now, Pierce has made it clear that if he catches aliens, he intends to dissect them and eventually, kill them. He is very xenophobic.” Max had his fears, but he wanted to hear Liz and what she really felt.

Liz turned to Max, “My daddy says any aliens living here are good citizens and taxpayers. They should be left to conduct their business in peace.”

Your Daddy is probably a smart man. I am sure he added, even though you didn’t hear it, that they should be free to take their breakfasts in the Crashdown just like other folks,” Max smiled as he said this.

Liz lowered her eyes, she had to smile at this also. Then, she looked at Max, “How can you be so cool when we are talking about these dangerous people?”

“I am not cool. I am terrified. I just don’t react crazy like. That wouldn’t help anything. Right now, I need to know how you feel about aliens,” Max said.

“How can you ask? You have cared for me ever since grade school. How could I, but love aliens like you?” Liz was no expert, but as she leaned toward Max, she slightly parted her lips. She was trying to give him every invitation she knew.

Max put his arm around Liz and pulled her to him. “Is that love reserved for aliens in general or maybe, some alien in particular?” he asked.

Liz whispered as their lips met, “Both, Max, both.”

Alex and Isabel were entertaining Maria and Michael along with Tess. “Where is his majesty tonight?” Tess asked.

Maria was clearly nervous. Isabel looked at Tess. “Max is doing research of his own tonight, Tess.”

Tess whipped her gaze toward Michael who said, “Tess, Max is with Liz, tonight. He is seeing how far we can trust her.”

Tess panicked. “No, he will fall under her spell. Max isn’t strong enough to resist her.”

Isabel spoke up, “Listen to yourself, Tess. Are you giving alien powers to a mere human? Max thought this through carefully.”

“She is the enemy,” whined Tess.

“No, I don’t think so, Tess. I found Liz a caring person. We need to make sure about her relationship with Kyle and his boss. Max is going to look deep into her soul and see how she will really react. We may need her. Pierce has several teams studying us. Liz and Kyle are just the team we know,” Isabel explained. She continued, “I dream-walked Kyle. He is more complex than I had thought. On the surface, he thinks of himself as just a love machine. Deep down, he is just a scared little boy who fears another rejection. Whether he will try to prop up his ego with our destruction, is our question.” As she talked, Isabel was beginning to see Kyle even clearer.

Michael had been holding his own council until now. “Eagle Rock is being opened up again.” They all knew of Eagle Rock from stories told by Nasado.

Maria quickly looked at Michael. “No, Liz wasn’t there, but Kyle was. I wish there was a way we could really check him out,” Michael told her.

Tess kept silent. She was thinking.

Isabel informed the group what she had found out about Liz in her latest dream walk. Since Max was missing, there was little reason to prolong the meeting.

Liz had gone with Max to the house where he lived alone. Max fixed a baked salmon. While they were waiting, they sat and talked. “Max, my parents wanted so badly for me to go to Harvard that I approached life with a single vision. I suppose I became convinced that this was the goal I wanted, also. To think that you were always near and I never knew about it, makes me ashamed.”

“No, Liz, never feel ashamed. You accomplished a great thing for both yourself and your parents. Your knowledge may someday be of great use. I am glad I could do as much to keep you from harm those years. I am also, glad I have you with me tonight.” Max hoped he wouldn’t scare Liz and he hoped she felt the same as he.

Pulling the tail of the salmon, told that it was done. Max took it out of the oven and he served up a light salad with lemon sauce. When the meal was over, Max sat with Liz on the couch. He was telling of the many thing he had seen her do in school. Liz leaned over and quieted his lips with hers. Hand in hand, they walked into the bedroom.

Kyle had gotten slapped after three buttons. Tonight, Liz could only think she wished Max could hurry. Max didn’t want to hurry. He had waited too long for this. The times he had pushed Tess out of his life and occasionally, out of his bed, now were justified as he held the quivering body of Liz.

As they made love, Liz took a historic junket through her own life. In Max’s eyes, she could do no wrong. She felt him pulling her and she realized that for Max, it was important for him to know all about her research. She was sure this would be a breach of her nondisclosure clause.

Liz had called her parents and told them she wouldn’t back to their house that night and maybe, for several days. She just said that something came up and she needed to attend it.

That something had come up several times. Now Liz was just stretched out on Max’s naked body. He was playing with her long dark hair. All Liz could think about was that she had missed this for so many years. The flashes which showed how Max felt about her; the flashes, she saw from his eyes as he watched over her. Then, she saw the dark times in his life as he battled against the promises of Tess; promises that Liz was sure she would neither have the talent nor knowledge to return. To think that Max had given up an alien made Liz pause. Max had been so certain that he would never see Liz again. How did he resist what Tess clearly could produce? The only thing Liz saw in her defense was the picture Max had of her that first day of school. The picture he had as he got out of the buss and Isabel dropped his hand and he felt he was alone on his own. The picture of a little girl with long brown hair and bangs who was liked by so many.

Liz didn’t show up to work that Friday morning. Kyle called the Crashdown and they informed him that she had left a message that she would be busy for several days. No, they didn’t know anything else. Kyle worked on their data bases alone that day.

It was 8:00 that evening when Kyle knocked on Evelyn’s door. She met him at the door wearing a long robe. She was clutching it in front. As soon as the door was closed, Evelyn released the robe to hang loosely open at the front. Evelyn was wearing nothing else except for the gold chain. As she poured the wine and went about the other domestic chores she presented a tantalizing view of her naked body.

By the time they retired with the wine bottle and glasses, into the bedroom, Kyle was so excited he had trouble getting his clothes off. Holding her in his hands Kyle forgot, for a time, everything else. His hands roamed freely. In fact, Evelyn would invite his caresses from time to time. They made love and Kyle was exhausted. Kyle thought he was through for the night, but with her skillful manipulation, suddenly, Kyle was ready to go again. By Midnight, Kyle could barely bring himself to talk. “Evelyn why the rush?” Kyle asked. “We have all weekend.”

As he was drifting off to sleep, Kyle heard, “Kyle, honey. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I only had a few weeks here at home. I will be in New York City by tomorrow night.”

Kyle couldn’t process this that night, but when the sun came up he was disturbed. Evelyn was packing her bags. She stopped to kiss him. “Just lock up when you leave. I have a housekeeper coming in this afternoon to clean up. Kyle, honey, you were a dear.” And, Kyle heard the taxi drive off to the airport.

There was nothing for Kyle to do except to get up, dress and lock the door as Evelyn had asked. Next Kyle drifted over to the Crashdown and although Jeff Parker wasn’t speaking to him Kyle was able to learn that Liz hadn’t come home yet. Kyle next drifted over to the office. He didn’t expect to see Liz and he wasn’t disappointed. He worked on some data base information. There was an email from Pierce. We know the two aliens, so be on the lookout for one more female and one more male. As soon as we locate all four, we will move.

Kyle went to the bar again for their Corned beef on rye and beer. He was watching how he ate his sandwich. He had to laugh. He was being very precise at how he took every bite. Maybe that little blonde was on to something.
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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 9 ch 12 April 13 '09

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mary mary

Chapter 13

Kyle was just finishing his corned beef when, again, he felt someone near. He looked up and there she was. There was the little blonde with the flashing blue eyes. She was wearing a simple blue dress belted at the waist. “By the looks at the way you were eating, another one got away. Considering you were going to be busy the whole weekend, I take it this was the big one,” she stated.

Kyle laughed, “Can you imagine? She told me I was a vacation diversion. She went back to her day job, back east.”

Tess laughed also. “There is justice in the world. Imagine, you being just a vacation diversion. How many times did you use that one, I wonder?”

Kyle was shaking his head. “Yes, I used that line many times before. If I can’t take it, I shouldn’t dish it out. There is some balance in the world.”

Tess looked at Kyle, “I guess this now brings the question again. Can you learn from experience?”

Kyle frowned at this. “I guess, I didn’t consider my time with Evelyn as going to school.”

“Kyle, when are you going to understand everything is a learning experience? When you do not learn, you start to die,” Tess said.

Tess stood up. Kyle noticed that Tess standing up, was only slightly taller than Tess sitting at the bar. He, also, noticed that her clothes hung against her body in a very revealing manner. He noticed that there was no panty line showing through her dress. It did show the curve of her hips as it swished about her thighs. She indeed was a small woman, but what was in that small package was all beauty, at least to Kyle’s mind. Not one thought of how convenient that he was walking into her world nor did a trap cross his mind.

Tess took Kyle by the arm and guided him out of the bar. They walked up to a sleek little, white Ford Mustang. Kyle was reminded of his mustang when he was in high school. “Kyle, I don’t want to leave my car here and even if it is a rental, I don’t think you should leave yours, either.” Tess handed Kyle a card. On one side it said, “Tess Harding,” On the other side, she had drawn a crude map, with address and phone number. “I will see you there in 15 minutes.”

Her house wasn’t hard to find. The little mustang was sitting in the drive way. Kyle walked to the door and touched the door bell. Tess opened the door and she took Kyle’s topcoat. Her eyes got big when she saw his shoulder holster and the big Bren pistol.

“I am with the FBI,” Kyle told her as he showed Tess his identity badge.

Tess nodded as Kyle struggled out of the harness, He dropped the loaded magazine of the pistol into his hand and worked the slide to take the round out of the chamber. Next Kyle put the cartridge back in the magazine and placed the magazine back in the Bren. He folded the Bren and harness together and placed them on the table. Tess pointed to a chair, “Please be seated.” Then, she went into the adjoining room.

Kyle had been sitting for about five minutes. “Kyle, please come in,” a soft voice called.

Kyle entered the room and saw the lights turned down. There were two aroma candles burning, one on each side of he room. Tess was sitting on the bed, her hands folded in her lap and the most innocent look on her face that Kyle had ever seen. She had pulled her dress up to reveal both Knee and thigh. Kyle could only think, “What beautiful knees and thighs.”

She said nothing. She just looked at Kyle. He walked up to her. Kyle straddled her knees as he pulled her face into his body. He was kissing the top of her head as his hands ran up and down her spine. Kyle had located the zipper of her dress, so he slid it down as far as it would go. Kyle stepped back and helped Tess to stand. When she stood, Kyle loosened the clasp at the back of her dress. It fell silently to the floor. She was not wearing a bra.

With his hands framing her face, and as he kissed her, Kyle could feel her fingers first loosening his belt and then, lowering his zipper. He felt his pants joining her dress on the floor. Next she attacked his shirt and Kyle had to step back so she could help him out of the shirt. Now, they stood equal if you could call her thong equal to his boxers. Tess wasn’t wearing hose or stockings so that was another point she had on Kyle. They sat on the edge of the bed as Kyle removed his shoes and socks.

The touch of her skin was almost magic. Kyle could almost feel an electric shock as he ran his hands over her body. Kyle could feel Tess’s body respond to his touches. He could feel her excitement as he approached the point of closure. When they were together Kyle felt a strange awareness. He felt a sadness at something that was soon to be destroyed. Somewhere this was tied to his job and boss, Daniel Pierce. When Kyle had applied his condom, he felt a twinge of something almost like disappointment.

