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Hey guys here's an update. I realy appreciate the feedback. You guys are the best and The Escorter will be updated to tomorrow :wink:

I had a little bit of trouble trying to find perfect lyrics for this scene, so bend with me here :lol:
hazz-I had some trouble writing this fic, so I'm realy sorry if it sucks...I tried :oops:
googi-appsolutely agree with u, I tried to make him more protective of her than usaul ...without making him sound to primative-lol
Earth2Mama- thanx for the feedback girl. I'm so glad your still reading my fic, I think i lost some people on the way, but oh well, that's writing for ya
icequeen- ME TOO- what's your top three fav. Gomez songs. I tried to find some more besides, 'we haven't turned around the world' and 'miles end'. thanx girl :wink:
Timelord31- hope you like this next part I had some trouble writing so let me know if it sucks :cry:
vampyrax- not too much trouble, just get ready for some drama-lol
begonia9508- Not gonna tell ya-lol but hey most of your questions are answered in this next chapter so here ya go 8)
cocopucks-thanx for feedback girl. glad your sticken with me :wink:

Chapter 11 -she bends and she breaks

When Liz walked into that room, Liz expected her friends to be there; what she didn’t expect them to look so different. There in front of her were Alex, Isabel, Maria, and of coarse Michael. There were also a couple of people she didn’t recognize in the room. A woman with long brown hair and a tall frame was standing near the fire place and a man with medium dirty brown hair was sitting next to Isabel, but they all had open gazes and wide eyes painted on. One could say they looked like they had seen a ghost, although in this case they were looking at one.

Liz felt Max’s hand squeeze hers for comfort as they walked further into the room. The further she got into that room the more she felt herself shrinking. She felt as though she was three feet tall while everyone studied her.

If she bends, then she breaks
She loves you but then she takes it away

Maria cried out a gasp with tears falling down her face; she looked like the one taking it the hardest. She couldn’t blame her, because she’d be doing the same in her position. “Liz… is it her; is it really her?” she asked Max before he nodded to her answer. “I don’t understand. How could this be?” Isabel asked with a confused and teary gaze.

Max started to explain everything from the granolith all the way to her arrival. No one interrupted Max, not even when he paused in between. They all listen so intently; it was so different from Liz’s world. When they had a group meeting, everyone was either jumping to conclusions or asking the same questions over and over again. She guessed that after all the years of such meetings they had learned to listen rather than to form a riot.

“Look I know it wasn’t the best thing to do without asking you guys, but do not tell me that you aren’t happy that this happened,” Max stated calmly. They all had their heads down as if hiding from the truthful statement.

“He’s right; I’ll admit it. Right now, I don’t care about rules anymore… and I’m not going to argue with him, because I would have done the same thing if I had known about the granolith,” Maria stated without hesitation. She looked back at Liz. Her face mirrored Liz’s as they both had tears streaming down their faces. As Maria began to walk towards her, Liz smiled and pulled her into a tight hug as they cried into each other’s arms.

She bends and she bows
She's cold, but she melts like snow

Isabel, who had been sitting dumb founded, was now walking over to Liz with her hand over her mouth. It was an attempt to simmer down her cries of joy. Maria pulled Isabel into the hug as they wept together and as the others watched them in happiness. They were all so overwhelmed with the situation; it didn’t seem as though it was really happening. It felt like a dream, and not like reality.

Bend and I'll break you
Sleep and I'll wake you tonight

“I missed you so much Liz,” Maria cried in her shoulder. Liz let out a painful sob as she was drowning in an emotion she didn’t quit understand. Maria and Isabel were holding her so tight and they were crying so hard. She could almost feel their pain of loosing her. She knew they were crying over a different person and from a different time, but she was ignored the thought for the moment.

When they finally let go, she saw Alex behind them and gave him a warm teary smile with which he returned. Alex swooped her up in his arms with a hug that brought her feet off the ground. “Lizzie,” he whispered in her ear. She smiled brightly at him when he let her back down and brushed her tears away with his thumb. When his eyes left hers and went to Michael’s, she could see his eyes holding back tears. Apparently, the little breakdown between the girls had brought his walls down. He finally realized this was his sister in front of him, and he’d missed her more than he could ever express, and Liz could see it. She waited until he held his arms out to her to give him a needed embrace. “I’m sorry about the whole trying to kill ya thing,” he joked; it only made Liz laugh and hold him tighter. “It’s not like it’s happened before,” she returned.

