The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 63 Complete 12/5

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 31 10/28

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:52 am

L-J-L 76 Yes Alex is going to learn that he has a sister, and meet her very soon. Liz is geting closer to being ready to sleep with Max.

begonia9508 Max isn't going to put up with anyone harming Liz. If Kivar knows what's good for him he will stay far away from Liz.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 31

Liz walked in to the dinning room where Max was waiting holding a single white rose. She took it as he lean down and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

"Hi sweetie." Said Max
"Hi. Thank you I love white roses."
"I had them brought here just for you."
"Yes they are in a smaller private garden. Only for the King and Queen."
"Our own garden?"
"What is going to happen to Traya?"
"She is staying here for now. Liz tomorrow I want you to go to talk to the girl she saved."
"Sure. I should get use to doing things like this right? It is part of being Queen."
"Yes it is."
"It may help her to talk to another human."
"It will. Now you sure you are OK with getting married so soon?"
"Max, weather it is in two days or three months I will be your wife. My feelings aren't going to change. I love you."

Max smiled and pulled Liz close to him kissing her passionately. He slowly moved his hand down her back letting it rest on her butt. Liz could feel her heart race. She knew that it wouldn't be long before she gave in to him. After a minute Liz pulled back.

"Liz, if I over stepped I'm sorry."
"You didn't Max."
"I didn't?"
"No. But I think little Max wants a little more then I am willing to give at the moment."

Max looked down and noticed just how big the buldge in his pants was. He turned red all the way to the tip of his ears. Liz let out a small laugh.

"Max, it's nothing to be embarrassed about."
"I should have more control then this."
"Max, I actually find it a turn on that you are so attracted to me."
"Really? But you're not willing to help me with my problem?"
"Uh don't forget we can't be with each other like that until we marry."
"I could have the High Priestess meet us in the chapel right now."
"Two days my King. Besides I think both our sisters would kick our asses if we left them out."
"Don't forget Maria. In the short time you have known her she has become like a mother bear with her cub when it comes to you."
"Yeah I know. What would you have done if Michael hadn't gotten her out of the throne room when Nicholas challenged my virtue?"
"She would have been forcefully removed and banned from the court until she learned to control herself and publicly apologized for disrupting the court."
"Why do Nicholas and Kivar hate me?"
"Liz, it's more me they hate. Neither see humans as equals to us."
"Well, it has to do with our gifts, you as human don't have them. But given time humans would have them."
"What to you mean?"
"Antar is older than Earth. We have been about a thousand years longer. We have learned to use more of our brain then humans. That is not to say you won't learn to use the part humans don't use."
"This has to do with the connection you told me about doesn't it?"
"Yes. Life mates have a connection and if you are willing to go through it I would be awaking that part of your brain that antarians get their powers, their gifts from."
"So I would become more like you?"
"Well closer to Serena. Everything about you would show up as you being human, just able to do things normal humans can't."
"That might not be so bad."
"Yeah I mean what's so great about normal?"

Max smiled and pulled Liz back into his arms kissing her. This was more then he hoped for. He had only hoped when Liz was brought here that she would learn not to hate him. But this beautiful smart woman has fallen in love with him. Now she was saying she would at some point be willing to go through the full bonding.

"Yes sweetie?"
"Are you OK?"
"Never better."
"Now, I take this bonding thing involves us making love?"
"Yes. But it will wait until you are ready."

Max just leaned down and kissed his bride to be.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 32 10/29

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:47 am

saori_1902 Yes everything is going well at the moment for Max and Liz.

keepsmiling7 Kivar up to something? You and count on it.

L-J-L 76 Max has been having a lot of cold showers! :lol: Not sure if Max and Liz's wedding will be peaceful.

begonia9508 Liz is still her careful. But she is now more willing to accept choices made for her and see that it is better for her.

Part 32

Liz woke the next morning showered and dressed quickly. She wanted to go talk to this girl as soon as possible. She opened the door to her room and smiled at Zane.

"Good morning Lieutenant Zane."

Zane looked at the young woman. The woman who the next day would become his Queen.

"Good morning Lady Elizabeth. You are cheery this morning."
"Yeah. So when do we leave so I can talk to the girl?"
"Yes the King informed me of the plan for today. He also told me you are not to leave until you had breakfast."
"So he thinks he knows me that well?"

Liz let out a soft laugh. Max did know her.

"OK then let's go get breakfast."

Zane just smiled and fell in step behind the young woman.


Kivar laid in bed as the woman dressed. Unlike that human that stupid maid had helped escape this woman came to his bed willingly.

"Where are you going?"
"I told you I have to go to work."
"You don't have to work. You can stay with me."
"You want to know what the King plans for your human don't you?"
"Of course Mayra."
"My Lord no one will know about our relationship."
"They better not. Or you are dead."

