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Chapter 10

Ed was working through the office, he was sending e-mails while faxing pictures and sorting out his phone call, Tess was curious to know what he was doing but knew better to keep out of it when it came to him, he kept telling her that all she had to do was trust him and he would sort out everything for her.

She only hoped that whatever he was doing was going to make Max admit that he was in love with Tess one way or another.

Tammy was sitting in the living room, watching the cartoons while Max and Liz were in the kitchen.
“So, you’re gonna take her to the park?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“Yeah, I thought it would be nice for Tammy to relax instead of being near the gangs and they demanding answers.” Liz explained and Max nodded before pouting slightly.
“There’s no way you could fit me in the basket could you?” he asked and Liz laughed as she kissed him slightly.
“Sorry, you have work today.” She whispered and Max nodded as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her lovingly, softly.

Liz sighed when she felt him to do this; she loved his kisses and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on as he kissed her into oblivion. She moaned slightly as Max moved her closer to the fridge, he pressed her back against it, holding her close to him.
“I’ll miss you.” He mumbled and Liz smiled against his lips.
“I’ll miss you too.” She whispered and Max smiled as he took her lips in his once more.

Tammy came round and smiled when she saw Max and Liz kissing before sneaking over to the basket, she peered in slightly and smiled brightly when she saw a piece of the chocolate cake, she reached in to take a bit when a voice stopped her. “And what do you think you are doing?” Liz asked; Tammy looked up with an innocent expression.
“Nothing?” she asked as she shoved her hands behind her back, Max and Liz just looked at her with an amused expression and she smiled. “Ready for the park now.” She stated.

Liz laughed as she pulled away from Max and grabbed the basket before kissing Max, gently, on the lips before taking Tammy’s hand.
“See you later Max.” Liz called as she looked over her shoulder and Tammy blew a kiss toward Max before smiling sweetly and walking out, leaving Max standing there, shaking his head at the two girls in his life before returning back to his bag and pulling it over his shoulder as he looked at his watch.

Time for work.

Liz and Tammy made it to the park, Tammy squealed when she saw the slide and ran over toward it, leaving Liz chasing her, she shook her head as Tammy clambered up the ladders and slid her way down the slide, squealing and giggling at the same time as Liz moved over to a patch of grass and laid out the covers, the same covers that Max had taken with them that night they went ‘stargazing’ and found the pods, she smile fondly as the time came back to her before shaking her head and keeping an eye on Tammy as she laid out the food.

“Hey Max, ready for the study session?” Tess asked and Max looked at her.
“Sorry, I thought that was later?” Max asked and Tess nodded as she looked at her watch.
“It’s later.” She stated and he looked at his watch and sighed.
“Sure, let me just call Liz and get my stuff.” Max stated and Tess jumped at the chance of having Max alone.
“Do you really want to disturb her?” Tess asked and Max looked at her. “She is could be really busy.” Tess suggested, Max fought with himself, he knew that Liz really wanted to spend the day with Tammy but he wasn’t safe around with Tess, he made up his mind.
“No, she really wanted to spend the day with my sister.” Max told her. “Let me get my stuff.” He told her and walked over to the Lockers.

Tess smirked to herself as she watched Max go, now this was her chance to get near Max and just prove herself worthy as his girlfriend rather than that mousy girl.

Liz laughed as Tammy stuffed her mouth with the chocolate cake, smearing some around her lips; she picked up the napkin and started to wipe Tammy’s face.
“You are too much like Max.” Liz teased fondly, remembering the time when Max ordered a piece of Men in Blackberry pie, he had scoffed the lot, leaving a rim over his lips, she shook her head to get rid of the memory and focused on Tammy, she could see Max in the girl, they both were the same, but she also could see a hint of Isabel in the girl as well as she had a way of glaring at people, making them regret something they did and the way she ran to Diane for help to save her from the other people, Tammy just looked up at Liz with a sweet smile and Liz felt herself smiling in return.

Tess glowered to herself as she sat down at the booth in the Crashdown, so much for getting Max on himself own.

She had been excited when Max came striding toward her, that she hadn’t taken any notice of where they were going till he opened the door to the Crashdown and that was when she realised that Max wasn’t going to be alone with her, he nodded toward Maria and Michael, who were both working as he led the way over to the booth.

Max sighed with relief as Tess sat on the other side of the booth and he pulled out his homework.
“Right, Chemistry.” Max stated and winced slightly. “We really should wait for Liz for this, she is better at it than us.” Max stated and Tess shook her head with a smile.
“I’m sure we’ll be able to sort out ‘our’ chemistry alone.” Tess stated, suggestively and Max rolled his eyes as Maria came over to take their order, giving Max a break.
Tammy giggled as Liz pushed her on the swing before getting on the other swing herself and they both laughed as they passed each other.

Unknown to them, someone was watching them from the distance.

Max was getting annoyed with Tess partially hanging over his arm, showing her breasts, he rolled his eyes and shook his head slightly, he never did understand why girls thought bigger breasts were better, sure the guys liked to look at them, he heard about it in the lockers, but he also heard that guys prefer breasts that actually fitted in their palms rather being too big, he knew that Liz had reservations about her breasts and he couldn’t understand it, they fitted perfect in his hands whenever he managed to get a feel, he shifted slightly when an memory came to him when he and Liz got a little further and he played with her breasts.

