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A/N: Thank you for the great feedback, it's really appreciated :D Sorry about the confusion, sometimes i type quicker than i can think. Liz is having triplets, just to clear it all up.

syvlia37 - oops that was an accident, twins is correct
su-lyn - yes this is a different Michael that's for sure
Jason's Lover

Part 20

“Oh my god, Liz are you ok?” she asked.

Liz looked up at the sound of Maria’s voice but straight away she knew it was a bad move and before long she was bent over the toilet again dry reaching.

Maria raced over to Liz and pulled her hair out of her face.

“Oh god what’s wrong are you sick?” she asked panicked, this was not the sight she expected to greet her by her best friend on her wedding day.

“No pregnant” Liz whispered in reply.

“Pregnant?” Maria’s eyes widened.

Liz nodded, she looked up at Maria then “what are you doing here so early?” she asked.

Maria frowned “what do you mean early the hair appointment is in 5 minutes”

Liz’s eyes widened in shock “Oh god” she said trying to stand up but she was too shaky too and if Maria hadn’t reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders she would have fallen.

“Liz are you sure your supposed to be this sick?” she asked worried.

“I don’t know” Liz whispered suddenly a little worried herself. “I need Max” she told her then.

Maria shook her head thought “You can’t see Max before the wedding, it’s tradition plus its bad luck” she told her.

“Screw tradition and fuck bad luck, I need Max” Liz said firmly, something wasn’t right, she hadn’t been sick in days. She reached for him through the connection but he was still asleep.

“Hand me the phone” she demanded from Maria.

Not wanting to argue with Liz in the mood she was already in Maria went to pick up the phone for her but it started ringing at the same time so she answered it.


“Maria is that you?” Isabel said on the other end.

“Yes who is this?” she asked.

“It’s Isabel, where’s Liz is everything alright she was supposed to meet me at the hairdresser by now”

“Oh she’s sick Isabel, really sick. I think she passed out on the bathroom floor” she explained.

“Oh god, is she ok now?” Isabel panicked.

“She wants Max” she answered.

“Did you call him?”

“Not yet I was just about to give her the phone when it started ringing”

“Ok” she breathed out. “I’ll tell the hairdresser we’ll be an hour late and I’ll be over in a minute. Call Max if she is that sick” she explained.

Maria nodded “Ok”

She hung up then and passed Liz the phone and she dialled the familiar number.


Max slowly woke from slumber when he heard the tune of his cell ringing. He realised immediately that the tune was the one he had set for Liz so he snapped the phone into his hand.

“Hello” he said groggily.

“M-Max” she whispered out.

Max immediately went on alert at the sound of her voice and for the first time since he woke up he sensed her through the connection, she was sick and she was very scared.

He jumped up and pulled on pants “I’ll be there as quickly as possible” he assured her without her needing anything “your at home right”

“Yes” she confirmed. “Maria’s with me” she told him wanting to give him advance warning that they weren’t alone “Isabel is on her way” she said.

Max threw a shirt over his head and began racing out of the house the minute he snapped the phone shut.

Dianne frowned when she saw her son rushing like a bat out of hell “Max where are you going?” she asked but instead of answering he just continued rushing until he was behind the wheel of the jeep and on his way to Liz’s.


Isabel pulled up at the same time as Max and rushed to catch up with him.

“Max what’s wrong with her?” she asked.

“I don’t know” he shook his head as he pushed the front door open and began taking the stairs two at a time to get too Liz.

Liz’s eyes were on the door before Max even reached it and as soon as he caught sight of her he rushed towards her and took her into his arms. “You ok?” he asked kissing her and pulling her tighter against him.

Maria stood by with her mouth open in awe at the display that was Max and Liz. The way he handled her with absolute care and the exchange where little words were required.

“you didn’t close the connection did you?” he pathed, that was the only explanation he could think of.

”No I don’t this so” Liz replied “Max can you connect and make sure they’re ok” she asked slightly panicked that something might be wrong with one of the babies.

Max nodded but he knew he couldn’t do it with Maria in the room so he turned and faced “Can you get Liz some water please, they’re should be a bottle downstairs in the fridge” he asked.

Isabel was standing at the door too watching everything unfold “I’ll start some toast too, it might help to put something back in her stomach” she suggested and followed Maria out of the room.

“I told her” she whispered then and Max looked up surprised “she walked in on me and I was so sick Max, she would have called an ambulance if I didn’t”

Max smiled “it’s fine sweetie, you would have wanted to tell her eventually anyway” he whispered.

He placed his hand on her stomach then and opened their connection to their children, they were all their but there was some slight distress, they missed their father and they were taking so much of Liz’s energy that she couldn’t keep up. They explained to him what they needed and Max gave it to them.

Liz began to panic when Max stayed in the connection with his eyes closed for so long but when he finally opened them he was smiling.

“Is everything ok?” she asked.

“it’s fine” he said kissing her gently “they just need more of me than I’m giving” he explained disappointed in himself that he didn’t realise sooner.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked confused.

“They don’t like it when I’m not around you or them, when we touch they absorb my energy, when I’m not they have no choice but to use yours and your body cant take it, one maybe but not three” he told her.

Liz smiled in relief, she was already feeling better.

Max stood up and kissed her button nose “Why don’t you go grab a shower, and I’ll go tell Isabel to make that toast with eggs and bacon too” he suggested.

Liz nodded “thank you” she whispered.

Max grinned “You welcome, besides I cant have my future wife passing out when she reaches me at the alter can I?”

“No” Liz smiled and shook her head “you cant and you wont” she told him

He pulled Liz close to his body then “I am a King you know so you my darling should look like a queen” he whispered in her ear.

“I feel like a queen” she told him.

“Really?” he asked happily.

“Really” she assured him kissing him soundly on the lips.

When Liz entered the bathroom for her shower Max reluctantly walked down the stairs.

Isabel and Maria looked up surprised “How’s Liz?”

“better” he assured them “but Isabel toast wont be enough, maybe eggs and bacon”

“Are you sure?” Maria asked concerned.

“Very, she’s starving” he said. “she’s having a shower and she’ll be down”

Isabel nodded and got to work finding all the things she needed in the fridge.

Max and Maria stood staring at each other then “can we talk?” Max finally asked “out side”

Maria nodded and followed him onto the front porch and took a seat beside him on the step.

