Celestial Beauty (AU, M/L,Adult) 2/11/09 [COMPLETE]

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Re: Celestial Beauty (AU, M/L,Adult) Chpt 11 1/25/09 p. 10

Post by Hunter » Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:35 am

Thanks for the fb everyone!

A/N: Sorry this is a short part. I am going to get them married but not go into detail about it. Lol. I know Carrie would love the hot hot stuff in this chpt. You Smut lover you. Love you Carrie!

Chapter 11

Liz woke up to find herself completely naked from the waist down. Clutching the sheets closer to her body, she backed up against the bed and raised her knees to her chest. Max was staring out of the window , hands clasped together behind his back.

"Morning my angel." He didn't have to take a look to see if she was awake or not.

"M-Max." She mumbled. "What are you doing here?".

Had they made love last night? If so, she wondered why her memory was so bleak. All she could remember was his lips on her womanhood as he savoured the very essence of her.

She shuddered at that memory and she felt hot moisture pooling between her legs. She moaned in pleasure as her clit hummed and Max turned around with an obvious hard on.

God, how many times did he restrain himself from shoving his cock in her body and riding her like no tomorrow? He gulped.
"You must get refreshed." He said and in no time, he was already in front of her, his lips crashed down on hers, mingling their sweet tastes together and she moaned and spread her thighs for him to have access of her. Max stroked her breasts before dipping two fingers in her coated heat, pumping her with his digits.

Liz's hips bucked and rotated around his fingers as he stimulated her G spot. "Ahhh...yess." Liz shut her eyes when the moment of orgasmic bliss arrived.

Max withdrew his fingers and licked her juices clean. She watched in ecstasy as he just tasted her. "I would fuck you so hard under the name of marriage." He whispered.

"Then fuck me." Was Liz's response.


Vanessa descended down the stairs as her long gown trailed behind her. "Sister Nancy, must such a.." Vanessa stopped as she saw Prince Max of Antar and her very own niece standing before the King and Queen, hand in hand.

"Vanessa my dear sister." Nancy called out to her younger sister. "Come." She reached out and Vanessa walked towards her, taking her older sister's hand. "My daughter is getting married to Prince of Antar." Nancy beamed. "Isn't that such wonderful news?".

A shocked Vanessa looked at the two.

There was no way they could possibly be getting married could they?

The marriage ceremony seemed to be going on. Max couldn't wait to finally feel her body underneath his as he fucked her good and hard, his hard cock being milked of what he was worth by her sweet wet hot walls. Fuck, he was going to come if he couldn't stop his lustful thoughts at the cleansing ritual.

Dipping himself back down in the pond of purity, he tried not to have X rated thoughts of her. Instead he thought back to her celestial body. How divine it was. God really must have spent a long time creating her because she was so so beautiful, even more beautiful that anything he had seen before.

Rising back up, he dried himself and was received by several male servants who helped him get changed.
Once this was done, he would have her all day and night to himself.

He would teach her the true meaning of pleasure.

After taking their vows, Liz trembled when Max looked at her that way. She knew what was about to come. As soon as the priest solemnised them, Max took Liz away to their new suite and slipped off her wedding gown.

"Do you know what looks more beautiful then the richest garments?". He whispered in her ear.
"No..." Liz closed her eyes as his hands fondled her breasts.

"Your naked body." He bit lightly on her neck and brought her ass closer to his erection, grinding himself into her. "You like it..."

"Yes.." Liz moaned tilting her head back on Max's body. "I want it."

"What do you want?".


"Say you want my cock in your body."

Liz cried out as his hardness brushed against her wet nether lips. "I want your cock in my body."

"Doing what?". He teased.

"Fucking me." She cried out and turned around, his lips meeting hers before he stripped his entire clothes off. Taking her in his arms, he carried her towards the bed and laid her down.

And that's when she finally saw how much he wanted her.

Excitement filled her when she saw his arousal.

Tonight was the night she would finally have him inside her....


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Re: Celestial Beauty (AU, M/L,Adult) Chpt 12 1/26/09 p. 10

Post by Hunter » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:57 am

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Chapter twelve

Max dropped to his knees as soon as she parted her legs, letting him have his glimpse of her hidden treasure. Her folds resembled the petals of a delicate rose, he could smell her sweet nectar burning from her core.

Liz pushed herself forward, unashamed of putting herself on display for him, her husband. Her breasts were heaving up and down which each in anticipation of the erotic pleasure waiting to happen.

