Tess and the Demon (AU,CC,MATURE) 1/1 - 7/19/14

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Tess and the Demon (AU,CC,MATURE) 1/1 - 7/19/14

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Tess and the Demon

Title: Tess and the Demon
Author: ken_r AKA ken242 AKA Ken Renouard
Genera: alternate universe/aliens
Rating: mature
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine they are only borrowed for a story

Summary: Tess wants to take Max away from Liz so she does the oldest thing women can do, that is, she seeks to fornicate with a demon. How this goes and other things that she causes along the way is the background for this story

Lust is said to be a strong, passionate desire for someone or something. One must use due care as these same desires can be looked on as ambition. Better to say that lust is the desire for someone or something that fate does not declare within your rights.

Tess and the Demon

Tess sat in the middle of Anna’s bed. For what Tess had planned, her own small room wouldn’t be grand enough. Anna would be gone for the weekend, off with one of her lovers Tess supposed, but Anna had informed her, “Don’t pry into my love life and I will try to not get too deep into yours.”

The sheets had been stripped from the bed, a plastic sheet spread across the mattress and the bottom, fitted sheet replaced. Tess had no idea of what was going to happen, but she didn’t want a ton of evidence to be present when Anna returned late Monday night. Anna was Tess’s foster guardian. When the young teen had appeared on Earth, child services had struggled to find a place for her. Those wanting to foster a beautiful 13 year-old girl had to undergo even deeper investigation and most failed. If child services had known Anna as well as Tess knew her now, there would be slight chance that she would have been selected to mother the child. Professional, prim Anna had a secret life that she guarded carefully. Tess would never tell her secret.

Tess was a mixture of complex feelings at the moment. On one hand, she was terrified; imagine inviting and meeting a demon. Then, what she was asking from the demon would be more power than a girl her age could ever imagine. What Tess was going to use to pay for this power was her body. Body only, no selling of souls; that was for when you approached the Prince of Evil or maybe a politician. Many times, they were the same person.

Tess was sitting there waiting, dressed only in her “plain jane” JC Penney’s undies. On the nightstand beside the bed were a pair of Victoria’s Secret panties. He would be over soon and Tess was going to shock him enough without adding Vickie into the mix. Now the “he” she was waiting for was sweet, innocent, Alex, not the demon. When it came time for the demon, Tess must be as seductive as possible. Alex had simply agreed to help her with research and mixing up the potions. It had been Alex, who using the Internet, had been able to get the mysterious ingredients. It wasn’t as if the CVA pharmacist stocked “wormwood bark,” or “crushed Egyptian beetle casings.” If Alex came through, Tess had promised him his heart’s desire. In a small orb on a golden chain, Tess had the key to Isabel’s heart. That would be the key guaranteed to insure Alex’s cooperation.

Isabel, her brother, Max, and their friend, Michael, had been on earth from before their emergence from the pods. All four had been from Antar, but the other three had been sent as embryos. Tess had received some education from Antar before her departure. Max was the shy one, Isabel the cold one and Michael the defiant one. They had all adopted shells to exist in this strange new world. Now, Tess was the new comer. She was supposed to seduce and control the king, Max.

Max, the shy one, the king, met as a teenaged boy with raging hormones, should have been a pushover for someone with Tess’s talents and education. It didn’t work that way. Max had inherited only one trait from royalty and that was his stubbornness. When Tess had appeared as a pulsing body of desire, King Max had already directed his attention and desire towards an Earth girl. Back on Antar, it was not unknown for women desiring power to fornicate with demons in exchange for this power. Whether the power was for riches or for charisma, it all became the same thing, power to control one or many to do your will.

That was on Antar, but the demons came from another dimension, so did her displacement to Earth negate this quest for power? Tess thought not. She, with Alex’s help, had researched Earth’s historical relationship with demons and they didn’t look too different from what Tess had learned about back home. Information was difficult to find. Tess couldn’t go to the school counselor and ask how to apprentice one’s self to a demon. The CWS, Cooperative Work Study program didn’t list demon seduction as one of its programs. There was one party who might not run screaming down the hall at the mention of demons and that was a priest.

“My child, have you been baptized?” these were the first words the priest, Father William, made to the young girl.

