Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 52 Complete 4/1

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 20 2/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:09 am

begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Max is very sweet with Liz. He never wants her to feel alone again.

Part 20 two weeks later

Liz woke to strong arms wrapped around her. She was enjoying waking up this way every morning. She smiled as she felt soft kisses on the back of her neck.

"Morning Max." Said Liz
"Morning beautiful."
"Max, what is going to happen with us?"
"What do you mean?"
"We both know what these things on my wrist mean. How everyone sees me."
"Do you want me to start the working on making it so that we can marry?"

Liz bit her lip. This would mean she would have to face her fear of going before the king.

"Yes. I want to marry you."
"Yes. Max Evans, I love you. You opened my heart to love. I am a very different person then I use to be."
"That is very true. Liz as much as I love laying here with you, we need you to get ready for your appointment."
"I know. So you will send the the forms in to King Zan?"
"How do you know I already have them ready?"
"Max, you had them ready except for the date since the day I came home with you. You never wanted me to stay a slave. You wanted me to become your wife."
"True. But I couldn't force you. This had to be your choice."
"I know."

Liz rolled over kissed Max and got out of bed. She headed for the bathroom to get ready for her appointment. Max just smiled got out of bed and headed for his computer to send in the forms he needed to.


Liz sat in the exam room an hour and half later. She was dressed only in a hospital gown. Kara came in and started the exam.

"Any pain Liz?"
"You have refrained from sex since the surgery?"
"Liz, I won't hurt you. I have to ask these things. Trust me I would rather not know about your sex life."
"I know."
"OK. I need you to lay down now and I will have to use the straps."
"You have to use that probe don't you?"
"I'm sorry but yes."

Liz laid down on the table and Kara placed the straps on her. Kara then numbed Liz and inserted the probe. She removed it a short time later and unstrapped Liz helping her to sit up.

"Liz, everything looks good."
"That's good."
"Yes it is. Liz, there is no reason you can't resume having sex if that is what you want."
"Why do I have the feeling that you are treating me different then anyone else wearing bans like these."
"Well anyone else I would just tell the owner. But I know Max wants you to know so that is why I am telling you."
"He asked me to marry him."
"You going to do it?"
"If the King let's us, then yes. I love him."
"I can tell. Get dressed and we can get you back to him."

Liz just grinned and dressed quickly. Then she was led out to where Max was waiting. As they headed out of the building they passed Kivar pulling a girl roughly in. Kivar looked at Liz with his cold eyes. Liz grabbed onto Max.

"Kivar! Keep moving and take your eyes off her!" Said Max
"Sorry sir."

Kivar walked down the hall with the girl. Max wrapped Liz in his arms and gave her a kiss. He then led her out to his waiting car.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 21 2/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:11 am

saori_1902 Well they are planning to get married. Don't forget the King has to approve!

begonia9508 Eve, I am shocked that you think I will throw something in the way of Max and Liz! :twisted:

L-J-L 76 Everything is well with Liz at the moment. Liz will always fear Kivar. But Max will do everything he can to protect her.

Part 21 Two months later

Max wrapped his arms around Liz as they walked into the house from the garden. They headed straight to their bedroom. Max had stopped thinking of his room when Liz started to sleep every night there two months ago. Once the door was closed that was when they both made short work of their clothes. Max lifted Liz up and placed her in the center of the bed. He gently lowered himself on top of her and kissed her down her neck causing her to moan as he paused over the pulse point in her neck sucking on it. Her hand was running through his hair as he moved down to her breasts. After removing her bra he gave both equal attention he continued to slowly make his way down her body. When he reached her belly button he stuck his tong in causing a growl to escape her lips. He reached her panties hooked his finger in the waistband and slowly started to pull them down. Liz lifted her hips letting him to fully remove them. Max, pushed her legs apart lifting her legs over his shoulders. He inserted first one finger and then a second. He pumped them in and out causing moans to come from Liz. Her juices started to pour over his hand and that was when he place his mouth to the tender flesh and started to suck. He removed his fingers and pushed his tong into her core.

"Shit Max! That feels good!" Liz panted out.

Max continued to suck on her as her fingers gripped his hair tightly pushing his face harder into her. Finally she let go letting him up for some much needed air.

"You doing ok sweetie?" Asked Max
"God yes! Max, I need you inside me!"

