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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 51 11/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:30 am

begonia9508 Yes Michael and Maria are getting married. Max and Liz will do what they are for Heather's brother.

keepsmiling7 You know Liz will find a home for Heather's brother.

L-J-L 76 Zane is back at work. Kara knows that only Max and Liz can do anything to bring Heather's brother to Antar.

Part 51

Liz walked into Max's office. He was sitting at his desk looking over some papers.

"Hi Max."
"Hey Liz. What's up?"
"Kara came to see me. Official business. You know Heather? The girl Kivar had been abusing?"
"Yes. I remember."
"Well it seems she has a nine year old brother Aaron."
"You want him brought here for her don't you?"
"I know that we have to find a family willing to adopt him."
"I have a list of approved families. Liz, it will now be your job to interview and pick the best fit. I will have our people track him down."
"How do you do that?"
"We have Heather's DNA on file. We set a bio scanner to find all close matches."
"Is that how you found Alex and me?"
"Yes, Maria as well. Captain Mayra is her half sister."
"You haven't told Maria have you?"
"Truth is Maria kind of scares me."

Liz laughed. If the people of Antar knew their King was scared of a small human woman he would never get any respect.

"Glad you find that funny."
"Sorry it's just you are this powerful King and you are scared of a small powerless human woman."
"Uh you do know that she has a temper right?"
"Uh I have a temper."
"I know. But you are more likely to yell. Maria will yell, hit and throw things."
"That is true."
"Liz, I trust you to pick the right family for Aaron."
"Thank you."
"Ask Serena to contact them for you and set up appointments."
"Liz, you are feeling ok right?"
"Yes Max."
"Max, I would tell you if there was something wrong."
"I know."
"I should get those appointments set up."
"Yeah. I guess I will see you later my sweet Queen."

Liz walked around the large desk and gave Max a kiss. She then took the list of approved adoptive families to give to Serena.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 52 11/21

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:29 am

L-J-L 76 Liz get's to work finding Aaron a home here.

begonia9508 Yes a lot of people would be scare.

keepsming7 Yes Liz has a very important job.

SmileeUk Liz will do her best to find a home for young Aaron.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 52

It was a week later. Alex and Isabel had married the night before. Now Liz was in her office waiting for the second of her interviews. The first one didn't go as well as she hoped. They had seemed to be looking more for slave labor then a child to welcome into their family. There was a knock on the door and Serena stuck her head in.

"Your Highness, Lord Trayer and Lady Janda are here." Said Serena
"Show them in Serena." Said Liz

Liz stood to greet her guests a warm smile on her face when the couple walked in.

"It is an honor to get this chance to meet you Your Highness." Said Lord Trayer
"Thank you. Please sit down." Said Liz

"Lord Trayer, Lady Janda. It said's here on your application that you have no children?"
"That is correct. We have tried for a number of years. But are unable to have one of our own." Said Lord Trayer
"Your Highness we just want a child. To us it does not matter if the child is of Antar, Earth or mixed of both worlds." Said Lady Janda
"I see. Now what about age? Does that matter?"asked Liz
"We would prefer a child under the age of twelve. But that isn't of importance. We just want to give the child a chance at a better life then they have now." Said Trayer
"So if it's let's say a nine year old boy, who by the time they arrive would be less then six months from turning ten you would be ok with that?"
"Yes." Said Janda
"Now, if this child has a older sibling that was brought here illegally to be abused, and that sibling has since been given citizenship, how do you feel about that?"
"The older sibling now has a guardian?" Asked Trayer
"Then that is all the better. We would even invite this sibling to spend time with the child we would take in." Said Janda
"Very good."
"Your Highness does this have to do with the young woman that Kivar had prisoner?" Asked Trayer
"Yes. It turns out that she has a brother. He is nine years old. We located him three days ago and he is being given medical treatment. He will arrive in a few days."
"What is his name?" Asked Janda
"I take it from the fact that you are leading torwards choosing us for this young boy?" Asked Trayer
"Actually based on the answers you gave me I am choosing you."
"Really?" Asked Janda
"Yes Lady Janda. I feel that you will be the best fit for this young boy. You do understand that it will be your job now to help him adjust to his new life here."
"Yes Your Highness. We understand that." Said Trayer
"Good there is some paper work that needs to be filled out. Lady Serena will take you to a room to fill it out."
"Thank you. This means so much to us. We can not wait to meet our new son Aaron." Said Trayer

Liz smiled and hit a buzzer. Serena came in a minute later.

