The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 63 Complete 12/5

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 11 10/7

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:59 am

keepsmiling7 Yes Liz is starting to break down.

begonia9508 Deep down Liz has known that this was for the better. She is staring to accept that this life is the best thing for her.

saori_1902 Oh yes things are improving.

L-J-L 76 Yes Liz, Alex and Kyle have become like family. They only had each other for a long time. As for who doesn't want the new will be some time before it comes out.

Part 11

Michael watched the blond young woman as she walked through the garden. She had finally stopped yelling and breaking things a few days ago. He stepped out from behind the hedge and blocked her path.

"Get out of the way."
"Not a chance pixie."
"Don't call me pixie, Space boy!"
"Why not? You look like a little pixie to me."
"I have a name space boy."
"So do I. Mine is Michael."
"Like I care space boy."
"OK pixie this is where you tell me your name."
"Fine. It's Maria."
"Maria, I like it."
"Good for you now get out of my way space boy."
"Not a chance pixie. I don't listen to you."

Maria shoved him out of the way. She stormed down the path. Michael just stood there smiling. He liked the little spitfire.


Serena watch the exchange between Michael and Maria. She knew that it was going to be an up hill battle between the two. She was lost in thought didn't notice the young man until she walked into him. She looked up into the softest blue eyes she had ever seen.

"It's OK. I'm Kyle by the way."
"So you from around here?"
"Did that lame pick up line work on earth?"
"Not really."
"So Kyle what do you think of Antar?"
"It's nice. A lot better then breathing toxic air and spending day and night running for my life with my friends."
"Yeah I bet."
"So you live here? I mean in the palace?"
"Yes. The King's parents took me in and raised. But they aren't my family by blood."
"Do you have any family?"
"I don't know. Kyle, for lack of a better term I was a science experiment."
"I don't understand."
"OK, DNA of antarians is breaking down. It is becoming harder for them to have kids. So they when in search of a planet that had a people that was close to them. That is were earth comes in. At the very basic leave there is no difference in the DNA. The only difference is the way they evolved."
"OK. So you're not antarian or human? Then what are you?"
"A little of both. They call me hybrid. I don't have the flaw in my DNA that the antarians do."
"OK. So can you tell me why I got the chance to come here?"
"On Antar all marriages are arranged by the parents or guardians. You were chosen to marry me."

Kyle looked at Serena. He smiled he loved her silky looking hair, her green eyes had this warmth in them.

"I hope we can get to know each other before the wedding."
"I think that is possible. May I say you are being a lot more reasonable then Liz is about this."
"Uh well Liz is kind of stubborn at times. So who is she to marry?"
"The King. Max."
"Liz is going to be Queen?!"
"Yeah. She doesn't seem to be to happy about it either."
"Give her time. She will come around."
"You sure?"
"This King Max. He's a good guy right?"
"Yes. Very kind. He has had issues with dealing with traitors."
"Death the price for betraying the crown?"
"Yes. But he won't hurt Liz."
"All Liz wants is to find someone to love and have them love her. If Max can break the wall around her heart down then she will be the most loyal person you will ever meet."
"You love her."
"Yes I love Liz, like a sister."
"I know. So Kyle you want to have dinner together and get to know each other?"
"I would like that."

Kyle and Serena walked off together.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 12 10/8

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:52 am

L-J-L 76 Things maybe heated between Michael and Maria for a while. Oh yes Kyle and Serena's meeting when very well.

begonia9508 Oh yeah Michael and Maria didn't really hit it off. But they will be fine in time.

keepsmiling7 Kyle are Serena hit it off very well.

saori_1902 Thanks

Part 12

Max watched Liz as they walked through the garden after eating dinner. He gently wrapped his arm around her waist. He felt her body stiffen at the touch. But she didn't pull away. He wondered if someone had tried to hurt her at some point in the past.

"Liz are you OK?" Asked Max
"Liz is my touching you bothering you?"

Max stopped walking and pulled her around to face him.