Max lowered her legs back to the bed and crawled back up her body to her lips. The kiss was deep and passionate. Liz reached for his boxers and pushed them down freeing his enlarged manhood. Max finished removing them tossing them to the floor. Max then lifted Liz's legs over his hips and placed his manhood at her entrance.

"Liz look at me."

Liz looked at Max, and her could see her desire in her eyes.

"Ok if I do this fast?"
"Shit Max, yes!"

Max kissed her and pushed in hard and fast causing both of them to groan. Liz wrapped her legs around him and placed both hands on his shoulders as he started to thrust in and out of her hard and fast.

"God Liz, you feel so fucking good!"
"Don't stop Max! God yes!"

Max continued to pump in and out of Liz. He started to grunt as he came closer and closer to his climax, trying to hold back until Liz reached hers. He felt her walls tighten around him and her back arched as she when over the edge he quickly followed sending his seed deep inside her. He fell to the bed breathing hard. Liz rolled over close to him.

"How you feeling?" Asked Max
"I'm good."
"Good. I didn't want to hurt you."
"Max, you didn't hurt me. Yes our love making was a little rougher then in the past. But it wasn't painfully. I would have told if it hurt."
"I love you Liz."
"Love you Max."

Max kissed Liz and they both fell to sleep.


Kyle, laid in bed watching Serena sleep. He had to admit she looked even more beautiful to him with her small baby bump starting to show. She was only three months along, but the doctors said it would only be four and half to five months that she was pregnant. He was planning to visit Liz tomorrow while Serena was working with the kids at the children's home. He was kind of old fashioned in wanting her families permission to marry her. Liz was the only family Serena had. Her mother had died three years ago. He kissed her sleeping form and when to sleep.


Liz woke to find Max a sleep with his arm across her waist. Not that she minded. But what woke her was a pain in her left wrist.

"Max! Max wake up please!"
"Liz what's wrong?"
"My wrist it hurts."

Max reached to turn on the light and took her wrist removing the ban.

"Get dressed. I'm taking you to a doctor."
"Max what's wrong?"
"Liz just please get dressed."

Liz got up and got dressed while Max dressed and called to find out what doctor was working that night. Then both headed for the car.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 22 2/19

Postby Roswelllostcause » Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:10 am

saori_1902 We don't know what King Zan is going to do. We find out here what is going on with Liz.

begonia9508 The bans are woren by slaves to make it easy to spot.

L-J-L 76 What is wrong with Liz is found out here. Liz isn't pregnant. She is on a strong form of birth control right now.

Part 22

Kaz watched as Max came through the door with Liz. He could see even from a distance that the young woman's wrist was bright red and swollen. He when up to them and very gently took the arm looking at the wrist. He touched it causing Liz to wince in pain.

"Sorry. Let's get you to an exam room." Said Kaz
"Kaz, what's wrong?" Asked Max
"I need to do a scan to be sure."
"Will I be OK?" Asked Liz
"Don't worry young lady." Said Kaz

They when to an exam room and Kaz picked up a scanner and scanned the wrist. He frowned when he saw the results.

"What is it?" Asked Max
"Some how she has been given a slow acting poison. Someone wants her dead." Said Kaz
"Can you stop it?" Asked Liz
"Yes. But it won't be easy on you. You will have to drink some very nasty tasting drugs. I mean very nasty tasting." Said Kaz
"You do know that humans tastes are different from antarian." Said Liz
"This came from my human nurse. I already sent a message to bring them."
"How could this has happened? I haven't let anyone other family see Liz." Said Max
"There are ways. Someone may have done any number of things to do it."
"Kaz, I want to find out who it was and deal with them." Said Max
"Max, could someone have gotten at the cream you put on my wrists?" Asked Liz
"That very well could be it. We need to test it to see." Said Kaz
"If it's the cream why haven't I been effected?" Asked Max
"This poison only effects humans." Said Kaz

Just then a blond woman with green eyes walked in with a bottle.

"Here you go doc."
"Thank you Maria. Lord Evans, this is my nurse Maria DeLuca. Maria, Lord Max Evans and Liz Parker." Said Kaz
"Nice to meet you Maria." Said Max
"DeLuca?" Asked Liz
"Let me guess you have the unfortunate pleasure of knowing my cousin Sean." Said Maria
"Uh yeah. I grew up in Gathtown."
"Sorry. Sean is just an ass."
"Maria, I believe you have work to do." Said Kaz
"Maria, you still with Michael Guerin?" Asked Max
"I'll get in touch with him. Have you both over for dinner sometime soon. Maybe you can become a friend to Liz." Said Max
"Cool." Said Maria and headed off.
"Liz, now you will need to drink this whole bottle." Said Kaz opening it and handing it to her.