“So I’m hoping that you being here means that you’re here for Liz today?” he said breaking the silence that had descended.

Maria nodded “if she still wants me to, yes” she confirmed.

Max nodded and smiled slightly “You mean so much to her, do you know that?” he asked her.

Maria fidgeted nervously “she means a lot to me too, I don’t deserve a friend like her and the way I treated her was terrible” she whispered.

Max nodded “I’m sorry that I’ve come between the two of you. If I was any kind of man I would have stepped out of the picture but I just couldn’t do that Maria. Liz is like air to me. I love her with everything that I am and every breath that I breathe and as selfish as it sounds, I wont give her and especially now my children up for anything or anybody”

Maria nodded “and you shouldn’t have too” she told him.

“So you can accept all this because I don’t want to see Liz get hurt again?” he asked.

Maria looked up at Max then her eyes locking with his beautiful ambers ones and she realised something, he was a stranger. He was not her Zan and he never would be, Zan was gone and for the first time since he had taken off out of her life she realised something, that she was ok with that, that she could live with that.

“It’s not going to be great between you and me over night but it will be, I want us to be friends because just like you Max, Liz is the most important person in my life too and I’m not giving her up either” she smiled through her tears.

Max leaned in and wrapped an arm around Maria then and pulled her to him slightly before kissing the top of her hair “Thank you” he whispered.

Maria nodded and smiled too.

Max stood up then “I should go before my mum sends out a search party” he chuckled.

“Good idea” she said wiping the last of her tears away.

Max took a step back but then stopped “I’m sorry I hurt you” he said, and he was. Maria was a wonderful person and he regretted the way he treated you.

Maria nodded “I know” she said, because she finally saw what everyone else saw about Max Evans and that was how much he loved her best friend.


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A/N: Thank you for the feedback, i'm glad you liked the last part. Um i'm sorry about this part and not replying to fb but i'm in a bad way with an injury and barely had this part ready to post, so please be kind :(

Part 21

Liz walked down the stairs after having her shower feeling a lot better, it helped knowing that her babies were alright and now she knew what they needed she would be able to ensure that they were alright.

“Hi” she said walking into the kitchen where Isabel was just serving out some breakfast.

“Hey how are you feeling?” she asked concerned.

“Better” she smiled no elaborating as Maria walked back into the room.

“Did Max leave?” she asked then, avoiding Maria she knew they needed to talk. Liz had a lot of questions for her best friend.

“Yes” she told her.

“Hurry up and eat Liz we’re already late” Isabel encouraged then.

Liz’s head shot up surprised “Oh god I completely forgot, will we have time?”

“Of course” Isabel smiled “I just have a few phone calls to make to push our other appointments back a half an hour or so” she said picking up her organiser and walking out of the room leaving Maria and Liz sitting at the table.

“So” Maria started causing Liz to look up at her.

Liz cleared her throat “I’m a little surprised to see you here” she said.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised” Maria nodded.

Liz didn’t say anything she just studied her friend waiting for her elaborate.

“I know I should have come and see you earlier but the truth was I was ashamed and scared” she told Liz.

“Of?” Liz asked her.

“What kind of best friend am I, Liz? I mean what I did to you was very selfish and so very wrong and my only excuse was my hurt but I know that isn’t good enough” she told her.

Liz nodded “I know you were upset, if our situation was reversed I would have felt the same way. Regardless of what I think or Max thinks you did have feelings for him and I’m sorry that neither of us took that serious enough” she apologised.

“I should have listened to you, I see now how much Max loves you and I’m so sorry that I made you feel like you had to choose” Maria started to cry.

“It really hurt” Liz whispered “I thought I could always rely on you, that you would always be there for me” Liz whispered tears forming in her own eyes.

“I know and I should have been, and later when I sat down and thought about what would happen if you didn’t choose me I was so scared and sad Liz. I can’t imagine not having you as my best friend, you are one of the most important people in my life and I just don’t think I could survive with you.

I am so sorry can you forgive me?” she cried.

Liz hopped up out of her seat “I love you Maria, you mean so much to me and I never wanted to have to choose but I love Max so much, and while my hear would have had a gaping whole in it without you I wouldn’t have had a heat without Max” she whispered, she needed Maria to understand that.

Maria nodded.

The two girls got up and hugged then both crying at their reunion. Neither girls were stupid enough to believe that everything would be ok or back to the way it was before but they had started on the road to forgiveness.

“So I have this spare bridesmaid dress that will probably fit you perfectly” Liz smiled when they pulled apart.

Maria chuckled “I hope you don’t mind that I got it fitted, I would never had forgiven myself if I missed your wedding Lizzie I was just too afraid you wouldn’t forgive me or want me anymore” she admitted.

“Never” Liz shook her head.

Isabel walked back into the room then and smiled when she saw that it was obvious from the tears and smiled on Liz’s face that her and Maria had found some sort of peace.

“Ladies we need to be going if want to be ready in time for Liz here to meet her prince charming”

Liz grinned “Let’s go get me ready to get married” she grinned, today was the happiest day of her life, she was going to marry her soul mate and she couldn’t wait.


At three o’clock that afternoon Liz was standing at the end of the aisle on her fathers arms ready to walk down the aisle.

In the end Maria had decided to let Isabel stand beside Liz so with a final smile at Liz and a worded good luck she took Alex’s hand and began walking down the aisle.

Once they were half way down Isabel kissed Liz one last time and took Michaels arm and followed Maria and Alex’s path down the aisle.

“You ready sweetheart?” Jeff asked his daughter, he had never seen her so happy and he had never been more proud of her than he was today.

“Never been readier” she grinned, there were no nerves just anticipation she had never wanted anything more than to become Mrs Max Evans.

The music started then and Liz took a deep breath and smile at her father “in the words of Bart Simpson, Dad. There’s nothing left to do in a moment like this, but strut” she giggled.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me when ever I fall
You say it best..when you say nothing at all

Max’s breath caught in his throat when he saw the vision of Liz entering through the back doors on her fathers arm.

She looked absolutely angelic as she glided towards him .

All day long I can hear people talking out loud
But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd (the crowd)
Try as they may they can never define
What's been said between your heart and mine

Liz was halfway up the aisle when she stopped.

Max’s heart began to beat in his chest and he took step forward seeing Liz with her hand on her abdomen but she looked up and grinned mischievously before continuing her steps.