"Lady Serena, will you take Lord Trayer and Lady Janda down the hall to fill out the paper work to officially adopt Aaron?"
"Yes my Queen." Said Serena

Serena lead the couple out and Liz when to work on her own paper work. She looked up five minutes later when Max walked in.

"You made a very good choice." Said Max
"Yes. Lord Trayer and Lady Janda are very good people. I have been looking for a child for them for a while."
"They are willing to let Heather visit Aaron."
"That is good."
"Max did you know that I would choose them?"
"No. But I knew that they had a very good chance."

Liz smiled and kissed her husband. She never knew what love really was until she met Max.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 53 11/22

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Nov 22, 2014 5:57 am

L-J-L 76 Yes Liz found adoptive parents for Aaron. It will still take time for him to adjust to his new life.

keepsmiling7 Yes it seems to be a perfect match. Let's just hope Aaron will warm up to his new parents.

begonia9508 No not all antarians are against making humans part of their families.

saori_1902 Yes it does appear that Liz found the perfect match.

Part 53

Liz watched as the young blond haired boy was carried into the medical building. He was such a cute kid.

"He is in very good health. Much better then you were when we found you Your Highness." Said Kara from behind her.
"What was wrong with him?" Asked Liz
"Malnutrition, had what I believe you called the flu."
"So he is going to be fine?"
"Yes. Lord Trayer and Lady Janda are on their way to meet him."
"That's good. Is Heather here?"
"May I use your office to speak with her?"
"Of course. Zane, you will show her the way?"
"Yes. This way my Queen." Said Zane

Five minutes later Heather walked into Kara to find the young Queen waiting for her.

"Your Highness, you asked to see me?" Asked Heather giving a slight bow.
"Please sit down Heather."

Heather sat across from Liz unsure how to act.

"Relax. Heather, the couple that is adopting Aaron are very good people. They will treat him very well."
"Will I get to see my brother ever?"
"Yes. Heather, not everyone here is like Kivar."
"I know. It's just that I have been the only family Aaron has had for a while."
"You will always be Aaron's sister. But the fact is this is what is best for him."
"I know. Dr. Kara told me that in a couple years it would be time for me to take a mate. But would any man truly want me? I mean I was nothing more then Kivar's whore."
"Heather, Kivar raped you! You didn't want to have sex with him. Heather, never think that you were a whore. I saw girls forced to become whores. Most were reluctant at first. But it didn't take long for them to believe that was all they were good for. Did you ever feel like the way you were treated was what you were good for?"
"Do you have any dreams?"
"I want to help people."
"I don't know. There will be more humans coming here right?"
"Maybe do something that will help them adjust to life here?"
"That is going to take special training."
"I know. I liked to learn when I could. But it was hard. New York wasn't really a safe place."
"Neither was Detroit."
"So is there a way for me to get that kind of training?"
"Yes, and you live with the best person to set that up for you."
"I guess I should talk to her."
"Yes you should. Aaron should be awake soon. I think he would be happy to see his big sister."

Heather smiled and they returned to Aaron's room. They walked in and Heather saw a couple sitting near her brother's bed. They stood to greet the young women.

