Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) 4/17/09 [COMPLETE]

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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chapter 18 08/01/09

Post by SpiderGirl » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:09 pm

Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
Chapter Nineteen
“Topolski” she said as she answered her phone

“It’s Pierce. I have a new assignment for you” he said dispensing with pleasantries “I want you go develop a rapport with the Sheriff. He knows things, things he shouldn’t know and I want to know why and how”

“Yes sir” she nodded as she did her exercises in her office

“Have you made any progress with the Harding girl?”

“Not much, she’s only started at school this week. I do know that she has a twin sister, Ava but they have different names. I can’t trace Ava’s name, it has nothing to do with either of their parents. It’s almost as if she chose it at random”

“In the file I have on the Harding’s, Tess is listed as an only child. I want a full dossier on this Ava girl. Are they living together?”

“Yes sir. They have an apartment they’re sharing with another girl...” she stopped exercising and opened the file that was on her desk “Laurie DuPree, she has a pretty hefty bank account and there’s a claimed relationship between her and a one Michael Guerin”

“Michael Guerin... he was in the CrashDown when that waitress was miraculous healed of a gunshot wound wasn’t he?”

“Yes sir he was. Do you think he’s somehow related to Tess Harding and Ava Parker?”

“Maybe... what was the name of the waitress was shot? I want you to get me a list of all these people and how they relate to each. There’s a bigger picture here, we just need to figure it out”

“The waitresses name is Liz Parker. I think you’re right, sir, Laurie DuPree is involved in a relationship with the Sheriff’s son. I’ll look into this and report back my findings” she said then rung off

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” she looked up to see one of the students standing there

“Oh, you scared me! You’re Deluca, Maria... that’s right isn’t it”

“Don’t pull that photographic memory crap on me” she replied roughly as she came into the room and sat down in the chair

“What can I do for you?”

“I came here to help you. I didn’t believe it at first... you see I was in the girl’s bathroom when I heard. One of the girls in there was talking about a substitute teacher who’d got something wrong and then she said your name... after that I knew where I’d find you”

“I’m sorry, I’m not sure...”

“Kathleen Topolski of the Special Unit, FBI” stated Maria as she folded her arms over her lap and leaned forward. The older woman went pale and had to sit down


“That doesn’t matter. What matters is you and your life” she told her “You and the choices you make with what I’m about to tell you. I’m not about to tell you everything, yes I’m a part of it, but I’m not sure you can be trusted. We’re going to need an ally and from what I know I have reason to believe that ally is you”

“You’re not making any sense. How do you know me?”

“Like I said that isn’t important. I know why you’re here and what you want... you’re looking for aliens aren’t you. Can I ask, out of interest, which one of us you’re investigating?”

“You... you’re an... an alien” gasped Topolski, she stood up and quickly went for the gun hidden in her draw

“No I’m not an alien. I’m completely human; not Antarian, not a Skin and not a shapeshifter. So I think you should put that away... we can’t exactly have a decent conversation if you’re waving a gun in my face”

“Maria? Are you in here?” both of them looked up to see Kyle standing there. As soon as he saw the situation he put his hand up and came into the room “Maria! What the hell is going on? That’s Topolski!”

“Kyle... put your hand down. I think we should both just calm down before someone gets hurt”

“What do you think you’re doing? Why come here?”

“You have the memories too. You know what happens to her, what Pierce does to her”

“Yes I know. I also remember I got shot!” he snapped angrily “Christ if the General knew what you were doing! Let along the King or Queen! How do you think they’re going to react when they find out you went to Topolski?” the older woman watched the two younger people arguing and slowly lowered her gun. Kyle noticed this and lowered his arm

“I think we should all sit down and talk about this. I want to know what’s going on” she suggested; she wanted to know everything about what they had been talking about.

“Crap. If we get hell for this then I’m going to blame you!”

“We’re not telling her everything. Just the stuff relevant to her life” Maria answered as he sat down in the spare seat and Topolski laid her gun on the table. Kyle held up his hand and the gun slid across the desk towards his open palm “Removing temptation” he said as he put the safety on and tossed it onto the small couch behind him.
She blubbered like a fish when she saw him using his powers in front of her, flopping back down in her chair she stared at him wide eyed

“Are you okay?” asked Maria

“You’re not an alien... but you are...”

“I’m a hybrid... god that’s weird to say that now! I’m... part alien” he said to himself then wriggled in disgust

“What about me? I’m going to give birth to the smartest Antarian babies who ever lived!” Maria giggled

“Hello... we’re talking about me here!” snapped Kathleen, a little annoyed that they’d started their own conversation

“Yes... right, sorry” said Kyle before continuing “You die. Murdered”

“I...” she looked round frantically “When? Who?”

“Pierce... in a few months time” Maria told her sadly “He tortured you and you escaped. You came to us for protection”

“How do you know what’s going to happen in the future? How do you know that’s going to happen to me? It shouldn’t be possible!”

“Because the King and Queen that I mentioned before, they came back from the future using a machine... I haven’t mentioned their names because they’ve been through so much. Much more than any person should go through; in their future there was a war and we lost. Their... our enemy took them from the Earth after he destroyed the sun and imprisoned them on the King’s home planet. They were locked away and tortured for ten years”

“The sun was destroyed!” she gasped. Maria looked at Kyle who just nodded

“Not just the sun... we lost, everyone did, we all lost... there was nothing left but the King and Queen. They were the last of humanity; they came back to this time so that it would never happen”

“That’s what we’re trying to do, protect the human race from invasion!”

“But Pierce screwed up along the way. In the line the King and Queen came from he took one of them... He took the King when he was just a teenager and tortured him for information. We’re working on making sure that doesn’t happen; we’re stopping all the events that could have lead up to the end of the world”

“What do you need me to do?”

“Be an ally to us, help us and bring us information on Pierce. He’s the one who can’t be trusted, he’s an evil man and he’s part of the reason things ended up the way they did. In return we’ll protect you... you’ll be a part of the group”


“The Queen trusted her and she was right to do so. Topolski died trying to get us to believe in her! She was on our side and Pierce knew it and killed her for it!”

“Who are the King and Queen? What are they royalty of?”

“Well I guess Antar” said Kyle “But only the King is from Antar, the Queen was human”


“He changed her like he did with me. He brought us both back from the dead and because of that we’re different...”

“So that’s how you can do what you can do. But who are they? If you want me to trust you then tell me!”

“Kyle... you can show her part of the future can’t you. Show her the leaders of the resistance and what they went through” said Maria. He stared at her for a moment before nodding; Maria was Liz’s general just like Michael was Max’s. She wouldn’t have come if she didn’t think it was the right thing to do. He slowly stood up and walked round the side of the desk

“Will this hurt?”

“It won’t be painful...”


“Brace yourself” he said then put his hands on her hand. She gasped as the images were passed from him to her. When it was over she resisted the urge to scream and throw up

“God! They lived through that! Max and Liz! Oh my God! Oh My God!”

“I think it’s time we went. If you need to contact us then you come to us, leave Max and Liz alone for the time being. I have to start my shift at the
CrashDown, life goes on


Tess got home and sighed with relief, it had been a tough week starting school. Thankfully Kal and Kevin had helped her get all her stuff in Phoenix either sold off or brought to the new apartment she shared with Laurie and Ava

“Tough day at school?”

“The worst! God I have so much homework! You’re lucky you don’t have to do all that”

“Yeah lucky me” she mumbled as she worked on dinner. Tess watched her hurry around trying to make the evening meal almost to perfection

“What’s going on?”

“Adam... Adam’s coming round” she whispered “I’m cooking him dinner... oh Tess! I’m freaking out here! I’ve never been around boys apart from Zan and Rath! What am I going to do? What am I going to say? What if he hates me? What if he gets sick off my food and picks up the plate and throws it at me? What if Zan comes and finds that I’m alive and with another guy and kills Adam with the breadsticks! I don’t want Zan to kill him with breadsticks!” Tess just watched her rant with humoured disbelief

“Calm down... it’s just a date. He’s going to show up with something nice for you and you’re going to sit down and he’s going to see how much effort you put in the meal and just fall madly in love with you if he hasn’t already”

“Really?” she asked hopefully, Tess nodded

“Yeah, I really think so. It’s going to be fine...” she reassured her new sister then sighed “I’m going to go to bed. I’m not feeling too good; I’ve had a headache all day”

“Maybe you should see Max about that? We shouldn’t get sick”

“I’m fine. It’s probably just the stress of moving here and all the other... stuff” she told her twin “I want you to tell me all about it in the morning though, and if you’re worried about Zan coming to kill Adam with breadsticks then don’t put the breadsticks on the table” she said with a grin. Ava blushed but just nodded

“Night sis!” she called as Tess went into the room they shared with each other.
She kicked her shoes off under her bed before lying down and pulling the covers up over her, she had no idea why she felt so scared about going to sleep... she’d kept seeing things that scared her so much, things from the future that were so terrible and bad. They came every night but she would never remember it in the morning; it was getting stronger and she was beginning to remember brief flashes and images.

“I’m tired” she mumbled to herself “So tired” it didn’t take long for sleep to claim her, when she first started getting the visions in her dreams she’d tried not sleeping but that had just made things worse. She was still feeling the effects of the four days she stayed awake nonstop.

“Rose! Rosie!” she called as she stood in the park, her daughter was playing on the grass with her father “Let’s go play on the swings!”

“Okay mommy!” said Rose; she was five years old, almost six, and he’d surprised them both with a picnic at the park. She was beautiful, her little girl, with dark blonde hair and big blue eyes! Rose settled on the seat of the swing ready to be pushed when Tess smelt it... she looked around for a moment and saw Zan lying in the grass with his crutches by his side. He’d probably fallen asleep with how hard he was working it wasn’t really all that surprising

“Are you ready?” she asked turning back to their daughter

“Ahuh... I’m ready mommy” replied Rose as Tess began to push her higher and higher. Rose had been swinging back and forth for a few minutes before her voice got a little panicked “Mommy? What’s that? Mommy!” Tess grabbed Rose off the swings and pulled her close.

“Zan!” she screamed for him but he didn’t move. They were coming across the grass towards them and suddenly everyone was running. She didn’t want to leave him but she got the impression that he was already gone “Come on Rose! Run!” the two of them took off across the grass leaving the park completely.
It was much more violent on the main street, a few houses had already been destroyed and people just lay in the street as the enemy Antarians marched forwards blasting people with their powers. Rose was finding it hard to run so Tess quickly pulled her up into her arms which made running even more difficult; Rose was tall for her age and she wasn’t exactly the world’s tallest person!
She saw the light before she felt it, she could feel the warmth of blood running down her front and she realised she’d been hit. It all happened in slow motion; she fell forwards and tried not to land on her little girl. Tess lay there for a moment waiting to feel the pain but nothing happened.

“Mommy” whispered Rose

“Shush. Stay still... be quiet” she ordered softly, she knew that she was done for but her daughter didn’t have to die. She closed her eyes as an Antarian came over to see if she was alive, he stood for a moment before she sensed him moving away. Carefully peeking out of one eye she watched the line of enemy Antarians run further down the street until there were out of sight completely leaving behind smoking rubble and empty shells “Rose. Listen to mommy, I want you to...” she looked down at her daughter who was staring at her “Rose?” Rose was staring at her but her eyes were empty and unfocused, she looked down to see the large soggy red patch on her white shirt and she realised that she wasn’t the one who’d been hit. She couldn’t help but scream as she sat up and pulled her into her arms

“Aaaaaarhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as she jerked awake in bed. She remembered it all and she looked down to find her arms empty “Rose!”

As soon as Adam and Ava heard her screaming they both rushed into her room, Laurie came out to see what was going on and stood in the doorway

“Tess? Sweetie? What’s wrong? What happened?” asked Ava as she cupped her sisters face

“My daughter! My little girl!” she sobbed “They killed her!” she glanced from her sister to Adam who pulled out his phone and called his father.

“Tess it was just a dream, it wasn’t real” Ava tried to convince her but she just shook her head

“No it wasn’t. I saw it! I saw it!”

“Ava, she has the power to see the future. She got it off Liz when Max replaced Tess as the Queen” said Adam before he went back to explaining what had happened to his estranged father “My father says to put her to sleep and get Max and Liz”

“No! No! I have to save my baby!” she screamed wriggling away from Ava to get away from them “No! Rose! My baby! I won’t let you take her away from me!” Adam snapped his phone shut and helped Ava corner Tess so she could put her back to sleep. She fought back but that managed to knock her unconscious using their powers and get her back into the bed

“You get them, I want to watch over her” she said softly

“No, you should come with me” he said as he put his hand on her shoulder “She’s dangerous and this just proves it. She was ready to hurt you to get this Rose back”

“Wouldn’t you try if you lost your child? And she’s not dangerous! She’s my sister! I know her. Why does everyone believe she’s evil”

“Because she is”

“I’m her copy... am I evil too?” she hissed

“You’re different”

“Why?” she snapped back angrily, she turned to glare at him “She’s not evil and if you really believe that she is when she’s done nothing bad except protect us and prove you all wrong. If she’s so evil then that means I am too and if you have a problem with that Mr Goody Two Shoes then I don’t see any future for you and me”

“Fine. You’re evil, you’re both fucking mad and evil and you should both burn in hell” he hissed as he turned on his heel and left the room. Laurie stepped aside as he moved through the doorway and watched him go before turning back to the twins

“Is she going to be okay?” she asked

“Fuck off!” screamed Ava angrily. She got up from the bed and slammed the door shut in Laurie’s face before returning back to sit on the edge of the bed “I would have called my daughter Rose” she told her sleeping sister as she stroked her hair back off her damp forehead

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chapter 19 14/01/09

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Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
Chapter Twenty
Max and Liz came into the apartment, both of them trying not to sulk for being interrupted for this mini emergency

“She still asleep?” asked Isabel, Ava nodded as she sat down on the couch rubbing her neck

“What did she see?” Liz inquired, she was the only one who knew how powerful and terrifying the visions and images she used to have could be

“I don’t know. She said about her daughter dying” whispered Ava “I could feel the pain through our connection. She got even worse when she woke up and found Rose not there”

“Rose?” asked Maria

“That’s her daughter’s name. I know because if I had kids I would have called my daughter Rose” she looked away to hide the tears, it was clear that she had been as affected by this as much as Tess had been

“We should wake her up. We need more information” stated Adam as he moved to the bedroom door, Ava stood up sharply blocking him from going any further

“Leave her alone. She saw something that no mother should ever see! You’re not going to wake her up and interrogate her!”

“Are you going to stop me?” he was still a little annoyed with her for how she reacted before

“Enough!” yelled Liz “Ava is right. Seeing your child die is something that no mother should see... we’ll get the story when she wakes up” Adam sat back down. Laurie and Maria wandered into the kitchen to make food for everyone, Max and Liz curled up together and he put his hand on her stomach to feel their baby.


Her dreams were being haunted, the sight of seeing her daughter dying had burst the flood gates on her visions and all the ones she’d had but couldn’t remember where merging together to form a jumbled story. She could see the crash as if she was actually a part of it, she felt the pain of seeing Lonnie die as if it was Ava who had gone through the windshield. Rath was screaming but it sounded distant and there was a searing unbearable pain in her legs then everything shifted again and it was just white, pure whiteness and pain

“ZAN!” she screamed as she jerked awake in bed, several of the others came rushing in “I saw Zan... he was in a crash. They took him from the hospital about a week ago, that’s why they haven’t come here yet”

“Who took him?” demanded Ava “What about the others? Where are Rath and Lonnie? They wouldn’t let someone take him!”

“Lonnie is... and Rath is... he was in a coma. I saw what they did to him; they switched the machines off when he was fighting for his life!”

“Who did? Who was it who did all this?”

“White. The whiteness” she whispered “The White came and took him. It’s clean but evil”

“No” said Max firmly “No. Don’t mention that! Don’t speak of it!”

“Max... she doesn’t know what it is. I never told her about your past, only what she does. No one’s told her about it” said Adam as he glared at Tess “There’s no way she could know about the White Room”

“What’s the White Room?” asked Ava fearfully “Is that were Zan is?”

“If... if he is then we have to get him out. I was only in there for a day, it’s been a week for Zan, if he’s alive then it’s a miracle” he whispered, Liz reached over and put her hand on his arm

“We’ll get him out... Rath and Lonnie too” she nodded

“But Lonnie is...” began Tess, she glanced at Isabel before looking away. Ava lifted her chin getting her attention

“Lonnie might have been horrible to me but she was my family. What happened to her?”

“She... she was killed in the car crash” she replied “I’m sorry, Ava” Ava bowed her head and began to cry. Adam bit his lip before sucking in a sharp breath and walking across the room to sit on the bed next to her, he put his hand on her shoulder. She threw herself in his arms and sobbed.
Liz scowled angrily at the image of Ava crying on Adam’s shoulder; to her Ava was family and someone had made a member of her family cry! She wasn’t going to let them get away with this!

“We need to form a plan...” said Laurie “We need to do what you did last time you got Max out. It worked didn’t it?”

“Yes it did” said Michael “But we don’t have Nasedo helping us”

“It won’t work without him” said Max

“Langley. We can get Langley to do it” suggested Adam who was still comforting Ava “Whatever Nasedo did Kal can take his place right? We can’t just leave him in there! He’s Ava’s family!” he was desperate and looked so hurt. Ava still loved Zan even though he didn’t love her.

“We can’t... it’s not fair on Kal”

“What about Zan! Just leave him there?” yelled Tess

“No, of course not!” Max snapped “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how we can make this work without Nasedo. We’ll think of something, I promise”


The reality was what was killing him, all his life since he’d come out of the pods he’d stuck with his little family and now that they were gone he was alone. No one was going to come and save him from this clean nightmare, he was alone.

“I want to go home” he whispered as tears fell, he’d never known the concept of home and family and now he wished he had because then he would have something to live for. The door whirred open and in came Pierce.

“Good morning” he said and carefully laid the file he was carrying on the bed that had been left in the room. Last night Zan had gone through shock therapy so he would give up his secrets but he didn’t have anything to tell, when they were done they undid his straps and left him there. When he had gathered up enough energy he’d rolled off the bed and hobbled over into the corner “Not even a hello?”

“Go fuck yourself” he retorted quietly without looking up

“That isn’t very nice. Not after all the plans I have to bring others in to keep you company” he sounded caring but it was terrifying to Zan

“Others? Who?” he asked, he prayed silently that Ava hadn’t been caught and brought in. He imagined that she would never survive a place like this.

“Don’t act like you don’t know!” he shouted suddenly making the frightened boy flinch “Max Evans, your twin! We’re working on bringing him in, apparently there are rumours that evil fucking alien has impregnated an innocent human girl. We’ll have to bring her in as well; you can be a little family all here in the White Room were you belong”

“Leave them alone. They’re starting a family, you have me! Leave them alone”

“I can’t, not when I know that you can breed with humans” he said coldly “In a few hours you won’t be alone anymore” he kept quiet at the thought of having someone to share this nightmare with. He didn’t know that behind the screen Kathleen Topolski was watching him and formulating a plan.
She checked the medical records and he was almost ready for another dose of the serum to suppress his powers, if she could get in and do that instead of the technician then she could pretend to give it to him. She also knew that Pierce couldn’t bring in Max or Liz; it would be truly terrible if that happened.
She wandered out of the observation room and down to the staff toilets; she sent Maria a message then destroyed her memory card by flushing it. She went back to the obs room to watch Zan, he was just a little kid, only sixteen years old and he looked so small.

“Disgusting isn’t it” said Pierce as he came back into the room and spotted her watching Zan “They look so much like us”

“Probably to inspire pity when we caught them” she responded, she was trying to keep up her facade of being on their side. She was beginning to see that Pierce was a monster and he wasn’t trying to protect humanity, he was just enjoying torturing someone he was actually allowed to torture, instead of the staff.

“Well they failed in that aspect. Oh, I can’t wait for the others to be brought in! Especially the pregnant female! A real live alien baby that we can work with, we’ll find so much out about their race as they grow and develop! Maybe we could find more weaknesses!”
Monster, Kathleen thought, as she stood there. When she helped Zan escape she would make sure he ended up with a gun to shoot that evil bastard cold dead so he couldn’t hurt anyone else.


He circled her as she stood there wearing nothing but the skin she was born in, she was heavily pregnant and he was smirking as he casually reached out to stroke parts of her body. Every touch was like torture, fire burning across her skin but she refused to act, refused to show that he was hurting her

“I killed them all, it was so easy... even with the pathetic resistance you built” he told her teasingly “But you think you’re still strong because you have your beloved King Max” he scowled when she said nothing, did nothing then he smirked and nodded at the guards standing by his door. The guard went out then returned dragging something; he unceremoniously dumped it on the floor before returning to his post. Liz looked down at the person on the floor and knew who it was, she shouldn’t have bothered even to look because the sight was evil; Max lay twisted, broken and lifeless on the floor. She opened her mouth in a silent scream as Kivar laughed coldly that he’d finally destroyed her “All this time you thought you were strong but you’ve been so easy to break. No matter what you do I’ll always get you and destroy you from the inside out; so thank you Liz Evans, thank you for giving me the chance to destroy your world all over again!”

“No! I’ll stop you!” she screamed angrily as she turned to face him, her hate for him was a fire burning inside her urging her on to protect all she held dear

“You’ll fail. I’ll kill your friends, I’ll kill your family and when you’ve truly suffered then I will kill you. But for now, I think I’ll start with Charlie” he reached his large hand toward her stomach and she rushed back as she wrapped her arms around her stomach

“I won’t let you kill my baby!” she gasped as she hit the wall. As soon as she collided with the room the dream shifted and she was back on Earth when it was the end of everything, Kivar was gone and the wind was howling sending dust everywhere. She reached out for Max but she couldn’t see him, she was alone in the dust and the dirt “Max!”
Suddenly sixteen year old Max walked through the dust storm like it wasn’t there and crouched down in front of her

“Who are you?”

“Max! It’s me! It’s Liz! Help me!”

“You’re just some old woman, why should I help you? You don’t look anything like my Liz, you’ve got grey hair and you’re broken. I can see it when I look at you, you’re damaged beyond repair. My Liz would never let herself become like you... you’re a monster and a murderer. I’ve seen what you’ve done, all those people you killed in the war! You claimed to be saving the planet but you killed humans that fought for Kivar, you killed your own kind”

“No! No humans helped Kivar in the war! You’re making that up! You don’t know!”