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me when ever I fall
You say it best..when you say nothing at all

(You say it best when you say nothing at all
You say it best when you say nothing at all..)

The smile on your face
The truth in your eyes
The touch of your hand
Let's me know that you need me..

(You say it best when you say nothing at all
You say it best when you say nothing at all..)

“I love you” Max grinned and mouthed when she finally reached her side.

He watched as her father kissed her cheek before handing his hand over to her

The smile on your face
The truth in your eyes
The touch of your hand
Let's me know that you need me..

(You say it best when you say nothing at all
You say it best when you say nothing at all..)

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join these two souls as one” the priest began.

Liz and Max just stared at each other communicating silently the whole way through the ceremony and before either knew what was happening they were sliding the rings on each other’s fingers and declaring their love for each other for eternity.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the church when the priest spoke for the last time “I now declare you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”

With tears stringing down her eyes Liz launched into Max’s arms as he simultaneously pulled her to him.

“I love you so much” she cried against his mouth.

“I adore you baby” he replied passionately.

“Congratulations” Isabel cried when they finally pulled apart, hugging her brother first before pulling Liz into her arms.

“Welcome to the family sister” she said.

“Thank you” Liz grinned.

“Congrats guys” Michael shook Max hands and kissed Liz’s cheek before Alex was pulling Liz into his arms before patting Max on the back.

“That was beautiful guys congratulations” Maria said being the last to congratulate the couple. “Thank you so much for letting me be part of this after everything” she said tearily.

Without second though Max and Liz both pulled her to them and the three enjoyed a group hug.

“Come on guys you have a photographer and guests waiting for you” Isabel said then.

Once outside the church they greeted and thanked their guests and posed for a couple of dozen photos before taking off for some photos out in the dessert with the bridal party.


“Ladies and gentleman Mr and Mrs Max Evans” the MC announced and the happy couple breezed straight into the room and onto the dance floor.

Your love is better than ice cream
Better than anything else that I’ve tried
And your love is better than ice cream
Everyone here know how to fight

Max sung the words to the song in Liz’s ear as he held her as close to her body as he possibly could.

“I’m so happy” he told her.

And it's a long way down
It's a long way down
It's a long way down to the place
Where we started from

Your love is better than chocolate
Better than anything else that I’ve tried
Oh love is better than chocolate
Everyone here knows how to cry

“Me too, and now we just have a wonderful future to look towards” she smiled.

“I can’t wait” he told her.

“Me either”

It's a long way down
It's a long way down
It's a long way down to the place
Where we started from...


Max stood up and tapped lightly on his glass to get everyone’s attention.

“Hi everyone” he smiled when they were all looking at him “Firstly on behalf of my beautiful wife and I, thank you all for coming and sharing this special day with us” he told them.

He looked down at Liz “I feel like the luckiest man on the earth to have married Liz today” he confessed “it’s unique and special when you meet someone who not only compliments you, and loves you for exactly who you but even more so when you find that person who completes you every single way”

“I found that in Liz” he whispered his eyes never leaving Liz as he said it. He turned back to the crowd then.

“I also want to thank our wonderful friends who are here with us today, to my best man and groomsmen Michael and Alex, and my sister Isabel and Maria. Thank you so much for you all your love and support.”

“And lastly but certainly not least to our parents who have supported us our entire lives in everything we do, thank you so much for being there for us”

Dianne Evans was in tears as she reached for her husbands hands, her son has certainly came a long way from the boy who was constantly lost and running from his life and she would always be grateful to Liz for bringing him back to her for good.


When the dancing started Maria watched from her table with an envious smile as Max and Liz danced closely to the music. Alex had asked Isabel to dance as well and it was obvious that it wouldn’t be too long to her other best friend was off the market for good, it was obvious that him and Isabel were in love.

“Do you want to dance?” a voice startled her then and she looked up surprised to find Michael Guerin standing in front of her with an outstretched hand.

“Sure” she agreed taking his hand.

It was awkward at first when Michael pulled her into his arms, they weren’t too close but they were close enough but eventually all the awkwardness faded and she felt herself fall further into his arms.

“So I’m glad you came” Michael said.

Maria looked up surprised “Me too”

“So maybe if you’re staying for a while we could grab a drink one night” he said.

“Li-Like a date?” she asked with a small smile, a month ago she would have never even contemplated being asked out by Michael Guerin or even saying yes.

Michael shrugged “Yeah I guess” he said acting like it was no big deal.

Maria smiled against his shoulder “Sure that would be great” she said.

Michael nodded “Good”

“Yeah great” she replied.

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A/N: Hello everyone. I would like to thank you all for your kind 'Get Well' wishes. I have slightly recovered but am still very uncomfortable, something that probably wont be going away anytime soon unfortunetely.

Thank you very much for your feedback as well, i appreciate the effort you all go to read and leave your comments, so thanx :D

Now to the part we all hate hearing, there is only one more part and an epilogue to go for this fic :cry: .

Spicy trini1

Part 22

“Do you have to go back?” Isabel whispered as she watched Alex throw the last of his clothes in his bag.

Alex looked up from the bed and into the teary brown eyes of Isabel and his heart broke, he hated being away from her for even a second but he had to return to school.

“Yeah I do” he told her sadly.

Isabel stood up then and walked into his open arms. He had already stayed a few days extra then he had planned, spending time with her and Maria so she knew she couldn’t ask him to stay any longer no matter how much she wanted to.

“I don’t want you to go” she whispered against his chest.

“I know but I’ll be home at Christmas” he assured her “and we’ll talk every night”

Isabel smiled “I know”

They stood holding each other for what felt like eternity “I love you Isabel” Alex finally whispered, he had wanted to say it to her so many times over the past three months but he had held back, not wanting to scare her by saying it too soon. He didn’t want to do it over the phone and then once he arrived there just never seemed to be a right time.

Isabel pulled back and her eyes widened in surprised “I love you too” she told him.

Alex’s mouth came crashing down against hers after her declaration trying to convey in that one kiss everything he felt for her and when they pulled back they were both smiling.

“Before you go I have to talk to you about something” she said then, all of a sudden feeling very bad about the secrets she had been keeping from him.

Alex nodded but he couldn’t wipe the massive grin of his face, Isabel Evans loved him.


