Little Lola (AA, Z/L/M, adult/mature, AU) [COMPLETE]

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Little Lola (AA, Z/L/M, adult/mature, AU) [COMPLETE]

Post by believer_evans » Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:29 pm


ANd bringing this by, a fab banner by Onarek!!! thank you

Hi I'm just stopping by and reposting this fic. It's a but old but it's been calling me all day telling me to repost lol.
I just wanted to post it again because all the crashes here have lost the links to it.
SO I hope no one minds. ANd now it can actually have a bannerm hopefully hehe
Well here we go again...

Title: Little Lola
Arthur: Lupe aka DreamBeliever, Believer_Evavs
Category: Z/ L/M, AU
Rating: Mature, Adult, do I really have to keep adding this in all my fics? LOL
Summary: L does not stand for Liz, but for Lola. This fic is definitely AU. Takes place in a high school. Max and Zan are twin brothers after one thing…little Lola
Distribution: Just ask first
Feed Back highly recommended!!!!!!! Please

Whatever Lola wants
Lola gets
And little man, little Lola wants you

Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard that damn song? Too many. Everyone thinks they’re being original when they come up and sing it to me, but it’s just annoying. Really annoying.
My name is Lola Diaz. I’m 17 and as bitter and cynical as any old woman. I turn 18 in two months so I can officially be a bitter woman. It took talent to be this cynical. I mean real talent. Well whatever. I am basically what some of you might call a “loner” meaning I don’t socialize much. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t find any need in going out with people I don’t really like and pretend to be having fun..

So I’m sitting here in my usual corner away from everyone else, it’s not like I don’t have friends, I do really. My best friend, Delaney, or Dee, she’s my home girl. But she’s got other friends too. My other friend, Miguel, he’s the bomb. He plays the guitar. He does these awesome solos. See I have friends.

Well as I was saying. Here I am in my private place, twirling my jet black hair with my finger. My royal blue streaks are the best. I just had to get them. And the added shock by my parents was just a little extra. I love freaking them out. Well I’m writing in my notebook, mostly my melodramatic poetry, and who should I see coming my way, but Zan. Zan Evans, the resident ‘bad boy’ here. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women, him and his twin brother Max. Yes there are two of them. I do admit they are a little on the sizzling side, but a major pain in the ass for me. Zan has spiky hair with streaks like mine. Some tats from what I’ve seen and major piercings. I’ve got a few of my own. From tongue to belly button. I even got a tat of a butterfly on my back. Max is a total opposite. He’s a jock. I just hate jocks. He’s got the whole “In” look. Kakis and some preppy shirts. As different as they both look, they are so the same. They remind me of lions. They hunt in packs and circle the unsuspecting lioness. Once they get what they want they leave. Oh great here he comes.

“Yo princess, what you doin’?” Shit he’s sitting next to me.

“Trying to be alone.” Take the hint, please take the hint.

“I’ll be alone wit you then. What you writing?” He takes my note book out of my hands and starts to read it.

“Give it back Zan. Stop, don’t read it.” I try to snatch it back but he pulls it away.

“I didn’t know you was a poet princess. This is good.” He gives me his trademark half grin and hands it back. I try to ignore those flutters in my stomach when I touch his hand. You hate him, you hate him.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Zan.” Ha take that.

“Really like what?” He leans in closer. His breath is on my neck. Damn him.

“Lots.” I stick my tongue out at him and get up. No way I was going to stay there and continue that conversation. I’d been down that road before. It only led to frustration and major aching between my legs.

“That’s cold girl. Why you gonna just walk away like that. I’m just trying to talk to you.” He gets up and follows me. Fuck just leave me alone.

“Talking is not one of your strong points Zan. I’ve seen you.”

“Well I would do other things but you’d only make my balls hurt again.” “True that. Once he tried to kiss me and I kneed him.

“Well you deserved it you walking hard on.” Oh shit just what I need. Here comes Max.

“Little Lola, you turning my bro down again? Don’t you know we’re a joint package.” Now I have one on each side of me. I swear they have some kind of powers that they can telepathically contact each other with.

“Oh lucky me. I got two dicks after me.”

“Don’t say you don’t like it. I know you do.” They both lean in and smell me. Why do they always do that?

“Oh look.” The idiots turn around and I make my escape. I turn to find them looking around for me. It’s classic. Yeah there’s Dee and Miguel. “Hey guys.” Miguel is at it with his guitar, a little audience surrounding him.