They were lying back, Kyle trying to get his second wind. Tess was on his stomach playing with the sparse hairs on his chest. She would blow on his chest and it tickled. Kyle felt her hand change to the hair at his groin. He felt him self stir. Suddenly, Kyle rolled on top of Tess. He was kissing her and he felt her tiny breasts under his hand. ‘Tiny breast!’ Kyle looked down he wasn’t making love to a woman any longer, but to an adolescent girl. Kyle’s mind screamed. He wasn’t a pervert. This was just wrong! Kyle called for his body to stop and he felt her adolescent body fighting him. This was not only pedophilia, but also, rape. No, no he was crying out. Kyle would never do this. Kyle looked down and he saw that she was no longer a teen, but a full grown woman. She was fighting him. Kyle would never do this. Why wouldn’t his body obey him? Kyle was raping a full grown woman. Suddenly, Kyle was lying on his back. Tess was supporting herself on her elbows and looking at him. Kyle was in a sweat. He had never felt so dirty and disgusted in his life. He raised up on one elbow. “I would never do something like that to a woman,” he said.

Tess shrugged. “Kyle, you do not respect women. Women, like Evelyn they give to you as good as you give in return. What about your assistant? Do you respect her?”

Kyle answered, “I would never force her. I would never force a child. Those things just make me disgusted.”

Tess nodded, “Maybe, but she told you she wasn’t interested. That should have been enough. Experience should have taught you that there are enough women who want to play your games, to not keep trying for those who don’t.”

Kyle was still disgusted with the feeling he had had. He started to get up. Tess reached out to him. “Don’t you want to finish my game? We played yours.”

Kyle looked at her, “What do you intend to do to me. What other punishment do you have for me?”

“Just trust me, Kyle. You faced the basest of character a man can have; that of betraying a child and forcing sex on someone not in love, but rather power. Kyle you are neither a pervert nor a rapist. You would fight your own body to prevent that. Now Kyle, take me in your arms. Hold me, not so I feel trapped, but rather, I feel secure. Kiss me and touch me, like before, but slowly, Kyle. Wait until you feel my body respond.” Kyle could now feel every tingle and twitch her body made as he carried out his love making. Tess continued, “Now, Kyle, make love to me. I am the whole center of your universe.”

Kyle saw four little kids walking naked across the desert. It was cold and he saw them look ahead. There were lights. They walked toward the lights. Suddenly, Kyle saw that it wasn’t the Evans family behind the lights, but Daniel Pierce. Kyle saw Pierce take out a large knife. He advanced toward the children. They did not have the knowledge to know fear. Pierce was going to kill them.

Kyle rolled back on the bed away from Tess. Pierce was going to kill the aliens without any reason, except for his own hatred of aliens. Kyle, in his mind, saw the naked body of Tess. She wasn’t any longer a little girl, but rather, just like the woman who lay beside him. Kyle saw his body just like before. He had a knife and he was preparing to kill Tess. He was going to plunge that knife into that beautiful living body. Kyle couldn’t breath. Just as during the rape and the case with the child, Kyle was calling for his body to obey. He saw his body lift the knife. Then the body about to commit murder, looked over and saw another Kyle. The knife holder stopped.

Kyle rolled over to look at Tess. “You are the fourth alien.”

Tess just nodded.

Kyle did not notice that he hadn’t used a condom this last time.

Saturday night, the two aliens, Michael and Isabel were at their house. Alex and Maria were trying to calm them. “Where is Max? He was going to see Liz. What happened to them?” Isabel asked.

“Better ask where is Tess? Would she do anything to them?” Michael asked.

Maria was holding on to Michael’s arm so tightly that she was hurting his circulation. Michael hadn’t said anything because he knew how frightened she was. Isabel shook her head. “I don’t think Tess would hurt someone without our consent. We know she wouldn’t hurt Max.”

Michael look at the group. “I checked Kyle this morning. He didn’t seem to have any plans. He was moping around. I guess his date with Evelyn didn’t go so well.”

The group broke up. There were too many missing people for them to be comfortable. Tomorrow, they would have to go searching.

Michael drove home with Maria still clutching his arm. “Michael, do you think that Tess will hurt Liz?” Maria asked.

“No, but I wish I knew where Max and Liz were. I, also, wish I knew what Tess was up to,” Michael said.

“Has anyone thought of going by Max’s house?” Maria asked.

Michael chuckled, “Wouldn’t that just take the cake.” Michael drove toward Max’s home. There in the front they saw Max’s car. There was a dim light in the bedroom.

Maria said, “Are we going in?”

“Don’t be silly. It is time we make some of the ‘same’ for us.” Michael sped up the car and soon, they were home.

Maria started to hurry to the house. Michael caught her. “Not so fast. We have all night. Let us just take it slow and make the night as long as we can.”

Kyle had been awake for some time. He was propped up against the head board. In his arms was the naked body of the fourth alien. As long as Pierce didn’t know about her they were all safe. Pierce wouldn’t move until he had all of them in place. Kyle wasn’t the only team leader. He had no idea of who else was out there. If they found Tess, then Kyle would have no idea at all when Pierce would strike. Tess moved as she snuggled tighter against his chest.

Liz was wearing a pair of Max’s boxers. She had used a safety pin to tighten the waist-band, but they still hung tantalizingly low on her curved hips. She was, also, wearing an old tee shirt that Max had. Max was dressed in a pair of old cut-offs that he had made from pants that had seen better days. They were worn thin and pieces of Max showed through here and there. Max hadn’t bothered with boxers this morning.

At first, Liz was elated. This is what she had always hoped love would be like. It just came so suddenly. Max had told her last night that their expression had been hastened, but the love had been brewing for several years. Then, reality struck Liz. The special unit of which she was a member, was out to capture and, eventually, kill the aliens. Just as her happiness was becoming real, there was something on the horizon to destroy it.

The bundle of energy, with which Kyle had spent the night, stirred. She stretched and looked up at his face. She had set out to completely undermine Kyle. If Kyle was going to destroy Tess and the others, she felt that destroying him would be justified. Tess had been lucky. When she met Kyle in the bar that first time, he was filled with bravado. He might have not been able to get his assistant, but to Kyle that was a minor set back. The second time, Kyle had been wounded at the knowledge that he had been just a vacation diversion.

Tess had run Kyle through the mind warps of pedophilia and rapist to see if there was a weakness she could exploit. Once under the “locker room” bravado, she found Kyle a strong person, but he didn’t really see that he had no respect for the women he bedded. Their last time at making love had not been planned. Tess had intended to leave Kyle crippled at his own weaknesses. Looking at him as she told him about his lack of respect, something in Tess, maybe some motherly trait she was not aware of, took over and she guided him in a way that, even she, found satisfying.

When Tess had implanted the view of destroying aliens, seeing them as innocent children and then the view of Kyle himself being responsible for her death, Tess was hoping to make him question his ideals. The anti-alien ideals weren’t there. Kyle had followed Pierce to gain advancement and gaining advancement just opened the doors to more bed rooms. Now, Tess had closed those doors. Making love to her would make Kyle unsatisfied with other women, especially human women. Somewhere in this planning, Tess forgot. She forgot she was part human and she had feelings also. Tess had lost her focus on the king. She had never experienced his favors, anyhow. Being held by Kyle, she found was satisfying. Was there more? Tess would find out. She didn’t plan to let Kyle go until late tonight, Sunday, in time to get ready for work Monday.

The two, non-occupied, aliens met Sunday morning. “Well, we found Max and Liz, last night,” Michael stated.

Isabel looked up, “Where?” she asked.

“They spent the night at Max’s house. I don’t think he has ever taken a woman there overnight,” Michael said.

Isabel snorted, I would say they spent several days there. She hasn’t been seen since Thursday. I would say that this is the first ever for Max. He certainly didn’t ever take Tess there or anywhere else.

“Speaking of the gerbil, does anyone know where she is?” Maria inquired.

“No one has seen Tess since Friday night. Come to think of it, she was mighty quiet then. I just hope you all are right that she wouldn’t hurt Max. I guess we could knock on their door and make sure they are all right,” Michael returned.

Maria shook her head. “If Tess has let them alone, Max and Liz have several years to make up.”

Isabel looked at Michael, “How is the, ‘Keep an eye on Kyle’ going, Michael?” she asked.

“Kyle visited the Eagle Rock facility, Wednesday. He came back and he was in their office Thursday morning. I picked up on him Friday, alone working at the office. He was moaning around Saturday morning and that is the last I have seen. I phoned and asked to be connected to his room this morning and no answer. Maybe he is with that, Evelyn that he knows,” Michael stated.

Isabel looked at all of them. “Evelyn left town to go back to New York City on Saturday. He doesn’t have her to play with anymore.”

Canon past graduation: The special unit is undone, and the Roswellians settle down for peace and quiet. They had forgotten Kivar. Kivar using folk stories from the Amazon, and alien powers toys with a group of humans that he has no regard for. He enjoys the capture of his old love Vilandra in the person of Isabel Evans. The rescue party loses Liz to an ancient curse, and the possible death of Isabel. Maria the eternal diva rises to be the heroine. it is left to their children to bring the curse back to Kivar. Liz, Maria and Isabel comeback to see their children fulfill their destiny. Curse of the Cat
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 9 ch 13 April 20 '09

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destinyc notice Tess's feeling about Kyle
mary mary Jobs are a question. how do super heros make a living.

Chapter 14

When Kyle came to the office that Monday morning, he found Parker already there, her computer opened and dozens of pages displayed on her screen. She looked up at him. “Kyle, what is this assignment all about? Not the answer that we are looking for information. What is this information for?” Liz demanded of him.

Kyle sat down. He pulled out his Bren, unloaded it, then jacked the shell out of the chamber and set it on the table. He shrugged off his coat and loosened the straps on his shoulder holster. “Our boss is Daniel Pierce. He is pretty high up in the agency and he can do almost anything he pleases,” Kyle explained.

Liz perked up. “He can’t go against the law or the constitution can he?” she asked.

“Liz, the constitution is just a scrap of paper. For it to have any power, first it must be read. Then, those who read it, must care. Pierce is very careful. He doesn’t let many people who have read the constitution, that is lawyers and thinkers, know what he is up to. He makes what he does as non-important to those who do read it,” he explained.

“But, Kyle, there has to be something we can do!” Liz cried.

Kyle picked up one of his pistol magazines and was toying with the top bullet. “The constitution and laws have value if we can stir up, people and their opinions. If we make upholding the constitution and different laws important to enough people, then, it has power. Some of the constitution might have to be upheld at the point of a gun,” Kyle said.

“Kyle I am not certified or trained to use a gun. What can I do?” Liz pleaded.

“First, you have to understand what Pierce wants to do. He wants to experiment on the aliens and then, kill them. You have to decide how strong your feelings run. Then, we need legal advise. You will be putting your job on the line,” Kyle told her.

“Kyle, these are kind, gentle people. We can’t just let them be captured and killed. By the way, how do your feelings run?” Liz asked.

