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dedicated to hunter ^^. my little feedbacker.



Elise was feeling very sore. It was her last trimester and she couldn’t wait to get the baby out. She was so big. Kennex had sent a telegram in advance for a doctor; by a pigeon. It was the only way. They had been waiting days and days. She knew mentally that he baby was going to come any time soon.
“Is my little sister going to come soon?” asked Lily.
Elise gave Lily a smile. Lily had immediately started calling her mummy after they found out about the baby.
“Didn’t you ask that yesterday?”
Lily pouted.
“But you said…”
Elise smiled.
“The baby will come soon!”


Later on that day there was a tap at the door. Lily ran and opened it.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Flora. I’m the midwife. No Doctor was free so I was sent.”
Elise sat up in fear.
“Are you sure you can…? You look awfully young…”
Flora grinned.
“Don’t worry I’m good.”
“Mummy why have you wet the bed?” asked Lily in amusement and curiosity.
Elise frowned.
“Well you better be good because I think my waters are just broke. Lily go and tell your gran-mama and daddy…”

Lily ran out the room leaving Elise and the midwife. A panic inside Elise bubbled over, how was she supposed to do this? How was she supposed to bring up her child without its Father? Her heart broke at the thought as much as Kennex was a wonderful man, was there another one out there wondering about her? Or had he forgotten her… No body had found her yet, no body had told her of her forgotten memories. Memories that were locked away in her head but still had a awful way of haunting her.

Where was the man who was meant to love and protect her? Where was the father of her child? Had she abandoned him? Or did he abandon her? So many unanswered questions, in her heart she wanted to belong…


Zan had been feeling disorientated all morning. He had been physically sick last night. Everyone was really worried, after all this was the crown prince. Zan felt pain erupted through his head and stomach.

Lonnie watched in shock as Zan collapsed.
“Nathaniel come quickly.” cried Vilandra.
“What is wrong?”
“I do not know. He is flushed with fever and is out of it!”
Nathaniel helped her put Zan onto the bed.
“Quick go get the royal physician!”
Nathaniel stumbled out the room in shock as Zan’s body contorted in pain. Zan cries could be heard from the next room.


“Come on Elise you can do it. Pant… pant… pant… now push… come on girl you can do it!”
Elise cried out in pain and she gave a final push.
“Elise you have a baby boy!” as Flora handed over the baby…

Zan Screamed as the Queen, King and Royal Physician come running in with Nathaniel.
“Oh my god!” cried the queen.
Vilandra and Nathaniel head swung round in curiosity.
“What?” cried Vilandra.
It was the Royal Physician spoke up.
“The heir to the throne of the descendant of Zan Prince of Antar has been born…”
“WHAT!” screamed Vilandra.
“How is that possible?”
The Queen spoke up.
“Amelia must still be alive…”

TBC? possibly only a couple of chapters left. lemme know if you're enjoying this. :D
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i knoww................ this sorry has been needed a update ^^ BUT LOL i had to untangle my braincells to get some thought patterns running cause i went a little brain dead writing this. AUTHORS WRITING BLOCK ^^

:shock: :? :D :mrgreen: but please forgive me. x



“What’s a matter?” asked Elise as she tried to feed her son. Flora didn’t look to happy or too sure. She looked very confused.
“What?” cried Elise.
Flora frowned.
“What’s wrong with me?”
“I don’t know how to tell you this…”
“What?” cried Kennex as he stumbled in, he stared at his new step son.
Elise pulled a face at Kennex.
“GET OUT!” She couldn’t help but cry for some reason her heart was telling her that nobody else belonged in the room apart… apart from… apart from… her heart cried out…
Kennex stumbled out in shock.

Elise turned back to Flora and bit her lip in fear.
“Please Flora tell me what’s wrong?”