“Lola, what are you doing here among the living?” He stops playing and puts his guitar down. Dee comes up and hugs me.

“Had to run away from the Evans twins. I swear they have this thing on me. I can’t get away from them.” They both laugh.

“Well it’s great to have you here with us. Oh no there they are.” I turn to see them almost hunting down this bimbo cheerleader. They go up from behind and trap her. She looks at them like a doe. Helpless to their skill. They circle her and whisper into her ear. And she nods. Another one bites the dust. They both put an arm around her and turn to me. Shit are they trying to make me jealous? They turn the corner and disappear.

“Earth to Lola? Hello are you listening?” Dee is waving her arms in front of me trying to pull me out of my thoughts.

“Um…what?” I can tell I look so stupid.

“The bell rang. Come on let’s go to class.” Damn I have English next. And guess who else has that class? You got it, the dick twins. Me and Dee walk in. Unfortunately we sit in alphabetical order and Dee’s last name is Ramos. I take my seat and pull my book out. Good Zan and Max aren’t here. I guess they’re feeding. Ten minutes into class they walk in . Damn.

“Hey princess.”
“Hi baby.” Shit. Zan sits behind me and Max sits next to me on my left.

“Where’s miss Meza?” The teacher looks up at her empty seat.

“Recovering.” They answer together, both with a grin on their face. Max turns to me and blows a kiss at me, licking his fingers. I can feel one of Zan’s fingers tracing circles on my back. Shit control yourself girl.

“Can you read next Ms. Diaz?” Damn I have to read. “Sure Ms.”

“Double, double toil and trouble fire burn and caldron bubble…”
I really love Macbeth. It’s so full of evil.

“…double, double toil and trouble…” My voice cracks as Max’s hand lands on my leg, Zan’s still on my back. I feel his hand roaming up to my thigh.

“….fire burn….and…um…fire burn…” Shit I can’t read.

“That’s enough Ms. Diaz.” The teacher cuts me off and picks someone else to read. I slap Max’s roaming hand away and turn to Zan.

“Keep your paws off me.”

“It ain’t my fault. My hand has a mind of it’s own.”
“Fire burns….double trouble.” Max leans in and whispers into my ear. Damn how can he make my favorite play into something dirty? He has tainted my play. Great the bell rings. I dash out of the class, I don’t even wait for Dee. I just have to get away from those two. I jet down the hall and run into Karla, Karl Meza, their latest prey. She looks so dazed and lost.

“You ok?” I have to ask I nearly knocked her down.

“Yeah I’m fine.” She’s all sweaty and keeps walking. They weren’t kidding.


The rest of the day is a slow blur. I can’t stand school. I run home change into my work clothes and head over. I work in this paranormal gift store. The owner is this paranoid old lady. She’s all into ghosts, demons, and even aliens. Can you believe that? The Lost World is the name of the store. I love working here. She has these awesome dark lights. When I applied to work she told me I had something different about me. She never told me what though. Ok so yeah there’s hardly any business but it stays open. There are some regulars, Dee being one of them. She’s a total Wicca fanatic. Damn I just got this major chill.

I turn around at the door. Somebody walked in because it’s swinging. But I don’t see anybody. I pop my Linkin Park CD into the stereo and pump it up. I swear I can feel somebody watching me, but yet I don’t see anybody. I check the aisles and put things in their place. “With you” comes on and I just can’t help grooving. That’s my fave song on the CD.

Then I feel it. I can feel these hands on me. It’s like their reaching inside of me and touching my soul. My body can’t move as the hands continue to reach within me. I feel my senses running wild. I can’t help the moans that escape my throat as the onslaught continues. I try to turn around to see what is causing me this intense pleasure, but I can’t. Shit this feels so good, but scary. I can feel something happening inside of me opening. It’s like this door to something is trying to be unlocked.

“Child what’s wrong with you?” My boss comes out from the back and just stares at my flustered state. I can finally move and quickly turn around, but there’s nothing there.

“Lola what’s wrong?” I turn to her and just stare back.

“Did…did you see anything?” I turn back around and scan the aisles.

“I just see you. Are you sick?” She comes up to me and touches my forehead.
“You’re burning up. And you’re sweating. I think you should go home.” I touch myself and see that she’s right.

I take my things and head out.

“Lola…be careful. You’re waking up. Take things slow.” I look at her. What the hell is she talking about? I tell her I’m fine and go home. I can’t shake that feeling away. I feel eyes watching me again and speed up my steps. My heart is racing and I’m actually running now. I stop to catch my breath and almost jump out of my skin as I feel a hand on my shoulder.