Letting go of Michael, Liz glanced back at Max who was smiling with glazed eyes as well. This was the first time in long wile that he’d seen them happy. Ever since…the accident, they had grown apart. Each one had been dealing with her death in his own way. Now that she was back, it was as if the group was immediately reforming because of her arrival. They were a complete family again.

The brunette woman and dirty blonde haired mystery people were about to give her a hug before Max jumped in. “Liz, this is Serena and Eric,” he introduced. They gave him questioning looks for his introduction to her two good friends, so he explained, “Technically, she’s never met you two before…it was before her time.” “My God, how old are you?” Eric asked. “Nineteen,” her answer stumbled everyone. They all assumed that she was young, but they weren’t expecting her to be practically a kid.

“So she doesn’t remember anything in the past ten years?” Maria asked in disbelief. “Well, I gave her a brief vision of what’s happened lately, but she won’t remember any details,” Max explained as he hugged her waist from behind.

Liz was overwhelmed with all this. Not only was she in the future, but also she didn’t remember anything about it. She felt drained and completely alone. As if Max felt her emotion, he told the group they’d discus it tomorrow. “Max are you kidding I just got my best friend back. What makes you think I’m going to let her out of my sight,” Maria asked. Liz smiled slightly at her; she really did love Maria, always would. “Maria,” Michael pleaded as he turned his gaze to Liz’s tired face and back to her. She studied Liz’s weary eyes and got the message. “Ok, but don’t be surprised when I show up early in the morning on your front door step,” she warned before giving Liz another long hug.
“I love you,” Maria whispered before Michael took her hand and started to walk towards the door.

Michael didn’t need Max to tell him that she needed some rest. He couldn’t even imagine what his sister was going through, so for Liz’s sake he pulled Maria towards the door and told the others that they’d meet here again tomorrow. Max gave him an appreciative look, with which Michael nodded his head and took off.

Hey, don't you want to understand?
Understand that
If she bends, then she breaks
She bends, she breaks

When he came out of the house, Serena was waiting for him. “Michael, there’s something you should know. I didn’t want to tell the others in there because it didn’t look like they could handle it, so I kept it to myself but we’ve got a massive problem,” she sighed out. By her expression Michael could tell that whatever he was about to hear wasn’t something he wanted to know. “Liz can’t stay here. She doesn’t belong here. If she stays here…” she stumbled. “If she stays what?” Michael asked cautiously. “…She’ll die, Michael.”

....She bends, and then she breaks

-Louie Says, 'She'
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THank you guys SO MUCH FOR THE FB. If it wasn't for you guys, I just don't know what i'd do. and I REALY SORRY ABOUT THE SHORTNESS. but i realy was squezing for time.
A/N: Kyle isn't in here because in TEOTW Max seemed as though he didn't know kyle very well. and since tess left he kind of stayed out of the group. I think that tess was the one to kind of bring him into the " Ever Virgining Alien Club" -Don't get me wrong I LOVE kyle, but i just don't think he stayed with the roswell gang, because tess left. :wink: -okey now that thats done with on with it!

Maxsgurl-lol yeah i would hate her too! She is the barrer of bad news. Thanx for the fb, and i realy hope you like this next part
begonia9508-those are all realy good answer's and I promise all ...mmm...most of your questions are answered in this next chapter-lol
googi-well sadly all things come to an end like um lets say...happiness :cry: thanx and hope ya like the next part.
Earth2Mama- patience is a virtue... but then again it's never been mine so...-lol thanx girl :wink:
icequeen- thanx girl I'll download those Gomez songs. realy appreciate it. I'm always looking for new songs
cocopucks- thank you so much for sticking with me and for your incouraging fb. hope you like the next part :twisted:
Timelord31- i don't want to give up the ending but it's probably not what you think :D I gotta little surprise 4 you guys. :wink:
vampyrax- yeah I'd agree. IF she dies, but will she? :wink:
And to all you lurkers out there. I'm begging you to to COME OUT! :wink:

Chapter 12A- Truth, Lie to Me

Kimmy just smiles
Wants to stay forever
I’d have her but we know that’s just a word
We wish we’d never heard when we’re together
Says she must return
To cactus angels

“What do you mean ‘die,’” Maria asked loudly. Michael and Serena told everyone to meet so they talk about ‘the situation’ and the last person who wanted to deal with this was Michael, but he had tell everyone or Serena had to spill the news rather.

“I know none of us wants to hear this, but it’s got to be said or things will get much worse,” Serena insisted. They had all gathered at the park; it was one of the safest places that they could talk without worrying about wires or bugs from any of their enemies.

