The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 63 Complete 12/5

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 21 10/18

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:07 am

L-J-L 76 Liz is in shock right now. But she will talk to Serena when she gets herself together.

saori_1902 Yes Liz is in shock. Goes from one minute believing that she is an only child to having a sister she knew nothing about. Alex and Liz have a great relationship really are the best of friends.

Part 21

Maria walked into the garden and saw Michael. She didn't understand it. But she felt something for the big knucklehead. She didn't want to admit that she might fall for him. She took a deep breath and walked over to him.


Michael turned and smiled at her.

"What do you need Pixie?"
"How did you know those things about me?"
"What things?"
"My dad leaving. My mom's name and how she died."
"Come let's sit down."

Michael led Maria over to a bench. They sat down and Michael took her hand.

"Each of you chosen for Max, Isabel, Serena and myself were researched. We found out everything we can about you. When it was decided that you were chosen for me, I was given a file with everything we learned on you."
"So there is a file on me?"
"Yeah. Uh once you can read antarian I'll show it to you. But anyway I read it until I knew it by heart. Maria all I ask is you give me a chance. A chance to care about you."
"You know I don't trust people."
"Yeah I know."
"I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and get to know each other."
"Good. Cause I do think you are kind of cute."
"Don't push it Space boy."

Michael just smiled knowing that he was getting under her skin.


Kyle sat holding Serena as she cried. He wished that he knew what to say. But the truth was he didn't. He knew that she was upset about the fact that Liz seemed to be rejecting her. That she finds out she has a sister and that sister just runs away.

"It will be OK Red. Liz will come around."
"All I ever wanted was a family of my own. Now I find out that I find out I have a sister and she freaks out."
"This so new to her. Liz is has had it rough. For more then a year all she had was herself. Yeah Alex and I were there for her, but she didn't let us in."
"Serena? Can we talk?"

Both looked up to see Liz standing in the doorway. Liz was biting her lip nervously.

"Red, I think that you should listen to her." Said Kyle
"Serena, I'm sorry. I was scared and I know it hurt when I ran." Said Liz
"You're right it did hurt when you ran. I felt like you were rejecting me." Said Serena
"Kyle could you leave me alone with my sister?"
"You better not hurt her Parker. I love you but I will not let you hurt her. Do you understand?"
"Yeah Kyle I do."
"We'll have dinner later OK Red?"
"Yeah Kyle." Said Serena

Kyle left leaving Serena and Liz alone.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 22 10/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:02 am

L-J-L 76 Kyle is great with Serena. Serena and Liz talk some here.

begonia9508 Eve, Serena really hasn't thought about thinks from Liz's point of view. All shevhas wanted was family.

saori_1902 Yes the talk will be promising.

SmileeUk Yes everyone is getting a long well. It was shocking for Liz to find out she has a sister. Sad to say we haven't seen the last of the girl or Kivar.

Part 22

Serena stared at Liz. Liz slowly crossed the room and sat next to Serena on the the sofa.

"If you want to talk then talk." Said Serena
"Serena, finding out I have a sister is very shocking to me."
"I understand that Liz."
"I didn't know what to say."
"You do now?"
"Not really. But I want to get to know you better."
"Will you tell me about her?"
"I'll try. Or maybe you are see yourself. Max told me about this connecting thing."
"Liz, you do know that it's a very personal thing? That I can learn things about you that you don't want others to know."
"I understand. But it would be a way for you to see what she was like."
"Liz, maybe we can at some point do that. But neither of us is really ready for that."
"Ok. What do you want to know?"
"What was she like when you were little?"
"She was great. I mean she was always there when I needed her. Both her and my dad."
"What did she look like?"
"Her hair was kind of curly, and kind of reddish brown. Her eye were blue. Close to your height."
"Do you think she would have liked me?"
"She would have loved you Serena. She and dad always wished that they could give me brothers and sisters. But were unable to."
"After you left Diane said your mom had some kind of condition that prevented her from carrying a baby to full term. When they took what they needed for me they fixed it so that you could be born."
"Wow. So I wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for them taking my mom."
"Yes. Liz, I want to get to know you. I want to be your friend."
"I would like that."
"Uh Liz, call me Rena. It's what Isabel, Max and Michael call me."
"Ok Rena."

Liz and Serena sat there for the next two hours talking and laughing. That is how Max found them. He smiled he loved the sound of her laugh. Serena caught him watching them and smiled.

"Hi Max." Said Serena
"Hi Rena. Hi Liz." Said Max
"Hi Max."

