Run To Ground (M/L, Adult) Complete!! 2/14/06

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Run To Ground (M/L, Adult) Complete!! 2/14/06

Post by Ellie » Sun Feb 05, 2006 8:38 pm

Title: Run To Ground
Author: Ellie
Category: M/L
Disclaimer:I own nothing, I'm merely playing with the characters of Roswell for my own amusement and I have decided to share with you all.
Rating: Adult
A/N:First I want to credit my beta and very good friend RoswellOracle for all the help and encouragement she's given me(and by that I mean pestering me to finish this :wink: Love ya babe!) to get this out there. Secondly this fic is a tag from a longer work called "A Handful of Ashes" that I'll be posting in the Abyss when I'm a lot closer to being done. When that blessed event occurs I'll post a link.:D
Summary:I'm not gonna say, I want to see what you think.:twisted::lol:

And many thanks to ~Amara~ for the lovely banner!:D
* * *

Liz stood frozen in shock, pinned by his intent gaze, staring at the predatory anticipation of his smile before bolting into the surrounding trees. Dodging like a frightened doe between bushes and saplings she tried hard not to think about her reason for running.

It was a beautiful fall day in the woods with the light filtering gently through the leaves that clung with desperate life to their branches. The small animals went about their daily business of survival and the wind wound through the flora carrying with it the chill of the season.

Looking on the peaceful scene one would never guess at her frantic flight. It seemed almost out of place, though the chase going on beneath the gently moving branches was as old as time itself. She stumbled over a deadfall in her path, sprawling into the fallen leaves with a muffled curse at the lost time and bruising her knee on a rock. Pulling herself to her feet she ran on.

Terror may lend your feet wings but it’s hell on your oxygen intake, Liz reflected as she gasped for air. She mentally congratulated herself for not giving in to Isabel and wearing those cute platforms she said showed off her legs. All 27” of them, Liz thought, as she wished not for the first time that she was a bit taller. The added height would have given her a longer stride and worked in her favor instead of shortening the distance between them stride for stride as he ran her to ground. Her knee high leather boots were much more suitable for this unplanned mad dash through the woods.

For one insane moment Liz considered screaming for the others, for help. But she quickly abandoned the idea, it was better this way. He was after her, the others weren’t here or even close by or she wouldn’t be in this position. She sent a grateful prayer heavenward, riding on the steam of her breath, and led her pursuer farther into the shadows of the trees, away from her friends and all others who might unwisely interfere.

This was so stupid! What was she thinking? All at once she was jerked to a halt by a tight grasp in her hair. Her eyes widened in shock, where the hell had he come from?! There had been no indication he was so close.

In desperation she pulled away hard, eyes tearing as several strands were pulled out painfully, only to encounter the low hanging branches of a leaf-bare tree. Gasping out a half hysterical sob she leaned against it to calm her panic-quickened heart.

Unable to hear anything over the blood rushing in her ears she decided to stop for a moment to try and locate him. Her tight chest kept her from drawing a full breath so it was unlikely she would have been able to scream no matter how much she might want to. Another unfortunate side effect of fear, tightening the throat until it’s difficult for sound to escape it. Her pause allowed her time to feel the darkening bruise on her knee from her fall and the scratches on her legs from the bushes she had run through instead of around.

Poised for flight, she shivered in the lengthening shadows despite her knee-length pea coat, as she listened for sounds of pursuit. Head up and liquid brown eyes scanning the trees she took a moment to try and get her bearings. It wouldn’t do to get disoriented, to be lost or running around in circles. She didn’t have that kind of time.

A sudden snapping of a twig nearby had her jerking around in horror, looking in the direction she had been running. Had she not stopped she would have run straight into him. Then the chase would have been over.

Running off again, she cursed her inability to think clearly. Liz gotta-have-a-plan Parker had been left behind right after the chase had begun, when her world narrowed to the next step or turn. She had reverted to the mindset of a small wild thing, only concerned with where she should hide, where she could run. Logic was something that had weighed her down and so had been shed like water off a duck’s back.

There’d been no plan for this, it had come on so suddenly. One minute she was walking the familiar path through Frazier Woods, breathing in the crisp autumn air and enjoying the outing. The next she was left with only worst-case scenarios and a rapidly lengthening stride. She pushed harder trying to out run him, aware at the same time of the futility. She was determined not to make this easy for him, if he wanted this, her, he’d have to work hard for it. Liz Parker was no easy prey. Then a miscalculation of distance had her glancing off a sapling, striking her shoulder hard against it as she kept on, barely feeling the blow.

