So Much for Academics - (CC M/L Adult) Complete

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So Much for Academics - (CC M/L Adult) Complete

Post by candycane14 » Fri May 26, 2006 7:06 pm

Title - So Much for Academics

Rating - Adult

Couples - Max/Liz CC

Genre - Fluff with some semi-Drama for a plot

Disclaimer - Sadly I own nothing pertaining to Roswell. No infringement is intended so please don't waste your time sueing me.

Summery/AN - Based on a challenge by someone who withes to remain unnamed because she no longer participates in Roswell fanfiction. Her rules are below. I have this finished so updates should come every Friday at least. This is my first time posting here and I've read all of the rules and I think I am abiding by them, but if someone notices that I missed one, please inform me. Thank-you! Enjoy!

1. Must end with CC including Kyle/Tess (Tess has to be good, and I don't care if u start with UC)
2. Everyone must somehow be stuck together in a room and end up playing truth or dare
3. Rated R or NC-17 if u want (doesn't bother me, as long as it is R or higher)
4. At least 2 of the CC couple have to do uncomfortable dares in front of everyone (preferably M/L and M/M).
5. Oh, and Kyle, Max, Michael, and Alex have to be aliens from Roswell and the girl’s aliens from New York. They somehow find each other in Roswell.


“Ladies and gentlemen, I now have the pleasure of announcing this years winners of Youth Academics High School Competition New York Branch.” The announcer started, “First I’d like to say you all did a fine job and to have gotten to states is an incredible accomplishment. You should all be very proud of your selves. Now with out further ado, the team New York is sending to nationals is the Angels! Congratulations Liz Parker, Isabel Summers, Maria Deluca, and Tess Harding! I’m sure you will make the state of New York proud!”

Liz, Maria, Isabel, and Tess all jump up and start celebrating. Flashbulbs are going off and the girls are oblivious to it all.

“The Angels will be competing in Roswell, New Mexico against 49 other state champs for the national title next week. We wish you the best of luck ladies and remind you to have fun too!


“And now for the winners of the Youth Academics High School Competition New Mexico Branch!” The announcer started. “The winners will go on to compete in the national competition representing the state of New Mexico. This lucky team is the Comets from West Roswell High! Congratulations Max Evans, Michael Guerin, Alex Whitman, and Kyle Valenti! Make us proud at the competition that is being held in Roswell this year!”

Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle all jumped up and congratulated each other on their win. Max turns around to find all of the parents behind him waiting to tell their sons how proud they are.

(A/n: the rest of the story will be from a character’s POV. Sorry if this was confusing)


CH. 1


“It really sucks that the year we win, the next competition is in our own town,” Kyle complains to Max as they walk into the Crashdown Café.

“Yeah, but at least we won,” I say. Kyle really is happy we won last night. The 5 beers in 2 hours tell me that. I think he just likes to complain. I wouldn’t mind being able to get out of this town, maybe go to New York and see I building taller than 3 stories. But no, we can’t leave. It would be too dangerous with our secret. It’s best that we stay here, safe in Roswell. “Don’t be too down about it. Here I’ll buy you lunch before we have to drive out to hotel the competition is being held in.” I try to cheer him up a little.

“Well I never turn down free food!” he responds. “Plus we can pick up Michael.”

I nod as we sit in our usual booth. Michael is a cook here and has been ever since he gained custody of himself after the incident with Hank, his alcoholic foster father. Oh no, I sat us in Agnes’s section. We’ll never get out of here on time.

“What do you want to drink,” Agnes says boredily. Why the owner doesn’t fire her and get a new waitress I’ll never know.

“Cherry cokes for both of us,” Kyle answers when I don’t look up. I don’t like talking to Agnes. She makes me feel like an even bigger outsider than I know I already am. It really rather amusing what my secret is. Actually it’s not just my secret. It’s Kyle’s, Michael’s, and Alex’s too. You see we’re all adopted, but that’s not the secret. Our secret is much worse. It’s the reason we were adopted that is our secret. Our secret is that…oh crap Kyle just said something. What was is?

“Earth to Max did you hear what I said?”

“Sorry, I was thinking,” I apologize. “What were you saying?”

“I was saying check out the girls that just walked in. The small blonde one is hot!” he exclaims as I turn around to look. I shouldn’t have looked because as soon as I did I saw her. She was beautiful. She had a petite form, with chocolate brown hair and eves full of laughter. And that smile, I swear the room just got brighter. God, Kyle is talking to me again. What does he want now?

“…going to go over and say hi. They look new in town, maybe they need some help finding something,” Kyle says quickly. Agnes comes back with our drinks as Alex comes in and walks over to our table. He sits next to Kyle and says hi.

“Hey Alex,” I greet him, but Kyle barely notices him. His eyes are on the girls who have now sat down at the table next to ours.

“Kyle, don’t make an idiot of your self,” Alex says. “We still have to make it to the competition with all of us in one piece and if your ego get bruised we’ll never win. Just forget about it.”

“What are you talking about Alex?” Kyle stutters out. Alex just smiles. Michael comes out from the back and sits down next to me.

“Hey,” we all greet in unison. He replies with his usual grunt.

“Are we ready to go?” Michael asks.

“No we still have a few minutes. I’m just early.” Alex responds. Another grunt from Michael. You’d think that was all he could say.


“Tess, can you believe they are holding nationals in this hell bitten town?” Isabel complains as we sit at a table. “I mean could they have picked a worse spot? This place is one big alien themed tourist trap. Why are we in alien central?”

“Alien themed issues aside, this place doesn’t even know what Proda is.” Tess complains. Those two are really starting to get on my nerves. If it’s not New York, they aren’t happy. At least I’ve got Maria. She’s the best friend I could ever have. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I love Isabel and even Tess, but I couldn’t live without Maria and her wacky ways.

“Come on chicas, we’re here to show off our brains, show that intelligence can come with beauty.” Maria says enthusiastically. “Besides, Tess that guy in the letterman jacket at the table next to us hasn’t stopped looking at you since we walked in.”

She glances over and flashes him one of her million dollar smiles. Oh well, hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend because Tess is now hot on his tail.

“I think I’m going to say hi and get instructions on how to get back to the hotel for the competition.” Tess says as she gets up to walk over.

“So Liz, what about you?” Maria asks. “You think any of them are cute? You can have anyone but Mr. Letterman over there.”

“I don’t know Maria,” I sigh. “I haven’t looked at any of them.” I love Maria, but she just needs to stay out of my social life sometimes. Ever since Zack broke up with me she’s been trying to fix me up with every guy she sees.

“I can fix that!” she exclaims.

“What are you doing Maria!?” squeaks Isabel.

“Hey Tess have they been able to tell us where the hotel is?” Maria practically yells. We need to work on Maria’s use of indoor and outdoor voices when she is excited. The guys look over at us except for one. I lied to Maria when I said I didn’t notice any of them. I noticed one with dark brown hair and mesmerizing amber eyes. I noticed him the second we walked in. He had looked up and stared at me for a moment before his friend got his attention. The one that I noticed is the one that didn’t look up.

“Actually Kyle was just telling me that now,” Tess smiles sweetly at Kyle before looking back at us again. “This is Alex…” she points to the tall, lanky guy sitting next to Kyle. “…and Michael…” she points to the one sitting across from Alex. “…and the one in the back is Max.” We all nod except for Maria. she was a little more enthusiastic. She jumps up stands next to the one called Michael.

“Hi! I’m Maria and this is Isabel!” She points to Isabel and I can’t help but notice that Alex has his eyes glued to her and that Isabel is pretending not to notice. “and of course Liz!” They all nod and Max even looks up and smiles briefly. He has a sweet smile. I can already tell he’s shy.

“I was just about to explain to them that we’re in town for the Youth Academics High School Competition. We’re representing New York in the national competition!” Tess stated and looked back down at the Kyle. Kyle and Alex look at each other and start to snicker.

“Hey! It’s not funny.” I say looking hurt. This competition is really hard to get into and why can’t guys like smart girls. Is it so much to ask for?

“They aren’t laughing at you.” Max says quietly, not looking up from his soda. “They’re just surprised because we’re representing New Mexico in the same competition.”

“Oh, never mind then.”

“Sorry,” Alex says. “We didn’t mean to insult you, we were just laughing at the odds of us all being in the same competition.”

Kyle looks up at Tess, “yeah we’re sorry. In fact, why don’t you follow us? I think it’s time to go anyway.

“Really? Great!” Tess smiles flirtatiously. How does she flirt so easily? I’m mean it’s not impossible for me, but every time I try my smile always turns out friendly and they think I’m not interested.

Kyle and the mysterious Max leave some money on the table as we all walk out to our cars. We get into our rented silver Sorrento and the guys climb into what looks like Max’s jeep. After a second Max looks up at the dark clouds forming overhead and jumps out of the car. He starts to put the top up and Alex comes out to help. The shirt he is wearing does little to hide his muscular build. I’m staring at him. I shouldn’t be. He’s the competition and I have to be professional about this.

Kyle’s POV

“Well, that went great!” I say as we pull away. Max is driving with Michael in the passengers seat. “ Did you guys see Tess? She’s hotter than hell! And damn sexy.”

“Don’t even think about it Kyle,” Michael states gruffly. “We can’t get involved. We’re aliens for Christ’s sake. And plus your control over your powers isn’t all that great. You could get excited and reveal yourself. Max and Alex are the only ones with decent control over them. It’s too dangerous.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” I reply. Man can’t I fantasize? None of the girls in Roswell look like that. She is curvy in all the right places, has snow-white skin, and platinum blonde hair. And damn! What about those lips? They were so pouty. Boy, am I going to have a hard time at this competition. I look down at my lap, literally.
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Alright, so I lied to you all. I'll more than likely post twice a week on both Mondays and Fridays. I hope you all can forgive me. Thank-you for the marvolous feedback from:

L-J-L 76
Elizabeth Kivana
- Special thanks for informing me of my forgetfulness!!!

CH. 2

Liz’s POV

We have to be getting there soon. We’ve been driving for a half an hour. I wonder if Tess actually got any directions with all the flirting she was doing. I still want to know how she can just tilt her head, smile and have all the guys be putty in her hands. Hey we’re stopping! We’re stopping on the side of the road? Wonder what’s up. I ask everyone.

“What’s going on guys?”

“I don’t know,” Tess responds. We are all craning our necks to look through the rain that is now like a curtain it’s coming down so hard.

“Hey! Someone is coming out of the car!” Isabel points. I squint and can tell its Max.

