Love, Lies & Best Friends (M/L ADULT) COMPLETE Pg3,26/7

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Love, Lies & Best Friends (M/L ADULT) COMPLETE Pg3,26/7

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Thank you so roswellprincess16 for this wonderful banner

Title: Love, Lies & Best friends
Category: M/L Ma/Z AU Aliens
Rating: ADULT
Disclaimer: I do own Roswell or it’s characters, I also do not own any songs that I use in this fic.
Summery: Maria and Liz are long time best friends who are now living their lives far apart, what happens when a very important part of their separate lives collides. The pod squad still exist but there life is significantly different.

A/N: I will be updating this at least once a week, hopefull more depending on how my schedule is and how quickly i write for it. I promise not to neglect my other fics thought :D


“I love you” he whispers and when I look up into his beautiful amber eyes I can see how much he truly means it.

“I love you too” I smile. It feels like the first time we say it every time we say it. I get butterflies in my stomach and a smile lights up my face, I will never get tired of hearing him tell me how much he loves me.

He pulls me closer against his strong body as we continue dancing to the soft music the band is playing, there are a few other couples on the dance floor including both sets of parents and his sister and Alex.

I sigh in happiness as I feel his hot mouth against me neck “I’ll never get tired of this” I say dreamily. I never dreamed 3 months ago that I could be so happy, but here I am in the arms of the man I love with all my heart and I couldn’t imagine not being with him anymore

“Me either” he whispers.

The song ends and he pulls back slightly burning holes in me with those eyes again.

“Max” I sigh.

“I want to ask you something” he says then.

“Ok” I nod, I’ve never been in such an open honest relationship as the one I have with Max. There is nothing that I cant tell him, and there is nothing he cant tell me which is why I know every dark secret in his life.

But when I see him lowering himself onto one knee in front of me those butterflies in my stomach come alive and start flying around so quickly that I feel I’m going to be sick.

“I want to be with you forever, Liz. You’re my soul mate, my perfect match in everyway and all I need is for you to say you’ll be mine forever to make me feel complete” he opens the box in his hand and the beautiful diamond sparkles up and I gasp.

It’s huge.

“Will you marry me?” he whispers.

“Yes” I whisper quickly, there was never any doubt that I was going to say yes.

“Yes?” he confirms and I realise how quietly I must have whispered it.

“Yes” I nod my head eagerly and smile “Yes with all my heart” I tell him.

He’s on his feet in a second crushing my body to his, out lips meeting together.

My mother once told me that Max was the missing part of the Liz Parker jigsaw, she was more right than she ever knew.

When we pull apart everyone starts applauding and it’s then I realise that we have an audience, that this man I love asked me to be his forever in front of our family.

I blush but Max ignores them and instead goes to work at putting the massive diamond on my finger, of course it fits perfectly and when it’s in place he kisses the finger lovingly.

“I love you so much” I tell him, looking up at him with happy tears in my eyes and a smile to match, I want him to know how absolutely happy I am because of him.

“and I adore you” he whispers back passionately.

We share congratulations with our families then, even though we’ve only been dating for three months no one has ever questioned our relationship and no one is happier than the Parker and Evans parents that their two children are getting married. Since we started dating our parents have been inseparable. But for the Evans it’s a little more than that, it means that their son is settling down, that there will be no more running and that means more to them than anything.

When it’s Alex’s turn to congratulate me it’s a little bittersweet. He is mine and Maria’s other best friend, and his presence and warmth reminds me that my best friend is not here to share the moment with me.

“She’s going to be so happy for you” he assures me.

“Yeah” I nod. I know she will be. It’s been a year since I’ve seen her and I miss her like crazy, a phone just isn’t the same.

“Well you know what this means” I tell him then. Max comes up behind me and wraps me in his arms.

“ I have a wedding to plan, and no girl can organise her wedding without her best friend” I smile.

Alex grins back. “She’ll be on the next plane as soon as you tell her” he laughs.

“I’m banking on it” I laugh. It’s time my best friend met the love of my life.

Seven Months earlier

I listen carefully as my best friend sobs over the phone as she tries her best to tell me about her break up with Zander. They had been dating for the past couple months and from what Maria had said during our weekly phone calls the relationship was becoming fairly serious.

“I thought everything was going really well and then he tells me that he’s leaving and that he thinks it’s best if we break up” she sobs.

Poor Maria “Oh sweetie I’m sorry” I say. “Did he say why he was leaving?” I ask, hoping that he at least has a good reason for leaving and breaking my best friends heart. I mean maybe he’s moving to look after his sick parents or for a job that is going to take up all of his time?

“N-No” she cries. “I think it’s just an excuse, maybe I did something wrong.” She cries again.

I feel my anger rise then, why is that men always make us women feel as though we’re inadequate, that we’re not enough for them. “Oh course not Ria, listen this is not your fault ok, it’s his” I tell her.

“Bastard” I add then.

I hear her laugh and I smile.

“God I miss you, I wish you’d move out of that poky little town” she says then.

I live in Roswell, New Mexico the place that Maria and I grew up in. I know she hates the town which is why the minute we graduated she took off for New York but I love it. There is something about living somewhere that you know everyone and they know you. That I know the local Sherriff and I dated his son so he looks out for me, I feel safe in Roswell.

Maria on the other hand felt suffocated, but I probably would have too if Amy Deluca was my mother. She’s as quirky as they come and with a handful of failed relationships she slowly drove her daughter insane. Maria was convinced from an early age that Roswell was the devil, and that she could never be happy in the town. I mean if her mother couldn’t find someone to love and settle down with in Roswell how could she?.

So New York beckoned and she followed, she sings in small time clubs mostly and has a part time job at a local coffee shop which is where she met the mysterious and gorgeous Zander. After weeks of flirting with the hunk she had finally worked up the courage to invite him to one of her gigs, he came and the rest as they say is history.

“I need my best friend to be here eating Ben & Jerry’s and telling me that I was too good for him anyway” she finishes.

“You are too good for him” I say, and I mean it without a doubt. Maria is the most caring person I know so if that wasn’t enough for Zander then there is something wrong with him. I never met Zander, in fact I’ve never even seen a photo of him but I have no doubt that if I ever crossed paths with him I’d know. Maria has told me everything there is too know about him that I feel like I know him too.

“When are you coming to visit?” I ask her.

“When are you coming to visit?” she asks back.

“I came for your birthday” I remind her.

“Oh right” she sighs.

“I don’t know, I can’t really afford it at the moment” she sighs.

Story of our lives. Maria is struggling because she’s trying to live her dream in an expensive city and I’m struggling because I’m a university student who works part time in her parents alien themed restaurant.

“Ok” I say, I don’t want to make her feel bad. I know she misses me just as much as I miss her, maybe I’ll ask my parents to fly me out for Christmas.

“Are you going to be ok?” I ask her then. It was different with Zander even I understood that. He was placed on a shelf where the rest of her come and go boyfriends couldn’t touch.

“I don’t know, I love him, Liz and I don’t how to get over that” she whispers painfully.

I feel for my best friend. I’ve never been in love so I cant say I understand.

“Did he say where he was going?” I ask.

“No” she sighs. “He didn’t say much at all except that he was sorry and that it wasn’t me, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised he was always so secretive”

“D-Did he love you too?” I ask.

“He never said so but I think he did” she whispers painfully. I hear her crying start up again and I feel my heart ache because I just want to take her into my arms and cry with her over the loss of her first love but instead while my best friend’s heart in breaking in New York City I sit on my bed in Roswell New Mexico feeling absolutely helpless.
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A/N: HI everyone, wow so glad so many of you life this so far :D

Thank you for the wonderful feedback, most of you have made similar comments so i will respond generally.

Yes there will be angst :cry:

But the happy news is that this story does comes with dreamer assurance :D

I have decided to try and post this fic on Sunday and Wednesday along with TPIHF. I cant promise i will always make my deadline but i will try.

Lastly this fic probably wont be extremely long and will move kind of quickly but i think you'll understand and see that after this first part.

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Part 1

Three Months Earlier (4 months after Maria and Liz’s conversation)

I’d had a hell of a day so the last thing I felt like doing was going over to Isabel’s for a small welcome home dinner for her long lost brother.

Isabel and her parents moved to Roswell our Junior year but we had never really been friends in high school, but over the past two years since we had been going to uni together and car pooling we had grown into great friends. She was my shoulder to cry on when Maria or Alex weren’t available by phone and I was her first real friend, someone that didn’t like her because she was beautiful and popular but because of who she was.

“Hey Liz” she smiles.

“Hi” I reply reaching in to hug her.

“You must be so excited” I say, I know how sad and lonely she has been without her little brother. He had been attending boarding school in New York and when he graduated he decided to stay and attend university there.

“Yes it’s so great he’s home and he looks so grown up” she sighs. He’s only a year younger than Isabel which is the same age as me since Isabel is already 21.

We walk out into the back yard and there is a small gathering of people. I see my parents are here along with the Sheriff and Maria’s Mum and then I notice the two men huddled in the corner. I recognise the taller one as Michael Guerin, who I’ve known practically my whole life but we’ve never talked.

“There he is” Isabel says and leads me towards them. As I get closer I get my first real glimpse of the mysterious Max Evans and I feel my knees weaken. He looks up and meets my eyes as I approach with Isabel and I literally gasp at how gorgeous he is. He has dark brown hair, almost black and it’s longish and messy looking and he’s wearing a tight black shirt that show’s of his toned body.

I see him smirk a little, obviously used to my reaction from women all the time so I resolve myself to mask my desire and attraction to him.

“Max this is my best friend Liz Parker that I was telling you about” she explains “You already know Michael” she says.

“Hi” I smile and offer my hand.

As soon as he takes it I feel myself heat up and instead of shaking it he tugs on it pulling me closer to him. “You are absolutely gorgeous, did you know that?” he says quietly. His voice is dreamy, deep and husky.

I blush furiously. “thank you” I whisper.

“No thank you because you just made my day, week and month” he replies.

I look up into his eyes shocked then but the intensity and seriousness I see rocks me to the core.

Did I mention how gorgeous said eyes are?

“Well um welcome to Roswell” I say lamely, I mean what else can you say back to something like that. If I was Maria I probably would have flirted back, she would have thought of the perfect thing to say.

“Thanks” he grins “maybe you could show me around?” he suggests.

I look up at Isabel and Michael nervously. Michael is smirking and Isabel’s mouth is open in shock. Obviously she’s not used to her brother acting this way either.

“Your catching flies, Isabel” Michael tells her and she shuts it quickly.

“Oh I’m sure Isabel can show you” I reply lamely.

“Haven’t you lived in Roswell all your life?” he asks.

I’m surprised he knows so much about me. “Y-Yeah” I answer.