Serena, how do you know this? I mean it’s not like this has happened before,” Eric asked while looking around for suspecting characters. “Because I’m an expert in quantum mechanics remember. She doesn’t belong her. Look if an object is taken out of it’s universe and brought to a completely different plain of existence then it won’t survive… for along matter of time anyways. She should be fine for now, but I don’t know how long her cells can take the change,” she explained energetically.

“Change?” Alex asked with scrunched eyebrows. “She went through the granolith Alex. It was meant for Antarians, not humans who’ve been changed by them. Liz has powers like you guys, yes, but she’s still human. Her blood can prove that,” Serena sighed as she tried to explain more, “Anyways, her body can’t take the transformation. It was made for the three of you aliens, not Liz.”

“But there’s away to fix it right? I mean to make her stay here?” Isabel asked assertively. When Serena didn’t answer, they all grew panicked faces. “No, no theirs gotta be a way,” Michael refused her answer. “Michael, it’s impossible. The only positive way to make sure she’d be ok is if she was Antarian, and there is no way that you can change her into something that she’s not,” she said sadly. She hated being the barer of bad news, but it’d happened before. “Not to mention what it’s doing to the her demintion. You know that it could screw up their world too. If she’s not their like she’s sup’ post to be it could… God I don’t even know what the reaction could be. She’s sup’ post to there. If she’ not, then it could cause everything else that’s sup post to happen to go crashing down in flames. ”

“I don’t believe this. So your saying that after Liz has come back to us after everything that’s gone on, she has leave us again,” Maria cried out as Michael held her in his arms. “Look nothing has been decided and despite what Serena thinks, there’s always a chance to find a solution,” said defiantly to Serena with a scowl on both their faces.

“So Max and Liz don’t know anything about this?” Alex asked nervously. “ No, I didn’t want to tell them. They looked so happy, and … I just couldn’t do it,” down casted her head. “ They should know, Michael,” Isabel insisted. “I know, I know. I’ll go over there tomorrow. In the mean time, we all need to do as much research as possible. Isabel look through the increption of the book. Serena, I need you to look through your old quantum mechanics books. Alex and Maria see if there’s any information about this on the web, maybe see if anything resembling this has occurred. Eric your going to go to Mescalero Reservation,” Michael ordered as he took the solder role.

“Why?” Eric asked. “Because, do you remember River dog?” Michael returned. “ Yeah, I remember, but he’s dead already. How can he help?” Eric questioned in confusion. “I know but there’s a guy named Eddie who lives there now. If any one has answers and that’s still living, then it’d be him. River dog taught him everything that he knew. Plus, I trust him. If we wanted info from traders we could go to Whitney and anyone else who’s still doing Kivar’s handy work.”

“What are you going to do?” Maria asked towards him. “ You remember Kal?” Michael asked knowingly. “Wait the other shape shifter?” she asked before he nodded his head and said, “Yeah, I’m going to call him. He’s got to know something about this. He’s from Antar, and he has to help us. It’s in his bones to help us,” he stated as he started to pull Maria off the bench and one by one they started to take off.

******** ******* *********

“Max…” she panted in his ear as he sucked on hers’. After everyone had left, Liz and Max decided to switch the sheets. In the process, however, it had brought memories of the past couple of days flashing through Max’s mind. “I want you,” he breathed hardly as he brought her leg up with his hand. “I am yours Max,” she promised. He only groaned at her words as it had a strong effect on his raging member. He just couldn’t get over her being in his arms again. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. It was almost like they were making up for the time they’d been together.

Bringing his other hand to cup her buttocks, Max slid her up his body as she wrapped her legs around his strong muscled waist. He slowly dropped on the bed, hovering over Liz while they kissed like they wanted to make love. She grinded her hips into Max’s erection; she knew how much that effected him. Max used his powers to make their cloths disappear, and once the barrier was gone Max slipped smoothly into her without even trying. “Ah…” Liz moaned while letting her head fall back in pleasure. He fit her so unbelievably well, and the lust grew for him with each passing moment.

Max groaned animalisticlly as he glanced to his right and saw the mirror. He could see their bodies melting together in intimacy; it was sight that made him quiver. To be able to see himself pumping in and out of her like a starved man was an unbelievable turn on. “I love you… so much,” he whispered to only her. Liz went over the edge as she heard his words, bringing Max with her.

They were going to make this work. They were sure that they would be living this way for the rest of their lives. Nothing could take them away from each other. Everything was going to work out…right?