Mayra grabbed her bag and headed out to the transport to take her to the medical building. God she hated this job. But her training in the Antarian Royal Guard was in deep undercover work. When the King asked her to start this assignment a year ago she was very reluctant. But when he promised that her human sister would brought here she agreed. The only one who knew beside the King about this deep cover assignment was Dr. Kara who was treating her with birth control drugs. While she agreed to do this knowing she would have to sleep with him, she had told the King that she would not get pregnant by that bastard. Her transport stopped in front of the medical complex and she headed inside.

"Mayra, we have to get you out of sight." Said Kara
"Why? What is going on?"
"Any minute now. Our future Queen will be here with Lieutenant Zane, her personal guard to speak with the girl."
"Shit. Zane and I were in the same class!"
"That is why you need to get out of sight. Go hide in the records room. I will get you when they leave."

Mayra made her way to the records room to hide out until Kara came to get her. Kara breathed a sigh of relief. Why did her life have to get so complicated? She had gone to medical school to help people. But now she was trapped in a game of espionage that she didn't ask to be a part of.

If I wasn't so loyal to my King I never would have gotten involved in this mess. She thought.

A few minutes later Liz walked in with Zane right behind her.

"Doctor, I'm here to talk with the young lady." Said Liz
"I know why you are here Lady Elizabeth. This way. Her name is Heather. Part of the reason she has been so scared is until recently she did not have the translation implant."
"So she had no idea what was going on?" Asked Liz
"As soon as I learned of this I corrected the issue."
"Dr. Kara what do you know about her?"
"Not much. Just her name and that she is fourteen. Besides the fact Kivar has been raping her daily for three months straight."
"Is it possible she is pregnant?"
"Haven't gotten all my tests on her back. But seeing as ones I have gotten back have not picked up any trace of drugs in her blood, I think it's possible. Lady Elizabeth, he paid smugglers to bring her here, it is possible he has a doctor on the payroll. There are a few that can be bought. One of these doctors may have preformed an illegal starlizing process on her."
"Why is it illegal?"
"A chemical is injected into the reproductive organs destroying them. There is a legal way to starlize a woman, but it is only done if a pregnancy could harm the woman. I personally hate doing it."
"You found no trace of the chemical? No signs it was done the legal way either?"
"Will you show me to her room now?"
"Sure. Liz, there is something you need to know. Abortion is illegal. Max's father out lawed it not long after he became King."
"So she would be stuck with having the child?"
"It's complicated, but there is away to remove the unborn and place it in a pod."
"Only a little. But very rarely has anything happened to either the woman or child."

Liz nodded and followed Kara to the room Heather was in. Liz looked at the girl she had short blond hair. Liz walked over to the bed and sat in a chair there.

"Hi Heather?" Asked Liz

Heather turned to look at her.

"Heather, I'm Liz. Well until tomorrow I am officially known as Lady Elizabeth. I'm human just like you. I was brought here to be the wife of the King."
"Why are you here?"
"Well, King Maxwell asked me to talk to you."
"Can I go back to Earth?"
"I'm sorry that isn't possible. What Kivar did to you, made it so even the gangs wouldn't want to use you as a whore."
"So what I'll just be someone's whore here?"
"No. While you came here illegally, you are going to be issued papers making you legal. But you will have to be appointed a guardian until you are seventeen. That is the legal age of an adult here. Though marriage is legal before then if the guardian arranges it."
"So who would become my guardian?"
"We have to find someone."

Kara had listened to what Liz told Heather. She knew it would be a lot of work, but if her King agreed she would do it. She would become the guardian of this girl.

"Lady Elizabeth? I over heard what you just said. If he approves will you inform the King I will act as guardian." Said Kara
"I will. Thank you doctor." Said Liz
"Lady Elizabeth it's time to get back." Said Zane coming into the room.
"Right. Got lots to do before tomorrow." Said Liz

Liz said good bye and headed out to the transport with Zane.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 33 10/31

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:02 am

L-J-L 76 Kara and Mayra are on Max's side. Kivar is going to be trouble.

begonia9508 Oh don't worry Kivar will get what's coming to him.

keepsmiling7 Yes Lady Elizabeth does have a kind heart.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 33

Liz watched the city go by as the transport headed back to the palace.