He shook his head and looked at the blonde once more before rolling his eyes.
“Tess.” He stated and she looked up at him with a hopeful look. “Could you please MOVE?” he asked and her eyes opened wider in shock as she moved away from him, Max sighed, as he was able to breath in relief. “Thank you.” He muttered and she glared at him.
“Don’t seem to mind when it’s Liz hanging over your arm or pressing herself against you.” Tess remarked bitterly and Max looked at her with an amused smile.
“She is my girlfriend, beside, I love it when she clings to me.” Max stated with a loving smile as he looked back down at the homework, he was to point out the answer when Tess jumped in again.
“Why can’t you just admit that you love me Max?” Tess asked with an imploring smile and look. “It’s obvious that you love me.” She told him and Max laughed.
“Oh come on Tess, I love Liz, she’s the only one for me.” Max told her and shook his head. “I think you better ask the teacher for another tutor cause you are just wasting mine and Liz’s time.” He told her as he packed his stuff and got up from the booth, shouldering his backpack, Tess hopped up.
“Oh Max, can’t you just stay?” she pleaded before smirking slightly. “I’ll make it worth your while.” She stated and Max rolled his eyes.
“Nope, not interested.” Max stated before moving over to the counter, where Maria was working.
“Hey Max,” Maria greeted, “How is it going with blonde leech?” she asked and Max laughed.
“I just quit, can I have a cherry cola to take away thanks.” He ordered and she nodded.
“Coming right up.” She told him as she went to fill his order.

Tammy ran around the bush, giggling madly as Liz let out a singsong.
“Tammy, where are you?” Liz sang, Tammy giggled as she ran faster only to bump into a pair of legs; she looked up to see the man wearing a black suit and black glasses.

His hand shot out and he dragging her toward the black van, she began tugging at her hand, not wanting to go away from Liz.
“Liz!” Tammy shouted.

“Tammy?” Liz called out as she moved around the bush, she felt a strange sensation rushing over her body, she had a feeling that something was going to happen, she turned and saw a man pulling Tammy toward the van, she could see that Tammy was fighting and she started to run over to her when her phone rang, pulling it out, she saw it was Max and she opened.
“Max, someone is…” Liz was cut off when she felt something prick her neck and her eyes drooped to half-mast as she fell to the ground, her cell phone falling from her hand, it made a loud thudding noise as it hit the ground.

She saw black shoes step into her view.
“Take her back to the base along with the girl.” A male voice ordered and Blackness claimed her.


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Thanks to Everyone who reviewed:





Timelord31: You'll find out in this chapter.


Earth2Mama: You'll find out in this chapter.

OmegaRam1: Tammy's powers (Which will be revealed in the later chapters) is the one thing that made her important to Antar cause she had an ability to do something. Vilandra was older than Zan and Shila, she was a designer which invloved her in going places, Max and Tammy were closer cause Max was told to protect his sister.
Yes, Max and Liz's children will be more important and powerful as they will be the heir. I promise everything will be explained.

Glad you enjoyed the last chapter and I hope you like this chapter.

Chapter 11

“Liz?” Max asked into the phone, his heart pounding heavily and madly against his chest. “LIZ!” he screamed when there was no answer, just a click signalling that the phone had been switched off.

Liz gasped as she came to; she looked around and saw that she was in a white room and that she was wearing a hospital gown. She sighed with relief when she felt that she still had her underwear on and that there was no pain in between her legs, telling her that she hadn’t been raped.
“Good Morning Miss Parker.” A male voice stated and Liz looked around.
“Who are you?” she demanded. “Where am I?”
“My name is Agent Pierce, you are here for an examination.” He stated and Liz scoffed.
“That’s why you drugged and kidnapped me?” she demanded.
“You need to be examined, just be patient.” The male voice stated and there was a clicking noise, Liz turned to see it and there was four men in white came in and started strapping her down to the metal table that they brought into the room.

Liz fought them but they injected her with something as her eyes started to droop slightly from the pressure and soon the whole room went black.

Max paced the living room, his hands running through his dark hair, he was getting frantic, he needed to know where Liz and Tammy were, he went to the park and found the picnic that they had left behind, he had also found her mobile phone and panicked even more when he got a flash from her phone, there was a man in a black suit talking to another, he a feeling they were the F.B.I.

He looked at the clock, wondering what the hell it was taking for the gang to get here, he paced once more when the door opened, the gang stepped in, laughing except from Alex, he had been worried when Max phone up but the gang just told him that he was over reacting but looking at Max now, he knew that the gang was wrong.
“WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?” Max demanded and the gang turned to look at him.
“We went out, is that a problem?” Isabel asked as she moved over to the couch and Max stared at her in disbelief before shaking his head.
“Forget it, you obviously don’t care.” He muttered as he stormed out of the apartment, Alex shook his head as he went after Max.
“Max!” he called out, Max stopped and turned to look at him. “What’s going on?” he demanded and Max turned terrified eyes to Alex.
“It’s Liz, I think the F.B.I has her.” He told him and Alex shook his head.
“Whoa, are you sure?” Alex demanded and Max nodded.
“I phoned Liz to tell her what happened with Tess, I knew that she took Tammy out for a picnic, you know, to get her away from the gang, she answered the phone and she just said that she thought someone was, it cut off from there. I went round and I found her phone, I picked it up and got a flash of a man in a black suit.” Max explained before shaking his head. “I can’t feel any of them, what if they’re…” Max trailed off and Alex cut him off.
“You don’t know that Max, don’t go there till you know!” Alex warned and Max nodded.
“God, I wish there was some way we could know.” Max burst out and Alex looked at him.
“Maybe there is.” Alex told him and Max looked at him, curious.