Kimmy just smiles
Wants to stay forever
I’d have her but we know that’s just a word
We wish we’d never heard when we’re together
Says she must return
To cactus angels

-Robert Downy Jr. "Kimberly Glide"
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Hola! -thankyou guys SO much for the fb, the escorter has been updated so check it out :wink: And once again PLEASE read the lyrics :roll:

icequeen- hey girly, thanx for the fb I realy appriciate it... but let the record show i'm still not giving a clue for the ending-lol
urpersonaloddball-totally understand about getting caught up in your own story...that's one of the back draws of writing your own fic -you get less time to read the others :wink:
Earth2Mama -OH MY GOODNESS you have to get the robert downy jr. cd-its the best, I would suggest downloading 'broken' and 'Kimberly Glide' there SO good.
begonia9508-lol thanx girl loved the fb, realy hope you like this next part :P
cocopucks-he he not telling... as for angest :? -to tell you the truth im not sure, but you'll find out soon enough. thanx for the fb girl :D
Timelord31-thanx girl always appriciate your fb :wink:
Maxsgurl-lol glad your enjoying it... i'm not quit sure but i think i'll be done with this fic around next week, so you wont have to wait to long for your answers
ChemChic-SO glad you found it! I love feedback, keep it coming. Might wanna check out my other story The Escort :wink: -might like it too
kittens-your theory is REALY good. You just might be right :)
hazz- na it wont make it worse, she just can't stay in that dimention, it'll destroy's like going to mars, the alians can stay their, but humans need their world to live :wink:

Chapter 12B- A Prayer for the Dying

For the past couple of days Liz had started to remember things that had never actually happened to her. She was having flashes of the past every single time she touched something new; and she didn’t just see the visions, she felt what she felt when it was happening to her in the future. She even had visions in her sleep, some of them were good and some of them were bad. None less, she felt like she was remembering memories that had never actually happened to her to begin with.

Max smiled as he watched her dream. She was tired after the meeting and lovemaking that she had been sleeping for six hours. He finally pulled himself away from the bed and went to the bathroom. When he glanced in the mirror for the first time in months. He saw an old man in front of him with an unfixable arm that was scared as he leaned on the desk in front of the reflecting object.

Raising his hand to the sides of his hair, Max put the black color back into the grays that had formed from the past straining years. He almost laughed at himself, because he couldn’t remember the last time he cared about the way he looked. When you’re a run away king and dealing with hit men, you kind of forget about the small things. He did however smile at the reason why he had started to care again; it was sleeping in the other room.

Forceful ageing,
Help me I'm fading.
Heaven's waiting,
It's time to move on.

Before he went back to bed, he took a quick shower. H and Liz had had a shower together yesterday, but then again how many times had they formed sweaty, intimate acts since then? For one thing for sure, he was glad they had changed the sheets, because God knows they needed to.

After he’d gotten out of the shower, Max walked quietly into the bedroom with no clothes on what so ever. As soon as he got under the covers, he knew that she was awake even though she had her back towards him. “Hey,” he whispered as he draped his arm around her hipbone and started to rub her stomach with his hand. “You ok, you were talking in your sleep again,” he whispered in her ear. “What did I say?” she asked with a smile. “Couldn’t tell,” Max whispered back.

Liz sighed and melted into her arms. She was still thinking about all the things she’d seen in her visions. “Tell me something that you remember about us,” she asked while she massaged the scar on his bicep. “Something about us… well, I remember first time I saw you in the third grade; you were wearing that adorable cupcake dress,” he chuckled, “ and I remember the night at Phoenix after we eloped. Hmm… I clearly remember the day we moved into this house, because of that beautiful smile of yours when you saw it, and how every time it would rain we’d sit by that window of there and watch it together, and… I remember… how loved to listen to Shade ...when we made love,” he whispered to her heatedly.

Crossing that bridge,
With lessons I've learned.

The last part of what he said sent her heartbeat up as she felt his hand start to rub lower than her stomach. She whimpered when his hand caught her under the sheets and caressed the part of her he had been inside so many times before.

Playing with fire,
And not getting burned.

“Look if she’s human then there’s nothing that I can do for you,” Kal tried to convince the stubborn second in command. “ I know I’m the only protector alive, and I have a duty to protect you four. So I’m gonna tell you flat out Michael; she has to go back to where she’s from. If you want her to live then she has to go back.” Michael huffed in the phone loudly, “ There has to be another way. We can’t just…” “If there was another way then I’d tell you, but there isn’t,” he whispered harshly. Michael still wouldn’t give up as he persisted, “There are a lot of people that need this girl here. Do you have any idea how Max is going to take this.” Kal stated with out hesitance, “Well, then the king should have thought about that before he brought her here,” and hung up on Michael.