"Liz, please don't lie to me. What happened to you that makes you fear my touch?"
"The day you saved me wasn't the first time the gang had me. The leader of that gang had me. He was about to rape me when another gang attacked. I escaped during the fight."
"But he had touched you."
"Yes. He had shoved his fingers into me. Made me suck on his dick. I was barely fourteen! He was a grown man."

Tears fell down Liz's face. Max pulled her close and held her as she cried.

"Liz, it's OK. I'm not going to do anything you don't want me too. I want you to tell me if I am stepping over the line."
"You're not. It's just going to take time for me to get use to your touch. It's been a long time since I let anyone other then Alex and Kyle touch me."
"Liz, promise me that you will tell me if you are uncomfortable. I don't want you to fear me."
"I promise. I just need time to adjust to you touching me."
"We'll take things slow. But even if you aren't to the place to be intimate with me, after we marry we will have to share a room and bed."
"I understand that. I can't promise that I will be there by then. But I promise that I will try to trust you to listen when I say no."
"That is all I'm asking."

Max made a vow then that he would send someone to take out that bastard who hurt Liz so badly. He didn't like having people killed but what that monster did to this sweet kind soul was pure evil. He placed a gentle kiss on top of her head and held her while she cried.


Isabel watched Alex from a distance. She had to wonder if he would like her. He wasn't like how she thought he would be. She knew he was a close friend of Liz's. But not much else.

"So you going to talk to him?" Asked Diane coming up behind her.
"I'm scared mom."
"It's OK. Alex is a good guy. He did so much to help Liz. He won't hurt you. But be warned that he won't put up with that ice princess routine of yours."
"I under and. I want him to know the real me. I'll invite him to dinner tomorrow."
"Good. Get some rest. I hope your brother gets some as well. He has a meeting with Kivar tomorrow."
" God I hate Kivar."
"Isabel, he is not happy about bring humans in. He doesn't object to humans being used for their DNA. But he feels that they shouldn't become part of our families. He most defiantly does not want Liz to become Max's Queen."
"He has no say in who Max marries."
"True. But he will do everything can to try and stop it."
"What do you mean mom?"
"Isabel, Kivar is the kind of man who will destroy what little trust your brother has earned from Liz."
"We have to protect her. Mom, she has already been through so much. Kivar would break her."
"He will never be alone with her. I have assigned a personal guard to her. The only time he is to leave her alone is when she is in her own room or with a member of the family. But he is never to be far even then."
"Who was assigned?"
" Zane."
"Good choice. His parents took in one of the hybrids didn't they?"
"He will keep Liz safe."
"Yes I know. Good night Isabel."

Diane headed back inside and Isabel followed a moment later.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 13 10/9

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:58 am

keepsmiling7 Liz, does have a lot of fears. Mainly that she will be used by Max the same way that the gang wanted to use her. Max, is going to do everything he can to calm those fears. Yeah Kivar is going to be trouble. Diane knows Isabel to well.

begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

L-J-L 76 Max is going to keep things slow with Liz. He wants her to trust him and won't do anything to break what little trust he has earned. Kivar will be trouble. Max will try very hard to keep Liz safe.

saori_1902 Yes Kivar is going to be trouble.

Part 13

Kivar paced in his office. He couldn't believe that those stupid Royals were bringing in those backward humans to integrate into the pure Antarian blood line. If he had his way humans would be used as slave labor and nothing more. They didn't deserve to be part of Antar in an equal raking as antarians. He wasn't even to found of the hybrids that were now on Antar. There was a knock on his door and his loyal follower Nicholas came in.

"Sir it seems that the King is planing to take a human for his wife."
"That is not surprising. He wants to bring in more of those stupid humans Nicholas."
"Sir, you still planing to meet with him?"
"Yes, I want to get a look at this bitch that he thinks he can make queen."
"If you can get your hands on her will you fuck her?"
"I have no problem with using humans for sex. It's making them equal to us that is the issue. They are not our equals! They are nothing but stupid vermin that has no business being part of our society."
"Max isn't going to give a shit what you think."
"Don't worry Nicholas I have plans for how to handle the boy king, then I will teach that human bitch that she will never be equal to us."
"Once you're done with her can I have a go at her?"
"Oh Nicholas I expect you to help me break the bitch in. She will be one of the first of many of human whores I plan to have."

