Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) 4-18-09 [COMPLETE]

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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 50 2-25-09

Post by destinyc » Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:06 pm

Eve-A girl can dream, yes! :D

Natalie-Personally, I’d rather be in Vegas like Izzy—but hey, that’s me… But I must say we will head back to Vegas before it’s all said and done. 8)

Jan-So, so true! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!! :D
Concerning the bonus update—well, Monica conned me into it. Thank you so much for you sweet compliments. I appreciate them!

Alien_Friend-I have no use for snakes either. Generally, I can deal with bugs if given enough repellent. Concerning Maria & Michael-they’re really enjoying their torment of Max and Liz, so Michael is quite willing to comply. 8)

Tamashii-Poor Rebecca was kind of thrown into the situation, but she will improve over the course of the week. With the fishing episode I really wanted to capture a slice of their childhood and that playfulness…which segues quite nicely into a very adult moment. 8)
Maria’s plan—we’ll see in a couple of chapters!

Ginger-You have been one of the few who would actually go camping of her own volition (without the lure of our favorite resident alien). Though I’m not terribly outdoorsy, I have gone camping, fishing, rafting, etc (though I’ve never done any serious climbing). I had grandparents who were very outdoorsy. I thought you’d particularly like Claudia. :P

Yeah, I told my grandmother a few whoppers in my day as well. She taught English as well, and I was always amazed (at the time) how she found out about my shenanigans before I got home from school.

Monica-Yes, they heat up the water quite nicely! I hope you are feeling better, and I hope you enjoyed your bonus! Thank you so much for your kind words—I hope things are improving with you. :D
I think at this point most of the friends and family (except Jeff) are fairly convinced of what we know to be true. It’s just a matter of catching them in the act. And you are most welcome for the dirty part.

Carrie-Well, if a cold shower is your thing, ok then, but as for myself… 8)

Natalie-I’ve never floated a river that difficult, but I might be tempted to. (The drop was probably a bit exaggerated for effect). :wink:

Ms_Buffy-I think most of them are pretty convinced of the truth. :wink:

Onto the final part of our Santa Fe shoot...

Dale Ball Trail North-the next morning
Liz and Max barreled through the brushy undergrowth, stirring up little clouds of dirt as their mountain bikes sped along the worn trail.

“Great job, guys. If I can get you to give me one more pass here, and then I’ll ride down to the switchback and set up there,” Rick instructed as he looked through the shots he had already taken.

Max and Liz circled around and peddled hard back up the mountain in their Columbia biking gear. After making another pass by Rick’s camera, Max and Liz had a chance to grab a drink from their water bottles. Taking a short break to give Rick time to reset, Max and Liz sat on the soft forest floor and leaned back on their arms.

“I’m gonna’ miss that smell,” Liz sighed wistfully as she took a deep breath, her face turned upward to the trees and her eyes closed. “The pinon woods remind me of Grandma’s.”

“How about we buy a few sacks of woodchips that we can burn in our fireplace this winter?” suggested Max.

“You would move firewood all the way to Massachusetts for me?” Liz rhetorically asked, a contented sigh escaping her lips as she looked at Max, once again moved by his thoughtfulness.

“Anything you want, baby,” Max smiled, glad that a simple sack of kindling could bring about such a reaction. After last night, any request she made, he would happily grant.

The crackle of Rick’s walkie-talkie indicated that he was ready for Max and Liz to continue down the trail.

“Be careful, honey, remember we’re coming to the twisters,” Liz delivered a quick kiss with her warning as they mounted their bikes again.

“I thought that was my job,” Max teased.

“What?” Liz scrunched her forehead in wonder as she looked back at Max.

“To be the over-protective one in this relationship,” Max teased as he fitted on his helmet and swung his leg over the bike.

“And who, exactly, cured your concussion day before yesterday? Hmmm?” Liz reminded Max with playful smugness.

“Fair enough--how about we just take care of each other, then?” Max smiled as he fastened Liz’s helmet and then gave her a soft kiss.

“Sounds good,” Liz smiled as she mounted her bike and straddled the seat.

Left to his own devices, Max would normally be prone to dwell on such matters—on his innate drive to love and protect Liz or his fear over the alien changes taking place in her body. But those thoughts would have to wait, because it was Liz who taught him to have fun and enjoy himself, and now, they were in the mountains where they spent so much of their childhood. A mischievous twinkle came to Max’s eyes as his playful side emerged once again.

“Race ya’ to the bottom!” he challenged as he jumped the gun and started peddling rapidly down the packed trail, leaving a stunned Liz in his wake.

“No fair!” Liz called out as she slipped her feet in the clips and sped down the mountain after Max. Liz squinted hard and peddled faster, determined to overtake Max and win the contest. She drove the bike hard and fast, chasing after Max’s laughter all the way.

Later that afternoon on the Capulin Trail

Water crashed from high overhead as Max and Liz Neared the edge of the Jemez Falls. Rick was set up about twenty feet away, shooting as they backpacked near the rushing water.

Max held Liz’s hand as they crossed the slippery rocks, exploring the nooks behind the screen of water.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it Max,” Liz smiled as the spray from the falls dotted her dark braided hair with tiny, glistening drops. The twinkle in Liz’s eyes spoke as much as her shared thoughts. It was easier to communicate silently than shout over the sound of the rushing water.

“You’re beautiful,” Max smiled at Liz, oblivious to anything but Liz in the moment.

Grinning and shaking her head, Liz swiped at the falls with her hand and splashed Max, breaking him out of his romantic stupor.

“And you’re wet!”Liz teased as they played along the bank of the pool below.

“Hey!” Max grinned as he wiped the water from his face with his hand. “And, I can’t even dry off cause Rick’s still watching.” Max fussed playfully as he splashed Liz in retaliation, his teeth biting his lip as he took aim.

“Oh! The water’s still cold!” Liz gasped as she took a face full of the chilly water

“Let’s start climbing back down, and I’ll get you all warmed up,” Max promised as he took Liz’s hand and grinned.

“This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” Liz pouted playfully as slid down into the steamy waters of the hot springs.

Clad in swimsuits for the last scene of the Columbia shoot, Max and Liz relaxed in the warm, blue-green water. After all the physical exertion of this week’s shoot, the mineral baths were a welcome relief.

“Just a few more shots and I’ll be all done,” Rick snapped dozens of photos of Max and Liz relaxing together in the natural pools. Rick checked his screen and found several excellent photos of the pair. “I think that’s a wrap,” he decided as he popped the lens cap back on and released the camera body from the tripod.

“Ooh, I’ve been dying to try this,” Rebecca squatted down and reached her hand into the pool. “Wow, it really is hot,” she looked up in wonder at Max and Liz before turning around to gape at Rick as well.

“Hence the name,” Liz smiled in amusement when Rebecca realized why they were called hot springs after all. “Why don’t you get in?” Liz suggested.

“Oh, I don’t have a suit with me,” Rebecca gushed, though she looked longingly at the water.

“You could at least put your feet in,” Max offered, seeing as how Rebecca had forgone the Armani suit and heels in favor of khaki shorts, a tee and hiking boots.

“Well, ok, maybe just for a minute,” Rebecca grinned as she sat down and stripped off her boots and socks, heaving a relieved sigh as she stuck her feet in the warm water.

“Oh, my, what’s that?” Rebecca shrieked as she quickly pulled her feet out of the water, recoiling from the little nibbles at her feet.

“They’re just minnows—they’ll leave you alone in a bit when they realize you’re not food,” Liz grinned as Rebecca cautiously put her feet back in the water, cringing for a moment at the little fishes’ futile attempts at dining on her toes.

Pulling off his boots and socks after stowing his gear, Rick happily sat down beside Rebecca and stuck his feet in the warm water.

“Ah, I kind of like the minnows myself—very tickly,” Rick waggled his fingers at the group. “So, Bex,” Rick playfully slapped Rebecca’s thigh, “Did we make an outdoorsy girl out of you this week?”

“You know, Rick,” Rebecca slapped Rick on the thigh as a playful payback, “I have learned a great many things this week,” she grinned. “Like, it’s probably not a good idea to send your models to ‘Devil’s Canyon’,” Rebecca finally realized that the translated name indicated the difficulty of the climb. “Or that you can’t actually catch Tilapia in New Mexico,”

Max and Liz smiled at how Rebecca had loosened up over the course of the week.

“And, most importantly, the Armani and Prada should stay in the closet when shooting outdoors,” Rebecca grinned at her fashion choices from several days ago. “Yeah, you know, I might actually try camping or fishing,” Rebecca conceded with a smile.

“Well, if you ever want someone to show you the finer points of outdoor adventure, you could give me a call,” Rick offered as he stood and extended his hand to Rebecca to help her up.

“I might just do that,” Rebecca smiled as she rose and dusted herself off, smiling at the not-so-subtle suggestion from Rick.

“I think we’re two for two,” Liz grinned at Max, proud that their influence had brought together two new couples this summer.

“We could give Cupid a run for his money,” Max raised his eyebrows as he snuggled Liz closer.

“Guys, I had a great time. I’d love to work with you whenever you’re in town again,” Rick gave a short wave.

“We enjoyed it. It was nice to meet you,” Max offered, nodding to Rick and Rebecca. “We’ll head back in a bit, so don’t worry about us,” Max wanted a little private time with Liz after Rick and Rebecca left.

“Your checks should be on their way to your agent. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet her,” Rebecca grimaced good-naturedly.

“No rush,” Liz commented, “Janelle’s on her honeymoon in England.”

“She married our last photographer,” Max grinned wickedly.

Rebecca blushed at the news, “Oh well, tell her ‘congratulations’ for me,” she backed up in embarrassment, nearly stumbling over a rock before being caught by Rick’s strong arms.

“Careful there, Bex,” Rick replied softly.

Rebecca’s eyes lit up at landing against Rick, and she smiled at the familiar nickname he had already given her.

“Yeah,” Rebecca breathed out before remembering herself and turning back to Max and Liz. “Anyway, you two have a safe trip back and hopefully we’ll all get a chance to work together again soon,” Rebecca called out as she and Rick continued to head down the trail, Rick clasping her hand to help her down the mountainside.

“It looks like romance is in the air,” Liz sighed wistfully as Rick and Rebecca disappeared from sight.

“How about a little romance in the water?” Max pulled Liz in close now that they were alone.

Liz grinned as she turned around to face Max, “I thought you’d never ask.”
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 51 2-28-09

Post by destinyc » Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:14 am

Thanks Carrie! Loved chatting with you as well!

Tamashii-Max and Liz seem to have a very positive influence over others! I still want them to be very playful with each other as well.

Monica-Hmmm...Noe that you've brought that up....I was wondering if you could help with a banner. I'll pm you today.

Eve-Insatiable? Of course!

Jan-Well, I wrote the first chapter of my new story last night, so you'll see it soon.

Alien_Friend-Not quite as sexy as their first shoot, but I wanted them to have a reason to get out of town and visit Claudia.

Time for these two to head home...

That next morning-

“Grandma, I don’t think you can fit anything else in the jeep,” Max ran a worried hand through his hair when he saw all the boxes Claudia was loading into the backseat. She had filled boxes with copies of favorite photos she had framed, several of Max and Liz throughout the years and some of relatives from generations past, even one of the great-grandmother that Liz favored. She boxed up a favorite quilt and afghan for their new apartment, and a couple of baskets and bowls to remind Liz of home. Last, but not least, Claudia slid the large framed pair of photos, identical to the ones that now hung above her fireplace behind the front seats.

“Nonsense, just secure it with some of your alien powers,” Claudia wiggled her fingers at Max and grinned.

“How about some bungee cords instead,” Max smiled and shook his head, hooking the metal fittings under the seat.

They went inside to get the rest of their luggage and say their goodbyes.

“You promise you’re coming down next month?” Liz could feel the end-of-the-trip pout coming on. Max sensed her brewing upset and slid hid hand underneath the back of her tee and rubbed softly as he soothed her.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Claudia kissed Liz and Max on the cheek and embraced them in a firm hug. “I’ve got something else for you two as well,” Claudia reached into the sideboard drawer and pulled out two envelopes.

“Grandma, really, you’ve done so much, already,” Liz’s eyebrows scrunched together.

“Nonsense, I never had a chance to give you your graduation presents last month, so…”

Max and Liz opened the envelopes to find two round-trip tickets home for Thanksgiving.

“Grandma, this is really too much—“ Max was cut off by an insistent Claudia.

“I just want to make sure I see my favorite people at Thanksgiving. I think I’m being rather selfish, myself,” Claudia quipped, smiling.

“Grandma, these are open-ended—there’s no destination marked,” Liz looked quizzically at the ticket and then up at Claudia.

“That’s in case you want a nice little lay-over somewhere,” she winked secretly at Max who just grinned and shook his head slightly at Claudia’s not-so-subtle hint.

“Thank you, Grandma. We would never miss a Thanksgiving with you,” Max smiled as he pulled Claudia into a hug, giving her a little pinch on the side as a playful warning to keep her secrets to herself.

“Oh—there’s one more thing,” Claudia went to the closet to pull out a large box wrapped in chocolate brown paper and tied with a golden bow.

