Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 52 Complete 4/1

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 30 2/27

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:02 am

begonia9508 and saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 30 Two months later

Liz watched as the ship slowly touched down on Antar. Max had an arm wrapped around her protectively. She had to admit that she was scared. In just a couple of hours she would go before King Zan.

"Everything will be OK Liz."
"How can you be so sure?"
"Liz, I know you. You never hide your real feelings. When I got you out of that prison you did hide your anger or that you didn't like or trust me."
"I know."
"Liz be yourself and everything will work out just fine."
"I hope you are right."

Just then a guard walked up to them.

"Lord Evans, I need Miss Parker to come with me. King Zan wishes to meet with her alone." Said the guard.
"Max?" Said Liz
"You will be OK. Just remember I love you." Said Max
"Love you too Max."

Max gave Liz a quick kiss and the guard took Liz by arm and lead her away. Serena came over and wrapped an arm around Max in a hug. Then they were taken to their rooms a long with Kyle.


Liz was lead into a small room with a bed and not much else. The guard left locking the door behind him. It was ten minutes later a man walked in. Liz had only see a few photo of him in the past but knew who he was. She dropped to her knees and lowered her head. He walked up to her bent down on one knee and very gently raised her head so that their eye met. Liz looked into them and noticed that they looked much like Max's.

"Please stand Elizabeth."

Liz let him help her to her feet. He then lead her to the bed. Liz could feel her heart start to race.

"You fear me."

Liz bit her lip without saying a word. Zan pushed a strand of hair behind Liz's ear and smiled.

"Tell me do you love Max?"
"Yes with my whole heart, your Highness." Said Liz softly
"Yes, I can see that your feelings for him are true."
"May I ask a question?"
"I believe I know what you want to ask. I will not tarnish what you feel for Max. I will not force you to have sex with me. But I do need you to remove your shirt. Only so I can remove the chips from you."
"You are freeing me?"
"I always plan to. I just had to be sure of your feelings for Max."
"I don't understand."
"Elizabeth, I knew your mother. Kivar's plan for her never happened. I made her a promise that you would be cared for."
"How did you meet her?"
"I have people who keep an eye on things for me on Earth. I had only been King for a little over a year when she arrived. I had been told what had been going on with her. So I had someone bring her to me when the ship she was on arrived. It wasn't until after she got here that I learned what happened to you. That was when I made sure Kivar was kept far from you for as long as I could. I am going to change things. But I need you to understand it has to be slow. First thing I will do is raise the minimal age of a slave to sixteen."
"But anyone who is younger than that is currently a slave it won't change."
"No it won't. I can't change what was done to you. But, I hope that you will heal in time."
"You can't change the past. Max has helped me heal."
"That is good. Before you go home I would like to show you the place in the palace garden your mother like to sit."
"That would be very kind of you."
"Please now remove your shirt and lay on your stomach. I will have to use straps to keep you still."
"Will this hurt?"
"I'm sorry but yes. Once the chips are out I will heal you."

Liz removed her shirt and laid down as she was told. She felt Zan tighten the straps over her back and then his hand between her shoulder blades. She cried out as she felt the chips start to pull up threw her skin. It only lasted a minute then she felt a warmth threw the area. Then the straps were removed. Zan picked up her shirt from the floor handing it to her. Liz put it back on then Zan took each of her wrists removing the bans and healing the skin of being dry and pealing.

"Elizabeth, I will have you taken in a minute to clean up and dress for dinner. You will be reunited with Max and your sister then."
"Thank you."
"I want you to be honest with me. If I had told you the only way to be set free was to have sex with me would you have done it?"
"To be honest I don't know. I know the only man I want to sleep with is Max. But I know I would have thought about it."
"No need to worry about that now."
"Thank you your Highness."

Just then a woman can in and lead Liz away to get ready for dinner.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 31 2/28

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L-J-L 76 Yes Zan is a good guy.