“It’s Max!” I inform them,

“How can you tell, chica? The rain is coming down so hard I can barely tell it’s human.” Maria states in amazement. “Last time I checked super vision wasn’t your power.”

Did I mention that we four girls are, well, special? See, we’re all aliens with nifty alien powers. Isabel can dream walk, Tess can mind warp, Maria is telekinetic, and I get premonitions. We can all manipulate the molecular structures of objects and have minor blasting abilities. I’d tell you more, but Max is now tapping on Tess’s window. She’s rolling it down and he’s trying to talk, but it’s being drowned out in the constant thunder. This is insane; he doesn’t need to be getting any wetter. He could get sick! I opened the door and waved him inside. He came over so fast I barely had time to unbuckle my seat belt in order to scoot over.

“Better?” I ask. Wait a minute! I just tilted my head and smiled! And he’s looking back at me with those eyes. Oh god! I could get lost in those eyes if I wanted to. Scratch that, I think I already am. I mentally shake myself to clear my head.

“Alright Max, what’s up?” Maria asks anxiously. “Why are we stopping?”

“The rain is coming down too hard. Visibility is almost none existent at this point.” He says in that shy voice of his. Max sounds so worried. I like guys who are caring. STOP! Liz, stop it! You can’t be thinking like that!

“No kidding,” Tess says sarcastically. “I almost lost you at the last exit.”

“Exactly, that’s why we’re going to go up to the next exit and stop at a hotel.” Max starts. “Any hotel, just until the rain slows down a little. We’ll call the competition people and tell them we’ve been delayed due to the weather.”

We all look at each other thinking the same thing. We’re going to miss the competition.

“Alright, fine,” Isabel says in her best ice queen voice. She’s annoyed and now she is becoming an ice bitch. Hurrah!

“Be careful ladies,” Max says and then I swear he looks right at me when he says goodbye. I’ve got to be imagining things.

“You too Max,” I respond as he’s getting out of the car. I didn’t think he heard me until he turned around and gave me a brief smile. He has a nice smile I think as Tess pulls away. We drive in silence until we stop outside of a hotel. It’s The Tumbleweed hotel. We park next to the boys and hurry into the lobby.

Max’s POV

When we get into the lobby we all look like drowned rats. I can’t help but notice that Liz still looks like an angel though. She isn’t wearing any make-up so unlike the other girls there are no streaks on her face.

“Ok guys,” I start trying to get everyone’s attention. I always seem to take charge and everyone always seems to follow. I wonder why that is. “I think we should rent a couple of rooms for the night and then call the competition and tell them what’s going on. Sound like a good plan?” They all nod in consent.

“We’re going to the bathroom first to clean up a little.” Isabel tells me. I think she is daring me to stop her. “We’ll be back in a minute.”

I just nod and turn to the guys as the girls walk away. “Let’s go get a couple of rooms.” I say and we walk over to the desk. By the time the girls got back we had paid for the rooms and gotten the keys.

********Meanwhile in the ladies restroom********
Liz’s POV

Isabel and Tess walk straight to the mirrors while Maria and I check under the doors to make sure we’re alone. Then I lock the bathroom door using my powers.

“I hate it when it rains!” Tess complains as she waves her hand over her face making it perfect once again. Isabel agrees and does the same.

“Whoa girlys.” Maria starts. “We can’t go back out there with dry hair. They’re gonna know something’s up and I don’t want to try to answer those questions.”

“She’s right,” I agree. “When we get up into the rooms we can go into the bathroom and pretend we used the hair dryer. Until then, just fix your make-up. It’s not like we are trying to impress anyone right now.”

“Speaking of impressing people,” Maria starts with that evil glint in her eyes as she waves her hand over her face fixing the make-up smears. “You and Max seemed to be getting pretty cozy back in the car. What’s up with that?”

“Nothing, I don’t know what you’re talking about Maria.” please drop it I think to myself. No such luck.

“Yeah right Liz, I saw the way he was looking at you when he got into the car and when he said goodbye, he was looking directly at you.” Maria states. So he was looking at me when he said goodbye. I start to blush. I can feel it creeping up my face.

“Come on Liz. There’s no need to be embarrassed.” Tess says. “I saw you use my signature head tilt smile. You were flirting and did it almost as well as me! I’m impressed, I didn’t think you had it in you!”

“Yeah,” the ice queen herself jumps in. “I think he’s cute and he is totally interested.”

“No, he’s not!” I say firmly. He isn’t interested in me. How can he be interested in me? Huh? I’m the plainest one in the group. I’ve got plain brown hair, plain brown eyes, almost no chest, and I don’t even wear make-up. How could he be interested in me?

“Yes he is, Liz.” Isabel continues, “Back in the café, he didn’t even look up until you were mentioned.”

All right, enough about me. Lets turn the tables shall we? “What about you Maria? I saw the way you jumped up and stood right next to Michael in the Crashdown. And then you did it again when we walked into the hotel.”

“I don’t know if he’s interested.” Maria starts hesitantly, but then becomes Maria again, “I like him. He is gorgeous and seems nice enough. Little non-communicative, but what guy isn’t? What about you Tess? I saw you flash Kyle your million dollar smile a couple of times.”

“Well, I’m confident he’ll be putty before we go to bed tonight. What about you Iz? I think we all noticed that Alex hasn’t taken his eyes off you the whole night.” Tess boasts. She’s got a right to. No guy has ever said no to Tess Harding. All of us are still virgins of course, but her and Izzy have all the boys lining up around the block to try.

“I’m not sure. I mean we’ll probably never see them again after this. Why bother?” she says dismissively. “We better get back out there before the guys get suspicious.”

Before I walk out I quickly wave my hand over my face to apply a little lip-gloss. It can’t hurt, right? Its just lip-gloss…
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Hey guys! ultimatepickupline asked if I could post more often since I have this completed. I would, but I have a sequel to this in the works. I started writing the sequal and even posting it on another board months ago but it got so twisted and backwards and messed up that I had to take a break on it and started writing another fic. Now I'm back to writing the sequel and it's going really well, but I want to be a few more parts into it than I already am and I want to start posting the sequel soon after I finish posting this one. Basically I need more time and not posting more frequently gives me more time while reminding me to write my sequel.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback from:

- It's raining so they are going slow and I think they may have taken a wrong turn somewhere b/c there is only one highway in Roswell and they took two exits from a highway. Lol!
L-J-L 76
Elizabeth Kivana


Max’s POV

By the time the girls came out of the bathroom we had paid for four rooms for us to use for the night. Isabel went straight up to Alex.

“Why don’t we get the rooms now,” Isabel said. Wow, go Alex. She’s flirting shamelessly with him.

“W-we already paid for th-the rooms.” Alex stuttered out. He had gone ghost white. Yep, he’s a goner. I just hope he remembers not to lose control. I do not want to have to answer any questions.

“That was sweet of you guys,” Tess cooed while running a finger across Kyle’s wet t-shirt. “Wasn’t it Angels?”

“Very sweet,” Maria smiles at Michael. Damn she’s hitting on Michael. This ought to be interesting. Michael doesn’t show interest in anyone.

Michael shrugs and gives his usual grunt.

Then I turn my gaze to Liz. I’ve been trying to avoid looking at her. I lost myself in her gaze back in the car and I don’t want that to happen again. I’ll let the others have fun and I’ll just make sure they don’t take it too far. She’s smiling at me. Not like the smile in the car. This one is just as beautiful though, just as hypnotic, if not more because her lips are shinier now. She must have put on lip-gloss. Oh crap, I just realized her shirt is white and kind of see through now. I don’t think she realizes it. Liz is talking, what’s she saying? Oh, yeah.

“What room numbers do we have, Max?” she asks. I look at the keys and answer.

“Umm… rooms 401 to 404.” I answer quickly. “Hey Liz, do you want my jacket? It’s just your shirt…”

She looks down and blushes furiously when she sees the red polk-a-dots on her white bra showing through. Then graciously accepts my coat. The other girls are laughing while the Kyle, Alex, and Michael have the decency to look away.

“Jeez Lizzie, someone was taking notes from that movie we watched last night.” Maria ribs, trying to lighten the mood.

Alex jumps in too, “Really? What did you watch? Swim fan?”

Liz starts laughing at this. I love her laugh; it’s infectious because now I’m laughing too. We all head over to the elevator laughing. Once we get to the fourth floor we’ve calmed down somewhat. We hang a left and are standing outside of our rooms.

“Okay, so who wants what room?” I ask holding up the keys.

“Tess and I will take 401,” Isabel states and I toss her the key.

“Guess that means you and I are bunking in 402, Ria,” Liz says and holds her hands up to catch the keys. I toss a set to Kyle and he and Alex leave for 403.

“Meet in mine and Michaels room after you’ve gotten situated.” I yell as everyone leaves.

Maria’s POV

I can’t believe Michael! Here I am flirting with him and he just acts like nothing is happening. Maybe non-communicative was too enthusiastic. I think Neanderthal would be closer to his level of communication abilities. At least I can dry my hair now. I wave my hand in front of me and my strawberry blonde hair, pink skirt, black v-neck shirt and heels are dry. I look at Liz; she is sitting on the sink next to me looking down at her blue jeans and swinging her feet back and forth. She’s wearing her black chucks. She loves those shoes. I think she really in embarrassed about the shirt incident.

“Hey chica, you okay?” I ask. We’ve been best friends since the second we burst out of our pods. All four of us are close, but Liz and I are closer too each other than we are to Izzy or Tess. She looks up.

“God Maria!” she shrieks. “I can’t believe it. He probably thinks I’m this slut now or something!” She puts her head in her hands. “What am I going to do? I’m not going to be able to look him in the eye when I go back out there.”

“Awe sweetie, if he thought you were a slut he wouldn’t have offered you his jacket.” I comfort her. “He knew you wouldn’t like how much you were showing and he tried to make you more comfortable.”

“You think so?” she asks with a sniff.

“I know so, girly! Now, dry off your hair and shirt and lets go see them. They’re probably wondering what happened to us.”

Liz smiles and waves her hand over herself returning her appearance to how it was in the Crashdown. Then she jumps off the counter and is following me out the door. When we get to Michael’s room we knock. Michael opens the door. God he looks hot! His hair is all tousled and messy. Maybe we should go back out into the rain. It is really getting hot in here.