“What is this?” Liz looked up incredulously, unsure as to where they would put another large gift.

“It’s an early house-warming present--just open it,” Claudia insisted.

Max and Liz pulled off the bow and paper to reveal a Smith and Hawken free-standing hammock built for two.

“I wasn’t sure if you would have the proper trees for a hammock, so I found one with its own stand.”

“It’s perfect,” Liz looked at Max, smiling broadly before turning back to hug Claudia again, “You will have to come visit us and see it in our back yard.”

“I will—this spring when it warms up, I’ll fly in and you can show me all the famous sights in Boston,” Claudia snugged Max and Liz to her as they made their way to the jeep. “Only a few more weeks and you’re home free,” Claudia grinned as she leaned against the jeep.

“Be careful, Grandma,” Max smiled, as he couldn’t resist one more over-protective overture before they left.

“I will,” Claudia smiled at the pair, “It will just be a couple of weeks before I see you again,” Claudia promised as she saw Liz’s face start to cloud up again.

“I got her, Grandma,” Max smiled softly as he wrapped his arm around Liz and reached over to shift with his left. “We’ll see you soon,” Max smiled as he backed the jeep down the driveway and headed south.

“I told you we should’ve taken all this stuff to my house,” Max sighed when he saw a delivery truck parked in the alleyway behind the Crashdown, forcing him to pull around front.

“I know, but I feel bad—your mom can’t park her car in the garage already. We’ll just try and sneak this stuff in through the front and hope for the best,” Liz conceded.

The blinds in the restaurant were pulled down part way to ward off the afternoon sun, and as Max and Liz gathered the photos, boxes and their new hammock, they pushed open the door to find their friends and their moms look up at them expectantly.

“What’s all this?” Nancy looked at the ungainly loads that Max and Liz were carrying.

“Grandma Claudia,” Max succinctly explained. “Liz started getting homesick for Santa Fe before we even left,” Max gently teased. “I had to get her out of there before the jeep started dragging the ground.”

“Awww, did she have her head in your lap the whole way home?” Michael sniffed theatrically, teasing Max as he passed through the kitchen door, his double entendre obvious.

Max discreetly flipped him off with a smug grin, “Ass-hole,” he whispered back as he continued through the kitchen and up the stairs with his load.

“Michael,” Liz nodded and smiled as she opened the kitchen door with her rear, carrying the large frame next to her body hidden by the box containing their new hammock.

“Liz,” Michael nodded as he flipped his burgers on the grill. “What cha’ got there, Liz?” Michael teasingly questioned, noticing that she was obviously concealing something.

“None of your business, Michael,” Liz sang back sweetly as she mounted the stairs, heading up to her closet.

When Liz arrived in her room, she found Max on all fours with his head in her closet, trying to arrange the boxes so nothing would break.

Liz gave Max a low wolf-whistle at the sight before her—Max turned his head around with an embarrassed grin and shook his head.

“Quit staring at my ass and give me that picture,” he teased as he reached for the large framed pair of photos.

“Hey guys, I thought I’d bring up another couple of boxes for you,” Alex burst in the door, loaded down with more boxes from Claudia’s. “Whoa, what’s that?” Alex nodded to the framed photos that Max was reaching for.

Max and Liz heaved a heavy sigh and looked at each other.

“Grandma Claudia took those and framed them for us,” Liz explained, looking away a little in nervousness before looking back at Alex.

Alex sat his box down to the side and squatted down to study the photos more closely.

“These are just amazing guys,” Alex glanced at Max and Liz in turn. “You really should show them to everyone downstairs,” Alex looked pointedly at Liz.

“We will, um, show—everybody,” Liz stammered. “We’re just not quite ready—to—show everybody,” Liz tried unsuccessfully to veil her meaning.

“Well,” Alex stood, giving Liz a sympathetic nod, “I’m sure everybody will be happy to see them.”

“Lizzie! You home?” bellowed Jeff Parker as he came in through the Crashdown’s back door.

“Well, almost everybody,” Alex raised his eyebrows in sympathetic resignation, patted Liz on the shoulder, and headed to her door. “See ya’ downstairs.”

Max and Liz could only look at each other as Max slid the photo into the closet and away from anyone else who might discover their secret.

“At least some of the boxes will fit in the closet,” Liz commented as she and Max walked into the dining room, Liz heading behind the counter to pour cherry cokes for the two of them.

“We’ll put the rest in my garage,” Max responded, then looked at his mother, “Sorry, Mom, it’s only for a few more weeks then you can have your garage back.”

“It’s no problem, Son,” Diane smiled as she sipped her coffee.

Liz returned with their drinks as Max stood to pull out her chair. Though Michael remained in the kitchen, Nancy, Diane, Alex, Isabel, and Maria sat at the tables they had pushed together. Jeff remained in the kitchen as well, cutting steaks for the dinner special.

“So what did you do this week, stand around and look pretty?” Alex quipped at Max and Liz.

“No,” Max defended good-naturedly, “The first day they had us climbing Diablo Canyon, took a chunk of rock to the head,” Max grinned and shook his head.

“Max?” Diane looked with concern at her son, pushing up his bangs to check his head.

“Mom, I’m fine,” Max brushed his bangs back down with his fingers. “Liz took care of me. It’s alright,” Max tried to wave away his mother’s concern.

“So your head was in her lap?” Michael teased as he walked up with a basket of Saturn rings and grabbed a chair and twirled it around, straddling it.

“Ice pack,” Max replied drolly, rolling his eyes at Michael.

“Yeah, our location manager was kind of a newbie to the whole outdoor thing,” Liz explained, “But she did get a little better as the week continued.”

“Then some camping, fishing, biked on Dale Ball North, kayaked the Racecourse, backpacking at Jemez Falls and we ended our week with a little dip in the hot springs,” Max raced through the list of locations before he could incriminate himself further, taking a breath after relating the events of the week.

“Speaking of hot water,” Nancy smiled at the segue Max had unwittingly given her. “Claudia said you two fixed that old hot tub,” Nancy had to fight to keep a straight face as she watched Max and Liz flush crimson as their eyes widened in shock, obviously revealing the fact they remembered being caught wet and naked on that cold December night so many years ago.

“Yeah, Liz, um, cleaned up the water and adjusted the ph, and I, um, repaired the motor,” Max sought a Saturn ring from the basket, looking for a quick distraction.

“So did you give it a test run? Make sure it was ready to go for Claudia’s party?” Nancy questioned, knowing she had already thrown them a little.

Liz chimed in, afraid Max was running out of plausible explanations. “Mmm-hmm, she had a little chlorine left; I fished all the dead leaves and algae out; all the jets are working; the motor doesn’t cut out—it was really nice,” Liz smiled politely as she found herself an onion ring.

Nancy grinned at Liz’s discomfort, “But you didn’t take your—“

“Anyway, Iz, how was Vegas?” Liz had to stop her mother before she finished the question that could only be explained by the fact that she and Max were once again skinny dipping in Grandma Claudia’s hot tub.

“Oh, Vegas was great!” Isabel exclaimed. The shopping, the food, the shows—everything was just fantastic. Ooh, I almost forgot, we bought you guys something for your apartment,” Isabel reached into a small gift bag and pulled out a small white statuette holding a golden apple. “It’s—“

“Venus—the goddess of love,” Liz smiled at Isabel’s not-so-subtle hint.

“Well, I thought about Minerva, but you two are already so brainy, I didn’t figure you’d need any help in that department. And then I considered Diana, you know, protector of—“

“Thanks so much, Isabel, we will find the perfect place for Venus here,” Liz offered as she re-wrapped the statue in tissue paper and slipped it back into the gift bag

“Glad you cut her off before she started in about protecting virgins,” Max silently thanked Liz for her quick thinking.

“Venus—isn’t that where they got the term ‘venereal disease’?” Michael considered out loud before receiving a swift jab to the ribs from Maria.

“Not helping,” Maria hissed to Michael. Changing the unpleasant subject, Maria chimed in, “Oh, and I got a statue of Apollo—you know, patron god of musicians, among other things. Doesn’t he just have the cutest little wang?” Maria ran her finger up and down the statuette’s small scrotum, much to the amusement of everyone else at the table.

“Put that thing away,” Michael groaned as he waved his the tops of his fingers at Maria, hoping that Apollo and his cute wang could go back in the bag now.

“Oh, I almost forget—dancing in Artesia tomorrow night,” Maria insisted.

“Tomorrow? Ria, I just drove all the way from Santa Fe this morning,” Max groaned.

“You can take the Explorer, and then you can all ride together,” Diane offered.

“Come on, guys, everybody’s gone out of town except for Michael and me,” Maria pouted and made puppy-dog eyes at Max and Liz.

“Yeah, come on, it’ll be fun,” Michael jumped in, ready to spring another trap on Max and Liz.

Max’s eyes narrowed in suspicion, ”You want to go out dancing?” he questioned the veracity of Michael’s statement, knowing they usually had to goad Michael into dancing with Maria.

“Yeah, we’ve been stuck in Roswell all summer. Humor me, Maxwell,” Michael smirked.

“Ok,” Max gave in, “Tomorrow night,” Max pointed at Michael, though he was sure something was awry. “Anyway, we’d better get that pinon wood to the garage, so it doesn’t get wet,” Max patted Liz’s leg as he moved to get up.

“Wet?” his mother asked incredulously, “Son, it’s late July in southern New Mexico—nothing’s going to get wet.”

“Around here, Mom,” Max paused to look around the table at his family and friends,
“Stranger things have happened…”
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 52 3-3-09

Post by destinyc » Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:30 pm

Jan-They are feeling the heat--most definitely. Nice chatting with you! I'm glad you're enjoying this! :D

Tamashii-Liz is certainly dodging some pertinent questions. 8)

Ginger-I thought you would like those chapters. :wink: I really loved your very sweet feedback. I miss my morning updates of your story, though. I read it every morning while I was eating breakfast. What's next???

Alien_Friend-They will reveal all to their friends fairly soon. :wink:

Eve-Michael would even go dancing if it meant giving Max a little hell. :lol:

Natalie-Glad you liked it. :D

Monica-Thanks again for all your work on my new banner. You are the best!!! :D

Lena-So glad you are enjoying it! Loved chating with you, too. :D

Midnight-Isabel’s room

“Can you explain to me, ugh, exactly why we’re crawling through the window?” Alex grunted as he swung his long, lanky legs over the sill.

“So my parents don’t wake up and realize that my brother, who is supposed to be asleep in his room, is nowhere to be found—and that we’re trying to trap Max and Liz into admitting that they’re sleeping together,” Isabel explained as she took Maria’s hand next to help her in the window. Michael, well-versed as he was at climbing in the Evans’ window, needed no such assistance.

The four of them poked their heads into Max’s room to find the covers disheveled and a few random clothes on the floor, but no Max in sight.

“So how long has he been sleeping elsewhere?” Maria inquired of Isabel.

“At least since they got back from Albuquerque,” Isabel answered in hushed tones. “I mean, it’s not unusual for him to stay at Liz’s all night, particularly after they returned from a trip, but I’m pretty sure he has left every night since then.

“So the last time we’re sure he was here today was when he was delivering his wood?” Alex sputtered in laughter.

“Dude,” Michael turned to Alex, “Do you remember Max’s old fish tank?” a sudden epiphany came to him.

“I think it’s in the back of his closet, man,” Alex nodded, realizing what Michael had in mind.

Michael dove head-first into the closet, shoving clothes and books aside to find the abandoned tank and strip it of its light.

“Heh heh, a little CSI action tonight, all we’re missing are the cool hats,” Alex went to the light switch, ready to throw it as soon as Michael found an outlet for the black light that had once donned the top of the tank. “Um, Iz, you may want to turn around—you tend to get a little squeamish about such things.”

Huffing, Isabel turned her back to the room, facing the hall instead. When the black light hummed to life, Alex flipped the switch, and the room was bathed in neon purple. In dramatic fashion, Alex threw back Max’s comforter and top sheet to reveal glowing white splotches on the fitted sheet.

“Oh, man! Would you take a look at that!” Michael laughed heartily at all the ‘physical evidence’ they had found.

“What?” Isabel’s curiosity got the best of her, and she immediately whipped her head around. “Oh, gross!” she exclaimed in a hushed roar. “Seriously, DNA evidence? Is that what we’ve been reduced to?” she whipped her head back around and tapped her foot in frustration.

“Now it doesn’t prove that both Max and Liz were in this bed, although I strongly suspect that is the case,” Maria deduced. “I mean, what do you think, guys, judging from the stains, was he alone or with Liz?”

Both men cocked their heads sideways, trying to come up with their best guess, “With Liz,” they both nodded.

“So why didn’t they just do their alien voodoo and clean up the mess?” Maria queried, as if they were seriously trying to solve the Max and Liz mystery.

“Maybe they were interrupted, had to get dressed quickly?” Alex guessed.