Tess didn’t mind, if he hadn’t made a request, she might have been suspicious. On Antar, you made request of others and paid their price in return. Favor return to be announced later was to be avoided. Favors had the habit of growing way out of proportion, sitting on a shelf. Learning her catechism was a small price to pay for the information she received. Besides that being on the side of good might help later. Once Tess had the power to seduce Max and remove the Earth girl from his mind, she intended to live the proper Earth life. You know, house in the burbs, church on Sunday, bridge Wednesday night and joining the PTA.

The young priest had been a historian in college. He related to her the history of witchcraft, but Tess made it clear she wasn’t interested in that. They discussed the stories in the Old and New Testaments about demons. Much of what people described to demons was natural disease. Matthew 8:16 states devil possession and that surely was not what she was looking for.

Tess couldn’t ask the priest, “Where did they say I give you a quick fuck and you, demon, hand me my reward?” Acts of possession was the consideration of most of the biblical stories about demons or maybe, they had confused demons with devils, a much more dangerous species. Tess had no plans for any long time relationship with any other dimension. Snuggling into the king’s world was enough for one life. Now Leviticus warned, “And they shall no more offer their sacrifices unto devils after whom they have gone a whoring." Leviticus 17:7. Devils, plural, this separated something from the prince of evil. Maybe here, it was implied that there were lesser beings of evil. These might be the entities Tess wanted to treat with, more like the stories she remembered from Antar.

With this information, she began to study Alex as a source of information. At first, she thought that a night of bliss, ecstasy that he had no name for, might sway his aid. Then, she saw that presented with this, Alex was more inclined to die of a heart attack or run screaming down the hall than to accept this payment for what she wanted. Finally, Tess sitting beside Alex as he watched Isabel across the room declared, “Alex you can have her, body, mind and spirit.”

Alex turned quickly to face Tess, “What do you mean? Isabel doesn’t know I exist. I don’t have enough money to turn her head from her crowd of rich friends. If you mean use drugs on Isabel, that would be unfair for her and me. I want a willing Isabel, unchanged, except that she notices me and enjoys my company. Later then, I would like a willing Isabel who desires my adoration and my love. All of that, is highly unlikely.”

“Look, Alex, I need your help. I can give you a trial run as to what you would receive in payment,” Tess said as she slipped Alex smooth almost clear crystal stone. “Put this in your palm and go over and sit down beside Isabel. Just act natural and see what happens.”

Alex saw the looks of distain when he sat down. Alex, the geek, didn’t belong with these beautiful people. Alex had to steel himself to not run in panic. Then, Isabel turned to him and said, “Alex, I am so glad you stopped by.”

That, in itself, would have been proof enough for Alex, but Tess was always completely fair. She gave him a full trial. It started by discussing teachers and classes. Soon, they were in debates over some social programs. They each met the other’s points with rebuttal and Alex lost track of the time while enthralled with Isabel’s presence and charm. When Alex returned to Tess, he was almost speechless. “If you can guarantee this, always, I will do anything you ask,” he gasped

https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/i ... 859AAhDB8B
Later, Alex found a list of demons for Tess. He was hesitant about what she wanted, but then, he remembered the thrill of sitting beside Isabel and Alex located on the Internet more methods for calling demons and binding them to do your bidding.

The priest had been more difficult. At first, he feared the young proselyte might be one of those who wanted to deal in witchcraft and magic. She had joined the church, but had she done it for the right reasons and in the right spirit? It took some time, but Tess worked to convince him that it was fear which fuelled her questions.

“Father, my mother was driven insane with fear of demons. I want to assure myself that I don’t have to face what I saw in her eyes.” Tess lied.

“My child, that is why you were baptized. As long as you are true to the church, the church will be true to you.” The priest returned.

This bothered Tess because being true to the church meant being honest when she approached confession. Tess understood that her lust for power over Max was fueled by a great deal of premeditation. The priest, Alex and all their research could not be hidden forever. Once she had the power to use on Evans, Tess intended to be very honest. She would do everything the church demanded. It was that original intent that bothered her. The church offered forgiveness, but did that include sins, which had been conceived before she accepted the churches protection and carried out after?