There was two agents standing on the other side of the mirror of where Liz was pacing the room, they could see that she was getting annoyed and scared of what was happening to her.
“When can we get some fun with her?” the second male asked and the first male looked at him, his bright blue eyes lightening up in amusement.
“You really are that desperate to have fun with her.” He stated and the male nodded.
“Hell yeah, a sweet thing like that, I bet she is tight.” He growled out, almost drooling and the male nodded.
“Have fun.” The first male stated and the other man stepped out of the room and headed over to the room where Liz was in.

Liz heard a clicking noise and turned to see a tall man with dark eyes and blonde hair stepped into the room, he was looking at her like she was a piece of meat and she had a bad feeling.

Alex stepped into Michael’s apartment, he had told Max to go to Max’s house and wait there, he needed to grab his lap top that he had left at Michael’s apartment, he was going to try and see if he could break into F.B.I information and see if they had kidnapped anyone.

The gang looked up.
“Hey, did you find out what was going on with my crazy brother?” Isabel teased and Alex shook his head.
“If you had listened to the phone call and came home earlier, we would be a lot more further on progress right now.” He snapped and Maria stood up.
“Alex, you’re scaring me.” She whispered and Alex turned to her.
“I’m scaring you? What? Max’s phone call wasn’t scary enough for you?” he demanded and Michael stepped up.
“What the hell is up with you?” he demanded and Alex grabbed his laptop and turned to them.
“It looks like the F.B.I has Liz and Tammy.” He told them and Isabel shot up from her seat while Maria’s hand went to her mouth.
“I need to see Max.” Isabel stated and Alex stood in her way.
“Stay away from him, he doesn’t need your comfort, he needs Liz and Tammy by his side.” Alex told them and moved over to the door. “I mean it, I don’t want you anywhere near Max till we get Liz and Tammy back.” He told them and left the apartment.

Maria shook her head.
“No way, my best friend is in the hands of those monsters, I’m not gonna sit back and do nothing.” She stated and stormed out of the apartment when Alex suddenly appeared.
“I mean it Maria, Stay. Away.” He told her and walked off, shaking his head, he knew that he was being mean but he couldn’t help but think if they only just took Max’s phone call seriously, Liz might be home and safe with them.

The guy leered as he moved over to her.
“I’m gonna have a lot of fun breaking you in.” he stated and she took a step back.
“Don’t even think about it.” She hissed and he smirked.
“Oh, I’m gonna do more than think about it.” He hissed back as he grabbed her, she threw her hands up and all of a sudden green light started flashing through her fingers, the agent screamed as he was flung backward, the wall burst open from the pressure of the body and the power, there was some more screaming as the agents, who were standing outside the room.
“Oh my god…” Liz whispered as she looked at her hands before looking at the wall once more, she shuddered at seeing the dead bodies before steeling her emotions when she felt Tammy’s annoyance through their link.

She climbed through the hole and used the link to lead her to Tammy. She wove her way through the maze of the base; she shook her head; she couldn’t believe that she had powers.

Tammy was getting annoyed, she didn’t like the doctors that was trying to prod her with all those cold metal instruments, she kept zapping them whenever they came near her, she thought it was quite funny that they would yelp and jump away only to get a shouting from the strange man in black.
“Come on sweetie, we just need your blood.” The doctor stated and Tammy wrinkled her nose.
“Take your own blood.” She told him before zapping him once more, getting him between the legs, he gasped as he knelt over before crawling away from her and she nodded, satisfied when the door blew up and the men went flying backward, they hit the wall with their back before slumping onto the ground.

Tammy turned and smiled when she saw Liz. “Lizzie.” She greeted as she ran over to her and lifted her hand, wanting to be held.
“Come on adorable, we need to get out of here.” Liz whispered as she picked up Tammy and made her way back through the hallway once more, hoping to god that there were going to be exit really soon other wise they were going to get captured once more.

Liz sighed with relief when she caught the exit door, with a quick look around she saw that there was no one coming and bolted toward it, Tammy waved her hand and the door unlocked and Liz pushed it open.

She made it into the garage and looked around, she saw a car and hurried toward it, she pulled on the handle before growling in frustration that it wouldn’t open, Tammy smiled as she placed her hand on the side of the door, popping the door open, Liz smiled as she opened the door and helped Tammy in before closing the door and Tammy waved her hand over the ignition, the car started up and Liz put it into the pedal, getting the hell out of the base as soon as possible, keeping one eye on the mirror to make sure that no one was following them.

Max raked his hand through hair, he couldn’t retain a focus on his link with either Tammy or Liz, it was like something was blocking it and was making him frustrated, he was the one who could save Liz and Tammy and he was being blocked from doing it!
Max looked out of the window and gasped when he saw Liz running up the pathway with Tammy in her arms, he bolted out of the door and stopped a few steps away from Liz.
“Liz?” Max asked, she had a smudge of dirt across her cheek, her hair was now a mess and she had cuts and bruises but to him, she hadn’t look more beautiful.

Liz felt her eyes well up with tears of happiness; he had come. She ran toward him as he hurried toward her and enveloped her in a hug. “It’s okay, you’re safe.” He whispered over and over again as he kissed the side of her head, running his hands through her dark locks, just holding her close to him.

Liz pulled away and cupped his face before pulling him down for a kiss, he clutched her hard to time as he kissed her, he had been so scared, he thought he wasn’t going to see her again, he cupped the back of her head, just holding her lips to his, breathing in that she was right there in his arms, safe.
“God I love you so much.” Max whispered when he pulled away to give them both some air.
“I love you too.” She whispered back before kissing him again.