Serena raised an eyebrow when she saw Liz's eyes light up at seeing Max. She dropped the block she kept up so she didn't feel everyone's emotions all the time, and when was surprised to find that Liz was attracted to Max. Maybe even starting to fall in love.

"Uh you know what? I think I'll let you two spend some time alone." Said Serena leaving the room.

Liz watched her go wondering what was going on with her.

"You and Serena talk things out a bit?" Asked Max
"Uh yeah. Did you know?"
"Yes. Liz, I thought about telling you. But I didn't think you were ready to here it."
"Then why did your mother?"
"She thought you were. My mom and I don't always agree on things."
"Is there any thing you do agree on?"
"I have to say so far her choice for my future wife is something I can agree on."

Liz smiled. She really did like Max. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. He leaned down close to her lips and just as he was about to take them in his the door to the lounge slamed open. Liz pulled back and both turned to see Isabel and Alex walk in holding hands.

"Uh Max I'll see you in an hour for dinner ok?" Asked Liz

Liz fled the room while Max just glared at his sister and future mate. He then headed to his room needing a cold shower. He was the damn King and couldn't even kiss his future wife yet!


Kivar pulled his shorts on after he fucked his human whore. She was curled into a ball crying. Not that he cared. He called for a servant to take the slut away. He had plans to get what he wanted. First he had to get rid of the boy King then he would break that human that would be Queen. He sure as hell was never going to accept a human as his Queen. Humans weren't anything close to antarians. They were nothing but Monkeys that walked upright. They should be nothing but fucks. Once he took over Antar he would make sure that humans were nothing but sex toys.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 23 10/20

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:54 am

L-J-L 76 Max is not happy that he can't kiss Liz.

SmileeUk Oh yes Alex and Isabel had perfect timing.......perfectly bad timing if you asked Max.

saori1902 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes if not for the antarians Liz would never have been born. Yes poor Max he can't even kiss Liz! Maria hasn't even met the King yet! So it might be hard for her to walk in on them.

begonia9508 Max could have gone off on Alex and Isabel but they may not have even noticed the other couple.

Part 23

Liz was leaving her room when she saw Serena heading off to her dinner with Kyle.

"Hey! Rena wait up." Yelled Liz
"Hey Liz. You going to dinner with Maxie?"
"So he kiss you yet?"
"Uh no. Not that he hasn't tried."
"You pull away?"
"No he keeps getting interrupted. First it was Zane with my summons last night. Then earlier after you left us he was about to when Isabel and Alex burst into the room."

Serena laughed.

"Got to say when he finally does kiss ya it will more then likely be explosive!"
"You do know I have never kissed a boy before. Well not that way."
"Neither have I."
"What Buddha boy hasn't made a move yet?"
"He's trying to be a gentleman with me."
"He better. Or I will have to teach him a lesson."
"You just promise me that if Max does kiss you tonight you won't run from him."
"Rena, do you really think I would do that?"
"Liz, you have never had feelings like you do now. Yes I know what you feel. We can talk about how another time. You should go. Don't keep the King waiting."

Liz smiled and headed to the small private dinning room that she was starting to think of as hers and his. She walked in to find Max waiting for her.

"Hi Liz."
"Hi Max. So uh did you need a shower after our encounter earlier?"
"Uh yeah." Said Max with a blush
"Max, you do know that I'm no where near close to that kind of relationship."
"Yes. I can handle some cold showers until you are ready."
"Max, I do like you. It's just hard for me to let people in."
"I understand. I'm not going to hurt you."
"I want to believe that."

Max smiled and wrapped his arms around her. He leaned down so that his lips were inches from hers. Liz licked her lips knowing what was coming. He moved one hand behind her head and very gently brought his lips to hers. It started soft and sweet. But to his surprised Liz parted her lips deepping it. Their tongs started to dance together. When they broke both were breathing hard. Max looked at the young woman in front of him. He looked into her eyes and saw something he hadn't seen there before. Gone was the anger and fear, in their place was attraction and happiness. There was also the start of something else. Hope that that there will be more between them.


Maria walked through the garden with Michael. She had to admit he wasn't as bad as she thought. Hell life on this planet was a lot better then what she was living on Earth. He hadn't tried anything. Nothing like those boys in the neighborhood.

"Yeah Pixie?"
"Am I ever going to meet this King?"
"I can arrange something."
"Yeah. I mean you are a guest in his home. So I don't think it will be a problem."
"Maria, we aren't going to hurt you."
"I'm beginning to understand that."
"Good. It's getting late let me walk you to your room."
"You aren't coming in."
"Wasn't planning to Pixie."


Max watched Liz as they walked down the hall to her room. She was being quite. He wondered if he had moved to fast by kissing her.