“Well I’m sure you know this place a lot better than Izzy” he grins.

Is he flirting with me? Is this got gorgeous hunk flirting with me, mousy Liz Parker.

“Um so has Michael” I say nervously. Why am I trying to fight him I scream inwardly.

“Wow you really don’t want to show me do you?” he laughs he leans in then like he has something important and top secret to tell me “Michael isn’t anywhere near as beautiful as you”

I blush red again “I’d love to show you around” I say then. Who am I to fight this gorgeous man who wants to spend time with me.

“Tomorrow afternoon?” he asks happily.

“Um sure” I smile.


My second meeting with Max went a lot better than the first. He showed up at The Crashdown the following afternoon apparently very amused with the décor.

“I’m a little insulted” he laughed.

“Why are you an alien?” I joke back.

“Yes” he says seriously and just when I think he’s crazy or something he smirks.

“Would you be upset or freaked out if I was?” he says then.

“No” I shake me head “as long as you promise not to probe me” I joke but when I realise what I’ve said I blush red and close my eyes, Max however found it hilarious and is laughing his ass off.

“Oh no I cant promise that at all, probing you is definitely something I intend on doing” he says and when I finally bring myself to look at him I can tell how serious he is and I shiver in anticipation.

We have a nice afternoon and when he asks me to have dinner with him I agree eagerly, anxious to drag my time with him out as long as I can. I know that given what Roswell is like all the beautiful girls will be swarming him by the next weekend, then he wont give me a second look.

I feel like a high schooler again when he takes my hand as we walk along main street.

“I like this place” he says quietly.

I turn and look at him and smile “me too. My best friend thinks I’m crazy she fled here the minute she graduated but there is just something about this town that tells me I’m supposed to be here” I shrug.

“I’m glad” he says.

“Whys that?”

“Because if you weren’t still here we may have never met”

“True” I smile.

“I’m serious” he says and stops walking. Since he is holding my hand I’m also forced to stop. “I’ve never met anyone like you before” he says studying my face “the minute I saw you everything clicked”

“Clicked?” I ask nervously.

“Yeah, everything clicked into place it felt right” he says. “I’ve been searching along time for that feeling” he says then.

I’m a little nervous now, Max Evans is an enigma. I’ve only known him for 24 hours but in that time I’ve seen three different sides to him and I know without a doubt that right now I’m making a decision to see a lot more of those sides.

“And now that it’s clicked?” I ask

“I stop running” he replies quietly.

“What were you running from?” I ask curiously.

He smiles then “it’s not was I was running from it was I was running too” he says.

“And what was that?” I ask.

“You” he says simply and he turns and begins walking again.


He continued coming into The Crashdown every afternoon over the next week and I would sit with him when I could and we would talk about everything.

I was locking up the restaurant the following weekend when he knocked on the glass door.

“Hi” I smiled shyly.

“Hey” he says. “Come for a drive?”

“Sure” I agree. We hop into his jeep, he brought it cheap and he loves it so who am I to insult him, it gets him from A to B which is mainly The Crashdown and Uni.

He drives us out to the dessert near Pullman Ranch and we sit there staring at the stars. “I’ve been thinking about you all night” he finally breaks the silence.

“And what have you been thinking?” I ask surprised.

He stands up in his seat and sits on top of it before offering me his hand to stand up as well. I move to his seat and he pulls me back against his chest, I sigh and close my eyes.

“That I want you to know absolutely everything there is to know about me” he whispers.

I shiver at his words “Me too” I admit. Over the past week I’ve found myself developing feelings I’ve never felt before and I want to know what those feelings are and what they could be.

I feel his lips against my neck then “Where should we start?” he whispers.

“Where you are is very good” I moan as he sucks harder on my neck and I know I’m going to be grinning over that hickey in the morning.

“So you want to start in the back seat of my jeep, Liz?” I feel him grin.

“Back seat, front seat doesn’t really matter” I joke.

I hear him growl and the next thing I know he’s swung me around in his arms and taken my mouth in the most passionate and soul searing kiss I’ve ever had. His tongue teases me and I open quickly wanting to feel everything he has to offer. He kisses me thoroughly our bodies so tight together that there is no space between us. I know I’ll be comparing every other kiss to this one for the rest of my life.

“Back seat” I whisper when he pulls apart and begin kissing my neck again, my knees are so weak and I don’t know how much longer I will be able stand up. At first I don’t think he hears me but when I find myself being pulled onto the back seat and onto his lap I know he did.

I’m reminded that I’m still wearing my Crashdown uniform when I hear the first snap pop. Max must hear it too because he pulls back and his eyes fall on my chest where you can now see my black lacy bra. I thank god that I put on the sexy set this morning.

He licks his lips and the wild girl inside me emerges then and I pull the second snap undone for him to get a better look.

“Fuck” he hisses.

He looks back at me then “Your perfect” he tells me.

“So are you” I whisper. What guy would take his eyes of your breasts to tell you something like that?.

He cups me then and I throw my head back in bliss. “you fit into my hand perfectly Liz” he whispers as he massages me in his hand. “I think you were made for me” he adds then.

I moan “God I hope so” I say.

The lace is gone then and his mouth is on me “Oh Max” I moan as he licks and sucks my hard nipples. When he’s finished with one breast he moves to the other until my nipples are hard as bullets. I pull his shirt up his body then and throw it over the seat, I get my first glimpse of his hard, toned body and I groan.

“Like what you see?” he asks.

“Yes” I tell him before I lean in and starting kissing his bronzed chest.

“Oh yes Liz” he moans, I feel his hands cup my bare ass under my uniform then and he groans realising I’m wearing a thong, he pushes me back and rips the rest of the snaps undone of the dress then and throws it into the front seat.

I’m sitting on his lap in nothing but the tiniest black thong I own breathing hard now as he stares at me with black eyes.

“Liz” he pants “I’m going to make love to you if you don’t stop looking so sexy” he warns.

“Really?” I ask, I’m surprised and excited all at the same time.

“Do you want me to?” he asks then and for the first time since I’ve met him I see the vulnerable side of him.

“Max I’m sitting on your lap practically naked” I whisper and lower my head “I don’t do this sort of thing with anyone” I tell him.

“I know” he says. “I don’t either” he adds.

“I’ve only ever been with two people” he adds.

“Me too” I smile, glad that he doesn’t have very much more experience than I do.

“Did you love them?” he asks.

“At the time I thought I did, but I didn’t, I cared deeply for them” I explain “You?” I ask nervously.

“No” he shakes his head “I had no idea what love was until I saw you” he says “the first time was with a friend and we didn’t want to loose our virginity to strangers and second women was a wonderful person but her destiny wasn’t with me” he tells me

“How do you know that?” I ask curious.

“Because I didn’t click” he smiles.

I smile too because I know he clicked when he met me.

“Do you want to wait?” he asks then.

I shake my head “what for?”


I run my hands up his chest, I’ve never been surer of something in my life like I am of this. I may have only known this man for a couple of week but I know without a doubt that this is right. There is no nerves just complete excitement for what is about to happen.

“I think we should show each other what loves all about” I whisper.

Because without knowing exactly what he means I know that I clicked too when I met him.

TBC........... see you Sunday

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Well i have to say that i'm very happy that so many of are reading and appear to be liking this. There are some interesting theories being thrown around and I love it :wink:

Ok so there has been a mass update on all my fics tonight so look out for then all.

Thanx for the feedback, you guys know i love it and hi to all the lurkers out there, alway appreciate new people stopping by

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Sweet Liz

Part 2


His hands and mouth burn as they travel over my body. We’re outside of the jeep now lying under the blanket of stars on the dessert floor about to show each other what love really feels like. I’ve never felt the things that his touch is making me feel.

His hands come to the waist of my thong and he looks up at me one last time to make sure I want this, I lift my hips in invitation and he slides my soaking wet thong down my legs.

His boxers are the only thing left and I push them down his hips also until his hard cock is revealed. It’s a glorious sight, bigger that I could dream and ready for a lot of my attention.

His fingers glide into my wet heat, parting me and making way for strong fingers to thrust inside of me.

“Oh god” I moan, he adds another as I begin pumping my hips against his hand. I reach out and stroke him to the same rhythm.

“Are you ready for me?” he moans.

“So ready” I moan, he moves forward and teases me with the head of his hard cock.

“Oh please Max” I beg.

He grins at my plea before he slowly slides inside of me.

“Oh god Liz” he moans.

“Oh Max” I moan at the same time.

He glides in and out of me but all the while his lips never leave some part of my body and we never stop telling each other how good we feel.

“You feel like heaven” he groans as he cups my breasts again.

“Oh god” I sigh, heaven is exactly what this feels like.

“Don’t stop” I beg “Please don’t ever stop”

“I won’t baby, never” he promises.

I wrap my legs around his waist and he sinks deeper inside of me and it feels like he’s touching so deep inside of me.

“Oh Max………ah YES……MAX” my orgasm takes me completely by surprise, it’s so strong and demanding as it takes me to ecstasy like I’ve never been before.

“Oh Liz……..ahh LIZ”

We collapse together on the blanket and stare at each other in awe, I cant help the tears that fall down my face.

“Don’t cry beautiful” he whispers, his eyes tell me he knows exactly how he feels he can read my heart that easy.

“I don’t understand this” I whisper “I hardly know you but my heart says I know you better than anyone else in my life”

A ghost of a smile appears on his face “I told you Liz, you were made for me” he says and even though there is the hint of a smile I can also see how serious he truly is.

“You really believe that don’t you?”

“Yes” he whispers “I feel it here” he says placing his hand over his heart and I smile.

“Then that’s enough for me” I reply “because I want to belong to you” I tell him.

He closes his eyes and sighs “you have no idea how happy hearing that makes me”

I laugh at him then “yeah I do, because it makes me just as happy” I tell him.


I remember the next day was when the whole of Roswell found out that Liz Parker belonged to Max Evans. I was just finishing my shift at the Crashdown when Max entered with a smile that I knew he saved for only me. I moved towards him quickly and unconsciously, the same way he took me in his arms.

Our mouths met hurriedly as our hands gripped each other tightly. It was a shock to the patrons of the restaurant but not as big as a shock as it was to my Dad.

“Liz” my father finally hissed when it was obvious Max and I weren’t going to break apart anytime soon.

I flushed red when I realised what we had done but I couldn’t stay embarrassed for long when I felt Max pull me against him tighter “Sorry about that Mr Parker” he smiled sheepishly.

There was just something about Max, even my father was helpless to resist “That’s ok just cool it down next time” he sighed “and its Jeff, Max. I think if you know my daughter well enough to be touching her tonsils that you can at least call me by my first name”

“Dad” I gasped shocked but Max and my dad just laughed.

“thanks Jeff” he said.