Demons were not tolerated walking on the streets back on Antar, but there were enough suits for their services to bring them across so that they were not uncommon. Here on Earth, Demons were of historical significance, but not that common in everyday life. And, there were not that many incidents of seeking them for favors. If Earth people used demons, they were more secretive about it.

Tess heard Alex as he walked into Anna’s house. Tess had told him to not bother knocking as she would be busy and Anna wasn’t home this weekend. Anna had been a good choice for a guardian, as far as Tess was concerned. Anna was in her early thirties and had her own active social life. It had been Anna who had bought the frilly panties from Victoria’s Secret for Tess. “Aren’t you contributing to the delinquency of minor?” Tess had asked.

“Tess, I am not giving you license to seduce boys. Wearing these panties will just make you feel sexy and more confident. Who you show them to is your business. Remember, respect your body and how you choose to use it,” had been the usual admonition from Tess’s guardian.

Tess wondered what Anna would say if she knew Tess had planned to seduce and fornicate with a demon in Anna’s own bed?

Tess heard Alex call out softly as he walked through the house to the bedroom. “In here, Alex,” Tess called out as he approached.

Alex entered and halted. He had never seen a naked, or rather half naked girl or woman before. “Tess, you promised me Isabel; I won’t feel right having sex with you,” he choked out.

“Alex, I did promise you, Isabel. I have no intention of having sex with you or seducing you anymore than I have already for the key I will give you to Isabel’s heart. You are preparing me for something else,” Tess replied. With this, she handed him the several typed sheets of instructions. Some of this she had found on the internet herself and some of it she remembered from Antar.

No matter what Alex desired from Isabel, Alex was still a teenaged boy and from the waist up, Tess was naked. His stares of desire caused something to happen in Tess herself. She felt her blood quicken and her breasts swell with blood as her nipples stiffened under his gaze. These feelings, were not unwelcomed and, except for the importance of what was to come, Tess might have enjoyed Alex’s company, even to violating her promise to give him the key to Isabel. The trial was still to come. Tess didn’t know if Alex had ever experienced an explosive ejaculation in his pants due to sensory over load, but he was going to. Tess asked him to anoint her with the oils and scents they had made up from formulas off the Internet. These were things, which would make her desirable to the demon. Her bare flesh under his hands should about do it for the boy.

Isabel had endured considerable censure from her friends about Alex sitting beside her and the long conversation in which they indulged. “After all Isabel, image is everything,” Sarah Bell stated. “I doubt that you have even taken the geek to bed so you can brag about his prick being over ten inches long.”

Isabel turned angrily, “Sarah Belle, is sex in bed, or in the backseat of a car all you think about?”

Isabel might have been surprised if she hadn’t already opinioned that very little lurked behind those blue eyes, looking back at her. “No, of course not. There is sex under the stars, sex in my parents driveway, sex under their bedroom window or the best sex, which is under my ex-boyfriend’s bedroom window. I always leave our condoms on the shelf under his window. Sometimes I save several up and leave them all at once. That really blows his mind,” Sarah Bell giggled.

Sometimes, Isabel wondered why she bothered with these highly visible, but extremely stupid friends. Unless she was in the running for campus whore, what did they have to offer her? Now, there was Alex. Isabel hadn’t thought of him much, but something drew her to him the minute he sat down. She could wait for him to do that again or she could take the initiative and pursue him.

Alex felt something deep in his groin that he was unused to. He opened the suitcase where he had stored the different potions they had mixed up in the last few weeks. The fragrance was almost overwhelming. By the instructions, he opened a nagene bottle (a bottle used by hikers, scientist and other to keep ingredients pure,) that held a mixture thickened by adding beeswax to aloe oil and several other oils all known to have a very high vitamin E concentration.

Tess was sitting in the lotus position with her hands clasped on the top of her head. Alex started on her back at the base of her neck. He gathered her long, blonde hair and lifted it to where she could grasp it to hold it out of the way. Essence of Lilly oil had also been mixed into the potion. The heady fragrance was almost putting him into a trance. Alex wondered what it was doing to Tess. Down her back and under the waistband of her panties as far as he could reach, Alex applied the oil and rubbed it gently into her skin until it disappeared. As he applied the oil to her breasts, Alex was breathing so hard that he had trouble concentrating. Everywhere he massaged the oil, her skin took on an unearthly glow and strength that Alex couldn’t describe. This caused Alex great pain in his groin as he tensed tighter than he ever had done before.