Natalie36 Yes Liz is free.

saori_1902 :D

begonia9508 Zan is a really good guy.

Part 31

As she followed the woman Liz noticed gold bans on her wrists making her a slave.

"What's your name?" Asked Liz
"Natasha Kozlov."
"Yes. Miss Parker, King Zan treats me very well if you are wondering."
"So do you like it here?"
"Yes. This is much better then the way I have been living."

They entered a room where Natasha when to start a bath for Liz.

"I will be back in about an hour. I will leave you to your bath."
"Thank you."

Liz undressed and climbed into the tub. The water was warm and felt good on her skin. King Zan had surprised her. She never would have thought that he would show her any form of kindness. Or that he had her mother care for in her last days. Liz finished cleaning up and got out of the tub wrapping herself in a big soft towel. She walked out of the bathroom and sat at the dressing table. She picked up a brush and started to brush her hair. Natasha came in a few minutes later and started to style Liz's hair.

"Your hair is beautiful." Said Natasha
"Thank you."
"Miss Parker, I have been on Antar for almost five years. King Zan first brought me to the place to help take care of your mother. She told me that she hoped that you would one day find someone that you could love."
"Natasha was she happy when she was here?"
"Not as happy as she would have been if you had been with her. She told me that you were the best thing to ever happen to her."
"So you talked with her?"
"Yes. She was like a mother to me. My mother died when I was very young."
"I'm sorry."
"I came to terms with it a long time ago."
"May I ask how old you are?"
"Twenty five."
"Couple years older then me."

Liz finished getting dressed and Natasha lead her to Zan's private dinning room. A guard opened the door and Liz saw Max, Serena and Kyle waiting for her. Max turned when the door opened and rushed over to her.

"God Liz, I was so worried about you." Said Max
"Max, everything is OK." Said Liz giving him a kiss.

That was when Max looked at her wrists and saw the bans he had placed there nearly a year ago were now gone.

"Your free?" Asked Max
"Yes. I am free. I can't wait til we can marry. I want to have a family with you."
"We have to wait until the birth control wears off."
"I know."
"Yo sis you just going to ignore me?" Asked Serena walking over to them.
"No! Rena, I love you don't ever forget that." Said Liz hugging her.
"You know I won't." Said Serena
"Liz may I say you look beautiful." Said Kyle
"Thank you Kyle."

Zan walked in then and smiled. He couldn't help but think that Liz looked happy with Max's arm around her.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 32 3/1

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begonia9508 Yes it is important to Liz to find out about the time her mother spent on Antar before she died.

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Max and Liz won't marry until they return home. Max, hated making Liz wear the bans. But he had to follow the law, he has gotten to know every inch of Liz's body so of course he noticed right away that the bans were gone.

Natalie36 :D

Part 32

"Good evening please sit down." Said Zan

Liz, took the seat at the table that Max pulled out for her. Serena and Kyle were seated across from her and Max with Zan at the head of the table.

"My wife sends her regrets that she can't be here tonight. But she couldn't get back from helping to set up the new school in the western plains." Said Zan

Zan smiled when he saw Liz's reaction to the announcement that he had a wife.

"I surprised you Elizabeth?"
"Yes you're Highness. I was not aware that you were married." Said Liz
"My, wife Ava, she doesn't like all the attention of the crown. So I respect her wishes and keep her out of the spot light as much as I can."
"That is very kind of you." Said Liz
"Yes. Though she does wish to meet you before you return home."
"That would be nice Sire." Said Max

Dinner was brought in and the conversion was light making Liz feel truly at easy with the King. Once the meal was complete Zan asked to speak with Liz and Max alone. Kyle and Serena left to check on their daughter who was in the care of a nanny. Max and Liz followed Zan to a courtyard.

