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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 35 9/8/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:35 am

Natalie36 We find out here how "our girl" does with her test. :wink:

L-J-L 76 Oh yes poor Serena! :lol: The major down fall of being able to feel others emotions. Serena didn't know much about the test. The only on who would know would be Diane. But she did know more then what was written in books.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, now would I have it any other way then to have Liz pass? :lol: I am a card holding member of Team Dreamer after all! Oh yes Max is very cosiderate of Liz.

begonia9508 Eve, yes it was a little embarrassing for Serena. That is a major down side of being able to feel others feelings.

Part 35 One month later

Max walked through the garden to the pond. He knew that Liz liked to spend time there. He smiled as he heard giggling of not only Liz but Maria and Serena too. Michael and Kyle had a mission to do. Max knew all about it but wasn't aloud to say what it was. But it would bring a lot of changes to Antar. He entered the clearing with the pond and knelt down next to Liz.

"Liz, baby it's time to get ready for the test." Said Max
"Already? Max I'm scared."
"It will be OK. You will be fine. It will just be you me and my parents in the granilith chamber"
"Maria and Serena can't be there?"
"Liz we will be in the viewing room next door." Said Serena

Liz got up and followed Max back to the palace. Liz followed Max's instructions and showered then dressing in a simple white dress without shoes. Max lead Liz into part of the palace she had never been. They entered a room that had a black cone balanced on a crystal base. She saw both Philip and Diane standing on the other side of the chamber.

"Liz please step forward and place both hands on the cone. Just relax and answer the questions that you hear as honestly as you can. Just think the answer and the granalith will hear them." Said Philip

Liz did as she was told. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

~Elizabeth Parker of Earth you come to be judged worthy of the Crowned Prince?~ asked the granalith
~Yes, though I don't feel that I could ever be worthy of being the prince's wife.~ responded Liz
~Very good. Now if Max as King were to make a choice that you didn't agree with would you tell him?~
~Yes. But I would also support it, if I felt it would bring no harm to the people of the Antarian Empire.~
~There is a drought that kills all the crops the people in the west region of Antar are going hungry, yet there is plenty to eat in the other regions as well as in the capital how would you help the people?~
~I would, take up a collection of food for those in need, even if it were to take food away from myself and family. My peoples needs would come before my own.~
~Another world seeks war with the Empire, how would you help Max to solve the issue?~
~Peace should always be the first choice. But if that does not work then I would advise my King to make the choice that would spare the most lives of our people. That would cause the lest harm to them.~
~Are the people of Earth your people? Or is it the people of the Antarian Empire?~
~I was born on Earth, raised by their customs. But their government turned on me when I spoke and fought against it. They were going to kill me for my beliefs. While I didn't come to Antar by choice, if now I was given the choice to stay here or return to where I was born. I would choose to stay here, even if it meant I would remain a slave. My life is much better then it was. This is my home now, and everyone in the empire are my people.~
~You are wise beyond your seventeen years. You are indeed more then worthy of the young prince. From this moment on til the day comes for Max to take the throne you are Princess Elizabeth the next Queen of the Antarian Empire. ~

There was a bright light and the royal seal of five dots in the shape of a V the layout of the five planets of Antar's system appeared on Liz's forehead. It then faded away. The gold bans around Liz's wrists turned to a fine powder and fell away. Max wrapped his arms around her and he leaned down to give her a kiss.

"You passed Liz! You're free!" Said Max
"Yes Liz. The granalith gave you a seal. You are no longer a slave, but a princess. You have a job to do." Said Philip
"What is this job?"
"You have to pick the head of your personal guard. The part of the Royal guard whose primary job will be to keep you safe." Said Max
"It can be any of the guards?"
"Well, not Michael. But anyone else." Said Max
"I already know who I want."
"I believe that someone is getting promoted. Seeing as the head of a personal guard is the rank of a Captain, and if I'm right then one lieutenant will need a promotion." Said Diane
"Yeah. He will." Agreed Max

Liz smiled knowing that Zane would finally have to forgive himself.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 36 9/9/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:19 am

begonia9508 Yes Liz is now a princess! Things are starting to happen now.

L-J-L 76 Maria and Serena know. They were in a veiwing room next door. The test would only be as hard as the one tested made it.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, oh yes Zane will do whatever he has to, to keep Liz safe. As for the simple white dress and no shoes, I just wanted to image of the pure heart everyone saw in Liz shown on the outside.