Nicholas smiled knowing that it was going to be fun destroying the young human's sprit.


Liz walked with Max back to her room. She watched him knowing he was unsure of how to act around her. She reached up and gently touched his face.

"Max, very few people know what I told you tonight."
"Do Alex and Kyle?"
"They know something happened to me. But not what it was. My parents knew."
"Why tell me then? I mean I'm still a stranger to you."
"Max, my grandmother told me once to follow my heart. My heart is telling me to trust you. To let you in to place I have guarded most of my life."
"So you trust me?"
"I'm starting to."
"Then, I'm going to be honest with you. I have a meeting tomorrow with a man named Kivar. He is very dangerous and doesn't share the same views of humans that my family does. He doesn't believe that they should be anything but slaves."
"Would he hurt me?"
"I don't know. My mother and I agreed that you should have a personal guard. His name is Zane. He will become your shadow. When you are in your room he will remain outside unless you call for him. When you are with me or another member of the family, that includes Maria, Alex and Kyle he will keep his distance. But never let you out of sight."
"Do you really think this is necessary?"
"Yes. Liz, I don't want anything bad to happen to you."
"OK. Thank you for being honest. Is he near by now? Cause I would like to meet him."
"Of course. Zane step forward!"

A man who looked to be in his mid twenties came from around the corner and stood at attention when he reached the couple. He was over six feet tall with green eyes and very short reddish blond hair. He reminded her of someone she had seen once before a long time ago.

"Liz, this is Lieutenant Zane of the Royal Guard. Zane, this is Miss Elizabeth Parker. Zane if any harm comes to her you will be held responsible do you understand?" Said Max
"I understand Sire. It is an honor to meet you Miss Parker." Said Zane
"It's nice to meet you to Lieutenant." Said Liz
"Zane give me a moment alone with Miss Parker." Said Max
"Yes Sire." Said Zane

Zane walked down the hall but kept watch out of the corner of his eye. Max bent down and placed a soft kiss on Liz's check.

"Goodnight Liz. Sleep well. I'll see you tomorrow." Said Max
"Night Max."

Liz when into her room and closed the door. Max headed to his room needing to take a cold shower before bed. He hated that he had no control over his body when Liz was near. He didn't know how he was going to deal with sleeping next to her without betraying his need for her. Zane took his place outside Liz's door.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 14 10/11

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:22 am

Natalie36 Yes Liz is starting to trust Max, and that is a very good thing.

L-J-L 76 Death to Kivar and Nicholas? They haven't done anything yet! Max is not some wimp, he won't let anything bad happen to Liz or the other humans he has taken into his home. Zane will be more then willing to protect Liz with his life.

keepsmiling7 :lol: oh yes Max is going to need a few cold showers before Liz will be willing to help him with his problem! Zane knows how dangerous Kivar and Nicholas would be to Liz. He is going to take his job very seriously.

begonia9508 Yes Liz is starting to trust Max. She was hurt in the past so it is taking time.

saori_1902 Thanks!

SmileeUk No one should have to go through what Liz did. Oh yes Kivar and Nicholas are up to no good. Alex and Isabel meet in this part.

Part 14

Liz woke showered and dressed and when down the hall to Maria's roomfor breakfast. Zane followed her as far as the door but stayed outside once she when Maria opened the door to let her in.

"So piss the King off or something?" Asked Maria
"No. He's for my protection. Max is worried that someone might try to harm me."
"Because I was brought here to be King Max's wife."
"Why in the hell are they bringing us to this damn planet?"
"The way it was explained to me is they will die without us. Besides this better then that crappy life back on earth."
"You haven't met Michael the knucklehead they are trying to force me to marry."
"I'm sure he's not that bad."
"Wait until you meet him."
"Maria, there is no way that this guy Michael is going to hurt you."
"You can't know that. Besides he is rude."
"You can be too."
"Do you really want to marry this King Max?"
"I'm beginning to think it might not be such a bad thing. I mean he is kind of sweet."
"I think you are crazy Liz."