"My lady you can trust Kara." Said Zane
"I don't know what you are talking about."
"You do not lie well my lady. The doctor is very loyal. There is very little that will turn my sister from the King."
"Dr. Kara is your sister Lieutenant?"
"Yes. She became a doctor to help people. I wanted to protect others so I joined the Royal Guard."
"So Heather would be safe with her?"
"Very. She would not have been chosen as your doctor if she were not trust worthy. She took a blood oath."
"Blood oath? That is the one where she cut her hand open and pledges her loyalty. If she betrays the Royal family she would be publicly executed."
"Yes. You have learned much in such a short time."
"Now Zane, do you have a wife?"
"It's not that simple Lady Elizabeth."
"Explain it to me."
"I was destined to be your personal guard. So there for for me to take a bride, it is up to you. You will always be my responsibility."
"This is just great. I so don't want the responsibility of that."
"Well if it helps there is a woman I care for. She is on a special mission for the King."
"Well then if she wants to be with you then I don't see a problem with it."
"Thank you my Lady."


Kara walked down to the records room to get Mayra.

"They have gone."
"Thanks Kara."
"So do you have anything to report?"
"Yeah got to send a message to the King. By the way how is your brother?"
"Very happy with his job. Though I think he would be happier if you were around."
"I miss him."
"You love him don't you?"
"Yes. But will he understand what I have done?"
"Mayra he knows you have a job to do. He has a job to do too. He has to keep ournew Queen safe."
"Kara, will she let Zane and me be together?"
"Elizabeth, has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I ever met. She lived in hell and it has not darken her."
"Good to know. Now let me at the computer so I can send the information to our King."

Kara just shook her head. Boy if Mayra and Maria ever got together Antar better watch out. Kara wasn't sure Antar was ready for a DuLuca sister tag team.


Alex watched the young woman, who had been brought to the palace from the medical center the day before.

"You could try and talk to her Alex. She knows about you." Said Isabel
"Yeah well I understand how Liz felt when she found out about Serena."
"Yeah, well Traya had a rough childhood. Her stepfather treated her like a slave. Kara never did. But Kara when away to school and her mother had died, so Traya ran away. She got hungry and stole some food. Max gave her a choice go into Kivar's house as a spy posing as a maid or ten years in prison. She chose to spy knowing it could cost her, her life. She risked everything to help the girl Kivar had been abusing."
"What is going to happen to her?"
"She will remain here for now. But will be found a job somewhere after Kivar is taken care of."

Alex nodded then headed over to meet his sister.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 34 11/1

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Nov 01, 2014 9:26 am

L-J-L 76 Alex and Traya talk a little here. Will Maria and Mayra meet? More then likely.

keepsmiling7 Yes things are falling into place. As for Kivar be afraid!

begonia9508 Thanks!

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 34

Alex sat on the bench next to Traya.

"It's nice here. Much better then where I use to live." Said Alex
"Really?" Asked Traya
"Yeah, I mean Detroit didn't have a good reputation before the last war. But after the war it became a lot worse."
"Your life was in danger there?"
"Yeah. I'm Alex by they way."
"Traya. You know who I am?"
"Yeah, seems we have the same father."
"You know everything will be ok."
"How do you know Alex? Kivar won't rest until he either rapes or kills Lady Elizabeth."
"Well, he has a lot of people to get through. Me included. I protected Liz before and I sure as hell will again. Even if it gets me killed."
"You are friends with her?"
"She is my best friend. Almost like a sister. But I do want to get to know you."
"That would be great."
"So tell me something about your self."
"Well, Lieutenant Zane is my half brother. He has the same mother as me. Dr. Kara is my half sister, Zane's full sister."
"That's cool."
"Yeah they have always treated me well. Their father hasn't. After my mother died I ran away. Zane was at the military academy, Kara was in medical training. My stepfather treated me like a slave. So I ran away. I stole some food when I was hungry, and the King gave me a choice, ten years in prison or spy on Kivar."
"You chose to spy."
"Yeah. It was a good thing I did. That girl would have died without my help. Though I know I am not the only spy the King had in Kivar's house."
"Did you know another one?"
"I recognized a woman who started to come a round as someone who Zane knew from the military academy."
"Did she know who you are?"
"I don't know."


Liz giggled as Max wrapped his arms around her after she entered their dinning room.

"Max stop!"
"What's wrong sweetie?"
"Max, nothing. But if you don't stop you are going to need another cold shower."
"Let me tell you something. I have taken more cold showers in the past three months then I can count. I just have to look at you and I get turned on. I will keep taking cold showers until you are ready to be with me. I understand that this will be a big step for you."
"You really mean that?"
"Yes but if you feel the need I can ask the High priestess if she will confirm what I tell you in the ring of truth."
"No it's alright. I believe you."
"I can't help but wonder what caused this change in you. When you first got to Antar you were full of so much anger."
"Not much really. I was angry that I had no say in my life. You know if I had been given the choice of coming to Antar or remaining on Earth, where I know what my life would become I would have chosen Antar. But I do understand why things were done the way they were."

Max leaned down and kissed her. Just as they were about to deepen it there was a knock on the door.

"Enter." Said Max
"I apologize Sire, My lady. But this message just came on the secure channel." Said Zane
"Thank you. Back to your post."
"Yes Sire."