“Damn Lola why are you running?” I turn to find Max behind me.

“What….what do you want Max? You scared the shit out of me.” He really did scare me.

“Chill, I just saw you and decided to walk with you. Are you ok, you look weird.” He genuinely looks worried. But you can never be too sure with them.

“Yeah I’m fine. What’s up?” See I can be nice. He walks with me to my house. Yes I actually let him see where I live. Ok he doesn’t have to walk me to my door.

“Ok well see ya.” I open my door and walk in.

“Wait aren’t you going to invite me in? I did walk you home, and I’m thirsty.” He looks at me like a little boy. Damn him.

“Sure. Come in.” I step aside and let him in. I can’t believe I’m actually letting him in.

“Nice place. Where’s your room?” Damn straight to the point isn’t he. I point up the stairs to my attic bedroom. “Can I see it?” He tilts his head at me and points to my room.

“Lola quien es? Oh hello who are you?” My mother steps forward to Max. Ah geez here we go.

“Ma, this is Max. Max my mom.”

“Hola, buenas tardes. Que bueno conocerla.” He knows Spanish? Ok this is weird.

“Hola.” I can tell my mom is impressed.

“Ok well do you want to see my room or not?” Did I just say that? By the look on my mom’s face I’m not the only one surprised.

“Sure.” He goes up the steps in front of me.

“What are you doing? You can not have a boy in your room.” Has my mom not learned anything in these 17 years? Once you say I can’t do something, I do it. I walk away from her and go after Max. I find him looking around my room. Yeah I’m a freak. He sees all my space related accessories scattered around.

“Nice. You decorated it yourself?” He can’t keep still. He walks to my desk at my collection of little alien figurines and laughs. “Nice.”

“Yeah don’t judge me. It’s a fetish. I just really love space. Watch this.” I turn on my black light and all my little stars and planet stickers glow. I can see he’s amazed.

“Wow. That’s just…wow.” He walks over to my bed and sits down, looking at the stars on my ceiling. I can’t help but walk over and sit too.

“I love just being in here and looking at my stars. This is like my real home here.” I lay back on my bed and breathe in.

“It’s peaceful here.” Oh god he lays back too. I’m here laying on my bed with Max Evans. Hey it feels kinda good. Really good actually. I can’t believe he’s actually being…well nice. Spoke too soon.

I feel his hands on me. And just like in the shop, I can’t move. My eyes automatically close as the hands roam my body. Shit I knew I shouldn’t have let him in here. My body starts to move as this amazing sensation spreads through my body. I want to open my eyes and look at him but they won’t open. Damn. I feel my soul reaching out for the hands. This is just too weird, but it feels so good.

“Are you ok?” My eyes snap open and look into his. Ok now this is really weird. He wasn’t touching me?

“Um…yeah I’m fine. I think I’m just losing it.” I certainly am.

“Do you want me to leave?” Damn he looks so cute.

“Um, yeah.” Damn. He smiles and gets up. I walk him out and run back to my room. Dee has to know about this. I quickly pick up my phone and dial her up.
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Post by believer_evans » Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:31 pm

“Dee you’ll never guess who was just in my room.”
“Who? “
“As in one half of the lion pack?”
“The one and only.”
“What was he doing in your room?”
“I kinda let him in.” I feel so stupid now.
“You what? Why would you do that? I thought you hated him. Girl I’m confused.”
“Not as much as I am. Girl a lot of weird things have happened to me today.” I tell her all about what happen in the shop and just now in my room. I tell her all about the magic hands, and how Max walked me home.
“Are you serious? Hey maybe you’re being possessed or something. You know like Linda Blair in the exorcist. Want me to come over with my bible?” She’s such a riot.
“No it’s fine. I don’t think it’s that drastic. I’ll just see you in school tomorrow.” I click and head for the shower. Don’t judge me. If you’ve experienced what I did you’d need one too. But not before my mom confronts me.