"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah Max why?"
"You haven't said much since we kissed earlier."
"Max it's just I'm confused by what I am feeling. I feel things I never have before."
"Good things?"
"Liz, you have been here almost a month now."
"I'm aware of that."
"Liz, I will keep my promise."
"I trust you."

Max smiled knowing that he had started to make a crack in the wall around this beautiful woman's heart. When they reached Liz's room he kissed her goodnight and watched go in. Zane just moved to his place to await the night guard so he could get some rest himself as the king walked off down the hall.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 24 10/21

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:53 am

saori_1902 Oh yes they finally kissed!

L-J-L76 No Liz didn't pull away.

keepsmiling7 Oh yes there is a crack in Liz's wall. Max just has to keep hitting it now and bit will crumble!

Part 24 Two months later

Liz paced in her room. Today she had to go before the Royal Court. Max claimed that she was ready for this step. She would be given the title of Lady. She was scared. Even though she knew that she wouldn't be a lone. But it didn't make this any easier for her. She turned when the door to her room opened and Serena walked in. Serena smiled at her.

"You ready sis?"
"No! I'm scared as hell!"
"Liz, it will be fine. I will be with you the whole time."
"Rena why do I have to do this?"
"Before you can marry a member of the Royal Family, you have to go before the Royal Court. Alex has to do this to. While I was raised by the Royals, I am not truly a member of the family, so unless Max orders it Kyle gets out of this."
"Lucky for him."
"Liz, you are going to be Max's wife, his queen. You have no way out of this. You will be fine."
"Serena, I am so not right to be a queen!"
"Yes you are Liz. You will be a great queen. You just got to believe in yourself."
"That is easy for you to say."

Serena just smiled knowing that in time Liz really would believe in herself. That everything everyone said about Liz was true. She would be a great queen. The only thing that Serena feared was that Kivar or Nicholas would be there today and make a fuse about Liz.


Max sat in the Throne Room. He hated having to hold court. It was the day every month that people could ask for help or complain to him. The only part of today he was looking forward to was Liz standing before him and being givin the title of Lady. The first step in making her queen. His mother sat behind him along with his sister. Michael and Kyle had seats to the side with Maria and Serena. Alex would also be coming before him and be made a Lord. Liz was anonnced and walked slowly before him. When she reached the marked spot she knelt down and lowered her head. He stood and took his staff.

"Who in this court asks this woman be made a Lady of the court?" Asked Max
"I Lady Serena, my King." Said Serena stepping forward.
"Miss Elizabeth Parker of Earth. Do you pledge your loyalty to the Royal family of Antar? Do you give up all loyalties to your former home?" Asked Max
"Yes my King. I am no longer a citizen of the planet known as Earth. I am now a loyal subject of Antar. I will follow you my King and never betray you." Said Liz

Max smiled and placed the staff gently on each of her shoulders. Then extended his hand to her and helped her to her feet.

"Please rise Lady Elizabeth."

Liz stood and placed a kiss on each of her cheeks and smiled. Liz then moved to take the empty seat next to Serena who took her hand and squeezed it.

"You did that well Liz." Whispered Serena

Alex walked in and everything was repeated for him, only replacing Lord for Lady, and it was Isabel that was his sponsor. Only when he rose it was Diane that kissed his cheeks.

"Once you are queen, you will be the one that kisses the men like that." Said Serena to Liz.
"Oh fun." Mumbled Liz

Max sat on his throne as people came forward to voice their wants and complaints. Max was about to close court when Nicholas walked in.

"What is it you want Nicholas?" Asked Max
"I came to demand the virute test for the human you wish to make queen." Said Nicholas
"You can't do that you runt!" Yelled Maria
"Commander get her under control or remove her!" Yelled Max
"Yes Sire. Come on Pixie." Said Michael

Liz felt her heart begin to race. Who was this? What was this test?

"That is Kivar's best friend and lacky Nicholas a very minor Lord." Whispaerd Serena
"What is this test he is talking about?"
"The law states that the King or Crowned Prince can only marry a virgin. Nicholas and Kivar believe that you are not one. What you were forced to do, does not count. It is only if he had entered you with his manhood that counts."

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. She watched Max stare at Nicholas.

"What are the grounds you ask for this test?" Asked Max
"This human is from a city on earth that is known for it's high gang activity and whores. What's to say that this isn't one of those sluts?" Said Nicholas
"Very well Lady Elizabeth you will take the virtue test. Until tomorrow at noon you will remain in your room. No males may see you until then. Lieutenant Zane please escort her there and stand guard." Said Max
"Lady Serena, you are to go and explain the test to her." Said Diane

Zane lead Liz away and Serena got up and followed them. This was not good.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 25 10/22

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:47 am

begonia9508 Yes poor Liz!

keepsmiling7 Did you really think that Kivar and Nicholas wouldn't try to cause trouble? :lol: Yes Lady Elizabeth does have a nice ring to it. But Queen Elizabeth may sound even better right?