Max opened the message and made a face.

"Max?" Asked Liz
"Liz, Traya wasn't the only spy I had in Kivar's house."
"Yes this message is from that spy. She is very deep undercover."
"What does it say? Or is it classified?"
"Well, I can tell you because this effects you."
"What is it?"
"Kivar, is planning to crash our wedding. I will have Michael increase security. But Kivar does have the ability to make it so no one can see him."
"This doesn't sound good."
"No honey it isn't. So I have to ask. Will you let me start the bonding between us?"
"What does this intail?"
"It will only be a mental bonding. I open a connection between us. We both will have to let the other see our memories, hopes and dreams. We can keep no secrets from each other."
"This will protect me?"
"It will in away. In an off chance you become hurt badly and are unable to look into my eyes, which is how I form a connectio to heal, I will still be able to heal you."

Liz thought for a moment then looked at Max and smiled.

"Let's do it."

Max smiled and lead Liz in the room next door that was a small sitting room.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 35 11/2

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:14 am

saori_1902 It's safe to say Kivar has at lest one spy in the palace.

Natalie36 The mental bond will offer some protection to Liz. It will also make it easier for Max if she is hurt.

SmileeUk It is confusing at how many half siblings are running around. Kivar does have a spy. But we don't know who it is.

L-J-L 76 It may not be the wedding night, but they will complete the bond at some point.

Part 35

"Liz, please sit on the sofa."

Liz sat down and Max sat down next to her. He watched at Liz pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Liz, I just want you to look into my eyes and try and relax. Let your mind go blank. Don't think about anything OK?"

Max placed his hands on either side of her face and looked into Liz's warm brown eyes. He sent a small amount of energy to her and opened the connection. He was surprised at how easy it was because it only took a moment for the flashes to start.


Liz five or six in a dress with cupcakes on it.


Max chasing Isabel with a snake.


Liz hiding in the closet of a house with the sound of gun fire nearby.


Max and who Liz guessed was his father sitting by a lake fishing.


Liz, Alex and Kyle huddled close to a fire wrapped in tattered dirty blankets.


Max sitting by his father's side as he laid dying.


Liz pinned to a bed while a man with snake tattoos gropped and fondled her.


Max telling Serena that she will always be his sister blood or no blood.


Liz running down a broken crumbling street.


Max being crowned King.


Two boys in torn jeans and leather jackets with green shirts and bandanas tired around their heads grabbing Liz causing her to scream in pain.


Max and Diane talking.


Liz seeing the bright light around her.


Max watching as Liz was carried into the palace and pushing the hair off her face.


Liz waking up and realizing she was no longer on Earth.


Max watching Liz and Serena in the garden.


Liz meeting Max for the first time, and her talk with Diane.


Max and Liz kissing for the first time.

Max broke the connection breathing hard. Liz looked at him realizing that she could feel him. Not just his presents but his feelings!

This is so weird. Liz thought.

"It will take some getting use to." Said Max
"Max, can you hear my thoughts?" Asked Liz biting her lip.
"Yes. Though it's not as strong as it would be after we were to physically bond."
"Liz I want you to see if you can hear my thoughts. This is the first time anything like this has taken place with a full blood antarian full blood human."
"What do I do?"
"Don't do anything."

Liz looked at Max and nodded.

You are so beautiful. Max thought

"I heard you! Wow this is amazing!"
"Yeah. Liz with practice you will be able to block any thoughts you don't want me to hear."

Liz just smiled and kissed Max. She knew it may not happened tomorrow but it wouldn't be long before Max could stop taking cold showers.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 36 11/3

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:21 am

begonia9508 Eve, there ate guards. But Kivar can mindworp so he can make it so they can't see him.

Natalie36 Thanks!

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Don't worry Liz will be OK.

keepsmiling7 Oh yes King Max and Lady Elizabeth are growing very close. Michael will have his work cut out for him. Lt. Zane will do whatever he has to, to keep HIS Lady safe.

SmileeUk Yes the connection is very personal, and it will help them to grow even closer.

Part 36

Kyle watched Serena. She had been far away most of the night.

"Red is everything OK?"
"Yeah. Max and Liz started the bonding tonight."
"When Antarians take a mate, they can choose to make it a life bond. It is mental, emotional and physical."
"How do you know they started the bonding?"
"It's only the mental and emotional bond they have. I can tell because both have a lot of different emotions going through them right now."
"Will Liz be OK?"
"She's fine. It just might be a little draining on her. Only because she isn't use to dealing with these things."
"But it won't hurt her?"
"Actually it will benefit Liz. Let's say Liz is hurt badly and unconscious. Max will be able to heal her no matter what because they are already connected. Siblings can share a similar bond. Just at a different level."
"That's good to know."
"Kyle, when the time comes I hope we can have that kind of bond."
"I think I might like that."


