A New Beginning (AU,CC,ADULT) COMPLETE - 9/15/14

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A New Beginning (AU,CC,ADULT) COMPLETE - 9/15/14

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:44 am

Title A New Beginning
Disclaimer Roswell is owned by a lot of people, I am not one of them. I am only borrowing the characters. I promise to return them when finished.
Summary Earth's government has become corrupt and people are escaping or being sold to Antar.
Rating Mature/Adult
Category AuWa mostly CC

Author's note This is the first fic I have posted in a very long time.

Part 1

She fought the men that held her. They stripped her of her clothes. Strapped her down to a table. She had tried to scream but wasn't able to open her mouth. A man came in and started to use tools to take samples from her and run tests. He never spoke just when about his work. She winced and tears began to fall when the probe was pushed into her body. Then man grabbed a cloth and wiped the tears away. He also spoke for the first time.

"We are almost done. Just a few more minutes."
Still not able to speak do to whatever drug they gave her, she just stared at the man. There was a beep and the man removed the probe. He looked at the data on the computer and made notes. Then he picked up a syringe and injected her with a drug.

"Give it few moments and you will be able to speak."
He when back to the computer. He turned when she spoke.
"What are you going to do to me?"
"Myself nothing. I am nothing other than a doctor. I was just to do an exam of you. As to what happens next, you will be sold at the slave market. Being a virgin you will bring in a high price. What your owner does is their choice."
"Like fucking hell. I will be anyone's slave."
The doctor walked over and and pushed a strand of long brown hair off the young woman's face.
"Your government sold you to Antar. Earth is in bad shape. How you stayed out of the hands of those gangs that have been raping woman such as yourself is beyond me."
"Just lucky I guess."

Two men came in dressed her in a plan white smock. Then took her and locked her in a small room with a wall made of glass. She paced in the small room. She tried to see out the glass wall but wasn't able to see anything. Finally the door opened and she was taken to a room where two women waited. One was blond with brown eyes and the other was shorter then the first with red hair and green eyes. The second wore gold bans on her wrists.

"She's perfect for him." Said the red head.
"I agree. I'll take her." Said the blond.
A few minutes later gold bans were locked the wrists of the young woman. The blond gentile touched the woman's face raising it to meet her eyes.
"You have a choice. Walk out of here with my friend and me willingly. Or these men can take you to my transport, and I wouldn't put it past them to be rough with you."
The woman thought about it for a moment.
"They will let me just walk away with you?"
"Then let's go."

The three women walked out of the market to the waiting transport.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC 8/2/14

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:52 am

keepsmiling7 wrote:Welcome back to the world of Roswell fanfic. There are still some readers here anxious to see what you have next.
I'm guessing this is Liz that was sold as a slave to Antar. Would she be so lucky to be taken to the King, Max that is?? I can always hope.
Thank you,

Thank you. Now Liz for King Max? Not sure that Max is king YET. You will learn more in this part. :wink:

begonia9508 Now did I say that the woman was Liz? :lol: You will learn who it is in this part!

Part 2

She walked behind the two women as the entered what had to be a palace. She was lead to a room and the two faced her.

"Serena, find her something to wear. I'll see about getting her something to eat."
"Got it Isabel."

Isabel left and Serena turned to face the young woman.

"There is a shower through that door there. Why don't you go take one while I find you something to wear."
"Can I ask you something?"
"What is this place? I mean it looks like some kind of palace."

Serena gave a little laugh and smiled.

"This is the Royal Palace of Antar. If you look at the bans on your wrists that is the seal of the Royal family. You belong to the Royal family just like I do."
"So who was that who just left?"
"Isabel, she is the Princess. She bought you for her brother, Max."

Serena watched the woman.

"Liz, he won't force you to have sex. "

Liz turned to face Serena at the sound of her name.

"You surprised that I know your name?"
"Yeah a little."
"Liz take a shower and I'll get some clothing for you."

Liz nodded and when to take a shower. Serena, when to her room and found something that would fit Liz. She was on her way back to Liz's room when she ran into Queen Diane.

"Your highness."
"Serena, I told you it's just Diane."
"Yes ma'am."
"How is the girl?"
"Scared. Diane, Liz isn't happy. She doesn't want to be here."
"If she wasn't here she would have been killed."
"She so isn't ready to hear that. I did tell her that Max won't force her to have sex. Where she was living on Earth was very dangerous place. How she wasn't raped I don't know."
"I had someone watching and protecting her."
"Serena, Elizabeth Parker is the only hope for Antar. She is destined to be one of the greatest queens Antar has ever had. Just as you aren't treated as a slave neither will she."
"Yet she when through everything a slave does."
"Yet she was still at the market when you and Isabel arrived. She could only be sold to Isabel. Serena get back to her. Your job is to get her to understand that this is the best place for her. She will only wear those bans until she is ready to except her destiny and become Max's wife."
"That won't be easy."
"No it won't but you are up to the task."
"If you say so Diane."
"I have faith in you."

Serena returned to Liz's room to wait.
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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 2 8/3/14

Postby Roswelllostcause » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:09 am

Natalie36 Thanks

keepsmiling7 Yes Liz is unhappy. She will start to learn about her place in things. Maybe once she meets Max things will seem better to her. :wink:

AN Anything between ~~ is thoughts.

Part 3

Max sat in the garden when Isabel approached him.

"So you find the girl mom sent you for?"
"Yes. Max, she is angry and scared. While she is listed for the time as a slave she really isn't. Liz is going to need time to adjust to her life now. She doesn't know that we have been watching and protecting her for her whole life. That she was born to help lead Antar to glory."
"Isabel, how do I get her to trust me?"
"I don't know. Serena is trying to get her to believe that you aren't a bad guy."
"I'm sure she is thrilled about that."
"Serena will get over it. Max just give Liz time. Don't force her to do anything, that should go a long way to earning her trust."
"Thanks Isabel."


Liz walked out of the bathroom to find Serena waiting for her.

"Enjoy the shower?"
"Uh yeah."

Liz looked at the table and saw that a tray of food was left.

"Isabel thought that you might want something to eat."
"Yeah I am kind of hungry."
" Then help yourself Liz."

Liz sat at the table and began to eat. Serena sat down with her.

"I know you have questions. So ask. If I can I will answer them."
"OK. These things on our wrists mean we are slaves?"
"Yes. But here it doesn't mean the same thing as on Earth. Liz, you will never be treated badly. You do have rights."
"You said before that I was for Isabel's brother."
"Yes Max. He is kind of sweet."
"Are you human? Or are you one of them?"
"Neither and both."
"Sorry. I'm a hybrid. Half human and half antarian."
"So was your mom human or dad?"
"That is a good question. I don't know. I was an experiment. Created in a lab. It was to see if human and antarian DNA could be combined."
"Oh wow."
"Liz, I have a good life here. Diane, the Queen she treats me like family. That is how you will be treated."

