Like Father, Like Son - AU M/L MATURE [COMPLETE]

Finished stories set in an alternate universe to that introduced in the show, or which alter events from the show significantly, but which include the Roswell characters. Aliens play a role in these fics. All complete stories on the main AU with Aliens board will eventually be moved here.

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The cottage was located far away from any town of city. It was on the total edge of civilization. No one would expect a queen to be able to live in such a place.

But she was.

Jave, former Queen of Antar and present Queen Mother to the Once and Future King Zan, had managed to leave behind her life of luxury in the palace and come here, to rustic accommodations, and she had survived. True, sometimes she would long for some frippery or another, but she managed to suppress the want.

It was all worth it if she could have her babies home again.

She had turned the cottage into a sort off safe house, where persecuted rebels could come to be stitched up, or where secret meetings would be held to plan attacks on Kivar.

So when the small transport ship landed outside, there were a number of hardened, battle-ready soldiers on hand to protect her. They barricaded the door, pulled the curtains on the windows, and had all entrances covered.

Jave glanced out of the last free window and then had to look again from pure shock. Cadell was walking out of the vehicle. Her Cadell, second in command to her position, the man who had been captured by Kivar’s soldiers three months ago.

She ran for the door, the bodyguards trying frantically to catch up, and then she was gone. “Cadell!” she cried, running to him, “Cadell what has happened? Did you escape?”

“Nay, my Queen,” he laughed, “I was set free.”

“Set free?” she repeated, halting in terror, “Oh, no, Cadell, did they follow you to us?” She scanned the skies, unable to believe he would endanger or betray the rebellion. “Cadell, please say you did not trust any of Kivar’s promises, please?” she pleaded.

“Kivar is dead, your Majesty.”


“He’s dead, Jave, the rebellion is over,” he said slowly, obviously noting her trouble processing the information.

“How? Then I am ruler again?”

“Nay, the King is.”

“The King…” she trailed off, hoping he meant what she thought he meant. And then her attention was diverted by another person exiting the ship. She stared in shock at him, eyes tracing his figure, his features… She had memorized the picture the scientists had given her, outlining how the hybrids would develop, and he was exactly how he had been portrayed; Strong, handsome, a personage to stand out, to lead.

“Zan?” she asked breathless. The man had approached her, and now shook his head.

“I am Bastian, Grandmother,” he told her shyly. They looked at each other, and finally Jave wrapped her arms around him, tears of joy falling from her eyes. Her grandson...

Bastian adjusted the robes he had to wear for the coronation ceremony and frowned, not happy. These things were ridiculously encumbering. “Do I have to wear this?” he complained to Kendy, who was fixing the hem.

“It’s tradition Bastian, you know that. This robe had been passed down from father to son since the beginning of Antar’s Kings.”

“I’m amazed it’s lasted this long,” he muttered, twitching, “Hey! Ow! You poked me!”

“If you didn’t move around so much, I wouldn’t have. Now stop fidgeting,” she ordered, “It was vacuum-packed.”


“The robe,” she said, “It was vacuumed-packed to preserve it.”

“Well they shouldn’t have bothered. My first act as King, after proclaiming world peace, will be to coerce the tailors into making a new ceremonial robe. One more current. Maybe like those suits the President wears on Earth, except more stylish, because those stripped ties are not cool.” He finished ranting just as she leaned back.

“Done,” she announced, sitting back on her heel and looking up at him, smiling. Bastian smiled back, his heart caught in his throat. She was so beautiful, it constantly amazed him how he hadn’t managed to notice before.

“Kendy…” he started, suddenly needing to tell her about his newfound feelings for her. She looked at him curiously as she got up, packing her sewing things into a box.

“Yeah, Bastian?” she asked, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“Yo, baby boy, where’s you at?” They both turned to look as Ava came charging into the room, heedless of her delicate blue skirts. “I’s not wearing this prissy shit!” she exclaimed when she spotted them.

“You look better than me,” Bastian said glumly, upset his avowal of love had been interrupted, and that the focus was now back to these heinous clothes. He had never minded the frilliness of court attire before heading to Earth, but now he missed the loose shirts and leather pants…He was glad he had brought some jeans and boxers back with him.

Ava had changed her appearance on the way home to Antar. Her streaked blond hair was now pure, natural blonde, straight and shoulder length. The only piercing left on her were her earrings, and the tattoos were completely obliterated, except the symbol of royalty at the base of her spine. She looked pretty, sweet, almost vulnerable in a way.

“Bastian?” His grandmother swept into the room, dignity and royal bearing in her every step. She sighed delightedly and smiled, “I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in these dresses, I had missed the swish of so many skirts.” Bastian and Ava just stared at her. “Ah, Ava, you’re looking lovely.”

“Thanks Queenie.” Kendy cleared her throat. “Ah, I means…Thank you for the compliment your Majesty, you’re looking…very fine yourself.” She sunk into a curtsey, only wobbling a little, and then rose, grinning at her accomplishment and glanced at Kendy for approval.