“Well, the alien I met wasn’t all that gentle, but she was certainly something else. How do I feel? If you had asked me last week, I would have said that they were not invited here. They were illegally here and I didn’t care what happened to them. I would just be following orders. Now, I have met one of them and I don’t want to loose her,” Kyle stated.

Liz raised her eyebrows, but said nothing.

Kyle reached over and shut his computer down. “Nothing here will do any good. Pierce has redundancy in every thing we find. That is the way he works. We just confirm what someone else has already told him.” he said.

Liz was wringing her hands. “I never thought I would say this, but now I wish I had taken advantage of the firearms training offered to me. I was hired as a statistician and consultant to develop databases on population groups. Since I wasn’t a field agent, I didn’t take advantage of the defense training,” Liz said.

Kyle smiled, “That just goes to show you, babe, take any training offered, always. For the present, I will handle the shooting part. I don’t want to kill fellow agents, anyway, if I can help it. You need to find us some media personnel who will help us and get us a team of lawyers. Then let’s hope that the big Bren here,” Kyle picked up the pistol, seated the magazine firmly, retracted the slide to load it and placed it in its holster, “doesn’t have to be used.”

Liz contacted the Roswell Daily Record. The paper went back to March 6, 1891. That was the year the town of Roswell was founded. Liz had already learned a lot about the Record from Donny Saunders. The paper had had many owners and it had survived many changes, but it still published. Liz asked at the desk, “I have a story which might break. It will be about aliens. Do you have a reporter who might be interested?”

The bored man at the desk called out, “Carlos, there is a lady here who wants to talk to you about ‘wetbacks.’”

A young Hispanic came out of the back room. He wore a frown and looked at Liz. She quickly said, “I didn’t put it that way. I meant no disrespect.”

Carlos chuckled, “That is just Al Johansson. He tries to pretend he is a white supremacist. The only people he really considers supreme are German Ale brewers. He doesn’t mean anything by it.”

Liz asked, “Doesn’t it bother for people to talk that way?”

Carlos shrugged, “Nawh, my parents did come here with out papers 40 years ago. I am the youngest of their many children. I am the failure of the bunch. The rest became lawyers, doctors and teachers. Of course there was that sister who married a politician. The old man still frowns at her husband. But, that aside, what can I do for you?”

“I might need help. The FBI is going to round up a group of aliens and in all probability, kill them,” Liz explained.

“Whoa, there lady! I know the senate is debating the problem of immigration, but I don’t think the feds would go that far. The most that will happen is that they will be deported,” Carlos stated.

“You don’t understand. The ‘Special Unit’ wants to capture these people and make sure that they are never heard of again.” The desperation in Liz’s voice was evident.

“I didn’t know that the feds had created a ‘Special Unit’ just to go after a bunch of farm workers. How do you know all of this?” Carlos asked.

Liz pulled out her identification. “I am part of that unit and I have discovered that the leader is going rogue. Daniel Pierce is a powerful person who has friends in high places. The only thing that will make the agency rein him in is public opinion. That is why I came to you.” Liz told him. “My partner says the constitution and laws only have power when you have public opinion backing them.”

Carlos looked again at her identification, “Ms. Parker, I am still not convinced that the feds would go after farm workers and cause them great harm. They just are not that important.”

Liz looked at Carlos and a chill of understanding ran through her. “They are not farm workers. These are aliens, true aliens,” she said as she pointed to the sky.

Carlos took Liz by the arm and was leading her to an office. He called out, “Hey Al, get Mad Eddie. I want to talk to him in the office.”

Liz heard the man at the desk call out, “Eddie ground your space ship. You are wanted on earth in the back office.”

Carlos conducted Liz into an office where there was a table and several chairs. Carlos indicated one to Liz and she sat down. Carlos took two paper cups and poured coffee from a machine on the counter at the side of the room. Carlos put a touch of cream in one coffee and several packets of sugar in the other. Then, he reached in a drawer and poured a shot of ‘Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit.’ Liz didn’t know it, but that whisky was the one hundred-one proof whiskies brewed in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. She was sure that cup wasn’t for her. Carlos finished his two cups and said, “Would you like a cup of straight coffee, Ms Parker? The Dirty Bird keeps Ed Baca sharp. He is a bright fellow, but a little strange. He is our expert on UFOs and your real aliens.”

Liz sighed, “If things get much more strange, I might like to visit the bird myself, but for now, the coffee might calm me down.”

Ed Baca entered the room. He was a middle-aged Hispanic with thinning hair and a bad scar on his cheek. He shook hands with Liz and then, taking his coffee as if he expected it he sat down. The most memorable thing about Ed was his, almost crystal blue eyes. These eyes, which were set in a dark complexion would never be forgotten by Liz. The other things was that the eyes had the look of a trapped beast. That is they had a wild appearance.

Liz handed him her badge. He frowned when he saw the FBI inscription. He squinted at the identification and then, he folded the case and handed it back to Liz.

Carlos said, “Ed, what do you know about Daniel Pierce?”

Liz had the impression that it was only decency or maybe, the fact that she was in the room, but Ed had the appearance of wanting to spit. “He is a ‘pendejo’ that one.” Liz had been in the southwest enough to know that this was an insult. Ed continued, “He has an agenda and he doesn’t care if he gets someone killed. He hunts aliens. He isn’t interested in first encounter or anything else. He wants to find how they do things. Then, he wants to kill as many of them as he can. There is no way we can ever hope to make contact with them with people like him around.”

Liz said, “Do you know anything about a place called Eagle Rock?”

Ed chuckled, “Yeah, a couple of us broke in there one time,” he quickly looked at Liz, “The feds ain’t looking for me for that little prank, are they?”

“No, Ed this is much more important,” Liz assured him.

“Well, that place is set up for interrogation or medical experiments. Sometimes, these are the same. We looked it up. It was originally built by a liberated Nazi. You know one of those who were given new names and brought over by our government,” Ed explained.

Liz looked at Carlos. “That is where they are going to take the aliens.”

At the mention of the word aliens, Ed perked up. “You mean that balding guy? I owe him a strike or so.” Ed rubbed his scar. “He gave me this. If they water board him a couple of times, I won’t mind a bit.”

Liz spoke, “No, Ed these are all young people. They are about my age.”

“Those eggs, they hatched then?” Ed exclaimed.

Liz and Carlos both looked at him, “The aliens of the 1947 crash were reported to have eggs that they were fiercely protecting. The Air Force lost track of them. Then they captured the bald guy. He broke out taking three interrogators with him. By then, the newly formed Air Force and the FBI were cooperating. These men were the first losses for their Special Unit in their war against the aliens. The aliens don’t do damage to many other people, but they hate the Special Unit. Of course, I don’t blame them one bit, except for that bald man who thought I was in the unit. He gave me a scar for life!”
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 10 ch 14 April 27 '09

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Michelle in Yonkers recently in my stories i have found that Maria is growing in strength.
Begonia 9508
Flamehair we are watching for the announcement of you new child
mary mary

Chapter 15

Kyle had to meet with Pierce. He didn’t trust Pierce any more so he took precautions. He was, also, followed by Michael, though Kyle had no idea. Before, Pierce had given Kyle the creeps but now, the whole facility bothered Kyle. He descended to the level where Pierce had his office.

Kyle was seated in Pierce’s office as Pierce broke down their plans. “We know all four of them, Kyle. The Evans children, of course, we have suspected for a long time. The evidence of them being lost in the desert was too convenient. The minor who asked for emancipation, when he was in the foster care system, we thought might be an alien. He was tight with the Evans kids and there were disturbing stories about him in the orphanage. He was levitating things and doing things like that. It was the Lawyer, Philip Evans, who was the adoptive father of the other two who guided him through the legal proceedings. Now, Kyle, why didn’t you tell us about the blonde lady?

Kyle was glad he hadn’t been attached to a polygraph or lie detector. He just knew that his galvanic skin response and his breathing had changed dramatically. As it was, Kyle just smiled, “You mean that little blonde I picked up this weekend? Don’t tell me you think she was an alien?”

Pierce looked at Kyle, his eyes trying to penetrate Kyle’s soul. “Kyle, I think we have to just decide which side you are on. How about it, Kyle? Maybe she faked you out. If she was a good enough lay, you wouldn’t have paid attention. Maybe, she promised you something to betray us, like the hottest sex on the planet for the rest of your life?”

Kyle scoffed, “Aw come on Daniel, she was good, but not the best I ever had. I have a lot of time investigated in the agency. You picked me for the unit. Why would I throw that all away?”

Pierce rose and pushed a button. “Maybe, that is the truth. You always were a sucker for a hot piece of ass. I think, until we investigate your loyalty, you better turn in your pistol. Another agent had just entered with his weapon drawn. His name was Roger Stone. Kyle’s sport coat was open and both men were watching the holster on Kyle’s left side. Pierce extended his hand for Kyle to give him the big Bren. With both men watching, Kyle flipped back his coat and proceeded to lift the Bren with his left thumb and forefinger. You could feel a sigh of relief. No one wanted to get into a shootout with a man of Kyle’s caliber. You might kill him, but someone else was sure to be hurt. Kyle was that quick and that good.

As they were all concentrating on Kyle’s apparent cooperation in giving up his Bren, no one was watching Kyle’s right hand. He snaked it under his coat and reached for a bably Glock hidden in a belt holster in the small of his back. The little Glock was of the same caliber of the Bren. In one fluid motion, Kyle drew the gun and shot agent Stone in the middle of his department issued SIG 40 caliber pistol. The noise was terrible. Kyle wouldn’t be able to hear correctly for several weeks, but he was expecting it. To Pierce and Stone, the sudden sound was frightening. Now a ten millimeter and a 40 cal. are essentially the same caliber of bullet, but the Ten millimeter casing is longer than the 40. It has a lot more power and more kick at both ends. In the baby Glock, the effect could be painful. The bullet striking the aluminum SIG that Agent Stone was holding not only destroyed the pistol, but the shock to Roger Stone’s hand was very painful. He would not be carrying anything for some time. The SIG firearms company always claimed that SIG frames didn’t crack but if they did, SIG would replace the frame for free. Kyle wondered if they would replace this one. Kyle put another round through the computer on Pierce’s desk and quickly backed toward the elevator. Two agents stuck their heads out of their offices and Kyle shot out their door windows. They quickly ducked back in. Now Kyle was in the elevator and he punched the ground floor. That was a couple of floors above him.

Kyle could only hope he made it before anyone got close to the emergency switch. He replaced the baby Glock and withdrew the big Bren. It had 12 cartridges in the magazine and one in the chamber, so without reloading Kyle had a fair chance to start a small war. He made the ground floor and Kyle hurried out of the elevator car. There was a resounding sound of a shot. Gun shots indoors were deafening. Kyle fired but he aimed at the ceiling. He hit one of the lights and showered the combatants with glass. They ducked back into the security of their offices. Kyle sprinted for the door. As he almost got to the door he could feel another shot pass too close. He turned and fired two shots into the marble tile. The bullets striking the marble sent sharp shards into the ankles of the shooter. He jumped back as the spinning bullets whined across the lobby.

Kyle had made it outside. Someone with a small machinegun pistol, ducked out of a side door and showered the rental car Kyle had parked in front of the building, with bullets. Kyle took a couple shots, but Kyle didn’t want to hurt his fellow officers. They had no compulsion to not want to kill him.