Max followed me upstairs after that where we had the apartment to ourselves.

“So where’s your mum?” he asked as we entered my bedroom. He started to look around the room but stopped when he heard the familiar sounds of my uniform unsnapping. He turned quickly and gulped when he saw my uniform undone.

“Shopping” I inform him with a sly smile before throwing my uniform in the laundry hamper leaving me in just a pair of boy cut panties and matching bra.

“How long?” he says.

“Not sure” I smirk. I know what’s he’s thinking because it’s the same thing I’m thinking so I walk past him and hit the lock on the door before walking back to my bed and sitting down.

“So what are we doing tonight?” I ask. When he dropped me home early this morning he asked could he take me out on a date that night, I of course said yes.

“It’s a surprise” he grins.

He walks towards me then his hand coming out and caressing my naked legs. “You’re teasing me” he says.

“Me, uh huh” I grin.

“Your dads downstairs” he reminds me.

“He is, working the grill” I agree.

“Your mum could come home any minute” he says then leaning in until his lips are inches from mine.

“the doors locked” I say.

That’s enough for him, he covers my mouth with his and his hands pull my body up against his hard one until my legs wrap around his waist. I practically tear his shirt of his body wanting to feel his naked skin until Max drops me on the bed with a grin and removes all his clothes for me. I hurriedly follow then, losing the panties and bra before climbing on top of him.

“I promised myself last night that we weren’t going to do this again until I told you everything” he says then. I see the seriousness in eyes about the comment.

“Really?” I ask, I’m about to sink down on his cock. “Do you want me to stop?” I ask.

“I don’t want you to hate me” he says sadly.

“Hey!” I object “I could never hate you” I tell him. It’s the truth I know that without a doubt that Max could tell me the worst thing in the world and it wouldn’t change the way he makes me feel.

“You say that now, Liz but I have so much to tell you about me and things I’ve done” he lowers his eyes.

“Tell me?” I say then.

“What?” his eyes grow wide.

“Tell me one of those things now, I’ll prove to you that nothing could make me hate you” I say.

He looks at me for a while, studying me “I’m not from around here Liz” he says quietly.

“I know” I smile.

“No, you don’t understand I’m not from earth” he says again.

“What do you mean?” I scrunch my nose in confusion.

“Last night you made love to an alien, an alien king to be exact” he whispers.

I can tell he’s deadly serious, “Your serious aren’t you?” I say.

“Yeah, now tell me you don’t hate me” he won’t meet my eyes.

“How is that possible? I mean your not green or anything” I smile.

“I’m a hybrid, alien and human DNA mixed together” he shrugs.

I know this is a serious moment but I need to take that seriousness away for a while so that I can prove to Max that I can handle this. I reach down and grab his hard cock and stroke it.

“That must be how you make me see stars when I come” I whisper.

He looks up shocked and his eyes grow even wider when I lower myself onto him finally.

“Oh god Liz” he moans.

“I don’t hate you, I don’t care if you are green underneath your skin, your Max, you’re my Max and I was made for you” I whisper.

I ride him slowly then never taking my eyes of his. “Oh yes” I groan when he responds by thrusting his hips against mine.

His hands caress my breasts “Your so beautiful” he tells me and I smile.

My hands run up his chest until I’m cupping his face “you are too” I whisper passionately.

He thrusts against me harder then “Yes, Yes baby” I cry “oh god…….MAX”

I throw my head back as my orgasm washes over me and Max continues to pump in and our of my body “Yes Liz…….oh yes baby” he moans as he looses the last shred of his control and comes hard inside of me.

I lie down on his body listening to the beat of his heart, it beats the same way mine does, and in fact it beats in time to mine.

“Did you mean what you said?” he asks running a hand through my long dark hair.

I arch my neck so I can see his eyes “Every word” I promise “but you need to tell me everything”

“I will” he says kissing the crown of my head “I’ll tell you everything tonight” he promises.

TBC.......*fingers crossed* Wednesday!

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Part 3

The car was quiet as Max and Liz drove towards the dessert. Max packed a picnic dinner and a blanket and was taking Liz somewhere private so they could talk.

“Your quiet” Liz said leaning over and taking Max’s hand that was sitting on the gear stick.

“Just thinking” he replied.

“what about?” Liz asked.

“Whether you still feel like holding my hand by the time the night is over” he said looking over at her.

Liz frowned “Do you think so little of me?” she whispered.

“What!” Max said.

“Well I mean you just assume I’m going to run from you and think your some kind of freak” she said avoiding his gaze and looking out at the passing scenery. She tried to pull her hand back but Max wouldn’t let her.

“God baby that’s not what I meant” Max cried. God he was so stupid sometimes opening his mouth and saying stupid thing like that.

“Please look at me?” he begged her then.

Liz couldn’t ignore him when she heard the plea in her voice so she turned her head towards him slowly.

“I’ve done things to my family and the people I love that I’m not proud of” he told her. “I don’t want you to not like who I am, I couldn’t bare it” he whispered painfully.

This women in his passenger seat had marked him in the most profound way. Max Evans had spent the better part of his life wishing he could fill the empty void in his soul and now she had filled it so substantially he felt like he was going to burst with happiness and love. He didn’t think he would ever be able to put into words how complete he felt when he was with her, or just knowing that she was close by. He new that for the rest of his life he would always be where Liz Parker was, he would follow her to the end of the world and back again. Someone had placed this angel on earth for him and he was going to grab on to her and never let go for as long she would let him.

From the age of 15 Max had been on a mission to discover himself and the part he always assumed was his alien side that was missing. Isabel had never understood what drove him on his search but she supported him because she knew he didn’t do it because he wanted to be away from her and their parents but because he had too. Something inside of him was pushing him forward, never allowing him to settle for very long before it pushed him onwards.

He had settled for short missions on weekends and during holidays until his parents decided to move to Roswell. Max had caused his parents a lot of worry and heartache over the years by disappearing without telling them where he was going so when he had refused to move to Roswell they had put him in a Boarding School.

The boarding school didn’t bother him too much, in fact with his alien powers it gave him better access to escape on his missions. It was on one of the missions he had met another like him and they had become friends.

Ava was Max’s first real friend other that his sister. She was one of them in all the ways that mattered and Max instantly felt a kinship to her. It was Ava that he had given his virginity to and until he had met Liz he had never regretted it.

Ava lived in LA where she worked and went to uni trying to make a better life for herself. Unlike Max she had never been lucky enough to be adopted by a great family like the Evans. Meeting Ava was a turning point for Max, he realised he couldn’t take the people that loved him for granted so he returned to school and he worked his ass of to graduate at the top of his class to be accepted to a good university.

He moved to New York after that and attended NYU, his parents and Isabel had been devastated when he chose to stay away for school. But in the end the missing part of himself wouldn’t allow him to stay still for long and he soon resumed his search. But five years of searching took a toll on a person and it had on Max. His family didn’t know him nor did they trust him and he couldn’t take hearing the disappointment in their voices any longer. So packing his bags he left his life in New York City behind for Roswell, New Mexico.

Now here he was in the alien capital, the place where he had been found as a child and in the place where all the answers were. Isabel had met Michael now long after arriving in Roswell but I had only been recently that she discovered that Michael was one of them. Max had hoped that meeting Michael would help ease his emptiness but it didn’t.

And then there was Liz, the angel that had filled a lifetime of yearning and emptiness, the women who had lit up his life by just walking into his parents backyard and the worst part was that she had been here all along. If he hadn’t been off searching the parts unknown he would have found her years ago.

“I’m only going to say this one more time Max Evans, it doesn’t matter what you tell me it’s not going to change the way I feel about you.” Liz said angrily.

Max couldn’t help but smile at how cute she looked when she was angry and made a mental note to push a few of her buttons more often, he wanted the passionate side of her as well as the softer. Hell he wanted everything that Liz Parker had to offer.

He pulled the jeep off the highway and followed the directions Michael had given him which led to the rock formation.

“What is this place?” Liz said awed.

Max walked around the jeep and helped her out “I’ll show you later” he told her. Once she was out of the jeep he pulled the blankets and pillows and the picnic basket out.

He placed them out on the ground and took a seat then before holding his hand out in invitation. Liz took it without hesitation and allowed him lower her into his lap.

“I’m sorry” he whispered against her neck.

“I know” she replied turning her head and kissing him gently.

He wore his emotions on his face, Liz could read him like a book “I cant believe I’ve only known you a couple of weeks” she said awed.

“The best two weeks of my life” he told her with a giddy smile.

“Me too” she replied. She moved off his lap and took a seat beside him on the blanket, she did her best to get comfortable because she had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

“Are you hungry?” Max asked her. His mother had helped him pack the basket that night, he had no idea what he should pack so he had asked her. Dianne of course had been thrilled that he had asked for help with something and even more so when she found out that he was taking Liz out again. It was nice to see her son smile and get to experience him falling in love because she had never seen him do any of those things before. For the first time in his life her son looked happy and she knew that Liz was responsible for that.

“No not yet” Liz said. It was still early so they decided to wait for later before pulling out the food.

“Why don’t you start at the beginning” she encouraged.

“Ok” Max nodded reaching over and taking her small hand in his much larger one, he needed to hold onto her now, to anchor him and to keep her close to him in case she did decide to run from him.

He told her about the crash and how he believed that him, Michael and Isabel had been found wandering in the dessert as children. Liz had been shocked but she believed him because she had heard the stories about Michael countless times.

“When the Evans adopted us they moved to Florida which is where we grew up” he explained.

“Isabel was happy right away you know, she loved our parents but for me it was different” he told her.

“How?” Liz asked him.

“I felt like this whole important part of me was missing” he told her. “It was like this giant gaping whole and it ached”

“it physically hurt?” Liz asked shocked.

Max shook his head “No but my heart hurt, I couldn’t be happy, Liz. It didn’t matter my parents did I couldn’t be happy I missed it, I missed it so desperately that I cried myself to sleep every night for years. My mum would cry too thinking that I didn’t like it with them but that’s not what it was about I just missed it” he told her.

“What was it?” Liz asked curious.

Max smiled “I didn’t know that’s the worst part. I had myself convinced it was the alien part of me, because every now and then I could remember things about who I used to be”

“Who you used to be?” Liz asked shocked.

“We were re-created. Out home planet was called Antar I think and from what I can decipher from my memories I was the King, Isabel was my sister and Michael was my second in command. We were killed in a great war and sent here to live again”

“Wow” Liz said.

“Yeah remarkable hey” Max smiled.

“So did you ever find it?” Liz asked him curiously.

“Yeah I did but I found it where I least expected to and it was never what I thought it was” he whispered.

“So tell me about the search?”