“Mother why won’t Zan wake up?” cried Vilandra.
The King tried to shake his son awake, but Zan wouldn’t wake up. If anything Zan was comatose. And that scared the life out of everyone.
Both Vilandra and the Queen were both crying, whilst the king and Nathaniel looked on in devastation.
The doctor himself looked confused as he tested Zan’s pulse and reflexes.
“I’m sorry to tell you this; your majesty but your son’s in a coma!”
Everyone was in shock what did this mean, would Zan ever wake up? What would become of the throne?
“How can we wake him up?”
The doctor looked confused. “I do not know your majesty… I have never seen anything like this before!”

“Daddy Zan must have slept with Amelia. It’s the only explanation!” whispered Vilandra.
“When?” whispered the queen.
“Umm… the night before the wedding…” replied Vilandra meekly.
“YOU MEAN THE WEDDING THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!” sighed the Queen. ‘If they did sleep together that definitely means Amelia didn’t run away!”
“So where there hell is my daughter in law and my grandchild! GET ME MY ARMY! AT ONCE! IF SOMEONE IS HOLDING THEM AGAINST THEIR WILL THEY WILL PAY!” yelled King Belhur.

The other doctors came into the room as the king and Nathaniel went out to address his secret service guards.
“I want everyone searched, whether or not they are lower class or upper class. I MEAN IT EVERYONE SEARCHED. I WANT SOUTHERN OËTONE AND EAST PALETTO SEARCHED AGAIN! I WANT NORTH ZERTA SERCHED…!”
“But Sir Thittus refused last time!” replied one guard
Everyone looked blankly at one another and avoided contact with the King.
“Someone better start talking!” snapped Nathaniel. “This is the future Queen we are talking about! The future heir!”

A young man spoke up at the back. “Umm… Delio was mean to have searched that area but he was drunk and commanded us that we didn’t need to…”
“WHERE IS DELIO?” snapped the King.
“He was fired last week for misconduct!”
The King signed. “So no-one has searched West Paletto?”
“Well Delio thought it was pointless as no one lives there. It’s a banned area. No one goes there. No one lives there. It’s barely liveable there… It’s mainly forests.”
“Who BANNED it?”
“Um you sanctioned it but the area is actually governed by Sir Thittus son’ Khivar. He took over it a couple of years ago!”
The kings sighed as he rubbed his head.
Everyone immediately scarpered from the room.


“Uh your fluid is umm… now… kinda glowing…?” Flora replied with wide eyes.
“What?” cried Elise. “That’s not possible…”
Elise looked down and nearly fainted at the sight. She shivered in shock and nervousness there in front of her was the pool of liquid that was glowing fluorescent pink.
“I’ve only heard of this ever happening once in the past. In the old ways when the planet was ruled by Governor and the Governess. Anyway Rena their daughter believed in love and had fallen in love with a protector of her father. They married and lived happily ever after. They said that when she had her first baby with her divine soulmate, her embryonic fluid glowed as well.”
Elise gasped why did that story sound so familiar? Had she heard the story before? Had someone told her of it? Of course it wasn’t possible that she was Rena. But who was she? Who was this female posing as Elise? Where was she from? QUESTIONS QUESTION always unanswered.
“Why me?” cried Elise. ‘I’m no one special!”
Flora smiled. “Oh but I think you are… Oh my god… you… you… need to start panting again!”
Elise screamed.
Flora couldn’t help but giggle.
“I had heard that you didn’t know that you were pregnant but now that you didn’t know you’re…. having twins!”
“Twins…” whispered Elise.
Damn that man whoever had gotten her pregnant as she cursed as another contraction hit her.


Back in Zan’s room the doctors were still clueless, they had never heard of this happened.
“I think the only way to wake him is bring Amelia back to him. I think this is the only way…” Dr Housen replied.
“But what if we don’t find…?” whispered Vilandra.
Dr Housen shook his in denial they couldn’t think of that just yet.
Suddenly Zan’s body contorted in pain again. But the big difference was he didn’t scream out this time.
“What wrong with him now?”
Dr Housen shrugged his shoulders in defeat.
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*aww thank you keepsmiling7 + destinyc for the get well mesages. thank you this chapter is dedicated to you.
*and too hunter as well. ^^ my PM buddy. sorry to keep u waiting.
*and to my my readers and feedbackers. THANK U. sorry it took so long.xx

#one more chapter after this.