The rental was out. It looked as if Kyle would be on foot. That meant that he would be picked up soon. He couldn’t out run his pursuers on foot. Suddenly, there was a power blast. Several of the agents outside were knocked off their feet. A small sedan pulled up in front of Kyle. Another power blast issued form the hands of the man driving. The agents pulled back. The door of the sedan opened and Michael said, “Damn it, Valenti, I wish you would carry a sign to show which side you were on.” Before the agents could get up and open fire again, the sedan had sped off. Michael drove Kyle to Max’s house.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 10 ch 15 5/4/09

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mary mary
Michelle in Yonkers

Chapter 16

Kyle was in hiding. Imagine, Kyle, the darling of all the secretaries of the agency, hiding and not from an angry woman either. Maria came back in the house. “Liz, isn’t at your office. It is all locked up. We don’t know what has happened to her,” Maria said.

“By late this afternoon, they will be after her. If they do not suspect she has turned against them, they will want her to witness against me,” Kyle explained.

Michael looked up from where he was sitting on the couch. “If they suspect us, won’t Kyle’s being here justify a search and, possibly. detaining us?” he asked.

“You are right,” Kyle said. “I need to be visible and protected at the same time.”

Max looked at him. “Where will you go?” he asked.

Kyle looked at Max with a smile. “If I remember right, Judge Strong is having court today. He always was a grouchy old bastard. Maybe, I can use him.”

Michael, Max and Maria just gave him blank looks. What could a lowly small town judge do against the FBI?

Kyle walked to the courthouse. He kept to crowds and walked near the buildings. No snatch and grab for him. Kyle, continually, looked for dark cars or vans moving slower than the flow of traffic, maybe, following him.

At the door of the courthouse, the guard stood up as Kyle entered. The guard had a wand to do a body search. Kyle brought out his FBI identification and the guard examined, first, the ID and then, a list he had of agents or any other law enforcement who had any reason to be in the courthouse. Kyle had to smile, “Thank you, Lord, for homeland security,” was his prayer. They were taking few chances anymore. The guard pointed to a series of boxes. The boxes all had keys and Kyle went to one of them and first, took out his Bren Ten. Kyle released the magazine and pulled the slide back to empty the chamber. Then, Kyle reached behind his back and pulled out the little Glock. He did the same to it. Finally, Kyle bent to reach a holster on his ankle. He removed an expensive .22 caliber pistol. He emptied it and then with all three pistols safely in the safe, he locked the box and returned to the guard. This time, the guard passed Kyle through. Kyle walked to the location index board posted beside the elevator. Judge strong was in court room 201 on the second floor.

Hanson was in court that day. He had brought in a DUI, driving under the influence. It was a simple case and he expected no trouble. Judge Strong hated drunks and usually, an officer had to be really out of line to lose a case before him.

Kyle walked into the court room. Judge Strong was fixing to address the jury and others in the courtroom. “Excuse, me your honor,” Kyle said and walked over to land a roundhouse on poor Hanson’s chin. Hanson went down. He never expected something like this.

Judge Strong had known Kyle since his high school days. He always thought that the sheriff’s son was a well behaved young man. “What is the meaning of this,” he asked.

“What’s it too ya, you old fart?” Kyle stated.

Judge Strong was smashing his gavel on the desk and screaming. “I cite you, Kyle Valenti for contempt of court.” The head of the gavel broke off and went flying among the spectators. “Take this little Twirp away and lock him up. Don’t release him to anybody, even his father, the sheriff,” the judge yelled.

The bailiff came forward. He was reaching for his can of mace spray but Kyle just stood there. Kyle was glad, now, that no one was permitted to bring a firearm into the courtroom. He wanted to be arrested, not shot.

The first letter hit the sheriff’s desk within 20 minutes. The second one was a half hour later. Then the final one, all of 20 sheets of it, arrived a little over an hour later. Judge Strong was commenting on everything from failures of the public school system to liberal parenting along with failures, obviously in Jim’s relationship with his son. Jim Valenti had heard that Kyle had had some trouble with the judge. He preferred to let Kyle handle the problem himself but three letters all from a very irate Judge Strong did attract his attention. First, he wanted to check on Kyle.

With all animosity shown by the judge, the guards didn’t want to let Jim visit his son. “We are not to release him to anyone and you were specifically named,” the guard said.

“I am not asking for his release. I just want to get his side of it. If you don’t let me talk to him, I will see about getting you transferred to school crossing guard for a year.” Jim was getting a little irate himself.

When Jim first saw Kyle, he said, “What the hell did you do? Judge Strong almost had a heart attack,” Jim said.

I needed to hide in plain sight. Judge Strong won’t turn me over to the agency, will he?

I don’t think he will turn you loose, ever, right now,” Jim answered his son. “What is the problem?”

“I joined the Special Unit right out of the academy. I was going to be an alien hunter just you and grandpa. Liz parker has been my assistant. We were looking for the Roswell aliens. Well, we found them. But knowing the aliens, as individuals, is different from the collective term aliens. I always knew that the leader of the Special Unit was a bastard, but I didn’t care. Now, I can’t be part of something that is going to kill those people, even if they are not of this earth.” This was quite a speech for Kyle. Jim was impressed. Kyle had been, rather single-mindedly, selfish, ever since his mother left. Jim guessed that his wife leaving was harder on Kyle, even than it was on him. Jim could see fault within himself, but Kyle could only see that something had been taken away from him. He didn’t see what he had done to cause it.

“Whoa, you mean you know who they are? The one who killed Atherton many years ago and all?” Jim asked.

“No, dad. I just found four of them. They live right here in Roswell and I even went to school with them. I have no idea who killed Atherton. I think there were more aliens, at least at one time,” Kyle reported.

Jim left. He didn’t know what to make of Kyle’s action. He could see why Kyle picked Judge Strong. Strong would look at the federal boys as Yankees, damned Yankees. The problem would be getting Kyle out of jail when this was all over.

Liz returned home. She didn’t go to the office. She wanted to talk to her dad. There were things pressing on her mind. “Daddy, did you mean it when you said that if there were aliens in Roswell, they should be left alone?” Liz asked.

Jeff was cleaning up. He usually closed the restaurant since Liz and Maria had grown up. “Liz, if they haven’t broken any laws, they have the right to live their lives. Make them learn English, get jobs and memorize the constitution if you want, but there is no reason to put them in jail.” To Jeff, things were simple. Being a good citizen was more important than where you were born.

Daddy, they do not want to put them in jail. They want to kill them. Daddy, I was part of it. The job I was doing helped the Special Unit find them,” Liz moaned.

Jeff stopped his mopping. He took a chair and indicated another just across from him for Liz. Liz sat down, her hands folded in her lap. She felt like a little girl, a little girl telling her problems to her daddy. Daddy would make it all well. That was fine for a little girl. Now, Liz was holding the lives of people in her hands. Her problems were great. She needed her father to say something that would support her.

“You know the aliens?” Jeff asked.

Liz slowly nodded her head, “You do too, daddy. They come here all the time with Maria. You hired Michael one time. Max and Isabel are brother and sister. Tess is the blonde who is, sort of, an outsider.”

“But, they seem so normal,” Jeff said.

“They aren’t normal, daddy. Remember the bike accident?” Liz ask him.

Jeff shook his head, “Oh Lizzy, that was so long ago. I don’t remember much of it.”

Well, it happened just like I said it did. I remember now. Max was the boy who came up to me. I did have a broken arm. He healed me,” Liz informed her father.

Jeff leaned forward and took both of Liz’s hands in his. No, he didn’t clearly remember the bike accident, but Jeff did remember the other times she was hurt growing up. He had always wished he had had the power to take her hurt away.

Daddy, remember the shooting in the Crashdown? Daddy, I didn’t fall. Aliens can move very fast when they want to. Max knocked me down. That was when Maria discovered that they were different,” she told him.

To think of the many years Jeff had kidded everyone about the alien theme of his restaurant. All that time, the aliens were just high school kids sitting in the booths and eating his burgers. That Max kid, Jeff had sometimes thought that there was something wrong with him. He had stared at Liz a lot. Jeff remembered, at the time, being a little concerned, but Max was so polite and he had never been known to get into trouble, Jeff was able to convince himself that Max was harmless. Now, here was Liz saying that Max was an alien. And, Michael, Liz had told him that Michael needed a job. Jeff had taken a chance because he was the same age as Liz. Michael was always gruff. Jeff always attributed this to the fact that Michael had lived such a hard life.

If Jeff looked out for anyone else as much as he did Liz, it was Maria. Jeff knew how hard her life was. He had given her a job the same time he did Liz. When Maria was drawn to Michael, at first, Jeff worried. Then, he thought maybe, they could comfort each other. Neither of them had very good home lives. By this time, Liz was preparing for Harvard. Jeff had thoughts only for helping Liz make it there. He lost track of the rest of the kids of her class. True, there was that Kyle fellow. He had attacked Liz, that night. Liz insisted that Kyle was trying to be amorous. No big deal. She was sure she would have to walk away from the unwanted attentions of many men, before she met her prince.

“You are working with Kyle. What does he have to say?” Jeff asked.

“As long as he could just think of them as aliens, Kyle didn’t care. When whey took on faces and names, Well, Kyle had a change of heart.” Liz didn’t tell her father that it was more than her face that Tess had showed Kyle. She had showed him something else that would turn his mind.

“Where is Kyle? Jeff asked, “I haven’t seen him all day.”

Liz began to worry, She hadn’t gone to the office, so she didn’t know if he made it back. Liz got out her cell phone and called Maria. “Maria, I am worried about Kyle, have you seen him?” she asked.

“Chica, there is no reason to worry about that boy, now. He is in jail,” Maria explained.

Liz exclaimed, “In jail! How did that happen?”

“Seems Kyle got crossways with the director of the Special Unit. Kyle ended up shooting up the joint. He thought that jail would be the safest place for him. Also, him being away would be the safest for the rest of us,” Maria told Liz.

Liz hung up her phone and looked at her father, “Kyle is in jail. He shot up the Special Unit.”

Jeff’s eyebrows went up. “Well, daughter, it looks like it is now up to you. What is your next move?”

Liz sat for several minutes. “I was supposed to get media attention. I ran into Carlos, I forgot to ask his last name. Then, he introduced me to Eddie Baca.”

Jeff smiled, “Ole’ mad Eddie. He was a pretty smart man before he got that scar. He always claimed aliens did it. He has been hunting aliens ever since.”

“Kyle and I were supposed to get some legal help. We were going to get some lawyers to help us,” Liz said.

“How close are you to Max?” Jeff asked.

Liz gave an embarrassed smile. “Pretty close, daddy.”

Jeff was startled by what he thought he saw in Liz’s face, but he went on, “You might contact Max and see if he could get his parents to help you. They are both lawyers and they could tell you where to get advice when they felt they did not have the expertise.

Liz nodded. She got out her cell phone and called Maria. “Where are you?” she asked.

“At Max’s, we are trying to decide what to do,” Maria answered.

