The Sorcerer and the Stargazer (AU Teen) Complete - 10/06/09

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Re: The Sorcerer and the Stargazer (AU Teen) Part 38 - 05/14/09

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This part is short, and I think I have one maybe two more parts to go before the epilogue. More likely one than two. Thanks for everyone following this story.

Chanks_girl- Liz is certainly going to try to help Tess.

RhondaAnn- As long as they stay put they are perfectly safe.

DeDe PR- Thanks. Liz meets Alexandra in this part.

Disclaimer- The characters of Roswell are not mine and no infringement is intended. I'm using quite a bit of Norse mythology, spun of course to fit this story.

The Sorcerer and the Stargazer part 39

Plains of Ivalr, Asgard

Loki stared at the tall woman in heavy armor who walked into the command tent. She wore some odd human style carapace of hardened ceramic and metal. On her face was a visage of death.

His daughter.


She removed her helmet and let her dark black hair free, her golden eyes shining with joy. “Your finally here!” She rushed over to hug him. “I’ve missed you.”

“And I you. How are things?”

“Hectic. We’re mostly skirmishing. I have to tell you the few Fire Jotnari are almost useless. I hope the Frost Jotnari are better trained.”

“You have spent too much time with the warlike humans, my dear.”

“I like them father, I really do. It started as a ploy as a trick to gain an army, and now….”

“Funny how the mask seeps in. Are they ready?”

“Yes. We routed the Vaenir on the way.”

“Where is Surt?”

“Dead. Killed before he left Earth, um before he left Midgard.” She smiled. “I told you I liked them.”

“How badly mauled were his forces, we might really need the help.”

“Bad. We have maybe twenty-five percent of their numbers. But the Alfar won’t be making an appearance either.”

“Close. It is still close.”

“Father, I have told my best snipers to keep an eye out for Hiemdall. There is no need for you to die! Things have changed from the visions. We can win!”

“All things have their time, my dear.”


“I will not cower from my fate. It is finished. I am staying. Now how about the enemy?”

“I didn’t even bother trying to hold Vanaheim. Most of the Vaenir army, what was left of it headed for the hills and prepared a guerilla campaign. I’m in no mood to play Odin for a few centuries trudging through Vanaheim while his followers pick me off. The Einherjar are annoying. They don’t always stay dead. And the Aesir….. Their tough. But so are we. They’ll bloody us, but we’ll win.”

“And the men of Folkvangr?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Freya’s army. Have you seen it.”

“Freya has an army? Freya? Tall, blonde, and sultry? She has an army?”

Loki tried to keep his patience. How could she have missed such a pertinent detail. Kids these days….. “By accord from the Vaenir-Aesir war the Vaenir are to receive half of the fallen in battle. Just at they entrusted Alfheim to Freyr, the entrusted the Volkvangr to Freya.”

“Why Freya?”

Loki smiled. He remembered the councils when the Aesir had argued who they could trust with such a weapon. Who better than the Goddess of Love? “Because she’s probably one of the nicest of the Vaenir. And they couldn’t picture a woman leading an army to war.”

Hel snorted.

“In all fairness, you really had to know her then to realize how unlikely Freya would be to launch a war. The world was different then. She changed. We all did. But after she lost Odr….” Loki shook his head at his friend’s folly that had lead to her husbands long imprisonment. “She’s taken her job seriously ever since. She’s probably even more sentimental now, still trying to help spread love. But don’t underestimate her. She’s a worthy foe.”

“You sound like you love her. Are there any other siblings I should be aware of?”

“Sigyn is pregnant. I asked Freya to watch over her. They’ve always been friends. But loving Freya? The woman is a pure vision of sex and love….. And she has no eyes for any other than her husband. True love.” He shook his head again, “No, but we were friends. And even though we stand on opposite ends of the field we still are. We’ve shared harsh words, but I think of her as my sister. So yes I love her. And I hope she lives through tomorrow, as much as I hope you do. Well maybe I’m hoping for you a little more…..”

“I hope so.”

“Just remember, to lift Odin’s curse you must raze all of the City of Asgard. Only then will his age, my age, truly pass away. It is time to tell new stories.”

Hel stood there, tears sliding down her smooth cheeks.