Tess leaned back and bent her knees bringing her legs up so Alex could minister to them. Front and back, he started at her thighs and worked down to her toes. Once he was through, Tess stood and hooking a thumb under her waistband, she pulled her panties from JC Penney’s, down and stepped out of them. “Everywhere, Alex,” she command.

Alex was more uncomfortable than he had ever been before. He was trying to conceal the wet spot growing on his jeans and hyperventilating from the experience of touching a girl in ways he had never even thought of before. Tess raised her hand to touch his face and said, “Its okay, Alex. It’s natural, don’t be ashamed of it. Finish and you can have the key. I always keep my promises.”

As per her instructions, Alex took the Victoria’s Secret panties and bent over holding them for her to step into. Tess put one hand on his shoulder to balance herself and this brought her body even closer to his face. Once again, Alex experienced the pain of the arousal and his attempt to hold it back. “Just let go Alex,” Tess whispered.

It wasn’t as if Alex had much choice. As the waves surrounded his body, Alex helped her back onto to Anna’s bed. Once again in the lotus position, Alex opened a second nagene bottle and carefully poured an amount of a very volatile fluid onto his hands. Essence of gardenia filled the room. He then, as directed, pulled the strands of her hair through his fingers until the liquid vanished. Combing her long hair, Alex was astonished about how it gleamed. When they finished, Alex took several of the other liquids and carefully poured them into glass bowls in which floated small wicks. Alex ignited them and the scents of the ages filled the room. Tess reached up and taking Alex’s face into her hands, she pulled him down to kiss him on the lips. That kind of kiss was not something Alex was used to either, but it was preparing him for what might come in his relationship with Isabel.

Tess had worried about getting Alex to leave when he had done all she required. Could his ordered Presbyterian soul stand seeing her mess with fate as she attempted to manipulate the demon? “Thank you, Alex. I always keep my promises,” Tess stated as she reached for the crystal on the golden chain. “Keep this and do not loose it. Use it wisely.” Tess had no need to worry, once Alex had the precious key, he could only think of seeing Isabel again.

Alex, exhausted, in pain and embarrassed, let himself out of Anna’s house. Clutching the crystal he awkwardly moved to his car and drove home, hoping he wouldn’t meet anyone he knew. Once there, he hurried to his room. Alex showered and dressed in clean clothes. Then as he carefully avoiding his mother, Alex got his wet clothes into the washer as quickly as possible. He wanted to try the crystal and see if it was all Tess claimed.

Sam Perkins was a minor accountant. He didn’t have that golden job, but he came from money and even if he had little promise for the future, he had enough for the now. He and Anna had gone up to the mountains for the weekend. They had gone horseback riding, hiking and strolling though the wilderness. This was a small camp and there were never too many people present. This was good as it allowed a lot of lying out in a sun shining in the thin air, away from anyone’s sight and there making love. As they took turns rolling over from top to bottom, they both developed fairly red backsides. Then, of course, they had to spread the “Solarcaine.” This led to more love making and more solarcaine. Both Sam and Anna felt this was a good way to spend the weekend.

“I am worried about my foster daughter,” Anna stated.

“How so?” Sam asked. He carefully leaned back. After the mountain sun, touching his back with anything wasn’t pleasant. They had been invited to go on a jeep ride, but the thought of the rough jeep seats against their sun cured backsides, while bouncing over the rocks, didn’t pleasure either of them.

“She is a beautiful little girl, but she seems so shy. I told her she could invite a boyfriend over, but she sadly replied she didn’t have any immediate prospects,” Anna replied.

“Well, maybe, she isn’t ready for sex, yet,” Sam suggested.

“With her body and her looks, at that age, I cold have ruled the school,” Anna laughed.

“Honey, with all that you have going for you, remember that not all girls are as obsessed with sex as you were back in high school,” Sam returned. He quickly added with a wicked grin, “Not that I am complaining, mind you.”

If Sam had known about it, he might swear that Anna gave him the same look that Sarah belle had given Isabel. “Why?” Anna asked.