“Lola what was that boy doing in your room?” She’s giving me her crossed arm stance.
“He just walked me home mom. I just showed him my room and then he left. Nothing happened.” Major lie.
“I don’t like you having boys in your room Lola.”
“It was just one boy and I told you nothing happened. Now let me go I have to take a shower.”
I walk past her and lock the bathroom door behind me. Warm water just won’t cut it. I need some major cold water. I shed my clothing and step under the cool stream. Ooh that’s really cold, but it’s what I need to cool down. I look out my window and swear I just saw these two shadows right outside. I close it and lock it. You never know. I’ve seen some major sick crimes on the news. I pick up the soap and build up a lather. OK, the water is getting warmer. It feels like a warm curtain falling on me. There go those hands again. I think I am being possessed. But damn it feels good. I have to grab on the side bars to keep myself from slipping. Images of Max enter my head as those hands work their magic. I can see him pulling back the curtain and stepping in the shower with me. Damn the boy is built. Then I feel a second pair of hands on me. And my head brings in another member in my fantasy. I see Zan step in behind me and start to kiss the back of my neck. I’m not a slut, really, anyway this is just a fantasy. It feels so real though. I can so feel everything they do to me. Max’s hand sliding up my thigh and cupping my most private of areas. Zan’s hands are busy running over my back easing the tension. Max’s Lips fall on mine in the best kiss of my life. Zan’s hands make their way between my body and Max’s and cup my breasts, little as they are. Shit. I can’t hold back the moans that they cause me to make.

“Lola are you ok in there.” My mom snaps me out of the fantasy and I open my eyes through the steam. Was I that loud?

“Yeah mom I’m ok. The water just got hot.” Really hot.

“I want to talk to you when you get out.” Damn here comes another lecture.

“Ok mom.” I turn the water off and dry off. It felt so real. I pull on my night wear, a tee and boxers, and wrap my hair with the towel. I take a deep breath and go find my mom. She’s in the kitchen, of course. I take my seat and wait for her to speak.

“Have you been taking your medicine?” She holds up the almost full pill bottle.
“Lola we told you you have to take it everyday. It’s important. You don’t know what could happen.”
“Yeah I might just actually think for myself.” Ok she didn’t find that funny. What I was just trying to make this less boring.
“Lola just take it please.”
“Ok.” I take the bottle and pop a pill. She smiles and walks back into her room. I spit the pill out and go back to my room.


I walk to school with Miguel and Dee like always. They make fun of me saying that my head better not start spinning. They are the best. Then I smell something. Not something rank, something strong. It’s hot and musky, really sexy.

“Do you guys smell that?”

“Smell what?” They both start inhaling in all directions. “I don’t smell anything.”
“Me either.”

“You don’t? It’s so strong.” The look at me weird. Ok maybe I am losing it. I ignore it and walk into school. I see max and Zan. I shake off last night’s fantasy and walk past them. The odor gets stronger. Is it coming from them? I turn and they’re walking right behind us. I speed up my walking.

“Yo Lola slow down.” Dee and Miguel try to keep up but can’t. I turn a corner and keep going. I don’t think I’ll be going to class today. It’s just too weird. I look out and they’re gone. Good, right? My heart is beating out of control. I turn back around and run into Zan.


“Yo that hurt.” He steps back and holds his hand over his chest.

“You scared me.”

“Why are you scared of me princess?” He has these beautiful hazel eyes.

“I’m not…I mean…what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“Shouldn’t you?” Ok he got me there.

“Didn’t feel like going today.”

“Me either.” He’s not stepping down. Hmm, I wonder how that metal would taste. Stop that you horny girl.

I feel the hands again on my back. Damn not now. Zan starts to smile over my shoulder. I turn, amazed that I can, and find Max.

“What the…” Before I can finish he brings his lips down on mine. Oh my god this is actually happening. I can feel Zan pulling my hair away from my neck and kissing me. Oh my god.
Their hands wander all over my body and keep me from falling.

“What…are…you…guys…doing?” I’m surprised I can even speak.

“Shh.” They both say together. What was I arguing about? Ok I always thought that a threesome was something disgusting. I mean, why does somebody need an extra person in the mix? Not now it doesn’t seem that bad. In fact it sounds great.

“We…we…we can’t do this here.”
“You’re right.” They look at each other and then at me. Max waves his hand over my eyes and they close. When I open them again we’re in this cave type place. Ok this just gets better and better.

“Come here.” Zan pulls me to him and kisses me. I reach out to touch him and discover I’m touching his chest. I pull back and he’s completely naked. In all his glory. I am spun around to an equally naked Max.

“How do I know you just won’t get what you want and then leave me like all your other conquests?” What I want to know.

“You’re not a conquest Lola. You’re different. You’re it.” It?

“He means you the one.” Zan comes up behind me and pulls me into him.

“I don’t understand.”

“Let us show you.” They put a hand on either side of my head and close their eyes. I’m bombarded by visions. Visions of me, but I’m younger, somewhere else. I see Zan and Max there too. So many people surround us. It’s like they respect us or something. We’re in a big palace type place. It’s so beautiful.