“So being back in Roswell must be interesting” Michael commented from across the table.

Maria smiled “Yeah” she agreed “but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be” she admitted then.

Michael arched an eyebrow at the blonde sitting across from him, from what Liz had told him he had thought that Maria hated Roswell and everything it represented so it surprised him to hear her say that.

“I guess Max wasn’t the only one running and hiding in New York” she finally admitted.

Michael nodded, he’d done his own fair share of running and hiding throughout his life. It had only been in the last few years since Isabel came into his life that he felt like he belonged somewhere.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love New York” she smiled “but all of a sudden I love Roswell too” it didn’t make much sense. Roswell was the place she had waited her entire life to flee from and now that she had finally left she couldn’t believe that she was contemplating what she was.

“Does that mean your considering not going back?” Michael asked hopefully.

Since Max and Liz’s wedding the week before the two of them had gotten together several times. They had gone out with Alex and Isabel the first few times but in the past couple of days it had just been the two of them and Michael liked it.

In fact he liked her, a lot

Maria looked up and studied his face “I’m not sure what I’m saying” she laughed at the stupidity of the conversation.

“I mean its not like Roswell has that much to offer” she scoffed secretly raising her eyes to see his reaction.

“Well your best friend lives here and the two of you have a lot of catching up to do, and don’t forget that you’ll be an aunt soon” he shrugged.

“True” Maria smiled.

“What about you, Michael?” she asked turning the conversation over “what keeps you in Roswell?”

“Family” he said simply.

Maria looked at him surprised, she had always thought that Michael had a bad family environment. Didn’t he grow up in the trailer park with an alcoholic father?

“I know what your thinking” he cut off her thoughts “Max and Isabel, they’re my family” he told her.

Maria nodded she could understand that, she considered Liz and Alex closer than her own mother at times.

“We have good friends don’t we?” she smiled.

Michael nodded and smiled too “We do”


“Hmm you feel so good” Max moaned as he laid on his back staring at his wife’s beautiful face.

Liz was stroking his hard cock in her hand getting ready to sink down on it.

They had been on their honeymoon in Mexico for a week now and they were both feeling totally relaxed. They had spent countless hours on the beach and the rest of their time had been spent making lover over and over again.

Raising above him Liz sunk down on his hard cock and began bucking against him.

Reaching up Max grasps her breasts in his hands causing Liz to moan, “Got they’re so sensitive now” . All it took was for Max to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples to send her over the edge now.

“Come around my cock beautiful” he encouraged leaning up and taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking on it.

“Oh god” Liz cried out as she began raising up and down on his cock harder.

“Oh yes baby” Max groaned as she slammed back down against him.

“Oh god…………….ahh yes Max, yes MAX” Liz cried out, her walls fluttering around Max’s cock and her juices running down his cock.

Liz collapsed against his chest trying to catch her breath and Max stroked her back lovingly, still hard as a rock and buried deep inside of her. Liz felt him twitch inside of her and moaned her approval allowing Max to swiftly but gently roll them over.

Pulling back to his knees, he hooked Liz’s legs over his elbows and began pounding back into her searching for his own release.

“Oh fuck” Liz groaned, he was thrusting inside of her so hard and deep that she thought she would split in two but it felt too good.

“Oh baby don’t stop,” she told him,

“Fuck no” Max groaned.

His eyes were shut and Liz could tell from the look on his face how much he was enjoying letting go of his control and fucking her. He had been hesitant since he found out about the babies not wanting to hurt them but Liz had convinced him that they should have as much sex as possible now, because soon she would be too big.

“Yes baby” she moaned.

She could feel another orgasm approaching so she slid a hand down and began rubbing her clit in circles.

Max growled when he opened his eyes and saw her rubbing her clits, he felt his balls tighten and threw his head back in bliss.

“Yes……..ahh LIZ” he screamed out.

He continued to pump in and out of her body as his cum shot deep inside of her, his final thrusts pushing Liz over the edge for her second orgasm.

“Fuck” Max cried out collapsing on the bed next to Liz.

“That was intense” Liz sighed in complete and utter satisfaction.

“Is it just me or is getting better and better?” she turned and asked her husband.

“Your just hornier” Max laughed at her. Nevertheless, she was right; every time they were together, they were increasingly in sync with each other.

They lay in silence after that both enjoying just being together, the truth was no words were needed between them. Their hearts just worked in sync.

“I wish we never had to leave here” Max whispered out, he loved it here because there was no responsibility waiting for them. They could just be Max and Liz.

“I know but we have to go and prepare for our children” she whispered her hand caressing her abdomen softly.

Max grinned at the minder of his daughter and son growing in his wife’s womb “I still can’t believe it” he whispered.

“I know” Liz beamed up at him.


“So let me get this straight” Alex shook his head not quite believing the tale his girlfriend had just told him.

“You, your brother Max and Michael are aliens and were in the 1947 Crash. Where you were in incubations pods until you hatched in 1983?” he asked.

Isabel nodded “Right”

Alex watched her for a few seconds before he burst out laughing “Isabel sweetie that’s quite a story you should think about putting pen to paper and publishing it”

Isabel’s forehead wrinkled “I’m not joking” she said.


“Alex, I’m not lying,” she told him.

Alex’s laughing quickly faded when he realised that his girlfriend was deadly serious “Isabel…” he started but his words were halted when she held up her hand and changed the colour of her shirt from green to yellow.

“Wh-what?” Alex’s eyes went wide and even wider when she turned her top from yellow to pink.

“How did you do that?” he asked.

Isabel sighed, “I told you Alex I’m not from around here” she whispered. She felt dejected as she watched the horrified look on Alex’s face. She had known that there was a possibility he wouldn’t be able to accept who she was but she had hoped with everything that she was that he would.

“Ok” Alex finally replied “so you weren’t joking before, I mean wow this is amazing” he said.

Isabel looked up from where she was staring at her hands in her lap. “Really?”

Alex felt his heart constrict when he saw the tears glistening in her eyes and he hopped up from his seat and moved beside her “so you’re an alien” he whispered “I guess that makes me the luckiest human in the world”


Alex smiled “Well I mean you’re like one of the only female aliens on earth and you chose me out of how many billion earthlings?”

Isabel smiled “How could I now, your perfect” she whispered.

“So are you” Alex told her leaning forward and kissing her softly.

“I love you,” She told him happily.