"It is nice to meet you Heather. I'm Lord Trayer and this my wife Lady Janda. I want you to know that we will treat Aaron like he is our flesh and blood." Said Trayer
"You are welcome to visit as often as your studies will let you." Said Janda
"Thank you both for taking my brother into your home." Said Heather

Liz stood back with Kara and watched the young woman talk with her brother's new parents. Liz now knew that she had made a good choice for the young boy.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 54 11/23

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:53 am

keepsmiling7 Aaron meets his new mom here.

begonia9508 Eve, Heather knows that this is what is best for her brother and trusts the Queen to have picked what she felt would be best for her brother.

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

SmileeUk Yes Aaron has parents now.

saori_1902 Oh yes Liz is settling very nicely as Queen.

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 54

Aaron woke to see that he was no longer on Earth. He looked around and saw people he didn't know except one. Someone he hadn't seen in months.

"Hey Aaron. How are you feeling buddy?"
"Better then I have in a while. Where are we?"
"Aaron, we are on Antar. The Queen found some people who want to take you into their home and raise you as their son."
"What about you?"
"I will visit you all the time. I want you to be good for Lord Trayer and Lady Janda."
"Why can't I live with you?"
"It's just not possible. I have school, so will you. Even though we can't live together doesn't mean I don't love you. We will always be brother and sister. Now promise me that you will be good."
"I promise Heather."

Heather smiled and kissed her brother on the head.

"Hi Aaron I am Lady Janda." Said a very pretty lady.
"Hi. You my new mother?"
"Yes honey."
"You are really pretty."
"Thank you. So you are ok with coming to live with me and my husband?"
"Yes. Heather really can visit a lot?"

Liz smiled as she left. It really did seem that she had found a very good home for that boy.


Serena placed her hand on her stomach and smiled. When she felt the faint heart beat there. Now all she had to do was tell Kyle. She was a little nervous. That was the one thing that they hadn't really talked about.

"Rena, what's wrong? Your emotions are over the place. It is driving me kind of crazy." Said Kyle coming up behind her.
"Yeah. I'm fine."
"Red tell me what is going on?"
"I'm pregnant."
"We're having a baby?"
"That is great! I hope it's a girl. One that is as beautiful as you are."
"You are happy about this?"
"That's great. I was really nervous about telling you."
"Red you never have to be scared or nervous about telling me anything."
"I'm glad. Now place your hand on my stomach."

Kyle did as he was told and was surprised when he felt the connection form. He smiled when he felt the and heard the heartbeat. He pushed a little harder at the connection and he saw his baby girl. He broke the connection pulled Serena closer to him and gave her a big kiss.

"She is beautiful. Just like her mother. I love you Serena."
"Love you Kyle. While I have always been treated as family by the Royals, I knew deep down I wasn't really. When I met you I truly knew what love was."


Max watched Serena and Kyle in the garden. He was happy for them. He turned to his mother.

"When are you going to tell Serena the truth of who her father was?" Max asked Diane
"Tomorrow. My brother died before he had a chance to see his child. I promised him that I would care for her."
"That is why you and dad brought her here isn't it? Of all the hybrid children."
"Yes. When did you find out?"
"Before she married."
"Max, I know I should have told her sooner."
"Yes you should have. She is family! Not just because she was raised with us. But by blood. She is the last of your father's blood line. That makes her the Baroness of the Veronton region. The region being run by Lord Cander."
"I know."
"Is she ready to take her rightful place?"
"Good we will give her a month to adjust to this news and then make it official."
"And Kyle?"
"Serena will hold the power in the region, but he will still be given the title of Baron if that is what the Baroneness wishes. Other wise it will be Lord."

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 55 11/24

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Nov 24, 2014 5:53 am

L-J-L 76 We find out how Serena takes the news here.

begonia9508 Oh yes Diane does keep secrets. Serena did have a right to know who her father was before now.

keepsmiling7 Serena finds out today who her father was.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 55

Serena walked into Diane's study after breakfast. She noticed a file laying on the table open in front of Diane.

"Diane you wanted to see me?"
"Yes Serena. Please sit down."