He kissed the inside of her calf before kissing his way up to her womanhood, tongue delving deep between those juice folds which he would soon part with his cock and ride her. The thought made his groin swell up ever harder and bigger. He found her nub and began sucking it so hungrily she seeped her juices which he was more then happy to lap up. With the swirl of his tongue, he drank all her residue.

Clutching the sheets, she moaned as he drank from her, teasing her like last night. Max removed his mouth from her and raised himself so his cock was touching her clit and he could see her flushed face. Knowing that she just enjoyed that, he couldn't stop himself from rubbing the tip of his cock on her clit. Liz jerked up at the sudden erotic contact. Such intimacy was going to kill her.

"You love my cock." He examined, noticing the way his cock made her feel so he deliberately toyed with her folds by using his cock. Rubbing the mushroom head over her drenched folds and then switching to use the underside of his shaft, rubbing it between her.

"Ah Yess..." Liz moaned, raising her hips to meet his eager cock. "inside me, come inside me now." She begged, unable to take this little dance of intimacy any longer.

Without another word, Max drew back and plunged himself deeply within her. He growled in pure bliss when he felt himself complete sheathed in her tightness...

How long had he been waiting for this supreme moment.

"Liz...you're so wet and tight for me.". He groaned, giving her time to adjust to his size as he felt her walls stretch to fully accommodate him.

Liz was whimpering underneath him. God, he was so big and she felt so full it was painfully pleasurable. Raising her hips, she let him now she was ready for more. Ready for what he was going to give her tonight.

Max withdrew and slammed back into her tight body. Her parted lips invited him for a kiss which he stuck his tongue in and let her suck him as he fucked her. How many times had he dreamed of this moment, fucking her sweet tight body.

Only she had no idea how much he fucking lover her, how much he was willing to do for her and now she wanted him
because he was rich, handsome and powerful. He went mad with anger and thrusted harder not caring if she wouldn't be able to walk for days after this.

The bed shook with each of his powerful surges, her pussy becoming even more wet as he rode her good and hard.
He felt her tits rub against his hard chest and marvelled at the feeling of them. God, they fit so perfectly together. He sucked on her bottom lip matching it with thrust for thrust. Their sheen of sweat appeared on their golden skin as he increased his pace, the way her heat engulfed him was about to make him cum right now.

He tits bouncy against him, her eyes begging for more, her parted lips let out moans of pleasure and the feel of hot juicy wet walls around him , fuck he was going to...

"Lizz!" He chanted, shooting his load deep inside her the moment her walls contracted around his shaft.
And that's when all the flashes, memories and emotions came rushing right before their eyes as their souls merged.
Bounded by a deep connection which would change their lives forever.
A woman opened the door and entered the dark room, shutting the door behind her. Walking down the steps, she made her way into the room where a cauldron was bubbling away in the centre of the room. Taking out a small book, she resumed the chant and threw in the final ingredient.

A picture of the married couple came into sight through astral projection. "Disgusting." The woman sneered and threw the remaining power into the liquid. "They'll die anyway."

She smiled as some creature began to crawl out of the cauldron, shrieking as it took it's first breath.
It wouldn't be long until victory was hers.


Liz woke up to find herself in his arms. Their lovemaking had been extremely beautiful. Kissing him on the lips, she knew she was deeply in love with him.

He was so beautiful. Why hadn't she seen that before?.

Her Zan, Her Max. Whoever he was, he was hers. She continuously kissed his forehead. She saw into his soul last night. She saw the pain, the hurt and the anger she had evoked in him. Because of her, he ended up bitter and cold. Tears were swimming in her eyes but she never gave up kissing him. She loved him with all her heart.

She got out of bed to freshen up. When she had returned from her bathroom, he was already awake, naked and propped up against the queen sized bed. One knee raised and the other leg flat against the sheets. His cock was hard and ready to penetrate her again.

"Max." She whispered.

"Come closer" He growled, sexual desire burning in his eyes.

She obeyed him and moved closer, onto the bed and until her bare thighs brushing past his hard muscular thighs, edging towards the danger awaiting her.

"Closer.." He urged again, feeling her heat radiate from her core.

She whimpered as the tip of his hard cock kissed her feminine folds. He tightened his lips, holding back the growl of satisfaction as she enveloped him with her tightness, inch by inch.