Turning on the overhead light, so that the tell-tale spots would disappear, Isabel turned around, “They left the Crashdown at 4, Mom left about 4:30—it’s not rocket science,” she rolled her eyes and turned to head back to her room as the others followed. “Remind me again why were obsessing about this?” she turned to face Alex, Michael, and Maria.

“Well, I’m a little tired of being lied to,” Michael said smugly, “I mean we’ve kept bigger secrets than this for way longer. Why shouldn’t they trust us?,” a sudden smirk crossed Michael’s face, “And it’s a little fun tormenting Max and Liz.”

Alex suddenly felt a little ashamed of himself, “You know, what if they have a good reason for keeping things quiet? I mean—Liz’s dad, and all…” Alex recalled Max and Liz’s reaction when he saw their photographs earlier that afternoon.

“But they shouldn’t have to keep things quiet from us?” Maria defended with a pout.

“Cause you’re so discreet?” Isabel teased Maria who reddened.

“I can be discreet!” Maria gaped at Isabel, indignant that Isabel would suggest otherwise.

“Two words—water bra,” Isabel succinctly reminded.

“I felt it my duty to share,” Maria explained in theatrical rationalization, “And besides, not all of us were as blessed in that department as others,” Maria smirked as Isabel only rolled her eyes.

“But, I can keep my trap shut,” assured Michael.

“Dude, half of Roswell knows how big your penis is,” Alex remarked flatly.

“Well,” Michael stammered, trying to find a ready excuse, “It was all in the pursuit of science, statistical accuracy, and truth in journalism,” Michael offered.

“Truth in journalism?” Isabel questioned in disbelief.

“That article said that twenty-two percent of men wanted a smaller penis. Now do you actually know anyone at all who wants a smaller penis?” Michael questioned vociferously.

“No,” Alex shook his head slightly, not meeting Michael’s eye, “No, I don’t.”

Breathing a heavy sigh, Isabel finally arrived at a compromise, “Ok, let’s take a vow, whatever we find out about Max and Liz—we keep the parents in the dark.”

Grumbled acquiescence and nods of agreement came from the rest of the group.

“Ok, so what exactly is our plan for tomorrow?” Maria inquired since it seemed they were again of one accord.

“I’ll take the first shift,” smiled Michael, “And I know exactly what to do.”

6:00 a.m.-Liz’s room

Max and Liz snuggled closely in her bed, slowly rousing from their slumber. Though still half-asleep, Max’s manhood was already quite awake, sliding along Liz’s slick nether lips. Liz, also just barely awake, felt Max’s shaft grow hard as it nestled between her legs. With a sleepy grin, Liz wiggled her bottom against his eager cock, equally ready to make love with Max that morning.

“Morning, honey,” Liz whispered sweetly as she arched her back, giving Max access to her heated core.

“It is a very good morning,” Max smiled drowsily, his hips thrusting slowly as he slid through her folds, positioning himself at her entrance. “I was just dreaming about making love with you.”

“I know,” Liz giggled seductively, reaching behind to run her hands down the length of Max’s muscular thighs. “I was getting so hot and wet, it woke me up,” Liz purred as she felt Max’s length become coated in her juices, nudging against her swollen clit.

“Well, let’s take care of that little problem, shall we?” Max responded seductively, ready to fill Liz’s sweet passage.

“Hey, Maxwell!”

Michael’s face poking through Liz’s now-unlocked window proved most startling and unwelcome.

Surprised at the intrusion, Max and Liz were jolted out their intimacy, their heads turning quickly to the window to see Michael’s completely unfazed expression. Panic quickly turned to annoyed aggravation at Michael’s inopportune interruption.

“Max, man, I need your help storing the deliveries this morning. I’ve got two trucks coming back to back, and Liz’s dad is gone to some chamber of commerce breakfast or some shit,” Michael sounded exasperated. Truth was, Michael had rescheduled the deliveries yesterday just for this purpose.

Max tried to discreetly pull the covers over Liz’s bare shoulders while trying to get rid of Michael.

“Just give me a minute,” Max rubbed at his eyes and opened his mouth wide, forcing himself to yawn, wanting Michael to think he had just awoken.

“Come on, man, they’re gonna’ be here any minute,” Michael huffed with impatience, as his head kept turning to face the street, watching for the upcoming truck.

“I’ll be downstairs in a second,” Max agreed with a sigh, disappointed that his plans with Liz had not come to fruition.

“Man, just grab a tee shirt and come on,” Michael huffed, knowing damn well that Max was far too undressed to just jump out of bed.

“Head back down and I will be there –in—a—minute,” Max stressed, his frustration getting the better of him.

“Ok, ok, keep your pants on,” Michael’s tiny joke amused himself. “One minute,” Michael reminded as he climbed back down the balcony ladder.

Once Michael was out of sight, Max gave Liz a short and sweet kiss on the lips, “Sorry, baby, maybe we can make up for the missed opportunity at lunch?” Max asked hopefully.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Liz returned the kiss, though any further romance would have to be put on hold.
Though aggravated with Michael, Max, nevertheless, threw on his clothes and headed downstairs to help Michael stow crates of produce in the Crashdown cooler. In the relative quiet that followed, Max was wishing Michael had something snide to say, preferring a confrontation to the morning’s silence.

After stacking another crate of lettuce, Max had had enough, “What, no smart-ass remark about me spending the night at Liz’s?” Max breathed out in a huff, tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“No, man, I don’t fault you for that,” Michael replied as he turned to stow a flat of strawberries.

“Huh?” Max was thoroughly confused, figuring that Michael catching him in Liz’s bed this morning would have been plenty of fodder for Michael’s speculation on their relationship.

“Naw, man, I get it. There is nothing I like better than getting all snuggled up with Maria—all warm and soft, wrapped up together.”

Max paused with an ungainly box of melons in his hands, faintly amused at the completely sappy expression on his friend’s face.

“You know, she snuggles her butt right up next to me, and, well, you know…” Michael groaned happily at the thought of being in bed with Maria.

Max shook his head in mild distaste, not really needing to hear the gory details of Michael’s sex life.

“And you know, sometimes if we roll over, I get to be the little spoon,” Michael looked away with a goofy grin on his face, a box of tomatoes in hand.

“Enough!” Max responded with an exasperated huff. This was a side of Michael Max was wholly unprepared for. “Come on, let’s get the meat order stored. I gotta’ get to work, Max groaned, thinking how much snuggling he could be doing if it weren’t for Michael and unwelcome visit this morning.
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 53 3-7-09

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Ms_Buffy-They're really trying to turn up the heat here. 8)

Monica-I usually update on the weekend and mid-week, unless of course you cajole me into an extra update. I'm glad you liked it. I was a bit nervous about that part. (Didn't want to upset and disturb, you know). :lol:

Tamashii-Yeah, at this point they are just screwing with M/L, trying to force them into the open. :wink:

Eve-Well,they spent so many years legitimately denying any romantic relationship, so their friends are ready too have their 'I told you so' moment. :roll:

Alien_Friend-A few more hijinks are in the works. 8)

Natalie-He is a crafty one. 8)

Ginger-They have a few more up their sleeve. :wink: BTW-I'm enjoying your new one too!

“Hey, Dad, where’s the order for the UFO Center?” Liz inspected all the tickets on the take out bags, but couldn’t find Max’s Will Smith and Brody’s extra pepperjack on any of them.

“Oh, Maria already took it across the street. Said she needed to switch lunch breaks with you cause she had an appointment or something,” Jeff flipped a row of burgers, unfazed by his daughter’s annoyance.

“I wish she’d asked me about switching,” Liz muttered with gritted teeth. Max had scheduled his lunch break to coincide with Liz’s, so this sudden shift in plans precluded any hope of naked lunch in the UFO Center breakroom.

Liz’s cell vibrated in her apron pocket. She pulled it out to see a string of emoticons on the screen, half sniffling, half with little angry devil faces, denoting Maria’s successful attempt at screwing with their lunch date.

“Sorry about Maria,” Liz silently communicated to Max, though her face wore a grimace of disappointment.

“Yeah, sharing lunch with Brody isn’t nearly as fun as sharing lunch with you,” Max wordlessly responded.

“I hope not,” Liz teased.

She gave a sad smile to the empty space in front of her. She was broken out of her secret communication as customers approached the counter to pay their bill. Mechanically, Liz smiled and returned the customers’ change before remarking that she hoped they’d enjoyed their lunch.

“I’ll come over on my four o’clock break,” Max promised and then returned to the odious task of stuffing alien guts back into the latex cavity.

Watching from the pass through, Michael snickered at Liz’s apparent disappointment. “Good job, Ria,” he whispered, though repaying Maria’s sacrifice would require much more than Michael’s kind words.

45 minutes later

Maria waddled bowlegged through the front door of the Crashdown.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow,” Maria muttered with every step she took, walking gingerly as if on eggshells.

“Maria, you ok?” Liz questioned as she clipped an order on the carousel at the pass through.

“Fine,” Maria responded through gritted teeth, not stopping to elaborate, but waddling her way through the kitchen door, grabbing Michael and dragging him into the back.

“Takin’ a break, Mr. P,” Michael called out as he was unceremoniously pulled into the back room by Maria.

Jeff Parker waved a paw at Michael without looking up, only grabbing the spatula in his other hand to flip burgers when ready.

Maria brusquely shut the door, whispering in vehement but hushed tones,” You owe me for this,” she firmly insisted to Michael who only looked at her confusedly.

“I told our boss I had an appointment--,”

“Right, that was part of the plan,” Michael nodded.

“Well, I had my haircut last week, my nail appointment was two days ago, and my gynecologist appointment isn’t till next month--,”

Michael winced in squeamishness at the mention.

“That only left one thing, Michael,” she spat.

Michael looked at her with raised eyebrows and crossed arms, still as confused as ever.


The roar of Michael’s laughter sounded throughout the Crashdown, causing patrons in the dining room to turn their heads in surprise.

“Ria, just because you said you had an appointment, didn’t mean you actually had to make one,” Michael chuckled.

“Ok, I didn’t think of that,” a frustrated and pained Maria fumed.

Michael smiled at the prospect that awaited him if he could only improve her mood. He pulled Maria into a loving embrace as his expression softened and his voice took on a husky timbre, “I could kiss it and make it all better…”

Though she wanted to remain angry, the promise of Michael’s attentions was too great to pass up. Glancing down at her watch, Maria concluded, “I do have fifteen minutes left of my lunch hour…”

Smiling, Michael melted the lock and got down to work…
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 54 3-11-09

Post by destinyc » Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:46 pm

yayaliens-I'm so glad you found it! :P

Eve-Earlier in the story, Liz mentions to Max that she has an appointment with Helga for a bikini wax (prior to the shoot at the spa). He *ahem* takes care of the problem for her, and Liz forgoes her visit to the salon. :wink:

Natalie-A little something for everybody 8)

Alien_Friend-At least Michael will reap the benefits 8).

Ms_Buffy-Yes, Max and Liz will have a lot of pent up 'energy' by that evening. 8)

Monica -I promise today's part will be a bit longer--just for you! :D

4:00 that afternoon
After stripping off his UFO Center vest at work, Max entered the Crashdown wearing faded jeans slung low on his hips and a snug-fitting black tee, intent on finding a little alone time with Liz.

“Max!” his sister called out from the booth she shared with Alex, Maria and Michael.

Whipping around to the table behind him, Max gritted his teeth as Isabel demanded his attention. The precious minutes of his break were ticking away.

“What?” he huffed, facing the end of the booth, his hands gripping the sides of the table.

“I was just telling everybody we’ll meet up here at eight and head to Artesia. Mom gave me the keys,” Isabel jingled Diane’s keys in the air, taunting Max.

“She’s letting you drive?” Max asked with his eyes wide. “Oh, God, we’ll all wind up in a fiery heap on the side of the road,” Max groaned.

“You complained because you had just driven from Santa Fe, Alex just drove from Las Vegas, so why shouldn’t I drive?” Isabel rhetorically demanded.

As Liz walked through the kitchen door and into the dining room, slipping off her bobbling headband, she caught sight of Max as he leaned over the end of the table. His biceps were flexed as he gripped the table, the muscles of his back evident even underneath his tee. As he leaned over, his shirt had ridden up just a bit, revealing a strip of tan skin where his jeans rode low on his hips.

“Damn,” Liz purred silently through their connection, highly appreciative of what she saw before her.

Though in the middle of a somewhat heated conversation with his sister, Max suddenly stopped, blushed and smiled as he turned his head to look back at Liz.

Max eyed Liz lustfully as she stood behind him in her aqua mini dress, her silky tan legs bare underneath. As they had been interrupted on more than one occasion today, they were both hoping for a few minutes alone this afternoon.

“Hey, Liz,” Max smiled as he put his arm around Liz and kissed her on the cheek.

“Can you get away?” he continued silently.

“Hey, Max,” Liz returned the greeting. An impulsive idea popped into Liz’s lust-filled thoughts. “Max, can you, um, come to the storeroom with me,” Liz stammered as their friends shook with silent laughter, “And help me with a, um, box?”

“Absolutely,” Max grinned as he followed Liz to the back.

The others seated at the table, finally burst into roaring laughter at Liz’s Freudian slip.