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 36

Kara walked through the palace looking for Serena. She needed to talk to Serena. Even if it was going to be one of the hardest things she would have to do. Kara found Serena reading in the library.

"Serena we need to talk." Said Kara
"No we don't."
"Serena, I had to report you."
"I understand that. What I don't understand is how you could support them making me a slave!"
"I couldn't let you go to prison."
"I could have ended up with Kivar!"
"I made sure that didn't happen."
"Why would you do something like that? Kara why do you even give a damn about me?"
"Because Serena, you're my sister and I love you."
"I have proof, that Lord Rath high commander of the Antarian Royal Guard is both of our father. Now we have different mothers. I haven't gotten pass the ID numbers for them. But I did find Rath's name in our files."
"If what you are saying is true. Then Michael is my brother."
"Yes he is."
"Does he know?"
"Not about you. I was hoping we could tell him together."
"He's not here. He and Kyle headed out on some secret mission this morning."
"Do you know when they will be back?"
"No. But this might interest you. Liz had the test a little while ago."
"Really? She pass?"
"She's free."
"Not surprising."
"Kara, I'm sorry I have been such a bitch to you."
"We're cool. Love ya Rena."

Serena stood up and hugged Kara. She still found it hard to believe that she had a brother and sister.


Michael and Kyle stood outside the gate of the estate that Kivar called home. They had orders to bring him and Nicholas alive. They were to face a trial and if found guilty they would be put to death.

"It's time Valenti."
"Right, I wish I could take this asshole's balls off."
"Right there with you man. You know Kara is my sister. He busted her jaw."

Michael signaled the men they brought with them and the gate was easily taken down. They marched to the house and the door was blasted open.

"What is the meaning of this!" Yelled Kivar coming down the stairs.

Michael looked at the man he was here to arrest. He only had a pair of pants on. It was easy to see he had rushed to pull them on. While they were buttoned, the zipper was still half down and his belt was undone.

"Kivar by order of the King of the Antarian Empire you are under arrest." Said Michael with a big grin.
"What the fuck! You can't do this!"
"Oh yes I can. Now get him out of my face."

Four soldiers placed chains and a power inhibitor on Kivar and dragged him out of the house. Michael then ordered the men to start to search the house for the girls. Michael made his way to Kivar's office and started to box up files to be gone through.

"Michael, there are two girls can't be more then thirteen in a basement infirmary." Came Kyle's voice
"Are they sick?"
"No based on the information I found they were sterilized in the last forty eight hours. Neither is conscious."
"Have the medics take a look. If they are in danger of dying then get them to the medical complex."
"Yes sir."

In the end fourteen girls were found besides the two new ones from the infirmary. It was decided that all would be taken to the medical complex to be examined.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 37 9/10/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:15 am

L-J-L 76 Yes Kivar is off to prison.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, a lot of girls lives just got a little bit better!

begonia9508 Yes Eve, the beast has been taken down! As for the girls while what Kivar did to them can't be undone things will get a bit better for them.

Part 37

Kara walked into the medical complex after getting paged to come in. The first thing she noticed was that there were more then a dozen girls wearing barely any clothes. The found Kaz in the doctor's room.

"Thanks for coming in on your off day."
"Sure. Where did these girls come from?"
"Kivar was taken in to custody today. These are the ones from his home. There are two we need to pod. They both are deplyping infections from the sterilization they under when. I haven't even begun to look at the others. By the way Jenny regained consciousness."
"That is good. I guess we need to get to work."
"Yes I have some of the junior doctors starting the evaluations."
"OK. Have any girls from Kivar's whore houses been brought in yet?"
"Not yet. But they are on lockdown. After we are done they are going to start bring in the ones from the houses."

Kara and Kaz when to work they found most were in fairly good health despite the way they had been treated.


Zane walked into the library where had been told to report. He had to wonder what was going on. He looked around and saw that Liz was the only one there. He looked closer and saw that bans were no longer around her wrists. He smiled before walking up to her.

"You asked to see me Princess?"
"Yes Lieutenant I did."
"I see you passed the test. I am very happy for you."
"Thank you. I asked to give you this news. You are getting a premonition."
"I am Princess?"
"Yes. But here is the catch. You must accept the job of being head of my personal guard."
"May I ask why you would choose me? I failed at protecting you in the past."
"Zane, you made a mistake. Everyone makes them. I want you for this job because I trust you."
"Then I will make you proud."
"Thank you Captain. Which will be official in a couple days. I believe you would want Kara here to see your premonition?"
"Yes. Have you picked a design for the detail yet?"
"I have. Take a look."

