Tender is the Night (AU,M/L,Adult) *Complete* 11/14/09

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Re: Tender is the Night (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 11 9/20/09

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Natalie...i hope this was what you were hoping for Nat..thank you! :)
darkmoon... thank u for keeping my head above water sweetie..love u :)
Eve...good idea eve! hope you like this part :)
behr_able ...thank u so much for what you wrote. it meant a lot to me. :)
destiny...how could i not use your ideas ...its you destiny! brilliant! :wink:
Carolyn...would be lost without you ..but i think you know that :wink:
Jan...so happy your back writing so much, i love your work jan :)
monica...love it when u call me a cheeky woman lol :wink:

thank you for all your lovely fb...it truly means so much to me.

please excuse all mistakes i may have made... I had to do this very fast.

Happy birthday to my childhood friend Irene... this update is for you. thank you for never leaving me and always loving me for exactly who I am. You are truly my hero. I Love you.

Chapter 11.

As we approached the bed all I could hear was the beating of my heart pounding in my ears.

Still looking up into his green eyes and the blonde hair that fell haphazardly across them something wasn’t right.

As he laid me across the bed his expression changed as my feeling of uncertainty transferred into his alien hands.

“You’re unsure?”

His voice was filled with concern and confusion.

“Well I guess we don’t know everything with one touch do we?”

My teasing did little to calm him. He understood what a huge step this was especially with my history and I could tell he wanted everything to be right.

“Liz that’s not funny. I-I want you to feel …

The words were not easy for him to say and I wasn’t being fair. This had nothing to do with my past or wanting to be with him.

Sitting up on the bed I pulled him down next to me and held his hands.

“Max I’ve waited for this moment for a long time.”

His voice lowered to an almost painful sultry tone as he brushed my red hair from my pale face.

“So have I Liz. You have no idea how hard it’s been for me. Since the beginning just feeling you brush by me made it impossible for me to think of anything else. I’ve never connected with someone with such intensity. I touch you and your emotions rush threw me like a wave crashing in the ocean…uncontrollable powerful.”

He inched slowly close to me staring at my mouth hungry for something that he had starved himself for far too long.

“Max wait!”

Shocking even myself I held my fingers over his full lips halting his impeding kiss.

“Not like this.”

Impatiently he reached out and gently touched my arm urgent for the answer to my hesitation.

I backed away knowing what was thinking.

“No please I want to explain this.”

Shaking his head he almost seemed ashamed of his behavior.

“What’s wrong Liz I thought that this was what you wanted.”

Quickly I reassured him that he wasn’t wrong then I took a deep breath hoping he would understand the rest.

“Max I’ve never made love …I mean you know what has happened to me. It was forced hard …a nightmare.”

Cupping my face he his eyes gave away the pain he felt for me.

”Liz I wish so bad I could take those memories from you. I wish I could erase all the horrible things that animal did to you. I’m so sorry but you know I would never hurt you... I would –

Suddenly Max became quiet as an understanding covered his once anguished face.

Nodding slowly he carefully eased me down onto the bed then hovered his hands over me.

“Close your eyes.”

His raspy voice was but a whisper and it instantly calmed me.

As soon as I shut my eyes I began to feel a warm loving sensation sink into my skin. It was as if his hands were inside me, molding me sculpting me.

Aside from the warm tingling sensation of the heat radiating from his hands I could hear what sounded like a hummingbirds wings fluttering all around me.

I could also hear his heavy breathing directly above me and it was driving me mad.

It was as if I could feel his emotions instead of him feeling mine.

It made me tremble at the intensity of how much he wanted me. It was as if he was gasping for air or starving for food.

His words came from his throat as if he had just run a marathon. He was breathless and struggling to breathe.

"It's done."

He was covered with a fine sheen of sweat, so much that the edges of his hair was drenched.

His hands were shaking and I could tell it was hard for him to look at me. His eyes were focused on the floor as he tried to calm his heart.

I took a deep breath and looked down at my body.

I was naked and hot covered in sweat like him.

“You knew what I wanted.”

A strangled “yes” was forced from his shivering lips.

I raised my eyebrows and smiled at his shyness.

“And my clothes?”

Wiping his brow he kept his eyes locked on the floor.

“I told you it’s easier when the person’s asleep. I had to …see as well as feel…your emotions …your needs kept forcing their way to the surface... blocking me.”

I raised my head to see my reflection in the window and touched my once again brunette locks.

Laying back down I reached out to him and touched his arm.