Liz bit her lip and walked over to the window and looked out. She had to admit that it was beautiful here. She adjusted her robe and turned back to face Serena. Then looked at the bed a T-shirt and a pair of jeans along with undergarments lay.

"If you get dressed I can show you around." Said Serena

Liz walked over to the bed and started to dress. Serena got up opened a covered door and when out on a balcony while Liz dressed. When she finished Liz stepped out on the balcony. Serena looked at the jeans then waved her hand and they shortened to fit Liz.

"Nice trick." Said Liz
"All antarians have powers. I don't know about all hybrids. Liz, I just know that I am not the only hybrid. I can't use my powers to remove the bans if you are wondering. I know that powers can be used to remove them. Just not the wearer."
"They more then likely use one of the DNA samples they take to in code in them that this is one who can't remove them."
"Didn't even think of that. Come one I bet you will like the garden."

Liz followed Serena through the halls and out into the garden.

Part 4 one month later

Liz walked through the garden wondering when she would met this Max. She had been in the palace a month and other then Serena she hadn't seen much of anyone. She was lost in thought and didn't notice him until his arm wrapped around her waist. Then she saw the snake ready to strike.

"Don't move if that thing strikes, it will kill you faster then the deadliest snake on Earth. Not even Antarian, healing powers could save you." Said a male voice.
"Thank you for saving me." Said Liz turning around. She looked into the most soulful eyes she had ever seen.
"You're welcome Liz. I'm Max."

Liz pulled gently out of Max's arm and away from where the snake had slithered. Max reached for her but she stepped out of his reach.

"Liz, I'm not going to hurt you."
"Max, I want to believe you. But I was brought her and told I would belong to someone. That I was someone's slave."
"While that may be true. You have not been forced to do anything have you?"
"Liz, my family treats you very well. Serena, wears the same bans as you and we treat her as family. There are three color bans. Black, are the lowest leave they are worked the hardest. Some will use that as a reason to mistreat those wearing them. Sliver, mid leave. They are worked less hard they black, and aren't normally mistreated. Gold is for the rarest, and highest leave. They have the most freedom"
"So what do they mean?"
"Does it really matter? I mean you will never be mistreated. You will always be treated with kindness and respect."
"Don't you think I have a right to know what these things mean?"
"Liz, has a point. She does have a right to know what those bans mean." Said Diane joining them.
"Mom, how long have you been watching us?" Asked Max
"I saw you protect Liz from the red dath snake. Let me talk to Liz, you have things to do any way Max."

Max walked away and Diane took Liz's hand gently and lead her over to a bench.

"Liz, these gold bans make you untouchable by anyone outside of my family. While the papers say you belong to Max, none of us view you as property. You are now part of this family."
"Is that always the case with anyone wearing gold?"
"No, but they are always the ones taken out in public if there is no other escort. At the state dinner next month you will be required to go with Max."
"I know nothing about those things."
"You can be taught. Serena, will be more then willing as will Isabel."
"OK. But that doesn't tell me why I am here."
"Liz, it will all be clear in time."
"Will I ever get a straight answer?"
"Liz, you aren't ready to hear everything yet. You will be joining the family for dinner tonight. Serena, will show you how to dress."

Diane got up and walked away. Liz headed to her room to take a shower. As she passed a room she could hear screaming and things braking. Serena came out as something else broke.

"Let me guess someone who is even less happy to be here then me." Said Liz
"Uh yeah. Maybe you can talk to her tomorrow?"
"I'll think about it. There is one thing. Diane, wants me to join them for dinner."
"Yeah I know. Go take your shower and I'll be there after I shower and change."

Liz when to her room and took a shower. She was brushing her hair when Serena came in half an hour later. Liz noticed that Serena was wearing a dress that was Kelly green short sleeves and came to her knees. It was nothing fancy but still nicer then what Serena normally wore.

"You look nice Serena."
"Thanks now let's see what they have for you."

Serena open the closet and looked over the dresses. She pulled out a light blue one that looked very much like the one Serena wore. But Liz could see this that this one had some gold embroidery around the the collar.

"What do you think Liz?"
"It's nice. But isn't that fancier then the one you are wearing?"
"Not really. Liz all your dresses will look fancier then mine."
"Why? Is it because I belong to the prince?"

~No it's because you are to be Max's wife. But you are so not ready to hear that.~

"Maybe. I don't know everything."

Liz could tell that Serena knew a lot more then she was saying. But didn't push it.

"So who is the girl?"
"Her name is Maria DuLuca. She is human like you and was brought here for Max's cousin Michael. He is training to be the head of the Royal army."
"So she, a slave like us?"
"Yes. Michael, is kind of rough around the edges. But really a good guy. He won't hurt her."
"Serena, you know more then you are telling me about what is going on don't you?"
"Liz, I am only able to tell you so much. You must understand that Diane hates that you can't know everything you want to know. But there are things that she feels you aren't ready to hear."
"I don't understand."
"You are not the only one. Now you haven't met King Philip yet have you?"
"No. Is there anything I need to know?"
"He is kind. But don't expect him to be warm with you. Well not until he gets to know you anyway. But once he does he can be a big teddy bear."

There was a knock on the door. Serena when over and opened it. She found Max in a pair of linen pants a white dress shirt and sport coat.

"Hello Serena. Is Liz ready to go to dinner?" Asked Max
"Yes. You going to escort her to dinner?"
"Well, I'll escort both of you ladies if that is OK with you."

Serena turned and smiled at Liz.

"It would be rude not to let him." Said Serena
"Yeah it would. Thank you Max that is very kind of you." Said Liz joining them.

Max took Liz's hand and kissed it. Then the three off them headed to dinner.

TBC! :twisted:
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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pts 3&4 8/4/14

Postby Roswelllostcause » Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:23 am

begonia9508 Yes Liz did win the lottery :D

L-J-L76 Welcome to my world! :lol: So many questions! First Max is in love with Liz. For him it was love at first sight. Liz will take longer. As for the rest of the questions wait and see! :twisted:

keepsmiling7 Max will never force Liz to do anything. He understands that right now she is angry, and scared. Thank You! I'm glad you love this! :D :D

Part 5

Liz walked into the dinning room with Max and Serena and saw Serena's eyes light up. In the room were to guys Liz had never seen before. One was tall with dark blond hair and the other had darker hair and blue eyes and was only a little taller then she was.

"KYLE!" Yelled Serena and ran into his arms.

Kyle wrapped his arms around Serena and hugged her.