He steps out of the way and we walk in. Tess is sitting on Kyle’s lap on the edge of the bed on the farthest side of the room. Isabel is on Alex’s lap next to them. Those 4 look awfully comfortable. Max is sitting on the bed closest to the door next to the phone. Guess he’ll be making the call. Liz sets his jacket on the small table by the window. Michael is leaning next to the dresser. Lets see if I can make him sweat a little. I go and lean next to the dresser too. I let the tips of my fingers just barely touch his.

“Lets go Maxwell, we’re all here now.” Michael says gruffly. Wow! I’m impressed! A whole sentence was formed from his lips! He has nice lips. They’re full and look like they could do me some damage if I wanted them to.

Max nods and picks up the phone. He dials from a piece of paper he has. Max talks for a minute and then hangs up. He turns to the rest of us.

“Well?” I prompt. Did I mention I’m kind of impatient? What do you expect? I'm from New York. Everything travels at the speed of light there.

“They said that other teams that went out for lunch are having the same problem and that their hotel has lost power. The competition is postponed until the rain lets up and they get power back. I left them my cell phone number to call us incase they needed us for anything.”

“So, what should we do until then?” I look up at Michael and smile flirtatiously. I start to rub little circles on his hand. I can tell I’m getting to him by the way his jaw is tightening.

“Why don’t we watch a movie? The front desk said that they have a list of movies we can rent if we want to.” Alex asks. Not a bad idea, we can turn out the lights and I can really work on Michael.

“That’s a great idea!” Liz approves, “anything but swim fan though!” We all laugh at this. Seems like Liz is feeling more comfortable.

“Well what type should we rent?” Tess asks. I think she’s thinking the same thing as me. I don’t care what it is as long as we get to turn off the lights. Tess and I think so much alike when it comes to guys. Isabel pretends to act like Tess, but in all reality she’s probably more cautious than Liz.

“Not a chick flick!” Kyle says right off the bat. There goes the Titanic.

“Nothing too gory either,” Isabel interjects. “I can’t take too much gore.”

Liz and Max reach for the list of movies to rent at the same time. He pushes it towards her and looks at it over her shoulder. After a moment Liz looks up and says, “What about The Grudge? It’s scary, but it’s not too gory.”

We all nod in agreement. Tess and I share a knowing look. Whether Liz knew it or not, she gave all the girls in the room a reason to cuddle up with the guys. Liz, honey, I’m buying you lunch tomorrow!

Liz calls down and someone brings up the movie. Kyle goes to pay the guy when Tess stops him by putting her hand on his and then lightly runs her fingernail up the vein in his arm. “You boys paid for the rooms. The least we can do is pay for the movie.” With that she opens her purse and hands the man a five telling him to keep the change.

Tess and Kyle return to the bed only this time he is sitting against the headboard with her in between his legs. Alex sits on the floor and leans back against the same bed. Michael moves quickly to the other bed as Max puts in the movie. I really think I’m getting to him. He has his knees pulled up in a clear sign that says ‘don’t try to sit with me’. When was the last time I listened to anyone when I didn’t want to? I go and sit next to him. Liz is on the floor in front of the bed we’re on and Max is taking a seat next to her as the movie starts.

Max’s POV

As the movie starts I take the only seat that’s available, the spot on the floor next to Liz. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. We watch the movie and I can see Liz tensing up and I can hear every gasp that escapes her perfect lips. She seems so tense. I wish I could help her feel more comfortable.

That’s when my hand just snakes out at it’s own accord and finds hers clutching the bed skirt behind her. I take it in mine and start to rub slow reassuring circles on the back of it. I swear my hand has a mind of it’s own.

It’s okay; she just thinks I’m trying to comfort her. This is in no way anything more than a platonic touch. Liz turns her head from the movie and stares at me with a thankful smile on her face. I smile back at her. I never smile, at least not as much as I have in the past few hours since I met Liz Parker. I wonder how she does that.

As I stare at her I can feel myself moving closer to her and I’m staring at her lips…in a very platonic way, of course. She licks them.

Oh god, I discreetly adjust myself. This cannot be good. Think of mud. Mud, mud, Liz’s lips. Damn it’s not working.

I can feel my head moving closer to hers. Our lips are mere centimeters apart. I’m literally breathing the same air she is. I stroke her cheek and then cup it in my hand. I look into her eyes to make sure she’s okay with this and I look back at her lips when suddenly the lights are flipped back on. I blink as I look over at the switch to see Maria standing there. I look back at Liz to see her looking worriedly at Maria.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asks as she stands up to go over to her friend.

“I-I-I’m hungry.” Maria stutters out nervously. “We went to the Crashdown for lunch but never got around to ordering. I haven’t eaten since the bagel and OJ I had for breakfast.”

She brings up a good point. I haven’t had anything but a soda at the Crashdown all day.

“I’m hungry too.” Michael grunts out.

“Well, why don’t we get room service?” Kyle suggests. “I don’t think any of us have eaten in hours.” Everyone nods in agreement. I look back at Liz and she seems to have forgotten about what we almost did. I pause the movie that has been playing through our little discussion.

We look at the menu and all agree on getting 3 large pepperoni and sausage pizzas and two 2-liter bottles of cherry coke. We also order the fixings for banana splits. Maria and Liz volunteer to pay for the food.

“It’s like Tess said.” Maria starts.

“You guys paid for the rooms. The least we can do is pay for the food.” Liz finishes with a flutter of her eyelashes. I almost got to feel those lashes on my face. I almost got to explore h- stop! You have to stop thinking about her.

About twenty minutes later the same man delivers the pizzas and coke that delivered the movie. Tess and Kyle put the ice cream fixings in the mini fridge/freezer. Isabel starts pouring drinks for everyone and passes them around. Alex starts putting two slices of pizza on each plate and passes them around. Soon we are all on the floor in a circle eating our pizza. Liz is to my left and Michael is to my right. Maria is on the other side of Liz and they are talking quietly.

Liz’s POV

Maria claims she was hungry, which she probably was. We all were. I can tell by how quickly everyone is eating the pizza. But I think that was just her excuse. Last time she saw this movie she was scared out of her wits. Her telekinesis went wild and peoples pop corn and soda went flying across the room whenever she jumped. It was mortifying then, but now it’s hilarious. The only reason she agreed to watch it this time is because she wanted to be able to cling to Michael; from what she’s said he wasn’t too accommodating.

As we were waiting for the pizza Isabel went into his mind to see if he was interested in Maria. This is something new that she has been trying lately, dreamwalking someone when they are awake. Isabel has deemed it daywalking. She said he was interested, but sucked at knowing what to say or do so he was trying to build up a wall in between them.

Isabel offered to check inside Max’s head for me, but I told her no. It’s an invasion of privacy and the fact that we almost kissed is enough to know he likes me. Why am I even thinking about this? I said that I would just make sure no one went too far.

“Liz, how am I going to get him to open up?” Maria whispers to me and then takes a bite of pizza.

I finish chewing my bite and whisper back, “I don’t know, Maria. It’s usually me asking you three these questions.”

I take another bite and try to think of some way to help her when all of the sudden she sets her pizza down and says to everyone, “lets play truth or dare!”

Everyone just stares at her outburst for a second. I told you before we have to work on her indoor and outdoor voices. Tess smiles and comes to her rescue when she realizes what Maria is trying to do. “That’s a great idea!” I swear those two are on the same wavelength when it comes to boys.

We all nod and agree except for Michael. He just sits there with his head down.

“Great! Isabel, why don’t you go first?” Maria states while looking directly at Isabel.

“Alright, give me a second to think of one.” Isabel thinks for a moment before and then says, “Maria, truth or dare? What’s your most embarrassing moment?”

“Dare!” Maria responds instantly.

“Are you sure you want dare, Maria?” Isabel questions with a laugh.

“Yes, I never pick truth. It’s totally chickening out.” Maria snaps.

“Okay, okay, but you asked for it.” Isabel laughs again. “You have to rip open Michael’s shirt, spray whipped cream on his chest and lick it off…slowly.”

Whoa Isabel, that’s some dare. I wonder where she got the idea. Oh well, its not like Maria is complaining. Maria gets up and walks to the fridge to get the whipped cream. I look over at Michael. His face is so tight that I think it’ll get stuck like that.
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Hey guys! I know this is a little late, but it's still Monday where I am! Thanks for all the feedback from:

L-J-L 76
Elizabeth Kivana
Empress Of Antar

CH. 4

Maria’s POV

I come back with the whipped cream and straddle Michael’s legs. I set the can next to me and take both sides of Michael’s shirt and rip it open. I used my powers to make sure the buttons didn’t break because I don’t think he’d appreciate having a ripped shirt too much. I run one hand over his chest while I shake the can of whipped cream. I can see his eyes lock in on my boobs as they bounce up and down from me shaking the can.

Then I spray a circle around each of his masculine nipples and fill it in. Then I draw a little smiley face on his abdomen.

I can see him tense up as I lower my head to his left nipple. I slowly start to lick on the out side ring of whipped cream. As I do this I move my right hand to the side of his abdomen. Then I take the peak into my mouth and suck on it. I can feel it tighten and his abs clench under my hand. I tease that one until all the whipped cream is gone. Then I move to the next one.

God I can feel him trying to control his breathing. Isabel, your having lunch bought for you too! Instead of licking the out side first I take the whole circle and alternate between tugging on his nipple and licking up the whipped cream.

When I’m finished with that one I lower myself even more. I pause for a second when I see the bulge in his pants. I’m turning him on. Good! Now lets see how turned on I can make you.

I opened my mouth up over one of the smiley’s eyes and suck up the cream, gently scraping my teeth over his skin. I do the same for the other eye. Then for the smile I dart my tongue out quickly and lap up the cream like a cat laps up milk. I can feel the heat coming off of him in waves and I have to admit this has defiantly made me all hot and bothered. I look down and see the bulge is defiantly a little bit bigger.

Everyone claps and Kyle whistles as I pull away. Before I can get too far Michael pulls me back into his lap and whispers gruffly in my ear, “stay right where you are.”

I don’t complain. I snuggle in against his still bare chest and turn to Kyle. “Kyle,” I say. “Truth or dare? Who’s the hottest girl you’ve ever seen?”

Kyle’s POV

Tess, duh! Well I can’t say that, now can I? Guess I’m stuck with dare.

“Dare,” yeah, I think I’m going to regret this. Maria has got this evil glint in her eyes and by the way Tess tensed up when I answered I think she’s nervous about what Maria is going to say. Too late to back out now. If it gets too bad I’ll just freeze time, take a breather and then resume it.