“What about you?”

Swallowing hard he stood before me and kicked off his boots and socks.

His expression was serious. I could tell this took a huge amount of trust for him to do this in front of me and I loved him for it.

Keeping his eyes on mine he raised his white tee shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. His hands clutched the button on his jeans and he quickly released them and pushed them down his hard thighs throwing them to the corner of the room.

With a burning glare he hooked his boxers with his thumbs and removed them leaving me in full view of the body he had morphed himself into.

Still he seemed dressed to me. I wanted to see him …the real Max. The man I fell instantly for the moment I walked into the bar that night.

And he knew it. He knew exactly what I wanted and it didn’t take him touching me to understand it.

I watched in fascination as he closed his eyes and raised his head to the heavens.

Slowly the most beautiful white light began to pierce the center of his palms.

As the intensity of the light increased so did his breathing. It seemed as thought it took all his energy to make this happen.

Suddenly his eyes opened and focused back on me.

I was captivated by this magical being in front of me, he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

The light that shown from his hands was pure and majestic, any fear I might have had was quickly dispelled by the love I felt radiating from him.

He raised his hands over his head and slowly began to lower them past his head revealing his true self.

Soon his dark black hair replaced the blonde and his eyes were once again the entrancing golden amber that struck me so hard that first night.

His body was almost too strikingly perfect to look at. His muscular arms and rippled chest appeared as if they were carved from marble my Michelangelo himself.

My legs crossed as the ache from my need soon became more than I could take.

His mouth opened as he witnessed my body as it responded to seeing him.

My chest was heaving with want my nipples were painfully hard and my hand slipped between my legs trying hard to control the burning desire to have him there.

He was panting as he looked down at me sweat dripping from his damp raven hair glistening off his golden skin and the tattoos that told his story.

When he was finished the light dimmed from his hands but his body still continued to shiver in the darkness.

“This is what you wanted.”

My trembling lips parted as my mind tried to force the words from my dry throat.

“Y-yes …I wanted you to make love to me. I wanted to be myself …have you touch my body …kiss my lips …look into my eyes.”

“And me?”

I reached out my hand urging him to join me.

“To me this is my first time. I have to look into your eyes…feel your body against mine ….kiss your-

With that he slammed his mouth against mine and all at once we were connected.

His strong hand held my neck as he devoured my mouth. His lips forcing mine apart as he sucked and caressed my tongue.

I could tell the passion inside him was too much for him to control. This was not going to be slow and calculated.

It was as if an animal had been released and I was his prey. Something that he had been stalking for too long and this was his moment to consume me.

Forcing himself to part from me he looked down at me with a fervent stare.

“Am I …should I slow down …I’m sorry... I wanted to make this special for you –

His head collapsed in the side of my neck as he attempted to catch his breath.

I felt as if I would burst into a million pieces if he didn’t touch me. I had never felt anything like this it was almost painful having him stop.

Heavily I panted against his shoulder as I whispered desperately to him.

“Max? Do you love me?”

He pressed his lips against my ear as his husky deep voice raspy urgently.

“With every thing that I am. I love you Liz …I. Am. Yours.”

I grasped his head in my hands and forced him to look at me.

“Then take me Max ….please… I need to feel you inside me.”

His whole body began to shiver as his strong muscular arms caged me in and I felt his knee part my shaky legs.

I knew there would be time for foreplay later what I needed now could not wait and as his body brushed against mine he felt it too.

I gasped as he rested his forehead to mine and felt the tip of him fill me.

Immediately I began to feel a strange flutter build inside me.

“Max what? I don’t …what’s happening?”

I bit hard down onto to my lip as I felt his hand skim gently down the side of my breast past my waist and over my hip.

“Shh…let your body go. Just trust me Liz. I love you.”

With that he raised my thigh lifting it over his hip and buried himself deep inside me.

His mouth instantly covered mine as his fingers began to caress his way up my thigh until I was thrashing beneath him.


I cried out not knowing what I was asking for. I felt as if I would explode as if my body was being torn apart with a pleasure I had never known.

He whispered against my lips as he continued to thrust deep inside me.

“Just let go angel…just let it happen.”

Closer and closer I felt this indescribable rush approaching but it wasn’t until he bent down and took my breast in his hot mouth that my body tensed and I felt the world disappear.

Within seconds I heard him growl against my chest and felt his fingers clutch my body.

There we laid trembling in each others arms, joined together in a love that either of us had over known.