Zane looked at the paper that Liz had drawn a design on. It had the Royal seal, intertwined with the letter E and the earth flower rose. It was very fitting for the young woman in front of him.

"I like it. The flower is a rose, if I'm not mistaken."
"Yes. I have always like white roses."
"White roses symbolize purity, cleanliness a new start."
"Permission to speak freely?"
"Liz, I think you are going to make an awesome Queen one day."
"Thank you Zane. Dismissed."
"Yes my lady."

Zane snapped to attention bowed and left the room

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 38&39 9/11/14

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begonia9508 thanks.

L-J-L 76 thanks

Part 38

Nicholas watched as the Royal Guard escorted men out of the whore house and placed a sign in front that read closed until farther notice. He had learned all ten of the houses Kivar owned had been shut down. Kivar had been taken into custody. It was time for him to go into hiding until he could make his move to destroy the Royals and free Kivar. Nicholas needed to get some of his tension out the best way to do that was to fuck a whore. But he had been kicked out of most of the houses. They said he was to rough with the girls. But there was one he knew he wouldn't be turned away from. It was owned by a man named Javit, he wasn't Antarian, but Gathin. A small planet that Antar had taken over, over a hundred years ago. Though none of the whores in that house were human, they were all the orange skinned Gathins. He moved from his hiding place and started to make his way to the Gathin house.


Kara walked into Jenny's room to find her sitting up in bed. Her head was wrapped in a thick bandage. Kara check over the readings from the monitors and made some notes.

"How are you feeling Jenny?"
"My head hurts. But other wise OK."
"You had a really bad head injury. Do you remember how it happened?"
"I was ordered to the room of Lord Kivar's head of guard Nicholas. I removed my robe and got into bed with him. It was worse then being with Kivar. It was like Nicholas took pleasure in causing me pain. The force he used caused my head to hit the headboard. I heard my skull crack. My vision started to blur. I remember him saying something about me making Kivar a lot of money. Him ordering me out then everything when black."
"Do you remember what the headboard was made of?"
"It's OK honey. Well the good news is you are recovering nicely. Oh and you will never go back to Kivar. He was arrested for they way he treated you and the other girls."
"So what will happen to me and the others?"
"All will go through a medical exam then once cleared be sent to the slave market. Jenny, not everyone is like Kivar and Nicholas."
"But, here I will never be anything but someone's whore."
"Jenny, just because you are a slave doesn't mean you will always be a whore. Not everyone uses their slaves for sex. Some are treated very well."
"Forgive me doctor if I don't believe you."
"Will you give me a chance to prove it?"
"I guess. I'm not going any where for a while right?"
"No your not."

Kara left the room when to her office and made a call. She waited while the person she requested came to the communicator.

"Serena, I need you to do me a huge favor."

Part 39

Michael walked into the palace looking for Maria. What little he had seen in those files of Kivar's made him sick. What he did to them was worse then what any of them had truly known. He needed to see the bubbly blond. She was the only one that could make him feel better. He passed Alex and stopped him for a second.

"Alex, have you seen Maria?"
"Uh, yeah she is with Isabel and Serena. Kara asked that they come and talk to one of the girls Kivar had. She had been badly injured a while ago."
"Jenny. So she's awake?"
"Yeah, and from what little I was able to hear, doesn't believe that any slave is treated well."
"Well, she has reasons. Alex, she arrived here at thirteen, was sold to Kivar who had her basically burned on the inside to prevent her from ever having a child. This was done without pain killers, and less then a month later once she was deemed healed enough had her virginity ripped away from her in a brutal way. Kivar only cared about his needs. He didn't give a shit if he was causing the girl pain. So yeah I understand that she finds it hard to believe that any slave could be treated well."
"God Michael I didn't realize that it was really that bad."
"Philip, wishes he could end the whole slave thing. But it has been this way for over a thousand years. So it will take time to change things. But laws regarding slaves will change. No girl under the age of seventeen will be aloud to be used for sex. The process Kivar used to sterilize the girls has been banned."
"What about the ones already here under seventeen? Kivar is surely not the only one who uses young girls for sex."
"He's not. That will be tricky. I don't know what will happen to them. But any new girls under seventeen will now have a red stripe on their wrist bans. Marking them as under age. They will also have more regular check ups. It won't be once a year any more."
"That's good."
"Yeah. I'll see ya later man."