“Ok, how long do we give them?” Maria asked excitedly.

“Three minutes, four minutes tops,” Alex calculated as he looked at his watch.

“How did you arrive at that?” Isabel queried.

“Long enough to get all hot and bothered, not long enough to do anything about it.”

“Dude, speak for yourself,” Michael scoffed then flinched as Maria swatted him across the arm.

“Take a lesson!”
Meanwhile in the storeroom…

“Oh, God, honey, I’ve missed you today,” Liz breathed out, panting as she melted the lock behind Max and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him in for a fiery kiss as they bumped into cases of ketchup bottles.

“I missed you, too,” Max smiled, pulling Liz in close, her soft mound meeting his hardening shaft through his jeans.

“I can tell,” Liz smiled as she ran her hands over Max’s firm backside, grinding his length into the hungry cleft between her legs as she found the tender skin of Max’s neck with her ravenous mouth.

Lacking the time for romantic overtures, Max ripped at the snaps of Liz’s aqua mini-dress, frantically pulling at the cup of Liz’s lacy bra and bent to take her nipple in his mouth, eliciting quiet groans from Liz’s throat. Liz held Max’s head to her breast as he suckled like a starving man. Slipping his hand underneath Liz’s dress, Max’s fingers found tender, swollen flesh, already wet to the touch.

Stopping short in his surprise, Max looked up suddenly, “Liz, where are your panties?!”

“Stuffed them in the corner behind the green beans a couple of minutes ago, now come here and let’s get you out of those jeans,” Liz commanded, yanking Max back to her by the front of his jeans, frantically sliding the belt back through the buckle.

“Liz, your dad is like ten feet away!” Max warned in a desperate whisper, a little concerned as she started to strip him of his clothes.

“I swear—I’ll be really fast and really quiet,” Liz pleaded as Max finally relented and resumed his earlier activities.

Back in the dining room…

With his elbow bent and his watch in front of his face, Alex counted down the time, “In five, four, three, two, one—ok, it’s time to break up the love fest.”

“Easy peasy,” Maria grinned slyly as the entire West Roswell Comets football team entered the doors of the Crashdown. “The first two-a-day practice of the season just ended, and these boys are going to be hungry,” Maria called out behind her as she started to make her way to the back.

“Hey, Maria, you go ahead and start on the drink orders, and I’ll find Liz,” Jeff Parker called from the pass through.

Maria froze with a petrified look on her face as she slowly turned with her order pad in hand and nervously faced the first table of rowdy, sweaty boys, “Heh…what can I get for you?” She looked through the pass through, afraid that Max’s life was about to be cut very short.
Back in the storeroom

With frantic hands groping and stroking, readying each other’s bodies, Max picked up Liz by her bare bottom, his own jeans slung down on his thighs.

“Hurry,” Liz breathed out as she rocked back, ready for Max to slip his stiff cock into her slick heat.

As Max took his shaft in hand, ready to slide into Liz’s hungry core, a fierce pounding shook the storeroom door.

“Liz? Are you in there?” Jeff Parker bellowed as he jiggled the handle on the outside of the door. “Come on, Liz, we’ve got a full house,” he continued to shake the handle of the melted door lock. “Why won’t this door open?” he questioned.

Thinking quickly, Liz called out, “Rotating stock, Dad! The new boxes are in front of the door, so we could get to the older cases.”

“Well, hurry up! The whole football team is in there, and Maria can’t manage them alone!”

Max quickly fastened his pants and dove behind the green beans for Liz’s panties, hurriedly helping her get dressed again. Running their hands over each other to restore their appearance, Max grabbed a box each of Tabasco, ketchup, mustard, and mayo as Liz slid boxes around to make the scene look legitimate.

Passing her hand over the lock, Liz and Max emerged from the storeroom, Max loaded down with a tower of condiments in his hands.

“Max?” Mr. Parker queried as he saw his daughter’s friend and soon-to-be roommate come out of the small room with her.

“Just trying to be of help, Mr. Parker,” came the muffled explanation from behind the cardboard boxes.

Max pushed through the dining room door as Michael and Alex rose to help him with the stack of boxes, despite their barely-contained laughter.

“Here, let me get the ketchup,” Michael grinned as he lifted the top box from Max’s stack.

“I’ll take the mayo,” Alex lifted the next box to set on the counter, his blue eyes gleaming with the success of their prank.

“Give me the mustard, and I’ll start refilling the tables,” Liz smiled trying to cover the true intention of their visit to the storeroom.

After opening the box of ketchup for Maria to distribute, Michael returned to Max as he remained in the middle of the dining room, a frustrated scowl on his face.

“Dude, you want me to take the Tabasco for ya’?” Michael offered, chuckling to himself.

Max, standing with the case of Tabasco securely in front of his bulging crotch only replied, “No, no,” he grimaced, “I’ll put it down in a couple of minutes…”
After a long, frustrating afternoon, Liz clocked out and headed upstairs to shower and dress for their evening out.

“Oh, I wish Max were here right now,” she groaned as the warm water cascaded down her soapy body.

Though Max was a couple miles away, dressing for their evening out as a group, he heard her thoughts loud and clear. Dressed in low-slung black slacks and a charcoal, shadow-striped shirt with rolled up sleeves, he bent to tie his black oxfords, grabbed his keys and headed to Liz’s as pink and purple lighting played across the sky in the distance.

As he climbed the fire escape ladder, Max entered through Liz’s balcony window and heard the muffled sound of the shower running.

“Your wish is my command,” Max said silently as a huge smile crossed Liz’s face in the shower. Liz shut off the water as Max entered the room.

“Now, I thought we had an agreement about not showering alone,” Max teased as he wrapped Liz in a large, fluffy towel, running his hand over her hair to quickly dry it.

“I smelled of French fries,” Liz retorted playfully as she grabbed the ends of the towel and flashed Max, who immediately wrapped his arms around her lovely, warm body.

“Mmmm…that’s more like it,” Max growled appreciatively. “What do you say we pick up where we left off earlier,” he suggested as his hand went to her breast, fondling the puckered flesh he found there.

“Absolutely,” Liz smiled as she reached for his belt buckle, ready to strip Max of his slacks and boxers.

Max’s hand sought Liz’s wet folds as he ran his fingers through her nether-lips and into her slick core. Liz, equally eager, took Max’s shaft in hand as it quickly hardened in her grasp. Kissing and suckling on each other’s skin, they backed out of the bathroom, ready to tumble onto the bed when an insistent knocking issued from Liz’s door.

“Liz! Hey, I need to get ready—not enough time to go home, you know,” Maria grinned from the other side of Liz’s door.

Frantically looking at each other and then at the door knob that began to turn, Max shooed Liz back into the bathroom with her clothes she had laid out, pulled up his pants, and frantically placed a bed pillow over his lap to cover his tell-tale erection. Smoothing his hand over his disheveled appearance, he called out,

“Come on in, Maria, Liz is in the bathroom.”

Maria entered with her skirt and blouse in hand, her shoes dangling from her index finger, “Thought I saw your jeep out front,” she quipped, knowing full-well as to the nature of his early arrival. “Aren’t we taking your parent’s Explorer—it’s going to come a huge thunderstorm tonight.”

Heaving a frustrated sigh, Max explained, “Yeah, Izzy and Alex will be by in a few minutes. I, um, just had a few errands to run,” offering a lame lie in response. Having given himself a few minutes to calm down and accept his fate, Max grimaced and threw the pillow back on the bed. “Well, I’m going to leave you girls to get ready, and I’ll just head downstairs and talk to Michael,” Max sighed again as he opened Liz’s door and softly shut it behind him.

“Hi, Ria,” Liz sighed resignedly as she emerged from the bathroom. She had put on a silky, emerald green blouse that fastened behind her neck but left her back very bare. The hem of the blouse draped loosely over her black mini skirt that stopped high on her thigh. Reaching into her top dresser drawer, Liz reached for a pair of lacy, black cheeky panties and slipped them on under her skirt.

“Damn, girl, who are you wearing those panties for?” Maria bluntly questioned.

“Can’t a girl like to wear nice panties?” Liz retaliated with wide eyes, batting her lashes for effect.

“I guess so,” Maria snickered as she headed to Liz’s bathroom and turned on the shower, only able to guess at the events that almost occurred there just minutes before.
After chatting at length about the baseball game they were going to miss that night, Max and Michael heard the unmistakable sound of high heels on Liz’s wooden stairs. They rose to greet the girls as they headed through the dining room door.

Michael gave a sultry wolf-whistle as the girls came into view. “Well, don’t you two look hot!” Michael exclaimed as he wrapped his arm around Maria and gave her a steamy kiss. Maria wore a sequined turquoise mini dress and matching heels, her hair hanging in lose curls, pulled back from her face.

Michael and Maria turned their attention to Max who seemed to have stopped breathing for a moment, as transfixed as he was by the vision in front of him.

“Liz, you look very beautiful tonight,” Max breathed out a gentlemanly greeting, but the thoughts running through his head, the thoughts Liz could also see included images of their moments together earlier in the day and of the night when they christened the very room they were standing in.

“Thank you,” Liz said sweetly, though she responded to Max’s thoughts with a few choice memories of her own. She kissed him on the cheek demurely although she really wanted to ravish his mouth and wrap her legs around him, regardless of their audience.

Max had to stifle his chuckle at her insistence.

“Izzy’s here,” Michael called out as he peeked out from beneath the closed blinds of the Crashdown windows. “We call the back seat!” Michael shouted out like they were little kids again.

“Grrr,” Max said softly as he led Liz with his hand at her bare back, locking the doors of the Crashdown behind them.
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 55 3-13-09

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Tamashii-So glad you're back! :D

Kate-Do you really want Jeff to bust in on Michael and Maria? Seriously? :lol:

Eve-Remember, the primary objective here is to keep Jeff in the dark. :wink:

Jan-You know I love you even when you miss three updates! I'll talk to you Sat! :D

Monica-They're about to get a reprieve. And, yes, more Holding On, please! 8)

Yaya-Coming right up :D

Alien_Friend-Well, you know they had to have a close call with Jeff :wink:

Lena-Hope you enjoy it! Talk to you soon! :D

Hey everybody! I know I'm posting a little early, but I wanted to get this out before tomorrow's chat. I'm going to try to write a chapter of The Schoolgirl tonight, so bear with me on that one. I hope you enjoy their evening of clubbing!

Thunder rumbled in the distance as Max, Liz and their friends climbed into his parents’ SUV.

“Iz, are you sure you want to drive?” Max whined as he climbed in the bucket seat behind his sister.

Adjusting the rearview mirror to capture Max’s glance, Izzy insisted, “I’ve been driving just as long as you have, Max. Quit being such a chauvinist, sit back, and enjoy the ride,” Isabel commanded in her pink, short strapless dress, readjusting the mirror to its proper place, turning the ignition and waiting for the final door to close.

Liz sat in the bucket seat, opposite Max, but sat with her back against the armrest, facing him. Maria and Michael occupied the backseat, stretched out and cuddling. Max grumbled quietly in frustration.

Sensing her boyfriends rising aggravation, Liz curled up in the seat, wrapping her right leg over her left, providing a little show for Max’s eyes only. Her intent wasn’t to tease Max, but to bank her fires for later.

“Like what you see?” she questioned silently and seductively.

“You have no idea,” Max groaned in response, appreciating the delightful view.

“Hey, somebody throw me an iPod—there is absolutely no radio reception tonight,” Alex called out from the front passenger seat.

“Here’s mine,” Liz reached in her purse, handing the device to Alex.

After plugging the iPod into the auxiliary jack on the stereo, Alex scrolled through Liz’s song selection.

“Ah, here we go—memories of junior prom,” Alex declared as he cued the song.

“Who can remember junior prom?” Michael questioned rhetorically.

The familiar introduction sounded through the speakers as Maria started singing along enthusiastically.

“When I woke up tonight
I said I'm gonna make somebody love me
I’m Gonna make somebody love me
And now I know, now I know, now I know
I know that it's you
You’re Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky”

Maria turned to face Michael as she danced in her seat, punctuating the last line of the verse with a playful pointed finger to his chest.

“Come on, Liz, sing with me!”

“Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Wanna go where I never let you before,”
Maria sang with gusto.

“Singing along with you is patently unfair,” Liz decreed. Although her voice was passable, no one in the group could match Maria’s singing ability.

“Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Wanna go of what I never let you before,”
Maria bit her lip and lasciviously gazed at her boyfriend who smiled and raised his eyebrows.

“Now you know how I feel—I had to take tests in the same room with you two for twelve years!” Maria shot back at Liz and grinned.

From the driver’s seat, Isabel had joined Maria in her decibel-shattering sing-a-long.

“Well he's a friend and he's so proud of ya
He's a friend and I knew him before ya
Oh yeah”

“Fine.” Liz grinned and joined in with her two girlfriends--

“Well he's a friend and we're so proud of ya
Your famous friend well I blew him before ya
Oh yeah”

“You were just trying to get me to sing that last line!” Liz playfully slapped at Maria’s arm that was dangling over the back of Liz’s seat.