“I would take off from when I was 15. It would break my mothers heart and my Dad would get so angry. I would only go for days at a time, just pick somewhere from the atlas the I felt drawn too. One summer when I was 16 I felt the strongest pull I’d ever felt in Florida but I never found where it was coming from” he said.

“I have relatives in Florida” Liz told him out of the blue.

Max grinned “Did you come to Florida 4 years ago Liz?” he asked.

“Um yeah” she said struggling to remember if it was that long ago since she had seen her aunt and cousin.

“Why?” she asked confused.

Max laughed “Don’t you get it yet?” he asked her, when he saw from the look on her face that she had no idea what he was talking about he continued “your what was missing Liz”

“What!, me?” she said shocked.

“Yes, the minute you walked into my backyard you filled my heart and soul up” he smiled leaning out to finger a piece of her beautiful hair.

“Are you sure your not mistaking attraction for something more?” she asked.

“No definitely not” he shook his head “I’ve been attracted to girls before Liz but I’ve known the difference. I’ve been all over the country, LA, Boston, Florida, Las Vegas, New York and the only time I ever felt a small piece of what I was looking for was when I crossed the Roswell city limits”

“Wow” she whispered awed at all the places he had been.

“After I lost the feeling in Florida I went crazy for a little while until I realised what I was doing to my family, I finished school then and moved to New York and about six months ago I thought I found it again”

“But you didn’t?”

“No there was this little coffee shop and I was driving past it, I felt it so strongly. By the time I found somewhere to pull over it was gone. I would go back everyday for the next month but it was gone”

Liz’s brows furrowed “You said six months ago?”

“Yeah” he nodded.

“Max, I was in New York six months ago” she whispered, she was beginning to feel a slight bit freaked about all this.

“You were?”

Liz nodded “Visiting my best friend Ria” she explained.

Max noted the glint in Liz eyes and he realised that all of this was a little much to take. He could understand that because he was telling his girlfriend of two weeks that he had been chasing her for most of his life.

He turned his gaze away out to the dessert, he didn’t know what he would do if she told him that this was all too much for her. He felt so complete when he was with her.

Liz reached out and fingered his hand which was on the blanket near her, she couldn’t not touch him and even though she was a little freaked she couldn’t help be awed that Max had been waiting for her his whole life, and in her heart she knew that she also had been waiting.

She smiled at that thought, she wasn’t crazy after all and she couldn’t wait to tell Maria.

Max was shocked that she was smiling and even more so when she stood up and squealed “Liz?”

“That’s why I stayed in Roswell” she said.

“What?” she wasn’t making sense to Max.

Kneeling back down on the blanket Liz took Max’s hands in his “Don’t you get it Max?”

She could tell by the look in his eye that he couldn’t “While you were searching for me I was waiting for you in Roswell, I couldn’t leave, I wouldn’t and now I know why it’s because I knew you would come for me” she told him.

“I’ll always come for you” he told her.

Liz studied him and saw nothing but complete seriousness in his eyes and she smiled “I know and I will always be waiting”

TBC.........Sunday :D

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Part 4

They sat in the dessert for hours just eating and talking “So tell me about Ava?” Liz finally asked. Max had explained to her about meeting another one of them in LA.

Max smiled “There isn’t much to tell” he said.

Liz punched him in the arm “Sure there isn’t”

“Ok, she’s a top chick and she really helped me pull my shit together” he started “she didn’t get things as easy as Isabel and I growing up and she had to work so hard for everything she had and the people in her life. We just clicked”

Liz frowned “I thought I was the only one who made you click”

“I didn’t mean it like that, we just understood each other you know” he explained his mistake.

“Oh ok” she sighed in relief.

“Do you still see her?” Max could tell that she was feeling a little jealous and he wondered how she worked it out.

“I haven’t seen her in years but we still write” he explained.

“That’s good” Liz said as she fingered the blanket.

“I know what you’re thinking” he reached up and cupped her chin “and you don’t have to worry”

Liz’s eyes narrowed “can you read minds?”

Max laughed “yours yes” he smiled.

“Really?” her mouth fell open in shock.

“No” he shook his head “I just read you I guess” he shrugged “kind of how you read me earlier” he smiled.

Liz smiled too.

“but hopefully our connection will grow and you know one day we might bond” he mumbled.

“Connection? Bond?” Liz questioned.

Max smiled “I guess because of our intense feelings we kind of have a connection, that’s how we can read. If a connection grows we can swap flashes and thoughts” he explained.

“and the bond?” Liz asked, she had a suspicion of what that was.

“my people we have the ability to bond with a chosen mate, it forms a permanent connection and you feel each others presence, swap thoughts. I’m not sure if it would be the same with a human mate but I hope so” he told her.

Liz smiled, she loved that he wanted to bond with her.

“I like the sound of that” she whispered.

Max leaned in his eyes focused on her mouth, “me too, a lot” he replied.

The kiss was soft and sweet and Max grinned at Liz’s dazed look when he pulled back.

“Ok so other than this connection what else can you do?” Liz asked him.

“Um well we can all manipulate molecular structure but then we all have unique gifts, I heal people, I can shoot blasts and I have a shield” he explained and then standing up he demonstrated.

“Wow” Liz gaped.

“Yeah I try” Max shrugged.

“And the others?” she asked.

“Isabel dream walks, Michael has very powerful blasts because he in the protector and Ava could mind warp”

“Mind warp?”

“Yeah make people see something that wasn’t there” he explained, he new Ava hated the power and he himself was uneasy about it but Ava had taught him to detect it and it had made him feel a lot better about it.

“that’s a little freaky” she commented.

“Yeah it was for me at first but Ava doesn’t use it unless her life is at stake” he told her.

“so who was she on Antar?” Liz asked him.

Max frowned, she was very perceptive “It doesn’t matter anymore because we’re not those people” he shrugged.

Liz could see he was avoiding the question “Max” she sighed.

“My bride” he said “we were supposed to get married the night we died” he said.

“Oh” Liz replied. “So I guess that’s why you clicked in this life time too”

Max shook his head and closed his eyes, he knew the minute she told her that she would react this way. Isabel and Michael had done the same thing.

“No not really, we had sex once and it was awkward and she didn’t even come” he said.

Liz looked up shocked “Once?” she questioned. How could someone not want to make love to Max over and over again.

Max smiled and nodded “it was both of our first times, we weren’t sure if something different would happen because of who we are so we decided to have our first time together.”

“Oh” Liz frowned.

“and she didn’t moan my name in that sexy little way you do” he whispered leaning in and nuzzling her neck.

“How didn’t she come” Liz sighed “You just have to touch me and I do”

“That’s simple” Max informed her had he pushed her body down on the blanket and covered it with his own “she wasn’t made for me” his mouth descended on hers then.


After making lover over and over again in the dessert Max drove Liz home.

“So your ok with this?” he asked her as they walked to the door.

Liz laughed and leaned in against his body “wasn’t the five times we made love enough assurance for you?”

Max grinned “maybe I need you to assure me once more” he whispered huskily.

Liz bit her bottom lip, “meet me on the balcony” she whispered.

Max eyes went wide “Really?” he asked. He had never expected her to agree to it when he said it.

“Yeah as long as you promise to be quiet” she told him.

Max nodded eagerly and when Liz entered the apartment he raced down the stairs and towards the ladder leading to Liz’s balcony.

Liz was locking the door when he popped his head through the window “is it safe?”

“Get in here lover” she whispered huskily. Her hands were already busy removing her clothing, she felt like she had sand every where from rolling around out in the dessert and she planned on a hot shower which she hoped Max would join her in.

Max watched as she walked towards the bathroom, she stopped at the door and shimmied out of her panties before throwing them towards him.

“Are you coming?” she asked.

Max practically fell in the room he was in such a hurry, he threw his clothing off and quickly joined Liz under the hot spray.

Her hair was pinned up and she had just hopped under spray when she felt Max press his naked body up behind her.

“God you are so beautiful” he whispered in her ear, his hands glided up her wet body and he cupped her aching breasts as he kissed her neck.

“You make me feel beautiful” she replied.

Max turned her around and kissed her mouth passionately, his tongue tangling with hers.

Cupping her bottom he pulled her up his body until she wrapped her legs around his waist. He turned and pressed her against the tiled wall then “Should we be using something?” he asked her then. He hadn’t thought about it all the other times he had just been focused on being inside of her and pleasing her.

Liz hadn’t thought about it either, she was on the pill so as long as Max’s origins didn’t cause any problems “Its fine” she panted, she just wanted Max inside of her already.

Max wasted no time then thrusting into her in one swift movement “Yes” she cried out.

“Oh god” Max moaned in her ear, it just kept getting better and better.

Their eyes locked then and Max felt himself getting lost in her eyes, before he knew what was happening they were connecting.

He felt everything she was feeling about him, how he felt inside her and it was enough to make him cum right then.

Liz felt the same things and was overwhelmed with how he felt about her, the feel of his orgasm exploding pushed her right over the edge with him.

The connection remained as they tried to catch their breath and when Max could trust his legs he pulled back from the wall and brought them back under the hot spray without releasing Liz.

“I love you baby” he whispered.

Liz heard the words and felt them in her heart and smiled.

“I love you too” she smiled.

The connection eased slightly but it didn’t go away, to Liz it felt like a constant humming at the back of her mind.

To Max it was as though the final missing piece had fallen into place, he felt more complete than he ever had in his life. And best of all he felt Liz and her love mirrored his own.


They lay together on Liz’s bed quietly, both could feel each other and they knew that there was no need for words.

Rolling over Max smirked “so I told you about my first time, what about yours?”

Liz rolled her eyes “Max”

“no come on I think it’s important that we get this stuff out in the open”

Sighing Liz agreed, it was important “My first time was with my high school boyfriend Kyle. His father is the sheriff here. We had been dating for about a year and at our senior prom he rented a hotel room for the night” her experience had been a typical high schooler one.

“So you had sex on prom night in a fancy hotel?” Max asked.

“Yeah, it was nice I guess and then a few weeks later we broke up after graduation” she explained.

“Do you still see him?” Max asked fingering a piece of her hair.

“Yeah he comes home from school during the summer and he comes into the café but that’s about it” she shrugged, her and Kyle had never really been friends before so it made sense that they weren’t now.

“So no lingering feelings on either parts?” he confirmed.

“No” Liz grinned.

“What about you and Ava?” she asked.

Max frowned a little “not on my part no but Ava at one time would have liked us to be something more” he admitted.

Liz nodded accepting his answer having the ability to feel his feelings for her helped ease any jealousy.

“You didn’t think about trying?” Liz asked.

“I couldn’t do that to her, Liz. I knew she wasn’t the one for me and I would have to leave, it would have been unfair to start something that I wasn’t going to stick around for”

Liz nodded “You’re a good man, Max” she smiled.

“I don’t know about that but thank you” was his whispered reply.