L-J-L 76 Oh don't worry. Serena explains things here.

SmileeUk No Liz doesn't have anything to hide.

saori_1902 Are you sure Kivar doesn't have anything else up his sleeve?

Part 25

Liz paced in her room. Serena watched her. She knew that Liz was scared.

"Liz, you will pass this test."
"How do you know?"
"You haven't had sex right?"
"No I haven't had sex!"
"Then you have nothing to worry about."
"Serena what is this test?"
"It's nothing really. You will have a medical exam. Then you will be questioned in the ring of truth."
"Ring of truth?"
"It's a ring you stand in, and you must answer every question truthfully. If you tell even one lie it will be determined that you have no virtue and be unworthy of the King."
"Who determines if it's the truth or not?"
"The high Priestess."
"Who is this high priestess?"
"One of the keepers of the Granilth."
"What is the Granilth?"
"This old religious relic. Only the priestesses know much about about it. These women have given their lives to serve this thing. They are there to make sure that it's power is used only for the greater good of the people. Not for personal gain."
"Ok so I will have to step into this ring?"
"Yes. It will look like it was painted on the floor of the throne room. The high priestess will use her connection to the Granilth to determine if you are speaking the truth. Liz, I mean it one known lie and it will be over. Even if you are falling in love with Max, you will not be with him. The punishment for lying in the ring of truth is worse then death."
"What is it Rena?"
"You would be sent into exile in the desert on the far side of Antar, no food or water and only with what you are wearing. If you were antarian you would be first stripped of your gifts. I have only seen one of these tests. That was not a good out come."
"What makes you believe I will pass this test?"

Serena walked over to Liz and pulled her into a hug.

"I know you will because you have such a pure spirit. You have lived in hell and you have come through it. Liz, you would not have been picked for Max if there was even a small chance you wouldn't pass."
"How would any of you know that?"
"My mom is what they call a seer Liz." Said Isabel coming in.
"What is a seer?" Asked Liz
"Seers get visions, sometimes of the past, sometimes of the future. My mother had a vision of you years ago. She had a vision of you passing the test." Said Isabel
"The best part is when you pass the one who questioned your virtue then has to enter the ring of truth. Nicholas will have to answer questions and should he fail will be put to death, for betraying the Crown." Said Serena
"I don't understand." said Liz
"By questioning the choice of the King, Nicholas is saying that he doesn't believe in the choices of the King. That is considered treason by Antarian law." Said Isabel

Liz, Serena and Isabel kept talking and getting Liz ready for the test.


Michael dragged Maria into a launge after leaving the throne room.

"Damn it Michael let go of me!"
"Maria! You can't yell out like that in the throne room!"
"Who was that little prick?"
"Nicholas, has the right to ask for the test. Maria, most never do. The price for it is to high if they are wrong."
"What is the price?"
"He will be forced to step into the ring of truth, and answer questions. If he refuses or tells one lie he will be put to death."
"What about Liz?"
"She will be fine. She will pass. Max wouldn't have agreed other wise."
"I'm sorry about my out burst in there."
"Just don't let it happen again. You were only aloud in as my guest. If I take you in for the test tomorrow you have to promise to keep your mouth shut. Liz is going to be asked some very personal questions as part of it."
"I promise Michael."
"OK Pixie. Just remember you say anything you will be removed."
"I get it."
"Go see Liz. She could use some friends right now. I need to go see Max."

Both Michael and Maria headed off to find their friends.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 26 10/23

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L-J-L 76 Yes there is a lot for Liz to take in.

Natalie36 Don't worry about Liz. As for Nicky...........

saori_1902 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 No Max wouldn't allow the test if he didn't believe Liz would be fine.

Part 26

Nicholas walked into Kivar's office smiling.

"The little human slut going to take the test?" Asked Kivar
"Yes. Maxie, doesn't see this as an issue. But that bitch seem scared shirtless."
"There has to be a reason. She must have fucked someone on that wasteland of a planet."
"You really think so?"
"Nicholas, I would be surprised if she is still a virgin. Though I would love to be the one that screwed her for the first time."
"What if we are wrong about her?"
"Then you will pay the price."

Nicholas paled knowing that Kivar really didn't care about anyone but himself.