“You’re braver than I pegged you for,” Maria states slyly. Yep, I’m regretting this already. “You have to feed Tess a banana with whipped cream that she prepares using only your mouth.”

“Okay!” I say while rubbing my hands together. Tess gives me this sexy little smile as she stands up. Her corduroy skirt has ridden up a little and she fixes it while standing right over top of me. I look up and see this long stretch of creamy white thigh. Gulp! This may be harder than I thought.

Maria gets up and walks over to the counter with Tess. They have their backs to us so I can’t see exactly what they are doing. They’re laughing. This can’t possibly be good.

The girls walk back over to us. Maria returns to Michaels lap while Tess lingers as if waiting for something. It looks like Mr. Stonewall has met his match. He doesn’t let anyone sit in his lap.

Back to Tess.

I look up at her and she seems almost nervous. This is new. In the few hours I’ve known her I pegged her as being the type of girl who is always in control. I smile at her to try and reassure her. This seems to help because her cool and calm exterior is back.

She walks over lining up her feet one directly in front of the other causing her hips to sway sexily. Her ice blue eyes pierce into mine making it impossible to look away. Tess kneels down in front of me and traces her dainty thumb over my lips. I open them and she gently puts the banana in my mouth. It’s apiece about 4 inches long and is cut in half with the whipped cream inside.

She lightly closes her eyes and opens her mouth into an O. I move forward and stick it in her mouth. She closes her lips around it and draws back gently scraping her teeth along it taking just a shaving off until she reached the bottom. There she snaked out her tongue and swiped some of the cream away before biting off the tip. She repeated this over and over again only much faster. Each time her ruby lips got closer to mine. Finally just the part that was being held in my mouth was left and when she reached to get it, I snapped.

I grabbed onto the back of her head and brought her lips to mine and kissed her passing the banana to her. She swallowed quickly and started to kiss me back. I pushed her on to her back and her hands grabbed onto my hair. Tess was coaxing me on. Everything else started to disappear until I heard Alex whistling and everyone clapping and shouting. I looked up and realized that while I was in a hotel room with a beautiful, sexy woman, I was also in that room with my best friends and hers.

“Come on Kyle,” Liz laughs. “I don’t think making out with her was part of the dare.”

“Yeah Kyle,” Max adds on. “Can’t you control yourself?”

I look down at Tess to see her smiling up at me. Her eyes were still partially glazed over from the kiss, but were quickly filling with delight and laughter. I’m not sure which way I like them better.

“Apparently not,” I laugh and get off of Tess while pulling her back into my lap. “Okay, who should the next victim be?” I skim the room and my eyes land on Alex.

“Alex, truth or dare? When and with whom was your first kiss?” I ask, knowing he’ll take the dare because even though we’re all 18 years old, Alex and Max have never kissed a girl before.

Alex’s POV

That idiot! He thinks I’m going to take the dare. Well, it just goes to show I don’t tell you everything and Max can keep a secret, Kyle!

“Truth!” I state proudly and watch his face fall. I smirk when I answer, “Vicki Delaney, sophomore year right before you two started going out.”

“Jeez Whitman! No wonder she never wanted to hang out when you were around.” Kyle looks pissed. I just smile and turn to look at the rest of the group.

My eyes fall on Max and Liz. They’ve been watching and laughing at us the whole time. During the movie, if Maria hadn’t turned on the lights when she did, they would’ve kissed. My smile broadens as I decide to help Max along a bit. He’s a shy guy and never has any fun. He’s always too busy worrying about the rest of us and making sure we follow the rules and cleaning up after us when we screw up. Lets see if Liz can give him a memory he won’t ever forget.

“Max, truth or dare? What’s your deepest darkest secret?” I know he won’t answer because that would expose us all and he’s too well mannered to just make something up.

Max’s POV

Damn him! I knew he was going to ask that the second he said my name. Dare it is. I just hope it doesn’t involve Liz.

“Good!” he rubs his hands together. Oh god Alex, what do you have planned? “You have to make out with Liz for 7 minutes on the bed in front of us all.”

I swallow and look over at Liz. She is blushing furiously again and all I can do is replay what almost happened during the movie. Is she thinking about it too? Does she want this? I don’t mind doing something embarrassing, but this involves her too.

“Liz?” I question. I won’t do it if she doesn’t want to. I won’t force myself on her for some dare. Liz deserves more than that. Liz is sweet and pure. Most girls wouldn’t have taken my jacket or blushed as crimson red as she did.

Liz looks up into my eyes and our gaze’s lock. I stand and pull her up, never breaking eye contact. I walk her over to the bed where Michael and Maria were sitting for the movie and sit her on the edge of it. I vaguely hear Alex say start.

I sit next to her and stroke her check. Then I tangle my hand in her hair and lean forward. I look up at her eyes one last time to give her a chance to back out but they are closed and she is waiting. I close the distance between us and our lips brush. I pull back quickly to make sure she still wants to do this. Her beautiful lashes are still resting on her check.

I kiss her again and this time I stay on her. I run my tongue along Liz’s bottom lip and I hear her gasp. I take advantage of it and dart my tongue into her mouth to find hers. I stroke it for a moment before she starts to respond. Our tongues duel for a few moments until we come up for air.

I suck on her bottom lip while I hear her gasping for air. Then it’s like I lose all control. I start kissing my way along her jaw and down her neck until I find her pulse. I lick it and she moans. I feel like someone is pushing me on, pushing me to go further.

I suck and tease her pulse with my teeth. I hear something between a gasp and a moan and something that could have been my name as my hands go under the hem of her shirt and rest on her stomach.

That’s when the flashes hit. I see Liz as a little girl playing dress up…on her first day of school wearing a dress with cup cakes on it that her mother had made for her…I feel her embarrassment when she looks down and sees that her shirt is practically see through.

I feel Liz’s hands tangle into my hair and pull my head back up to her lips and my tongue is exploring her mouth.

More flashes…the first time she walked into a lab…her first academic competition in the 9th grade…her excitement when we almost kissed during the movie…and then nothing.

I pull back and realize somewhere along the way I laid Liz down on the bed and stretched out over top of her. I swallow and look into her eyes. They are clouded over from the passion of the make out session, but I can see fear creeping into the corners of those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. It’s then that I become acutely aware of the whistles, shouts, and catcalls we are receiving.

I sit up completely and pull Liz into a sitting position too, never losing eye contact. Oh god, the flashes must not have been one way. What did she see?

Kyle pats me on my shoulder, “and you said I can’t keep my control!”

I barely register it as Liz jumps up and grabs Maria and Tess away from Michael and Kyle. Isabel takes the hint and hurries over to Liz. The girls are all looking at Liz. The guys are all looking at me, probably wondering what the hell I did. Liz looks into each of their eyes and it’s like they are talking to each other in some silent language. Then she turns puts her hand up and a silvery shield emits from her hand.

“Who the hell are you!?” Liz demands fiercely.
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Hey everyone! Awesome feedback! I love it! Here's the next part. It's a little short but I hope you enjoy it. A special thanks to all of you who left feedback:

L-J-L 76
Elizabeth Kivana
Empress Of Antar

CH. 5

Liz’s POV

“Who the hell are you!?” I demand as I change the light and air molecules in the room to form a protective shield around us. I’m the only one to have mastered that ability.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I let my guard down for one second and I end up making out with an alien! Not that there is anything wrong with that because I’m an alien too, but damn! Is it not possible for me to find a nice normal guy!? Zack was the leader of an alien faction that’s sole purpose was to destroy the Royal Four and their mates before we could be reunited and take back Antar!

Max is powerful though. I could feel it in the kiss. I could feel the electricity running through my body wherever he touched. I felt like I was going to explode. Another minute and something would have. I went from holding out to trying to hit second in about 3.5 seconds.

That was until the flashes came. I never had flashes with Zack. It was weird. I could feel everything he was feeling at the time the flash was showing.

He was pissed off in the first flash. Him and Michael were in the desert and they were blowing up rocks. No, I lied, these were massive rock structures they were using for targets and there was nothing but sand left when he was done. In the second one he was watching Michael kill a man and he seem relieved, almost happy that the man was dead.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Max stutters out. What’s he playing at? He knows exactly what I’m talking about. He has stood up and is facing me now. The rest of the guys have taken up position behind him.

“Don’t play with me, Max!” I warn. “Are you here to kill us too or use us to get to the rest of the group?”

“I don’t want to kill anyone,” Max pleads as he raises his hands in surrender. “Why would I want to kill you?”

“To stop the Royal Four from reuniting with their mates, thereby leaving Antar to Khivar.” I spat out Khivar's name like it was a disease.

Alex speaks up while taking a few hesitant steps forward, “Ladies, ladies, we don’t want to kill you or anyone except maybe Khivar, but only because he keeps trying to kill us. Max and Michael are half of the Royal Four and Kyle and I are supposed to be the mates of the other two.”

“Yeah right!” Maria says menacingly. “You’re probably skins who are supposed to kill us. You’re pretending to be the other half of our group to gain our trust and then kill us. Actually this is probably the back up plan. We probably weren’t supposed to find out what you are.

With that Tess uses her powers to break the mirror over the dresser. Then Maria lets her fury loose and uses her telekinesis to attack the guys. Max’s hand goes up and a green shield emerges from his hand. The shards of mirror hit the shield and bounce to the floor.

Isabel decides to join in and sends an energy ball at Kyle. He puts up his hands and the energy ball freezes in mid-air.

Screw this fighting crap! Tess says to us telepathically. Did I mention we could all communicate with each other telepathically? I’m mind warping them and we can get out of here.

we all respond back telepathically. She closes her eyes and you can se the guys stumble for a second. Max’s shield falters and then fails. We start to head for the door until I realize Tess’s keys are in her purse, which is still on the nightstand.

“Wait! The keys!” I yell and run back to grab Tess’s purse. As I reach for it my hand brushes against the phone and a premonition hits. I freeze as I see a pod chamber similar to the one I came out of with Maria, Tess, and Isabel. The only difference is that the children I see coming out of these pods aren’t us. They’re all boys. That’s when I realize that I’m seeing the past, not the future, and those boys are Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle. This is new, I’ve never seen the past before. Just as this realization hits I hear Tess yell in agony.

I look up just in time to see Michael throw an energy ball at me. I don’t have time to put up a shield or try to move, so I don’t even try. I just stand there frozen. I can vaguely hear Max shouting. He was telling the truth.

Max’s POV

“Michael! NO!” I shout trying to stop him. It’s too late. I don’t even have to look at her and I know she’s been hit. I could feel it as though Michael had blasted me.