"So they know each other?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. Kyle is a soldier from Earth. He was of no use to Earth any longer and was going to be killed. So he escaped and came here to join our military about a year ago. They met and started to see each other. They are waiting until Serena turns eighteen so they can marry." Said Max
"She can marry as a slave?"
"Liz, only slaves with gold bans can marry. At that time she will be freed."

Just then Serena came over pulling Kyle with her.

"Kyle this is Liz. She came here about a month ago." Said Serena
"Hi Liz. Lieutenant Kyle Valenti."
"Liz Parker." Said Liz
"Nice to meet you. Max how is it going?"
"Good. Glad you and Michael made it back safely." Said Max
"Thanks man."
"Liz, this Michael. My cousin and future head of the Royal Guard."
"Nice to meet you Michael." Said Liz softly
"Nice to meet you too. Just promise me one thing." Said Michael

Liz looked at Michael wondering what he wanted.

"What is it?" Asked Liz
"Let this guy be your friend. Let him love you. I know, you are scared right now. But, if he has made you a promise, then he means it. Max won't brake it if he can help it."

Liz, looked at Michael and could tell that he was being honest as he could with her.

"I promise to get to know Max, before I make any decision about him." Said Liz

Michael grinned.

"Good enough for me. Weather you realize it or not, you are already a diplomat in the making."

Liz just gave him a puzzled look not yet understanding what he was saying. Just then Diane walked in with Isabel and Philip.

"Please take your seats and we will get started." Said Philip

Max pulled a chair out for Liz and when she was seated pushed her in. Then took the seat next to her. Serena took the seat across from Liz and Kyle next to her. Once everyone was seated dinner was brought out.

"Elizabeth, how are you adjusting to Antar?" Asked Philip
"It's still hard your Highness." Said Liz
"It's Philip in these informal setting Elizabeth."
"Yes sir."
"Dad she likes to be called Liz. So if we are going to be informal. Then maybe you should call her that." Said Max
"You like Liz better?" Asked Philip
"Yes Philip. But if you rather call me Elizabeth it's fine."
"Liz, this your home now. I want you to feel like you belong here."
"Thank you."

Liz noticed Max watching her while they ate. She wondered what was the real reason she was on Antar.


Serena walked in the garden after dinner with Kyle. She had known him only a few months when he and Michael had gone off on some mission. She knew when he left that she loved him. That she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

"Something bothering you Red?"
"No. Well sorta. Liz, is just so unhappy. She isn't on Antar by choice like you. She was sold off by the government of Earth to be a slave. What she doesn't know is she won't remain in the slave bans forever. She was chosen to be Max's wife. To be the next Queen of the Antarian empire."
"That will include Earth before long. If we can stop them from destroying themselves."
"Give Liz time she may find that her heart will lead her to what she has always been born to do. Earth had to have a reason for selling her off."
"The fact she was part of an anti-government group might have had something to do with it. They were going to kill her, until we stepped in."
"Her parents were killed for protesting the government. Rena, if this is the same Liz Parker I heard about while still on earth then she was in a lot of trouble. They would have made her death an example of what would happen to those who choose to fight the government."
"I take it would not have been pain free."
"Far from it. Rena, just be Liz's friend. In time she will find peace. The one thing that she has never known."
"I'll do that."

Kyle just smiled and pulled Serena into a kiss.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 5 8/6/14

Postby Roswelllostcause » Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:38 am

L-J-L67 I keep leaving you with more questions! :lol: Max and Liz spend a little time together in this part. As to what will happen when Maria and Michael meet. Got to wait on that! But I will say one thing they are Michael and Maria! :lol: Oh there is someone out there for our favorite ice princess! :wink: Got to wait and see what happens with Kyle and Serena.

keepsmiling7 Yes it is sad about Liz's parents. :( Philip is very welcoming. He is seeing Liz like a daughter.

begonia9508 Liz is already slowly seeing that she is better off. When she meets Maria in a later part she points it out.

Part 6

Liz walked with Max in another part of the garden. She watched him. He seemed to be fighting something deep inside.

"Max, is something bothering you?"
"Liz, I just don't know how to react to you."
"What do you mean?"
"Well there is still a lot that you aren't ready to hear. A lot that you don't know."
"Is there anything that you can tell me Max?"
"Only that you are destined for a very special role here on Antar."
"What do you mean?"
"I can't tell you any more."
"OK. Max what is this state dinner next month?"
"Every few months we have a dinner for the leaders of the other planets in the empire or their representative, there are some planets that to far to come to every dinner."
"What is my role at this thing?"

Max smiled at Liz and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"You are to just stay by my side. Just listen to what the others say. They will see the bans on your wrists and not pay you much mind."
"They will just see me as your slave?"
"Yes, though they know that we don't treat another living being as property. That to my family that you are family. But you may hear something that they won't say to us. Liz, I promise that you will be fine."
"Max, I don't know anything about this kind of thing."
"I understand. You will learn about what is expected and how to act."
"Your mother said that."
"Liz everything will be OK."

Liz just nodded.

"There is something on your mind."
"Can you read my mind or something?"
"No Liz. But I can tell by looking at you."
"OK yeah there is."
"What is it?"
"Can I see the new girl? You know try and talk to her?"
"Yes. Just wait until tomorrow. I'll let the guard know that you can see Maria."
"Thank you."
"Liz just because you wear those bans doesn't mean that you don't have some freedom. I promise that I will never do anything to hurt you."

Liz looked into Max's eyes and could tell that he was telling the truth. In fact it scared her that she felt so safe with him.

"Max, I think I'll head in to bed."
"Let me walk you to your room."
"No Max. I need some time alone. To think about things. We can talk tomorrow."
"OK, but Liz in the future you have to watch how you say things to me. While my family will always treat you as family there are others who will demand that you be punished for what you just said."
"I'm sorry. I'll try to remember that."

Max gently took Liz's face in his hands and placed a kiss on her head. Liz pulled away and headed inside. Max watched her go. He wished that things weren't the way they were right now.

"You have already fallen in love with her haven't you?" Asked Isabel coming up behind him.
"Yes. But she doesn't feel the same."
"Liz doesn't know what she feels. But she is letting her anger go."
"That's a good thing."
"Yes. So are you going to let her talk to Maria?"
"Yeah. Do you think that Liz will help Maria?"
"Maybe. Liz will begin her lessons tomorrow afternoon. We have only a month to get her ready for the dinner."
"She will be ready. Liz is going to be fine."
"Oh I'm sure she will. It's who will be at the dinner that I worry about."

Max's eyes darken knowing who she was talking about. A man who would see nothing but a human slave girl on the arm of the crowned prince.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 6 8/7/14

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:00 am

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, Liz will find out some more here. Liz is uneasy about being a slave, but she knows that she doesn't have to remain one forever.

