Love At a Drunken Glance (1/1, POV, adult, Completed 10-10)

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Love At a Drunken Glance (1/1, POV, adult, Completed 10-10)

Post by LysCat » Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:33 am


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Title: Love At A Drunken Glance
Author: LysCat aka: Alysia
Rating: Adult.
Category: I guess, CC with a little UC thrown into the mix, it's also told from Liz's POV (my first ever) so go on easy me please!
Summery: Max and Liz have never gotten along, but it all changes when they go on a cruise together.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters. The idea isn’t mine, I’m just writing what I can based on the information given to me.
AN: This is the Summer Challenge posted at Roswell Memories (Which I lost, but Chad's story was way better). Also, I’ve never been on a cruise so my facts might not be completely accurate, I apologize ahead of time. Also, this is supposed to be a one parter, but since it's so long, I'll post the other half either tonight or tomorrow. Almost forgot...when parts are written in italic, they are Liz's journal entries.

June 2, 2005

Well, I’m off. Finally! This is the first time I’ll be on a cruise and all I can say is I’m psyched! Sure, this isn’t how I always envisioned my first time, but I suppose I can make do with what I’ve been given.

See, I always planned to do this with my husband...then again, seeing as how that will never happed, at the very least I could have shared this adventure with my honey...erm, assuming I had one.

I wasn’t supposed to share my first experience with him. Him, as in Max Evans. I’ve never been a fan of his, and I think it’s fair to assume that the feeling is mutual.

I know that everything I’m about to write has already been written in one journal or another, but seeing as this is my new one, I should probably do a recap. Okay, my name is Liz Parker. I’m 25 years old and flying solo. Sure, there have been boyfriends in my past, but seeing as I’m single, it’s easy to see that they never did work out.

As for the experience, I’m referring to, it’s a first ever, and the reason why I’m complaining? If someone had to go away with him, I bet they would complain too. Okay, so maybe not. Max Evans is just like this...walking contradiction. He’s cocky, yet he has the ability to be so down to earth, at time he’s far too judgmental, but he’s always there for his friends...he may hem and haw the entire time, but his loyalty never falters. As for the attitude, I guess it’s just me he shows that to. Ever since we’ve met, we’ve gone together like bologna and whipped, not very well. Aside from the jerkyness, I would say that he’s an all right guy, I’d even go as far as to say (with a deep swallow) that he’s charming. With these endless, irresistible eyes...they are like the color of leaves in the autumn (seriously) and they are just so beautiful and that mixed with his well put together body, any girl would fancy herself in ‘like’ with him. Every girl other then me.

At least I can console myself to the fact that Max and I aren’t completely stuck with each other. With us, is Michael Guerin (Max’s best friend) and his wife Isabel (who just so happens to be Max’s twin sister and my best friend).

Let me give a brief introduction to my friends. My first week at West Roswell was so uncomfortable! Anyone who had to transfer schools during their school years totally knows where I’m coming from. The students would stare at me as though I was this side attraction at a carnival. The worst though were the popular people, the ones that had problem in making it known that they ran the school...and then I met Isabel (insert a light from the heavens shining down on her and a heavenly chime). We just gravitated toward each other and became instant friends, She was my life savior, her friends ended up becoming my friends.

Let’s see, there was Maria Deluca, who is the most uppity person I ever met. She so open and friendly, and she his this uncanny ability to brighten a room just by being there.

Alex Whitman who was a former nerd transformed into a little hottie. I didn’t know him before his transformation took place, but he was the best person I ever met. In high school he stated his own band that he called the Whits (and rightfully so). Too bad the group never went beyond high school, they were pretty good.

Next, is Kyle Valenti. He too had gone through his own transformation. I guess he used to be what was considered a ‘jock’. He was captain or co-captain of every sport he ever played. Of course, his ego grew bigger then the size of a basketball, but it all changed at the end of his freshman year. He was shot one day, and after Max saved his life (which is another story all together) he finally became human. He took himself off that pedestal and joined everyone else, and ever since then he’s been like that.

Michael Guerin, who was introduced as Isabel’s brother’s best friend, is one of the weirdest people I’ve ever met. I don’t mean weird in the actual sense of the word, he’s just like this mean looking person that isn’t mean. On the outside, he looks like a real hard ass, but on the inside, he’s nothing more then a big teddy bear.

Tess Harding is the very anthesis of me (looks wise). The only thing we have in common is the disadvantage in height. Where I have plan brown hair and matching dull brown eyes, she’s got this great blonde hair that always seems to fall in curls and her eyes...they are like a vibrant ice blue. Not only is beautiful, but she’s got a huge rack! What guy wouldn’t want her?

The last person I had the displeasure of meeting was Max. Since I’ve already ranted on about him, I won’t go there again (no matter how fun it may be).

The eight of us were tight and we did everything together. Sure, Max and I never got along with one another, but seriously, we are both so completely loyal to each other...does that make sense? My home became Isabel’s home (much to Max’s chagrin) became mine, and mine had become hers.

That was of course ten years ago. A lot can change in ten years. Couples were formed in the group, they broke up and new couples got together. In the end, everyone neatly paired off. Maria married her step brother Kyle (which shounds bad, but it isn’t). Maria and Kyle were dating when her mom Amy and his dad Jim decided to ‘get to know each other better’. What was the end result? They were married, that arrangement set a few interesting situations for the four, believe you me.

No one could believe it when Alex and Tess eloped in Vegas. See, as good a friends as they were in high school, there was never anything romantic linking them. After college, they began showing interest in one another and set off on a world wind romance. Their third weekend of ‘couple-dom’, they flew off to Vegas and returned that Sunday as Mr. And Mrs. Whitman.

The last couple to make it down the isle was Michael and Isabel. As children, Michael was Max’s best friend and whenever they would hang out, Isabel was always there. Michael and Isabel flirted some in high school, but nothing ever seemed to come of it...until college. No one in the group was surprised when they started dating, we were just annoyed that he didn’t pop the question sooner.

Back to the situation at hand, yes, I have Michael and Isabel around, but sometimes it seems like a moot point. They have a tendency to go off in their own little world where no one else exists (which they have every right to), but does it have to be at the price of my sanity?

Even now on the plane to LAX, they are doing all that (couple stuff). At one time, everyone around me was doing the couple thing...even Max. Yes, someone actually married him-shocking, I know. Who would be brave enough to do something like that? Serina Renoldi, or should I say Evans? She went to college with us and Max fell head over heels in love with her. They married right out of college and stayed married until the little slut slept with another man in the same bed she shared with Max. BITCH! I’m saying that out of all my loyalty to Max...really. That, and then there’s the small little fact that I always hated that woman. I could never put my finger on why. Now though (and as bad as this may sound), I’m happy that I’m not so alone–even if it’s at the cost of something so precious in Max’s life (I can honestly write that without any guilt). I know, it’ a completely terrible way to feel, but I’m human. Besides, Max will move on and find someone that was so much better then that red headed hussy. See, I always thought that they were missing something that Maria and Kyle, Alex and Tess and Michael and Isabel as a married couple. I know with certainty that he’ll find it with his next wife.


“What can I get you to drink?” I look up from my journal and look to the stewardess.

“Uh,” I pause, thinking about what I want. As soon as I open my mouth to answer, I’m cut off when max leans over from the isle next to me. He flashes a big grin, it’s like this sexy...or so he thinks, smirk. I look up to find the flight attendant eating it all up. In disbelief I look back to Max, surprised to find him staring at me with an inscrutable look on his face. I see his smile has altered into a cocky way and I narrow my eyes at him.

“Excuse me...” Max looks down from the flight attendant’s face to her badge...of course it’s in a convenient place because his are roaming at more then just her name tag.

I look over an shake my head. “Trouble reading Max?” If my words have any effect on him, he plays it off because he never looks at me.

“Sandra,” he says looking up to her face and offering a huge smile. “What do you suggest?”

“Ugh,” I barely refrain myself from making a gagging motion. “Give me a break,” I mutter. What a disgusting thing to watch!

It must be my lucky day because Max stops flirting long enough to look at me. “What was that Liz?”

I narrow my eyes at him. He knows very well what I said. Meeting his face defiantly I refuse to back down. “I said, give me a break,” I reiterate carefully and clearly. Looking to Sandra, I see her face has turned into an interesting shade of red. I smile sheepishly. “You’re keeping this woman from doing her job.”