Smiling wickedly, Maria declared, “Yes, I was!”

“Although it wasn’t nearly as funny as when the guys sang it last year,” Isabel called out from the front.

Liz gave in, dancing and singing with Maria as their boyfriends looked on in amusement.

Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Wanna go where I never let you before

The performer in Alex could no longer be contained, and his voice joined the girls’ for the next verse as he turned around in his seat to join the trio.

“Here we are at the transmission party
I love your friends
They're all so arty
Oh yeah”

Finally succumbing to the raucous serenade, Max and Michael sighed and looked at each other, and both joined in the final chorus with the rest.

When I woke up tonight
I said I'm gonna make somebody love me
I’m Gonna make somebody love me
And now I know, now I know, now I know
I know that it's you
You’re Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky

Max and Liz looked across the aisle at each other lustfully as they sang along, their mischievous expressions illuminated by the lightning paying above the clouds overhead.

Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna
Want a go, of what I never let you before

Each couple, even Max and Liz who were fruitlessly trying to remain secretive, couldn’t resist belting the final lyrics of the song to each other.

Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky
Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky
Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky
Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky
Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky
Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky


Laughter echoed throughout the SUV as the song faded out. A perplexed look came across Alex’s face who turned around to his friends once again, “Who was it that wore blue panties that night?” he asked as one of the vague memories of that night nagged at him.

“Liz!” came the shouted reply from four people in the truck, laughing at the memory of Liz’s new-found exhibitionism.

“Yes, yes I did,” she admitted with a stifled laugh, recalling Max’s crumpled prom photos from the box under his bed.

Alex scrolled through Liz’s playlist to find their next selection, “Hey, Liz, what happened to your songs from ‘The Whits’?” Alex asked plaintively, a little hurt at the omission.

“Um, I don’t know, Alex,” Liz stammered and looked at Max for help who could only shake his head, not knowing how to get out of the embarrassing spot either. “Feel free to put them back on, though,” Liz offered sheepishly.

“No problem,” Alex replied cheerfully, pulling his computer from under the passenger seat.

“You brought your laptop with you?” Isabel could only shake her head at her boyfriend’s loveable geekiness.

Alex smiled in self-satisfaction as he plugged in Liz’s iPod for the download, “You never know when you might need it.”
Trails of illuminated raindrops streaked down the glass doors as Max, Liz and their friends entered Club Atomic. After surreptitiously drying off, the group readied their altered driver’s licenses and twenty dollar bills as they waited their turn in line. Under the guise of gentlemanly behavior, Max allowed the other couples to go ahead of them in line, but in truth, he was anxious to touch Liz once again. The dj’s music boomed even into the entryway.

…And you take your time,
And you do your crime.
Well you made your bed,
I'm in mine….

With no one behind him to question the propriety of his behavior, he held Liz’s hip with his left hand and slipped his right inside the open back of her blouse, his thumb tracing the small of her back, bringing the now-familiar cherry tattoo to the surface once again. Liz smiled at the familiar tingle and warmth, resting her head and shoulders against his chest, a secret smile on her face.

Max grinned as he felt Liz start to dance while they were in line, moving slightly against him.

…Because when I arrive
I, I'll bring the fire.
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you…

Even before they set foot on the dance floor, Liz started rolling her hips against Max, for as much as they had complained about being dragged along on such an obvious set-up, neither could resist the pleasures of dancing with the other. Max pulled Liz in tighter, the subtle movements of his hips matching hers.

…Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock…

Liz couldn’t resist giving Max a little grind as he waited for his change.

Max chuckled silently, “It’s going to be a long night…”

…To the world
And you take your time
And you stand in line
Well you'll get what's yours
I got mine…

Upon getting their hands stamped with blue, cartoon-style rockets, they joined their friends in search of a table.

Because when I arrive
I, I'll bring the fire.
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What this is, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock...

“Looks like Alex found us one,” Max pointed ahead to a small raised platform with a large table and six chairs, his hand remaining on the small of Liz’s back to help her to her seat.

“What can I get ya’?” asked a tall red-headed waitress dressed in a black tee and jeans.

“Five cherry cokes and a root beer, if you please,” Michael boldly requested, “And a bottle of Tabasco if you have one,” he cynically smiled. The waitress grimaced and then forced a smile, a little annoyed that the table didn’t order anything alcoholic.

When the music changed again, Maria let out a squeal, grabbing Liz and Isabel away from the guys and pulling them onto the dance floor with her.

Boys call you sexy [What's up, sexy?]
And you don't care what they say
See everytime you turn around
They're screaming your name

Though mildly perturbed about being ripped away from Max before they even had a chance to dance, Liz couldn’t resist Maria’s fervor as the Pussycat Dolls’ song began.

Boys call you sexy
And you don't care what they say
See everytime you turn around
They're screaming your name

In a snug little group, Liz, Maria, and Isabel danced playfully, the three men looking on intently from their seats at the table.

Now I've got a confession [ha, ha, ha, ha]
When I was young, I wanted attention [ha, ha, ha, ha]
And I promised myself that I'd do anything [ha, ha, ha, ha]
Anything at all for them to notice me [ha, ha, ha, ha]

The three girls gleefully sang along as they danced, turning to each other at the end of each line, shimmying as they delivered the laughs.

But I ain't complaining
We all wanna be famous
So go ahead and say
What you wanna say

You don't know what it's like to be nameless
Want them to know what your name is
'Cause see, when I was younger, I would say

When I grow up, I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies
When I grow up, I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies

Hamming it up, the girls sang and danced for each other, duly thrusting their chests out on the last line of the chorus. Though the night may have been young, the three men were already drooling on themselves, with Max doing an inadequate job of hiding his lustful thoughts.

When I grow up, be on TV
People know me, be on magazines
When I grow up, fresh and clean
Number one chick when I step out on the scene

Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it
You just might get it
You just might get it…

“You got a little something on your chin,” Liz grinned as she met Max’s stare.

Absently Max touched his chin with his fingers, then laughed to himself at Liz’s true meaning.

“And whose fault is that?” he raised an eyebrow to her from across the room.

Alex and Michael gave each other a furtive glance as they watched this silent conversation taking place.

“So, what’d she say?” Michael broke Max out of his reverie with a scoff.

“Huh?!” Max turned his attention to his friend, unaware of the dazed look on his face.

“Nevermind,” Michael took a sip of his cherry coke and returned to the show the girls were putting on for them.

They used to tell me I was silly
Until I popped up on the TV [la, la, la, la]
I always wanted to be a superstar
Who knew singing songs would get me this far? [la, la, la, la]

Again, the three girls turned to each other, their tongues darting out from their lips to sing the la-las at the end of each line. Micahel and Alex momentarily forgot about their plans to torture Max and returned to the sexy view in front of them.

But I ain't complaining
We all wanna be famous
So go ahead and say
What you wanna say

You don't know what it's like to be nameless
Want them to know what your name is
'Cause see, when I was younger, I would say

When I grow up, I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies
When I grow up, I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies

As the girls continued to writhe and sway, they decided a little more tantalizing was in order, punctuating the last line with their hands on their breasts, pushing up their cleavage. Max, Michael, and Alex were all forced to make a slight adjustment underneath the table.

When I grow up, be on TV
People know me, be on magazines
When I grow up, fresh and clean
Number one chick when I step out on the scene

Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it
You just might get it
You just might get it…

In a line from shortest to tallest, the girls rolled their bodies simultaneously, one just barely touching the other, causing pained groans to come from their respective boyfriends.

I see them staring at me
Oh, I'm a trendsetter
Yes, this is true, 'cause what I do
No one can do it better

You can talk about me
'Cause I'm a hot topic
I see you watching me
Watching me
And I know you want it, oh

Hips and shoulders swaying and arms crossed languidly atop her head, Liz met Max’s gaze, her eyes dark and seductive.

“You’re about to blow our cover,” Liz teased silently as she sashayed down and then back up, her hips moving sinuously with the beat.

“And whose fault is that?” Max responded with a smile.

When I grow up, I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies
When I grow up, I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies

Isabel and Maria drew Liz back to them, giggling at their own silliness as the rolled their shoulders causing their breasts to bounce and jiggle.

When I grow up, be on TV
People know me, be on magazines
When I grow up, fresh and clean
Number one chick when I step out on the scene

Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it
You just might get it
You just might get it

Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it
You just might get it
You just might get it

The girls danced and sang frenetically, attracting plenty of attention from everyone in the club. As the song wound to a close, the girls made their way back the table, falling over each other with laughter. Max, Michael, and Alex rose to help the girls to their seats. The muffled sound of thunder shook the club, causing the lights to flicker a bit.

“This mine?” Liz asked as she reached for the cup of cherry coke.

“Yeah, here you go,” Max offered.

Tasting the fizzy soda, Liz pulled a face, reaching for the bottle of Tabasco. Curious glances were traded around the table.

The music continued pounding throughout the room as the six friends enjoyed their sodas.

“So, has everyone had a good day today?” Maria asked suspiciously. “I’ve had a great day,” Maria waggled her eyebrows toward her boyfriend who offered his lunchtime attentions after Maria’s trip to Helga’s salon.

Mum mum mum mah
Mum mum mum mah

I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas Plays
Fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me (I love it)
Luck and intuition play the cards with Spades to start
And after he's been hooked I'll play the one that's on his heart

”Well, I tried on all the clothes I bought in Vegas, then Alex and I had a lovely lunch in the park,” Isabel stared mischievously at Alex and played with the hair at the nape of his neck. “A very secluded spot in the park,” she giggled.

Max rolled his eyes at his sister’s obvious meaning.

“Mmm, lunch was quite delicious, wasn’t it?” Alex nuzzled in close to Izzy eliciting a playful giggle from her.

Liz shifted in her seat a little uncomfortably-- a little jealous that her own lunch plans with Max had been so unexpectedly interrupted.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh,
I'll get him hot, show him what I've got

Can't read my,
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face

“So, Liz how was your day?” Isabel inquired with feigned innocence.

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
Mum mum mum mah

“Fine,” Liz commented curtly, quite aware of their friends’ scheming. “It was—fine,” she slid her hand to Max’s inner thigh, dangerously nearing his crotch.

I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be
A little gambling is fun when you're with me (I love it)
Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun
And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun, fun

“Oh, God,” Max groaned silently as Liz’s hand traveled even higher.

I'll get him hot, show him what I've got

“So, Maxwell, good day today?” Michael smirked.

“Apart from someone waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn, I suppose it was ok,” Max fired back.

Can't read my,
Can't read my
No he can't read my poker face

“Speaking of ass-crack…” Michael retorted but was immediately cut short when Max grabbed Liz’s hand that was creeping further up his leg.

“Come on, Liz, let’s dance.”
The six friends stepped on the dance floor, the swirling, flashing lights almost hypnotic in their rhythm. As one song faded to the next, Max pulled Liz to his body as he held on to her hips, her back nestled to his chest.

Yes! so crazy right now
Most incredibly
It's your girl b
It's your boy young
History in the makin part 2

The club lights flittered as the summer storm gathered strength outside. Ignoring the interruption, Max pulled Liz even closer, taking no notice of the prying eyes of their friends.

I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on you more and more every time
When you leave I'm beggin you not to go
Call your name two, three times in a row

Kept apart so long that day, Max and Liz were dying to feel the other’s touch. Max’s hands grasped Liz’s hips as their hips rolled together in a sinuous wave. Liz’s hands slid down the length of Max’s arms, resting firmly atop his hands, eager as she was to keep her body to his.

Such a funny thing for me to try to explain
How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame
Yeah, cause I know I don't understand
Just how your love can do what no one else can

While their friends were accustomed to them dancing so closely, Max and Liz could feel the energy, the electricity produced by all the day’s denials. Max slipped his hands further up, underneath the green silk blouse, to skim the skin of her smooth stomach. Liz’s hands went to Max’s thighs, feeling the strong muscles flex with each movement.

Got me lookin so crazy right now
Your love's got me lookin so crazy right now
(your love)

Maria motioned Izzy and Alex further away from Max and Liz, but with the couple still remaining in their sights.

Got me lookin so crazy right now your touch's
Got me lookin so crazy right now
(your touch)

“Aren’t they going to be suspicious?” Isabel asked, concerned that their movement away from the couple would attract their attention.

“Nah, look at em’—they’re already in their little Max and Liz world,” Maria indicated with a nod toward the two. “Usually it takes a few songs, but with all the roadblocks we’ve thrown at them today, I knew it wouldn’t take long.”

Got me hoping you page me right now your kiss's
Got me hoping you save me right now

Still grinding into her from behind, Max’s head was bent to Liz’s ear, his warm breath playing havoc on Liz’s senses as she closed her eyes, imagining that they were moving just like this—but somewhere more private and with far fewer clothes.

Lookin so crazy your love's got me lookin
Got me lookin so crazy your love


Max was rock hard behind Liz, his shaft straining the fabric of his black slacks. He was increasingly aware of how high Liz’s skirt had ridden up and how close he was to her panty-covered core. Max knew that the furtive touches under Liz’s blouse were leaving silver trails in the wake of his intense desire.