“And I hope for all of your sakes they are better ones than what we lived through. Just…. Remember us..”

And Hel rushed in to hold her father. On the eve of his last day.

Beach of Ascension Island, ??????

Liz lead their party to the beach where Maria and Kyle would land with the survivors. She was so happy that they were all safe!

She also wondered how much they could salvage off the Stargazer. They were going to be stuck here for a while, they might as well make it home.

Plus she would need some supplies from the Medical Bay if she were to help Tess.

She watched as six Valkyries and the Assault shuttle banked as if in formation and landed precisely.

Liz smiled. Maria was such a showoff. And she’d learned a lot since Liz had been abducted it seemed. Kyle was good, but not that good.

Speaking of Maria, her burbling friend spilled out of one of the Valkyries. And was adjusting her clothes.

The girl was shameless!

Maybe she could take notes?

Nah, Max liked her the way she was.

She and Maria slammed into each other, giving massive hugs.

Maria’s face was a huge grin as she looked at Liz.

Maria had a secret.

Maria grabbed her arm and dragged her over to the shuttle. The door to the shuttle was still closed. Maria glared up at the cockpit. “Kyle you lazy bum, open the damn door.”

“Uh, unless you want half of my passengers dead, you are going to have to wait.”

Maria looked at the bright sunlight.

Liz nodded. If everyone had survived, then there were a few Dokkalfar on board the shuttle. The sunlight would kill them if they were not protected.

Maria still glared at the cockpit and the door. “Kyle do I have to rip the door open?”

“Maria! He’s just thinking about the well being of some of his passengers. One of them being his probable future father-in-law.”

“There is someone you must meet.” Maria was all but bouncing on her heels.

It had been years since she had seen Maria so animated. Well animated when it did not have anything to do with Michael anyway. “Who?” Liz was pretty sure she knew everyone that had been aboard her ship.

Maria ignored her. She started rapping on the shuttle door instead.

And then the door opened.

The girl was short and in her teens. Her skin was darker and her eyes lighter, but Liz felt like she was looking into a mirror.

The two stared at each other, both in shock.

Alexandra flew down the ramp into Liz’s arms, “Mommy!”

Liz held her for a moment, a precious golden moment when she first held her oldest daughter. A moment she would cherish all of her very long life. “Stargazer?” She whispered in awe.

“I call myself Alexandra and I….” Alexandra opened up a link, and once more they were connected. It was different. Stargazer, no Alexandra was real and not virtual. But the exchange of information was still the same.

A plan began to form. Liz reached out, grabbed Maria’s hand, and added her to the link. All of them bonded rapidly over their amazing experiences over the last few days…. And Liz shared her plan.

It wasn’t over. The Stargazer could be rebuilt. Between the three of them, and with a lot of help from their friends….

Maybe they could stop Ragnarok after all!

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Re: The Sorcerer and the Stargazer (AU Teen) Part 39 - 05/29/09

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Okay. I can not tell you how many times I have tried to write this chapter. But it always fell flat. And I do have a few other stories that have been chewing up my attention. But just looking at the header, this story is way too close to being placed in the Dead and Buried column. I've seen too many stories that I love land there to add mine to them.

And so here is another chapter. It will likely take a few more parts than I origanally planned. But I will finish it.

chanks_girl- Thanks. Maria will be second in command on the new Stargazer- assuming they keep the name. Well you will see. Kyle will be third in command. And thanks for the bump.

DeDe PR- Thanks. I certainly hope the next part will not take quite as long. Thanks for the bump.

RhondaAnn- Thanks

Nibbles2- Thanks

Disclaimer- The characters of Roswell are not mine and no infringement is intended.

The Sorcerer and the Stargazer part 40

Ascension Island, ?????

Isabel sat at a small table with Tess. Her daughter lay in a baby carrier, thankfully asleep.

She loved him dearly, but she looked forward to a time when she could actually get some sleep.

Tess looked longingly at the child. Hers was in a stasis chamber, and would not be decanted until it had developed enough to survive without care. Liz had been able to use the dead fetus as a starting point to rebuild Tess’s son.

Seven months. Liz said she could speed it up, but she wanted to take it slow.

When Isabel had pointed out Alexandria, Liz had countered that she was a special case. It wasn’t just the body that needed to be ready, but the mind and soul.