“Wait what is this? What…what are you guys?” I can’t believe I’m actually forming words after that.

“We’re not of this earth.”
“We ain’t from here exactly.” Ok can they be a little more specific?
“Look I know this is probably news to you. Your parents haven’t even told you the truth yet probably. Look just think things over and we’ll talk later.” Max waves his hands over he and Zan and their clothes reappear. He waves his hand again and we’re back in school.

“Just think things through.” Max smiles and walks away. I have to get home and talk to my mom.
I run home and burst into the living room.


“Lola! What…why aren’t you in school?” My mom looks at me like I’m crazy. She’s in there with these people I’ve never seen before.

“Mom I need to talk to you. It’s important.” She excuses herself and we go up to my room. This is actually the first time I’ve invited her in.

“What is this about?”
“Mom I found something out today. Something really strange. I was told you knew more. What am I mom?” Now she’s majorly freaked. Her eyes are practically popping out of her head.

“Who did you talk to Lola. Who told you this?” Ok she does know something.

“Never mind who told me mom. Just tell me the truth.” I am not going to back down.

“Come with me. I’ll explain downstairs.” We go back down to the unfamiliar faces. “She knows.” All eyes turn to me. OK? Some looked shocked and scared, others glad and bow.

“How did you learn of this?” One of them asks me. I don’t even know what they’re talking about.

“I just want to know what this is about. Can somebody please explain what’s going on with me?” I’m actually yelling.

“She turns 18 in less than two months right?” They all nod at him. “So she’s coming of age already. Has she been taking the pills?”

“No I haven’t. Tell me what’s going on. Why am I having these feelings inside of me. These strong, scary feelings.”

“Relax your majesty.” Your what?
“Lola sit down please.” My mom pulls down beside her. Ok this just gets weirder and weirder.

“I think I know how she found out. We’ve been tracking the other two. We know they’ve been looking for her. Maybe they’ve found her.” Everyone turns and looks at me like I’m supposed to know what they’re saying.

“Lola who was that boy in your room the other day?” Not this again.

“Mom I told you nothing happened.”

“Just tell me.”

“Max. Max Evans.”

“Does he have a brother?” One of them asks.

“Yes. Zan. Why?”

“They are twins?”

“Yes.” They start whispering amongst themselves. “It’s them.”

They keep talking and I make my way out. I can’t stand their mumbling. I’m just walking around my block. Then I’m drawn away from my path. I keep walking until I reach this house. I walk up the steps and ring the doorbell. I have no idea why I’m doing this. The door opens.


“Princess?” Oh my god they live here. “You want in?” He steps aside and I walk in. I follow him inside and he leads me in his room. Two beds, they must share a room. “Yo bro we got company.” I sit on a bed as Zan disappears behind a door. He comes back in with Max, who is wearing just a towel.

“Lola what are you doing here?”

“I’m not sure. Look I need you to fill me in. My mom isn’t helping much and there are some people in my house I’ve never seen before. They seem to know what’s going on but none of them talk to me. And one of them called me ‘your majesty’.” They both look at each other then back at me.

“Can you guys just tell me what’s going on with me?”

“Well you ain’t gonna believe it. We almost didn’t.” Zan took a seat next to me.
“Yeah, do you take pills?” Max sat on the other side of me still in the towel.

“Yeah, why?”

“We used to take pills too. Our parents would always make us take them everyday. They always told us they were vitamins. But then we stopped taking them and we started feeling things.”
“Yeah.” Zan did his classic half grin.
“Strong feeling started to take over.” They both start laughing. I think I know what they’re talking about.
“Yeah really strong feelings.”
“Yeah well, then we feel like we have to find somebody. So we look and look…”
“And look some more.” They both start laughing.

“Ok I get it. Where is this going?” I am getting tired of hearing how much they’ve gotten.

“Ok. Well now I’m guessing you haven’t been taking the pills either right?” I nod. “And you’ve been having these…feelings?” I nod again.

“I feel these hands reaching inside of me and it feels so real.” Max turns to Zan and scowls.

“What I couldn’t help it. I had to find out if she was.” He shrugs and winks at me.

“That was you?” Ok have I mentioned just how weird this all is? Zan nods and dodges a smack from me and Max.

“Sorry, damn. I wanted to see.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Please just tell me what’s going on.” I’m practically on the verge of tears.

“We aliens princess.” What?