Isabel walked into the garden looking for Alex. She knew he had to be out here some where. She smiled when she found him. She walked up quietly and sat next to him on the bench.

"So what do you think of Antar?"
"It's nice. The air is much easier to breath then on earth."
"That's good. By they way I'm Isabel."
"Nice to meet you."
"You're the sister of the King right?"
"Yes. You are close friends with Liz right?"
"Yeah I love Liz like a sister."
"She was chosen to be my brother's wife and Queen."
"It may take time but she will be a very good Queen."
"Liz is very reluctant about this."
"She has been through a she was taken by a gang two years ago. She doesn't know I know that. She also doesn't know that I'm the one who tipped off the rival gang that gave her the way to escape."
"You must love her."
"I do like a sister. I hope that your brother treats her right and opens her heart to love."
"What about you? Are you open to the idea of loving a nonhuman?"
"I think that I could be. If shebis the right woman. I take it that you were the one that I was chosen for."
"Yes. Are you displeased with the idea of being with me?"
"No. I feel Lucky that I get to spend my life with a women who is both beautiful on the outside and must be even more so on the inside."

Isabel smiled. Alex was defiantly someone she was going to enjoy getting to know.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 15 10/12

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:09 am

begonia9508 More will be revealed about Maria's and the others live later.

keepsmiling7 Alex is the best friend/brother Liz could have asked for. She will learn what he did at some point.

L-J-L 76 Kivar will have a run in with Liz in this part.

Natalie36 Maria will change, just not for a little bit yet.

SmileeUk Oh yes Alex is Liz's hero. Shenjust doesn't know it yet.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 15

Kivar walked into Max's office and bowed.

"Your Highness." Said Kivar
"Why did you want to see me Kivar?"
"I think it's a mistake to let these human vermin into our families. It's fine to bring them in for labor. But they will destroy us in the long run."
"Kivar! Humans aren't vermin. They are people. They are to be treated like people."
"Sire, they are destroying their own planet. They will destroy Antar as well."
"The humans that have been brought here have been screened and chosen carefully. I don't give a shit if you take a human into your family. But if I find out you have mistreated any human you will be punished do I make myself clear?"
"Very clear Sire."
"Now get out!"

Kivar left the office and headed down the hall to leave the palace he noticed a young human woman with brown hair with a guard close by. He knew that this must be the King's human. He headed over to her not caring what he had been told.

"Now what do we have here? A little human vermin?" Asked Kivar

Liz noticed him and felt a chill run down her spine. She just knew that this had to be the man she had been warned about. Zane seeing the fear in his charge stepped forward.

"Kivar if your business with the King is finished I think you should leave. I will call an escort if needed." Said Zane
"Zane, I just want to meet my future Queen."
"You were told to leave Kivar! Now get the hell out or I will throw you out!" Came a loud gruff voice.

Everyone turned as Michael came down the hall.

"Zane, get Miss Parker out of here. I will handle Kivar." Said Michael
"Yes sir!" Said Zane

Zane lead Liz away while Michael stared down Kivar.

"Kivar, I know the King told you to leave. So I would get out if I were you. Oh and if I ever see you near Miss Parker again I will personally kick your sorry ass half way to earth!"
"This is far from over Michael! I will not stand by and let this stupid King bring these vermin into our families!"
"I happen to like the humans. Besides you have no say in what our King decides. Now get your sorry ass out of here!"
"This isn't over!"

Kivar stormed out of the palace. Michael headed for Max's office and walked in without knocking.

"Maxwell, Kivar is going to be a problem."
"I know."
"He was going to try something with your future wife. Zane and I handled it."
"Is Liz OK?"
"I think she is upset."
"I got to find her."
"Zane, is with her."
"Michael, if Liz is upset then she needs someone who knows her past. Things she hasn't told anyone."
"She open up to you?"
"OK. Maybe I'll go find that Maria girl. See if I can get her to talk to me instead of yell."
"Good luck with that."
"Thank man."

Both of them left the office to find their woman.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 16 10/13

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:07 am

keepsmiling7 Yes Carolyn Kivar is going to be a major problem. Oh Maria has gotten under Michael's skin

begonia9508 Eve, Max isn't going to let things get out of hand with Kivar.