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Jason's Lover

Part 5


I had been seeing Max for about two months when Alex arrived in Roswell. I hadn’t expected him to come home for the summer and his arrival totally surprised me.

As soon as I approached the booth Max, Michael and Isabel were sitting at Max grabbed me and pulled me down on his lap.

“Max” I squealed.

“What?” he asked innocently.

Isabel just smirked as us and even Michael was having a hard time fighting his smile. I had never taken the time to get to know the person Michael Guerin was in all the years that I had known him but over the past two months that I had been dating Max I had gotten to spend a fair bit of time with Michael.

I had always known he had a hard life but what I didn’t realise was that he now lived my himself in an apartment not too far from the Crashdown and that he worked as a security guard over at Metacham. I remembered the aggressive teenager I went to school with and realised that that wasn’t the person Michael was anymore. He was just a guy who was looking for some family and somewhere that he belonged and he had found that with Isabel and Max.

“What can I get you guys?” I ask.

“Hmm you” Max whispers in my ear causing me to blush, I don’t refrain from elbowing him in the side which causes Michael to laugh at him.

“The usual” Max amends and I smile.

“Cherry coke and Saturn rings please Liz” Isabel smiles.

“Will Smith, onion rings and an alien blast” Michaels tells me.

I’m writing the order down in my seat on Max’s lap when the door chimes and someone enters.

“Liz Parker get your ass down here and give me some loving” someone yells very loudly.

My head, along with Max, Michael and Isabel’s snaps towards the voice coming from the tall lanky man that just entered.

He hasn’t seen me yet and everyone is staring at him.

Before I know it I let out a massive squeal and jump off Max’s lap making a bee line towards him.

I don’t notice the confused and jealous look on my boyfriends face or the knowing smile on Michael’s or Isabel.

Alex sees me right before I jump into his arms and he hugs me to his body tight.

“What are you doing here?” I smile when we pull back.

He puts me back on my feet and leaves a kiss on my forehead. “I missed my girl” he shrugs.

“That’s funny I thought she was my girl” Max’s voice startles me and I turn and see him standing with his arms folded across his chest and his eyebrow arched.

Alex chuckles “So this must be Max?” he asks me.

I smile back “Yeah it is” I tell him.

He turns and offers Max his hand then “Alex Whitman” he introduces.

I watch with a smirk as Max’s eyes widen and then he quickly offers his hand to Alex realising who he is finally, I can also hear Isabel and Michael laughing in the background.

“Max Evans” they shake hands then.

“Nice to meet you Max, Liz has told me a lot about you” Alex says.

“Hey enough I’m the one you haven’t seen in months” I pout drawing my best friends attention back to me. He scoops me up in his arms again “I missed you Lizzie girl”

“I missed you too” I smile.

I add some food for him and myself to the others order and leave Alex in Max’s hand why I go and ask my dad for the afternoon off. I know as soon as I tell him about Alex being home he’ll let me off.

When I get back with our food 15 minutes later I find the four of them chatting.

“Oh god you have no idea how much I’ve missed this food” Alex tells us.

I look around the table and I see Michael nodding with agreement and then my eyes fall on Isabel and I find her staring at Alex with something in her eye. She looks up and catches my gaze and I smirk at her and she blushes red. Hmm interesting I think to myself.

“So Alex you remember Isabel and Michael right?” I ask him.

Alex nods “Yep” he tells me and then he flashes Isabel one of his trademark Whitman smiles.

“So you got the afternoon off?” he asks me.

“yep so I’m all yours” I tell him, I feel Max stiffen slightly beside me and I turn to him and roll my eyes.

“What?” he asks innocently.

“You know what” I reply but I cant help but smile slightly that he’s a little jealous of my best friend.

Fifteen minutes later Alex and I are heading upstairs to catch up. “So how come you didn’t tell me you were coming?” I ask him.

“it sort of wasn’t planned” he shrugs.

“What do you mean?”

He sighs “I split with Tracey and I just needed to get out Boston” he tells me. He had been seeing Tracy for a few weeks.

“Oh I’m sorry” I tell him.

“Don’t be. Besides I missed you and it was just the final deciding event to come home”

“Well I’m glad” I smile.

“So you and Max look cosy” he grins.

I smile dreamily then “Oh Alex he’s so wonderful and he makes me so happy”

“Wow” Alex says “you’re glowing” he tells me.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yep and he was so jealous I thought he was going to take my head off” he laughs.

I join him to because it was pretty funny.

“So this is serious then?” he asks.

I bite my bottom lip and I nod.

“Am I loosing one of my girls?” he asks.

“You’ll never loose me but I guess you just have a to share me now” I explain.

He studies me then “Hmm I think my Lizzie is in love”

I smile “Yeah I am”

“So are um Isabel and Michael a couple?” he asks me then, I can tell he’s nervous because he’s fidgeting with his hands.

I can’t help but laugh “Man you still have it as bad for her today as you did in high school”

I see him turn beat red “how did you know about that?” he asks.

“Oh please your kidding right? You were like a puppy dog whenever she was around”

“I was not” he whines.

“Well you’ll actually be pleased to know that Isabel is now one of my closest friends and I happened to notice that she was staring at you at lunch too” I tell him. Isabel deserves a great guy like Alex and Alex certainly deserves someone like Isabel.


I nod “Want me to scope the situation out?” I ask him.

He seems to be thinking it over “but I’m only here for the summer?” hmm good sign he is obviously thinking that something with Isabel would be more than a summer fling.

“Yeah but you wont be in Boston forever” I tell him.

He smiled then “yeah just look into it for me” he says then.

“Will do” I smirk.


It’s three days later before I get the chance to ask Isabel. We take off to the mall together for a shopping spree.

“This would look so hot on you” she tells me holding up a red top “Max would die if he saw you in that”

“You think?” I ask, there isn’t much of the top and it’s a little risqué compared to my normal style.

“It will go great with those leather pants you were going to wear to the club tonight” she says.

We are all going out tonight to UFOnics, of course it was my idea I thought it was a good opportunity for Alex and Isabel.

“Ok” I tell her and take the top.

“So what are you going to wear tonight?” I ask her.

She shrugs “Not sure yet” I nod.

“Oh ok because I know that Alex loves red on you” I comment.

Isabel stops walking and looks at me shocked. “Why would you say that?”

“Oh no reason” I’ve dropped the carrot now and it’s up to her to pick it up.

“No” she stops walking again and grabs my arm “you didn’t just say that, what do you know?” she demands.

“Who said I know anything?” I smile.

I see her getting flustered “Liz” she screeches.

“Look, Iz all I’m going to say is that if you like Alex than you should go for it” I tell her. Despite her image Isabel is completely insecure, it comes from being different and scared to let someone in.

“Really?” she asks and I can see the vulnerability in his eyes.

“Really” I smile “he likes you Isabel he has for a while and he’s one of the good guys” I assure her.

I see her nod and a small smile lights up her face “Ok now lets find you something fabulous to wear” I tell her.

I see her panic slightly then as she looks at her watch “Oh god we only have like two more hours of shopping time, I’m never going to find the perfect outfit” she says.

Well it’s good to know that Isabel is back.

TBC...I will try to post an update on Sunday for this fic. Also please check out my newest fic Some Girls on the AA board
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Part 6

The minute that the five of us entered the club that night Michael left “I’ll be chasing ass at the bar” he smirked at Max.

“Don’t leave Michael” I said. Leaning in he gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Liz but I see what your doing tonight and I’m happy for Iz but I don’t play the fifth wheel well” he smiled.

“Ok” I smile back and he walked off towards a bunch of girls and immediately begins flirting.

The four of us grab a table then and order some drinks “This place never changes” Alex laughs looking around.

“Of course it does, Alex” I roll my eyes “I know that last time we were here there were no real aliens” I say causing Max to spit his drink out.

“What?” he questions. I smirk at him and then turn and point to the guy dressed as an alien at the bar.

“Oh” he says blushing and Alex and I just laugh out loud even though Alex is oblivious to the real reason I’m laughing.

I watch in amusement then as Isabel starts bopping to a new song that comes on, I can tell she’s doing it in an effort to get Alex to ask her to dance so I give him a kick under then table.

“Ouch Liz” he cried out.

I arch my head towards Isabel then and he opens his mouth “ohh” he says.

“Isabel would you like to dance?” he asks.

“I’d love to” she smiles acting as though she is completely oblivious to what just took place.

“Your evil you know that right?” Max whispers in my ear after they leave.

“Nah I just want everyone to be as happy as we are” I tell him with a smile.

“Impossible” he whispers huskily causing me to shiver.

A new song starts then and Max stands up and asks me to dance, I take his hand eagerly and let him lead me to the dance floor. We stand near Isabel and Alex who seem to be getting along very well by how close they’re dancing.

Ladies and gentlemen
This is a Jazze Phizzle Productshizzle
"Missy", The princess is here "Ciara"

This Beat Is
Automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh
Work my body, so melodic, this beat rolls right through my chest
Everybody, ma and papi, came to party
Grab somebody, work ya body, work ya body
Let me see you 1,2 step

Max turns me around in his arms so my back is against his chest and he can nuzzle my neck

Rock it, Don't Stop it
Everybody get on the floor
Crank the party up
We about to get it on
Let me see you 1,2 step
I love it when you 1,2 step
Everybody 1,2 step
We about to get it on

This Beat Is
Outrageous, so contagious, make you crave it
jazze made it
So retarded, top charted, ever since the day I started
Strut my stuff and yes I flaunt it
Goodies make the boys jump on it
No I can't control myself
Now let me do my 1,2 step

I feel myself begin to melt when he starts singing the chorus to me in his deep husky voice.

Rock it, Don't Stop it
Everybody get on the floor
Crank the party up
We about to get it on
Let me see you 1,2 step
I love it when you 1,2 step
Everybody 1,2 step
We about to get it on

I pull away from his body and turn back around to face him then and begin grinding my pelvis into his. We’re so close now there is not even an inch of space between us. I can see others girls looking at the gorgeous man I my arms and I know I don’t have to worry about any of them because I know his heart is mine and mine alone.

It don't matter to me, we can dance slow
Whichever way the beat drops our bodies will flow
So swing it over here Mr. DJ
And we will, we will, Rock you

I shake it like Jello, make the boys say hello
cause they know I'm rockin the beat
I know you heard about a lot of MCees
But they ain't got nothin on me
Because I’m 5 foot 2, I wanna dance with you
And I’m sophisticated fun, I eat fillet minion
I’m nice and young, Best believe I’m number one

Max smirks at me when I sing the words of the song to him and shake my ass giving him a very good view.

Who new that dancing with him would make me so hot and bothered?

