Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 52 Complete 4/1

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 50 3/22

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:33 am

L-J-L 76 Thanks

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keepsmiling7 Max is very good with Liz. Liz wants to have a very simple wedding and Max will give her just what she wants.

begonia9508 Thanks

Part 50 One month later

Max wrapped his arms around Liz as the laid in bed. His hands came to rest on the small baby bump that had started to form.

*Morning* said Liz
*Morning sweetie.* replied Max

"I have a doctor appointment today." Said Liz
"I know. I am going with you."
"I would expect nothing less of you."
"Liz, after your appointment I have some things I need to see Alex about."
"Are you OK with going with me?"
"I have to go back at some point Max. I don't have a lot of good memories of my life there. But I can't hide from my fears forever. Sean, is dead and can't hurt me. I know Alex has been working hard to make things better for everyone there."
"Yes he has."
"Besides it will give me a chance to visit with Isabel and see Colin."
"Isabel really likes you. She is still being pushy about us getting married."
"I know. But it will be soon."
"Yes next weekend, and it will be your way."
"Yes and I can't be happier about it."
"You know I just want you to be happy Liz. You had so much pain and sadness in your life."
"I am happy Max. You make me happy. We are going to have our own family in a couple of months."
"Liz, you know I never did think that you would fall in love."
"Max, fall in love was the last thing I expected to happen. But I am glad that it did. I don't know what I would do now without you in my life."
"We have to remember to thank Serena at some point."
"Yeah we do."


Liz and Max sat in the exam room waiting for Kara a couple hours later. Kara came in with a smile.

"How are you feeling Liz?" Asked Kara
"Good. The morning sickness is nearly gone." Said Liz
"That is good. Now what do you say we take a look at those babies of yours?" Asked Kara
"Sounds good." Said Max

Kara turned on the sonogram and placed the wond over Liz's belly. Both Max and Liz smiled as the saw their children on the screen.

"Do you want to know what you are having?" Asked Kara
"You can tell?" Asked Liz
"Liz, you can choose. As long as they are both healthy it doesn't matter to me." Said Max

Liz bit her lip. Part of her wanted to know. But another part of her wanted to be surprised. In the end the part of her that wanted to know won out.

"I want to know." Said Liz
"You are have one of each. One boy and one girl." Said Kara
"Max?" Asked Liz
"That is great! I know our little girl will look just like her mommy." Said Max
"Yeah and our son will look just like his daddy, right down to his cute little ears." Said Liz
"Both babies are very healthy from what I can see." Said Kara
"That's good. How is Liz?" Asked Max
"She is doing very well. I am positive that she will be fine." Said Kara
"Max, you worry too much. I keep telling you that I am fine." Said Liz

*Besides you know when I am lying. Always have.*
*Liz, I just wanted an experts option.*
*Like I don't know my own body?*
*You are going through changes with being pregnant.*

"OK what the heck is going on with you two?" Asked Kara
"Nothing." Said Max
"Yeah right. You two are closer then ever." Said Kara
"Well we did the bonding a month ago." Said Max
"That still doesn't explain this. I have seen a lot of bonding. But yours is different. It's like you have the strongest bond possible." Said Kara
"You mean a bonding of soulmates?" Asked Liz
"Yes. Oh my god you have the soulmate bond?!"
"Yeah Kara we do. We can talk to each other in our minds and everything." Said Max
"Do you have any idea how rare those are? I mean this is the first time I have ever seen one!"
"Kara, calm down." Said Liz
"Liz this is very exciting! Kaz has only seen three in his whole life! And he is like 80 years old!"
"I didn't know he was that old." Said Liz
"Full blood antarians age different. Hybrids age like humans." Said Max
"I forgot that." Said Liz
"Kara, keep this to yourself OK?" Said Max
"Yeah no problem. I am Liz's doctor after all." Said Kara
"Thanks." Said Max

Kara finished up and Liz got dressed and then Max and Liz headed to visit Alex and Isabel in Gathtown.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 51 3/24

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Natalie36 Yes all is well.

keepsmiling7 You are so right about Max and Liz Carolyn! They are going to have their hands full with their little ones!

begonia9508 Yes a boy and girl!

saori_1902 Yes it is awesome news!

L-J-L 76 Kara is surprised, she has never seen the soulmate bond before. But she is very happy for Max and Liz. Isabel and Alex know that Liz is pregnant, just not that it's twins yet!

A/N I hate to say I don't know when the next up date will be. RL is getting in the way this week. I will update again as soon as I can.

Part 51

Isabel smiled and pulled Liz into a hug as she walked through the door. Max had to smile he had hoped that his sister and Liz would become friends.