Kennex was sitting outside the room in confusion. He had thought that Elise wanted him in there. He thought that she wanted to be with him, but it felt like she was trying to push him away. It was like she had closed him up.

He snuck up to the door and tried to listen but all he could hear was mumbling. He sighed as he leaned against the door and slid to the floor. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He loved Elise but he had a feeling she was in love with a ghost. Not a ghost but a figment person of her past and how could he compete with that. Whoever that man was held Elise heart, she might be in denial, but he could see in her eyes and her longing. Every time she caressed her stomach. He shook his sadly yes he couldn’t compete.

Kennex looked up to see Lily standing there he sighed sadly. “Yes sweetie.”
“Does mummy not love us anymore?” whispered Lily sadly.
Kennex pulled his daughter into his lap. “She loves you sweetie, but she was never going to be ours sweetie…”
“I don’t understand!”
“There’s someone out there who wants Elise back.”
“But don’t you want he daddy?”
“There’s someone else out there who loves Elise…”


“Twins…” whispered Elise.
Damn that man whoever had gotten her pregnant as she cursed as another contraction hit her.
“Owww!” cried Elise as another contraction hit.
“Come on Elise you can do it. Pant… pant… pant… now push… come on girl you can do it!”
Elise cried out in pain and she gave a final push.
“Elise you have baby girl!” as Flora placed the girl in her other arm. “They’re beautiful!”

Elise smiled tearfully at her two babies. How could she not know that she was pregnant? How could she not know that she was having twins? Tears slipped down her face. She knew what she had to do.
“Flora you said I could be special right?”
Flora nodded.
“And if someone was missing what would people do?”
“They would send out a search party…”
“Has there been anyone that looks like me gone missing?”
Flora pursed her lips together. “Well lots of people go missing…”
“So you wouldn’t recognise me?”
“I… probably… but… I don’t know… you have a lot of scarring do you know if it was before and after?”

Elise heart cried. “That’s the thing I don’t know.”
Flora frowned sadly in sympathy and that grinned “I know how about you come back with me to Central Antar. Come with me through my transporter. We can go to my boss Dr Housen he’s a medical doctor advisor for the King. If he knows anything about curing scars he will.”
Elise cowered away.
“How do we know we can trust him?”
Flora eyes widen in shock.
“Dr Housen has been around for many years!”
Elise eyes glazed with confusion.
“I don’t know Flora.”
“Elise don’t you wanna know who you are?”
“I do… but… what if they can’t fix my scars… no one then will recognise me… no one will…”
“Isn’t it worth it to find out?”

Elise looked at her two babies and nodded.
“When do we leave?”
“As soon as I clean you up and you put some clothes on.” grinned Flora.


“Daddy have you heard anything yet?” whispered Vilandra, leaning her head on her father lap. She watched Nathaniel talk to one of the doctor. Her whole family was falling apart and there was nothing she could do about it.
Her mother had gone to bed crying, Nathaniel was in a slight tizzle, his head was going to explode. Her Father was lost for words, all his anger had depleted; he looked emotional tired.
“Sir Thittus has finally gave us permission but I didn’t speak to his son. What I don’t understand is why Amelia’s parent’s mention to us before about the engagement to Khivar before?” sighed King Belhur.
“They were scared and embarrassed daddy, me and Nathaniel never thought it was Khivar…” replied Vilandra.
King Belhur signed again.
“Carli still hasn’t woken up either. Thank god I was able to break through into her dreams…”
“Khivar will be arrested, but he has not been found yet!”
“Do you think his father is hiding him?”
“I don’t know. He knows its high treason, so hopefully he’s telling the truth.”
Vilandra pursed her lips to stop her tears. Hopefully they would find her soon for Zan’s sake.