When I talk to my friends so quietly
"Who he think he is?" Look at what you've done to me
Tennis shoes don't even need to buy a new dress
You ain't there, ain't nobody else to impress

“But they’ve danced like that for years—it doesn’t mean anything for sure,” Isabel dismissed as the other two couples continued dancing from several feet away.

It's the way that you know what I thought I knew
It's the beat that my heart skips when I'm with you
Yeah, but I still don't understand
Just how your love can do what no one else can

“Wait for it…” Maria drawled out, smiling in anticipation of what she expected to happen soon.

Got me lookin so crazy right now
Your love's got me lookin so crazy right now

Hungry for Liz’s body, Max turned her to face him, the swirling lights darting across his ready body.

(your love)
Got me lookin so crazy right now your touch's
Got me lookin so crazy right now

“There!” Maria declared pointedly as Isabel’s jaw dropped to the floor.

“Oh my God,” Isabel shouted in a whisper, “I can’t believe you made me look at my brother’s hard-on!”

(your touch)
Got me hoping you page me right now your kiss's
Got me hoping you save me right now

Unaware of his audience and concentrating solely on Liz, Max held her at the small of her back, Liz arching her back as they continued grinding together passionately, her rigid nipples revealed as the green silk clung to her shape.

Lookin so crazy your love's got me lookin
Got me lookin so crazy your love

“See?” Maria smiled smugly, noting Liz’s response to Max’s attentions.

Got me looking so crazy, my baby
I'm not myself lately
I'm foolish, I don't do this
I've been playing myself

Liz’s hair draped behind her as she bent back deeply, grinding her lace-covered mound against Max’s hard length. Their hips continued rolling in smooth waves, each beat building their desire for each other.

Baby I don't care
Cause your love got the best of me
And baby you're making a fool of me
You got me sprung and I don't care who sees
Cause baby you got me so crazy

“You can’t stand there and tell they haven’t done this without any clothes on. I just don’t buy it,” Michael bent down to confer with an equally convinced Maria. Alex nodded to Michael in agreement with his suspicions.

Got me lookin so crazy right now
Your love's got me lookin so crazy right now
(your love)
Got me lookin so crazy right now your touch's
Got me lookin so crazy right now
(your touch)

“You gotta get us out of here,” Liz pled silently with Max. Covertly glancing around, Max found an emergency exit. Dancing them closer to the door, Max looked quickly for an electrical outlet to temporarily short out.

Their friends chuckled at the desperation on their faces, were certain that their little scheme was about to produce the results they were after.

Got me hoping you page me right now your kiss's
Got me hoping you save me right now

Max grew desperate as he felt Liz’s leg wrap around his waist, unsure of how much longer he could contain himself. Pulling Liz up to face him, Max was a breath away from ravishing her mouth, picking her up and wrapping her legs around his body, revealing their secret and surely revealing too much of Liz in the process as well. Just as Max was about to give up looking for an escape…

Lookin so crazy your love's got me lookin
Got me lookin so crazy your love

The room went pitch black.
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 56 3-17-09

Post by destinyc » Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:48 am

Jan- I think you'll REALLY like the next chapter (at least I hope so) 8)

Tamashii-It won't be long now :P

Eve-Their friends are just trying to get them to admit what they already know is true :roll:

Monica-I think you'll enjoy it! :D

ForeignLoveMonkey-It will be soon-I promise :roll:

Natalie-Liked the pun! You'll see how they take advantage of the situation 8)

Ginger-Of course! :D

Alien_Friend-They will definitely be taking advantage of the situation. 8)

yaya-I'm on spring break too! Yea! (Of course I have tons of grading to do, but oh well!) :D

This scene is dedicated to Jan-who agreed to finally go to bed…

Thinking quickly, Max took advantage of the temporary blackout created by the storm as he pushed open the emergency exit door in the dark confusion. Max and Liz ran through the downpour, finding a shadowy niche behind the club where they could hide from their friends. They could hear the muffled sounds of the music come back to life as power was once again restored inside the club.

There was no pretense, no need for seduction as Max crashed his lips to Liz’s as the warm summer storm came down around them. Passing her hand over the futile buttons and zipper, Liz stripped Max of his charcoal-striped shirt, sending it to the asphalt below to soak in a newly-made puddle. Running her hands over his firm backside, Liz slid Max’s slacks and boxers to the ground, her hand tracing the rivulets of water as they slid down his muscular back.

Max wasted no time in reaching beneath Liz’s short skirt, disintegrating the seam of her lacy panties as his fingers, wet with rain, met Liz’s own slick core. He grazed her swollen clit as he furrowed his fingers between her nether-lips, then slid them into her hungry heat. He gathered the sodden silk in his other hand, exposing her breast to the night’s downpour before taking her in his mouth, his soft lips wrapping around her taut flesh.

“Max, please,” Liz pleaded as their eyes met in the dark, Max’s rigid length in her warm hand.

Needing no further invitation, not paying mind to the storm or their searching friends, Max lifted Liz to his body and slid his hard, yearning shaft deep within her.

Liz gasped as Max filled her completely, not only in the physical spaces, but in those parts of her heart and mind that had ached for him all day. Every denial, every near miss was satisfied in that moment of joining as she clung to Max in the rain.

Grinding their bodies together, as they had earlier that evening, was made even more perfect without the impediment of clothes. Max plunged into Liz’s depths time and again, their need for each other so great that nothing else mattered.

If this is what their friends were trying to provoke—then so be it. Ignoring the fear of being caught, of being exposed—they could not care. The drive to be with each other was too strong to deny.

Liz clung to Max as she fisted his hair in her hands, as she thrust her body to his, riding him desperately in the dark night, the rain soaking the silk that now barely covered her form. Shoving the intrusive fabric away, Max laved her breast, wet with the rain and his attentions.

Liz’s own mouth went to Max’s chest, her lips and warm breath reviving the tattoo that bore her name. She placed hungry kisses down the length of his neck, which served to drive his desire with even greater urgency, the rivulets of rain tracing a path around her ravenous lips.

Driving home, deep within Liz’s snug, warm walls, Max felt that completion he had searched for all day. His head lay on the gentle slope of her neck while his hand slipped beneath her bunched up skirt, to the place where they were joined, his thumb drawing firm strokes against the length of her clit, sending Liz over the edge and Max with her.

Their bodies glowed like the lightning that played in the dark skies, their minds filling in all the spaces of the day’s denied moments. They could see the completion of making love that morning, Michael never gracing their window. Their luncheon rendezvous was never thwarted, as they made love in the behind locked doors. Their stolen moment this afternoon was brought to fruition, with no unpleasant interruption to interfere.

Max held Liz closely as their heartbeats and breathing began to slow, her legs still wrapped tightly around him, their foreheads touching as the water dripped from their soaked bodies. Letting her gently down, they laughed as they retrieved their sodden, cast-off garments, happily muddied beyond recognition.
Back inside the club

…Well woman the way the time cold I wanna be keepin' you warm
I got the right temperature for shelter you from the storm
Oh lord, and gal I got the right tactics to turn you on, and girl I
Wanna be the Papa, you can be the Mom, oh oh!...

“Did you check the bathrooms?” Michael asked Maria as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Three times,” she insisted.

…Make I see the gal them bruk out pon the floor
From you don't want no worthless performer
From you don't want no man wey can't turn you on gal
Make I see your hand them up on ya
Can't tan pon it long, naw eat no yam, no steam fish, nor no green banana
But down in Jamaica we give it to you hot like a sauna…

“I’ve checked every store room, office, and janitor’s closet. No sign of them anywhere,” Alex breathed out as he and Izzy rejoined Michael and Maria.

“Did you check the truck?” Isabel asked.

…Well woman the way the time cold I wanna be keepin' you warm
I got the right temperature for shelter you from the storm
Oh lord, and gal I got the right tactics to turn you on, and girl I
Wanna be the Papa, you can be the Mom, oh oh!...

“About fifteen minutes ago,” Michael replied as he looked out the front doors of the club.

“Let’s look out back,” Alex suggested, noting that the storm was moving to the east.
After a muddy trek around the perimeter of the building, the four arrived back at the SUV, frustrated, wet and increasingly concerned.

Michael opened the passenger door to find a perfectly dry, tidy and well-dressed Max and Liz, sleeping innocently in the backseat of the Evans’ SUV, just as they had for the past twelve years, their alien powers coming in handy after their wet and muddy tryst.

“Where the hell have you been?” Michael demanded, waking a groggy Max and Liz.

Grinning in self-satisfaction, Max yawned before responding to Michael, “It was a little stuffy, so we stepped out for some air.”

“We looked around for you guys, but we didn’t see you anywhere,” Liz feigned innocence with wide eyes and a sly smile, keenly aware that their friends had moved away from Max and Liz to spy on them as they danced.

“It got kind of late, so we decided to take a little—nap,” Max smirked as his friends’ faces fell in defeat, their day’s plan to expose Max and Liz’s relationship coming to naught. The four stood in the dark parking lot, their arms crossed across their chests.

Satisfied that they had preserved their secret for one more day, Liz, snuggling even more deeply into Max’s chest simply added, “Oh, and by the way--we call the backseat.”
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 57 3-19-09

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Alien_Friend-They are most definitely clever!

Natalie-I hope you're feeling better by now!

Ginger, Theoreticaly, it should be,but...

Jan- You are so very, very welcome

Eve-Yes, yes it is

Monica-This bonus chapter is for you, dear!

Yaya-They'll come around soon.

Hey, guys! Thanks for all your wonderful feedback! This little bonus is dedicated to Monica!
Big things will be happening Saturday, so join us again.then.

Midnight…Liz’s bedroom

After a quiet, almost too quiet ride back to Roswell, Max continued his nightly game of heading home, unnecessarily rattling his keys in the front door, saying goodnight to his parents, and then crawling out his window to head back to Liz’s.

Liz smiled as she felt Max before she could even hear his footstep on the fire escape. The room flickered with candlelight as Liz met Max’s gaze at her window. Opening the window and climbing through, Max smiled as he silently stood at Liz’s bedside and began to unbutton his shirt. Liz grinned broadly as she realized he was fulfilling her fantasy that she had shared with him several weeks ago.

Max shrugged out of his shirt, then his hands went to the button of his black slacks, unfastening them as he slowly unzipped his trousers, dropping them and his boxers to the floor. Stepping out of his pants and kicking off his shoes, Max gazed into Liz’s dark eyes as her hair splayed across the pillow. She smiled as a very naked Max pulled back the sheets to reveal an equally naked Liz.

Max grinned as he climbed into bed with Liz, “So can I talk yet?”

“Yes, you are allowed to talk,” Liz giggled, opening her arms to the man intent on making all her fantasies come true. “Come here,” Liz purred as Max slid onto her body, offering sweet kisses down the length of her neck.

“Well, I wasn’t wearing jeans, but other than that…” Max teased as he cupped Liz’s breast in his hand, then gently ran his tongue over her nipple as he looked up again into her eyes.

“What you were wearing would vary a little from time to time,” Liz assured as she ran her fingers through Max’s hair, smiling down at him.

After their passionate evening outside during the thunderstorm, Max and Liz were ready for slow, sweet lovemaking in Liz’s soft bed, the remnants of the storm gently trickling down her windowpane.

Max slid his rigid length between Liz’s slick nether lips, Liz’s desire for Max already quite evident. With each stroke he brushed her clit, Liz groaned happily in response as she rocked her hips to meet him. Liz ran her hands down Max’s strong back, her fingers tracing along the cleft of his ass, a sexy grin spreading across Max’s face as she did so. After readying each other’s bodies, Max’s hard shaft slid home into Liz’s warm walls, eliciting hushed moans from each of them.

“God, you feel so good,” Liz breathed out as Max slowly, skillfully thrust into her heated core. Liz’s hands went to Max’s backside, grinding him even deeper into her welcoming body.

Max shook his head slowly against the crook of Liz’s neck. “No,” he drawled slowly, “It’s all you. You do this to me,” Max avowed as he thrust his throbbing cock into her depths once again. “You’re soft, and wet,” Max placed sweet kissed along her collarbone, tracing a trail to the rigid flesh of her nipple, suckling hungrily. “Snug and warm,” Max smiled as his eyes glittered in the candlelight. Max guided her thighs back between his own, her clit now in constant contact with each stroke of his cock.

Liz’s eyes closed in overwhelming bliss for a moment, then opened again, her gaze locking onto Max’s. She gripped his hips, rolling her body into his, just as they had on the dance floor that night, except now somewhere more private and with far fewer clothes on.

Max could feel Liz’s climax begin to build like a filling cup threatening to spill over the brim. Her darkened eyes reflected the firelight of the room, contrasting with the raindrops that glistened there just hours before. His mouth ravished hers, swallowing the sounds of her pleasure. Her heat held him tightly, throbbing with her racing heartbeat as Max came hard in her sweet depths.

The silvery sheen on their bodies reflected the little flames alit in the room, giving the appearance of their bodies ablaze but not consumed. As their breathing steadied once more, the flickering light moved back to the window to play against the wet trails of rain that still gathered there.