She let out a moan as his huge shaft filled her, once she met his length, she couldn't stop and her nether lips had swallowed his cock whole, feeling so full of him inside her. Her nipples hardened and he groaned as her tight walls sheathed him fully. She shivered under his scrutinizing gaze as he looked at her swollen globes, ready to devour them any second.

He couldn't get past his head that he was inside this beautiful angel. His cock was inside her, in her walls, he had to resist the desire to orgasm right now because her slick walls was making it difficult for him to even concentrate.

"Now ride me."

Taking a deep breath, she rose from his cock and back down again, the feeling of sinking back down on him was so fucking good, with each stroke she'd produce more and more of her nectar which slid down his cock and onto his sac.

Max was fully aware of the effect he had on this beauty and he never felt more beautiful himself when she agreed to share her body with him.

"Ahh." She moaned, when he grabbed her hips and aided her movements, made their movements quick. He brushed her G spot and she tilted her head back as she rode him faster. He cupped the back of her head with one hand, threading her hair between his fingers while using the other hand to help her fuck him harder.

"Just one more." He begged as she cried out after his thrusts..

"Maaax.." She sobbed unsure if she could take much more pleasure before releasing herself.

Max captured her lips as she fell apart in his arms and he flooded her walls with his seed.

"I love you." He whispered against her lips as she calmed down.

"I love you so much Liz."


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Re: Celestial Beauty (AU, M/L,Adult) Chpt 13 2/9/09 p. 11

Post by Hunter » Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:53 am

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

mirae01 (x2) Thanks for the bump, always look forward to your fb :wink: :D

A/N: I am so sorry for failing to update this sooner, I had a string of assignments to do but that's out of the way for now..atleast. A special thank you to mirae01 who bumped this so I got writing. Thanks! :D

Chapter 13

Max watched with affection as his wife dressed herself with one of her fine dresses. She brushed her wet slick hair and applied some gloss to her lips. Nothing was spoken between them since their lovemaking, Max wished he could describe it as tender and loving but last night was wild, possessive and rough. He wished so much that their first time together was more slow and gentle.

Liz on the other hand had never experienced such passion in her life. She had been with many guys before, her love slaves who only gave her the basics but one gaze from her new husband triggered of a series of out of the planet orgasms which only could be termed as rare. She was sure that if anyone else had experience that immense pleasure last night, they would have died and gone to heaven.

Both of them knew that they had a lot to talk about. The lovemaking was not just about physical appetite last night but to merge their emotions together, bonding them as one.

“We need to talk.” She was the first to cut the silence away.

“I know.” He agreed.

She turned around and faced him. She parted her lips to say something but silence was wrapping itself over her lips.

“I am sorry.” Max said quietly. “I was wrong about a lot of things…”

“Max…just tell me what happened to you on that night..” Liz snapped, her resolve breaking. “What happened to you…I was haunted by so many nightmares since that night. Of some beam of light and then you falling down into the darkness…” She trembled, the trepidation sneaking back into her conscious as she replayed that particular memory in her head.

Max closed his eyes and relished at what his wife was saying to him. She still remembered that…of course she’d remember. She loved him and now he knew that she did..he could be back to himself…back before anything bad happened that night. “I was hurt but my emotions were deeply severed Liz.” He looked at her dark brown eyes. “That creature…made me feel things that weren’t true…I could not stop myself from feeling the anger, pain and regret that demon pushed into my mind. Convincing me that I had been so wronged…so badly treated with injustice and you were the cause of my demise.”

He stopped when he heard Liz’s sharp intake of breath.

“So what…..you chose to believe the dark beast and turn into a vengeful prince….I wonder how you even became a prince.” Liz said. “I may have connected with you last night but you’re still keeping that fact from me.” She accused him and joined him on the bed. She took her husband’s hands and pleaded with him. “Please Max…please tell me..”

Max hesitated before answering Liz’s question. “I was never Zan…my whole life was a lie…I am prince Maxwell of Antar.”

Liz looked at him in confusion. “Are you telling me you’re not my..”

“I was always your Zan.” He brushed his thumb lightly over her bottom lip, wondering was now a good time to kiss her. “Years ago, when my mother was pregnant with me…she had made a deal with a witch…to release me as I was her only son in exchange for my life.” Max said.