“I love you too, Isabel”

They talked for hours after that, Isabel explaining everything about their lives and what they knew about their alien destinies and Alex sat and listened to everything, asking questions and being completely accepting and Isabel Evans knew right then that she would never love anyone the way she had fallen for Alex Whitman.


Michael fidgeted nervously as he walked Maria to her door. This was the part of the date he always dreaded. For some reason he always managed to stuff it up. Either he read the signs wrong and did something he shouldn’t have or he would say that would result in the women never wanting to see him again.

“So” Maria smiled as she pulled her keys from her bag. The house was dark so she assumed her mother was out again, one thing hadn’t changed since she had left Roswell and that was her mother’s social life. She still dated constantly apparently.

“So” Michael smiled back running a hand through his messy hair. He wanted to lean forward and kiss her but he wasn’t sure if she would welcome it or slap his face.

“I had a nice time,” she told him ”kiss me,” she whispered in her head.

“Me too” Michael said his eyes locking with hers and unconsciously taking a step towards her.

Maria’s eyes locked on his lips as she watched mesmerised while he slowly leaned towards her. Her pink tongue peeked out of her mouth then and licked her lips in preparation causing Michael to groan and close the distant quickly.

Maria felt all the air leave her lungs at the first touch of his lips against hers. They were softer than she expected and she felt herself leaning further into the kiss as his hands gently rested on her hips.

Michael pulled back reluctantly, the kiss was amazing and he knew if he allowed himself he could get lost in her for the rest of the night but he wanted to do things right with Maria. For the first time in his life he found himself wanting something to work, in a couple of weeks Maria Deluca had managed to crawl her way into his heart. He wanted to know her but more importantly, he wanted to restore her faith in love, if she would give him the chance.

“Night” he whispered, smiling slightly at the ravaged look on her face.

Clearing her throat Maria finally found her voice again “Good night” she replied.

She waited until Michael had walked back to his bike and started then engine before opening the front door and walking inside, once it was closed she leaned against it with a dreamy sigh. Maybe Roswell had more to offer than she thought.

TBC.........Final part on Friday and depending on it's length i might post the epi at the same, we'll just have to wait and see

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A/N: Hello everyone! Thank you for the wonderful feedback. This part is longer than i thought so you'll get the epilogue next week. The ending kind of sucks so i'm hoping that the epi will wrap up any of you unanswered questions.

Hope you like it :wink:


Part 23

Max groaned when the knocking on the front door woke him. They had only gotten home from their honeymoon late the night before and he just wanted to sleep.

“Who could that be?” Liz groaned from her side of her bed.

Getting up and throwing on a pair of boxers and a shirts Max replied, “I don’t know but I’m going to tell them to fuck off”

Liz laughed as she watched him rush out of the bedroom.

Max practically ripped the door off the hinges as he opened it. “What!” he snapped at his sister and Alex who were standing their holding coffee’s and a bag.

“Morning” Isabel grinned oblivious to Max’s bad mood.

“Not that it isn’t nice to see you Isabel, Alex what brings you by at 8 am when you know Liz and I didn’t get home until a few hours ago” he said sarcastically.

“Something important” Isabel replied shoving the bag full of breakfast at his chest “and I also invited Michael so he should be here any second too”

“What!” Max cried.

“Liz get up and get down here” Isabel yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“Isabel in case it escaped your attention Liz is pregnant, she needs her sleep” Max snapped angrily. He loved his sister but it infuriated her the way she thought she had the right to barge into his house and demand that they pay attention to her.

Liz smiled as she made her way down the stairs dressed in her red satin robe “It’s ok honey I’m up now” she said sending him an appreciative smile.

“We’re sorry to wake you Liz but my plane leaves in two hours” Alex apologised moving forward and kissing his best friend “Welcome home” he said.

“Thanks” she smiled and then gave Isabel a hug as well.

“So what’s so important?” Liz asked as they took a seat at the kitchen table waiting for Michael.

Isabel was saved from having to answer by the roar of Michael’s bike and seconds later he was stumbling into the room looking as tired as Max and Liz.

“This better be good” he told Isabel.

Isabel took a deep breath “Alex knows” she blurted out.

Max who was sipping his coffee stopped mid sip and Liz placed the croissant she was picking at down. All of a sudden her stomach was churning.

“Knows what?” Michael shrugged.

“About us. That we’re aliens”

“Oh ok” Liz said casting a hesitant look at Alex to see his reaction.

“Great” Michael sighed now another person knew.

“How do you feel about it Alex?” Max asked a little unsure he did think it was a good sign that he was still there after hearing the news though.

Alex grinned “I’m in love with a princess”

Liz burst out laughing, that was a typical Alex response.

Max smirked amused too “that’s great. But I mean do you have any questions or anything?”

“No, Isabel has told me pretty much everything, we just wanted to let you know together before I fly back to Boston that I know” he said.

“Well welcome to the Alien abyss” Michael said.

“Thanks” Alex smiled and Isabel sighed in relief that they had taken the news that she had told Alex so well. Not that she expected anything less, her and Michael had not even blinked an eye when Max had informed them that he had spilled his guts to Liz.

“and while we’re announcing things” Isabel continued then “I’ve decided to transfer and go to school in Boston next semester” she surprised everyone.

Liz’s hand went straight to her mouth to stop the gasp.

“Have you talked to mum and dad about that?” Max asked concerned. He was happy that his sister had found a great guy like Alex who accepted her for who she was and who she loved. So if being with Alex in Boston was what she wanted he would support her.

“No I plan on doing that in a few days”

“Wow we’ll miss you Iz” Michael spoke up.

“Yeah” Liz whispered tears coming to her eyes. She already had one best friend in New York and another in Boston. Now Isabel would be in Boston as well.

Max looked up and saw the distress on his wife’s face and instantly knew why.

“Well we need to go if I’m going to make my flight” Alex said standing up. Him and Isabel took off quickly then and Michael followed them wanting to go back to bed.

When the door shut Max pulled Liz into his arms “Oh sweetie it will be ok” he assured her and the minute she heard his words she let the tears fall.

“No it wont” she cried “why does everyone leave, I thought Isabel would be here when the triplets were born. I wont have any friends now or who understand”

“Oh baby” Max soothed rubbing a hand up and down her back.

He let her cry until she went limp in his arms and then picked her up and carried her back too bed.