Michael walked off and Alex was left alone.


Maria and Serena followed Kara into Jenny's room. Jenny had a white bandage still wrapped around her head from the surgery.

"Jenny, I want you to meet Serena and Maria. They are both slaves to the Royal family. They want to talk to you." Said Kara

Jenny looked at the other women. She noticed that they both had gold colored bans on their wrists. She knew they were high leave slaves. That they could at some point gain their freedom.

"Jenny, I understand that you have a hard time believing that a slave can be treated well. But both Maria and I are. In fact we are treated like family. Yes we have to follow rules. But we have never been abused." Said Serena
"Yeah, I mean I was so pissed when I got here! I mean I threw and broke a ton of stuff and yelled."
"Would fight verbally with Michael." Said Serena
"No one hurts you?" Asked Jenny
"Nope. And no one forces us to have sex either. Jenny things will get better for you." Said Maria
"I hope you are right." Said Jenny

Serena took the other girl's hand and gave it a squeeze. She looked at Kara asking the unasked question of "can you do something for her?" Kara just nodded.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 40 9/12/14

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begonia9508 Eve, I promise that Nicky won't be getting away! We just don't see him in this part.

L-J-L 76 Nicky is going down!

keepsmiling7 Carolyn yes I thought hat design would be fitting for Liz.

Part 40 Six months later.

Kivar, had been tried and convicted of mistreatment of all his slaves. In all counting the ones who worked his houses he had nearly three hundred. He was sentenced to death by hanging. There was a warrant out for Nicholas. But he had gone into hiding. Things were busy around the palace as they prepared for a wedding for the crowned prince and his lady. Serena and Kyle had married a month earlier in a small quiet ceremony. Michael and Maria had started to grow closer though they weren't close to getting married. Alex and Isabel were starting to spend more time together, and not just studying. Liz would never forget when she found them by the pond in full make out mode. They were just as surprised causing Alex to fall in the pond. Liz walked into her room to see one of her new personal maids up. She smiled at the blond young woman. Her blond hair was really short.

"Hi Jenny."
"Oh um hi Princess."
"Jenny, when no one is around it's just Liz."
"Sorry, I'm still getting use to this."
"I understand. Just remember that you are safe here."

Jenny used one of her hands to push a stand of hair out of her eyes, the setting sun through the balcony door gleaming off the sliver ban on her wrist.

"Were you going to shower or did you want me run you a bath? I know you need to get ready for the state dinner."
"Actually a bath does sound nice, and I do have the time. Thank you."

Jenny smiled at the other young woman. She always treated her more like a friend then a slave. Jenny when in the bathroom and started the to run the water adding in some of the bath oils that she had learned the prince liked the smell of on Liz's skin.

"Your bath is ready."
"Thanks Jenny."

Liz when into the bathroom undressed and climbed into the warm bath and be gan to soak. It was hard to believe in three months she was going to be married to a real prince! Since they had made love for the first time seven months ago, she and Max had grown closer. In the back of her mind she had this almost buzz. While it was weird at first, now it was a comfort. It was the bond that had formed between her and Max when she fully gave him her heart, mind and body. Liz had been soaking for almost an hour when there was a knock and Jenny poked her head in.

"Time to finish getting ready Liz."
"Thanks Jenny."

Liz got out of the tub dried off feeling refreshed. She walked out into her room to find Ashlee laying out the new dress Liz was wearing to the dinner. He two girls helped Liz dress for the dinner.

"Liz can I ask you something?" Asked Ashlee
"Yeah go ahead Ashlee."
"You love the prince right?"
"How did you know it was love?"
"Ash, your not even sixteen yet. You have plenty of time to fall in love."
"I know but how do you know it's love?"
"Well it's complicated. But when the thought of being with that other person is the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the last thought you have before you go to sleep it's a good start. But one thing I can tell you it's different for everyone. So I will tell you this, follow your heart. Listen to it. Your heart is the only thing that can tell you if you really love another. My heart told me from the start that Max was the one for me. But it took Kivar attacking me and trying to rape me to make me listen."
"Really? Why didn't you listen before?" Asked Jenny
"Because I was still so angry about being about being brought here against my will. But in the long run it was the best thing for me. Because I was part of the rebellion. I had been arrested and was in prison waiting to die. But Antar stepped in and saved my life."
"Now you are engaged to marry the prince and will be the next queen." Said Ashlee

Just then there was a knock on the door. Liz smiled knowing it was Max.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 41 9/13/14

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L-J-L 76 Liz does want Jenny to think of her as a friend. As for Nicholas, well he might be planning something. Just don't count on him getting far! :wink:

Natalie36 Ask and it may happen. :wink: Nick's days are numbered! :D

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, yes Jenny is a sweet young woman. Ashlee is at that age where if her life had turned out different she would be looking for a boyfriend. Yes Kivar is going to die.