“See, this witch she wanted the kingdom someday and almost killed my entire family for it leaving my parents, me and my sister alive. All my aunts, uncles and grandparents were dead. She made my mom drink something which went into my system and that meant I could die any second of any day if this witch wanted. All it took was one click of her fingers. I did almost die though when I was one year old.” Max remembered the memory where his mother was screaming as his father hold his limp little body in his hands.

“Oh my god…” Liz put a hand to her chest. “So you’re…one of the dealt?”.

“Yes.” Max nodded. “When I was writhing in pain that night when you and everyone else thought I had perished…the witch came to me and made another deal…that I go back to my real family and play the prince or she’d….”

“She’d what Max?”.

“She’d go after you and kill you.” Max shut his eyes, cringing at the fake image of a dead Liz that the witch had given him.

“She used your own weakness against you.” Liz whispered. “Do you know who she is?”.

Max shook his head. “Her was face veiled and witches like her never reveal their true identity.”

“Dammit.” Liz sighed. “We need to stop her Max because I think she was the one after us that night. My parents are in danger because of that same witch.”

“Everyone is in danger..” Max said sadly. “She killed Riverdog who was like a father to me…I just don’t want Cedric getting under her claws.”

“Cedric is fine.” Liz said, she had to thank Maria for letting him stay with her...that was it! Maria!

“Max, I think I know someone who can help us take the witch out.”


“I’m an Avalon witch, not some wacky goody two shoes heavenly angel.” Maria explained to the married couple whose eyes held hope and she felt bad for shattering their faith. “I can’t go against on the of scariest demonic forces in the universe.”

“I know you can do it.” Liz said, pleading with Maria through her doe eyes. “I’ve seen some of your spells and what magic you can do.”

“For recreational purposes..” Maria said and then looked at Max. “Zan please tell your wife what happened that night…some evil witch actually drugged me and I woke up four days later.”

“It’s Max now and Maria…..I know good can defeat evil. You just need to believe in yourself.” Max said. “You wanted everyone including yourself to be safe.” He added, remembering why she had helped him to escape.

“Avalon witches aren’t that bad.” Liz smiled. “I’ve actually loved reading about them. Very nice cute little baby tricks.”

“Hey…us Avalon Witches can bring down a whole army.” Maria narrowed her eyes. “Just let me practice some strong spells and I’ll be your weapon.”

“Thank you.” Max and Liz both said.

“Zan?”. Max whipped his head to the doorway where a boy of fifteen years was standing. His deep bronze hair had grown a little longer and he had grown a lot taller during the last two years.

Max stood up from his chair with a smile forming on his face and tears shining in his amber eyes. “Cedric?”.

Cedric couldn’t believe that it was his brother Zan…he knew Zan wasn’t his real brother now but in his heart he was his brother and seeing him again after all these years…emotions ran rapidly though his mind for him…joy was the main one…

“It’s me…..your brother.” Max said in a soft gentle voice. He missed Cedric so much and cursed himself for not allowing him into his life the past two years.

“Oh Zan my brother!”. Cedric ran into Max’s open arms and the two brothers hugged.
“Ain’t that a sweet reunion.” Maria sighed, watching the two with awe written on her face.

“It is.” Liz agreed, smiling.

But she wondered how long their happiness would last knowing some mysterious demon like witch was on the loose...


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Re: Celestial Beauty (AU, M/L,Adult) Chpt 14 2/11/09 p. 12

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Chapter 14

"God...I've never tried this before." Alex said, placing the vial of their essence into the mixture.

Max hugged his wife close to his body as they watch his friend, the scientist perform the miracle project. "What's happening Max?". Liz asked her husband as she was looking intently at the various different bright colours of their aura in each mini pod.

"Alex is creating clones of us which will help us against the witch and her allies." Max said. "The clones will be ready overnight and we can finally win this battle.."

"I wouldn't count on it just yet." A shorter man, shorter then both Alex and Max stepped into the scene. Max had hunted down the most talented soldier apart from Rath and he smiled when he noticed Kyle here.

"He's coming along." Liz realised. "You're rounding up the strongest candidates."

"Nice to meet you Princess Elizabeth." Kyle bowed in courtesy. He had heard that the great prince of Antar had finally chosen his mate and married her.

"You too, sir Kyle." Liz said in a polite manner

Alex was busy adding the final ingredient to the pods and a hiss of steam rose out, blinding them all. "Oh god.."

"What is it?"."

Alex bit his lip and held his tongue back, wondering if he should let them know.."Nothing." He said, adding his own DNA into the final pod.