“I will be right over,” Liz stated.

When Liz arrived, the reception was cold. Tess said, “I think we have to decide which side she is on, Max.”

Liz looked at Tess, “I am on your side, Tess, and so is Kyle after what you did to him.”

They all looked at Tess. “Well, I met Kyle the other night. We, sort of talked things out,” she said.

Maria snapped, “Talk, I bet”

Max held up his hands. They had to come to a decision and do it soon. “Tess wants to leave now. Isabel and Alex aren’t sure. Maria wants to leave, but Michael says that Kyle was on our side. He wants to stay and fight, but he doesn’t know how,” Max explained.

Liz looked at Max, “What do you want to do?”

Max just shook his head. He hated being forced into these decisions. “ I want to do what is best for all of us,” he said.

Liz started, “Well, Kyle explained to me, before he got into trouble, that what Daniel Pierce wants to do is illegal. It is also unconstitutional. Trouble is, according to Kyle, is that for laws and constitutions to be upheld they have to have public opinion. Kyle thinks that you need legal representation and, also, media coverage. I spent all day with two people from the Roswell Daily Record. They agreed to give anything that happens to you guys plenty of coverage.” Liz had spent her day with the newspaper people and hadn’t heard anything that happened that day in Roswell. It would be the next day when Kyle’s little episode with the judge came to the paper’s attention.

Liz continued, “Now, we need to see about legal assistance. Max, do your parents know about you?”

Max looked at Isabel. This had been a contention between them for years. Isabel wanted to tell the elder Evans but Max had always held back. In the end the cold Isabel found it easier to trust those closest to them, than the shy Max.

“No, we always felt that they wouldn’t love us, if they knew the truth,” Max said.

Isabel looked up sharply, “No, Max, you were afraid they wouldn’t love us.”

Liz looked into his eyes. “Max, Maria found out about you and she has remained with you for years. Alex knows all about you and he loves Isabel even more, if that is possible. I learned about you and I think we have a good chance of finding love. But, Max, that is only if you are free and not hunted. Right now, I need the advise of lawyers. I don’t even know how to go about choosing one. That is why I need your parents. I think this information should come, first, from the both of you. Max, we do not have much time. The Special Unit is going to come down on you soon. If you choose to run then, they will just chase you until they catch you. They won’t catch you where the public can know about it. To the public, if an announcement has to be made, it will be a sterile non emotional comment that enemies of the state were taken into custody.

Max was still dragging his feet. Now, that she felt that she, at least had partial agreement, Isabel called the elder Evans. It was late and it was at Isabel’s insistence that their parents agreed for them to come over. “We have some disturbing and very important news that we need to tell you.” Alex went with them. He didn’t want Isabel to face this alone. He wasn’t sure about how Max was taking this.

When they entered the Philip and Diane Evans home, the elder couple were in robes. “Max, what is it that can’t wait until morning?” was the first thing that Philip asked.

Isabel looked at Max. She had waited so long for this time. Would Max step up and initiate the story they needed to tell their parents? After an uncomfortable silence, Max mumbled. “Mom, Dad, we are different. There was a reason that we were left in the desert. There was a reason no one came forth to claim two naked children wondering in the desert.”

“What are you trying to say, Max?” Philip asked.

Isabel spoke up, interrupting Max. “What he is trying to say, daddy, is that we are not completely human.”

“Aw, come on, kids. It is too late at night to be joking around,” Philip scoffed.

“They aren’t joking, Mr. Evans,” Alex spoke up. “They mean everything they say. Max and Isabel Evans are some of the Roswell Aliens. They have human characteristics, but they can do alien things, also.”

Isabel snuggled closer to Alex. Yes, he had been a good choice for her. Alex supported a lot more than just her body. “But why now, kids? Why did you wait until you were grown? Why didn’t you tell us when you found out about this yourselves?” Philip asked.

Max hung his head, as he usually did, when he felt he had disappointed his parents. “We were afraid that you wouldn’t want us. We saw so many kids at school whose parents acted like their kids were burdens. We weren’t even really your children. What would you do if you discovered we were monsters?” Max asked.

“Oh, Max, we wouldn’t ever think of you as monsters,” Diane stated.

“Mrs. Evans, remember that when we were all kids there were all sorts of alien movies and television shows about aliens taking over the world. Max and Isabel could only think that these would show the way you felt if you knew the truth,” Alex said.

Philip was nodding. “All right, but why did you choose tonight to reveal this information to us?” he said.

“Kyle and Liz worked for the FBI. They have warned us that the Special Unit, which is interested in aliens, is about to capture us. It is a choice of running or fighting and to fight, we need legal counsel,” Max stated.

“Where are Liz and Kyle now?” Philip asked.

“Liz is at my house waiting for me to be the one to tell you about our past. Kyle got himself thrown in jail for his own protection. He probably will need counsel, also,” Max informed them. It was about 10:30 when they left the Evans home. The three people were walking the short distance to Max’s house. Max had to agree that there was relief in, finally, telling his parents.

It was 11:00 when the sheriff got a call. “Pauley Anderson called the sheriff that he witnessed the abduction of three people just a few minutes ago. He thinks they were Max, Isabel Evans and that Whitman kid. It was a black panel van and from where he and his girl were parked, a bunch of men just jumped out of the van and grabbed the three of them,” the deputy on the phone told Jim.
The years she lived as a cat still haunt Liz as she watches her daughter grow up. Her daughter Estelle makes her first public appearance as queen. the Curse of the Cat is still present, but no one knows on whom it will fall.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 11 ch 16 5/11/09

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Michelle of Yonkers
mary mary

Author's note: Michelle of Yonkers brought up some questions. I would like to put answers in the form of an author’s note. The three were kidnapped as a target of opportunity. Remember the Evans twins were the only ones identified for sure. They thought Michael might be an alien and Tess had only been a suspect, until Kyle broke loose,

Pierce had given orders that all four should be taken at once. It should be obvious that Pierce valued loyalty over effectiveness. Pierce was one who always kept his reasons to himself. That left his men without fully understanding his objectives. If they decided to take individual initiatives they did not have enough information to see his reasons. This way they got some aliens, but they left too many still free.

Kyle set the tone when he explained that the constitution and laws only had meaning if there was public support. Every president, including our present one, have done things that were unconstitutional or illegal. As long as they have public support or the illusion of public support they can get away with it.

The newspaper isn’t going to start running stories about aliens. They want public outcry for the abduction of citizens, regardless of where they are from. The paper wants an outcry about medical experiments. The newspaper wants to personalize those who have been abducted. Like Kyle said, “When the aliens have names and personalities you feel different about their fate.”

The way Kyle described the judge is typical of some rural judges. They owe their position to some political power. Kyle made his situation personal with the judge. The judge is not about to let the FBI or anyone else threaten his decision. Not knowing the extent of this power, no FBI men are about to shove their weight around, especially if they are operating on a thin edge of legality anyway. The character or should I say manners of the FBI has never endured them to local law enforcement. Kyle publicly insulting the judge insulated him for a while.

Chapter 17

Kyle had told Jim that Max and Isabel Evans were aliens. Either someone had made a big mistake or Alex Whitman was an alien, also.

Jim was at the jail with in 15 minutes. There were strict orders that Jim Valenti, especially, was not to be allowed to see Kyle. Jim called Judge Strong. “Judge, this is Jim Valenti. No, I am not trying to get Kyle out of jail. For the moment he is safest right there. Look, someone put the snatch on Charles Whitman’s boy, Alex. Kyle was investigating something along these lines. I just need to talk to Kyle as soon as possible. No, I don’t want him released. I just want to know who might have grabbed the Whitman boy.” Jim knew that judge strong played cards with the Whitman’s every Wednesday evening.

There was some clearing of the throat and some growling, but finally, Judge Strong asked to speak to one of the guards. “Hey, Richard, let the sheriff speak to his son, but you stand right there. If he isn’t talking ‘bout Alex Whitman, call be back. I will hold him in contempt of court just like his scalawag boy.”

They walked to the area where Kyle was being housed. “Kyle,” Jim called. “Kyle, wake up. Someone just grabbed Alex Whitman along with Isabel and Max Evans.”

Kyle was trying to get the sleep out of his eyes. “Those fools! They probably had instructions to grab anyone who was with Max and Isabel. Have they grabbed Tess and Michael yet?” Kyle asked.

Jim shook his head. “I don’t know, yet. The only report was from Pauley Anderson who was making out in his car parked under the trees along the street,” Jim explained.

Kyle was still shaking his head trying to clear it. “Get hold of Liz Parker. She is supposed to have been working on what we were going to do if they snatched any of them.” Kyle was careful with the guard listening about using the word alien. “Get old man Whitman to start yelling at the police about something happening to his son. Tell Philip and Diane Evans that their children are reported to have been, kidnapped. That is all we can do for the moment. Tomorrow, you need to ask the judge what it will take to get me out.”

Isabel was walking down the dark street with the two most important men in her life. Well, there was her father and she certainly thought that he was as important. Things had gone well enough. At least, her parents had not reacted like Max always feared they would. All three of them were laughing because they had just passed a car parked under the shade of a tree and the vehicle was animated, bouncing up and down. None of them could see inside, but someone was pursuing the art of amour in the safety of the dark. There was a screeching of tires and a black van pulled up beside them. Max and Isabel reacted and they were raising their hands when two wet cloths, soaked in chloroform, hit them in the face. Blinded by the burning of their eyes caused by the liquid, both of them fell backward. Isabel thought she heard a smack as, probably, Alex landed a good blow on one of the assailants. Then, things seemed to just go dreamy.

When she woke up, she saw that the three of them were all strapped to tables. Isabel strained to use her powers to free herself. They were in glassed-in rooms so they could see each other, but no sound could pass between the walls. On the other side of Max, she saw Alex, but he wasn’t the Alex she knew. Where she and Max were quiet and barely able to move, Alex was sparking and sending power blasts of some sort against the windows of his room. Isabel saw that there were two technicians in her room, as well as that of Max. The technicians who were supposed to be in Alex’s room were cowering outside the door. Whatever had been given to the two aliens to quiet them down and suppress their powers, on Alex, it was having a different effect.

Liz was sitting at Max’s house with Maria, Michael and Tess. She received the phone call from Jim Valenti. When Liz put the receiver down, she was white as a ghost. “They have taken Max, Isabel and Alex,” she barely could get it out.

Michael and Tess both looked up quickly. “We have to get out of here. They will be checking all of our houses soon,” Michael said.

“My car, it isn’t on their list. I am still considered a loyal employee of the agency,” Liz said. Liz went out to her car. There was no one around. She started the car and the three people she was with ran out and got in. Liz took off as quickly as a plain rental could go.

“Where are we going?” Michael asked.

“To the Evans’s house,” Liz said. “We assume that Max has told them and they will give us help.”

“Or turn us in,” Tess replied. “How do we know that they didn’t turn their own children into the Unit.”

“Because I don’t believe they are that kind of people. If they were not willing to accept Max and Isabel, they would respect their secret. They are lawyers.”

“Lawyers or shysters,” Michael was heard to mumble. Then, he started thinking. The Evans family had always been good to him. Philip had guided Michael through the process of becoming emancipated. Tess didn’t trust anyone, but he had reasons to believe in the Evans family.

As they pulled up to the Evans’ driveway, Liz said, “Let me go in first. If there is a problem, I will come back out if I can. If everything is all right then, I will wave you in.” Liz had her beliefs, but she wanted to be sure. She continued, “If I am not back in five minutes, take off! I don’t care where. Just run!”

Michael had his wrist watch in his hand. He was watching the dial. Maria and Tess were looking at the house before them as if they could control what was going to happen. The time was now four minutes, 30 seconds. Michael got out of the back seat he had shared with Maria and slid into the driver’s seat. He was just reaching for the ignition key when Liz appeared at the door and waved for them to come in.

Inside, they were met by Philip and Diane who had decided to get dressed. They didn’t think they would get much sleep tonight, anyway. Liz was on the phone with Carlos. “Yes, Carlos the two Evans siblings and Alex Whitman. Yes, that is right, Whitman, the computer expert.” Liz gave the approximate location where the three people had been taken.

Liz turned to the group listening to her, “Carlos is going to do a front page spread about Alex Whitman and friends being kidnapped by terrorists.

The next morning the headline read. “Terrorists Attack Local Businessman and friends.” The story went on to tell about the head of the Whitman Computer Company who was attacked by masked terrorist and demanding Homeland Security to get on it.

There were spin offs all day. Most of the stories told that Whitman Computers had some great break through and the terrorist wanted to steal Alex’s plans. Rumors were everywhere.

Isabel was watching as Pierce walked up. He stood watching the room housing Alex and the technicians cowering in the hall. “He is too dangerous, put him away!” Pierce ordered.

Isabel felt her heart freeze. Pierce would be so cold to kill Alex just because Alex didn’t react the way they expected to the drugs. Isabel could barely talk. “Let me be with him, I can calm him down.”

One of the technicians shook his head. “Daniel, put two of them together and we will have mayhem,” he stated.

Pierce watched Isabel as she struggled to even move and he saw how difficult even talking was for her. “Look at her; she is a pitiful figure. If she can calm him down, we may have something even more important to study. Put her in a wheel chair. Secure her. Put her in the room with the third subject,” Pierce ordered.

They rolled Isabel into the room with Alex. As soon as his bloodshot eyes saw her, the sparking went down. His speech was not slurred or encumbered at all. “Izzy, I thought they had taken you away or maybe, killed you.” he said.

Isabel looked at the glass in his room and it was all shinny. Alex was in a room made of one-way glass. That is why he didn’t know that she was right there, two rooms from him.

“Have they done anything to you,” Alex asked.

“Only given me drugs so I can’t use my powers. I imagine these same drugs are what are making you spark,” Isabel said.

“What about Max?” Alex asked.

“He is pretty much out of it. Our rooms are sound proofed, but at least we can see out. Your room is one way mirrors,” Isabel informed Alex.

Alex turned a bit, “Oh lucky me. Why did they put me here?”

“Probably because of your powers, They aren’t sure if your powers work in the line of sight. Putting you where you can’t look out was just precaution. What is more important is what are they going to do to us and with us?” Isabel wondered.

Charles waited as the phone rang. It had taken him most of the night to track down this number. Finally, there was a faint click and a disembodied voice answered. The lady on the other end didn’t answer with a name or a organizational name. She just said, “Yes.”

“I want to speak to General C.W. Caruthers. Please,” Charles said.

There was a several second wait then, “Is the General expecting your call?” the voice asked.

“No, but you tell him that Master Sergeant Charlie Whitman is calling and I need his help, ASAP!” As soon as possible, Charles just hoped that old debts still counted. There had been a certain Lieutenant Caruthers who had found himself hip deep in alligators, back in a place where they were not supposed to be and if you ever asked, they weren’t there. No matter how much the bullet wounds hurt, the bullets were received in a place no one could admit to being. That was the way with that crazy war. Their unit was shot to hell and the lieutenant was wounded the first thing. Sgt. Whitman had been the miracle boy. The word was, “Stick close to Charlie, he don’t never get hurt.” The Lieutenant felt the blows. Two blows to the body. The pain didn’t come at first; that would be later. It was like a dream when he went rolling down to stop at the feet of Sgt. Charlie. Well, if you were going to die, being near Charlie would be a good place to do it. Sgt. Whitman was on the radio calling in an air strike so close that you could feel the heat of the Napalm. Charlie always bought beer for the flyboys so they always took care of him.

The air strike broke the attack. The dying lieutenant and Charlie were the only ones left. Lieutenant Caruthers, over Charlie’s shoulder like a duffel bag, was carried back to the landing zone and he didn’t die. Lieutenant Caruthers lived to become a general and now, Charlie hoped he remembered a little bit. Charles Whitman needed help.

Charles Whitman didn’t need to worry. It is a poor soul who forgets a man who saved his life. “Master Sergeant,” the jovial voice sounded out. “How the hell are you?” he asked.

“Fine Lieutenant, ah... I mean General,” Charles Whitman blurted out.

“Don’t give it a thought, I was the Lieutenant you carried out of that hell that day and if you want to think of me as the Lieutenant now, that is A-okay,” Caruthers stated.

“General, I may have a big problem. I think my son might have been heisted by one of Washington’s glory boys,” Alex’s father explained.

The general became serious. “Which ones Charlie, the “Company” CIA, the president’s darlings the NSC, National Security Council or America’s finest, the step sons of Old J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI?” The general was naming the groups the military, and most of the rest of the country had trouble with.

“General, do you know anything about the Special Unit of the FBI?” Charles asked.

The General laughed, “That is a good one, Sergeant Charlie. Hey, it is getting crowded here. Let me call you back concerning the Rube you called about. Give me your number.

Charles Whitman knew that the word rube being a call for help that went back into the history or traveling shows and carnivals. It was much like the call from ships and airplanes of “Mayday.” The laugh out of place meant that there were other people listening on at least, to the general’s side of the conversation. Charlie gave a cell phone number and hung up.

Charles Whitman turned to the three people standing behind him. “Okay in about ten minutes, I am going to be back on the phone to a general, who I have always admired. Tell me everything you can,” he commanded.

It was Liz who told the story as much as she could. Then, Maria took up the high school years. Michael didn’t say anything. When they were through, Mr. Whitman just chuckled.

“I always knew that boy would have trouble getting a woman from this world. I am just glad he had the sense to seek another world to find her.” Whitman turned to Maria and Liz. “I am glad you two were always his friend. More like sisters than actually friends.” Then, he turned to Michael, “I suppose you are one of those bug-eyed monsters that come down to earth to eat us all up?”

Michael shook his head. He didn’t understand. Maria leaned over, “He is kidding Michael. He knows you are a brother to Alex’s girlfriend.”

Charles just laughed again, “Yeah, sorry Michael, you just look so human after all. Why would Pierce fear you? Do you have mysterious powers that he wants for himself? Or, is he so terrified of your powers that he wants to kill all of you?”

Maria answered for him. “These aliens are genetic mixtures of human and alien DNA. They believe that humans could do anything they can, but what humans haven’t yet learned to do is to control what is natural to these aliens.” Maria pointed to the potted plant near the window, “Michael change, its color.”

Michael closed his eyes and as he drew his hand over the plant, the red flowers became white and the green leaves became a bright Purple. Then Michael brought his hand back and the flower went back to its natural colors.

There was an opened window. Maria placed a small water glass on the sill. She nodded to Michael and he let loose a power blast. Instead of breaking the glass the glass went flying across the street to smash against the fireplace chimney of old Mrs. Stein’s house. The old lady came out and looked up and down the street to see who had thrown something against her house. Maria just shrugged, “Sometimes, Michael is a little off with the amount of power he uses.”

Well Sgt. Charlie now had something to tell the general. Charles Whitman, the father of Alex Whitman, computer expert, took his cell phone and waited in his study. His study was the only remaining place in his family life where he was still master. Mrs. Whitman had even bought him a small vacuum cleaner so she would not intrude upon his small domain. Here he would face the general and plead for help. Charlie knew that in Washington, there were always ways to find out information and get things done. He, also, knew that no single person could accomplish this alone. He was calling in any good deeds he had ever done for anybody else.

please remember Curse of the Cat
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Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Flamehair, congratulation in bring one more light into the world.
mary mary
begonia 9508
Michaelle in Yonkers

Chapter 18

There was a knock on the Evans’ door. Diane went to answer and met a Hispanic man about her own age. He had wild hair and the first thing she noticed was his piercing blue eyes. “Is Miss Parker here?” Mad Eddie asked.

Diane called and Liz came into the room. “Hello, Mr. Baca,” Liz greeted.

He vigorously shook his head, “No, Ma’am. It is just Mad Eddie, if you please.”

Liz smiled, “All right, Eddie, this is Diane Evans.”

Eddie shook hands and Diane thought she saw a little reason return to those frightened eyes. “You are the one who took in the two children found on the desert. They say you would be blessed because you might have taken in angels. I say twice blessed because you took in two aliens and brought them up as your own.”

Diane did not know what to make of Eddie’s statement. “Well, they were in need and we found they were both good children. We are proud of them, no matter what,” Diane proudly stated.

Eddie nodded, “Giving birth is often the least action of parenting. Much more is giving values. Birth is an action that comes when it is at its time. Raising children in ways that are good is something that takes the rest of your life.”

Eddie walked past Diane and Liz. Hearing someone at the door, Michael, Maria and Tess entered the room. Eddie looked at the three. He took the right hand of both Michael and Tess in his two hands. “The pods did come to term,” was his comment. He looked at Maria, “I am happy you are supporting the aliens,” he continued.

The wildness left Eddie’s eyes and he sat down. “Fill me in on what is happening and let’s decide what we are going to do,” he stated.

Charles Whitman’s cell phone rang. “Okay, sergeant, now what is this all about? Tell me why that crazy unit is involved?” the general demanded.

“My son and two aliens were abducted by the Special Unit,” Charles started.

“Since the unit is involved, I take it your son isn’t running around with farm workers is he?” the general asked.

“No, some of the other aliens have convinced me that my son’s girlfriend is not of this Earth. I do not know why he was snatched, except that the Special Unit thought he was an alien, also,” Charles stated.

“Sergeant Charlie, if that was the case, we have to move fast. Pierce is noted for covering his tracks. My office is a hot bed of domestic espionage. I am pretty sure my phone is tapped. My secretary is sleeping with a colonel who can’t wait for me to retire. Everyone in this damned town is trying to get one up on everyone else. I think I would be safer and have more privacy in the Russian embassy, than here. At least there, I would have only one agency spying on me. What kind of Intel do you have coming out of what is happening?”

“I have two agents who abandoned the rogue operation. One of them is Kyle Valenti and the other is Elizabeth Parker,” Charles answered.

There was a noise from the Washington side of the conversation. “Parker I don’t know, but the only way Vanenti would abandon an operation is if there were not any skirts in it for him to chase, or if he found a skirt somewhere else that the operation interfered with.”

“Well, then you are probably right. Agent Parker did say that Kyle had met the other female alien and was pleasantly disposed to her,” Charles stated.