Liz took the bottle took a sip and made a face.

"God that is horrible! What the hell is this? It tastes like dead fish." Said Liz
"Just drink it sweetie and I will reward you later."

Liz smiled and drank the medicine. She gave the empty bottle back to Kaz.

"Keep the ban off that wrist until the rash clears up." Said Kaz
"Thanks doc." Said Max
"Anytime my Lord. Take good care of this young lady. I have a feeling that she is very special."
"I already know that. Let's go home Liz."

Liz got down from the table and left with Max.

"Uh who is Michael Guerin?" Asked Liz once they were in the car.
"He is a good friend of mine. He is also a captain in the army."
"Liz, Michael won't hurt you. If you want I can ask him not to wear his uniform around you."
"Maybe until I get use to him."
"I'll do that then."

Max kissed Liz and when the car stopped in front of their home. They got out and when back to bed.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 23 2/20

Postby Roswelllostcause » Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:03 am

begonia9508 It will be a little bit before we find out who wanted to kill Liz. She just might be more then anyone knows.

L-J-L 76 Liz will not be in trouble for not wearing one of her bans. Whoever it was that poisoned Liz will pay I can promise that!

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 23 one month later

Max sat at his computer reading the message from Antar. He had to share this with Liz.

"Is something wrong?" Asked Liz as she walked out of the bathroom after her shower.
"Well, in three weeks we leave for Antar."
"Liz, have you changed your mind about wanting to marry me?"
"Never. It's just so quick."
"I know. But it will be OK. I mean Serena and Kyle will make the trip with us."
"She will have the baby any time now right?"
"Yes. It will be safe for her to make the trip."
"That's good."
"Liz are you scared?"
"I know you can do this. I can't help you. This has to be done on your own."
"I know. I love you Max nothing is going to change that."

Max pulled Liz into his arms and kissed her.

"You should get dressed. Michael and Maria will be here in an hour."

Liz bit her lip. This would be the first time she would meet Michael. Anyone in the military made her uncomfortable.

"Liz, honey Michael won't hurt you."
"Max, I don't know if I will ever be comfortable around anyone in the military."
"I am not going anywhere. Michael, knows what happened. I had to order him to stay away from Kivar."
"What was he going to do?"
"He wants to kill Kivar for what he did."
"He doesn't know me."
"Hey well he thinks that men should treat women with respect. Besides he knows your sister and lived in the same house for a while with her as a kid."
"Is he the guy that Rena likes to call Mikey?"
"Yeah, but I wouldn't call him that. He hates it. But then again he likes to call her dog face."

Liz just started to laugh.

"I can just see her response to that! She would turn his hair bright pink or something."
"I believe it was neon green."
"That would be something to see."
"It was. He couldn't change it back to normal. Neither could Isabel or me."
"I wish I could have spent more time with her growing up."
"I know she does too. But I know she is happy that you are letting her into your life now."
"So am I."
"Now get dressed. I'll see you downstairs."

Max got up and walked out of the room. Half an hour later Liz walked out onto the patio and sat next to Max at the table.

"You look good Liz."
"Thanks Max."

Max pulled Liz into his arms and started to kiss her. They were still kissing twenty minutes later when Michael and Maria walked out onto the patio.

"Maxwell." Said Michael

Liz jumped off Max's lap and turned bright red. Maria just smiled and shook her head.

"Relax girl, there is nothing wrong with what you were doing. You're in love with a cute and sweet guy." Said Maria
"Michael this is Liz Parker, Serena's sister. Liz Michael Guerin one of my closest friends." Said Max
"Nice to meet you Liz." Said Michael holding out his hand.
"Uh you too." Said Liz softly and very tenitvely taking his hand.
"Liz, I understand you are scared of me. But I promise you I am nothing like Kivar. If Max had let me I would have kicked his ass for what he did to you." Said Michael
"I just need time Michael." Said Liz
"Michael actually there is something I need to talk to you about. Will you ladies be OK on your own until lunch is ready?" Asked Max
"Go take care of business. I will take good care of Liz." Said Maria
"Yeah go Max. I'll be OK." Said Liz

Max gave Liz a kiss and he and Michael walked off.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 24 2/21

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:40 am

begonia9508 Yes it better for Liz the more friends she has.