"Jeff darling." His wife purred as she approached him. "Care to take me now?".

Jeff stiffened as his wife thrusted her breasts on his back. Her cold hands massaging his chest and she whispered in his ear...a mantra of some foreign words..

"Expressa desiria".

Jeff felt his hands turn ice cold before turning around and kissing the woman senseless. He lifted her up in his arms and kissed her back, feeling he was out of control..

The woman moaned and kissed him back. Finally she thought...Jeff would be hers...



Maria watched in shock as she saw the two sisters fight. "Oh my god.." She gasped. She should have realised this, Vanessa was the witch!

Right now, Vanessa had used her powers and thrown her sister across the room and ripped a shard of broken glass from the drapes before using it with her powers and directing it at her sister. "I always wanted Jeff...but no...you had to get him first." She cursed her sister while shooting the shard of glass at Nancy who was unprepared for the assault.

Maria stepped out and used a spell to melt the glass into nothing.

Vanessa was impressed. "Wow..." She closed her eyes and sniffed the air.. "An Avalon witch, how sweet."

"Hello you dementia bitch." Maria shot back, powering her hands up with bubbles of light. "I ought to send you right back to hell!".

"This is hell." Vanessa huffed in disapproval of the young witch. "What can you do against a real sorceress you amateur."

Anger boiled through Maria and she blasted the demonic witch with such intensity it pushed herself against the wall. When the smoke cleared away, Vanessa was nowhere to be seen but Maria knew that the bitch wouldn't perish so easily, withes of the dementia coven had tough skin and it took a whole lot of energy to take one down. Even a small army would fail in trying to defeat her.

Maria checked to see if the King and Queen were okay. Jeff felt disgusted that he had kissed his sister in law who was evil and Nancy was sad that her own sister was the traitor.

"What are we going to do Jeff?". Nancy said..and then her eyes narrowed. "Elizabeth!".


Did you hear that?". Liz told Max after hearing a loud crash. "I think the witch is here."

Liz ran to the door and opened it. Her aunt Vanessa stood right before her looking worried. "Come with me." She told them. "The witch is here."


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Re: Celestial Beauty (AU, M/L,Adult)Chpt 14&15 2/11/09*Complete*

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Chapter 15

Liz found herself waking up in a cold dark room. "Max?!" The thoughts of her husband first came into mind. The last thing she remembered was her aunt Vanessa warning them about the witch..

"Liz!". Max answered, placing his palm flat against the glass as he watched her sleeping form. A glass wall had separated them. Liz jumped off the bed and rushed to the glass wall, trying not to cry in terror as she realised what was happening. "Max...how did this happen...where are we?".

"Liz...it's your aunt...Vanessa. She put us here." Max answered. "You have to stay strong...we'll get over this."

Liz shook in shock and terror. Vanessa...was behind this..the flashback of the night she returned and Max had that accident replayed in her mind. Of course...how could she not notice...Her aunt was behind all the mess all along. "I'm so sorry." Liz sobbed. "I never meant to make you a part of this."

"It's not your fault." Max growled. "We're going to get through this." He promised his wife. "We will get through this."
Liz placed her palm against the glass where Max's was on the other side. "I love you." Liz said quietly.

"I love you too." Max answered in a hoarse voice.


Alex thanked himself as he already released the pods. Vanessa had been too late in stopped the sets of clones from being sent to earth. But she didn't know that and with the help of his twin sister Ava they had managed to mind warp her a little before Vanessa strangled Ava to death and Alex screamed watching the witch take something from Ava..a beam of light from his dead sister's body seeped into Vanessa.

"What the fuck did you do!". Alex cried as Vanessa released a dead Ava who hit the ground lifelessly. Alex crawled to his sister and gathered her in his arm, crying his eyes out.

"The king and queen are dead, your sister is dead and soon you will die." Vanessa said and looked at Liz's dead parents.
"You can't defeat us." Alex said through his bloody mouth.

"Alex..look outside." Vanessa pulled him away from his dead sister and pushed him to the window where thousands of her creatures had killed their soldiers, Kyle was on the of ones left standing and battling through the bloody war. "He will die."

Vanessa said, looking at Kyle who hadn't noticed one of her men sneaking up behind him and stabbing him through the heart from behind.

"NO!". Alex said. "Not Kyle!".

"Everyone is going to die." Vanessa snickered.