At that moment nothing else existed.

I wasn’t a murderer and he wasn’t an alien.

We were just us…

Two people in love and we never wanted it to end.
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Re: Tender is the Night (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 12 10/28/09

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darkmoon: Yes d. you this is all to make you feel very guilty for not updating DIP! is it working?? :wink: love you!! thanks for everything sweetie! :D
Eve: Love that you thought that was hot eve! thank you so much!
Jan: :lol: I love when you leave fb when you've been up all night jan! You are so kind with your fb, thank you so much!!
Carolyn: oh lord isn't she lucky? thank you so much for your fb !!
Angelina: alway love that your here angelina..thank you sweetie!
natalie: so happy you like that I did that Natalie. I thought it was fitting! thank u!
Monica:: aww so sweet monica! you really made my day with your fb! thank you!

HEllo everyone...hope you like this part!
thank you so so much for that amazing fb!!!!!

Chapter 12

As the light filtered threw the window I slowly opened my eyes and latched onto Max in horror.

Max who was already awake and staring at the strange man at the end of the bed had his hand held outward in silence.

“Max? What?”

“Zan just relax, I’m here to help you.”

“Why do you keep calling me that?”

Hiding behind his back I’m now peeking over his shoulder at the tall emotionless man who seems more bored than dangerous.”

“Zan is your given name, not your human name. Would you feel more comfortable if I called you Max?”

His sarcastic tone was unmistakable as he sat fearlessly on the bed.

“I’d feel more comfortable if you told me who the hell you are.”

“I apologize, this must be startling to say the least but time is running out. They’re almost here and it’s imperative that we get you out of here.”

“Who is almost here? And once again who the hell are you?”

Breathing a sigh of obvious impatience, the stranger stood again and reached for Max’s clothes throwing them on the bed next to him.

“My name is Kal Lanley, or at least it was up until recently but that’s another story. I was with you on the craft when we crashed. I’ve been watching you all along. I was sent to be your protector but you seemed more at ease with the Indian human so I observed closely in case you ever needed me.”

“Wait so you’re …an –

Clearly irritated Kal rolled his eyes sardonically and nodded. “Alien, yes and if you would like to not be a guinea pig for these idiot humans I suggest you get dressed immediately.”

“What? Where are you taking us?”

Glaring at me with disgust he answers Max with his eyes still fixed on me.

We are going no where. I am here to save you she is not my concern nor should she be yours. It seems the human is why you’re in this mess to begin with and why I am forced to leave my entire life behind…oh forget this crap I’m freakin tired. Get your things.”

Shaking his head furiously Max jumps out of bed and hands me a shirt while he throws on his jeans.

“No way, she’s with me. Where ever I go she goes and that’s not negotiable.”

Suddenly Kal turns his head in the direction of the front door in time for us to hear it smash and fall to the floor.

“As you wish.”

With a flash of blinding white light and a painfully piercing screech I open my eyes to find myself lying on my back looking up at the night sky.

My lungs are struggling to function as I notice something very disconcerting.

“Two moons?” I whisper feeling as if I have now truly lost my mind.

Just then I feel a hand cover mine and I jump with fear.

“Liz, It’s me Max. It’s just me.”

I try to move but my body is racked with pain.

“Oh god, Max it hurts. What happened? Where are we?”

Just as I finish my sentence I see two large black eyes peak down at me.

“Not an easy trip for humans I’m afraid.”

Max sits up and looks me over trying his best not to frighten me by what he sees around him.

With his gentle hands he scans my body and I breathe with instant relief.

Smiling sweetly he helps me up and brushes my hair from my face.


I cover his hand that is resting on my cheek and try to smile back.

“Much, thank you.”

Feeling my emotions he takes me in his arms and holds me. I can feel how nervous he is, he’s not fooling me for a second.

“Please don’t be scared Liz. Everything’s going to be alright.”

The now very much looking alien Kal waves his hand in the air and walks away from us like he is repulsed.

“Could this get any cheesier? My nine-year-old paperboy could write better lines then this crap. God I need a drink.”

Stumbling to his feet Max grabs my hand and helps me up.

“Umm excuse me. Do you mind telling us where the hell we are, and what happened back there?”

Kal halts and takes a deep breath before turning back towards us. It seems his patience with us is fading fast.

“Kid do I really need to explain this to you?”

Max looks around at the foreign land that surrounds us and back at Kal edgily.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Even with his expressionless dark eyes I can feel Kal’s annoyance.