Max paced in his office. He wanted nothing more then to go to Liz and pull her into his arms. But he couldn't not until after the test. He looked up when he heard the door open. He watched as his mother entered.

"Mom, you are positive that Liz will pass?"
"Max, Liz is going to be fine. But I think we should move up your wedding to her."
"Do you really think that is best?"
"Max, it would keep her safer. It would also make anything Kivar were to try to do to her a crime."
"Kivar and Nicholas are up to something."
"Max, our spy inside Kivar's has told me there is a young human girl in his house."
"He was not approved for a human."
"The spy believes she is being raped by Kivar."
"Damn! Mom without a good reason I can't send anyone in for an investigation."
"Just give it time."
"This won't be the last thing he tries. I don't even want to think what that monster is doing to that girl if our spy is right."
"Max, once Liz passes. Nicholas will have to step into the ring. He weather he tells the truth or not he has committed treason."
"Then I have to decide if he has been deemed truthful in his answers weather to exucte him or send him into exile."
"You are the King. Max it isn't always easy being King."
"No it isn't. I just wish this hadn't happened. Liz is just starting to really open up to me."
"Right now she is scared. But because of her friend Alex, she wasn't raped back on Earth. But she and the others lost a different form of innocence a long time ago. They were forced to grow up and fight to live."
"I know."
"Now go try and get some sleep."

Max smiled wouldn't his people laugh if they knew their King still had to listen to his mother.


Kivar walked into his room and smiled when he found his whore waiting for him. He stripped and climbed on top of her forcing his hard shaft into her. She no longer screamed in pain. Just winced. He pumped into her as hard as he could. He watched as tears fell down her face. He grunted loudly as he dumped his seed into her. He pulled the girl from his bed and shoved her into her room leaving her on the floor. He when back to his bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The girl laid on the floor until a maid came in and helped her to the bathroom. Once in the warm bath both noticed the blood. The maid got the girl out of the tub dried her and wrapped a robe and snuck her out of the house. She knew this could cost her, her life. But this girl was going to die without medical care.


Kara had been a doctor for three years now. She had just been informed that she would have to do an exam of the future queen in the morning. A young woman she hadn't seen since the trip to Antar from Earth a few months ago. She was about to head home to get some rest when a girl was dragged in with the help of a woman dressed in as a maid. Kara moved to help get the girl to an exam room.

"What happened?" Asked Kara

The maid didn't speak.

"Damn it Traya! Tell me!"
"Kivar, brought her from Earth. He has been forcing her to have sex."
"How long?"
"Nearly three months. Everyday."
"Shit. Don't leave Traya."

Kara when to work and was able to stop the bleeding. She also hooked her up to an IV to help replace the blood she lost.

"My office now Traya!"

Traya followed Kara to her office. Kara shut the door. Kara glared at Traya.

"Traya how in the hell could you let that monster do that to that girl?"
"Kara do you think I had a choice? In case you forgot I am nothing but a servant in that house."
"I know. I'm sorry."
"Kara, I can't go back there."
"Well, people from the Palace will be here tomorrow. Nicholas asked for the virtue test of the King's bride."
"It was Kivar's idea. Nicholas is too stupid to come up with it."
"Yeah well I'm far from stupid little sister."
"Kara, if I tell you something promise bit won't leave this office?"
"Traya, you know I won't say anything."
"I have been spying for the Royals."

TBC :twisted:
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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 27 10/24

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Natalie36 :D :lol:

L-J-L 76 Kivar and Nicholas really don't know Liz.

begonia9508 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes Traya is on the Royals side.

saori_1902 The girl was brought to Antar from Earth by Kivar. It will be some time before we learn much more about her.

Part 27

"Traya what did you just say?"
"I have been spying on Kivar for the Roayals."
"How in the hell did this happen?!"
"Kara, while you were in school I was caught stealing food. I was given the choice spy on Kivar or ten years in prison. I chose to spy."
"Why you?"
"Kara, it doesn't matter."
"To me it does Traya! You are my little sister."
"In case you forgot I am only your half sister. My father is human."
"No I haven't. Hell I was on the damn ship that brought your brother here!"
"A brother I have never met."
"He is a great guy. He in his own way saved our future queen from being raped."
"Sounds like a great guy."
"Yeah. Now back to how the hell you became a spy for our King."
"By agreeing to spy my record was wiped clean."
"If Kivar had found out he would have killed you."
"I know Kara."
"So you learn anything?"
"A lot. But it's best I only tell either the King or his mother."
"Right. Do you know the girl's name?"
"No. Kivar never gave her the implant. She doesn't understand anything. I haven't been able to ask her for her name."
"Well I will correct that."

Kara got up and headed to the room of the human girl and prepared the translater implant.