L-J-L 76 Lol! All your questions! Liz and Maria will meet here. Liz has to have lessons in how to act at a formal dinner. She has never been to anything like that. As for Kyle, he had been a solider on earth before they turned on him. He may have heard her name then. Don't forever Liz was an anti government rebel! Liz learns more here.

begonia 9508 Yes Liz has a lot of reasons to be scared. But I think that one dark haired prince might be able to make her feel safe. :wink: Maybe a few others too.

Part 7

Alex Whitman stayed in the shadows of the crumbling building. He was fed up with how the government seemed to know what everyone was doing. There was no freedom on earth any longer. The rebels still worked to try and over throw the government. A girl he had known who took over leading a group of them had disappeared nearly a year ago. She like him would only be sixteen. He knew that she hadn't been killed by the government, they would have made it very public as an example of what would happen to those that betray the government. He made sure no one was watching and ran for the gate to the complex belonging to the Antarians. He made it thru the gate and was taken to an office to meet with representative of Antar.

"Mr. Whitman why have you come here?"
"I want to go to Antar. I want to escape this shitty life."
"This government. There is no freedom. The government chooses what you do. You go to their schools. They are the only schools. You learn what they want, the way they want. You question or disagree with them, you are labeled a trouble maker. Those deemed trouble get sent to either the factories or farms, where they work you almost to death. Crime is out of control. Women and girls, girls as young as ten are beaten and raped by gangs. These gangs will bribe the government to stay out of prisons. There are groups fighting the government."
"Yes the rebels."
"I had a friend as a kid. Her parents were part of one until their deaths. She joined up with the group. She disappeared almost a year ago. She last seen being dragged away by soldiers. Hasn't been heard from since."
"This girl is in prison or dead?"
"I don't know. I don't think she is dead. They would have made her death public. There is a theory I have. I know the Antarians, will buy slave labor, and sex slaves from Earth's government. I think that for the right price one of the government leaders would sell her."
"There maybe a place for you. But you will have to pass some tests. Medical and educational."
"Very well."

Alex was lead to a room with a desk. On the desk sat ten test booklet and a pen. He was told to start. It took him six hours to finish all the tests. He was then taken for a medical exam. When it was completed he when into a room to wait his fate.


Liz walked down the hall to Maria's room. The guard opened the door for her and she stepped in. Liz looked to see a girl about her age with blond hair and green eyes sitting at the table picking at her food.

"You will get use to the taste after a while."

Maria turned to stare at Liz. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at her.

"Who the hell are you?"
"Liz, I'm human just like you. I've been here about a month."
"So, you have spent the past month as some alien's fuck."
"No Maria, I haven't. The people here in this palace don't treat me like that. They won't treat you like that either."
"Why should I believe that?"
"Because Maria I have no reason to lie to you. Let's face facts. The government of earth decided to get rid of you."
"Didn't they do that to you?"
"Sort of. I was in a prison cell when the antarians bought me."
"Why were you in prison?"
"I was one of the leaders of a group of rebels trying to take down the government."
"You would have been put into a reeducation program?"
" No. Maria they stopped those years ago. I would have been put to death. They would have made it very public and painful as an example of what happens to those that turn on the government."
"So these people saved your life?"
"Yes and I think they had an agent working in the prison I was in. I only think that because prisons are co-ed. There were gangs in the prison. Maria, I should have been raped! But I wasn't. I saw other woman and girls raped in my time in the prison."
"Oh my god Liz!"
"Maria, I don't regret my choices. The government is corrupt. They only care about their own greed."
"But you are a slave here."
"But I also have more freedom then I knew on earth. Here on Antar most slaves have more freedom then anyone on Earth. Maria, the bans you wear are gold like mine. That means you have a chance to be free of them. But, the only way that will happen is to marry a citizen of the antarian empire one that has some kind of power."
"I don't understand."
"In time you will. I'm still learning myself. Hell I have to take classes on how to act at a formal state dinner."
"I have to attended with the crown prince. I kind of belong to him."
"So what does he make you do?"
"Nothing. I didn't even meet him until yesterday. Maria, forget everything you learned about slaves on earth. It doesn't mean the same thing here. Yes there are those that will mistreat their slaves. But when that happens the slave in removed if injured treated and place back on the market. I don't approve of this, but I can't change it either. You should talk to Serena or Isabel they know more about this then I do."
"OK. I'll talk with them."
"Good. My choices are my own. But before the world government there was much more freedom. Though there are people that everyone has a destiny. I don't know if I believe that. But I do know that my life is better here then it was on earth. Think about it."

Liz left and ran right into Diane.

"Liz, have calmed her down?"
"Yes. She will speak with someone that can explain things better."
"Thank you."
"I should thank you for saving my life. I'm not stupid. I know that I was to be put to death. I feel that you had something to do with the fact that none of the gangs came after me."

Diane smiled at the young woman. She took Liz's hand and held it.

"That is true. Liz, you understand that we will start to shape you into becoming the next queen right?"
"Yes. I'm beginning too."
"You are already a leader. So it's more about learning about our government, and polishing you in a more refined way."
"I understand."
"Get something to eat. You will begin your classes in a couple hours."

Liz nodded and walked off down the hall.

Part 8

Serena sat at a table in the library waiting for Liz to arrive. Liz's first lesson was going to be in protocol. Not one of Serena's favorite topics. She couldn't understand why Isabel couldn't cover this topic.

"Am I late?" Asked Liz walking in.
"No. Take a seat Liz. We are going over protocol today."
"Why do I get the feeling that you don't want to do this."
"I hate protocol. It's not a fun topic. But it has to be done."
"So what do I need to know?"
"First thing you need to know is, at the dinner do not speak unless spoken to."
"OK. Is this because of the fact I'm listed as a slave?"
"Partly. It has partly to do with who Max is. You will have to remember that you will be on the arm of the crowned prince. So will have to think before you speak. You can't say anything that may cause embarrassment to the royal family."
"So better not say anything then."
"Liz as long as you are careful you can talk. But there will be people there that may try to bait you into saying something you shouldn't. If they ask you about what you think of the fact that we have slaves and you are one, if it is negative then keep it to yourself. I personally don't like that I'm a slave but I understand the need for slavery. I don't have to like it though."
"A good answer to the question on slavery would be something along the lines of, there is a need for it at this time. If that is what my king wants then I support what he decides."
"Very good."
"Serena, do you think Max likes me?"
Serena stared at Liz and wondered where this was coming from. Serena took Liz's hand and was hit with a wide a ray of emotions from the human girl.
"Liz, Max will never hurt you. He needs more time to get to know you. But I do believe that he will grow to care deeply for you. Maybe even love you. You may even grow to love him."
"I'm not sure I even know what love is."
"Liz, one of my gifts is that I can pick up on how others feel. I'm only telling you this because right now I'm getting a lot of different ones off you right now. Too many to block."
"It's fine Liz. It's good that you can feel a lot of things. When you think about I feel like you want to know him better, that you wouldn't mind spending more time alone with him."