Rock it, Don't Stop it
Everybody get on the floor
Crank the party up
We about to get it on
Let me see you 1,2 step
I love it when you 1,2 step
Everybody 1,2 step
We about to get it on

This is for the hearing impaired
A jazze pha production

"You are so goddamn sexy” he growls in my ear.

I turn around and smile brilliantly at him. We continue dancing for a few more songs but we’re both so worked up we cant keep our hands off each other.

“My parents aren’t home” he whispers in my ear.

“Really?” my ears perk up, with both of us living at home we find it very hard to find some alone time and I’m positive that I’m going to be having sex in the back of the jeep or in the dessert forever.

He nods and smirks “and if Isabel is here with Alex…” he trails off.

“I’ll tell them you find Michael” I instruct him.

“Meet you at the front door in five” he tells me.

I rush off to complete my task which is surprisingly easy, Isabel and Alex are all over each other by now after a couple of drinks and some hot dances.

“Max and I are leaving” I tell them.

Isabel raises her eyebrows “Really?” she asks.

“yeah so don’t rush home” I smile.

“Liz” they both whine and scrunch their noses and I cant help but laugh.

“Later you too” I smirk.

I find Max waiting for me at the door and we flee the club to his house.


I’m barely inside the front door at the Evan’s and my clothes are disappearing. My shirt falls to the floor and Max’s hand is already easing into my tight pants.

“Off” he grunts.

I pull back and tear his dress shirt over his head.

“Bedroom” I reply, there is no way my pants are coming off down stairs it’s bad enough that I will have go looking for my top in the morning.

Max stumbles up the stairs and we stop a couple of time to make out on the stairs and for Max to take my breasts into his mouth.

“Oh god” I moan the feel of the stairs against my back is hardly comfortable but the feel of Max’s tongue laving me is amazing.

“God I want to be inside of you so bad” he moans into my ear as I stroke him over his jeans.

His hands are one the waist of my leather pants again he he’s trying to ease them over my hips.

“Bedroom” I remind him again.

He picks me back up and stumbles to the top of the stairs only to stop there and push me against the wall. He cups my ass and caress’s it as his tongue makes love to my mouth. We’re only about five steps away from his bedroom now “bedroom” I pant again.

We finally make it into the room and the minute my back hits his soft mattress I feel his hands on my boots removing them so he can get me out of these tight pants.

“In a hurry?” I smirk.

“Hmm baby you look so hot in these but they are a pain in the ass to get off” he groans.

I jump up then and remove my pants for him leaving me in only a thong. Max takes his jeans and boxers off as well before walking over and removing my final barrier.

He kisses me lovingly “I love you” he whispers and opens our connection so I can feel how much.

The connection that we have has only grown stronger over the past couple of months and I know that Max is starting to worry that he is going to bond with me unconsciously. He hasn’t told me but I can feel how scared he is to ask me to bond with him yet.

“I love you too” I reply. He turns me around and kisses my neck and my back then and I kneel on the bed. He moves to take me from behind and I feel myself shiver with excitement over the new position. I feel his cock teasing my wet pussy before he easily slides inside of me.

I lean forward so I’m on all fours as he strokes in and out of me. “Yeah baby” he whispers.

“Oh Max” I moan, it feels so good, I feel so full.

He leans over my back and cups my breasts “does that feel good?” he asks.

“So good, I think this is my new favourite position.” I moan

He pulls me up straighter then so my back is against his chest, my breasts still in his hands as he slides in and out of me.

“How about that” he groans.

“Of fuck” is my reply because all this skin to skin contact is even better.

I feel one of his hands slide down my stomach towards my clit and he starts rubbing circles around it.

“Oh Max………ahh yes” I cry out, my orgasm rocks through me and I feel my walls contract around his hard cock.

He strokes me a few times before groaning and crying out my name with his own release “LIZ” he says.

We collapse together on the bed tangled together as much as we can “That was, wow” I sigh.

“Uh huh” he smirks leaning over and kissing my shoulder.

“making love with you is better than anything in the world” I tell him.

“I know” he says “I feel the same, being inside of you is, there aren’t words” he whispers.

I roll over so I can look into his eyes then “so you’ve told me about Ava what about the other women” I ask. It’s not that it’s been bothering me exactly it’s just that its one thing we have forgotten to talk about and I don’t want there to be any secrets between us.

He frowns “It was a women in New York I was seeing for a few months. She was bright and bubbly not really my type” he laughs “but she was really nice, we went out a few times over the first month and then one night I went back to her apartment and we had sex” he explains.

“So what happened?” I ask.

Max sighs “nothing really, I mean she was a great girl and anyone would be lucky to have her she just wasn’t the girl for me.” He says.

“Anyway I had made the decision to come to Roswell before I even met her, I didn’t expect to get involved with her but I stupidly did and I upset her a lot when I broke up with her”

“Oh” Liz frowned something about the story was familiar.

“Do you still talk to her?” Liz asked.

Max shook his head, “no it was for the best that I cut ties completely” he explained.

They lay in silence thinking over things for a while. “Now you” Max prompted and Liz smiled. She liked how they shared things like this.

“His name was Doug and he was in my first year Biology class, we were lab partners and spent a lot of time together. I thought he was very good looking and didn’t realise what a player he was. One night we were working late at his apartment to get an assignment done and one thing lead to another” I shrug like it’s no big deal. I can tell the story with nonchalance now because it doesn’t hurt anymore but it did after it happened.

“What happened after that?” he asks me.

I smile at him “you don’t miss much do you?”

He shakes his head “After I slept with him he didn’t really want anything to do with me, I was a little upset and it made working as lab partners hard, in the end he transferred classes” I tell him.

Max frowned “What a jerk” he says before thinking.

“I guess” Liz says.

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Part 7

“So I hear you have a date with Isabel tomorrow tonight?” Liz asks Alex.

Alex smiles “Yeah”.

It had been a week since the night at the club and Alex had finally worked up the guts to call and ask Isabel to dinner and a movie that night. He was nervous and excited all at the same time.

“She told you?”

“Yeah” Liz smiled “she’s really excited, Alex” she told him.

“Good” he grinned “I’m taking her to that small Italian restaurant you suggested then a movie” he informed her.

The phone rang then as expected, her and Alex were having a best friends night and since Maria couldn’t be there they decided to do the next best thing and put her on speaker phone. Maria had been excited for Liz and Alex when she found out Alex had gone home for the summer but sad at the same time, she was disappointed Alex hadn’t come to New York instead since it was closer and she hadn’t seen him in what felt like forever.

“Hello best friends” she squealed.

“Hi Ria” Alex and Liz said together.

“So what’s news?” she asked eagerly. She couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous that Liz and Alex had each other to confide in.

Liz looked straight at Alex and told him to start. “Oh you know not much” he told Maria.

“Alex has a date” Liz blurted out.

“What!” Maria said excited “who, what, when?” she asked “Details Alex” she cried.
“Thanks Liz” Alex playing scolded Liz.

Alex and Liz laughed “Isabel Evans” he said.

“As in Isabel Evans that we went to school with that you had a major crush on?” she asked shocked.

“The one and only” Alex grinned.

“How did you melt the ice queen Alex?” Maria laughed.

Alex frowned slightly “Oh there wasn’t that much ice, she’s a different person when you get to know her Maria and I just used my Whitman charms of course”

Liz burst out laughing “oh please” she giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Alex asked grinning.

“Oh Maria he was like a nervous little school boy, I practically had to set the two of them up because they were making goo good eyes across the table from each other every chance they got but neither of them would act on it” Liz explained.

“Really?” Alex asked.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Besides I’ve told you before that Isabel is really nice Ria, I wouldn’t have set her and Alex up otherwise” Liz told her. Liz had talked to Maria on a number of occasions about Isabel but Maria continued to reserve her judgement of the girl she remembered from high school.

“And anyway Maria don’t believe a word Liz says it’s not like she would have noticed anything other than the colour of Max’s tongue” he said.

Maria burst out laughing “Oh how is Maxi going anyway?” she asked. She was so happy for her best friend that she had finally found someone she could love. Maria had been shocked when Liz rang her and told her all about the famous Max. It had happened so quickly and Maria was a little worried that her best friend was setting herself up to get hurt at first, based on her own recent experience, but the more Liz talked about Max the more Maria realised that her best friend had the real deal and he made her so happy and that was all that mattered to Maria.

Liz sighed dreamily “he’s wonderful” she told her “he’s taking me away this weekend” she told her.

“Really?” Maria was completely envious and she couldn’t help but think about Zander and wonder where he was and if he missed her.

“Yeah” Liz smiled “he’s so wonderful Ria, I just love him so much” she said quietly.

“He’s a great guy Ria he treats her like a Queen” Alex added.

“So what about you Maria, what’s happening in New York?” Alex asked.

Maria sighed “Not too much, I had a guy approach me after my gig the other night and he handed me his card.” She explained.

“that’s great” Liz told her.

“Yeah I guess, I asked around though and no one really know who he is so I’m a bit hesitant to follow it up” she explained.

Maria had been trying for the last three years to make it big, she was extremely talented and both Alex and Liz believed that she would get her dream one day, she just needed to hang in there.

“I could look into him if you know what I mean?” Alex suggested.

“Really?” Maria asked excitedly.

“Sure just email me his details and I’ll do a search” he said.

“Thank you so much Alex” she said.


The threesome talked for another hour before hanging up.


That weekend Max and Liz were in Max’s jeep heading out of town “Where are we going?” Liz asked him. They were holding hands over the gear stick, neither being table to have some sort of physical contact with the other.

Max smiled as he watched the road “It’s a surprise” he said.

“I like surprises” Liz informed him.

“I know” he smiled.

Liz looked down at their clasped hands and smiled, his hand was so big compared to her smaller one but yet they fit so perfectly together.

“I love you” Liz whispered. After her phone call with Maria the night before Liz had thought about how lucky she was. Before Max she hadn’t really been living she had just been existing, waiting for him to come and make her feel alive. She could hear the sadness in her best friends voice last night as she heard about how great Max was and that Alex had a new date. As yet Maria had been unable to move on from Zander and it saddened Liz.

“I love you too” Max replied, he noticed her frown then “is something wrong?” he asked her.

“Not wrong exactly I just, I’m so lucky to have you and you make me so happy and I want you to know that, and that I’ll never take you for granted” she said.

Max smiled and then raised their joined hands to his lips and kissed them “I know baby, I feel it” he reassured her. “And I feel the same” he told her.

Liz grinned “I know” she chuckled.

“What brought this all on?” he asked.

“Ria” she sighed.

“Oh ok” he frowned. Liz had told him briefly about her best friend in New York, he knew how much Liz loved her and missed her.

“Is she ok?” he asked.

“She broke up with someone just before you arrived in Roswell and she’s been a little down ever since, kind of her first love and she didn’t get the happily ever after she was hoping for. It’s not anything she says I can just hear the sadness in her voice ” she told him.