“Fine. You are an alien. Alien king actually... or you were. Now you are a hybrid. Half human half alien.”

“King?” Max interrupts completely blown away.

I can't say that I blame him. I believe getting all the answers to all the questions you ever wanted to know since you were six in five seconds would be a little unnerving.

“Yes King, your name is Zan …was Zan. Actually this is very difficult to explain and I am exhausted and still trying to digest the fact that my life as I know it has been completely destroyed. Not that you care.”

“Wait …just wait a second.”

As calmly as he can Max tries to get Kal back on the subject at hand.

“Where are we!”

“Seriously? You have no idea? No clue? You’re home kid…your real home, Antar.”


“Yes, because of you and your little involvement with Ms. Murderer over here we had to bring you back. It was too dangerous. And if your wondering …no this is not good. It wasn’t your time and she shouldn’t be here. There’s going to be hell for that but what could I do let you die? Let them take you in for those lovely experiments they're so hyped for?"

Max is staring blankly at Kal still trying to wrap his brain around all this and I’m just standing there observing them both as if this has nothing to do with me. Like I’m watching some bad science fiction movie.

“So what your saying is we are actually on another planet?”

Kal shakes his head bewildered at Max and turns towards an oval shaped building not far from us.

“Wow …really not what I expected kid. Some King you’re going to make.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Tender is the Night (AU,M/L,Adult) complete 10/27/09

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Thank you for all the sweet fb you've all given me threw this story...and a big thank you to Monica (Hunter) for the banner that inspired it :wink: love you sweetie!

I really hope you like the ending.

carrie :)

Chapter 13.

As we approach the dome shaped building Kal now looks more like those sketches you see on that show Unsolved Mysteries. You know the episodes where they talk about alien abductions and being probed and shit like that.

God who would’ve ever imagined those nut jobs were really sane after all.

I am beyond tired and overwhelmed by everything as I feel Max take my hand and pull me protectively close to him.

Once inside the place looks more like a page out of Martha Stewards magazine then Star Trek which is what I expected.

I'm wondering if this is too keep us calm.

With a very serious tone Kal looks over at Max and nods towards a closed door down the hallway.

“We need to talk …now.”

Max opens his mouth and is once again interrupted by a clearly concerned Kal.

“Yes the girl, there is a bedroom where she can rest but what we need to discuss cannot wait.”

He walks in front of us and opens a door to a very pleasant room covered in pink. I’m guessing this is what they think human girls like.

I really cannot even believe I’m thinking this as the words float threw my tired brain.

“Give me a moment with her.”

Max’s voice sounds worried and strained.

We sit on the bed and look at each other not knowing what to say.

Softly he brushes the hair from my face and cups my cheek.

“How are you feeling? Besides … well the obvious.”

“Scared I guess. Max what was he talking about? Are you some kind of King on this planet?”

He forces a clearly fake smile on his handsome face and shakes his head.

“Liz don’t be ridiculous… come on …me a King?”

Concerned I squeeze his hands and feel his sweaty palms. He’s very nervous; he’s hiding something from me.

Immediately he reads my thoughts and rolls his eyes.

“Well I could be their King bartender if they want. I do make a mean long Island ice tea!”

“Not funny.”

His smile disappears and he pulls me tight against his chest.

Just hearing his strong heart beat and feeling his arms around me quells my fears.

“Liz I know you’re scared, but you have to trust me. I am going to fix this.”

I can’t help but feeling like a child at this moment. This is all too much for me. Aliens, being on another planet, as exhaustion takes over my mature reasoning I bury my face in his chest and being to cry.

“I just want to go home Max. Please convince them to take us home.”

Pulling the blankets down from the bed Max lays me down and covers me up.

Stroking my forehead he smiles and suddenly I can hardly keep my eyes open.

“I’ve always protected you and I always will. You have to trust me. I will get you home, everything's going to be alright. I love you Liz.”

I nod which is about all I can do and quickly fall asleep.


“This is unacceptable! She is not our concern! This is too risky we need you safe. Your people need you!”

Tossing and turning I am stuck in a dream that I am unable to wake from.

It’s dark and I’m running down an endless hallway. There are hundreds of doors, I try them all and they are all locked.

I can hear people arguing, yelling. I hear fists being pounded on tables.

I hear Max and Kal and some other deep voices I don’t recognize.

I’m desperately trying to find Max but all I hear is these damn voices.

“I think my offer is more than fair. It’s either this or nothing.”