General Caruthers went on, “Valenti is a good agent, except for his skirt chasing. You need to get him to form a squad to penetrate the Special Unit headquarters. I will do what I can to get the word out that Pierce has picked up a civilian. Everyone here knows how he always tries to cover his tracks. The more who know about Alex, the son of Sergeant Charlie, being kidnapped, the safer he will be. Pierce won’t do anything to him if he knows that the kidnapping is well known in Washington. I will try to send you some certified troops as soon as I can, but you have to be ready to move fast.

As long as Isabel was in the room with him, Alex remained calm. He even allowed the two technicians who were tending her to enter but when the two assigned to him tried to come in also Alex sent them running with several bolts of power.

Pierce was in his office. The closed circuit videos showed all three rooms. “Keep up the doses to the female and also, the other male. Do not give the human any more drugs. We need to let his powers taper off.” Pierce turned to the man sitting in the office with him. “It seems, we just learned something that was never learned before. The drug was not supposed to affect humans at all. The only difference I can see is that the human has been intimate with the female. Thus, he has obtained some sort of dormant power which was triggered by the drugs,” Pierce stated.

Walter Andrews was the head of Pierce’s medical staff. He always considered himself a rather dispassionate person when it came to the pursuit of knowledge. He was privy to all that the Special Unit had done and learned. The difference was, this was the first time they had in their possession a female and a human who had been her mate. This would be the direction of his inquiry. He could feel a stirring within himself looking at the female alien. “I guess if you fuck her and then take the drug you can acquire her power. We don’t know how many times this would take. My guess is that each time you are intimate with her, you get a little power. This could be a long study.”

Pierce nodded, “The only remaining use of the human is to keep the female in line. As soon as we get results, we can get rid of him. I wonder how we could use the male? We need to draft some female agents and maybe, he can be enticed to cooperate.”

Pierce was rifling his papers, “We have that agent who was working with Valenti. I wonder if he turned her against us? If not, and we explained what we needed, she is right here in Roswell. If Valenti was with her, she should be well experienced. That boy chased more skirts than any one I have ever seen.”

Doctor Andrews arranged for two apartments. Actually, there were three, but one of them was not viewable except on video. It was fitted up like a doctor’s office. This apartment had doors into either of the other two. He had the subdued Isabel wheeled into his office. This did provoke a return of Alex’s attempts at assaulting any who came near him.

Isabel was bound to her chair. That was all right because she was so weak that if the bonds were loosened, she would fall out. Doctor Andrews was going to start with a formal approach. “Miss Evans, the subject, Alex Whitman, is of no use to us. We will keep him and care for him as long as you cooperate. Some of the things we will ask of you will be only minorly intrusive. There will be some things later, which you may consider onerous. I would hope that the feeling you may have for Mr. Whitman would insure your cooperation. Eventually, you might even enjoy some of them.”

Isabel nodded feebly. Andrews made a note to cut down on her dosages. He needed her to be more animated. She was returned to the room where Alex was causing several melt-downs. Again, he calmed as soon as she was introduced back into the room. Two guards each holding a cattle prod entered and the technicians released Alex’s bonds, or what was left of them. Alex was instructed to push Isabel’s chair down the hall. They entered a small apartment. Once they arrived, the technicians left. Alex explored the rooms. There was a state of the art bed in the bedroom. There was a small kitchen and Alex checked the refrigerator and found it stocked. There was a shopping list fastened to the frig door. Apart from the kitchen was a small living room with a large TV along with instructions of how to access a large library of movies. There was, of course, no internet or computer and the TV had nothing except for the movie access.

Alex noticed a door off the living room which was locked. That meant there were two locked doors the one they first entered and this one. That was something to contemplate. As he was searching, since she hadn’t had any drugs for a while, Isabel started to sit up. Within an hour, she asked for Alex to remove the straps, which held her in the chair. Isabel found the bathroom and soon, she was back with Alex.

Max was also moved. He was still strapped to a gurney and except that the surroundings were different, he still was administered regular dosages of drugs. Max saw that his surroundings were more like an apartment, but since he couldn’t yet move, he hadn’t explored it.

Liz was talking with Eddie in the Evans’ living room. The news was full of the computer leader being kidnapped. So far, there was no announcement if they knew the culprits or not. The FBI had consulted with Charles Whitman. “What makes you think that something called the Special Unit is responsible. I am sure that Alex Whitman would be the target for many involved in industrial espionage.” Inwardly, the agent quivered. That damned Pierce; the last time he went hunting aliens, it had cost the agency a ton of money settling law suits and in agent time. They always tried to deny Pierce as long as possible.

Sergeant Whitman answered him, “Two agents who worked for Pierce have stated that he had gone rogue. One of them is Agent Valenti and the other is Agent Parker. Agent Parker is the one who told me that Alex had been kidnapped by the Special Unit which they also worked for. He was taken along with another couple, a brother and sister, name of Evans. I am sure you will, shortly, be hearing from their parents. They are lawyers in Roswell.”

“Where is Agent Valenti?” the FBI man asked.

“Last that I knew about him, he was in jail,” Mr. Whitman answered.

The agents looked at each other, “Who was the woman? They asked.

Charles Whitman shook his head. “As far as I know, he walked into a court room and hit the officer who was the main witness for the prosecution during a DUI case.”

Agent Jimmy Jones, yeah, he took a lot of heat for that name. Jim Jones was the reverend who led his congregation to suicide, drinking poisoned Koolade in 1978. The agent wasn’t a reverend and the scotch he had every evening wasn’t Koolade, but hearing about Kyle, he had to smile. Kyle Valenti getting busted because of a man and no woman involved. What was the world coming to? He would see about an interview as soon as he left here.

The Evans family had made a complaint to the sheriff office. They simply stated that Max and Isabel had been witnessed as the victims of a kidnapping. The sheriff contacted the FBI, because the third party in the incident was Alex Whitman, the computer owner. Agent Jones had already contacted the district supervisor. This was going to be a mess, no matter how it played out. That crazy Pierce might kill someone, if he thought he needed to cover his tracks.

“The Feds will mill around like stampeded cows until someone makes them take a direction. Your friends need help now. What do you have on the facility at Eagle Rock? We may have to plan something ourselves,” Eddie explained.

Liz sighed, “We just don’t have the man power, yet.”

Liz left for her office. She was sure that, unless Kyle had erased her files, there must be something on Eagle Rock and, mayb.e something that would help them against the Special Unit. It was Philip Evans who called the sheriff. “Jim, what will it take to get that boy of yours out of jail?” Philip asked.

“I don’t know, Philip. Kyle was so worried about the Special Unit coming after him that he, sorta, sealed himself into that cell. Judge Strong is talking about four years of public service and, maybe, Kyle washing his car every Saturday for the rest of his life,” Jim explained.

“Well, tell Judge Strong that my two children were abducted along with Alex Whitman and I would personally appreciate anything he could see himself to do,” Philip stated. “You know that Strong and I are brothers in the Elks Club. Maybe, that will count for something. I think he is close to the Whitmans, also.”

That afternoon, Eddie wrote the first of his many articles. “Do the Roswell Aliens Exist?” read the headline. Eddie already had tomorrow’s copy finished and ready to send in. “Whether or Not the Roswell Aliens Exist, “What is Their Net Value to Roswell.” This one was even longer since it was an essay about the commercial value the belief in aliens had for Roswell.

Selma Farmhault was one of the richest women in the southwest. She had cast her eyes about everything she saw in society, looking for a cause and finally, settled on animal welfare. Some of her claims were justified and some were difficult to understand. Recently, she had released a family of Red Wolves from the Albuquerque Biological Park. They had run through the suburbs and caused considerable problems. Her last venture was picketing the “Red Lobster” restaurant about the ethical treatment of lobsters. Eddie knew that Selma had more essays on file than a high school English teacher. He requested one on excessive biological testing of animals. That would be run in three days, followed by an article of Eddies own making about clandestine human medical testing. By that time, if the Evans siblings and Alex Whitman were not free, Eddie was prepared to release information he had on the experiments that were done on the alien who escaped and suggest that the medical experiments had been started up, again. Eddie depended on his own story telling ability, the backing that he hoped Philip Evans would stir up and the public’s thrust for exciting news. If it sold papers, Eddie was sure the paper would keep printing the stories.

Agent Jimmy Jones had started to receive the calls from Washington. He had been too young to even know about the secret war that CW and Sgt. Charlie had fought. In a town where age meant longevity and longevity meant power, Agent Jones was finding that there were many old farts who did remember that war. Many of them had fond memories of one Sgt. Charlie. “Don’t let anything happen to his boy!” was the cry.

Liz had just opened the office. She had turned on the computer array and was waiting for them to boot up. Those which were connected to the internet had all received a ship load of updates from Windows. They had been closed down for four days. In that time, they would have to rewrite the entire system. It could be a half hour before she had the system running. Her computer and that of Kyle were insulated from all of that by a brick tight firewall. She could look at what she had in her files but she couldn’t initiate any new searches until the updates were finished.

Liz was startled when she heard something at the door. Liz looked up and saw a man in a black suit wearing dark sunglasses. “Agent Parker,” he started, “do you know where I can find Agent Valenti?”

Liz’s first instinct was to run. Liz knew that she would not have gotten very far. Liz decided to try to bluff it out. “No, I haven’t seen agent Valenti for a couple days,” she stated.

“Well, change of plans. We did capture both a male and female alien. Now we need a female agent to help care for them. Agent Parker will you volunteer to aide us in this study?” he asked.

Liz believed that refusing or running would give the Special Unit notice that something had gone wrong. Liz, now, could only hope the things set in motion would free all of them. Liz nodded her acceptance. Liz turned off the computers and was greeted with the message, “Computer update in progress. Do not turn off the power. Computer will turn off when update is finished.” She was ushered out with the command, “Lock the office” and then, she was taken to a black sedan.

The agent driving did turn to Liz, “How long have you known agent Valenti?”

“For many years,” Liz answered.

The agent nodded. This was good; if she had known Kyle for several years, she would indeed be experienced. There would be no problem from her when they outlined her orders with the alien. If she had been a virgin, then there might have been issues.

On arriving at Eagle Rock, Liz was guided into the facility and down two flights below ground level. She was taken to a room where there was a white nurse’s uniform laid out. It was of the old style with white nylon hose, white shoes and a white dress buttoned up the front. Liz changed and then, she was taken to Agent Pierce’s office. Again, she was asked, “Have you seen Agent Valenti recently?”

Liz assumed what she hoped was a non-committal face and answered. “No, but that is not unusual. Kyle has his own research and he brings me his notes when he get finished.”

Heads nodded and seemed satisfied with her answer. The alien female has a human who cares for her. It is the male that concerns us. We believe that introducing a male nurse to him will just add to his aggression. We are hoping that your mothering instincts will rise up and you can calm him. Don’t worry, every thing you do will be observed. If there is a problem, technicians will immediately burst in to help you. Do you think you can do this?” Pierce ask Liz while carefully observing her. He was about to ask Agent Parker to do something that Pierce would not dare to do. Pierce had a lot of belief in racial purity. If she was a girl of Valenti’s, she should have no such feeling about what, after all, would seem to be just another temporary affair. He would outline her duties completely in a couple of days. In the mean time, the sleeping accommodations themselves might suggest her next step.
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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 13 ch 18 5/25/09

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Now who would have thought that even Pierce cannot be wrong all the time? That even he occasionally has a good idea?