Max felt for the girl and his hand tightened around Liz’s “Not everyone is as lucky as we are” he whispered.

“I know” she sighed “ I just wish there was something I could do” she told him.

“I know” he frowned.

“Hey” Liz said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ruin the mood” she said.

Max turned and tried to smile “you didn’t it’s just that I’ve been that bastard guy who broke girls hearts before, Liz” he said.

Liz rubbed his arm “Yeah well we’ve all had our fair share of those guys, Max”

“I know it’s just that I wish I could tell you something to make you feel better and that will help Ria but I cant because from my experience it might have been right for her but it obviously wasn’t for him or he would stick around” he told him.

“I know” Liz agreed.

The car was silent then until ten minutes later Max pulled up to a quiet little cabin on the outskirts of Frazier Woods.

Liz turned to him with a grin full of surprise.

“It’s my parents” he explained.

“It’s so cute” she told him getting out of the car so she could get a better look.

“Yeah it’s nice isn’t it” he agreed wrapping his arms around her. He carried in their bags and supplies he brought with him.

“I just wanted to spend a quiet weekend with the women I love” he told her.

“Sounds amazing” she smiled.

“Yep we can go hiking and swimming at the lake” he said walking towards her “or stay in and make love” he whispered huskily against her neck.

“Oh” she moaned.

Max chuckled “So I take it the latter is the more appealing to you Ms Parker” he asked.

“Oh large portions of the latter and if we have time maybe we can fit it the other activities” she giggled.

“Well in that case lets go find the bedroom” he said picking her up and throwing her over her shoulder.

“Max” she squealed as he carried her towards the bedroom.

Late that night they were laying by the fire Max had started just enjoying the feel of being in each others arms. They had made love all afternoon before going for a walk along the lake together. Liz was still amazed that the simple things that she used to take for granted now felt so much more important when you were with someone that you loved.

“Are you have a nice time?” Max asked her.

“Wonderful” she sighed.

“Good” he smiled kissing her temple.

“You spoil me” she said.

Max shook his head “I try”

“You don’t have too, I just want to be with you” she told him.

“I know but you better get used to it because I plan on doing it for the rest of your life” he said.

Liz gasped and turned startled eyes up to his “Does that scare you?” he asked worried by the look in her eyes.

Liz felt tears spring to her eyes but immediately shook her head “No” she told him.

“I was just surprised” he explained.

Smiling Max reached out and placed a piece of her hair behind her ear “Why’s that?”

“I don’t know I guess we’ve never really talked about it” she said.

They had only been together a little over two months and even thought Liz knew deep down in her heart that he was the man for her forever without any doubts it still wasn’t something that they had discussed.

“But you’ve thought about it?” he knew she had, he could read her through their connection.

“You know I have” she smiled slapping him for reading her.

“I was a little worried you were scared about the bond” he said then.

“Not scared” she answered “the truth is I find it completely romantic that we’ll be bonded like that forever” she smiled “but I kind of like the idea of our earth traditions first”

“So you want to get engaged and married before we bond?” he was finding it more and more difficult to hold himself back from bonding with her every time they made love.

Liz grinned as she thought about being engaged to Max and eventually becoming Mrs Max Evans.

Max noticed the smile of delight on his face and his mind was made up, he couldn’t wait any longer and knew as soon as they got back to Roswell he would start making plans. He knew they hadn’t been together for very long but as far as he was concerned that didn’t matter, they were in love and what they had was the sort of love that lasted forever.

Leaning in Max took her mouth then and kissed her passionately whilst rolling her on her back so he could settle on top of her.

They were both only wearing robes and Max easily parted the red silk hiding Liz’s body and cupped her breasts in his hands.

“Oh Max” she moaned as he leaned in and took one nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

“Your so beautiful” he whispered against her chest as he moved onto the next breast.

“I love you” she whispered, her own hands pushed Max’s black robe off his shoulders and pulled it off his body until he is naked.

Max reaches a hand between Liz’s legs and thrusts two fingers in to her wetness. Even after hours of love making she was still so tight and wet and Max couldn’t hold off any longer. He lined his hard cock up to her opening “Do you want me?” he asked her.

“Always” Liz smiled and bucked her hips to meet his hard thrust.

They moved together slowly as their connection surged to life and they could feel that others feelings, it grew more intense everyday .

“Oh I love you baby” Liz chanted over and over again in her head sending her thought for Max to hear.

“Oh Liz you feel so good” Max moaned as he began pumping into her harder and faster.

Liz wrapped her legs around his waist and allowed him to sink inside her deeper.

“Oh yes Max” she cried out.

They’re orgasms came together and they both fell over the edge calling out each others names.

They sunk together on the floor both sharing similar thoughts. For Liz it was about experiencing this love and happiness forever and for Max it was about starting forever soon.


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Part 8

Present Time

Max sat back and watched as his girlfriend, no scrub that his fiancée rush around like a chook with her head cut off and bit back his smile.

He had totally surprised her by proposing a week earlier but it wasn’t the last surprise he had for her and all he needed was for her to stay put in the same spot for five minutes for him to be able to talk to her.

Liz hadn’t stopped since Max’s proposal the week before. There were so many things to do and now there were so many people wanting to know so many different things.

When will the engagement party be?

Do you have an idea when you would like to get married?

What colour are you thinking?

How many bridesmaids?

Liz started when she walked into her bedroom and finally noticed Max sitting on her bed.

“Max” she smiled coming to a stop finally.

“Finally” Max sighed and jumped off the bed to get closer to her.

“What are you doing sitting in here?” she laughed.

Max raised an eyebrow at her “I’ve been sitting here for the past 15 minutes, you’ve walked past me about five times already” he told her.

“What!” she said.

Max chuckled when he saw the shocked look on her face and took the opportunity to lean in and kiss her.

When he pulled back he smiled “Hi sweetheart” he said.

“Hi” she grinned.

“Are you busy?” he asked with a smirk.

Liz bit her bottom lip “Never too busy for you”

Max grabbed her hand and headed towards the door then “Max where are we going?” she asked.

“You’ll see” he told her.

“Max I can’t leave, my aunt and uncle are here and I’m waiting for Maria to call” she said.

Liz had been trying to get hold of Maria for the past week but they kept missing each other and Liz refused to leave her news on her best friends answering machine. Liz knew that Maria was busy with work at the moment but she really wanted to share her wonderful news with her best friend before she found out from someone else.

“Your cell is in your hand and as for your family I think they’ve hogged enough of your time already” he told her, not once stopping and continuing to pull her down the stairs and out the back door of The Crashdown towards his jeep.

They drove for about five minutes until Max pulled up out the front of small town house, Liz looked at the house and that at Max “What are we doing here?” she asked. The house was brick with a beautiful forest green trim, it had a small garden but it needed work.

Smiling Max got out of the car and went around to help Liz out “Come on” he said taking her hand and leading her towards the front door.

He pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the front door.

“Max, what?” Liz stuttered.

“Surprise” he whispered and handed her a set of keys.

Liz looked at the keys then to Max and back again in shock.

“I know it’s not much but it was in our price range and I thought it was better than an apartment” he explained.

“This is ours?” she asked awed as she started looking around.

Max nodded “Yeah my parents helped me” he explained. He had a bit of money saved from working at a bar in New York and between Liz’s job at the Crashdown and his job working with his father the repayments would be easy.

“Can we afford this?” she asked him.

“Yeah, the repayments are pretty good” he told her.

Liz felt tears come to her eyes as she looked around the house that would be their first home together.

Max took her tears the wrong way “I’m sorry I should have spoke to you before buying it” he apologised.

Liz whirled around “Oh baby it’s perfect” she told him and then launched herself into his arms.

“Really?” he asked his heart soaring that she loved the small place as much as he did. He could imagine living here and doing it up with Liz, the minute he saw it he knew it would be perfect.

“yes” she cried “I can’t believe you did this” she cried again.

Max pulled back smiled at her “Come on I want to show you upstairs” he told her.

He led her up the small stairs where their bedroom was as well as a second bathroom and second smaller room which would be perfect for a baby one day.

They walked into their bedroom last and Liz gasped when she saw the red and white rose petals covering the air mattress that was set up in the room.

“God I love you” she told him.

Max pulled her too him and kissed her passionately “I love you too and I cant wait to marry you” he told her.

“Me either” she smiled.

They kissed again and Max began walking them towards the bed. They fell onto the mattress as a tangled mess, their mouths never leaving the others.

Liz struggled with the button on Max’s shirts while Max kissed and nibbled down Liz’s neck towards her collarbone.

“Off” she grunted. Max pulled back and removed his shirt and jeans before helping Liz remove hers. They lay in their underwear kissing and touching.

“I can’t believe we have our own place” Liz told him.

“I know, and I cant wait to christen every room” he groaned.

“Me too” Liz cried as Max swirled his tongue around one of her nipples.

He trailed the kisses down her abdomen until he reached her panties, he hooked his fingers in either side of them and pulled them down her legs before settling between her legs. He used his fingers to open her lowers lips before he covered her with his mouth.

“Oh god Max” Liz cried out and reared off the bed.

Max sucked her juices as they flowed from her before thrusting two fingers into her and covering her clit with his mouth. He pumped his fingers in and out of her a few times before applying more pressure on her clit.

“Oh yes baby……….ahh Max” she cried out as her orgasm washed over her. Max lapped up all her juices before crawling back up her body and taking her mouth in a searing kiss. Liz could taste her own juices on his tongue and groaned.

Reaching between them Liz grasped Max’s cock in her hand and stroked it. “Make me yours, Max” she whispered.

Max lined himself up at her entrance “Your already mine, baby” he replied.

Liz stopped him from entering her though causing Max to look up to see what was wrong “Make me yours forever” she said.

Max was shocked “you want me to complete the bond?” he asked to clarify and Liz nodded.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Liz smiled and nodded, “I love you so much and I’m absolutely positive” she whispered.

“But I thought you wanted to wait until we were married?” he asked, he wanted to be sure she was absolutely positive because once it was done you couldn’t take it back.

Liz smiled and pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him passionately, her tongue mating with his the way she wanted his body.

“I’m ready, I want to be yours forever in every way” Liz had thought a lot about this. They had talked about it almost a month earlier at the cabin. At first she had wanted to wait until they were married but sine the engagement Liz considered the wedding just a formality. Her and Max were going to be together forever and she didn’t want to wait any longer.

Max entered her slowly as their mouths came together again and when Max pulled back he opened his eyes to Liz’s and allowed the connection to open. Once the connection was open Max concentrated on pleasuring Liz knowing he wouldn’t need to do much to complete the bond. He opened his mind and allowed Liz into every aspect, dropping the walls he had put up to protect them from forming the bond before hand.