“Liz! You bastard!” Maria yells as she runs to Liz’s side. She waves her hand and sends Michael flying across the room.

“Stop!” I shout as I run over to Liz. “Stop fighting!” She’s dead I can feel it, but I’ve got to try. Liz can’t be dead. I can’t live with out her. Maria starts to stand up to defend her friend.

“Please, I won’t hurt her.” I plead. “I can help her. I’m the only one that can help her.”

I’m near tears now. I can feel them welling up in my eyes. Please Maria, let me save Liz. Please don’t try to stop me. I’m pleading at her with my eyes. Then Maria backs away.

“You can’t be serious!” Isabel shrieks as she tries to get to Liz, but Maria holds her back.

“Liz is dead, she’s gone. If Max says he can help her I’m willing to let him try.” Maria states as the tears start to fall.

I barely notice all of this because as soon as Maria backed off I was at Liz’s side. I put my hand over the blast would and concentrate. I can feel my power surging through me. I focus it on healing Liz. My hand starts to glow and so does the wound. As the skin starts to regenerate I can feel her heart starting to beat. That’s when the connection is formed. I see the flashes she saw of me destroying rocks in the desert…the flashes she saw of me watching Michael kill agent Pierce…of her terror when she thought we were skins…of her heart ach when she thought I had played her like Zack had…and finally the premonition she had when she touched the phone. Then her eyes snap open.

The tears are freely falling down my face as I pull her into my arms. “You’re okay, everything’s alright now.” I whisper in her ear as I hear her start to cry. She’s hugging me back, gripping me tightly.

“I’m sorry,” she cries. “I thought…I didn’t know and then I got the premonition, but it was too late because Mi-”

I cut her off with a finger to her lips as I pull back to look at her. “I saw, I saw it all. It’s okay Liz. You had every right not to believe us. None of that matters now. I love you, Liz. That’s all that does.”

“I love you, too.” Liz sobs. I lean down and gently press my lips against hers to reassure her that everything is all right. I pull away before I can deepen it. This isn’t the time or the place.

“Tess!” Liz suddenly shouts. “Are you okay? I heard you scream.”

“I’m fine Liz.” Tess responds laughing, “just a little exhausted from the mind warp. Leave it to you to die and come back worrying about whether I’m okay or not.”

We all laugh at this and then we sober up as Isabel speaks, “Liz why did you freeze at the nightstand? Did you have a premonition?”

Liz’s POV

“Yeah, I did.” I began a little shaky. I could feel Max tighten his grip on me reassuringly. I could feel his strength flow into me as I continued a little less shaky. “It was of a pod chamber. It was exactly as I remember ours being only this one wasn’t ours. I watched a little boy burst out and join two other boys who were waiting for him and the other child to hatch. The little boy was Max. I knew he and Alex were telling us the truth earlier and it was all a mistake. When I heard Tess scream I turned around to try and stop anyone from getting hurt, but then…”

I let this hang in the air. I don’t want Michael to feel bad because we were the ones who started the attack. He was just defending himself.

“I’m sorry we attacked you.” I apologize. “We didn’t know who you were.”

“It’s alright,” Max tries to soothe me. “You had no reason to believe us.”

“Yeah!” Alex chimes in. “Don’t worry about it!”

“Besides we’d have beaten you in the end!” Kyle says with a cocky grin.

“Is that so?” Tess quirks an eyebrow in a flirtatious manner, “want to test that theory?”

Kyle smiles and then reaches out to pull her into a kiss. When they break apart for air she smiles up at him and turns around to face the group. Kyle keeps his arms around her waist.

Alex cautiously approaches Isabel as he says her name. She looks up and smiles shyly. He takes it as a good sign and wraps his arms around her waist. Alex gently kisses her and then she mimics Tess’s actions as Alex mimics Kyle’s.

Then Michael looks up. I expect him to go to Maria, but instead he comes to kneel by me. I give him a quizzical look. He looks so torn up. I can see the pain in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry I tried to kill you, Liz.” Michael chokes out. I can tell it’s killing him to apologize, but the guilt he feels is so much worse.

“It’s alright.” I tell him, “no harm done. Besides, we attacked you, remember? You were just defending yourself and your friends.” I smile warmly, “can you forgive us?”

“Yeah, can you?” Maria adds while hesitantly putting a hand on Michaels shoulder.

Michael looks back at Maria and you can see the guilt washing off his features. He grunts in consent and pulls Maria into a kiss.

“I’m sorry I threw you against the wall.” Maria states with a smile.

“It’s okay,” Michael begins. “I like my women feisty and strong.”

We all laugh as they start to kiss again. Then Michael stands up pulling her up with him and says, “Liz, don’t come into you hotel room tonight.”

With that he drags a slightly dazed Maria out the door.

“Yeah, Alex, do me a favor and don’t come into ours tonight either.” Kyle says as he and Tess stumble out of the door and down the hall.

“Well, that was subtle.” Alex cracked. We all nod. Truth be told, I think they have the right idea. I love you Isabel, but follow their lead and take Alex out of her. I really want some alone time with Max. I need to talk to him, among other things.

I hear you loud and clear sweety! Isabel says telepathically. Yep! I heard you, but I want details tomorrow!

“Hey Alex, since your room is taken why don’t you stay in mine.” Isabel begins. “My room has 2 beds and I really wanted to talk to you, get to know you.”

They walk out of the room and I turn to Max, “so…”
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Max: Michael, what you're about to do is not a plan. It's not an idea. It's something you think about in your mind and then you come up with something better.

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Don't kill me! This part is short and I doubt it's the part you want, but I can't help it! The next part will still be posted Friday. This part is rated Adult. Thank-you for the fantastic feedback, I'm glad you guys liked it!

L-J-L 76
Elizabeth Kivana
Empress Of Antar
Stargazer's Delight

CH. 6

Isabel’s POV

Okay, I just invited a guy to spend the night in the same room as me. This can’t be good. What the hell was I thinking? He probably thinks I’m this easy lay and that I’m just a little slut. Liz, I swear to god and anyone else who is listening that if that is the impression he gets I’ll kill you. Hey! Bright side, I get to see how much of a gentleman Alex really is.

We’re at the door, damn! There goes my planning time. I open my purse and fumble around in it for my room key. I finally find it, but it doesn’t matter. My hands are shaking so bad from my nervousness that I drop the key as I try to unlock the door.

I bend down to get them and so does Alex. He picks the key up first and we stand up. I wait for him to open the door, but he doesn’t. Instead he turns to me. What could he possibly want to say?

“Isabel, you don’t need to be nervous. I don’t have any expectations and I wouldn’t force you to do anything that you didn’t want to do just as much as me. I just want to talk and get to know you. I want to know your favorite color, what ticks you off, and what makes you smile before we do anything. I don’t want to pressure you because I want this to be special for you.”

Isn’t he just the sweetest? I can feel the tears starting to form in my eyes. I guess this answers my question as to how much of a gentleman he really is. I smile and Alex smiles back as he opens the door.

We walk in and he sits on one of the beds against the headboard. I climb into his lap and rest my head against his chest. We sit there for a moment before he breaks the silence.

“Truth or dare? What’s your favorite holiday?” I smile and catch a glimpse of us sitting together in the mirror. It looks like we’ve been doing this forever.

“Christmas.” I answer before turning around to straddle his hips. “My favorite color is red, I hate it when people think that I’m just a stereotypical blonde, and sterling roses make me smile along with spending time with my friends and family, the power that is unique to me is dream walking, you?”

Lets just get these obvious questions out of the way.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday, purple is my favorite color, I hate it when people try to hurt the ones I love, being with people who know what I am but don’t care makes me smile, and I can create and control fire.”

Well, now that we have introductions out of the way lets have a little fun. I lean forward and kiss him and the best part about it is he kisses me back. We just kiss for a while until I pull away and turn around to sit in his lap again. He starts to stroke my hair ever so softly and I fall asleep.

Tess’s POV

Ok, so this ought to be interesting. I’ve never gone past second and I’ve never wanted to before. This is so weird, what happens if I get nervous and then…what the hell! I’m in the room already and on the bed.

He’s kissing me! Really hard and I’m just melting from the inside out. Are those my hands lifting his shirt over his head? He has a nice chest, he must work out. Well, duh! He has a letterman jacket he obviously works out and that was defiantly my shirt that hit the floor. It’s getting really hot in here and kind of hard to think and breathe.

Maria’s POV

Well, I guess it’s just Spaceboy and me tonight. Liz forgive me for ditching you, but I have a feeling Max will keep you company.

So as we go down the hall to my room we’re kissing and I was so right when I said his lips could do me some damage because damn. His mouth is so hot and I just know I’m going to have a hickey the size of Brooklyn’s phonebook tomorrow. He slams me into the door as soon as we’re inside. He must have used his powers to open the door because Liz had the key.

“Michael!” I moan as he works his way down my throat.

My knees buckle and he picks me up and props me up against the door and returns to his assault on my neck. I weave my hands in his spiky hair, messing it up further.

I bring his mouth back up to mine and explore it. Our tongues go at it and he pushes me further up the door to allow me better access to his mouth.

Then I feel his hands go to the hem of my shirt and start to lift it up until it gets to my arms that are still tightly wrapped around his head. We break apart just long enough to get my shirt off.

Then our mouth's are glued together again in a frenzy of tongues and teeth and lips. My hands wander from his hair down the back of his neck, over his shoulders and to the first button of his shirt. I undo it and then the next and the next until his shirt is undone. When I try to push his shirt off it gets stuck at his arms. When this happens he swings me around and onto the bed. Once there I can push his shirt off and he waves his hand over my chest to rid me of my bra.

“That’s cheating!” I tell him. “I didn’t use my powers to get off your shirt when I was pressed against the door!”

“Too bad,” he grunts. “I’m on a mission and I’ll do what it takes to get what I want.”

With that his hot mouth closed over my left nipple and all conscious thought fled me until he let up. When he did I found we were both completely naked. I wonder how that happened. I have to wonder later because he just ran a finger down there and entered me.

“Michael!” I gasp and grab his shoulders as he starts to pump his finger into me. He adds a second and the sensations grow until I feel like I’m going to burst. Then he stops and I moan at the loss until I realize why he stopped.