Sandra smiles at Max. “Oh, I don’t mind,” she replied to last statement, of course did I mention that her eyes never trailed from Max’s face.

Max smirks at me once again. “See, she doesn’t mind Liz.”

I purse my lips together and stare at him. “Yeah, imagine that,” I whisper to myself. “I’ll have a coke,” I tell the stewardess before turning away from them.



Finally! Dragging my exceptionally large luggage behind me I pause to see that room 318 is already open. Lifting up my foot, I kick the door open. “You know, you'd figure that your sister and Michael wouldn’t have gotten us the same room!” I complain as I step in. “They know how well we go together.”

When I finally manage to get my suitcase in the room let it go, not really caring which way it falls and I shut the door.

“You know, a gentleman would have offered to help a lady,” I bite out. What was Max doing while I practically killing myself to get my stuff in the room? He was sitting on the furthest bed watching tv, ignoring me!

Max finally looks at me. “I will when I see one.”

I don’t find him amusing and tell him such as I lay back on my bed. My eyes look to the television and I shake my head in barely contained annoyance. Of course, Max has to have it on the sports channel, what guy wouldn’t? Ugh! It’s so irritating! He’s so irritating...and predictable. “I’m taking a shower.” I walk to my suit case and gather up my night clothes before walking into the adjoining bathroom. I don’t even bother to look at Max once more.

After taking care of everything that I need to, I sit down at the back of the tub and let the hot water pound on me. Am I the only one who does this? It’s just there’s nothing like letting the water pound around you and let it....just take my irritated mood away. Of course it didn’t do much in the fact of keeping it away since the moment I get back to our room it’s returned in full force. Must be because of Max.

After putting my clothes away, I turn to my bed, but pause in mid-step when I see him lying in my bed. His shirt is gone and he’s in just a pair of pajama pants, his eyes are closed, it’s as though he has no care for anything in the world. “Uh, what are you doing?”

Opening his eyes and narrowing his eyebrows at me as though I’m an idiot in asking him about lying down. “Uh, I’m going to sleep.”

I role my eyes. “I see that genius. I mean why are you laying in my bed?”

Max shrugged. “My bed smells weird,” he answers with a careless shrug. “I figured that yours was big enough for two.”

“You figured wrong,” I shoot back.

“Have a heart Liz. I don’t want to smell because of the bed,” he replies, his bottom lip facing outwards and a frown marring his beautiful face...uh, I mean his face.

“Max, you smell funky anyway,” I tell him, trying not to let him get to me. As if I’m supposed to feel bad for him! It’s Karma for being so mean to me earlier, really it is.

He ignores me and shakes his head. “Liz, I’m sleeping here whether you like it or not, I just thought I’d you used to the idea first, but I don’t need it.”

“Well, you sure has hell don’t have it.”

“All right then.” Max turns around and faces the other way. “Night.”

“Oh no you don’t!” I jump in the other side and try push him out using my legs. I exercise like everyday and I always thought I had pretty good leg muscles, but Max didn’t even move a centimeter. I don’t let that fact deter me though, I continue pushing, all the while losing my breath. Out of breath and feeling as though I just worked out my legs for an hour’s worth of work, I stop. Neither one of us speaks, the bed shaking from Max’s rumble of laughter.

“Liz, you won’t win this,” he warns.

I sigh and scoot away from him. “Fine,” I huff and turn around so I’m facing the other way, away from him. “I better not feel anything poking at my back or my,” I grumble.

The bed shakes again because of his hearty laughter. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Asshole!” I hate him! Seriously. No one gets to me the way he can...and does! “And for your information, there is nothing wrong with my...attributes!”

“If you say so.”

ARGH! “Go to sleep!” I order.


I sigh. “Do you always have to have the last word?”

I see Max shrug from the corner of my eye. “No, it just pisses you off,” he admits. It’s then that I turn to face him. My eyes are wide, my nostrils flared and my lips pursed together.

“You are unbelievable!”

Max smiles at me. “It’s just so much fun,” he adds before turning over. “Goodnight sweetheart.”

I scoff. “I hope you choke in your sleep!”

Briefly, the bed shakes against because of her laughter. “Ooh, feisty.”

“Just...shut up!”


The next morning I wake up alone in bed. I pretend no to notice the lonely feeling. It was nice to sleep with someone...even if there wasn’t anything romantic to it. It’s been a long time for me, a really long time.

“Max?” I question when I don’t see him anywhere in the room. My hair is probably every which way and I know I’m looking more then a little horrible.

At that exact moment, Max chooses to walk in from the bathroom. His hair was dripping wet and he was wrapped only in a towel. I bite my bottom lip and force my eyes to move up past his finely sculpted pecs.

“Morning sunshine,” he greets sarcastically.

Water dripping down his neck to his pecs.

I clear my throat. “What time is it?”

Water dripping down to his perfectly gorgeous abbs.

Of course, I didn’t hear a word he just said. “What?

My eyes go back to the one drop still trailing down his abbs. I watch as it slips down and disappears into the towel around his waist.


The words filter through my brain and I jump out of bed, the sheets following...and tripping over them in my haste to get to the bathroom for a shower. “Crap! We have to leave in an hour!” I look up and see Max smirking at my predicament. “What are you laughing at punk? If you woke me up earlier...”

“Last I thought, you were a grown woman,” he replied simply.

“And last night I wasn’t a woman at all,” I retort.

Max rases his eyebrows and holds up his hands defensively. “Hey, you said it, not me,” he taunts.

I narrow my eyes at him.

June 3, 2005

So, this morning was a lot of fun. I was late, because of Max and as a result, I couldn’t wash my hair the way I wanted, it was yucky. Yes, I missed precious cruise minutes because as soon as we got on the boat I had to wash my hair. When I emerged from my room with a clean head of hair and a very nice white, knit string bikini adorning my awesome little body. Wow, do I sounds conceited or what? I swear I’m not, really. It’s just at my age I’m closer to thirty then I am twenty, and as someone who is that age, I have a great body, I work my ass off for it, so I have no problem in showing it off.

Where was I? Ah yes, going to the deck of the ship where Isabel told me she would be. I walk over there, using my hips in that....tempting little manner that women often do when walking through a crowd full of men. My hair is flowing behind me, my sun glasses perched on the top of my head and white flip flops to keep my feet from burning. I missed seeing Isabel or Michael, but Max was easily enough seen. He was lounging over by the pool, all the surrounding girls panting like dogs for his attention and I inwardly roll my eyes.

He is just such a dog! He has been since I met him! He was like this wanna be...ugh! I can’t even explain it into words! He was just, bad! Really bad! He didn’t even know me, but that didn’t stop him from making his holier then thou assessment. When he was introduced to me as Isabel’s brother, I faltered. Aside from his jerky side, I have eyes and I thought he was very handsome...and he thought I was way less then him, which I felt because of the way he was looking at me. When Isabel introduced us the umbrella that I was holding in my hand suddenly opened, pushing Max away. You know like on the pilot episode of Friends? Yes, that actually actually happened to me.

As I approached the lounging area, I don’t say a word to Max. I don’t want to interrupt all of his followers, besides, I’ve been around him when female strangers try talking to him. I always receive nasty looks from them, like they are trying to fend me off using their eyes. And well, I really want to enjoy this vacation.

I made myself comfortable in a chair over to the side. I sit back and relax, my eyes closed, the hot sun beating down on my body. A few minutes later, I opened my eyes when I felt a large presence blocking my sun. Squinting open one eye I spotted Max towering over me. “Your admirers actually left you alone?” I asked in mock surprise.

“You really should use some of that,” he replied ignoring me. I look down to the large beach bag I brought out, he was referring to the sun tan lotion peaking out of the top of it. I shrug. Why would he care if I got sun burnt?

Of course, being the good girl I was, I grabbed it and added generous amounts on the body parts I could reach. As I was still adding lotion to my legs, I asked Max if he would be so kind as to put some on my back. See, I was so busy adding the oil I never noticed the way that Max’s eyes never wavered from my body. Okay, I don’t know for sure if they were or not, but I was really hoping they were. See, I felt someone’s eyes on me and if they weren’t Max’s then that meant a total perv could have been looking!