Liz smirked as she watched Maria pace the length of her small kitchen. Her and Max had returned from their honeymoon a couple of weeks earlier and Liz had watched in amusement as her best friend fell in love, she was just wondering how long it was going to take for Maria to realise it.

“What are you smirking about?” Maria asked.

Liz bit her bottom lip and wiped her smile off her face “Nothing” she lied and picked up her glass of water.

“How are you feeling?” Maria asked coming and taking a seat next to her.

“good” Liz smiled. Tonight her and Max were having dinner with their parents and were going to announce the good news. They knew in the future that they would have to tell their parents about Max’s alien heritage but they would cross that road when they came to it.

“I’m glad” she smiled.

“When do you leave?” Liz asked the smile falling from her face.

Over the past two weeks her and Maria had spent a lot of time together trying to get their friendship back on track. They weren’t fully there yet but Liz knew they would be soon but she was dreading when the time came for Maria to also leave. Isabel was still in Roswell but she was already making plans for her move.

Maria looked at Liz and sighed “I haven’t booked my ticket yet” she admitted.

“Really?” Liz said surprised “why?”

Maria’s eyes dropped to her hands and she began fidgeting nervously.

“I don’t know” she finally replied.

“What about your job?” Liz asked.

“well I’m pretty sure I lost that when I didn’t fly back last week” she laughed a little.

Liz smiled “is this about Michael?” she asked reaching over and taking Maria’s hand.

Maria looked up surprised at Liz’s question, was it that obvious?

“Have you talked to him about going back?”

“a little” she admitted “but he never says much”

Liz watched Maria for a while “Your in love with him” she finally said.

“What!” Maria’s eyes widened.

“Maria” Liz started “I know you might not be ready for this but believe me your going to wake up one morning and your going to know without a doubt that you are head over heels in love with Michael Guerin” she smiled.

Maria stood up “That’s just silly Liz. I mean I barely know him we’re just friends”

“Friends that kiss?” Liz giggled.

“Well no, I mean yes” Maria said completely frustrated.

She looked over at Liz then who was smiling knowingly “oh god your right” she cried falling back into her seat.

She looked up at Liz then “how the hell did you realise this before me?”

Liz smiled “because for the first time in your life your willing to change your life for someone.” She shrugged.

“How do you mean?” Maria asked confused.

“You’re not going back to New York Maria. You would have left by now if you were”


“For what it’s worth I don’t want you to leave” Liz told her then “I miss my best friend and I’m going to need you in a few months because these three are going to rock my world” she said placing her hand on her abdomen.

“Three? Your having triplets?” she asked shocked.

Liz nodded happily “Yep and they’re going to desperately need an aunt that lives near by” she told her.

“Oh congratulations” she cried leaping up to hug Liz.

“thank you”

“So what am I going to do?” a hopeless Maria asked.

“Talk to him Maria” she suggested “tell him how you feel and see what he thinks but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed” she smiled gently.

It was obvious when you saw the two of them together how Michael felt about her.

“Thanks Liz” she whispered. Maria had forgotten how nice it was to have her best friend close by to talk about these things


Max clutched Liz’s hand under the table as dinner with their parents began to wind down.

“You guys have been quiet tonight” Nancy Parker speaks up and Liz and Max smiled surprised that they were noticed. Their parents have become such great friends that they don’t need Liz and Max for conversation.

“We actually have some news to share with you” Max smiled.

“Oh really?” Dianne says excitedly.

Max looks at Liz and gives her a look that says “go ahead”

“Well” Liz lets a breath out “I’m pregnant” she announces.

“Oh god Congratulations” the mothers cry out and hug each other “We’re going to be grandma’s”

Phillip and Jeff slapped each on the back before standing up and doing the same to Max.

Liz shook her in amusement “so remember me the mum” she called out getting everyone’s attention again. “so that’s not all” she told them.

“oh we’re sorry honey congratulations” the parents all cried moving towards the couple and engulfing them in a hug.

“so what’s the rest of the news?” they asked eagerly.

Max smirked “we’re having triplets”

Four stunned grandparents looked back at him then and Liz and Max couldn’t help but laugh.


“You’ve been really quiet tonight is something wrong?” Michael asked Maria as they walked from the restaurant to her mum’s car.

Maria stopped and looked up at him. He was such an enigma she thought, he was so strong and hard yet at the same time she could see the vulnerability he hid, the fear that she wouldn’t accept him for who he was.

“What would you say if I told you I was thinking about not going back to New York?” she asked him.

Michael smiled slightly “I would say that’s great if its what you really want” he replied trying to hide the excitement he felt. He knew if she went to New York that things between them wouldn’t go any further and he didn’t want that.

“I think it is” she nodded “I want to be closer to Liz and the babies,” she added and Michael nodded in agreement.

“Liz will love that” he told her, Max had confided in him how upset Liz was that Isabel was moving to Boston.

They continued to the car then and Maria drove Michael back to his apartment with very few words exchanged. She kept cursing herself under her breath, she had totally chickened out.

“What would you say if I told you that you’re a big part of why I want to stay?”

Michael turned to her stunned “Um I’d say wow” he said.

“Wow as in good or wow as in oh shit she’s turning stalker like on me” she joked trying to play off her nervousness.

Reaching up Michael cupped her cheek “You talk to much” he whispered leaning in until he mouth was only inches from her.

“But” she tried to stop him.

“But nothing” he whispered before his lips finally closed the final distance and took hers. This kiss was different from all the others they had shared. It was full of passion and emotion.

“I take it that was a good wow,” Maria whispered when they pulled back from their kiss.

Michael smirked “yeah definitely a good wow”


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A/N: Hi guys. Sorry the last part ended abruptly but i wanted it to be left hanging like that for the epilogue. Anyway here is the last part, it's a lot longer than the normal parts and its the finally part of Love, Lies & Best Friends.

Thank you to everyone who read, left feedback and even pm'd me upset over this fic.

I hope you enjoy it! :D

vampyrax - wow i'm definetely not bailing it's just that Skirts and LL&B are finished around the same time.


Liz waddled down the stairs to answer the knock at the door. She was halfway down when the door suddenly opened and she found her best friend standing there smiling at her.

“Oh my god what are you doing here?” she cried trying to rush the rest of the way.