“Told ya.”
“We’re aliens. You are an alien. We come from a planet named Antar. We came here when we were too young to remember. We left the planet to escape death. We were part of the royals when there was a revolution. We came here and our parents wanted to protect us so they gave us these drugs to suppress our alien side. But since we haven’t been taking them, our alien side is coming out. Now about these feelings. You are our other half. Since me and Zan are twins, identical twins, we share the same life partner. You’re it.” I feel Zan’s arm wrap around me and Max leans in closer.

“Ok wait. You’re telling me that I’m supposed to be with both of you because we’re aliens?”

“Pretty much.” This is just too much for one day. I jump up and away from them.

“Look it’s been…fun but I need to get out of here.” They look at me with puppy eyes but I make my escape. I can’t go home either. This is too confusing. I need someone to talk to.


“Hey girl. What’s up?” I enter Dee’s home and we go into her room. “What’s wrong girl. You look off.” I go ahead and land on her bed.

“Girl you won’t believe what I’ve been through today.”

“What happened?”

“Do you believe in alien?” Ok I sound stupid.

“Yeah. I mean we can’t be the only ones out there. Why? Are you trying to tell me that you an alien?” She starts to laugh uncontrollably. She finally stops when she sees how serious I am. “You’re not serious? Are you?”

“Girl I’m more confused than you are. All I know is that supposedly we came from this other planet, Antar or something, and we’ve been given pills to keep us from going alien.”

“We? How many of you are there?” Oops.

“Well me, Zan Max, and I don’t know how many more. My mom is one too I guess.”

“Oh my god. This is so an X-Files moment. Lola this isn’t one of your practical jokes is it?

“No. Dee I need your help. I don’t want to go back home right now. There are people there that I’ve never seen before. Zan and Max laid some serious info on me a couple of minutes ago. Our race has a partner that they belong with. But since Max and Zan are identical twins, they each have to share that partner.”

“And you’re it?”


“So you are an alien and you get to have two hott guys? Damn I wish I was an alien.” Ok she’s taking this better than I thought.

“Are you ok with this?” I don’t want to lose my best friend.

“Of course. You still my girl. Nothing will change that. Now come here and give me some alien love.” We hug. Phew, I’m glad this is fine.

“Can I please stay here tonight?”

“Of course you can.”

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Post by believer_evans » Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:34 pm

I wake up in the middle of night by a strong feeling calling me out. I can’t stop it. I get up and walk outside. It’s still very dark and cold outside, but it’s like my body has a mind of its own. My eyes search through the dark for what my body told me was there.

“Princess.” I walk toward the voice to find Zan there.

“Zan what are you doing here?”

“I…um…I, well I needed to see you.” This is so unlike him.

“What do you want Zan?”

“You.” He takes me and kisses me with such a passion he has to catch me. I can’t stop my body from reacting as my arms wrap around him, not wanting to let go. His hands come to my ass and lifts so my legs wrap around his waist. My body presses against a tree as he crushes his lips on my neck. It’s like something primal takes over me. It feels so amazing. But somehow it doesn’t feel complete.

“Ma…Max?” I find myself calling out for him.

“He’s coming. Don’t worry.” How this man can kiss me and find time to talk is unbelievable. Just as he finishes his sentence, I see Max appear behind him.

“Somebody call me?” He grins and winks at me. I reach out for him and he pulls in behind me. He takes the place of the tree I’m being pressed against. I’m sandwiched in between two incredibly hot men. I can’t breathe. My senses are reeling.

“Lola?” Our movements stop and we all turn. Dee is standing there watching from her door. “Um I think we should go inside.” I pull away from Max and Zan, realizing what I’ve been doing out there in the cold night air. They watch me as I enter the house.

“Ok what were you doing?” I walk in ahead of her. I can’t even look at her. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing. “Hello. Are those alien hormones of ours going a-wall?”

“I don’t know what I was doing Dee. It was like something was calling me. Then suddenly I’m outside, and so are Zan and Max.” She gives me this look that says, ‘Sure.’ “I’m serious Dee. It was like I couldn’t stop myself. It was like I was pulled to them. The scary thing is that I liked it.” I can’t believe I‘m saying this. “I really liked it.”

“Lola we have to find a way to get you under control. How about those pills you said you would take? Can’t you take them and get under control again?” Hmm, she was actually making sense.

“I can, but the thing is…I don’t want to stop the feelings, just control them.”