“Liz hurry up!” Isabel calls through the door. I slam my journal closed before hoping off my bed and stopping in front of the mirror. Hair, check. It’s curled and pinned up. My nails, eh, never been important before, but Isabel convinced me to paint them in a matching nude color along with my toes. Make up, on. Yes, I’m wearing a rather generous amount, which is totally not something I usually do. I usually just use make up to enhance my features, but tonight? Nope. Dress, check. It’s this little burgandy number, spaghetti strapped and tight, it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. My shoes are like these stringing black things that tie around my ankle. Yup, I look good tonight and I can’t wait to see the kind of reaction I receive. I’m bored.

“Coming!” I go into my purse and spray some Glo by J.Lo...hmm, that stuff does smell like really good. Finally, I met her out my door, we lock arms and walk to the dining hall. “So, where were you this afternoon Mrs. Guerin? I looked for you on the deck and I couldn’t find you or the Mr.”

Isabel nodded. “Yeah, sorry about that Liz.”

“You’re a dirty girl,” I reply knowing exactly what she’s apologizing for. I smirk playfully.

“Yeah, because if you had a chance to have sex, you wouldn’t go for it.”

I play deaf and ignore the comment. “You wound me Isabel! I would never dream of doing something so degrading!”

Lucky me. I am assigned to the same table as Isabel and Michael, and that isn’t bad...really. It’s just that Max was assigned to that table too. Approaching the table I see Max and Michael sitting along with four other people, but I’m not focusing on them. My attention’s Max....he’s stating at me. When I sit down next to him, I begin a light conversation with Isabel, concentrating on ignoring Max, who’s smoldering gaze is still upon me. I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable, but it’s finally so much so that I turn to him.


Max just shakes his head, I see his eyes travel down lower then my face and I resist the urge to cover myself up. “Nice dress Liz. You almost look like a lady.”

I smile at him. “Really? Because you are still the same conceited asshole you always are.” After that we all introduce ourselves and Max and I make it a point not to engage in conversation.

Sitting with us is Shawn and Jenny Carter, they have been married for four years and are trying to conceive a child. Also dining with us are two of Barbie’s friends. Tina Shitlow and Gabby Taylor, or as I firmly like to call them clone number one and clone number two. I say clones because they are like a mirror image to the doll. Both have long blonde hair and the big bust. Both are the exact kind of blonde that give other blondes bad names. They have the tight, short clothes and ditzy attitude.

As a server passes, I catch his attention. “I’ll have a Bacardi and coke...and if you could keep them coming, that’d be great. Thanks.” I turn back around and see my friends staring at me.

“Liz, you’re drinking?” Why yes I am! So, I like to have fun, but I’m not too big of a drinker...anymore.

“Yeah,” I answer casually. “I think I’m going to need to if I have to sit with the silicon twins.” I don’t bother bringing down my voice. It’s pretty loud in this dining hall, and if they should hear me....then oh well.

“You had a boob job?” Clone number one asks me.

“What a horrible job,” clone cumber two chimes in. “You had them done so small. If you were going to pay so much money why not get them larger?”

From the corner of my eye I see Max smirking at me and I wish more then ever that I had alien death ray eyes. Isabel begins giggling while Michael smiles widely. Even Jenny and Shawn look like they are amused at our companion’s words. And me? My eyes are wide in wonderment at their thought process, all the while offering a semi-polite smile. I think all the blonde hair dye has made it’s way past the roots and killed their brain cells.

During dinner, we share small talk. Currently, we’re talking about’s Max’s turn and apparently he has no problem talking about himself. I’m on my fourth drink and wondering why God hates me so much.

“...And my fraternity was great.”

“You were in a fraternity?” Barbie number two asks. “Wow, that’s so neat, because we were in one too.”

I put on an astonished look. “Really?” My voice in a high pitch and my head shaking very much the same way their’s has all night. One would figure that their necks would get sore.

Either I’ve offended them or they’re tired of hearing my voice because neither looks my way. They’re enraptured with Max...surprise, surprise.

“What fraternity?”

Before Max can answer, I speak up. “Magna-kume Numb-nuts.”

If I didn’t know Max, the dark look that he gives me would probably be considered menacing, but I do know him. The way his eyes are narrowed and his red ears, he just looks super funny and I can’t hold in my laugh. When the server drops another drink in front of me, Michael reaches over and takes it away. “I think you’ve have enough Liz.”

I smile at him, a little too forced. Tomorrow, I’ll be thank ful that he took away the drink as so I don’t wake up with a hang over in the morning, but it’s not tomorrow. At that moment in time I am extremely annoyed at my table mates, not mention horrifyingly embarrassed at the way that Michael has cut me off. “You’re right. I have had enough.” I stand up and turn Jenny and Shawn. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you.” I don’t even bother addressing anyone else before departing form the table and the dining area.

An hour later I’m sitting in the jacuzzi, head is back and I’m staring up at the night sky. The stars and the moon, I never fancied myself for astronomy, but after meeting Max, Isabel and Michael, I have a totally new respect for it. See, there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned thus far, Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens. Yes, you heard right ladies and gentlemen, aliens. They were sent here because....well, we haven’t learned that one yet. In all truth, none of them know anything about each other, except for the fact that they have these super alien powers. It’s made for a strained and secretive life for the three of them, and to get technical...for everyone else involved with them. We’ve done all we could to keep them from being discovered by various government officials. Each has their own unique ability, and they have all come in handy at one time or another.

My thoughts are interrupted by when someone slips in beside me. Without even looking, I know it’s Max. Don’t ask me how, but ever since getting to know have, we’ve always had this uncanny ability to sense the other person without even using the five senses.

“What? I thought you’d be off engaging the peroxide bimbos with harrowing tales of college and drunken frat parties,” I say without turning to him.

“I knew you were a bitch, but to do what you did tonight? Embarrassing me like that...” he completely ignored my other words. And now he’s probably going to get all emotional. Seriously, I don’t know what this guy’s problem is.

“I did you a favor,” I say simply. “I saved you from their evil, valley girl clutches..” And I did. Max isn’t the kind of person for a fling, whenever he goes into anything, his whole heart is invested. He may flirt a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t mean much.

“What you did tonight was malicious,” he points out. “You have never done anything like that before.” And I guess he’s right. When we tease each other in public, especially around strangers it’s in a very light manner. I have never been so rude in front of other people, but I’m not about to let him know that I agree with his thought process.

“Uh, hello? Bitch,” I say gesturing to myself. It’s then that I finally look at him and he seems just like so...distressed. I look over at him, he’s staring at me, as though he’s speechless. In all honesty, I have no idea why. He’s known me for years. He opens his mouth to say something, but stops himself before words come out. “What?”

“I just don’t understand why you would do something like that.”

“Does it really matter?” Both of those girls would make you more miserable then how you were with Serena,” I trail of, my eyes going to his face. I see a brief flash of pain mar his beautiful face before masking it. “I’m sorry Max,” I apologize genuinely. Geez Liz, talk much? Open mouth...insert foot here. “I shouldn’t have said that.” I sigh, feeling like crap for even bringing up his ex-wife. “Let’s go back to my room,” I suggest.”

I see him look at me with raised eyebrows, a smirk kisses his mouth. “Why Ms. Parker, are you propositioning me?”

I roll my eyes. “Only in your dreams. No, seriously, you need to let loose and I know the perfect way.” I drag him out of the jacuzzi and we dry off before heading to my room, on the way, I make a pit stop for a few frozen drinks.

“You’re still drinking?” He asks, worried about any other explosions I might let loose.

“Oh no dear,” I smile at him. “These are for you.”

“You know...I’m not a big fan of that stuff, besides, you know how I am when I drink.”

Seriously, he’s horrible! He can’t hold one lick of alcohol. It must be something in his genes, because neither can Isabel or Michael.

“What’s why we’re in the safety of my cabin, plus, you need to let loose.” I yank him inside the room. We both sit on my bed, and I feel the urge to laugh at the look on his face. He is so uncomfortable, actually, it’s kind of endearing.


“Max, I may dislike you, but I won’t let anything happen to you.” I hand him one drink. “Just relax and let me take care of you.” I stand up and excuse myself so I can change, bringing a drink with me into the rest room.