Liz stood on her balcony after the other girls had left. She wished that she could talk to Max. But understood that this was for her own good. But she missed spending time with him tonight. As much as she was fighting it he had worked his way into her heart. She picked a star and closed her eyes making a wish. Then she headed in to bed.


Kyle walked with Serena in the garden.

"Liz OK?"
"Yeah Kyle."
"She will pass this thing right?"
"Kyle, Liz will be fine. She will first see a doctor then have the test."
"What will she have to do?"
"The high priestess will ask her questions in the ring of truth. As long as she tells the truth as she knows it she will pass."
"Have you ever seen this test before?"
"I have seen a test within the ring of truth. But not exactly the virutu test. It was test the loyalty of a man to the crown. It did not go well for him. He was sentenced to death. That won't happen to Liz. In her case in the off chance she fails, she will be sent into exile in the desert on the far side of the planet with only the clothes she is wearing."
"But you really believe that she will pass?"
"Yes. Kyle go get some rest. I'll see you in the morning."

Kyle gave Serena kiss on her cheek and headed for his room, Serena smiled and headed for her room to go to bed.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 28 10/25

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keepsmiling7 Yes Alex has a sister. Liz will take her test soon. Nicky would be right after Liz passes.

L-J-L 76 We don't know what Liz wished for. Kyle started to fall for Serena the moment he met her.

begonia9508 It won't be long before the test.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 28

Liz woke and took a shower. She was not looking forward to what was going to happen today. But knew that there was no way out of it. There was a knock on the door and Serena stuck her head in.

"Mind if I come in?"
"Come on in Rena."

Serena came in and looked at Liz. She could tell that Liz was nervous about the test she was being forced to take today.

"Liz are you OK?"
"Serena, I'm just nervous."
"You will be fine. I know you will be. I'll be going with you to the doctor."
"What is he like?"
"The doctor? She is kind. You wouldn't have any way of knowing this but she was on the ship that brought you here. In fact she was your primary doctor on the ship. She healed your arm, got rid of that scar you had. She also cured you of that virus that would have killed you."
"OK. I take it she is loyal to Max?"
"Very. She won't hurt you. She will do whatever she can to protect you."
"Won't Nicholas claim she is lying?"
"She has to join you in the ring of truth. Liz she will have to release some of your health information. She doesn't like that."
"Why is this Nicholas doing this to me?"
"He is very loyal to Kivar. Neither like Max. So by doing this they believe they are hurting Max. You do know he is falling in love with you."
"Liz do you have feelings for Max?"
"You do know this is a good thing right?"
"I'm happy for you sis."

Liz and Serena hugged. Liz knew that it wasn't going to take long for Max to finish breaking down the wall around her heart.


Kara, walked into the room of the human girl. She saw that she was awake. She walked over to the bed and used her scanner to check on her.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Kara
"Where am I?"
"You are in a medical complex on Antar."
"Why is it I can now understand you? Do you speak English?"
"No I do not speak your language. I gave you an implant that acts as a translater. Every word I speak, is translated into the language you understand the best. I have one as does nearly everyone on Antar."
"So are you a doctor?"
"Yes, my name is Kara."
"Nice to meet you Heather."
"Doc what is going to happen to me?"
"I don't know. All I know is that man who held you prisoner won't get you back. The thing is technically you are here illegally."
"So I will be sent back to Earth?"
"No. It's much to dangerous. You have been gone for close to five months. It is a two month trip between the two planets. So that would be close to seven and a half or eight months. You have no money to pay for the trip. There would be only one way to pay for the trip. That is to have sex with the crew. Not something I think you are willing to do."
"You're right."
"Get some rest honey. I will try and find somewhere safe for you to go."
"Thanks Doc."

Kara left glad that the girl had woken and was going to recover. Now came the hard part. Finding a safe place for her. But first she needed to get ready for her part in Lady Elizabeth's test. A test that she didn't think was needed. If Elizabeth Parker was having sex, then it would only be with the King. But she doubted that was happening.


Max watched as the throne room was prepared for the test. He wished that Liz didn't have to go through this. But it had to be done. But once Liz passed he would make sure Nicholas paid. As much as he hated it he already knew what Nicholas's fate was for his betrayal of the crown. Nicholas would die. Then he would only have to deal with Kivar. Though he knew there were others out there against him. He walked out and passed the small chapel. He saw the High priestess in there.

"Your Highness you have a question for me?"
"If Lady Elizabeth agrees will you stay on to marry us?"
"You believe that she will pass?"
"I will stay until the full moon. But then I must return to the temple."
"One week then. Thank you."