Max watched Liz as they ate dinner. He knew that by this time tomorrow she would be his wife and Queen.

Max is something wrong?
No I was just thinking how nice it is going to be to have you sleep with you in my arms.
That will be nice. I am almost ready to be with you as your wife. Just not tomorrow.
I love you Liz.
I love you my King.

"I have to say that you are getting the hang of this talking in our minds rather fast."
"I always have been a quick study."
"My mother told me that you have caught on really fast to a lot of the things she has been teaching you."
"I still have a lot to learn."
"Yes you do. But I can help you learn."
"Max, I want to give birth to your children."
"You mean that?"
"Yes. Max, I know that I was really angry for a long time."
"Liz, I never blamed you for being angry."
"I know."
"I do want to know if my mom and I made the right choices for Serena and Isabel."
"Max, both Kyle and Alex are great guys. Kyle is the kind of guy I would want for Serena. He is very loyal and caring. He has always been there when I needed him. Alex, I owe so much to him. If not for him I would have been raped and wouldn't be able to become your wife tomorrow. Snake would have killed him if he had found out what he did."
"What kind of name is Snake? I don't believe his mother would name him that."
"She didn't. His real name is Purcy."
"Not very tough."
"No it isn't. If anyone other then his mother called him that he beat the shit out of them."
"How did you find it out?"
"When he held she called and he had his phone on speaker. He had his hand over my mouth. After hanging up he told me if I called him that or told anyone he would slit my thout."
"You didn't say anything."
"No I didn't."

Max and Liz continued their dinner.


Mayra laid in the bed next to Kivar. She hated this part of her job. She could only rest easy knowing that she had given her body to her true love before she came here. But she couldn't bond with him. He understood that they had to put off the bonding until she finished this last mission for the King. But she had to do this. Kivar tended to talk in his sleep, and with a few words he would tell her what she needed to know.

"What are you going to do to the King's bride?"
"I am going to kill her before he can bond with her."
"He will have more guard then normal. She would have a personal guard too."
"I can get in and take out that stupid guard before he knows what hit him."

This wasn't good. Mayra slipped out of bed dressed and quietly as possible made her way out of the house. She couldn't risk a transport. So she stole a horse and took off for the palace.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 37 11/4

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saori_1902 Yes there is real danger for Liz.

keepsmiling7 Mayra knows the danger she is in. As for an heir..... Our King and Lady still need a physical bond for that! :wink:

L-J-L 76 We find out here if Mayra reaches the palace.

begonia9508 Max will do everything he can to stop Kivar.

Natalie36 :twisted:

Part 37

Mayra arrived at the gate of the Royal Palace just as the sun started to rise. The guards at the gate stopped her. She reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out her military identification card handing it to one of the guards.

"I must see the King! Lady Elizabeth's life depends on it!" Said Mayra

The gate opened and Mayra rode in. One of the guard's radioed for the Commander. Mayra was dismounted the horse as Michael came out of the palace.

"Commander! Sir!" Said Mayra snapping to attention.
"Follow me. The King will meet us at his office."
"Yes sir."

Mayra followed Michael through the palace to the King's office.


Max after dressing stopped and knocked on a door. A minute later a very sleepy Serena opened the door.

"Max, do you know what time it is?"
"I am very aware of the time Lady Serena."

Serena woke up at that. Max almost never used her title. So she knew he was in full King mode right now.

"What do you need me to do Sire?"
"Go to Lady Elizabeth's room and remain with her until I say bother wise. No one outside of family is to enter that room other then her personal guard is that clear?"
"Yes Sire! I will go right away."
"Yeah Max?"
"Anything for you brother."

Max left heading for his office while Serena headed to Liz's room. Once she reached the door she found not only Zane but three other guards. She knew then that there was something really big going on. Zane looked at her and nodded at her. Serena entered the room to see Liz curled up in a ball in the large bed. It was about the size of an Earth king size bed. Serena had to smile, thinking wait til Liz got a look at Max's bed which was almost twice the size of the bed Liz was currently in. She quietly made her way over to the bed and pushed Liz's hair gently off her face. Liz stired and very sleeply looked at her.

"Hey Liz."
"Is it time to get up?"
"No. But something is going on. Something big. Max sent me to stay with you. We can't leave until he saids so."
"Still tired?"
"Climb in there is more then enough room for you."

Serena climbed in bed next to her sister and both fell back to sleep.


Max walked into his office to find Michael and Mayra waiting.

