Café Diem (AU, M/L) Teen Complete~8/9

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Café Diem (AU, M/L) Teen Complete~8/9

Post by darkmoon » Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:15 pm

Title: Café Diem
Disclaimer:The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine. The title is from Eureka, which is owned by the Scifi channel. Fantastic show. I also used a line from Bugs Life. Which is owned by Disney.
Pairing: Max/Liz
Rating: Teen
Summary: Today is the day Max Evans asks Liz Parker on a date. (Stupidest Summary ever, but it's the best I've got)
Author's Note: This is for Jake17, this was supposed to be for her b-day... I'm early. This is my first Dreamer fic. I'm usually living in the UC boards. I want to thank my amazing Beta, Burningchaos, who put her feelings about Dreamer aside to beta this. ^.^

Max sat there staring at Liz. In his head he could hear the conversations they’d have; if only he had the courage to speak up. He imagined she’d laugh like she did when she was with Kyle and Alex. He’d offer to buy her dinner, only to be reminded that her Dad owned the place.

He’d blush, and stammer something about taking her out to a different restaurant. Max stopped himself and realized, that even in his head, he wasn’t cool.

There he was sitting in the booth he always did, watching the girl of his dreams. Senior year was supposed to be about the final hurrahs. Whereas Max just wanted to get enough guts to ask Liz out on a date.

“You do realize, Maxwell, that in some states this is considered stalking?” Michael smirked as he slid into the booth across from him.

“I’m not stalking anyone. I’m eating a health… an enjoyable meal.” Max glared at his best friend.

“What if Liz had called in sick? Would you still be here?” Michael teased, his demeanor taking the sting out of the harsh tone of his words.

“She wouldn’t call in sick. Remember last Christmas, we hid here to escape the wrath of The Christmas Nazi? She had the flu, and wore a mask so she didn’t infect anyone.” Max’s voice got soft from the memory. He had wished he could have told her the truth then. He just wanted to cradle her head, and heal her.

It reminded him of the time that she was almost shot. If Michael hadn’t been an ass, or as he put it, trying to get Max laid; the scuffle over money between two drifters could have turned serious. Michael had called over Liz to complain about Max’s fries. How they weren’t cooked well enough and if she thought those were fresh, she was an idiot. It was Michael’s very special way of giving Max more ‘ogling time’ as he called it, and free fries.

What made Max feel kind of perverted was how he almost wished she had been shot. He could race over to her, placing his hand on the wound, saving her. The idea of letting her know in one moment, his two secrets; his alien origin and his love for her, was strong and heartbreaking.

“Earth to Maxwell, you might want mop up the drool. She’s on her way.” Michael cocked his head towards the booth across the room.

Max looked over to see a silver alien, and aqua skirt. He quickly lifted his eyes. “Hi Liz.”

“Hi Max.” Liz smiled softly. Max almost could swear she was blushing. Hell, he knew he was blushing.

“Can we get to ordering? While you two moon over each other, I’m dying of starvation.” Michael rolled his eyes as he pulled a menu out. “I want a Will Smith burger with Orbit Rings, a Cherry Coke, and he’s paying.” Michael pointed to Max.

“I’ll have…” Max stuttered off as he noticed Liz already had another order written down.

“Cherry Coke, Sigourney Weaver and Space fries. I’ll bring you an extra bottle of Tabasco.” Liz blushed realizing Max didn’t order. “I mean; is that what you want?”

Michael snickered as a flushed Max swallowed. “Yes? I mean, yes.”

Liz put a hand to her face as she spun around to put in their order.

“Personally, I don’t see it. She’s kind of… I don’t know, boring.” Michael shrugged. “I mean, I can’t complain though. She got me a job here.”

“She what?” Max blinked out of his ‘Liz haze’.

“They were looking for another cook. Since your dad got me emancipated, I do all my own cooking. And I hate working with you at the UFO Center. I feel like we are spitting on our families graves for one, and secondly, our boss is creepy. Both of them.” Michael sneered, as he shrugged.

“Milton just had a mental breakdown. He’ll be fine. Brody… Ok, you have a point about Brody.” Max waved off as Michael raised eyebrow.

“So, I put in an application here. Liz spoke to her Dad on my behalf. Don’t ask me why, she mumbled something about liking the underdog. She’s read James Joyce. So, she isn’t all bad.” Michael shrugged again. “Just ask her out. That way you can realize that you’ve made her out to be this perfect woman, and in reality, she drives you nuts.”

“I thought we weren’t allowed to get involved.” Max looked confused.

“You told your parents. Plus, I’m getting tired of this town thinking we’re gay. They can think that all they want about you. I’m a different story.” Michael looked over at Liz, who was talking softly to Maria and blushing. He turned back to look Max in the eyes. “Just get it over with. The mooning will end up killing me, and I’ll take you with me. You’re too young, and I’m too hot to die.”

“Fine, I’ll ask her out for this weekend.” Max rolled his eyes.

“Can’t. She works all this weekend.” Michael smirked.