And the time spent in Skyrmir’s heart had changed him.

Isabel looked down at her daughter’s sweet face and counted her blessings. Alanna, the girl that had once been the Oracle had proclaimed that the child had been ‘touched’ by the gods.

Whatever that meant.

Tess looked again at some of the stacked papers in front of her.

She would be leaving soon.

Isabel took a sip of her coffee and looked out the window. And shivered.

It had been only five days. Five days. And the Stargazer was nearly rebuilt.

Only it would be a different ship. Not an exploration vessel converted into a ship of war, but rather a warship.

It was smaller than it had been. The fires that had nearly consumed it had destroyed and damaged much of the old hull. But not all of it. And much that was damaged could be repaired.

The rest….. You could not see it with the naked eye, but Liz had converted a volcanic island to a mining and refining facility. Complete with automated manufactories.

In two days the ship would leave and seek to stop Ragnarok, or barring that win it for the side of Good.

How one vessel could turn the tide of the apocalypse, Isabel had no clue. But Liz, Maria, and Alexandria were adamant about it.

Isabel turned to Tess, “So how did Kyle take it when Michael was named Captain?”

“He was fine with it. He actually turned it down when they offered it to him. He could do it, but he is better at other things.” Tess shrugged. “He’ll effectively be second officer and in charge of much of the automation….. Basically he’s got the same job he had on the Stargazer. He is content with that. How did Alex take it?”

Isabel thought about it a moment before replying. “He would like to go. He would. But he is needed here. To build up our civilization. And frankly, talking with the Wizard’s Council, well there not sure it would be wise for us to leave this island let alone this world.”



Liz was not human anymore. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Oh, genetically she was. So were Maria and Alexandria. But the massive amounts of energy, the changes in their minds and souls from such expansions of self that they had all undergone in the Stargazer…..

No they were different.

More than human.

It didn’t bother Max one bit. He still loved the small brunette.

But there was not doubt that it was Liz who was the leader amongst them. And that she had somehow bound her self to this island. Liz had access to nearly limitless power.

And she knew how to use it.

“Well I will miss you when you go.”

“If anything happens to me or Kyle….”

“Nothing will happen. But in the unlikely event that it did, yes, I would take care of your son.”

Tess frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

Tess looked worriedly at Isabel, “I, I really didn’t want to bring this up. But, but, you know that strange girl…. The one that used to be the Oracle?”


“She claims she can still see snatches of the future. And, and….”

“Oh, come on. The world is ending and you are listening to a tormented woman with delusions of grandeur?”

“I don’t know, Isabel. It felt real. Like I could feel her… looking far into the future. I can’t explain it.”

“Hmmph, I would have expected this of Maria, not you.”

“She said my son would, in time, be wedded to death. What does that mean?”

“Why are you asking me? Your father could see bits and pieces of the future, why don’t you ask him?”

“I have, and he just looks at me enigmatically. You know what he is like.”

Isabel did. He and Alex had actually become fast friends. You did not want to play poker with him. The man could bluff.

“Well then don’t worry about it. It will all be fine.”

And in two days her friend would be off to stop the end of the world. Isabel wished she was certain that they would be okay.

And guilty that she couldn’t go.

She would be safe here. Beyond the battlefield that the other Nine Worlds had become. With her husband and child.

Was it such a sin to want to have a happy ending.

She just wished she could be sure that her friends would have one too.

Plains of Ivalr, Asgard

The great city of Asgard was now nothing more than smoking ruin. No stone lay upon another, and so many of the wrongs the Aesir had committed in their long reign were avenged.

Hel wearily took up her binoculars to look at the entrenchments of the enemy.

Asgard was destroyed. Valhalla was in ruins. All the great and glittering palaces were gone.

She had won. Complete victory.

Only the enemy would not give up. Didn’t they realize they had lost? That it was time to surrender?

If only she had more ammo for the tanks and artillery she had brought with her. She had thought she had brought enough. But the damn Volkvangr would not give up. Every retreat was strategic, every foothold her army gained stained with the blood of countless numbers of her soldiers.

They still outnumbered the enemy by a considerable margin. Enough to wear them away. Both sides would be down to small arms and bayonets at the end, but Hel would win.


