Dating Games (CC, M/L, Teen) [COMPLETE]

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Dating Games (CC, M/L, Teen) [COMPLETE]

Postby darkmoon » Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:28 pm

Title: Dating Games
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine. Seki, on the other hand, is. He's totally mine.
Couples: M/L
Rating: Teen
Summary: Max and Liz's second date. Sequel to Café Diem
A/N: This is Carrie aka Jake17's b-day gift. She wanted a sequel to the fic I wrote her before. I really hope she likes it!! Happy Birthday Carrie!! You deserve a million happiness and a topping of Jason! ^.^
Also want to thank Burningchaos who betaed it even though she doesn't like CC, and for the title.

Max couldn’t help but smile from his seat in the Crashdown. His date with Liz had been amazing, and she had agreed to another.

Michael slide in the booth across from him. It was slightly reminiscent of how their last conversation in the booth had started. “I’m not stalking Liz. I’m the boyfriend.”

“I know… The giggling never stopped. Stop being a good boyfriend. They will eventually shut up then. You are just feeding the fire.” Michael grouched, as he glared.

“I like being a good boyfriend,” Max glared back.

“I could make a comment about the gay rumor, but since it’s died a horrible, painful death; let’s not raise it from its grave.” Michael snarked.

“You’re just jealous, Michael.” Max rolled his eyes.

“Max, to be jealous you’d have to have something I want. If I wanted Liz, I would have asked her out before you ever got up the nerve to say something other then ‘Hi Liz.’ Honestly, it’s been a week and you’ve been on one date. Stop trying to take this mystical moral high ground, there isn’t a high ground to take.” Michael snagged a fry from Max’s plate.

“Could you be grouchy some place else? I’m waiting for Liz.” Max sighed before snagging his plate of fries back from Michael.

“I’d be in the back, but the women folk have taken it over to giggle. It’s like being in hell, except… No wait, I do see Satan every time I have to check in with Child Services.” Michael nodded, and pulled Max’s plate back. “You don’t need these fries. Aren’t you going out to eat? We don’t want you to let yourself go just because you’ve finally snagged a girl.”

“I’m not letting myself go.” Max grumbled; feeling that sensation of being annoyed that seemed to follow after Michael showed up.

“I’m just saying.” Michael shrugged. “I mean Liz was talking about how you seemed like you’d be more muscular, but you seemed kind of… flabby when you went on the date.” Michael ate another fry.

“She did not! Michael!” Max started to get worried. What if Liz was expecting more?

“Are you ready?” Liz practically bounced up to the table.

“Are you sure you want to go out with him? I mean, Liz, I know him. He’s my best friend. You can do better.” Michael pleaded with Liz, who rolled her eyes.

“You are such a dork, Michael. You know I’ve been looking forward to this.” Liz blushed when she realized Max was listening in. “Are we ready?”

“Yeah, Michael was just finishing my fries.” Max stood up, and pushed the check at Michael. “Since you ate most of them anyways…”

“Liz, next time we work together, remind me to tell you about sixth grade in February.” Michael smiled evilly at Max.

“I hate you.” Max glared before taking Liz’s hand. “Don’t believe anything that Michael says. He’s jealous and will lie to make himself look better.”

“Max, stop fighting with Michael and start worrying about our date.” Liz pulled at Max’s hand. “Like how you could eat here, and still take me out. Are you even hungry?”

Michael laughed, as he waved them off.

As they walked to the jeep, Max pulled Liz in for a kiss. “I can’t believe you agreed.”

“Max, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out for four years now.” Liz smiled. “Maria used to tease me that Max Evans was staring at me again. And all I could think is; he has prettier girls to stare at then just plain old me.”

“Well this Max Evans stared. He stared a lot.” Max smiled sheepishly. “Michael finally pushed me to ask you out. I’m never thanking him.”

“Why not?” Liz smiled knowing the answer already.

“You saw what he was like in there. If I told him ‘Thank You’, I’d never live it down.” Max rolled his eyes.

“Well, we should go. I want dinner at some place other then The Crashdown.”

“The Crashdown is a wonderful place to eat. I can get food, and watch my favorite waitress. The short dresses help too.” Max laughed as Liz smacked his arm.

“You better not be looking at any one else’s short skirt expect mine.” Liz threatened teasingly.

“Liz, your skirt is the only one I’ve ever been interested in.” Max kissed Liz again before helping her into the jeep.

The drive to Senior Chow’s was short and uneventful. Music poured through the speakers of the jeep easing the need for conversation.

Max almost jumped out of his seat when Liz placed a hand on his arm. “Yes?” his eyes straying from the road for a moment to look over.

“I just wanted to touch you…” Liz blushed, realizing how it sounded.

“It’s ok…” Max blushed in return as he stuttered out, “I like when you touch me.”

Both quickly turned their heads to focus on the road, but watched the other out of the corner of their eyes.

Pulling into a parking space, Max quickly walked to the passenger side to help Liz out.

“I hope you aren’t too full from your fries.” Liz smiled up at him, hoping that this date would be as wonderful as the first.

“I’m fine.” Max smiled as he escorted her into the restaurant.