“How do you know that?” Max had his confused face on again. It was an expression he had perfected being friends with Michael.

“I work here. I have the schedule. And… If someone would… I don’t know, pay for my dinner, I would be happy to share the knowledge with them.” Michael smirked, pulling out a small, folded, white piece of paper.

“You already said I was paying.” Max rubbed a hand down his face in frustration.

“I want you to want to pay.” Michael opened the paper slowly.

“Fine, I’ll pay.” Max snapped his fingers. “Give me the schedule.”

“She’s off tomorrow.” Michael folded the paper back up, not looking at it.

“You have it memorized?” Max blinked.

“Alien?” Michael murmured softly pointing to his self.

“Where would I take her? It’s a Thursday night. Nothing happens here on Thursdays.” Max looked defeated.

“Maxwell, nothing happens in this town on any day of the week. It’s our curse. Think of it like that Queen from Bugs Life…” Michael was cut short with a snort from Max.

“You’ve seen Bug’s Life?” Max snorted again as he laughed.

“The Disney channel is the only one not showing commercials late at night. As I was saying, It’s our lot in life… It’s not a lot, but it’s a life.” Michael quoted. Then glared and rubbed his eyebrow. “I hate you, Maxwell.”

Liz bit her lip as she carried the tray over. “I brought your drinks with your food. Since you two seemed very intent in talking, I didn’t want to interrupt.” She placed the drinks and food down with ease. She started to turn, but stopped. A hand slipped into her apron pocket, and pulled out a full bottle of Tabasco sauce. “Almost forgot.” She placed the bottle in front of Max. “Enjoy.”

“Thanks Liz.” Max smiled, as Liz walked away.

Michael rolled his eyes. “Thanks Liz? You were supposed to ask her out. If you don’t I will.”

“I thought you said she was boring?” Max sat up straighter, annoyed.

“She does read James Joyce. I’m sure we can talk about something!” Michael grinned in that way always made Max cringe inside.

“Michael…” Max could almost hear a whine in his tone. It annoyed him that Michael could drag the most pathetic emotions out of him.

“Just ask her, Maxwell.” Michael rolled his eyes. “I’ve dealt with the fact that we’re never going to find anymore about where we come from. Now, I need to deal with the fact that since we’ve been such a tight knit group, Izzy, you and I, that people think either I’m banging your sister, or you. So I figured I can handle having the town believe that I’m sleeping with Isabel, but we have to get rid of the sleeping with you rumor. Hence, you ask Liz out on a date.” Michael shrugged and snagged the bottle of Tabasco to pour over his food.

“So this is all to stop a rumor?” Max could feel his brain ache. He couldn’t believe his luck. Hell, if he knew it would take a rumor of Michael being gay to open the chance to ask Liz on a date… He still wouldn’t have asked Liz on a date. Max shoved a couple of fries in his mouth, in disgust with himself. It tasted bland, and Max realized Michael had the bottle of Tabasco.

Max grabbed the other bottle, and dumped it on his fries. He swallowed the bland lump in his mouth in disgust, and tried to figure out a good way to ask Liz out.

“Is everything ok?” Liz asked, startling Max out of his thoughts.

“Umm… Yes?” Max was confused why she had stopped back so suddenly.

“Are you sure? You didn’t seem happy with the fries.” Liz bit her lip.

“They’re great. Michael just snagged the Tabasco and I just realized… Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?” Max felt like a balloon whose air had ran out.

“Yes?” Liz looked around.

“Why are you looking around?” Max asked, confused. Hadn’t she just said yes?

“I’m looking for the camera.” Liz looked worried.

Michael burst out laughing. “You finally get the guts to ask her out, and she thinks it’s a prank!” Michael clutched his stomach. “Maxwell, you two deserve each other, seriously.”

Liz blushed and ducked her head slightly. “So you were serious?”

Max placed his forehead against the table, praying this moment was a dream. That Michael was still against all humans… and wait, did she just ask if he was serious?

“Yes.” Max mumbled against the table.

“What time do you want to pick me up? Since next week is school, my Dad has me on my school schedule now. I have to be home by ten.” Liz rambled out, praying it wasn’t too late.

“We can catch the six o’clock show? Maybe have dinner before that? I can pick you up at five?” Max lifted his head, looking hopeful.

“That will be great!” Liz tried not to squeak. Her grin was one of pure joy.

Max knew his was mirroring hers, as Michael pretend to gag.

“Ok, I’m taking my food to go, because this sugar overload is going to kill me. Thanks for dinner, Max. See you on Friday, Liz.” Michael drained his drink, and picked up the plate containing his food. “Hey, you!” Michael pointed to Maria. “Show me where the takeout boxes are.”

Liz and Max blushed, as Liz sat down where Michael had gotten up from; the entire restaurant staring at them. “Are you sure you really want to go on a date with me?” Liz’s voice was unsure.

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I really do want to go on the date, if you do.” Max stammered. This wasn’t how any of the conversations in his head went…

“I’d love to.” Liz smiled.

This was better.
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