“You didn’t think I would miss the birth my nieces and nephew did you?”

Isabel rushed towards Liz and helped her the rest of the way down the stairs before crushing her into a hug. It was awkward because of Liz’s size but neither girl was going to let that stop them.

“God I missed you” Isabel cried. She loved being with Alex and going to school in Boston but she was extremely lonely without Liz, which led to very regular calls.

“Me too” Liz cried.

This was the first time they had seen each other in six months.

“What were you doing up those stairs anyway?” Isabel asked her then.

Liz fidgeted nervously. The week before she had almost fallen down the stairs and since then Max had barred her from going up or down them without his help.

“I just wanted to check that everything was ok in the nursery” she explained. She had been feeling restless for the past couple of days and suspected that the babies would be arriving soon.

Isabel smiled “can I have a look?” she asked.

“Sure” Liz smiled. Isabel helped her back up the stairs until they reached the nursery and Isabel gasped in delight at what she saw.

The room was an array of colours. One wall was blue, one pick and the other was a bright yellow. On the blue wall there was a painted picture of the cookie monster, on the yellow wall big bird and on the pink wall Elmo.

Against the wall were three matching cribs in a dark oak with perfect white sheets with sesame street characters on the bottom and on the spare wall was a matching dresser that held all the clothes for the babies.

“Oh God Liz’s it’s perfect” she said.

Liz smiled brightly “It’s adorable isn’t it?”

“Yes, when did you decided on Sesame Street?” she asked.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Elmo” she admitted and it seemed perfect and it wasn’t girly or boyish either.

They made their way out of the nursery then and were just about to head down the stairs when a sharp pain ripped through Liz’s abdomen.


“You ok?” Isabel asked.

Liz placed her hand on her stomach then and formed a connection with her children. It was noisy and unclear but she could feel their love and that they would be with her very soon.


“No I think I’m in labour,” she said.

Isabel’s eyes widened “Um ok lets get you into bed and I’ll call Max”

Liz nodded that seemed like a very good idea.

Isabel helped Liz out of her pants and shirt and into one of Max’s big shirts before going to the phone and calling Max.

Max picked up his cell after the second ring when he saw it was home.

“Hey” he smiled.

“Max it’s Isabel” she explained.

“Hey Iz” he smiled “So your home?” he knew she was planning on being back for the birth and he knew seeing Isabel would make Liz happy.

“Yeah and in perfect timing too because Liz just went into labour”

“What!” Max cried standing up “is she ok?”

“She’s fine but you’re the one who knows what you’re doing so you should come now”

“I’m on my way,” he said.

After realising there was no way Liz could give birth in a hospital Max decided to do a night course, which would help prepare him for the birth. He certainly wasn’t an expert but he was much better prepared with his powers and knowledge than any one else.

He bounced out of the office with a huge grin and when he ran into his father he had to bite down on his tongue to stop himself from telling him what was going on.


“They’re so beautiful,” Liz cried as she held her children for the first time. She was utterly exhausted but seeing their little faces staring back at her made everything worthwhile.

Max smiled down at his wife and grinned. Liz had been in labour for almost 12 hours but with Isabel’s help Max had finally delivered their three children.

Logon Michael was born first screaming and kicking the whole way and a long time ahead of his two sisters. He was the mirror image of his father with wisps of almost jet-black hair and the most adorable set of ears that Liz had ever seen.

Almost six hours after her brother’s arrival Bailey Maria was welcomed into the world her hair lighter than her brothers and a button nose just like her mothers.

And finally the baby of the three was born and as the runt of the group she was slightly smaller than her older brother and sister but Alexandra Isabel was the mirror image of her sister.

“They are absolutely perfect” Max told her.

“I think the names are prefect for them too,” she said.

It had been a big job picking names out for the triplets. Liz wanted them to have a name that reflected who they would be and a name that would shape them for their lives. So she had given each of her children one of their friends name or a version of it in little Alexandra’s case.

Max nodded a finger reaching out and caressing his sons cheek as he stirred from his position in his mothers arm “He has your ears” Liz giggled gazing at her son.

Max looked up and mocked scowled at her “he’s lucky” he said but secretly he felt sorry for the little fella.

“I think they’re the most adorable things I’ve ever seen,” she whispered lovingly at her husband.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too, so much” she said back

“I cant believe they’re here” she said then.

“I know it’s unbelievable isn’t it?” it only felt like yesterday that they had discovered that Liz was pregnant and now they’re children were here.

In the end Liz’s pregnancy had only lasted six months. Liz believed it was a combination of two things. The fact that the triplets were partially alien and grew at a quicker rate and that Liz’s body was too small to carry them to term.

Isabel stood back and smiled at the small family, she felt like she was intruding being there but she couldn’t walk away. Liz was absolutely radiant as she held her small children and she was so honoured that she had been able to be there for the birth of her nieces and nephew.

She couldn’t wait to call Alex and tell them that the babies had arrived; she knew he would be on the next plane out.

Liz and Max looked up at her then, finally noticing that she was still in the room.

“Thank you so much Isabel” Max told his sister. He would never be able to express in words what it meant to have her with them today.

Liz smiled “come meet your nephew and nieces” she said.

Isabel approached cautiously not wanting to wake them, she had washed each one of them after Max had delivered them but Max had been tight lipped about their names.

“Hey there guys I’m your aunty Izzy” she whispered.

They all stood gazing down at the sleeping babies who were sprawled out all over their mother.

“Iz would you mind making some calls?” Max asked her then.

Isabel dragged her eyes away from the babies to Max and nodded “Alex, Maria and Michael and the parents right?”

Max nodded “Thanks Iz” Liz smiled.


An hour later a hurricane hit the small Evans home.

“Oh my god where is she?” Maria demanded as she breezed into the house with Michael chasing after her.

“Slow down Blondie” Michael called out.

Maria turned and scowled at him “Space boy my best friend just gave birth to triplets there is no time to slow down” she told him.

Isabel who was sitting on the lounge sipping a cup of coffee couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Maria use the nickname she had given Michael after she had been finally told about his alien heritage.

Isabel had never been so glad that she was in Boston when she found out that Michael was going to tell her, three months after the night she had decided to stay in Roswell for him.

She remembered clearly the story that Liz and Max had retold her about Maria’s reaction. Michel had asked them to be present when he told her because he had no idea how she was going to act. Fortunately Liz knew her best friend very well and when Maria completely freaked and went running towards the door Liz was they’re waiting for her.