Liz stood to the side and Tammy ran up, she wrapped her arms around Max’s legs; Max bent down and picked her up.
“Are you okay?” Max asked and Tammy nodded.
“Fine, just tired.” She whispered as she laid her head down on Max’s shoulder, Max just pulled Liz back into his embrace and helped them into the house before whisking them toward his room, still upset with the gang.

Alex just nodded with relief that his best friend was back and safe with them, he saw that Maria was going to say something about not being able to see Liz.
“Forget it Maria, don’t even say a thing, Liz needs Max more than she needs you right now.” Alex warned her before stepping into the living room to watch the T.V.

After a while, Max and Liz came out of the room, Maria went to hug Liz but stopped when she saw Liz holding onto Max like her life depended on it, she also saw that Max was doing the same thing, they headed into the kitchen.
“Where’s Tammy?” Michael asked and Max looked at him, startled, forgetting that they were there.
“Oh, she’s sleeping, using her powers kinda wore her out.” Max stated before turning back to Liz and Liz looked up at him.
“I have powers Max.” Liz whispered and Max looked down at her as everyone else looked at her.
“What?” Max asked and Liz closed her eyes.
“There was this agent, he came into the room; he was going to…” Liz trailed off and Max’s eyes widen in understanding.
“He didn’t,” he asked and she shook her head.
“No, he never had the chance, my hands shot up and there was green sparks coming from them, Max, he went flying through the wall and I killed a few more people, ones that were standing outside the room.” Liz told him and Max pulled her into a hug.
“You didn’t have a choice.” He whispered as he held her close, he could see that Michael and Isabel were itching to ask more questions and he glared at them, telling them to keep quiet and not to upset Liz any more. “Everything will be okay, I promise.” Max whispered as he held her close and she nodded as she buried her face into his chest.

“Damn it, the plan didn’t work.” Tess muttered as she paced the room and Ed sighed.
“Looks like we’re just gonna have to go to plan B.” he told her and she sighed as she turned to face the star filled star again.


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Thanks for all the reviews, they really helped and i'm sorry for taking so long!

Sorry for taking so long! I have an excuse! My laptop charger blew up so they had to take it in to be fixed therefore I couldn’t use my laptop for a week! Never mind that I had to sort everything out and that took a week.

Chapter 12

“So, we’re putting plan B into action today?” Tess asked and Ed nodded.
“Yes, so I want you to keep the gang busy.” Ed told her and she nodded.
“Sure.” Tess told him before grabbing her bag and leaving the house while Ed went into the small room, ready to sort out the plan.

“Tammy, are you ready?” Max called out as he shoved his book into his bag before zipping it and headed out into the hallway where Tammy walked over to him, carrying her bag.

He smiled as he took the bag and they headed over to the coat rack where they grabbed their jacket.
“Is Isabel not going with you?” Diane asked as she came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a dishtowel.
“She’s either catching a lift from her friends or Alex.” Max told her and Diane nodded.
“Okay, you have a good day at school.” She told them before kissing them on the cheek.
“Sure thing.” Max replied as he took Tammy’s hand and they both walked out of the house toward the jeep.

Liz made her way over to her locker, she put in the combination for her lock and the door swung up, revealing a while rose sitting on her books.

She smiled as she reached in, picked up the flower and held it to her nose before inhaling the soft scent. She placed it back in the locker before grabbing her books and shutting the door and headed off to her class.

Max watched from the corner, he smiled when he saw that Liz got the rose before watching as she walked away before walking to his class.

Meanwhile, Tess watched from her area with a disgusted look on her face, she hated watching Max and Liz being all lovey dovey when it was suppose to be her and Max, not Max and her. She let out a small groan before storming off, hoping that Naesco will get on with his plan as soon a possible, she wanted Max and she wanted him NOW!

Liz made her way into the Biology class; she smiled when she caught sight of Max before walking over to him and pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“Thanks for the rose this morning.” She told him, he just smiled and kissed her back as Tess walked in and she huffed.
“Pathetic.” She muttered, making sure it was loud enough for Max and Liz to hear, they broke apart and Liz rolled her eyes while Max glared at her.
“Okay Class, let get a start on today’s project, remember, you are working with your partner today, not alone.” The teacher announced as she looked, pointly, at Tess and she sighed before nodding before they got down to do some work.
Ed waited as Tammy came out of the school; he smiled when he saw her looking around before walking over to her.
“Hi Tammy.” Ed greeted, Tammy just stared at him, not making a sound. “Max told me that I was to pick you up.” Ed told her and Tammy started backing away but Ed grabbed her arm and started dragging her to his car.

Liz came out, shoving her book into her bag, Tess had cornered the gang and was talking to them while Liz managed to sneak away; she was not in the mood to be glared at when she heard a female shout.
“No!” Tammy shouted as she tugged at her wrist, trapped in Mr. Harding’s hand.
“Max!” Liz shouted when she saw this, Max came hurrying out of the school building and saw Mr. Harding trying to drag Tammy away and Liz running over to them.
“Let me go!” Tammy shouted and Mr. Harding tugged harder, causing Tammy to cry out in pain, Liz felt it cut through her soul and all of a sudden, rage built up in her body, she slowed down to a walk, her hands crackling with green energy as Mr. Harding looked up and gulped at the sight.

Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Alex were stunned as they watched Liz change in front of them. Liz brought her hands up and Mr. Harding went flying backward, his hand let go of Tammy and she fell onto her butt on the ground due to the fact she was in mid tug.
“Ow.” Tammy muttered as she rubbed her butt as Liz ran over to her and helped her up.
“You okay sweetie?” Liz asked and Tammy nodded as she looked up and glared at Ed.
“Do you want to tell me what you were doing with Tammy?” Liz asked in a low, dangerous voice while the gang ran up.