“I’m here aren’t I? I’ve seen it all. Kivar was right to take you away, you’re an animal who deserves to be tortured and killed”

“No! It’s not true!” she gasped “You’re not Max! Max would never say things like that no matter what age he was! He’s always loved me”

“Hm, I guess you got me” he said then morphed into Kivar “And you were right about Max as well. He did love you but now... I think he’s not capable of even that anymore” he pointed to the left and the swirling dust cleared enough to show her Max’s broken and burnt body

“Naaaaooohhhhhh!” she screamed out in anger. Kivar disappeared and the earth began to break up, it was like an earthquake. She did her best to crawl towards him through the dust devil storm and by the time she reached him it was too late to get to a ship or the granolith to change things. The world exploded and she jerked up with a loud scream, it was dark in the room and she felt Max wake up next to her

“Liz! Liz! Look at me! It was just a dream!” he cried trying to shake her from the last threads of her nightmare

“Max” she sobbed then she realised what the dream meant “He knows. I don’t know how but Kivar knows. It was him, in my dream... I could sense him like when we were on Antar. He got inside my head, he knows about Charlie! He’s going to try and take her from us”


“Claudia... our baby girl. He knew what my nickname for her would be” she whispered, he held her close and she rested her head against his shoulder “Max, when he saw into me I saw into him. I know what he’s going to do, he’s coming here and he’s coming to kill you and destroy the Earth”

“Then we have to stop him. We have to warn people so they can be ready to fight back”

“But no one would listen or believe us and if they did then we’d probably end up being put in the white room” she pointed out and he nodded in agreement

“I know, love, but we made a promise a long time ago...” he began

“We’d give our lives for them to live and be free. Claudia is going to be one of those people...” she finished for him and he nodded once more “I’d do anything so she could have a chance at life. We need to go to Pierce, he won’t believe we’re trying to stop Earth’s destruction, he’ll think we’re part of it but that doesn’t matter. He’ll warn the president and then they’ll be ready”

“But he’ll kill us both, Liz, and then he’ll come after Claudia. We can’t risk that; we need to stay alive to fight against Kivar. No one else knows him and what he’s capable of like we do...”

“We have to do something”

“We go to the others and we make a plan of action. But for now, try and get some sleep. I’ll watch over both of you” he whispered as he laid her back down and stroked her hair back “I promise” she closed her eyes as she snuggled closer to him and drifted back off to sleep.


She walked into the medical science room were all the DNA testing took place from the samples taken from the subject Pierce had taken from the hospital; his name was Zan, that’s what he claimed he was called. No one had bothered to acknowledge it apart from her

“Who is administering the serum this evening?” she asked as she put her plan into motion, a young scientist looked up from behind his glasses. He looked younger than Zan did and appeared so out of place

“I am, Agent Topolski. Why? Is there a problem?”

“I’ve noticed some irregularities in the administering of the serum on the subject. In fact, Pierce has noticed it as well and has asked me to give the subject the serum from now on. Where is the serum?”

“I-Uhh... it’s over there on the shelf. I’ll go get the hypodermic needle for you” he scurried off to get the equipment.
Ten minutes later she was walking into the White Room carrying a tray with the needle on it, he looked up surprised to see her instead of the regular technician. She nodded at the glorified body guards dressed in hazard suits and they rushed forward grabbing him up off the floor and strapping him to the bed.

“Get out” she ordered once they’d done their job and they quietly shuffled out leaving her alone with Zan. He looked up at her and her heart broke, she smiled at him warmly then winked. She moved around the table so her back was facing the cameras and observation window, she took the scrunched up piece of paper from her pocket and put it in his hand then returned to the other side to give him the injection. Instead of injecting it into his arm she put her hand near his inner elbow and injected herself with it before putting the needle down on the tray. Topolski left the room leaving Zan confused and unsure about what just happened.
The glorified agents came back in and released him from the bed before leaving him alone again. He rolled off it and curled back in the corner to read the note she’d left him

Zan, within half an hour your powers should be back to normal. From where you sit in the corner the door should be directly behind you. I’ll be watching and direct the agents to another part of the facility. Blow the door and follow it until you come to a wide corridor. Both Pierce and I will be there. I will draw my gun on Pierce and get him to give up his. I want you to take his gun then give it to me. There will be people waiting for you on the other side of the fence, you can trust them. I’ll find you when it’s safe, Kathleen Topolski x

He scrunched the note back up and held it tight in his hand. All he had to do now was play the waiting game; he didn’t know if this was a trick but he’d be willing to take the chance to get out of here.


“Maria... I thought we were going on a date. That’s what you told your mom... so why are Kyle and Laurie here?”

“Oh, I love you too, Guerin” he sneered from the back seat

“Michael... we’ve got a lot to tell you. You’re going to be pretty angry at me and Kyle for it but if you’re going to blame someone blame me okay, but only after we’ve got him out”

“What? Got who out? Zan! We’re going to rescue Zan?!” he cried “Do Max and Liz know about this? What about Tess and Ava?”

“No one but the people in this car know”

“Then it’s suicide! Turn the car around and go back! We’ll need more help than this!” he pointed out

“You’re right. We do” she agreed with him before turning back to watch the road as she drove “Topolski is in on this as well”

“What!” he roared “Maria? Are you insane? You went to Topolski with this?”

“She’s helping us. An hour ago she sent me a message telling me about her plan; we have half an hour to get to Eagle Rock Military Base before Zan comes out. If this plan works then a lot of our problems will be answered; she’ll become the head of the Special Unit and she’ll work on shutting it down from the inside”

“How do you know we can trust her?” he asked

“Because she let me go” said Kyle “She saw me use my powers and Maria told me to show her certain parts of the future so I did and she let us go. If she wasn’t on our side she wouldn’t have” Michael scowled and crossed his arms

“Fine but when this is all over you and I are going to have a serious long talk about you putting yourself in serious unnecessary dangers” he told her, she smirked and reached over to hold his hand

“I’ll look forward to it, SpaceBoy” replied Maria as the car sped a little faster.


Blasting the door was easy, so was running along the hall, Topolski had done what she said she would by sending the guards the other way. He followed her instructions to the large corridor where he found Pierce and Topolski waiting. Pierce was the guy in charge, the guy behind all the ice baths and shock treatment! He raised his arm and Pierce pulled his gun

“Freeze!” he yelled “I don’t want to shoot you but I will if I have to. I can’t let a monster like you out into the world!” he fell silent when he felt cold steel pressed against his right temple. Kathleen pressed her gun into the side of his head and Zan lowered his arm and slowly walked towards them

“Drop your gun” she ordered and he did. Zan bent down and picked it up just as Kathleen pulled out a handkerchief to hold it, she didn’t want to get her prints on it “Now over to the console. Open the door”

“No” he answered her

“Dead or alive, either way you’re going to open the door. Choose which way you want it”

“You won’t kill-” he said so assured she wouldn’t when she pulled the trigger. He went down stumbling to the ground and she tossed the gun on the floor, it slid away to the middle of the corridor. She grabbed his arm still using the handkerchief and pressed it onto the pad, the door began to open and she dropped Pierce’s body onto the floor

“They’re waiting for you. I need you to do one last thing before you go”

“What is it?”

“Use your powers to knock me unconscious. When I wake up I’ll come and find you, I promise” he bit his lip then pulled her into his arms hugging her. She closed her eyes, smiling at the warm parental feelings the hug created within her. Zan lifted his arm and put it to her head knocking her out, he let her slide down to the floor before he took off as fast as he could with his legs still damaged from the crash.
He found a car waiting for him, in it was Rath’s duplicate and three humans he’d never seen before.

“Hurry up and get in!” yelled the cute blonde girl in the front. He did as he was told and quickly slid into the back behind Rath’s duplicate as she slammed her foot on the gas, spun the car around then got back onto the road into Roswell. After five miles she slowed down to a normal speed to avoid detection

“Who are you all?” he asked

“Hopefully, we’re family” said the other blonde girl sat on the other side of the car behind the mouthy blonde

“I was kinda more hoping for your names, since you rescued me and all” he pointed out

“I’m Michael, that’s my girlfriend Maria” said Michael

“Give him the backpack by your feet. It’s got clothes in” Maria ordered briefly pointing down at her boyfriend’s feet. Michael passed it back and Laurie couldn’t help but smirk as his muscles flexed as he put on a shirt

“I’m Laurie DuPree” she held out her hand, Kyle grabbed it and she scowled playfully at him “Spoilsport”

“I’m her boyfriend Kyle, I’m Maria’s brother... well near enough. We’re taking you to Roswell where you’ll be safe”

“What about that Topolski woman? You must be working with her, why? I understand why Michael would know, maybe Maria too but how come you know about the Special Unit?”

“Coz everyone in this car apart from Maria is part alien” explained Kyle, he held up his hand and it glowed softly “We’re part of the Royal Family. Man, I love saying that”

“Royal Family? I don’t understand, there should be the Royal Four. Zan, Rath, Vilandra and Ava”

“Our Zan, Max Evans, he changed it” Laurie replied “It’s now Max and Liz, Michael and Maria, Alex and Isabel, they’d be the main members of the family”

“What about your Ava? Is she called Liz now?” he asked, the others glanced around nervously “What?”

“Our Ava is called Tess and she was replaced by Liz as Queen. That’s why Tess no longer has her mindwarping powers and Ava was disconnected from your Royal Four”

“What happened to them? Did Tess die? We lost Ava... I thought that she might be here... she’s dead isn’t she?”

“No, they’re both alive. I live with them now” Laurie told him “Tess had a vision of you in the White Room so Maria came up with a plan to get you out. She’s the one who went to Topolski and get her on our side”

“Max and Liz are going to be furious. I am so not going to be the one explaining everything” Michael snapped

“They pull some serious rank?” Zan asked as he curled back against the seat

“No, Liz is pregnant. She’s highly emotional and volatile at the moment” he replied then went pale as Maria turned to glare at him “But she’s a real peach, we absolutely love her!”

“Whipped” scoffed Kyle from the back, Laurie laid her hand on his leg and leaned close to his ear

“If you ever want to have kids then I’d suggest you be careful. Liz is amazing and you shouldn’t rip her in front of her best friend and general” she whispered

“Okay” he nodded quietly. Zan closed his eyes and wondered who this Liz person was and how all the people in the car seemed in awe of her.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chapter 20 21/01/09

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Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
Chapter Twenty One
“Agent Topolski? Are you okay?” asked agent Bellows as she came round, she looked around the room and saw she was still in the corridor

“I’m taking charge of the Special Unit as acting director until our superiors appoint a new one. The subject, he’s probably heading for the border, if he’s been out in the world all this time he probably knows that we’ll have trouble following him across. I want you to set up a team and go after him before he gets that chance. He’s most likely on foot so he can’t have gotten far. Have a technician from the morgue remove Pierce’s body” she said as she swept her messy hair back and began spewing out orders. Bellows moved away to do as she asked and she headed to the security room, thankfully it was empty as usual, all the feeds were recording. She rewound the tape with her helping Zan escape and put it into another machine to record over. Once that was done she went up to Pierce’s office to make herself comfortable.
When the teams failed to find the missing ‘subject’ and all this blew over she could work on shutting down the unit, or better yet start using it to help the Royal Family in Roswell.


“Zan!” gasped Ava as she got up and rushed to him and pulled him into her arms, he smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. Adam just scowled as he sat there all but forgotten

“Where did you find him?” he asked roughly

“Rescued him from the White Room, it’s a long story but we have to get going. You know doing the regular school thing” said Kyle. He hugged Laurie then followed Michael and Maria back down to the Jetta. Tess nervously looked at Zan wrapped up in Ava’s arms and felt the green eyed monster creeping up on her

“I better get going too, if you need to use my room then that’s fine” she mumbled then hurried off.

“I could lay my rock down” he said sleepily

“Let’s get you to Tess’s room and later on we’ll get the others round to discuss what we’re going to do” said Adam. He wanted to dump him in Tess’s room before Ava suggested that he stay in her room.
Once they got him settled in Tess’s bed and he passed out into sleep Laurie announced that she was going to go spend some time with Liz while Max was at school.

“I might join you” said Ava

“Um, Ava... could I talk to you?” asked Adam, Laurie nodded at them knowingly and patted her housemates shoulder

“Catch me up later” she told her before leaving.

“What is it?” she asked

“I was... I just... Zan... do you...”

“What?” she repeated softly “Tell me, whatever it is, it’s okay”

“Do you still love Zan or am I falling for a girl I can never have?” he asked quickly and she blushed

“You’re falling for me? Like falling in love with me?” he shifted nervously from one foot to the other then he looked up at her and nodded.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you the other day... I was scared. You’re... beautiful and I want to be with you but there’s Tess... I’m scared that she will become the monster she was in the future and if that happens the world will get destroyed and I’ll lose you. I don’t want to lose you, Ava”

“You won’t, but you have to accept and trust Tess. She’s my sister and if we support, protect and give her the family she needs then we’ll be okay”

“Okay, Ava, okay” he nodded promising her to do what she asked. She smiled before leaning forward to wrap her arms around his shoulders and kiss him.


Max woke up and smiled as he saw Liz lying next to him, he couldn’t imagine his life without her. The sun was coming in through the window and he could hear the birds singing in the trees, it was like he was in heaven as the rays lit her hair making it shine

“Angel” he whispered as he stroked her hair back, she murmured in her sleep and snuggled closer to him “I’ll never get tired of waking up next to you” he pulled the blanket up over her shoulder making sure she was warm before getting up out of bed to make breakfast before school.
School was one of the things he disliked about being sixteen again but at least this time he knew all the answers and could get things done quicker. He got the ingredients to cook her eggs and put bread in the toaster before pouring her a cold glass of orange juice.
He was stood at the cooker when he felt arms come around him and she laid her head against his naked back

“Morning baby” she greeted him “Were you being the perfect husband and making me breakfast in bed?”

“Yeah I was and you should have stayed there where it’s nice and warm. The cold floor of the kitchen can’t be good for you or the baby”

“We’re fine” she said as she stepped away from him prepared for another ‘good-for-the-baby’ speech when she gasped and put her hand to her stomach

“Liz? Oh my god what’s wrong?” he cried rushing over to her, eggs forgotten in an instant “Is it the baby? Are you having her? It’s too soon!”

“No, Max... come here” she said reaching for him, when he came close she grabbed his hand and put it over her tummy. He fell silent when he felt the fluttering beneath her bump

“Oh... oh my God... is that...?”

“Yeah” she nodded with a huge grin as tears formed in both their eyes “She’s kicking! That was her first kick! Our baby’s kicking!” he laughed before kneeling down and lifting up his shirt that she was wearing

“You’re so clever little baby” he cooed to her belly button “My little girl can kick! You’re so clever! Daddy is so proud of you!”
Suddenly the door opened and Laurie walked in, she saw Liz standing in the kitchen and went over to her but then yelped and turned around quickly when she saw that Max was knelt down holding up the shirt she was wearing

“God! I am so sorry!” she thought they were doing stuff in the kitchen

“No! Laurie, we’re not doing anything! Claudia is kicking! She’s started kicking! Come and feel!” she called to her friend. Laurie came back as Max stood back up and got back to the eggs, she came into the room and they giggled over the fluttering kicks

“Max... leave me to finish breakfast. You’re going to be late for school” she pointed out as she put her arms around him again

“But I want to make you breakfast... and I want to spend as much time with you as I can” Laurie smiled at how perfect they were together, she wondered if one day people would look at her and Kyle and think the same?

“I don’t want Principal Forrester calling wanting to know why you’re so late... besides I want to have a girly day. Laurie and I are going to meet up with my mom and your mom and go shopping for baby clothes...” she leaned closer “And I want to look at wedding dresses and... underwear for our honeymoon”

“I’ll see you later” he said as he served the eggs out onto the plate and quickly buttered the toast “You look great in everything... but I uhh think you look extra hot in red” he whispered back before kissing her goodbye, he grabbed his back pack and left quickly.
Max had a big grin as he jogged down to his jeep, he was imagining what she would wear on their wedding night; he blushed as he felt his jeans tighten as his mind slowly peeled off her red lingerie and he would make love to her as his wife for the first time. He was in fantasy land until he spotted someone trying to stick something under one of his wipers

“Hey!” he called and the person jumped turning in fright and dropping the envelope he had hold of

“I uhh I...” he stuttered before bending down to pick up the letter and handed it to him “I know it won’t make sense but when you’re ready to ask questions I’m staying at this address until I return home” he handed a card from one of the local hotels before disappeared off.
He just shoved the letter and the card into his back pocket not giving it thought, if it was alien then he must have been on his side because he hadn’t attacked him. Before he set off he set a message to Laurie telling her that some strangers were around and be aware in case those strangers tried anything, he trusted her to protect Liz.


He forgot about the letter while he was busy remembering all the old lessons he had in school, he only remembered when he sat down to lunch and the hotel card poked him

“Damn” he growled as Tess, Michael and Maria came to join him at his table. Alex and Kyle were still in the line for food

“What’s wrong?” asked Michael as he sat down, he didn’t know if someone had told him about their rescue mission a few hours ago when it was still dark

“Some weird guy gave me this letter and a hotel card letting me know where he was staying this morning”

“Maybe he was coming onto you?” suggested Tommy as he came and sat down at the table, he had started spending more and more time with the group and enjoyed being around these people who were doing something so important and self-less instead of the usual thick headed guys who talked about nothing but hetero sex.

“Do you want the card? Maybe you could go visit him?” Max said jokingly, he wouldn’t let on that Tommy was gay but it was the same joking banter they’d developed since becoming friends and shared secrets

“What’s the letter say?” asked Tess pointing to it “That doesn’t look like a guy’s writing. It’s too fancy”
Max shrugged, picked up the envelope, opened it and began to read the first few lines. He sat there quietly for a moment before he got up and gathered his things

“I’m cutting the last few classes. I’ll see you all later” he said then left the cafeteria quickly, everyone watched him go and wondered what the letter said

“I wonder what it said” Tommy voiced his thoughts aloud. Michael shrugged before turning back to his lunch just as Alex and Kyle came over

“Where did Max go?”

“I don’t know. Something to do with a letter, he’ll let us know about it later on when we have that meeting about Zan”

“Zan?” asked Tommy, Alex leaned in to find out what was going on “Who’s that?”

“Max’s duplicate” said Tess “You know how Ava looks exactly like me. Well she’s from another set of the former Royal Four. The Royal Family before Liz became queen” she explained and he paused

“You mean there is a guy out there who looks exactly like Max? In every way?”

“Basically yeah, he has a soul patch and a few piercings because he grew up in New York...”

“Where can I find him?” he demanded quickly

“He’s staying at my place. Why?” she asked feeling a little jealous that Tommy was so interested; it didn’t take a genius to figure out that he was as gay as Christmas. He blushed bright red and suddenly found his lunch extremely interesting

“Oh, no reason” he said quietly.


Max sat in his jeep in the parking lot and read the letter properly. As soon as he had read the first few lines he had a feeling it was genuine

“I come here sometimes, just to see you both, I miss you and this place always reminds me of you. Sometimes, I imagine what you would be like but with all that my aunts and uncles have told me about you I have a pretty good idea, also, I know you from the greatest story ever told. Your story was how you saved Earth and all of humanity, as your daughter you have no idea how proud I am. Of course you don’t know because for all the stories I cannot remember you, I live in a free world that has become so wondrous and fantastic but I live without my mommy and daddy. I never got the chance to know you because you died not long after I was born and I grew up as the Daughter of Earth.

So on this day I come here to the desert, not far from my home town of Roswell, and I lay flowers on your monument. Yes, you have a monumental statue; they built it here where you both died to remember you. It’s a nice statue of you; it was designed from a picture of your wedding day. Daddy, your arm is around mommy’s shoulders and she’s smiling with her head on your shoulder; it’s exactly like how I picture you would be. When the war came, and you gave your life, no one knew what you’d done at first because so many people were killed; so what difference was two teenagers from some little town that was first hit?

It was only afterwards, when it was all over, that all my aunts and uncles spread the world and told the story about what you did. Soon the entire world knew of your sacrifice and president Obama came to Roswell to confirm the story; once he found out it was true and that I was your daughter and I was an orphan he addressed the whole world. Officially I was adopted by every person on Earth at that time who could vote, I became the Daughter of the Earth and the representative for all new races of life that came here after the story of the Great King Maxwell and Great Queen Elizabeth spread beyond this world and into the far reaches of the universe. Yes, every single living being in this universe knows your name and they’re still coming to lay flowers on your grave these twenty seven years after you died.

Yeah, I am twenty eight now and becoming such a handful. I’m about to have a baby with my husband Deech Harza, he’s from the second planet in the Dorado Constellation. We got married three years ago and I wish you could have seen it. It was such a beautiful wedding and you would have been so happy to see me walking down the aisle towards him, being the DoE, my wedding was televised and transmitted to all planets trading technology with Earth. Basically anyone who had a TV saw me say my ‘I do’s’. I guess you want to know about the others, my aunts and uncles right? Well Maria and Michael got married and had Serina and Jacob, so did Alex and Isabel and had Benjamin and Bethany... Kyle and Laurie got married and had James, Amanda, Charles and Aida, Ava and Adam got married and had David and Matthew and finally Tess and Zan were married and had three children; Rose, Max and Liz.

Serina, David and Rose built me a space ship for my twenty first birthday; they designed it taking aero dynamics into mind and created a ‘warp-vortex’ as they all decided to call it. The principal is that it creates vortexes then travels through the fastest part of the vortex, it even has the power to go back and forward through time thanks to Serina incorporating her technological advances in quantum mechanics. I am tempted to go back in time just so I can meet you and spend some time with you both but by the time both of you had your present and future selves bound I was conceived and if I go back to the time to interrupt my conception I know I could change everything. According David who, like his father, can see the working of time that is one of the events that would change every other single outcome people made from your passing and after Serina explained that such events like that could spiral into chaos and effect the entire universe I asked for altering big events to be declared forbidden. So as much as I would love to come and meet you I cannot. Despite missing you raising me I have not been sad, I have had a long and happy life; I have family and a lot of friends and now I’m starting a family of my own. Once our son is born, Deech and I plan to take my ship and travel the universe, I am looking forward to see my father’s former planet Antar and I really want to travel once more to Deech’s home world and visit his parents and family. I should get going now... it’s getting dark and I know the wonderful husband of mine gets awfully worried about me in ‘my state’. I don’t have any way for you to receive this letter, I don’t even know why I always address each letter or journal entry to you but I think it’s because if I do it’s like you’re here with me and I can see you and talk to you whenever I want.

I am proud of what you did and I love you more and more for the life and world you gave me, you gave the greatest gift any parents can do for their daughter. You brought peace to a world that was spiralling into destruction; you gave me a world in which I can live safely with my husband and my unborn son and any other children we have in the future. I love you and thank you

Claudia Gabrielle Evans x”

He put the letter down and began to panic, his baby daughter would be an orphan and it would happen soon. Liz was due to give birth in about a week and a half and not long after that both of them would be dead? He shook his head and scowled, he needed answers!
Max put the letter back in the envelope and dropped it onto the passenger seat before heading to the hotel that strange guy was staying at; was it a threat? Was it the future? He didn’t want to die and he didn’t want Liz to die!
When he got there, the young man who had given him the letter was stood outside waiting for him

“I thought you would have been sooner” he commented as Max jumped from the jeep and rushed him

“What the hell is going on? Are you one of our enemies? Have you come to kill me and my wife?”

“No, I haven’t. Look at me, look at me eyes” he whispered terrified of the man before him holding him up off the ground. Max stared into the man’s eyes then slowly let him go

“You have...” he began “You’re mother’s eyes?”

“No. She was my ancestor” he replied as he brushed down his clothing

“Ancestor... So you came back using the Granolith?” he stated as he leaned against the wall before sinking down to the ground “That’s how you knew”

“I didn’t use the Granolith, in the time I came from the Granolith was sent away. The legend goes that the DoE and her family built the Granolith then used it to travel the universe; they disappeared after leaving the Dorado constellation. The rumour goes that they used Serina’s technology and travelled back in time to Antar and left the Granolith there. It would make sense because all the people of Antar said that it just appeared one day and they began worshiping it from then on. No one knows what truly happened to DoE and Deech and their son”

“Are you allowed to tell me this? Shouldn’t you be worried about changing the future? Your present?”

“No I’m not. I’m one of the Time Line; every generation of my family is born with the gift of precognition and the ability to control time. We can see what can and cannot be and affect time like it should go; my family line was elevated to guard time when our powers were made public”

“So me and Liz die soon?” he whispered scared “It’s okay for you to tell us that we’ll die?”

“It doesn’t change the outcome. If it changed time then I would cease to exist and not be able to return home to my time”

“Liz can’t know. I don’t want you to tell her, promise me that you won’t tell her”

“I promise” he said

“I don’t even know your name”

“It’s David Matthew Jones” he replied as he sat down next to Max and pulled his knees up

“How long are you here for? What’s the future like? You know a lot about me and the others don’t you?”

“Everyone knows. It’s the greatest story ever told, it’s what parents tell their children. What you did, it didn’t just save Earth, but the entire universe. When all the races at war throughout the galaxy heard what you had done to ensure peace they laid down their weapons; civilizations made alliances with other civilizations. Technology was shared and all races united, what you two did created two thousand years of peace and unity in every solar system across all of creation and that peace still exists today. There is no war, no famine... Earth learnt how to go out into the stars and spread the story”

“We really did all that? Liz and I created that? By dying?” he whispered and David nodded “So we have to die so everyone has a golden age? My Claudia, my little baby girl, she never knows us. The letter she wrote says about how much she misses us and wished she knew us”

“But she also says she’s happy. She meets her husband and they have a son together, if you don’t then that would never happen to her”

“You said she and her new family disappeared. What happened to her? You can see all of time right? Can’t you go back to see why she disappeared?”

“Several generations of my family have tried to but for some reason whenever we try we can’t. It’s like it isn’t allowed, that is one mystery we’re not allowed to know”

“What if something bad happened to her? She’s my daughter, I’m her father, and I should be there to protect her from harm” he said, suddenly David flickered in and out

“No! Stop it! Your fate is a fixed event! You shouldn’t change it!” he cried desperately. Max panicked and David stopped fading “The choice you make is what we called a fixed event; if you change it then you will change every other choice that people make after you’ve passed away”

“I don’t see what the problem is there” he replied and David flickered again

“No! You don’t understand! It would be like Hitler surviving the war because he paused to get coffee or something! The consequences could be universally dire and catastrophic!” he tried to point out. Max shook his head

“I don’t want to die and I don’t want Liz to die either. We’re going to be alive for our daughter!” he said. David reached for the wrist watch on his left wrist and disappeared from Max’s present timeline back to his own “What am I going to do?”
He began to think about what he could do and how he could make it work; he was trying to think of the best way for everyone. He knew that he didn’t want Claudia to grow up as an orphan but he knew that if he gave his life then Liz wouldn’t be able to live without him and would probably follow him into the next life. Finally he decided that he would need to ask her for help as well, there was no way he could make this decision for himself. Max rose to his feet and went back to the jeep to get the letter the letter his daughter had written to him when it began to fade before his eyes before it returned from transparency. Something had changed but it still led to his daughter growing up alone.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chapter 21 28/01/09

Post by SpiderGirl » Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:37 am

Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
Chapter Twenty Two
Zan tossed and turned in the bed, he was dreaming of being in the white room with Pierce torturing him and how he felt so totally alone; someone had sensed he was in there though. Someone knew he had been captured and he was in the white room, that someone who ever it was had been the reason he had been rescued. The only person it could have been was Ava; so he worked her into his dreaming but she looked different and not like the girl he had known his entire life.

“Help me, please!” he begged reaching out for her “I’m... I’m scared. I want to go home. Help me”

“I have. You are home... you’ll always be at home with me. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for, I was always told that I would love the king and when I met Max I felt nothing. He looked at me with so much hate in his eyes... I want to go home too. Help me” she whispered as she waved her hand and Pierce disappeared.
He opened his eyes and looked around sleepily wondering who she was and why he was dreaming about her; he could tell from the dream that it wasn’t Ava even though she looked like her. Was this girl Ava’s duplicate? It was clear that she was in love with him but he didn’t see how he could return her feelings. The aloneness came over him again and it was unbearable, he sat up quickly pushing himself up with his hand and got a flash off the pillow

Tess was lying on the bed crying and feeling so alone and in pain; she could feel his feelings and emotions and was trying to reach out to lessen the pain for him. But it hurt so much, if only she could save him!

“She wanted to save me. She was the one!” he whispered, he stroked the pillow and felt all her emotions filling him. She was alone in the world and she had reached out to the one person who would understand her; she had been suffering the same fate as him but it had gone on for years instead of days. Everyone overlooked her and dismissed her because she was supposedly ‘evil’; no one had given her a chance! Just like no one had given him a chance and he’d grown up to be who he was when he lived in New York.


Amy scowled at him as he got out of the Jetta; she wasn’t sure about the young boy before her but Maria had clearly taken a shine to him. It would all end in tears, in Amy’s opinion, and all she wanted to do was protect her baby girl from him.

“Hello Ms Deluca” he smiled warmly

“Hello Michael. How was school?” she was direct and Maria blushed

“Mom!” gasped Maria in disbelief

“It’s okay. I’ve been pulling my grades up... I really like Maria and I’d do anything to be with her. Even if that means making more of an effort”

“So that means you’re generally lazy” she pointed out making her daughter gasp again but Michael just smirked

“Mom!” she cried

“Before Maria and I decided to... give it a go I had nothing worth living for. I knew all the answers at school but I just made no effort because my foster father... he used to hit me, beat me up, and make me feel worthless. I no longer live with him; I’m working on getting myself emancipated. I have a job and I’m doing better in school and that’s all because of my girlfriend. I respect her, I need her... I love her! And I would do anything to make her happy, even spend time with you. So... if that’s okay with you, then is there anything I can do to help around the house?” Amy stood there listening to his heartfelt speech for a moment before putting her arm around him and directing him to the kitchen

“Hurt her and I will cut your balls off and fed them to the garbage disposal” she whispered into his ear and he just nodded his head out of fear.

“Is it okay if Michael stays for dinner? Then I’ll drive him home”

“Okay but tonight is a school night, I want you back by half eleven” she replied, it was a big thing that she was letting Maria drive him home. God only knew what they could do parked somewhere!

“But mom, tomorrow is Saturday!” she protested but it fell upon deaf ears.
Michael helped set the table while Maria and Amy cooked Italian food that they were so skilled at despite that they were both of Spanish descent instead of Italian then they all sat down to eat

“I wonder what that letter was that Max received today” Michael mused aloud

“Who knows with us? It could have been anything” Maria replied, Amy remained quiet while she ate; she had learnt a long time ago that sometimes the best way to learn things was to just blend into the background and listen “Whatever it was, it had him rattled. Do you think it has anything to do with Liz or Claudia?”

“Claudia?” Michael repeated “You mean...” she just nodded glancing at her mom briefly

“Did he say when we’re all getting together? We’ve got a lot to talk about... and a lot to explain”

“I know. I still don’t think Zan was a good idea... anything could have happened” he put his hand over hers then Amy rose from the table to get a drink

“I didn’t have any choice, he’s part of this and I couldn’t just leave him in there. You know how Max was after the White Room, you know from Liz’s memories! Then Topolski called me and I took the opportunity to get him out” she hissed trying to keep her voice down low “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this now. Let’s save this for later... then you can take turns with the others who agree that it was such a stupid idea...” Amy came back to the table and sat down, she wondered what they had been whispering about

“What are you kids talking about? Why so secretive all of a sudden?” Maria bit her lip as she glanced back and forth from her mom to Michael

“I want to tell her the truth. Liz and Max told their parents, they know and they were okay with it!”

“I don’t think so... no offence but I don’t want your mom to have more ammo to run me out with”

“Tell me what? What’s going on? Maria!” she demanded suddenly fearing where this conversation

“You can’t make this decision” he growled at her and her eyes widened

“Why can’t I? You may be the general to the King but I’m the general to the Queen, I’m apart of this and as an advisor I think this is a wise decision. We’d have one more person with actual authority to go to”

“We’d have one more person to worry about!” he pointed out trying to talk her out of this. Amy just watched the argument and her fear grew and grew!

“When Kivar comes looking for the Royal Family he targeted our parents. I want her to know what could come! She becomes your mom too, she’s our family...”

“Would someone tell me what’s going on?” she finally demanded angry that they were talking about her like she wasn’t there

“Mom, Michael isn’t...”

“I’m not human” he interrupted her “I come from a planet called Antar. I’m a hybridised clone of the planets general, second in command to the King”

“Liz’s boyfriend, our friend, Max is the hybridised clone of the King and he made Liz the Queen. Michael... show her” she softly ordered him to show her mom everything

“If I were you, I’d take a deep breath and brace yourself before I show you” he said as he held out his hand. Amy looked back and forth expecting them to be joking but from their serious expressions it was clear that they weren’t. She held his extended hand then gasped as images flashed across her mind, she saw more than she bargained for though, she saw Michael’s life from when he hatched right up to when he came home with Maria early on that evening. She saw all the flashes that Liz had shown him in the desert and she saw the part her daughter was to play

“God oh God, my baby... my babies” she pulled them both into her arms and held them tight “You fought, you were so strong! You all fought so hard, and you were just kids. God... Liz! What she and Max went through!”

“They’re going to be furious that we told you”

“Deal with it later” Maria answered him, she felt even closer to her mother and she was grateful that Michael would always be welcome.


It was fairly quiet here, there weren’t a lot of people around and he found them easily. Nancy, Diane and Liz were cooing over baby clothes they’d bought as they sat in the food court while Laurie sat at the edge of the group, smiling warmly, but alert and aware of any possible dangers. He couldn’t help but smile when she spotted him instantly, she nodded at him, letting him know that she was taking care of his Queen and unborn Princess.
Watching her he felt his heart melt, she slipped into slow motion as she held up a little soft pink t-shirt for Claudia. Liz practically glowed as she enjoyed her pregnancy; she had always been beautiful to him but as she sat there, unaware that he was watching her, she was beyond perfect and he loved her with all his heart and soul. But he knew what had to be done, it was complex and heartbreaking, and once he told her he knew she would agree.

“The world we create” he whispered before pushing away from the balcony to go meet them. Below in the food court Liz’s smile disappeared as she felt someone watching her, she looked up sensing who it was but she didn’t see him. Something deeply upsetting and frightening had happened, she could feel the mixed feelings coming from him and it felt like when she thought Max was dead.

“Liz? Are you okay? What’s wrong, honey?” asked Diane placing her hand on her forearm and getting her attention. All the women looked up and Laurie rose to her feet ready to fight

“It’s okay. It’s Max” said Liz but she remained standing until he came wandering over. She watched as he kissed his girlfriend then sat down next to her; they stared at each in silence for a moment before Liz picked up some of the things she’d bought and began showing him. Laurie knew that it was forced, whatever was going on, it was serious.


The next morning several people in Roswell woke up ready to face the day, they would get ready to all meet up to talk; some things would be told and other things wouldn’t. These several people were a family and were so unprepared to face the things that were coming. Each person was aware of the impending danger and sadness, aware of the fight and sacrifices that war would bring. They could all feel it in their bones and it made that morning all the more painful.
Tess woke up in her large bed and saw Zan lying still asleep next to her. It had been rough coming home after school and seeing him lounging there in her bed half awake, half asleep. His arms were marred by needle track marks and he looked so weary and broken. He’d looked up at her and held out his hand for her. She kicked off her shoes before climbing under the warm blankets to hold him while he cried. She had cried too, they both cried so hard for the events that isolated and broke them down.

Amy had ordered Michael to sleep on the fold out couch instead of going home to his cold apartment on his own. She had told him that he was with family and that was how it should be. They’d talked and talked about the future and his role in giving her grandchildren and his role in trying to protect them. All the memories he’d given her were fresh in her mind and it felt like she’d lived it all, like everything had already happened. Those memories kept her up all night as she finally settled them into her subconscious; she saw Michael’s life and the life that Liz had shown him. She’d spent most of the night staring out the window and the other half checking on Maria, her baby girl was murdered. Amy was alive when Maria was killed, yes she was a part of the resistance but she was never targeted like the other parents were. In that line Maria had never told her that Michael or her children were part alien; she’d never known until the war came. Amy always thought that she and her daughter would never keep secrets and yet she had kept the biggest secret of her life from her.

Laurie had got home after their shopping trip and started making dinner for everyone, but her mind was completely on that look that Max and Liz shared in the food court. Something silent and terrible had passed between them and it was killing her not knowing what it was. She wanted to ask Tess if something had happened to Max early that day at school but as soon as she’d got in she’d gone straight to her room. She finally found someone to ask when Kyle came round the next morning to pick her up and take her to the CrashDown. Ava was going to ride with Tess and Zan.

“Kyle” she began as she took hold of his hand “Did something happen at school yesterday that upset Max?”

“I don’t think so... oh wait. Yeah, he said some weird guy gave him a letter. He wouldn’t tell us about it but he looked pretty rattled by it”

“Do you know what it said? Did he tell you?”

“No. Why? Do you think it could be important” he looked over at her briefly before returning his concentration on the road

“I have a feeling that letter, whatever it said, is key to this entire thing” she replied off-handedly and he scowled, what could have it been that was so important?

They, like Amy, had been up the half the night, he’d told her his plan... the stupid idea that he’d thought up to deal with the contents of the letter

“Will it really work?” asked Liz as she wrapped her blanket covered arms around her stomach “Can we do that?”

“If it works then it’ll be perfect. As long as this letter remains then that future will happen”

“We can... we can check. If we commit to this plan then we can check to see if it’s real”

“How?” Max asked a little confused. It was a very complex and lengthy plan

“We get someone to find them. Where should we plan to put them? If we’ve done it right then wherever we’ve chosen they should be there, right?”

“You’re right. How about with River Dog in the cave in Frasier Woods? In this timeline we haven’t discovered that cave have we? We can keep them there” he agreed with a nod “Should we go tonight? Before the meeting tomorrow? If we go and they’re there then that means when the war comes we defeat Kivar”

“I’m scared Max” she whispered, her arms tightening around her stomach “I don’t want to die”

“Neither do I” he answered as he pulled her closer “But all this is for her. The world we create”


River Dog lifted the torch higher as he went deeper into the cave; he used the torches to light more so he could dispel the darkness. He sat down on a rock facing his charges and smiled warmly at them

“They’re coming tonight. This is the night they said they would come” he took out his pipe, filled it and lit it. They were still sleeping soundly in their pods, dreaming only of the memories that had been given years ago when River Dog was reaching his thirties and he’d accepted the task of watching over them.

“Yeah, that’s right. Your mother and father are coming to visit you” he said, the two in the pods before him had become so familiar to him that he considered them so important, like the children he’d never had. When they’d brought the two pods to him and asked him to do this they were just babies floating in the fluid, he never expected them to grow up to look like they did now. He got up to walk over and softly stroke the shell of the pods “Matthew and Lilith Copper” then he heard a car engine in the distance and he smiled sadly “They’re here...”
He leisurely walked to the front of the cave to meet them, both of them were surprised to see him and he was surprised to see that they hadn’t aged at all, in fact they both looked about the same but Liz had a heavily round pregnant bump and was leaning on Max

“River Dog... what are you doing here?” asked Max

“Waiting for you, you told me that you would come back on this day” he explained

“So it’s true” she whispered “So you know why we’re here... are they... can we see them?”

“Follow me” he replied and the two of them followed him into the cave and found the two pods against the far wall

“My God Max! Look at them!” she cried as she rushed over as fast as she could, she stood before them in complete disbelief “Do you know when they’re going to hatch”

“You told me that it would be on the night when you...” he explained then looked away “You wrote everything down, who you went to, to help you” he picked up a book and gave it to Max. He flicked through it briefly then looked up when he spotted a name “Kevin? But I thought that Adam...”

“No. Not him, he’s part of your family and he would tell the others... he doesn’t have the loyalty needed for the secret. Kevin does... go to him and he’ll be able to help you”

“Thank you for doing this for us... River Dog, you have no idea what this means to us” he whispered reaching over to put his hand on the older man’s shoulder

“I’m just grateful to help you out. You told me why you did this and... well I understand, since I’ve been watching over Matthew and Lilith I’ve begun to see them as my children”

“Matthew and Lilith?” Liz asked as she turned away from the pods

“It’s all in the book... it’s difficult to understand but the book created itself. Your future selves had it because then came back and left it for you, it’s a cycle” explained River Dog “It tells you everything, even when you’re supposed to go back”

“Everything” she gasped as Max came over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder “It’s really real. We really do this! God, Max, I’m so scared!”

“It’ll be okay. It’s going to be ok” he said as he pulled her into his arms and hugged her, she swallowed the tears that were forming and turned to face River Dog

“Will it be okay?”

“Yes. It will” he told her, “You don’t have to worry. When it’s time for them to come out I’ll tell them all about you then take them to Kevin. It’ll be a year before they hatch”

“We have a year?” she gasped suddenly full of hope and he nodded

“But the war starts two weeks after Claudia is born” he pointed at her stomach and she quickly wrapped her arms around her bump

“Two weeks?!” she cried fearfully “That means her first year on this earth is nothing but war. We can’t let that be the world our daughter grows up in!”

“It won’t be. They prove this” River Dog pointed at the two people in the pods “I’ve watched them grow since they were babies... they’re like my children and I’m glad that I was given the chance to be their father. My life has been pretty empty because I never found someone to share it with...”

“Thank you” he replied quietly

“No. Thank you, the both of you” he answered then smiled “You better get going otherwise you’ll be late getting back to Roswell. Don’t worry I’ll look after them until it’s time”

“We’ll come back”

“And I’ll be here... we’ll be here” he said and they left taking the book with them. He walked over to the two pods to look at the people inside, they were identical to the two people who just left the cave apart from one detail; they were his children, his Matthew and Lilith Copper.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chapter 22 04/02/09

Post by SpiderGirl » Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:54 pm

Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
A Note: I don't speak Italian. The Italian in brackets further down was translated on a online translator site. If there are any mistakes or it doesn't flow properly I really do apologise. Oh and the reason Matthew and Lilith speak in Italian even when their son isn't around is so people have no idea that they are originally from America etc.
Chapter Twenty Three
She sat reading the book as Max drove the jeep back to Roswell and the meeting that everyone in that little town was dreading. As soon as she opened the leather bound cover she saw her writing staring back at her. She glanced at Max then began to read aloud

“Don’t tell them. That’s the first and absolute rule of all of this! You and Max must never ever tell them. They must believe that Max and Liz Evans die setting off the Granolith, if the world knows that some form of you exist then the world you want to create for Claudia will never happen. She will never grow up in a world reaching peace, prosperity and perfection.
When you go back make sure that Claudia doesn’t go back either, just in case, when you do something might go wrong and this is to protect her. Also make sure that you’re not pregnant with her, don’t go back until after you’ve had her. The date you should go back is a week before the war starts; it’s important that you follow this right down to the last detail. We went back in time on a Friday; Kevin took us back before returning to your present time. You use the Granolith to travel to Antar, when you get there find Garmana and Manu... they will be able to create Matthew and Lilith”

“It’s all mapped out” he gasped “Everything, it is a little scary that our lives are mapped out like this”

“I know... but it’s for Claudia” she replied “I don’t want to read anymore, not until after the meeting. This is hard enough... I just don’t want to know everything yet. We have time right?” he nodded then reached over to pat her hand. The sun was coming up behind them and they could see the stars fading above the city limits “It’s for all of them as well... for our friends and family and the kids they have together. It’s for the people we came back for”

“Yeah” he smiled then lifted up his arm and she slid closer snuggling into his side “Get some sleep, baby, we’ll be there soon”


Jeff opened the blinds and unlocked the door to the people waiting on the other side; they all looked tired as they tumbled in and found themselves seats. Maria went into the back to get changed into her uniform and Michael got changed to man the grill, both of them were working this morning.
Diane and Philip sat with Isabel and Alex while Kyle, Laurie and Jim all sat together. Ava, Adam, Tess and Zan were sat in a booth and Amy was sat at the counter while Jeff and Nancy were stood behind it.
The doors opened and Topolski walked in, some of them stood up on alert when they saw her but Zan just held up his hands

“She’s okay, she’s on our side” he explained as she came and sat next to Amy and they waited for Max and Liz to arrive.
The last two pulled up into a parking before coming inside quickly, they gasped when they saw everyone sat around waiting for them. There were so many people now; their family had grown so big in such a short time

“Morning” said Liz as she settled down into a booth; she was still tired from being up half the night and sleeping in the jeep “So, who wants to go first. I take it you know about us Amy... you too Kathleen”

“I helped Zan escape. I’m acting director of the SU; it’s most likely I’ll be appointed director for taking charge. I can turn the heat off Roswell and focus on Copper Summit”

“How do you know about Copper Summit? Did Pierce tell you?” asked Jim, she shook her head

“No he didn’t. Maria told me when she came to me when I was at the school” she explained. Liz turned to Maria ready to tell her off for her actions but she just didn’t have the heart to, Maria was aware of the risks and smart enough to know the best course of action. By bringing Kathleen in they now had an ally that could turn the focus, helped Zan escape from the White Room and by the looks of things give reason for Tess to stay here and not become evil.

“Wait a minute, what happened to Pierce?” asked Max, he shared a glance with Zan and they both felt the same thing when it came to that man

“He’s dead” she told them both “He’ll never hurt anyone ever again. That part of the SU is well and truly over. What are you going to do Zan?”

“I don’t know... I want to stay here in Roswell, since I lost Lonnie and Rath...” he closed his eyes tight. Diane got up and made her way over to him

“Stay with us. Now that Max lives with Liz we have the space and you are... you’re Max’s brother”

“What? You want me to stay with you?”

“We’d be honoured” Phillip said agreeing with Diane “You’re just as much as our child as Max or Isabel is”

“I...I don’t know what to say. Are you sure?”

“Of course we are, sweetie” she smiled then pulled him to his feet. He stumbled and winced in pain before sitting back down. Tess put her hand on his shoulder, ever since they’d gotten up this morning he’d been having a hard time walking “What’s wrong?”

“My legs, I’ve tried healing them but it won’t work. I think they’re too damaged” he explained. Max went over and pulled up his trousers seeing the damage before trying to heal it; for some reason the skin healed but the muscle and bone damage didn’t

“I can’t heal you” he whispered “It’s like this was meant to be”

“If it’s really bad then I could get you a stick or something” said Kathleen “I’ve seen you hobbling round and you shouldn’t be putting your weight on your legs like that”

“Thank you” he smiled briefly before looking back at Diane “So do I call you mom and dad or... I don’t even know your names”

“I’m Diane and that’s Phillip and you can call us whatever you feel comfortable with” she said as she patted his hair, it was still tatty and matted

“Can I...” he whispered looking up at her “Mom... I never had a mom before” unable to help herself she wrapped her arms around him until he closed his eyes and melted against her “Momma”

“It’s okay” she said softly “It’s going to be okay”

A few moments passed then Laurie cleared her throat getting everyone’s attention, she looked pointedly at Max and Liz before rising to her feet

“There are some other matters that should be discussed”

“Like what?” asked Jim a little curious about what she was going to say, she stared hard at the King and Queen but they remained silent

“That’s what I want to know. What was with that letter yesterday? What’s going on? I know something’s up with you two”

“We should tell them” he said as he stood up, Laurie sat back down and reached for Kyle’s hand

“Max! No!” cried Liz fearfully but he shook his head

“We know when the war is coming” he said and she fell quiet, Laurie watched how relieved she looked and knew that wasn’t the thing Liz had been talking about

“What? You know! What do you mean you know?” Michael demanded “How?”

“That we can’t tell you”

“What do you mean you can’t tell us? If you have some source that knows when a war is coming then we have a right to know! This war you’re talking about is between us and your people, isn’t it? Why would they want to fight us?” Kathleen inquired trying to piece things together

“It’s between us here on Earth and Kivar and all the people supporting him, we have our allies on Antar... I know Larek will help us” he replied as he sat down

“So when is it coming? Will we have time to warn people? Do you know where they strike first?” asked Maria who had given up waiting on them and sat down in Michael’s lap so he could put his arms around her

“We have about three and a half weeks” she announced

“Three?! Three and a half weeks!” shrieked Kathleen “Then I have to do my duty and meet with the President, suggest that the world be told so that they can defend themselves!”

“No” Michael growled at her “You can’t do that!”

“Why not? The people of this planet need to know the dangers that’s coming! They need to know that there is an alien race coming here intent on wiping us out!”

“Michael’s right, all that’s going to do is spread unnecessary panic. If the president goes public and tells the world that there’s something coming to kill us all then there will be mass panic, they’d attack anything even if it was there to help them. We need to get in touch with our allies on Antar, if need be then Liz and I will meet with the President as representatives”

“But you’ve never been there. How can you represent it?” asked Kathleen

“I’ve been there, we both have. We spent ten years on Antar... it’s a long story” said Liz uncomfortably “I accepted long ago that I became part Antarian, I mean, I’m the Queen for God sake! That planet is as much my responsibility as it is Max’s. You all are because you’re not just my family. You’re my court and we’re doing this for you”

“Doing what?” asked Kyle, he was beginning to realise that there was more going on with them and Laurie was onto something about them. She fell silent and said nothing, neither of them did, Topolski shook her head and stepped forward when the room went quiet

“I think that you meeting with the president and representing... Antar, was it? It’s a good idea but it will take me a while to get this sorted out and set up”

“The sooner that’s sorted the better, hopefully we’ll have Claudia by then” said Max and she nodded

“I’ll get the ball rolling on that. Is there anything else we’re going to talk about before I go?” she looked round and no one said anything “I’ll be in touch when I’ve gotten somewhere” then she left.

“We’ll have to keep Zan out of sight for a while so that White Room thing blows over” said Phillip “And I think we should all start getting prepared for the War”

“God” gasped Isabel “Talking about it makes it all the more real but to actually know it’s coming!”

“What about the vision I had?” asked Tess quietly, everyone turned to stare at her and she cringed under their gaze

“What vision?” Liz asked, she could see how nervous the other girl was and could easily see that she was trying to make an effort

“I... I was there and we were having a picnic... they came and they killed...” she trailed off for a moment avoiding eye contact “And then I was running and I was carrying my daughter, Rose, they killed her. I thought I’d been hit but it wasn’t me, it was her. She was only six years old!” she broke down crying and Zan put his arm around her; she immediately leaned into his arms

“Have you had that vision since?” her sister asked softly as the petite brunette rose to her feet and came over to stand in front of Tess near their booth. She reached across the table and put her hand over hers making the connection so she could see the vision. Since Liz had had the power to see the future she knew how to start it and Tess felt the vision coming to her again but this time it was different; it was just a regular day as they picnicked together

“What happened? How did you do that? You changed it?”

“Now that the war is coming sooner that future won’t happen, because of the things we’ve done this past month or so we’ve altered that line”

“So what happens? Can you make her see how it ends up?” asked Alex “Do we win? Or do we all lose like before?”

“We can’t tell you” said Max

“Bullshit!” Michael yelled angrily “You know what’s going to happen? You know if we win or lose? Then you have to tell us! What the hell is with all this ‘we can’t tell you’ crap! We have a right to know!” Maria put her hand on his chest getting him to calm down “Who dies?” he was close to tears as he asked “Because I... I can’t lose them. I want to be around to actually have children and I want my family and friends to be there to help me raise them”

Max looked at the woman who was in every way his wife and soulmate and he could see her tears shining in her eyes, he could feel his own threatening to fall. She jumped to her feet wrapping her arms around her stomach as she rushed into the back room and up the stairs to her parent’s apartment. He looked down swallowing the fear he felt before meeting Michael’s scared gaze

“We can’t tell you. Don’t ask again, that’s an order” he stated coldly before rising to his feet to follow after Liz.


The pair of them came back down rejoining the meeting which was moved into the back as the diner began to fill up

“So what are we going to do about the war?”

“Just try telling everyone what’s coming, train up and fight back” answered Max “That’s all we can do”

“I’m willing to teach anyone how to handle weapons” the dark haired girl offered “During the war... we used pretty much everything from guns to blades; anything that would kill a skin”

“Skin? You mean that’s who we were fighting? No wonder you wanted to take out Copper Summit so much” snorted Isabel then Kyle looked up at her as a light switched on in his head

“What if we managed to do what we did with Topolski? Isn’t there some way we can get someone in there?

“I think there is” Adam nodded “When I was bringing Tess here, Kevin told me about other people he had working for him. Not just the Griffins but a girl called Courtney Banks; he told me she was a skin”

“Courtney! Of course! She died protecting us from Nicholas!” Michael was ready to jump up but Maria glared at him, he risked her getting angry “She is a soldier after all, she’ll be able to help us” she got up off his lap and went to sit next to Liz.

“Get in touch with Kevin, tell her to come here” Isabel ordered then the door swung open revealing Courtney “Wow!”

“I’m looking for Adam. Kevin Jones called me a while ago and told me to come in from the cold”

“Kivar is coming” said Liz addressing her directly “He’s coming to Earth looking for us and the Granolith. War is coming to Earth and you’re going to help us fight back” she came into the room letting the door close behind her

“What do you need me to do?” she asked sensing immediately that she was talking to the King and Queen

“Infiltrate Copper Summit, Kivar must be in contact with Nicholas there, go there and let us know his progress”

“I don’t get it” Zan spoke up getting everyone’s attention “If you know Kivar is coming, if you know these things then there must be a reason for it all. We’re all powerful; can’t we just go back in time and whack him?”

“Time doesn’t work like that!” Adam snapped “You shouldn’t mess with it, it’s bad enough that I sometimes speed up or slow day days!”

“Adam’s right, time isn’t something that should be messed with. There is always a price to pay for it. We’ve risked everything by coming back and melding with our sixteen year old selves; we’ll have to answer to what we’ve done one day and we’ve accepted that”

“She’s right, if we go back and just whack Kivar then this present time might cease to exist, who knows what would happen. Liz might have died in that shooting and Michael, Isabel and I might never have been born”

“But isn’t there a time when we could kill him so that this present time isn’t affected?” Jim leaned forward waiting for the answer but all he received was a negative shake of the head “So all we do is train, then? If that’s the case then I’ll help out and train you to use fire arms” he shook his head as his eyes rose to the ceiling, they’re all just kids, he thought sadly.

“Thanks, Jim” smiled Liz before pulling out her double edged hunting knife from the holster as her hip “I’ll teach you all how to use one of these as well. Anything can be used to kill a skin, if it gets up close then guns are useless” she tossed it up into the air, it spun and she caught it easily before putting it back away “I guess that’s it for this meeting”

“I need to get to work” said Max slowly rising to his feet, he looked at Laurie and she nodded imperceptibly. He was asking her to watch over Liz again; the past few days she’d become her unofficial bodyguard and she was glad of the task.


At the same time everyone was getting together for the meeting, on the other side of the world, in Italy, not far from Rome, three people were in a silver family car driving to the park

“Siete che aspettate con impazienza andare in America, Giacomo?” asked Lilith glancing in the rear view mirror to see her four year old son (Are you looking forward to going to America, Giacomo?)

“Sì, mama” he smiled “Quando siamo che andiamo?” (Yes, mama) (When are we going?)
Matthew and Lilith Copper had lived in Italy for almost ten years now; they were four years shy of their thirties, their son knew only how to speak Italian

“Durante un anno, abbiamo mólto fare prima che possiamo andare, ma sarà piacevole andare indietro in America” said Matt with a warm smile reaching his green eyes as he reached across to hold his wife’s hand (In a year, we’ve got a lot to do before we can go, but it will be nice to go back to America)

“So. Sto osservando in avanti ad esso” she agreed “Ed otterremo di vedere ancora Claudia… La ho mancata così tanto” (I know. I’m looking forward to it) (And we’ll get to see Claudia again... I’ve missed her so much)

“Chi è Claudia, mama?” (Who’s Claudia, mama?)

“Sta andando essere la vostra piccola sorella, ma non è sopportata ancora” she told him before pushing her reddish brown hair behind her ear. (She’s going to be your little sister, but she’s not born yet)

“È che va essere graziosa come voi, mama?” asked the dark haired boy in the back; despite their fairer features he had ended up with almost black hair and stunning brown eyes flecked with gold and amber (Is she gonna be pretty like you, mama?)

“Sì,” she said as she turned in her seat to talk to him “Se la occuperete di non voi Giac? Promettami che sarete un buon fratello maggiore a Claudia e sempre se la occuperete di” (Yes, she will) (You’ll look after her won’t you Giac? Promise me you’ll be a good big brother to Claudia and always look after her)

“Mama, ma come la I sa se sono un buon fratello?” he asked “Devo prendere una prova? Non gradico le prove” (I will, mama, but how will I knows if I’m a good brother?) (Do I have to take a test? I don’t like tests)

“Nessuna prova, sweetie. Saprete appena perché sarà felice” said Matt. (No test, sweetie. You’ll just know because she’ll be happy)

It had been rough for the two of them. When they’d first come to Italy they had nothing but forged identification and a small amount of money they’d brought with them; they hadn’t exactly planned what had happened in the Granolith chamber.

“Siete giusto?” Lil asked her husband, he smiled wistfully as he parked in the car park to the large grassy area (Are you okay?)

“Stavo pensando appena a Max ed a Liz” he told her and she sighed looking off into the distance remembering what had happened. They’d gone to the Granolith chamber when it was time; Max, Liz and River Dog were there when they arrived... (I was just thinking about Max and Liz)

“Sono morto, Matthew, sono morto un mólto tempo fa. È che cosa hanno voluto” she whispered (They died, Matthew, they died a long time ago. It’s what they wanted)

“So che è e sono riconoscente per che cosa hanno fatto per noi, I appena… Non posso aiutare ma pensare loro di tanto in tanto. Erano in modo da giovani… non hanno avuto mai la probabilità vivere le loro vite” (I know it is, and I am grateful for what they did for us, I just... I can’t help but think of them from time to time. They were so young... they never got the chance to live their lives)

“Chi sono voi che parlate, papà?” asked Giacomo as he unfastened his seat belt (Who are you talking about, papa)

“Stiamo parlando di due genti molto importanti che è morto un molto tempo fa dentro una guerra” said Lil as she “Sono morto in modo da il mondo troverebbe la pace e rinvierebbe ad un'età dell'oro” (We’re talking about two very important people who died a long time ago in a war) (They died so the world would find peace and return to a golden age)

“Sono nel cielo?” he asked as Matt retrieved the picnic basket from the trunk (Are they in heaven)

“Sì, sweetie, sono nel cielo” she replied then the three of them walked into the park to find a nice spot to sit down. They sat down to eat the nice food that had been packed into the basket (Yes sweetie, they are in Heaven)

“Il papà, può voi raccontarmi la storia della famiglia reale?” (Papa, can you tell me the story of the Royal Family?)

“Realmente amate che la storia non fa voi, bambino? Bene, conoscete che cosa? L'un giorno state andando incontrarli” (You really love that story don’t you, baby? Well, you know what? One day you’re going to meet them)

“Realmente!” he gasped sitting up straight “I che va incontrare il re e la regina?” (Really!) (I’m gonna meet the King and Queen?)

“Matthew, nient'altro” snapped Lil suddenly “Rifinisca i vostri panini, bambino” (Matthew, no more) (Finish your sandwiches, baby)

“Ma mama” (But mama)

“Fa il non `ma il mama me. Prenda alcuni più morsi o non mangerete il vostro pudding” (Don’t ‘but mama’ me. Take a few more bites or you won’t have your pudding)

“Approvazione” he said dejectedly. (Okay)

She curled up against his side with the basket at their feet as they watched their son play on the jungle gym

“Perché non lo vuole dirgli che cosa è? Questi dieci anni che scorsi li abbiamo vivo qui sono stati così prudenti… Odio stare a lui; esso sono come la menzogne a voi Lilith” (Why don’t want you to tell him what he is? These past ten years we’ve lived here we’ve been so cautious... I hate lying to him; it’s like lying to you Lilith)

“È troppo giovane, Matt, lui è troppo giovane partecipare a tutto quel roba. È appena un ragazzino, è il mio ragazzino e lo voglio vivere in un ambiente sicuro prima che coltivi in su e voglia sapere perché può fare le cose che altri bambini non possono” (He’s too young, Matt, he’s too young to be involved in all that stuff. He’s just a little boy, he’s my little boy and I want him to live in a safe environment before he grows up and wants to know why he can do things other children can’t)

“Che cosa sono noi che andiamo fare quando comincia sviluppare i poteri?” he asked her and she sighed (What are we going to do when he starts developing powers?)

“Dovremmo essere indietro in Roswell con il nostro proprio genere per il momento in cui accada. Gli diremo che allora, ma per ora, può noi appena lasci il nostro figlio svilupparsi senza il caos straniero? Pensa le storie voi gli dicano che è emozionanti ed il divertimento ma quello è perché pensa le cose come quello non accadrebbe mai” (We should be back in Roswell with our own kind by the time that happens. We’ll tell him then, but for now, can we just let our son grow without the alien chaos? He thinks the stories you tell him are exciting and fun but that’s because he thinks things like that would never happen)

“Non possiamo continu aare fare questo per sempre” (We can’t keep doing this forever)

“So, non sto chiedendo esso di essere per sempre appena… lo lascio sono un bambino fino a che realmente non ottenga implicato con il caos straniero e debba svilupparsi in su” (I know, I’m not asking for it to be forever just... let him be a child until he actually does get involved with the alien chaos and has to grow up)

“Approvazione” he agreed finally (Okay)

“Mama, papà! Guardilo! Guardilo!” he called from the slide before going down it then getting up to run over to them “Stavate guardando? Avete veduto?” (Mama, papa! Watch me! Watch me) (Were you watching? Did you see?)

“Abbiamo veduto, bambino” said Lilith as she picked up her little boy, she lifted him into the air and spun around “Siete così intelligente!” (We saw, baby) (You’re so clever!)


She washed the dishes while Matt read their son a story before bedtime. She wasn’t really focused on her task because she was thinking about the past; talking with her husband earlier that day had dredged everything up. It wasn’t difficult for Max and Liz and River Dog to enter her mind

They’d driven to the Granolith as fast as they could, the book had said it was time; they’d left Claudia with Isabel and the Evans saying their goodbyes. It had been hard because they knew that they would never see them again... then Max and Liz had saved them. Told them that they were going to go back in time, the Granolith was activated and they left leaving the three of them behind.

They’d gone back in time and found themselves in Roswell in the eighties; they knew that they couldn’t stay there for fear of running into their friends or family and altering history so they decided to leave. Both of them chose Italy and then they left, it took them no time at all to learn the language and they settled into their lives, studying to become doctors. After spending five years in Italy, Lilith had fallen pregnant with a little boy; Giacomo Mikhail Copper.

They’d graduated and become doctors working at the same hospital, she’d excelled in the field of molecular biology and he was a chief doctor.

“Buona notte, mama!” Giacomo called as he came rushing into the kitchen, she picked him up and held her in her arms (Goodnight, mama!)

“Buona notte, bambino” she replied as she carried him into his bedroom. Matt was already there folding down the blankets on his little bed (Goodnight, baby)

“Mama, possiamo andare in America presto? Voglio incontrare Claudia” (Mama, can we go to America soon? I want to meet Claudia)

“Presto, bambino, presto prometterò” she told him softly as she brushed his hair back and he tried to fight off sleep (Soon, baby, soon I promise)

“Ti amo mama, ti amo papà” he finally said before rolling over and went to sleep. (I love you mama, I love you papa)

Matt reached for her hand and the two of them left their son’s room turning off the light and closing the door as they went. He led her to their room and she could finally be her real self, she waved her hand across her face turning her features back to what they used to be and he did the same. It had been two years since they’d last done this, since they’d let themselves look like they once did

“Ti amo” he whispered as he ran his fingertips over her face memorising everything once more. She cupped his face doing the same, she gasped as his finger tips danced across her mouth and the flashes started (I love you)

Being in the Granolith chamber when it was being activated; they had programmed it to do two things and it was complaining under the tasks. The chamber was windy as the energy built up.

Coming to Italy with only a little money and buying the run down house on the hill; they’d only ate bread and cheese for weeks while they stayed there, using their powers to fix it up. Once they had a place to live they both got jobs and started their courses, learning Italian and training to become doctors.

Holding out the positive pregnancy test to Matthew, they were going to have a baby! They turned their study into a baby room and moved all their office equipment into the garage since it was unused. Giacomo Mikhail Copper was born a month later.

“Lilith? L'amore, è voi giusto?” (Lilith? Love, are you okay)

“Yeah, sono benissimo” she whispered “Ho avuto un flash. Non ho avuto un flash in così molto tempo. Potrei ritenere come avete ritenuto questi anni ultimi” (Yeah, I’m fine) (I had a flash. I haven’t had a flash in such a long time. I could feel how you felt these past few years)

“E come ho fatto ritenga?” (And how did I feel?)

“Avete ritenuto meraviglioso. Tutto questo volta che avete potuto vivere una vita normale gli ha reso il più felice voi mai essere” (You felt wonderful. All this time that you’ve been able to live a normal life has made you the happiest you’ve ever been)

“Sì ho… ma manco la nostra famiglia. Non posso attendere per andare a casa in America; So che non possiamo lasciarli conoscere chi siamo ma sarà piacevole essere intorno loro. Sig.na Maria e Michael, sig.na Isabel e mamma e papà” (Yes I have... but I miss our family. I can’t wait to go home to America; I know that we can’t let them know who we are but it’ll be nice to be around them. I miss Maria and Michael, I miss Isabel and mom and dad)

“So. Manco i miei genitori anche” she replied, he wrapped his arms around her and they both laid down together “Claudia sta andando essere sopportata il prossimo giovedì” (I know. I miss my parents too) (Claudia is going to be born next Thursday)

“Alla metà due del pomeriggio… Matthew… Voglio andare a Roswell. Voglio essere vicino loro quando Claudia nasce” (At half two in the afternoon... Matthew... I want to go to Roswell. I want to be near them when Claudia is born)

“Non possiamo. Non possiamo entr inare contatto con, voi conosciamo questo! È pericoloso” (We can’t. We can’t come into contact with them, you know this! It’s dangerous)

“So, ma lo ho bisogno, lo ho bisogno… anche se andiamo ad Albuquerque e convinciamo un agente ad esaminare le case per noi” (I know, but I need it, I need it... even if we go to Albuquerque and get an agent to look at houses for us)

“Lo ho bisogno anche, amore, ma è troppo rischioso” he told her “Darei qualche cosa andare indietro ma non è tempo e se vada presto indietro allora tutto potrebbe essere rovinato” she nodded as her face scrunched up; she looked away trying to blink away the tears “Otteniamo un certo sonno. Comunicheremo più di mattina” (I need it too, love, but it’s too risky) (I would give anything to go back but it isn’t time and if go back early then everything could be ruined) (Let’s get some sleep. We’ll talk more in the morning)

She just nodded then waved her hand over her face returning her features to reddish brown hair and bright blue eyes, he did the same turning his face and hair to dark blonde with dark green eyes. They settled down for the night and went to sleep.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chapter 23 11/02/09

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Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
Chapter Twenty Four
Back in Roswell three people stood side by side, the two on the outside supported the person in the middle who was having trouble standing, it was nearly lunchtime on the Monday

“Maria, can I just talk to my daughter for a moment?” asked Jeff

“Sure, I’ll go let them know you’ll be a few minutes” Maria replied as she made her way through the doors were Alex and Kyle were standing leaving Liz and her dad standing alone


“Liz, let me speak... there are a few things I want to say before you belong to someone else” he interrupted her “I know that people are going to think that this is a shotgun wedding because you’re pregnant with little Claudia but it’s not, I think you’ve wanted this for a long time; to get married with your family and friends around you, Claudia just happens to be a bonus.

“When you were little you always wanted to do things on your own, you were so responsible but you were still just a kid and when you’d fall over or things didn’t make sense you’d come running to me and I’d try and make it better. You grew up into a world where you had to leave and I wasn’t there to do that and by the time you came back it was too late because I was taken from you. I couldn’t protect you like a father should... but that was okay because you had him. He’s done everything to protect you and make you happy and that’s all I want for you; I want you to be happy and loved and I... I...” he started tearing up, his voice choking “And I’m glad that he’ll be there when I’m not around”

“I love you, daddy” she whispered trying to hold back her tears too “Dad, you know when I said that the war is coming. I want you to promise me something”

“Sure, what?”

“I want you to promise me that whatever happens, Claudia will be looked after and loved”


“Promise me!” she demanded

“I promise, of course I promise, she’s my granddaughter” he assured her “You know what’s going to happen don’t you, in the war?”

“We do know but we’re not allowed to tell anyone, it was a condition for knowing the future” she told him then Maria came back out

“The priest is getting moody, he says start now or don’t start at all” she told her two friends as she came to stand back on Liz’s left.
Alex and Kyle opened the doors and the music began to play as the three of them walked down the aisle; Jeff was giving her away and Maria was maid of honour. They flanked her both of them helping her to walk down the aisle. She was heavily pregnant at this stage.

Max was waiting near the altar, with Michael standing to his side as best man, and he had the biggest grin on his face as she walked towards him. They joined hands and he wrapped his arm around her to hold her up against him

“Dearly beloved” began the minister as they both turned to face him...

An hour later they were all together at the CrashDown for the reception; some of the tables had been moved aside for dancing and the little stage had been set up for a band. Max and Liz were dancing as husband and wife and had been pretty much since they arrived. Maria was watching them as she sat in a booth and ate some cake, Michael was in the kitchen helping Nancy with more food and drink for the people celebrating

“They’re really something, aren’t they?” stated Tommy rhetorically as he sat down opposite her, he dropped his own plate of cake down on the table and began stabbing at it with a plastic fork

“Yeah, they are, I wonder how long it is before Michael has me as his little wifey” she commented as she watched her friends

“You sound a little unsure about it, don’t you want to marry him?”

“I do... it’s just I want to marry him because I’m supposed to have this fantastic future with him... we have two great kids and we’re happy”


“But I don’t want to be stuck as some housewife, I want to travel and see the world. There has to be something better out there for me than Roswell, New Mexico”

“I’m sure he wants the same thing. You’re both destined for great things... you’re the Generals to an alien race. I think that counts as being a little better than Roswell, New Mexico” he grinned and she laughed, nodding her head as his words made sense “I’m the one who has the problem”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Do you think there is some strange alien vibe that I might have picked up somehow?”

“Like an alien virus? Are you sick?” she asked concerned; Michael spotted Maria and Tommy talking out of the corner of his eye. It was still weird knowing that Tommy knew about all of them and now he was putting the moves on his girlfriend?

“Not sick. I think I’ve fallen in love with Liz Parker... Liz Evans” he whispered looking in her general direction

“Whu... but you’re gay” she pointed out and his eyes went wide

“She told you?”

“No. I’m a woman... I have gaydar and besides Michael told me how weird it was that you were going on and on about Zan. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, especially when you sometimes look at Max”

“So you and Michael know I’m gay now?” he asked, she shook her head

“I do, he doesn’t and as for Liz... I think it’s because she’s incredible. She’s done so much and it’s hard not to be attracted to that”

“You too?” he asked and she smirked

“A little bit” she replied then laughed as she returned to her cake “You know we should hang out while they’re on their honeymoon. It’d be nice to talk to someone who’s on the edge of the alien chaos. You help put things in perspective”

“Why Maria Deluca, are you offering to be my hag?” he chuckled

“Sure. I could use another girlfriend” she said rolling her eyes “So, you have the hots for Zan?”

“If he’s anything like Max then God yes, I’ve seen him enough times in the locker room to know he’s got one hell of a body!”

“I think Tess has already laid claim to him, sorry”

“Don’t be. I didn’t really think I had much chance with him... or Max for that matter. It was more of a fantasy, before all this I had a feeling that I’d have more chance with Michael”

“Michael? My Michael?” gasped Maria is disbelief “He’s too much of a guy to be gay. No offence”

“None taken. But if you two didn’t have such a future then I’d be in like a shot, closet or not” he told her and she chuckled as she shook her head again “How about we go shopping? We can shop for baby clothes for Liz’s baby”

“Deal” she said holding out her hand and he shook it. Michael had watched the whole encounter from the kitchen window and couldn’t help how jealous he felt.


Courtney finished writing down her notes then closed the manila folder and shoved it in her backpack before going to her dirt bike to ride into Copper Summit to send the notes via Fax to Kevin. The left General had chosen a second in command and now it was time for her to take her place as second in command to the right General, this was the role she had been destined for and wanted more than anything.

She arrived in town and pulled her helmet up surveying the town; she’d been asked to observe and be aware of any possible threat that would harm them. So far they had been none, everything was carrying on like it should be. She briefly wondered if Connie and Griffin were having as dull a time watching over the newlyweds in Albuquerque?


“It’s weird, ya know. I mean one day everything’s normal and the next...”

“It’s like years have passed and we’ve lived it. It’s chaotic!” Tommy agreed with her as they walked round the mall together and she nodded

“The memories make it feel like everything’s happened but it hasn’t and that’s what makes everything so hard. We end up together like it was planned and we have no say”

“Don’t you want to be with Michael?” he asked as the two of them settled down in the food court

“It’s not that, it’s just... I’m supposed to have this future with him, I guess I just wish I had a say in all this”

“I see what you mean. But to be honest, I envy you that your life is so mapped out and planned. You have two wonderful kids and marry a wonderful guy” she patted his hand

“I’m sure you’ll find someone to be with you” she told him, he just sighed

“I know but then there’s all this stuff. The alien stuff, I’m sure it would get in the way if I tried to have a relationship” he shook his head and looked away “I guess for the time being I’m going to live vicariously through you and your relationship with Michael” he told her and she chuckled “I’ve seen Max and Liz start to get into it and they can get pretty steamy... what about you two? Do you get steamy? Do you like it?”

“God yeah... I know a lot of girls at school rave over Max but I’ve always liked Michael more. When we were staying with Langley we shared a room, it was nice sleeping next to him and we did make out a few times. I’ve not gone above and beyond yet, I’m still a bit worried about what being with an alien will be like. I would ask Liz but technically by the time they were doing it she was alien too so I’m not sure it counts”

“So you’ve thought about it”

“Of course I have. I mean... my first and probably only time is going to be with an alien. I wish I could have something to compare it with but I want him to be my first. God, I’m already talking about that step and we haven’t even gone on a proper date yet!”

“Well then talk to him. Tell him about all this... have you told him about wanting to go on a date? I bet you haven’t, I bet you haven’t even talked about how the two of you are automatically paired up”

“But how can I? He seems to happy to be with me, he’s so sure and doesn’t have doubts”

“Did he say he didn’t have doubts?” he inquired and she shook her head “Well then talk to him. You need to take time to learn to read him, he’s Stonewall Guerin remember?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Come on, enough of this... let’s do more shopping!”

“Deal!” the two of them stood up and left the food court to wander round more shops.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chapter 24 18/02/09

Post by SpiderGirl » Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:19 am

Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.

A/N: Sorry the parts are so short atm, I'm having writers block. I know what I want to happen I just don't know how to get there at the moment. I also have to focus on my uni studies. I've got deadlines for essays in a few weeks :oops: :roll:
Chapter Twenty Five
It was weird being here, almost as if he was replacing something that was long since lost, but it was good at the same time. He enjoyed the fact that it was warm and he could sleep as long as he wanted and there was a shower he could use free of charge. Then there was mom and dad... Diane and Phillip... his parents. He got out of bed, Max’s bed, and slipped his arms into the crutches Topolski had brought round for him; he missed being able to walk properly but neither he or Max could heal this. It really was like it was meant to be and there was nothing he could do about it.

He spotted himself in the mirror and paused to look at how different he was now; he’d got rid of his soul patch but still had a rough beard, his hair was still short with tight phat dreds but his eyes... god, it was his eyes that were what was so strange to him. They were frightened and the once proud and strong, defiant person he’d been had long gone away.

“Zan?” called Diane as she entered the room “Ah, you’re awake. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Okay, I guess, it’s strange being here” he looked down “It’ll take some time to get used to, this is going to be a big change from New York”

“We’ll be here for you. You have a family now that’s willing to look after you... and from what I saw the other day you have Tess” she smiled at him knowingly but he just sighed

“I had a family... mom, and all of them apart from Ava are dead. I couldn’t save Lonnie but I could have fought back against what they did to Rath” he shuffled back and sank down on the bed “How can I be a part of your family when I couldn’t even protect my own?”

“Hey... shhh” she whispered as she sat down next to him “You’ve been alone with them all your life haven’t you? You were born and then you had to grow up to protect them”

“But it wasn’t good enough! Mommy... I failed” he said so quietly and so sadly that it broke her heart

“You didn’t fail, Zan, they were taken from you and you were locked up in that awful place by that monster! The death of Rath and Lonnie weren’t your fault...”

“I... I can’t stay here” he shook his head just as Isabel came into the room

“Morning guys... Zan? Mom? What’s wrong?” she asked when she saw how broken her new brother looked. He looked up at her then fiercely shook his head

“I thought I could but I can’t... I can’t stay here! Not when she looks like Lonnie and Michael looks like Rath!”

“Zan...” began Diane but he shook his head

“Please... it’s too raw. I just need some time... I need to grieve. I need to be away so I can deal with losing them”

“It’s dangerous! Zan, the FBI is still looking for you!” Isabel pointed out “Where are you going to go? You’re not exactly in a state to protect yourself”

“I still have my powers!” he snapped angrily “So I can’t walk as fast as I used to be able to that doesn’t mean I can protect myself! I just... I can’t stay here when you look like her! I can still see her lying on the hood of the car! Her eyes... God! I can’t be around you and see the same vacant expression in your eyes. If you’re going to be my sister I can be here... be around you and see that! I can’t! I have to go away”

“No... please, Zan” begged Diane “If you stay here we’ll be help you through this. We’ll support you”

“Mom...” Isabel came and sat down to Zan and held his hand “If he needs to go away for a while we have to respect it. It’s something he needs and as a family we have to give it to him”

“But I can’t lose him... not when I got him back... you’re my children!”

“Got me back? This is the first- oh, oh no...” he trailed off as he looked into the older woman’s eyes “This would never have worked. I would have loved for you to be my mommy but I can’t be your son. Not when I’m a replacement”


“For Max, I look like him... I sound like him, but I’m not him. I am my own person but you can't see that. Isabel... could you take me to Tess's”

“Sure. Let's go” she said as she helped him up, she could practically feel his pain at realising he was a replacement, at realising he would only be second best. Like her.

Diane watched the two of them go and she felt like she'd made such a big mistake. Zan had needed her, he was alone in the world and he'd come to them for help and she'd been selfish and pretended he was someone else. All this time she'd tried connecting with Max as her son, he'd been so distant and she'd worked hard to try and make sure he was loved, but the thing was he was loved. He was surrounded by family and friends, which meant she'd completely neglected the people who had strived for her love and never received it. She was going to make sure that changed as soon as possible!


Laurie was surprised to see Isabel standing in the doorway when she opened the door but it all made sense when she saw Zan sitting in the jeep

“I'll get Tess” she said instantly and hurried off to get her housemate. She was surprised to say the least to see the taller blonde girl standing there

“Hey, Isabel, what can I do for you?” she asked politely

“My brother... he needs you”

“Max? What does....” she trailed off when she saw Zan sitting there staring at her, boring a hole into her chest “Zan”

“I... this is hard for me... what with Alex and all but I want to... I want to trust you. You saved Alex from Nasedo so I'm making a leap of faith. I know we didn't grow up together but Zan is my brother and at the moment I have more in common with him than I do Max so I'm entrusting you to him. You can help him, can't you?”

“I will try” she nodded then walked out to the car and got his crutches from the back seat. She could have helped him hobble inside but instead she let him walk on his own; he'd always been a strong person and she was acknowledging his defiance against his new disability.

Zan nodded at Isabel as he passed before heading inside on a course for Tess's bedroom. Isabel put her hand on Tess's shoulder and tried to show how much trust she was putting in the smaller blonde “I'll take care of him”

“Thank you. I should be getting back, Alex is coming over to 'officially' meet my parents and there are some things I have to talk to mom about”

“Okay, I'll see you at school tomorrow. Good luck with your meal! Say hi to Alex for me” she said quietly. Isabel nodded before getting in the jeep and driving home.

She went inside, closing the door behind her, and paused when she saw Ava and Laurie sitting in the kitchen opposite each other with matching smirks on their faces. Tess bit her lip as her face went bright red. Her sister and house mate couldn't miss the opportunity to embarrass her

“Oh Zan!” Ava mimicked her twin “I'm so glad you're here! I loooove you Zan!”

“I love you too Tess!” Laurie answered, giggling as she pretended to be the dupe “Let's make babies!”

“I don't sound like that do I?” he asked from the doorway. All three girls fell silent for a moment before Ava and Laurie burst out in fits of laughter. Tess bit her lip from laughing along with them “I came down coz I was just wondering... that is... if you don't mind. Can I sleep with you? No! I mean... uhh... can we share the bed... or am I on the couch”

“It's a big enough bed” Tess answered, the other two girls were pretty much rolling on the floor laughing their heads off. It became so infectious both Zan and Tess started laughing “Come on... I'll show you were you can put your things”

“I don't... I don't have any things” he whispered sadly once all the laughing had died down. Laurie was starting dinner when Kyle knocked on the door then came in, he immediately went over to his girlfriend

“Hey man. How's things” he asked after he kissed her hello

“Good I... I'm good. I'm going to be living here from now on” he explained to the other boy

“Really? Should I be jealous?” he asked turning to Laurie who just rolled her eyes and flashed him her warm smile

“Maybe you could help him out? Kyle why don't you let Zan borrow some of your clothes for the time being? He hasn't got any and it's not like we can take him to the mall and replace what he left in New York”

“Are you sure you really want to do that? I mean there's a bit of height difference”

“I'll use my powers to alter them. I just want clean underwear” he answered him, Kyle's eyebrow shot up

“Laurie! My underwear too?” he complained, she glared at him then held out her hand and a small tub of spices came flying from the shelf they were sat on, she sprinkled some into the pan then tossed it and it went whizzing back to the shelf

“Yes, or do you want him walking round here naked?” she smirked and his eyes went wide

“Zan, this way” he said quickly and led Zan to Laurie's room where some of his things were stored. Zan watched as the shorter boy pulled out some clothes and used his powers to alter them

“How long have you been able to do that?” he inquired, Kyle had altered the clothes with ease like he'd been doing it for a thousand times before

“About a month or so. Ever since Liz gave us all her memories, I think she changed me somehow when she did it”

“Why are you so good at it? If you've only had them for a few weeks then you shouldn't be able to do that so easily”

“I don't know. I just can” he sat back and began to think about it. Ever since Liz had shown him the future he'd been able to do things and he'd never questioned it

“Does it bother you? That you can do these things? That you've become an alien essentially?”

Kyle looked up at Zan and for a second he did feel the overwhelming shock, horror and disbelief at becoming something different but it passed in an instant, he smiled then shook his head

“No, I thought it would thinking about it, but no... it doesn't. I have the powers now to protect my family and friends. I can protect my home and all the people I love... I'm alive and I have that ability. When I think of the alternative...” he shook his head again “Does it bother you? Being alien? If you could be human would you?”

“I... I don't know. I guess... maybe. If I had the chance to have a normal life where people wouldn't expect the world from me and I could live a life without being hunted then yeah I could be happy with that”

“I know it will be a while before you can get there but I think that life is possible. Max and Liz are doing something, I'm not sure what it is yet, but they've got a plan to make everything okay. It's why the came back... to give us all the life we should have had”

“Hm” he mumbled as he thought to himself before turning back to Kyle “So, what's your main power? What can you do?” Kyle smirked then held up his hand as it slowly began to dissolve like it wasn't there

“Invisibility baby! How cool is that?” he had a big grin on his face as his hand reappeared, Zan nodded impressed then reached for the clothes to get changed.


Courtney glanced over at Topolski who nodded back at her from her spot behind the shed, she turned and looked up into the sky before raising her hand and focusing. The clouds began to shift into words alerting members of the Royal Resistance what was about to happen. They waited for fifteen minutes before Topolski nodded at her again and then the first wave moved in. Anyone who wasn't wearing a blue shirt was to be wiped out, the only ones to be left alive was Nicholas and Greer.

It took two hours to wipe out the enemy skins, some of the Royal Resistance helped out and they had managed to capture Nicholas and Greer. They had been detained with their hands behind their backs secured with handcuffs made from depleted uranium and hoods covering their heads. Courtney was temporarily working for the Special Unit, they were going to get as many answers from Greer and Nicholas about Kivar and Antar using any means necessary.


“You have your orders. I want you to work with Courtney in recreating the atmosphere inside the two White Rooms” she said giving her orders to the chief scientist who scowled

“You want me to work with that thing?” he cried in disbelief

“No. I want you to work with Courtney who as of yesterday became a temporary agent in this unit. She's being diplomatic to ensure the survival of her world... and ours so if she can find it within herself to work with someone whose alien to her then you can do the same!”

“Yes, Ma'am” he replied finally, annoyed that what she'd just said made him feel contrite. He wandered down the hall to the lab where she was waiting for him while Topolski went to the observation room to the two White Rooms where Nicholas and Greer were currently housed.

“Hello Agent Banks, I'm Dr Abbott, I understand you're willing to help the unit recreate your home environment and atmosphere”

“Yes, it's all for controlling Nicholas and Greer. In theory if they are in our natural atmosphere then they will no longer need the husks and then we could use the repressing serum on them to keep them from using their powers. Anything to keep those two monsters from their strength is definitely a blessing” she said as she began writing down the formula for her natural atmosphere

“I never realised. A lot of the other scientists and certainly some of the agents thought it was just to make them comfortable since they were going to be here for a long time” he sat down on a stool and watched her as she wrote. Everything about her appeared human; her skin, her mannerisms, her voice... how many other aliens had fooled the people around them, he wondered?

“Oh they'll be here for a long time alright, hopefully long enough so they can be tried as war criminals and sentenced to death”

“I know as scientist who works for the FBI I answer to Topolski and therefore the President but I was just wondering who do you answer to?”

“Me, I answer to the Royal Family of Antar. It's a little ironic that all the members of that Royal Family were technically born here on Earth” she smirked then shook her head

“On Earth? Have they ever been to their home world?” he was curious to learn about the Antarian Royal Family and was even more surprised to find they'd all been born on his planet.

“Technically only the King and the Queen have been to Antar” she stopped writing and looked up at him and he could see the tragedy and shame in her eyes

“What happened?”

“They were separated and thrown into dungeons; he was tortured and she was raped repeatedly. God only knows how they survived”

“Did they escape? They must have done. Did they come back here to Earth?”

“Yes they did; they came back not just through space but through time as well. They melded with their selves in this present time line so the future they had never existed. Max and Liz have all the answers and they're doing everything in their power to keep the Earth from being destroyed and humanity wiped out”

“Why would they do that? Why bother about some planet with a few billion people on it? I mean, for God's sake, they are...” he trailed off when he realised who he was talking to. He'd forgotten for a moment; damn her for looking so much like him

“They are what...? Alien? They bother because this is their home, a home full of people they love and care about. They may be the rulers of Antar but that planet is just as alien to them as it is to you”

“I'm sorry” he apologised for his attitude and almost outburst. She continued writing and he sat in silence for a moment before his curiosity got the better for him once more “Can you go home?”

“To Henseifu?” she looked up at him, stopped scratching away with her pen

“Henseifu? I thought your home was called Antar”

“There are two stars in a solar system and five planets all with life on them. Antar is the largest planet and where King Zan originally comes from, it's considered the first planet while Henseifu is considered the third planet; that's where I am from”

“What are the other planets called?”

“Oduro is the second planet, Toiu is the fourth planet and Favowta is the fifth planet” she told him, before smiling at him “Are you done playing twenty questions or can I go back to work?”

“Oh yeah sure. Sorry” he apologised and he blushed “Um, just one final question. How old are you? You're wearing a husk right? I heard from Agent Topolski that they last for fifty years so I was just wondering...” he knew he was rambling but he couldn't help himself; she flustered him.

“I was nineteen, nearly twenty when I first put this husk on. That was almost fifty years ago”

“So that makes you... like seventy?”

“We live a lot longer than humans. I'm still incredibly young compared to the other people in the Royal Resistance. Working for the King like this is such an honour”

“Have you ever met him? The King?”

“Once, briefly, before I came here. He didn't really say much, I was given my orders by the Queen”

“What's she like?” he was so intrigued, he'd longed to learn about space and now here he was talking with a creature from another planet

“She looks so small and quiet but there's this whole aura of strength and power, I could feel how incredible she was and in how much pain she was in”

“Pain?” he frowned, why would their Queen be in pain?

“I've seen a lot of people who've been put through the wringer for information and come out on the other side... this woman... this Elizabeth Parker... Evans...” she smiled at her slip before she continued “I could sense that she went through something far more worse than any torture victim I've seen. It's like whoever did this to her took pleasure destroying her over and over again until there was nearly nothing left”

“You could sense this? Do you know what happened to her... who did it to her?”

“Yes, as a matter of a fact, I do. His name is Kivar and he's the person who we're fighting against” she said then got back to work signalling that it was the end of the discussion and she didn't want to be interrupted again.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) A/N 02/04/09

Post by SpiderGirl » Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:29 am

Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.

Chapter Twenty Six

Laurie nervously smoothed down her pale lilac jumper before fixing her long blonde hair as she gathered up the courage to knock on the door in front of her. She'd escaped from a mental facility and was preparing for interplanetary war yet she couldn't find the strength to face her new 'brother'.
She sighed deeply then knocked and waited almost hoping that he was out or busy with Maria or a thousand other reasons why he wouldn't be at home but luck was against her as she heard him coming to the door. He opened it, surprised to see her standing there

“What's wrong?” he asked immediately

“Nothing... I just thought I'd come and see you” she replied then shook her head “It was a stupid idea. I'll go”

“No, wait! You don't have to go!” he called out as he grabbed her arm “Please come in. It's not much, not even that tidy but...” he trailed off knowing that he was rambling; things were still awkward between them. He stepped aside to let her in and she brushed past him quickly “Do you want... tea or coffee? Something to eat”

“No, no. I just... I um I was wondering... I mean I came here to see if you wanted to do something familyish. You know, hanging around watching videos or grabbing a bite to eat... or whatever normal brothers and sisters do”

“Game of basketball then how about we go for tacos? I know a great place off 380” he suggested “Or we could do something you want to do... thinking about it, basketball is more of a guy's thing right?”

“No, not at all. I used to play basketball with my grandpa... our grandpa before he died. He absolutely loved the game, when I was ten we went to a game and I got a ball signed by Michael Jordan”


“Yeah” she nodded happily the her smile slipped from her face “But then uncle Bobby gave it away”

“Bastard” growled Michael “Maybe we can persuade Isabel to pay a nightly visit to uncle Bobby and make him pay for the crap he put you through”


“Maybe? These are the people who put you in the nut house just so they could live in the lap of luxury!”

“Yeah but they're still my family”

“So am I” he snapped and she gave him a small smile before she shook her head and grew serious

“I don't want to talk about Uncle Bobby and Aunt Meredith right now. There's other things I wanted to talk to you about”

“Yeah?” he asked as they reached the court and he began to dribble the ball he'd brought with him

“It's Max and Liz” she stated as she moved to tackle the ball from his grasp

“What about them?” he slowed and she stole the ball from him “Are they in trouble? Was their honeymoon trip a bad idea?”

“What? No. I think it was a good idea for them to get that before... before the war comes. It's not long now is it?”

“No it's not. We've got about a week...” he trailed off as the implication that in a weeks time they would be fighting for their lives, for their very right to live here on Earth.

“Somethings up with them. They know what's going to happen and for some reason they're not telling us... but it's not just that. There's something else going on and I'm not the only one whose noticed it. I think that they're going to do something and whatever it is they do successfully ends the war in our favour”

“Have you figured out what it is?”

“Not a clue. I've been spending a fair bit of time with Liz and while I can sense that this is really important I'm beyond figuring out what it is”

“You don't think that they... sacrifice themselves do you?”

“I don't know, possible, I'm not sure though. Liz seemed pretty upset about it at the meeting the other day and Max ordered us all not to ask about it” she sunk the ball in the net and Michael recovered it.

“What about Claudia? They'd never abandon her to become an orphan”

“Yeah but I have a feeling they'd sacrifice themselves for her, it's not as if there's not going to be anyone to look after her if something does happen to them” she pointed out “Anyone of us would step up to raise the Princess”

“I know but I hate the idea that one of us might have to. I don't want to lose either of them”

“Me neither” she said quietly “When they come back, maybe we should try talking to them about it?”

“I can't, they ordered me not to... wait! Oh, loophole! We can't ask because we were ordered not to but we could get Tommy to ask since he wasn't at the meeting and he isn't under the whole 'alien' rules thing like we are”

“Does that bother you that we seem incapable of certain things just because they say so”

“I do a little bit but I'm sure there's reasons behind it all” he recovered the ball and the fell into playing and talking about their childhoods.


Alex nervously knocked on the door with his empty hand, tonight he was 'officially' meeting Philip and Diane Evans. Isabel had invited him over after Max and Liz's wedding and she had called him last night to make sure he was still coming. On the phone she sounded really upset about something but no matter how he tried he still couldn't get her to tell him what it was.
Philip opened the door and Alex did his best not to grimace when he saw Isabel's father glaring at him angrily.


“Mr Evans” he replied politely then Isabel appeared

“Hey, come in. Dad, are you going to let Alex come inside?” she asked, Philip didn't say anything just walked away

“These are for you. You sounded a bit upset about something last night so I thought I'd try and cheer you up”

“Thanks... I was... still am upset...” she mumbled as she took her flowers “Alex, what if you found out that no matter what you said or did you parents wouldn't love you as much as you loved them?”

“Has something happened?” he glanced off in the direction Philip had gone before turning back to her

“I always thought that the thing that was stopping me from being a true part of this family was the fact that I was an alien and that I was keeping it a secret... but I was wrong. Both my parents know who I am, what I am, and all they care about is Max. Zan left because he figured out that my mom was using him subconsciously as a replacement for Max”

“Isabel...” he whispered cupping her face just as Diane appeared in the kitchen doorway. Isabel blinked away her forming tears then shook her head

“I can't do this to you. Not when I don't feel like a member of this family” she said loud enough for both her mother and Alex to hear “Let's get out of here. Take me some place where I feel like I belong”

“Isab-” began Diane but she just grabbed Alex's hand, pulled him out the door and slammed it shut behind her. Philip came back into the room a little surprised he heard the front door bang so loudly and saw his wife standing alone

“What's wrong?”

“I'm a failure as a mother. I couldn't be a mother to Zan because I was treating him like Max and now Isabel doesn't feel like a member of this family! I worked so hard on trying to make Max fit in growing up that I failed to notice how much she needed me!”

“Did Alex say this to you?” he demanded, he'd been moody about Alex ever since he found him in Isabel's room

“No” she shook her head “Stop with the cold front, that kid knows her better than either of us do. She's complete with him, that's why she asked him to take her away from here. Asked him to take her some place where she belongs. God, what have we done?”


Alex drove her to the CrashDown, in the months since Liz revealed the future it had become a home for all of them, it was like a beacon shining against the coming storm.

“Thanks for bringing me here” she whispered quietly

“That's okay. It was either here or the Pod chamber and I didn't think that that would be such a good idea since you'd just had a fight with your parents”

“You know me so well” she replied as a smile drifted onto her face. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Maria and Tommy sitting together at one of the outside tables surrounded by shopping bags while Michael and Laurie were walking happily up from the Park, a basketball under Laurie's arm.

“Do you want to go inside?” he asked but she shook her head, reaching for this hand

“Not yet, in a bit, I just want to stay out here for a bit” she told him and he sighed letting go of her hand to wrap his arm around her shoulder “I'm sorry”

“Don't be. Tell me” Alex urged and she drew in a shaky breath

“I'm scared. Scared that they won't love me... it's always been about Max. The most ironic thing is I have a feeling he doesn't care if he's apart of this family or not. It scares me because it makes me so angry; so angry that I might loose control and Vilandra might come out. I can feel her hidden deep down inside me... I just wish there was some way to make her go away. Every day it feels like she's getting stronger and I'm getting weaker; she's going to win I just know it and then everything will repeat itself! I'll betray everyone and Earth will be destroyed!”

“Isabel! Stop!” Alex shouted, she let out a sob before she swallowed all the rest “You are not going to turn into Vilandra and you are not going to betray us. You're stronger than that!”

“But my family... and what I almost did to Tess in the library...” she pointed out but he shook his head

“You're stronger than Vilandra. She's the one whose weak, she's alone. You have me and you have your family. You have Michael and Max and Liz and all of us. We're not going to leave you!”

“How can you say something like that? What with the... the war” she pointed out

“Forget the war... I'm always going to be with you, Isabel” he said then held out both hands “If you'll be with me”

“You know I will” she replied so softly he barely heard her, she put both her hands in his and formed a connection with him showing him the real her, all her doubts and fears and she saw his. There was a moment of electricity that passed between them and everything was perfect “I love you, Alex”

“I love you, Isabel” he replied and she could feel it through the connection. She felt the coldness of Vilandra get weaker inside her and she felt filled with so much hope for the future.

“Let's go inside” she said with a bright smile that lit up her whole face. They got out of his car and went into the Cafe where Michael and Laurie were sat at a booth, they sat down joining them and not too long after that Maria and Tommy came in carrying several shopping bags between them. They all sat together and for a moment they sat in silence, looking around at each other tensely

“Max and Liz come back tomorrow afternoon” whispered Laurie and the others nodded without saying a word. Michael sighed deeply and looked up just in time to see Kyle, Ava and Tess to come in. The three of them spotted the six sat in the both and they joined them; the newcomers seemed to sense the nervous atmosphere and they too fell quiet until Michael cleared his throat and reached for Maria's hand

“The war is going to start next week” he began “We're... we're going to be fighting for our lives...”

“I'm scared” whispered Tess

“We know that you and Zan survive” Ava pointed out “I wish I could get visions of the future too. I'm not as strong as you are”

“Believe me you don't want to see what I see” she replied

“I wonder how Max and Liz found this all out. I wish I knew what they knew...” Michael shook his head angrily “They know who wins and who looses! I think that the people who lose have a right to know”

“Would you want to know that you're going to die?” demanded Tess “Because I've been there! It's not nice... when I think about that other past and what I did... it's not nice. I understand why they're not telling whoever... looses. Maybe, though, maybe they haven't told anyone of us who dies because... well maybe none of us die”

“No, I saw the look on Liz's face the other day. Someone...” Maria trailed off as it hit her “Someone dies... if it's not any of us... then? You don't think that it's them? Do you?”

“I thought the same thing at the park but it can't be true. They're the King and Queen, we need them... what about Claudia?”

“If anything did happen to them... then we'd all raise her” Isabel said “I know both my parents and Liz's parents would care for her” she said then her phone rang “It's mom, I really should go home. I have to talk to them”

“Do you want me to drive you?” asked Alex and she nodded “I'll see you guys tomorrow when Max and Liz get back off their honeymoon”

“Bye Alex, bye Isabel” they said bidding goodbye to their friends.


The café was bustling by the time Max and Liz came back from their honeymoon the next day. The group sat waiting for them in the café had sensed that they were around in the city for a while before they came to the CrashDown. The couple came in, Max was pretty much carrying Liz because she was heavily pregnant

“Chica! God, you're as big as a house! Give me some sugar!” said Maria as soon as she saw her. Maria threw her arms around her best friend and they hugged happily “When are you going to pop Chica?”

“Soon... very soon” she replied then lowered her voice “It's a month tomorrow”

“How was Carlsbad?” asked Adam who was still sat in the booth with his arm around Ava, Max smirked and Liz blushed

“We... uhh... we didn't really get to see a lot of the city...” she confessed as she wrapped her arms around her stomach; she briefly remembered all the glowing and touching they did in their little hotel room.

“Sorry to put a burden on all these happy moments but shouldn't we be working on some strategies?” Michael pointed out and Maria nodded. Max helped his new wife over to the booth and they all sat back down.

“Well? What have you got?” Max began looking round expectantly, Michael stared dumbly without saying anything for a moment

“What do you mean?” asked Tess then Laurie shook her head

“We should have been coming up with a plan of action ourselves. We're the Antarian Royal Court; Michael and Maria are generals... Alex and Isabel are advisers but we haven't worked together to think of how we're going to get through this” she pointed out and all of them looked guilty

“Max... sorry, man” Michael apologised nervously

“Forgiven, now... let's get down to business. What do we know?” Liz said looking round the court

“We know the war starts next week” Maria stated

“We know it's Kivar whose behind this” added Isabel quietly, Alex squeezed her hand and she smiled at him thankful for the gesture

“Good, now what can we do?”

“Work together” whispered Tess nervously, she felt a bit self concious without Zan being there to give his support and back her up “If we get all the...” she glanced briefly round the café before continuing “people like us together here then we'll have a better chance. Langley was around on Antar, he knows how Kivar acted to get where he is. His input would be highly important”

“Very good” the young Queen smiled at the blonde girl who sighed with relief “Has Courtney or Topolski contacted us?”

“Speak of the devil” Tommy said pointing to the door as Courtney came in wearing a black trouser-suit. She came up carrying a large briefcase and nodded to the King and Queen before grabbing a chair and joining them.

“Majesties” she greeted them “Agent Topolski sends her regards and apologies that she wasn't able to make this meeting. She's meeting with President Obama today to alert him of the coming situation”

“You have news?” asked Kyle before sipping his coffee

“Yes, I was just getting to that. The Special Unit managed to capture and interrogate Nicholas and Greer... Greer unfortunately died during interrogation but he did manage to tell us a great deal before he passed away. Nicholas however is refusing to talk; we've tried everything”

“Nicholas is a liability”

“Yes, I think it would be wise if he were disposed of. He's dangerous and it's risky allowing him to live” Max said giving the order and Courtney just nodded her understanding of the situation “Michael, Maria? Do you have any ideas or... orders for Courtney?” the two of them looked at each other before nodding

“I want to know what the information was that Greer told you. We can use this to our advantage”

“Kivar had kept in touch with both Greer and Nicholas, he's sending ships to every major city in America; but he plans to make Roswell his base of operations. He's planning to build a base of operations in the desert, also he's sending soldiers through the wormhole technology he's developed. We have the location for that”

“Good” Michael nodded “I want as many able bodied men and women from the Unit to patrol Roswell; they should all be educated on how to kill skins...”

“What about that thing? The trithium amplicator? I remember that from Liz's memories... from when Brody was... injured” asked Maria “It isn't just Skins that Kivar's sending is it?”

“No” Courtney shook her head “Some of the soldiers are Antarian”

“Then can't we use the amplicator on them? If we can use it to take away their powers then surely that would give us the advantage”

“Do you know where it is?”

“Brody said that he bought it off some man in a junk shop. I think you should find Brody Davis first that search every unusual junk shop around him”

“That would take time that we don't really have” Adam pointed out tersely and Maria scowled at him

“If it gives us an advantage then it's worth trying”

“Stop” said Liz breaking up the growing argument before it started “You're both right, it would give us an advantage but searching for it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I think the best thing to do is make one. There should be enough resources here on Earth to make several; yes that would still be time consuming but less so than trying to find that specific amplicator”

“Courtney, can you make one? Or do you know any skin or Antarian that can make it?”

“I know one or two” she said with a smile then she wrote it down in her notebook “Topolski should be contacting me tonight after she's met with the President. I'm staying in Roswell now until the war is over... I'm going to serve my King and Queen”

“Are you sure?” Liz asked the taller girl who just nodded

“I've been in this war for as long as I can remember. I'm a soldier and I'm ready to fight, to die if necessary, for what I believe in. I believe in what you're doing; the sacrifices you've made and are making. I belong here and Topolski understands my decision”

“We appreciate it” said Max with a smile as he linked fingers with his wife; they shared sad smiles that didn't go unnoticed by Kyle and Laurie

“Can I... say something? As an advisor?” asked Alex, Max and Liz just nodded waiting to hear what he was going to say “Well the skins priority target is here, which means we can't exactly evacuate the city otherwise they'll suspect. There will be loads of people caught in the crossfire, if we can't evacuate them then we'll need someone for them to go. I think that it would be best if we can find out the best shelters and do our best to board up the windows with material that the skins can't use their powers on”

“That could work, at the Unit it's designed with depleted uranium because we can't use our powers against it” Courtney explained “We could gut the Unit base here in New Mexico for it's depleted sheet metal and board up the places that could pass as shelters”

“That seems like a good idea but if we board up windows there will still be the walls that their powers can be used on. If they failed to get through the windows they'd most likely blast through the walls”

“Didn't think of that” mumbled Alex feeling a little silly now “But finding the places that are shelters would help”

“Well do you and Isabel want to do that? Find out the best ones and let us all now, that way we'll be able to get people into them when the fight starts and we can protect them” Laurie said trying to make his idea work. They were now starting to work as a team coming up with ideas and bouncing them off each other.

“Sure, we can do that” Isabel nodded her head “If we need to we can clear them out as much as possible”

“Finally, Adam, I want you to contact your fa... Kevin. I want him to come here, he's very important to the outcome of the war and we need him here in Roswell. I think that it's best if any of the agents working for him come to Roswell, Kal's agents as well... we need as many aliens supporting us here as possible. Courtney, any you know or can reach I want them all here by the weekend” said Liz, Max looked grim as the last few orders were given.

“Yes, your highness” she said finally before leaving Greer's information then returning back to her non-descript sedan and contacted the people she needed to.

“Laurie, can my wife and I talk with you in private?” Max asked as the others disbursed to do what they'd been assigned to do. Alex and Isabel headed to the library while Michael and Maria stayed at the booth with Kyle and Adam to read over Greer's information while Tess and Ava went back home to check on Zan who was still hiding out at their house.

“Sure, what is it?” she asked as he helped up his new wife and practically carried her into the back room, she sighed with relief as she sank down onto the old couch then she became serious

“We want your word that this will not leave the room” the brunette said from her spot on the couch, Laurie glanced between them and saw how serious and scared they were

“You have it, of course you have it... what is this about?” she questioned them

“We do know who is going to die in the war...”

“Oh my god. It's me isn't it? That's why you've brought me back here like this isn't it?” she gasped

“No, it's not” he said shaking his head “From what we know about the war we know that you, Kyle, Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Ava, Adam, Tess, Zan and Courtney survive... we've brought you back here because we know that you've been asking questions and suspecting us of our... plan. You need to stop digging in this” she calmed down some but was still intrigued

“We asked you back here because you've become somewhat a protector to me over the past few weeks” explained Liz “Well that's not exactly true. You know how strong I am, how strong both Max and I are... why would I need someone to protect me?”

“Max wanted me to...”

“I know my wife can protect herself, I asked you partly for reassurance and partly because you are a protector. Just not to my wife; look Laurie if anything should happen to my wife or me then our child, our little Charlie would be defenceless. There will come a time when she will need you to protect her”

“As in there will be a time when you're not there to do it yourselves?” she whispered, the two looked at each other before looking back at her and nodded. She closed her eyes and swallowed hard “You're the ones who die aren't you?”

“You can't tell anyone. This is part of our plan, we accepted it a long time ago; what we need is for you to promise that if anything goes wrong I want you and Kyle to take Charlie and leave, hide... whatever. Just protect her and make sure she lives. If things do go wrong and everyone looses take Claudia and leave the planet. Go somewhere where no one can ever find her, can you promise us this?”

“Of course. Am I allowed to tell Kyle?” she asked finally with strong determination in her eyes
“Only if Tess and Ava have died” said Liz “They're two fixed points in the future, we've seen a future with them in it. If they die then that future will cease to exist, take our daughter and run”

“I understand” she said quietly then went back out to the café and rejoined the others.
Liz smiled at her new husband who scooped her up in his arms and carried her out the back door to the jeep.

“Let's go back to the flat. You can get all comfy in bed and I'll make diner and bring the TV into our room. We can have a nice normal night without anything weird happening”

“I love you” she replied before kissing him.


Kathleen Topolski was nervous, very nervous in fact, and it was that that she thought was ironic. She had seen things that no regular person could conceive... discovered secrets no one would ever guess and now she was nervous because she was about to meet an important man? Granted that this man was the one most influential men of her time but he was still a man. She had met alien kings and queens, worked along side beings with technology far advanced than their own

“He's ready to see you know” said the polite lady dressed formally, Topolski rose to her feet, sucked in a breath, smoothed down her outfit then followed the woman into the Oval Office.

“Special Agent Director Topolski, it's nice to have you here. What can I do for you?”

“Mr President, thank you for meeting with me. I'll get straight down to business shall I?” he gestured with his hand for her to sit down and she did “You are away that this government has several... classified agencies that focus on the protection of the American way of life and the way of life of every living thing on this planet”

“Yes, I'm well aware of them and your agency, Director Topolski. I'm assuming that you have a point with this, I am a very busy man”

“Yes sir, I'm aware of that, and very honoured you'd grant me time like this. I do have a point and it's this; next week we will be at war”

“At war? Who with?” he demanded as he moved to his phone, he called through the intercom and asked for his cabinet to be assembled

“This is difficult to explain”

“Well I'd like you to try, if we're going to be at war with someone then I would like to know who it is!”

“They're called the Skins”

“Skins? It's not a country?”

“No, it's a planet called Antar. The enemy coming to wipe us out is from outer space, I have all the information here. There are five planets in their constellation and they are divided between their Royal Monarchy and an usurper named Kivar” she handed him several files with all the data collected “Mr President, the Royal Family from Antar is here on Earth hiding out from their enemies; Kivar is bringing his war to Earth. The Royal Family are willing to make a treaty and add Earth into their alliance so that this planet will be protected by Antarian technology”

“Can't the Royal Family just go home? If they came here in the first place then they've put Earth at risk”

“They were sent here, their ship crashed here in 1947” she explained to him as he flipped through the notes “Even if they did return to Antar that wouldn't stop Kivar from destroying Earth just because we housed them. He's a very evil creature”

“I want to meet the Royal Family. If they're willing to meet and discuss a treaty for the survival of Earth then I want them brought here to discuss it face to face”

“Yes sir” she nodded her head in agreement

“Elizabeth doesn't seem like an alien name to me. Is she a... a daughter or changed her name to survive on Earth?”

“Elizabeth was born on Earth... she and King Zan have recently got married under Earth law. The Royal Family have been here for a long time and they've followed by our laws all this time”

“Are they in contact with you?”


“Then I want you to take Air Force One and bring them here. I will study this dossier on all the information you've amassed” she stood up and shook hands with him. She was leaving just as his advisers came in. The lady that ushered her into the room took her into another room and they began to make arrangements.


Liz scowled, she'd felt uncomfortable all morning; Max had sensed her discomfort and didn't want to leave her to go to school but she made him go. He had missed three days already with being on his honeymoon.

“Knock, knock!” called Laurie as she opened the door and came into the apartment

“I'm in the bedroom” Liz replied to her friend as the blonde came in; while many of the group were at school, the ones who weren't were busy doing their tasks. Courtney was contacting all the people she needed and was working on making several amplicators while Adam was contacting his father and Kal Langley and relaying the orders they needed to hear about getting all their contacts to come to Roswell.

“How are you doing? How is the princess?” asked Laurie, Ava had stayed home with Zan who was getting fed up of being house bound. She was helping him alter his appearance slightly so he could get out without being discovered; Topolski had pulled all of Pierce's agents out of Roswell but there was still a risk of someone calling him in.

“We're good, but I... grrr! I can't get comfortable!” she groaned irritated with how the pillows felt under her back. She thumped some of the pillows and feathers exploded everywhere which got her more annoyed

“Here, let me fix them” said Laurie with a smirk as she waved her hands over the pillows, they were repaired in an instant then Liz began wriggling down the bed “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I'm fine I just... I need the bathroom” she wriggled to the edge of the bed then tried to pull herself up, she couldn't get to her feet until Laurie grabbed her hands and pulled her up so she was standing. With the help of her friend she got to her feet just in time for water to trickle down her pants to puddle on the floor “Great! Just great!”

“It's okay, it was an accident” Laurie said trying to console her friend who hadn't made it in time. Liz wrapped her arms around her stomach and shook her head

“No, that's not it. I thought I needed the bathroom... I was wrong”

“Wrong?” the blonde girl gasped

“Yes, Laurie, I need you to call an ambulance then call Max and tell him I'm going to the hospital” she said and the taller girl pulled out Kyle's cell phone that he'd let her borrow for emergencies while he was at school with the others.


Max was sat in class when his phone started ringing, he looked down at call id and saw that it was Kyle calling him

“Mr Evans, will you turn your phone off or I'll have to confiscate it”

“But Mr Steligman... it could be important” he replied, the teacher held out his hand for the phone but Max shook his head “I'll turn it off!” he switched it off then shoved it back in his pocket before glancing at Maria and Alex who were sat at the desk behind him. He mouthed the word Kyle to them before turning back to the lesson.

A few minutes later Maria's cell phone rang, she pulled it out just in time for Mr Steligman to confiscate it. Alex glanced round, quietly pulled his phone out of his pocket and switched it to silent just in time for it to ring. He moved his pad so it fell to the floor, he crouched down to pick up his pad and answer the phone

“Alex! Thank God! I've been trying to get through to someone! Liz! It's Liz! She's having the baby!” Laurie cried relieved that she'd managed to get through to someone

“WHAT!” shouted Alex as he stood up sharply

“The ambulance has arrived and they're taking her to the hospital. Get Max!”

“Mr Whitman! Hand over your phone!” Steligman ordered, Alex just blinked then handed his phone to Max

“It's Liz” he said sounding shocked, Maria glanced back and forth between the two of them wanting to know what was going on. As soon as Max pressed his ear to the phone Laurie explained everything

“What? What's going on?” Maria demanded, Mr Steligman had realised that something serious must have happened and was giving them some time to explain

“Liz is having the baby” Alex explained “That was Laurie, they're on their way to the hospital” Maria began quickly gathering stuff up and ordered Alex to do the same. Max had gone pale and was ready to bolt out of his chair.
“Alex, I'll drive Max to the hospital. I want you to pack up his things, tell the others and meet us there. Sorry Mr Steligman but we have to go, my little niece is ready to come into the world. Max, Max... give me the phone” she took the phone from him, tossed Alex her phone before grabbing Max's hand leading him from the class. Once outside he finally overcame the shock and the two of them hurried down the hall to the jeep. Alex was impressed with how quickly Maria had taken control but she was the female general so it shouldn't have been that surprising.

“Okay, okay. Everyone calm down, let's get back to science shall we?” said Mr Steligman as he excused Alex who had just finished gathering up Max's stuff and went in search of Michael, Isabel, Kyle and Tess.


Two hours later everyone including Zan turned up at the hospital to be around when the Princess was born. Max was sat on one side holding his wife's hand while Maria was sat on the other, she too was holding Liz's hand as she was going through her contractions.
In the waiting room the entire Royal Court, the Evans, the Parker's, Amy Deluca and Sheriff Valenti were waiting for any news Michael was pacing and Isabel and Alex had just come back carrying two trays of coffee between them which as passed round.

“Shouldn't there be a ceremony or something?” asked Michael rhetorically while he paced then he stopped and looked at the all people gathered sipping their coffee “I mean the Princess is about to be born”

“Michael, the fact that she's about to join the world is ceremony enough” Jeff said as he clapped him on the shoulder

“I just feel like I should be doing something” he said as he looked around

“I know, why don't you go and see if there's any news? I'm sure Maria would like to see you” suggested Nancy, he nodded and went off into the room just as the doors opened and the doctors wheeled her out

“What's happening?!” Michael demanded almost stopping them from moving her; Maria took him aside and let them continue

“They're taking her to the delivery room” she explained “Charlie's ready to come into the world”

“Oh God” gasped Michael, she pulled him into a hug

“They're both going to be fine. We know it” she whispered “Let's go for a walk” the two of them walked down the corridor looking for an empty corridor where they could talk in peace.

Tess glanced at her boyfriend as he sat on the plastic orange chairs playing with his crutches; he looked completely different from the Zan she was starting to get to know. His hair was longer and slicked back in an unusual wave; his clothes were expensive looking but fitting him perfectly. He looked like a super model instead of someone hiding from the law

“Hey, how you doing?”

“Glad to be out” he replied “And a little excited; Charlie... technically she's my niece, family y'know. Are you okay?”

“I'm just glad that they let me be here” she confessed as she sat down next to him

“Yeah” he nodded a little tightly

“What? What is it?”

“I'm thinking of Rath and Lonnie, I know what they would have done to me if that time line had continued but they were all I had and I wish they could be here to witness this moment. I miss my sister and I miss my best friend. Being in this hospital reminds me of them...”

“Oh, god I didn't realise...”

“This is where we were when they came and took us away” he whispered looking round

“If you want to go then I'll come with you”

“No, no. I need to be here for this” he told her “It's like I've been waiting for this moment my entire life. I'm not missing it for the world; this one or the next” she put her hand over his that was resting on the handle on his crutch.