L-J-L 76 That is right.

Part 24

"So Liz, how you doing?" Asked Maria
"Can I ask you something?"
"What is it?"
"Why don't you want to see Michael in his uniform?"

Liz bit her lip and started to pace.

"Liz what is it? I want to be your friend."
"Maria, it's something I don't like to talk about."
"Liz, please talk to me."

Liz watched the other woman. She knew that she needed to talk to someone about what happened to her.

"You know Serena right?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. She would talk about you once in a while. Always said you hated her."
"I have never hated her. I just didn't trust her or anyone with antarian blood."
"It started when I was seven. A soldier started to come to my house. He would drag my mom and me into the bedroom. I was forced to watch as he beat and raped my mom. This when on for the next five years. Then came the night after he raped my mom, he raped me too. I was twelve."
"Oh god! Did you ever learn who it was?"
"Yeah not long ago. It was Kivar. He really fucked me up. I was angry and couldn't trust anyone for a long time. But the sight of the antarian army uniform still makes me very uncomfortable. The captain one the most."
"Let me guess Kivar was a captain at the time."
"Yeah. I knew that not everyone was like him. But I just couldn't trust no one."
"Then you were beaten in prison. So there when any level of trust you had."
"Yeah. Maria, I know Michael isn't going to hurt me. But trust is something that is going to take time."
"He understands that."
"Yes babe?"
"How did you meet Michael?"
"When I was in nursing school he came in for treatment. We just sort of hit it off."
"That's good."
"So you really like Max?"
"I love him. I never thought I would love anyone the way I do him. He put up with me what I was nothing but an angry bitch and never once got mad at me. I will never understand why he did."
"He loves you. I mean I could tell that night he brought you in to see Dr. Kaz."
"Yeah he does. I am happier then I have been in a very long time."
"That's great."
"Yeah, I am just scared I have to go to Antar and face King Zan."
"He wants to marry you?"
"Liz, let this sweet kind person shine and I know you will win Zan over and your freedom."
"You hardly know me."
"Yeah well I got this vibe about you. Now remember if my dumb ass cousin ever messes with you again let me know and I will kick his ass."
"I will thanks."
"Liz, I think you and I are on our way to being the best of friends."


Max watched Liz with Maria and smiled. Michael just shook his head.

"Maxwell you really have fallen for her haven't you?" Asked Michael
"Michael, she is the one."
"You know I did some patrols of Gathtown the past couple years. She would always turn and go the other way when she saw me."
"Yeah well now knowing what Kivar did to her, you understand why don't you?"
"Yeah. I would never hurt her. Between, your mom, Serena, Maria and Amy DeLuca there is no way I could hurt Liz."
"Maybe it's time to let Amy go after her nephew."
"The reason Liz stole the food to go to prison was to advoid becoming wife number four. We both know that he would never have treated her like a wife. That it would be just for sex."
"I should kill him!"
"Michael, don't. Trust me he will be taken care of. In a couple weeks I will need you to keep an eye on things. I have to take Liz to Antar to face Zan."
"You want to marry her?"
"Yeah I do. I hate making her wear those bans and the fact that she can be tracked where ever she goes."
"Very few have ever past Zan's test you know that."
"I know. I haven't even told her what happens if she doesn't pass."
"That you have to hand her over to him. That he decides what happens to then."
"You need to tell her."
"I know."
"We better go check on the girls. They might be planing something."

Max just shook his head and they headed out together.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 25 2/22

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:42 am

begonia9508 Zan doesn't know Liz. What Michael and Max were talking about was that if Zan doesn't feel Liz is honest about her feelings for Max that he can not only deny her freedom to marry him. But can also decide to have her sold to someone else more then likely on Antar. The reason is there have been girls in the past who only wanted a chance to have sex with the King.

saori_1902 The meeting with Zan is coming, and there will be some surprises when that happens.

Natalie36 You think Sean might have poisoned the cream? You might be onto something there! :wink:

L-J-L 76 You have to wait to see what happens when Liz meets King Zan. As to who poisoned Liz, that will come out before long and they will be delt with.

Part 25

Max and Liz were enjoying lunch with Michael and Maria when Rosa came out.