Minutes later when I emerge, I find my light flashing various colors. “I take it you drank it,” I dead pan.

Max smiles, a full on smile...something I’m not really used to. “You were right. I needed to let loose.”

For the next hour, I am regretting my decision in letting him drink. He had various items going on at once, and he was completely carefree. Finally, he’s starting to settle down. I’ve since finished the rest of the drinks and I’m content in the silence that’s over come the room. Thank goodness! Any louder and I might have gotten complaints.

“Hey Liz? Can I ask you something?” I notice that he’s sprawled out next to me on my bed, I open my eyes a look over at him to finish his statement. Why do you hate me so much?”

I sigh. “I don’t hate you Max. I never have. I just find you rude, cocky and a little annoying,” I reply.

“Gee, you didn’t have to think hard about you did you?” he pouts. He reminds me of a little kid not getting his way and I go ‘awww’.

Well, since he asked it, I might as well return the question. “Why do you hate me?”

He chuckles in a husky manner. “I’ve never hated you, in fact, I think it’s quite the opposite.”

I bite my lip, the air in the room has definitely changed! It’s now charged with as much sexual tension as there has ever been between us (if that’s what it was). My heart is pounding and I’m all of a sudden nervous, my alcohol wearing off in a snap. I don’t need to look up to know that he’s watching me...I feel it. Max has always had a way of getting to me. He effects me the way no other man...person has ever done. Even when we were teenagers, it’s like he has a spell over me. I don’t know, maybe that’s why I fight him. All I know now, is that things are going to be different from now on.

“Liz?” His voice has gotten deeper if possible, his eyes have darken, and I see him looking at me in a way I’ve never seen. “Are you going to look at me?”

I shake my head. “No.” I can’t.


“Because if I do, things are going to change.” And they will, I know they will. This...has been a long time coming, this conversation I mean.

“What if I want them to change?” He asks, he masks it with a playful tone, but I can hear the underlying seriousness of it.

“You’re only saying that because of the alcohol,” I deny. I feel his soft hand on my chin, forcing my head in his general direction.

“Liz.” Such a small word, but with it, I heard so many emotions.


“What are we playing for again?” Max asked as he looked at the pool table. The game room had cleared out, and it was just the two of us alone. Max’s drunken stupor had faded and I was feeling very happy and open.

“Remember, whoever wins, gets what they want from the other person,” I replied. Of course it was a tense game for me anyway. This wasn’t the first time we’ve played pool together, but he’s cheated in the past. Max is a pretty good player, but I’m better and he just can’t handle losing to a girl.

“Ah, that’s right.” He takes his second shot and I wait with baited breath. If he gets this then we’re each down to one ball. As I watche the ball sail pass right past the one he intended I let out a breath.

Thanks Max, he’s moved the ball so it lines right up with my ball. I easily sink it with one shot, and then I turn to the eight ball. “Corner pocket,” I call out while shooting off the ball. When it lands easy enough in the pocket I smile at my companion triumphantly.

“That’s not fair,” Max demands immediately. See, his ego is just too precious to be lost to a girl in anything.

“How is that cheating?” I ask. I fairly knocked in the balls and I even called the corner pocket.

“You didn’t say which corner pocket you would be putting it in.”

“Oh,” I reply in a board tone. “I didn’t see you complaining that we didn’t have to do it the last round that you won,” I toss back. Seriously, the man infuriates me. Our last game is the reason why I demanded we play another round, only this time I set demands. I won fair and square.

Max put down his stick and sits up on the table. “I know, but it still isn’t fair.”

I push the rest of the stripes into pockets before returning to Max. The feline like smile is etched on my face and my hips are swaying towards him. “You really are a sore loser,” I tease stepping closer. Max places his hands on my hips and pulls me closer. “See, the reason why I came up with this arrangement is because no one loses.” I finish my sentence with a kiss to his neck.

“Yeah,” his voice is husky and I’m very excited at the implications of all this. I hadn’t expected Max to actually go through with it.

I kiss around his neck before tonguing my way down his well sculpted chest, taking a pause to garner each of his nipples with adoration before moving my mouth lowers. Max’s hands are in my hair and I feel the flexing of his fingers against my scalp. As I reach the waist band of his shorts, I tongue him from the right side to the left one before laying small, open mouth kisses all the way back up his chest and to his mouth.

His mouth is already waiting in anticipation when I reach his neck. He pulls me up the rest of the way, our mouths meet in a well deserved, very hot kiss. I can’t help the small groan of excitement, he is just so intense. It’s never been like this with another man before. Pulling away, I smile coyly at the look of protest on his face. I gently push him back on the table before crawling on top of him. “I want to ride you, I want to make you scream when you cum,” I purr against his lips and smile at the little noise he makes.

June 4, 2005

With those words, I shoot up out of bed and pant. Holy shit! Was that hot or what? I mean I’ve had those kind of dreams before, but they’ve held such force. My entire body is humming with anticipation. And to dream about Max? I’ve never done that before. I guess his words last night really got to me. It’s then that I notice that my head is throbbing with a dull ache. I want nothing more then to pass back out, but images of my dream are never going to leave my mind. I let out a defeated sigh, it’s then when I feel the slight dip in the bed next to me. That isn’t normal. I look next to me to see a topless Max sleeping next to me, and whoo! What a top it is! It’s even better then the chest I conjured up in my dream. Very slowly, as not to disturb him, I step out of bed and head for the bathroom where I have a bottle of headache medicine.

The bottle must have made too much noise because before I know it, I’m startled from behind by his deep “hey.”

I turn around to look at Max. “Hey,” I offer a small smile. Is my face red? Because it feels so hot. I look away from his eyes immediately. I watch in amusement as he begins to mentally piece the everything together, the fact that he’s in my bed, my apparel and the fact that he’s topless. Ever so discreetly, or so what he thinks is discreet, he peers under the covers to check and make sure that he has some article of clothing on. “Relax, nothing happened,” I answer.

Max doesn’t even play stupid. I see him sigh in relief and ouch!

Would it have been so bad if it had? I ask him such, because last night he was the one to initiate things. Before he can answer, I look away, pretending not to care all that much about my inquiry when in reality, I’m waiting with baited breath.

“Oh Liz, I didn’t mean it like that,” Max replies gently. “It’s just that I’ve never done anything like that, and...I’m drawing a complete blank. What happened last night?”

I shrug playfully. I’m rather enjoying this.

“Seriously Liz,” he repeats in a stern voice. Oh yeah, like that’s gonna get me to talk. When I see the pleading look in his I mentally curse myself for giving in so easily.

“Oh,” I start off carefree. “You mean when you tried to have sex with me using some lame ass come on lines?” I look at him and laugh. His face has changed to one that would be considered a fish. His mouth open in O before closing it, and then opening it much in the same way as the other time. “Is it really such a shock?” I ask teasingly.

“No,” he’s quick to deny it. “I really did?”

I play off his sad look. “I just...I can’t remember,” I answer cryptically before smiling brightly at him. I walk into the bathroom and change into my day clothes. Walking out, I see him still in the bed and I can’t get over the feeling that I enjoy seeing him in my bed. Even if the bed isn’t my bed, it’s still the one I’m sleeping in and I like the idea of him being in that bed. “So, want to go get breakfast?”

I see Max look down and scratch the back of his head, something he does when he is uncomfortable about something. “I uh...I’m having breakfast with Gabby and Tina,” he answers somewhat sheepishly. I can barely conceal my distaste of the thought. “You are more then welcome to come along too though.”

Oooh, I can tag along? Really Max? Do you mean it? “Uh, thanks but I’ll pass. I think I lose brain cells when I’m around them.” I offer a light hearted smile, “hey, you go have fun though.”


So, after Max left this morning, I opted to order room service instead of going to the dining hall. The idea of watching Max with those pop tarts is more then just a little unsettling, aside from that my ego was still a little hurt from Michael’s behavior last night.

I must have spent the whole day avoiding my friends. Michael and Isabel for obvious reasons, but Max? I haven’t been able to get my dream out of my head. Every time I think about it, I feel myself flushing in embarrassment! I’m not a virgin by any means, but I feel as if in some way, I’ve tarnished my friendship/companionship/ whatever this thing Max and I share. I mean this is Max for crying out loud! Other then my brief moment of insanity when I first met him and took in his handsome features, I’ve never once even remotely liked in him a romantic sense. I can barely stand to be in the same room as him.