Max headed to his office to wait the time of the test.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 29 10/26

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begonia9508 :lol: it hasn't been that long! Well it is finally time for the test :D

L-J-L 76 Yes Max is going to move up the wedding as long as Liz agrees. Yes Heather is safe for now.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn the torture ends today! :D Dr. Kara isn't going far. She is Liz's doctor!

saori_1902 Well the test is today!

Part 29

Liz sat in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come in. She was a little nervous not knowing what was going to happen. Serena just sat in a chair on the other side of the room. Both looked up when a woman in a white lab coat walked in.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to check on a patient that came in last night."
"It's cool. Liz this is Dr. Kara. Kara, I think you remember Lady Elizabeth." Said Serena
"Yes I do. I take it Zane is hanging around outside because our king feels this young lady might be in danger?"
"OK Elizabeth this will be quick and pain free. All I got to do is a full body scan to prove nothing has change since the trip here." Said Kara
"Uh ok. Doctor would you call me Liz? I know in formal setting you might not be able to. But other wise?" Asked Liz
"You bet. Elizabeth is a little stuffy."
"Let's get this done." Said Liz

Kara picked up the scanner and ran it over Liz. She read the scanner and made notes in the computer.

"Well Doc?" Asked Serena
"Everything will be fine as long as Liz here is honest." Said Kara
"I have no reason to lie." Said Liz
"Too bad it was Nicholas who asked for this. I wish it was Kivar." Said Kara
"Kara what is going on?" Asked Serena
"Kivar brought a human girl here illegally and has spent the past three months raping her. My sister who it seems cut some deal has been spying on Kivar by working as a maid brought her in last night."
"Shit! Where is Traya now?" Asked Serena
"My office."
"Get her so we can return to the palace. Max will deal with her after the test." Said Serena


Right at noon Liz was lead into the Throne room where she saw a woman dressed in robes standing in the center of a circle on the floor. She knew Kara had already given her findings. So now it was her turn. Liz took a deep breath and stepped into the ring. She could see both Kivar and Nicholas sitting in the crowd with smirks on their faces.

"Is your name Elizabeth Anne Parker of Earth?" Asked the Priestess
"Yes." Said Liz
"Your parents are Jeffrey and Nancy Parker both dead?"
"Did you come to Antar by choice?"
"Is it true that if not for your friend Alexander, that age fourteen you would have had your innocent stolen from you?"
"Yes. Though I only learned of what Alex did not long ago."
"You have spoken the truth so far. That is very good. Do you have knowledge of any living family?"
"Yes I learned shortly after I arrived that Lady Serena is my half sister. That we share a mother."
"Yes, do you have feelings for our King?"

Liz knew this question was coming, so she took a deep breath calming herself before answering.

"Yes. I believe I am falling in love with him."

Max stared at her shocked. He had no idea that her feelings had become that deep.

"This is the final question. Have you ever had sexual intercorse with a male? Either willingly or by force?"
"Never." Said Liz with a smile.

The High Priestess took a pedent from the pocket of her robe and placed it around Liz's neck.

"Lady Elizabeth, is one of the purest souls I have met. She is honest and true. Our King has truly chosen well of the woman that will sit by his side. Lady Elizabeth please step out of the ring and go to the side of the King."

Liz left the ring and when to Max's side. He wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

"Where is the one who questioned the young lady's virtue?" Asked the high priestess

Two guards grabbed Nicholas and threw him into the ring.

"Nicholas of the Vantar region."
"You questioned Elizabeth's virtue?"
"Do you now believe she is worthy of our King?"
"Did you come up with the idea to question her virtue on your own?"
"That is a lie! This man has told a known lie. He is to be punished as the King sees fit. Weather it is life imprisonment or death."
"Guards take the traitor to the prison. He is to die on the night of the full moon." Said Max

Two guards dragged Nicholas away.

"Everyone is dismissed." Said Max

Kivar walked out of the throne room knowing he had to find another way to destroy the boy king. Max turned to Liz who had remained by his side.

"So you are falling in love with me?" Asked Max
"Yes. I am not going to lie to you when I already admitted it to everyone." Said Liz
"Liz, are OK if we move up the wedding?"
"Two days."
"Liz it will be safer for you if you are my wife."
"Then I guess we should do it. But I'm not to a place where I am ready to have sex yet."
"Liz, I promise that I will wait until you are ready."
"Thank you. Max, you know we brought someone back with with us."
"Yes. I am going to talk to Traya. I'll see you at dinner."
"See you then."