Natalie36 Sorry Kivar will be around for a while.

saori_1908 Thanks.

L-J-L 76 You must really hate Kivar! And he really hasn't done anything other then run his mouth!

Part 16

Liz sat in the garden on a bench with Zane a few feet away. He wished he knew what to do for the young woman. But he didn't really understand woman to begin with. He looked at the path when he heard footsteps coming up to them. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw it was the King.

"Let me talk to her. But don't go far." Said Max

Zane walked a little ways away but not so far that he couldn't be by his charges side if the need came. Max walked over sat next to Liz and wrapped his arm around her. He was surprised when she leaned into him.

"You ok Liz?"
"Kivar didn't do anything to you did he?"
"No Zane and Michael wouldn't let him. He just called me vermin."
"Liz, you know that I don't feel that way. No one here in the palace does."
"I know. But he does scare me. Kind of reminds me of the gang leader that tried to rape me."
"I promise he will never be let near you again."
"Thank you."
"Liz, I want you to feel that you can always come to me."
"You really mean that?"
"Liz, this is your home now. So I will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe."
"You make me feel safe."

Max looked into her eyes and could see that Liz was truly starting to trust him. He just sat there with his arm around her as they talked.


Kyle watched as Serena sat with her feet in the pool. She was so beautiful wearing a bikini that left very little to the imagination. Her long hair was hanging lose around her shoulders. He made his way over to her and very gently started to rub her shoulders.

"Hi Kyle."
"Hey. How you know it was me?"
"I have empathy. I can pick up on others emotions. You are the only one inside the palace walls that have feelings of something other then family or friendship for me. Well besides Maria. But right now she still has mostly anger."
"So tell me Red what am I feeling for you?"
"You are feeling like it might be nice to fall in love."
"I do want to find someone to love. I spent so much time trying to keep Liz safe that I didn't really take the time to look for anyone."
"Kyle, how is it that you believe in love but Liz doesn't?"
"Liz is a tough case. She has had it worse then most. There was this gang leader when by Snake. No one knew his real name. Be wanted Liz for as long as we can remember. I know something happened a couple years ago. But she won't talk about it."
"So why do you believe in love?"
"I think the universe would really suck if there was no love. I really do want to get to know you Serena.
"So what do you want to know?"
"How about how you ended up living like a princess, when you aren't?"
"When the hybrid project was started they used pods to act as a woman's womb. I was one of those grown in a pod. I came out at the age of five. At that time they asked families both well off and common to take these hybrids in. Queen Diane and King Philip to show the people that they felt this was a good idea picked me out of the two hundred hybrids created this way. They raised me and treated me like I was their child. I always knew I wasn't really. I have no claim to the throne and don't want it. All I know about my DNA donors is that it was a male antarian and a human woman that I came from."
"Is there a way a way to find out more?"
"There are records. But I don't have access to them."
"The Royals do right?"
"There is very little that they don't. So I would imagine they do. I have never asked."
"Maybe you should. Do you want to know?"
"I'm not sure."
"Think about it. Just know I will support you no matter what you decide."
"Thanks Kyle."

Kyle kissed Serena on top of her head. He knew he was falling for her.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 17 10/14

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L-J-L 76 Max wants Liz to trust him so by telling her she can come to him, he is telling her that she is important to him.

keepsming7 Who are Serena's DNA donors? Is a good question. There will be a clue in pt 18 who her mother might be.

saori_1902 Yes Max and Liz are making progress. Who are Serena's DNA donors? Got wait to find that out!

Part 17

Michael walked into the study where he fjound Maria sitting alone.

"Hello Pixie."
"I thought I told you not to call me that you fucking asshole."
"I can call you whatever the hell I want. I want to call you pixie. So you are pixie."
"Why don't you go fuck yourself?"
"Look Maria, weather you like it or not you aren't going back to that shit hole of a planet. A planet that has nothing to offer you. You would have either died a slow death alone or more then likely ended up a whore. Look I get you are unhappy. But your life is better here then it would be on earth. You will need to accept this or you will never be happy."
"You know nothing about me."
"I know more then you think. I know your mother's name was Amy that she died in an armed robbery. That your father ditched you at the age of seven. That you want nothing more then to have real friends and to be loved."
"How do you know all this?" Maria asked softly

Michael sat down next to her but didn't touch.