Freya’s soldiers fought not for glory but to salvage what they could. And her soldiers morale was likely higher than Hel’s army.

Hel would wear Freya’s forces away. But there would be so many dead. So very many dead.

And Hel was weary of death.

She closed her eyes as the tears came. Her father. Why hadn’t he listened to her? Why hadn’t he let her alter his fate?

So very many dead. So very, very many dead.

And so Love continued to defy Death. It wouldn’t last…. Not unless the rules changed.

As they were about to.

For as Freya had warned Loki, she had not been idle. The covenants that all the gods had sworn to prohibited them from forcing their will on mortals. They could make situations in which the mortals would do what they wanted, but in the end the mortals had to act of their own free will.

Freya had followed those covenants.


But whereas Odin and so many of the others had worked as hard as they could to win the war, Freya had worked as hard as she could to salvage as much as she could. To protect all the people and places she loved.

And persuade the mortals to do the same. Not for glory. Not for undying fame or wealth.

But for love.

She had tried to slow and stave off the inevitable in hopes that one of the many seeds she had sown, one of the many possibilities to stave off final defeat and the destruction of all.

And one of those seeds had sprouted. Had born fruit far greater than she had ever anticipated.

Freya summoned one of her newer aides. She looked up at the dark skinned woman, “So Serena, do you think they will do it? Will they truly give up a device of such magnitude simply in desire to save others?”

“Yes. Yes they will.”

Freya smiled. It was a little forced. She had lost so many she had held dear. But she had a tiny kernel of hope now. “Go to them. You know what to ask. And remember. It has to be their decision. A free choice.”

“Thank you. Thank you for trusting me, for trusting us.”

“Go. We will hold them as long as we can. But you and your friends are truly our last hope. Go, and give them my love, no matter what their choice.” She handed Serena the amulet that Loki had given her.

Had he known?

“Good bye, my lady.”

And Serena faded from view.

Freya walked over to her command center. And accessed the latest UAV footage of the front.

And saw Her. Hel herself. All it would take was an artillery barrage…..

But she remembered Loki. And final words to him. Praying that she was not making a huge mistake, she did not order her counterparts death.

An act of mercy that would have consequences.

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Re: The Sorcerer and the Stargazer (AU Teen) Part 40 - 08/24/09

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Thanks again to everyone reading this story.

RhondaAnn- Thanks

chanks_girl- Thank you. Safety is a relative issue. As long as our heroes stay where they are, they are safe. Outside of the either of the armies of Hel or Freya, they have the most concentrated power anywhere.
As long as the have the Stargazer and the Granolith they are unbeatable on defence.

DeDe PR- Thanks.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

The Sorcerer and the Stargazer part 41

Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, Midgard

High Councilor Crosslin finally exited the large doors to the ancient base. He watched as his friend and military commander General West walked up the pathway to him. “Well?”

“Our troops have cleared out Colorado Springs.” He looked away.

“The civilians?”

“All dead. Many of the remains show signs, sings that they were eaten.”

Crosslin sighed. “Do we have any contact from anyone?”

“We are working on getting tight beam access to our satellite network now. We can’t be the only ones.”

“Keep alert and make sure we are ready if the enemy plans another attack. Let me know when we have word from anyone. Anyone at all.”

“Yes, sir.” The last American general walked down the path to rally his troops.

Were they it? Was the few soldiers and the tiny number of civilians all that was left of the human race?

Crosslin looked up and stared at the Moon. Once they had trod its surface. And now they faced extinction.

Well not on his watch. They were down to little more than eight thousand people, but it would have to be enough. Somehow, somehow they would manage.

He turned back, to begin planning for the recovery of the human race when he saw a bright glint from the Moon.

The Armstrong Mirror Fields. Miles upon miles of solar panels to power the refineries there. They were still up there.

And maybe, just maybe they might have some lift capability. Maybe the game wasn’t up.

With a much brighter disposition High Councilor Crosslin walked into one of the rebuilt surface buildings.

There was much work to do. To build a new world. A better world.

Time to get started.

Ascension Island, ?????

Three women sat at a table. On a casual glance it would seem that they were just calmly sitting there.

That view would be wrong.