"What no hug for your favorite brother?" Asked Max
"You are my only brother thank god! How do you live with him Liz?" Asked Isabel
"I love him. Besides he can be really sweet at times." Said Liz
"Liz, you have a nice baby bump going for you." Said Isabel
"Yeah I know." Said Liz
"I mean it's bigger then mine was at this stage and well hybrids are pregnant shorter then humans even ones pregnant with hybrids." Said Isabel
"Yeah I know. Well there is something we haven't told anyone yet. We're having twins." Said Liz
"TWINS! That's great! Do you know know if their boys or girls or is it one of each?" Asked Isabel
"One of each Izzy. No we haven't picked any names yet. In fact we just found out that it was one of each." Said Max
"That's great! A niece and nephew! So when is the wedding? We have a lot to do for it!" Said Isabel
"Uh not really. We are getting married next weekend. The guests will be you, Alex, Colin of course. Your mom, Serena, Kyle and Amber. Michael and Maria will also be invited. All I want is something simple and low key and very private! Only family and friends." Said Liz
"Maxwell, you can't be OK with this! You are the Lord Governor! You need to have a grand wedding!" Said Isabel
"Isabel Amanda Evans-Whitman! What Liz wants for a wedding is what she gets! Do not interfere!" Said Max
"Ok. But Liz you got to let me help you pick out a dress." Said Isabel
"Ok but nothing too fancy." Said Liz knowing she had to give Isabel something.
"Of course this is going to be your day. You should have what you want for your wedding."
"Who are you and what have you done with my sister?" Asked Max
"Motherhood has made her a little easier to deal with." Said Alex walking in carrying his son.
"Alex hand over my son." Said Isabel

Alex handed Colin over then gave Liz a hug and did a man hug with Max.

"Liz, if I may say you look lovely today." Said Alex
"Thank you Alex. On the drive here I did notice that things do seem to be improving." Said Liz
"Yeah. But a lot of the people still have a hard time trusting." Said Alex
"It will take time. Sean made things really bad. Not that the man in charge right before him was any better. He was bitter about having to watch over the nonconformist." Said Liz
"I know all about it Liz. I grew up here too. But I was selected for special training and left. You on the other hand got stuck there until you when to prison."
"At the time I thought prison had to be better then going hungry or being part of Sean's hairum. I know now I should have just asked Serena to help me." Said Liz
"Liz, you had been hurt badly at that point. You needed to heal and learn to trust again. It is understandable that you didn't ask your sister for help." Said Alex
"But I still shouldn't have treated you like I did." Said Liz
"All is forgiven." Said Alex
"Thanks Alex." Said Liz
"Alex, let's leave these two to talk and go take care of our business." Said Max
"Right." Said Alex

Alex and Max headed off to Alex's office. Liz and Isabel sat on the sofa in the lounge so that they could talk.

"So Liz how are you really doing? I know this is the first you have been back to Gathtown since your arrest." Said Isabel
"It's not as hard as I thought it would be. I have very few good memories here. Life was hard on a good day. The man who ran things here before Sean told the soldiers they could do what they wanted to anyone here. Just follow antarian law when it came to sex. Don't touch anyone under twelve. It was two weeks after my twelfth birthday that Kivar raped me. It was one of the most painful things that ever happened to me."
"I'm sorry you when through that."
"Isabel, you aren't to blame. Yes I took out my anger on everyone. I shouldn't have. But back then in this place there was no help or hope. Kids didn't laugh or play. Yes we when to school. But that was only because we had no choice. Sean made things worse. Pay him and it he didn't care what happened. I stole food partly to get away from Sean, partly because I knew in prison I would eat everyday. But the thing was I could only eat a few bites at that time. I got sick other wise."
"Well your body got use to not eating. So when you finally got to eat your body didn't know what to do with the food."
"Yeah. After Max got me out of the prison and I was treated at the medical center I could eat normally. Even though I still wasn't able to eat when he pulled me out of there."
"Well for the injuries you had you would have been given the healing serum. So it healed your body from the malnutrition as well."
"Just wished they hadn't given me food from the antarian diet though I got to admit some of that stuff does sound good now."
"The reason it sounds good now is your pregnant with babies that are part antarian."
"So you really are happy?"
"Yes Isabel. I still miss my mom and always will. But I am not letting my past hold me back. I have even started to study science again. Max has a teacher come in twice a week to help me, and another to help the girls with their studies. They still have chores but nothing that takes all day. Ashlee seems to really like books and writing. Jen is more into history. But Max is letting them study whatever they like."
"That's good. How are they adjusting?"
"Both are doing better. Last night I passed their room and they were laughing and joking around. It was the first time I had heard either of them laugh. Your mom is helping them deal with what they when through."
"That's good. You talked with her didn't you?"
"Yeah. I still hate talking about what I when through as a kid. But it isn't as bad as it once was."
"That's good. Liz, I know I can come off as cold sometimes, but I do like you. So if you ever want to talk, you can talk to me."

Liz and Isabel spent the next couple hours talking and becoming better friends.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 52 Complete 4/1

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saori_1092 Thanks!

begonia9508 Sorry it was just a mistake that I missed!

L-J-L 76 Yes everyone is healing. Things are really starting to get better for everyone.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, you know Isabel will be a very loving aunt to her niece and nephew!

Sorry for the delay! I was moving last week and had no time to write or post! But here is the final part! Don't worry I have something else I am working on right now!