"Lord Max?" Asked Rosa
"Yes Rosa?" Asked Max
"Mr. Kyle called. Miss Serena is having the baby." Said Rosa
"Max?" Asked Liz
"Maria, Michael did you want to come?" Asked Max
"Hell yeah! Dog face is like my sister." Said Michael
"You know Serena hates when you call her that." Said Maria
"Yeah and I hate her calling me Mikey all the time." Said Michael
"Guys can we please go? I want to be there for my sister." Said Liz
"Liz is right. We should be there for Rena." Said Max

The four of them left and headed for the medical complex. Liz made sure the whole time she stayed close to Max. It was almost two hours later that Kara came out and smiled at them.

"Serena is doing well." Said Kara
"The baby?" Asked Max
"Perfect little girl."

Max pulled Liz close and placed a kiss on top of her head.

"She would like to see Liz" said Kara
"Go on sweetie. Go meet your niece." Said Max
"OK. Love you Max." Said Liz
"Love you Elizabeth Parker." Said Max

Liz followed Kara to a room where Serena and Kyle were. Serena was hold the baby in her arms. Kyle had a big stupid looking grin on his face.

"Rena?" Asked Liz
"Liz! Come meet your niece." Said Serena

Liz walked over to the the bed and looked at the baby in Serena's arms.

"Liz meet Amber Elizabeth." Said Serena
"Hi sweetie I'm your aunt Liz. You are a pretty little thing." Said Liz
"You want to hold her?" Asked Serena
"Really? You both are OK with that?" Asked Liz
"Yeah Liz. We both are." Said Kyle

Liz took the baby from Serena and held her. Liz smiled while she looked at the baby in her arms. Max walked in just then and smiled at the sight. Liz looked so perfect holding the baby in her arms. Serena looked at her friend and smiled.

"You can't wait until she is holding your baby can you?" Asked Serena
"Liz isn't ready for that. Just because I want a child I won't force her." Said Max
"I know. But she will make a good mother." Said Serena
"You really think so?"
"Just look at her. Max she is so at easy with my baby in her arms."
"Yeah she is. Rena has she ever held a baby before?"
"I don't know. There is still a lot I don't know about my sister. You got to remember we didn't spend a lot of time together growing up."
"I know."

Liz turned to smile at Max. She walked over to show him the baby.

"Isn't she just adorable?" Asked Liz
"Yeah she is. Looks like she might get her mom's hair." Said Max
"Yeah. But her daddy's eyes."
"Liz can I take my daughter?" Asked Kyle
"Yeah. Sorry."
"It's OK." Said Kyle

Liz handed the baby over to her father. Max wrapped an arm around Liz's waist and held her.

"Rena, Kyle will you be up for the trip to Antar in three weeks?" Asked Max
"King Zan will hear Liz's case?" Asked Serena
"Yeah. By that time your baby will be able to have the anti viruses she needs for the trip. Liz will start her's next week." Said Max
"Oh fun." Mumbled Liz
"Liz, you have to get them. These viruses aren't found on earth and if you were to get one there would be a chance it would kill you if you don't." Said Serena
"Oh I understand that. I just hate needles." Said Liz
"Don't worry honey I will be by your side the whole time. After if you are a good girl I may give you a reward." Said Max
"Uh yeah mind not bringing that up in front of me? I rather not think of you sleeping with my sister." Said Serena

Kara came then and kicked out the visitors so that the new mom could get some rest.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 26 2/23

Postby Roswelllostcause » Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:39 am

begonia9508 Yes very soon they will be going to see King Zan.

Natalie36 Thanks!

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Yes Liz will have to have shots before the trip to Antar. There are viruses there not found on Earth so they could make her really sick if she doesn't get the vaccines. Max, Serena and Kyle are going to be there for Liz.

Part 26

Max walked out into the garden to find Liz staring up at the stars. He could see that she was sad.

"Today was my mom's birthday."
"I'm sorry."
"I don't blame you for what happened. I know she is in a better place."
"Liz, when is your birthday?"
"Antarians don't celebrate birthdays."
"Liz, did you forget I was raised by humans? I celebrate them."
"That is in two days."
"Yeah, I will be twenty three."
"What kind of cake and ice cream do you like?"
"Maria's mom bakes the best cakes and pies I have ever had."
"Better then your mom's?"
"I love my mom dearly Liz. But a good cook is something that she is not."
"I like vanilla ice cream and strawberry cake."
"I will give Amy a call in the morning to see if she can make you a cake."
"Thank you."
"Now how about we head up to bed?"
"Is that all you think about?"
"Liz if you don't want to just say so."
"Max, relax I was just teasing you. I like being with you. I admit after what Kivar did to me I never thought I would enjoy having sex with anyone."
"I understand that."
"But Max the thing is with you I feel things I never thought I would feel."
"Is that a good thing?"
"Very. I love you. I never thought I could love anyone."