Serena sat down and looked at the woman who had always treated her like a daughter.

"Serena, I have been keeping a secret from you. I have always known who your father is."
"What?! Who is it?"
"He died before you came out of the pod. It was my brother Victor the Baron of Veronton."
"Did he have any other children?"
"No, you are his only heir."
"That means, I'm......"
"The Baronness of Veronton."
"Does Max know this?"
"Yes. You will be given a month to prepare to take your rightfully place. There is also a place on the council for you or the person you choose as your repersentive."
"Lord Cander has been running things in that region and sitting on the council?"
"Yes. I will need to talk with him. If he agrees I want him to stay on the council in my place. I have a lot to catch up on."
"Serena, I am sorry I didn't inform you sooner."
"Diane, this is going to be a big change for me. This will also be big for Kyle."
"Yes it is. You will be moving into your own home on the other side of the city."
"I understand that."
"Are you upset with me?"
"I'm hurt that you didn't trust me with this before now."
"Kyle, is now required to have a title."
"I am aware of that. If he agrees it will be Baron. Though I am the one with the power due to blood line."
"Yes. Serena I am sorry I kept this from you."
"I know you are Diane. I need to talk with Kyle. Then I need to make an appointment with Max."

Serena left to find her husband.


Max walked into Liz's office to find her going over some papers.

"Liz, do you have a minute?"
"For you my King I can make time. What do you need?"
"Liz, Serena will no longer be able to assist you."
"Your mother tell her who her father is?"
"Yes. How did you know?"
"You left the file out in our rooms. I kind of read it, before putting away."
"You know I was planing to tell you."
"Oh I know. So how do you think she will take the news that she is really a Baroness?"
"That is a very hard question to answer. She will either blow up or take it well. You do know she will have to move across town."
"I know. This is what is right. She has been trained for this."
"Yes she has. I have arranged for Heather to be trained to be your new assistant. You told me that she wants to help people. So how better then to help find homes here for parent less children that will be brought here starting next year."
"Yes. Helping her brother Aaron made me realize that getting children before they can be coruped by the gangs would be best."
"Yes it will."

Max leaned down and kissed his wife, his Queen.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 56 11/25

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:22 am

keepsmiling7 We get Kyle's reaction today!

L-J-L 76 We get Kyle's reaction here.

begonia9508 Yes there are changes coming. But not too fast!

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 56

Serena walked into the room she shared with Kyle. He was only dressed in his pants hair still wet from a shower. She knew he had been training with the Royal Guard.

"Kyle, there is something I need to tell you."
"What is it honey?"
"In one month we will be moving across the city. To the home of the Baron and Baroness of Veronton."
"Why you going to be working for them or something?"
"Kyle, I am the Baroness. My father was Diane's brother. I am the last of that bloodline. So therefore I am the new Baroness."
"Kyle if you are willing to accept you are going to be given the title of Baron. I will hold the power because of the bloodline. But as Baron you will be in charge of forming my personal guard, and be my most trusted advise."
"If I don't want that title?"
"You will still be given the title of Lord."
"I would be honored to be your Baron my beautiful Baroness."
"Oh yes. Serena I love you. So how do I pick this personal guard of yours?"
"Any member of the Antarian Royal Army can be chosen. Except those on Max's personal guard. Or Liz's. Captain Mayra is off the table too. I got a feeling that our Queen might make it an order to Zane to marry that woman."
"Are you happy about this?"
"Kyle, I have always just wanted to know where I came from."
"So one month?"
"You know something. You are family to the Royals. You are the cousin to the King."
"Yeah. Let's not forget that my sister is married to the King."
"That is true."

Kyle kissed Serena and both fell onto their bed.


Alex watched Isabel as she dressed. He couldn't believe that he was married to a real princess.