"Lt. Mayra why have you broken cover?" Asked Max
"Sire, your bride's life is in great danger." Said Mayra
"What is Kivar planning?" Asked Max
"He is planning to murder Lady Elizabeth before you can bond with her."
"Well he is too late. We started the bond last night. We have the mental bond."
"Sire? When did this happen?" Asked Michael
"My personal life is none of your business Commander. Though Lady Elizabeth is still in great danger from Kivar."
"Sorry Sire. I just wish I had been informed you planed to start the bonding." Said Michael
"Lieutenant you know you can't return to your mission." Said Max
"Yes Sire." Said Mayra
"Get some rest you will be fully debriefed later today."
"Yes Sire."

Michael left with Mayra to show her to a room to rest. Max sat at his desk very worried about keeping Liz safe.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 38 11/5

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keepsmiling7 If they stop Kivar Mayra will be fine.

L-J-L 76 Max is not risking anything when it comes to Liz.

begonia9508 Kivar gets what is coming to him very soon. :wink:

saori_1902 Yes the calm has broken!

Part 38

Max watched as the disrupters were put in place. They would prevent Kivar from using his powers to get in. But they would also make it hard for those in the palace to use their powers. So each of the guards now carried blaster guns. Weapons normally only used on hostile planet. But Max wasn't going to take any chances with Liz's life.

"They will be finished soon." Said Michael
"Good. Michael, if Kivar gets in I don't care what it takes. Your guards have orders to shoot to kill. Kivar is a traitor and needs to be taken out before he harms anyone else." Said Max
"Understood Sire."
"I mean it he doesn't get anywhere near Liz!"
"Don't worry. He will not get anywhere near our Queen."
"She isn't queen yet."
"Then get her to the chapel and make her your wife."
"You sure everything is under control?"
"Yes! I know what I am doing! Zane will not let anyone who hasn't been approved near her. He will die first."
"Well, he did take the blood oath when he was assigned to protect Liz."
"On his own?"
"Yeah. Said that it was the right thing to do. That if he failed he didn't deserve to live. That while it wasn't official yet she was Queen."
"Then go make it official."
"Thanks man."

Max headed for Liz's room. When he reach the door he saw Zane and the three new guards standing guard. He walked over and knocked on the door. He smiled when Serena opened the door.

"Yes Your Highness?"
"Two hours Lady Serena, the chapel." Said Max
"Yes Sire she will be ready."

Max left to go get ready himself. Serena turned closing the door again to look at Liz.

"Time to get ready Liz."
"I know. Rena, Max is really worried that Kivar is going to try something."
"I know. He is very scared for your life."
"I trust that Michael, Zane and the other guards will protect me."
"Then let's turn you into a princess."
"Yeah sure."

Serena walked over to the closet and pulled out a garment bag. She unzipped it and pulled out a beautiful white dress that Liz hadn't seen before.

"Where did that come from?"
"It's been there the whole time. It was made for you to wear to get married."
"Wow. I have never had anything like this. This bead work alone had to have taken a long time to do."
"The royal dress maker worked over a year on it. Once you were on the ship to come here a scan of you meserments were sent. Those were used to finish the dress."
"But I take it that if there are any adjustments that can use your powers to do it?"
"Yes. Liz because of the threat to you. It will be just you, Max and the priestess in the chapel. It will be to dangerous to let anyone else in. There is a spy in our mist. That his the only way that Kivar could know about the wedding being moved. That is also why he has kept it a secret that you have the mental bond."
"Rena do you think that I should complete the bond with him as soon as possible?"
"Liz, that is your choice. But if I were in your place. I would. But that is really up to you. Once you take that step you can never go back."
"I know."
"You love Max don't you?"
"Then what are you so scared of?"
"I don't know."
"Liz, Max has never been with anyone if that is what you are afraid of. He doesn't believe in treating women that way. He has sent female members of the Royal Guard undercover. He hates that they may have to use their body to get the information he needs."
"It's part of their job?"
"It can be. Max doesn't order them to do it. But it has been known to happen."
"Rena, I think I should get ready. I don't think it will be a good idea to keep the King waiting."
"No it wouldn't."


Liz walked between her guards to the chapel nearly two hours later. Max was waiting inside with the High Priestess. Serena hugged Liz and left while the guards stood in front of the closed doors blocking them. Max smiled at her then took her hand. He lead her to the alter where the Priestess waiting. Liz saw two white pillows on the alter near the Priestess.

We have to kneel on the pillows. Max told her in her mind.

Liz nodded and they each knelt on a pillow.

"Place your palms together. Elizabeth your right to Maxwell's left."said the Priestess

They did as they were told. The Priestess took a gold cord out and wrapped it around their hands.

"As I use this cord to bond your hands together today. By both coming of your free will you are choosing to bind your hearts together. You have given each other your minds. You have confessed your love to each other. You Elizabeth have even confessed your love for our King to all of Antar. On Earth for a long time rings were given as a simble of the union of a man and woman. As this is not just a marriage of two souls coming together but two worlds I have two rings. One for each of you to give the other."