Heavy footsteps sounded close behind her, the pounding eerily loud in the quiet forest. Closer now despite her burst of speed she could hear his deep breaths and she huffed out in resentment. He wasn’t even winded damn him! And then she felt it, long fingers, no fragile tree branch this time, grasping and then tightening on her hip. Her eyes flared open wide as she realized he’d been so much closer than she had suspected.
She screamed, her throat finally loosening enough for her to make a decent sound, but it was too late. The uncaring trees swallowed up the high-pitched and desperate sound of cutting terror when he wrenched her off balance, spinning her into his grasp and tumbling them to the ground. Her eyes shut tightly in denial as she gulped for air when they rolled to a stop in a patch of sunlight, his weight pinning her flat to the warm earth.

Then she heard his voice, startling after his silence until now.


* * * *

TBC...Hope you enjoyed that, I'll post Part 2 on Friday and the finale on Valentine's Day.:)
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Run To Ground (M/L Adult) Part Two 2/09/06

Post by Ellie » Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:42 pm

Part 2

Her dark eyes flew open to stare up at him, but with the sun behind him she saw only his dark silhouette for one unsettling moment until her focus snapped into place. She took in the fiercely triumphant expression in his piercing gaze and flushed cheeks. His jaw tightened as he stared down at her, surveying his prize from inches away. With his muscled chest pressing against her breasts she felt every gasping breath.

She held desperately still as she waited to see what he’d do next, her mind conjuring up feverish unbelievable scenes to torment her with.

Suddenly he burst into motion, thrusting one leg between hers followed by the other. The rough denim of his jeans chafed her tender skin as he used his knees to widen the splay of her legs. Despite her shocked attempt to slam them closed he still pushed his hips into her wet heat. He pressed against her warningly, holding her gaze a moment until the fight in her momentarily abated. In a dizzying rush he pulled her jacket off her shoulders to lay beneath her, then drew her arms up as he yanked her shirt up over her head.

Ignoring her attempts to buck him off, he only settled into the cradle of her legs even more firmly than before. He raised her shirt farther until it stopped, twisted tightly around her wrists as she yanked against the heavy cotton.

“Leave them there!” he growled at her, pressing them into the ground firmly before moving on to his next target.

With one sure sweep he opened the front clasp of her satin bra, her nipples already tightened as the cool air reached the slick fabric. He laid the small cups aside as she whimpered at this new invasion, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze. Inspired by her nudity he yanked his own shirt off and laid it aside in the leaves.

“Please.” she begged.


He barely flicked a glance at her flushed face when he answered her plea before fully cupping her left breast in his raspy palm, sweeping his thumb from the full under-curve up and around the delicate pink of her areola, completely bypassing her tight nipple.

She squirmed desperately. Then he pinched the small nub firmly between his thumb and palm, causing her to wail before he cut her off with his mouth on hers. His teeth nipped hard at her lower lip.


“Please, I…” she gasped as he thrust his hips against her, grinding her into the dirt and fallen leaves, and pushed his tongue past her teeth to shock her into stillness. He pulled back slightly to look into her eyes only to find them shut tightly against him. Taking his hand from her breast he gripped her chin hard and shook her head, causing her eyes to fly open in surprise.

“Eyes open!” he growled.

“What?” Liz gasped.

“Your eyes, keep them open. I want you to see this, every minute of it while I take you. No hiding.” He ordered harshly.

Liz stared back at him wide-eyed in shock. But he didn’t wait for a response as he returned his hand to her breast and began laying a trail of wet stinging kisses down her throat, to her breastbone then down. He undulated his hips into her once more before shifting down to scrape his stubbled cheeks against the tender skin he found there. He then moved to breathe in her scent where it pooled between her breasts.

His entire focus narrowed to exclude everything but this, not even the helpless sounds she made dented his concentration as he flicked out his tongue to taste her, commit her to memory. Right now he owned her, but he may never have her like this again. He shook off that thought to return his attention to his conquest, laid out beneath him like a prize for his inspection.