Alexandra was finishing up the wiring and repair of the computer systems in which she had once lived. Maria was building and refining the defensive and offensive capabilities of the ship. Liz was providing all of the materials. And rebuilding the jump drives and spin generators.

They were busy.

And by a miracle, vastly ahead of schedule. They would be done within the hour. And tomorrow the ship would depart.

Perhaps never to return.

Liz would once again be alone. Her daughter and her best friend were both going to be managing the new ship.

There were polls going amongst the survivors as to what the new ship would be named. But to Liz it would be the Stargazer, now and forever.

It was Liz that felt the disturbance first, a strange eddying in network. A frightening possibility, except it felt so very familiar.

As one the three ladies looked over to a fourth, who appeared as if out of no where. On her chest lay a glittering crystal medallion. A smile on her dark face, her grey eyes alight with joy.

“Hey girls, it is nice to meet you all again.”

“Serena? You’re dead!”

Alexandra just crossed the distance between them and held the dead woman. Liz made up more of Alexandria, but Serena had left her mark. An Aunt.

“Ser, what are you doing here?”

Serena’s smile faltered. She looked at the three women. “I need to ask a favor of all of you. If you could call the others?”

“Max and Alex are on the way.”

“Michael will be here, he was working with Kyle and Tess.”

They were all silent for a moment. Liz spoke up, “I take it this is not a social call?”

“It would be better if I just told all of you at the same time.”

“That bad, huh?”

Serena smiled at her old friend, “It will require a sacrifice from all of you. One that carries some level of risk.”

Maria clapped Alexandria on the back, “Well, we’re about to search out Armageddon, so I guess it’s gotta be big.”

“Care for a drink?” Liz handed a glass to Serena.

Serena looked at her in askance and drank. She smiled, “You have gotten good, girl.”

“You always did say if I had to copy something, it should always be from the best.”

They all softly chatted about their lives and loves. And waited for the others.


Max stared at the dark skinned woman who sat chatting with Liz.

Serena. Liz’s dead best friend.

Max looked around and saw that all eight of them were here. They were the core, the central group that lead these many castaways on this enchanted isle. He quietly cleared his throat, “Well we are all here. Care to tell us what it is you need from us.”

Serena looked at him, and her gaze swept the others. “The world, the very universe hangs now in the balance. To armies face off against each other on the Plains of Ivalr on Asgard. Freya leads the survivors of the forces of Law. She faces off against the forces of Death and Chaos, against Hel herself.

You all have served Her in various battles, whether you knew it or not. And in her way and fashion she has blessed all of you. You have given much and she humbly must ask for more. Our forces are being pushed back and She requests aid.”

Michael stood. “And we will give it. Tell us where and when and we will be there.”

Maria stood with her husband, “Together, my love. We will go together.”

Isabel stood, “Always and ever.”

Alex stood beside his wife, “Well, I’m not sure how I’ve aided some goddess that I’ve never believed in, but well, I have always stood to fight for good. And I presume, she does?” He looked at Isabel, who nodded enthusiastically. “She will have what minor aid I might provide.”

Serena looked at Kyle, “What say you, Champion of Order?”

“In for a penny, in for a pound I guess. Count me in.”

Tess stood beside Kyle and pulled him tight, “I will serve.”

Max rubbed his eyes. A happy ending, living here at peace with Liz had been too much to ask for he guessed. He should have known that he would be thrown once more into the conflict that had dominated his life. “I am a member of the Guild, and by nature stand with Light and Law. I will aid however I may.”

Serena looked at Liz. “Liz?”

“You are going to take the Stargazer aren’t you? You don’t really need us, you need it.”

“Yes. I need it and more. Liz, please?”

“You will leave us here. Take what we have to defend ourselves with. To fight in an uncertain war. And that is not all is it? You know we would give it, and our lives to save others and to save the other worlds. We have proven that if nothing else these last weeks. No you need more. What else do you require of us, old friend?”

“The Granolith. I need you to relinquish the Granolith to me. And to give me its Seal, so that I may use it.”

The room was silent. The ship all of them had right to, perhaps Liz and Alex a bit more, but all of them had contributed.

The Granolith was a different matter.

Isabel and Max exchanged glances. To give up the Seal would be to deny who they were. To deny the pact that their ancestors had once made with Heimdall. A pact made to save a portion of the Alfar from Ragnarok, a battle that by prophecy would destroy them utterly.