"Each of you were researched. You, Liz, Alex and Kyle. That is how it was decided who you would be the mate of. Liz is very smart and a born leader. She just needs to be shown the way and be taught to believe in herself. Kyle is very loving and caring, just what Serena needs. We all did our best but she has never felt like she fit in. She was created to see if human and antarian DNA could work together. Alex, he is very loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect those he cares about. He helped Liz in more ways then she even knows."
"Tell me why was I chosen?"
"Well woman, you are stubborn and a pain in the ass. But that isn't the reason. You make people want to be better then they are. That is exactly the kind of woman I need in my life. There are many times in the past that I felt like I was worthless. You are a challenge for me. You are making me want to do whatever it takes to win you over."
"I still don't get it. Why me?"
"Because you are special Pixie."
"You really believe that Space boy?"


Max walked Liz back to her room so she could get ready for dinner. They talked and resided that they would start having dinner together every night. He wanted so much to kiss her but knew it was too soon.

"So uh I'll see you in a couple hours?" Asked Liz
"Max, I can tell that you have feelings for me."
"Liz if I'm making you uncomfortable let me know."
"You're not. I don't know what I feel right now. But I do know even though it's only been a little more then a week I don't hate you."
"That's good to know. Do you think that maybe one day you might learn to love me?"
"Anything is possible. But even if I don't I won't find it unbearable to be your wife."
"But it would only be in name wouldn't it?"
"Max, we still have close to five months before we marry. We can figure it out more then."
"OK. But know this Liz I am falling in love with you."

Liz bit her lip knowing it was true. Hell she knew deep down she was starting to feel something for the young King. Liz when into her room leaving Max alone in the hall.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 18 10/15

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:48 am

begonia9508 Who Serena's human mother is will change someone's life.

keepsmiling7 Liz is starting to fall for Max. Michael, is trying to win Maria over.

L-J-L 76 Michael did give Maria something to think about. Yes Max is a sweet guy.

Part 18

Kivar was angry. That boy King didn't even listen to him! Then that ass of a commander all but threw him out of the palace. He was going to teach both of them a lesson. He would also have that human bitch as his whore. He walked into his bedroom and over to a secret door opened it to reveal a room where there was a fourteen year old human girl. He had paid smugglers to bring him this girl. He pulled the girl to the bed where he stripped her of her clothes and removed his own and climbed on top of her. She screamed as he pushed his rock hard shaft into her.


Alex walked through the garden with Isabel after dinner. It was a clear night and Isabel was taking time to explain the stars in Antar's sky to Alex. He truly seemed interested in what she had to say. No one else had ever taken her love of the stars seriously before.

"Alex am I boring you?"
"No Isabel. I love the stars. I mean I didn't see much of them with all the ash in the air on earth."
"You more then likely would have enjoy the trip here. Seeing all those stars. But you were a sleep the whole trip."
"Why is that?"
"Not all humans can take the speed that the ship travels at. So rather then risk injury all are put to sleep."
"That makes since."
"Alex, I think you should tell Liz what you know about what happend to her on earth."
"Uh yeah. You do know that she has that guard with her now."
"Relax Zane is there to keep her safe. You have been cleared to spend time alone with her."
"Why does she need a guard? What do you know that you aren't saying?"
"Alex there is a small group that doesn't approve of bringing humans here as mates and to be apart of our families."
"So you all fear that Liz could be in danger from someone in this group?"
"Yes. The most vocal is a man named Kivar. He would have no problem with forcing himself on Liz. He feels humans should be nothing more then slaves. Alex we won't let any harm come to Liz or any of you."
"I believe that."

Isabel smiled she could see why Liz liked Alex so much.