The Guards stormed the only place that was in West Paletto, startling the whole family.
“Who the hell are you?” cried Kennex, as Lily jumped up into her daddy’s arm.
“We are the royal guards secret service for the King Antar. We are looking for Princess Amelia, Amelia Ann Marie, daughter of Sir Gretham and Lady Annadette - rulers of Southern Oëtone, fiancée of the crown Prince of Antar.”

The head guard show him a photo of Amelia.
Kennex looked at the photo; whoever she was she was a stunner. “I’ve never seen her before…”
Lily climbed up to take a look. “She’s pretty. Elise would look pretty like that.”
The head guard sat down to speak to her. “What are you talking about sweetie?”
Kennex then clicked. “Oh my god! I swear I didn’t know. My mother in law found a girl… she looked like she had been burnt beyond recognition. I guess it could have been her. She didn’t remember who she was.”
“What do you mean didn’t remember?”
“Amnesia I guess.”
“Shit!” cried the head guard. “And she was burned did you say?”
Kennex nodded sadly.
“90% of her body was covered by burns!”
“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?” snapped the guard, grabbing Kennex by the shirt.
“Daddy!” cried Lily.
“He didn’t do anything!” coughed gran-mama Demmi.

“Where is Amelia?”
“She’s actually on the way to central Antar…”
“What?” cried the head guard.
“Yeah she and Flora, Bella and Alex Maxwell should be there by now. Flora had a transporter.”
“Who the hell are Flora, Bella and Alex Maxwell?”
Gran-mama Demmi grinned. “Bella and Maxwell are the babies. Flora is the midwife!”
The head guard got up, “Thank you. I’m sorry for barging in. Please come to the royal house, I’m sure the king would like to meet you.”


Both baby Bella and Alex Maxwell were happily gurgling next to one another in the carrier. Elise looked at them sadly. Would they ever meet their father?
“Are you okay?” whispered Flora.
Elise nodded as a man walked in with a grumpy face.
“Flora I don’t have time for this. King Belhur wants news about his son and I don’t have any so I really need to get back!”
“But daddy! I need your help!”
Elise looked up. “Flora you didn’t mention he was your father.”
“Ops yeah sorry…” Flora grinned. She then frowned as she turned back to her father. “Please father this girl needs your help. Look at her she full of facial and body scars. She lost her memory as well.”

Dr Housen turned to the young woman who was indeed scarred very badly. “Sweetheart how did this happen?”
Elise pursed her lips together as a tear slipped down. “I can’t remember… I don’t know who I am… I don’t know where I’m from…”
Alex Maxwell then broke out and cried.
Everyone turned round.
Dr Housen eyes widen in shock at the eye’s staring back at him.
“Flora is this the woman who was having a baby?” He asked in curiosity.
Flora nodded at the grin that appeared in on her father’s face.

Dr Housen whooped and the grabbed the carrier with the babies. Bella woke up crying at her brother’s crying and the scary laughing man. She wanted her mother. She tried to feel for her mother.
Elise cried.
“Where are you taking me babies?”
Both Elise and Flora ran after Dr Housen.
Dr Housen barged into the room and placed the carrier on the bed. The babies had stop crying and were gurgling.
Vilandra and Nathaniel looked up. “What is the meaning of this?” cried Vilandra.
“Watch!” replied Dr Housen.
Elise ran into the room and saw a couple in the room.
Princess Vilandra nearly recoiled at the sight of the woman but she held it in.
“Who are you?” Elise asked.
“Princess Vilandra and this is Nathaniel.”
“Do you know me?” Elise asked.
Vilandra looked confused and saw the smiling face of the doctor and then looked back at the young girl with scars over her face and looked over to her brother now peaceful body that now longer contorted in pain. She looked at the babies in the carrier.
It all fell into place who this girl was and Vilandra took one more look at her and fainted.