Michael and Max grabbed Ed’s arms before he could make a run for it while Maria had pinned one of Tess’s arm behind her.
“Let’s take them back to my house, I have a lot of questions that need answered.” Michael told them and they nodded as they dragged the two of them over to the car while the rest hopped in the rest of the transport and made their way over to Michael’s apartment.

Max shoved Ed in the room while Maria shoved Tess; they made sure that Tammy was fine before Max spun around to face them.
“Who are you?” Max demanded.
“I’m the fourth one.” Tess stated; everyone stared at her in a stunned shock.
“Who is he?” Michael asked, pointing to Mr. Harding standing in the back.
“I’m your protector, I was sent down to protect the royal four.” He explained as he took a step forward.
“Why did you try and take Tammy?” Liz demanded.
“She is a liability.” Ed stated.
“She is my sister!” Max shouted and Ed laughed.
“A human being means more to you than your real blood?” Ed asked; everyone looked at each other puzzled.
“She is like us, she was born out of a pod.” Isabel stated and Ed looked at her.
“What?” he asked.
“I felt a pressing need a while ago, I found the pod chamber and there she was, I got flashes and she was my sister in my past life.” Max explained.
“That’s impossible, she was destroyed; she wasn’t placed in a pod.” Ed stated and Max shrugged.
“Well, she is here now and you will leave her alone!” Max warned.
“You can’t have her! She must be an impostor!” Ed shouted and he went flying backward once more, his back hitting the wall.
“Watch your mouth!” Liz hissed out. He was getting on her nerves.
“How come you have powers?” Tess snapped.
“Max healed me, I’m guessing that he passed some powers onto me or awaken some part of me that allows me to receive these powers.” Liz replied shortly, not giving enough information.
“So, why are you here?” Max asked, turning the conversation away from Liz, Michael rolled his eyes.
“So he can protect us and take us home!” Michael stated.
“He’s right.” Ed stated and Max shook his head.
“I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not going back to the planet, this is my home.” Max sated.
“It’s our destiny.” Tess stated smugly as she looked at Liz before looking at Max. “We belong together, we’re to go home and rule.” Tess told him and Max laughed.
“I’m meant for Liz.” Max retorted.

Michael and Isabel, each, grabbed Max’s arms and pulled him into a corner, Liz, Maria and Alex stood off to the side while Ed walked over to Tammy.
“Hey Tammy.” Ed greeted and she glared at him.
“Gonna try and kill me again? Tammy asked in an innocent tone and Ed froze as he looked at her.
“How are you still alive?” he demanded and Tammy smirked slightly.
“Our pods consist of our powers.” Tammy told him before running over to Liz.

“What?” Max asked as he pulled his arms out of their grips.
“Max, this is our chance to go home, to go and see our family.” Isabel told him and Max scoffed.
“If you want to go home then you go; I’m not going with you.” Max told them as he looked off to the side and smiled when he caught sight of Liz. “This is my home.” Max told them.
“You and Liz are not meant to be together and you know it.” Isabel snapped and Max turned dark eyes on her
“You watch what you’re saying.” Max snapped before pulling away and walking over to Liz, he wrapped an arm around her waist and held her close to his body.

Liz sighed as she placed her hand over his hand and rested the back of her head on his chest as Max kissed the top of her head, comforting her while Tess sneered before injecting once more, she was going to have Max sooner or later.
“We have a destiny!” Tess told Max and he looked at her.
“Not anymore we don’t.” Max told her as Tammy hurried over to him before narrowing her eyes at Tess.
“Fate trumps Destiny.” Tammy told Tess.
“What are you talking about?” Naesco asked as he came over.

Tammy looked at Liz and smirked as she lifted a hand and used her powers to pull the necklace from under Liz’s top, Tess gasped when she saw it.
“NO!” Tess screamed.
“Told ya, Fate trumps Destiny any time.” Tammy stated.

Naesco walked over to Liz and grabbed her arm.
“How did you get that necklace?” he demanded, his grip tightening, causing Max to push him away as he took Liz into his arms.
“I gave it to her!” Max snapped.
“How could you, how could you betray us like that?” Tess demanded and Max looked at Tess. He, badly, wanted to shout that Liz had been in their past, that she belonged with Max but something was holding him back, he had a feeling that Liz’s death was bad in their past life and wasn’t going to do anything that would end up in her getting killed.
“This book tell you that you are meant to be together whether you like it or not.” Naseco snarled, pulling out the metal book.

Tammy took one look and started freaking out, her memories going hay wired. Liz started panicking and picked up Tammy.
“What’s wrong?” Liz asked.
“Wanna go home, not feeling so good.” Tammy murmured, Max hurried over next to Tammy and placed a hand on her forehead.
“She’s a little hot.” Max told Liz before glaring at Naesco. “Guess with the attempted kidnapping didn’t really help either.” He snapped before wrapping a hand around Liz’s waist and they walked out of the apartment.
“Max…” Isabel started and Max spun around to look at her.
“Don’t push it Isabel.” He snapped out before walking off.
“He needs to accept that he has a destiny.” Naesco stated before looking at Michael and Isabel. “Just like you two do.” He reminded, they both nodded before Isabel left with Maria and Alex.

Naesco and Tess looked at Michael once more before walking off; leaving him alone in the apartment with the book that Naseco had produced so that he could see the destiny for himself.