Liz, knew that Serena was right. She did want to get to know Max a lot better.


Max stood outside the library and listened to what Serena and Liz were talking about. He knew he had to be careful to block his emotions from Serena. Not that he really believed that she would tell Liz what he was feeling. But she would say something later about spying.

"Max it's not nice to spy." Said Isabel coming up to him.
"I know Iz but I wanted to know how it was going."
"Max, I promise Liz will be ready in time for the dinner."
"I'm not worried. I just know that Lord Kivar is going to try and bait her. If she were to say the wrong thing then...."
"Kivar will demand that she be punished. I know."
"I could never hurt her."
"Max, Serena and I will make sure that doesn't happen."
"Unless we can keep him away from her, I don't know how that will work."
"Don't worry. I don't want anything to happen to Liz. She is destined to be a great queen."

Max wondered what everyone in his family seemed to know that they weren't telling him. He would never ask, he knew that he wouldn't get a straight answer.


After her lesson Liz when out to the garden and found Maria in the mist of a argument with Michael.

"Look Space boy, I don't give a shit what these things mean! I will not be treated like a piece of property!" Yelled Maria
"Damn it woman! I would never do that! Yes I have a fucking piece of paper that says I own you. But I don't see you as property! I see you as this woman that has a chance to be something great here! Tell me something Maria. Did that government on Earth give a shit if you lived or if you ended up dead?"
"Most likely not."
"Well I can tell you one thing the people in this house do. The money my Aunt and Uncle paid to have you brought here was a lot. We found more then one person in the Earth government that had an interest in lining their pockets rather then helping the people of their planet. Maria, I promise that I will never force you do do something you don't want to do. I get that trust is going to take time."
"Trust does take time."

Liz turned to head back before they caught her spying when she found Max staring at her. He just grinned at her.

"Think they will work it out?" asked Max
"Uh I don't know."
"Well at lest Maria isn't trying to kill him."
"Liz are you scared to be around me?"

Liz bit her lip not sure how to answer the question. She didn't know what her feelings were.

"I'm not sure what I feel. Max, I do believe that you will not harm me."
"That is good to know."

Max walked off and Liz wondered why she felt the need to open up to him. Liz, took a deep breath and ran after Max.

"Max! Wait please!"

Max turned to face her. He looked at Liz wondering what was going through her mind.

"Can we talk? I know you more then likely won't tell me everything I want to know. But I do have a lot of questions."

Max smiled this was what he had wanted. He had wanted her to come to him.

"Yes. Come with me I know a place that we can talk."

Max lead Liz through the garden to a pond. Where they both sat down.

"So what do you want to know?"
"Well, your mom told me the plan is to shape me in to the next queen."
"That is true. Liz, for the past few years we have had people on Earth watching different women, trying to find who we felt would be best to become my wife. My queen. While you weren't the only choice, you were the one I hoped for the most."
"Why me? I mean I'm a nobody."
"You're not a nobody Liz. You are this beautiful, smart caring young woman. You saw something that you felt was wrong. Something that you wanted to change. Something that you would risk your life to change."
"How can I become this queen when I am nothing but your slave?"

Max gently took Liz's hands in his. He had to come up with the best way to explain this to her. Taking a deep breath he began to speak again.

"Liz, you are a slave yes. But you are much more. You will not remain a slave forever, and I will never treat you like one. I want us to be friends."
"Yeah. I mean I don't want you to hate me."
"I don't hate you."
"You don't?"
"That's good to know."
"Max, have you ever used a slave for sex?"
"Never! I never will. Liz, if that happens between us then it will be your choice."
"OK. There are girl, brought here to be sex slaves aren't there?"
"Yes. I don't like it. But it is done. There are, some people that own I guess you would call them whore houses. My dad doesn't like woman used like that. But there is this council he works with. They are the ones who make rules about that. There have been cases where a slave has been mistreated, the owner is punished. The slaves are removed and resold to new owners."
"That is a lot to take in. I need to think about this."

Max leaned over and kissed Liz on her cheek and got up to leave her to her thoughts.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pts 7&8 8/9/14

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:55 am

keepsmiling7 Yes Alex wants to leave earth. His thoughts are there has to be something better for him then the life he is living. Oh yeah Isabel busting Max was great! :lol: He just is trying to learn everything he can about this woman who won his heart by just showing up! They are going to talk more. There maybe something that happens soon to bring them close. :wink:

L-J-L 76 Yes it's easy to see why Alex wants to leave. Will he go to Antar? Good chance! :wink: Will he meet Isabel? More then likely. :wink: Will Michael and Maria stop fighting? Maybe! As for someone causing trouble at the dinner very good chance! :twisted: The reason Max is bidding his feelings from Liz is he doesn't want to scare her. They are just starting to become friends. Will they kiss? Good question. At some point I think it's possible. :D

begonia 9508 Yes there are some very special laws on Antar. Will Michael tame the wild beast that is Maria? Maybe not completely! He tells Kyle something that he likes about his women in this part! :wink:

Part 9

Kyle and Michael headed back into the palace after working with the Royal Guard.

"So Michael have you met the girl they brought here for you yet?"
"Yeah. Yesterday afternoon. She is feisty. She was yelling and braking things for a good part the day before yesterday. She also got a set of lungs. She was yelling at me for like ten minutes. Not sure she took a breath in that time."
"I'm so glad Serena isn't like that. I mean yeah you piss her off and she might fry ya. But she is really sweet."
"I happen to like feisty women."
"Good for you. I don't know about you, but I am going to go clean up for dinner."
"Yeah that is a good idea. Don't want to piss off the princess."
"Isabel isn't that bad is she?"
"Earth boy you have been here almost a year and you don't know Isabel yet?"
"Michael, in case you forgot Isabel doesn't let very many people close."
"True. Kyle, Isabel isn't the ice princess she act like. But she does need a guy. One that won't put up with her shit."
"Where on Antar are we going to find one of those?"
"Don't think we will."
"So what you think he is on some other planet?"
"I think he is human. He's on earth."
"Really? Why do you think that?"
"Well it looks like we found the perfect match for Max on earth in Liz. You came from earth and make Serena happier then I have ever seen her. It's too early to tell for me and the girl they picked for me. I just met her and all."
"Will she be at dinner tonight?"
"Not for a couple weeks. She needs to adjust to being on Antar first. The other night was Liz's first time at dinner."
"You know Liz got into a lot of trouble back on earth. She was part of an anti government group. A group that was trying to take out one or more of the leaders."
"That is what put her on our radar. She was in prison waiting to be killed by the government of earth. From what our people told us it was going to be slow and painful. They had already beaten her. Liz had to be drugged to make the trip. They kept her asleep the whole trip in a healing pod. There was only so much our insider in the prison could do to protect her. They kept the gangs away from her but not much else. Kyle at some point Liz will remember the beatings. I just hope that she let's Max close by then."
"Why doesn't she remember now?"
"Something with how the healing pod works. It blocks the turmeric event that lead to the injury. I don't really understand it myself. Serena has done a lot of reading on the subject. She is really into the science stuff."
"Maybe I'll ask her some time."
"Good idea. See ya later Kyle."

