When Destiny Changes Everything(AU M/L ADULT)END 11-3-05

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Hey guys! Ok well this is it...I just want to say thank-you to everyone who gave this a fic a chance and for all who took your time to leave me feedback, it's greatly appreciated. As for a Sequel...I've decided to do one, but it won't be out any time soon, things are just hectic in real life, and I'm not sure. But anyways I hope you enjoy this.

I just want to give a big thanks to my beta Emma . Thank-you so much! Your the best!!

Chapter 19

It had been a 2 years. 2 years since Liz had met her brother, 2 years since Max and Liz made love. 2 years since Michael moved to tree hill, and most importantly it had been 2 years since Max and Liz had officially chosen to be together.

As hard as it was not being able to see each other as often as they liked, they remained together, with a love stronger than they had ever imagined.

It was spring break and Maria, and Max convinced their parents to let them come down to Tree Hill. It had been a long 3 months, every minute they were itching to see their partners, and dreaming of the day where they could be in each others arms again. The moment was finally about to come, and they could feel nothing less than ecstatic about it.

3 months might not have seemed like a long time, but truth was a lot changed in just a course of those months. Liz and Lucas remained as close as they always were, despite their feelings. Max and Liz would talk every day, each day their feelings for each other growing more than it was the day before. Things were going great for the two of them, but the real happy news came from Michael.

Once Liz's parents returned home, Liz didn't want to hide her brother from them. She explained to them, the non-alien version of course, how her and Michael were split apart, and how he's been looking for her for a while, and he finally found her. The Parkers instantly fell in love with Michael. They saw a troubled young boy, who just needed someone to love him, a family where he belonged. They knew they could give that to him, and on January 22, Michael Guerin officially became Michael Parker, second adoptive child to the Parker family.

But of course this was Tree Hill, and there was more news. It was probably the most shocking news yet. Hayley James was now, Mrs. Nathan Scott. Yep that's right, the two had tied the knot and were truly in love. It was surprising, but it was absolutely adorable.

Running around her house like a complete maniac, Liz searched for her favorite pair of jeans.

“MICHAEL!” Liz screamed out in the direction of her brother's room.

“What!” Michael was indulged in hockey, binging on popcorn, when he was rudely interrupted by his sisters piercing scream. Liz barged into his room and scratched her head.

“Do you know where my jeans are, you know the really expensive ones from that Armani Exchange store I took you to that day?” Liz asked looking around his room.

“No, why would I know. And why are you looking in my room, they are not going to be inn here.” Michael had a mouthful of popcorn in his mouth and you could barley make out what he was saying. Liz faced him, cocked her head to the side, and placed one hand on her hips; while the other one held out the exact jeans she was looking for.

“Oh really, then why did I just find them in here?” She questioned.

“Stop bothering me, go back to your room, god can't even watch hockey in peace any more.” He groaned. Liz rolled her eyes and walked out of his room, continuing to get ready.

An hour later the doorbell rang and Liz raced to answer it. On the other side revealed her boyfriend and brother's girlfriend. Liz shrieked with happiness and leapt into his arms, which quickly wrapped around her and held onto her tight. He swung her around before giving her a big, passionate kiss.

“That's my sister dude.” Michael groaned disgustingly at the affection his best friend shared with his sister. Obviously they didn't hear him though because they didn't cease their movements, but, it didn't seem to bother him since he was distracted by a certain blonde haired pixie standing behind the couple. She was smiling wide at him and he walked over to her and picked her up and gave her a passionate kiss as well.

“Eww.” Liz teased once her and Max split apart. Maria and Michael pushed away from each other and smiled. The two girls greeted each other with hugs, while the guys did one of those manly hugs. The rest of the night went by fast as they talked about the past 4 months.


Max and Liz now lay silently in each other's arms on her bed. They had spent the entire night making love, making up for the last 4 months. Unexpectedly, Max blurted out the words Liz had been waiting to hear.

“I love you Liz.” He whispered into her ear. After that, their love was permanent, and nothing was going to split them apart.

Liz smiled to her self as she played the memories she had with the love of her life in her mind. She was sitting on the big red folding chairs, next to her brother, two best friends, and everyone else in her graduating class.