Max smiled and pulled Liz into a kiss. Then both headed in and to their room. Once in the room Max closed the door and picked Liz up and carried her to the bed. Liz giggled as he placed her in the center of the bed that they had been sharing for months now. Max looked down into Liz's warm eyes. He could see nothing but love and trust in them. Max leaned down and started to kiss her. It didn't take long before their clothes were on the floor. Max was surprised when Liz rolled them over so that she was on top of him. He smiled up at her.

"You know normally this isn't a loud."
"I know. But you aren't going to tell anyone I over stepped are you Lord Evans?"
"Never my sweet."

Liz smiled as she lowered herself onto his very hard manhood. Max let out a loud hiss as Liz in cased him in her hot tight core. Max placed his hands on her hips as she slowly started to raise herself up and down. He growled and rolled them over taking control of their love making.

"You were going to slow." Growled Max

Max picked up the pace thrusting hard and fast into Liz. Liz titled her head back as Max started to suck on her neck. Liz moaned as they continued to make love. Max made her feel things that she never thought were possible.

"Max that feels so good!"
"God Liz, I love you so much!"
"Love you always!"

Max let out a grunt as they both climaxed at the same time. Liz digging her nails into his back. Max rolled over so that he was laying next to Liz. Liz rolled over and drapped her arm over his muscular bare chest.

"How you feel?" Asked Max running his hand through her hair.
"Honey, I know you are scared to face Zan."
"I am. Max, you are the only man I want to be with. You were so patient with me. I know that I can trust you. That just because you have antarain blood it doesn't make you a bad person. Kivar fucked me up for a long time."
"Liz, just know I love you. I never blamed you for the way you felt."
"I know."

Liz closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep feeling safe in Max's arms.


He crept into the dark house and made his way to the master bedroom. This was the nicest house in the whole small town. He looked at the man sleeping in the bed. His blond curly hair was cut short. Not that it mattered what he looked like to him. His scanner proved this was who he was sent for. He pulled out the syringe and injected the liquid into him. It only took seconds before it took effect and the man's screams were heard as his blood started to boil and organs melted. Then it was silent. He made his way out of the house not speaking to the three women who had been woken by the screams of the dying man. All he left was a letter with the Royal Seal of Antar on it.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 27 2/24

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saori_1902 You find out who it was that died in this part.

begonia9508 Eve, the mystery ends here.

pandas2001 Who died is revealed in this part.

Part 27

Both Liz and Max woke to yelling coming from downstairs early the next morning. Max grabbed his pants and headed out to find out what was going on. He came down the stairs to find Maria going on about something.

"Maria what in the hell is going on?" Asked Max
"Sean is dead!"
"My no good bastard of a cousin is dead. This was found in his house."

Max took the letter from Maria and read it carefully.

"He was exucted by order of King Zan." Said Max
"Does it say why?" Asked Maria
"Only that he was guilty of mistreatment of women. That it was proven the three women that he took as his wives were forced. That is an illegal act. It was also proven that he had a habit of raping young women and helping soldiers to find women and girls to rape."
"Max did you know about this?"
"No. I heard rumors that King Zan has assailants on earth to take out what he feels are scum."
"What will happen to Pam, Vickie and Tina?"
"They will be found jobs and new homes. They did no wrong and will not be punished in anyway."
"So this is it?"
"Yeah. A new overseer of Gathtown will be appointed. One who will hopefully care about the people there."
"I should go. I need to check on my mom."
"OK. Maria, if she is up to it see if she will make a strawberry cake."
"Why do you want a strawberry cake?"
"Tomorrow is Liz's birthday. She likes strawberry cake."
"I'll talk to her. It might help distract her from Sean's death."
"Thanks Maria."

Max gave Maria a hug and she headed out. Liz who had been on the stairs came down the rest of the way.

"Sean is dead?"
"Why did King Zan kill him?"
"He broke to many laws. Liz, I don't know what is going to happen with Kivar. He will either meet his end like Sean, or he may be brought to Antar to face Zan. In that case he could face a public execution by beheading."
"I feel bad for Maria. Sean was not a good person but he was still part of her family."
"True. Liz come on you need to get ready to go get your shots."
"Oh fun."