The Priestess waved her hand and the gold cord disappeared. She held out the rings Liz took the one for Max and Max picked up the other.

"Max, with this ring comes my promise to stand by your side in both good times and bad. I promise to love and support you as both your wife and queen. I will help in any way I can to make Antar the best for all of our people."

Liz slide the ring onto Max's left ring finger.

"Liz, with this ring I promise to stand by your side in both good times and bad. To love and support you as both your husband and king. I will listen to any advice you give me to make Antar better for all our people."

Max slide the ring on Liz's left ring finger.

"You are now joined together in marriage and as life mates. Nothing but death to pull you apart. I believe that on Elizabeth's former home this is where you would kiss your bride my King."

Max grinned and very gently kissed Liz. They stood just as they heard blaster fire outside the chapel. Then it stopped. The doors opened and they saw Kivar on the ground with a giant hole burned threw his chest. Then Liz saw Zane laying on the ground. Both she and Max were by his side in seconds.

"Zane!" Yelled Liz
"My Lady. I am happy to see you one last time." Said Zane weakly.
"Max? Can you do something?" Asked Liz with tears in her eyes.

Max placed his hand on the burn in Zane's stomach and forced a connection open. He did his best to heal the injury. He couldn't fully heal it. But Zane was no longer in danger of dying.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 39 11/6

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L-J-L 76 It was a nice touch to have things from Earth added to the wedding.

Natalie36 We have to wait until Zane wakes up to find out if he was the one who got Kivar!

keepsming7 We find out hoiw bad(good) the news on Kivar is. Zane is hurt but not dead! I think you will enjoy this part. :wink:

begonia9508 Kivar's fate is revealed here!

saori_1902 Max and Liz are now married, Zane will live. Kivar's fate is revealed here!

Part 39

Max sat on the floor breathing hard. Zane wasn't fully healed but at lest he no longer would die. Liz sat at both their sides.

"Max are you OK?" Asked Liz
"Yes. Some times healing can take a lot out of me." Said Max
"Will Zane be OK?"
"In time. His injury was too bad for me to fully heal. But he isn't going to die."
"Good I kinda got use to him following me around."

Michael, Alex, Kyle, Serena, Isabel and Maria came down the hall just then. Michael walked over to Kivar and took one look at him and knew he was dead. The hole burned in his chest from the blaster had turned his heart into goo.

"Your Highness are you OK?" Asked Michael
"We are both fine Commander. Have someone get Lt. Zane to the medical ward, and summon Dr. Kara." Said Max
"Right away Sire. You two get the Lieutenant to the medical ward!" Michael yelled at two of the guards.
"Can someone help me get Max to our room?" Asked Liz
"Kyle help her. Serena show them the way." Said Michael
"Right." Said Kyle
"Yeah Max?"
"He really dead?"
"His heart is goo."
"Have the body incinerated."

Kyle helped Liz get Max to his feet. Then Serena lead the way to the King's chambers. Kyle helped Max on to the huge bed. The turned to Liz.

"Your Highness you are on your own with the King now. I will do a lot of things for you Lizzie but I draw the line at undressing another guy." Said Kyle
"I can handle it from here thanks." Said Liz
"By the way Liz, you make a beautiful bride."

Liz gave both Kyle and Serena a hug and they left. Liz then helped Max undress. He gave her a weak smile when he noticed the look on her face with him down to his boxers.

"Like what you see?" Asked Max

Hell yeah! Liz thought.

Max let out a chuckle over hearing her thought. Liz turned a deep shade of red when she realized Max heard the thought.

"Liz don't be embarrassed."
"I'm not."
"So you turn red for no reason?"
"Oh you jerk!"

Liz climbed on to the bed and started to playfully hit him. Max gently but firmly grabbed her arms and pulled her down to meet his lips. The kiss became heated after a very short time. Max reached behind Liz and very slowly pulled the zipper down. Liz pulled away and climbed off Max only long enough to remove her dress. Then she laid back down on top of him. Max held her tight as he rolled them over so he was on now on top of her. He was careful to keep his weight off her. He moved from her lips to her neck. He could feel her responding to him.

You OK Liz? You want me to stop?

"Don't stop Max. Please don't stop!"
"Are you sure? I don't know if I will be able to stop if I don't now."
"Max, make love to me. Complete our bond."

Max opened their connection and knew that Liz really wanted this. Liz pushed Max back only enough to reach behind her back to unhook her bra. Max lowered her back down tossing the garment to the floor. He made his way to her breasts he started to suck on one while gently squeezing the other. He heard a soft moan come from her as he switched giving the other breast the same attention he had given the first. He felt her hand slip into his boxer through the slit. Her fingers very nervously started to stroke him. He groaned as his errection became more painful. She pulled her hand out and reached for the waist band pulling them off. Liz gasped when she saw him.