He watched the whole exchange amusedly as Kendy smiled, nodded, and mouthed ‘Perfect’. He had to admit, Ava was adjusting to court life fairly well after living on the streets for so long. She had to work on her manners and speaking skills, but all in all she was making marked improvements in a record amount of time.

“I must take my leave,” Kendy said, picking up her basket, “The kitchens need help for the banquet tonight. Good luck, Bastian.” She kissed his cheek gently on her way out. He stared after her a moment, and touched his cheek wonderingly. When he turned back to the other ladies, Jave was looking at him expectantly and Ava was smirking knowingly. He blushed.

“Do you let all your servants address you so informally?” Jave asked.

“Kendy’s not a servant, she’s my friend.” And hopefully she’d be more someday.

“Yeah right, Duke,” Ava insinuated, the she punched his shoulder tenderly, “I’s approve.”

“Thanks,” he whispered, blushing more.

“Approve of what?” his grandmother queried.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it Jave,” Ava covered for him, dismissing the issue with a wave. “Now, it’s time for Bastian to go be crowned ruler or whatever.”

He had a sudden anxiety attack. “I don’t know if I can do this,” he stated, not moving as they headed to the door.

“What are you talking about, Bastian? You got this King stuff down,” his mother said encouragingly.

“No.” He shook his head. “I’m going to go out there and I’m gonna freeze and everybody’ll start saying I’m not as good as Zan and how I shouldn’t even be allowed in the same family as him and then there’ll be more rebellions, and…I can’t be king…”

“Of course you can,” Jave said, “It’s in your blood, your genetic make-up. You are destined to be King of Antar, just as you father was and his father and his, and so on and so forth. You are your father’s son, it is as simple as that, Bastian, now come. Your people are awaiting your presence.”

He stared at her, freaking out internally. “But that’s just it!” he exclaimed, “I’ve been trained to be king, I’ve been born, destined, whatever…But what if I can’t do it?”

“Bastian…” Ava walked over to him and hooked her arm in his. “Yous already King. Ya got peace the first day you came back. This…ceremony shit is just a, what d’ya call it? A formality. Yous is gonna do great, Bastian. And I ain’t just saying that ‘cause I’s ya mother, I saying that ‘cause I’s knows Zan and Max, and yous just as good. And yous can be greater.”

He looked at her, took a deep breath, then nodded. She smiled at him and tugged him forward. “Le’s go,” she suggested, “I’s got myself things ta do today.”

Larek rose from his seat as the other world leaders took their leave, shaking hands with the newest addition to their number. He was glad the others had accepted Bastian, though Kathana and Hannar had been a bit reluctant to bow down to the boy king.

He approached Bastian last, studying the younger man and liking what he was seeing. He was nearly an exact replication of Max, and he would be a great king. Larek had determined that fact by the way he had commanded the summit, fairly yet firmly.

“I wish you a good day, Larek,” he said.

“Thank you Bastian, and I would like to inform you that my planet will always be willing to pledge its support to you and your heirs. I was one of Zan’s best friends growing up, you know?”

“I was aware of that, yes, but I cannot believe you would offer an alliance just due to that fact,” he stated bluntly.

Larek laughed. “Smart,” he commented, “But it is not just that friendship that caused my offer, Bastian. You’re a good man, and will be a good ruler. I would be honored to support you and perhaps, be your friend.”

A slow smile spread across the King of Antar’s face. “I’d like that,” he said thoughtfully, “I’d like that a lot.”

Larek clapped him on the shoulder. “That’s settled then, I’ll expect a visit sometime soon…My daughter is just about you age,” he mentioned as an afterthought.

Bastian stiffened and turned red, “Um, Larek, forgive me, but I won’t be forming any alliance with another planet through marriage.”

“Got your sights set already?” he inquired, amused.

“Yes,” Bastian said softly, looking at the floor.

“I’m not offended, Bastian. It was just an option. It has no effect on our pact. My planet and yours will be allies as long as they are in existence.” He held out his hand in a gesture of goodwill and Bastian took it gratefully.

“Thank you,” he said, “Thank you for your proposal of aid, and for your friendship. I’ve been lacking in that department, but things are looking up. I just need some guy friends,” he added, wrinkling his nose, “You just can’t tell girls everything, you know?”

He laughed heartily. “Communication will be open, I promise. And you can call anytime.” He shook his hand once more and headed for the door and his ship. At the door he paused. “You’ll come visit?”

“Count on it,” Bastian replied, grinning.

Larek nodded. “You’ll make your father proud Bastian,” were his departing words.

“You’re not going to marry off planet?”

She looked at him inquisitively as he turned from saying good-bye to their last visiting ruler. Larek was an old friend of the family, she was pleased with the offer he had made to her grandson.

“No, Grandmother, I am not.”

“But…Who will you marry then?”

