Barbies, GI Joes, and Cooties (CC,M/M,Child,1/1) [COMPLETE]

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Barbies, GI Joes, and Cooties (CC,M/M,Child,1/1) [COMPLETE]

Post by Fehr'sBear » Sun Nov 27, 2005 3:34 pm

Title: Barbies, GI Joes, and Cooties
Genre: CC
Pairings/Couple(s): M/M
Rating: Child
Part/Chapter Number: 1/1
Page Number: 1

Author's Note: This is just a story that takes place when Michael and Maria were children. It's actually just a random idea that popped into my mind when I was babysitting the other day. It's a one shot, and it's short, but I felt like posting it.

Date of latest update: 11/27/05

Barbies, GI Joes, and Cooties

It was early afternoon at the Deluca household, and two children, around the age of seven were playing in the front yard. Well, playing was putting it lightly. Fighting seemed more accurate. They were always fighting, it was a wonder the two were friends.

"Michael! Stop!" The little girl whined, pulling at the Barbie doll that the little boy held tightly in his hand. Her tiny hands were wrapped around one of the unsuspecting Barbie's legs, and his around the doll's head.

"No, it's just a stupid doll," the boy said gruffly, his spiky hair unmoving as he leaned back, his face furrowed in deep concentration while he stared at the hand twined in the barbie's hair. With one final tug, the Barbie's head came off in his lap and he fell backwards with the force. Laughing triumphantly, he scrambled to sit up, but his joy was cut short by the look on Maria's face.

Her lips were turned into a pout, and tears started to collect in her big green eyes. "Oh, great. Crybaby," he muttered darkly, shoving the Barbie head into her open hand.

As the tears started to fall, Maria opened her mouth. "You big meanie!" she shouted, getting up to go inside. She gathered up the broken Barbie and some clothing that was strewn around and marched towards the front door. "I'm gonna go tell my mommy!"

"No, Maria, don't tell Amy," Michael said, fear showing in his brown eyes. "She won't let me come over no more." He pushed himself up off the grass, his too-short pants and wrinkled shirt covered in grass clippings. "I'll fix it, just don't tell on me."

Turning around, Maria wiped at her eyes, the tears now on the sleeve of her pink shirt. "How are you gonna fix it?" She asked, walking over to him, uncurling her fist and holding out the Barbie's parts expectantly.

Michael took the Barbie from her hand and stared at it for a moment, thinking. Then he shoved the head back onto the neck before turning around, careful to make sure his hand was hidden from sight. A light flashed, though no one saw it, and a moment later Michael handed Maria back the Barbie, good as new. A big smile on her face, Maria ran at him, anger forgotten, and enveloped the boy in a giant hug. "Thank you Michael!"

Michael, his hands in his pockets, stood stiffly as the sniffling girl hugged him. "I'm sorry I broke your stupid doll," he mumbled, but a smile was on his face all the same.

"Apology 'cepted," Maria stated matter of factly, letting go of him. "Besides, I broke your GI Joe yesterday," she said quickly, eyes shifty, before taking off at a fast sprint through the yard.

"Maria!" Michael said, taking off after her. "I thought that was Max, now GI Joe's gonna have girl cooties!"

Over the years, no one was exactly sure how these two stayed such close friends. But they did, no matter how much fighting went on, how many GI Joes were girlified, or how many dolls were beheaded in the process.
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