Max leaned down and kissed Liz then headed for his office.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 30 10/27

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Natalie36 Yes Kivar is still going to be a problem.

begonia9508 Kivar is not going to accept Liz as his queen. Kivar will get what's coming to him. :wink:

saori_1902 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes Max and Liz will marry very soon. Just don't expect any nookie right away!

L-J-L 76 Yes Liz is in love with Max. Yes Kivar is up to something.

Part 30

Max walked into his office to see his mother waiting with Traya.

"Traya, sorry to keep you waiting." Said Max
"It's fine Your Highness." Said Traya
"What did you learn while in Kivar's house?" Asked Diane
"Kivar had a girl, can't be older then fourteen brought here. He has been using her for sex for three months. He has been very rough with her. She was bleeding badly last night. She would have died. I had no choice but to take her for medical care." Said Traya
"You did the right thing. A life is much more important then getting the information needed to bring down Kivar." Said Max
"Kivar told Nicholas to ask for the test for Lady Elizabeth." Said Traya
"We thought so. But Nicholas would rather lie then betray Kivar." Said Diane
"So Lady Elizabeth passed?"
"Yes. We will marry in two days." Said Max
"Then I wish you well, with your queen."
"Thank you. Now Traya, you can't go back there."
"I am awere of that."
"Max, I think she has made up for her crime." Said Diane
"Yes, it would also be wrong if she and her brother don't get a chance to meet. He can tell her about her father." Said Max
"My father?" Asked Traya
"You know that you have a human father. Alex is the only one who can tell you about him." Said Diane
"Do you really believe he would do that?"
"Well he needs to find out about you first. But yes I believe he will." Said Max
"Traya the girl is in Kara's care?" Asked Diane
"Yes. What is going to happen to her?"
"She will have to remain on Antar. She would be killed if she were to return to Earth." Said Max
"She will be protected." Said Diane
"Traya, I will have you shown to a room."
"Thank you Sire."


Liz walked out into the garden and was pulled into a hug by both Serena and Maria. Isabel tried to hold back a laugh as Alex, Kyle and Michael stood back grinning.

"Hey breathing becoming an issue here." Said Liz
"Sorry babe." Said Maria
"Yeah sorry Liz." Said Serena
"Glad you passed. I kinda got use to you around." Said Michael
"Thanks I think." Said Liz
"That's just Space boy's way of saying he likes you." Said Maria
"So Liz what did my brother say to you after we all left?" Asked Isabel
"Uh he asked me if I was OK with moving our wedding up. So we get married in two days." Said Liz
"Two days! Liz that is crazy!" Said Kyle
"No Kyle, it's not. Actually it is safer for me if we do. Instead of having just Zane there I would have my own private detail for protection because I would be queen."
"She is right. Besides we all heard what she said while in the ring of truth. She is falling in love with Max." Said Serena
"How can you pull a wedding together in two days?" Asked Alex
"Well all we need are the bride and groom and a priestess. We have all three herebst the palace now." Said Michael
"Weddings are more for show and the blessing of the Granilth. The true bonding is when the couple mates for the first time, and connect." Said Isabel
"Liz, you OK with this?" Asked Kyle
"Kyle, we have been on Antar for three months now. I was told I would marry Max when I came here I would marry Max in six months time. So it's been moved up three months. Nothing changes anything other then the date." Said Liz
"So you really love him?" Asked Alex
"Yes, Alex I do. I want you to be happy for me."
"If you are happy then I will be happy for you." said Alex
"Thanks, now I got to go get ready to have dinner with my husband to be."

Liz walked off smiling.

"If it helps she really does love him." Said Serena
"You picking up her feelings?" Asked Michael
"It's really hard not to. She isn't holding them back any more."
"Wait you tell me that Serena here can pick up on peoples emotions?" Asked Maria
"Yes, I know what others feel. But most of the time I block them. I don't like feeling everyone's emotions. It can be very over welmening at times. I was picking up on Liz's only because she was letting me. But at the moment Maria I don't know what you are feeling." Said Serena
"Come on Pixie let's get something to eat." Said Michael

Maria walked off with Michael, Alex and Isabel followed leaving Kyle and Serena alone.

"Red, you OK?"
"Hey Kyle."
"I don't know Maria well but she seems a bit high strung."
"Yeah she is."
"You are happy for Liz right?"
"Yes. I am happy that Liz is in love with Max. This is a very good thing."
"But once she is Queen she will have a lot of responsibilities."
"Yes, the people of Antar will have to come first. Then Max, and any children they have. Then it will be the rest of us."
"Red, I know Liz. She will make time to spend with you. You aren't just her sister but her friend."
"Thanks Buddha boy I needed that."

Serena kissed Kyle and they both headed to find something for dinner.

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