"Max, Elizabeth it is easy to see how much you love each other." Said Zan
"Sire, I have to tell you that it was not easy to win this lovely woman's heart." Said Max
"That is understandable after all she has been through." Said Zan
"You, know what happened to me?" Asked Liz
"Yes. Elizabeth, none of that should have happened to you. I promise you that Kivar will pay for what he did."
"Thank you."
"You are a very strong woman."
"She is very strong." Said Max

Max pulled Liz closer and placed a kiss on her head.

"Now what I wanted to ask you is. Do you plan to have a family?" Asked Zan
"We want to. But it will be a little while before that happens. I have been on birth control so we have to wait until it is out of my stysem." Said Liz
"If you don't want to wait, I can clear the drug from your body. But if I do it will be very likely the next time you are intimate you will become pregnant." Said Zan
"Liz, this is your choice. This is your body we are talking about." Said Max
"May I have time to think about this?" Asked Liz
"I would be surprised if you didn't need time to think about it. I will have someone show you to your room so you can spend some time alone together."
"Thank you." Said Liz
"Before we say good night. There is something I would like to give you Elizabeth." Said Zan
"What is it?" Asked Liz

Zan smiled and pulled a pendent out of his pocket and placed it around her neck.

"Wear this pendent all the time in public. It marks you as a member of my family. So if anyone were to try and harm you they will be punished." Said Zan
"Thank you Sire. This is very kind of you." Said Max
"Yes it is. May I make a request?" Asked Liz
"Of course." Said Zan
"If this pendent is your way of making part of your family, even unofficially, will you please call me Liz?"
"Of course my lady." Said Zan taking her hand and kissing it.

They said goodnight and Natasha came to show Max and Liz to their room for the night.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 33 3/2

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saori_1902 Thanks

L-J-L 76 Thanks

begonia9508 Liz really had nothing to fear from Zan. She just didn't know it!

Natalie36 Liz is no longer afraid of Zan. He really is a kind King.

Part 33

Max and Liz walked into their room and quickly undressed before climbing into bed together in nothing but their underwear.

"Yeah Max?"
"Do you really want a family with me?"
"Yes. If I had never met you. I don't know what would have happened to me. I would more then likely still be angry and bitter. God when I think about it Kivar could have hunted me down and done whatever he had to, to make me his whore."
"Serena would never have let that happen. She would have come up with something to protect you."
"True. I am ashamed of how I use to treat her."
"Liz, she understands. It hasn't stopped her from loving you."
"I know."
"How about we forget about your sister for tonight?"
"What do you have in mind?"

Max just smiled and climbed on top of Liz and started to kiss her causing her to giggle. Max kissed her down her neck all the way to the lace of her bra. He looked at her the waved his hand causing the garment to disappear.

"Cheater." Said Liz
"Oh no my sweet. We're on Antar! Powers are a loud."
"You haven't used your powers around me very much."
"I didn't want to scare you away. I know that you weren't comfortable with the whole antatain thing."
"Max, it is part of who you are. You never have to hide any part of you from me."
"I love you Liz."

Max took one of her breasts in his hand and started to kneed it while taking the other in his mouth. After a few minutes he switched then moved down her body slowly until he was at her panties. He waved his hand and they disapeared. He looked at her and saw her smile. She opened her legs letting him have access to her. She let out a groan as she felt him push his fingers into her and start to pump them in and out. When she arched her back as she felt an orgasium wash over her Max smiled as he felt felt her juices cover his hand.

"Damn Max, that felt good."

Max removed his hand from her and moved up her back to her lips taking them in his. As their tongs fought for control of the kiss he felt Liz slip her hand through the slit in his boxers. Then he felt her hand on his penis. She gave it a tug before starting to rub it up and down causing him to groan and a big grin to spread across Liz's face. Liz removed her hand from him and placed both of her hands on his shoulders gave him a push as she rolled them over so that she was now on top of him. She ran her fingers down his chest all the way down to the waistband of his boxers and gave them a pull. Max lifted his hips to let her remove them all the way. She tossed them onto the floor. She then started to pump his penis again until it was perfect to enter her. She then moved so that her core was resting right on Max's tip. Max narrowed his eyes knowing that she was playing with him. That was when he grabbed her gave her a kiss as her rolled them over and pushing all the way into her. Their love making started slow but didn't take long to become fast and heated. After reaching their climax they fell to sleep in each others arm.