TBC? the final chapter. xx
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THANK U FOR LEAVING FEEDBACK. last chapter. xx thank you for reading.xx

plus all you you lurkers out there reading.x


Vilandra immediately come round, Nathaniel sat her up. “Where is she? Where is Amelia?” cried Vilandra.
“She ran out the room.” Replied Nathaniel.
“I must go find her.”
Vilandra looked up to see her parents cooing over her niece and nephew. They had tears in their eyes.
“Has Zan woken up yet?” she asked Nathaniel.
Nathaniel shook his head in defeat.
“I’m going to find Amelia.”
Nathaniel nodded in agreement as he kissed Vilandra goodbye.


Vilandra found Amelia kneeling on the grass in the garden, sobbing out her little heart out. Vilandra creep forward, Amelia looked up with tears on her on face.
Vilandra pursed her lips together in sadness.
Vilandra reached out to Amelia, but she flinched away.
Amelia flinched even more.
“You are sweetie. You’re our sweet dear Amelia. My whole family fell in love with you. Zan fell in love with you.”
“Zan…” the name rolled off Amelia tongue.

“I know you’re scared Amelia, but you are Amelia. I know you’re been going be the name Elise, but I know Amelia is inside you.”
Vilandra reached out and pressed her palm against Amelia’s beating heart. “You are inside there, you’re just hiding and waiting. Zan is waiting for you. Please, you’re the only one to bring him back.”
“Zan… who else?”

Vilandra stood up and looked down to the lost girl and reached out her hand. “Please Amelia…”
Amelia looked up at the regal princess, who possessed an air of grace and beauty; she looked down at herself who had scars on her body left right and centre. How could she be a princess?
“How is Zan meant to recognise me when I can even recognise myself?”
Vilandra smiled. “His soul will recognise yours and yours will recognise his.”
Amelia placed her hand and allowed herself be pulled up.


Amelia entered the room with trepidation; the King and queen looked up with a nod and left the room. Amelia looked around, Flora and her father and Nathaniel had left the room
“Do you want me to stay?” whispered Vilandra.
Amelia shook her head. “I think I need to do this myself…”
Vilandra left the room, quietly closing the door behind her.

And so Amelia was left alone with her two newborn babies and the man who was their father. She brought the basket closer to his still body as she watched him sleep, both babies whimpered a little. But still Zan didn’t stir.
Amelia watched him, but couldn’t bear to touch him. Had he looked for her? Did he still miss and love her? Did… did… he was so handsome. Would he still love her?
Amelia looked down at Bella and Alex Maxwell. Bella was slowly drifting in and out of sleep, she was struggling to keep awake. Alex was wide awake, looking around curiously.
“You want to meet your daddy don’t you?” she whispered.
“I don’t know what to do…. I don’t know how to wake him… I don’t know…”
Amelia was so confused. She didn’t recognise him and that scared her. Se reached out and caressed his face. Suddenly there was a bright light across the room. Amelia immediately pulled her hand away. The light disbursed as quickly as it came, Amelia knew she wasn’t scared, for some insane reason this felt right.
Amelia reached down and took Zan’s hand in hers. The light engulfed the room the room again, the royal seal beamed out of Zan’s forehead, as well as Bella and Alex’s. They both giggled at the light show, as Amelia looked down in shock. She was suddenly thrown across the room.

Zan immediately found himself being pulled awake, he found himself in his bedroom which was pitch black apart from the blue lights dancing across the room. He shook his disorientated head and slowly sat up. He looked down in shock at two babies giggling in front of him, the pull that he felt to them was to strong to deny, He reached down to caress the cheek of the baby boy, the baby reached for his finger and gripped it tightly.
“Hello there and who are you? And is this your sister?”
Both babies gurgled.
“Where are your parents?”
Again the babies gurgled.