A/N sad to say this is coming to an end. There will be only two more parts after this.

Part 41

Liz walked into the dinner on Max's arm much more relaxed then she had been at the first state dinner. She recognized many of the council members that they stopped to greet. When they reached Duke Parther the older man took her hand and kissed it.

"Princess, you look lovely tonight."
"Thank you Duke Parther. It's nice to see you again." Said Liz
"And in a much nicer setting. You seem to be very happy. Is it the prince here that makes you so happy?"
"Yes. He is one of the best things to happen to me."
"Well I think you are the best thing to happen to Max."
"She is Parther. I love her more then anything." Said Max
"If only I were forty years younger. You might not have won her heart as easily."
"It wasn't easy."


Nicholas watched from the shadows. He was going to do what Kivar failed to do. He would not only kill the royals but defile the would be future queen. Nicholas was lost in his planning that he didn't hear someone come up behind him. He never noticed the other person until he felt the blaster against the back of his head.

"Give me a reason to blow your head off Nicholas." Said Zane calmly
"Zane, you wouldn't harm me your own cousin."
"Want to try me runt? I won't let you any where near my Princess."
"Princess! That girl is nothing but a human vermin. She needs to feel a real dick between her legs."
"You don't get it dumb ass! You will never lay a slimy finger on my Princess. I will kill you before I let that happen."

More guards showed up and Nicholas was arrested and taken to the dungeon below the palace to away transfer to the prison. Zane straightened his uniform place his blaster back in it's holster and made his way back into the dinner. He found the king and informed him of Nichols's arrest.


Serena watched Liz and Max work the room. She could see the one time human rebel really turning into a refined princess. Max couldn't look happier with Liz at his side.

"So Red how long after they marry do you think it will take to have little one running around?" Asked Kyle
"I don't think it will take long. Kyle do you want kids?"
"With you as their mother? I would love to have a couple little girls who looked just like you running around."
"Most guys want sons."
"I don't care what are kids are Serena. As long as you are their mother I would love them."

Kyle kissed Serena and the two began to visit with the other guests.


Michael walked with Maria greeting guests. He never let Kyle out of his sight though. He had given the human a warring that if he broke his sister's heart he would break him. He had always wondered why he had felt so protective of Serena. When Kara had shown him the documents that showed that both Serena and Kara herself shared his father, he was shocked. But now he was happy to have family. His father having died when he was still young.

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Re: A New Beginning (AU,CC,ADULT) pt 42 9/14/14

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Natalie36 Yes bye-bye Nicky!

keepsmiling7 Yes Carolyn this story is nearly done. As for Nicholas being Zane's cousin had to throw one more twist in there! No it didn't matter. Zane couldn't he more loyal to his Princess.

begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

L-J-L 76 Well you finally get some answers to questions you been asking since nearly the beginning of this story.

Part 42 Four years later

Max rolled over and laid his arm over his wife. His very pregnant wife. They had been married three and a half years and were expecting their fourth child. Less then a year after they married they had twins. A girl Claudia Elizabeth, and boy Steven Maxwell. Then a little over a year after came another daughter Jessica Diane. It was shortly after Jessie was born that Jenny had been given gold bans replacing the sliver ones she had worn since coming to the palace. She also now worked as a nanny a long with an older woman. Michael and Maria had married a year after Max and Liz. They had two sets of twins. Two boys Nathan and David, and two girls Tracey and Jacqueline. Kyle and Serena had two girls. Kayla and Jayme. They were now expecting another child. As for Alex and Isabel they married six months after Michael and Maria. They only had one son. Brandon but would have their second child very soon. Max smiled as Liz began to stir.

"Morning beautiful."
" Morning. Max I am not going through this again. Yes I am pregnant much shorter then if you were human. But that doesn't change the fact that I feel like a beached whale."
"I thought whales were extinct on earth?"
"They are."
" So what do you know about one being beached?"
"Max! I mean it. This is our fourth child in less then four years."
"Liz, I know. But I love all of our kids."
"So do I."