Liz sprinkled sweet kisses on Max’s skin as she nestled her head to his chest. “Lucky for us our friends can’t interfere for the rest of the night,” Liz grinned as she looked up into Max’s smiling eyes.

“True, by now they’re all safely tucked away in their beds, or someone’s bed as the case may be,” Max chuckled at the thought of the lanky Alex tripping over Isabel’s windowsill in the dark. The fact that Maria spent most nights at Michael’s was now a given. Max heaved a heavy sigh, “Today was just crazy, Liz. We’re never going to have a minute’s peace until we tell them the truth,” Max absently scrunched his fingers in her hair.

“I know, it’s become rather ridiculous. I think Maria even got a bikini wax today as part of their scheme,” Liz had noticed Maria’s tell-tale waddle as she re-entered the Crashdown after lunch.

“Michael could’ve taken care of that for her,” Max laughed, fondly remembering when he helped Liz with the same little problem. “Much less painful.”

“That’s what she gets for trying to screw with us,” Liz laughed lightly. “Our confession-what do you think? Camping trip, maybe?”

“Back where it all started, huh?” Max smiled thinking of the field trip to the Vasquez rocks that forced the alien trio to reveal their true identities to Alex and Maria. “Just a few more days, then.”

“A few more days,” Liz concurred as gave Max a goodnight kiss as she rolled to her side, Max spooning her as he always had.
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 58 3-21-09

Post by destinyc » Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:06 am

Drumroll please!!! Here it is...Hope you guys will be happy with this part! I know it's been a long time coming.

BTW-Yea me! I finished grading my student's research papers--I have to go in to work tomorrow and put in grades, but anything is better than grading another freshman research paper. (Ok-I usually don't beg for sympathy--I know it's not pretty :lol: )

For those of you who are reading The Schoolgirl--I will update this weekend. I am at a spot where I could break the chapter or keep going, so I'll see how much I can accomplish before the weekend's over.

As you read today's chapter--watch for the scene breaks--several things are happening simutaneously.

Tamashii-Very true!

Alien_Friend-School is coming up soon, but there will be a few chapters to follow.

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Monica-I hope you are feeling better. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Though they spent much of their time dodging barely-veiled innuendo from their friends and suspicious glances from their mothers, the next several days went by in a flurry of activity, with Max and Liz both working as much as possible during the day and boxing up their books and winter clothes in the evening. In typical Max and Liz fashion, they even opened up a joint household account, ordered a refrigerator and mattress, and scheduled them to be delivered the day they arrived in Cambridge. Every enrollment form, utility deposit and even the faked perfunctory physicals were mailed in early. There was only one thing left to take care of before Max and Liz were ready to leave…
“Come on, Maria, let’s go!” bellowed Michael as he shouted through his open apartment door.

“Well, come here and help me with this cooler, why don’t you?” retorted Maria, trying to lug the extra-large ice chest through the narrow doorway.

“Do you have all the girly stuff you’re going to need?” Michael huffed as he picked up the bulky container.

“Already in the trunk. What about all the guy stuff you’ll need?”

“I don’t need any guy stuff,” Michael scoffed. “Camping is all about roughing it,” he smirked proudly as he shoved the cooler in the backseat. “But, honey, why don’t you grab that case of Snapple while you’re in the kitchen,” he yelled back, “You can never have too much Snapple you know,” he commented knowingly as he took the case from Maria and slid it onto the floorboard of her backseat. “Baby, grab the mail on your way before my crazy neighbor has a chance to steal my TV Guide again.”

“No problem,” Maria called, reaching into the mailbox and grabbing the heavy bundle of mail, tossing it on top of the peach Snapple in the back of her car.



“Lip balm?”



“Check--Iz, darling, why do we need to take Cosmopolitan magazine on a camping trip?” Alex inquired with a raised eyebrow as he unpacked and repacked anything and everything Isabel might need for their desert outing.

“Well, swatting pesky insects, for one,” Isabel held up her fingers in tally. “Two, perusing the highly accurate horoscopes in the back of the magazine, and three, trying out this month’s sex quiz when we’re alone in our tent,” Izzy returned the raised eyebrow with a sexy smirk.

“The Cosmo goes camping then,” Alex concurred.
Noticing the UPS truck pull to a stop in the middle of the street, Liz beamed and clapped, “Right on time!” Liz went to the driver to sign for and collect her package as Max loaded her duffel and the cooler of food in the back of his jeep.

“I ordered us something,” Liz grinned as she handed Max the large cardboard box.

Max popped open the packaging tape and the box flaps that contained a midnight blue sleeping bag. With a curious expression, Max questioned Liz’s purpose.

“It’s a double sleeping bag,” Liz explained with bright eyes, “So we don’t have to sleep on the zipper anymore. And look--,” Liz unrolled the top of the bag, “I had it monogrammed,”

Max helped Liz with the heavy bag, admiring the silver thread woven onto the fabric, “’Max & Liz’, oh, honey, it’s great. And I get to share it with you tonight,” Max kissed her on the cheek as the stole a glance through the windows of the Crashdown, ascertaining if anyone was watching this intimate exchange. “It’s almost sundown—do you have everything you need?”

“It’s all packed and in the jeep,” Liz grinned.

“Well then,” Max took a deep breath as he helped Liz in the jeep, “time to face the music,” he grinned wryly, as he hopped in the driver’s side and headed toward the desert.

At the Vasquez rocks

“Did anybody bring marshmallows?” Maria called out as the group busied themselves with setting up the tents and building a fire.

“In the jeep,” Liz responded as she stowed their new sleeping bag inside their tent.

“Ooh, did we bring the Tabasco?” Michael asked in response, Maria pulling a face.

“Also in the jeep,” Liz grinned, tossing her duffel inside their tent as well.

“Hey, Iz, this month’s sex quiz is ‘How Does He Measure Up?’ I’m not exactly sure I want you reading such a questionnaire,” Alex announced with humorous indignation as he tossed the magazine with the scantily-clad model on the cover into their tent.

“I’m sure you’ll measure up just fine, honey,” Izzy patted Alex on the cheek as she passed him, heading to their tent to retrieve her lip gloss, giving Alex a loud smack as she finished applying it.

Michael lugged the cooler to the campsite, with everyone reaching into the icy water and pulling out a soda as soon as he sat it down.

“Anyone ready for a hot dog?” Michael inquired, fishing the wet package of wieners from the ice chest.

“Mmm, in a little bit,” Maria responded grabbing the roll of toilet paper they had brought along, “I’ve got to visit the little girl’s rock—Liz, come with?”

“Sure,” Liz followed behind Maria as she headed behind the jagged rocks.
“Did we bring anything besides soda?” Alex questioned as he poked around in the ice chest.

“Case of Snapple in the Jetta,” Michael said off-handedly, “And, hey would you grab the weenie roasters in the backseat?”

“No problem,” Alex signaled to Isabel to follow him to Maria’s car.

“I’ll grab the buns and chips out of the jeep,” Max added as he walked back to his vehicle.
“So did I tell you that Kyle hit on me again the other day?” Maria called out to Liz from behind the rock.

“Ewww, are you serious?” Liz responded as she waited for Maria to finish up.

“Yeah, something about how step-sibling sex is supposed to be really hot. Not quite as hot, he said, as it would be if we were growing up in the same house, but still hot,” Maria scoffed.

“God, that is disgusting,” Liz scowled and shook her head, “How do you put up with that?” Liz hollered at Maria.
“Hey Iz, will you grab the weenie roasters while I get the Snapple?” Alex requested as he opened the back door of the Jetta. Shuffling some papers off the drinks, Alex found something that piqued his interest.

“Huh, Men’s Health, who knew that Michael was suddenly interested in improving his squat thrusts?” Alex considered as he picked up the magazine. “And look honey,” Alex suggested as he perused the front cover, “’Fulfilling Her Fantasies,’ that sounds promising,” Alex waggled his eyebrows at Isabel who looked across the backseat at him, grabbing the roasters up in her hand.

“Bring it along. Let’s see if Men’s Health really knows what women fantasize about,” Isabel quipped, shutting the door behind her.

“I don’t stay there much,” Maria confessed as she re-emerged from behind the jutting rocks, the remaining toilet paper in hand. “But still, the other day, I went to my room, and he had stashed soft-core porn under my bed,” Maria walked into the shadows of the overhang. “He said that is wasn’t the really trashy stuff, so why did I have a problem, but I said--,”

Tucking the weenie roasters under her arm, Isabel lifted the thick magazine off the case of drinks, flipping to the magazine’s index, “Her fantasies, her fantasies, ah, page 112, first in a three-part series,” Isabel skimmed through the pages as she and Alex made their way back to camp.
The tell-tale rattle sounded from the shadows where Maria had frozen stock-still, looking at Liz with eyes wide as saucers. The rattlesnake coiled, its fangs bared, ready to strike out at its trespasser.
“Ugh, I hate those stupid loose cards in magazines,” Izzy complained as she licked her fingers, quickly dismissing the pages that held no interest for her, “One-ten, one-eleven, ok, here we go--,”
With instincts she didn’t know she possessed, Liz shot out of ball of energy from her hand, blasting the snake that rested only inches from Maria.
A high-pitched, earth-shattering scream emanated from two separate points, sending everyone running toward the campfire to see what had caused all the commotion.
As the six ran back toward each other, Max and Liz caught the terrified look in each other’s eyes.

“What happened?” they both asked breathlessly.

Max looked at his sister still staring at the page in transfixed shock. Sighing in resignation, he could only respond, “The magazine.”

Nodding, Liz looked at an equally horrified Maria, now covered in blood and bits of goo, “Rattlesnake,” Liz responded bluntly.

“I think they’re about even then,” Max went to Liz and slipped his arm around her waist. “How did you…?” Max trailed off, his eyebrows scrunched in question as he pointed from Liz to Maria.

Liz merely blew on her palm as a cowboy would blow on the barrel of his gun, her eyebrows raising slightly in wry acceptance.

“I am looking at my brother’s naked ass. I open up this magazine, and there is my brother’s bare butt staring me right in the face,” Isabel blinked as if her eyesight might fail at any moment.

“What the hell—let me see that,” Maria demanded, ignoring her indignity of being covered in remnants of rattlesnake for the moment.

“Oh my God,” Maria looked down at the pictures in the magazine, then back up at Max and Liz. “A lapdance?” Maria flipped the page, “Max tied to the bed and blindfolded? Damn, Liz you are one lucky girl,” Maria added through the corner of her mouth.

“Give that here—it’s my magazine anyway,” Michael grabbed the copy away from Maria.

“Hey, I was looking at that,” she complained, picking off snake goo off her crossed arms.

“We were going to tell you this weekend,” sighed Max, wishing that they could’ve eased their friends into this before the magazine went public.

“Who the hell is this guy?” Michael looked up, confused at the photo of Liz in between two men.

“Remember, I told you on the phone--it’s me,” Max explained, “Photoshopped in,” running his hands through his hair and over his face, Max donned his bad-boy look once more.

“We did keep one of his tattoos,” Liz added, pulling at the neck of his tee to reveal the heart emblazoned with her name.

“Oh my God,” was all Isabel could say as she plopped down on one of the rocks in disbelief.

“Here, honey, have a Snapple,” Alex popped off the lid and put the drink to her lips.

Maria strained to look over Michael’s shoulder as her examined the photo spread, “Oh, there’s your cha cha,” she noted as they flipped the pages, “Wow, Max, you’re looking mighty tasty in this one,” she quipped upon seeing Max covered in chocolate and other assorted sweet toppings.

“Hey,” Michael glared at Maria, “Stand downwind, you’re smelling kinda’ funky,” Michael scrunched his nose in disgust.

“Well, you wanna’ help me out a little here?” Maria placed her palms up in exasperation, waiting for his alien assistance.

“Oh, sorry,” Michael remembered himself and waved a hand over Maria, removing all the debris from her body and clothes.

Back to the task at hand, Maria flipped through a few more pages, as she recalled a phone conversation she has with Liz while she was away, “I remember something about pole-dancing?” she inquired incredulously.

“That’ll be in the next issue,” Liz smiled sheepishly with her eyebrows raised in acceptance of the inevitable.

“Guys let’s sit down, and we’ll explain,” Max motioned to their places by the fire. “Alex, do you need any help with my catatonic sister?”

“No, no, I got her. Come on, sweetheart,” Alex led a glassy-eyed Isabel to her spot by the fire.

Looking from the magazine photos and back up to Max and Liz, Maria’s eyes narrowed, “So—Albuquerque? Was that the first time you—you know?” Maria waggled her eyebrows at the two.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but no,” Liz defended the details of night they lost their virginity.

“Well, you’ve kept us in the dark all summer. I mean-we’ve seen your bare ass Max, what else do you need to hide from us?” Michael wryly taunted.

“God, you’re not going to stop till you find out, are you?” Liz sighed, rolling her eyes. “Fine—graduation night,” she offered plainly.

Groans issued from around the circle except for Maria who let out a resounding “Woo hoo!” into the night.