Kyle laid in bed next to Serena after they had made love for the first time since the birth of their daughter. He ran his fingers through her soft strawberry blond hair.

"Yeah Kyle?"
"Liz is really happy with Max isn't she?"
"Yeah. I never saw her like this before."
"She and Max will be getting married after we return home."
"So uh do you want to get married?"
"Is that how you are asking me Buddha boy?"
"No of course not! I just want to know if you are open to the idea!"
"Good cause that way won't work. But I am open to the idea, as long as you ask me properly."
"Good to know. I love you Serena Rose Parker."
"Love you too Kyle James Valenti."


Kivar slapped the girl when she put up a fight. She had been trouble since he got her more then a year ago. He had taken her as a slave when her parents couldn't pay their "protection" tax. Not that it was a real tax. It was a fee he charged people to stop the soldiers that answered to him from taking what they wanted from them. But when this girl's parents couldn't pay, he took her as payment. She had been nothing but trouble from day one. But also one of the best fucks he had in a long time. He grabbed her and forced her to look into his cold soulless eyes.

"Listen good slut. You will never be anything but a whore! That is all you vermin humans are good for. You better get use to the idea that you will spend the rest of your life with a dick between your legs."
"Go to fucking hell you alien bastard!"

He smacked her harder before he ripped her clothes from her and forced himself into her hard.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 34 3/3

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saori_1902 Don't worry Kivar's end is coming you just have to wait.

begonia9508 Kivar will be stopped. Zan is aware of what is going on and will make sure he pays!

L-J-L 76 Kivar will pay!

Part 34

After breakfast while Zan met with Max, Liz made her way to the library. While there a woman walked in. Liz jumped when she noticed her.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Ava."
"It nice you meet you're Highness."
"No need to be formal with me in private Elizabeth. I was not born of noble blood. I am from a small village in the western plains."
"Didn't King Zan say you were in the western plains helping with a new school?"
"Yes the old one was destroyed in an earthquake a couple years ago in my village. It was finished last week so I when for the dedication."
"That's very kind of you."
"Elizabeth, please sit down."

Liz sat in one of the big over stuffed chairs and Ava took the one next to her.

"You love Zan's clone don't you?"
"More then I can tell you."
"That is good. Many who have been through what you have would never be able to learn to open their heart to anyone."
"It wasn't easy. But I knew deep down that not everyone was like Kivar."
"Yes. Kivar is who Zan and Max are talking about. He is going to pay for his crimes."
"How do you know?"
"A girl from a poor village was raped two years ago by a soldier. A year older then you were when Kivar raped you. He was exuctied. Zan does not take kindly to men who treat women and girls like that. That is why he is changing things for slaves. He really doesn't like the idea of slaves but he can't end it right away. It has to be done slowly."
"I understand that."
"You are a very strong woman. Anyone can see that."
"I don't understand how you can know that. I mean we just met."
"Elizabeth, I can see a persons true nature. You are a kind soul that has been hurt more then anyone should have. You are still healing, but the fact that you opened your heart to love after all this time means monsters like Kivar will never win."
"My wife has a good point does she not?" Asked Zan coming in with Max.
"Hello my husband. I missed you." Said Ava
"I missed you my love." Said Zan
"How are you doing Liz?" Asked Max
"Good. I made my choice. I want Zan to clear the drug from me. I want your child." Said Liz
"Are you sure?" Asked Max
"We can do this now if you are ready." Said Zan
"I'm ready." Said Liz

Zan knelt in front of of Liz and place his hands on either side of her face.