Michael walked off and Kyle headed for his room to get ready for dinner.


Liz was still by the pond when Serena sat down next to her.

"Liz, it's OK if he are starting to feel something for Max."
"I don't have feelings for him."
"You can lie to yourself. But you can't lie to me. I can feel your feelings."
"Serena, why do you even care? I mean you don't even know me."
"Liz, I care because it's who I am. I lost sight of who I was as a person once. When I did that I got myself where I am today. When I found out I was just an experiment it hurt. I when to that lab and trashed it. Another hybrid, who studied and became a doctor pulled strings and got Isabel to buy me. Liz, there was a good chance I would have ended up in one of those houses where I would have been forced to have sex with different men. I would have been nothing but a whore. I never would have met Kyle and fallen in love. I wouldn't be here to help you. Help you to become something much greater then a rebel who died for their beliefs."
"The rebels would have avenged my death. But that is not what I want I just want Earth to be a better place. Before the world government it was far from perfect. But people were a lot happier."
"Liz, to much has happened to earth. It never will be what it was, but with your help Antar can make it better then it is. But one major problem for is the people have lost sight of love. Love is one of the greatest gifts we are given. Max wants to be close to you, wants to teach you how to love. But first you have to be willing to open your heart to him."
"My grandmother once told me to follow my heart."
"Sounds like a smart woman."
"She was. I'll think about what you said."
"Good. Now let's both go get ready for dinner."

Liz got up and followed the other girl into the palace.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 9 8/10/14

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L-J-L 76 Max and Liz will spend time together talking. They will not admit how they feel for a while. Will they kiss? There is a chance. But not for a little while. As for who will cause trouble, got to wait and see! :twisted: Michael and Maria will spend time together. In this post you Alex pops up again.

keepsmiling7 Yes Kyle and Serena are perfect for each other. It may take time but it's a safe bet that Liz will follow her heart. :wink:

Part 10

After dinner Liz stood on the balcony outside her room staring at the stars, and thinking of the people she left behind on earth. Her parents were dead. They were killed for their part in the rebellion to try and bring down the world government. A government that didn't give a shit about the common people. They only cared about padding their own pockets, hence them selling off people they felt were worthless. Though a few political prisoners such as herself also got sold off if the price was right. She rub her arms in the chilly night air. Then she felt someone wrap a jacket around her. She turned to find Max behind her.

"We share the balcony. My room is next door. There is a door that connects the two rooms."
"Liz, I will never just walk in on you."
"Max, I have accepted that I belong to you. That if you want me in your bed then I have to comply."
"Liz, I won't force you to do anything that you don't want to do."
"Max, is there something I don't know about why I am here?"
"Liz, in time you will learn everything you need to know. I can't tell you everything. But trust me when I say that it is nothing bad."
"How do I know you are telling the truth?"
"You will just have to trust me. I know that is going to be hard. But it's just something you are going to have learn to do."
"Trust isn't just given. It has to be earned Max."
"You don't trust me?"
"I'm not sure. The truth is I don't know you. If I knew you better then maybe I could trust you."
"Then I guess you and I will need to spend some time together to get to know each other."
"Liz are you scared to let me know you? The real you. The Liz only you know?"
"No. I'm going to go to bed. Goodnight Max."
"Wait Liz."
"Tomorrow, after breakfast let's talk."

Liz handed Max his jacket and when into her room. Max watched her go and knew that he was already falling in love with the brown hair and eyed girl. He also knew that in two years after Liz turned eighteen that he would have no problem with her becoming his wife and bonded mate. That was something that he had to make sure she understood. That their was a difference between just being husband and wife, and bonded mates. That when bonded it runs much deeper. That two souls become one. That it is also for life. But he knew that even though that is what he wants he wouldn't force her to do it.

"Liz please let me in. Please let me show you what love is like."


Maria walked through the garden she had to admit that what little she had seen of Antar so far was beautiful. But she was still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she was now someone's slave. A piece of property.

"It's a nice night. Warm for this time a year." Said Michael from behind her.
"I have to take your word for that."
"Maria, I get that you don't like your situation. But I can promise you one thing that there are worse places to be. There are people here that would do horrible things to you. I'm not going to hurt you."
"Tell me something. Liz told me that slaves with gold bans can be freed if they marry someone high ranking."
"That is true."
"Michael, will I have to sleep with you?"
"Only if you want to. I wouldn't force you. Maria, did you really want to go work in that factory they were going to send you to?"
"Are you asking if I wanted to go make cheese? Hell no. But I don't know what I am going to be doing here."
"Well, I'm not sure yet. Gotta find out what skills you got. Liz is a leader, even if she won't admit it. She is to be Max's Queen."
"Has she been told this? Cause I don't know how it will go over with her."
"I don't know. That is for Max or his parents to say something about."
"Will he?"
"Only when he feels she is ready. Maria let me walk you to your room."

Maria looked at Michael and nodded. They then headed off to bed for the night.

Part 11

Alex stared out the window of the ship as it flew through space on it's way to Antar from earth. They had just passed Pluto. If not for the blur of the the stars he wouldn't even know the ship was moving. There were others on the ship. Some coming by choice other kept in a different part of the ship to be sold in the slave markets on Antar. He didn't like the idea that there were humans being sold into some kind of forced work. But he knew that this was how things were done where he was going.

~Liz what happened to you? Did you escape and go underground or did you die fighting when they came for you? Is it possible that someone greedy enough choose to sell you to the antarians? God I hope that you are alive and safe.~

Alex headed to the dinning hall to get something to eat. He knew that it would be another seven months before he would arrive on Antar. Once there he would have another medical exam before going to his new job whatever that might be. Alex grabbed a tray and sat at a table. He was eating when a woman dressed in the uniform of the crew walked up to him.