“Boy do you understand the ramifications if something goes wrong? We’re talking about the survival of an entire race!”

Suddenly I stop and begin pounding on a metal door. The voice inside is very loud. I know they’re in there.

Just then everything is quiet, and so I stop to listen.

"Then you better make sure the plan works, because if she isn’t safe then you will have no King, and if I'm the only one that can kill him it seems to me all your people will cease to exist."

"Why would you risk the lives of an entire planet for one girl !?"

"Because she's known too much pain for one lifetime. Because she's deserves a normal happy life...because...I love her."

"We believe this is very irrational but if it's what you desire it will be done. Kal begin the process."

It’s Max! What is he talking about? Oh god what is going on? It’s all going black again, everything is fading away…what is hap-

St. Mary's Hospital
Intensive Care Unit
Nurse's desk
6:45 pm

“Listen I know you’re head of this hospital but this is my daughter we’re talking about. I’ve never even heard of this doctor!”

“Please Dr. Drake you’ll have to excuse my wife. Since Jessica slipped into the coma she hasn’t slept at all.”

“Mrs. Daniels I understand your concern but Dr. Spero is the very best. He’s come all the way from Austria to help with your daughter's case.”

Room 235
Jessica Daniels
age 21
6:40 pm


"Hello Jessica, I'm Dr. Spero. I've come a very long way to help you. Please just look at me and breathe. The treatment is almost done."


“Just relax Jessica you’re going to be just fine. Are you in any pain?”

“Pain? No I just feel really…out of it. Why are you holding my head? Did something happen?”

“You’re at St. Mary’s Hospital, you were in a very serious car accident. Your brain was very swollen but it looks like we’ve got that under control now. You were in a coma for several days just take it slow you’re probably going to feel some dizziness but you're going to be just fine now."

“The last thing I remember is driving on my way to class.”

Nodding down at me is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. My god he belongs on Grey's Anatomy or something! Wait till I tell the girls in my dorm, oh please handsome doctor touch me again!

Ok why is he smiling at me like he understood everything I was thinking?

“Jessica I’m going to get your parents now just close your eyes and rest. You’ve been through quite an ordeal.”


“Just one thing Jessica.”


“I hear you’re on the deans list at school, and you're thinking of Medical School.”

That’s strange are those tattoos under his sleeve?

“Yes that’s right.”

“Well your parents must be very proud of you. Make sure you keep those grades up and work hard. Life is very precious and I believe you’ve been given a second chance.”

I smile at this man taking in his words. They seem beyond sincere like he really cares.

“Be happy Jessica.”

I watch as his warm smile disappears into a look of deep sadness.

Just as he leaves I see my parents and my little sister and brother.

Oh lord after this it’s going to be weekends at home and board games with the family for a year!

“Jessie!!! Oh my god you're awake! It’s a miracle!!”


“So the real Jessica?”

“Gone, her spirit left her body the same time we transported Liz.”

“And her memories?”

“She has all of Jessica’s memories. A happy childhood, loving parents, everything you asked for. A very smart beautiful blonde college girl who will live a long happy life.”

“So she’ll remember …nothing.”

“She may experience a few dreams, but they won’t make any sense to her. It’s very rare, only if something is very strongly attached to her previous soul will it be strong enough to make it threw to her unconscious mind. She’ll be fine Max.”


“It’s time to go now…there is much to do.”


“Zan we did as you asked now -

“I said ok! Take me back.”

“Excellent, we’ll start your training immediately.”

“Kivar will be but a memory.”

Three weeks later
The Daniels home
Jessica's first night back

“Sweetie are you sure there isn’t anything I can get you?”

Oh my God she’s treating me like I’m seven years old again. Gotta love moms.

“Let’s see you bought me a new lap top, dad replaced my car and my sister and brother are being sickly sweet. I wish you would all treat me like the old Jessica.”

I smile as she lays next to me and hugs me. I guess that doctor was right I am lucky. I have a good life.

“Ok but can I mother you for just a few more weeks?”

Smiling I give her the biggest kiss and hug before closing my eyes for the night.

“Sure mom…I guess that would be cool.”

“Good night baby. I’ll make you your favorite blue berry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“Thanks mom…night.”

Hearing the door close I pull the covers over my shoulders tight and pray that I’ll see him again.

Pray that my dreams of him will never go away.

Whispering into the night I call to him hoping he’ll come and hold me like he has since I woke from the coma.

My protector.

My lover.

My Max.

The End ?
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare