A Fatal Love Story(M/L, Adult,) [COMPLETE]

Finished stories set in an alternate universe to that introduced in the show, or which alter events from the show significantly, but which include the Roswell characters. Aliens play a role in these fics. All complete stories on the main AU with Aliens board will eventually be moved here.

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Re: A Fatal Love Story (M/L, ADULT, 11/15/08) ch 31 & 32 p. 5

Postby Hunter » Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:26 pm

Again, like I said before I am so sorry to not be updating my fics. I have lost track of time. But this is my final post to this story. I hope you enjoyed the story and enjoy the last two chapters. Oh and I write a song for the first time, Please don't laugh.


And I am terrible at endings. Seriously.

pijeechinadoll - Ping! I'm so sorry to be ending this. I know how much you always wanted me to update. I hope you enjoy the last parts to this story. So you cannot bump this story anymore :(

destinyc - Thanks so much for your time to sit down and read this in one sitting before. I am so happy you enjoy this fic.

natalie36 - You were the first one to leave fb to my fic! Thanks so much! I find your fb always funny. It's always great to read your comments. Thank you ever so much.

Avalonrose- Thank you so much for complementing on this fic of mine. I love your comment. Thank you! :D

garcia88 - I just wanted to thank you personally so much!, You've managed to respond to every update Kris! I'm so happy to see your fb! Thanks so much!

jake17 - Sunshine, your first comment on this story was unforgettable. You actually had me laughing about the fantasies of Jason Behr lol! I still remember to this date what you said. Thanks so much for being here. I really appreciated it. :D

begonia9508 - Eve, what can I say. I am happy to see you in all my fics. Your comments are very thoughtful. :D

keepsmiling7 - and thank you so much for reading! I am so happy to see you here keepsmiling7! Words aren't enough to thank you so much. I loved every single one of your fb's.

I hope you all enjoy the final two chapters. Thanks for reading!


Part 31


Four years later...

"And that's how the bad man lost." I told my little girl who sat comfortably on my lap, in his arms. "And the two poor good guys who were hurt got better, they lived."

"And the lady? Did she get better again?".

"Yes, everyone who that bad man hurt got better again and are happy now." I smiled at my cute daughter.

"Wow...that is a weally weally great stowy." She said in her cute little voice. I stroke her silky hair and press a kiss to her forehead. "My daddy is the best daddy in the world. He made the bad man go away." She smiled. "Mommy, my Daddy is a hero right?". She asks me looking at me with her cute amber eyes which reminded me so much of my husband. "Yes. Your daddy is a hero and will always be." I nod, fighting back the tears in my eyes.

I told her this story every night now, since the first time I had narrated this story to her, she had always pleaded with me to recite it to her every night before she went to bed. Like it was a new story each night when it was the same story. To us, it kept feeling like a new story and I always had tears at the end of it.

"Mommy you look sad." She said and touched my cheek.

I smile. "Time for bed sweetie. It's late."

"But it's only nine o clock." She pouts as I place her in her bed and lift the comforter over her small body. She snuggles in and looked at me. "Night mommy." She says before yawning and closing her eyes.

"Goodnight sweetie." I smile back and look at my beautiful daughter sleeping. I love her so much. "I love you." I whisper before dimming the lamp and creating a shield over her, just to be safe. I could never risk my daughter's safety again. I then creeping out of her room. I leave the door ajar and taking one last look at her before leaving. "Sweet dreams my angel." I whispered and then left.

I walk to my own room and sit at the desk near the computer to finish up writing my song. A song which I had started a long time ago and still hadn't finished it. I pick up the black ink fountain pen and begin writing in a caliigraphy form. Starting up from the third verse. When I finish, I stop and read over my song.

A Fatal Love Story

[Verse one]

Running through the trees,
I stumble and fall,
I am brought to my knees,
I hear my heart's call,
I am not in the same place anymore,
In a strange place so different,

Our meeting is inevitable,
At first I didn't realise he was my all,
But now I love him and we share one soul,
This isn't just a Fatal Love Story,
Which burns up like coal,
Yet it is still a Fatal Love Story,

[Verse two]

He had no idea of my kind,
I had no idea of his world,
But our souls had us to bind,
We made our own little world,
He opened my eyes,
And show me a beautiful place,


[Verse Three]

Life was difficult,
We had nearly lost,
The sea was robbed of salt,
There had to be a cost,
We had not seen the storm arriving first,
The awful pain had queched it's thirst,


The final verse had yet to be filled in. I smile as I notice a flash of light appear in the room. A blue circle had opened up. It was time..


Part 32


I find myself back in the huge hut and my husbands arms wrap around my body as I take in his delicious scent. "My love." He murmers into my ear. I smile and turn around to meet his lips. His delicate sweet lips. I push my tongue in his mouth and he takes it, sucking passionatly on my tongue.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders as he lifts me up, wrapping my aching legs around his hard waist, pressing my burning core onto him. He held my back with one of his strong arms, threading his fingers between my hair and using his other arm to hold my bottom, making sure our lower bodies stay in contact.

He takes us towards the bed and lowers me down, we stop kissing and he strips his clothes off and removes my nightie. Much to his joy and surprise, I had no bra on.

"You're so beautiful you know that?". He whispers, gazing at my globes before taking them in his hands. I gasp as his warm hands massage them.

I moan as he shows how fasinated he was with my body, his fingers exploring each and every crevice and curve. Like it was the first time he was exploring me, something new like a new country. "So beautiful.." He murmers, trailing his fingers down past my breasts, stomach before touching my nether lips, I could feel the warmth radiate from his touch.

I loved how he touched me, it was beautiful and pure magic. I would never give this up for anything. I spread by legs further allowing him to take off my lace panties with his powers and giving him better access of myself.

"Yess." I hiss, closing me eyes as he slides two fingers in and uses his thumb to tease my swollen nub. Within minutes he's sawing into me with his fingers, making me so wet I soak his fingers completely of my essence.

"Yes beautiful.." His velvet voice fills my ears. "Come for me." He rubs my clit and his strokes become more frequent with my hips bucking against his talented fingers.

Come for me

And within mere seconds, I fall apart in his arms. My blissfull orgasm makes my whole body flush in a heated aroual and my nerves are ignited with a passionate desire to have him inside me now.

"Max." I cry out. "In me, now" I motion him between my legs.

He smiles when he slowly takes his fingers out from me and brings himself forward. Teasing my moist folds with the tip of his hardness. Rubbing it over my nub and my swollen lips.

"Max..stop being a tease and come home." I whimper, pushing myself forward to meet him. I gasp when both our movements cause us to join. Him pushing between my wet folds, entering deep within my heat.

"Oh god.." He moans, grabbing onto my hips. "You're so wet, tight and hot for me beautiful." He groans, driving further into me.

"Yes that's it honey.." I gasped, locking my legs around him so he could penetrate further. He lifts one leg of mine and places it on his shoulder and hooks the other under his arm.

I am lost for words when this causes him to travel deeper into my passage then ever, someplace where both of us had never been before.

He takes his time with me. Tenderly loving me with deep slow strokes, savouring our lovemaking. My heart flutters as my stomach clenches like butterflies flying around. I couldn't love him more...because my love for him overexceeded all the limits...

Time after time, when we both had climaxed and 'christened' our favourite spots. We lay in bed together, in each other arms as our scents merged with each other, creating a unique beautiful frangrace of our love.

He held me in his arms and whispered. "I could never be without you my love."

I look into his eyes. "Me neither."

"I'm so glad we met."

"It was fatal. Inevitable." I answer.

Max's breath hitches when he looks at my stomach. I look at my stomach and gasp. "We're.....we're pregnant?". I gasp and a smile formed on my face when I saw a tiny handprint on my stomach.

"Amara's finally going to have that little brother she wanted." Max said with a smile.

"How do you know that the baby's a boy?". I tease.

"Because you my love, I know everything about and linked with you." He told me and touched my stomach.

The light glowed under his palm and onto my stomach. Max's smile spread. "What is it honey?". I asked.

"He's happy" Max said in awe.

I smile. "Let's go home Max."

The blue portal appears and we grab our clothes, dressing ourselves. Hand and hand we walk towards the portal and go back home.

I can't say I can be more happier then I was ever before. Since Max came into my life, I had been blessed with immense happiness that couldn't be measured. I was gifted with love, security and protection. Everything essential in love.

With Nasedo's passing, we had rebuilt our lives and those around us who had suffered. Those who died because of Nasedo had be decent burial and a memorial was held for them such as my grandmother and Nigel who both had given up their lives to make sure I see tommorow and the world is safe, some of those boys had been reunited with their families, some had lost contact but built their own families while some helped others to make their families. Alex, Kyle, Maria and and the others had recovered too from this nightmare and had even begun to start their own families. I had finally managed to forgive my parents while Max had been bonding with his own.

And the best part was, that this Fatal Love Story of ours didn't have an ending because love never ended.

Love always lived on.

Thanks to each and every one of you gems who gave fb to this story, which was was my first ever story on this board. Thank you.

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