As they were seated, Liz looked around; enjoying the romantic area they had been seated in.

“Hello, kids. I’m Seki, and I’ll be your waiter.” A gentleman with white blond hair placed water and menus in front of them. “Can I get you both something to drink? Remember, you are both underaged and I am too pretty for prison, so it’s going to be non-alcoholic.”

Max blushed as he looked over at Liz. “Lady’s first.”

“I’ll have lemonade.” Liz smiled sweetly at the waiter.

“I’ll have a cherry coke.” Max added.

“Sweetie, I have no doubt by the night is over, you’ll have more then just your coke with a cherry.” Seki snorted as he walked away with the orders.

Liz and Max blushed as they looked down at the table. “He’s a very forward waiter isn’t he?” Liz’s voice was soft and embarrassed, but slightly amused at the same time.

The lemonade and cherry coke being placed in front of them caused the pair to look up at Seki, the waiter, who was trying not to laugh. “Hunny, if I was very forward, I’d be sitting in your date’s lap.”

“Huh?” Max blinked confused on how sitting on his lap would get the waiter any further with Liz.

“With a butt like that? You’d crush the poor man.” Liz teased back, hoping she was on the right track.

“Hussy! I like you! You’re all ‘get away from my man’ in a very strategic kind of way. They need stop making women like you; it makes it harder for men like me to steal your guys.” Seki teased back.

“Wait… I thought the gay rumor died when I started to date Liz…” Max grumbled to himself, but out loud enough for everyone to hear.

“There was a gay rumor? Oooo. Is the ex-boyfriend still available after you crushed his little heart? Can I soothe it? Is he at least eighteen or am I trying to tap the underaged again?” Seki pulled a seat up next to Max, who looked confused, shocked, and a little freaked.

“Don’t you… Why are you… What’s going on?” Max seemed slightly aghast that Seki had sat down next to him in the middle of his date.

“You were telling me about your ex-boyfriend. Is he hot? Is he single? How old is he? If he’s younger then twenty four but eighteen and up, does he like older men?” Seki smiled in a way that reminded Max of a shark.

“He’s not my ex-boyfriend… We were best friends and people mistook that for being in love.” Max started to defend Michael, and then remembered all the crap Michael gave him. “He’s seventeen, but a very mature seventeen. I could introduce you when he turns eighteen which is in a few months.”

“Max! Stop giving Seki hope. Michael isn’t gay.” Liz blinked, and leaned over the table to smack his hand.

Max took the time to look down Liz’s dress, since it was low enough cut. He could see Seki smiling his approval, and amusement.

“Well, since you two are obliviously not going to be help in getting me laid, how about I help you get the two of you laid? I can get you condoms. And are you ever going to order? I do expect a tip for all this trouble.” Seki got up from the table, putting the chair back, and fixing his uniform.

Max’s eyes widened at the comment about getting condoms. “We’re only on our second date!”

“Please! I was blowing my ex-boyfriend on the first! And we lasted three years!” Seki mused. “Fine! What do you want to eat?” His tone took an exasperated teasing tone.

“Tacos and General Tso’s.” Max handed Seki the menu without looking at it. “Heavy on the hot sauce.”

“Are you telling me you like it spicy? Because I can be spicy if you need me to be,” Seki mocked, flirting a little.

“Sweet and Sour Chicken enchilada,” Liz smiled and shoved the menu into Seki’s stomach to remind him that Max was her man.

“I figured that about you. You come off all sweet like… then boom! You shower me with sourness.” Seki snapped his fingers at her, and walked off.

“We are never coming here again.” Max bemoaned.

“Why? I love it here!” Liz laughed. “He has to be the best waiter I’ve ever had.”

“He’s an asshole and he treats you like you’re evil.” Max whined. “And he hits on me constantly.”

“I think that’s why I like him so much. He makes you blush a lot.” Liz sipped her lemonade.

Max sipped his cherry coke trying to figure a way to turn the date around. It was nothing like the first one. If he had to gauge this one against the first date, this was an unmitigated disaster.

“Max, seriously, if you never want to go here again, it’s fine. You did tease Seki back, and got Michael back for all the things he said about you, so I figure it’s even. If this date goes well enough, I won’t even have to tell him that you tried to pimp him out to a twenty four year old gay man who works as a waiter at Senor Chows.” Liz teased.

“There is a small urge to know how he’d react,” Max smiled back.

The food was placed in front of them with lavishness, as Seki placed two new drinks as well. “Since I’ve been such a bad host… I figure I better work hard for the money.” He hummed a little before slipping something into Liz’s hand. He bowed and walked back to the kitchen.

Liz looked down at her hand, and blushed bright red. “We are leaving him a good tip, but he’s a bad man.”

“What? What did he do?” Max looked up from his taco, only to be thankful that Liz had decided to show him before he took a bite. Choking at the sight of the bright red wrapper of a cherry flavored condom wasn’t the way to die. Plus, Seki would probably try to give him mouth to mouth.

Liz laughed, as she ate her sweet and sour chicken enchilada. She knew that dates with Max weren’t always going to be this weird, but she knew that they would be as much fun.
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