"Mind if I join you?"
"Thank you. I'm Kara by the way."
"Alex Whitman."
"I'm aware of who you are Alex."
"Yeah, I'm part of the ships medical team."
"I didn't think anyone who didn't pass medical tests were let on the ship."
"Contract holders like you aren't. But, the ones that have been sold to Antar as slaves sometimes aren't as healthy. Though slaves are kept apart from the rest of you. There are some slaves that are sold from the prisons, many of them have been mistreated. They are sedated and place in healing pods for the trip."
"OK. So Kara, you don't seem like other Antarians I've met."
"Well that is because I am a hybrid. Part Antarian, part human. Twenty or so years ago experiments were done to see if it was possible to mix the two peoples. There are about three hounded hybrids as a result of that. I have a younger sister on Antar. She is currently a slave to the royal family. I found some records and found out that we have the same antarian father. Different human mothers. She is sixteen now. From what little I've learned she is courting a young man from earth that joined the army after the human army turned on him."
"Does she know about you?"
"Not that I'm her sister"
"Kara is there any way to find someone that may have been a prisoner on earth and sold to Antar?"
"Maybe. While it takes close to seven months to reach Antar from earth, it only takes about two to go from Antar to earth. The reason is that humans can't take the higher speeds or the pressure of the artificial worm hole we can create. But I only have the records of this ship none of the others."
"I had a friend when I was younger that disappeared about a year ago. I think she was in a prison for a while. She was part of an anti government group. Her parents were killed for being part of it."

Kara pulled out a tablet computer and loaded a program.

"I'll check our records. But even if her name doesn't come up does not mean she wasn't sold to Antar. You don't believe that she was put to death?"
"No the government would have made an example of her. Long, painful and very public for her death."
"What is her legal name?"
"Elizabeth Anne Parker."

Kara typed in the name and let the computer do it's work. It beeped and the record came up.
"Well she made the trip on this ship eleven months ago. She had been beaten badly in the prison. She was placed in a healing pod for the trip. Once on Antar she was sold as a gold level slave. That is where my clearance ends."
"Gold level?"
"There are three levels of slaves. Black which is the lowest, mid level of silver and then high level gold. My sister Serena is a gold level slave. The good news is gold slaves can be come free if they marry a high ranking person on Antar. The man Serena cares for is a lieutenant in the army."
"High enough to get her freedom?"
"Yes. But not until she is eighteen. She ended up a slave because she trashed the lab where we were created. She regrets that choice. I don't know who owns your friend. But because that record is sealed at a high level tells me that she is owned by one of a dozen families. But it leads me to believe that it maybe the royal family."
"Why would you think that?"
"Because the crowned prince is about her age maybe a little older, and the queen has made it well known that she wants him to marry a human. Elizabeth is very smart and has the leadership skills needed to be a good queen. Besides I happen to know that the gangs in the prison didn't steal her innocence."
"Records from the pod she was in. While they can heal almost anything, that isn't something it can do. The emotional damage would have been to great."
"Is it important for her to be a virgin to marry the prince?"
"No. But she has to choose to give herself to him it freely. If I am right then your friend is being very well treated. If it is the Royal family that owns her then, the bans on her wrists have the royal seal on them, that makes her untouchable."
"Will I ever get to see her?"
"Don't know. Alex it was nice to talk to, but I've got to get back to work."
"Nice to meet you Kara."

Kara got up and Alex was left with his thoughts.


After breakfast Liz met Max by the door to the garden. Max lead the way out to a different part of the garden then Liz had been in before.

"The garden is about five square miles. It could take days to explore the whole thing."
"It's nice out here. Really peaceful."
"Yes it is. So what do you want to know?"
"How old are you?"
"I'll be eighteen in about four months."
"More then a year older then me."
"Yeah. But Liz, like I told you that Kyle and Serena can't marry until she is eighteen. Neither can you. That is a law that not even I can get around. Though out in some of the farming areas I have heard farmers will marry off their daughters as young as fourteen. But I don't know how true it is."
"Tell me something about yourself. Other then you are a prince."
"Well, I like looking at the stars. I have never kissed a girl. I know you wouldn't count my mom or sister. Or just on the cheek."
"Your right, I don't. There was a guy that tried to kiss me before I got caught. I kicked him in his groin."
"Would you do that to me?"
"I don't know."
"I wouldn't blame you if you were too. But there will be some at the dinner that would want you punished for doing something like that."
"What is considered the punishment?"
"Nothing I could ever do to anyone. Five lashes."
"Then I promise to be on my best behavior."
"But Liz, if I'm not saying someone will. But if someone tries something don't be afraid to call out for help."
"I thought the Royal seal makes me untouchable?"
"It does. But not everyone respects it. There are some that don't like us. But they have to be invited, at lest until they brake one of our rules to these things."
"So if this person you seem worried about does something to me, would that end up getting them band?"
"Then I promise to not do anything to cause trouble."

Max smiled at the woman next to him as they walked in the garden.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pts 10&11 8/11/14

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keepsmiling7 Yes Alex now knows a little of what happened to Liz. Will help him maybe. Max is over patient with Liz. He won't rush her.

L-J-L 76 It's a very good thing that Max and Liz are getting to know each other. Will Alex and Liz see each other? Good chance. :wink:

[b]be[goia 9508/b] Yes Max and Liz are young and have time to get to know each other. Alex is happy to know that Liz is safe, and I would say it's a safe bet that he would bring a BIG smile to her face. :D

A/N I was sad to learn last night of the passing of a one of a kind man, one that has always made me laugh. Actor Robin Williams. The world won't be the same without him. R.I.P Robin.

Part 12

"God how much longer do I have to stand here?" Complained Liz

Isabel just shook her head. She could understand what Liz was going through. One of the dressmakers was currently placing pins in the dress Liz was wearing so it could be adjusted to fit her for the state dinner in two weeks.

"Miss if you hold still I will be done much faster." Said the dressmaker.
"Isabel why can't you just use your powers to get this thing to fit me?"
"Liz, while I could do that we don't use our powers unless it is necessary. I know Serena has done that a few times I don't like to. Besides things could be worse you could be in a dancing lesson right now. But that can wait, there won't be any dancing at the dinner. That only happens at the Royal Gala. But that isn't for eight months. So there is time for you to learn to dance."
"Oh fun."

Isabel laughed. No trying to stay still wasn't fun, but learning to dance with Max might be worse for the human girl. Liz sighed and stayed as still as she could. Ten minutes later she was told to change out of the dress. The dressmaker left with the dress and Isabel gave Liz a smile.