That dream though. Uh, about hot! I’ve never been one for sexy talk. I’ve never really tried to talk that way, and I find it amusing when my partners would speak it to me, but those words in my dream...even just thinking back on them, I flush and I can seriously feel myself tingle with full excitement.

And then, I take into consideration all of our sparring matches. I’ve done nothing today but over analyze my past with Max. It’s then that I uncover all my past actions, which I thought were just a way of telling him that I couldn’t stand him, when it was all just a cover up for the fact that I am in love with Max. I fear it’s something that I’ve felt a long time.

It would make sense. After the first time I met him, I ignored my attraction to him because of what he’d said about me. The way that every thing he does annoys me to no end, but how I remember every little quirk and mannerism of his. The annoyed way I felt whenever girls flirted with him and the even stronger dislike of the way he flirted back. And most importantly, the way that, even in all my anger, no other man has had me come close to feeling the way Max does. How could I have gone this long without realizing my feelings sooner?

And what about his words last night? I know he was drunk, but don’t intoxicated people usually tell the truth? So going by that way of thinking, what did he mean? Was he telling the truth, or was it just another way of trying to get in my pants? I never thought of Max a man. I mean I understand that men have these urges and I just never associated that to Max.

Aside from that, the two of us have never been close. I mean Max, Isabel, Michael, Kyle, Alex, Tess, Maria and I grew up together, but there were always a few people that were closer then others. The only thing that Max and I shared was an on-going insult contest. In all that time, I never realized how flirtacious we were with one another.

Since I’ve been thinking on past moments that I’ve shared with Max, I’m starting to question everything I know. Does Max feel the same way? Are things between us now going to be awkward?


...“The only time I ever stuck my neck out to save anything....and it went to hell,” I hear Michael recant to the table that night at dinner. It really is a funny story, he’s talking about this poor cat, who in the end, ended up dying, but it really is a hilarious story. Am I laughing? No. My mind has been on Max and last night all day and I can’t seem to get a break from my wandering mind.

Not only that, but I really have no idea how I’m supposed to act around Max now. I mean I had a sex dream about him! I cheapened our...whatever we have and I hate it. Aside from that, I can’t even look him in the eyes without turning red. Just seeing his eyes, they remind me of my dream...the way they were so...

“Hey, you okay Liz?”

I’m brought out of my thoughts when Max leans over to my chair, his arms resting on the back of my chair. Did I mention that his hand caressed my back as it went to rest on my chair? “I’m fine,” I reply, not bothering to look at his direction.

Ever so tenderly, and so not a Max action, he leans over and moves a piece of hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear. “You sure? You aren’t acting like yourself.”

“I’m fine Max.” I look up and grab my glass of water, across the table I see Gabby giving me a dirty look. “Why don’t you return to your previous conversation.” His previous conversation being with Tina and Gabby. It’s not until I momentarily meet his eyes before looking back down that I catch his somewhat wounded expression.

Around me, everything disappears. My attention focuses on Max and I watch him as he talks to our table mates. I can’t imagine his company has anything interesting to say, but never the less, he is smiling politely and engaging them in conversation. He is always so nice and open with everyone that isn’t me. I can’t stay here anymore. My mind is hammering away and being in his presence isn’t helping any. “I’m not feeling the best, will you excuse me?”

“Liz?” I look to Isabel. “You aren’t hung over...” she knows me all too well. “What’s wrong?”

Smiling at the question, I shake my head in denial. “I think I’m going insane.”


“Forget it,” I answer. I know she wants to come with me and make sure I feel better, but I kind of want to be alone. Besides, this is her time with Michel, plus...what am I going to say about what I’m feeling? At this point I’m so confused that nothing is making any sense to me. “Really,:” I lay my hand on her arm and squeeze it in thanks for her to be willing to ditch her husband for me. “I’ll be fine.” I bid a quick farewell to the other occupants at the table, never meeting Max’s eyes. I don’t notice the way his eyes are on me until I exit the room, I don’t know that he excuses himself to come and find me.

Looking out over the banister of the ship, I stare into the distance. I’ve never really noticed how beautiful the ocean could be, then again, I haven’t always been around one, but really. It is the most magical sight, the way the moon and stars and being reflected from the top of the water, it’s kind of ethereal in the scheme of things. I’ve never really been a romantic person, but I can’t begin to express how wistful I’m feeling to notice something like this when I’m alone, it would be the perfect time to share a special moment with my special someone...err, if I had a special someone.


I don’t bother turning to look at Max, I just keep my gaze out before me. “Hmmm?”

“Are you okay?” He asks. And me, I’m a puddle of goo. See, Max and I have never been overly concerned about each other, but we’ve always had a special...thing. We know when the other is hurting and now that I’ve accepted my feelings, I feel my heart speed up at his inquiry.

Turning to meet his eyes I shrug. “ don’t know,” I confess. “I’m just so confused.” I turn back out to the ocean. “Have you ever lived your entire life one way, everything is going fine and then....someone says something to you that completely turns you inside out? Some one,” and I don’t want to mention who, “told me something the other day and ever since then, I’ve been second guessing my feelings and over examining...everything. I haven’t gained anything from it except confusion and a headache.”

“What happened?”

"You!" I answer desperately. I don't even bother looking away from him, when I see him startle I regret the way that I talked to him.

"Me?" His brows furrow in curiosity. "What did I do?"

I let out a sarcastic laugh before sighing. "You...this is just...why did you have to"

"Uh...I'm sorry?"

I look sharply at him. "Is that a question?"

Max lets out a small chuckle. "What do you want me to say? I don't even know what I did." What did I expect him to say?

I wanted him to admit that he remembered that night.

I wanted him to repeat the words he said that night...and mean it.

I wanted him to love me and take me in his arms and me.

I wanted what I had dreamt of that night.

"You didn't do anything...I'm just so confused and my feelings are just so out of whack." I smile at him. "I'm sorry for all this. I think I'm just going to go back to my room and get some rest."

Max nodded. "You sure? We were talking about going to that're more then welcome to join us."

Hmm...dancing with Barbie and her twin? No thank you! "No, that's all right, thanks for the invite though. See you tomorrow."


When I got back to my room, I tried to sleep. I tried to clear my mind enough, but it didn't work.

What am I doing?

The same thing I've been doing since I laid down...absolutely nothing. My mind is no where cleared from my thoughts. I've closed my eyes so many times, hoping that sleep would claim me, but it never did. Instead my mind wanders, my imagination gets the better of me and I see day dreams of the future.

Day dreams? It's no where near daylight. If I'm having them at night, though I'm not asleep...what are they classified?

Whatever they are...I'm having them and they are so bogus! Me in a relationship...with Max.

I know insane.

"Liz?" I look towards the door. Had someone been knocking? "Liz?"

Getting out of bed, I turn the light on and open the door. "Max? What are you doing here?"

He smiles and shakes his head. "I don't know. I was dancing and having fun, but I just couldn't get you out of my mind."

Without saying a word, I open my door wider as invitation for him to come in.

"What's going on Liz?" I shut the door and then turn to him. "You've been acting weird all day. I...keep having these flashes of last night. Something happened didn't it?"

I shrug and sit down. "You said something...and it's completely turned my thoughts upside down."

He joins me on the bed. "What?"

"Well, in a led me to believe that you didn't exactly hate me."

Max smiles at my words. "That's because I don't."

Is he going to make me spell it out? "You kind of made it seem like you liked me...I mean in a not so friendly way." I look down at my hands as if they hold all the answers to the world. I have to gather my strength to say my next words. " it true? Do you like me?"

Max looks at me. "It's...yes." Max stops and looks at me. "I've been very attracted to you for a..."

"And you annoy me?"

"I play around and you argue." He runs a hand through his hair. "I know this isn't the most ideal-"

I don't let Max finish his words before I lean over and plant my lips on his. He stiffins under my touch, but I don't let it deter me. I only kiss him harder, trying to coax him into kissing me back. Of course, it doesn't take much convincing before he returns the caress with fervor.
We break apart when air becomes an issue. "Liz? What-"

I place my index finger against his mouth to shush him. "No questions Max...not tonight."