"For this I need you to look right in my eyes. I will have to connect deeper then I did when I removed the chips and healed you. But don't worry I can only have a mental connection with one person, and I have that with my lovely wife." Said Zan
"Mental connection?" Asked Liz
"It's part of the antarain bonding, marriage. You have to want the connection with the other person. I planned to tell you about it." Said Max
"Max, I trust you. I know you were waiting for the right time to tell me."
"So you are OK with the idea of us having a mental connection?"
"I want to know more about it. But I am open to the idea."
"We can talk later."
"I'm ready." Said Liz

Liz looked right into Zan's eyes that looked so much like Max's. Zan's hands started to glow softy as he opened the connection. He saw a few images of her childhood with her mother. Both happy and then when Kivar came. He could feel his anger build as he saw Kivar steal the innocence from this beautiful soul. He pushed passed the memories and found the drug in her blood. He slowly desloved it and cleared it out of her body. He found the scar tissue from when she had surgery a few months ago to remove the blockage and repaired it to show no sign there ever had been any damage to her. The only thing he could never heal was what was taken from her at such a young age. He broke the connection and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Liz, when you are ready you will be able to have as many children as you wish." Said Zan
"Thank you my King." Said Liz
"Now Max may I borrow your lovely future bride? I promised to show her the garden that her mother loved so much in her final days."
"Not at all Sire. Liz, I will see you later." Said Max giving her a kiss.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 35 3/4

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saori_1902 Thanks!

begonia9508 Yes Eve, Liz is getting revenge against Kivar for what he did to her.

L-J-L 76 It maybe a little while before Max and Liz have their first child.

Part 35

Liz followed Zan out to the garden and down the path. She notice flowers and plants she had never seen before. Then they came to a part of the garden that had flowers she recognized as being from earth. By a rose bush she could see some kind of plaque. She walked over to it knelt down and read it.

"In memory of Nancy Elizabeth Richards Parker. A loving mother and kind friend. Will be missed by many." Said Liz with tears falling from her eyes.
"This was your mother's favorite place in the garden. This is the closest thing to a grave for her here. Though I do have her ashes in storage if you wish to take them home and bury them on earth. Antarian bodies turn to dust within twenty four hours of death. So we cremate any humans who die here." Said Zan
"Why didn't you do anything with them?"
"While I thought of your mother as a friend, I felt her only child had the right to do what she wished with the remains."
"What if I had never come to Antar?"
"They would have made their way to you once I had you located. She would talk about you a lot. That she wished that she could have seen you grow into the woman you are. While I wanted to send her back to earth, I could not. She was never given the vaccines needed and been exposed to viruses that could have wiped out all the people on earth. It was one of those viruses that she died from."
"I missed her so much."
"She wanted you to be happy."
"I admit for along time I wasn't happy. But now I am happier then I have ever been in my life."
"That is good. I will leave you now. Just follow this path back the way we came to return to the palace."
"Thank you."

Zan left and Liz got up from the ground and sat on the near by bench and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the garden.


Kaz walked into the exam room and picked up the chart. He hated when he had to treats one of Kivar's girls. He was always so rough with them. This one was in bad shape. He picked up his scanner and did a scan. He shook his head.

"Are you in much pain?" Asked Kaz
"Go to hell you fucking alien."
"Now Jennifer, I want to help you. Not all antarians are like Kivar."
"You all are fucking bastards."
"You know your foster sister Kara is a good friend of mine. She is very worried about you."
"Yes. After I treat you she will come in and see you. She can't treat you."
"Why would you do that?"
"I happen to know a lot of things. You just need to hang in a little longer. Things will improve for you once Lord Evans returns from seeing King Zan."
"I don't understand."
"You will in time. Now on a scale of one to ten how much pain are you in?"
"That is understandable. You have three broken ribs. You also have a lot of bruising and tearing of tissue. I will give you something for the pain and hook you up to the healing serum."

Kaz first injected a pain killer into Jennifer then hooked up an I.V. with the healing serum to her. He then left. Maria came in to clean Jennifer up of the dried blood from Kivar being so rough with her.