Liz wrapped her legs around his waist and arched into his touch as he stroked her creamy walls over and over again.

“Liz, Liz” he chanted in her ear.

“Oh god Max” she moaned, she could feel something reaching for her and she instinctively reached for it as well.

Max came instantly and without warning when Liz’s soul merged with his and the feel of his seeding bathing her walls sent Liz over the edge crying out his name.

Max didn’t stop loving her and continued moving in and out of her body building both of them up all over again. He felt the bond take place and cried out in joy “oh god Liz, I love you so much” he told her. His heart had never felt so full before.

“Oh god Max, I love you too” Liz moaned, everything felt different. It was more intense but Liz felt a fullfilness inside that she had never felt before.

Reaching between then Max used his thumb to draw circles on Liz’s clit sending her over the edge again “Max, Max………ahh yes MAX” she screamed out.

Max let his own orgasm wash over him then “LIZ” he cried.

They slumped together on the mattress but their hands never stopped touching each other as they masked in the glory of their bond. Liz was awed, she could feel Max in her head permanently and much like Max felt so full and complete.

“Wow” she sighed closing her eyes and smiling.

“That’s for sure” Max whispered leaning in and kissing her gently.

“That’s was amazing” Liz told him.

“Yeah it was” he agreed. “Thank you” he added.

Liz reached up and ran a hand through his sweaty hair “What for?”

“Accepting me and what I am, I never expected you to want to complete the bond but I’m just so……”

“Max I love you and we’re going to be together forever and loving someone means you love everything about them, you love them for who and what they, and part of who you are is because of the mistakes you’ve made and the things you’ve achieved” Liz told him.

Max smiled and kissed her. “So when do you want to move in?” he asked “do you want to wait till after the wedding?”

Liz laughed “We haven’t even set a date yet” she told him.

“True, we’ll have to fix that soon” he told her.

“We will” she agreed, she wanted to get married as soon as possible.


“Now, today” she laughed.

“you want to move in straight away?” he asked happily

“Hell yes” Liz told him.


Skirts, TPIHF and Some Girls will also be updated tonight

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A/N: Hi everyone, thank you so much for you wonderful feedback.

I apologise if this part is a little blah, i only just finished it in time to post and it's kind of a transition part.

Let me know what you think!

Jason's Lovers
Stars in my eyes

Part 9

“Hello” Liz said as she picked up her ringing phone.

“Lizzie, hey” Maria responded.

“Oh my God, Ria I’ve been calling you for a week what’s going on?” Liz cried.

Maria laughed “I know, I’m sorry I’ve been so busy when your awake I’m sleeping and vice versa” she told her.

“I know” Liz said.

“So how are you?” Maria asked.

“Good… actually great, wonderful, never better” Liz giggled.

“Okay” Maria laughed.

“I’ve got something to tell you” Liz grinned.

“Ok spill” Maria said making herself comfortable.

“Max and I are getting married” she said.

“What!” Maria gasped.

“I’m engaged, I’m getting married” Liz squealed.

“Oh my god, Lizzie” Maria cried, oh god her best friend was getting married she couldn’t believe it.

“I know” Liz sighed. “I’m so happy Ria” she laughed.

“When did this happen?” she asked.

“Last weekend, remember I told you about the ball we were going to?”

“Yeah” Maria said.

“Well we were dancing and then all of a sudden he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, he said the most beautiful things oh got it was the most romantic night of my life by far”

“Oh Lizzie” Maria sighed. “So the ring?”

Liz laughed “Oh god it’s huge, totally beautiful princess cut with small diamonds covering the white gold band all the way around” she said looking at her ring and admiring it as she explained it.

“Oh I wish I was there” she said.

“Me too” Liz told her.

“So any idea when it’s going to happen, I guess you guys will be planning a long engagement since you haven’t been together long” Maria said logically. She knew her best friend, Liz didn’t rush anything so if she was getting engaged quick she would have a long one.

“Um actually we’re hoping to get married at Thanksgiving” she told Maria. “and I would love nothing more than for you to be my maid of honour” she said.

“What! Thanksgiving?” Maria said shocked.

“yeah” Liz said. “We want to get married as soon as possible, we decided to worry about having an engagement party” she told her then.

Her and Max had sat down and talked about everything after they bonded. They didn’t want to wait any longer and Liz loved the idea of getting married at Thanksgiving and since most of their family would visit anyway as well as Alex would be able to come home from school too it seemed like the logical time.

“but that’s only like four months away” Maria said.

“I know, I have so much to do. I’d marry him tomorrow if I could get it organised on time” she laughed.

“Um ok” Maria took a deep breath and tried to push her shock aside.

“I’m so happy for you” she finally said “So looks like I need to take some time off and come home”

“Can you?” Liz asked excited.

“Yeah I’ll find a way” Maria told her, it would mean all the extra hours she had been working the past two weeks would now have to continue so she could manage to pay her rent while taking time off.

“Well Max and I want to pay for your flight, so whenever you can come let me know and I’ll organise it” Liz rushed to tell her.

Maria smiled, that would help a lot “Well I want to come for as long as I can so maybe I could come for the month, fly back to New York just after Christmas” she suggested, she knew she would probably have to quit her job at the coffee shop to manage it but she was willing to so she could be there for her best friend.

Liz squealed “oh god I’m so excited and you know what?” she said then.


“You can stay with Max and I at our place that way you wont have to put up with your mum and while we’re on our honey moon you’d have the place to yourself”

“Your place?” that was a new development wasn’t it, obviously they would get a place after they were married but last time Maria spoke to her Liz was living at home.

“OH well Max completely surprised me yesterday, he bought us a house” she told her. “It’s so cute and……”

Maria laughed “God Liz where did you find this guy?” she asked.

“I don’t know Ria I guess I’m just lucky” she told her.

“Sounds like it, wow your getting married and got your own house when did you get so grown up?”

“I know” Liz sighed “but this is what I want, I’m so happy.”

“I know” Maria smiled, for the first time since leaving Maria was extremely homesick.

“So now that you guys have your own place I guess the sex will be getting better?” she asked.

“Oh my god, I don’t think that’s possible” Liz sighed.

“Why not?” Maria asked curious.

“Because the sex is already out of this world” she giggled she meant it literally but her best friend didn’t have to know that. “But hopefully it will mean a lot more of it”

“You suck” Maria said then “not only do you have this great guy who loves you, wants to marry you and buys you a house he’s also a stallion in the sack”

Liz giggled “That’s my Max” she said.

“Seriously I’m happy for you” Maria said “Does he have any single friends?” she asked then.

Liz giggled then thinking about Michael and how Maria couldn’t stand him through high school because he never said anything he would only grunt at her.

“I’m not sure that you and Michael Guerin have a happy ever after in your future” she told her.

Maria groaned “No we don’t” she agreed.

“But does that mean your finally ready to move on from Zander?” Liz asked.

Maria sighed “I don’t know” she said truthfully “I still think about him and miss him but it’s been three months and I haven’t heard a word from him” she said “I think it’s the only thing I can do”

“Yeah, I agree. If he could walk away that easy without looking back then he obviously didn’t feel the same way for you” Liz hesitantly told her, she knew her best friend wanted to believe that Zander had strong feelings for her the more time that passed the more Liz thought differently.

“Do you think so?” Maria asked sadly.

“Well yeah Ria, I mean Max told me about a girl he was seeing when he was in New York and he said she was a great girl and he had fun with her but he just didn’t feel the same way she felt, he said he felt bad that he hurt her and I guess I think maybe that’s what might have happened with Zander and he just didn’t know how to let you down”

The phone was silent

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you” Liz said.

‘It’s not that, I guess I just wanted to believe so bad that he felt the same” she sighed.

“He might have” Liz said.

“I know it’s probably not likely but something inside me tells me that he did, and I need that to hold onto because every girl wants to believe her first love, loved her back” she told her.

Liz didn’t know what to say, she could understand why Maria would want to feel that way. Liz certainly didn’t haven any doubts that Kyle had loved her back, sure what they had didn’t have feel the way Maria obviously had felt for Zander but it some ways what they had was still more real. Maria’s relationship with Zan was so short and built on so many non truths.

“I still love him” she admitted then “I think he will always be that guy for me” she told Liz.

“What would you do if you saw him again?” she asked curious.

“I’d be angry but I’d give in” she laughed. “and if he didn’t come chasing me I’d chase him” she confessed.


“Yeah I mean love doesn’t come around very often so I’d go after it like you and Max” she said.

“Well then you just have to believe that if he loves you enough and if it’s meant to be your paths will cross again” Liz told her.

“Exactly” Maria agreed


Isabel and Liz sat sipping their coffee in silence as they both flicked through the dozens of wedding magazines Isabel had brought with her.

“So do you have any idea what you want?” she asked Liz. She was so happy that Liz was marrying her brother and going to be her sister in law, opening herself up to Liz had been the best thing she had ever done but it was even better now that Liz knew their secret.

At first Isabel had been upset that Max had so casually told Liz their secret but as soon as she saw how much her petite friend loved her brother she knew she had nothing to fear. And now she was able to be open with Liz on an entire new level especially about her fears about her budding relationship with Alex.

She knew he had to return to school in August but she didn’t want things to end and Alex had hinted similar feelings, he would be home at Thanksgiving for the wedding and maybe next semester she could look at moving closer to him if things worked out.

“Well we’ve both talked about keeping it smallish and intimate since Max doesn’t have that many friends” she told her.

She placed her magazine down then “Izzy?” she said.

“yeah” Isabel answered not looking up from her own magazine.

“Will you be my bridesmaid?” she asked with a smile.

Isabel looked up shocked “What about Maria?” she said.

“Well Maria is going to be my maid of honour but I would love for my other best friend and soon to be sister to be in my wedding too” she told her.

“Oh Liz” Isabel felt tears come to her eyes, she had never expected this.

“So is that a yes?” Liz asked.

“Oh definitely” she cried throwing her magazine down to hug Liz.

“Well now your in trouble because if I’m going to be in this wedding I have to look good and some of the colours your talking about just don’t go with my complexion” she told her causing Liz to laugh.

“Well I was just teasing” Liz told her. “I’ve had a pretty good idea of what I want in my head since I met Max actually” she confessed with a blush.

“Really?” Isabel smiled.

“Yep, Red and White roses everywhere, a small little church for the ceremony, maybe the country club for the reception” she started “lots of ferry lights” she added.

“Sounds perfect” Isabel told her.

“It will be perfect because Max is there” she told her.

Isabel sighed “oh god your such a goner” she laughed.

Liz smiled proudly “I am” she said.

TBC.......Hopefully Sunday :wink:

Updates to Skirts, TPIHF and Some Girls will also be done tonight