It took her a couple of days to settle down and stop shrieking over and over again how she had had sex with aliens. But when she did her and Michael had finally sat down and talked it out.

”Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked slightly hurt that he had kept such a huge secret from her for so long.

“Because I knew you would freak” he smiled.

“No I mean when I told you I was going to stay, why didn’t you tell me then?”

“Because I was already head over heels in love with you and I was scared that you would leave if I did,” he admitted.

Instead of being angry Maria had launched herself into his arms “I love you too space boy” she whispered

“Exactly Maria she just had triplets I doubt she’s really worried that your not here to visit yet” he replied exasperated.

When they heard Isabel laughing they turned and smiled “Hey Iz, it’s good to see you” Michael greeted offering the women he considered a sister a welcome home hug. Surprisingly Maria gave her one next, the two might not be the best of friends but their mutual love for Liz, Michael and Alex had brought them closer together.

“How is she?” Maria demanded.

“Exhausted” Isabel smiled “but she’s glowing with happiness”

Maria smiled “and the babies?”

“Perfect” a voice, said from behind them and they turned to see a grinning Max.

“Max congratulations” they both said offering him a hug.

“Hey guys”

“How is she?” Maria asked again.

“Tired but refusing to close her eyes for a second. She’s just getting cleaned up,” he explained then.

“Can we see them?” Maria asked her eyes lighting up.

“Lets wait for everyone else to get here” he told her.

Ten minutes later both the Parkers and Evans arrived shocked by the news that Liz had given birth.

“Why didn’t you call us?” Nancy and Jeff cried.

“Liz wanted to give birth quietly, she thought it would be better not to keep everyone in suspense” Max explained for his wife. In the end he had thought her idea was wonderful he couldn’t of imagined having Maria, Michael and two sets of parents pacing the floor for the 12 hours it took for the triplets to be born.

“How long was she in labour?” Nancy and Dianne asked.

“12 hours” Max responded.

“What!” they all shrieked.

“Is she ok?” they demanded.

“Of course she is” Max said slightly annoyed. He would never let anything happen to Liz or any of his children. Realising this Isabel stepped forward so that Max could return to Liz and help her back into bed before everyone came upstairs to visit.


Liz was in the nursery when Max walked back upstairs to her “Hey you should be in bed” he playfully scolded her.

“Not without them” she said and Max chuckled because there was no way that three cribs were going to fit in their bedroom.

“You hop into bed and I’ll bring them in,” he told her.

“I know I’m being ridiculous” she sighed “but it’s weird,” she admitted.

“What is?” Max asked.

“They’ve been inside of me, a part of me for so long that I feel lost without them. The intense connection I have with them isn’t there and I miss it, I just want to be able to see them,” she whispered.

Max wrapped his arms around her and kissed her soundly “that doesn’t sound weird at all” he assured her.

Liz hopped back into bed then and Max brought Logon in and handed him to her before rolling Bailey and Alexandra’s crib in.

“Are you ready?” he asked then.

“They’re all here?” she asked.

“Everyone but Alex” he informed her and saw her frown a little.

“Do you know how long he will be?”

“Well he had to get a flight from Boston, Liz” Max smiled at her. When her scowl didn’t disappear he offered to go down stairs and ask Isabel how long he would be.

He was at the bottom of the stairs when the door swung open and he came face to face with Alex.

“Alex” he grinned “your here!”

Alex dropped his bag and smiled at Max “Congratulations!” he said “and of course I’m here”

They hugged briefly then “Liz will be so happy you’re here she didn’t want to introduce the babies to anyone until everyone was here” he explained.

“I called Alex when Liz went into labour so he could get a flight” Isabel admitted sheepishly coming up and hugging her boyfriend hello.

“Well ok then everyone can come up” Max said then.

Liz was in bed talking quietly to Logon who was now wide-awake and staring at his mother when Max walked back into the room grinning.

“Honey everyone is here” he told her.


Max stood aside and let Alex and Maria into the room then. Michael, Isabel and the parents followed and by the time everyone was in the room it was jammed packed.

“Congratulations Mummy” Alex and Maria whispered coming forward to kiss her cheek gently.

Picking up his son out of Liz’s arms Max showed him to everyone “Everyone I would like to introduce you to Logon Michael” he said.

“Michael?” Michael asked shocked.

Liz and Max smiled “Yep”

“Wow. Thank you guys” he smiled and when Max offered to let him hold his namesake he took him hesitantly.

Liz reached for her eldest daughter then, she was dressed in pink “This is Bailey Maria” she explained.

“Oh she’s so small” Nancy cried.

Maria stepped forward all teary eyed “oh that’s so beautiful, thank you so much” she said to Liz.

“And finally” Max smiled lifting his youngest daughter out of her crib “but certainly not least is Alexandra Isabel” he grinned.

Alex’s mouth fell open in shock and he looked from Max to Liz not quite believing what he had heard “Oh god Alex they named her after us” Isabel cried next to him.

“Um wow this is like the proudest day of my life,” he said before he took the small baby into his arms.

Max moved to Liz’s side then and took his place next to her on the bed “I love you” he whispered kissing her softly as their family and friends welcome the newest arrivals to their family.

“We’re so lucky” Liz whispered staring into her husbands beautiful eyes.

“We aren’t we” Max agreed.

Max had found everything he had ever dreamed of when he came to Roswell and met Liz. He couldn’t imagine his life without her or their children. Her love completed him in everyway and he would always be thankful that he was blessed with her love in return.

Liz’s heart was bursting with happiness. Right here in this moment she didn’t think there would ever be anything more she could want. She had her wonderful husband who loved her so completely and now she had her beautiful children too.

It had been a long journey to where they were today but one Liz and Max both knew they wouldn’t change for the world. It had been a journey of discovery for both of them. Both knew that there would be hard times ahead but knew that together they could overcome anything. They were ready to go wherever the journey was going to take them next.

“I love you,” she told him “today, tomorrow, always” she whispered.

“I adore you” he replied his forehead pressed against her “forever”

They had it all; they had faced the battle of Love, Lies & Best friends and won.

Love knows no limit to its endurance
no end to its trust;
Love still stands
when all else has fallen.

- 1 Corinthians 13:7-8 –