"Hey Jennifer, I'm Maria. I'm a nurse here and I am going to clean you up down there ok?"
"This might sting and I am sorry about that."
"Just do your job."

Maria put on a pair of gloves lifted Jennifer's legs into the stirrups and lifted the sheet. She placed the portable light so she could see better and let out a long string of sware words.

"Gee I didn't even know some of those." Said Jennifer
"Do you know Spanish?"
"That is why. Oh I hope I get to be the one to rip Kivar's dick off and shove it down his throat."

Jennifer let out a scream as Maria used a disinfecting wipe to start cleaning Jennifer up.

"I don't blame you."

Maria finished up double checked the I.V. and left.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 36 3/5

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L-J-L 76 Zan really is a kind man. Don't worry Kivar will pay soon for what he has done.

saori_1902 Thanks!

begonia9508 Yes poor Jennifer.

keepsmiling7 Welcome back Carolyn! Nancy became very sick and died so Liz will never see her again.

Part 36 Two weeks later

Liz woke to Max's strong arms around her. They hadn't made love since Zan cleared the birth control drug from her body. She understood why. Max had said he wanted her to be sure that she was ready to be a mother before they risked her getting pregnant. Antar made it illegal to abort a baby created in anything other then rape. Even if a man got his slave pregnant, that was not considered rape. She missed how she felt when she was with Max in that way. They would be getting ready to leave Antar later today o head home. That was also when Kivar would be dealt with. She smiled when Max tighter his arms around her.

"Morning." Mummbled Max
"Is everything OK Liz?"
"Yeah. Just miss making love with you."
"I know sweetie. But I want us to wait. I know you want to have my child. But I don't want to rush you into motherhood."
"Max, I love you and I understand that you are looking out for me. But when we get back home I expect you and to make this up to me."

Max leaned down and kissed the beautiful woman that he loved more then anything.

"Don't worry my love. I will make it up to."
"Good. Now let me go take a shower before we have to get on that ship home."

Max released Liz and she made her way to the bathroom. Max watched her go. Then he when to the drawer of the desk and pulled out a small diamond ring. Zan had given it to him during of their meetings. It had belonged to Liz's mother, and before that her father's mother. Zan felt it was right that Max use it to officially ask Liz to be his wife and life mate. Max had to say he agreed.


Serena watched as Kyle put the last of their things in their bags. She held Amber close while the baby watched her daddy with her big blue eyes.

"Red, when do you think Max and Liz will marry?"
"Well Max, still hasn't really asked her. He only asked if she was willing to."
"Yeah but they will get married."
"Yes. But he has to ask her first. But I bet he is going to deal with Kivar first. He already has the order from King Zan for the arrest and eduction of Kivar."
"I know."
"Kyle, I am really happy that Liz has opened her heart. I wish you had known her before everything happened to her."
"Yeah so do I."
"I never blamed her for not trusting me you know?"
"Yeah. But she seems to have healed for the most part. But you know that she will want you in her kids lives. You are the only family she has."
"I know."

They finished packing and headed out to meet up with Max and Liz to get on the ship to return home. Both Zan and Ava said good bye to the group heading back to earth. The four of them boarded the ship a long with a small group of soldiers who mission was to arrest and execute Kivar.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 37 3/6

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saori_1902 Yes Kivar is going to pay!

begonia9508 Kivar should fear his death! But people like him don't feel they have done anything wrong.

keepsmiling7 Yes Max will give Liz her mother's ring. Just got to wait a little longer for that to happen!

L-J-L 76 Kivar will pay! Max is planning a very romantic way to ask Liz to marry him.

Part 37 One month later

Max wrapped his arms around Liz's waist as the ship touched down on earth. It felt good to be home.