"Don't worry sweetie. I will fit just fine."
"I love that you know what I am thinking."

It wasn't long before Liz's panties ended up on the floor. Max very gently and slowly pushed one of his fingers into her heat. He felt her stiffen at first. But he sent love to her through the connection and she began to relax. He removed his finger and lifted her legs over his hips and moved his hard crock to her entrance. Very slowly he inched into her stopping at her barrier. Liz nodded and Max pulled back then pushed through. She winced as he took her virginity. He placed his hand on her and healed her. Liz wiggled her hips and Max started to move with in her. Liz wrapped her legs tighter around his waist. The move forced him to sink deeper into her. Liz dug her nails into his back as he thrust harder and faster into her. Both of their breathing became labored Liz groaned loudly as her back arched as the orgasim ripped through her body with her walls clapping tight on to Max. His orgasim hit seconds later. His seed pouring deep into her body. Max rolled them over so that Liz now laid on top of him. Both of them were covered in sweat from their love making.

"That was amazing." Mumbled Liz
"Yeah. I love you."
"Love you too."

Both fell to sleep in each others arms. Not noticing the golden glow of Liz's stomach.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 40 11/8

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Natalie36 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Yes that was a very special moment for Max and Liz.

begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

soari_1902 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes finally Liz gave herself to Max.

SmileeUk Yes Kivar is dead. Zane will be fine. Oh yeah Liz couldn't resist Max in his boxers. :lol: I know I wouldn't be able to! :lol:

A/N. Seems everyone is thinking that Liz is now pregnant with the heir. Weather she is or not won't be revealed for a little while.

Part 40

Kara walked through the halls of the palace on the way to the medical ward. She noticed the heighten security in the palace. It made her wonder what happend. All she had been told was that her brother was injured and needed medical help. She reached the medical ward to find the Commander waiting for her.

"Commander, may I ask what happened?"
"Kivar broke in to try and kill the King's new wife."
"Is she ok?"
"Fine thanks to your brother. He killed Kivar after taking a near fatal shot from a blaster. The King is the only reason Lt. Zane is still alive."
"I should check Zane's injuries."
"Right. I got to make sure Kivar's body gets into the incenrater."

Michael walked off and Kara walked into the room Zane was in. She placed her bag down and pulled out a scanner. She scan Zane and saw that King and been able to heal all internal injuries leaving mostly burns from the blaster.

"So sis will I be able to play the piano again?"
"You never could before. So I don't know how you could now."
"You never did have much of a sense of humor Kara."
"Zane you nearly died! What good would you be to the new Queen dead?"
"My job is to keep her alive at all cost."
"Elizabeth, does not just see you as a guard. She sees you as a friend."
"She is one of the kindest people I have ever met."
"What about Mayra?"
"Mayra is on some deep undercover mission."
"Not any more."
"She was the one spying on Kivar."
"Kara, I love her. I know she had to do unpleasant things to get the information we needed."
"Yes she did."
"If she will still have me I have Lady Elizabeth's permission to marry her."
"I am sure she will. It will be a few days before Lady Elizabeth will be officially crown our new queen."
"Yes, and I hope to be well enough to be there for that moment."
"The King took care of the worse of the injuries. So it is mostly burns which I will start treating now. But you will have to rest too."
"Got it doc."


Max woke to feel some weight on his chest. He opened his eyes and smiled when he saw the long brown hair of his new wife. He smiled even more as he remembered what had happened right before they had fallen to sleep.

How are you feeling? asked Liz
Better. Are you OK? I didn't hurt you did I?

"Just a little sore. But that is normal." Said Liz
"Do you want me to take the pain away?"
"No. It just reminds me that I have given myself to you fully."

Max kissed Liz and rolled them over so that she was on her back again. Liz smiled when she felt his errection press into their thigh.

"You seem ready for another round." Said Liz looking into Max's eyes.
"You up for it? Or will it be to painful?"
"I can handle it."

Max smiled and very slowly started to kiss and run his hands all over Liz's body. He grinned as she started to moan at the pleasure he was bringing to her. He worked for nearly an hour causing her to have two orgasims before she finally let out a growl and pushed him over so that he was on his back. She then climbed onto of him impaling herself on his rock hard throbbing crock. He groaned as her hot wet core engulfed him. She moved up and down him painfully slow. He only let it go on for a few minutes before he flipped them over and took control of their love making. He pounded into her fast and hard.

"Shit Max! Don't stop!"
"You feel so good sweetie."
"Yes!" Screamed Liz as her back arched as she reached her climax.

Max felt his body tense as his seed shot into Liz's body. Both laid wrapped in each others arms with Max still buried inside Liz.

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