Max leaned over to kiss Liz when little feet came paddling into the room. They both looked to see Claudia she stared up at them with her big doe eyes that were much like her mother's. In fact she looked a lot like her mother. She was dragging a stuffed dog with her. At almost three she was shy and very quite. Max reached down and pulled her up into bed with them.

"Morning sweetie. You running from Jenny and Taya again?" Asked Max

Claudia just nodded and squirmed down between her parents and placed a hand on Liz's belly. Her hand started to glow for a moment then she let out a giggle. She removed her hand and reached for Max's hand.

"Is the baby OK sweetie?" Asked Liz
"She good." Said Claudia
"She is?"

Claudia nodded as there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Said Max

The door opened and Jenny stepped in. Her blond hair had grown out and had a nice natural wave to it. Her blue eyes sparked with life that had been missing a few years ago.

"I'm sorry she got away."
"Jenny it's OK. She just wanted to speak to the baby this morning." Said Liz
"Claudia, come on let's get you dressed. I'm sure your mommy and daddy want to get dressed." Said Jenny
Max and Liz gave Claudia a kiss and helped her climb out of the bed. Jenny picked her up and carried her out of the room closing the door behind her.

"Ready to get up Princess?"
"Yeah Max."

Max got out of bed walked around to Liz's side of the bed and helped her out of bed. Liz started to head to the bathroom but stopped. She grabbed a bed post as she was hit with a wave of pain. Max was at her side in seconds.

"Max it's time."
"Are you sure?"
"Max! This is my third time going through this! I think I know by now when I'm about to have a fucking baby!"

Max dressed quickly and started to help Liz down the hall. He looked to see Alex and Kyle were also helping their wives.

"Guess all of them decided to gang up on us today." Said Kyle

Serena hit him in the back of the head for the comment.

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Re: A New Beginning (AU,CC,ADULT) pt 43 Complete 9/15/14

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Natalie36 Oh yes more babies on the way!

L-J-L 76 I think the guys will be just fine. As for Kivar and Nicholas.......

begonia9508 Oh yes our friends are going to have very happy family lives.

keepsmiling7 Yes it's very exciting for our friends. Got to wonder what Claudia said to her baby sister don't you? But yes she is a very precious child.

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Part 43

It was three hours later when Liz held her new daughter in her arms. Kara had just handed the baby over. Max just grinned down at the small baby. He looked over as Kara sat down resting. Kara was expecting her second child with Zane. They had only married after Liz ordered Zane to make Kara an honest woman right before their daughter Elizabeth had been born. Zane did love Kara, it was just the idea of getting married had scared him. But he had to follow all orders given to him by the small woman he was charged with protecting.

"So you have a name for the new princess?" Asked Kara
"Carolyn Eve." Said Liz
"Lovely. Isabel had a boy. Victor." Said Kara
"So Kara do you have another niece or do you have a nephew?" Asked Max
"A nephew. James after Kyle's father."
"Kyle is the son of James Valenti?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. Why?" Asked Kara
"I knew his father. He was captured with me by earth's government. He was with me on my last mission. When I fell and hurt my knee he refused to leave me."
"Liz, you realize that choice more then likely cost him his life." Said Max
"I know."
"Liz don't feel guilty. My dad knew that by staying with you he was risking his life. You know why I took off from Earth? It was because I refused the order to hunt you down. I didn't know you but I couldn't go after you knowing you would end up dead if I did. I told my dad to find you and watch out for you. He had known your dad."said Kyle from the door.
"Your dad never said anything."
"He wouldn't. He was more of a man of action then of words."
"Very true. I think he would be honored that you named your son after him."
"No he wouldn't he would think it was sappy."
"So how is Serena doing?" Asked Max
"She's resting."
"Speaking of rest. Liz needs hers." Said Kara

Max kissed his wife and he and Kyle left to find Alex and to get something to eat.


Michael watched Maria with their kids. It was hard to believe they had four beautiful kids. Even harder to believe that that this woman would fall in love with him. He had a wife four kids, two sisters, both of whom had married and had families of their own. Kivar and Nicholas were dead and couldn't harm anyone else. There were now tougher laws in place to protect slaves. Anyone who was found breaking those laws was now punished before it got out of hand like it had with Kivar. In a few months Philip and Diane were planing to retire and hand the empire over to Max and Liz. Life was good. He had a feeling that things would get better for him his family and friends. Sure someone would cause trouble from time to time. But they would be able to handle it together.

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