He positions himself at my opening and looks at me for a second for permission to do what he is about to do. I nod and he takes my mouth in his and enters me hard and fast. My gasp of pain is lost in his lips and is forgotten completely when he starts to pump in and out of me in quick thrusts until I finally go over the edge a few moments later I feel him join me. We ride out the waves of pleasure until they are only small trembles. Then he kisses my forehead and we go to sleep with him still inside of me.
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Hey guys! Sorry about the two missed updates! I've got the story finished so you don't have to worry about that, but I just started my new job and I have to wake up at 4am and I don't get home until 5pm and I go to bed at 8pm so by the time I get hom I'm exhausted and I kind of forgot. I promise not to do it again! To make up for it I'll post two parts instead of one. They'll both be in this post. Thank-you everyone for your patience and a special thanks to those who left me feedback! I'd like to note that the first chapter is rated ADULT.

L-J-L 76
Elizabeth Kivana
Empress Of Antar
Stargazer's Delight

CH. 7

Liz’s POV

I turn to Max, “so…”

I don’t know what to say. I know we need to talk about this, mostly because I’m not sure what this is. I decide to stall for time.

“Why don’t I make a pot of coffee and we can talk about…” I pause, “this.”

This, that’s a great way of putting it! I think as I watch him nod his head in consent and let go of my waist.

I get up and walk over to the kitchenette and plug the small coffee maker into the socket. I take the pot to the sink to fill it with water. When it’s about half way full I feel two hands settle on my shoulders and I jump.

“Sorry,” Max whispers in a warm, sensuous voice that glided over my flayed nerves. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Smooth Parker, real smooth, just calm down.

“It’s alright,” I say with a slight tremble in my voice. “I just didn’t hear you get up and walk over here.”

I look up into his eyes and swallow. They had gotten darker with arousal and seemed to flicker with a fire that wasn’t there before when we were with everyone else. My gaze is glued to his eyes. I can feel myself falling into them and I lick my lips that are all of the sudden very dry.

Then he breaks eye contact with me and takes the pot that is now over flowing out of my hands and places it to the left of the sink. I can feel myself turning slightly red from the embarrassment of having forgotten about it and turn off the water myself.

He turns me around and says, “You don’t need to be nervous, Liz. It’s just you and me.” He cups my check and kisses me softly then pulls away before it has a chance to deepen. “I’m not going to force you to do anything you aren’t ready for. I want to be with you Liz and see where this takes us. We’ll go slowly, take it as it comes. You can tell me when you’re ready for something more. I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved you, earlier. I mean it and I don’t want to screw this up.”

I smile up at him and start to lean forward for a kiss. Max gets the message and meets me halfway. The hand that was cupping my cheek moves back and tangles with my hair as his tongue runs along my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I gladly part my lips and his tongue snakes into my mouth. He starts to stroke mine and I play back with my own. My hand moves up under his shirt to caress the muscles of his back.

He rips his mouth from mine and I whimper at the loss. Max moves his way across my jaw and down my throat to my pulse once again. I moan and my left hand reaches for the counter to steady myself while my right moves up along Max’s neck and into the hair on the back of his head. This time he sucks harder than he did before and my knees give out. I know that’s going to leave a mark.

His hands move down my body until he is cupping my bottom. He lifts me up and on to the counter. Then separates my legs and steps in between them as I pull his head back to my mouth. My tongue immediately responds to his and I start to suck gently on the underside of it. He groans and then angles my head to gain better access to my mouth. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck trying to get closer to him.

Suddenly he pulls away and falls backwards to the floor. I almost follow him to the ground. We’re both breathing heavy and I stare at him trying to figure out what’s wrong and struggling to regain my control.

Max’s POV

God! I’m such a moron! I stand up from the place on the floor where I fell.

“Are you okay, Max?” Liz asks me. I look at her and nearly fall over again. She looks so beautiful with her hair slightly tousled, her lips red and puffy from my attacks on them, and her eyes still glazed over with the passion. “Why did you pull away, Max?” she asks me sounding slightly hurt as she jumps off the counter. Great! Now I have not only attacked her, but also hurt her feelings. Great job Maxwell!

“I’m sorry, Liz.” I apologize, “I promised you we could take it slowly and here I am mauling you!” I run a hand through my hair and continue, “I already told you I didn’t want to push you into anything you weren’t ready for. I don’t want us to do something and then have you regret it later. I’ve waited too long for this to blow it because I lost control. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She giggles. Can you believe it? Liz looks at me, kisses me gently on the lips and says, “You are the single sweetest guy I’ve ever met. Did you know that?”

I look into her eyes and see she is telling the truth. I smile and say, “I don’t want to take advantage of you. I know we need to talk, but I really don’t want to talk anymore. Maybe we sho…”

Liz cuts me off with a finger to my lips. “We need to talk, but we can talk tomorrow.” She tells me and caresses my lower lip with her finger. My tongue snakes out and pulls it into my mouth. I greedily suck on it for a moment and try to give her one last out, “are you sure?”

“More than ever,” she replies huskily. With that my control starts to bend and I sweep her up and into my arms and carry her over to the nearest bed. I lay Liz down as gently as possible and stretch out over top of her. I take her mouth and my hands reach for the hem of her shirt. I pull it up and she arches her body off the bed to let me get it off. My hands glide down her body, briefly grazing the sides of her breasts, until they encounter her jeans. I move them to her back and make little circles.

I feel her hands reach for the top button of my shirt. Liz undoes the button and then the next. She rolls us over so that she is on top straddling my hips. Liz leans down and kisses the newly exposed skin going down my chest to my abdomen as she undoes each of the buttons. Her hands go back up my chest, lightly grazing my nipples, and push the material off my shoulders. I pull it off a drop it on the floor. Liz kisses her way around my abdomen while her hands move down my body to rest on my thighs. Her thumbs dip down just short of where they meet. I’m groaning in anticipation when she dips her tongue into my belly button.

I pull her lips back up to mine and flip us over. I reach behind her back and unfasten her bra. I take it off her and it joins her shirt on the floor. I place open mouth kisses along Liz’s jaw and down her neck until I reach her breasts. I work my tongue around her left nipple before I take the peak into my mouth. Her moans tell me how hard to suck. After a few moments I switch my mouth to her right breast and my hands go towards the button on her jeans. I undo it and pull the zipper down. My mouth leaves her breast as I push the jeans down and off Liz’s legs. I come back up her body but before I can get to her underwear, Liz pushes me back onto my feet and unbuttons my jeans.

She pushes them down my hips and takes my boxers with them. I kick them off and try to get back into the bed, but she gets off the bed and motions for me to stay on my feet. Liz kisses me and her hand gently strokes my member before taking it into her hand and massaging it. My left hand moves knead her right breast while my right hand tangles in her hair. I realize it’ll be over too quickly if she keeps it up so I disentangle my hand from her hair and still her movements.

I lay her back onto the bed and our tongues duel. Her hips leave the bed and grind into my cock driving me crazy. My thumbs hook the edges of Liz’s panties.

“You have too many clothes on, you know that?” I whisper gruffly. Liz giggles and wiggles out of her panties as I pull them down and off joining the rest of our clothes on the floor.

I come back up between her legs and look at her center. I run a finger along her folds and feel the wetness. I work her clit and feel her start to move around. She moans and gasps my name while her hands claw the bed spread. Liz starts to thrash as my hand is covered in her warm honey. She is screaming my name as she comes. Before she has a chance to come down completely my head is between her legs and I’m using my tongue in place of my finger. Goes higher quicker this time and I know she’ll come soon. I stop playing with her clit.

“Max!” Liz says breathily “don’t stop, please.”

I look up at here and see her eyes are closed in ecstasy. I part her folds and insert a finger into her depths. Liz’s hips come off the bed as I mimic making love to her with my finger meeting me thrust for thrust. After a few moments I insert a second finger and keep pumping.

“Yes! Yes! That’s it, Max! Right there!” She coaxes on as I pump into her harder and faster. I continue this until I feel her walls contract around my fingers and her orgasm rocks through her.

I travel back up Liz’s body and hold her close until her tremors subside. I smooth her hair and kiss her passionately on the mouth. “Are you ready?” I ask one final time to make sure she is ready for this. Liz leans in and kisses me slowly and passionately in consent. I start to enter her slowly to give her a chance to get used to me being inside of her until I reach her virgin barrier. I kiss her again and break through it until I’m fully sheathed in her. Liz sharply inhales as she gives me her virginity. I reach down between us and heal the pain away. She smiles up at me and starts to move under me.

I take my cue and start a steady pace as the flashes come. I see her on her first day of high school being terrified of what would happen…her watching Maria practice her telekinesis…defending herself and friends against skins…feeling horrible after she killed one feeling like a murderer. I take her mouth in a frantic kiss that now mimics our movements. I feel her starting to contract around me in her orgasm and it hits me that I can feel everything Liz is feeling as well as what I’m feeling and it sends me over the edge. I empty myself into her and collapse on top of her.

After a moment I wonder if I’m crushing her and try to move off of her. Liz wraps her legs around me and doesn’t let me up. Guess that answers that question.

“Are you alright?” I ask her cautiously.

Liz smiles and answers, “We’re destined to be together, Max. You could never hurt me by loving me.”

With that Liz lets go of me with her legs and I pull out of her. I roll us over so I’m on my back and Liz is draped over my chest.

I kiss the crown of her head and whisper, “I love you, Liz.”

“I love you too, Max.” She whispers hoarsely before she falls asleep. I quickly follow her into slumber as I stroke her hair.

CH. 8


It’s 10 am and we’re all downstairs having a continental breakfast. The boys are at one table and we’re at another. Max and the rest wanted to sit with us, but we were clearly having girl talk because we crowded around the table and leaned in close to talk quietly.

Max was the only one with enough nerve to come over and he only stayed long enough to run a hand through my hair, kiss me gently on the mouth, and say he loved me. He braved death glares and hearing stuff no man would ever want to hear to kiss me. Max is so sweet.

When we got up this morning we decided a shower was in order and spent an hour on all those hard to reach places and my hair. I’ve come to the conclusion Max has some obsession with it because he runs his hands through it at every opportunity.

Anyway, you’re probably more interested in the girl talk than Max’s obsession with my hair.

We’re sitting around the table for a full minute before Maria bursts out, “I’m dying to know what happened!” Yes this was another one of those moments where I was reminded that we need to teach Maria the difference between indoor and outdoor voices.

Our faces turned bright red as everyone in the room stared at Maria. The guys snickered. If they didn’t know we were talking about them before, they did now.

“Well, we didn’t have sex,” Tess, said quietly after everyone had turned back to his or her own conversations. We all leaned in closely. “We did a lot of kissing and exploring and it got rather intense, but no, we didn’t go that far.”