"You are going to look great in that dress Liz. Max won't be able to take his eyes off you."
"I don't know if that is a good thing."
"Why Liz? Would it be a bad thing to fall in love with my bother?"
"I don't know if there is such a thing as romantic love. I'm not even sure my parents loved each other."
"Liz, why do you feel this way?"
"There is just so much greed on earth. Oh I know that people use to do things for each other because they cared. But not any more. Even the group I was a part of had their own reasons for fighting the government of earth. There was greed behind them."
"Liz, there is greed here too. But, there is a lot of good too. There are people here who have adopted orphaned kids from many different planets including earth. We have given contracts to people who feel they are headed no where on their home worlds."
"Why bring people here as slaves then?"
"Liz, sometimes a contract isn't an option. You were in prison waiting to be killed. We couldn't offer you a contract. It cost a lot of money to bring you here."
"Can you tell me how much?"

Isabel bit her lip. She knew Liz wouldn't like what she said. But some thing deep down told her to do it anyway. She took a deep breath and told her.

"We used gold. It had the value of 5.8 million of the old american dollars."
"5.8 million! Isabel that is an insane amount of money!"
"True. But your life was worth it to us. Liz, that is the highest we ever paid for anyone."
"What about at the market?"
"Uh that was just a handling fee for the slave traders. You were bought by my family from that corrupt greedy government of earth."
"How much was the fee Isabel?"
"One million dollars in what you understand of money."
"Liz, I know it's a lot of money. But to us it's worth it. Your life is worth it."
"I don't understand why I'm worth that much money to you. I'm nothing but a rebel."
"Liz you are much more. Everything will become clear in time."

Liz just stared at Isabel wondering what she wasn't being told.


Maria sat in a transport next to Michael. He was taking her some place, but wouldn't say where. Only that he thought that she might like it. Finally the transport came to a stop. The door opened and Maria saw one of the most beautiful lakes she had ever seen.

"Lake Riker. It's ten miles across. They say that it once was a boundary between two Kingdoms. Before Antar became united. But that was close to three thousand years ago. Or so I have been told."
"It's beautiful. The water looks so clean and pure."
"It is. All the drinking water at the palace is pumped from here."
"Earth use to have water like this. There were five lakes in the North American region called the Great Lakes. They at one time had most of Earth's fresh water. But after the last war, the one that lead to the world government, they became poisoned. The government has done nothing to clean them."
"What is done for water to drink? To live on?"
"We find whatever water we can that isn't toxic to drink."
"We have ways to clean the water. One day maybe we can use them to clean Earth's water."
"That would be great."

Michael smiled at the little pixie of a woman. He hoped that when the day comes and they have to take over Earth that they really could help the people of this woman's home planet.

"So you still pissed about being here?"
"Not so much. More like the way I was brought here."
"Maria, if I could change it I would."
"Oh I believe that Space boy."
"Space boy? What the hell does that mean?"
"Well you are an alien. I thought that would be a better thing to call you."
"Pixie if anyone is a fucking alien here it's you! I was born here!"
"Pixie! I am not a frickin pixie!"
"I just call it the way I see it. You're short and kind of cute. Just like a pixie!"
"Take that back Space boy!"
"I will not!"

Maria let out a scream and started to slap Michael. Michael grabbed her and picked her up and dunked her in the lake. Maria came up and shoved him down into the water. Finally Michael grabbed Maria's hands pulled her close and lowered his lips to hers. Maria pushed him away.

"What the hell?!"
"Just trying to clam you down Pixie."
"Yeah, just don't do that again."

Michael just smiled. He liked this girl.

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Re: A New Beginning Mostly CC pt 12 8/12/14

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keepsmiling7 Yes Carolyn that is an insane amount of money! :lol: Liz understands that she is important. But is still unsure as to why.

L-J-L 76 Who would touch Liz without permission? Well there is a clue in this part. :wink: Oh Max will be there for Liz when she needs him, and so will a lot of other people.

begonia 9508 Eve, Liz is starting to understand. Oh yeah Michael has fallen for Maria! :lol:

Part 13

Serena let out a soft moan as Kyle ran his hands over her body as he kissed her. They had come to a private beach on a nearby lake and were sitting on the beach. Kyle reached around her and untied her bikini top. He gently pushed her so that she was on her back. He tossed her top to the side and smiled down at her.

"You are so beautiful Rena. I love you."
"Love you Kyle."

Kyle kissed her from the bottom of her right ear to the valley between her breasts. Then he licked her back up the same line. Kyle smiled when Serena let out a loud groan and he saw her body shutter under him. He slowly worked his way back down her until he reached her bikini bottom. He loved the swimsuits worn on Antar. They only covered areas not to be shown in public. He reached inside and gently touch her. He pulled his fingers out of the of the suit. Serena pulled him up to look right in her soft blue eyes.

"Make love to me Kyle."
"Are you sure Serena?"
"More sure of anything in my life."
"Won't this start the bond between us?"
"It's already started. You have never hid anything from me. I get flashes of your life almost every time you touch me. I'm ready to let you in fully. When we marry in two years it will to let everyone know we are together."
"It will also give you your freedom back."
"Yes. But the only thing that really matters to me is how we feel about each other."

Kyle kissed her again and gave in to what his body had been craving almost since he first met Serena.


Nicholas walked into the office of Lord Kivar. Kivar was looking over some papers. He was making plans to destroy the royal family and take what he believed was rightfully his.

"My Lord. Max is going to have a human slave girl on his arm for the dinner."
"Really? That is news. Any word on weather he has fucked the slut yet?"
"No. Wouldn't surprise me if he hasn't."
"When I sit on the throne, I will have his slut and teach her what a real man is like. Don't they have one of those half breeds as a slave too?"
"Nicholas, after I fuck her then you can do what you wish with her. Just don't kill her right away. But Max's slut is mine."

Kivar and Nicholas worked on their plans, which the first part would be put in place at the up coming state dinner.


Max listened in the library while Isabel and Liz reviewed everything she had learned for the dinner the next night. Liz, remembered everything and he couldn't have been happier.

"Now Liz, let's say someone comes up to when you are alone and calls you nothing but a slut. What do you say?" Asked Isabel
"I just keep my mouth shut, or if it is possible to get away, ask them to excuse me. That, the Prince needs me. I make sure that I don't say Max, I say prince or his highness."
"Very good." Said Isabel
"I believe you're ready Liz. Don't you Iz?" Said Max
"As ready as she can be."
"You both really think so?" Asked Liz
"Yes, you will be great Liz." Said Max
"I really hope so."

Max walked over to her and pulled her into a hug placing a kiss on top of her head. He wished that he could do more to show her how much he cared for her. But if he moved to fast then he would never gain her trust, or at the very lest set everything back. That was a risk he would never take.


Michael, walked quietly behind Maria as she walked through the garden. Sunset was just starting. He thought that Maria had to be one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Could he already be falling in love? He knew that Maria made him feel things that he never felt before. While he was sure that he could push her faster then Max was Liz. He wouldn't go to fast. Yeah that kiss at Lake Riker was great, but he wouldn't push her to do anything else. He wanted her to want to be with him.

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