A snarling in the room startled Liz. She looked back to see a slimy black creature form from a black puddle on the floor. When it was form, it bared it fangs at Liz.

"No!". Max said, banging his fists against the glass. He knew what they were. The same creature that pushed all the hatred into his mind...a soul swallower, He could not let his wife die at the hands of such evil...

Liz threw a shield up to stop the creature from getting close to her. The creature tried to break through the energetic field but cried out as the energy fried them.

Max tried his best to penetrate the strong glass so he could get to Liz. "Max connect with me." Liz said, reaching into his mind.

He did as she told him and in no time the glass between them broke. Liz walked into Max's room and threw her arms around him.

"Oh god." Max crashed his lips on his wife's lips. "I almost lost you".

"You will never lose me." Liz answered her husband. "Now let's get out of here."

The two broke the iron door down and left.

What they didn't notice was the black goo form back into the creature again and follow them.


"Send it." Vanessa forced Alex to hit the send button as she placed her own child into the pod, after stealing Jeff's sperm she had merged it with her egg and created a child which she hoped would carry on her legacy. Jeff was dead and she could never have him but she had his child at least.

Alex could not longer protest against Vanessa as she controlled everything in his body now...helplessly he whimpered as he pressed the button and send the pod out and sobbed. Now their clones would have trouble because he hadn't killed himself in time before the witch could steal his formula.

"My daughter shall have the king of Antar." Vanessa smirked. "And I shall kill you now.." She was about to snap Alex's neck but Maria crashed in and sent Vanessa knocking through the walls.

"Alex run!". Maria said. She had made sure Cedric had been deported off the planet to safety and was unable to deal with Vanessa straight away. The dead bodies piled up one by one had caused her much distress when she had returned.
She hoped Liz and Max were still alive...

"You are starting to become a nuisance." Vanessa said, crawling through the pile of dirt she had landed in.

"Too bad you don't know what an Avalon witch means." Maria said throwing another blast at Vanessa who consumed the blast with one of her own.

"Enlighten me."

Maria flew straight at Vanessa and the two started to engage in a head to head battle, throwing spells at each other and flashing like two tiny orbs, colliding against the walls in a powerful struggle to defeat on another.

Maria slammed both hands on either side of Vanessa's face and tried to weaken Vanessa's mind. Vanessa's memories flashed through Maria, violating her own mind and then screaming in pain, Maria let go and fell down, her body shaking in spasms.

Vanessa landed on her two feet and smiled. There was no way that the weakling witch would defeated an experienced witch like her. She watched as Maria shook before dying.

"Now that's the end of Avalon." She kicked Maria's face. "No one beats me."

"Oh Maria!". Liz tried to run to save her friend but Max held her back.

"It's too late...she's dead." Max told his wife, trying his best to protect her.

"Run for your lives." Alex moaned, unable to move.

Vanessa was reminded of Alex's presence and used her powers to snap his neck. "He's gone now just like the others."
A horrified Liz looked at her dead parents. "Oh no...not mom and dad!".

"They were old and ancient." Vanessa said, not caring how she made Liz feel right now. I killed them...usually I would become the Queen but since you're still alive.."

Max pushed Liz behind him and sneered at the witch. "Don't even think about it bitch." He hissed. "I'll never let you hurt my wife. Dead or alive."

"If that's the case..." Vanessa said and then clicked her fingers. Max groaned as he could feel her control tap into his system. How could he forget, she could control him.

"You're the one I made the deal with Princey boy." She said. "You should have destroyed Liz...not marry her and love her."

"My love was stronger then your wrong." Max forced out. "My love is stronger then your ability. I will always love Liz, kill me now...my soul will still be in love with Liz...in this lifetime and the next."

Liz watched with tears in her eyes. "No, not my Max. Don't kill him." Liz begged her evil aunt. "Take me but spare my husband."

"How interesting." She eyed Liz.

She envied her sister all her life but when Elizabeth was born, she had never been so jealous. She was the most cherished saturian, the history of princess' were nothing compared to Elizabeth. The so called Celestial Beauty. Everyone acted as if god had blessed them with Elizabeth.

She hated it. "You always have had everything. You had royalty, Jeff as your father when he should have married me and fathered my children, you had riches and finest garments..you even won the heart of the Prince of Antar and married him."

She said. "And not to mention, you were blessed with celestial beauty...something that god should have given me."