We all nodded and waited for Tess to chose the next person to share. It was tradition. The first person to speak always chose the next person.

“Maria?” Tess chose, “what about you and Michael?”

“Yeah,” said Isabel in an enthusiastic whisper. “You guys seemed to be having a nice time when he dragged you out of the room.”

“Whew, I guess I was the first of us to lose our virginity.” Maria said with a blush creeping up her face. Although I think it’s from the memories she was conjuring up from last night than embarrassment.

“Wow!” Tess giggled. “I somehow always thought it would be me.”

“Yeah, well, it was so great!” Maria exclaimed in a whisper. “God, can that boys lips do some damage!” She fanned herself dramatically with her hand. We all laughed as Maria directed her gaze at me.

Crap! I think I’m next! Please let her be looking at something behind me.


No such luck it seems.

“You’ve been awfully quiet this morning. Any reason why?” Maria asks suggestively.

What do I tell them? I’ve never been one to really talk about this stuff. It’s private and what if Max doesn’t want me to talk about it with them. I look over at him and we make eye contact. He gives me this little smile and I smile back, and then turn to the girls.

“Umm, Maria might not have been the first to lose her virginity.” I say quickly in an embarrassed whisper. My face instantly goes completely red when I realize they are all staring at me with their mouths open.

Maria breaks the silence first, “Liz! Are you serious? You and Max…”

I burry my head in my hands. I shouldn’t have told them! This is so weird, why are they making a big deal out of this when they didn’t for Maria!

Suddenly I feel comforting, loving thoughts float into my head. It takes me a second to realize they are coming from Max. I look up to see his concerned face looking directly at me. I give a little smile of thanks and I start to feel better.

I face the girls again, “yes, I’m serious! Max and I made love last night!”

“Wow!” Tess said, “I always pegged you for the virgin until marriage type.”

“Yeah well, I don’t think I’ll be marrying anyone else after last night.” I hiss at her. I can’t help but be a little defensive. They act like they thought I was going to be a virgin forever.

“That good, huh?” Maria prodded.

“Yeah, after last night and that steamy shower this morning, I don’t think I could ever want anyone else.” I start getting this dreamy look in my eyes. “He was so sweet making sure I was okay with everything.”

I hate giving details so they are just going to have to use their imaginations. Uh-oh! That could be more dangerous than them knowing exactly what happened.

I cut off Tess, who is about to speak, “what about you, Izzy? Anything to share with the group? You did invite him back to your room, did you not?”

Isabel smiled a little and said, “We didn’t do anything. We talked about ourselves for a little bit and then I fell asleep in his arms. He was a perfect gentleman.”

Maria and Tess are about to pry some more when I feel Max walk over to us. I turn around and all the guys are walking over to our table. The girls stop talking when they notice I’m looking elsewhere.

When Max gets to me he stands behind me, tucks some stray hair behind my ear, and then wraps his arms around me. I lean my head back onto his chest and he looks down into my eyes for the briefest of moments before kissing me. After a moment he pulls away and looks at my eyes again. I must have looked as dazed as I felt because he grinned in satisfaction before resting his head on top of mine.

“We better get going,” Isabel said. She and Alex were holding hands.

“Yeah,” Alex agreed. “Max told us that the people called and said they wanted us at the hotel by noon.”

We all nodded and Tess, Isabel, Maria, and I started to the parking lot while the guys checked us out. I waited out side of the car for the guys to come out. Max walked immediately over to me and ran his hand through my hair before saying he’d see me at the competition.

The drive there was quick and uneventful. When we got to the hotel we promised the guys we’d meet up with them after the competition.

“Good luck!” Tess called. “You’ll need it!”

Kyle smiled cockily and the guys walked away to find their seats.

******A few hours later******

Max’s POV

Alright, it’s the final round and it’s down to the last three teams. Maryland, New York, and us. Tess wasn’t kidding when she said we’d need good luck. The girls are good! They all have their areas of expertise that they contribute to the group. Liz has dominated all the science questions. No other team has gotten every single science one correct. It’s amazing. Tess seems to be the math whiz and Isabel knows everything about languages it seems. Maria is the history buff it seems. Together they’ve dominated the competition and are leading with 150 points. We’re in second with 140 points and Maryland has 139 points.

The final round is going to be different. This round tests the individual’s knowledge. We are each given an identical test to take with 10 questions on it. Whichever team has the most correct questions after 7 minutes wins and will go onto the international competition. Winners take all sort of deal.

“Students!” the administrator, Topolsky I think her name is, tries to get our attention. “Your test papers have been passed out, you may begin.”

I flip my test over to answer the questions:

1.What religious group hopes to reach a state of peace called nirvana?

Thank-you Kyle! It’s the Buddhists religion!

I answer the rest of the questions just in time. They come around and collect the tests. I look over at Liz and see she is staring at me. My pulse quickens when she smiles at me and I can’t help but let my mind wander to this morning.

I woke up with her in my arms and for a second I thought for sure I was still asleep and that any moment I was going to wake up and find myself alone in bed. Then she woke up and gave me this huge smile.

“Good morning.” Liz greeted. Her voice still a little hoarse from last night, but that just made it more beautiful because I had caused it.

“Good morning,” I couldn’t help but smile back down at her as I kissed her. My hand tangled into her hair as I rolled on top of her and my other slid down her still bare torso so rest on her hips.

Liz’s hands went to the back of my neck and tugged me closer. I had only intended for this to be an innocent good morning kiss, but it grew in intensity quicker than I could stop it.

My hand that was resting on her hip slowly started to stroke its way up her body until it was just below her right breast. I might have been able to keep it there, but Liz arched herself up into my hand and I kneaded it a little before playing with the nipple.

My mouth latched itself onto her jaw and I started a line of open-mouthed kisses along it, down her neck and onto her shoulder. I started to nip and suck on her shoulders and she moaned and wriggled under my touch until…


Topolsky ringing the bell indicating the tests had been graded and a winner chosen knocked me out of my daydream.

Damn her! She had called and interrupted Liz and I this morning too with a call telling us to be here by noon. I’m starting to dislike this woman immensely.

I look over at Liz and she has this goofy smile on her face. I think she must have been replaying the events of this morning too because when she notices me looking at her a slight blush creeps up her angelic face and she averts her eyes.

“We have tallied the results and are pleased to announce that the winners of this years’ national competition is the team from Maryland! They got a score of 38 on their exam. Second place goes to New York with a score of 37 and third goes to New Mexico with a score of 36. Congratulations to the team from Maryland! Do us proud!”

Liz’s POV

“WE GOT SECOND!!!” Shrieked an ecstatic Maria.

“But we lost,” sighed Isabel.

“In the last round too.” Added a less then perky Tess.

“But we beat 48 other teams from all over the U.S.” I try to cheer them up. “I for one am elated!”

Just then a set of arms wrap around me from behind and lips kiss me on the cheek.

“Hello, beautiful” Max growls into my ear.

I gasp. He is flush against my back and I can feel him hard on my lower back. I was right. Max was thinking of this morning while they were grading the exams. He must have been.

“Congratulations on beating us ladies,” Kyle says while taking Tess’s hand.

“I think we should celebrate our victory over you guys!” Tess says with a sly smile. “What do you think Iz?”

“I agree!” Isabel says in a slightly ice princess voice.

“What do you have in mind?” asks Kyle suspiciously.

“Well, our plane doesn’t leave until the day after tomorrow.” Maria adds in. “Why don’t you guys show us where the local club is and we can go dancing!?”

Isabel and Tess immediately agree and turn to me.

“Come on Liz!” Maria says excitedly!

“Yeah, don’t you want to go party?” asks Tess?

“Blow off some steam and loosen up while celebrating?” tempts Isabel.

I nod and Maria and Tess let out a laugh and tell the boys to lead the way. I have no idea if the guys had actually wanted to go or not but it didn’t seem like they had much of a choice. Tess, Isabel, and Maria had set their minds on dancing and we were going no matter what!

“Wait!” Isabel said commandingly as we reached the front door. “These clothes are great for the competition, stylish but serious, but for dancing they just won’t do!”

“Yeah,” Tess chimes in. “Lets change into something more…fun!”

“We’ll be back in a minute, guys!” Maria states grabbing my arm.

“Wait!” Max says not letting me go. “We need to get home and change too. We’ve been in these clothes for two days now. We’ll come back in forty-five minutes to pick you girls up. Sound good?”

“Sure!” Maria exclaims. “It’ll give us more time to get ready.”

“Have the front desk call up to our room when you get here.” Tess adds in quickly, “it’s under Isabel Summers.”

The guys nod their heads in agreement. Max turns me around and kisses me full on the lips. My arms go around his neck and we’re kissing until Maria coughs and reminds us that there are still people around us.

We pull apart and I look up at Max to see this playful smile on his face. He did that on purpose. Max made me forget we were in a crowded room just to see if he could.

When we get up to our room Isabel pulls out the key and opens the door. We’re all in the same one, but it has two bedrooms with two full sized beds in each room so it’s cool.

Isabel, Tess, and Maria drag their suitcases out into the living room area that joins with the kitchen area.

“Come on chica, aren’t you going to change?” Maria asks while pulling out a red tank top.

“I didn’t bring anything else besides some jeans, a pair of shorts, and a couple shirts.” I respond quickly. Isabel and Tess look up at me from their clothes.

“So change some of your outfits into something suitable!” Tess says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Some us don’t use our powers for recreational use everyday Tess!

Tess runs her hand over a baby blue shirt and it turns into a halter dress.

Isabel takes out her black leather pants and puts them on. Then she turns to Maria, “are you going to wear that red tank top?”

“Nope! Here ya go!” Maria tosses it to Isabel. Isabel runs her hand over it and puts it on. The shirt now shows just a little bit of her stomach.

Maria puts on a pink pleather skirt and a black tank top.

I look down at my clothes and start rooting through them for something I could change into. I don’t see anything that I could use. I decide on my denim shorts and a black short-sleeved shirt.

Once I’ve got it on Maria looks over at me from where so is picking out shoes, “is that what you’re wearing?”

“Yeah,” I look down at what I’m wearing and then look at everyone else.

She makes a face and then waves her hand over my outfit. I look down and I’m shocked by what I see. Isabel comes over to me and waves her hand over my hair making it curly and Tess decides to join in and does my make up with the wave of her hand. I look in the mirror and stare at my reflection.

“Perfect!” Isabel appraises my appearance.

“Max will have a hard time keeping his hands off you tonight!” Tess says with a suggestive smile.