I don’t want to talk. I know it’s a bad decision, but talking is over rated. Besides, with the things I am doing with my tongue...I have him wrapped around my finger, or well tongue...seeing as what we’re doing is well...insert wiggling eyebrows here.

This is more then I ever imagined it would be. Seriously...this tongue is like wooo! I know that a tongue is a muscle, but! What a muscle it is! No one has ever used their tongue the way he is.

It’s odd. In all these years I never let myself imagine what it would be like to kiss Max....or more. Ever since the other night I’ve just been second guessing everything concerning Max. Maybe if I thought earlier about this I would have confronted him about it and we would have done this much sooner!

Pulling away slightly, I look in his eyes, eyes that are half mast with desire. I can’t contain the feeling of pride that I’m experiencing. I wonder if guys ever get this way? I mean talk about what a rush it is to know that this strong reaction is because of me.

Taking control, I unbutton his shirt, letting my hands wander down his excellently built arms as I pull down his shirt. “Beautiful,” I murmur softly. I look up into his eyes. “Really Max, you’re beautiful.” Not bothering to wait for a reply, I lean over and place a kiss on his right pectoral. Another pat on the back for Liz at his gasp!

So I’ve seen his naked chest before, but it’s never made me react like this. Moving to his nipple I place a small kiss on it before letting my tongue give a little lick. At his moan, I’m encouraged to continue kissing and sucking all the way down.

“Liz,” he moans out. And me? I’m shining with self satisfaction and a little arousal at the husky tone of his voice.

“You like that?” I tease. Laying him down, I crawl onto his lap and take off my nightie, leaving me in only my thong! Looking at him, our eyes meet briefly before he looks down to chest in wonderment. With that expression one would thin he’s never seen a set before. “Is something wrong?”

Finally looking back to my eyes, he smiles lightly. “Well, I’d say that our friendship is fairly, officially ruined.”

I was worried before, but at his words, I let out a huge sigh of relief. “Were we ever that close? I mean from the whole ‘I’m not from around here,’ we’ve been well, you know...” I trail off.

Making a slight face, he nods. “You’re right.” Again, my conscience is making an appearance. “So...are we really going to do this?”

Leaning back, I begin to cover my exposed flesh. “Do you want to?” I know I sure as hell want to! He must have seen me withdrawing into myself because he turns completely serious.

“Yeah, I do.” Gently moving my arms out of the way, he cups my breasts in his palms–using his thumb and index fingers, he pinches my nipples. An action, that elicits a sob from me.

And suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted. With incredible ease, he maneuvers us so he’s not on top. In between our kisses and caresses, all of our clothes are shed. When Max leans over to the night stand to retrieve his wallet, I take a breath.

My heart is pounding and my palms are sweaty. Biting my bottom lip, I try and gather myself. I’ve done this before, but I just can’t believe I’ve never felt this way. I know what I’m thinking is getting redundant, but I just can’t get over the fact.

I watch as Max pulls a condom out of his wallet. He meets my eyes and smiles. I raise my eyebrows. “Uh...a condom Max? Really?” I can’t resist the light hearted jab.

Smiling sheepishly, he shrugs. “What can I say? I like to be prepared.”

Max isn’t one for casual sex, he knows it....and I know it. “Prepared for what?”

“For the off chance that I get the woman of my dreams,” he replies and I melt.

Max.” My voice is filled with so many emotions. I can’t even decipher all of them, but the great thing is, this is Max. I don’t have to say anything more.

After rolling on the protection, he leans down and kisses me. “I know,” he whispers. Moving one arm by my head to support his weight, he leans down and braces his forehead against my own.

“I’ve got butterflies in my stomach,” I confess in a shaky breath. Never before have I showed Max my vulnerable side.

He smiles lovingly. “My heart is pounding.”

I let out a shaky smile. I’m not nervous or anything, I’m excited. I tilt my head and brush a lingering kiss on his lips. It’s at that moment that he leads his penis into me. We both moan loudly at the sensation.

Our time together feels all together very brief. I don’t mean that he was quick or another, it’s just that instead of focusing on the actual act itself (like I’ve done in the past), I was too busy embracing the emotions that Max conjured up.

I used to set out for my gratification, I know it sounds like such a guy thing to say, but when someone has as many empty experiences like I have, they’d focus on themself...or so I hope they. With Max though, I spent more time touching and licking him...and just wanting to please him. And when we orgasmed, it was so completely mutual and the most satisfying I’ve ever experienced.

“Hey Liz?” Max pauses. We’re facing each other, with a sheet barely covering our bodies. “Can I ask you something?”

“After what we just shared, you’re asking if you can ask a question?” I kiss him quickly to show him I’m only joking around.

“Why are...were you so angry with me?”

“My first week of school in Roswell before I started hanging out with the others, I met Chris Livingston.” Chris Livingston, that name brought memories flooding back. He and Max were somewhat friends in school. Chris was one of the most popular people at West Roswell, I really have no idea why though. He was a total horn dog and a jerk to boot. “So Chris was the only person that really nice to me at first. We had gone out one night and when I got back to school the next day, he’d already tole people that we slept together.” I remember that day, I think it was one of the worst in my life during those years. I mean just remember the looks that people gave me, it’s enough to make me feel as though I’m a teenager all over again. “And there you were, walking with someone and you both were talking about Chris’ latest conquest, and you called me a whore.” When I stop I see Max looking at me with an unreadable expression.

“I didn’t even know it was you,” Max replied, “besides, in my defense...most girls who went out with him were sluts.”

“But you found out who I was once I started hanging around your sister and you put the pieces together.” I take the chance to turn on my back and pull the sheets up around my more securely. “You judged me by that...for that.”

Max nodded. “Yeah, I did,” he readily agrees. Glad to see he’s not denying it.

Understanding why I pulled away, he moves closer. “Do you want me to lie? I was a jerk,” and he won’t get a complain from me. Bringing an arm over, it settles on my stomach and he squeezes my side tenderly. “I don’t think bad of you, when I said those things, I was teasing.”

“I never slept with him,” I confess.

“And apparently I’m an idiot too. I am sorry Liz,” he leans over and kisses me. “Forgive me?” He sticks his bottom lip out and pouts and I roll my eyes. I really am over all of that, it was just something that I wanted to clear up.

“I guess I could,” I answer mysteriously.

He rolls on top of me. “I’ll make it worth your while,” he bribes with a sexy smirk.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I giggle. “Promise?”

Max grins in answer and captures my mouth in searing kiss.
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Eve: It's part of the reason why I hadn't posted another part to ATWTHB (I mean chapter 17). Wait! I'm not done! Come back! Please!

MsBlueIce: Thanks. I don't remember you ever posting a reply to one of my stories so I'm thrilled that I drew you in. I'm glad that you're enjoying it.

LegalAlien: Again, another 'newbie' to my fb! I still have the rest to post and thanks for the words of encouragement!

LinLiz68: It was too long (40 something pages) to post the entire thing. I kind of just picked a day to end with, and that happened to be it...but I'm back now with the rest.

~*Sonia E.*~: I have not seen you on the board in ages. I'm glad that you're still reading my stuff! Thanks!

Eden: No, that was just the first half. I liked the idea of Maria and Kyle too, especially under those circumstances. I want to write a story that involves them as a couple in that situation. I predict funny situations.

Again, thanks for the feed back guys! Also, I am going to go back and edit the first half. I hadn't realized that I had so many mistakes, plus, I forgot to mention that all the parts in italic are Liz's journal entries.

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this!

June 6, 2005

And make it worth while he did...over and over and over again. Max is an amazing lover, I think we compliment each other handsomely.

The most amazing part is the act that no matter how many time we had sex (which was aaa llloootttt), I got butterflies every single time. Is that normal? I mean I’ve never had them before during sex, but do other people? Or am I just over analyzing things again?

So, I missed a day of writing, but well we haven’t really gotten out of bed. We order room service whenever we’re hungry and it works because we haven’t had to put our clothes on yet. Today though...since we first came together, this will be the first time we emerge from the room and I’m a little nervous. I mean are we going to announce her new found status to the world or is Max going to act as if nothing ever took place between us?