"It's not my fault you're unhappy with your life." Liz said.

"I will have it all. Your beauty, your strength and your position." Vanessa said. "I am now the mother of your father's unborn child and...now I will be Queen." A circle of light appeared around her hand and her eyes turned black.

Max pushed against the power of Vanessa and wrapped his arms around his wife as Vanessa shot a fatal blast at them.

"Liz!". He cried out

And then there was darkness..

A/N: Aliens don't age as humans do. :lol: :mrgreen:

Fifty two years later
1999, Roswell New Mexico...

Max watched her as she moved graciously across the booths, with a warm friendly smile on her face. He had always been in love with her. Since the first time he saw her when he got off that yellow bus on the first day of his school.

His very own celestial beauty...Liz Parker..

"Man...are you gawping at her again?". Michael said, watching Max go into his Liz spotting mode.

"I'm not gawping at her." Max denied, trying to look elsewhere but his eyes kept going back to Liz.

"She is his Tabasco or something." Isabel sighed. "I mean, he won't stop staring at her."

"Whatever." Max rolled his eyes and finished his alien blast.."I think I'm going to ask for a refill."

"Just ask her out." A man's voice from the next booth disrupted them.

Max looked around and noticed a guy putting his newspaper down. The guy had bronze hair and looked like he was in his early thirties.

"Names Cedric." He smiled at Max. "If you want the girl so bad, just ask her out."

Isabel and Michael looked at Cedric, wondering who he was and Max was a little embarrassed that even a stranger knew he was interested in Liz. Was it that obvious?

Liz was just walking by and her usual customer Cedric called her. "Hey Liz?".

Liz stopped between the booth where Max shared with Isabel and Michael and the table where Cedric was sitting. "Yes?".

"Max wants a refill and a date." He winked at Max who blushed in shame.

Liz smiled at Cedric who gave her the thumbs up before she turned to Max. "Well, I'm free tonight." She told Max, taking his glass.

"Huh?". Max couldn't believe it, Liz Parker was actually interested in him?

"I'll be ready at six." She winked at Max before walking away.

Isabel and Michael just sat there shocked.

Liz returned to the counter where Maria and Alex where. "Looks like your life is just starting." Alex said. "Think Isabel will date me?".

"I don't know about you but I got my bet on Liz and Max going out tonight." Maria said. "Well done chica!".

"I so need to ask Cedric for a favour." Alex said.

"Don't sweat it." Maria laughed.

Liz came back to the booth and put Max's drink down. "On the house."

Max watched the soft moist lips of hers and unable to just sit there, he stood up and took her into his arms before pressing his lips against hers and cupping her head and holding her waist while delivering a passionate intimate kiss which came out from nowhere.

Liz was surprised as Max latched his mouth onto hers in front of everyone and she could taste the sweet and spicy taste of Tabasco which she loved and she melted into Max's mouth.

Some people whistled and cheered as the couple made out. Blushing, they both pulled back and smiled at each other. "Well, I could take you out now." Max sighed heavily against Liz's forehead..


"Maxwell!". Michael kicked Max's knee underneath the table. "Quit drooling and order man!".

Max jumped at the sound of his best friend and the unexpected kick from underneath the table. "Ow."

He saw Liz standing right before him in her cute little alien uniform. She gave him a shy smile as she held a pencil and an order pad in her hand.

"Erm I'll have an alien blast." Max said, unable to think of anything right now.

"Okay." Liz wrote the order down and before she could leave Max stopped her and held her hand.

"Hey...erm...you won't be busy tonight will you?".

Liz opened her mouth, was Max Evans about to ask her out on a date? "Erm no. I'm free tonight."

"Well how about I take you out tonight....like a date?". Max took the plunge. That fantasy felt so real and all he wanted to do was make it come true.

"Yeah..like a date." Liz found herself mumbling, she was having that butterflies in the stomach feeling again. Max Evans just asked her out! "At six?".

"At Six." Max confirmed with a smile.

"See you then." Liz turned around trying to hide the big smile on her face as she made her way back to the counter again. Maria and Alex cheered and Max smiled as he watched them congratulate Liz.

Isabel and Michael were gobsmacked. "I can't believe you just went and did that."

"Believe it or not. I'm going to be with Liz Parker." Max beamed proudly.

He looked around and then noticed the same guy with the newspaper and bronze hair who gave him a warm friendly smile.

Maybe life was full of surprises after all...