“Dame it,” he yelled as he slammed the phone down. So far they had found nothing but more evidence that Liz had to go back to her world. Everyone was in denial about it too. The worst part was that he had to go over to Max’s house and explain. How the hell was he suppost to tell him that his wife, who had died months ago and had just recently entered his life again, that he had to let her go AGAIN.

The drive over there was even longer than he could have possibly imagined. He was so busy trying to rethink this whole situation that he didn’t even realize that he had passed their house. When he knocked on the door, no one answered.

Michael didn’t want to go walking in there if they were in the middle of something in particular, if you caught his drift, but he needed to speak to Max. The sooner he got this done the sooner Max could help them figure out another way to keep Liz there.

He slid his hand over the knobs of the door and walked right in there. When he didn’t see them downstairs and didn’t here any groans and moans, he cautiously went into the their bedroom. Max’s back was the first thing he saw when he entered the quiet room. He was sitting down in front of Liz’s sleeping form.

“Max, I need to…” he stopped as Max’s hand raised up to silence him without even turning around to face Michael. He was watching Liz sleep and he didn’t want her to wake. Max smiled tiredly at his dreaming angel and kissed her forehead. He slowly got up and followed Michael into the other room.

Now Michael really felt like shit as he watched the loving action Max showed for her. He knew once he told his brother about the news it was going to destroy the fantasy Max had built up the past couple of days. “What’s wrong Michael?” he asked with a sigh.

“Max… we’ve got a problem…” he started hesitantly. “What’s the problem?” he asked. Michael did answer; the only way he knew how to tell him was to turn his head towards Liz. When Max saw what his answer was, he stared at him with scared eyes. “ She can’t stay here Max; she isn’t suppost to,” he stated simply. “Who says? I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you of all people Michael,” He started to let anger take over him as his brother spoke these words. “Serena says, Kal says… we didn’t want to believe it, but if she stays here she will die Maxwell,” Michael swore as he continued, “Look I didn’t want to believe Serena either, so I checked with Kal and he said the same thing…”

I may not know what you're going through.
But time is the space,
Between me and you.

About an hour later and relentless arguing, Michael had finally gotten Max to listen to the entire story. “ I can’t send her back, Michael. I won’t. You can’t ask me to do this,” his voice was shaky at this point. “Max, do you want her to die?” he asked pointedly and relaxed his face when he saw him shrink down to the floor with his head in his hands.

Michael slid down to the floor with him. After knowing Max his entire life, Michael still didn’t know how to do the touchy feely speeches that his brother spoke, but he sure as hell needed one so he was going to try. “Max… I’m sorry you know how much she means to me too. If I could trade my life for hers staying here, then I would,” he spoke softly. Max’s head lifted his head and watched his brother with teary eyes. “I… I just don’t understand why the granolith would let this happen, if were not meant to be together…” he wiped his tears away with his arm.

There is a light through that window.
Hold on say yes, while people say no
Cause life carries on

“It’s just the oldest story in the book, Maxwell.” he sighed before Max looked up at him in slight confusion.

“ You want… what you just can’t have,” Michael spoke softly in the silent room.

Life carries on.
When nothing else matters.
When nothing else matters.

Liz whipped away the tears as she heard their conversation in the room. She had to go back…

I just don't know what's got into me.
It's just a prayer for the dying.
For the dying...

-Seal "Prayer for the Dying"
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HI guys well this is it the final TWO chapters -so read them both. Hope you guys enjoy! Thankyou guys So much for the feedback. luv you guys :wink:

Chapter 13- My wonder wall

“You have to let me go Max,” she said while closing her eyes and tears staining her porcelain face. She couldn’t look at his face; it would hurt too much. “Liz, I lost you once, and I’m sure as hell not going to loss you again,” he began to shout. He was angry at destiny and everything else in the world that had set them apart. “Max…” she started again. “No dam it,” he refused to listen to her. He knew that if he heard her next words then it would surely kill him. “Maybe… it just… wasn’t meant to be,” she whispered in shivers. Death had rained over Max’s aching body with her words.

It hurt Liz to say it as much as it hurt him to hear it. No, max refused to believe that. If fate wasn’t in the cards for them, then why did it bring her to him? Why did it torment the lovers so?

Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna give it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do

He grabbed Liz towards him and made her eyes look into his, “Don’t say that. You don’t mean it,” he whispered while shaking his head and tears threatening to fall as he framed her face with his hands. His thumbs brushed under her cheek to wipe away the tears that had fell so heavily. “I’ll never give you up,” he whispered in possession, “Never.”