“I won, I won, I wo-on!” Maria did the happy dance around the campfire, Alex and Michael looking on in annoyance, Isabel still unresponsive, and Liz and Max looking completely confused.

“Maria, what the hell?” Liz demanded, never expecting that their revelation would produce this result.

Maria stopped short in her celebration, looking into Max and Liz’s bewildered faces. “Oh, yeah,” Maria gave a nervous giggle, “Um, we, uh, kind of had a bet going,” Maria confessed embarrassedly.

“A bet?” Max questioned strongly, giving Michael and Alex a hard look.

“I picked graduation,” Maria explained, trying to be contrite, though her happiness couldn’t help but show through.

“I had senior prom,” Alex offered.

“Max’s birthday,” Michael added.

“Christmas,” a glassy-eyed Isabel added, her first words in the last twenty minutes.

Sensing the need to explain their entire scheme, Alex continued, “We had our choice of major events and holidays, then after that we initialed a numbered graph, adding up the day, month and year,” Alex lowered his eyes sheepishly.

“We each put in ten dollars a month,” Michael added, accepting his part in the confession.

“For how long?” questioned Max.

“Since the end of freshman year,” Michael added resignedly.

“So--,” Liz considered.

“I just made over fifteen hundred dollars,” Maria continued her happy dance around the campfire.

“Congrats, Ria,” Liz chuckled wryly. “But, um, now we’ve got another little problem,” Liz turned to Max.

“Yeah, we didn’t think the magazine would be coming out quite this early,” Max gazed down at the fire as he pulled Liz even closer.

“Hey, first thing in the morning, Michael and I will head into town and buy up all the copies—my treat since I won the ‘virginity pool,’” Maria offered.

“Thanks, Maria,” Liz smiled, appreciative of her friend’s assistance.

“So, anyone ready for a hot dog?” Alex offered, holding up the weenie roasters, a hopeful look on his face as he tried to restore everyone’s festive mood.

Subdued agreement ran around the circle, even from Isabel who was beginning to come around.

“Hang on, there’s something I have to do first,” Max smiled as he turned to Liz, his hand fisting through her hair as he pulled her in close for a deep, passionate, long-overdue kiss.
Later that night in Max and Liz’s tent

“Well, it didn’t go exactly as we had planned,” Liz sighed into Max’s bare chest, “But at least we don’t have to hide from our friends any longer.”

“And they’re willing to come home and buy up the October and November issues as well. That’s good news,” Max concurred as his fingers grazed Liz’s bare back.

“At least Isabel finally started speaking to us again,” Liz reminded.

“Yeah, threatening me with future therapy bills,” Max laughed. “You know, they weren’t surprised by the fact that we were together, just by the way they found out.”

“They were expecting a blushing confessional and instead they get bondage and exhibitionism,” Liz joked as she played with Max’s scruff. “But, you know, all in all, I was pretty proud of the magazine. The pictures turned out really well.”

“Well, Nigel had a very beautiful subject,” Max kissed Liz sweetly on the lips.

“And a handsome one, too,” Liz smiled as she traced her finger over the heart tattoo on his chest.

Max softly chuckled as he ran his fingers through Liz’s long hair, “You know we do still need to christen our new sleeping bag,” Max suggested as his fingers wandered to the edge of Liz’s breast, lightly touching the fullness that was pressed against him.

“True,” said Liz as she rose up on her elbow, “And I do have my bad boy back for the weekend,” she grinned as she twirled her finger around the curls at the nape of Max’s neck.

“Mmm…what do you want to do with your bad boy?” Max growled lustily.

“Well,” Liz grinned, as she pulled a bag out from underneath their sleeping bag, “I did steal the rest of the marshmallows…”
The next morning

“We’ve brought donuts and coffee,” Maria called out, rousing the other four from their tents. Michael followed, bringing with him a stack of magazines.

“Every single copy in town,” he huffed as he plopped them down on top of a rock.

“Thanks, man,” Max nodded as he sipped his coffee, picking stray bits of last night’s toasted marshmallows out of his moustache.

Maria picked up a copy as she munched on her donut with sprinkles. She flipped to Max and Liz’s article again.

“Just cause we bought ‘em all, doesn’t mean we have to read ‘em all,” Michael winced as he bit into his Tabasco-laden bear claw.

“Just forget that it’s Max and Liz in the photos and read the article. Aren’t you concerned about fulfilling my fantasies?”

“What about my fantasies, huh?” was Michael’s muffled reply through a bite of bear claw.

“That’s next month,” Liz quipped as she sprinkled Tabasco on her jelly-filled donut.

“Hmm—ok let’s see,” Michael perused the choices Max had depicted. “I’m going to leave the dancing to Max, so forget that. Light bondage? I don’t know—what do you think Ria?”

“It has potential,” Maria considered with raised eyebrows as she leaned in next to Michael.

“What about page 114?” Michael waggled his eyebrows at Maria.

“I don’t know—let’s see,” Maria grabbed a chocolate-covered donut from the box, smearing the sweet topping on Michael’s neck. With a big sweep of her tongue, Maria treated herself to a taste of candy-coated Michael. “Yummy,” she purred.

“Hey, that wasn’t my donut, was it?” Alex accused as he emerged from his tent.

“Naw, we bought plenty,” Michael replied as he took the defiled donut from Maria and happily ate it.

“Morning all,” Isabel called out as she stepped out into the desert sun.

“Morning, Iz,” the rest of the group mumbled cautiously as Maria tried to hide the magazine that she and Michael had been examining.

“No need to tiptoe around me,” she declared, “I’m fine,” Isabel stated, feeling a little residual embarrassment following her negative reaction to the photos she viewed last night.

Incredulous eyes stared back at her.

“Last night in our tent, Alex reminded me that thousands of people have seen me in a bikini, so I really shouldn’t be throwing stones. And that I should just be happy that you two are finally a couple,” Isabel smiled sweetly at Max and Liz.

“Thanks, Iz,” Max nodded, “That means a lot.”

“I guess I have one more little confession to make,” Max smiled, trying to suppress a laugh.

Isabel’s eyes widened, wondering what other revelations the weekend would bring.

“It was Liz and me in the bedding department at Dillard’s,” Max admitted sheepishly.

“I knew it!” Alex exclaimed. “I told you it was them!”

Isabel rolled her eyes, knowing what was coming, “I know—you win,” she sighed exasperatedly as she grabbed Alex by the hand and started pulling him back to their tent. “We had a little bet, so I have to pay up now,” she turned her head to announce to the rest of the group, Alex grinning goofily as Isabel unceremoniously shoved him into the tent.

Alex’s eyes twinkled as he waved back to the group, “Carry on, nothing to see here,” he waggled his eyebrows before zipping the opening to the tent.

“Speaking of bets,” Maria said suspiciously as she gave Liz a wink and reached into her purse pulling out a Sharpie, “How about you sign that tushie of yours, Max?”
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Re: Every Picture Tells a Story (M/L, ADULT) ch 59 3-24-09

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A few days later…
“Lizzie, here are some more boxes and a roll of butcher paper,” Nancy Parker stumbled through the doorway of Liz’s room, encumbered by the unwieldy boxes. She stacked them diagonally, so they wouldn’t sink into each other. Out of one fruit crate, she picked out a stray leaf and threw it in the trash can by Liz’s dresser.

“Thanks, Mom,” came the muffled reply from within the closet.

“Here, baby, I’ll help you for awhile—it’s pretty slow downstairs.”

Liz heard the rip of paper, but failed to register what her mother was doing before she emerged from the closet.

Nancy had picked up the large frame to begin wrapping it, but stopped short when she saw the images it contained. She sat on the bed with the photos propped against her thighs, one hand holding the frame at the top while her other hand went to her lips.

Still holding the bowls and baskets that Claudia had given her, Liz held her breath, her eyes watching her mother as she sat down on the edge of the bed beside her.

“Grandma took these,” Nancy said softly as her fingers left her lips and traced the images behind the glass.

“Yeah,” Liz replied softly, “She hung a set just like it over her mantle when we were there,” Liz added.

“They’re beautiful,” Nancy breathed out, tears starting to well in her eyes. “I remember when she took this first one,” Nancy’s fingers touched the rounded curve of their six-year-old cheeks and chins. “And now, you two are all grown up,” her fingers went to the photos taken that summer.

“Mmm,” Liz nodded slightly as she put her chin on her mother’s shoulder, her eyes glazing a little with tears as well.

“You know, she got us a hammock for a house-warming present,” Liz

“I bet that’s the first thing you unpack,” Nancy laughed lightly as she looked at her daughter.

“Probably,” Liz chuckled, her arms clutching the round bowls on her lap.

Nancy looked back at the photos once again, “Max sure has become very handsome, too,” Nancy teased lightly.

“Yeah,” Liz smiled again, “He has.”

“He’s always been like the son I never had,” Nancy sighed, ignoring the triteness of her remark.

Liz had to stifle her laughter at the implications.

“Well, I’m going to go call Claudia, and tell her to print a set for Diane and me,” Nancy said as she stood and sat the frame onto Liz’s bed.

A sudden realization came over Liz whose eyes went wide with the fear that had been at the back of her mind all summer.

“Don’t worry,” Nancy smiled secretly, “I won’t put them up until after you leave.”

Max went to his desk, gathering up books to stow in the boxes Liz had given him. Picking up an anatomy book that lay askew on his desk, he discovered his old fish tank light laying upside down, the long, purple bulbs exposed once he had removed the book. Wrapping the electrical cord around it, he puzzled at the reason for its misplacement, then shook his head with laughter when he realized its most recent purpose.

Putting it inside the empty tank in his closet, he gathered the stacks of sweatshirts and sweaters that were thrown off the tank, noting that this was probably Michael’s handiwork, and folded them neatly into the boxes. He took out most of the clothes from his closet and zipped them into a large garment bag, leaving only a couple of items hanging for the next two days.

Laying flat across his bed, Max reached for the boxes stowed under there. He pulled out the assorted jars and glass containers from the photo shoot earlier that summer, smiling at the reason Liz had wanted to keep them. He remembered to add the pink tables, large poster, and bedding that he would need to pack in the U-Haul tomorrow. Setting the glassware aside, he reached for his ‘Liz’ box, containing the memorabilia of their twelve years together. He reached down into the depths of the box and ran his finger over the velvet, domed lid that hid underneath assorted pictures, trinkets and stuffed animals. He knew he would have to distract himself soon, else he would spoil his own surprise.

“Do you need any help?” Diane knocked on the door jamb, Max noticing with a start.

“Oh, it’s ok Mom, I’m almost done. I’ll load up the stuff from the garage tomorrow morning, and then you’ll be able to park your car,” Max’s hands held the front of the open box as it sat on his lap.

Diane waved away his worry, “Don’t fret about that—no rush,” she smiled at her son. “Your last load of laundry is in the dryer. It should be finished in about fifteen minutes,” she sat down beside Max on the edge of his bed. Her attention was drawn to the box in his hands.

Her fingers went to the photos that lay on the top of the box—photos that she took on graduation night and at the party when they returned from Albuquerque. She felt Max’s upper body stiffen as he held his breath, afraid that if she looked any further she might find the photos from junior prom which exposed Liz a little more than he was comfortable with right now.

Diane felt his tension and took her hand away from the box. Looking at her grown son, she raked her fingers through his bangs, a little longer than they were a few days ago, she thought to herself, and pushed them out of his eyes.

With an embarrassed smile, Max shook his head to accomplish what his mother was trying to do. He noticed one of his favorite pictures of Liz on his bedside table, picked it up and added it to the box.

“Max, do you love Liz?” Diane looked softly at her son.

Though the practiced, well-rehearsed ‘Of course I love her—she’s my best friend’ nearly came to his lips, Max looked into his mother’s eyes, saw the compassion and understanding in them, and nodded gently.

“I’ve loved Liz since the day I met her,” Max responded quietly. “And we are about to leave Roswell and move to the other side of the country. We won’t know another soul for over two thousand miles. But, we’ll have each other—just like we always have,” Max told his mother honestly.

Afraid that Diane would feel compelled to share this revelation with Nancy and Jeff, Max continued, trying to make her understand the depth of what he felt for Liz and the necessity of the summer’s secrecy.

“She’s my whole world, Mom,” Max choked out. “I mean, I’m not even sure what planet I’m from,” Max painfully scoffed, “but, that never mattered to Liz. She has always been right by my side, and I’m gonna be right by hers, too.”

Diane reached up to put her arm around her son, “I know you will.” Diane gave Max another firm hug before turning to look at him again, “When you tell Jeff and Nancy, your dad and I need to be there—we’ve been keeping some pretty big secrets from them all these years as well.”

“Don’t worry, Mom, you will be,” Max said with a definitive nod.

Diane met his certainty with a questioning eyebrow, but then smiled and shook her head, accepting Max’s understanding of things to come.

As Max rose to close the lid on the box and sit it with the others to pack tomorrow, a warm late-August breeze puffed up the curtains in his room. Apparently, Max had not shut the window the previous night as well as he thought.

Diane smiled as she rose, nodding toward the open window, “And by the way, son, tonight, just use the front door.”
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