He smiled, then leaned closer to lay more branding kisses on her helpless flesh marking her as his for however long the wine-red stains lasted. His silky hair brushed against the side of her breast, startling in its coolness, causing the rosy peaks to darken and draw brutally tight, perhaps in anticipation of what was to come.

Her skin in several spots was rubbed pink from prolonged contact with his rough stubble. He nuzzled the full curve of her delicate mounds, their firmness an exciting contrast to their soft appearance. She should never wear a bra, he thought as he eyed the offending garment distastefully before moving closer to nip the rich flesh there. Now he heard her useless gasps for mercy and felt fiercely proud of her position beneath him, helpless and naked. Well, almost.

He drew back to look down at her bare legs covered in leather boots and denim mini skirt tangled around her waist. Smiling in anticipation of the job ahead he sat up and quickly set to work. His rough hands scraped her thighs, his thumbs brushing the sensitive inner surfaces as he slid them up under her skirt to grasp her panties.

Pausing for a moment, he enjoyed the sight of her vulnerable folds moving behind the pale filmy mesh of her underwear as her legs flailed in realization of his next move. Easily suppressing her attempt to gain control he hooked two fingers in the center panel of her panties, savoring her damp warmth before jerking the fabric away in one swift move.

At her loud whimper he flicked her a warning glance before dragging his fingers through her exposed slit to gather the moisture that pooled there. He was pleased by what he found, it would certainly come in handy for the long hard ride he had planned. She squirmed at his absorbed regard of her most private place, panting out ragged breaths that steamed the air before fading away. Reminded of his place he silently chastised himself for getting ahead of things.

Raising his hand to his mouth he smirks at her before he tasted her essence smeared generously on his digits. Then dismissing her horrified shock he returned to what did hold his interest, dipping his fingers back inside her despite her squirms and protests. Drawing his fingers back he then used the slick juices to paint her breasts, slowly circling the areolas as before, then dipping back inside to repeat this until he had reached her nipples and painted them too.

Once more he paused, not noticing the cold air around him for itself but for the effect it had on her, to memorize the sight before him. Then he swooped down to enjoy the treat he’d made for himself. Braced on one elbow he cupped her breast into his mouth, while his other hand remained at her core, his fingers inside her barely moving in time with the laps of his tongue around her nipple.

First one breast, cleaned of her juices entirely, then the other, all while she moaned and writhed under his heavy weight, her hands coming down to wind in his hair, then pull tightly. He drew back and tore loose of her grasp, then slammed her wrists back where they had lain with a warning growl at the unwelcome interruption.

“Don’t make me tell you again, or you’ll be punished.”

At her frantic nod and one last glare he returned to his feast and enjoyed her flesh with groans of approval. He wanted the taste of her to stay with him even after today. So whenever he saw her in public he could lick his lips or catch her scent and be brought back to this moment when he had her pinned beneath him, trembling for what came next.

He noticed the shaking of her body as the tension in her wound tighter. Drops of sweat appeared on her in spite of the cool air and her inner muscles seemed to grasp at his fingers to hold them inside while he stirred them around her liquid heat. Timing his assault just right he waited while he suckled at her nipples each in turn, until her breath hitched and her legs spasmed.

Then pulling his fingers away from her core he drew out the tension until it screamed through her body. Then he rammed them back inside her, pressing her clit with his thumb and biting down on the nub in his mouth while her inner muscles tightened fiercely, threatening to breaking his digits. He enjoyed her scream of desperate pleasure as it cut the air.


* * * * *
TBC... on Valentine's Day, see you then!


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Run To Ground (M/L Adult) Part 3 2/14/06

Post by Ellie » Tue Feb 14, 2006 5:31 pm

Part Three~

Suddenly frantic for satisfaction now that she’d been pleasured Max quickly moved to posses her. He ripped his pants open and grunted as the painful constriction was eased as he pushed his pants and underwear down past his hips then leaned down to cover her trembling form with his own. The emotion that spurred their chase through the woods was eased now by her climactic call for him.

Max nuzzled the side of her face insistently with his and breathed in the scent of her climax as he rubbed his whole body over hers. The sweat that slicked their skin allowed them to slip over each other easily making them both shiver in voluptuous delight. Finally he released her arms from their bonds and let her cradle him close as he caressed her face down her throat across her collarbone and on past her breasts to slide over her hip in one smooth motion.