I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now

Her forehead rested on his while they both tried to control their breathing. “I love you,” she whispered into his breath. “I love you,” he replied without hesitation. Liz smiled despite the tears and hurt inside of her, “Then nothing can change that,” she whispered back, “Being from different worlds has never stopped that before, why should it stop us now?” He shook his head in disbelief, “I can go with you Liz. If we can’t be together in this world, then I’ll be with you in the next,” he whispered to her.

Liz’s heart clenched in her chest from the pain, from his pleading words. All she could do was comfort him. Pulling his shirt closer to her, she claimed his lips and showed him how much she loved him. She made a sound when he wrapped his arms around her and brought her to the bed. He needed her so much, and he needed to show her that.

They made love extremely slow. Memorizing every inch of their lover, sweat stained the sheets. Liz had cried through every moment of it, and he never stopped touching her from fear of loosing her bodies’ warmth. Max kissed and tasted every tear that was spilled. Every moan was cherished, each caress was memorized, and all of their kisses were remembered. Making love had never been more painful as it was now, and Liz knew that this would be the last time.

“I just… I can’t believe this is happening,” Maria said in loss of hope over the cell phone. Michael was on his way over to Max and Liz house, and he just didn’t know what he was going to say when he got there, “Do you want me to pick you up on the way?” he breathed into the phone. “ No… I… I won’t make it through it if I go over there,” Maria stammered. “Okay.”

When he walked up to the steps, he almost broke down. Out of all the things he had been through, this was by far the most painful. Raising his hand and knocking on the door, Michael waited for a response.

Liz was curled up in Max’s embrace when she heard the noise at the door. He was sleeping heavily while holding onto Liz with just as much power. She slowly slipped out of his warming body before buttoning his shirt up that she was wearing and walked downstairs. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Michaels torn expression. “Hey, can I come in,” he asked carefully. It was still unnerving to see his dead sister walking and breathing while taking the appearance practically of a child.

She only nodded her head as an answer and let him come in. “Where’s Max?” he asked quietly. Liz looked up at the stairs before answering, “ He’s sleeping.” He sighed and dropped on the couch energy less. No matter what he tried, he still couldn’t win this battle.

Backbeat the word was on the street
That the fire in your heart is out

Silence hung in the suddenly cold house. “He wants to go with me,” she stated emotionless. Michael already knew his king was going to say that when he came over. He knew his brother, and he sure as hell knew that he’d do anything to be with her, even if it meant leaving his family behind.

“Liz, he’s got to stay here. We needed him here; Kivar is still out there, and we won’t stand a chance if he’s gone. If no one stops him, he’s going to take over earth too,” he tried to explain to her. She looked down to the ground and sat in front of him. “If he goes this world will be gone. You have to go back by yourself,” he stated. Michael hated this so much, but it was he who had to be strong. It was he who had to take the leader’s role for the moment. Liz closed her eyes at this news as a tear fell.

And I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody feels
The way I do about you now

Michael slouched over towards Liz and watched her petite frame. “You know despite all of the arguments that I’ve had with Max about how he rules, he truly is a great king. He’s won thousands of battles, and defeated hundreds of enemies. He’s undefeatable, but when it comes to him. His only weakness… is you,” he stated emotionally. “ He would give up this world, his family, his crown… He’d give that all up in order to be with you, Liz.” Tears now blinded her; Michael’s words had touched her deeply. “Liz…” he started again but was stopped by her voice. “I know Michael. I know I have to go back,” she whispered, “I have to go back.”

*************** ********** *****************

“Are you sure Liz?” Michael asked as he studied her face carefully. “Yes I have to do this now. If I don’t, I just might not have the will to leave him later. Just… let me say goodbye to him, Michael,” she pleaded.

She walked slowly up the stairs. Each step was bringing her closer to the breaking of her heart. Liz had no idea how she had the strength to do this. How was she able to turn away from the love of her life and loose him once again? Knowing that this was the last time she was ever going to see him again, It made her feel tired and empty inside. She had no choice but to go back to her world. She had to sacrifice the one thing in the world that she wanted for the greater good, and she had done so much sacrificing during the years.

When she entered the dark room, she saw his glowing form lying on the bed. His skin had an aura to it as always, and his chest rose and fell slowly while he dreamed. He was simply beautiful. She walked slowly towards the bed so she didn’t wake him.