In the corner of his eye, he saw something stir on the floor he stumbled up in defence of the two babies. He reached out his hand ready to use his powers. “WHO’S THERE?”
Zan saw a young woman, struggling to get up. But what shocked him the most was the scarring on her face.
“Who are you?” whispered Zan.
Amelia stumbled back in shock and sadness.
“You don’t know me do you?”
It was Zan’s turn to stumble back in shock.
“You can’t be… you can’t be…”
A tear slipped down her face.
“I understand.” Whispered Amelia, as much as she hoped she would get her memory back, she was glad she didn’t remember loving Zan. Maybe this way it was making leaving easier. She was right how could a man, a prince so handsome love an ugly person like her.

Zan knew he had hurt her, but he couldn’t help it. He watched as the woman brokenly picked up the bassinet. “Wait are they your children?”
Amelia nodded.
The children looked so beautiful and cute.
“What is your name?”
“I’m sorry your highness I shall leave you in peace. Goodbye your majesty…” Amelia whispered. Something inside her broke.
Zan looked up in confusion as he watched the young scarred girl picked up her babies and left the room. Something inside him broke as well.


Vilandra looked up in shock as Amelia fled the room with the babies in the basket. Zan suddenly ran at the room. “NO WAIT!” He cried.
Amelia kept running.
Zan caught up with her and gripped her arm.
“I’m not your Amelia.” She cried.
“You are. You must be. It wouldn’t hurt so much if you weren’t! You’re my Amelia. I don’t care what you look like.”
Amelia shook her head, as Zan reached for the bassinet that held the babies and place it onto the floor. Amelia tried to pull away at the same time reach for babies.
“I don’t know what happened to you but I still love you.”
“Please, please stop saying that. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Whispered Zan.
“How can you love someone who looks like me?”
“Do you remember what happened to you?”
Amelia shook her head.
“It doesn’t matter!” replied Max. “As long as you’re back here!”
Amelia stopped resisting and sank to the floor.
“Do you remember being Amelia?”
Amelia shook her head. “I don’t think I’ll ever remember.” Whispered Amelia.
“It doesn’t matter!” replied Zan and kneeled down in front on her.

“How can I be Amelia? Look at me; I can’t be your Princess anymore.”
Zan shook his head.
“It doesn’t matter.”
“You need to marry someone who will…”
Zan placed a finger across her lips. “Please don’t finish that sentence. I love you Amelia, I always have I always will. Please forgive me, please come back to me. Please marry me. Thank you for my beautiful children.”
Amelia face dropped in shock.
“But… but I didn’t tell you…”
Zan Suddenly leaned forwards and kissed his fiancée. The light that engulfed them before, engulfed them again. This time it got brighter and brighter. Every servant, every guard, every man and woman kneeled down and bowed before them…



A few minutes a later, the light disappeared. Amelia sighed as she pulled away. She opened her eyes and looked up at Zan smiling grinning face. Zan quickly yanked her up and pulled her past Vilandra and his parents. “YOU LOT ARE ON BABY SITTING DUTY!”
Amelia tried to slow him down.
“Zan. Zan! Slow down.”
Zan pulled her into his bedroom and closed the door behind them and locked the door.
“Zan our babies!”
Zan placed his finger across her lips.
“Be still my darling, we go and get them in a few hours… or two.”
“ZAN!” cried Amelia.
“You still don’t remember do you?”
Amelia shook her head.
“I told you I might never remember.”
Zan smiled sadly but then grinned.
“It doesn’t matter now… Look…”

Zan pulled Amelia in front of a mirror. Amelia was about to cringe at the sight, when she saw her face. A tear slipped down as her face. “Is… Is this… what I looked liked…Before…?”
Zan nodded with a grinned.
“A little thing called a miracle.” Whispered Zan.
“Welcome home my Princess.” He replied, as Zan pulled her into another kiss.

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