Max kissed Liz knowing that this wasn't going to be easy on Liz.

Liz walked with Max into the exam room to wait for the doctor that would give Liz her shots. It was ten minutes later Kara walked with a nurse carrying a try. Max kissed the top of Liz's head when he felt her stiffen at seeing the tray with the different injections she would be given.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Said Kara
"It's OK. Is everything OK?" Asked Max
"It's fine." Said Kara

Kara prepared the injections and then gave them to Liz. Max watched her and wondered what was going on with her.

"Doc, there is something bothering you. You should tell us." Said Liz
"I can't." Said Kara
"Kara, if something is going on tell me. I can protect you." Said Max
"Max there is nothing you can do for me. Kivar has my foster sister. Has for over a year now."
"Kara, I promise when Kivar goes down I will get custody of her. Tell me her name."
"Jennifer Johnson."
"Kara, you know I will take good care of her. I can't free her. But her life will be a lot better"
"Thanks Max."
"No problem."
"Only your mother Max." Said Liz
"Shit, why did you have to go and remind me of that?" Said Max
"Because I love you, and love to see you act like a little boy around her." Said Liz

Kara laughed.

"He does act like a little boy around Diane." Said Kara
"Nice to see you two find it funny that my mom doesn't let me get away with anything." Mumbled Max

Liz leaned over and gave Max a kiss. Kara finished giving Liz her shots and Max and Liz got ready to head home.

"Liz, your arm might be sore for a few days. If you get a fever or notice anything different about your body tell Max so he can bring you back here."
"I will."

Max lead Liz out to the car. She rested her head on his shoulder as they headed back home. He knew that he was going to have to tell her what he hadn't wanted to tell Maria. That the main reason Sean was killed was because he was the one that had tried to kill Liz. That he had been the one who poisoned her.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 28 2/25

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saori_1902 Yes Sean deserved it.

begonia9508 Sean knew he would be punished if he when after Liz. No the shots weren't to painful for Liz.

Natalie36 Yes you did! :D

Part 28

Liz woke early the next morning to find Max gone. It was not the first time since she began sharing a bed with him. The first few times it scared her. But not any more. She got out of bed and headed into the bathroom to get ready for the day. It was half an hour later when she was brushing out her hair that she felt Max wrap his arms around her.

"Happy birthday beautiful." Said Max
"Thank you."
"Kyle, Serena, Maria and Michael are going to come by later to help celebrate."
"You didn't have to do that. I would have been happy with just the two of us."
"I know honey. But I wanted to do something nice for you. I know you haven't really celebrated since you lost your mom."
"No I haven't."
"Liz, there is something I do need to tell you."
"What is it?"
"You can't tell Maria this."
"Sean was the one that had you poisoned. He paid someone to tamper with your cream. King Zan found out and had him taken out."
"I don't know. Liz, Sean was not a good person. He didn't treat those women very well. You would have been treated worse then you are now."
"Max, you treat me better then anyone else would. But until King Zan saids other wise I am a slave."
"I don't see you that way."
"I know. But as long as I have to wear these things on my wrists that is how most people see me."
"Liz, I don't care how anyone else sees you. You are a beautiful smart funny caring woman. Yes you had a fucked up life and been hurt a lot in the past. But that is the past. You have a very bright future."
"Thank you."

Max kissed Liz and they headed down to breakfast.


Three hours later when Michael and Maria arrived Max pulled Michael aside to talk.

"Michael, have you told Maria that you are the one who took out Sean?"
"I think it best that you don't tell her."
"Yeah I know. So who is going to take over Gathtown?"
"So your whole family will be back together before long."
"Yeah. Michael, while I am with Liz on Antar I need you to keep an eye on things here."
"You know I will."
"Now if only something could only be done about Kivar."
"I know."


King Zan looked over the report on the young woman his one clone had taken as a slave less then a year ago and now wished to have freed so he could marry. She was a lovely girl. But had been wronged so much in her life. He had already had the human taken out that had caused her pain. Now that only left the one who had stolen her innocents from her and caused her mother so much pain. A woman who in her last days had become a friend to him.

"Nancy, I will keep my promise Elizabeth will be given justice and live a happy life from now on."

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 29 2/26

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saori_1902 Thanks!

begonia9508 Liz wouldn't fear him if she knew that King Zan knew and was friends with her mother.

L-J-L 76 Zan is going to do everything he can to keep his promise to Nancy.