“She’s Antarian,” he told her.

“From which family?” She had not kept up on the who’s who in Court, and was not sure she wanted Bastian marrying a girl from a family of Kivar’s supporters.

“She’s not a courtier,” he responded simply.

“Then what are you going to gain from this marriage?” she asked, confused.

He smiled gently, “Hopefully the woman I love.”

“It’s cool, Jave,” Ava said reassuringly, “She’s a good girl, and she loves him too, so it’s all good.”

Jave stared at her. Sometimes Ava reverted to this person who could not speak grammatically correct and used Earth phrases foreign to her. It was hard to have a conversation with her. “But…”

“I’m going to my rooms,” Bastian said abruptly.

“Yeah,” Ava put in, “You look tired, and you had a long day. Go get some rest.”

“Thank you. Good day Mother, Grandmother.” He gave them a bow and then took his leave.

“I still don’t comprehend,” she turned to Ava, lost, “Who is this girl?”

Bastian walked wearily into his room and headed straight for the bathroom, needing a long soak and a change of clothes.

“Hey, you!”

He spun at the chipper voice and saw Kendy, organizing a vase of flowers on his bedroom dresser. “Kendy, hey.”

“How was the banquet?” she asked.

“Delicious,” he replied, “Thank you.”

She shrugged happily. “I got to help bake dessert,” she told him proudly.

“That was my very favorite part of dinner,” he teased. She blushed and whacked him with a flower stem. “Where’d you get them?” he asked, sniffing the pleasant perfume they gave off. They kinda reminded him of the way Kendy smelled.

“From a field just beyond the palace, my mother works in a perfume factory and she uses these flowers to make scents for me. They’re my favorite smell in the world.” She sighed and breathed them in. “I thought you might like them,” she added shyly, “And they add a little something to the room.”

“I love them,” he assured her. Just like I love you.

“So, how was your day?”

“Boring!” he cried, “I just got done with this huge meeting with the other rulers, Larek’s cool by the way, plus Jave and Ava, and then I had to deal with the Chancellor and Cadell, and…Ugh!” He threw his hands up in the air, upset again.

“Sorry,” she offered timidly, “You must want to rest. I’ll go.” She smiled at him and started to leave.

“Wait!” he called. She turned to look at him. “I’m actually in the mood for a walk, wanna join me?”

“Sure.” Her smile grew. “I’ll just go to my room and grab a shawl.”

“Yeah, and I need to change. I’ll meet you at the east side gate in ten minute, okay?”


Fifteen minutes later they were racing through the woods, Kendy trying helplessly to catch him. He laughed at her, running backwards and slowing down, allowing her to reach him finally. She collapsed, panting in the blue-green grass and glared at him.

“That was so unfair!”

“You’re just saying that because you lost,” he replied, holding out a hand to help her up. She grasped it and he pulled her to her feet. “Come on, we’ve still got a little while longer.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he answered cryptically.

“Bastian!” she whined.

“It’s a surprise,” he relented, “Come on! I wanna be there to see the sunset.”

“Fine…” And she started walking faster to enable her stride to match his.

A half hour later they went from grass to rock. They walked until they reached the end of the jutting peak called Dimaras rock and sat, staring down at the red water below them. “I use to come here when I was little,” Kendy told him softly. The air was calm, peaceful. There was a lull in the air, and she spoke as if she were afraid to disturb it.

“This is where Zan first saw Ava,” he told her, just as quietly.


He nodded and turned his attention to the buttercup colored sky that was slowly beginning to change. The sun was setting, cutting through the atmosphere like a swath of fire. The moons began rising off to the side, the lilac Shameel, the rose Kiyak, and the leaf green Dimaras lighting up the sky in a way so different from that of their sun.

“Yes, the stories say he was swimming down there, and she was up here, and he saw her and told Larek she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, but he was too shy to talk to her.” He smiled, remembering the tales vividly. “Larek told her for him. He introduced them that night at a party. They had their first kiss, and I guess things just went from there. Before he became king he proposed to her, here, as a remembrance of that first glance.”

“Love at first sight…” Kendy sighed huskily, “That’s so romantic.”

Bastian looked at her, the way the setting of the sun and rising of the moons played across her features, making part of her gold and the other lit pink and lavender. Her eyes reflected the light like stars, and he knew he couldn’t be shy any longer. He didn’t have a Larek to make the first move.

He took her hand in his and she looked at him curiously, smiling slightly. “Bastian?” He brought her hand to his lips and her eyes widened, gently he kissed it, then met her eyes, emotions blazing.

“Kendy…” he breathed, and then leaned closer, taking her supple lips in his, and she responded, hesitantly at first, but soon eagerly…They broke apart when the need for air became too great.

“Bastian…” she whispered. He placed a finger to her mouth.

“I love you,” he told her seriously. She bit her bottom lip, tempting him, and gave him a happy smile.

“I love you."

*The End*