Laurie lay with her head in Kyle's lap waiting; they were all waiting and minutes passed by and then the Royal Court felt it. Since they were all connected with Max and Liz they felt a new addition as she took her first breath. Laurie sat up just as Maria came back in with Michael following her. Isabel was crying openly with a big smile on her face and Alex pulled her into his arms. Tess looked up at her twin sister and they grinned and began cheering, they were soon joined by the other girls who danced about in a circle excited by the feelings they were sensing!

Ten minutes later Max came out of the delivery room dressed in green scrubs carrying a pink bundle in his arms

“Everyone...” he got their attention “I would like you all to meet Princess Claudia Gabrielle Evans” everyone flocked round him and the grandparents cooed over her. They wanted their turns to hold them; none of them noticed the TV screwed to the wall in the corner changed to the President addressing the nation about contact with other planets.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chap 26 05/04/09

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Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
A/Note: Thank you for all the feedback for this story! There will be this then the epilogue. Hope you all enjoy it! Got a little sad twist in store for you all :oops:
Chapter Twenty Seven

Max smiled as she fixed her thin tiara; Courtney and Kal had explained how Royalty had dressed on Antar and they'd used their powers to replicate it as best they could. Liz had a thin band of undulated metal around her head with a single gem in the middle right over her forehead and she was wearing dark green robes. Once she had finished fiddling Max handed Claudia back to her and adjusted his clothing; he was wearing a shiny dark green suit with a similar tiara and the Antarian symbol over the left breast of his jacket. Both their eyes were pure black; Liz glanced down at her daughter and saw pure brownish/black eyes staring back up at her.

It was two days since she'd given birth and it had been one helluva couple of days! There had been some panic when the President announced that he had been contacted by the King and Queen of another planet. The next day he revealed their names and explained that they had been living on Earth for quite some time... the entire world had gone alien mad.

Word had been leaked out that King Zan and Queen Elizabeth and some of their Royal Court were meeting with the President on Saturday, which meant news crews and reporters were camped out outside the White House hoping to snap pictures of the 'aliens'.

The sleek black limo pulled up to the front entrance and Max got out followed by Liz, she carefully manoeuvred out of the car with Charlie in her arms then Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel and Kal climbed out. Kal was in his original form and as soon as the photographers and reporters spotted him they began snapping up reels and reels of footage.

“This way” the assistant gestured leading them into the building. They followed her until they were in the waiting room right outside the Oval Office “Please, wait here. Your Highnesses” Liz and her oldest friend cooed over the new arrival to the family until they were all called into the office.

President Obama was sat at his desk and across from him on the two couches were sat several of his highest advisers. He was surprised when several teenagers walked into the room in what appeared to be fancy dress, one of the girls was carrying a baby, at first he thought it was some big elaborate joke until he saw Kal.

“The Royal Court of Antar” said the assistant before she left the room. The President rose to his feet, came round the table and moved to stand in from of Kal

“You must be King Zan” he held out his hand to the alien and was surprised when they alien blinked at him, glanced at the teenage boy standing next to the girl with the baby before finally bursting out laughing. President Obama was surprised and he stepped back as some scary nightmares filled his head

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry” Kal apologised while trying to control his laughter; the mistake had even made Max smirk “I'm afraid you're mistaken. I am not King Zan”

“I am” said the tall dark haired teenager, it was the President's turn to be surprised

“But you're just a kid!” he couldn't help but gasp and instantly regretted it as soon as he'd said it

“I may look like a teenager but both me and my wife are in our mid forties” he explained “I think to save from confusion proper introduction is to be made” he bowed his head “As you now know I am King Zan” he put his arm around Liz with a smile “This is my wife Queen Elizabeth Evans. This is my sister Princess Vilandra, our advisor Alex Whitman and our two generals The Right General Rath and The Left General Maria Deluca, our protectors Nlkirol and Kjou and finally the newest edition to our family Princess Claudia”

“It's nice to meet you” he said still feeling like this was a big prank “And congratulations on your daughter”

“Thank you Mr President” Liz smiled “Would you like to hold her?” he blinked a little surprised

“Can I? Are you sure that's okay?”

“Just don't drop her” said Max with a smile as Liz carefully handed Charlie to the President

“She's beautiful” he commented. Charlie had a tuft of dark hair, a small nose and large black alien like eyes. She yawned which made the President smile

“Hello there” he greeted her when she blinked open her eyes sleepily before snuggling back off to sleep. He handed her back to Liz who smiled down at her new baby girl “Please, all of you, feel free to sit down”

Max and Liz sat in the seats opposite the President's desk while Alex and Isabel sat down amongst the advisers and Michael, Maria, Kal and Kevin remained standing.

“Thank you” he replied as they sat down making themselves comfortable

“Special Agent Director Topolski said you wanted to discuss a treaty between Earth and your planet... planets. I read all the file of information she gave me a few days ago; it was quite interesting. But tell me, King Zan, what exactly do you want from us?”

“We want to live here in peace” he began before looking over at Liz, she nodded her head with understanding “We've lived here on Earth for a long time. We have made a home here, we have family...”

“Ah yes the Parkers, the Evans and the DuPree Family” he said as he moved some papers aside and briefly flicked over the dossiers on each of those families

“The memories we have of this planet are happy ones... this planet is our home and we'd do anything to protect the way of life we've come to love”

“Why do you want to stay here?” asked one of the advisers “Surely your planet is far more advanced than we are. Why choose Earth over... your home planet is called Antar, right? Why not go home?” Liz turned in her seat

“Because we were held prisoner there, tortured and raped. Kept in the dark and denied basic rights. If that's advanced then I'd rather die than spend a minute like that again. Kivar is an evil tyrant... much more cruel and evil than Adolph Hitler, he'd destroy Earth just because we were here, because we fought against him... we want to stay here and protect this way of life because it has become our own”

“My wife is right” Max nodded “We ask for your help in stopping in him”

“I don't think we should help you. You brought this war here, you should go back to Antar and take your chances” said the General advisor

“If we left we'd still loose and he would still destroy Earth just for the hell of it. If you agree to help us then we'll give you technology...”

“It said in the file that you know exactly how long this war will last, you've claimed that when it's over a golden age will dawn for Earth”

“Yes, with Kivar's defeat the world will be at peace like never before. People throughout the entire universe will lay down their weapons in honour of the end of this war; beings from throughout space will come to Earth. Technology and ways of life will be shared; humans will go into space and spread peace”

“That's a nice pipe dream” snapped the general advisor moodily “Mr President, I hope you don't believe them! This has to be a practical joke!”

“If there is a chance that...” he stopped when someone came into the room carrying a sheet of paper. He whispered something in the president's ear then handed him the paper before leaving quickly. Obama read the paper he'd just been given “Hubble has detected several spaceships at the edge of our solar system and they're moving very fast. This is real isn't it?”

“Yes, sir, it is”

“What are the terms of this treaty”

“We shall share technology to help you defeat him in return for us all to live here in peace and that goes for any peaceful creature from space. If anything should happen to my wife or I then I want Claudia to be made a Ward of Earth and raised by this family” he handed him a file “Also a week after the war has finished we want you to address the world and tell them a story”

“A story?”

“Yes, one of my followers who lives here on Earth will tell it to you. This is a file we have on him” he handed him the file then pulled out a flat sheet of metal

“Can you agree to these terms?”

“If you help us defeat this Kivar then I find what you've asked for reasonable” he nodded. Max put his glowing hand over the sheet of odd coloured metal and the terms were engraved into it. He put his name and seal over it then handed it to his wife who did the same before she handed it to the man on the other side of the desk. He looked at it for a moment wondering how to sign it “How can I sign this?” Max rose to his feet and gestured to come to stand next to him

“May I?” Obama just nodded and Max came around the desk which made the security guards in the room jittery “Put your hand over the treaty” Max put his hand over the President's and with a soft glow the president of the united states of America's seal appeared on the treaty. Max went back round the desk and sat back down

“You do realise that we will have to tell the world about you, even more so than we already have” he pointed out and they all nodded

“We are all prepared for this” said Liz, behind her Michael cleared his throat loudly. Maria put her hand on his shoulder reassuringly trying to calm his fears. Soon the entire world would finally know for certain that aliens existed and that he was one of him; he wasn't sure how he would handle people looking at him differently. When Maria put her hand on his shoulder he looked down at her, she was human... or at least had been before Liz had altered her in that first connection after the shooting. He had always been alien but she had been changed; it was going to be much worse for her. All the people had known her to be human would be scared because she had been altered, they wouldn't understand her decision to be what she'd become and yet she was okay with it and trying to make him feel better!

“Love you” he whispered then winked at her and she blushed glancing away with a smile on her face. He smirked when she squeezed his shoulder in response before letting her hand drop back down.

“I will address the nation and give out the brief details about who you all are to the political correspondents from each newspaper and network. Do you want to be present when I address the nation?”

“If it's all the same with you Mr President. We would like to go home, we have a lot to do before Monday” said Max with a smile as he helped his wife to her feet.

“I understand” he replied and he stood up to shake hands with them“You will be keeping in touch with us on any developments”

“Our Generals will work with your advisers with the information that they have gathered but we do hope that all of our court will be back in Roswell by Monday when the war starts”

“You haven't given us much time to be ready for this” commented the angry general who was sat on the couch

“We've only known about it recently ourselves and as soon as we found out we pretty much decided to come to you even knowing the danger it posed to ourselves” Isabel pointed out putting the general in his place “Mr President, sir, you've seen what happens to people who are different. We risked a lot coming to tell you this, we're still at risk from being attacked by people who are scared or frightened by us. All they're going to see is aliens; creatures that are monstrous and coming to destroy them! I just hope that you can convince the general public of Earth that we are on your side even though there are Antarians working with the enemy to wipe out humanity”

“I understand what you mean, Princess Vilandra” he said “I have seen how different is seen as evil... but from what I can see you have extended yourselves in peace. It's easy to see how similar you are to us... Antarians do appear to be very much like humanity. This Kivar does seem much like Hitler but that doesn't make you all like that, you can measure humanity both on it's positive and negative traits. Humanity has done evil atrocities but we've also done good... I can see that this is how you are as well”

“You're a very wise man” said Kevin as they packed up their things

“Thank you” he smiled under the compliment but shook it off “Your pictures will be included in the brief details I will send to the news stations. The entire world will know who you are and be able to recognise you”

“We're prepared for that, I'm sure that there will be some frightened people but by Monday everything will change”

“I still don't think we can trust them!” the general protested “This has to be a trick! They keep saying that everything will change come Monday like they're behind it!”

“He does have a point” another advisor commented

“I believe you from what I've seen but my advisers do make a good case and you understand that I must be cautious in making mistakes for the people”

“I understand” said Max “You want us to prove ourselves”

“If you can, more so than you have already, to me at least, it would put their minds at ease”

“Get Liz to show the nice general her life” Maria piped up suddenly, the guy had been pissing her off with his close minded attitude and it had been a turning point when Liz had showed them all her life and what she'd been through.

“Show?” the general repeated going pale

“We have telepathic abilities; I believe Topolski mentioned them in her reports?” said Liz as she handed Claudia to Max who carefully cradled her in his arms and starting cooing happily at her “I can show you memories of my life. That's if you're willing”

“Go ahead, I'm not afraid of some memories”

“I'd brace yourself if I were you” said Kal as Liz extended her hand and the general took it. She started with her earliest memory and came closer to the present moment. Everyone in the room watched the general's face as he was taken through her memories; they could see clearly the moment the memories got to her loosing everyone and being taken from Earth. They progressed into the torture and rape under Kivar's hands for ten long years and how they finally escaped and came back in time to Earth. By the time it was over the general was openly sobbing on his knees clutching at the coffee table

“How? How the hell did you survive that? How can you smile?” he demanded

“Because I have reason to. I'm here, my family are here... yes they aren't the people I knew but they have the makings of them and I love them. I... we... went through hell and it destroyed us but we making sure that no one else has to suffer”

“But you... you're going to...” he began as he realised what their plan is

“We know what we're doing” said Max coldly “We're ensuring our daughter's future”

“Alone?” he snapped “How could you do that to her?”

Michael and Maria were interested in what they were talking about; it was clear this was about the war and the future. The general had seen something about what they were going to do

“It's a needed sacrifice and we're both willing to make it” Liz said

“You're incredible beings; I would have honestly given up a long time ago if I were you. You have my support. They have proved themselves, they can be trusted” he explained to everyone in the room, Liz smiled then looked down at her daughter

“We should be getting back to our hotel. Our generals will share information and strategy with you and I hope you understand the discretion for the... task we'll have to do in the future”

“I understand” he nodded then fell silent when the others tried to hint and gesture for him to reveal it.


Back at the hotel Laurie and Kyle were waiting for them. Alex and Isabel sat themselves down in front of the TV to watch the revelations on each news program.

“Kevin... could we talk to you for a moment?” said Max as Liz carried Claudia into one of the suite bedrooms

“Sure, what is it?” he asked after he had followed his king into the suite bedroom

“We need your help to do something really important. We need to travel back in time”

“Back in time? Why? Why ask me? Why not Adam?”

“Adam is part of the immediate court; he's part of the family. You are a separate Antarian outside of that” Liz explained “Besides Adam has his own role in the future and if he knew of what we're about to ask you then everything would be compromised”

“We need you to take us back in time to Antar. You can travel through time and space because of your anomaly, right? You can take us back in time to Antar before the Royal Four were killed”

“Why do you want to go back to then?” Kevin asked quietly scared of the answer

“You'll see when we go. Will you take us?”

“If you want me to, as my King and Queen you have only to ask it” he replied with a small bow, Max nodded then opened the door

“Laurie, could you come here for a sec?” he asked her, as soon as she was in the room he shut the doors and locked them with his powers. He grabbed a worn book than was sitting on the bed, held it close to his chest with his arm wrapped over it

“What's up?” she asked as she shoved her hands into the back of her jeans pockets. Liz walked over to her and carefully handed Charlie to her

“Look after her while we're gone”

“Gone?” she gasped as she looked up from the young princess in time to see Max and Liz take hold of Kevin's sleeves and disappear “Max? Liz? Kevin?! KYLE!” she screamed as Claudia started crying. Kyle tried to open the door but found it locked

“Laurie?” he could feel her worry rising. Kal came over and Alex and Isabel lost interest in what was happening on the TV “Laurie!”

“KYLE!” he heard her scream and he started banging on the door trying to open it. She slumped to the floor holding the baby girl in her arms; all she knew was that when something happened to Max and Liz that she would have to look after the Princess. Where had they gone? Were they dead?

“Laurie! Stand back! I'm going to blast it!” he called then threw up his hand and the wood splintered but didn't break “Kal, help me break down the door!”

The others came to help him while she sat on the floor cradling Claudia in her arms, she was openly crying because she couldn't sense Max and Liz like she could before; the others were too caught up in trying to break the door down. She didn't notice Max, Liz and Kevin reappear behind her in the exact same spot they'd left but this time both Kevin and Max had heavy beards and Liz's hair was several inches longer and all three of them were wearing traditional Antarian clothing. They could see the door splintering under the onslaught of the aliens powers and they quickly waved their hands over their clothes returning them to the clothes they had been wearing when they left.

The doors burst open and Kyle came rushing in, he stopped short when he saw Laurie sitting on the floor and the three of them standing behind her

“What's going on?” he asked, Liz brushed her hair back behind her ear then spotted Claudia. She knelt down and took her daughter from her friend and cuddled her in her arms, Laurie jumped when she saw Liz sitting there cooing over Claudia

“But you... what happened? Where did you go? I thought you were gone” she whispered “Why didn't you tell me you were coming back!” she shouted as she rose to her feet and grabbed Kyle's hand roughly, tears were streaming down her face

“In case we didn't” Max said simply, he waved his hand and fixed the doors

“Where the hell did you go? And don't give me that bullshit about not being able to tell us! I want to know why you just scared the crap out of me and made me think you were... that you were... that you were dead!”

“We travelled back in time to Antar. We had something to do, it was a present for Claudia”

“Then where is it?” asked Kyle, he knew something more was going on “I think my wife deserves an explanation!”

“Wife?” Laurie gasped softly getting his attention

“If it's all the same you can continue this argument without me. I'm going to find my son and spend time with him” Kevin said coldly. He glared at his King and Queen

“Kevin? What's wrong?” asked Alex something was definitely wrong with all this

“They aren't who I thought they were. They're cowards and I'm disgusted to say that I'm the same species as them” he didn't look up as he was speaking

“Whoever you knew Max and Liz to be then consider them dead. They died a long time ago... these... things that you see in front of you are manipulative evil monsters. I hope that they die during the war”

“Max, what is he talking about?” Isabel demanded “How can he say such a thing?”

“That isn't your brother” he shouted angrily “And... God! I'm bound to him! To the both of them!”

“Kjou... I'm the same person you met and helped on Antar. It will all be proved in the end and you'll be the one proud to tell our story”

“I doubt it” he said as he rubbed his fully grown beard then left the room.

“How can you not be who you say you are? We've all connected with you” pointed out Isabel as she crossed her arms “You're keeping secrets”

“Necessary ones” Liz said pleading trying to make them understand “You'll all know everything a month after the war has ended. That we promise you but for now... I want to spend some time with my daughter and husband before we go back to Roswell”

Kyle helped Laurie from their room and took her out of the suite and down the hall to their room. Alex and Isabel went back to the TV and Kal wandered off to explore the city in his human form, all of them separated but they each had the same burden on their minds.

"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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Re: Hindsight (AU/Adult, M/L) Chap 27 12/04/09

Post by SpiderGirl » Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:02 pm

Title: Hindsight
Author: SpiderGirl
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to Fox.
Rating: This is mature. If this isn't your thing then don't read it.
Summary: Things go wrong. They go about as wrong as they possible could and it takes someone with hindsight to try and make things right.
Pairing: Future Max/Future Liz, Mi/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Future-Present Liz/Max. I know that last one sounds odd but trust me all will be explained.
A/Note: Thank you who left feedback for this story and for all those who may have lurked, if any... hope you all enjoyed it. Here's the epilogue!
It took a while for him to hike to the cave, he'd been coming out every day for the past month in case they were there but so far they hadn't been born. The war had been raging on for the past eleven and a half months; the Royal Court of Antar had been working closely with the United States Military in keeping earth safe. The enemy Antarian and Skin forces had attacked and been beat back, it was the exactly same effect that the forces fighting to keep humanity alive had experienced, neither side had won the upper hand and kept it. They were at a stale mate and had been for the past two months, it seemed that that was going to drag on for many months to come.

River Dog reached the edge of the cave and lit a torch before heading inside, he headed deep into the rocky cave past the message Nasero had left the Royal Four a long time ago, so far in that the path sloped downwards towards were the two pods were housed. When he got there he was so surprised to find both pods cracked open and empty that he almost dropped the torch

“Matthew? Lilith!” he cried looking round for his young charges, had the enemy found them and taken them away? He swung the torch around and sighed with relief when he saw them standing there naked as the day they were born, he chuckled to himself as he realised that today was the day that they were born

“River Dog” said Lilith slowly

“River Dog” Matthew repeated, the older man felt such a pride as his name was spoken as their first words

“Come, young ones, you need clothes. My cabin is half a mile away... we can contact the King and Queen there. They know what must be done now that you're both in the world” he ushered his two charges out of the cave and the three of them trekked hard and fast to River Dog's cabin.


The majority of Roswell had been evacuated not long after the war started, only able bodied men stayed behind to fight with the armed forces that swarmed into the town to combat anything that Kivar would send down. A lot of the soldiers were surprised that the alien Royal Court had remained here in Roswell with their parents and fought along side them, saved their lives more than a few times.

Off Main Street in a small bit homey apartment there was an official meeting taking place; the Royal Court of Antar had assembled and they were strategising and making plans... or at least trying to.

“Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” cried the little toddler as she scampered forwards as best she could on her two pudgy legs. She reached her destination, bumped into a leg before falling down on her diaper covered bottom with a whoosh of breathe and threw her arms upward “Da! Da! Da!” she demanded desperately. The amber eyed man she was begging for looked down at her with a smile

“Who managed to get away from her mother” he chuckled as he picked up his daughter, Liz had chased after her but knew that it was futile in separating the two. Claudia was in awe of her daddy and Max was absolutely besotted with his baby girl

“Not to be a interruption or anything here, Max, but we are at war. Could we get back to the meeting” Maria pointed out as she spread the data her team had gathered during their covert intel missions. Laurie promptly came from the kitchen and took Charlie from her friend and held her in her arms so he could get back to the meeting

“Yes, sorry... what have you got Maria?”

“From the plans we know that Kivar has been building something. We believe that he finished it a few days ago and it's been attached to the mother ship, now from the agents who went in we've found out that it's called an Ion Cannon”

“The Cannon!” gasped Liz from the doorway, suddenly the phone rang and she glanced at Max before walking quickly over to Laurie and took hold of her daughter protecting her within her arms

“What? What is it?” asked Isabel “You know about the cannon. How?”

“This is it” whispered Max as his eyes filled up with tears “The war could very well be over tonight”
Kyle picked up the phone before the two aliens could get it, they'd kept enough secrets from their court, in his opinion

“Hello? Who is this?”

“This is River Dog, is Max or Liz there?” he asked, Kyle blinked in surprise then glanced over to Liz and Max who were now stood together with their arms around each other

“River Dog?” he repeated before holding the phone out to them. Liz took it from him and put it to her ear

“Yes, River Dog” she greeted him

“Liz! Matthew and Lilith have been born, we're at my cabin but we can be the Pod Chamber in half an hour”

“Okay. We'll be there” she replied then hung up. The group was waiting, they were hoping that now they would finally get some answers “Kivar is planning to fire that Ion Cannon, if he does the only thing we'd be grateful for is the fact that we're not around to watch him take ultimate control of the Universe”

“What are we going to do?” asked Tess as she slid into Zan's arms where she felt a bit safer

“Fight back, it's what we've been doing all along” Courtney said proudly and Max nodded

“She's right. We fight back and we win... the only thing that can stand up to an Ion Cannon is the Granolith. Laurie, Kevin? Will you both get ready to come with us? The four of us will go to the Pod Chamber” the two of them began to get their coats together against the cold weather of night.

“What about the rest of us?” Kyle demanded a little irked that he wasn't including in this and with the people that were to be left behind the feeling was more than mutual

“You need to stay here, do your jobs and deal with the fallout. The nations of the world will want to know what's going on when Kivar is finally taken out, it's all happening tonight. If we do this then the war will be over by the time the sun comes up”

“Really?” whispered Tess, she and her boyfriend linked fingers over her small bump where her little girl was growing “Rose will be born free”

“We're ready” said Kevin as he stood near the door. Liz put Charlie's little coat and hat on her to make sure she was warm enough to go outside.
Max looked round his rag tag bunch of soldiers, they were still kids really, and they should have never had to fight this. He looked at his sister and oldest friend, they would miss him and Liz... they all would. He bit his lip from crying as he linked fingers with Liz and the five of them headed down to the jeep.
Kevin drove with Laurie rode shotgun while Max, Liz and Claudia were sat in the back, Liz took one last look up at the apartment that had been her home for the past year and all her friends and family inside it

“Goodbye” she whispered as the jeep sped off along the road heading to the Pod Chamber.


“Max? Liz?” Laurie demanded as Claudia was handed to her “This is it isn't it?”

“Yes it is. Look after her won't you... until the Dr Coppers' come” she told her friend then hugged her. Max took his turn hugging her then ran his hand over his daughter's head before going off to speak to Kevin. Liz kissed Charlie's cheek then helped the two of them into the back of the jeep.