Yes, Max knew that somewhere within himself lurked the soul of the king. Somewhere there were wars, treaties and treacheries. Right now, Max wanted no more than to be a schoolboy with a girlfriend. In his mind, he wasn’t trying to screw her over every chance he got. He really wanted to walk down the hall holding her hand. Someday, maybe, he wanted to get married and have a family. His thoughts about marriage were more about barbeques, mowing lawns and talking to his buddy over the back fence than long marathons of uninhibited sex. Maybe, if he had a son, they might buy an old jeep, way before the son was able to drive and spend years fixing it up so that one day, with his first driver’s license, his son could drive the jeep to see a girl and start the cycle over again. “Mom, Dad, I have a girl I want you to meet.” That played over and over like a stuck record in his mind.

Isabel had brought home that blonde girl Tess, once. She had showed a lot of interest in Max and he practically had to run her off. She wanted to hang onto him at every corner. Somehow, she didn’t find a place in his dreams of barbeques, lawns, back fences and old jeeps.

She was charming, maybe, too charming. Diane, his mother, talked for days about that girl who was interested in Max. Parents might not want their children to run head on into the world of sex especially before the parents thought the kids were ready for it, but all parents dream of grandchildren and playing with children they are not responsible for. Tess was just too something for them to feel comfortable with. Maybe, she was too focused on Max to be natural.

Tess, now alone, began to make preparations that she had not shared with Alex. All sorts of warnings were running through her mind. Father William had warned Tess that evil creatures would tempt her continually, once she had accepted the church. This was where the lust Tess held for Max became a sin. Tess would give in to this one temptation. She would ignore these warning and make her quest for power. Tess was not a student of physics or even meta-physics on either Antar or Earth. She did have the knowledge from Antar, that multiple universes were not theory, but fact. Like cells in a honey cone, universes were crammed together separated by simple membranes. Burning a small hole through this membrane and then, enticing a demon to crawl through the hole was her goal. Burning the hole was the product of incantations, symbols and chemicals. Once the hole had been burned, it would be up to the fragrances Alex had prepared to lure the creature to her bedroom.

Like an ember touching the middle of a Kleenex, the hole burned enlarging at an exponential rate. Steam flowed through the still burning hole as Tess saw movement on the other side. Something stooped and pushed its large head through the hole. The face was vaguely human. It had two ram’s horns growing out of its forehead and when it had fully entered and straightened up, it was almost seven feet tall. The creature was totally naked and its shoulders were covered by heavy hair. The hair continued down its back. Tess saw no sign of a tail and she was thankful for that.

At first, she was shocked as the features on its face were slack and showing no intelligence at all. Its arms hung loosely at its side and ended in hands possessing claws instead of nails like humans. The slackness and lack of animation was in more than its face and arms. Its whole body drooped as if from some internal frame, which was all that kept it standing. Her biggest disappointment was in its sex organ, which though large, hung like a wet dishcloth at its crotch.

As it stood there, the smoke cleared and a circle of light seemed to start at the top of its head and traveled down to its feet. As this light passed its eyes they became burning embers darting about taking in its surroundings. For the first time, the creature noticed the half naked Tess.

As the light descended down its face past its nostrils, steam issued from them like from a freight train. Its mouth firmed up although it still continued a fiery drool. As the light continued down its torso, the chest straightened and muscles tightened. Once it reached its groin, its organ began to swell and rose to attention. The size of this organ made Tess entertain many second thoughts about what was about to happen.

The light continued to descend to pool at the creature’s feet. Now was not time for any more thoughts, as he turned to Tess, running his blazing eyes up and down her body, there could be no chance for escape. Grabbing Tess by one shoulder, his other clawed hand swiped across Victoria’s secret ripping the $75 dollar garment from her body leaving deep scratches. Now, a clawed hand under each arm, Tess was lifted and tossed across Anna’s bed. What Tess had prepared for, was about to happen.


Alex was oblivious to Tess’s plight and even if he knew about it, he would have been incapable of coming to her aid. The crystal globe hung on its chain under Alex’s shirt. Alex was filled with excitement and fear. The excitement of Isabel coming on to him was almost enough to, again, cause Alex to have an accident. There was, also, the fear that, what if Isabel had been playing some cruel game? Now, when he was going to face her at home, away from any audience, would she shun and shame him in front of her parents?