“What are we going to do?” Tess demanded. “Max is supposed to be with me!”
“Looks like we’re gonna have to finish the job we started.” Naesco stated and Tess looked at him before looking out of the window, hoping that it will be over soon and that Max will finally realise his true destiny lies with her.

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Chapter 13

Isabel and Max made their way into Michael’s apartment, Max looked around.
“Where’s the rest?” he asked.
“They’ll be here soon.” He told him and Max nodded as he moved over to the couch just as the door opened, revealing Tess and Naseco, Max stood back up.
“What are they doing here?” he demanded.
“I thought it would be better if we all got together and started asking questions about our past.” Michael stated and Max shook his head.
“I’m leaving.” He muttered as he moved toward the door but Isabel pulled him back.
“You are staying here whether you like it or not!” Isabel snapped. “This is our destiny Max, we are to go home and see mom!” she snapped.
“Bite me Isabel, I don’t give a damn about mom, I have a real mom, one that that took us in when we were six years old and gave me a normal life!” Max shouted.
“Max, you and Tess are to be together, come on, do you really think that Liz is going to hang around forever?” Michael asked and shook his head. “If you do, then you are delusional.” He told Max.

Max lost it, spun around and threw his fist into Michael’s face before turning around to Tess and Naseco.
“You go anywhere near me, Tammy or Liz, I will kill you.” Max breathed out before looking at Isabel. “And for once in your life Isabel, grow the hell up.” He snapped before storming out, slamming the door behind him.

Tammy made her way into the Evans’s kitchen, she looked up and smiled when she saw Liz was packing a picnic basket, Liz looked down and smiled when he saw Tammy.
“Hey, you better?” Liz asked and Tammy nodded.
“Yeah, sorry about that, seeing the book brought up some memories.” She explained and Liz nodded.
“Do you think you can tell me?” she asked and Tammy shook her head.
“Something are better left off unsaid.” Tammy stated just as Max came storming in, he took one look at Liz and felt himself calm down.
“Hey, you okay?” Liz asked as she walked over to Max and Max shook his head.
“Just Michael and Isabel going on about destiny once more.” He explained and Liz shook her head.
“What did they want this time?” she asked and Max scoffed.
“They actually had the nerve to tell me that I’m suppose to be with Tess and that you weren’t going to stick around forever.” He explained and Liz’s eyes narrowed.
“I need to have a talk with them.” She told him and Max shook his head.
“No Liz, I don’t want you anywhere near them.” He told her and she looked at him before kissing him softly.

Once they finished their kiss, Max looked at the basket and looked at Liz. “What’s with the basket?” he asked and Liz smiled.
“I thought you should Tammy out to the park, she needs to get away from the others just in case they start asking questions about what happened the other day and I think you need to unwind.” She told him and he nodded.
“Are you coming?” Max asked and Liz shook her head.
“Sorry, I need to cover.” She explained and Max sighed as he nodded before kissing her once more.
“Okay.” He told her and she nodded.
“Good, I’ll have my cell on if you want to talk to me.” She told him before handing him the basket before turning to Tammy and smiled when she saw Tammy dressed. “And you two have fun.” She told them before kissing Tammy’s forehead before kissing Max once more and all three of them walked out of the house toward the cars.

Liz waved as she got into her car and drove off while Max helped Tammy into the car.
“Come on little sis, lets have some fun.” He told her and she nodded.

Liz made her way into the Crashdown, Maria and Michael looked up when they saw Liz enter and her looks darkened when she saw them.

She just continued walking, not once stopping to speak to them as she made her way into the backroom.
“Liz, we need to talk.” Maria stated as she followed Liz into the backroom and Liz rolled her eyes.
“About what?” she asked.
“About Max and the F.B.I.” she explained and shook her head. “I really don’t think you should be around him Liz, he’s dangerous.” She told him and Liz slammed her locker shut.
“Oh, Max and Alex were the only one who actually made an effort to come and find me.” Liz snapped out before turning to Michael. “And you keep your thoughts of Destiny to yourself, I’m with Max and nothing is going to make me leave, I love him and I don’t care about what you and Isabel want, how about for the first time in ever that you actually let Max have what he wants, not what you guys wants.” She told him before storming out, leaving them alone.

Once the rush was over, everyone had gone home, Liz had kicked Maria and Michael out, telling them she didn’t want children around to annoy her, they were about to protest when she involved her dad in, forcing him to tell them to go home, that Liz was perfectly fine of looking after herself.
Liz looked up when the doorbell chimed and her looks darken when Tess and Ed walked in.
“We’re close or can you not read the sign?” Liz asked, pointing to the sign.
“We’re not after anything to eat.” Tess stated and Liz sighed.
“What are you here for then?” she asked.
“Stay away from Max, he’s not yours.” Tess hissed out and Liz rolled her eyes.
“And he’s not yours either.” She pointed out.

Tess lost it and brought her hand up, causing Liz to go flying backward, she hit the wall and slumped down as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head.

Meanwhile, Max and Tammy gasped as they clutched the stomach from where they were sitting at the park.
“It’s Liz.” Tammy whispered out and Max nodded as they grabbed their stuff and hurried over to the jeep, Max kicked it into gear before driving off.

Tess and Naesco hurried out of the Crashdown and made their way back home, feeling satisfied that they managed to clear one obstacle that were standing in Max’s true destiny and had no doubt that Max was going to come home to them.

Max reached the Crashdown and saw Liz lying on the ground; he jumped out of the jeep and ran into the building with Tammy nipping at his heels.
“Liz!” Max shouted as he skid next to her still laying body on the ground, he placed his hands on her stomach and tried to heal her but it was too late.