“Like he ever has his hands off her as it is!” Maria adds in. We all giggle at that.

“Come on guys! He isn’t that bad!” I try to defend him but I know it’s true and I love it! He is adorable and sweet and loving and I really need to get off this topic now.

The phone rings a few minutes later and we all hurry down stairs.
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Hey guys! I missed yesterdays update, but I'm here today! This is the last part of this story and is rated Adult. There is a sequel that I will begin posting on Friday the 30th of June. Someone asked me when I first started writing the sequel why I didn't just continue on with this story instead of creating a new one, but I felt this story was over after this part. The challenge was fulfilled and an almost completely new story is started in the sequel. The sequel is called Life, Love, and Antar. I hope you guys will continue on to read it as well. You guys have been a great audience! Thank-you so much for reading this and a very special thank-you to everyone who left me feedback! It means a lot to me. :D

L-J-L 76
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Ch. 9

Max’s POV

We’re all standing in front of the doors to the lobby waiting for the elevator to bring the girls to us. I can’t wait to blow off some steam. This should be a fun night. I hope everyone enjoys himself or herself. This will be our last night together. After tonight the girls go back to New York and we’ll be separated. I don’t know if I can stand the thought. There is still an entire semester left. Maybe we could do some sort of exchange thi-

My thoughts were cut off by the ding of the elevator doors opening. The girls step out and walk over to us in a perfect line, their strides in perfect sync with each other’s. Then my eyes zero in on Liz. She is in between Maria and Tess. Liz looks like a goddess. She is in a black skirt that goes down to her mid-thigh. Her shirt is also black but it has these rhinestones on the top of it lining the V-neck on it. Her hair is in loose glittery curls that hang around her face framing her beautiful smile and shining eyes.

When Liz reaches me I pull her to me and my hand touches bare back. I move my hand to find that she is in a halter-top.

“You don’t like it?” Liz asks with a slightly hurt tone. She mistook my silence for dislike.

“No!” I say quickly. “I love it! I think you look great, beautiful!”

She starts to giggle and reaches up for a kiss. I oblige but pull back before the kiss can deepen.

“Come on we better go.” I smile down at her and lead her out of the hotel and to the jeep. I open the door and help her into the passengers seat and then run around to the driver’s side.

“Where are the others?” asks Liz looking over at me as I put the jeep in reverse.

“Kyle and Alex brought their cars with them.”

“Oh, okay.”

We ride in silence all the way to the club. When we get there I park next to Kyle’s car and run around to Liz’s side to open her door.

“Where are we, Max?”

“The only club within an hours drive of Roswell. Club Alien!”

“Hey come on you two!” shouted Kyle. “We gotta get in line.”

“No we don’t!” Tess said slyly as we walked up.

The girls lined up and did that walking thing that they did back in the hotel only this time they were guiding us behind them. As we walked past the bouncers the girls all turned their heads and smiled flirtatiously.

“Hey wait!” called the bigger of the two bouncers. “You ladies want in?”

“Depends,” cooed Tess. “Can our boys come too?”

Tess reached up and gave Kyle a kiss that probably shouldn’t have happened in public. Then Liz pressed herself up against me and puts her arms around my neck and gave me a look of pure lust.

“Go right ahead.” The second bouncer replied.

“Thanks,” Isabel smiled again from where she was pressed against Alex.

We all head into the club with the girls in the lead. The girls, with Liz and I in front, head to an enclosed booth in the back and slid into the seats.

Well everyone except Kyle and Tess. It looks like he has her on the dance floor already. We all look at each other and join them, occasionally switching partners.

When Daniel Beddingfields “If You’re Not the One” comes on I tap Alex on the shoulder.

“Switch partners?” I ask. I was dancing with Isabel and Liz with Alex. Whether he wanted to switch or not was irrelevant because Liz and Isabel were already switching.

“I guess I don’t have a problem with it this time, Max” Alex calls out to me as Isabel steers him into the crowd.

“Hey, beautiful.” I stare into Liz’s chocolate colored eyes and she stares right back. Our hips are moving slowly, but in time to the music. She runs her hands along my shoulders after a few moments and my grip on her hips tighten. I lean my forehead against hers and I just keep staring into her eyes.

I think we stopped moving a while ago, but I couldn’t really tell you because all there is, all that’s important is Liz and me and what we’re doing. Everything else has just sort of faded away. I don’t even hear the music. I vaguely wonder if they’ve turned it off before I lean in those last few centimeters and kiss Liz.

I take her mouth quickly, thrusting my tongue into the far reaches of her mouth until she starts to fight back with her own. Liz’s hands run across my shoulders and up my neck to the back of my head pulling me closer. This isn’t like any other kiss we’ve shared. This one is more desperate, frantic, wild. My tongue leaves her mouth and I start to suck on he bottom lip. She moans into my mouth and her hands dig into my skull.

My hands travel up her hips to her bareback. When my hands touch her smooth warm skin I break the kiss but keep my forehead on hers. We’re breathing hard. I can see her chest heaving to bring air into her oxygen-deprived lungs. Mine are doing the same.

After another half of a second I ask, “Do you want to go someplace?”

Liz nods her head quickly and I’m dragging her through the crowd to the door. Maria grabs Liz’s hand as we run past but Liz yells…something to her and Maria lets go.

I drag her to the jeep and open the door for her to get in. Instead of her turning to face forward so I can shut the door Liz wraps her legs around my waste and we’re kissing again. Hot, wet, kisses full of fire and hunger. I latch my mouth onto her jaw and work my way frantically down her neck; my hand runs down her arm as the other holds her neck in place. I’m attacking her. It’s the only word for it. I push her backwards and start to climb on top of her when suddenly she cries out.

I jump back instantly and shake my head to clear it from the Liz induced haze.

“What’s wrong?” I ask. Liz points to the gearshift. I lean my forehead on hers again and smile, “ I think I know a better place to continue this.”

She nods her head and I slowly back away. Liz faces forward this time and I shut the car door and run to the driver’s side.

We get on the road and I face straight forward. I refuse to look at her because if I do I know I’ll see her tousled hair and puffy lips. Not to mention the hickey I know I had to have left there. Basically she’ll look ravished and I don’t think my body can handle that at the moment.

I take deep breaths to calm myself down, but I shouldn’t have bothered because as soon as I get my heart to slow to a pace that won’t cause a heart attack she rests her hand on my thigh. My breathing quickens as she starts to draw lazy circles on my thigh just above my knee. Liz’s hand starts to move a little farther north with each circle and the tent in my jeans is get bigger. When her hand gets to about the middle of my thigh I chance a peek at her out of the corner of my eye.

Liz is casually staring out of the window, completely unaware of the havoc she is wreaking on my mind and senses. The further her hand travels the harder I push on the gas pedal until Liz starts those lazy circles on the inside of my thigh. Her hand brushes my erection and I snap.

“Liz!” I yell pulling her hand away and swerving the car a little. She gives me this bewildered look. “Baby, as much as I want you to continue what you were doing plus a lot more I want to get us to where we’re going safely in one piece first.”

“Where are we going, Max?”

“You’ll see when we get there,” I smile as she pouts. “Assuming I don’t crash us first,” I mutter under my breath.

Liz’s POV

After a while we turn off the road and head out into the desert. I wonder where Max is taking me and more importantly how long it’ll take to get there. If we don’t stop soon I don’t care what he says, I’m unbuckling my seat belt and jumping him.

Max pulls up to a stop next to a large rock formation. I wonder what we could possibly being doing here. It’s the middle of January in the open New Mexican desert. Can you spell cold?

Max jumps out of the car and opens up the backseat car door pulling out a blanket. Then he runs around to my door and opens it. He hands me the blanket before I have a chance to get out and sweeps me into his arms.

I giggle.

“Max, what are you doing? Where are we going?”

He just smiles and starts up the rock formation. About three quarters of the way up he sets me on my feet and kisses me, quickly pulling away before our desire carries us off again. Max waves his hand over a spot on the rock and a glowing silver handprint appears.

I suddenly understand where we are. He presses his hand against the print and a door opens next to it. Max has taken me to his pod chamber. We walk in side and the chamber is glowing dimly. I look around for the source of light, but just as in mine, I can’t find one. It’s like air just glows.

That is my last thought as Max attacks my neck from behind. I reach behind and pull him closer to me. One of his hands travels up my spine to release the bow that is holding my halter top up around my neck. His hand travels back down my spine to the bow holding the back together. He unties the bow and turns me around, pulling the halter off me and dropping it to the floor. I’m not wearing a bra.

Max’s mouth leaves a trail of wet fire over my skin as he works his way down my shoulder and to my breasts. He kneads one of them as his mouth suckles on the other.

My hands are frantically undoing the buttons on his shirt. I push it off his shoulders and his hand momentarily leaves my body so it can drop to the floor with my halter. He kneels onto the ground and as his mouth moves lower down my stomach. His tongue darts into my belly button and my knee’s buckle. I drop to my knees and Max starts kissing my lips again gently laying me back on the sleeping bag I saw in the corner when I walked in.

Max’s hands travel their way down my body to the back of my skirt. He unzips it and pulls it down my legs, hooking his thumbs around my panties and pulling them down too. Max glides his hands along my legs are he comes back up.

Before he can do anything my hand reaches for the button of his jeans and I start to pull them off. Max wriggles the rest of the way out himself. I reach my hand inside his boxers and stroke him. He gasps and I push him so that I am now on top. I push down his boxers and lean forward to kiss him.

The kiss is slow and drugging and before I know it he has me flipped again and he’s plunged into me. We hold still for a half a second and then he starts to move. He holds a steady rhythm as I moan and gasp with pleasure beneath him. Max takes my left breast in his hand and plays with my nipple.

“Faster Max! Please!” I moan. “Oh god yes…yes…please, please!”

His hand leaves my breast and he slams into me, my hips meeting him thrust for thrust. Our kiss becomes as wild as our lovemaking and then when I feel as though I could burst into a million pieces, I do. My climax rocks through me and I feel him cum inside of me.

As I start to come down Max collapses on top of me. Holding me to him for dear life. Then he rolls off and out of me. I whimper at the loss until he pulls me to him and the blanket he brought with us over our bodies.

Max buries his head into my neck and we fall asleep.

Random third person narrator that’s only being used for this scene’s POV

Neither Max nor Liz saw that Max’s cell phone was flashing with a voice mail or that Liz’s cell phone back in the jeep was beeping saying it had a message.

The End
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