“What should I say happened here?” asked Kevin

“Tell them that we activated the Granolith to stop Kivar from firing the Ion Cannon and the Pod Chamber exploded, which is what's going to happen”

“But you'll be killed!”

“We know. We both accepted that a long time ago” she stated as she came over “A golden age will dawn from our actions and that is the world our baby will grow up in”


“No buts Kjou...” he interrupted him “I have one last order to give you. Make it up with your son, all Adam wanted to know was his real father and you need to be there to see your grandchildren grow up. They are going to be a very important bunch of people. That's it, no more orders now... you're a free man. Go on, you better take them back into Roswell, we're not exactly sure how powerful the blast will be” he nodded then walked back to the jeep and got in the driver seat, started the engine and drove back to the city.

“Ready?” Liz asked as she sucked in a breath and linked fingers with her husband, he nodded quietly and the two of them walked to the base of the Pod Chamber were River Dog, Matthew and Lilith were waiting. The five of them climbed the mountain and went into the chamber. Several miles above them Kivar began the program for the Ion Cannon to gather energy, it would take twenty minutes to half an hour before it could fire.

Twenty five minutes later the majority of the South West of America could see the energy reaching it's final build up before it fired in five minutes, below the enemy ship Kjou was just arriving back at the apartment when the Pod Chamber and Granolith Chamber exploded. The entire Rock Formation blew apart with the force of the blast the Granolith sent out killing all the people inside.


Isabel stood up when Kevin and Laurie returned, she strained her neck trying to see behind them for her brother and sister in law but they weren't there. Laurie was crying

“Laurie?” Kyle whispered as he went over to her and Claudia who was full of eyes with all the people around, he pulled the two of them into his arms and held them.

“Where is my brother?” demanded Isabel as she put her hands on her hips then they all heard the explosion, all the windows in the city shattered under the force and the Royal Court felt the death of their King and Queen.

“NO!” roared Michael as they realised what their friends had done. Isabel screamed at the aloneness that speared through her and Alex grabbed her before she passed out.

“They gave their lives to save us all” explained Kevin. Alex laid his girlfriend down on the couch then charged the alien bodyguard

“You bastard! You were supposed to protect them!” he roared hitting him repeatedly until Adam and Zan managed to drag him off. Maria was sobbing desperately in the corner holding her stomach while Michael just stood there in disbelief.


“My fellow Americans, I address you today with a message of freedom. Three weeks ago three people sacrificed their lives to save Earth. The leader of the enemy forces was preparing to fire a weapon known as an Ion Cannon to destroy Earth; King Zan, Queen Elizabeth and a man named River Dog gave their lives to use technology from their home world to stop him. The war is over and the enemy forces have surrendered” President Obama announced. Laurie switched off the TV then tossed the remote onto the coffee table before glancing at her God daughter who was sleeping soundly next to her.

Claudia had done nothing but cry her eyes out every second that she was awake; she had sensed her parents death and protested with tears. In fact she usually cried so much that she would fall asleep and that was what had happened ten minutes ago.

Michael, Isabel, Maria and Alex had gone out to the Pod Chamber with Valenti and the skeleton ambulance paramedics to see if Max and Liz were alive but all they found was rubble and the remains. They were surprised to find that River Dog had been in the Chamber when it had exploded. A few days after that, Roswell was declared safe and the people who had been evacuated returned to their homes and now there was this address.
Maria pushed through the swing door of the CrashDown into the back room and Laurie gestured for her to be silent then pointed to the sleeping princess

“How is she?” she asked quietly, none of them could get over loosing their two friends but they were doing all they could to block out the fact they were gone

“I think she's sleeping a bit better” she replied in a whisper, Laurie had pretty much taken over looking at the princess and was moody when it came to others taking her for a few hours. Max and Liz had entrusted their daughter to her, not anyone else, until the Dr Coppers' came. Whoever the Dr Coppers' were “She still cries herself to sleep but she's stopped sniffling in her sleep”

“That's good” Maria nodded then heard the bell ringing in the main room signalling more customers, she gave a small smile then rubbed Laurie's shoulder before going back out. The more customers she had the more people she could use to keep her mind off loosing her two best friends. Sometimes it really got to her and she felt like she couldn't go on but other days they were on the edge of her consciousness and she would do a good days work.

“Sì! Sono qui! Sono qui! Sono qui! Sono in America!” shouted the excited little boy as he run into the café

“Il rame di Giacomo Mikhail ritorna qui ora! Che cosa hanno lo ho detto circa lo scolo come quello?!” shouted a red haired woman chasing after her son. Maria raised a brow at the two people talking in Italian

“Welcome to the CrashDown, my name is Maria... do you speak English”

“Sì... I mean yes. It has been a long time since I spoke English” said the lady, she guessed that the red haired woman was in her early thirties and the little boy was about five years old

“Table or booth”

“A booth, per favore. My marito is going to be joining us”

“Marito?” Maria repeated, she knew Spanish but Italian was beyond her

“Ah, husband. My husband Matt” she explained as Maria led her to a booth, the blonde woman was surprised to see tourists from so far away. Yes a lot of people had come to see the famous town were Max and Liz Evans had saved everyone but the little Italian family had come the farthest so far. The two of them sat down while Maria went to get them glasses of water while they looked over their menus; the café rush wasn't that busy since it was fairly early in the morning

“Mama, non posso capire che cosa dice! Ho fame!” the little boy announced as he held up his menu. The bell over the door jingled as a tall man with dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes entered he looked around then headed to the booth then kissed the red hair and ruffled the boy's hair.

Maria walked politely over and stood politely with her order pad and pencil ready to take their orders, she plastered on a smile

“Are you ready to order?”

“Sì...” said the man “I would like the... uhh. Can I just have a hamburger and fries?”

“Papà? Che cosa state andando mangiare?” the little boy asked

“Sto andando avere un hamburger e patatine fritte” he replied then the boy bounced in his seat

“Voglio quello anche!” he put his menu down while still bouncing until his mother stopped him with a warning look. Maria looked at them waiting for them to tell her what the boy wanted

“I'm sorry, I don't speak Italian... what did your son want?”

“He is having the same as me” said the man, he glanced at his wife who just nodded “In fact we'll all have the same” he explained as the red head gathered up the menus and handed them back to her

“Coming right up” she said as she wrote it down “So are you tourists?”

“No, no... we are coming here from Italy. We are... uhh... we were asked to come here by the President. We are planning to foster a little girl who lost her parents” explained the lady and Maria dropped her order pad

“What?” she whispered as her eyes filled with tears

“The President asked us to come to America, he told us that her parents had asked for us to care for their daughter in their will. Which is strange because we never met them and are no related to them”

“Get out” Maria said then grabbed hold of them trying to pull them from the booth “Get out! Get out!” she screamed. The little boy began to cry and scooted into his mother's arms. Maria's shouting reaching the back room and woke Claudia up who promptly started crying. Laurie picked up the little princess and marched into the diner intent on telling off Maria for waking Charlie up.

“Stop it! Let go of me!” ordered the man

“You are not going to take her away! We're her family! You are not taking my niece away to Italy!”

“We are not taking anyone. We plan to live here” said the lady who was trying to calm down her son

“What's going on?” Laurie asked realising something bigger was going on, Maria didn't freak out unless there was a big reason behind it. With all the commotion none of them had noticed that Charlie wasn't crying but staring intently at the three foreigners

“These people want to take Claudia away!” she yelled, Laurie tightened her grip on her God-daughter and took a step back like they could really do it

“Who are they?” she whispered then blinked and looked down at Charlie who was watching them and not crying

“Who are you?”

“My name is Matthew Copper, this is my wife Lilith and our Giacomo” said Matthew, Laurie turned to stare at them in disbelief when she heard the last name

“Copper? Are you a doctor? Are you both doctors?”

“Yes... how did you know?” asked Lilith as she rose from the booth and took a step towards Laurie only to have her path blocked by Maria

“Because Max and Liz, before they died, they told me to watch out for you”

“I knew they were dangerous!” spat Maria angrily

“No, 'Ria, they're not. They told me that they'd look after her; she may have become a Ward of Earth but these people in front of you are going to be her new parents”

“No! They're strangers! We're her family!”

“Maria... look at her! She's not crying!” Laurie shouted, the few patrons of the café had watched the whole argument with interest. Maria glanced over her shoulder and saw that it was true that the little toddler wasn't crying, she'd cried every day since they had died.

“I know the social worker assigned to our case should be here but... I hold her?” asked Lilith quietly, Giacomo climbed from the booth and crept past Maria who was standing guard, he tugged on Laurie's pants

“Signora graziosa? È quella la mia sorella? È la mia piccola sorella?” he asked her and Matthew chuckled

“What is he saying?” demanded Maria “That's it I'm calling the others and Max and Liz's parents... and Valenti. I'm not letting this happen!”

“You found the bird that fell out of the nest” Lilith called and Matthew glared at her shocked and angry. The blonde waitress turned round and stared at the red head

“What did you say?”

“Lilith! Che cosa voi pensano state facendo! Non sono permessi conoscere chi siamo!”

“Non sapranno. Ci non dirò loro che, ma devono convincerli a fidarseli di!” she replied, the two blondes exchanged glances and realised that there was more than met the eye

“The only person who could know that...” she whispered

“Died” said Matthew firmly “We talk about this in private?”

“Mama! Ho fame!” said Giacomo. Laurie told Maria to put their order on since they were hungry and call the others before ushering the little family into the back room.

Now that Maria was busy doing something, she could talk to the two strangers freely and find out what was going on

“Are you Max and Liz?”

“No. We are not” said Matthew “They died. We are the present for Claudia but the world cannot know that we are aliens too”

“You're alien?” she gasped, Giacomo was busy playing with Claudia who recognised the boy before her even though she had never met him

“Yes, we are the present that Max and Liz went back in time to make”

“They made you?”

“Yes. When they went back in time to Antar they got help from geneticists who created us so there would be parental figures around to look after Claudia after Max and Liz died”

“They knew... all that time they knew that they were going to die”

“Please do not tell the others, if this gets out then it might compromise the future that they wanted Charlie to have” begged Matthew

“I won't tell. You have my word” she said, she had no idea what she was doing promising them such a thing but she felt like she could trust them inherently.

“They're on their way” said Maria as she came back into the room.


“Are you ready to go?” asked Deech as he helped his new wife up off the ground in front of the statues adorned with flowers

“Yes” she said “I wish I could have met them, but I know what they did for me”

“Everyone knows. That's why I'm here with you” he replied as he wrapped an arm around her back and led her back to the car

“I know” she whispered sadly “It's just I wish I knew who my parents were. I would have given anything to grow up with them around”

“What about the Coppers?”

“Matthew and Lilith? Oh I love them for taking me in and becoming my family and I love the fact that I have a big brother to look out for me but it's not the same. I've always wanted my mommy and daddy. I think it's even worse with me being pregnant, they're not going to see William being born”

“You don't think it's Antarian hormones playing havoc with your emotions do you?” he asked as he started the car and headed back into town so they could finish packing. Charlie glared angrily at her husband and he swallowed hard; her powers were lethal on there own and when she was pissed off he had to pretty much run to the hills. Once when they were dating and he'd screwed up royally she had used her powers to make a dog house and made him sleep in it outside the house. After that he'd placated her with a bouquet of flowers from every flower shop in town, she had eventually forgiven him

“Hm” she grunted as they reached the ship that her cousins had made for them, it was designed with Granolith technology “I guess I'll feel better when we get to the Dorado Constellation and I can give birth to our son on your home world”

“Okay then well let's go” he led her to the ship were everyone was waiting to say goodbye. Maria was standing there at the fore front of the little crowd and as soon as Charlie was out of the car she pulled her into a hug

“Auntie Maria! I'm going to miss you!”

“I'll miss you too, you be sure to come back and visit us old folks”

“Hey, speak for yourself! I'm still as young as I was twenty years ago!” Michael protested as he put his arm around his wife's shoulders

“With more than a few grey hairs?” Claudia chuckled playfully making him scowl but it didn't reach his eyes

“I'm going to miss you, little Charlie, I remember when you were half pint and always following me around”

“I'll miss you too uncle Michael” she replied as he pulled her into a hug

“I'm very proud of you, and I know Max and Liz would be proud of you too. You're a good daughter” he whispered into her ear and she began to tear up.

“Bye” she said finally before turning to her cousins “Thank you for the space ship”

“Eh it wasn't that hard to build” said Serina, Jacob glared at his big sister and just shook his head

“Gonna miss you Chaaarlieee” said Benji as he stepped forward with his little sister next to him and held out a worn weathered book “This is from all of us. I'm sorry mom and dad couldn't make it today... they wanted to know that they're sorry and they're really going to miss you. Open it when you get on the ship”

“I will do” she nodded then hugged Benji and Beth before turning to her uncle Kyle and auntie Laurie who were standing there with Tess, Zan, Ava, Adam and all there children.

“You take care and come back to visit us”

“I will...” she said seriously as Laurie started crying

“And I want to see my great nephew as well...” added Zan “He's going to be a strong kid... he's an Evans”

“Sorry, Claudia, but we have to get going...” said Deech

“But Matthew and Lilith aren't here yet” she told him then they all saw a motorbike coming towards them kicking up dust. Giacomo Copper almost crashed as he gunned the engine and jumped off the bike quickly to come running over “Where's mom and dad?” Claudia asked, he shook his head sadly

“They couldn't make it... so I came. I don't know what they're playing at! They said they were busy giving you one last surprise but it doesn't look like they'd get it here in time”

“So they're not coming?” she asked as her husband wrapped his arm around her shoulder protectively

“I'm sorry baby sister” he answered her as she began to cry. He pulled her into a hug then carefully handed her back into the arms of Deech who took her towards the ship known as G Mack 2 and used the crystal to go inside. It was designed so that there was a difference in quantum space, meant that it was compact and streamlined on the outside but built like a mansion on the inside. Rose, Serina and David had created several new scientific laws by making it and the government wanted to get their hands on it but they firmly said no because it was a wedding present for their cousin.

He laid his wife down on the bed in the bedroom then went to the main control room to start it up, leave the atmosphere then put it on automatic pilot to his home world. Once autopilot was synchronised he hurried to the bedroom to find his beautiful wife fast asleep; she'd cried herself to sleep.

“Oh Claudia” he sighed as he lay down next to her; as an empathic humanoid he could feel her pain and it was devastating knowing that the people she wanted to say goodbye to the most had failed to be there.

“Deech” she whispered in her sleep, he snuggled closer to her and her fingers tightened around his clothing.

“I love you”

“Love you” she murmured back that made him smile. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Claudia was in awe at the world before her, she couldn't imagine how such a primitive seeming bunch of people who lived on this forest planet could come up with technology that had mastered inter stellar travel!

“It's beautiful” she said as G Mach 2 landed near a vast shining lake

“I am glad that you like my home. Come, let's go... my parents must be at the temple waiting for our arrival”

“Will they like me?” she asked grabbing his arm and stopping him from using the crystal to beam them out

“Everyone knows of you Princess Claudia, they adore all you've done for the universe”

“Yeah everyone knows I've done a lot of universal charity work but will they like me for me, not the stuff I've done”

“They will like you because you have done that stuff, they know that anyone who has a big heart to give of themselves like you have is a wonderful person and I'm sure that they would be honoured to have you as a daughter in law”

“Our son” she whispered

“They will love him too” then he blinked, his empathy picking up the twinges of pain she was feeling “Our son! He's is coming!”

“Send a signal... ohhh ahhhhh! Get them to come help us!” she screamed as a painful contraction hit and her waters broke

“I'll go to the control room” he cried as he lowered her to the floor

“Deech Harza! If you leave me here alone I swear to God I'll... grrrraaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” she screamed, he rushed off to send the signal then came back and helped deliver William.

Two hours later after much yelling and screaming Claudia was propped against the wall with several pillows behind her holding her newborn baby son while Deech sat beside her

“He's beautiful”

“Uncle Zan was right... he's going to be such a good kid. Look, he has your nose!” she cooed then he looked away

“Love, my parents are here and they brought medical help”

“Go. Go let them in” she said stroked the whitish fluffy patch of hair her son had; he'd gotten that off his father “Little William, you are such a beautiful baby prince”


Deech was holding William in his arms while Claudia was holding two crystals in her hands and moving them around in intricate patterns in front of the holographic screen. They had spent several months in the Dorado Constellation and now they were returning home so the large Royal Court could meet the addition to the family.

“Deech! Come quickly! There's a ship coming! I think it's trying to dock with us” she gasped, he got up and hurried over as quickly as possible while carrying their son “Can you sense who they are?”

“No, their shields are powerful. The ship, it is like our ship”

“That's impossible, this ship was custom made. The only other ship that could come close to this one would be the original Granolith and it was destroyed when my parents died” she pointed out. The ship docked and a light filled the room, Claudia closed her eyes quickly and put up a shield against the intruders so she could protect her family

“It's okay” said the youngest intruder holding up his hands, Charlie instantly dropped her shield when she saw who it was

“Giacomo?” she looked at him in disbelief then looked to her foster parents who were stood behind him “What are you doing here?”

“We brought him” explained Lilith as she stepped forward “This is a surprise, for the both of you”

“Both of us?” Giacomo asked as she moved to stand next to his little sister

“Yes. You remember when Kjou, the bodyguard to King Zan told their story to the world?”

“Yeah, of course we know” said Deech stepping out from behind Claudia carrying their son, Lilith gasped then took a step forward but Matthew held her back

“We need to tell them the truth before...” he trailed off, she closed her eyes and nodded seriously

“Kjou didn't know the full story. He didn't know what really happened in the Granolith chamber when Max and Liz died”

“Mama? Papa? What... how could you know what happened? We were living in Italy when the King and Queen sacrificed themselves to save Earth”

“Yes” nodded Matthew “We were. But before we lived in Italy we came from America... from Roswell”

“Roswell? You were born in the Great City?!” Deech gasped in surprise then gasped when he felt them “You are the King and Queen”

“What?!” gasped Giacomo and Claudia in disbelief

“When we went to the Granolith... River Dog was waiting with our clones Matthew and Lilith Copper. River Dog chose their names but we chose their last name; we decided Copper because they were our copies” he explained then waved his hand over his face turning his features back to that of Max Evans while Lilith did the same revealing Liz Evans

“So... who died? If you're clones then... I'm confused” Giacomo shook his head, this was hard for him to hear. All this time he had been a prince... and an alien

“I'm... an alien. I'm Antarian aren't I? Why did you ever tell me? Why didn't I show any powers?”

“We have no idea why you didn't. By all accounts you should be as strong as your sister... we're getting off the subject. When we were in the Granolith Chamber the ones we had planned to send back, Matthew and Lilith, decided that they didn't want to go back. Our plan was to send them back so that you would have people to look after you, we never imagined the sacrifice they would give us... we'll show you what they did” said Liz holding out her hand. They all joined hands and a connection was formed between them all, Deech sat out of it because he was holding William and he could see clearly what was being shown through his empathy

A strong violent wind was blowing around the Granolith chamber as the five of them stood there. Max and Liz were crying and clinging to each other as they told Matthew and Lilith to get ready to go back into the past

“We cannot go” said Lilith as she moved to River Dog “We are not Claudia's parents, we could never be her parents. We are not parents”

“We are children. We are River Dog's children” he added “We want to stay here. You are her parents, you should go back in time”

“But we need to stay here to activate the Granolith to stop Kivar from destroying Earth” cried Liz

“Why? It should respond to their DNA since they are your clones” said River Dog “I would be honoured to stay behind with my children”

“But you'll die”

“I will be with my family... you of all people should understand that, besides I read that journal. Doesn't there need to be bodies so they know that you died?” he pointed out

“We will become Max and Liz for you and you will become us... you shall be Matthew and Lilith. Valenti will have our bodies tested and since we're your clones he will believe you both died. The new golden age will dawn and you can be with your daughter when the time is safe” he told them

“The only thing is that you cannot look like yourselves, in order for this all to work they have to believe that Max and Liz are dead. If you show up after the war looking like you do then everything would have been for nothing” the two of them nodded then used their powers to change their features

“I want to stay to make sure that the Granolith is about to blast Kivar to kingdom come before we leave”

“Then let's do it” said Matthew as the four of them reached out to the face of the Granolith and River Dog stood back and watched. The energy began to build up and then Max and Liz went back in time.

“They took our names and they all died together as a family. We were sent back in time to the only co-ordinates the Granolith had and we ended up on my balcony. We both knew that we couldn't stay in America so we picked a country and left, it didn't take us long to learn Italian and then we had you, son, you were totally unexpected but we adored you. Technically you became the first born so you're the one who could rule Antar if you ever wanted to”

“No, I don't. Why didn't you tell me? Did the Royal Court know?”

“No one knew but us and the three people who died that day in the Granolith Chamber. You're the only ones who know” he told them “Now that you know we can't stay in this present time”

“Why can't we?” he demanded of his parents angrily, Claudia was still in a state of shock

“Because if the universe knew that they were alive then everything that had been achieved would unravel. There would be no more peace, everything that they'd worked for would be broken and this Golden Age would cease to be”

“He's right”

“Then where are we going to go?”

“Our Granolith can take us back in time. We asked Serina, David and Rose to build it in secret; they don't know what it was for and by the time they figure it all out we'll be long gone”

“Gone where?” Claudia demanded “We can't leave, all our friends and family!”

“They're safe and happy, they'll live in peace and one day when we'll go back and tell them, swear them to secrecy and tell them everything. But for now we're a family... we need to go” she told her children and son in law

“We've programmed our Granolith to take us back in time. We'll live on the first planet in this constellation so we don't run the risk of meeting any of Deech's ancestors” said Max as he held up a small crystal and they all beamed to their Granolith ship.

“Are you all okay with this?” he asked his children, Giacomo nodded understanding what they had done by what he'd been shown but Charlie was hurt, very hurt, and she shook her head

“All this time, I told you how badly I wished I knew my parents and you never told me. You made me cry myself to sleep believing I was an orphan!”

“It was the only way, can you ever forgive us? We've been with you the entire time; all we did was for you to be happy and you are... aren't you? You have Deech and your... your son, aren't you happy with that?” Claudia stood there thinking about it and she nodded

“I am. I've always wished I knew you and now I have that chance to... let's go back in time” she agreed with their plan then looked at her husband “Are you okay with this?”

“To be with you? To be with my family, yes... I would follow you anywhere to be with you” he confessed and Liz smiled. She moved over to see her grandson and Max began to power up their ship so it would travel back in time.


They made their home on the First Planet; it took a while for them all to forgive what Max and Liz had done and the secrets they had kept but in the end they were happy. Giacomo fell in love with a native Doradorian and had three children with her.

A year before Max and Liz passed away they travelled back to Earth, they used their forms that they had when they had lived and raised Claudia and told their family and friends the truth before returning back to the planet they considered their home. The Universe developed and progressed under thousands of years of peace, guarded by the decendents of Adam and Ava who had the ability to see how time should be protected, and in hindsight they had made a lot of mistakes but they wouldn't change any of it for the world... any world... because they were happy, their children were happy and that was all that mattered.

The End
"Would it be okay if I ride home with you after school?"
"Sure you can ride me home... I mean ride you home..." he trailed off feeling deeply embarrassed
"I'd like that" she said feeling unlike herself, he grinned and they began working although not really paying attention. - Max & Liz in Where I Follow.
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