As Alex stood before Isabel’s door and knocked, he heard a voice, as if from far away ask, “Could I see Isabel, please.”

Any parent with a daughter, frets about that first time when some young scoundrel knocks at their door asking for their daughter’s hand. Well, maybe, it was not her hand he wants, but he was still threatening to take said daughter away from her parents. Then, there was the period of time when that scoundrel took on almost heroic proportions in their daughter’s life. These were times when adult knowledge filled the daughter’s entreaties of teen love with the adult knowledge of lust. Outward holding of hands became just a camouflage for imagined heated sex the minute the couple left the house.

This would be repeated over and over as successions of boys paraded across her life. Then, worries of the inability for commitment wore into the parent’s already, almost addled minds. Would she ever settle down, or was she destined to become the town whore who intimately knew every man there was? It would be with both relief, mixed with even greater fear when the parents heard, “Daddy, Mommy, I want you to meet Alex, possibly the last boyfriend I will ever have.”

To Max, it was pure relief. Two of the most difficult obstacles he had faced in his relationship with Liz Parker, had been Michael and Isabel and their constant admonitions for him to be careful and not get too close. Michael now had Maria. He had discovered sex and Michael’s worst fear was of getting shot by Amy, Maria’s mother. The words Max heard Isabel say as she introduced Alex to their mother and father, gladdened Max’s heart.


Now, Tess was lying flat on her back on Anna’s bed, her legs spread wide and her hands tightly gripping the bottom sheet. The demon stood at the foot of the bed looking at her. She could almost imagine a hideous grin as its eyes coursed up and down her body. From the position where it stood to the tautness of its swollen organ, its intentions were clearly understood.

Anna’s bed nearly broke as the demon crawled on its knees between her legs to a place above the quivering Tess. Its organ was dripping white-hot semen as Tess quivered beneath it. The burning against her flesh was felt with every drop.

Like a marine recruit doing push-ups before his drill sergeant, the demon poised to ram itself into her. Tess was a ball of pain. The deep scratches where it had divested her of Vickie’s secret to the puncture wounds where it gripped her under her arms, Tess ached. Every point of contact with the demon had caused her burns. Now, it was preparing to deliver, into her body, the steaming hot seed of its kind. That was the payment she must make to gain control of Max. Tess had been nurturing doubting thoughts for some time. The stories from Antar didn’t tell everything and neither did the tales of Earth. The sale of souls to the devil made no mention of the pain involved in sealing the commitment. Tess looked everywhere for a way out. The demon was almost twice her size and its strength would have eclipsed any struggles she might have made.

Tess’s Antarian training had one other defense. Antarians could emulate out-of-body experiences. Unlike what humans called out-of-body experiences, Antarians could carry on activity in both bodies and, to some extent, void strict time-location rules.

Tess didn’t consider herself evil. True, she had tempted the demon for her own gain, but Tess wasn’t a bad person. Antarians knew that demons, when faced with true evil, would be absorbed back into their world. One part of Tess left the other part to defend her virtue and her safety. One plunge of that monstrous organ, Tess could imagine what she would feel.

Robert Rail had lived in Roswell during the 40s. Not only was he divorced from reality, Robert came from a cruel and truly wicked family. South of Roswell, there was a small Hispanic community. A small convent had located and supported itself by ways it could serve the community. One sad night, Robert had broken into the convent and murdered all eight of the resident nuns for no possible reason the law could find. Robert accounted for several other murders before he could be brought to justice, justice if you count that Robert was killed in a firefight with the police. No one mentioned that the last bullet to enter his body was from the rear, close up and in the lower back of his head. Evil was now laid to rest in a small cemetery in the south part of the town.

The second part of Tess, fully clothed, was now in the cemetery trying to dig up the headstone of Robert Rail. Time and distance were kind of murky here as the cemetery was several miles from Anna’s house.

Jim Valenti was the local sheriff of this area as had been his father before him. Jim didn’t know if his son would continue the tradition and he didn’t care. Seeing the small girl working so hard struggling to remove something in the cemetery aroused his curiosity. “Can I help you ma’am,” he asked.