Speaking of that, are we anything? See! That’s why we should have talked! But I don’t want to talk. I’m happy with the way things are going right now and I’m afraid that if we talk, things might be ruined. I finish picking up my room and erasing all evidence that I’ve been with Max for the past 36 hours.

Putting down my pen, I close my journal when I hear a knock on the door. I open it to reveal Isabel looking at me expectantly. “Isabel, hi.” I’m kind of relieved that Max left for his room. I hadn’t even thought about what we would say to Michael and Isabel and the others. I wonder how they would react?

“So, you’ve been MIA,” she says. “Are you all right?”

Subconsciously, a picture of Max filters through my mind and I feel a smile tugging at my lips. “Never better. So, what are you doing here? Not that I enjoy your company or anything, but you’ve spent most of your time with your husband so far. It’s a little weird to see you separated.”

Isabel shrugs. “He and Max decided to head to dinner together,” she replies with a shrug. “I thought you could be my escort?”

“I’d love to. Just let me fix myself and I’ll be ready to go.” I don’t bother putting on a ton of make up seeing as Max has already seen what I look like without it and in the morning. Besides, I don’t want it to seem like I spent a large amount of time to dress up so I could impress him...unless, should I do that?

I’m a little shocked to hear that Max left without, okay...not shocked, but kind of put off. I mean after what we shared...I was kind of hoping that we would have an early night, but since he left...I doubt that we’ll have a chance to make plans. What with the fact that those two silicon filled, bleached blonde hookers around. I doubt I’ll have a chance to get a word in. I’m not meaning to sound like the jealous girlfriend here, but I feel like branding Max as mine.

On second thought, maybe I should dress up a little nicer. I walk to my suitcase and pill out a black dress. It goes to my knees, it’s one of those dresses that wraps...okay, so not a good description. It goes low, so plenty of cleavage is bared...or would the proper word be bored...or bore? Anyway, hotness would be entailed. After adding a light shade of lipstick and a few sprays of my perfume, I’m ready to go. I meet Isabel and almost smile at the double take she gives me. “Uh...”

“Ready?” I ask, effectively cutting off anything she might have added.

When we arrive at the dining hall, Max doesn’t say anything to me, but his heated look says more then any words could. During dinner, Max’s free hand is caressing my own. Surprisingly I’m tame and polite to Max’s fan must be a reaction to his touch.

“Well, I think the dance floor is calling us,” Michael excuses as a familiar song begins...his and Isabel’s wedding song. They set off a trend, Jenny and Shawn make their way to join the other couples and two gentlemen from various tables ask the sorority sisters for a dance....leaving Max and I alone at the table.

“Did I tell you that you look breath taking tonight?” Sparing him a glance, I shake my head.

“This is the first time you’ve spoken to me since we’ve left my cabin,” I point out, none too nicely.

Moving closer to me, he leans his head over. “Shame one me,” he whispers before placing a kiss on my exposed shoulder.

“Max!” I look out to the sea of dancing couples, focusing on Michael and Isabel. Thank goodness they’re too wrapped up in each other to notice us. Eventually, he follows my line of sight. “They’re nauseating.”

“That’s nice,” Max smirks in sarcasm.

“I’m allowed to wallow in my self pity,” I return, and he knows what I’m referring to. “All of my friends are married and it’s unfair.”

“How about being happy for your best friends and their happiness?”

I decide to ignore the remark. With my eyes still on Michael and Isabel, I ask Max a question that I’ve often wondered about. “Do you think that if there was another one of you...a girl, that you would have gotten together with her?” Isabel and Michael had dated other people before they got together, I just find it interesting that they migrated back to one another. I mean I know they have the memories of being super close, but I wonder if it was partly because of their alien status.

“I don’t know,” he replies in wonderment. It’s obviously a question he’s considered before.

“Do you ever feel lonely?” Even though the three of them have us and each other to lean on, it isn’t quite the same for Max.

Smiling light heartedly, something I know is his way of dismissing the unpleasant thoughts, he shrugs. “I have a feeling I won’t be from now on.” He stand up and extends his hand to me. “Dance with me?”

“I’d love to." I can’t explain it, but just...I can’t stand not to be touching him. Even this afternoon and dinner seemed to go on like an eternity. Our dance ended way too soon for me. Gabby had interrupted, asking Max to dance with her then. I spent the rest of the evening watching Max play polite with his adoring fans. When I leave, it’s with Isabel.

“So, Michael and Max are going to do the whole macho man thing,” Isabel says are we head out to the halls leading to the rooms. “So, how about we do the famile bonding thing?”

What an offer. “Thanks,” I quip. “So, the husband’s gone and I’m the runner up.”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” she rushes to reply.

“I know, I was just talking to hear my voice,” I smile warmly. “I don’t blame you one bit.”

“So, the bonding....yay...nay?”

Well, I know that Max is with Michael, but I was kind of hoping to see him tonight. If I go out with Isabel, not that’s really like out ‘out’, I still don’t want to miss my chance to see him. “You know, I’m kind of tired,” I bull shit. Am I pathetic for making such excuses? “How about tomorrow? We can meet up at breakfast and spend the entire morning together?”

My friend nods. “Sure. I’ve been kind of tired myself.”

I narrow my eyes at her. Isabel, Max and Michael have never been ones to get sick. “Are you feeling okay?”

Isabel pauses for a moment. “Yeah. Weird, I know...then again, Michael and I have been busy.”

“Yeah...uh, over share there Isabel.” We continue walking to our cabins. “Seriously, you’re okay?”

“I’ll be fine.” Even without looking at me, she can see my stern look her way. "If it persists, I’ll have my brother scan me.” It does little appease me, but there’s nothing that can be done at this moment. “I promise.”


“Hey,” I greet as I open my door.

Max walks in and I shut the door. “I was with Michael,” he informs me.

“Yeah,” I nod. “Isabel told me.” We look at each other for a moment.

Max runs a hand through his dark hair. “I’m disowning him tomorrow!”

I jump into his arms and wrap my legs around his waist. Instead of taking me to the bed, he braces me against the door. I latch onto him as he positions us, unzipping his fly and making sure there’s no barrier (ie: underwear) to stop our coupling. He positions himself at my entrance and slides home. We wait for a moment, savoring the feel of him inside me. I look deep in his eyes as I lift up and slide back down. My stomach flutters when he closes his eyes and groans. “Look at me,” I order softly. He opens his eyes and does as I say. I left up again before coming down, this time harder. “You like this?”

“Oh yeah,” his head moves down to my chest and he begins sucking my skin.

I continue my movements, deliberate and teasing. “I used to wonder what the sweetest sound in the world was, it’s you coming to completion in my arms.” I quicken my pace. “God, you feel so good! I love feeling you inside me....going as deep as you possibly can. Ugh,” I pant. “The way I fit around you as you slide easily in my pussy.” My words seemed to have snapped something in him because he’s no longer docile. He pushes me harder against the door.

“How do you think I feel? The feel of your tight walls gripping me.” He slips out and pounds back in. “Fuck Liz! You feel so fucking good.” I smile inwardly, to get Max so worked up that he curses.

“I know,” I moan. We both begin to move, meeting thrust for thrust. I lean up and push harder against him, trying to get him in as deep as I can. I grasp his hair and pull his mouth to mine. We continue to gyrate against each other. “I think I’m close...unh...we are really good at this.”

Max pants. “I wish we’d done this...mmmm.....sooner. Fuck, you’re wet. I love it when you come for me...on me.” His words make me even more aroused and I cum, the action causes him to quicken his pace and before I know we’re full on screwing. There’s no tenderness in it, just an animal lust for satisfaction and completeness.

“Max! I’m...ugh...oh god...oooh!” My orgasm washes over me. I tighten my hold on him and move faster. “So good.” Moments later, his orgasm reaches him and hurries to pull out before finishing. He moans in to my mouth. After, we’re still wrapped around each other. “That was intense.” He puts me down and we fix ourselves up. Max hasn’t moved since cleaning himself. I smile at him comfortingly. “Hey, you okay?” With my head fitted under his chin, I feel him nod...somewhat absentmindedly.

“I’m just tired.”

I smile cheekily and pull away. “Well, I have a bed right here, I think it’s calling our names.” I hold out my hand for him to move to the bed. When he doesn’t move immediately, I start to worry. “Hey,” I cup his head in my hands and search his face.