Diane sat in her room looking over the records on Serena. She knew that she should tell the young woman that she had a half sister. A human half sister. That her sister was on Antar and now living in the palace. She also knew the other young woman had a right to know. But it was not going to be easy to tell either of them. Serena would be angry and the other will feel that her whole life had been a lie.

"Your Highness is everything OK?" Asked Diane's personal maid.
"Yes. Send word to Serena and Elizabeth that I need to see them tomorrow."
"Yes your Highness."
"Oh and Jessica, tell them this isn't a request."
"Yes your Highness."

Diane watched the young woman leave and closed the file. This was not going to be an easy talk to have with those to girls.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 19 10/16

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L-J-L 76 Yes Alex and Isabel have an ease with each other. As for Kivar.............

keepsming7 Yes Kivar is very evil, but he's not going any where for a while. Alex will listen to Isabel.

begonia9508 Finding out this information will change both Liz and Serena's lives.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 19

Liz walked into the private dinning room to see Max waiting for her.

"Good evening Liz."
"Good evening Max."
"I wasn't sure you would show up."
"I did agree to have dinner with you every night."
"But that was before....."
"I knew how you felt about me."
"Max, I have accepted that I will be your wife. That means you would at some point have feelings for me. I don't know what I feel right now. But I will keep my promise to spend time with you."
"Liz is that the only reason you came? Because if it is I won't force you to stay."
"It's not the only reason."
"Then why else would you come?"

Liz smiled. The first real smile he had seen from her. Her eyes had a slight spark in them he hadn't seen before.

"I like you, and enjoy spending time with you."
"Yeah. Max, other then Kyle and Alex I have never felt safe with guys. But you're different. I feel safe with you. But in a different way then with them."
"Is that a good thing?"
"Very Your Highness."

Max now knew what that spark in Liz's eyes was. She was trying to flirt with him! While she may say she didn't know what she felt her actions were saying that she was falling for him. He very gently pulled her into his arms and started to lean in to kiss her when there was a knock on the door. Zane opened it and steped in.

"Sorry to interrupt. But this message just came for Miss Parker from your mother Sire." Said Zane
"Hand it over and return to your post."
"Yes Sire."

Zane handed the note over and returned to his post outside the door.

"Uh Max I still am learning to read antarian. So um I need you to read it to me." Said Liz
"Right. My mother wants to meet with you in her study after breakfast. It saids she has something important to tell you."
"Uh I guess that I don't really have a choice."
"No you don't."
"Do you have any idea why she wants to see me?"
"It's got to be more then your lessons. She wouldn't send a summons like this for that."
"I'm scared Max."

Max pulled her into his arms and held her.

"Liz, it will be OK. My mother won't hurt you. But what she has to tell you may change your life."
"Max, I'm not very hungry. I kind of want to go to bed."
"OK. Goodnight Liz."

Max placed a gentle kiss on top of her head and Liz left the room.


Serena sat on a bench in the garden with Kyle. It was a little warm for this time of year. They just sitting together not saying anything. Serena enjoyed being with Kyle like this. Movement on the path caught her eye and the personal maid of the former Queen came into view.

"I don't mean to intruded but I have a message for you Lady Serena."
"Thank you Jessica. You may go." Said Serena

Jessica headed down the path leaving the young couple alone once again.

"Lady Serena?" Asked Kyle
"Yes I was given the title of Lady on my fifteenth birthday. No I don't really use bit. Only the servants use it other then in a formal settings."
"I kinda like it. It's sexy."
"Kyle, we hardly know each other. I won't sleep with you until we marry. It wouldn't be proper for a lady."
"So who is it from?"
"The King's mother. She needs to speak with me after breakfast tomorrow."
"Not a meeting you can refuse?"
"No. Anything that comes from Max, Diane or Isabel unless other wise noted is not a request. It's an order. If I don't go then a member of the Royal guard will be sent to bring me."
"Then you should go. This has to be important."
"That is the only reason she would summon me. Other wise she would just come find me."
"It will be ok Red."
"Uh a nickname. If you don't like it I won't call you that again."
"I like it. Do you have a nickname?"
"Liz calls me Buddha boy sometimes. Buddhism was a religion on earth before everything when to hell. It's all about finding inner peace and living in harmony with the world."
"Maybe you can teach me about it?"
"I would like that."