I stumble back into my house. Since last night my strength has been majorly drained. As I expected my mom was waiting for me on the couch. Here it comes. “Lola where were you? Ay mija never do that again. You had me worried sick. Are you ok you don’t look so well.” OK not what I expected.

“I’m ok mom. I stayed over at Dee’s house. I just needed to get away. Sorry for just leaving.” She hugs me and I can feel tears fall on my shoulder. “Are you ok mom?”

“Yes. I was just worried. Listen Lola, now that you know the truth you need to be very careful. You are at the age of maturity. In our real planet you would have been assigned a mate already. Your hormones are already developing. That’s what the pills were for; to keep them suppressed. It isn’t considered right for adolescents to have relations on this planet. We didn’t want to alarm anyone.” Hello are we talking about the same planet here? Teens have been having sex for years. Not that that’s right. “In your case, Lola you have been destined for…two mates, or companions. Max and Zan, as you named them, are identical twins. They share the same essence. Which in return means they also share the same mate.” She looks a bit uneasy now. “I know you’ve been raised as a regular human female, and this might seem awful to you…” Oh mother if you only knew. “..and you might not like it but that’s the way it is.”

“Mom I understand. Really there’s no problem. It’s fine.” Ok maybe that came out a bit too awkward. She’s giving me this weird look.

“You…you haven’t done anything have you Lola?” Damn

“No…I mean, of course not. I have to get things straight before I can do anything mom.”


I’m in school with Dee and Miguel. I can’t afford being alone now. When ever Max or Zan pass by Dee grabs onto my arm making sure I don’t go running to them. I assure her I’m ok, although there were a few times I almost did. It was Zan’s fault. He walked past me and flicked his tongue out at me. Come on there’s only so much an alien girl can take.

So I’m walking to my math class, Calculus. Yes I know isn’t it awful? Well I’m walking and I spot Max. I start to walk up to him when this little hoochie steps up.

“Hey there Max.” I stop dead in my tracks. Max is confused. For the first time in his life he doesn’t know what to do with a girl.

“Um, hi. What do you want?” Priceless.
“I was wondering, maybe we could do something tonight. You know, like last time.” Last time? Max looks over at me. He can tell I’m getting real pissed off.

“Nah. I got plans tonight.”
“Really? With who?” Damn if so much as touches him again I swear I’ll…
“Not you.” He walks past her. I give him a smile. Today is certainly looking up.

“Ms. Diaz would you like to come up and solve this on the board?” Damn he spotted me. Usually I could blend in and he won’t notice me. I guess today isn’t looking up. I go up to the board and stared at the problem. I have no clue where to start. Then it’s like my hand has a mind of its own and it starts to make different markings on the chalk board. I step back not knowing what just happened. “Very good Ms. Diaz.” I look at him, confused. I got it right? I walk back to my desk. How did that happen. I open my notebook and see a note written on one of my Linkin Park pictures. ‘You’re welcome.’-Max.


School’s over. I have to work. I run to work, my boss don’t like it when I’m late. I dash into the store and act like I’ve been there. “You’re late.” Damn she caught me.
“Yes I am. Sorry I had to stay after school for ten minutes. Seems my math teacher was pleased.” He was amazed actually.
“It’s alright. Just don’t make it an everyday thing.” She smiles.
I slip on my ear phones and pump up the volume. I’m sweeping when I look up and see them. Max and Zan.

“Ooh customers.” Mrs. Woods steps forth. “Oh.” She stands there just staring at them in amazement. I look at her then at them.

“Do you know them?” She looks over at me. I simply nod and blush. Why am I blushing? She nods back and goes to the back again. I look back at Max and Zan, who are now just a couple of feet away.

“Hi.” Why am I acting shy?

“Oh thanks for the help today.” I smile at Max.
“No problem.”
“What help?” Zan looks jealous.
“Math help.”
“Oh.” I can tell he’s hurt that Max is moving along in my confidence.
“Come here.” He listens to my command and comes up to me. I bring his lips down to mine and kiss him. A sweet, gentle kiss, but it was still strong.

“Hey what about me? I was the one that helped you.” He looks so cute when he pouts.
“Come here.” He comes and stands next to Zan. He sticks his tongue out at him and we kiss. Gotta love that sibling rivalry. I still can’t believe I’m being so forward. Must be those ‘alien hormones’ like Dee so kindly put it. Still this doesn’t seem like a good place for PDAs. I walk away from the dumbstruck twins and find my boss.

“Um, Mrs. Woods. I need the day off. I’m not feeling too well.” She looks at me. Ok I don’t think she’s buying it.