She couldn't believe she was actually graduating today, it was just so surreal, everything had just gone by so fast and now here she was, graduating. She looked back and looked into the eyes of the person who managed to steal her heart. He graduated a week earlier, so he flew down, along with everyone else, to watch Michael and Liz graduate. She gave him a quick smile before turning her attention back to the stage.

Liz turned to her right and smiled at her brother before turning to her left to stare at her two best friends. They were what gave meaning to her life, the people who were with her through everything, and meant the world to her. She knew that this was going to be an end to one chapter of her life and a beginning to another chapter, but no matter what was to come for her, she would take it on because she knew that they would always be by her side.

Once their row was being called Liz felt her heart race faster as she got up to walk towards the stage to get her diploma. 'This is it,' she thought to herself as she took in a big breath and followed behind Michael to the direction of the stage. She smiled brightly at her teachers and principal, and gave Whitey a big hug as she passed him. She walked off the stage, and that's that.

“Congratulations to the class of 2002!” The principal announced into the microphone and her fellow classmates cheered as they threw their hats up in the air. Hayley grabbed Liz into a huge hug. “WE DID IT!!! WE'RE GRADUATED!!” She screamed with joy. After a few more hugs from Lucas and her parents, Liz felt familiar hands wrap around her waist.

“Congratulations beautiful.” Max whispered into her ear. Liz leaned into his chest loving the feeling of being in his arms. “Thank-you” Liz said turning around to face him leaning in to give him a kiss.

“Pictures!! Pictures!!” Karen screamed clutching onto her camera, tears spilling down her face. She took singles of Lucas, and then of the three of them, and then everyone together.

Standing in her boyfriend's arms, Liz took in the surroundings around her. In one corner stood her parents talking with Karen, most probably about how fast their children grew up. Then there was Michael, and Maria, she couldn't have pictured a better girl for her brother, they were just so in love. Then there was Hayley, who was wrapped up in her husbands arms, they really were perfect for each other, through everything they went through, it was amazing to see them come out so happy.

Finally she locked eyes with Lucas, she gave him a big smile, which he replied with a wink. He truly was an amazing person, and Brooke Davis was one lucky girl. That's right, Lucas and Brooke. It was no surprise, it was bound to happen, she made him happy and that's all that mattered. Plus, if she ever hurt him, Liz could just use her powers on her.

Liz's powers progressed a lot ever since her incident with Khivar. Michael said that it was necessary for her to use her powers more often, in case she had another experience. So far, nothing happened, and she wasn't complaining.

“Hey, I wanna show you something.” Max whispered to her, pulling her away from the others. Liz eyed him suspiciously, wondering what he had up his sleeves. Once they go into his car Max put a blindfold on her.

“Max.” Liz whined, she hated surprises, ok so she loved them, but she hated the suspense.

“Lizzz.” Max teased back. Liz fumed and sat back against the seat crossing her arms against her chest.

“Just stick tight, I know you'll love it.” Max assured. They drove in silence, except for Liz's “come on tell me's” here and there. Once they came to a stop Max helped Liz out of the car and lead her in the direction where his surprise waited.

“Ok, take it off.” Liz complied and gasped as she took a look around her. They were in her room, but instead of finding it like she had left it, there were roses and candles all over the place. Liz turned to Max with tears in her eyes.

“What..?” She couldn't get it out, he was just amazing.

“This is where everything happened with us, it's a moment I will cherish forever.” Liz chocked back a sob and reached out to touch his cheek. “Max...” She started when she caught sight of a black box sitting on her table. She looked at him and he smirked. She walked over to the table, picking up the box and opening it. There she found a gorgeous princess cut diamond ring, on a white gold band. She gasped, turning back to Max, who was now bended on one knee.

“You're the love of my life, in both lifetimes. Whenever I look at you, I feel like I belong. Looking into your eyes, I just feel so much love, and feel things I never even imagined feeling. Your my heart and soul, and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. So will you, Elizabeth Parker, marry me?” A rush of tears rushed down Liz's face as she felt an enormous amount of happiness soar through her body. She jumped into his arms.

“I wouldn't want anyone else.” Liz promised, giving him long, passionate kiss.

“That's good to hear, because that ring isn't refundable.”

The End