The second part of Tess looked up. If the law interfered, she had no idea of what would happen to her. Tess could control time, but not forever. Soon, she would tire and both parts of her would rejoin to face the onslaught of the demon. “Officer, I can’t explain, but I need to borrow this headstone for a day. I promise to bring it back tomorrow evening,” she sobbed.

Jim looked at the girl, tears clouding her crystal blue eyes. “That stone is a might more than you can manage, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, but I am all I have and my life depends on it,” she replied.

Who cared about the headstone of Robert Rail? Personally, both Jim and his father had believed that the body should have been buried in secret in some arroyo and the bank collapsed to cover it and let the memory die along with the man. Jim considered himself a good judge of people. “How’s about I help you get this stone to where you want it and you call me tomorrow when you want to bring it back?” Jim asked.

Gratitude showed in the girl’s face. Even though she was half of Tess, she couldn’t imagine someone offering to help without wanting something in return. Well, she wasn’t through with the sheriff; maybe, he would want payment in return tomorrow. If she didn’t have to go through intercourse with the demon, any price would be welcome.

Jim was surprised at the strength of the girl as they loaded the headstone into his departmental SUV. As they drove back to her house, Tess guiding him, Jim wondered how she had managed to walk this far. Finally in a relatively new housing addition in the north part of Roswell, Tess pointed out a house as she asked Jim if he would help her carry the stone to her doorstep.

“Are you sure that you want to place it here? Don’t you think someone coming out of the house might trip on it?” He asked.

Jim did not hear her answer as she whispered, “I certainly hope so.”

The “number two Tess” stood at the door clutching a card with the sheriff’s department number on it as Jim Valenti drove away. Hurrying through the house, her clothes melting as she ran, Tess merged with her other half. The half that was separated from the demon must have been invigorated as just as the demon plunged, Tess, now whole, rolled out from under him. The demon crashed into the mattress, its hot seed scorching the bottom sheet and melting some of the plastic underneath.

The demon howled. Yes, it did receive some relief, but the woman who called it did not do her part. She was just a tease. One of those who will brag how they drove the simple demon to fits by only pretending that she wanted its seed and its power. Women like her should be firmly bound somewhere below where they would have no choice in who or when they served. No more Mr. Nice Guy if it caught her. When it was through with her, she would have to use all the power she could get just to stay alive.

For a time, Tess and the demon played run round the bed. Its slower bulk was all that allowed her to continually escape. Tess finally managed to position her back to the open bedroom door. The demon was huffing and puffing as it steamed from his exertion. “Catch me if you can,” Tess dared it.

Tess darted through the door with the demon blundering behind her like a wounded elephant. Tess opened the front door and jumped across the headstone. Once outside, the naked Tess turned and swayed her hips as she taunted the angry demon. With a mighty bellow, he flew out the door and fell with a flop across the stone.

The demon couldn’t pull itself up from the stone, no matter what it tried. The evil, which had been Robert Rail clutched every other evil thing it could. Slowly, the demon felt itself melting into the stone.

“Tess Harding, what is the meaning of this?” Ms. Pennyworth screamed. For a moment, Tess was frightened that Ms. Pennyworth had seen her battle with the demon and was remarking about that. “Running outside without a stitch on, shame on you and the middle of the morning besides,” Ms. Pennyworth concluded.

Tess looked around and, finally, she looked down and saw that she was standing outside her house completely naked. Tess bent over and crossed her arms trying to cover herself. “I am sorry, Ms. Pennyworth, I was taking a shower and a hornet flew into the bathroom.”

Ms. Pennyworth sniffed; she never understood those who let a little something like a wasp or bee scare them. Now a mouse, that was enough to make Ms. Pennyworth pass out. “Tess Harding, you go right back into that house, look for the hornet and open a window to let it free. Land-o-gooshen girl, what if some of the boys of the neighborhood had been out and seen you? They might have been scarred for life.”

With as much dignity as she could muster, Tess walked back into the house. Yeah, she had about eight hours before Anna returned. Tess dearly would have liked to have asked for help from the other aliens, but you don’t go saying, “I tried to fornicate with a demon to enslave Max. It didn’t work; do you think you could help me cleanup the house?”