Part 52 One week later

Liz sat nervously as Jen worked on her hair for the wedding.

"Liz, relax you are just getting married. I mean you already did the hard part. You bonded with him. He is the father of your babies." Said Jen
"I know Jen. I just never thought after everything I have been through that I would ever find a man who would love me like Max does."
"I haven't believed in love in a long time. But then I met you and Max, saw the two of you together. You have this love like I have never seen before. It what writers use to right books about. What movies were made about. I saw it that first day in this house. I admit I was scared that Max would be just like Kivar. Then that day came when Diane showed up and yelled for both of you. You both looked like you wanted to find somewhere to hide. Then I knew anyone who was raised by a woman like that couldn't be bad."
"Diane, did the same thing on the day Max brought me here. I found it kind of funny."
"Liz, do you think that there is someone who could love me the way Max loves you?"
"Jen, I believe that there is someone out there for everyone. It just may take time to find them. You are a very kind young woman."
"How can you be sure? I mean a lot of people will just see me as a slut."
"Jen, you had no control over what happened to you. You find the right man and he will see past what happened to you."

Just then there was a knock on the door and Serena poked her head in.

"Almost ready Lizzie?" Asked Serena
"Yeah." Said Liz
"Good cause that man of yours is driving everyone crazy!"
"Oh I know he is!"
"Wait Liz the only way you can know that is if you have a soulmate bond."
"I didn't tell you about that?"
"No! Liz this is like the strongest bond anyone can have! Very few people have ever found their soulmate."
"Rena, chill we can talk about this later OK?"
"OK. Now if you are ready let's not keep lover boy waiting."

Liz let out a laugh. She then stood up and straightened her dress. It was a two piece dress with an ankle leghth skrit and peasent blouse top. Jen had weaved white rose buds into her hair. Liz picked up her bouquet of white roses and followed her sister through the house to the garden where the wedding would take place. She smiled when she saw Max waiting with the minister. She joined him in front of the minister and the ceremony started.

"We are gathered here today to join these two in marriage. I have been told they have written their own vows." Said the minister
"Liz, the day you came into my life was one of the best days of my life. Back then I could only hope that you would trust me and know that I was your friend. But slowly something far better happened. You fell in love with me. Liz, I don't know what the future holds for us. All I know is I want to spend the rest of my days making you happy."
"Max, it is no secret to anyone that when we met I was a very angry person. I trusted no one. But you never forced anything between us. I knew when you held me when I was scared the first time that you would never hurt me. I didn't believe in love then either. But then the amazing thing happened, my heart melted and I fell in love with you."
"Love, is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. We will never fully understand how it works but it can bring too lost souls together as it did with Max and Liz. They have chosen to follow a custom here on Earth of exchanging rings as an outward sign of the love and bond they share. Life if a never ending circle. A ring is also a never ending circle. The rings will be a sign to everyone that Max and Liz hope that they will have a never ending bond."

Max took one of the rings and placed it on Liz's finger.

"Liz, this ring is my promise to you that as the ring has no beginning or end that my love for you is the same."

Liz took the other ring and placed it on Max's finger.

"Max, as this ring has no beginning or end it is my promise that my love for you is the same."
"By power bestowed on my by the King of the Antarian Empire I give you Lord Maxwell and Lady Elizabeth Evans."

Max grinned and pulled Liz close giving her a kiss. The rest of the day was spent with their family and friends.


The next three months when fast for Max and Liz. It was early in the morning when Liz felt a pain in her body. Max woke a second later and turned to Liz.

*Is everything OK sweetie?*
*Max we need to get to the medical center now.*
*The babies?*
*It's time.*

Max called the medical center to have both Kara and Kaz called in. Then helped Liz into the waiting car and they were off. When they arrived at the medical center Kara was waiting for them.

"So these babies seem to be ready to meet their public?" Asked Kara
"Doc get these babies out of me now! Oh and Max if you think you are going to do this to me again you got another thing coming buddy!" Yelled Liz
"Liz everything is going OK honey." Said Max
"Shut up!" Yelled Liz
"Max, don't worry once the babies are born she will be back to her sweet self." Said Kara

Four hours later Liz and Max held their son and daughter in their arms. They looked up when they heard a knock on the door. Both looked over to to see Diane holding two teddy bears.

"Mom come and meet your grandchildren." Said Max
"Oh they are so beautiful!" Said Diane
"Mom this is your granddaughter Alexis Anne and Liz is holding Jeffrey Philip." Said Max
"They are both lovely. Oh look Max he has your ears!" Said Diane
"Yeah I know."
"Liz how are you feeling sweetie?" Asked Diane
"Tired." Said Liz
"Honey, get some rest you will be a good mother. I know it. Don't forget if you ever need me I will be here to help you." Said Diane
"I know. Thanks Diane."

Diane left a short time later so Liz could get some rest. Max smiled as he watched his wife and children sleep. He knew that things weren't going to be easy all the time. But couldn't emagine life getting any better then it was right now.

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