And all the roads we have to walk are winding
And all the lights that lead the way are blinding

She couldn’t say goodbye, because Max would never let her go. He’d refuse to loose her again, and he’d die before letting it happen again. She lightly sat on the side of the bed as she tried to rememorizehis body with her eyes and heart. His hair fell over his closed eyes, and his lips were parted to take in air. Lying on his back with sheets only covering him half way, he stretched his refined muscles and whispered her name softly. She smiled, because she knew he was dreaming about her.

There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
I don't know how

Brushing the few strands of hair out of his eyes, she kissed his forehead gently. It was the last time she’d ever caress his sweet lips, and it killed her to know that. Tears dropped down her face as she closed her eyes to collect what little strength she had left. She placed her hand over his heart where the symbol of their love was placed. Running her fingers over the mark, Liz looked up as she heard him let out a groan. ‘Oh God, how can I do this?’ she asked herself.

I said maybe
You're gonna be the one who saves me?
And after all
You're my wonderwall

She swallowed a cry, and placed a kiss on the tattoo so gently that either one barely felt it. Tears of pain fell from her eyes and onto his golden chest. His body jerked as if he had in fact felt the heart ach from those precious tears. Before she gave up this fight inside herself, she took one last look upon his face and turned away from him. Now yesterday was just a memory, and so was today for Liz. Every moment they were together she’d replay in her head forever, but it would never be more than that- a memory.

Michael pulled her into his arms when he saw her sobbing. Liz Parker was a strong women; Michael even thought she was stranger than him. He knew how hard it was for her, and he knew if he were in her position he we wouldn’t have the will to do what she was doing now. Holing onto him tightly, she was comforted in her brother’s embrace. She loved him so much.

Today was gonna be the day
But they'll never throw it back to you

“Come on, I’ll drive you over there,” he whispered as he took her hand and led her to the door. Liz never once spoke a word on their way over there; she felt completely numb. The farther away they got from him, the less she felt of anything. Without him, life had made her feel lifeless. This time was no exception at all. No sunrise of sunset could make the color in Liz’s life come back.

“Michael can you give this to him,” she asked as she gave him a letter she had written only minutes ago. He only nodded his head and took it as they entered the cold machine. He took a deep breath before inserting the key. As she turned around to speak words of love to her brother, Liz saw threatening tears in his eyes. She just made a sound and dragged him towards her small frame. “All never be sorry you came Liz…Never,” he promised into her ear. She nodded her head violently in agreement. Oh God, she didn’t want this to only be a dream, and that’s exactly what it would be when she went back, it only be a dream.

By now you should've somehow
Realized what you're not to do

Blue lights splashed through the rounded walls. “Bring me back to the world I belong to,” she whispered to the granolith. Michael was only a few feet away before he was pulled against the wall from an unbelievable force. He looked up again and saw her inside the coned glass. Slowly, Michael got up and watched her for the last time, and then she was gone as if she’d never been there to begin with…she was gone.

I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do
About you now
And after all
You're my wonderwall

-Ryne Adems (Wonder wall)
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Chapter 14-Hold on to your world

Far away from the life so young
That's when you used to know

Max jumped awake with no breath in his lungs. ‘Oh God, some things wrong,’ the thought flamed through him. Where was Liz? She wasn’t next to him where she was suppost to be. Why did he feel so empty? Why couldn’t he feel her near him? Why…NO, she couldn’t have. NO she was still here. She had to be.

“Liz,” he cried out in the empty house, but she didn’t answer. He ran downstairs to the kitchen, and yet she was nowhere to be found. No, she had to be here.

Many dreams since then you've had have come and gone
The time might show

“She’s gone Max,” Michael spoke from the coach. He rushed to the living room only to find Michael sitting with gloom all over his features. “Where she Michael?” he demanded even though he started to break down as if he already knew the answer. Michael’s expression told him where she was; his silence and broken eyes told him what he needed to know, what he already knew. She went back without him; She left him without one word of goodbye.

He sank to the floor as his heart was torn without her. “I have to go after her Michael,” he stated with bloodshot eyes. Michael got off the coach and walked over, “She thought you would say that, so before you do anything I think you should read this,” he spoke while giving him the envelope.

But stress, don't you let in, don't you forget it
Trust you'll find your way love

He looked up at him like a lost child would when he had no purpose left in his life. Slowly, he took the paper and tore it open. It was from her.