Alone, Tess opened all the windows, washed the walls and floor then she undertook to fix broken furniture and the toasted mattress. She had about two hours to spare when she remembered the headstone. It would not do to leave the headstone labeled Robert Rail in the front yard. Besides the demon was locked in the stone and she wasn’t sure how permanent that would be. Tess surely didn’t want the demon to re-emerge some day demanding another run at her body.

“Roswell Sheriff’s Office,” the voice on the phone sounded.

“May I speak to Sheriff Valenti,” Tess requested. Now would come the moment when the sheriff would demand his due. Tess felt he wouldn’t be as bad as the demon, but she was exhausted after last night and all the cleanup today.

“He isn’t in, can I take a message?” the voice asked.

“No, he just said he would help me move something this afternoon. It probably isn’t important.” That showed what could happen when you didn’t have a proper contract already arranged. Tess was already thinking how she was going to finish her preparations for Anna’s return.

“Hey, wait a minute, are you the girl with the headstone?” the voice asked.

“Yes,” then, Tess thought, did Valenti pin her story on the bulletin board for all to see?

“The sheriff had to step out. He arranged someone to help you when you are ready,” the voice informed her.

Tess gave the operator her address and hung up. That did it. Valenti probably auctioned her off to whatever officer he needed to reward. Tess knew she was going to get fucked no matter what.

About 30 minutes later, Tess heard a gentle knock on her door. “Dad said you needed some help with a headstone,” the young man said.

Kyle Valenti, only a shade taller than Tess, stood in her doorway. He had blue eyes, light brown hair and the build of an athlete. He had a pickup, which he drove as close to the stone as possible. Together they lifted and wrestled the stone into the back of the truck. What were you doing with old Robert’s headstone?” Kyle asked.

“I needed to use it to remove some evil,” she responded.

“Well, if evil rubs out evil, old Robert was the one to use. We never were sure if it wasn’t grandpa who placed that final bullet in his head. Dad said you wanted to take this back to where you got it,” Kyle said.

“Yeah, that is what I promised your dad last night. We want all the evil to stay in one place away from innocent people”

“Hey, I seen you around school, but someone said you had the hots for that Evans, guy,” Kyle said, in way of making conversation as they drove back to the cemetery.

“Yeah, maybe, I did. I don’t think so anymore. I don’t know what I want to do next.” Tess mused.

“How’s about stopping for a soda, for a start?” Kyle grinned.

Tess’s eyes narrowed, here it was coming. A soda and what else?” she asked.

Kyle’s eyes twinkled, “A soda and holding hands on the third date.”

By the time they had returned to the house, Sam had long gone and Anna was straightening up her things. Tess reached down and taking Kyle’s hand, she entered the house. Anna appeared in a tee shirt and shorts. She looked at Tess and her eyebrows rose. “Anna, I want you to meet a boy. His name is Kyle and I hope we are going to be fast friends.”


Tess had been sent to Earth from Antar, filled with carefully crafted lust for the king. She had received the careful training of a courtesan and tutored in methods to gain more power if she needed. Tess had no idea who these powers were that had trained and sent her. Their timing had been bad and the young king had already found a place for his heart for Liz. Tess’s initial training had no place for failure. If normal seduction failed, then Tess must use other methods to achieve her quest. Michael with Maria, Isabel now enamored with Alex, the king and his family, were taking another direction.

What Tess had been ordered to do by those of Antar, was no longer the direction fate had taken. As Tess was driven by lust, she only insured the new plans of fate. She had to learn the pain of using evil trying to produce good. This broke her conditioning, so that fate could continue its new path. Fate had no intention of being cruel to the girl sent by powers beyond her control. Everything she managed not only insured these new plans, but they included a beautiful place for Tess. Tess found that she could gossip with the best and she grilled the meanest barbeque in the neighborhood. Oh, yes, at confession she tried to explain the whole story to Father William. At first he found it confusing, but finally, he understood the allegory. “Tess, that is what withstanding temptation is all about. Whatever the meaning to you of the word demon, you didn’t go through with anything. Sometimes we are tempted to the very edge, but somehow we find strength to step back. Along the way, it is good if we find others who will stand by us and give us their strength.

Lust failed, faith succeeded and they all lived happy ever after.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
JJR 1975-