Kyle reached over and wrapped an arm around Serena as they talked more.

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Re: The King's Bride (AU,M/L, Adult) Pt 20 10/17

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keepsmiling7 Oh yeah that was a major buzz kill. :lol: You find out what Diane has to tell the girls here.

L-J-L 76 You find here what Diane has to tell them.

begonia9508 Oh yes life is never easy.

Natalie36 Maybe or maybe not. Got to wait and see.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 20

Liz followed Zane down a hall to Diane's study. She had to wonder what this was about. As they got closer Liz saw Serena pacing outside the study.

"Serena why are you here?" Asked Liz
"I was summoned here. What about you?" Said Serena
"So was I."

The door opened and Diane smiled at the two girls.

"Please come in girls. There is something I need to talk you both about." Said Diane
"What is it?" Asked Serena
"Please come in and sit down." Said Diane

Liz and Serena both came in and took seats. Liz noticed some paper on the table. But knowing that she had only just started to learn to read antarian made no move to see what they were.

"These papers are your file Serena." Said Diane
"My file? You mean the records of who my DNA came from?" Asked Serena
"Yes. I haven't been able to find out a lot about who your parents are. Mainly because there is an identification number used for both of them. I don't know who your father is. But I do know who your mother is. That is why you are here Liz. This affects you." Said Diane

Liz looked at Serena. She had an idea of what Diane was going to tell them. She didn't know how she felt about this.

"Diane will you tell me?" Asked Serena
"I think I know, but go a head and say it." Said Liz
"Serena, your mother is a woman named Nancy Parker. Liz's mother." Said Diane

Serena turned to look at Liz. Liz is her sister! She had a real family member! Liz just sat there. She had always believed she was an only child.

"Liz are you OK?" Asked Serena
"Uh yeah. I just wasn't expecting this. I need time to deal with this. May I go Diane?" Asked Liz
"Yes." Said Diane
"Serena we can talk later. OK?"
"Sure Liz."

Liz got up and left the room. Diane reach over and took Serena's hand. Serena looked at the woman she thought of as a mother.

"Give her time honey. This changes everything Liz has believed her whole life." Said Diane
"Did Liz's mother know that she was taken and returned?"
"No. All human subjects were drugged when their DNA was removed. Though without our taking of the DNA Nancy Parker for you, Liz wouldn't have been born. The woman had a rare medical condition that would have prevented her from carrying a child to full term. It was corrected and Liz was born."
"Liz doesn't seem happy that I'm her sister."
"Serena, Liz has been an only child her whole life. Now finding out that she has a sister is shocking to her. Part of of the reason she was chosen for Max is that she is your sister."
"May I go? I'm not going to find Liz. I know she needs time."
"Yes, maybe you will find Kyle? I know you are spending time with him."
"I like him."
"Go honey."

Serena got up and left the room.


Alex walked through the garden looking for Liz. He found her on a bench near a pound. He sat down next to her and put an arm around her.

"You OK Parker?"
"Serena is my sister."
"That's great Liz!"
"Yeah. I just don't know how I feel about."
"Liz, I haven't really spent time with her. But she seems like a really nice person."
"She is."
"Then spend more time with her. Get to know her. Tell her about your mom."
"Thanks Alex. You know I love you right?"
"Yeah. Liz there is something I need to tell you."
"What is it?"
"I know Snake had you when you were fourteen. That you were almost raped."
"I saw him take you. I when to Ricky and told him where to find Snake, and some lies so fighting would break out and you could get away."
"Did you tell anyone?"
"Not much but I did tell Isabel, that you were hurt by the gang and what almost happend to you."
"Alex, I don't want to ever talk about what Snake nearly did to me again. I have a new life here. I actually like Max. Oh and if you tell Isabel I said that I will hurt little Alex do you understand?"
"Uh yeah. Remind me not to make you mad. You scare the shit out of me."

Liz just smiled kissed Alex on the cheek got up and left to find her sister. Alex watched her go with her shadow not far behind.

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