"We're home Liz."
"Yeah I know."
"Liz, is everything OK?"
"Yeah. Kivar is really going to pay for everything isn't he?"
"Yeah sweetie he is."
"Max, thank you for not ever giving up on me."
"Liz, I knew that it was going to take time for you to trust me. Though I admit that there was more then once I wanted to chew out Serena for talking me into taking you on."
"Are you glad you did now?"
"Oh yes. Liz, you are this smart beautiful woman."
"You really think so?"
"Yes. I love you Liz."

Max leaned down and kissed Liz causing both Serena and Kyle to roll their eyes. After leaving the ship Max and Liz said good bye to Kyle and Serena and got in their car to head home. When they walked into their house. That was how Liz now thought of it. Not just Max's but her's too. That was when Liz saw Diane a long with a woman she had only seen in photographs and a young man she hadn't seen in a very long time.

"Alex?" Asked Liz
"Been a long time Parker. Nice to see you not acting like a bitch any more." Said Alex
"Yeah uh sorry about that."
"It's OK. I know what happened to you."
"That isn't an excuse for the way I acted. You tried to be my friend and I didn't let you. But, I want to change that. So if you want to try I would like us to be friends now."
"You know I do. By the way this is my lovely wife Isabel. She also happens to be Max's sister."
"It's nice to meet you Isabel." Said Liz
"Nice to meet you too. No one should have to go through what you did. I am glad you let my brother prove to you not all of us are like Kivar." Said Isabel
"Well I didn't make it easy for him."
"Yeah well it's good he had a challenge."
"Liz, I have to say you seem a lot happier then you were then the last time I saw you." Said Diane
"I am Mrs. Evans. While on Antar I got the closer I needed with my mother."
"That is good. Now Max are you planning to make an honest woman out of Liz?" Asked Diane
"Mom! The whole point of going to Antar was to free her so that we can marry. I love her!"
"Have you asked her?"
"Not yet. But I plan to very soon. I just have one thing to deal with first."
"Kivar?" Asked Isabel
"Yeah. I have an order right from King Zan, for the arrest and execution of Kivar for crimes against the crown." Said Max
"Max, why don't you and Alex head to your office so he can catch you up on what has been going on while we were gone. I can use that time to get to know your sister and mom better." Said Liz
"I'm not sure that is a good idea." Said Max
"Go Max, I want to get to know this woman who has won your heart." Said Isabel
"Come on Max. You know you can't win once she makes up her mind." said Alex
"Fine. Isabel be nice." Said Max
"I am always nice."

Max gave Liz a kiss and left with Alex.

"Why don't we all sit down to talk?" Asked Diane
"Good idea Mrs. Evans" said Liz
"Oh honey, just call me Diane. You are going to be family."
"Yeah if Max ever gets around to asking me properly."
"I know my brother Liz. He is planing the most romantic way he can think of to ask." Said Isabel
"You really think so?"
"Yes. I hope we can become friends Liz."
"I would like that Isabel."

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the three women getting to know each other.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 38 3/7

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saori_1902 Diane is great!

keepsmiling7 Alex is still unsure that Liz has really changed. But he does understand why she acted the way she did. You won't have to wait long for Max to propose.

begonia9508 Yes Kivar is going to go down very soon! Since she has shared a bed with Max her nightmares have been slowly going away.

L-J-L 76 Liz is going to have to work at being friends with Alex. Yes Kivar is going to be taken care very soon.

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 38

It was a week after they arrived home that Liz walked out onto the patio to find a table set with candle light, white roses everywhere and a bottle of sparkling grape juice on ice. She looked around and found Max hold a single white rose and smiling at her.

"Max what is going on?"
"This is for you Miss Parker." Said Max handing her the rose.
"Thank you. Now are you going to explain what is going on?"
"In do time my lovely."

Liz took the seat Max pulled out for her. Max pushed her in and then took the seat across from her. Dinner was brought out and it was all of Liz's favorite foods. She knew something really was going on then.

"Max, this is really nice. But what is going on?"

Max got up and knelt next to her.