It would break their last tie to home.

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Re: The Sorcerer and the Stargazer (AU Teen) Part 41 - 09/15/09

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Well this story has gone on much longer than I ever thought it would. I had envisioned maybe ten, possibly twenty parts. Instead I'm at 42. Sigh. Really someday I will write a short story. Maybe.

All that is left of this is the Epilogue. Thanks to everyone who has followed along.

chanks_girl- Thanks. Yep heading to the last battle in this part.

RhondaAnn- Thanks for following along this story, even when I got a little too sci fi for you.

Disclaimer- The characters of Roswell are not mine and no infringement is intended.

The Sorcerer and the Stargazer part 42

Decaying orbit above Jupiter, Midgard

Kvar thought on all that had brought him here. He had been so close. So very close to being a god. Perhaps the god of the age.

He would have his revenge. He would destroy them all. Destroy Liz Parker and her friends. Destroy all of the Alfar, Humans, Jotun, Aesir, and especially the Vanir.

Where once he had dreamed of ruling the known Worlds, now he thought only of destroying them.

The question was how. There was no air here, nothing to gain purchase on. His tiger fylgia could gain no purchase with any of his three paws. Not that the fourth would have helped him.

One’s fylgia had a habit of mirroring ones normal body. Particularly if the change was traumatic enough. Before she had opened the Gate that sent him here, she had severed his left hand at the wrist. The hand that had bore Andvari’s Ring.

It was gone, shielded from him.

But the day might come when he could heal that wound. If ever he escaped, if ever he was rescued, his hand might be repaired.

Not so his genitals, also missing on his fylgia. The Vanir had the power to grant fertility…. And to take it away.

Siyan had been powerful when she had been captured and in his arrogance he had taught her much. Kvar had been so sure that nothing could free her. Or his wife. His beautiful blonde Vilandra. He would never be able to make sweet love to her or any of his mistresses again. Ever.

Curses drew strength not only from the strength of the person, but from the power of their anguish. And all he had done to Siyan….

Even his daughter had not helped him in the end. She had instead listed every hidden crime. All his betrayals had been laid plain.

Each of the Wizards had used the techniques of their tradition to bind him. And the newest style of Wizard had done her part.

Liz had sent him here. Wherever here was. It certainly was not Alfheim.

Somewhere on Midgard. Somewhere without air. Without substance to move about. If only he could fill his lungs again! If only there was some substance, some surface to move against…..

Kvar planned his revenge.

What Kvar could not know is that his orbit was decaying. Liz couldn’t place him directly into Jupiter as she would have liked to. Beside it amused her to have him suffer effects of raw vacuum. As pleasant it would have been to leave him drifting in vacuum forever, he would be too easily found.

But deep inside the gases of Jupiter….. The vacuum would evaporate all the water from the body that his flygia was tied to. And the storms would tear that dust to shreds and scatter it all around that huge planet. Recovering and repairing that body would be nearly impossible.

Kvar would be trapped there forever.

Ascension Island, ?????

Isabel felt a heavy weight as she contemplated what she must do. And she must. She looked at Serena. “I irrevocably cede all rights to the throne of Antar, to myself and all my descendants until the end of time. I cede to you the Seal that binds me to the pact made at the formation of Antar. In Freya’s name, I pray you use it wisely.”

Max looked at her. And nodded. “I cede my Seal to you as well. What the gods gave us so many years ago, they may claim back. May it serve to hold back the forces of Chaos.

Serena’s eyes glittered with tears. The amulet she bore on her chest, the one that Loki had given to Frey lit up as it took the Seals unto itself.

She hugged first Isabel and then Max. Everyone looked at her, uncertain as to what would come next.

Liz walked over and hugged Serena. “You are always welcome here. No matter what happens, you are welcome here.”

“Thank you.”

Michael spoke up, “I guess it is time to go. Let me fetch my stuff. Come on, Kyle, Tess. Pixie.”

Liz spoke again. “You won’t be taking them will you?”

Serena shook her head. “No.”

Max’s jaw dropped.

Maria spoke up, “But how will you crew the ship. We’ve worked on the computers, but their still not ready for autonomous command.”