“You don’t look sick to me. Get back to work. Tell those two to come back later.” She walks away. Damn. I walk back out. Max and Zan are nervously waiting for me.

“Sorry boys no fun today. Gotta work.” They look at me in disbelief. I hate seeing them like that.

“Are you serious?” They speak together. Damn they look so hot.
“Unfortunately yes.” I give them both a peck on the cheek and push them out of the shop. They stand outside for a good three minutes then leave. I get back to my sweeping. Damn I’m tired.


I get home like at 9:30. No time to shower. I’m beat. For some reason I’m so exhausted. I make my way up my steps and stumble into my room. Everything starts to spin. I fall over inches from my bed. Everything is a blur. I call out for my mom, who comes running up to my room. “Lola, Lola are you ok?” I can’t answer. She turns me over. By now I’m covered in sweat and my mom is crying. I can hear the distant sound of knocking. An anxious knocking at my front door. Then crashing and loud footsteps up to my room. I look as Max and Zan make their way into my room. Both sweating and out of breath. Max collapses next to me. “Oh my god.” My mom reaches for him and feels his forehead. “He’s burning up.” She looks up at Zan. He look like he’s about to fall too. She helps him down beside me and Max. “No it’s too soon. She still young.” My mom paces, shaking her head.

“Look if we don’t…” My mom cuts him off and then leaves the room.
“What’s happening?”
“We’re in heat.” I look over at Max. He looks so weak. Zan has managed to stay focused. He anxiously takes off his belt and removes his pants. He sat there only in his boxers. “Help him will ya?” He looks over at Max. I take off his pants. He wears boxer-briefs.
“Now what?” I feel the room spin again. I feel his lips on mine and Max’s hands on my hip.
“We have to…mate.”
“Mate, have sex. You know?” Zan takes his index finger and illustrates what has to be done.
“Yes now. Now!” Max finally gets focused and pulls himself up. They both work at taking off my clothes, which doesn’t take long since I was wearing a skirt. Now we’re all in our underwear.
“Wait…both of you?” They just nod.
“We have to do this now. We’re getting weak. Our bodies need this.”

Max staggers up and helps me and Zan up. They both lay me down on the bed and crawl on with me. Their hazel eyes burn right through me with the lust shining off them. Zan’s hands travel up my legs and Max’s down my face. Both hands stop at my panties and they look into my eyes. I can only nod as they slide them off. Zan reaches back and takes off my bra. I take off both their underwear. Max pulls me on his lap as Zan kisses me. I start to moan and Zan waves his hand over my stereo, turning it on. Max lips leave trails of kisses on my neck, shoulders and back. Zan kisses down my chest. He looks weak again.

“We need to do this…now.” He lays down, covered in sweat. I turn to look at Max. he ushers me on. I position myself over Zan, but don’t move. This is my first time after all. I feel Max’s hand on my abdomen and he slowly lowers me down. I feel Zan’s shaft enter me and warmth spread inside me. Max was making it able to happen without pain as Zan entered me completely. Zan’s eyes flutter open, and he grabs hold of my hips. We build up a rhythm that we can both keep up to. Max’s hand never leaves me. I can feel the rolling pleasure building up and crash into me. They lift me off and lay me down. Zan smiles and kisses me. We both look over at Max, He’s still heated. I pull him down and kiss him. He spreads me legs and enters me in one swift motion. Zan takes my hand and kisses my palm. He slowly takes each finger into his mouth.

Max’s body pushes me down as he pushes himself into me. My whole bed rocks under the assault. Finally we reach our release and he pulls out of me. They laid down on either side of me. Max’s hand rested on my stomach while Zan’s rested on my thigh. I feel so complete. In their arms I feel safe. “My mom!” I sit up and they pull me back down.

“She knows what’s going on. Relax.” I lay back down and close my eyes. I drift off to sleep.


I wake up as the sunlight shines on my face. I try to get up but I can’t. My eyes focus and my memory returns. I turn to my left and see Zan, still sleeping. I turn to my right and meet with Max’s eyes. “Good morning.” He kisses me and I smile.

“I thought it was a dream. I’m glad it wasn’t.”
“So little Lola…” I turn back to Zan. He’s smiling and we kiss. “…Did ya get want you wanted?”

Hehehe, well that's it. Not much but I was really a novice back then. I really consider this a prequel now for Little Lola two. I will repost that one as well, but I will repost in parts in order to allow feedback, cause god knows I thrive on it LOL
Thanks for reading