"Liz, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. It was not that day I saved you from the prison. It was close to five years ago. I was with Serena, looking into things in Gathtown. I knew then I wanted to get to know you. It took five years for us to meet, but each day I thank whatever power brought you into my life. That day in your hospital room when I placed those gold bans on you I started to count the days until they would come off. Elizabeth Anne Parker the only thing that will make me happier then I am right now is if you agree to be my wife. So I guess what I am trying to ask is will you marry me?"

Liz wrapped her arms around Max and knocked him over and kissed him. Max started to laugh at the woman in his arms.

"Liz can you let me up so I can show you the ring?"
"You got me a ring?"
"It is the custom on earth right?"
"Yes. Though the ring I would like I most likely will never see again."
"You mean this one?" Asked Max pulling a ring from from his pocket.

Liz looked at the ring and started to cry.

"My mom's ring? Where did you get that?"
"Zan gave it to me. He thought that you should have it."
"Max, this means so much to me."
"Let's put it on OK?"
"I don't know if it will fit."
"Relax darling. It will fit."
"I forgot that you can adjust it."

Max took Liz's left hand and slipped the ring onto her ring finger.

"Max, how about we go to celebrate in our room?"
"Max don't play dumb. You know what I mean!"
"You sure? You know what Zan told you."
"Max, I know for a while it will be very easy for me to get pregnant. If it happens it happens. I will love any child I have with you."

Max grinned got to his feet picked Liz up and threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the their room.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 39 3/8

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begonia9508 Yes Max is acting like a caveman!

keepsmiling7 Yes Max had a nice surprised for Liz and she defiantly was ready to say yes!

Natile36 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Yes Max was very romantic.

Part 39

Max placed Liz in the center of the bed. She stared up up and smiled at him. They undressed each other. It didn't take long before there was nothing between them. Max kissed her down her neck past her breasts right down to her mound. He took his hand and pushed two fingers into her her and started to pump them in and out. Liz let out a groan making Max smile.

"God Max that feels so good!"
"I love you so much Liz."

Max removed his hand from her causing Liz to groan at the loss of him.

"It's OK sweetie."
"Max I need you."
"I need you to sweetie."

Max shifted so that his manhood was placed at her entrance. He met her eyes and then pushed all the way in causing both to let out a groan. Max didn't wait long before starting to thrust in and out of Liz. She wrapped her legs around him forcing him in deeper. Max thruster harder and faster Liz wrapped her arms around him holding him close as their bodies moved in sync. Max groaned as he felt Liz become tighter around him as she came closer to her climax. He knew he was close but had to wait until she got there with him.

"God yes Max! You feel so good."
"Shit Liz you are so tight."

Max felt Liz dig her nails into his back as they both reached their climax. Max released his seed deep into her as they called out each others name. Max rolled off Liz and laid next to her and holding her close. It was then he noticed a faint buzz in the back of his head.

"Yeah sweetie?"
"Do you feel a buzz in your head?"
"Do you think that we just made a baby?"
"Yeah. You OK with it?"
"Max I love you and if I am pregnant then I will love this baby. Maybe I should go see Kara soon to find out for sure."
"That would be a good idea."

Max and Liz fell to sleep happy to be with each other.


Jennifer winced as Kivar entered her. He was always so rough with her. As he pounded into her hard she heared the door to the house being forced open and voice. It was a few minutes later that Kivar was pulled from her and she was given a sheet. She pulled it over herself.

"By order of the King of Antar you are under arrest. Take the bastard away." Said Michael

Michael turned to look at Jennifer.

"Do you need to see a doctor?" Asked Michael making no move to touch her.
"I don't think so."
"OK. Uh do you have any clothes around here?"
"He only let's me wear a robe. Gives me a smock when I have see a doctor."
"Same with the other girls?"
"Yes sir."
"Damn. Let me see what I can come up with."

Michael left and came back ten minutes later with a pair of pants and T-shirt that belonged to one of the female soldiers. He then stepped outside the room while Jennifer got dressed.

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