Liz spoke again, “She already has a crew. Will we get to meet them? Meet our friends?”

Serena turned to Alex, “If I don’t come back, if we fail…. Will you let Faith know I love her? That so much of what I have done has been for her…. For our daughter?”

“Of course.”

Isabel smiled. “Thank you. I still don’t know what you did that night…. But thank you.”

“Just a wrong.”

Serena stopped and looked at Maria, who was crying, and Michael who was not. “Be good to each other.”

Kyle was holding Tess close to him, and he was weeping. “Ser, it is so good to see you. I wish you could stay and, and…..”

Serena looked at Tess, “Take care of this muscle bound trooper for me, will you?”

Tess just gave Kyle a kiss.

And Serena was gone.

Liz had already ordered the Stargazer evacuated. But she could still feel the consternation of all of the people who had worked so hard to fix it up.

It had been not only a way to fight against the forces of evil. It had also been their only way home.

Except, that this was their home now.

It would have to be.

Liz turned to the others. “We have just given away a large amount of our protective ability. Without the Granolith I can not be certain that we will be shielded from harm. We need to build defenses…. If Serena fails…. We will be next.”

Alex looked at all of his friends, both old and new. “You heard her. We have work to do. Lets get to it.”

Everyone on Ascension Island watched as Serena took the Stargazer. Watched as it hovered in the air for a moment, while its jump engines prepared to make a jump.

Only it was not alone anymore.

One by one other ships appeared in the sky above Ascension Island.

The Lexington, the Concord, Independence, the Ameratsu….. One by one the human ships that had fought in that last valiant fight to defend their world against Surt returned above Ascension Island.

A Gate appeared before the Stargazer.

And the Ghost Fleet was gone.

Hel’s Army HQ, Plains of Ivalr, Asgard

Hel looked at the map set up for her by her General Staff. Her number two, Ivo, was a stiff Jotun that she had worked with for centuries, albeit always through a filter. His commanding officer had died and he had been appointed.

She didn’t like him. He was stubborn and a little stupid. But he was very well educated and talented in his own way. But he was quite capable of sending in her soldiers to die just for the slightest fleeting advantage. Her troops were vast but not infinite. Unfortunately he had a following amongst some of other generals, particularly those weaned on the First World War of Midgard.

Ivo continued, “As you can see we are slowly pushing them back in the fourth segment.”

Another general chimed up, “Casualties have been pretty heavy.”

Ivo replied, “What use are men if you don’t use them?”

Hel was getting so tired of this. Why wouldn’t Freya surrender? They were in a hopeless position here and Hel would slowly wear them away. But so many would die.

She was tired of death.

So much of her opposition to the Aesir had been because of the raw deal Odin had cursed mankind with. To live such fleeting lives. That curse was broken along with their rule and his death.

Only Freya and her Folkvangr clung on, bolstered by the few remaining Einjarher and minor Aesir.

Why couldn’t they see it was hopeless.

A young runner came into their room. “My Lady, your excellencies, aerial contacts have been made. Several large vessels are approaching.”

“My Lady? Reinforcements.”

Hel shook her head. “Not ours.” Had Freya been waiting for something. “That last human vessel, what was it, the Stargazer? Was it ever located?” Maybe they’d been able to repair it a little.

Her generals looked amongst themselves. Ivo finally spoke, “No, My Lady.”

“Please, Your Ladyship, please follow me.”

Hel and Ivo followed him to the air control center. There were twenty-three vessels approaching. So more than just the Stargazer……

They began to fire, to raze her lines. She could see as the radar screens became much more complex as drones and counter drones were launched.

Hel did quick calculations in her head. They might still win. Maybe.

But the cost….. It was too high.

“Contact Freya. Tell her we will parlay. No terms of rconditions demanded. We request a truce.”

“What? But we are winning? What matter those feeble human craft? My brethren swept them from the skies before and we will again!”

“At what cost? No, my dear Ivo, it is done. We have won. Even this hasn’t changed that. Asgard is no more. The power of the Aesir is broken.”

“Not while one Aesir breathes will I or my brothers take one step back. Never! I always thought your father was a fool to think you could run this war. No it is up to me and my kind. We Jotun will scour the worlds free of all the other scum who deign to draw breath on our worl…..”