He shakes his head as if to clear to his thoughts. “Sorry,” he apologizes as he lets me lead him to the bed.

June 7, 2005

After emerging from the bathroom and my shower, I look to the bed. Max is still claimed by sleep, I find myself stopping to look at him. It isn’t the most exciting thing I could be looking at, but he has me entranced. He really is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen and I’m excited that he’s in my bed.

I start moving around the room to get dressed. “Hey,” he says, his voice still full of sleepiness.

“Hey, go back to bed,” I say softly.

He looks at me, dressed and almost ready. “Where are you going?”

“Isabel and I have a date,” I answer simply.

“I was uh...kind of hoping that we could talk...about things?”

Well, I don’t think I should be with Isabel too awful long. She tends to miss Michael easily. “Uh, how about this afternoon. We can meet back here...”


My morning with Izzy was pretty laid back. Isabel and I laid out on the deck and just talked....talked about anything and everything. Of course, I couldn’t get Max out of my mind. His words haunted me and I wondered what he meant by them.

Talk about what?

Personally, I think things are going just perfectly. Why does he want to mess it up with words? Words lead to conversations, and those lead to fights. Not so much fun.

He sounded weird sad in some way...

Oh god.

What if he ends things with me? What am I going to do then? My heart starts pounding...not in a good the anticipation of it.

He’s going to break it off with me...I know it. He had that...look. I mean I’ve seen it plenty of times, but never before has it hurt. I mean this time it hasn’t even happened yet, but just the prospect.

June 8, 2005


“Writing away in your journal again huh?” Max asks.

I jump up and close my journal. I hadn’t even heard him come in. I smile nervously. “Hey...what’s going on?” I don’t bother to do the pleasantry thing, I have no patience for pretending to be stupid.

Uncomfortably, Max sits beside me. “I think we should slow down,” he breathes out. Apparently he doesn’t believe in pleasantries either.

Slow down?


Does this mean we go back to being how we were before?

“Slow down? I thought things were pretty okay Max. Where does this come from?” Seriously, he was fine last night.

“They were,” he acknowledges.

“Were? As in not anymore,” I answer in a dull voice. “What happened? Where did this come from?”

“Last night we completely lost our heads,” he answers frankly.

Yes, I remember. I was there and enjoying it. It was the first time I’ve ever had skin on skin. Yeah, we let things get a little out of hand, but Max was able to make sure that nothing happened. I don’t understand why that means we have to slow down.

“I don’t like that feeling,” he says as though he can read my mind and questions. “I like to be in charge. When we’re together we’re like these...”

Pulling a group of non-existent stray hairs, I place them behind my ear. “I didn’t think...Max, we’re great together, we’re passionate and fiery and...I don’t see what the problem is.” I really don’t. I know that it’s a little complicated, but I also know that I’ve never been happier when I’m in his arms.

“We didn’t even use protection! I’ve never been that out of control! You may be used to that, but I’m not!”

Excuse me?!

“What is that supposed to mean? Used to what exactly?”

He pauses as though he’s realized what he just said. “Liz-”

“Used to the sex or the no protection part?” I cut him off. “You want to slow down? Fine.” I stand up. “I believe you know where the door is,” I say frostily as I head to the bathroom.


That was yesterday. I spent the last day of my vacation wholed up in my room and away from Max. My ego was bruised, my heart broken. I liked the idea of us. I loved the fact that I could make he was. He was out of control and uninhibited and it was an amazing transformation.

In all naivete, I actually thought that we would work out. I mean we fit perfectly together. The way my body curved against his and when we were together, it was like we were made to fit together. I miss him, I know it’s feel this way. I didn’t actually think I would get so attached to him. Plus, I know that we aren’t like...never going to see each other, but I still feel like I’ve lost something. I know he didn’t full out end it, but I can’t get over my feelings of it. I also know that he felt bad about his decisions, but I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to feel bad for him. It was his decision after all. He made the decision to slow things down on his own, he could deal with the fall out on his own.

Okay, so it wasn’t my best decision, but I was/am hurt. I’ve never been good with the whole relationship thing, I’ve never had a relationship that was longer then six months. I was kind of hoping that this whole thing with Max would have gone a little different....a little better. I always thought it was neat the way my friends ended up getting together. I mean through they years they dated each other, which was natural. How cool was it that they all married in the group? Alex and Tess, Maria and Kyle and then Michael and Isabel. Of course Max married someone else, and obviously it’s easy to see that marrying outside the group didn’t work out for the best for him. My naivete set in again, I allowed myself to actually fantasize what it would be like if Max and I had gotten together. I feel embarrassed that I let my guard down. I let myself get carried away so badly....especially in front of Max.

It hurts that her rejected me...I mean he did in a way.

And jeez, the flight home...that was a whole hoot and a half. I thought I had experienced uncomfortable before, but it was nothing compared to the those hours on the plane. The entire flight he tried talking to me, it was hard ignoring him. All I wanted to do was slip in his arms and just let the world pass us by. He tried to apologize about his last words, but whenever he mentioned it, my mind would flash back to when he said it and my...anger kicked it. It just reiterates my thought of how he felt about, what he thought about me. He said that he didn’t think that about me, but then why did he say it? I think that is the thing that hurts the most. I’, not a whore. Yes, I’ve had sex, but feeling were always a part of least from my end of things.

When I finish my writing, there’s a knock on my front door. Again, my intuition kicks in and I know it’s Max. Aside from that, I should have known that he wouldn’t leave things the way they are. “Hey,” I greet uncomfortably.

Max offers a quick smile. “How are you doing?” I don’t bother ignoring the double meaning of his inquiry.

I shrug. “Wanna come in?” After he comes in, we sit on the couch in a long, slanted silence. “So...are you glad to be home?” Okay, I had to say something, I’m not liking this quietness.

“Yeah, I was starting to muss my bed.” He takes my hand in his own, much larger ones. “Liz, I really am sorry. I never meant to hurt your feelings.”

“Well, you did.” He pulls back. “As much as it hurts me that you pulled away, what really kills me is the way you basically called me a slut.” He opens his mouth to deny my accusation, but stops short at my murderous glare. “I’m not a whore Max!”

“I know.”

“Do you?” Because it doesn’t seem like he does!

“That wasn’t what I was trying to say when I said that,” he tries again.

I raise my eyebrows. “Well then, what the hell were you trying to say?”

“You drive me crazy Liz,” Max confronts, meeting my eyes unflinchingly. “When I’m with you, I want to forget everything and just be, but it’s something I can’t afford to do. I wasn’t angry at you that day, I was pissed at myself for getting so out of control. No one has ever effected me the way you do. That entire cruise felt like a dream.”

“The why did you want to wake up?” Why not keep dreaming if it’s nicer?

“Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m not like other guys.” He touches my arm and a faint glow emanates from his fingers. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to...being with you it’s the most amazing encounter. I want nothing more then to get myself lost in you. That you know how much I wanted to cum in you? It’s a slap in the face when I actually regain my senses and realize exactly how different we are.”

“I feel like you rejected me...I mean I’m a sexual person and you rejecting that means you were rejecting me.”

“No I wasn’t,” he replies. “I wanted to slow down, not screech to halt,” he reminds me. “I know this will sound really weird, but even though I’m a divorcee, no ones ever been able to make me feel the things you do.”

I smile tenderly. “I know exactly what you mean.” Subconsciously, we move in closer together and exchange a soothing kiss.

“Are we okay?” Max ventures after a few minutes of silence. I’m now reclining against him, my head is tucked under his chin. At his question, I look up and place a serene kiss on his mouth before nodding.


“Good. I don’t want to mess this up Liz,” he admits. “I’m kind of crushing on you.”

“Oh yeah? I think that by judging our previous dating track records that we have a lot to learn about all this...” I lace our fingers together. “But we can learn together.”

We exchange another kiss, one full of promise and anticipation at what lays before us. I have no idea how things will work out between us, I have no idea how we’re going to adjust now that we’re back in the real world, but I want to find out. All I know is that Max makes me happy and we both deserve to see where this thing leads us.

The End
Walter: "I used this to extract information from a corpse once. You can do that if they've been dead up to six hours."
Peter: "Yeah, cause after six hours they're REALLY dead."