Hopefully when they "connect" they'll really become something awesome, their powers will amplify... something? I'm really worried about the well-meaning efforts of the newspaper guy, taking them public. I can't think that will turn out well. And the military becoming aware of them, appearing on their "radar", as it were. Also never been a good thing. .... (eerie music playing...)

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Re: Special Unit mature CC pg 13 ch 18 5/25/09

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Michelle in Yonkers
mary mary

Chapter 19

Jim Valenti was talking to Judge Strong. “Damn it, Jim. I don’t like anyone using my court as a place to hide. I don’t care what his reason. He should have found a better place and way to do it,” Judge Strong ranted.

“I know Judge. He did it without considering the consequences and he did believe that your charge was something that even the FBI wouldn’t be able to break,” Jim tried to explain.

“What the hell is he into, anyway? I thought he was one of the super kids that the feds were recruiting. Why are they mad at him? What did he do to them?” Strong asked.

Jim looked at Judge Strong for several minutes. He knew that Strong was a practical man and he didn’t believe in any fantasies. Strong had never called Jim, “Sergeant Martian,” but he didn’t approve of either Jim or his daddy taking county time to chase flying saucers. “Judge, I am going to have to ask you to call Mr. Whitman. His son was abducted by a group, which Kyle has gotten crosswise with. Kyle and the Parker girl were working with something called the Special Unit. They both have resigned from that unit, but they still believe they are with the FBI. I think you will believe what Mr. Whitman says more than you would from me.” Jim knew better than to open any old wounds with the judge about aliens. If he would just call Charles Whitman, maybe, Charles could explain better, or at least, fresher. Charlie had just learned about what Jim had been seeking for years.

Judge Strong was just looking at the Sheriff. He had disagreed with Jim about anything alien. Now, that durned son of Jim’s had abused his court. So what if he needed to hide! There were other places to do it. As they both were sitting, each trying to understand the other, Jim’s cell phone rang.

Jim answered and then, listened for several minutes without saying anything. Finally, Jim answered, “Yeah, I will try to get on it, right away.” Jim turned to the judge. “We think the Special Unit just grabbed the Parker girl. She told us this morning that both she and Kyle had quit the unit. It seems that she returned to the office they set up. Her rented car is still parked there, but the office is locked and the businesses near by all said a black sedan was seen there for a short time this morning.”

Judge Strong took his desk phone and called the Whitman’s residence. “Charlie, Strong here, what the hell is going on? I have the sheriff in my office trying to tell me some yarn that his son is needed out of jail to search for your son, Alex. What do you mean your son is going with an alien? Do you mean one of those Latina girls from south of the border? What the hell do you mean alien? You mean with antennae and everything? Oh, no antennae. The sheriff just got word that the Parker girl has been taken by the same people. Okay, but you better fill me in completely. I will get right to it.” Judge Strong hung up and sat there looking at the sheriff. “I guess your space ship has landed, Sergeant Martian. This time, there wasn’t any joke about it.”

“Judge, it isn’t the aliens who are grabbing citizens. It is that rogue Special Unit. The aliens are just good taxpaying people. Some of them probably have working, legal citizenship papers.” The sheriff now found that his sympathies were much more toward the aliens than the federal unit which was now breaking the law.

Judge strong got up. “Let’s go see that son of yours. He is still going to have kiss my ass, but maybe, he should be freed.”

When Liz Parker entered the apartment, she knew that every move and word she said would be monitored. She wanted to gain Max’s confidence before he said something which might give her away. Liz didn’t have to worry about Max as he could only gaze at her with terrified eyes. He was drugged so badly that speech, or any movement, was impossible. Liz took both of his hands and gazed into his eyes. That is what he had done to her, now, if she could just be the one to initiate the communal flashes. Even though she was monitored, Liz couldn’t help it. She leaned over and kissed Max.

In Pierce’s office, Pierce and Doctor Andrews were watching the video. “Hey, she has been with Valenti a lot. Look, she is so horny that she is kissing the alien before we even have to give her the next instructions.” Pierce and Andrews were satisfied that Liz would serve their purposes.

Liz quickly pulled back. She wondered if she had blown her feelings. Would they come to remove her form Max’s room? The kiss had instigated the flashes. Now, Max seemed calm. He no longer feared that Liz had betrayed him. Neither Max nor Liz knew what they were going to do next, but there was comfort about being together. For Max there also was some guilt. He had just found Liz and now, because of him she was in deep, deep trouble.

Isabel and Alex had no knowledge that Liz was now with Max. The apartments had no visible conduit to exchange information. As far as they knew, Max had been taken some place else. Dr. Andrew’s open the locked door. Alex could only see a doctor’s office from where he was sitting. Dr. Andrews spoke to Isabel, “Remember our agreement. You let me study you and everything will be fine between you and Alex.”

Isabel stood up and Alex started to follow. “No, Alex, he just wants to examine me. That is all. Every thing will be fine. I will be back in a few minutes.” She followed Dr. Andrews through the door and Alex heard it lock once more.

Inside the medical room, Isabel found the slab table with the funny padding. She found the boxes of latex gloves and different instruments that would be in any doctor’s office. She also found a hospital gown, open at the back, of course, folded on the table. She also found a light garment, which might be called a housecoat. Dr. Andrews said, “Miss Evans, think of me no differently than you would from your normal family physician. I want to give you a full examination. You might feel a bit uncomfortable, seeing that I am not your family doctor, but I assure you that I am a professional.” Doctor Andrews spoke with the same tones any doctor would use.

Isabel changed to the gown. The draft in back always bothered her. She slipped the housecoat on and sat waiting. Dr. Andrews entered immediately. Izzy thought, “This whole facility is monitored. They probably were watching as I changed clothes.”

Nothing happened to Isabel which hadn’t happened before. The only difference was that she had never had such a complete exam at one time. The doctor took fluids, swabs and skin samples of every part of her body. Her regular doctor was Dr. Sanchez, who was doctor to many of the young and old alike in Roswell. He was always so apologetic when he intruded upon her privacy. Dr. Andrews, seemed professional, but he took no notice of times when Isabel was uncomfortable at what he did. The exam took almost an hour. When he was finished, Dr. Andrews told Isabel to get dressed and he almost ran out of the room. Isabel couldn’t help but wonder if he was in a hurry to get to the monitor, before she was finished dressing. Once again as soon as she was finished, Dr. Andrews appeared, opened the door and allow Isabel to go back to the apartment.

“No, I told you I want you to wait until we have results from the male. If something happens, Parker is of no consequence. I can’t afford to loose the head of my medical department, nor can I allow you to use someone else in your place. I agree that as soon as we understand better, you will be the one to be infected with power. Now, I just want to understand. When we start using the female, it might be necessary to get rid of he human male. We won’t need him anymore. Until that time, he keeps her calm, as does she him.” Pierce wanted nothing to do with what Dr. Andrews was about to do. How could anyone allow themselves to be contaminated by an alien. If Andrews went ahead with his project, Pierce would make good use of him.

Kyle wished that Judge Strong had just required that his ass be kissed. That would have been a lot simpler. Whenever his annual vacation came Kyle was signed up as coach of three different soccer teams. As soon as the Whitman kid had been freed Kyle would assume duties at court until told to return to the FBI duties. Kyle learned something that scared the hell out of him. Evelyn Otero was the grand niece of the judge. What else was really scary was the statement, “Other duties as the court may see fit.”

Kyle looked up Agent Jones. The FBI wanted them to be careful because if Pierce got wind that the agency was against him, no telling what he would do. It was assumed that Agent Parker went with the man from the unit of her own free will, but it was also, considered as they studied more and more that she was being held and Pierce would not hesitate to get rid of her to save himself.

Jim Valenti had arranged two apartments from a friend where Tess and Michael could hide out. Maria would be the go between. Since Kyle was not about to reveal his whereabouts, he stayed at Tess’s place also. Kyle hung his shoulder holster on a coat rack right behind the front door. He kept the baby Glock in the bedroom. Maria purchased throwaway cell phones for the three of them.

Kyle was sitting in his shorts. Tess was looking at him. “Just how do we know that you can be trusted?” she asked.

Well, I shot up the unit because of you. I spent days in jail because of you. I have shared my whole soul in flashes with you. What more do your want?” Kyle asked.

“How about commitment?” Tess suggested.

“Commitment, ma’am that is a very scary word! Couldn’t we just settle for an extended trial run?” Kyle asked.

“Michael and Maria have commitment, even though it is stormy. When it gets dark, Maria always knows that Michael is somewhere near to warm her bed. Isabel and Alex have commitment. I am sure that whereever they are, this commitment is what keeps them alive.” Tess didn’t know how true this was. “I thought I was committed to the king, but I found that he was committed to Liz Parker since the third grade. All four of us may be killed soon. I just want to know, before I die, that there was someone who was totally committed to me and loved me above all others.”

Kyle frowned. He didn’t like talking about that dying stuff. That is why he carried the big Bren Ten. He did not want to die or have those he cared about die, either. Kyle thought, “Sometimes, a loaded pistol is just not enough. Maybe, you did need someone to anchor on. Someone, who would be there, as soon as the assignment was over. Someone, who loved you even when your supervisor called you a horny ass.”

Tess was nibbling at his ear. She whispered, “Besides Kyle you are not going to find anyone who gives you lovin’ sex or whatever you can call it like I do. After an alien, humans just don’t measure up.”

In the other apartment, Maria was with Michael. She was lying in his arms and they hadn’t made love this night. Maria had been crying since she arrived. “Michael, they are going to kill you. They might even kill me. We don’t stand a chance. Look how easy they took Liz. No matter what Jim says, they can pick us up any time they want. They can do anything they want. They are the FBI.

“As far as we know, they haven’t done anything to those they abducted yet. Kyle and the FBI are preparing to go after them,” Michael tried to console her.

“Look at the Evanses. 2 I used to think Max and Isabel’s parents were the strongest in the world. They had money. They were educated. Now look, what are they to do about the loss of their children?” Maria sobbed.

Michael was caressing her hair and kissing her head. “I heard that Philip had contracted with a big law firm back east to sue the FBI for millions if they do not produce his children immediately.”

“Yeah, Immediately; do you think the FBI cares what he says?” Maria cried.

“Well, I also heard that those reporters who Liz knew, have been getting tons of mail about the series of stories. They are sending it all to the FBI. It was one thing for animals to be used in testing, but the articles about humans being tested just because the Special Unit thinks they are alien has stirred up thousands of readers. I heard that the whole section is going to be picked up nationally. The man we know as just Alex’s father was some big cheese a couple of wars ago. There are several military types volunteering to be with us when we enter Eagle Rock.” Michael was impatient, too, but he could see the wisdom of being ready to take Pierce down and have the public and official opinion to justify this.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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