My love,

Out of all the wondrous things we’ve seen, the most beautiful is you. You’re my heart; you always will be. No matter what trials we go through, I will remember you. The days when I’m lonely and in need, I’ll think of your face and I’ll smile, because I will remember our precious moments together. Every time I remember your laugh, I’ll smile. Every time I think of your face I’ll feel warmth in my heart. Ever time your not with me, I’ll go back to the times that you were. Please understand why I’m trying to do this. We don’t belong together. We never have, but we never gave up hope in our love. So I’m going to ask you to do that again. Have hope that maybe in some distant time or place that I’ll find you again. You found me, remember? You and I never really believed in God, but I do hope there is one, because if there is then I will once again hold you in my arms. I do believe that we will meet again, just not in your world or in mine. I’ll never forget our moments together, because those are the thoughts that will keep me warm at night. I love you more than life, and I will be seeing soon.

With all the love I possess,

‘Oh God…she really is gone.’

Hope is what your heart is made of
And don't you forget it
Don't you forget your way home
For that little girl
Hold on to your world…

Some where in a different world and a distant time….

“Hey, where are you?” Maria asked in the phone. Liz breathed heavily into the cell phone while walking the streets of New York, “I’m on Twenty-second Street, and I’m late for my meeting.” She dodged people who were walking the opposite way from her and trying not to miss up her beautifully white business suite and skirt she was wearing. “So where still good for lunch?” her best friend checked. “Yeah, I…dam it! Listen Maria I gotta go,” she hung up her phone and tried to pick up the papers someone had knocked out of her hand by in fact almost knocking her down.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking at wear I was going and I…” a deep voice came close. She didn’t look up though, not even as his beautiful hand began to help her collect the papers. “It’s fine,” she whispered as his heat body came so closer to hers. She hadn’t even seen his face, and already her breathing had doubled. “Are you sure your ok?” he whispered.

You're world's apart from first where life would start
Understanding what it means to have gone

She glanced up, and was caught up in the sight. Not only was he gorgeous, but also this man’s face looked so familiar to her that she was left speechless. He didn’t say a word either as their eyes connected intimately. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek and his hand on hers. ‘Jesus, he felt like home.’

Nothing but your heavy broken heart
Memories of what used to be
With change comes responsiblity

A loud honking noise on the streets awoke them from their daze. He smiled brilliantly at her as he offered his hand to help her up. Liz took it without hesitation, because she was still entranced by his intense brown eyes. “Are you sure your alright?” he asked while handing her the papers. She only nodded dreamily, and the tall, dark and hansom man let out a breath.

He couldn’t resist in asking, “Have we met?” He knew he’d seen her angel lit face before, but he just didn’t know where from. She only shook her head slowly and answered, “No…why?” He let out a nervous laugh and spoke, “Honestly, I don’t know, but your face…I’d never forget a face like that.” She blushed and turned her head. The man cursed himself inwardly for finding it unbelievably sexy.

Don't forget where you are and where you've been
Life's lessons then made you into woman

“So you’re ok, now?” he asked again before she nodded her head yes. He smiled at her again and backed away from her slightly. “Thank you,” she said again. They stood their for seconds, minutes, who knew how long until he gave her one last smile and slowly began walking past her. He never once let his eyes leave hers until he was completely past her.

And don't you forget it
Don't you forget your way home
For that little girl
Hold on to your world

She turned around and watched him walk away, and for one second she almost said something to him, say anything to make him stay, but she didn’t. She let it past and began to walk on her way.

The man turned around again. He didn’t know what he was going to say to her, but once he saw her walking off into the distance, he realized it didn’t matter. She was gone.

And don't you forget it
Don't you forget your way home
For that little girl
Hold on to your world

************ ********************** *************

Liz sighed as she walked her way over to the restaurant to meet Maria. She had felt regret the whole entire morning. She regretted not saying something to that mystery man on the street.

Don't you be afraid cuz a heartbeat away
It's all that and everything

Why the hell hadn’t she said anything? She knew now that she had made a mistake in being shy. She only wished now, that she could fix it.

That send men and women to you
Don't need to cry, you can dry your eyes

The small bell rang as she opened the door, and found Maria. “Liz finally you made it. I thought you might have been run over by a taxi or something. Oh I forgot this is Max,” she introduced as she moved over for Liz to see his face.

Cuz you can count on the love that through the years
Captured fears you'll face, can subside your tears
Everything will be ok, don't you be afraid

It was him the man from the street. He was here. His face showed just as much shock as hers did when he saw her. He smiled in disbelief as he reached out his hand to her.

“Max Evan,”

“Elizabeth Parker,”

… Just hold on to your world.

-Glen Lewis ( Don't you forget it)
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