He was too late; Liz had died.

“Are you sure this will work?” Tess asked and Naseco nodded,
“Yes, he will come straight for you and the pair of you will be very happy together.” Naseco told her and she nodded as she held her hands together to her chest as excitement rose up in her, she was finally going to get her destiny.

The gang hurried in and the females gasped when they saw Max hugging Liz’s still body to his, rocking back and forth.
“What have you done to her?” Maria shouted as she ran over to him and was about to push him away when Max lifted his hand and turned dark eyes on her.
“Leave her alone.” Max growled out.
“She’s my friend Max!” Maria snapped.
“Not anymore she’s not.” Max bit out before looking down at Liz’s body and running his hand through her dark lock when a flash came to him, he saw Tess and Naseco in front of Liz before Tess lifted a hand and it all went black.

Max lifted his head and stood up, letting Liz’s body drop to the floor before moving his way over to the door.
“Max?” Isabel called out but Max didn’t stop, he continued on walking with one Destination in his mind.

To Kill Tess Harding and Ed Harding.

“What are we going to do?” Maria demanded and Tammy turned to face them.
“Nothing.” Tammy stated as she made her way up to Liz’s bedroom, leaving the gang alone and confused.

Max reached the house, the door blasted off its hinges, causing Ed and Tess to come running out.
“Max!” Tess squealed, happy that Max had come to her. Max lost it.
“You killed the one person I loved.” Max hissed out.
“Max, you and Liz never meant to be together.” Ed told him, Max just cocked his head to the side.
“Yes we did.” He told him emotionless before lifting his hand, he sent them flying across the room, they hit the wall before landing on the ground, still, then their bodies turned to dust.

Max just collapsed to the ground as it all washed over him, He had lost Liz and finally the dam broke as he cried for Liz.

Tammy was sitting on the bed with her eyes close, as she was in deep concentration when all of a sudden her eyes snapped open and glowed purple.
“It shall be done.” She hissed out as a white light enveloped the world before her eyes rolled up in the back of her head and she slumped backward on the bed.

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I am so so so sorry for taking so long, real life has been an absolute nightmare and I just hadn’t had the heart to write.

This is two chapters mixed in together and I’m actually glad to say that this is the last chapter to this story so I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 14

Max woke up in his bed with a gasp; sweat ran down his body, as he looked around the room, wondering what the hell happened, was it all a nightmare? It felt so real.

He looked at his clock on the beside table and saw it was 10 in the morning, he shook his head and stepped out of bed and headed toward the kitchen where he heard a female talking and giggles.

He rounded the corner and stopped when he saw Liz standing there, packing the basket, she was telling Tammy something and Tammy was giggling as she looked up at Liz.
“Liz?” Max asked, Liz turned and smiled when she saw Max.
“Hey sleepy head, I was wondering how long it was before you got up.” She told him as she leaned over and kissed him before pulling back. “Are you okay?” she asked and he nodded.
“Yeah, nightmare.” He told her and she nodded.
“Okay, now you guys have a basket and the blanket is in the jeep, you can go on your picnic now.” She told them and Max looked at her, the dream was still niggling at him and he had a feeling that if she went to work, it was going to come true.
“How about you come with us?” Max asked. “You have been working hard and after everything you’ve been through, you need a break.” He told her.
“Please Liz?” Tammy asked and Liz turned to see Tammy looking up at her with a pout and Liz felt her heart melt.
“Okay, I’ll ask one of the girls if they can take over for me.” She told them and Tammy cheered as she hugged Liz, Liz just laughed as she hugged Tammy back before pulling away and kissing Max. “Can I use your phone?” she asked and Max nodded as he watched her walk into the hallway, he looked at Tammy, wondering why his nightmare seemed to be real; he was about to ask her a question when his mother walked in.
“Morning Honey, you all ready for your picnic?” she asked and Tammy nodded.
“Lizzie is coming with us.” She told Diane and Diane smiled as she kissed Tammy’s cheek before looking at her son.
“Max, you okay?” she asked and Max nodded.
“Yeah, just a nightmare.” He told her and she nodded as she moved toward the fridge as Liz walked back in.
“Taken care of, Sarah said she’d cover for me.” Liz told them.
“Yay!” Tammy exclaimed as she jumped up and down, causing Diane to laugh.
“You guys have fun, I’ll see you later,” Diane told them as she kissed them all on the cheek as Max picked up the basket and Liz and Tammy followed him out toward the jeep.

Sarah walked into the Crashdown, Maria walked over to her.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” Maria asked.
“Liz called me and asked me if I wanted to have extra money as she needed the break, I’m covering for her,” Sarah told her before shrugging and headed into the backroom, leaving Maria standing there confused, wondering why Liz would miss a shift.

Max and Liz found themselves lying on the blanket with the food finished and half empty bottles littered about.
“Hm, thank you for dragging me out.” Liz told Max as she relaxed on the blanket, basting in the sunlight while Max kept an eye on Tammy playing on the swings.

Max just smiled as he bent down and kissed Liz on the lips.
“My pleasure.” He told her and she smiled against his lips as she cupped the back of his head, keeping their lips together while Max cupped the side of her face and, gently, kissed her back, both of them enjoying their day together.

“Now?” Tess asked and Naseco nodded.
“Yes, come on, lets go to the Crashdown, Michael had told me that Liz is on closing shift today, I asked what their schedules was so that we could plan meetings around them,” he told her and Tess laughed.
“And he just gave it to you?” Tess asked and Naesco nodded.
“Yes, remember, Michael is the one who wish to go home, we know that Isabel is leaning toward it, all we have to do is get rid of the one thing standing between you and Max and we’ll be well on our way home, hopefully with the deal intact,” Naesco told her and Tess nodded, she couldn’t wait to get Max into the sack and finally get what’s rightfully hers, Max’s child.