"Alex shouldn't you be getting dressed?"
"I will. Just enjoying watching you Princess."
"Well I will be leaving shortly. Liz asked me to help her organize the files on the children we plan to bring from Earth and place in good homes."
"Did Max say how many he plans to bring here?"
"Could be a couple hundred or a couple thousand. There will still be some around your age brought as mates. But the people who are searching for a human mate have to pay a fee. The fee is to cover the medical care and transportation of that human here. It will also cover citizenship papers."
"So I have papers?"
"Every human that is on Antar is required to have them. When Kivar brought Heather here he did it illegally. She had no papers and received next to no medical care. He used her as a sex slave. That trade was out lawed a long time ago. But that doesn't mean there isn't a black market for the trade."
"Is there a way to stop it?"
"Every time we stop one group of the pirates another pops up."
"So it's hard to stop."
"Yes. Alex, not all those like Heather are granted citizenship. Most once treated are sent to one of the colonies away from Antar. That is what happens to those on the pirates ships. Dr. Kara was willing to take responsibility for Heather that is why she got to stay."
"I take it not many would get that chance."
"No there aren't."
"Does she have someone?"
"A mate? No. But she has paid the fee to have a human one found."
"She seems like a nice woman."
"She is. See you later Alex."

Isabel left and headed for Liz's office.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 57 11/26

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:23 am

L-J-L 76 It is good that Serena and Kyle know the truth. Yes they have to move out of the palace, but they aren't going far. Alex is really smart and will be a big help very soon.

begonia9508 There are still arranged marriages in India as as well the some of the middle east.

keepsmiling7 oh yes Baron Kyle Valenti does sound nice.

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 57 Three weeks later

Serena walked through the halls of what was to be her new home. There were serevents working to clean and polish everything. It was only a week before she would be officially named the Baroness of Veronton. She still found it hard to believe that everything in this mansion belonged to her.

"My Lady is there something I can help you with?" Asked a maid
"No thank you. I was just looking around."
"Your father would be proud of the woman you became."
"You knew my father?"
"Yes. He when to the pod chamber at lest once a week after you were created. He wanted you so much."
"He did?"
"Lady Serena, you do know he was poisoned."
"No. I have been told very little."
"While it is true I worked for the Baron, he always treated me as a confident. I never told anything he told me. I took a blood oath of loyalty to him. I of course will always remain loyal to our King as well."
"What is your name?"
"Dana, your father had made me head of the female staff. Though I do not know if you wish for me to remain."
"How long have you be preparing for me and my husband to move in?"
"Almost a month. There is still much to do in the next week."
"Dana, at lest for the time being I see no reason to remove you from your post."
"Thank you my Lady. It will be an honor to serve you as the Baroness."
"Thank you."

Dana returned to her work and Serena when to find Kyle who was exploring another part of the large house.


Maria walked into Liz's outer office and smiled at Zane.

"Hey Captain is her Royal Highness free?"
"There is no one with her at the moment."
"Will you see if I can speak with her?"
"Just a moment Miss Maria."

Zane knocked and spoke to Liz the opened the door for Maria to enter. Liz smile as Maria entered.

"What can I do for you Maria?"
"I want to help you."
"Help me?"
"You are in charge of finding homes for a lot of kids right?"
"I want to help you do that."
"Well, I could use it. Heather is still getting the hang of things."
"So what do I need to know?"
"Well two days ago a pirate slaver was captured. On board were twenty children under the age of ten. They were on their way to the Dax colony. That is a three day trip from here."
"What was going to happen to those kids?"
"They were to be sold as slave labor. Most likely to work on the farms or in the mines."
"Where are they now?"
"They were were taken and placed in isolation on Pardex one day from here. This is to insure they are in good health. The pirates have all been arrested and will be felt with according to the law."
"So what is to be done with these kids?"
"We find them homes. Families that will give them love."
"OK. Let's get to work."

Liz smiled at her friend and gave her a stack of files.


Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be back after the holiday.
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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 58 11/28

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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Part 58

The next week passed quickly and it was the day that Serena was to take on he new responsibilities. Liz had dressed for court. She was in a gown fitting a queen and put on the neckless that Diane had given her. All she had to do was put on her crown. Max watched her. He knew that this was a big thing for her.

"Liz, your going to miss Serena aren't you?"
"Yes Max, I am. I just got to really know her."
"But this is a good thing for her."
"I know and I am happy for her."
"How are things coming for those kids from the pirate ship?"
"Maria and I have found four of the kids homes. So as soon as they are cleared medically they can be placed."
"That's good. So that leaves sixteen"
"Yeah. I know I might be picky but I just want what's best for these kids."
"Liz, I trust your judgement. Now are you ready?"

Max gave Liz a kiss then both headed to the court room.


"Kyle, god I am so scared!"
"Red, take a deep breath and try to relax. If Max didn't think you were ready for this then he wouldn't do it."
"I know. But after today I am responsible for a whole lot of people. If there is a problem in this region they come to me."
"You can do this. Rena, just believe in yourself."

Just then there was a knock on their door. It opened and Jath the new head of Serena's personal guard stuck his head in.

"It's time My Lady, My Lord."
"Thank you Lieutenant." Said Serena

Kyle wrapped his arm around Serena and the two of them followed the guard to the court room. They entered the room and took their places in front of their King and Queen. Max took his staff and placed it gently on Serena's shoulder.

"Serena do promise to preform your duties as Baroness of Veronton to the best of your abilities?" Asked Max
"Yes my King." Said Serena
"Do you swar your loyalty to the to the crown of Antar?"
"Yes. I swar to be loyal to you my King and your Queen until my dying breath."

Max smiled and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. Then turned to Kyle. He repeated his questions. Once Kyle gave his answers he calls Liz down. She smiles at her sister then places a kiss on each of Kyle's cheeks.

They both stood and Max faced the members of the court.

"I give you the Baroness Serena and Baron Kyle of Veronton." Said Max

The crowd cheered. Serena finally relaxed now that the worst part was over.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 59 11/30

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begonia9508 Serena is scared but also knows Max wouldn't just put her in this position if he didn't truly believe that she could do it.

Natalie36 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Finding homes for the kids isn't an easy job. But Maria and Liz are up to the task.

keepsmiling7 Yes Serena will do a great job. Kyle will be a big help, even if she only uses him as a sounding board.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 59 Three and a half months later.

Liz woke in the early morning hours to the sheets under her soaking wet and pain. She reached over to wake Max.

"Max wake up!"
"Five more minutes."
"Max wake up now! I think I am about to have the baby!"
"What?!" Asked Max now fully awake.
"The baby! It's ready to be born."

Max got out of bed and pulled on some clothes. Then he helped Liz out of bed so they could head for the medical ward. Zane watched as Max tried to help Liz walk. But she was having trouble staying on her feet.
"Sire may I?" Asked Zane
"Yes." Said Max

Zane easily lifted Liz into his arm. He was nearly six inches taller then Max and nothing but muscle. He carried Liz to the medical ward and placed her on the bed. Heather who they had passed in the hall had all ready when to call Dr. Kara.

"Max it hurts!" Said Liz
"It will be OK honey." Said Max giving her a kiss.

Kara came in ten minutes later.

"So little Alexis is ready to meet her public?" Asked Kara
"Doc is there anything you can do Liz is in a lot of pain." Said Max
"Let me take a look first. Then I'll see what I can do."

Kara pulled out a scanner and scanned Liz. She put it down and dug into her bag.

"Kara is everything OK?" Asked Max as Liz screamed.
"The baby is trying to come out backwards."
"What does that mean?"
"If I don't do a c section. Cut the baby out both may die. Max not even your healing ability will save them. But to do that I will have to use a very mild tracqulizer. Liz won't be unconscious but she won't feel anything either. Max, you will have to keep her calm. Now I want you to pick one person to come in for me to hand the baby too. Max we can't wait for Serena to get here from across town."
"Get Maria, Max." Said Liz

Max stepped into the hall and sent a guard to bring Maria back. Maria came in less then five minutes later.