Part 29

Max and Michael walked out on to the patio to find Maria, Serena and Liz talking and laughing. Kyle was hold his baby and smiling. Max walked over to Liz and wrapped his arm around her. Liz turned in his arms and gave him a kiss. Michael smirked at Serena before taking a seat next to Maria.

"So how is motherhood treating you Dog face?" Asked Michael
"Bite me Mikey." Said Serena
"She really is a cutie Serena. Beautiful like her mom." Said Michael
"Thanks Michael. So you and Maria going to have any kids?" Asked Serena
"Maybe." Said Michael
"Liz, do you want to have a family?" Asked Serena
"There was a time not long ago I would have said no. But if things go well on Antar then I would love to have a family with Max. Of course I would want my kids to know their Aunt Rena." Said Liz
"You know I will be there, just like I know that you are going to be there for Amber and any other kids I have."

Liz reached over and hugged Serena.

"I love you sis." Said Liz
"Love ya too. You know that is the first time you have called me sis."
"Get use to it. I want us to get closer. Maria, I want you as my friend. I need some friends. Because of the crap I when through as a kid I have lived a very lonely life. But I want that to change." Said Liz
"All of us are here for you Liz. You are not alone any more." Said Kyle taking her hand.
"Thanks Kyle."

They spent the rest of the day laughing and having fun. It had been the first time in a very long time that Liz really enjoyed her birthday. After everyone left Liz curled up with Max on the balcony outside their room to watch the sunset.

"Did you enjoy your birthday?" Asked Max
"Yeah I did. Maria is great. Michael isn't bad either."
"I'm glad. When we get back from Antar you will meet my sister. Alex is going to be the new overseer of Gathtown."
"He will do a good job. I know he will help to improve things there."
"Yes he will. One thing that will change is that soldiers can't just walk into someone's home and force them to have sex with them, and if they do that to a child they will be charged with a crime. I will not put up with the rape of a child."
"Am I the reason for these changes?"
"Partly, a lot of this is coming from King Zan. Liz, you won't have to go through as many hoops as others when you go before him."
"What do you mean?"
"Just prove to him your feelings for me are real. That you aren't just saying you love me and will marry me because you want a chance to be in his bed with him."
"How do I do that?"
"You will know when the time comes."

Max stood up with Liz in his arms and carried her to their bed.

"Max what are you doing?"
"Do you trust me?"
"You know I do."
"Then just relax."

Max placed her gently in the center of the bed. He didn't climb on top of her like in the past. He when to her feet and very gently removed her shoes and socks. Max started to rub her feet. Liz let out a giggle when Max kissed each of her toes. He smiled and after removing his own shoes and socks climbed on the bed keeping her body between his legs. He took her lips in his for a deep and passionate kiss. Soon their clothes were on the floor. Max reached for Liz's bra, she lifted up wrapping her arms around his neck as he unhooked it.

"I hate these things. Why do you women wear these things?"
"We need something to support our breasts."

Max pulled the straps down her arms and threw the bra across the room. Liz let out a laugh at his action. Max took both breasts in his hands and started to kneed them which cause Liz to groan with pleasure. Liz reached up and ran her hand down Max's well scoped chest. He gently grabbed her hand and kissed her fingers.

"Tonight is only about you my love." Said Max

Max kissed Liz down her neck right to the valley between her breasts. Then he took the right one in his mouth gently nibbling on the nipple. He then repeated the action on the left one. Liz hissed as she could feel herself becoming increasingly wet between her legs. Max then continued his line down her body. He only stopped when he reached her belly button to stick his tong in causing Liz to shiver. He then moved the rest of the way down to her panties. He hooked his fingers in and very slowly started to pull them down. Liz lifted her hips from the bed and he pulled them the rest of the way down her slender legs. He tossed them aside and gently pushed her legs apart. He pushed one of his fingers into her to find that she was already dripping wet. He pushed a second finger in and started to pump both of them in and out causing her to groan with pleasure. He placed his head between her legs and started to lap up her jucies.

"God Max I need you!"
"Where do you need me baby?"
"I need you inside me. Please Max!"

Max removed his boxers and lifted her legs over his hips and plunged his throbbing enlarged manhood deep into her, causing both to let out a groan out of both of them. Their love making was slow and tender. Both of their bodies moving in sync. When both reached their climax at the same time they screamed out each others name before Max pulled out of Liz and fell to the bed next to Liz. They fell to sleep in each others arms.

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