And he died.

Hel had had enough. She was tired of death, tired of killing. But discipline must be maintained.

She turned to one of the communications techs. “Call Freya. This war is over.”

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Re: The Sorcerer and the Stargazer (AU Teen) Part 42 - 09/27/09

Post by PML » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:33 pm

Thanks to everyone who followed along this story. I don't know how closely this resembles many of the other stories written on this site, but it was certainly fun to write. Thank you all again.

chanks_girl- Thank you as always.

Kvar thought he had it all sown up. That he could betray and defile everything he touched without being tainted by it. And he succeeded for so very long. But sooner or later, fate will catch up with you.

RhondaAnn- Thank you so much for following along this story, even when I tossed in quite a few scifi twists. Thank you.

Disclaimer- The characters of Roswell are not mine and no infringement is intended.

The Sorcerer and the Stargazer Epilogue

Alexander Whitman stared at the stars of his new world. They still had not completely decided what to call it, but Ascension was the current favorite.

He liked it himself.

Alex watched as one of the Ghost Fleet drifted above. He consulted the local network. The Lexington.

When the Conference was over he should make courtesies to all his old friends. It would be strange not being a fellow Captain though.

He wasn’t sure exactly what he was now. His Stargazer was gone. But the routines that had been established aboard the ship for so many years had come to be followed, even here on the island. Alex lead the people. Liz made things happen. Kyle provide physical security for the both of them to do their jobs.

And Maria? Their friend and honorary crewmember? She made them dream and to reach for those dreams. She made doing impossible plausible.

Along with their loved ones they had worked miracles. Changed the course of fate.

Not entirely. All of the worlds were in ruins. Even Jotunheim, the only one not directly fought over was emptied from all of the war dead. The worlds were ruined, but not entirely obliterated.

They could and would rebuild. And build a better world. It would take many long years, many generations, but it would be done.

He felt a touch on his shoulder. Isabel. Ever since that time they had spent trapped in that ring, he had felt a deep sense of her. He had known she had been watching him for some time.

Mulling something over.

In her right hand she held an apple. A golden apple that glittered slightly in the dark night.

Alex looked up at her.

Isabel said, “A wedding gift for you. From Freya.”

“From what I understand the wedding itself was something of a gift from her.”

“Please Alex. Take it.”

Alex took it into his hand. It felt warm. A sense of well being flowed into him just from its intoxicating smell. “What is it?”

“One of Idun’s apples. One of the last for a little while. Until she manages to start anther orchard. If she can now that Asgard is destroyed. It will restore your youth.”

Alex new that between the fall of Odin’s curse and Liz’s technology that he had a long life before him. But he would never truly be young again. He lifted one eyebrow at Isabel.

“Alex, please. She gave one to each of you..”

“I would have loved to see their reactions to that.”

Isabel’s voice was dry. “Don’t worry, Tess got some pictures. Up until Kyle hefted her across his shoulders and carried her from the hall.”

“So it heals as well?”

“All the ravages of time and the injuries attained by them. It wouldn’t heal a wound, but it speeds recovery.”

“And between Liz’s nanites and the magic in the apple….”

Isabel smiled. “Liz should be fertile again. I know that she was resigned to poding all of her and Max’s children. But now she will actually be able to carry to term. She was so excited. As was Max.”

Alex looked back at the brightly lit Temple of Ascension. Liz had changed it, adding proper lighting and atmospheric control. But that was not the amazing thing.

Freya and her husband Odr were sharing a drink with Hel. Companionably.

Peace. There would be peace.

And it might be that he would never leave this island again. That because of what had occurred here, because he had in a sense died.

But that was okay. For he had his love at his side. And he had time.

There would be trouble and worry in the future, no doubt. Maria’s actions in killing Surt had stopped him from setting all of the Worlds aflame with his mighty sword. That had left bits of civilization that they could rebuild on.

It also left pockets of evil that would have been scorched out of existence in that cleansing flame. There would be much work to do.

But finally he had time. He held Isabel closer and gave her a kiss.

When the separated both of them looked up at the heavens of their new world together. And Alex took a bite of Idun’s Apple……

So concludes The Sorcerer and the Stargazer. Hope you all enjoyed.