“Hm,” Liz moaned as she shifted her head from where it was resting on Max’s chest, she had her eyes closed as she basked in the sunlight that was slowly dimming, Max smiled as he leaned down and kissed her on her forehead, stroking her silky dark locks, he sighed as he watched as his fingers, idly, make their way through her hair.

He looked up and smiled when he saw Tammy playing on the swings, she looked so happy, she was smiling, she looked over to Max and waved, causing Max to lift his other hand and wave back, he watched as a young boy walked over to Tammy, she stopped the swing and hopped off, standing in front of the boy, Max noticed that she sent him a shy smile and it dropped over him like a ton of bricks, Tammy has now received her first crush.

He smiled as he looked down at Liz, remembering what it was like and wonder if Tammy would ever get together with her first crush like he did, maybe even fall in love with him like he did, he knew that he should be the big over protective brother, wanting to make sure that his sister stayed a virgin for the rest of her life but remember their past, how she died at a young age made him want her to live her life to the full, to live the life she never had in their past.

A pair of soft lips met the side of his neck and he smiled as he looked down at the sleepy woman in his arms.

“Hey you,” Max whispered as he leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.
“Hey, what was the serious look for?” Liz asked and Max nodded his head in the same direction where Tammy and the boy were talking.
“Looks like Tammy is receiving her first crush,” he told her and she smiled before looking at him.
“I’m impress Max, you don’t seem too upset about it,” she told him and he laughed.
“Just remember our past, you know, how Tammy was killed at a young age, she never got to live her life Liz, not like us, I mean, we were married in our past, we had each other and got to live our life, she was killed at the age of eight, she never had the chance to fall in love and married, I want her to have it this life, I want her to fall in love and get married and have children so I can play the favourite uncle,” he told her and Liz felt her eyes well up with tears and she hugged him.
“Do you have any idea just how much you make me fall in love with you even more?” she asked and Max kissed her neck.
“Just the same as you make me fall in love with you even more each day,” he told her, she pulled away and kissed him.

They broke apart when Tammy came running up to them.
“We need to go to the Crashdown, something’s happening,” Tammy told them, bouncing on her feet.

Max and Liz got up, grabbed their stuff before helping Tammy into the jeep then getting in themselves and driving off to the Crashdown.

Naesco and Tess made their way into the Crashdown; they heard a noise and Naesco lifted his hands as Tess switched on the light only to see that there was no one around.
“What the hell?” Naseco demanded as he looked around, wondering where Liz was when they were a cough at behind them, they turned to see the gang standing behind them.
“Looking for someone?” Liz asked and Tess scowled as she brought up her hand but Tammy was quicker.
“It’s over.” Tammy told them before bringing up her hands, Tess and Naseco went flying backward and hit the wall with their back, they fell to the ground, dead, before their bodies turned to dust.

Everyone turned to stare at Tammy, shocked at what just happened and what she had done, Max just sighed as he wrapped his arms around Liz, maybe now they could get on with their lives without looking over their shoulders.


Tammy was sitting at the Kitchen table, smiling as she watched her mother bake, she was now 13 years old, Liz and Max had finally gotten married once they had graduated, Liz was now pregnant with their first child, a boy that Tammy knew but didn’t tell them as she knew they would want to find out for themselves.

Things had changed after the death of Tess and Naesco, while she still hated herself for killing them, she didn’t regret it, she knew that they would have killed Liz again, given the chance and she couldn’t risk it, after that, Max and Liz had become more distanced with the gang apart from Alex as he had believed in Max and didn’t tell them what to do. Max and Liz felt they couldn’t trust the gang after what they had done while Tess and Naesco was around and still find it hard to trust them, they are still friends but they are no longer close like they used to be and Tammy hated it but she knew that one they will become more closer, the time wasn’t just now.
“Hello?” a female voice called out and Diane smiled as she turned to see Liz Evans walking into the kitchen with a hand on her swollen stomach.
“Hi sweetie how was Boston?” Diane asked as she kissed Liz’s cheek.

Once Max and Liz had graduated, they had been accepted to Harvard and moved to Boston, they still live out there because they loved the snow and the ocean, Tammy visited them whenever she could when she had gotten her new power of teleporting.
“Oh it’s great, Max loves it out there though he still complains about the cold sometimes.” Liz teased and Diane laughed as Liz turned to Tammy. “Hi adorable.” Liz used her childhood nickname for Tammy and Tammy grinned.
“Hey Liz, how’s the baby?” she asked as she walked over and Liz grinned as she took Tammy’s hand and placed it on one side of her stomach, Tammy felt a bump against her hand and squealed. “It Kicked!” she exclaimed.
“Yep, it started last night, you should have seen Max, jumping all over the place when he felt the first kick, he’s even more excited now.” She explained and Tammy smiled as she concentrated and sent a message to the baby and felt another kick in answer and smiled.

There was a knock at the door.
“Hello?” a male voice called out and Tammy felt her heart jump as she turned to door and looked into blue eyes, Martin Hanson walked in, his dark hair spiky as he looked at Tammy and shot her a half grin. “Hey Tammy.” He greeted and she smiled back.
“Hey Martin.” She greeted back and not for the first time, saw a bright future.

The End.

Nope, no sequel is in the work and I don’t think there will be but you guys know if there is, you will be the first to know, hoped you enjoyed it.
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