He used his new leverage to lift her hips into him and fuse their needy bodies together in one heavy slide. They locked eyes as he pushed his aching penis farther into her swollen depths. The slickness of her recent climax eased his fluid glide until he rested against her womb.

With a subtle flex of his hips into hers he silently confirmed her lack of discomfort and received his answer as she licked her bottom lip and rubbed her soft mouth over his. Breath mingling he tasted her want for him as he held her gaze and drew back for a hard thrust that slapped their bodies together with abandon. His frenzied rocking drew ecstatic groans from deep in his chest and Liz gasped harshly with every movement.

Wanting more he pulled his upper body away ignoring her wordless plea and grasping hands that attempted to pull him back to her. Still nestled deep inside her he rose up on his knees and with both arms holding her hips tightly to him he circled his cock inside her pressing her clit hard with every rotation and wrung another orgasm from her shuddering body.

Max jerked against her at the new tightening of her sheath on his engorged penis and without waiting for her to come down from her climax he drew back and plunged recklessly into her soft pussy. He gloried at her every quiver and sob and enjoyed the sight of her breasts bouncing rhythmically in reaction to his every move. He trailed his possessive gaze over every inch of her, noting her flushed and erect nipples the sweat that matted her hair to her temples and the flexing of her soft body as she sought the same end for them both.

Liz strained to reach him, she slid her hands across every muscled inch of his chest and arms that she could and moaned at every pump of their bodies together. The new angle gave him complete control over her and he exercised it ruthlessly to their mutual satisfaction.

He moved one hand to cup one soft breast in his hand, savoring the soft weight of it. Then her hand came up to grasp his and raise it to her face where she nuzzled his palm with her chin then nipped it sharply before drawing his index finger to her mouth and suckled it softly. The two sensations soft and hard blazed their way through his nerve endings to his spine raising goose bumps on his flesh. His eyes flared black as his pupils expanded to blot out the whites.

Liz sucked hard once more on his finger and tightened her inner muscles fiercely upon his dick. Then she drew his finger from her mouth to trail wetly down her body to her belly where it had all begun between them. Where he’d marked her, and with that final touch their connection burst open flooding them with every separate moment and thought of their summer apart and beyond.

The glow of light on beloved flesh, gold from the sky and silver from within on the morning after they found the orb.

Liz in tears, walking numbly down the hill from the pod chamber.

Max walking into the Crashdown to brave the cold and impassive faces of the Parkers.

Blue sky blurred by bitter tears and penitent sobs drowned out by the roar of the tide.

A white ceiling reflecting the journey of the sun across the sky tracked by uncaring eyes during empty summer days.

Feeling betrayed then guilty in the face of Aunt Devon’s confusion over her “short story” being published.

Sitting beside Jessa in silence after the White Room, lonely without their mates in spite of the company.

Leaving the safe bubble of her aunt’s house and returning to a very different Roswell than the one she’d lived in just last year.

Tess’ smug face when his parents announced he was to get out of his shell and broaden his horizons.

Missed signals and silence on both sides.

His worry when Zan got to town, afraid the other alien would upset the delicate balance they’d managed to forge over the long summer.

The countless mornings they woke to find their bodies quivering with yearning for the other.

Ecstasy slammed into them and drove them to the ground. Max arched into her as deep as he could, his semen burst from his body into hers in tangible pulses, settling inside her in warm rivulets of liquid completion. They both cried out at the weight of their joining on their wounded souls and the healing that followed.

When the mad rush of body and mind had receded to allow them individual sensation Max shifted to deal with the last wave of his orgasm as his cock pulsed gently once more. Beating as one their hearts slowed, and without it’s rush in their ears they heard the rustling if the leaves in the trees. The crispness of the autumn day made itself known as the sweat dried sweetly on their joined bodies. They raised their eyes to each other’s tear streaked faces and gazed in wordless awe of their mate.

He searched Liz’s beloved features for any sign of pain or reproach and found only the gentle curve of her lips to reassure him. He covered them with his own and kissed her softly before drawing back to smile at her happy tears and brush the hair back from her face lingering for a moment in that simple pleasure.

“We’re alright now.” He told her breathlessly.

All their recent running had brought them inevitably to this place. Destiny. Fate and love had run them to ground.

The End...

I hope you enjoyed this fic. Thanks for reading. :D


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