"OK Doc, what do you need me to do?" Asked Maria
"Just stay close. Grab a blanket to wrap around the baby when I hand her to you. Liz I am going to hang a sheet to block your view of what I am doing. But everything will be ok." Said Kara
"Ok." Said Liz

Kara when to work. It took her less then ten minutes to cut the baby out of Liz. Alexis entered the world screaming. Kara handed the baby off to Maria who cleaned the baby's face before handing her off to her proud parents. Kara cleaned and repaired the insion she made. She then picked up her scanner and checked both Liz and the baby.

"Doc are they ok?" Asked Max
"Yes. The scar will disappear in a couple days. Liz should take it easy for the next week."
"Thanks Doc." Said Liz
"Hey it's my job. Now if you don't mind I think I will get back home to spend time with Nick."

Max said good bye and Kara left. Max leaned down and kissed his wife and daughter. One of the nurses hired to help care for the baby came in and finished cleaning the baby and dressed her before returning her to her parents.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 60 12/1

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keepsmiling7 Yes it was very tough on Liz and Max. Max will make sure his Queen get's some rest.

Natalie36 Wow! Though Liz is going to heal much faster then I bet you did.

begonia9508 Oh yes. It was much easier then if it was on Earth.

saori_1902 Yes welcome to the world Alexis!

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

Part 60

Serena made her way through the palace to the medical ward. Kyle was right behind her. She was worried about her sister.

"Red, Liz is fine. They told you that." Said Kyle
"I just need to see her. It is very rare any more that a c section is done on Antar. The only reason to do it is if both the mother and baby could die without it."
"Rena, the message from Isabel said Liz is ok."
"I know. But the up side is she will recover from this much faster then she ever would have on Earth. Max would have been healing her as Kara did the operation."
"That's good."
"Yeah. Though the scar left will take a few days to fade away."
"But no permanent scar?"
"Nope. Hey on the way hTB even her old scar from when she was stabbed was taken care of."
"That's great."

Zane smiled when he saw the young Baron and Baroness.

"Good day Baroness, you look lovely today." Said Zane
"Does your wife know you sweet talk me still?" Asked Serena
"Can't that be our little secret?" Asked Zane
"Well you know my husband may not approve of this."
"Good to see you Serena. The Queen is resting but I know she will like to see you."

Kyle watched the exchange and smiled. He knew all about Serena and Zane's friendship. They entered the room to see Liz laying in bed with the baby in her arms.

"Hey Liz." Said Serena
"Hi Rena, Kyle. Come meet your niece." Said Liz

Serena and Kyle walked over to the bed. Serena looked at the baby in Liz's arms.

"She is beautiful Liz. Looks like she got your ears." Said Kyle

Serena smacked him.

"Hey this is your future Queen. Show some respect Buddha boy."

Liz just smiled. It hurt a little to laugh.

"Please don't make me laugh. I'm still a little tender from the operation." Said Liz
"Sorry. It should only be another day or so." Said Serena
"I know. Rena do you want to hold her?"

Serena very gently took the baby from Liz. As soon as she touched the baby she felt a sense of peace wash over her.

"Hi Alexis I'm your Aunt Serena. You will have a cousin to play with in a couple weeks." Said Serena
"How are you feeling Rena?" Asked Liz
"Tired. But other then that I feel good."
"So have you two picked out a name?"
"Well Liz, Serena and I have talked about it. We picked Anne." Said Kyle
"Anne? My middle name?"
"Yes Liz don't you think that is a good name for her?" Asked Serena
"Yes. It was also mom's, mother's name. Your grandmother's Rena."
"Wow. That makes it even more special." Said Serena
"Yeah it does." Said Kyle kissing Serena on her head.

Kyle and Serena visited a while longer before they left to return to their home.

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